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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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WHOA!! Did you guys see that we're getting new forum software THIS WEEKEND!! I am SO excited!

*does dance of joy*

please please please, give us an IGNORE button for certain unsavory users!

I think I need to spend a little time at the gaycare finishing can never be too fabulous!
Hey y'all!!

I am glad to read that everybody had good holiday weekends!!
Except what is up with all this *ear damage*!!

Ha! tyger -- you remind me of my "pervy" youth. I too was skinny but healthy and just wanted to go to the gym to get strong. Even now, they think all that females go to the gym for is to lose weight. BOO!!

I hope my impersonation of a "punk scene hog" was annoying enough -- ;-P

Me and whammy man had much drinking of strong cocktails, many gay folks around us, many delicious fresh seafood dinners and much nakediditty this 4ht!! Whee!!

Saturday was a bit windy and I got knocked down by surf but Monday was The. Perfect. Day. We got up, ate the hotel served eggs and bagels and fruit and cheerios while looking at the sailboats in the harbor, packed our healthy peanut butter wheat bread and blueberries and marched through the dune and marsh trail. Then up over a dune and into the lovely warm ocean with every gay dude in town in attendance. Some of us naked. Me the only woman for quite a while!! Oh so warm and beautiful!1

then back to the hotel for superstrong cocktails next to the pool, shower and walk into town for dinner.

I know you would all like Provincetown so give it a try. It is a small town where you and everbody walks everywhere, about half gay and you walk from bars and restaurants to your hotel so no worries!! Blottomania. Me and the boy were reasonable and didn't get sick or anything.

wellllllll mucho stress being back but I took care of the pain in the butt tasks at work first today!! and still have some clean clothes and decent food!!

So, ta!

((mox and moxette)) ~*~*~minx and minxette~*~*~

we must hear from her poodleness!!

and -- hellow!! movies!! PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN DEAD MAN'S CHEST!!

Hello Hello Hihi.

I just got a BPAL shipmenht that I ordered in April. Yayayayay!

I wish Heikki would have had some GAYcare when he was younger. When he was about 6, I had a gay roommate, and Heikki loved him because he had lots of toys and dress up stuff. And he would let Heikki ride on his back like a horsie all the time.

One time, referring to something he didn't like, Heikki said, "That's so gay!" I said to him that it wasn't a nice thing to say, and what if Joe heard him say that? How would Joe feel? Well, Heikki felt horrible that he might hurt Joe's feelings. He felt really bad and never said it again. As far as I know. His older step-brothers are really jocky and macho-acting, so I'm sure Heikki is getting an example that I don't like. But he has me and Mr. PK, and he knows how we feel and what kind of behavior we expect from him.

When Heikki was little little, I didn't know anyone openly gay because I was in the Air Force, then I lived in Int'l Falls - which is a little hick town.

Anyway...earlier I was just looking for someone to talk to about the possible CAUSE for my seizure, not the seizure itself. BUT...but but but, I went to the ER last night because I was feeling that feeling like that last time it happened.

The doctor said it wasn't a seizure - it was me passing out and it looked freaky to those around me. I was shaking, my pupils were fully dilated, and I collapsed and peed my pants.

He said that my electrolytes are way out of balance, and I need to take potassium supplements for a little while. There is also another complication that I would rather not discuss here.

(((Tyger))) Thanks, chica.

Hey - I have a date with a Colombian guitar player tonight. We're just going to the teahouse downtown for "coffee". We made a coffee date, but I think we will probably drink tea and eat. He seems pretty cool. I'm going to keep this low key and relax and get home early. I got off work mega early today, so I just want to do laundry and hang out. And I'm not drinking alcohol for a while. I don't know how long, just not for a while.

OK, dudes. I'm gonna smell my new BPAL and hop in the shower. Smell ya later.
HOLY SHIT!! Did you all see that Kenneth Lay died?! I am a couple of weeks behind news-wise.

Is this where we all join in a chorus of DING-DONG THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD!!!
Personally, minxy. I wanna see that body, I wanna see everyone screwed by this man have the ability at a public viewing to tell his corpse just how he changed their lives for the worse. Really, he got off fucking easy.

