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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Kari I am SO sorry to hear about poor Yuki!! That is so scary when your dogs get attacked, I hope Yuki heals well and isn't too traumatized after. Turbo's never been the same since his attacks - he is still friendly with any dog he knew prior to the attack, but gets anxious and growls at any new dogs. And, I think my trust of other dogs is a lot lower too.

Yep, last day of vacation is a total bummer. I'm not ready to go back to work!! Waaaaaaaa! And, just thinking about the giant pile of work awaiting me makes me twitch just a little. Oh well, I guess I gotta earn my keep somehow.

We're gonna try and put reality out of mind again today...we'll probably meet friends for lunch at our favorite pub, have a good burger and sangria. I've got some yummy Cincinnati chili simmering away on the stove, and we may have to try and do some laundry later too.

Good Morning.

Turbo, that looks delish! and enjoy your last day of vacation.

Anna, did you end up seeing a movie last night?

kari, oh dear, Emily got in a scrap with a dog once, and it's really upsetting. At least the neighbour cut you a cheque, the owner of the dog emily scrapped with laughed. He doesn't come to the park anymore. They were run out.

So, I just slept last night, and I was feeling okay, but I'm so tired again. I'm off to the grocery store, then I'm coming home to rest.
anna k
CH, I saw Rachel Getting Married. It was OK, good in some parts, but not as great as critics make it out to be.

Kari, I hope your pooch is feeling better and recupering well. Give her a hug for me.

I've been feeling down lately, mostly due to the weather. I like my apartment, but the street level is a busy parkway, and I walk on a sidewalk alongside it for the 10-minute walk to the subway. When I picked it I didn't mind, but now it feels more impersonal and I miss my old neighborhood (which is only two long avenues away). I was getting regretful, and I didn't really understand why my stomach was feeling funny, as it's not a big deal, just a minor inconvenience. I think it's due to living alone, it gets darker earlier, and is cold, so it makes me feel lonelier. I don't have cable or Internet in yet, so I mostly listen to music and watch movies for entertainment. I just hate depression, it will hang on me like a weight and make me feel horrible about myself. I can't let myself get wrapped up in bad thinking, I just compare my living area to the many others in cities that people live in, plus my co-worker lives in Brooklyn (Bushwick), where she walks home at night a lot, has heard a shooting, seen bullet holes in her door, and is still a very optimistic person. I'm living in my place, but prefer my old neighborhood, and my dad said that when my brother leaves his Harlem place, he could take my place and I could re-find a nice spot in my old neighborhood again. So for now it's just putting up with the cold and new adjutsments.

I still have access to the gym, which is a great find for me. Not only have I lost a lot of weight and got stronger, but it's a great community there, and I feel so happy and elated whenever I'm in the classes, I forget about my loneliness and feel embraced by others. I can still attend it, but will have to take a short cab ride back after classes, as the walk back is too long and dark and cold and I don't like feeling lonely and vulnerable more than I have to.
Pooooooooooooooooooodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *big smooch*

Hi everyone! Just a quick post. Am at Soulman's, been with him since after work yesterday - which was my last day! He's just gone to pick up his son and the Anarchist. The Anarchist is coming over to twiddle the knobs on the recording equipment. I'm supposed to be fixing an omlette. But I'm here. smile.gif

Last night, spectacular HBI. Sincerely spectacular. I've never known so tender and intimate a lover. *sigh* Listen to me, will ya? But ya know. Twice in one night, plus once in the morning. The man is 56. Seriously. I would never have suspected.

Oh yeah. Might have helped that I did, indeed, get new underwear before turning in my discount card. A fuschia lacy set. There is a second set waiting for another night - black and white floral with white lace and black ribbon. I feel like such a tart. wink.gif biggrin.gif

Anyway, I'd better get this dinner in the works....
Good Morning!

It's my first day back to the grind. I worked only 2 days last week, so it's the first full week back after the holidays.

Anna, I think it's definitely more depressing in the winter. It's so cold & dark. I hope you get to liking your new place more. How is the apartment itself? I bet you are also feeling lonely b/c the internet & cable are not hooked up. I know that those are connections with the outside world when one is living alone.

hey CH! Are you feeling more rested today?

Hey doodle! yay for HBI!

I had a nice weekend I suppose, it just felt touch & go. The dog owner came by yesterday to give us the $ for the vet bill. So that's nice. Yuki is pretty much back to her normal spunky self. I think the fight freaked out my other dog though, he's been on edge since.

Good Morning!

Anna, that's great that you are feeling so good about the gym.

Doodle, getting some lovin!!!

Hey Kari, I sure hope that Yuki is back to normal, I know he'll be skittish for a while.

I'm still tired, so so tired. Not as bad as yesterday, but it's like I'm getting sick and getting over being sick. It's crappy. Well, I should get to work.

anna k
Yay for Doodle!!!!

Kari, I'm glad your dog is OK.

