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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I'm totally going for the IUD post bebe. Gotta do a couple months of pills, as the IUD can't be inserted while my inscision is healing, but I'm totally cool with that. We're doing the 5 year, progesterone only IUD. My doc said he hears MANY more complaints with the copper ones.

Ok, back to my catching up.
morning bustarinos! okay, so i finally recorded my crazy ass work week and micro sample stories, so here ya go, and hopefully the links work. off to catch up now, and figure out how to get doodle's song on my mp3 player.

part uno

part dos

edit: oh meh, you actually have to download the audio from the links. suck.
Greetings, earthlings! Posting on my lunch glad you all like the song! You can buy the CD, actually - Soulman is taking orders on crackbook. The Anarchist and I are on 2 songs, and btw, two of them (not ones I'm on) are about me. smile.gif

I am being bad right now - I am logged into Soulman's FB profile and trying to figure out how to block his ex from posting on his page. She is just so mean and abusive, after 4 years you'd think she'd let it go. Whenever I'm there, she starts phoning him before we are even out of bed. Last Sunday, she called to rant in a message about what a jerk he was for not being home (he simply didn't answer), and so his son could never get ahold of him - meanwhile, Soulman had talked to his son about 20 minutes before that call. rolleyes.gif Anyway, I thought if I just quietly blocked her, at least she couldn't randonly post abusive crap when she's pissed at 4 in the morning.

There's going to be trouble when Soulman's ex and I finally meet. I will have to kill her. Or at least smack her into next week.

SO! I went to the NDP thing last night, along with Soulman and the Anarchist. The Anarchist played soundman all night, and all was good. It was funny to walk in there with my entourage of the boys, reeking of weed undoubtedly. wink.gif But I played my little heart out while people carried on their conversations and paid not very much attention to me - which was a good experience, because that's what a lot of gigs like busking will be like! But lots of people complimented my voice, anyway. The weird thing was almost nobody recognized me again - including my old colleague at the sexual assault centre, AND the former Minister of Women's Equality. And I don't mind that, but it's the weight loss comments that are disturbing, i.e.: "You look so different, you look fantastic!" Especially when it's said all at once, as in, wow, you looked like crap before. And yannow, I always thought I was cute, no matter what I weighed.

Right. I still haven't figured out how to block the bitch without deleting her from his friends. Anybody know?

Gotta go smoke before my break is over.....
when you block someone, it automatically cuts all crackbook ties.
I don't want to block her completely, b/c then she'll be a real freak. Just stop her from posting on his wall and let it be "one of those mysteries." Any thoughts?
If you go down to the bottom of your news feed page, there's "Options for News Feed" You can increase and decrease the amount of items you get from certain people, as well as specific types of items. It's not exactly what you want, but it's a start. Basically, you don't want to remove her from his friends list, you just don't want to hear from her? Hmm....I don't see anything in the privacy settings. He can just delete her comments as she posts them.
Good evening everybustie! I am stuffed full of tacos at the moment...definitely ate too much, but it was soooo good. Invited some friends over to share in the feast, and it was fun - their 2.5 year old daughter thinks turbomann is the kewlest, so it always makes for an amusing evening. She cried when she had to leave him. And when she says "What's your problem, turbomann?," it just cracks our shit up...don't know where she got that one, but its CUTE.

Well, Feb 12 is IUD insertion - WOOT! I'm going with the copper paraguard, I'm tired of 3 days of migraine each month on my period from hormones. No fun. But the doc was totally cool. I liked him more this time, but maybe that was because we were discussion our favorite historical fiction books while he was examining me...pretty funny. But apparently, I have a "textbook uterus" so he's expecting no problems.

Lore, your dinner sounds fabulous - red wine vinegar is so delicious on potatoes - just gives them that extra little zing. Yum.

Doodle, I think it's okay to unfriend the ex on crackbook...but I suppose you'd want to keep an eye on her posting activity too. But YAY for another successful gig!!

Well, its already about time for me to toddle off to bed. I'm sleepy tonight, so I think I'll turn in a bit early.
hi hi hi!

O.M.G. Work has been INSANE since christmas. I can't even repeat it's in the work sucks thread. It is going to take a dive too, once the cold snap passes through. Eeeek.


there is nothign good about it because it's close to minus fucking 50 with the windchill. I'm bitter. It's been cold since December. Grrrr.


Hey Polly!

Doodle, did you get ir figured out? Come to think of it, there are rules you can set up for the individual person on crackbook.

Turbo, I'm excited about your IUD! Why? Because I also want to go off the pill. I hope it goes well!

Hey Tree! ~*~*~*work soothing vibes~*~*~*~*

Mox! It's great to see you in here!! How's the pregnancy coming along?

hey Grrrl, I'll have to check out the links beacuse I'd also like to add the song, unless Doodle can perhaps send me a copy?? *hint hint*

I worked out last night. Then I came home and read more of Tommyland, and I have to say his Bio is pretty good, not as good as Slash's but Tommy is so enthusiastic, I'm reading about his talking about his sons. It's really sweet actually.

