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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning!

tree, if I even attempted to do what you did, I'd be on my ass, even with my obsessive working out, hells no I couldn't do that. tree, you rock.

Doodle, how did things go yesterday at the store?

Hey Turbo! That is wonderful that your SIL did that, and I am so with you on sleeping inyour own bed. If you want more playlits recommendations, I can for sure do more! I LOVE downloading music and making playlists and such. I have, umm, a fair bit of music. Hee.

Grrrl, sounds like a busy, but wonderful xmas you had! I think the cookie stuff is totally a hint!

Well, I didn't do much last night, been staying in lately, the newbie, who I suspect is still married is still telling me he isn't, so we are having a chat on Monday, but I think that's the end of that. Tis okay, even if he isn't he's a pretty busy man, and we all know I have ex issues. Today I have to go grocery shopping and pick up a few things, may make something from the joy of cooking.

Aw turbo, I'll bet you ARE glad to be home! That's really sweet that your SIL baked up special goodies for you!

CH, I thought it was done with the noob already??

Hiya to everyone else, too! God, it's been way too long since I've had time to do anything but read! Hi to tree, grrrl, GT, diva, kari, lore, anna, and everyone else!

Yeah, so I gave my notice at the store yesterday. The manager was really cool about it, said she wasn't surprised as it seemed like my heart had gone out of it. The assistant manager - one of the reasons I'm leaving - was cool in a different way....distant, and pleasant, and fake, as usual. All the girls were sad but not really surprised - funny, as there's only one girl there I've talked with about leaving before. Anyway, I talked about everything I'd gotten out of it, and how I loved everyone there, and was leaving just because it was too much for me these days, but wanted to leave the door open to go back.

All that anxiety built up for that, soulman teased, but actually, I wasn't as anxious as I used to be over stuff like that. I set a date and stuck to it, and did it right at the start of my shift.

I am at soulman's - he's out on an errand, but I think I'll get him to run a bath when he's back - complicated plumbing system over here, I dare not do it myself.

Ooh, I hear him return, gotta go get my bath.
Doodle, I was, but I'd still like to hear what he has to say for himself. All evidence points to the fact that he is still married, but I'd still like to hear it from the horses mouth.

We do also have mutual clients in common, and I'd like to be professional about it, in case we are in contact about a client.

enjoy your time with soulman!
Doodle, that is most excellent that you gave your notice, and that it was received with minimal drama! And I understand the complicated plumbing...I've got to boil 2 big pots of water on the stove, in order to get enough hot water to soak in. The super-efficient 25-gal hot water heater just doesn't make quite enough water on its own, and the cast iron tub pulls the heat out of the water pretty quick, without a boiling primer.

Turbomann and I have had our christmas today....a very *naughty* christmas, complete with gifts of lingerie....and other things. heh. Much enjoyment has been had. smile.gif

And now, I'm going to whip up some GF pizza for dinner, and make some hot cocoa laced with kahlua and baileys. YUM.
anna k
Tree. You are amazing.

Hi doodle!

Not much to say here. I'm listening to my brother and dad argue about politics. It's like Archie Bunker and Meathead yelling at each other, I can't stand it.

I didn't like most of the pictures of me taken at Christmas, except for these two. I thought they looked nice to share here.
Good Morning!

Turbo, I read about you and Turbomann's XXXmas gifts to each other (sorry I couldn't resist that one!) sounds pretty great!

Hey Anna! How are you?

Hmmm, what can I say? PR boy stopped by unexpectedly last night with my xmas gift. we were talking on the phone, then he said he was at my door. It was a pleasant little surprise. Worked out, and rested. Also went shopping yesterday, I got gift cards for xmas and I needed dress pants (which I got for 50% off) a new pair of jeans and the ubiquitos black turtle neck, because both of mine are on the craps.

And that is that.