The apartment is nice, and I'm feeling better. I found a bus that can take me to my place, avoiding the uncomfortable walk, and I'm slowly adjusting. Last night I worked out to a kickboxing DVD and watched Idiocracy and felt happier.
Diva, that game is super fun. We were playing the "let's see how ridiculous we can get" kinda way. tongue.gif

Culture, I'm pretty close to downtown, but I usually have a car with me because it's so freaking freezing lately. Got cold again just in time for me to return to work. Hope you're feeling better.

turbo, your recipes always look awesome. I check your blog daily for updates.

Kari, that sucks about your dog. Glad he's okay.

anna, that sucks about feeling down. Hope you're getting out and feeling happy. smile.gif

I'm back at work today and happy to be here, surprisingly. It was nice to get back into the swing of things. I actually ended up doing a 10 hour day (actually I'm here for another hour and 45 minutes). I took last week off so I have to work all my hours this week (and a couple next week). Feels like it's going to be another busy year. The boy and I are hopefully making plans to skip town in February for a week to some where hot (anywhere!).

evening busties! man, i've been doing nothing but lazing around the house all day. i had all these lofty plans for doing some much-needed house-cleaning and post-christmas integrating-all-the-new-shit organization. there were going to be trips to storage and new plastic tubs and labeling involved and everything. then i started a new book and climbed back into bed after making the usual sunday run for donuts and the newspaper, and it was all downhill from there. the momster called around three to see if i wanted to go run a few errands with her, and i said sure, and didn't feel so bad about my own sloth when she told to give her an hour to get ojut of her pj's and shower. so now we're back from that (sans new plastic tubs, cause dude, those things are huge) and it's back to the sloth. one of these days, i'm going to take a few days off and get all this shit done in one fell swoop. but not anytime soon.

doodle my dear, sounds like things are going great with you and soulman. and yay for new undies!

kari, so glad to hear yuki's going to be all right. but man, you guys must have been freaked. i'm so sorry both of you had to go through that! but i'm glad the neighbor did the stand-up thing and will be covering the vet bills.

turbo, how'd the chili come out? it's been freaking cold and frosty here all day, and seeing your post made me wish i'd stopped by the lounge to catch up before going out, cause wendy's has decent chili, and it would have hit just the right spot. as it is, i'm going to have to pull downb my crockpot aqnd look up a chili recipe, cause now you've got it in my mind.

sorry to hear you're not enjoying your new place anna. but it hasn't been even a week yet, so maybe you'll find something (besides the awesome gym, which is always a plus) that you'll like about it.

treeeee! and ch and poodle! and fj! is that jackaroo? he's getting freakin' huge.

anyway, it's about bedtime. things are finally back to a regular schedule at work; the thanksgiving/christmas busy season is over, people are back from vacations and maternity leave, and no one's out sick or has dr's appointments. i'm glad that i no longer have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn (thought i can see it just over the horizon there) and that i'm not going to fall into bed exhausted way later than i mean to and barely manage to drag myself out again all too soon. but damned if i'm not going to miss the overtime. i like the look of my paycheck on ten hours a day and the occasional weekend.
Heeya Grrrly! smile.gif

Good to see Poodle hee again, too smile.gif

Sorry for being away so long. It's OtterMan's last week here before he heads back down to Californ-I-A and learning to fly.

I'm in training again this week. Yesterday wasn't as productive as it could have been, but I took care of all the book work for a few lessons. Ummm... Went to the Red Hook Brewery tour with Goaty and OtterMan last weekend, and it was short, funny, and beer-ful. I think I need to take a break from alcohol for a little, though. I haven't been getting hammered or anything (except that once), but I think I need a tad more purification is all.

Sorry to hear about Yuki, Kari! sad.gif That sounds horrifying! You guys went from pleasent, civilized walk to beastie red-in-tooth-and-claw in an instant, and there were gashes sad.gif Poor Yukie!

We'd like to get a pug someday, but I'm a little hesitant to walk a McNugget.

Hello to the rest of you BUSTies! smile.gif More later, but I gotta go.
Good Morning!

Anna, I'm glad that your appartment is starting feel like home.

Ketto, I'll let you know when things get a little more settled here. I'm having some issues with this office right now.

Grrrl, it sounds like things are coming along well for you at work! That's excellent.

Hi Lore! Enjoy your training, or try to at least!

So, I got pulled into the supervisors office yesterday because the other people at this office were saying they were concenred about how I was telling clients when their worker would be back. What exactly am I supposed to say. As someone who provides short term relief only, naturally there are going to be things I can't follow up on. So, now I'm feeling like an even bigger island. The women here are all younger than me and married. How on earth do I relate to that shit? I'm a shade unhappy about being here now, like I have to watch my back. Sigh.

but I'm feeling over my cold, I crashed super early last night, getting into a bit of a slump again, so I'm being pro active and dealing with my issues, and I'm going back to talk to someone again. I'm having these problems walking away from people. BUT at least I'm doing something about it!

anna k
I hope things get better for you, CH.

I'm getting more comfortable in my place, settling more. Today I'm going to hang with my brother, who is staying over, and going to a couple of gym classes to let loose and have fun.

Hi Ketto!
CH, that sucks about work - you're doing your job, but catching flak for it because you're providing good service???? Argh! I would be damned pissed about that, myself.

