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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I was so lucky to be here in MadTown for the inauguration...I think the entire campus, pretty much, shut down for that hour. I went to a big auditorium where they played it on the big screen...I was with a crowd of supporters who were clapping, cheering, and weeping all at once. It was very, very moving. I'm so glad I could watch it.
well, apparently i didn't post the whole link lore. tongue.gif here ya go. let me know if there's any further link stupidity on my part.

micro stories one

micro stories two
and oh crap, i've got to hit youtube or or something for the highlights. i was stuck at work today, and i figured they might bring in a couple tv's or something so people could catch the action on their lunch or breaks, but no such luck. oh, and c-monkey had a field trip today, so i don't know yet if they got to watch it in class at some point. historical swearing in of the first black president in the nation's history, or second-stringers from the local opera players doing 'the magic flute'? yeah, great call there, school board. rolleyes.gif
anna k
Hi everyone!

I watched the inauguration at the home of my intern boss, where I see her twice a week. It felt so special and nice to watch, and I loved Obama's speech, seeing Cheney in a wheelchair, Bush not getting any cheers and Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton getting all the audience love, the Obama girls looking so sophiscated in their pretty coats, and even the little aside of Sasha talking to who I'm assuming was her bodyguard (man sitting behind her).


I have the rest of the week off, as the museum is busy changing exhibits. I plan to search for more jobs, experiment with cooking more, go out to another Portuguese-language meetup, take another dance class, and just chill out. I want to write a little more, but I haven't had much to write about. I gave my number to a girl who I talk to at the gym, we've been chatting on and off and I'd like to be more social. I feel weird about inviting new girls over to my apartment, I feel shy about it.

ketto, I talked a little to the guy who I liked tonight. Nothing special, he was in my dance class again and at the end of the class following it, I passed him and told him he did well (not perfect, but he kept up with it for being a novice). He smiled and said, "It's not my best," and I just smiled and shrugged it off, saying "It's fun." I still think he's cute, but see him more as more normal now the more I talk to him.
Yesterday my little girl came home and said a boy in her class was openly sobbing during the inauguration and telling everyone around him that Obama kills babies.

WHO are these parents who tell a second grader that Obama kills babies? What a nice conversation I got to have about late-term abortion with my little girl because this terrified kid was shooting off his far right beliefs in the middle of class, during what should have been a historical moment for my girl. I can just imagine that this little boy locks his windows at night and watches the closet for the evil monster Obama who is sure to kill him any day now.

Why do people think it's okay to tell a seven year old that a grown man, our President even, kills babies when a child that age does not yet understand what that particular view pertains to???

I think I should call the principal and tell her that a note needs to be sent out reminding parents that they need to keep their scare tactics under control...

Good Morning!!!

(((((((pugs))))))) sweetie. How are you today? How are things?

WORD Diva!! Now if only the citizens of Canada would get rid of Harper.

Hello MissladyJ!!

Awwww, Turbo, your little pea brained biss was mad. Heh. That makes me laugh!!

Hi Lore! No worries, your post wasn't as fun and uplifting.

Doodle, how was your evening??

Grrrl, thanks for resposting! I'll have to do that when I get home.

Hi Anna! that's a nice break from the museum, how is the internship going?

Alluna, that is so fucked up. My mind cannot even comprehend that. Sounds like the parents are breeding a little evangelical.

Well, WOOT BUSH IS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!! I heard parts of Obama's speech on CBC, and I'll read the Globe and Mail for the rest of the info. Plus, like Grrrl said, it'll be on Youtube, and CBC will have video. It's a great day, and already the Obama administration has order a review of Gitmo!!! Talk about taking action right away!

I don't really have a whole lot going on. I had a horrible headache yesterday, so bad I was dizzy and almost physically ill. I have an appointment with my dr next week to get my first Gardasil shot (and fuck, one shot cost me $173 and some change! But, this is my life, so I think I can stomach it...and claim it on my benefits through work...) so I'm going to talk to her about going off the pill and getting an IUD. Took the day off from running, but I'll get back to it today. And I got some HBI yesterday. I'll leave it at that.


Yes! Yesterday was a wonderful, wonderful day!!!! I still can't believe Obama is our president & Bush is outta there! Woot Woot!!! I'm with you Jenn, I am so happy to have leaders to look up to again.

Alluna, Ugh. That makes me so angry. Fucking idiots. mad.gif I feel really sorry for the kid.

Hey CH! What's gardasil? I don't know what it is, but it sounds like it's a positive thing for you, so yay! HBI yesteray, eh? I won't ask any questions about who the lucky giver was. tongue.gif

Hey Jenn! Good for you for doing the pro bono work, even though the client is difficult to work with. It is really admirable that you do that. Glad you got some alone time in your house. I get that same itch sometimes. I loved having Mr K home more during his break from school, but did get a little stir crazy at times. Part of that is winter too though, it's so dark & boring.

Hey Anna! Whatcha doing with your week off? That's really great that you chatted up the guy in your dance class. Nice! I'm glad you feel good about it.
How's your apartment doing?

Hey Grrrl! No news is good news as far as the work sitch, right? I hope that is the case. Glad your doctor's appt went off without a hitch.

Hey Lore!! How's it going? What's the latest w/ Goaty's job?

