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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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GT's got it right, Pugs! You've got a wound that needs time to heal, but you have to stop picking scabs. Are there any co-dependence groups you might join in your area? I had a friend that was helped by one quite a bit.

Remember, you are not Youandhim. You are YOU, and we like you, Pugs! We all know that life can be tough without another somebody, but it's tougher with the wrong somebody. He's the wrong somebody. I don't know him. I'm not asying he's an evil person. I just mean that Youandhim will be much, much less happy than just You in the long run.

Heya Anna! smile.gif You're presently more social than I am. Sounds like you've got a good brother, too.

Good motherin' Grrrrly! wink.gif Did she pick out her own trash can? Maybe you can go trash can shopping together so she'll be a little more trash can-friendly if it's the one she knows she chose? I don't know. Sounds cheezy, but it might work.

SaterGazer... Saturn's Return?

Heeeya Culture and Doodle! Much fondness smile.gif
[slips in through OkayLand/Kvetch secret passage]

(((((( all of my love and sympathy for our dear Pugs ))))))))
I'm so sorry you're experiencing this pain right now. If there's a way you can stay in therapy - just for you - I strongly suggest you do it. It will help a lot to have that one person in your life who you can tell everything & who is focused entirely on helping you. I wish there was something I could say to make it better. I just want you to know that I have so so so much sympathy and love for you and I'll be holding you close in my heart and thinking of you often. Remember that as long as you have the great people here on Bust, you are never alone. We will stand by your side through this. And you will be okay.

GT, I loved your smelling salts suggestion. I had something similar (print-outs of some e-mails I'd sent to a friend a couple of months before the break-up in which I'd detailed some of the problems we'd been having & the frustrations & resentment I was feeling). Just last month I found them in an old drawer. I can't believe how much my life has changed in such few short years ... and how much better my life is now. I still remember the good times I had with him and I treasure those memories, but it's also good to have a reminder of why I had to leave.

((((((((((( more love for LMP )))))))))))))))))))))
QUOTE(lorewolf @ Jan 24 2009, 01:15 PM) *
I know that I have an EXTREME problem with names, like well past what most people might have with them. That gives me social fears when I'm in social groups of 4 or more. I'm always worried about people catching me not remembering their names.

Dear Lore, Dear Anna,

I used to feel terrible about forgetting people's names. But then I realized that when I ask someone what his/her name is, I come across as interested and friendly. Someone I know responds to a "how are you?" by saying, "Great! But even better if I could remember your what was it again?" It works pretty well and is quite natural. All the other person remembers when leaving the conversation is warm fuzzies, not the content of the conversation.
OOoooOOOoooo I'll have to give that a try, L.A.

Might be better than "I've misplaced my mental Rolodex."
Good morning all! I've become a bit of a recluse here...very sorry! Haven't felt like I've had much interesting to say...but I've been reading and keeping up on everyone. (((PUGS)))

I"ve also, like ms.doodle, been sucked head first into crackbook. And there, currently, there is a meme going on "25 things about me" that i am unhealthily obsessed with. And, I thought...what OTHER friends do I want to know more about? BUSTiES. So, maybe a truncated version here?

Before I start...Turbo...if you ever need ideas for how to get a 2.5 yr old cooking, let me know. I've built up a stockpile. Baking is among them...although yesterday we made pasta together.

OK, here (10?) things about me:

1. I adore being a mom, and hate being pregnant.
2. i have the best friends to spend time with a girl could ask for. The only exception are two couples that live too far away to see often, which makes me very sad on many a day. I miss them more than I miss my sister.
3. I like said friends more than my sister, too.
4. Since my little brother (who is kind of a dick) became a husband and father, all his dick-qualities seem to have abated, and all his wonderful parts emerge. He was made for family life, and I'm deeply touched that he lets me share in it with him.
5. I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.
6. I miss sex. I can't wait for this kid to be out, my scar to be healed, and my hooch to be useful.
7. Its a week until my second daughter emerges...
8. I love celebrity gossip.
9. I also love the NYT, which a friend from #2 mentioned, is "something white people like" like from that or something.
10. My favorite part of being married is only having to know 1/2 of what any capable adult should know. Co-dependency...there are days when that keeps a marriage going.
Good Morning.

Pugs, how are you doing today hun?

GT, that's good advice, I should take it at times!!

Lore, again, some fabulous wise words.

RV, isn't it amazing how much we grow when we are apart from someone? I am a compeltely different person from the man I was with for years. Same with when PR boy and I took the oneyear break. I am a different person now. I LOVE the person I've grown into.

Hey Lily!

Hi Mox, crackbook is the devil! Now I don't get it. I'm still on, but it doesn't give me the panty splash like it used to.

What's going on here? I totalyl ditched this guy who I've been talking to for months, he was putting too much pressure on me to get together and didn't get that I was busy. So with the stroke of a pen, he was gone...wait I should make that more tech-y, with the press of delete on my crackberry, he was gone. So much better now that he's out of the picture. He was all like, why do I think you're lying to me...*yawn* I think I should change my name to CH, Big Bitch! I love it.

Hello! Happy Monday to everyone.

((((((PUGS)))))) Girl, I am so sorry. Please let us know how we can help.