Buenos Dias!!!!!!

((CH)) Stay warm, OMG! We are going to get a cold snap here, but nothing like you have to deal with. I know all the Northern Busties are getting hit with c-c-c-c-c-cold weather right now. Brrrr! I think if I lived up there I would never leave the house.

Hey Tree! Glad to see ya!

Hey Jenn! My sister just got an IUD put in & I have considered one myself. I'm too chicken though. But, if you are dealing w/ migraines all the time, I am sure a short period of discomfort is nothing in comparison.

Hey doodle! Glad the gig went well. That's so weird that so many people did not recognize you! I don't have a FB account, so I can't help you on blocking the ex. Hmmm. Maybe what Polly said.

Hey Mox! How you doing? Baby time is approaching, no? What's your due date?

Where's minx been lately? I miss that woman.

And diva! And poodle! And tes! And PK! And Ketto! And Catsoup!

Things here are good. I found a job I want to apply for, so I've been working on the ol' resume. I think it's looking good. Will send it off & cross my fingers.
anna k
Congratulations on getting the IUD, Turbo!

Good luck, kari!

CH, Tommy Lee sometimes reminds me of a big golden retriever who smiles a lot and says "Dude."

I've been busy with work, and today's my day off. I still have a bunch of things to do, and my body feels crappy even a week after my period. But I felt really productive at my internship this week, and I felt so happy at my dance class yesterday. I love it there, I feel so free and girly and lifted, so different from when I get down on myself. I got to chat with the girls, and got to speak casually with the guy I liked, and it made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. So a good night was had last night.
oh, i see what you did thar. those links in my last post aren't my attempt at getting doodle's song, that's me talking about the crazy shit i have to do to get the microlab their freaking samples when production's being a pain in the ass. listen to them, they's funny.

did you figure out how to block the ex doodle? i'm barely navigating crackbook myself, so i'm clueless.

kari, i meant to tell you earlier, congrats on your sister's wedding! smile.gif oh, and now it's coming up tomorrow, how exciting. and how's yuki doing?

hey, it's moxie! long time no see. how's the baby coming along?

damn you culture, and possibly tree, for your cold bitchin'. it's been freezing here, but yesterday was unseasonably warm and nice out, i only had to put on a thin hoodie when i went to pick my bike up from the shop. but now? oh no, i have to get the heavy jacket back out. tptb must have decided not to let all you cold-weather busties suffer alone. dry.gif

speaking of cold weather, i've got to get the landlord to come in and do some weatherizing downstairs. i keep the heat on at a reasonable temp, and the upstairs is all nice and toasty warm. but coming downstairs in the morning? like walking into a fucking fridge, to the point i find myself looking around once in a while wondering if i left a door or window open. i know heast rises and all, but this is fucking ridiculous.

also, i might be getting fired when i go in to work today. i wish i could say it was through no fault of my own, but it was my mistake, albeit a stupid tiny thing that could have been so easily rectified had i caught it before the usda did. we're required to calibrate and record our thermometers every day, and i do, but first thing in the morning is a ridiculously busy time for me, so sometimes i'll do the calibration, get my ass on the floor cause things will pile up if i don't, and go back later in the day to write it down. but monday was crazier than usual; we had someone call in sick, so i was sent home early so i could come back later that night and do that person's shift, and in all the confusion, i didn't go back and write it down. so usda found it and is slapping us with a non-compliance. the thing is, any time we get spanked by the usda, and it's the qc agent's fault, the qc gets written up. since that already happened to me a couple months ago for something else, i'm not sure what the next step is, but it can be "up to and including termination". i really really really hope that bossman takes pity on me, but depending what company policy is, he might not have a choice. i'm really pissed at myself, because i love this job, and i have a child to support, and it's such a stupid little thing that i could have so easily rectified had i been paying attention. and this is just a really bad time to be unemployed, especially in california. so i could really use some 'keep the job' and 'quit being such a fuck-up' vibes.
~*~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes for grrrl~*~*~*~*~*~ I really hope that you don't get fired, please let us know asap!

Hey Kari, indeed it's cold as fuck.

Anna, I'm really enjoying Tommyland. BUT Slash's autobiography is more encompassing, perhaps because he also talks a lot about how Guns formed, and The Dirt on Motley Crue was already published.
ooooh, ~*~*~keep that job~*~*~ vibes for grrrl! You work so hard, I am sure you are valued a lot.


Yes, it's fucking COLD here. Not like CH, but still, -20 F (-28 C) tonight and -40--45 below F (-40 C...amazingly, F and C line up right there) windchill. It's all coming down from you, CH....hehe

I'ma be BUSY this weekend. My buildings don't like this stuff.