PK...I'm glad you went to the ER, but I'm still very very take care of yourself, and drink your gatorade or pedialyte and whatnot.
Did they ever attach a fine to these fuckwads?
Hi everybody!

Good luck with the health stuff PK! ~*~*healthy vibes~*~*~* Keep taking extra good care of yourself living in that hot dehydrating climate and drinking your fluids.

Turbo - I'm with you on the Kenneth Lay thing - when I read he "apparently died of a heart attack" my conspiracy theory bells went off. It seems a little too fishy that he died *now* so shortly before he gets sentenced and the civil suit to go after his cash coming up!

So I just have to say, my name is Marileen, I am a sugar addict, and JT is my enabler. He brought home 2 containers of Ben&Jerrys for us tonight and I wasn't going to but then I ate a whole pint of Chunky Monkey while we watched Rock Star Supernova. Even after taking Abie for a walk around the block I still feel sick. Bleah.

I'm glad everybody had a good holiday weekend! Ours was very low-key and mostly fun but with a few not-so-fun events like a flat tire on JT's car on Sunday, the cat throwing up in the family room on Monday and us forgetting to shut the windows before we left to go to Menards so the traveling sprinkler totally sprayed into our dining room and soaked all of our papers on the table and the rug on the floor yesterday.

Gaycare would be so awesome and funny. I think I need to go to Gaycare instead of work tomorrow.

Moxie, since I read your post about the Warrant song I've had it in my head. Jani Lane was on one of those VH1 metal shows recently and he looked really bad - bloated and bleary-eyed like he fell off the wagon HARD. He also sounded really really bitter and was complaining about his musical legacy now just being "the Cherry Pie guy".

Hi Minx!
Anyone still up? I can't sleep - I'm all pissy and upset about a bad day at work and my brain won't shut off enough for sleep.

(((PK))) Take care of yourself, hon.
yeah,well, i want to see the body to see if it really IS ken lay. The ass. First thing I thought, "What, now the fucker won't serve time?" followed very shortly by "i bet he's not dead and bought some dead vagrant"

Yeah, many of the 13-year old fantasy boys have had the rock life catch WAY up to them. Vince Neil anyone? Whooo, bad aging. Perhaps the only ones to age well, better, hotter...the boys from main men, Bon Jovi. Good lord. I think its time for some Bad Medicine. Shake it up, girls. Shake it up.
I love how moxie rocks it out...and the men of Bon Jovi are aging very very well. Vince Neil scares me these days...he needs to cut the beer and eyeliner - asap!

Ok, I'm ready for the weekend, can I have it already? Then again, I'm already in full dread mode of having turboman's dad and brother stay with us this weekend...I just don't like parental visits, and I even enjoy turboman's family more than my own. Did I mention that they are indiscriminate bath towel users? They just grab our towels even when I lay towels out for them. I find that particularly unsavory. I always end up keeping a towel in my bedroom all weekend, as I just can't think of a polite way to tell them that drying their balls on my towel is just not cool.
you know, i just didn't need that mental vision this morning. THanks, girlie.
sorry about that...its the kind of crap that makes me really not enjoy family visits. That, and their assumption that I should take care of everything while they're here...
Count me in on being ready for the weekend! Quite sad since it's only my second day of work this week. Bah.

Marileen, I also saw that special with the Warrant guy-I did not even recognize him. He did look bad.

Jenn, I forgot you are having house guests this weekend. Oye.

PK, I am glad you got checked out by a doctor. Yes, drink that gatorade & take care of yourself. How was your "coffee" date?

HI catsoup! Sorry you had a stressful work day. I hope today is better & that you got some rest.

Hi minx, Hi moxie!

Not too much going on here today. Work. Gonna call around to some more mortgage lenders in search of the best deal. Also going to call a realtor. Exciting! I am becoming totally obsessed with house hunting.

We had a big storm yesterday & now the weather is lovely. Cool & not humid. Nice!
Hi, Foofy Foofies!

((((((PK)))))) You take care of you.

Karianne, how soon do you think you'll be buying if you can get a loan/rate for what you want?