Wheeee! Had a great Christmas with my Goaty Girl and her brother. There was much likker given, plus they loved the stuffed animals I gave them. Goaty got a little polar bear, and her brother got a penguin from Madagascar 2. I got a nice black adventure shirt and a bunch of dice for playing Liar's Dice, plus Kung Fu Panda, which I hadn't seen yet smile.gif Apparently, the big hit was the tin of popcorn that I put under the tree. The night before, I carefully took all the popcorn out, keeping the three flavors separate, and re-filled it with gifts buried under the popcorn, including a full bottle of 101-proof peppermint schnapps, some freeze-dried "astronaut" icecream, a tiny bottle of scotch, a 2-Gig thumb drive, pearl earrings, and... gee, another thing, but I forget what.

Even though I had to work on Friday and miss that day's skiing, they said I didn't miss much other than overly heavy snow that they had trouble turning in, especially on one's first ski day of the season. Also, as soon as they got back, we went for a snow tromp in the woods near our condo. There were many snowballs, and we found a little hollow ring of young trees to build a snow fort in. We had brought some tiny bottles of liqour with us, and I surprised them with three little cigars, which were quite tasty inside our snow fort.

Saturday, we went skiing on Crystal Mountain, which was a blast. We took a bunch of that 101-proof schnapps with us to keep us warm, limber, and daring. Good stuff! Afterward, we went home, did some antipasto, and played Liar's Dice while drinking just about waaay too much for me. Tequila shots were involved. At some point I must have melted some dark Schafenberger chocolate into hot cocoa for us all (with freshly-whipped cream on top), but my memory of that episode was a little patchy.

Sunday, we went to a Christmas church service, and it was my constant prayer not to hurl in church from my awful hangover. After a merciful nap, my BIL and I watched Tropic Thunder, which I also hadn't seen before. Tooo funny! smile.gif I keep getting Tom Cruise dancing around in my head. Then, my BIL took us out for Indain food, which was very tasty.

Too bad BIL is leaving today sad.gif We'll see him next at his wedding. Now I'm off to do construction in the freezing rain, but at least my hangover has left me, and Goaty has had a long-deserved break from being depressed.

I'll catch up on you BUSTies later! Much fondage to all! smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

Whew, I'm glad that holiday is over! It was fun while it lasted, but I'm always very happy for life to get back to normal.

Lore, that was a really good idea about hiding little gifts in the popcorn tin. You're so thoughtful! Sounds like you had a lot of fun drunk skiing.

Ketto, I hope that one last one was an oddity. ((((bedbugs stay away vibes))))

Damn, Tree, you did all that yourself? Are you bionic? Honestly, you amaze me.

Doodle, that's good that your notice-giving was drama-free. I hope the temp thing works itself into a regular full time jobby thing.

Hi, Jenn, CH, Anna, Kari, Grrl, and everyone!

I'm glad everyone's truffles got to them okay and were good. I'm still selling if anyone's buying. I ended up with an assload of them, even after the big giveaway to family and friends over the holiday.

My Xmas was pretty decent. I had Xmas Eve off, so I hung around the house putting trays together and not much else. The giant got off work early, so we had some naked fun while we still could before we resigned ourselves to family for 2 days. I had 6 Xmas stops to make, the giant had 5. We start at my grandpa's house, which is only about 10 minutes from where my parents live and have (crappy) dinner and gift exchange Nobody on my dad's side can cook, except my dad, and he wasn't in top form. My uncle and cousin were here from Egypt, so it was pretty nice to see them, and my asshole cousin stayed home with his new baby. After that, we went to my parents house while the rest of my family went to church (my tummy hurt and the giant's not Catholic, so we got out of it). Xmas morning, we opened presents with my immediate family, then the giant left for his mom's. I had to go with my family to my other grandpa's house to have dinner with them and my aunt and one of my cousins. It was less unenjoyable than usual. Then I had to go to the giant's mom's for the big gift exchange there, then we all went to his aunt's. At about 11:00 on Xmas night, the giant and I finally got to have our own Xmas, which was lovely. He gave me 2 dichronic glass pendants, an umbrella that lights up, a Tim Gunn talking bobblehead, and the most awesome murdery knife block ever, The Ex Voodoo Knife Block. It's so completely awesome, sitting on our dining room table.