Moxie, how is your friend doing?

hey Diva, tree, ROSE!, Anna, Jenn, Minx, Doodle, Lily Anne, Lore & CH!

CH, good for you for ditching that dude. Poof!

Lily Anne, was it a job interview? How did it go?

Things here are good. This week is kinda busy at work & otherwise. We are supposed to be closing on our refinance tonight, but it might get moved up a few days.

I had a nice weekend. Had some chill time, saw a movie, met up with the inlaws, that sort of thing. Very nice.
This morning Mr. Pugs' alarm went off. He got up and got dressed and walked out the front door. Not a goodbye, have a nice day, kiss, hug or anything. It was so hard. I laid in bed and cried until my alarm went off. I got into the shower and cried more. I went to get dressed and realized I had no clean shirts for work. I found something old and reliable in the closet. I threw that on. I tried to put some eye cream on to help the puffy eyes I have.

I went downstairs. I wasn't going to take anything to work to eat. I found some pizza from friday in the fridge and brought that with me. I haven't eaten it yet. I just can't eat.

I got out to my car to leave for work and my neighbor walked up. He asked where we have been because we haven't been home a lot. I told him that we broke up and that I'll be moving out in a few months. He asked why. I told him that I want marriage and children and Mr. Pugs does not. He asked why and to be honest I can't answer anyone when they ask that. I don't understand why he doesn't want those things and I don't think I ever will understand. I think that is just something that we disagree on so deeply. He said that when Mr. Pugs gets home he's going to talk to him. I laughed it off because really I don't care if he does or doesn't talk to him. I mean if a professional can't help us stay together then what is our neighbor going to do right? So he told me to keep my head up and I started to cry. I told him i was sorry but I had to get to work. I almost just jumped into my car very rude like and took off.

I got to work and sometimes I feel like I'm just floating around. My cousin M. messaged me on my facebook late last night to find out why my relationship status changed to single. I told her briefly. Next thing I know, I get to work and her sister, my cousin K. emailed me. She went through a very similar breakup with a guy she dated very young and for a long period of time. She was so sweet, so very sweet to me in her email. We aren't close but she just said that she knows what I'm going through and if I need anything, anything at all to visit, call, text or anything to let her know. It was very touching and gave me a big gulp of courage and strength, as did GT's post in the moving on thread. I especially like the part about the new girl that Mr. Pugs is going to bring home sitting there watching him play video games. I have to admit that made me smile.

I talked with my boss and asked him to give me as many shifts as he can. I just don't want to be at home.

The dogs are at Mr. Pug's mom's house. I just can't see their cute faces right now. She was glad to take them. I'll probably take them to my moms once she's had them for a few days.

I talked to a girl at work today and my boss about what's going on. I'm telling everyone that I'm going through a really tough breakup. That's really all I'm saying. Everyone knows that I've been in a relationship for a long long time and that we were getting married soon so when they hear that we've broken up they always look shell shocked and immediately throw an arm around me or offer a hug. It's very nice.

My mom, my sister, my dad, my aunt and cousin were all at my parents house yesterday. I walked in and my cousin peaked her head out of the kitchen. Seeing her brought on instant tears. She grabbed me up and hugged me. My aunt came up and hugged me too. My mom was crying in my dad's arms and when she pulled away my dad was crying too.

My sister texted Mr. Pugs with something along the lines of, "I used to look up to you but now you are just a dissapointment." I told her I love her and she's a great sister but that this is my choice. I'm leaving a relationship that isn't what I want. She's only 20 and very confused, frustrated and dissapointed. She hates to see me hurt. Mr. Pugs had an immature moment and texted her back, "Thanks for that." I told him that she is 20 years old and is very upset and that he could have just ignored her text being 28 and a grown ass man. So now I am scolding them both. She ended up apologizing. She keeps telling me to come home to my moms where people love me. smile.gif She's such a good sister. She tries so hard. I love her dearly. There isn't room at my moms. There are people at church who have offered me a couch to sleep on. I guess if I get desperate I'll take them up on it.

I am going shopping tonight and I think I'm going to apply for a job at Kohl's. I need to be busy. You are all going to shit when you hear this but Mr. Pugs and I are still sharing a bed. I mean there is miles between us but I just can't sleep in the other room. Moving out of our bed just feels like defeat. I need him there. I need to hear his breathing and smell him close to me. It's so unhealthy. It's wrong and I know it makes it worse but I'll live the delusion for a bit longer. We don't touch. Last night he was freezing and normally he'd come under the blanket with me and cuddle. I even offered and he said, "Sheena this is hard enough as it is." So I rolled over and texted my friend under the blankets while I wept. Once I feel asleep I slept really well.

I really want to go home and get obliterated tonight but I know drinking isn't going to help. I'm going to go shopping. I'm sorry I don't talk about anything happy when I come in here. I know I kill the good vibes in this thread. That's really it.

Gotta get back to work

QUOTE(lorewolf @ Jan 25 2009, 01:45 PM) *
SaterGazer... Saturn's Return?

Satergazer? Love it! Just for you Lore Saturn's Return.


Good afternoon everyone! Writing this on what's left of my lunch break.....

(((((pugs))))) I don't have anything remotely helpful to add that these wise ladies and gents haven't already said. My heart goes out to you....