Moxie, you are SO right about the guys from Bon Jovi ageing beautifully. I think Tico Torres actually looks better now than he did at the height of my crush on him in the laste '80s. Also, Brett Michaels is looking suprisingly good. So are Kip Winger (but he always was a bit of a health nut) and Nikki Sixx. I used to watch a lot of VH1. :-) Jani Lane can go suck it. If you don't want to be remembered as the Cherry Pie Guy, then don't do the song and then marry the girl in the video, dammit.

(((((((Catsoup))))))) get some rest.

You guys are so right about Ken Lay. I'm glad he's dead, just wish he would've died in prison. Kind of the same as Slobidan Milosovic dying during his (losing) trial.

Hi, Marileen! Sorry about the wreckage inside your casa. I, too, am a sugar addict, but I have no intention of quitting. It just tastes so damn good!

I might make an appointment for my ear today. The lump is still there and hurting, and I can hear something inside my head that I shouldn't, like bones shifting around. *shudder* I think I'm going to make a call in a few minutes to see when I can get in for an appointment.

The giant and I had a nice night last night, since my gay boyfriend ditched me for some dude and I didn't get to see The Devil Wears Prada. We just hung out, ate sandwiches, and watched Lemmony Snicket, since he's never seen it before. Then we went to bed early and I slept like crap for the second night in a row. But at least it was better than the night before when I couldn't sleep at all.

Okay, off to make that call about my ear.
yay on househunting for karianne! that was so much fun when we did it. i am sure you'll find the perfect little home!

we painted our wall last night, so i feel quite accomplished today. i have another night of cleaning ahead of me though. boooooo! yesterday was mil's birthday, so i invited all of mrfj's family to come to our house tomorrow night for cake and ice cream after the first friday art walk dealio. that should be fun, but it always means scouring the house and i really don't feel like doing that! we had considered inviting some other peeps over and making a big party of it, but i'm a little *funned* out. hehe. i want a quiet dessert with the immediate family and then i'm kicking the 'rents out and smoking a bowl and chilling. yes, that is my plan. :-)

oh, and i took before and after pics last night of the staircase. we still have some of the taller wall to paint. then we have to strip the teal paint off the wooden handrailing and stain it a nice dark walnut. then, once we get a new front door, that whole area will be BEEYUTIFUL! i can't wait to show you guys the pics!

warrant. haha. :-)

turbo, tell those men to leave their ballfuzz off your towel!!! hehe

gaycare! it's the best!

PK! are you ok, dearie!? i really hope you are. i guess it's good that it wasn't a siezure, but that is still scary.

a work friend just called me this morning and said she was in an accident last night because she had a siezure going down the road. thankfully, her baby wasn't in the car. anyway, while at the scene of the accident, she found out that her license has been suspended and was cited with a criminal citation. plus, she's afraid that the doctor is going to say that she can't drive at all for the next few months. so, since i live about fifteen minutes away from her and we work in the same place, she has asked me to start driving her to work and back, which means that i have to change my work schedule to accomodate her earlier hours. i want to be a good friend, but this is going to take at least an hour out of my already busy schedule each day. i don't know how long i can do it. i told her that i can't on recruiting days or on therapy days. oh, i really don't want to do it at all to be honest. but i just wasn't able to say no. *sigh* i just feel so bad for her and can't imagine what i would do in her position.
(((fj))) it sucks when you want to say no and you just can't bring yourself to do it, doesn't it? What if you say you can do it short-term, until her doctor clears her to drive or not, and then she'll have to find a long-term solution if she can't drive.

i woke up all disoriented today. first off, i was in my room, and secondly, i was in my bed. i haven't slept in my bed for nearly a month, and i don't know how i got there.

today is the day of spending more money, it is. i decided if the day i went to pick up my warped tour tickets there were still tickets for broken social scene, i would go. and ticketmaster is open now, so i'm going to get real clothes on, head over, and see. i hope they're not sold out. Then i think i'll hit the coffee shop that gives ten percent off to students. wheeeee. 'cause i'm too damn lazy to make a coffee and pout milk into it. heh
fj - I'd try and work it so that you drive her a maximum of 3 days per you have public transit where you live, or other employees who could help pitch in? If its a couple weeks, that's one thing, but several months would be a lot of extra time on the road for her. I would ask her to chip in for gas while you're ride sharing. Is there any public transit available where you are?