Sam was pretty fun to watch open presents. He freaked out over EVERYTHING. Even the dumb little DVD of "The Grinch Who Stole Xmas/Horton Hears a Who" got a bunch of screeching. That boy really raked it in. He got a ton of really cool remote control cars, one that drives on the ceiling (basically has a vacuum in it) and another that flips around and never stops driving even if you bang it into a wall. He was a joy to be around, as usual. He even woke us up on Xmas morning and tried to get everyone downstairs to open presents. The giant and I raked it in pretty good with a ton of cash to put in savings, and I've got a bunch of gift cards to blow (I'm going to start working on that in about 30 minutes).

Now it's back to work as usual. I've got Wednesday off for Intergalactic Divala Day, even though I don't know what I want to do. We've got a reservation with my parents for lunch at Fogo de Chao, but I've got no plans for the evening except we're getting together with Poodle. To do what, I don't know. I'd be happy sitting at home watching a movie or playing a game. I guess I'm over the age where going out to partake in NYE insanity is fun, and I'd rather have a relatively quiet evening.

Greetings everyone! Writing to you on my lunch break.....don't feel like roaming around the slush-ridden downtown the supervisor is buying us pizza for lunch so I'm holding out for that!

Phew, I'm beat from the holidays, and I didn't even do anything really holiday-esque, except Christmas dinner. I only got Christmas Day off, plus my usual Sunday, so it was work, work, I spent Christmas Eve, plus Friday and Saturday night at Soulman's....quite a lot of time! Ooh, and yesterday afternoon, my mom phoned me at Soulman's while I was in the bath! That was a little weird....I'd given her the number to contact me on Christmas Day, but I guess when she couldn't get ahold of me at home on the weekend, she tried his place. I don't think I was ready for my mom randomly calling me at Soulman's house yet!

And we had a band meeting last night to discuss focus and direction. We talked about lots of different issues, and it was a difficult discussion in some ways, because we all have different ideas, plus Superman couldn't be there, and I felt like I was fighting to keep him part of the "entity of four" at times, like in terms of recording. Soulman and the Anarchist think he is too green a drummer to pull off recording, but you know, I'm very, very, very fucking green in terms of guitar playing, and I'm in, so why shouldn't he be? If I'm going to practice to a click track (metronome), then he can too. Anyway. I'm a little uptight about it. Superman is the drummer I WANT to play with. I knew it the first time we jammed together. I knew it two weeks later, when I arrived at a jam and heard a drummer playing, and I couldn't stop dancing and had to go in and see who it was....and the funny thing is, I KNEW it would be Superman up there. So. Basically I put that all on the table and told the other two that I wasn't into having any discussions about his role in the recording process without him actually being there.

I dunno. Maybe I'm being all Bono about this, but I feel we are four equal members of this little band family, and to be perfectly honest, it was the Anarchist and Superman that I asked to put a band together with me. I had some thoughts about whether Soulman could be stolen away from his old band, but at the same time, I never asked him outright like I did the others, and I even contemplated other lead guitarists....Soulman kind of came along for the ride, and that's great and working out wonderfully, but if we're talking about what's important, then I don't want to lose what was part of the original vision for me. Superman's particular drumming style feeds the way I sing, just like the Anarchist's bass playing and Soulman's guitar.

Anyway, so far the basic plan is to get through the next gig, which is a coffee house event featuring Soulman in February, with the Anarchist and me as his special guests, plus I'm doing the Vagina Monologues (singing) in February. There are tons of applications for local events (Canada Day, Music in the Park, the Farmer's Market, etc.) that will have to be in around then, and we're going to find out timelines and then figure out when we need to have a Demo CD ready. We started mucking around with Soulman's recording stuff last night. My rhythm on guitar = not so steady (slow down/speed up), so I have to start practicing with the metronome every night.