Grrl, if your thermostat is downstairs, close off some of the grilles upstairs will force some of the heat to stay down there.
~*~*~*~*~*~keep the job vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

Grrrl, do check in and let us know how you're doing - I hope it all works out okay for you!

Since mox hasn't popped in, I'll just tell ya'll - she's down to her last 3 weeks of pregnancy!! I can't wait to meet the new babe!

~*~*~*~*~new job vibes for Kari~*~*~*~*~

That's awesome that you found something you're interested in, Kari! I've always got my eye on the job boards too, always gotta be looking for the next thing.

Tree, I wish you calmness and sanity in what's bound to be another insane week at work for you!

I'm REALLY not looking forward to the next few days of ridiculously cold weather here...I really wish they would close our office because of the cold, but NO. All of us take public transit, and waiting for trains/buses in -35F wind chill is dangerous. I'll be donning long underwear and the flannel lined jeans tomorrow. Thank cod I've got a huge down parka.

Yep, I'm pretty excited about the IUD. It'll be nice not to worry about BC anymore, and to skip the BC-withdrawl migraines during the placebo week on the pill. Of course, I shall let you all know how it goes. One month from now, I'll be hormone free...does that make me organic?
wow, it was quiet in here today! so, status report: i'm not fired yet, and if my boss has anything to say about it, it won't come to that. i am however still Very Much In Trouble. i did manage to talk to the usda agent in question, and luckily for me, she's one that's been there a while and knows me. i explained the whole thing, and she was very sympathetic and understanding, and said "i'll think about it". i had no idea what she meant since the non-compliance had already been issued, but i was cautiously (very cautiously mind you, cause the last thing i need was to get all smug and relieved and totally jinx it) hopeful, though i still dreaded what my boss would have to say when he got there, and hoped she would make up her mind before that happened. i also talked to the person who checks all the usda-involved stuff for us, and he said that even though the nc had been issued, she could rescind at any time.

so my boss finally shows up, and i get the dreaded radio call to come to the lab. he told me that he'd just heard from the usda agent and the nc was going to stand. he said she did believe that i had done the calibration that morning like i said, but since the documentation was the issue, she had to do her job and call us out on it. so he and i talked about it and what was going to happen from here. it's not going to be good, but it's not necessarily going to be the end of the world either, and our conversation was pretty easy-going and joke-y like it usually is. there is a possible loophole that might even at this late hour save my ass. in addition to recording the calibrations on the main sheet in the lab, where everyone's goes, we also have a space on the forms that we record temperature checks on, saying "this is the name of the thermometer used for this check, and qc verifies that it was calibrated in the lab before use on this check"-not in so many words, but to that effect. so, depending on how our program and procedures are worded-and the wording is absolutely everything when you're dealing with government agents-it could be argued that the temperature check form, by having my thermometer listed, fulfills the documentation requirement that we're being cited for. i'm hoping that it does, and that the usda agent, being on my side as much as she can, won't fight the appeal all that hard.

so that's it. i was tossing and turning over this all night, dreading today (which other than this actually went pretty well), and now that everything's out in the open and out of my hands, i can finally let it go. there's still a possibility this could go badly, and i'm preparing for that, but i'm not stressing over it like i was all day. i'm going to kick back here in bed with a bowl of popcorn, a very big jack and coke, and season two of 'dexter', and go into work with a clear head tomorrow. night everyone!
Very quick fly-by, just waiting for Superman to get to band practice at Soulman's....

Me at the NDP Shindig

Superman and Soulman

Band Practice

BTW, Soulman was entirely touched when I read him some of your comments on his song. And he thinks "shaman-esque folk" is the best compliment he's ever gotten!
well, here we go. Got a phone call at 4:00 AM...the message said "we have a mess unfolding"....

See ya all in a few days.

Good Morning!

Tree? Uhhh, is this a work thing? I hope everything is okay. And yes, the cold as fuck air is coming from here. Don't say I never gave you anything.

~*~*~*~*stay warm vibes for turbo~*~*~*~*~

Grrrl, that's good news for now. ~*~*~*~*ongoing jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~*

Hey Doodle, I'm so going to go and listen to the song again, it was so great!

It's too cold to think about anything. Not cool!

anna k
Hi everyone!

It's snowing in NYC!

I hope everything is OK, tree.

Doodle, my computer wouldn't let me play the songs, even when I disabled the pop-up bar. I really like those pictures of you and the guys, you all look great.

I saw in my closet that most of my shirts are brown or black, and it looked really uniform and boring, so I went out and bought three shirts in blue, white, and red. I was actually partly inspired by this photo of Elisabeth Moss at the Golden Globes, and a poster below saying that pale-skinned girls with dark hair can rock bright colors. I always felt like I'd be too washed-out to wear brighter colors, but decided to take a chance, and I love my new red shirt, it makes me feel more lively.
Quick post, just got to work....but I have to tell you all how TICKLED Soulman was when I read your comments out to him last night. biggrin.gif AND he thinks "shaman-esque folk" is the best compliment he's ever gotten!
yes, it was a work thing. Momentary calm here....


too busy to have personal issues! smile.gif

Hey Anna! YAY on new clothes!!!