Grrrl!! Glad to hear things are going so well at work, and settling back to normal after the holidays. I know what you mean about the lazing around the house vs. grand organizational plans....I succumbed to much lazing on my time off, and none of the house stuff I had planned got done. Oh well! I found the lazing to be of high quality, and not to be skimped upon. smile.gif

The black bean chili was gooood. The recipe is here.

I'm currently sitting here waiting for the mortgage man to call....we're going to re-fi again, at a ludicrously low rate for a 30yr fixed, and I'm pretty thrilled about it. Should save us about $150/month. WooT!

And I need to catch up on some blogging tonight...the food piccies are piling up!
Wow, Turbo! You and Diva are total cooking heroines of mine! I mean, I try to be an impressive cook. I try to treat it like an art form and also an opportunity to influence health and financial stability. I try to express love through it, travel through it, even make games or even jokes through it, but you guys (and certainly other Okayers as well) keep on blowing me away!

I love the fact that Turbo has TOO MANY pictures of food for her blog, so she's got material to spare. Tasty material, at that. I've been meaning to delve into chili, but I have no background in it. I'd love to try your recipe, except substitute some or all of the ground beef for something else. I honestly don't know what would work, though. (Maybe shredded butternut squash and spinach.) I guess what I'm trying to say is, I don't know how a project like chili "works". I'll have to hunt down the chile con carne seasoning you listed, and I'd be open to any brand suggestions for it. Same with chipotle pepper puree and fire roasted tomatoes. They just aren't stuff I've worked with before. I don't have a concept of what these things do in food, like when they typically should be added and how they affect saltiness or thickness, how they interact with other flavors, and when they should be added so as to not over-cook them or leave them in so long that they abuse other ingredients. I'm also really amazed at how you... cook into the future... how you soak beans one night, cook with them another, and then serve them the next day (and probably have a freezer full to last a while). It's awesome! I gotta learn more about how to cook like you guys smile.gif

What I'm trying to say here is: If I were Sylar, you'd rightfully be fearing for your skulls wink.gif

Heey Anna & Culture! I sure hope you start feeling more socially comfortable. I'm having a hard time relating to anybody but friends who are already close, too. It's really an effort to find new friends. (Where the heck has GT been, BTW? GT phone hooooome!)

Heya Ketto & Kari! smile.gif

Stay away from the Drama Side of the Force, Tree. Sabotage relationships it does. (Oh, but WHO can resist finding a nipple ring!?!) Still... umm... Be good to Bears? Anyway, I hope stuff is going well.
Good Morning!

Hiya Anna!

Turbo, I shit you not, this office is like high school. The women are really close, and I have no desire to be friends with them, they seem so proper. What am I supposed to say to that? So, I'm the fucking village bicycle, and at my best I was juggling 5 men at a time. Oh, you're married so you have no clue and you married young, so you also have no idea what it's like to be such a bicylce. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay then. that was a bit of a rant, sorry. smile.gif Mmmmm chilli, it looks fantabulous!!

Hi Lore!!! Things are getting better, I'm starting to feel like me again. I got an email from GT and she was in the lounge yesterday.

Umm, I don't have a whole helluva a lot going on, I'm currently reading the Slash autobiography, and it's really really good. I really enjoy autobiographies on rockers, very cool stuff.
anna k
CH, I read Slash's autobiography too, it was really good. He had a very wild adolescence. I got into reading rock star/porn star autobiographies for awhile.
I read The Dirt a few years ago and Tommyland as well, although school was pretty busy so I wasn't able to finish tommyland, it's teh good shit.

I had no desire to read Traci Lords autobiography, now what the hell is his name, the hedgehog, for the life of me I can't remember his name, I want to read stuff on him and I know he has one out.
Good Morning!!

Hey Lore! Glad you had fun with otterman! I am with you - I could cut down on the alcohol consumption myself. I am trying, but then we had a friend over for dinner last night, and he brought a magnum of my favorite Italian red, so.....

Hey Ch! Sorry about the office dramatics going on. mad.gif That stinks. How long do you think you'll be in that office?

Hey Anna! Did you have fun w/ your bro?

Hey grrrl!! God to see you! You seem well.

Hey Ketto! Sounds like you will have a work filled week indeed. That's super fun that you & your man are planning a warm Feb. getaway. Nice!

Hey Jenn! As a matter of fact, I just faxed a bunch of paperwork off this AM to my mortgage lady. Rates are killer right now, we hope to refinance too. All should be well, assuming the appraisal comes in at the right amount. I hope it does, b/c it's gonna save us a lot of dough. Woot!!

Everything here is good today. I worked at home yesterday, which was nice. I also got my back adjusted by my chriopractor, got my bangs trimmed, worked out, and made meatballs & pasta for dinner. The only negative currently is that my hot water heater is out. Poo. It's not even a year old. Whirlpool is sending a replacement part today and paying for Sears to come out tomorrow & fix it. It's just inconvenient is the main thing. Only one more day though to put up with it. Um....what else.....I think that's about it for news on my end.

Good afternoon everyone! Quick post on my lunch break.

turbo, I don't suppose you have any genius recipes for cooking without a kitchen? Like, say, Soulman has basically a hotplate burner and a toaster oven.....