Hey Doodle! That's too bad soulman couldn't attend the service for his friend. It sounds like the reason he couldn't attend was a good one though - too many friends wanted to go. I'm glad for that at least. Sorry to hear of the friend's passing.

(((Pugs))) Girl, I am so sorry you're going through such a terrible time. I've read the posts on the committed thread, but haven't posted in there, b/c so many others are posting. I am thinking of you.

Hey Tree! How you doin'? wink.gif

MINX!!!!!!!!!! It's so good to see you lady!!!! I miss you! I'm already getting gardening catalogs in the mail, starting to get excited about the upcoming (but still way far off) gardening season!

Things here are good this morning. Pretty busy at work, I need to answer about 3 memos from boss man. The state legislative session has begun & we always get busy during that time. I usually work at home on Tuesdays, but came in yesterday to get some stuff done. That combined w/ the holiday on Monday have me all mixed up on what day it is. Going to work today and then go to the gym tonight. That's about all I got. Waiting to hear back from mortgage lady on refinance. Everything is in order, just waiting for appraisal to come back. She e-mailed me & said it was looking good so far. I hope so, b/c closing is scheduled for Monday and I really hope the deal goes through. !

Kari!!! It's wonderful to see you. ~*~*~*~*mortgage vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*

Gardasil is the shot that can prevent some strains of Cervical Cancer, warts and HPV. Medical professionals can give the shot to girls from ages 9-26, or older, because it still offers health benefits even if you've already been exposed. There's more to it...but whatever.
i am okay today. there is this huge void between us now. the only thing that i'm holding on to is our next therapy session on saturday. i'm tired of crying. i cry all the time. i hurt all the time. i'm exhausted because i can't sleep. i'm tired of telling people the wedding is off. the guy who was gonna do our cake called me yesterday to get the details of what i wanted. i had to tell him the wedding was off. he was so sorry he called during such a hard time. he was very nice. a guy at school yesterday who is in my class asked me if i wanted to get out of the house for a while and go have drink. i told him that was sweet and that i was flattered but i can't even start down that road yet. i have no peace about any of this. nothing. i'm like looking left, right, up, down and behind me for the answers and the right thing to do. i'm so lost.

i'm going to post something in the religion thread.

gotta get back to work.

thanks for asking everyone,


I've been thinking about you, girlie.
okay, i haven't caught any of the footage yet, wanna wait til i'm over at the momster's with her high-speed internet rather than jerk and sputter my way through it here on my cellphone hook-up. and i found out c-monkey's class didn't watch it at all or even discuss it much, so i'ma make her watch it on youtube with me. she's old enough now to understand how important inaugurations, and this one especially, are. alluna, what the fucking hell?! you show far more restraint than me. i'd be asking my kid for the classmate's name and hunting down the parents to chew them out personally. what the fucking hell kinda shit is that to tell a second grader?! ohmy.gif

no news on the work front, but it isn't so much good news, as it is not bad news yet. i was kind of hoping my boss forgot about it too, you know, kind of a lame duck 'i'm on my way out, so why be a dick?' attitude. but he called me in monday to let me know he was emailing off the appeal letter, and we'd see it how it goes from there, but don't think i'm off the hook yet. so, kind of sucky, but like i said, i'll cross that bridge when i come to it.

c-monkey's got her big california mission project coming up. it's this huge project all the fourth-graders in the school district do: they have to pick a mission, write a report, and build a model. the local micheal's (craft store) even carries mission kits, with accessories like little tiny tree and soldiers and priests and cornfields. my bro had to do it, but we didn't move here until i was in jr. high, so i never did, and i'm kinda wishing i did now because i've got no experience to fall back on. c-monkey originally chose the san diego de alcala, and seemed pretty excited about it. i'm pretty much less so. it's done as this big state history/social studies thing, but when i think missions, i think the spanish church coming in and killing off or forcefully converting and suppressing native populations. luckily, she mentioned some other kid in her class was doing the jeffries hotel as his project. apparently the mission is traditional, but this year at least, they can do reports on missions, famous california families before the 1890's, or a california historical landmark. so i did a bit of googling to confirm it's state landmark status, and now have her all hyped up the winchester mystery house. happy.gif i like that idea a whole lot better. for one thing, it's a closer drive to visit, for another it's fun as hell, for a third there's less 'lies my teacher told me'-style damage to undo later. and best of all the model. if we have to do one for winchester, and i'm kinda hoping we don't, but if we do, that place is crazy and mixed up as hell; we can pretty much glue bits and pieces together any old way and i'll bet it will still be fairly accurate. tongue.gif
Good Morning.

(((pugs))) How are things today?

Hey Minx!

Grrrl, I love that, lies your teacher told you. I remember one big one was hydroelectric power is so great it doesn't harm the environment. Uhhh, yah, it is clean power BUT your flooding and fucking a whole ecosystem! ~*~*~*~*work vibes~*~*~*~*

I left work early yesterday damn remnants of an MRG migraine. I felt so disoriented yesterday and really really out of it. This morning I worked out a bit, so I'm feeling kind of okay.
Good Morning!


Grrrl, the mission project sounds like a lot of fun! How long do they have to complete it? Sounds comprehensive.

CH, So sorry to hear about the migraine! I was struck w/ one about 2 weeks ago. No fun. You better today?