Well. There goes my lunch break. Got enough time for a smoke.......ciao beautiful Okayers!
Doodle, I think your approach to the band recording stramash is exactly right - you started this, and you started with a trio, which became a quartet, and the current vision is FOUR, not three. Keep holding the line, and insisting on what YOU want!!

Diva, the truffles were received by our families very well once again....or should I say that they were immediately hoarded and swept out of sight for private consumption at a later point. smile.gif

Ah, sounds like Sam had just as much fun with Christmas as all the kiddos in our family! With the niece and nephie at ages 4 & 6, Christmas morning was SO much fun, and as you said, the kids went bonkers over everything! I also found Christmas extra exhausting, at the same time, as the kids' boundless energy for game playing exceeded my own energy level - I wanted nothing more than a nap!

Lore, I'm so glad that you and goaty had an excellent christmas, with plenty of joy, family, likker, and SNOW! I love your wrapping approach with the popcorn - I may have to steal that approach next year, as I always get one of those popcorn tubs from a vendor, and I just try and pawn it off on unsuspecting victims. smile.gif

And, after buying some especially naughty lingerie this weekend at Victoria's, I tried on some bras, since they were buy 1, get one 50% off, and that since losing weight, I haven't purchased new titslings, and I could hide tub socks in my old ones. I'd forsworn VS long ago, for their stupidly narrow sizing standards and high prices...but I fell in love with their latest techno-boobage keeper....the BioFit. Oh my goddess...the girls have never looked so fine, and been so comfortable...I am sold. Damn. But seriously, the girls look GOOD.
Good Morning!

Lore, sounds like you had some good holidays!

Hee, Diva, that knife holder never fails to make me chuckle. That is a mad busy xmas!

Doodle, I'm with Turbo on the band thing, I hope everything works out.

Hey Turbo, woohoo on nice looking boobies! If my boobies don't feel good, then I don't feel good.

Umm, went for a run last night, and crashed early, I'm trying to fight off a cold, and I so don't want to get it.
good new year's eve eve, beautiful ladies.

i'm baaa-aaaaack.

i've missed you all so much. i've been catching up but have no energy to do individual shout outs...

boobie-squishin' hugs to all of yous.


anyone up for some pre-nye champagne?

Good evening everyone!

FJ!!! Lovely to see you back here! I'll take some of that champagne! Just a little now. *holds out beer stein*

Heya CH and turbo, too!

turbo, I totally did that thing with socks in my bra when the weight started coming off. FUCK! It was impossible to keep the girls in bras for awhile....bras being so expensive. Ugh.

Yeah, so I had another convo with the Anarchist last night about the band discussion, and mainly about not letting Superman become sidelined, even part-time. I think it was a good convo. Of course, there will have to be a convo with Superman about bringing up his chops, but I've already been the subject of a similar convo, so I think it will all be good. We agreed that there is no way Superman is not part of this.

We are family! I've got all my brothers with me!

There's almost nobody at Lotteries this week, so I took my guitar to work today and tried to practice with the click track in the cafeteria, on my lunch break. My headphones suck totally, though. Gonna have to get better ones.

I think I'll be spending NYE with Soulman and the Anarchist....I am being freed from work at 2 tomorrow, hurrah! And I DON'T have to work at all on NYD! Not even at the store! Of course, I have double shift day on Friday, and then work Saturday, but the boss and I talked about me just working through the existing schedule, so I think this might be the last weekend for me. Which is awesome. Although I'm really sad about having to turn in my store discount card. sad.gif

I can't believe my computer's even been online this long without crashing!! However, I spent all last night trying to catch up with people over the phone, and I need to do that again tonight. I seriously didn't call ANYONE over the holidays, except my mom. I was nested in at Soulman's place, and when I wasn't there, I was mostly at work, or with the band. Hee!