Its hearing stories like that, that make me very glad to live in a city that runs very well on public transit.

ah, tyg....hearing your concert-going plans makes me long for a real summer vacation....
FJ, could you ask her to change her scheule temporarily so it's more convenient for you? You're the one doing the really, really nice thing and she should be making it as little of an inconvenience for you as possible. And she should be chipping in for gas.

I'd love to go to the Warped Tour, but A7X probably isn't on the bill, and I'm so out of touch with the current punk-ish scene. And since I turned 30, I feel like I'm way too old for that stuff.

So I made an appointment to get my ear checked out today. No overtime for me, but I do get to leave early and take sick time for it. Yay! Maybe they can just pop whatever's in there. It's probably just a swollen gland or lymph node, but it hurts.
I agree, the other lady should change her schedule if at all possible. Maybe it's not or something. FJ, that's a tough situation. Hopefully you can help her out a few days a week and for a short time period.

Diva, I hope your ear is ok.

FJ, I can't wait to see pictures of your painted walls. Do any of you get Domino magazine, by chance? This month they focus on paint, I can't wait to paint our new place.

Diva, I dunno, we don't really have a set time table for house buying. Which I think is good. Our lease is up August 1 and goes month to month after that, so anytime after that date is good. Which means we can start looking now. We were going to wait til the fall, but with interest creeping up & so many houses listed in summer, we decided to start a little earlier. There a a few listed right now that I'm interested in. I might drive by them after work today.

So Poodle is still with her fam & doodle is on vaca? Where has Yummy been lately?
fj, i agree with diva, she should definitely chip in for gas and this should be a short term thing until she gets things on the level, i.e. meds, transportation, etc.

(((((diva's ear))))

kari, i love house hunting...i find myself perusing the ads even though its gonna be awhile before me and the mr. have anything of our 'own'.

tyg--so where do u usually sleep? on the couch?

i am having odd dreams one where i was living in the countryside, and someone kidnapped mr. gb and then some big guy came out of nowhere and said that he'd help me get him back and then it got really crazy. another mini dream involved soy milk. (i really dunno about that one.) and there was another but its really fuzzy right now. bah. the problem with my dreams is that they are so freakin detailed...i can smell them. odd, no?

i woke up and jake was curled up, tummy side up, next to me. i scratched his belly and he purred. silly cat. i swear he's a dog.

i so cannot wait for this weekend...even though we are doing a brunch-lunch with parents on sat...they are pretty cool. but i get to sleep or clean or whatever i!

i remember the cherry pie girl...all the slutty girls wore tops like that once the video came seemed a bit idiotic to me...since they were halter tops but they had no boobs to put in them. lol.

hi catsoup, moxie, minx, marileen, doodle, poodle, and anyone else i may have missed....
yeah, she already said she'd chip in on gas. there is no public transit around here. we both live closer to an area on the busline, but we work in such a rural location it doesn't reach out here. plus, most people that work here also live in this area, so there aren't many people that could chip in and help her.

what's going to make it even worse is that she has a baby. i KNOW somehow it'll turn into me having to help her with getting him to daycare. this really sucks. i've already told her that she should find a ride for tuesdays, but i think i'm going to add thursdays to that.

i am just going to say this, because i would never say it to her: the first thing i thought when she told me that she passed out while driving was that she'd been drinking. she recently admitted to me that she is an alcoholic and that she even drinks and drives because she can drink on her way home and then hide it from her husband. i guess they wouldn't have necessarily tested her B/A levels yesterday if they suspected a siezure. i don't know. i want to trust her.

argh. i hate being responsible for other people. i really really hate it.
wait, she has a hubby that she hides her drinking from by drinking in the car on the way home?....wooo...sounds like a winner.

yeah...i would definitely make this a SHORT TERM thing. just my 2 cents.
yeah. this is the same girl that had cancer two years ago. severe sinus cancer, like tumor the size of her fist in her sinus cavity putting pressure on her brain. she's been better for a little over a year. just had a baby a few months ago, and unloads that on me shortly after that.