So remember I said they had to hire internally for the position I applied for? Turns out one of the women they hired is 6 months pretty much she'll be going on maternity leave in the near future, and I'll likely still be here covering her mat leave while she's away, as our supervisor told us yesterday. Which means I'll be here with a regular wage for a long time (mat leave is up to a year in Canada), plus I'll be able to keep applying for positions. YAY!

Also....we the band have started recording our demo CD. Basically it's been me laying down the scratch tracks so far. We've put down 6 of my own songs already - very exciting!

We are thinking we need to change the band name, though. Scully and the Mulders was fun for the benefit gig, but it's going to prevent us from taking it more seriously. I don't have any ideas. Suggestions?

And Soulman's own CD project is almost complete - this week is his last in the studio. It's pretty exciting - I'm on there with the Anarchist doing backing vocals, plus the Anarchist did the bass line on one of the songs. biggrin.gif

Soulman and I are still full steam ahead. What can I say about it that won't sound like the same old gushy crap I've already written? I could kick myself for even thinking about tossing it all aside. He's sweet and playful and tender, and it's wonderful to be with him.

His son (17) seems to be hanging around home a little more these days, though, now that I'm there all the time. I don't know how I feel about that. I mean it's good, in that he obviously likes the vibe I bring to their home, and he even gets a hot meal sometimes (I cooked the other night!), but on the other hand....TEENAGERS! TAKING UP SPACE! And because it's a reno'd warehouse, there's all kinds of room to bang around, build stuff, and skateboard across the floor, and what can dad say about it, 'cause dad's got a stage and a rock band? wink.gif

AND, I'm 100% free of the store, no more double shifts, no more weekend work. AHHHHHHH. I'm so fucking stoked about having my weekends to myself again.....I am not even sure what I'm going to do with all that time!!! Hopefully, have more time for my friends, as well as my music.....I haven't had very much time to write, and now that we are recording, I need to write more. And stop this nasty thing I've developed of neglecting everyone outside the band. *sheepish look*

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Gotta go smoke before lunch is over....

Kari, i'll be here until the end of January, BUT the supervisor here knows full well what I'm capable of, she's worked with me before. So I'm trying to make the best of it. How is Mr. K doing in school?

Doodle!! That is absolutely fantastic news about work!!! *throws confetti* I'm so excited and happy for you, you really deserve this.

Umm, I have 20 minutes left in the day, then I'm going to go for a run and listen to my newly discovered remixes of one night in bangkok, yes the cheesy song (oops, wrote dong there for a second) by Murray head (bangkok, head and dong...hmmm where are my brains! smile.gif ) has some really really good remixes!! See the confessions thread for more.

And that's all, it's been quiet at work and I'm doing kind of alright.
doodle, im trying to think of names for your band, but i wanted to comment in the meantime that my kitty's most popular nickname is Doodlebug! and i love her to pieces, so youre name makes me smile. one of our favorite sayings..'doodlebug likes to scratch the rug' hahahaaaa......omg im such a dork for my cat.. rolleyes.gif
Lore, You can just leave the meat out of chili - I actually prefer it that way myself, and its plenty thick on its own without anything else added - turbomann just loooooves chili with meat so much, I'd feel bad making it veggie, since he so seldom requests anything. Tonight's post is black bean soup. For the chipotle puree, simply buy a can of chipotles in adobo sauce - you can probably find that at a decent grocery with an ethnic food aisle, and then just put it in the blender to puree, and keep it in a jar in the fridge, it'll keep for a couple months. Nothing can live in something that spicy. smile.gif For the chile con carne seasoning, if you've got a local spice shop, just buy what they've got. I'd avoid the chili seasonings in packets in the grocery - its full of salt and nasty things.

Doodle, I don't have much experience with hot plate/toaster oven cooking, but I'm sure someone's got a food blog about that somewhere. And I love that you and Soulman are having such a beautiful connection, and that you're just riding the wave! And YAY for the long-term job prospects!!!

CH, I have never heard the term bicycle before, but I like it!! I think I'll have to pop over to urban dictionary, and see what they have to say about it.

Yep, Kari, times are good for being a homeowner with good credit. We don't have a very large mortgage, but we're re-fing with our current bank who's been very good to us, and we won't have to pay much in the way of fees - just title, so its a very good deal. Should save us about $150/month. Woot!

Okay, time for bed for me. ZZzzzzzzzz....
Thaaanks, Turbo! But I think Goaty may be able to survive in something that spicy wink.gif Yeah, I'll have to roam into Downtown Seattle to look up a spice shop for con carne seasoning. Well, the local organic/healthy food store might have some, too. I shall have to chec out your black bean soup recipe right after posting smile.gif Portugese bean soup is one of my specialties, and black beans have a strong presence in my recipe. Frankly, it's often just a thin veneer of a reason for me to buy some Oporto wine and beer, since both are ingredients. When I'm pouring some beer into the soup, I can't help but say, "Here's some for the Homies!" I also put in zucchini, beef stock, onions caramelized in olive oil, garlic galore, green onions, bell peppers, lagunicia (sp?) sausage, liquid smoke, doced tomato, oregano, clove, chopped ginger, fresh cilantro, paparika, sour cream, chilipepper flakes, and more. Turns out different every time. Oh, and I actually tried out taking a cheese grater to some zucchini as a substitute for ground meat in ma-po tofu tonight. It's good. It gives it some bulk, anyway, and absorbs the flavor of any oil. So... yeah... guess I ought to soak some beans soon.