Hello FJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to see you!

I never say no to Champagne.

anna k
Hi FJ!

Doodle, sounds like you're gonna have a good New Year's. smile.gif

I'm beat. I've preparing to move, and it'll be a hassle getting things up the stairs and moving and my parents being there, just so much work that I'm dreading. I'm going to be busy tomorrow with getting keys copied, packing more things, and cleaning my apartment. It's such a bitch to do.

Take care of yourself, CH. I don't want you to get sick.

turbojenn, sometimes I feel really good about my boobs too. It's an awesome feeling.

I worked out hard tonight, three classes in a row. I just wanted to work my ass off and have fun, and I feel good when dancing or lifting weights, it's fun and therapeutic for me.
Happy New Year, BUSTies!

(hey, it's 2009 over here)
Good Morning!

Hi Hi Doodle! I'm glad you all agreed that Superman is a part of the group, and things are coming along well at the moment.

Hi Raisingirl!! It's great to see you in here.

Damn Anna, three classes in a row! That's sweet! almost moving day too!

Hi Tommy! Happy New Years to you as well!

Blah, I'm totally bailing out on work today at 10:30...I have body sugaring at 11, then I'm just leaving for the day. Fuck that noise.

Ohhhh and Happy Birfday to Diva!!!!!

good morning! smile.gif

i left work early yesterday and didn't make it back online until this morning. it's a good thing i have this bottomless bottle of champagne...

*glug glug glug*

hi raisin!

doodle, it's so awesome to follow your progress with the band. i can't believe that it's been a year since you started working at the store. your life has really changed over the past year, hasn't it?

turbo, good for you for buying the new vs bras. i tried one on last week and almost bought it but really needed to be buying xmas stuff for other people, so i put it back. but now they're having the semi-annual sale so maybe i'll invest in a couple after all...

anna, i am in awe of your working out! three workouts in one night? sheeeeit! there's no way i could hang. we bought a recumbent bike for ourselves for christmas and i've been using it as often as i can. it kicks my ass but i know it's going to work. i've kept about ten extra pounds on since the baby and my goal is to get back into shape by early spring. i still look good in my clothes, but... wink.gif

ugh! i don't even know why i'm here at work today. mrfj and jackaroo are at home together. i told them to come up here to my office today so maybe they will. jackaroo is amazing. he's getting so big and so freakin' smart. he's such a gem. i'll post a pic this weekend if i have a chance. my profile pic isn't big enough to see much of him.

ok, gonna go pretend to work now...

Goooooooood Morning!!!!!!!

I have missed everyone!

FJ! It's so good to see you!! I have thought about you several times & have hoped you are well. Sounds like you are. Nice! Definitely post some jackaroo pics when you can. I bet he has gotten really big by now! How's Mr Fj? How's work for you?

Diva, I hear you on the many family stops on Christmas. oye. We had the same thing. It is so busy. Did you say you got that knife holder for Christmas? It's cool! I got something that looks really similar, except it's's a toothpick holder, the toothpicks go through the man. Got it in my stocking.
I'm glad to hear Sam had such a fun Christmas. My niece is the same way. It's so fun to watch.

Hey Raisingirl!

Hey Anna! That's right, your move is coming up! How's it going? You look great in the pics you posted! Your workouts are really showing.

Hey grrrrrl! Glad you & c-monkey had a good holiday with the momster. Did you bake cookies yet? Sounds like you got a lot of good baking gear.

((Tree)) Damn that's a lot of physical work! You still holding up?

Hey Jenn! Naughty underthings, eh? wink.gif I need to go to VS also. I hate buying stuff there b/c it's so damn expensive, but I have also found the best bra in the world there. Soft, comfortable, and the best part...the straps don't fall down. That drives me bonkers.

Hey CH! So the dude is still BSing about his marriage? Bah! How are you & PR boy doing? You feeling ok today? I hope you aren't getting a cold!