Not a lot up here. I went to the gym last night to a power sculpting class that almost killed me. It's always tough, but I had not gone to this teacher in several weeks. It was torture. After that Mr K and I ate dinner and watched Top Chef.

I have book club tonight, which is always a good time.

Today is already Thursday! This week has gone by quickly.
morning everyone!

ch, you okay hon? i'd be very sad if your head went 'splodey. sad.gif

the mission project takes...a while, kari. they've been studying in class a bit, and now they're down to picking their pony, so to speak. c-monkey's out of school again in march, and i know it's due before then, so, at least a month? it's a pretty huge thing. if they were grad students, this would be their thesis.

yay, one more workday closer to payday! this week has gone by pretty fast, due to the whole holiday on monday and inauguration excitement floating me through tuesday and wednesday on a puffy rainbow cloud of puppies and ponies. we get a paid day off for our birthdays, so i'm going to see if i can take that for next monday. birthday's not til tuesday, but who the hell needs a tuesday off? tongue.gif
Kari, how are your muscles feeling today after that? My run yesterday turned into a drag your ass for the rest of the walk. What book is your book club currently reading?

Hey Grrrl! My head is okay, I think my time on the pill has run it's course. I hope my brainsis don't become wallpaper either. That would be shitty coming in for one day then have a day off then back in. When we have holidays that fall during the week, I usually take the time off before or after...

anna k
I hope you feel better, CH. My muscles too felt worn-down yesterday, after my two workout classes on Tuesday. But I'm going to my dance class tonight, it always makes me feel great. And I like my internship, though I want to find some paid publishing-related work, I can't keep working for nothing.

Kari, I don't have anything planned, I'm going to scour the Village Voice for things to do. I need to do some laundry today, and may go to a thrift store today to donate some items as well as shop. My apartment is nice, very comfortable.

Alluna, I hate that people pass their bullshit opinions onto their kids. I grew up with friends of various backgrounds, and felt really sensitive if my dad said something racist at home and it got into my head, and I'd get personally pissed at him for putting his words into my head.
I had to field comments last night about Obama from a second cousin (she's 17) and her MOTHER who said, and I quote, "Did you see the Inauguration? I didn't know they were playing the Discovery Channel and 'Planet of the Apes' on every station!!"

I nearly shat myself. I'm still livid.
So, her mother, your cousin, said these things in front of you? Seriously, i wouldn't have been able to contain myself. If it were my 85 year old grandmother--in-law, I would have...but a PEER? Nope. Fuck that and stupid people who probably crack themselves up.

Granted, the only 2 "racial" things I've EVER heard moxieman's grandma say were:

1. Upon Moxette's birth: "I would have thought she'd be darker." Um, yeah, me too. Aparently, German/Scotch trumps Indian.

2. Upon hearing of Obama's victory, "Well, I never thought I'd live to see a Colored man be President. I'm glad we're (i.e. her women folk) are long lived." So, yeah, she used "Colored", but in the most positive way possible.
Yeah, the comment by your grandmama is a lot like the last ones I heard out of mine before she died. Another cousin who is Cauc/El Salvadoran hooked up with an African-Am. football player...they've had four kids now, but my grandmama (or was it grampa?) said, "Oh, and he was such a NICE darkie!"

They meant absolutely no harm; it was just their antiquated lexicon.

But yeah, I wanted to fucking go OFF on my cousin's mom and her dad (my cousin). This all happened on Facebook, but yeah, they were totally cracking the fuck up.

This is also the same cousin who is constantly calling everybody a "fucking fag".

Sometimes I'm really disgusted by my family.
Well, I think the best possible response is a FB status message something along the lines of:

"Did you see the Inauguration where the evil white man was literally bowed to the darkie?" Or something equally as snarky that they wouldn't get but would make you feel better. Or, even better, the more honest Update:

"MInx IS disgusted with genetics and the fact that abhorrent people with no sense and no common courtsey make up my relations."
Hi, peeps!

I'm here for a proper post, for the first time in ages. I've been trying to keep up a bit.

((((((((LMP)))))))) I hope you guys can work things out. I've been reading a bit in the Committed... thread, it sounds like there's a lot of love there.

(((((((((Grrl don't get fired vibes)))))))) It all sounds like a miserable mixup. I hope it works out in your favor. BTW, I've also visited the Winchester Mystery House. For me, the place was way cooler in theory than in actuality, but maybe it was because the tour sucked and we were on it with a bunch of Cletuses and Brandines.

(((((((((Body mend vibes for CH))))))))) It must suck dragging ass like that, when you were in world class form a few months ago. I hope you can get back to that for the cop exams.

Hi, Kari! Good luck with the application for the new job. I know it was awhile ago, but still, good luck.

Hi, Jenn, Lore, Moxie, Minx, and everyone else!

What the fuck is up with the ignorant people we know? Who tells their child that Obama kills babies? Alluna, you should totally tell the principal about what happened. That is NOT COOL for a little kid to go around spouting that kind of hate. Nobody that I know has outright said anything racist about the Obama inauguration, but I'm sure my grandpa is pissed (he's a 90-year-old man who has a first edition copy of Little Black Sambo hidden in the atic), and the giant's brother tends to lean towards racist when given the opportunity to say anything. He's made some very off-color (no pun intended) jokes, and I think he seriously believes that Obama is a Muslim terrorist. They pump your head with a lot of dumb shit when you're in the military. His wife's cool, though, so I hope his daughters don't pick it up from him.