Hello Superlover smile.gif

Culture, I like that cheezy song, too! It's very visual in some way, like in an early MTV/campy way. Oh, and singlehood -vs- the early married is a classic struggle. Both get points for tragedy and triumph in their own ways. I'm a late-married, so I'm tasting some of both. A guilty pleasure to tell: Today in training, I kinda got a little confirmation that the femal instructer finds me attractive. She kind of walked up to me while talking to someone lese, but in a way of intending to talk to me next, and she rather unnecessarily walked suuuper close, like body-heat close, then turned to me with a semi-flushed smile and asked how my project is going. happy.gif Gaaah! Not like I'd ever DO anything, but it's guilty-sweet to get sparkleys.

Rock on about feeling more eased-in with Soulman, Doodle! I'll have to think about band names. Yeah, Scully and the Moulders didn't sound like a name you could go record-deal with. How about 'Wilderness' or 'CritterBand'? I don't know why that theme popped up. Yaaaay for re-claiming your weekends, though. I always thought your hours were pretty nuts. I still think of you as someone we all recently got a second chance on keeping smile.gif

Kari, Gaaah! While I was reading your post, I was sipping on a 16oz. can of Miller. (It was cheap. I usually buy ales.) Also, mmmmmmmm! Italian red wine! Alcohol, why do you tempt us so?!?

Heeeya Anna! smile.gif I hope you're enjoying your solitude more and more, and that you start noticing more potential friends.

G'nightie all!
Good Morning!!

It's Thursday! I can't believe it. I thought my first full week back at work would be rough, but it hasn't been. On the contrary, it has flown by.

CH, well, at least there is an end in sight to your appointment at that office. Do you like the manager or no? Office politics can be so tiresome. Oh- Mr K is not back in school yet, the lucky bugger. He starts back next week. I hate to see him go back, I love that he has so much free time right now. Gotta be done though.

Doodle - Yay! for being done at the store! I'm glad you will have more time for music & friends now. Hmm....a new band name.....let me think on that one.

Jenn, Unfortnately, we will have to pay closing costs again w/ our refinance, but it's still worth it. We are going down 1.6 percentage points on one loan & around 4 percentage points on the other. We will be saving about the same as you per month, if all goes as planned.

Lore, I know! It's so hard to cut back on booze! I drank more red wine last night. Oops. But, we had leftover pasta & meatballs & it just goes so well. Our friend left the remainder of that big bottle at our house. Couldn't let it to go to waste. wink.gif And I totally know what you mean about the spark you feel when you get props from a lady. It is a good confidence booster. I feel the same way when that happens. I have been married about 3 years & it is nice to remember that people other than your spouse may find you attractive.

Welcome SuperLuver!

Not a whole lot up here today. I overslept. Woke up at 7. Supposed to be to work at 7:30. Got here around 8:15. I am proud of myself though b/c instead of parking in the garage & paying, I made myself park as usual in the free parking lot. Since I was so late I had to park a lot further away, so it was quite a hike to get to the office, but I saved 6 bucks. I'm such a cheapie! I guess I got some exercise too.

What else....oh, our hot water heater has been out all week. Every day prior to yesterday the pilot would light, stay lit long enough to mostly heat the tank, then go out. Last night it wouldn't light at all. So it was a spongebath for me w/ water boiled on the stove. And I washed my hair in the kitchen sink w/ the freezing water. The repairman should be at the house right now though, so it's all good. We got the required part in the mail on Wednesday. Fortunately, it's still under warranty b/c we've had it less than a year. Just a pain though.

It's a nice sunny day here, which is so nice. We've had a lot of rain lately. Ahhhhhhh.......
anna k
Good morning!

Doodle, I agree with Kari with what she said.

Oh god, Kari, that's terrible. I hope the heater gets fixes soon, that's a pain in the ass to deal with.

CH, I have One Night in Bangkok on a mix CD of songs about science and technology and geek-related things, so since it's about chess, I included it. I've also been listening to the Doobie Brothers' What a Fool Believes practically once a day. I don't know what it is, I really like the circus-pipes backbeat and Michael McDonald's melodic voice.

I'm actually glad to be back at work. I had a couple of days off, and felt really bored. I made some RSVPs on, because I've wanted to try some new things and meet new people. Tomorrow I'm going to a Portuguese language meetup, where people will practice their Portuguese and watch a Brazillian film (with subtitles, I assume). I know very little Portuguese, but wanted to go to Lisbon last year and couldn't afford it, so this reminded me of it. It'll just be something fun for the evening. Also, I'm loving the Burt's Bees stuff. My skin feels very soft and smooth and pretty, and my hair is full and smells nice. smile.gif
Good Morning!

Hey Superluver!