she's a nice girl, but i wouldn't really call her a *friend*. she's the girl that i go to lunch with some times. we've got nothing in common outside of work really.

you know, if this were me, i would NEVER have asked her to do this. when i had car issues, mrfj and i worked around them even if it meant getting up an hour earlier. i just wouldn't have asked this of anyone, especially to ask me to come in earlier than usual. i really wish i could have that thirty seconds of my life back this morning so i could tell her that i would think about it, not that i would definitely do it. she called at about 10 after nine, when i was stumbling in here before coffee, got me feeling all sympathetic for her because she told me about the accident and then asked for the favor. how was i supposed to say no? and now, i feel like a big TURD because she obviously needs help and i'm not prepared to fully give it to her.


oh, and MRG is totally on her way and has not arrived yet. she's late, but my temps dropped drastically yesterday and then again today, so i know i can't be pg. so wtf, you old bitch?! just get here already!! *stomps foot*

yeah, when i was out of a car cuz of my accident, i relied on my family and mr. gb until i got the rental car. but i couldn't drive myself to physical therapy for the first month...after that i managed. but i never asked my coworkers to pick me up as i saw it as being too much of a inconvenience for them. i had issues asking my family for help. That girl has huge huevos to ask you for help considering you know about all of her baggage...especially when you aren't really 'close', y'know? it just seems odd to me.

and where is her hubby in all this mess?
Yeah, why isn't her husband helping her out? That's part of the fun of living with another grown-up, sharing cars!

FJ, you are being far too generous in this. Maybe if she didn't drink and drive to hide it from her husband (what adult with 2 brain cells to rub together thinks that's a good idea?) and have a kid in the mix, it would be one thing, but this sounds like sheer irresponsibility on her part. Yeah, the seizure is awful, but considering all the other circumstances, maybe it is best that she's not allowed to drive. Her addiction should not be your problem. Could you give her a couple weeks to figure out some other means of transportation? (sorry I'm being all judgy-judgy, I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for alcoholics who think they have any right being on the roads when they're drunk - one of 'em broke my brother's neck).
FJ, I think you're being really nice, but agree with the other ladies. Its alot to ask, and expect, for every day, service. Even after we had moxette, and my mother came to help out, i felt horribly like i was abusing her goodwill by asking her to drive me to the grocery store, 3 minutes away.
oh, fucnking trust me. i have no sympathy either: one of 'em broke my own fuckin' back! she told me that because she was feeling horrible about doing it. she didn't think it was right. i guess she was trying to prove that her addiction makes her lose judgement.

like i said, i don't know that she was drinking during the accident. i would think that would have become apparent to police at the scene. but then again, how would i know? she doesn't have to tell me the truth. maybe that's why she now has a suspended license.

i'm really frustrated right now. plus, she had to get off the phone really fast this morning and now has not called me back. wtf?

considering a drunk put me in my accident and is still messing me sympathy over here either.

was it really a seizure or is that a lie to cover the alcohol? see, this is where it gets fuzzy for me...when people are lying to cover multiple tracks....when do you start to believe them again?
Make it very clear to her that your generosity is for a limited time and subject to the demands of your work schedule. And if she has an issue with that tell her to suck it. She's already exploiting you beyond all reasonable expectations. Your friendship doesn't stand to suffer much. Plus, her husband walks around with boogers hanging out of his nostrils. I'm just sayin'.
i just found that she had answered my email that i had sent. i responded by telling her that she needs to find an alternate way of getting to work and back in case i have unexpected things come up. i don't want to be responsible for her. i also asked her to check into changing her hours, finding out if she can hang around the office later or earlier so that her husband can come and get her a few times a week. i also told her that maybe he could bring her to work and i'll take her home. (i'm much more willing to do that than have to get up an hour earlier just to get HER ass to work on time!)

i'm spending far too much time on this as it is!!!
right on!
I dunno fj, if she's got a husband with a car - this is his problem not yours...if she was single and had no one else to help, that's a whole other thing. And add a baby to the situation...sorry to say it, but you know that's going to creep in and steal more of your time. And the husband has boogers to boot?!! You are far nicer than I would be...but then I can't really give anyone a ride on my bike...take care of yourself in this fj, I'm worried that she's an energy sucker. Protect your energy!!!