Hey doodle! Enjoy your day off tomorrow! Sounds like some serious band discussions happening. Good for you for sticking up for Superman. I know he appreciates it. So are you & Soulman fully back on now? Glad putting in your notice at the store went ok. When is your last day?

Happy New Year Tommy!!!

Hey LORE! Sounds like you guys had a blast with the snow & the likker. Glad you had such a good time with friends & goatie.

My holiday was nice. Like I said, it was busy though, btw my mom's, my grandmother's house, & Mr K's parents' house. Then we had to leave on the 26th to go out of town. I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but my mom got married. Again. I'm happy for her, she is happier than I've ever seen her, but I just worry. They've only dated since May. Hoping for the best. We went to this god awful city called Gatlinburg here in TN. It's in the smokies & is very tacky. The cabin we stayed in was nice though. We got home Sunday evening.

I got some very nice stuff for Christmas. My favs are an enamel pot, an 8 piece set of stainless clad pans (4 pans and 4 lids)- my mom bought it on a whim, and a heartrate monitor.

What's everyone doing tonight for NYE?
Hey Hey!

FJ, it sounds like you are doing really well, I hope that you are doing better!

Kari, it's bizarre what's going on there. after all this shit that I've thrown at him, he's still wanting to talk to me, after what I said, accused him of, etc...I don't know. Nothing further has happened, maybe he's looking for a mistress or maybe I was wrong (yes, it does happen sometimes) but i'm thinking this is far more trouble than it's worth. Let's say he is indeed divorced, he has two full time jobs, and has two children, if things were to get serious, where would I fit in all of this. So, I'm not holding my breath.

So, I'm at home now, resting. Chances are, I'm going to stay in tonight. I'm pretty bagged.

Must go sleep now.

WOW - an FJ AND Billybonka sighting - this is too much goodness in one all we need is Poodle!

YEah, FJ - why ARE you at work?!! Must be a ghost town there, anyway - and a quiet day in the office can be nice for catching up, and catching some online time...but the lure of Mr. FJ and Jackaroo at home must be pretty strong! And YES, we need some new jackaroo piccies!!

Kari - check - prices and sizes are better there, if you know what you want. I made a wee bitty second order online for some more naughty things...can't resist a good sale!

Ah, Gatlinburg, tackytown, USA. We used to vacation not too far from there when we were kids, in the mountains, but driving through Gatlinburg was always a weird experience. Seems amazing that tourists would be drawn in by so much plastic crap.

(((((smooth move vibes for anna))))))

Yep, I am pretty content that the holidays are over, and we have a few quiet days at home. We're having some friends over for dinner, games and likker this evening, but the BEST part is - they're bringing the dinner! We cook for them all the time, and its become a bit of a tradition for them to bring over their renowned cassoulet for NYE dinner. Should be a nice, chill evening.
Ch, I think that's a good way of looking at things.....even if he is telling the truth, is there room for something else in his life? Sounds like he's got a lot going on.

Jenn, ah, you know of the Gatlinburg hell. That place is awful. I am baffled that anyone would go there on purpose. It was packed though, so some people must enjoy it. I am not one of them. My mom said they'd like to make it a tradition that we all go there every year right after Christmas. Uh, no. No can do.

Sounds like you have a nice evening ahead of you, jenn. Dinner delivered? Woo!

We are going to a couple of parties. No big deal. Probably won't stay out too late, Mr K has to work at 8 tomorrow morning & I'm gonna try to catch a spin class at 9.

Turbo, that sounds like a good evening you have planned!

Kari, I'd be playing 50th fiddle. Enjoy your evening.

I so wasn't able to nap at all, took the dog to the park, now enjoying some tea for my throat. Still not in much of a mood to do anything tonight.