Turbo, yup, the village bicycle is one of my faves, and I don't mean it in a derogatory sense at all. Mmmm food.

hey Lore, I totally see what you are saying about single vs. married, sigh. SO much drama.

Hi Kari! I do like the supervisor here, and the woman I share an office with is fine as well, it's just the other three I'm now totally not into. Oh that is so shitty about the water heater, is it repaired now?

Anna, your meetup sounds very cool.

I pushed my run hella hard last night, sprinting longer and giving myself less recovery time in between intervals. but damn if I wasn't hurting last night afterwards! Hee hee. I'm doing good today, went for my six month eye appointment and that went great, all paperwork is filled out, now I just need to do the rest.

Must go to work, busy and I'm off tomorrow morning too!

Quick post, at work, gotta get rid of this screen fast!

Soulman showed up at my place last night, directly after leaving the studio. He had the "draft" mix of his CD with him - it's almost done! And he came to play it for me first. Awwww. Dudes, I'm on it!! The final mix will be done on Friday.

And then I decided to let him sleep over, even though it was a week night. wink.gif Gorgeous HBI last night and again this morning before work.

Gotta get back to work!
hiya back to all! *blows kisses*

im completely stir-crazy at work, its snowy and disgusting outside, and my luvah is mad at me. woe, woe i say!

btw, ive been lurking on these boards for years and have just recently started to post. you guys have been my source of random wisdom, advice on everything under the sun, and support - even though you never knew it. so thanks!
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Jan 8 2009, 11:59 AM) *
Soulman showed up at my place last night, directly after leaving the studio. He had the "draft" mix of his CD with him - it's almost done! And he came to play it for me first. Awwww. Dudes, I'm on it!! The final mix will be done on Friday.

Oh, doodle, that's so wonderful. I remember when you posted those songs a few months ago and weren't sure if you'd ever get into a real studio to sing them! These are soulman's songs on the CD, though?
Doodle, that is great news!! You know, I was reading through the archives of the confessions thread, and I read one by you, about your singing and how you were afraid to sing, look at where you are now and the amazing musicians you have surrounded yourself with!!! I'm so proud of you!!!

Hey superluver, welcome! I feel the same way about busties!! they are an amazing bunch!!

Hey Polly, how are you doing?

It's pretty quiet around work, only half an hour left in the day. I think I might go shopping tonight, I'm itching to pick up another book, even though I have so many at home, I'm on a biography binge right now. We shall see what the drive home brings.
Aw, thanks for the support you'se guys! Yeah, the songs on Soulman's CD are his own, and the Anarchist and I are doing backup on 2 of them, plus the Anarchist is doing the bass line on one of them.

Man, I was sooooooooooooo effing tired this morning. Last night was supposed to be my night to get to bed early, and suddenly, there's Soulman at my door. But man, I was so proud of him, and so happy for him. And so touched that he came straight from the studio to me....

It is effing well raining here, and there's still snow on the ground. I just went out to get some lunch, and was nearly drowned. It's going to be a MESS. Luckily, I got a ride in from Soulman this morning, and he'll be picking me up after practice. smile.gif But man, the weather is odd these days.

Anyway, I must dash out in the rain for one more smoke before my lunch break is over. Love to you all!

It's Friday! Woo hoo!! It's sunny here today, which is wonderful.

Doodle, yay for Soulman!

Hey Anna, CH, Superluver, Polly, & everyone else!

Not too much to report here today. The most exciting thing is: We have hot water at home again! Hot water heater is fixed. smile.gif smile.gif

anna k
Yay Kari!!! I'm so happy for you!

Doodle, I love reading about your love story with Soulman. Despite any negatives, it's just beautiful to read.

Nothing much today. Work, then seeing a Brazillian film tonight with a fun-with-Portuguese-language meetup group (I can't speak the language, I just want to see the movie and chill out with some people), then tomorrow night will go to the Dance on Film festival at Lincoln Center to watch filmed dances.
Good Morning!

Hey Doodle! How was your practice? That is some wild weather in the West Coast, I'll stick with the cold.

Hey Kari, thank goodness for fixed hot water heaters!

Anna, enjoy your evening!

Well, I went to my first appointment and it went great, CH has some stuff with instant gratification, which is like a drug. I'm very logical in my thinking, but I don't listen to myself and that instant gratification wins out a fair bit. I'm happy with where it went.

As for this weekend, tonigh I may be meeting up with pr boy, haven't seen in him in a while, tomorrow not too sure, Sunday lunch with a friend. I may hit up the mall or something to get me some clothes, I still have xmas money AND my expense claim cheque is close to $300.00! I'm pretty excited about that!
Happy Friday, you skanky sluts in satan's service!

This is my first REAL Friday in a long, long, long freaking time. Like, almost a year. WOW! I get to stay up late, and sleep in tomorrow, and do whatever the fuck I like!