It's been an interesting couple weeks for me. Sam turned 6 two weeks ago, and the giant and went to help with his party. There were 7 little boys all running through my parents' house in a pack. It was kind of cute for a couple hours, but I don't understand how parents can have that many children in their houses constantly. We played the mummy game, where the kids wrap each other up in toilet paper and the first one to run out wins. Then there was the pinata, pin-the-collar-on-Scooby, and a bunch of other stuff. We were worried about this one kid, Charlie, because Sam said "every time he touches something, it breaks," but he turned out to be a sweet, if rambunctious, little guy.

I've got my surgery on Tuesday to get my gall bladder yanked out, and it can't come soon enough! It's really been acting up lately, and the only way I can sleep through the night with no pain is to not eat much of anything past 6:00, and then very lightly throughout the day. I'm really, really sick of all this and can't wait to have it all done with and finally not put myself in pain if I ever want to eat anything besides lettuce and fat-free dressing or fruit. The suckies part is the constant candy-belly (that kind of tummyache you get after you eat a whole bunch of candy) I have from trying to eat things that don't have fat, but still have calories, mostly from sugar. This blows.

The giant and I are starting to look at houses more. I'm thinking we may be ready to buy in June. We've really stepped up our savings and should make our goal earlier than expected. We'll probably be able to afford more than we thought, though I don't want to go too high because, well, I don't want to pay a really high mortgage every month for the next 30 years, then somehow afford to get married and have a family. It's just that we can't find much that we want on the lower end of our range. Yeah, I'm picky, but if I'm going to be in a place for 20 years, I don't want to settle.

Anywho, that's how life's been lately. I can't wait for 3 weeks from now when I should be all healed up and back to normal. The first thing I'm going to do is eat some real ice cream and a greasy bacon cheeseburger with a potato loaded up with sour cream. Damn, I miss sour cream!
No sour cream? That's gastronomic blasphemy!! ohmy.gif
Yeah, no shit. But it never fails to give me the worst pains ever, so I have to avoid it for now unless I want to be up until 7:00 am curled over and crying and cursing my doctor for not getting me a surgery appointment for 8 fucking weeks. That's how I spent my Saturday night a couple weeks ago. That night was actually because of leftover pizza, but that's how I spend my night when I'm having an episode.

I forgot to mention that I chopped off half of my hair last week. It's in a long-ish bob with no bangs. It's cute, but a little too short for me, but it'll be cool in a couple months when I can pull it into a ponytail again. It is nice, though, to not have really long hair getting in my way constantly.
Wow. people are so beyond FUCKED UP! who says that? Oh for fuck sake.

Diva, it's great to see you too!! ~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~* I think I just need to give my body some rest. I will work out tonight, I'm feeling better as the day goes on.
home again, home again, tra la la! so, someone called in sick for tonight, and i got sent home so i can come back and cover for them tonight. deja vu all over again. you know, for someone who didn't want their schedule screwed when a co-irker was going to be out for two weeks (she's back monday, thank maude), i've been getting screwed an awful damn lot. there's always profound apologies and profuse praise for "once again helping out", but dammit, when are they going to hire the appropriate number of reps and back-ups so i don't have do this anymore?! the whole reason i took the 8:00-4:30 floater shift (so named because the person "floats" to different departments, not to different shifts, as our asshat lab tech is trying to bamboozle my boss into thinking) was so i wouldn't be a back-up anymore, whose job it would be to put up with this shit. i'm a single parent, with a child that has a disorder (ADHD) that is incredibly exacerbated by not having a stable, steady routine and home environment, and i thought my boss at the time and their boss understood that that's why i wanted the position, so i would have something stable that i couldn't be bounced out of whenever tptb had to cover for someone's hangover or fit of laziness. yet any time someone calls in or is going to be out, i'm the first one that they move. and i understand, i really do-it's easier to move one person whose shift can essentially be covered by other people staying or leaving a couple hours early or late, than to move everyone around and fuck with the whole line-up. but the story i got going in was "yay, congratulations, you have your own permanent shift now!". i know business needs sometimes have to come before personal ones, but it's hard when it's your personal needs always being the ones that get shoved aside.

okay, maybe that should've gone in the work sucks thread. rolleyes.gif but i think i'm going to make an appointment to talk to my boss's boss, cause he oversees both plants and would have a better idea of scheduling needs, to revisit exactly what my position and schedule are defined as, and what i can expect as far as when they're going to fill positions and i can expect this bouncing around to end, if ever. and with that, i have to get back to bed.
QUOTE(minx @ Jan 22 2009, 09:45 AM) *
I had to field comments last night about Obama from a second cousin (she's 17) and her MOTHER who said, and I quote, "Did you see the Inauguration? I didn't know they were playing the Discovery Channel and 'Planet of the Apes' on every station!!"

I nearly shat myself. I'm still livid.

Wow, and I was pissed that my libertarian cousin wrote something like " happy for his enthusiastic but politically misguided friends and family." To which his own mother replied, "Maybe you're the one who is misguided."

Wow, alluna. Just wow.