I'm just taking a break from my party hangover recovery party starts tomorrow @ 10:00 AM! And of course, Bear wants to come over for some morning nookie at 9:00. I'm going to put him to work. In more than one way. Heh. I need a little "lip service".'s funny how expenses add up...I just spent close to $300.00 for party stuff!!! Eeep.

Yeah, where is Poodle???

*waves to FJ...SO great to see you again!!!!

Happy New Year everybody! Be safe! I'm gonna check back later...more party prep to do. smile.gif
Happy New Years!!!
Happy New Year!

Can't believe it's 2009. Wowzers.

Have a great party, Tree! I was thinking about doing that next year. I wanted to start this year, but there is a lot going on already, so I thought I'd wait a year. Have fun!!!! Hope bear was able to uh, assist you. wink.gif

Ch, Did you get out to do anything last night? We went to 2 parties. Both were pretty low key, we got home around 1:30. I was tired when we got home, but did not sleep well at all. Hmpf. I don't have obligations today though, so it's ok. I thought about going to the gym for a 9:00 class, but decided to just go later on my own.

Mr K's parents invited us over for dinner tonight, then we are going to go with them to see a movie. That's about all I got going on.
Nope, i felt to crappy to do anything. and now things have progressed from a mere sore throat to a runny nose. I'm hoping it's because I jsut came back from a walk and had some tea. Regardless, I'm going back to bed.
(((((rest up, CH)))))

Happy New Year Everybustie!!! Turbomann and I are kicking it off with hangovers....oof. Its always that last drink, which you know you shouldn't have, that comes back to bite you later. But, it was a very fun evening - we had a wonderful dinner, and then played a wild, drunk game of cards. I think we're gonna take it slow today. smile.gif

Tree - I hope your NYE Hangover party is going well!! I really wish I had some tomato juice on hand - a bloody mary sounds just about right at the moment.

Kari - sounds like you guys had a fun evening too - you are social superstars for hitting up two parties!
Happy New Year!

Just popping in because I'm exhausted after two nights with very little sleep. I slept in until 2pm today but I still feel like I could crash for another few hours. Zzz...
Queen Bull

GAh, so hungover, and so bad at posting... so busy. hehehe. ANyway, vibes and well wishes to all requiring them and congrats to those who have victories.

oooof. The hangover party went swimmingly. The plumber was there, along with her work partner, as was Bear. Heh. She was pretty open about the fact that she had made out with me, so I was open too.

I'm going to be eating leftover party food for a week, I can just tell.

Happy New Year, Busties!!!!!

*edited because I cannot type with this splint.....
Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely change of year.

I got off work early yesterday, then went home and napped, and connected up with Soulman. We ended up at the house of a friend of his, a sax player, and made lots of music. Then we came back here to regroup, and showed up at the Anarchist's after 11. The Anarchist had his daughter overnight, so I made him wake her up for midnight. biggrin.gif And then we played music till 3. ohmy.gif tongue.gif Back here for massage and HBI....more HBI in the morning. Went out for a meal and now we're back here.

I asked Soulman at midnight what he wished for in 2009. He said only: "Love." I said, "Me too."

Gonna sign off and play some more music.
I feel like something that cat dragged in. blarg.

Doodle, sounds like a lovely NYE.

Tree, how was Bear about everything? your party sounds fun!

Hey QB! It's good to see you in here!

Hi Ketto, when are you back to work? we should try and get together when I don't feel like death.

Turbo, it also sounds like you had a good time!

I must go get more sleep.

anna k
Doodle, it sounds like you had a great New Year's!

The move was fine, though I got annoyed with my dad getting easily irritated and my mom saying everything that came into her head like an running inner monologue. The apartment is great, and I feel very lucky that my parents are taking care of me, though bad that I'm in my mid-twenties and can't support myself. I spent New Year's Eve tidying up and putting away some items, and watched Sex Y Lucia and Secretary. My dad worries about my safety, and when he does it makes me feel anxious and uncomfortable to be worried about, as I've been out on my own a lot. I couldn't sleep last night as my parents conked out at 10 pm (they had gotten up at 2 am to drive 8 hours to my place), and I stayed up listening to music and writing in my journal.