I started by inviting Hippiegirl over to my house to jam tonight. Then I wound up inviting Soulman, and then the Anarchist, too. I'm going to try setting the Anarchist up with Hippiegirl. A good thing for all of us, I feel. wink.gif She keeps telling me she needs sex, just plain old sex, no relationships. And he is in no frame of mind for a relationship, but I feel some wild sex would help him get a lot out of his system. Anyway, the other night, I told her to jump his bones, with my blessings. wink.gif

Last night Soulman picked me up at work, and we got to spend a little time alone before the Anarchist showed up at Soulman's. We curled up and listened to the CD on a proper PA, and it sounded awesome. Then the Anarchist came by and started laying down some bass tracks to one of my songs, but I messed it all up by asking him to do something different. By the time he figured it out, Superman showed up and we went straight into practicing. I'm trying to bring a new song every practice - last night it was Rhiannon.

The weather is certainly pissing me off, but it's not as bad as it is in Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland. At least we have snow tires in Kamloops.

ETA: oh yeah, I almost forgot! The leader of the provincial NDP is coming to Kamloops, so I asked Soulman if he wanted to bring a guitar and come with me to one of the events....he was actually quite positive about it, so I asked the local NDP and they were positive, too! Although I'm a bit worried about Soulman getting any media on this one if we do might alienate him from the business community. I'll have to talk with him about that. I'll go, though!
anna k
Doodle, you're such a matchmaker, I love it.

I hope you have a good weekend, CH!

My evening was all right. I went to the meetup group, and as I don't know Portuguese (and brought my phrasebook to study before the meeting), I preferred just listening to people speak basic Portuguese and recognize words based on its Spanish equivalents. One woman was from Kazakhstan and was studying capoeria, and wanted to learn it. Another guy had a friend in Sao Paulo and went there in '07. So it was fine, not too exciting, but nice to sit and listen to people and do something different for an evening. They played a Brazillian film, but I left about 20 minutes into it, it was just too boring for me to watch and I was getting tired. I stayed for about an hour and a half in total. I'd probably go again, to give it another shot, as I liked the language.
Good afternoon, everyone! Guess what! I have an entire weekend off!!!!! No more store job!

Last night I hosted a jam at my place - Soulman, Hippiegirl, the Anarchist, and his buddy, Guru Dave. (That's what the Anarchist calls him, honestly.) Soulman and I wound up coming back to his place, though. We usually do, as he is allergic to cats. This is the only real glitch in the thing, so far. *sigh*

Haven't done much of anything today. Morning HBI, played some music, hung out, Soulman's daughter came by, and then went out in the snow for smokes and coffee. (Cheech and Chong go to PetroCan.) Oh yeah, for you Crackbook fiends, Soulman and I managed to get a song from his new CD posted there! Well, okay, *I* got it posted. wink.gif Go listen!
Heeey all! smile.gif

Good to hear that you're having weekends again, Doodle! smile.gif Your circle of friends sound really fun, too.

Anna, I've met some pretty fun Brazilians in college and through one of my good friends who was dating a Brazilian guy. That guy was interesting in that he toked up every single day of the week, but he was able to run three different stores that he owned. I couldn't possibly be productive (nor comfortably social with sober people) while high. Then again, maybe if high is the norm... Anyway, I haven't met many Portugese people, but the Brazillians were fun. Lots of openness, music, and relaxed parties.

Culture, what was the appointment, again? I'd love to have somebody professionally analyse me and my habits/thinking process. I'm someone who takes criticism well and who takes stuff with a grain of salt anyway. I just wouldn't spontaneously choose to drop dough on it. Was this for your police application? Mucho luck with that, BTW smile.gif

Heya Kari! Enjoy your hot water and warm sun smile.gif

Heeya Poly & Luver! Yeah, the Okayers really are some special, inspiring peeps smile.gif How did you find The Lounge, Luver? I had a question about male refractory periods that I asked in the General Sex thread, and the people were so honest and interesting that I kept coming back for the silly topic threads and the D.U.D.E. thread, and just eventually found my way through the Okayland doggie door and onto the lip-shaped couch (probably following the scent of Mojitas).

Must've been at least a decade ago.
lore! *pounce*

and i beat culture in this morning? dude, it's like ten o'clock my time. tongue.gif

i had the craziest freaking week at work, and it was funny and sad and altogether a comedic farce of a week. i wish i'd thought to record the conversation i had with my friend about it, cause it was some funny shit. things always sound funny and more immediate when i'm talking to someone about them. maybe i'll try to recreate it and post that audio. in the meantime, i haven't been online all week, so i'm going to catch up.
Good Afternoon!

Doodle, cheech and chong go to pertocan, HA! that made me laugh out loud. I did see the song, I've not had a chance to listen to it yet.

Anna, how's your weekend been?

Lore, it was through work, so there was no charge. The government likes to keep their employees happy, sometimes. It was just to sort through some things. It worked well. But, I was keeping it in mind for the police. I'll work on what she told me, as part of the application process with the police is talking to a psychologist...

Grrrl, you did beat me to posting, I was in here this morning, but had to workout and such before doing anything.

Weekend has been good, went with my mom to buy a new car yesterday, for her not me, I have a new car. Then her and I went shopping, got a steal of a deal on a leather jacket, got a new comfy purple shirt and as part of my getting her new car, my friend (who sold the car to her) threw in a honda hoodie, no charge. so I'll yet another comfy hoodie to slouch around in.