Doodle, when do we get to hear more music??

~*~*~*work calming vibes for tree~*~*~*~*

It's Friday and that is all that matters, on and it's payday, and it's supposed to warm up here today!! Wheeeeeeee!

Good Morning!

Yeah, CH, thanks for the cold air! wink.gif It's really cold here, for TN. I think it is 7 degrees F with a -5 windchill. I am not enjoying it. It is supposed to be slightly higher tomorrow. Brrr.

Anna, I think bright colors absolutely look beautiful on girls with dark hair & fair skin. Good for you for doing some shopping. I love that pic of Elizabeth Moss. She looks great.

Tree, I hope the work mess wasn't too bad. Was it?

Hey Grrrl! ~~~~~~~continued job vibes~~~~~~~~~~ I am glad the compliance lady is trying to help. What's the latest?

Doodle, love the pics!!! I have not had time to listen to the song yet, but I will!

Hello to everyone else!

Things here are good today. It's Friday! Mr K and I attended my sister's casual wedding ceremony last night, it was nice. Then we all went to dinner. I got to bed early, but did not sleep well. First I woke up hot & sweaty. Then the dogs woke me up. Then at 4:30ish I was struck with killer cramps. Oye. I hate nights like that.

What's everyone doing this weekend? I think tonight I'm going to a party that my boss is having. That's really all I got so far. There is a show I might go to tomorrow night. And we're off work on Monday for MLK.
so i'm sitting here in the waiting room of my new ob/gyn's office waiting for my yearly check-up and schmear, which is loooong overdue cause i'm one of those "doctor's are for when you can't medicate with over-the-counter shit" people, and it occured to me in the shower this morning that i haven't exposed the ladybits to a professional since i got my little blue accessory. i really hope my new doc is cool and not one of those old-school ones who are all "sticking bits of metal into yourself are teh evol and stoopid". i mean, if she is, i'll just find a new doc, no big. it's not like i'm going to be seeing her every month or anything anyway, or maybe ever, if my previous pattern is anything to go by. but i'd rather not deal with the "omg, why'd you stick that there?!?" at all. rolleyes.gif
Grrrl, in my experience, all the doctors say they've seen it all before. My ongoing doc asked if it hurt and how it was when I had sex. Have you heard anything about work yet? Only in the lounge can we go from vagina's to work in one sentance. Hee.

Kari, as I said with Tree, don't say I never gave you anything! Heh.

I have done nothing today. literally I've done shit fuck all. It's so quiet and the supervisor is out of the office.

That Tommy Lee comment made me laugh my ass off: a golden retriever who smiles a lot of and says "Dude".


Well, currently my car is frozen up--total buzzkill going into the weekend without a functioning automobile. I made one critical error: no HEET in the tank. I had filled it up completely the night before it went down to -30F, but nope. I'm fucked. Will probably have to have it towed to the garage down the street to let it sit in a warm environment overnight and hope that it's JUST a frozen fuel line, or perhaps flooded. I'm sorry, but it was so cold yesterday morning that I could barely walk one block because I could no longer feel my legs.

The one good thing that came out of it was that Minxlette had to spend the night at her Dad's house (that part I didn't really care for), but I did get to spend the night with Artman!! We still really only get to see each other every other weekend, so every moment counts. Mmm...we watched Grosse Point Blank, eat cheese and crackers, and make with touching of tingly bits.

Artman and I are doing really well. smile.gif He's just such a lovely human being. He gave me a new Japanese-style knife and travel mug (because my was literally in two pieces) for my 35th birfday last weekend. We went with a two other couples to Figlio for some food and really good margaritas with Herradura tequila, and then off to a Noraebang on campus where you have a private karaoke room--TRES fabulous!!

Then the HBI. wink.gif That man gives until it hurts...and that isn't necessarily a bad thang! He still isn't divorced; stbxwife is still dragging her feet about it, and recently completely ducked out of a forced mediation. Next court date, I believe, is next month. Please send him divorce-y vibes

I'm so excited that Moxie is so close to bringing the next evil genius into the world! And Turbo, my BFF LOVES her IUD. I hope your experience is just as cool--I know those migraines have been the bane of your existence at times. You're going to end up being as tasty as a free-range, non-hormonal, organic chicken!! I was thinking of making your black bean soup this looked goooooood.