*throws golden force field up around fj*
I'm with everyone (of course). FJ, you're being pretty terrific about the whole thing and I think it's ok to set rules/boundaries and to bail out as needed. I agree completely with everything Turbojenn said (except for the bike thing).

There's talk over in the Community Forum as to what to do while The Lounge is down. Let's keep everyone over here updated, ok?

Anyone in the Twin Cities going to the Craftaganza or whatev it's called? Diva, are you having a booth at it or the No-Coast fair this fall?
when is the lounge gonna be down? gulp...gulp...
Rally round the FJ!!

What's Craftaganza and No-Coast? I've never heard of either, but yeah, I want a booth!

I think, even if this woman wasn't driving drunk at the time, could it have been because of that that her license was already suspended when she got in this accident? It's a bad lifestyle choice that has consequences, and this may be one of them. I just hope her baby's okay. I think you've set some very good rules/boundaries, FJ.

Will the bunker lounge still work while this one is down?
Go to (I think that's the website). It's the site for a cute craft store (mostly knitting and sewing stuff). The Craftaganza is this Sat at the State Fairgrounds. I don't remember when the No-Coast Fair is... sometime this fall I thinks.

There was a similar craft fair last winter in Northeast. I don't remember where it was exactly but it was snowing, I think there was a golf course, and I bought a cute hat.

:-) Yep, I'm a wealth of knowledge today.
The lounge will be down this weekend...but we can only hope that the new software will include an "ignore user" button, and allow us to take the board back from trolls!!

I dunno about the bunker lounge, I don't think I have the address anymore. But there's talk of taking this to MySpace for the interim, but I dunno if I can commit to joining something else. ;)
Thanks for the info, Catsoup. It looks like I'm too late for Craftsravaganza, but I may be able to squeeze in for No-Coast, even though the application deadline was over a month ago. I'm waiting to hear back from them. Too bad about Craftstravaganza, though, maybe next year.

You know, I pass by Crafty Planet several times a week and I've never been in. I really need to stop in sometime.

Oy, if it's going to be on MySpace, I doubt I'll take part until this board is up and running again. I've got a profile there, but I really don't like that site. I don't want to try to figure another thing out.

msgoof, i've been sleeping on the floor recently. compounded with the fact i spent the last week on a futon in cougarlion's basement, waking up in ones own bed it a mite confusing.

go fj on standing your ground! i can't believe she has a husband with a car and she'd ask you, a work, sometimes-lunch-buddy aquaintance to go out of your way to drive her. and boogers? eewwwwww
(though i have to say, this girl i used to be friends with turned into a total superficial snob and doesn't acknowledge that we used to be superbuddies, and this guy who picks his nose and eats it in public has a mondo crush on her, and i thought 'yes! karma brought her boogerboy!')

i have a little free weight regime all set up at the gym now. wheeeee! i don't know if this is normal for all gyms or if i'm spoiled, but when i sign up they give fitness assessments and a free session with a personal trainer to figure out a routine for you. and if i wasn't poor i could get personal training twice a week for, like, 30-40 bucks a month.

today is tuition day :-( but i figure it's best to get it out of the way before going on vacation, that way i know exactly where i stand. and i bought my ticket to BSS/Sam Roberts, which makes me uberhappytastic. and i got one of those travel mugs that is a mug-mug with a lid, that says 'shopping solves everything' and has shoes and bustiers and purses on it. today is a happy, happy day
we came to a company picnic here last summer and she walked up with her new husband and he had a greenblue slimy sucker right there peeking at us. UGH! it was so gross and so difficult to keep a straight face. i couldn't help myself, my eyes were drawn to it. and i didn't know him well enough yet (as i had only met him moments before) to tell him. she's asked us to go out with them before and that's all i can think of: staring across a table at his boogers. ewwwwwww! and then there are the other twelve billion reasons that i don't want to go out with them.

what did i get myself into? maybe i should just continue being the chronically late person that i am and be a horrendous slobby bitch to her in the mornings and make it so that she doesn't want to depend on me. hmmmm.