Currently have some potato soup cooking, and I think I'll just chill for the rest of the day.
Mmmm! pounce & potato soup!

Grrrly, I'd love to hear that conversation biggrin.gif I always thought more of us should be treating our lives as stuff worth recording, especially if you've got yourself a voice (writing-wise) like you.
sure is quiet around here.
Good Morning!

Sounds like everyone had a good weekend. Excellent.

Anna, the get together sounds cool. I think it's always great to experience new things.

CH, sounds like you got some good deals at the store. And potato soup! Yum.

Hey Lore!

Hey Grrrl!

Hey doodles!

I had a good weekend, very low key. Friday night MR K and I got some dinner & saw a movie...we saw The Reader. Very good. Saturday I kicked around the house most of the day, but I did get out do some shopping. Got some new bras & a pair of boots. Mr K was at a friend's watching a football game that night, so I chilled at home. Yesterday I played some racquet ball w/ a friend & then we went to another friend's house for wine, snacks, & Golden Globe viewing.

This week doesn't look too bad. Have work per usual. Oh! My sister is getting married on Thursday. She's been engaged, but setting the date for this Thurs. was a spur of the moment decision, but I think a good one. They are having a courthouse civil cermemony & I think we're all going to dinner afterwards. That's my exciting event for the week.

Greetings Okayers! Just sneaking into the Lounge here at work - time to read but not much time to comment on posts! Grrrr. My computer at home is totally fucked - if it weren't for Soulman, I'd have no access on the weekends.

I spent the entire weekend with Soulman. Seriously. I get all disbelieving that he wants that much "together" time, after the whole "slowing things down" convo that happened in October, but it seems to be progressing in that direction, and he's the one trying to keep me involved in his life. I forgot my wallet when we went over to his place on Friday night, and all weekend he totally resisted taking me "all the way to the North Shore" to get it, just kept feeding me and buying my cigs and coffee. We spent Sunday spelunking thrift stores, going for coffee, and even went to the laundromat together.....where I drew the line at helping him fold his shorts. rolleyes.gif

Oh, hey, we got the song up on, for those of you not on Crackbook!

Tonight I am playing for the NDP. Soulman and the Anarchist are both coming to help me set up and do soundcheck. Awwww. The band really sticks together, huh? Actually, Soulman is coming as my date....that'll confuse 'em. Most of the local NDP members still think I'm a lesbian. biggrin.gif
whoa, that was awesome doodle! i listened a couple of times, and i can already tell i'm going to be humming it the rest of the day. biggrin.gif fanned you guys on crackbook. smile.gif
Doodle, my darling - you guys are AWESOME! Seriously, that song is amazing, and the TALENT!! You blew me away! Your voice works so well with Soulman's, and the song not only has an excellent groove, it's got real feeling. I love it. I'll buy your CD when it comes out. I still can't believe that a little over a year ago, you were just learning to play, and now you're a gigging pro! You are a constant inspiration!

We're awaiting the next blizzard here this's snowing now, but we're expecting another 4-6 inches overnight, and then the temps to plummet tomorrow, with -15 wind chills and 35mph gusting winds. Gotta love Chicago winters.

And, I'm going in for my annual exam at the gyno, and will be inquiring about an IUD. WOoT! I'm tired of taking hormones, and the thought of another 15-20 years on them is not appealing. Its time for a change.

Kari that's so great that your sis is getting married at city hall on Thursday!! Congrats to your family!

Heeeey all!

Listening to Soul & Doodle's Chop & Carry song smile.gif

With his voice, I can see why you call him Soulman. He sounds kinda shaman-esque folk.

Hello all else & g'nightie! I gotsta sleep. I was back at work today, and I think I impressed the guy I was working with with my ability to be productive and my ability to carry loads and loads of wood tirelessly smile.gif Was good to get exercise at work again, too.

For dinner, I made home-fried potatoes and Trader Joe's creamed spinach with CostCo rotisserie chicken as a quick meal. It turned out surprisingly yummy! I spiced the potato with red wine vinegar, garlic, and sage, and I spiced up the spinach with chilipepper sauce and lemon juice.

Okay, really fading now...
hello all, i'm back and i've missed you all very much. it will take me too long to catch up on back posts since i've been gone almost six months. i hope everyone is well.

have a good day,

Good Morning!! If yuo want to call it that, it's cold as fuck here, it's been cold as fuck since December, and there is no sign of it letting up. Grrrrrr.


Doodle, holy FUCK that is totally amazing!!! Absolutely incredible.

Kari, congrats to your sis on her getting married!

Turbo, I'm also thinking of going the IUDS route, I'm going to see doctor in March, I'm also getting gardasil. I should check out the IUD thread...

Hi Lore! I hope you slept well last night.

PUGS!!!!! It's good to see you in here, I know you're catching up with things, but we're waiting for that update.

I don't have much going on, it's way too cold for anything. Not okay with that, arg. BUT it's Winnipeg so not much we can do, it's supposed to warm up substantially by the weekend. So that's alright.

CH i put the short and sweet version in the Committed Thread
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