I've missed you all very much. Has anyone heard from Tessie?
no news from work yet. in fact i didn't see bossman all day. we did get a visit from the rep for the company that makes our fat analyzer (cause you know, we make up all the out of spec high fats just to fuck with them), and that was fun. rick's great, and i love it when he comes to visit every few months to upgrade and check our software. he's just this really awesome old guy who brings us mexican bread and spends hours bullshitting about movies and current events and why the iCrack's such a scourge to people with other mp3 players, and if i could hang out in the lab with him all day, i totally would. anyway, enough 'i heart rick'-i don't know anything new, but i haven't been told to clean out my locker or go to hr yet, so i'm just not going to stress about it on a day-to-day.

today i'm not going in at all cause of the aforementioned girlybits scraping. bossman needled me a bit about taking a whole day off for a dr.'s appointment, and i was like 'dude, please, there are just some things you can't or don't want to come back to work after, dear maude don't make me spell it out, cause you're hella cool and you're going to be a nurse and all, but you're still a man and my boss, so just give me the time off already!' so now i'm donw, and i've got the rest of the day and the momster's car to myself. appointment went okay, and piercing wasn't even noted, except when i brought it up briefly at the end like 'that wasn't as bad as i remember, i think my piercing was more invasive, ha ha'. i got my depo shot (cause i loves me the no periods and i've done pretty well with it in the past), and i was done. oh, and the doc finally confirmed what i've suspected for a while and kept forgetting to bring up with other docs: i have a weirdly tilted uterus. not like freakishly backward or anything, and supposedly no one's is dead center where it's "supposed" to be, but mine tilts at a distinctly downward angle. good to know, and explains why some positions and angles just never worked well in bed.

i've got the momster's car until i pick her up for work, but i think i've got all my errand-running done. i stopped by best buy to pick up a copy of kaspersky's, i hit the candy store on the mall to pick up my dark chocolate espresso beans (gotten addicted to the damn things lately!), and now i'm at the bookstore and having bought the books i came in for and browsed a bit, am just kicking back with my laptop and the specialty coffee drink with a longer name than it would be worth the time to type, and kinda hating being that pretentious douchebag. rolleyes.gif

tree, are you completely frozen? stay warm as you can, and i hope work eases up; sounds like you've had a way lot going on lately.

heya minx! first poodle, than moxie, now minx. seems like all the previously absent busties are making an appearance. biggrin.gif

*makes more room on the couch*

hey kari! sounds like you had a good time at your sis's wedding. i'm glad things went smoothly, but your bad night sucks. hope it's better tonight.

and culture, i am just not talking to. there are some gifts, like std's and the flu, that just shouldn't be shared, and your cold snap, that is one of them, oh yes it is. i hope you remembered to get a gift receipt, cause i am so returning it. tongue.gif

and holy crap, i forgot about monday. we're not off, but c-monkey's definitely out of school, and i don't know if the afterschool/offtrack program is open or not. neighbor friend will most likely offer-no, demand-to take her cause c-monkey keeps her two entertained, but her daughter had a tonsilectomy last week, and she's doing good, but i hate to stick her with recovery kid and hyper kid at the same time. huh, must call momster and see if one of us remembered to think ahead on this.
QUOTE(minx @ Jan 16 2009, 01:14 PM) *
Well, currently my car is frozen up--total buzzkill going into the weekend without a functioning automobile. I made one critical error: no HEET in the tank. I had filled it up completely the night before it went down to -30F, but nope. I'm fucked. Will probably have to have it towed to the garage down the street to let it sit in a warm environment overnight and hope that it's JUST a frozen fuel line, or perhaps flooded.

Sorry to take the thread off course, but Minx, the same think happened to LeBoy's car this morning. He ended up taking my car (I don't work on Fridays). I went down and tried starting just won't turn over. Should I get some HEET? I googled "car won't start cold weather" and most of the results suggested it was battery problems. I guess it could be that, but I hope not. Argh!

ETA: Nevermind, he just came home and got it started. Good luck minx!
hihihi!!! I' m probably jinxing it by saying so, but it is eerily slow (workwise) for it being so cold out. I am amazed that I am at home now. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop. The work catastrophe was a catastrophe, but it was an easily remedied it wasn't all that bad.

I'm gonna go take a hot bath.

Tree, I am with you on the bath! I don't think my feet have thawed out yet, since my first trek out with turbodoggie this morning. A bath will fit the bill nicely.

Maybe all your fridges are feeling some comaraderie with the the great outdoors since the temps are so similar?!

MINXY!!!!!!!!! *mwah* So good to see you here, my dear, and to know that you and Artman are still goin' strong! (((signed sealed delivered divorce vibes)))

Grrrl, I agree, I think women should get a day off for their annual exam! I had mine this week too, but I did have to go back to work. Oh well. But at least I'm on my way to worry free BC with the IUD.

Kari, I'm glad you had a nice time at your sis' chilled out wedding and dinner celebration! And I hope you catch up on some sleep tonight!