MRG just dropped in. boy, she is MEAN as ever!
Hi beeyatches!!!

I got home last night, but I was too lazy to bother with my computer and email, etc. My cabin vacation was muy excellente. The weather was perfect and there weren't very many mosquitos. We saw a lot of wildlife, including a coyote, which is really rare. I'm sunburned from riding our boatride, but it's not painful and I probably coulda used some extra exposure anyways. I ate more ground beef this weekend than I've consumed in the past year-plus.

(((FJ))) Wow. That's really effed up that your friend drinks on the way home. If she actually did have some kind of "episode," it was probably the result of her excessive drinking. In Minnesota, if you lose consciousness behind the wheel, you are required to report it to the Dept. of Public Safety., which takes a little while to process. Then your license is suspended for 6 months. I don't know what the hell I would do if I didn't live in MPLS near my place of work. Even still, it's a real pain in the ass not to be able to drive. That should be resolved pretty soon though.

PK, you should consider getting a second opinion. When I was young, our family doctor diagnosed my condition as "aura of a migraine." Years went by and things got worse. It finally took a big seizure for my parents to take me to a neurologist. I still don't have a clear diagnosis and explanation for my brain crap.

D'oh!! Marileen, that sucks so bad about your dining room getting wet! By the way, I'm with you on the sugar thing--especially Ben & Jerry's.

~*~*~*~house-hunting vibes for karianne~*~*~*~

(((diva's ear)))

"Queen of the Frozen Chocolate Monkeys" Hahaha!!! You're such a goofball, msgoofball!!!

Turbo, I'm with you on the anti-towelsharing thing. I reeeeaaaally hate washing my hands in other people's bathrooms when there are no hand towels. I don't want to dry my hands on a towel that was rubbed all over someone's naked body hours earlier. I neurotically rotate the towels in my bathroom.

Tyg, what jobs are you doing right now? I'm getting confused.

I'm completely unproductive today. There's too much other junk on my mind that I need to address first. Thank god my boss is out of the office today.
wow, tyg - that's a real deal on the personal training! Most gyms do give you one freebie, mostly so they can show you how to use the machines safely, which is a very good thing. But twice a week personal training for $40 a month...I would totally do that! Its $70 an hour only get $10 off a session if you buy 12 sessions at a time, and well, I don't have that kinda dough.
oh fuck. i just found out that the check TB wrote me for rent may have bounced which means our rent check will bounce when it's cashed. fuck. now i have to go figure that out after work.

i love TB, he's very generous, doesn't criticize my spending, and isn't a crazy spender usually. BUT in the last month he has bought a ridiculous amount of stuff - lots of camping equipment for a trip he took with his family, golf clubs, and all these parts for his computer. he gets paid tomorrow so things will work out but it just drives me crazy. we spend money so differently. i spend money on eating out and he buys these big things. he has been overdrawn a lot lately and that worries me. we keep our money seperate (and probably always will - although we do have plans to open a joint checking acct for bills, etc) but we're planning on starting to think about buying a house and i worry about his credit rating. and then again this is the guy who has many thousands in savings/investments. and i have zero. we're sooooo different about money.

welcome home, poodle!!
Welcome back poodle!!

Funny how going on vacations or trips makes you eat differently.

Me and the boy had a ton of scallops -- also we had big bowls of gelato just so we could try four different flavors apiece. Usually we don't eat ice cream. We each had chocolate and some fruity one and then one or two weird ones.

I had rose which was pink and tasted like disgusting perfume/plastic as you might excpect -- he got Jasmine which was like green tea ice cream mixed with cinnamon -- damn! he got the good one.

And the family reunion/maypole festival thing was like The Great American Meat Festival. Usually we just eat chicken and fish.

Oh, akk, catsoup. but if he's getting overdrawn it means he's careless about money, and if your rent check bounces it's affecting you. a sudden spending binge could mean stress or sadness about something -- or maybe wanting to impress his family? Definitely talk with him about it.

turbo and tyg, you guys are making me want to get back to the gym!! what with moving, setting up, starting a new job at the craziest time of the year for them and going on two trips that were planned BEFORE the big effin move I have spent almost my last dollar AND not gone to the gym for two months!! After being so good for almost a YEAR !! OW!!