I am totally evil for forgetting people's names. I try, but really, I wonder if I try that hard at all. Maybe I just have potheimer's. wink.gif Mind you, I've always been this way, pre-weed, so I dunno. I'm actually getting better, but I've never been able to do the little word association games other people do. *sigh*

Anyway. Not much time left to post! I had another lovely weekend, the entirety of which I spent with Soulman. The cats are getting peevish. We went to a house jam on Friday night, one Soulman has been going to almost every Friday for years and years. The Anarchist came with us to thank the guy for the unfinished bass project. Then we went to pick up Superman and went back to Soulman's, where the boys attempted to tune up the drum heads and cymbals. Good work! And then I quietly kicked the boys out at 1 a.m., and Soulman and I enjoyed lovely, lovely HBI.

Saturday we didn't do a whole hell of a lot, but spent some time with Soulman's kids. Soulboy is 17 and still lives with Soulman, though he's a skater kid and not around much. ALTHOUGH he is hanging around a lot more now that I'm there....I think it might be the "more hot meals/less burger runs" aspect of my relationship with Soulman that's keeping him around. Anyway, we watched some DVDs - I fell asleep! But we made up for it with some sweet morning HBI.

Sunday....met up with the Anarchist and his daughter at the coffee shop, played some music with jamgirl, who works there and used to run the jam out of there, and later on into the evening, we had a great band practice. We found a drum tutorial DVD at the library - I'm gonna learn to play, too! biggrin.gif

So, that's my story. And now, my lunch break is just about over......

This whole "home" thing I'm starting to feel about Soulman's's weird, he's been making similar little slips for awhile now in reference to us/his place, like he thinks of it as our home, but that was my first slip! That's possibly a contagion I caught. wink.gif But it does feel really comfortable and safe and happy to be with him there. You know, the first time I walked into his home, sometime last spring (for a jam), I was entranced, and I continued to be entranced. I've spent a lot of time there, and a lot of overnights, but this is the 3rd complete and entire weekend in a row I've spent there, Friday night to Sunday night, and it's not me pushing myself on's him not wanting to let me out of his sight. I mean, he gives me all the space I need, but he still wants me to be in his daily life (which is very, very sweet), and I've got no feelings of being chaffed by it (so far). It's making me do a lot of thinking.....

I'm so sorry pugs, this next while will probably be very difficult. I hope you feel that you can come here for support, venting, etc and no there's no judgment. That's sweet about your neighbour wanting to try and help, but I hope he minds his own business - if he only knew how much you two have tried and how strained you've both been. It sounds like you have really great supports IRL. Remember how much all these people care for you. Don't worry about talking about anything 'happy' - I think everyone here agrees we want to be here to support you through a tough time.

Anna, that's awesome about the socializing - I think you're probably more social that I am too.

I'm with you folks on noticing how much I've changed in the last few years. I've kept a journal since I was 15 and I also had a livejournal since that time and reading back on the things I's crazy...even from a year ago. It's so funny seeing what I hoped my life would be like when I was 15. I think I actually turned into the kind of person I always wanted to be.

I kind of feel like I should be more into facebook but I just don't care at all about it. The only websites I still check every single day (either than gmail) are livejournal and bust. The rest could fade into oblivion and I wouldn't even notice.

I got all energized last week because the cold weather disappeared for a few days but now it's back. sad.gif I was hoping to get skating this morning but I went to the gym instead for the first time in two months (since before the bed bugs). It was great! I like picking a really really loud Gogol Bordello song (my favourite is "Boro foro") and just running for as long as I can to the beat. It was a great workout.

Me and the boy were going through some tough things last week. Sometimes I forget that I'm his first girlfriend. He was going on about wondering if we were normal, if he's feeling normal about me, blah blah blah, and I said I wished he wouldn't compare us to other people's relationships. Then he starts talking about how he compares how he feels for me to girls he had crushes on in high school and I burst into to tears and told him I didn't need to compare him to my ex to know how I felt about him (in the end I think he really just ended up wording things really badly). Once he had it in that perspective he felt awful about the whole thing and I was really angry. He came over right away and apologized and said he couldn't believe he had been so stupid and was almost crying when he got there. He said he was freaking out driving over because he didn't want to lose me.

Anyway, I think that was a good conversation to have in the end. We both seem happier since we pushed through that. On Saturday night I slept at his place and it was really nice. In the morning I got up to go to the bathroom and came back and lay on his bed. He sat on top of me and we were just chatting and laughing and then out of no where he said, "I'm so nervous." and I asked why and he said, "There's something I wanted to say for a while but i'm never sure if it's the right time or if you want to hear it..." so I asked what (even though the jig was up at this point) and he told me he loved me and i said I love you too. It was cute, we were both so smiley the rest of the day.

It's weird...I haven't been in a real relationship for almost four years.
I am feeling very brave today...almost good I'd say. I don't like it. At least my heart isn't hurting but it's almost like I'm numb or something. I know it's all going to come crashing back down again.

Last night I started to tell myself all the good things that will come from this breakup. I had a nice list going but it was stupid shit. I can finally eat another vegetable instead of brocolli and corn. I won't ever have to see his gossiping, lying aunt ethel again. i can listen to the music i like without his criticisim. i can get more involved in the church. i'll have more time with my family. see what i mean? bullshit stuff.