We're going to have a semi-chill weekend - lunch with a GF tomorrow, then dinner with my BFF. Sunday, just hanging with turbomann and cooking, probably. And I've got Monday off, but a big pro-bono design project looming, so I'll probably just be working on that. And now, I'm gonna go snuggle up under a blankie with my man. smile.gif
anna k
Turbo, my fingers felt frozen and numb while waiting for the bus yesterday in 13 degree weather.

Yay Minx and Artman!

That's good that you're feeling better, Tree.

Kari, I'm glad you had a good time at your sister's wedding.

This week has been busy with work, as the exhibit at the museum is wrapping up and I did more research at my internship. I went to a Jezebel karaoke meetup last night, but they met in a crowded loud midtown Irish bar, and I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone and left about a half hour in. I had to work the next morning anyhow, so I didn't feel like staying out late with strangers and trying to socialize. I went home and watched had dinner and watched Planet Terror.

My body's been feeling crummy post-PMS. My stomach feels gassy and crappy, and I've been taking peppermint oil caplets to help it, but it's not working much. It feels like I should just ride this out, but I hate it. I felt so thin and strong the past few weeks, and now I feel heavier and sloppy. Blech.

I wrote about it in the crush thread, but I got to talk to the guy I liked a little more this week. It was at my dance class, while chatting with the other girls. He came up and said it seemed like we all knew each other (he had been in the class the week before for the first time). I said I had been taking the class for a year, and the others stated their experience. We introduced ourselves, and when I said my name, he said "Oh yeah, I think I've seen you in so-and-so's class." (I had actually introduced myself to him last month, but memory refreshing is fine). It felt good chatting and being relaxed, though I still felt shy.
Greetings Okayers! Happy weekend! My second real weekend! So exciting. biggrin.gif

Started Friday night by speeding away from work in Soulman's van, went to a regular Friday night jam he goes to with his friends. What a great vibe and energy!

One of them has been working on a homemade stand-up bass, and he is "tired" of the project, so he gave the work-in-progress to Soulman. So cool. We couldn't wait to show the Anarchist, so we took it right over there afterwards, 10:00 at night. The Anarchist was entranced with bass and the whole idea of the project, and then Soulman said he would leave the bass there for the Anarchist to finish. Such an awesomely nice gesture! I told Soulman so on the way back here, and he said the Anarchist NEEDED a project right now. Which was exactly what I was thinking. The Anarchist will do a beautiful job, too.

Then I had the munchies so bad I made everyone pile in the van to go find hamburgers. Apparently this is a difficult task on a Friday night in a town this size. Everything is closed. We had to go out on the highway.

This is the husband of one of the new women in my department at work. It's in Hungarian, but scroll down and there are 2 music clips. He plays saxaphone, and also works at Lotteries. They're not in Hungary, so he's not in that band anymore - my co-worker (also Hungarian) says he hasn't really played much since they left in 2002. I'm hoping to get him to jam with us! He keeps saying he's going to go down to the Sunday night of these days.

Tomorrow Soulman and I are going out to Salmon Arm with a big group of his friends. An old friend of theirs passed away, and it's kind of a musical memorial. The Anarchist and his daughter may come with us, and my stepmom - who just had the mastectomy in September - lives there, so I'm going to go see her while I'm there. That's a big part of the reason I'm going, but also, because Soulman asked me to.

Anyway, Soulman is sweeping up the floor around me, which I think is a sign I need to get moving on with the day, too! Love you all!
Hi Okayers!

A super-fast drive-by to say that I've arrived safely from abroad and am finally back online! I had a crazy airport adventure getting from my parents' back to school...then my luggage took a vacation, and we were only reunited today...and we don't get MLK Jr Day off or anything. Whew, lots going on.

More later after the dust settles and I catch up on all y'all's posts.
Good afternoon!

Minx!!! It's great to see you in here!! That's wonderful that you and Artman are doing well.

Well, Grrrl, wish granted, it's warmed up here, so I'm pushing all that warm air south!!

Hey Polly!!

Hi tree!

Hi anna! How was your weekend?

Hi Hi Doodle! How was the musical benefit?

Heya lily, glad to hear all is well.

Umm, not much is going on here, went for a run this morning now that it's nice, also went for a run yesterday, hurrah for POPAT training. Not really...well sort of. I kept it low key this weekend, finally found That 70's show on DVD for cheap, so I got that and American Dad. Today I might be heading out with PR Boy, but my ultinate plan is not to spend money but to make some meatballs yummmmmm.

Greetings from Soulman's. We are not going to Salmon Arm. There was only 1 seat left in the vehicles, and apparently Soulman isn't going without me, even though it's his friend who passed away and I've never met him. I even suggested he take the 1 seat, and he just said, "And leave you behind?"

anna k
Hi CH!

Awww, doodle, what a sweetie-pie!

Good that you got back safe, Lily Anne.

My weekend has been OK. Busy with work, spent last night watching Freaks and Geeks episodes with my sister. I am so glad that the exhibit is over, I've felt worn out dealing with an assembly line of customers today and saying the same stuff over and over again.