That's it, I'm gonna run out of here and see if I can make the 6:30 Kundalini Yoga class. You INSPIRE me!
still at the grocery store bakery and chinese buffet, poodle. both to be gone by the end of the summer.

there's fire in the air here. i think it's cloudy, but i honestly can't tell. people are leaving town (though haven't been told to evacuate) an hour south of here. i'm scared. so i'm going to go pack up a few boxes of things i don't want left behind if we have to evacuate. just 'cause i'm over-reacty like that, and i figure the more prepared i am for stuff like this the less likely stuff will happen, murphy's law and all that.

i have to go now, though, 'cause there's a storm and the power keeps flickering.
Scary, tyg! ~*~*~*~anti-storm vibes~*~*~*~

Hi whammy! Rose gelato sounds interesting, but not too appetizing. The green tea/cinnamon combo sounds pretty tasty.

My sister and new niecoid went up north with us and it was fun to have the baby around, but it got on my nerves after a while. Actually, I don't think I've ever spent that much time with a pre-crawler/pre-talker. I've been on vacations with my nephews when they were smaller, but not for more than a couple days in a row. I sorta feel bad, because I was getting pissed off that the baby needed attention on the way home. I read her a TIME article on U.S. troops in Ramadi and that made her fall asleep. :-)

My cats seem really happy to have me back. I left them alone with craploads of food and water. I knew they would be okay, but I still worried about them a little because they're my babies.
Hello all! Drive-by BUSTing from Vancouver! Just waiting for another woman to arrive so we can go to dinner. PLEASE send your vibes and any other positive energies between 9 and 10 AM PST (Pacific time)! That is when our meeting with the cabinet minister is.

I have my own "suite" in a nice little boutique hotel downtown - it has a separate bedroom and a full kitchen. It is bigger than my first apartment! (But my first apartment had much more character.) Mom drove me here and we tooled around Robson street, the shopping area, and had lunch. We found a little hole-in-the-wall import clothing store, where I bought two gorgeous long scarves and mom bought a polka dot top, two skirts that were made for dancing in, and a pair of pants that make her look very skinny.

Anyway, gotta run! Hope you are all well! *keeces*

FJ - that is too bad about the woman that works with you. It really sucks, but she can't be your resposibility. Good for you for standing your ground. I would probably say yes to everything and suffer. I suck at being assertive.

So, the date last night went really well. I found out his nickname is Banana. So - I'll call him Banana.

We went to the teahouse and ate and talked, then decided to go to a movie. The movie didn't start until late, so we went to a cafe and talked. We were having such a good time, we decided to skip the movie and stay there.

After a while, he took me home and we made out in the car. I guess he got a little overly amorous because when I woke up this morning, I realized I had a hickey. FUCK! I hate hickeys so effing much! I didn't know what to do, so I covered it with a band-aid. I know it looked stupid and obvious, but I thought it would be better than letting the hickey just hang out.

I told him about it today after I got off work, and he was so apologetic. He said he didn't realize he did that. I told him my skin is pretty sensitive to bruising and what not, so it's OK, but it better not happen again.

He's picking me up in about an hour and we're having dinner.

So anyway, that's how that went. I think it went GREAT! Also, I'm not sure, but I think Banana is shorter than me. Hee hee. He's cute.

doodle - I will be working during your meeting with the cabinet minister, so I will send these vibes now and you can save a release them shortly before your meeting.

*~*~*~*~vibes for doodle's meeting~*~*~*~*~

I hope it goes well - I really do. Best of luck.

OK - I gotta go hop in the shower. Smell ya later.
Holy mother fuckers, its FRIDAY, you GRUMPY CUNTS!

Man, i've been waiting all week to pull that out!

Been at work WAY too long already. SO ready to hit the road for our trip. Why isn't it 3pm? 8:30 AM is just wrong, i tell you!

PK, the date sounds HOTT! Hickies suck, though. (heh, heh...sorry). long was the trip? We've discovered about 90 min is moxette's tolerance just now. Those darned carseats just restrain the little wigglers.

OK, gotta work. must work. dont.
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