Mr. Pugs did something sweet for me and also texted me that he loved me and missed me and wanted me to come home (I was at my mom's). I allowed myself to get swept up in the emotion but then I remembered that nothing has changed. He's just home, alone with his thoughts and is feeling the loneliness I've been feeling.

He knows that there are things I want that he can't give me. He was sticking to his guns in order to do right by me. Now he's cracking and I don't think I can hold the "what's best for us" rock above my head alone for both of us for very long. I'm strong now but if he puts on the full court press I'm going to give in and try again.

I slept in the other room last night. I thought that would be really hard but it really wasn't. I don't like that.

I want to go into the bedroom right now and try to talk about it again but we only say the same things over and over. I mean can love really be enough? Just plain love? I mean people have wants, needs, desires and expectations right? I just have those things?

I don't know. This is just another day with sadness and pain to get through. I at least have to get my ass to work. I'm procrastinating like a champ.

Good Day to you all,

I'm going in to get my gallbladder removed now. My tummy's upset, but I'm not sure if it's just nerves, since I've never had surgery before or been put under for anything. I can't wait to be rid of this stupid little bastard. Wish me luck!
Good luck, divala! yuefie had hers successfully removed a couple of weeks ago and suffered nerves beforehand; it's natural to have pre-op jitters.

*returns through the kvetch-okay hidden passage*

Hey Kari! What movie did you see??

(((Pugs))) you are doing well! You're being logical about things. Every day you are getting stronger and stronger.

Doodle, it's wonderful that things are progressing so well for you and Soulman.

Hey Star!!!

Ketto, that's sweet about you and the boy. Are you going to come up with a name for him? and hurray for working out!! Woot!

~*~*~*~*speedy recovery and surgery go well vibes for Diva~*~*~*~*~*~

Hey Bunny!

Well, I'm not up to much, work blah blah blah. I'm boring.

Good luck Divala!

My friend JUST had this done a couple of weeks ago and she's jumping around just as happy as those ladies in tampon commercials. Well, she's not riding horses or running on the beach yet, but she's pretty happy anyway.
~*~*~*~safe gallbladder procedure vibes for diva~*~*~*~


~*~*~*~peace and sanity vibes for pugs~*~*~*~

This is a quick fly-by, not even on my lunch break yet, but my co-worker is distracted by a family issue on the phone at the moment. wink.gif

Soulman kidnapped me after work last night, spirited me away to his place, and made me French toast for dinner. It was supposed to be laundry night, but.....awwwwwww. Come on. That was so sweet. wub.gif He waited for me for 15 minutes out front, and I was inside waiting for my co-worker to finish, as it's really cold and she was going to drive me home....he finally gave up - thought I'd gone home - and started to drive away, then saw me in the he knocked on the window and scared the shit out of all of us. Including my boss. rolleyes.gif

Tonight Soulman and I are going to the Anarchist's for vocal practice and dinner....pork tenderloin. MMMMMMM.

I got the call up for the job interview, for the on-call position here in lottery subscriptions!!


Wednesday, February 4 @ 10:00 AM.
Congratulations Doodle!!!!!

~*~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~
doodle, congrats.

~*~*surgery go well vibes for divala*~*~

I'm completely at my wits end. I am at the end of my rope, and all the other cliches. I am so tired of divas who think their break room refrigerator ice makers trump the million dollars of research projects going on every day here that are ON HOLD because YOU, little miss selfish, thinks you're pretty damned special. Gah.

I think I am PMSing too.....

But one good thing, I got the splint off my finger today. It's still hard to type because my finger seems to be frozen.

Can I have vibes for tomorrow? Last year at my eye exam, they found "a freckle", which is a new thing, so it appeared out of nowhere. The optometrist said it is kind of like watching for a melanoma, watch suspicious freckles, etc. Well, the one on my eye is "suspicious" and they seemed all concerned and took a bunch of pictures of it for comparison purposes, etc. Well, they told me make sure to come back for another exam "so we can monitor this".

Tomorrow's my next exam. Anti-cancer vibes, please? If it's cancer in my eye I don't know what they'd do but I am sure it wouldn't be pleasant. I'm told it's rare for them to become cancerous, but I'd appreciate the vibes anyway.

all the healthy vibes in the world for
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( divala, tree, and mandy))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

pugs, these things:
I can finally eat another vegetable instead of brocolli and corn. I won't ever have to see his gossiping, lying aunt ethel again. i can listen to the music i like without his criticisim. i can get more involved in the church. i'll have more time with my family.

are hardly dumb. eating other veggies is you exploring cooking, other cuisine and foods, the listening to music you like without criticism is you free for exploring your musical tastes, and getting involved with the church and your family is where your heart is... this is where you start--- now that you are single you get to explore you, and find out who you are and what you are about.... that's an awesome thing. enjoy it.... wub.gif i'm sorry i keep lecturing you, but i just think the world of you, chickie. i want the best for you.

i'm watching a dog food commerical, and it makes me miss my puppymonster. sad.gif
anna k

Yay Doodle!


(((((get well vibes for Divala)))))

Awww, ketto. That's so real and nice to read.

Yeah, I agree with you about feeling like you're grown up. I'm still shy at times, but not as much as I was years ago, I have more confidence, I try to take chances to be busy more and see more people/things, and I'm proud to be my age. I still get down about my career feeling stale or wanting more, but I like feeling more like a woman (even if I feel girlish at the same time).