Doodle, that is so sweet!!

Hey Anna!

It's Monday and I just want to be in bed, but at least it's warmer out! The question is, how long will it last? Oh well.

Mornin' everyone! I'm at home today for MLK day, and it is delightful to have a day at home alone! I've really been craving some alone time. I've got lamb shanks simmering on the stove in tomato, rosemary, red wine and some stock, and it smells awesome. I'm gonna meet some friends for lunch, and then maybe tackle a mountain of laundry. And, it's sunny outside, which makes me happy. smile.gif

We had a very nice, quiet weekend - lots of cooking, HBI, and reading on the couch. Met some friends for dinner on Saturday, and that's about it. Oh, and we watch the Inauguration concert last night...gave me the chills a few times. It's good to feel hope about our gov't leaders again...feels like the last 8 years were never going to end. I'm very proud to send Obama to DC. And now I realize, I really should have taken tomorrow off too, so that I could watch the festivities at home.

Awwww, Doodle, you and Soulman are just so sweet. And WOOT for weekends with no work!

Speaking of which, I really need to get to this pro-bono design job I've been dragging my feet on for weeks. I hate disorganized clients, and I should have not offered my services on this one. Oh well. Its for a very good org, and these are the skillz I have to give.

Tree, I hope all the fridges are behaving for you this week!
Glad to see that everyone had a good weekend.

Mr. Pugs went to tell his best man Friday night that the wedding is off. They stayed out and had a few drinks. He got home late and i was already in bed.

Saturday, we went to our therapy session. It was only supposed to be an hour but it went over about 45 mintues. I didn't feel much better and I don't think he did either but she wanted us to come back and he agreed. I guess that's a good sign.

Afterward, he was going to take me home but then he would have been late to meet a friend. I asked him to drop me at my mom and dad's and I'd get a ride home from my sister who was coming down to our house anyway.

I sat at my parents for a while. My mom is very upset about Mr. Pugs and I. She cries a lot. My dad is upset too and doesn't talk much at all about it. My sister just hugs me and tells me she loves me. We all went out to lunch to Red Robins. It's this burger place. I got a bleu cheese burger which is my all time favorite. I was gonna get onion rings too but I know I'm already overeating as it is and I don't need to make it worse.

After lunch my sister and I went to my house. We watched Juno and Babylon AD. June is great but Babylon AD didn't impress me. Mr. Pugs was with his friends at the Metallica concert in Philly. I thought my sister as gonna stay the night and I was grateful because I didn't want to be alone. She ended up leaving early to go see her boyfriend who she missed cause he's been working a lot. I fed the dogs, did some dishes and went to bed. I'm just really tired. Mr. Pugs strolled in around 2 a.m. He just laid down and went to sleep.

The next morning we cuddled. He made a big breakfast. We ate, watched a few movies, he played playstation and was on facebook. Everyone is blowing my facebook up with, I'm sorries and don't worries and everything going to be okay and it's just depressing. I ended up avoiding the computer most of the weekend and turning my cellphone off. The text messages are too much also. We did argue a bit last night but I'm trying not to fight too much. We just say the same things over and over. I think I am going to have a very hard decision to make soon and because I love him so much it will probably be a "heart" decision instead of a "head" decision which will probably end up being wrong in the long run.

I didn't want to come to work today but I have to. I might be alone in the near future and I'm going to need all the money I can get. I leave work at 4:30 p.m. and have to come back at 11:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m. for a meeting and then go home and come back in at 5:30 a.m. Not going to be a lot of sleep for me tonight. Oh well. I'm looking good at work and that's all that matters. I'm trying to get hired on fulltime this May when I graduate.

Have a great day all. I'll stop back soon.



you're a tough cookie, pugs. however it turns out, just know, you've got an army rootin' for you, k?
((((pugs))) Whatever you think, you always amaze me with your strength.

I've been lazy and haven't felt like posting lately but I've been keeping up with everyone's updates.

Anna, yay for talking to the crush. I like the butterfly feeling.

doodle, sucks you had to miss Salmon Arm (I have a great aunt from there!) but sweet that he wouldnt' go without you.

Sounds like the weekend was pretty quiet for most folks. I was supposed to go skiing on Saturday but plans changed and I just relaxed. I tried to see Slumdog Millionaire that night but it's only playing at one theatre and ever since the Golden Globes/Oscar talk I guess everyone wants to see it and it sold out.

Yesterday I went to what was probably the most popular spot in Winnipeg, the forks. It was packed with people snowboarding, tobagganing, skating, playing hockey, hanging out. I skated on the river for a bit but it was packed with people and kind of annoying and my boy didn't have skates so it didn't last long. But we had delicious local fish and chips for dinner and then I had an early evening to myself.