((Diva)) Yuefie just had her gall bladder out a couple weeks ago.

Hi everybody!
hey all-- could i request some quick bustie vibes? Seems our BFF slipped and fell middle of the night, and is having lots of closed head injury tests run this morning at the ER. Just some "its just a concussion" vibes would be great. Thanks.
Heeey again! smile.gif

Hulloo, Polly smile.gif

Grrrrly, I listened to your recordings, and yikes! That's a lot of company wackiness! Your company is lucky to have you. Sounds like you have integrity. What I was amazed with, though, was your ability to tell it all in two long takes without awkqard pauses and few "ummm"s and "ahhh"s. Whenever I've tried to record myself, I'd get horrified by how I sound when I play it back. I'm too aware of the fact that I'm recording, and I trip over myself, and my voice tenses into geekiness. Someday, I'd love to take voice and acting lessons just to work on that. I bet you'd naturally make a good radio journalist, though, Grrrrly.

Heeya Culture! I sure hope you're feeling back to your perky, plucky self by now, or at least soon.

Hey Diva smile.gif Wow! seven boys running around does sound like a nervous situation. When I was a kid, we were always up to some wacky stuff that was either dangerous to us or dangerous to other stuff. We weren't always breaking stuff, but I do remember a few kids who were in the Breaks Everything category. My friend Barton always needed to put things in his mouth. This was even as an early teen.

((((Pugs)))) Hang in there!

Heeya Minx, Moxie, Anna, Kari, and Alluna, Tree, & Doodle! I guess being busy is good, but I do miss more time to chill and catch up.
anna k
((((moxie's friend)))))

Last night I went to my dance class, and had fun chatting with a girl and gave her my number, though I forgot to mention I'd be avaliable this weekend to hang. But I have another free weekend next week, so I can talk to her or someone else. I'm spending today just walking around NYC, going to a museum, seeing a movie, just getting out of my apartment and out of my head.
Happy Friday you, hmmm....hold on I have to think of something witty...You saber toothed crotch crickets!!!


Grrrl, that's rediculous. I remember you telling us when you got the position and how good it was for you and c-monkey, but not this crappooey.

Hey Polly! That is so funny that your cousin's mom, wrote that! HA!

~*~*~*~*speedy recovery and be okay vibes for moxie's BFF~*~*~*~*~*

Hey Lore!! I'm doing much better today! How are you?

Hi anna! What movie are you going to go see?

I don't have a helluva a lot going on. I finally got my expense claim cheque for work! YAY! and I'm waiting for two more, one from the dealership where my mother bought her car and where I bought mine (they have a referral program, if someone referes another person there and they buy a vehicle, you get a cheque! and they have a promotion that instead of the usual $100.00 it's $250.00!!!) and my reimbursement for my meds through our benefits plan. Excellent.

This weekend, hmmm, think I'll stay in tonight, tomorrow I'm going to hang with prboy and sunday I'm not too sure. It was dadzilla's birfday last weekend and I went over there for dinner, but told him I'd take him to a movie, just not too sure when I'll do that. Maybe Sunday!

What's everyone else doing?
anna k
Hi CH! I spent the day walking around NYC, went to a museum to see a photo exhibit by Eudora Welty as well as other work, got a mani/pedi, hung out in Borders, and just walked a lot. Tonight I'm going to see Gran Torino, then tomorrow take a gym class and hang out with my brother. It should be good.
Happy Friday, Bitches!! *Passes large glasses of sangria 'round the thread*

Polly gave me an assist with her excellent sangria recipe, so we're gonna have a pitcher, make burgers and roasted taters and have some friends over for dinner. YUM.

(((((justaconcussion moxie BFF))))

CH, I got my reimbursement check today too - WOOT! I think I might hit the Anne Taylor Loft sale again with can I resist the lure of $7 pants?!!

Turbomann is out of town for the weekend, but I'm gonna be plenty busy - friends & sangria tonight, then tomorrow morning I have a hot date with my favorite 2 year old cutie pants...Mark is usually her favorite person ever, so I'm looking to score major points hangin' out with her on my own tomorrow. smile.gif Then, lunch with a friend, and pick up a couple greyhounds for dogsitting for a couple days.

AND, we're counting down to the cruise - we leave next Saturday - WOOT! And my big brother is coming into town next Friday to visit too!! (which kind of sucks since we're leaving the next day, but still cool.) Haven't seen my big bro in a year and a half, so I'm pretty happy we'll get to see him.

Anna - let me know how you like Gran Torino - I'm considering seeing it on Sunday. Love Clint, and it's filmed in my hometown.
Happy Friday, you mouldy backwashed leftover cans of beer!

Not good, I know, I suck.

*grabs a sangria and chugs it way too fast*

So, it's been weird at work. I am completely so far backed up I can't see daylight, and for some reason this job has to take priority...installing a bunch of icemakers over at student health. I mean, come on...I've got broken freezers, been broken for TWO weeks and I haven't been able to get there, but I am supposed to spend two weeks over at student health installing ICEMAKERS???? Stick your glass out the window, peeps! (sorry)

Squeaky wheel, meet grease, I guess.