Nothing exciting here. Did my internship this week, and am looking for a GP or GI doctor to see soon, I'm going to call up some names my friends reccomended.

~*~*~*~Health vibes for tree~*~*~*~* (((((tree))))) I'm sure everything will be fine. let us know, I worry about mah busties.

(((((GT))))) I'm sorry you're missing puppymonster. Emily will nuzzle into you, then drive you batty for scratches every time she sees you.

Hey Anna!

K, I want to be at home in bed today. Ppptht.

Just got back from eye appointment~it didn't grow or change so it looks good.

Can't type anymore, eyes are dilated. Can't see what I am writing!

Oh, thank goddess, tree!! I read about your eye freckle this morning and freaked out totally!! I'm so glad it's okay.....
anna k
Yay tree!!!!

I made an appointment for a GP tomorrow. I doubt my stomach bloating will get solved immediately, but I'd like to be checked out, as well as just have a full checkup.

I also made a Friday afternoon date with a guy who I've been chatting with on OKCupid. He's a little nerdy, but we had good chats about movies and he liked my pictures, so I figured I'd give him a shot. I haven't dated in months and wanted to get back into it, and if there's physical chemistry, have some HBI fun. The guy I liked in my gym class mostly keeps to himself, so I can just think he's cute and that's it.
Hello all!

Tree, I am SO glad your eye freckle is nothing to worry about! Whew!

And SQUEEE for doodle's interview!!! WOOT! You are SO totally going to get that job!

(((((((swift healing vibes for diva))))))) ....And then, eat something GOOD!!!

I'm having a wee bit of a stressful week - too many projects jammed up at once, then trying to clear the decks decently enough so I can GO ON THE CRUISE on Saturday!!! I spent three hours trying to fix spreadsheets this afternoon, and now I am exhausted. My eyes are very strained. So, I'm going to slip into the bath, and then hit the hay early, since I'm still trying to mend from the stupid cold. Oh, and my big bro and my SIL are coming into town Friday night too - I haven't seen them in 2 years, so I'm so excited to see them, even if we'll basically just have time for dinner and breakfast before we take off....but it's nice that they'll have our house to themselves for a few days while they kick back in the city.

all hail the power of the almighty bustie vibe!!!! we lost the appeal on on our noncompliance, and yet i stand unscathed. bossman came through, and even though i and everyone else knows i Very Much Fucked Shit Up, and will be watching me for a while, it's not going on my permanent record. biggrin.gif now that it's over, i can admit i was really worried. they haven't made the announcement yet, but our new boss has been hired, and it's not the supercool awesome co-irker everyone thought would be a shoe-in. i'm a pretty good qc rep in practice, it's just these little details on paper that could make me look otherwise. so i'm glad i don't have another black mark against me. and of course i'm glad to be keeping my superfun well-paying, crazy-at-times-but-not-too-damn-bad job. it was a pretty awesome birthday present.

speaking of which, pre-birthday weekend was good. we did finally get c-monkey's room finished on saturday and ended up spending the night at momster's. sunday we went to see 'hotel for dogs' with the neighbor kids, and they weren't as annoying as they were the last time we went to a movie with them, so that was nice. after seeing c-monkey and the momster off to school and work monday, i died my hair (an awesome dark fuschia that puts the faded-to-ketchup-and-mustard red and blond that used to be hot pink to shame), got all cute in a dark denim pencil skirt with red X-s down the butt and a nearly sheer stretchy black long-sleeve top, and drove to town. i picked up an fm adapter for my zen so i can listen to my podcasts in the car, picked up some dark chocolate coffeebeans at the mall, and called a friend of mine to see if she had the day off. she did, so we met up at the bookstore, along with her son and a friend from work and her daughter once she was out of school, and hung out there all afternoon. my friend asked if i'd picked out my present yet, and i was like 'dude, i just wanted to hang out, you don't have to buy me anything! but now that you mention it...' lol so she bought me a very nice book on bicycle maintenance and repair, and i've started checking craigslist for cheap junky bikes i can get for cheap and practice on.

i can do basic stuff. well, okay, i can change a flat tire and adjust the seat and handlebars. tongue.gif but i'm wanting to take my bike on a tour through the uk and possibly other places in a couple of years, and it would be really handy to know how to adjust my brake tension, true my wheels, and change out my cables, since my friendly neighborhood cycle shop won't be just around the corner if i fuck my bike up while i'm out of the country, as i inevitably will at some point. speaking of which, i recently found out that my bike guy left my bike shop to start his own place. i'd gone in to get a spare tube the other day and mentioned i hadn't seen my bike guy the last couple times i'd been in, and that's when the other guys told me he'd opened his own shop. so now i'm kinda torn: do i follow my bike guy, who has always taken such good care of me and my bikes, and sold me my current one, which i love, or do i stay loyal to my bike shop, which for so long was the only game in town but was always super friendly and quick when i brought my bike in yet again for some bang-up i'd done on it? turbo, where you at hon? is there some sort of cyclist etiquette for this situation, a common "rule" that every "real cyclist" follows? advise me, oh wiseass one!

oh, and last night i went out to cool hand luke's with the momster and c-monkey for my actually-on-your-birthday dinner. i stuffed myself on onion blossom, sourdough rolls, cream of potato soup with bacon, a couple of mango mojitos, and a monster baked potato, leaving my super-yummy rasberry chipotle ribs for lunch today. the co-irkers were muy jealous. happy.gif

glad to hear the eye thing wasn't a bad thing tree! gosh, how scary. my mom had some kind of macular degeneration thing going on last year, and they told her to prepare for going blind. pft, how the fuck do you prepare for something like that? i'm a huge reader, like can't even stand in line for coffee without my palm handy and reading something. if i ever went blind, that'd be it, might as well put me down cause i'd go crazy within the week. anyway, glad to hear yours turned out okay.

has anyone heard from diva yet, if she's out of her surgery? well, ~*~*~surgery and recovery vibes~*~*~ anyway.