Today I was really happy with myself because I got up and went skating down the river for 7km before work (not early though - 11:30am). It only took 50 minutes so a friend and I are going tomorrow before work too. It was nice today because there were hardly any people on the trail. In a week the trail will be extended to 9.somethingerother KM's (one way) and will be within walking distance of my house so I'm looking forward to trying to skate the length of it in a couple of weeks. I'm going to make it my goal to do the whole length this weekend and then do the whole length and back in two or three weeks. We'll see...

Otherwise, nothing go on here except the boy and I decided to postpone taking a trip. He can only go during reading week (university sping break) and no one has any airline or hotel or vacation package deals that week. Phooey. Winter makes for boring updates from me.
The Fork sounds like a fun spot, Ket smile.gif Full of activities I like and fish & chips.

Pugs, I'm with GT and her army! (((((Pugs)))))

TJ, I was picturing stacking up a 6' pile of clothes and plowing into it body-wise at full-steam. (More fun than washing 'em.)

Sorry I've been away for so long. I've been reading, but Goaty has needed the comp a lot, and I've been feeling less-than wordy in the mornings.

Grrrrly, I couldn't listen because there's some sort of block on your recordings... something about you needing to authorize their distribution.

Take care all!
Good Morning!

Hey Turbo! Mmmm shanky...wait that sounds a little too stabby. The food sounds tasty!

(((((((pugs))))))) we are here for you.

It's GT!!!! Hey!!

Hey Ketto! I could only imagine how insane The Forks was this past weekend, given it wasn't -5000 outside.

Hey Lore. Is everything okay? You're normally very wordy.

Hmmm, I made meatballs this weekend! And I went for another run and fuck if it didn't hurt. I think I'm taking today off. And I have my first shot of gardasil at home waiting for my appointment. it was shade on the expensive side, but I'll get 80% back, and in the grand scheme of thing CH's life for a little over $500.00, I think it's worth it. You know. Plus no one wants cancer.

hey all,

I'm doing so much soul searching lately. Mr. Pugs says I put pressure on him all the time. That I put pressure on him to propose, buy a house, get married. I told him that I feel like we'd never move forward if I didn't push him. Honestly, I can't say this is true because, yes I do pressure him a lot and have never really given him a chance to do something out of pure love from his heart. I think I'm going to try to change this about myself. I don't think I'm going to continue to have deadlines and timelines in my thinking anymore. I think that is wrong. Whether we stay together or not it actually causes me more stress and worry so perhaps that is something I need to work on. I can admit that.

I cried a lot last night. I feel like I'm mourning after a death. The overwhelming urge to just cry is so powerful in me lately. I just laid in bed last night and just cried. I feel better afterward. At first I was holding it back trying to be strong but it just makes me angry. I feel like crying is just going to be part of this for me. I just have to do it and get it out and go about my day. Yesterday, I didn't really talk to anyone about it at all and when I got out to my car to leave work it just hit me. I was balling, red eyed and snotting the whole way out of my work complex. I stopped when I got home. Then I got onto my facebook and people had left me messages and it started again. Mr. Pugs called to tell me he was meeting my dad and tears yet again. He got home and to be honest just seeing him makes me sad and angry and tears, tears, tears. All the crying makes me tired. Very tired.

When I lay in his arms I get so sad because I wonder how much longer I'll get to be in his arms. He so warm and strong. I love him so.

This is the hardest thing I've ever experienced in my life.

Our long national nightmare is over! I'd be turning some cartwheels or jumping up and down if I weren't afraid of breaking myself.


*Snoopy dances into thread*

Oh what a day!!! Finally feel like I can be proud to say I'm an American again! And what a POWERFUL speech, too...a big speech for the hard work ahead. And the crowds were so inspiring too, seeing so many people bouyed by the Hope that we've brought through Obama's campaign. Wow. Just wow. And of course I'm doubly proud as a Chicagoan. Obama is ours, and now he belongs to the world. *tears up just a little*

We got to watch the whole inauguration this morning at work, which was nice. A few of us holed up in the PR director's office, and everyone else went to the board room. The asshole rethuglican boss (whose office is next to the PR director's), went into his office, slamming his door, to pointedly avoid all the swelling hope in the building. He was in a pissy mood all day, which I thought was Hi-larious!

And now, I've got the lamb shanks warming on the stove, and fingerling potatoes roasting in the oven for a celebrational dinner. YUM.
PuhLeeeze! You Chicagoans only borrowed him from us Hawaiians! wink.gif

YESS!!! First Hawaiian Prezident!!! And now to make inagural SPAM musubi biggrin.gif

Heeya all! *Fist-Bumps for Freedom*

I'm doing fine, CH. I'm just kinda rushed around lately, I guess. Thanks for caring, though smile.gif Very sweet of you.
Driving by, work is almost over, hurrah! Soulman is picking me up after work, and we are off to the Anarchist's, where I will be making meatloaf for dinner. Oh yes. And then we will either do some vocal practice or we will contemplate the unfinished double bass. Or both. Probably both.

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