Anyway, I'm crazy behind, so far behind that I feel bad for some of the people I've been putting's no fault of theirs but I know if I had called for refrigeration service a MONTH ago and it still wasn't done, I'd be plenty pissed. God help me. The campus is falling apart around me, and I am running to keep air handlers runnings and buildings going and rabbits warm and keep million dollar research projects alive and I feel so damned guilty about the woman whose break room ice maker (in a fridge) died last FALL for gawds sake, and I still haven't gotten it going. Budget cuts.....they SUCK! What makes it worse is that this woman doesn't complain, which makes me feel even guiltier! And then stuff like this happens to make my day more entertaining. (I don't just do refrigeration, I also fill in on building emergencies of all kinds when it happens.) When they activate the fire alarm systems, the pneumatic air controls go to failsafe mode which means all the air handlers shut down and go onto full heat, but no air, and they must be reset.. .And a bunch of other stuff. Not to mention the evacuation mess.

This all happened in the building where I had to carry all that refrigerant up the stairs right after christmas. Gah.

Sorry.. maybe that part should've gone in the work sucks thread.

Jenn! You get to go on a cruise! Lucky you! Think of me when you're sipping a mai-tai, or another tropical warm weather drink!

Anna, that sounds like a nice day. I've always wanted to see NYC. Maybe someday I will.

CH, woohoo for reimbursement checks! I finally got my reimbursement for that training I went to in early December, so I'm happy, an extra 350 in my pocket is nice. Even though I spent it in December, I forgot that I had, and so now this feels like a bonus. I hope you get feeling up to your strong, healthy self soon! You kick ass!

*waves to Lore...are ya working?*

~*~*just a concussion vibes for moxie's friend*~*~

polly, I've been lucky that I haven't heard any of that snide stuff. Of course, I live in madison, and the only two republicans I knew, my parents, are dead. *that sounds really bad, doesn't it? It's true though.*

grrl, that sucks......

divala ~*~*gall bladder/tummy feel better vibes*~*~

It drives me NUTS when I see/hear about people indoctrinating their kids into hate. I just the other day followed a link on huffington post and there was a little girl, she couldn't have been more than eight years old...WEARING A KKK ROBE!!!!!!! AND THE POINTY HAT!!!! My stomach did one of those horrible lurches when I saw that.

Anna, that sounds like a great day! enjoy the movie tonight.

Turbo, enjoy your cheque, too!! and the cruise sounds like fun!!

Tree, I love that you are so great about work, and you have such an amazing work ethic. and wow. an 8 year old in a KKK robe, isn't that just fuckin' lovely.

Not much going on here.
so, does everyone know that there's nothing fun to do at my house, like watch the tv i don't own, or play the nintendo ds that i grounded c-monkey from for a week because she attempted to sneak it to school after i expressly told her not to to take it? cause apparently the "whole world knows" that i want her to have "a miserable most boring childhood ever", and i just wanted to make sure the memo went out to everyone. rolleyes.gif

ya know, the owner's manual said she'd be long out of her terrible twos by now and well off the angsty teen bullshit for at least another few years. i want a refund.
Hugs for Pugs!
And for everyone who is COLD! (group huddle, group huddle!)

This week I had class on MLK Jr Day, flew out for an interview on Inauguration Day, came back late Wednesday. More class, fixing scheduling problems, etc. etc. This weekend I'm playing catch-up instead of going out with friends...every few days the landlord comes through with prospective tenants. I'm feeling I could use some space.

anna k
Tree, I admire you so much, you have a great work ethic, like CH said. And a little girl in a KKK robe is scary and disgusting of the parents.

Yay for reimbursement checks! And yay for the cruise, Turbo!

I liked Gran Torino a lot, it was better than I expected. And surprisingly, the Hmong actors were all novices, save for one guy (I checked IMDB).

I've felt like I've had to re-evaluate myself in terms of socializing skills. I have a bad habit of not being emphatic enough and asking people questions about themselves when they tell me things about themselves, and it's something that I didn't notice that I do, and have to work on. I was diagnosed as a kid as having some form of high-functioning mild autism, and it affects the way I socialize with people, leaving me shy with random but not close friends. I've progressed into looking people more in the eye when speaking and having confidence, but I've realized that I need to work on some more things to be more friendly and personable rather than shyer. It's a pain to have to work on this instead of it coming naturally, but I've been meeting great people in my gym classes and want to get to know them better, and feel more normal socially, not just making unconscious mistakes.

Grrrl, you fucking rock. that was such an awesome post. Hee. I guess the memo has now gone out.

Hey Lily!

Hey anna, I'll have to check the movie out. It sounds like you are coming along with socializing, maintaining eye contact, is sometimes something i still find difficult with some people.

Okay, I need to food.

Good morning!

I'm finding something a little creepy about Facebook...I have found out that three friends are getting divorced this week by their changed relationship status...its SO weird. Now, I'm glad to be able to keep up with friends online that I've lost touch with, but one of them is a REALLY good friend - we lived in the commune together, I was there when she met her husband, I rescued him when he rolled a truck off the mountain...and now they're broken up. It makes me so sad. I think come springtime, I'm going to go out to visit. It's been too long since I've been to Portland anyway.

Grrrl...tell c-monkey that *I* had the most boring childhood ever...not her. rolleyes.gif I totally remember telling my mom that a few times in my own angsty tween years. heh. Guess kids don't change much.