~*~*~jobbity job vibes~*~*~ for doodle

~*~*~sociability and health vibes~*~*~ for miss anna

~*~*~general you're a strong awesome lovable woman vibes~*~*~ for pugs

well, i gotta get back on c-monkey's ass about homework and eventually get her into the tub. later busties!

eta: see what i get for taking so damn long to type a post? turbo, come back here and advise!
can we have some health vibes for aural? i know she's having a hard time, and i am missing her something awful.
~*~*vibes for aural*~*~ not sure what is wrong but I hope it turns out okay.

I'm actually a bit peeved about my insurance, HMO, etc. Websites and things say that the absolute maximum time interval for checking these eye freckles out is one year. And that's all my insurance will cover. If it were up to me, I'd go every six's not like a mole on the surface of your skin that you see every day. It's my EYE, dammit, and if it is caught early enough that it's turning malignant, there's a possibility it could be zapped without loss of sight or removal of the whole eye. ~shudder~

grrl, riding your bike through the uk sound so cool. I envy you. And those ribs sound AMAZING.

~*~*divala feel better vibes*~*~

Jenn, you leave Saturday? WOOT!

*waves at CH*

~*~stay strong vibes for pugs*~*

Crap! I have to get in the shower!

Good Morning!

(((DIVA))) I hope the surgery went off without a hitch & that you are recovering nicely. Thinking of you.

Tree, YAY! For the freckle being ok!!! That f-ing stinks about your insurance only covering one check a year. GRRRRR. mad.gif Insurance pisses me off too. Way to sacrifice people's health to save some bucks, jerks. In good news, glad you got your finger splint off!

((aural)) I hope she is ok.

YAY Grrrl!!!! I am glad the noncompliance worked out in your favor! That is wonderful news. Your birthday food sounds sooooo good.

Jenn, I didn't know you were going on a cruise! Sweet!! Where to? How exciting!

hey Anna. Good for you for setting up that date. The guy sounds interesting.

~~~~~~~interview vibes for doodle~~~~~~~~ Very cool! You will do great!

Hey GT! sad.gif I know you miss the puppymonster something awful.

This week has gone by very fast for me. It's been busy. And expensive. I dropped $220 at the vet on Monday. Yuki's been itching itching itching like a crazy dog and it has gotten worse. I took her to the vet, they think she has a touch of mange. ? I can't imagine where she got it, had to be that dog she got in a scrap with on Jan.1. They told me to treat Paco too, so my checkbook is hurtin'. Then yesterday I had to get 4 new tires on my car. $450 out the window. And Mr K is going to get new tires on Saturday. 2009 has been very costly thus far. Hmpf. dry.gif

Other than that, things are great. Closing on our home refinance tonight. Woot! And it's almost the weekend!!
Good Morning!

tree, thank goodness your eye is okay!

Anna, enjoy your meeting with the boy from OKCupid!!

Grrrl, a boke tour through Europe sounds really amazing! What about alternating the shops where you take your boke? take it to the guy one time then the shop the second??

~*~*~*~*health vibes for AP~*~*~*~*

Hey GT!!

Turbo, enjoy your cruise, you totally deserve the time away.

kari, that sucks about the tires, and WTF with pups?? that's horrible. ~*~*~*puppy healing vibes~*~*~*~*

I went for a hella hard run yesterday and feel pretty good today, I did take this morning off from working out and I think I may make this my day off. I got another cheque, this one for referring my mom toget a car, so that's most excellent!! Now I wait for the one for reimbursement for my prescriptions from last year. Woohoo!

and tomorrow is Friday...thank goodness. It's been a total gong show around here.
Grrrl - I am so with you on wanting to learn how to maintain my bike better...I can do the basics, like you, but really...I should be doing more, and like you am totally spoiled my my local bike shop. We've got two excellent shops nearby too, and I like the folks at both....I try to split my money between them, but if I need repairs and am closer to one - convenience always trumps.

And WOOT on keeping your radass job!! SO glad to hear it, Grrrl!

I just listened to the roll call vote on the IL Senate impeachment trial of our governor. Seriously, Blago *has* to be delusional....there's no other explanation for his behavior and dramatic speechifying. It's been an entertaining couple of months around here, that's for sure. And I am *thrilled* that Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn is standing by ready to take the oath, and the lead the state. Quinn is a reputable guy, so it'll be nice not to have a governor bound for trial/jail. smile.gif

Kari - I'm so sorry to hear of all the expenses this week - YIKES! And poor puppers!!!

(((((DIVA healing)))))


One more day left of work, and I think the worst is over....though I am completely physically wiped after the last couple days. Getting ready for vaca with deadlines and a cold has not been fun.

Oh, Kari - the cruise is the same music cruise we went on last year - Barenaked Ladies, Great Big Sea, Gaelic Storm, Sarah McLachlan + about 15 other bands all on board. SUPERFUN. We're going from Miami to Cozumel and then Grand Stirrup Cay. Can't wait.

And now, laundry must be done, and organizing to begin.
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Jan 29 2009, 04:56 PM) *
Oh, Kari - the cruise is the same music cruise we went on last year - Barenaked Ladies, Great Big Sea, Gaelic Storm, Sarah McLachlan + about 15 other bands all on board. SUPERFUN. We're going from Miami to Cozumel and then Grand Stirrup Cay. Can't wait.

And don't forget one (two?) of the guys from Kids in the Hall- I think that's what I'm most envious of...y'know besides the cruise to a warm, exotic location!
Jenn, I am soooooo jealous! Please please please get some good pics of Murray Foster (bassist for GBS) while you're there. Then send the pics to me so I can enjoy the eye candy. biggrin.gif

Oh, hi there, OkayLand! Howzit goin'?

(((((((((((Tons of love for Pugs )))))))))))))))
GT is absolutely right. You're not being silly. Not in the least. smile.gif

~*~*~*~ healthy vibes for AP ~*~*~*~

Tree, so glad to hear that the eye freckle is under control. What a relief! Sorry to hear about the HMO annoyance, though. Ah, health insurance ... can't live with it, can't live without it.