Well, I need to hop in the shower before my little girlfriend comes over. She wants to cook with me, so I think I'll have her "help" me make much as any 2.5 year old can help cooking - but I think its pretty cool that she asked to cook with me.

What is with all these people breaking up? Some couples I know have called it quits recently. It leaves me wondering if there's something about this time of year...
I think it's more the time of life with our circle of friends...we're in our 30s, folks have been married for several years, and finding that they've changed as much as their relationships have changed. It's sad, but if they come out the other side happier, that's what counts.
QUOTE(Lily_Anne @ Jan 24 2009, 10:33 AM) *
What is with all these people breaking up? Some couples I know have called it quits recently. It leaves me wondering if there's something about this time of year...

Actually, there is some truth to this. Add humanist and her boyfriend to the list. sad.gif (It happened a couple weeks ago)
Guten Morgeninn all! smile.gif

Heya L.A. & Turbo smile.gif I wonder if financial instability and tensions are making breakups easier. (Just a wacky thought, anyway.) When your lives together are a boat on navigatable waters, it might be harder to see life without the other and starting over again. Why rock the boat? On the other hand, when your career is a do-over, you might be forced to move, and the interests of one partner's career is clashing with the interests of the other, there might be fewer hurdles to breaking up. Aslo, the economic frustrations often bring out money allocation arguments (do we cut down more on booze money, video game purchases, sporting events, dining out, or craft supplies?) Meh. Uh oh. I think you woke up Professor Lore mellow.gif I guess I've always been fascinated by sociology and trying to figure out society. Must be my sheep-herding instinct. Anyways, bummer about friends breaking up sad.gif That's always awkward. I'd advise that you just let 'em both know you love 'em, but historically, I've just always ended up avoiding conflict zones and haven't been a good friend in such situations. Wish I could say different about myself *shame*

Oh, and Turbo... Goaty and I do live a few hours north of Portland, as does GT (whom I still haven't visited yet, unfortunately. What happened to my social side?!?!:(). Anyway, you'se welcome to visit.

'Mornin' Culture! smile.gif Reeeally glad you're feeling better. I'm actually doing pretty good, thankeyferaskin'. I went through a little Otter-withdrawl, I suppose. My BFF is back down in California, and my schedule here has been sapping all my free time anyway. I was talking with co-workers about how OtterMan and I used to do stop-motion animation with a Super-8 movie camera back in the day, and we'd have traded a testicle each for the technology nowadays that makes animation so much easier to do. Now that we have it, though, it's too much trouble to do it. Well, actually, it made me realize that such projects aren't less fun now, nor more tiring. We just don't have NEARLY as much free time that we can guiltlessly spend just hanging out with each other farting around on such projects... and that's when we live in the same city. I guess if I seem mellower or more negative, it's because I'm feeling the lack of ability to work on those wacky projects that pretty much defined my personality, and my desire to do some of them has diminished due to a lack of people who would appreciate them. I guess my cooking has replaced that to some degree. I express myself with food experiments, some of which get pretty wacky, and Goaty appreciates them (or doesn't if they suck). I think I need other projects, though. Luckily, OtterMan introduced me to a friend of his who lives half an hour or so away who I might be able to work on wacky projects with (I think he might be a Border Collie or something). I might be able to hang out with CollieGuy next Saturday. We'll see... Oh, and about the eye contact thing, (sorry about tangent) I kinda make eye contact TOO MUCH, apparently. Especially when people are talking to me, I tend to express attention and interest a lot, and that sometimes makes people think I'm hitting on them. Kids love it, though, 'cause hey! Free attention!

Anna, yeah, I kinda wonder what my damage is, too at times. I mean, we are ALL mentally tweaked in some way. I know that I have an EXTREME problem with names, like well past what most people might have with them. That gives me social fears when I'm in social groups of 4 or more. I'm always worried about people catching me not remembering their names. I know waht you mean about mild autism, there. It's not like you're either autistic, schitzophrenic, ADD, OCD, or not. It's all a bunch of sliding scales you can pop onto bell curves. We've all suffered brain damage, too, like from chemicals we've been exposed to, concussions, high fevers, the Bush administration, and bad diets. I'm sure my attempts at swimming the length of an olympic swimming pool underwater must have hurt my poor brain somehow. What I'm saying is, it may help to just remember that all those other people you talk to are dealing with their imperfections, too, I guess. At least you don't listen to Rush Limbaugh... Oh, and your NYC excursions sound beautiful, btw smile.gif

((((good medical news vibes for MoxieFreind, plz.))))

Grrrrly, Yaaaay for bein' a good Mom smile.gif Any fun projects you might work on?

Heeeya Tree! smile.gif Yep! I'm still working with that great company that does a lot of interior work, but I've done some exterior with them, too. Good stuff, and I finally feel valued by a company I work for. I actually had fun at work last week. Door hardware is kinda fun to do. Thanks fer caring smile.gif You're inspiring, BTW. I'm really glad you actually care about your product and clients. That rocks, and I'm sure you wouldn't have gotten as far as you have if you didn't have the heart you have.

ETA Cross-post with Turbo & Polly. Bummer about Humanist sad.gif I hope it's for the better. Good points about causes of breakups, though, and good luck with all your relationships. ((((Pugs))))
Hey, drivin' by 'cause I popped into the Lounge for a minute to brag about my HBI in Portions. wink.gif Will pop in later when I have more time to read.