~~~~~~~ soothing for Divala ~~~~~~~

Grrrl, congrats for surviving the nightmare unscathed! Here's hoping things continue to improve at work.

Anna, hope you have a good time on your date.

(((((((((hugs for Kari's puppers )))))))))))))

Doodle, I love reading your posts about Soulman. It's so wonderful to see you so happy.

CH, you are an inspiration. Really and for true.
I shall get Murray Foster and KITH piccies for all my beloved saw the Murray pics from last year, right RV? Here they are again. smile.gif

Sadly, the KITH are only performing together once. Kevin plays a bunch of times with Craig Northey, but Dave's only showing up for one.
Friday!!!!!! Thank goodness!!!!!!

Turbo, I am so jealous of your cruise! Mmmm warming glowing warming glow of the tropical sun. Enjoy your visit with your brother.

Hey Polly!!!

Awww RV. wub.gif

Not much going on here, I hauled my ass out of bed this morning and went for a run with puppy, who it seems is having more ear problems. I think we need to switch her dog food to a vet exclusive brand. I feel pretty good, it's Friday and it should be a busy day, which is fine by me, the days fly by. Getting a little break today, I'm going for sugaring, so I will no longer feel like a wee little monkey!! Woohoo!

So, what's everyone's plan for the weekend?

Good Morning!

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn, ugh, I know, Blago is nuts. How long has he been the governor? I am so happy he was impeached. Your cruise sounds like a blast!

Hey CH! Sorry to hear about Emily's ear. Good luck w/ the sugaring!

Hey Rose! Good to see you, lady!! How's it going?

Hi Polly!

Well, it's official....we closed on our home refinance last night. WOOT! It's a much better deal than our last loan. I can't believe we were able to get it. Yuki's doing better, not itching as much. Thank you for all the hugs & vibes!

Weekend....mine is going to be busy. All fun stuff, but lots of it. Tonight I'm going to my friend's birthday dinner. Afterwards I may meet up with another friend who is in town w/ her husband for a concert. Tomorrow I need to do some errands & my sister is having a wedding party. Sunday I'm having brunch with some people & then going to watch the Superbowl @ Mr K's parents'.
Good morning everyone! This is quick....I was hoping to have more time today, but....I am power-working. I am coming in tomorrow, too....our department is being audited by Gaming Policy and Enforcement next week, and our boss is freaking out about the backlog of subscriptions to be registered.

I would normally say NO to working Saturday - and it's entirely by choice to come in - BUT....I also have a job interview for this position on Wednesday, and I think a little brown-nosing would be a good thing. wink.gif Also, we had a Gaming audit at the women's centre once, and I know how awfully nitpicky they are, so I really want to help catch the department up before they get here.

ANYWAY. That's my story. I will try to check in again later on Saturday.....
I'm cross-posting this in kvetch, too- I figure these two threads are most frequented and have the most knowledgeable busties:

Humanist was attacked on the train last night. She's mostly okay, she was just sitting there and a guy ran up out of the blue and kicked her in the face. Then he ran to the next car through the connecting door. The train was full of people, they hit the emergency button and the train stopped at the next station. What happened next is kind of confusing- a bunch of the people who saw it happen got off the train and caught the guy. A CTA person came and said they had him, asked my sister if she was okay and if she wanted to file a report (um, yes!). Then the train started moving again and she doesn't know what happened. Her nose was bleeding, but people on the train helped her, gave her kleenex and napkins. People on the train were actually very helpful- a bunch of them wrote down their names and phone numbers.

When she got off the train, the people who also got off at the stop walked her home. Some of them were people who'd gotten off the train to get the guy and they said that the guy got away and got on the train that was at the station going the opposite direction. It was unclear as to whether he got away or someone let him go....why the station wasn't put on lockdown, I don't know. On the way, they saw a police officer, so they told him what happened. He drove her back to the station where the train had stopped and met another police officer there. She gave them a full report, but unless they bring someone in matching the description, there's not a whole lot they can do.

I didn't find out about this until this morning, when I just happened to call my sister to see what she was doing on her day off. Her nose has stopped bleeding, she doesn't think it's broken. She has a bruise under her eye. What worries me is that she says her jaw and back by her ear hurts. And of course she has no health insurance, so we don't know what to do.

Any advice?

Polly, I'm sorry, I have no suggestions as to what to do because of the no insurance, what about the emergency room? I hope she's okay. Thank goodness people stopped to help her.

Hey Kari! Enjoy your weekend.

Hi Doodle!

K, must get back to work now.
Polly, you might consider calling an immediate care center to ask about non-insurance prices. I had to go to the michigan avenue immediate care last winter and I don't remember it being too bad. There quite a few around the city, try google maps to find one.

Also, I'm trying to call my dad, he works in the OR and he might be better at giving advice in this area then me.

I'm so sorry this happened, at least there was people there to help her. I hope she feels better very soon!
anna k
((((((humanist and polly))))))

I don't have any advice, but I'm glad she was well-taken care of by others.

Good luck on the job interview, doodle!

CH, I hope Emily gets better!

Kari, sounds like you're gonna have a great weekend!


I had my doctor's appointment yesterday morning. I'm pretty healthy, with low blood pressure, and he gave me some medication to help with my stomach troubles. I took my dance class yesterday, and felt happy, though, despite having had lunch, I felt lightheaded right before class and had to buy an energy bar, which I ate in parts throughout the hour so I wouldn't get dizzy.

Today I had my date, and it was pretty boring. The guy told me he was shy and reserved, but spoke very softly, and often I couldn't hear him enough. We met at Starbucks, then walked around the neighborhood before going to a cafe, and it all felt very quiet and boring. I understand being shy, but you have to move past it and not use it as a crutch. He asked a couple of times if we could go to my apartment, and I refused, saying we just met. He also commented on me walking funny, probably because I have a slight strain on my hip from dance class. When the date was winding down and I was making hints that it was over, he said he didn't have anything else to do that day. I was thinking, "that's not my problem." I understand that first dates are awkward, but if you get along well you move past it and have a second date, and this didn't seem likely here.

Tonight I may go to a dance performance, I'll check out the Village Voice for something to do, then my sister is staying over this weekend.
Thanks for the help and hugs everyone! Humanist is with me now, at our parents' house. My uncle is an insurance coordinator in a fertility clinic- not exactly related, but he knows people "in the business" and he was able to get us in to see someone today. So, at least she won't have to go sit in a clinic for hours...and hours...and hours. We're just waiting for him to call us back. I'll keep everyone posted.
((((((Humanist)))))) I'm SO sorry to hear about your sis, polly - that is SO scary. I'm glad she's (mostly) okay. What a scary thing to happen...and so random and without reason. I'm thinking of her.

Blago was our governor for 6 years...he really wasn't this crazy the first time we elected him. It has been entertaining the last couple months, though.

And, I AM ON VACATION!!!! Unfortunately my cold came back with a vengeance last night, so I was up most of the night coughing, which made work today less than fun. My eyes kind of hurt at the moment, but my big bro and SIL just arrived from Denver, and I haven't seen them in over a year, so I'm trying to stay up to hang out. We're gonna go out to a pub for dinner pretty soon.

And then tomorrow - we are Miami bound, and out to sea on Sunday! WOooT!

Doodle - good luck on the job interview on Wednesday!!!! I fully expect to come home from vacation and hear that you are permanently employed!

Good Morning!!

Polly, how is Humanist today??

Hey Ava!

Hi Anna! what do you have planned for the weekend?

Turbo, enjoy every last second of your cruise!!! I hope you feel better, too!!!

It's Saturday, it's nice out and I've already gone for a run and worked out, cleaned my room, next up vacuum time! as for this evening, I'm not too sure.

anna k
Hi CH!

Enjoy your vacation, turbo!

Nothing much planned. My sister is staying over this weekend, so we may go to a movie. I went to the gym this morning to work out, am going to chill around my apartment until my sister comes in later. I got a response from the guy I went out with, he agreed that we didn't have romantic chemistry but he thought I was very pretty (though shy), and we could hang out again, though at a show, not just walking around being bored.
(((((humanist))))) (((((polly)))))

Hi everyone, quick at work, yeah, on Saturday. Brown-nosing. wink.gif

Had band practice last night, and then I was soooooo tired, I fell asleep when Soulman and I got to bed after midnight. But then around 2 AM, Soulman tested the waters of my wakefulness with some gentle caresses, and, well, some lovely, lovely HBI ensued....I'm a leedle tired this morning! But he gave me the keys to the Astrovan this morning, so here I am.....hopefully this will be over by 12, but more likely 1.

I know he loves me 'cos he let me take his van and leave him stranded in the middle of the rez, with no coffee in the house!

Anna, how did your visit with your sister go?

Hi Doodle! How was work yesterday?

It's too early, I think I'd like to go back to sleep. Hmm...perhaps perhaps.

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