On a curious note, last night when I was running out of smokes, I actually uttered the words, "Oh, I left my tobacco at home." I had left it at Soulman's. And that's the place I was thinking of when I was thinking of my tobacco. EEP!

QUOTE(turbojenn @ Jan 24 2009, 01:03 PM) *
I think it's more the time of life with our circle of friends...we're in our 30s, folks have been married for several years, and finding that they've changed as much as their relationships have changed. It's sad, but if they come out the other side happier, that's what counts.

oh, don't even get me started on late 20s/early 30s changes aka "saturn's return." maybe time of reflection and renewal in relationships.

btw, i too think it is weird about the public service announcement FB gives to one's relationship status. i don't think it's important for anyone to know so i don't put anything up there.

oh, and turbo, i don't remember you saying you live on a commune. kewl.


**slips back through kvetch portal**
morning okayers! or afternoon rather. just taking a quick break from today's activities, which include cleaning up c-monkey's cesspit of a room. moving in here, gosh, almost a year ago already, is the first time that c-monkey's had a bedroom to herself. she's got her room at the momster's, but she has to share with me when we spend the night, and the momster's got her computer in there now. so anyway, she's heading on a fast track toward the teen years, and i wanted to make sure she thought of her room as her room, where she could have some privacy and set things up the way she wanted, and she could retreat from parental tyranny once in a while. and it worked out fine, til she started taking snacks up there, and leaving piles of clothes to "put away later". i had to go in there to find something for her when she spent the night at the momster's last week, and oh. dear. maude. the closet is stuffed with clothes and toys and books (the result of the last time she "cleaned" her room, no doubt), there was literally no clear space to walk, her laptop was upended in one of the plastic tubs that's supposed to hold toys, there are cheese bar and candy wrappers all over the place, there are cracker and food bits (at least i hope that's what they are) crushed into the carpet, and if she's got clean clothes in there, they're not in her drawers or hung up in the closet. i swear, the decor is early freshman fratboy or something. so, big project for today is getting that mess cleared out. we took a little break for lunch (and to watch chicago in my case), and now it's time to get back to work. i want to get it done today so we can go watch a movie with the neighbor kids tomorrow and so i don't have to spend my day off monday finishing it up. i already told her if it's not done this weekend and i have to go in on my day off, things will be disappearing, and not necessarily just garbage. i've got a brand new box of hefty bags, and the parking lot dumpster is currently empty. but she worked pretty well this morning, so i think it won't come to that, because she's tired of the mess too. anyway, back to work. tongue.gif
today in therapy we agreed it's over. i'm destroyed. what now. how do i stop calling him baby, stop hugging him in our sleep, stop wanting to kiss him, stop wanting to cry in his arms, stop laughing when he's cute. how will i get thru this. there isn't enough drink to numb the pain. i've never hurt like this. i don't think i ever will heal. my heart is so so so very broken. broken to the core. my spirit is broken. everything is broken. nothing helps. nothing.

broken so very broken everything or home, our family, our life together, our future everything is over, done and obliterated. like a shattered mirror. pieces laying everywhere. it's just done. what now.

what now?

anna k
Doodle, you make me smile. You're so cute, and that's so sweet that you mistaked Soulman's place for "home." smile.gif

I'm sorry, pugs. (((((good vibes)))))

lore, I hope you get to do some good projects.

turbojenn, your "little girlfriend" sounds adorable.

I got to work with socializing more today, and it was great. I went to a workout class, and would chat with the other women in the locker room, engaging them in conversation and asking follow-up questions, and it felt really good. Then I hung out with my brother and his college friends, also doing the same thing, for practice. I felt so much better, and my brother helped me by encouraging me, saying that I recognized my problem and was fixing it, and wasn't an asshole like his misanthrope roommate. I'm hoping to keep this up more through the rest of the week with my boss and the regulars in my dance class, just being friendly and engaging.

Sweetie, I'm so so sorry. we are here, if you need anything, just come and post, or PM us.
pugs, i am so sorry. i am. but, and this is gonna be harsh, but you did the right thing. you know you did. think of some of the things you've said, that you've told me. if it's over, right now the urge is to sentimentalize everything.


you and mr. both looked at this clearly and decided that it's not working and you both need something else.
this is going to sound super fucked up, but to find the strength to do this-- and you have the strength --you need to see this situation CLEARLY. you can't let yourself get sucked back into pretending everything was peaches and cream in your relationship. you know it wasn't. you can remember the good times, the good things, but you can't get sucked into seeing them thru rose colored glasses. you know me, i'll always tell you the truth. i'll tell you what i think.

you need smelling salts.

something that will slap you awake when you can't see straight because you miss him so much. make a list of things that bugged you about him. keep it on you at all times. whenever you start to think about how good it was, break out that list. it's your smelling salts. it will remind you of why you need to be strong.

what you miss is that intimacy, that togetherness, but it's NOT him. it's NOT the relationship. IT'S NOT. because it is the relationship that wasn't working, and he was your partner, and it didn't work out. remind yourself. because otherwise you'll sentimentalize it, and you'll go back and eventually you'll realize all of that stuff that's on that list. then you will have to climb out of that hole all over again. save yourself the heart ache. use the smelling salts.
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