Sounds like a lot of people had great parties, that's really awesome. smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

CH, thanks for the birthday wishes. It was okay, mostly pretty damn boring. Have you talked to the newbie yet? I'm always curious to see what married guys have to say for themselves. I once dated a married guy (of course I didn't know it at the time), and was amazed after the fact of all the excuses and lies he made up. Oh, and feel better soon. You haven't been feeling quite right for awhile, have you?

I'm sure happy the holidays are now officially over with. My birthday was ultra low-key. My parents came down to take the giant and me out to Fogo de Chao for a late lunch, then we all wandered around the Dayton's furniture department (made me kind of sad because my friend who died a year and a half ago used to work in that department, it reminded me of him). After that, we picked up a few groceries and ended up staying home the rest of the night and watched The Brothers Solomon (I don't recommend). The giant gave me a new biography of Pink Floyd. It was mostly just another day, with a really good lunch. It was just the right amount of ethnic for my mom (which is nearly none), so my parents felt comfortable there. My BFF, Poodle, Sam's dad, and Sam all called to wish me a happy birfday.

I do have to say that it kind of blows to have your birfday on a holiday/party day. Very few people who aren't your immediate family remember it.

I might be going out with Poodle tonight, since we've delayed my birfday festivities. Don't know what we're going to do yet, though.
Hey hey!

anna, are things starting to settle in at your appartment?

Diva, he's maintaining that he's not, but I explained to kari that he's too busy. it's like being involved with a cop, and that shit ain't easy. He has two full time jobs blah blah blah. even if he's not married, he's too busy. That's what it's like with people with children. You play 3rd fiddle...alas. I had to leave him a voice mail explaining what I thought about where he and I stood, nice huh.

Well I got my punk ass out for a run, which felt good. Now I'm lazing around like a lump, might take a nap. we shall see.

Diva, I'm with you on being happy the holidays are over.
anna k
Things are settled there, it's better now. The neighborhood is different from my previous one, as it's more commercial stores and cars zooming by than a quiet residential area, but I forget about that when I'm in my place. It will be easier for me to buy groceries in NYC and take it back with me in a canvas bag than buy it in my old neighborhood then walk across three avenues with it while it's cold and bitter. Some adjustments, but it's a nicer place than my old one. I would do three gym classes on Tuesdays, but will do two now so I don't have to walk home later at night.

I'm at work right now, plenty of people are coming in, so that's good.

I agree, I'm glad the holidays are done.
Hey! It was diva's birthday!! Happy Birfday, diva!!!

Heya also CH and anna, and turbo and kari and tree and lore and ketto and QB and everyone else!!

Soulman, the Anarchist, and I were at Soulman's yesterday evening, messing around with the recording equipment. I got two of my songs laid down (scratch tracks), but the Anarchist accidentally lost one of them. But yeah, awesome experience! I am quite decent with the click track already, too. biggrin.gif

But I had to pull the plug on the New Year's Day fun at 11 last night, as today is double-shift day. I think it's my last one, ever!!! HOORAH! Although I am realizing how much I'm going to miss my store discount....*sigh* I told Soulman I'd try to find some sexy underwear before I cough the thing back up. wink.gif

OMFG. New Year's HBI. Wow. Can't stop thinking about it. I've been in love before, but I've never experienced HBI like this. I mean, it wasn't even the sex, which was probably quite average in the grand scheme of things - if you were going by some sex manual or something. But it was just....such a connection. Wow. WOW. Definitely the best sex Soulman and I have ever had together.

I'm losing my dark skeptical edge, aren't I?

Gotta go smoke before my lunch break is over.....
Anna, that's wonderful that you are settling in!

Doodle's in love, doodle's in love! I'm happy for you. You very much deserve it. There is nothing like an amzing connection when you are sleeping with someone. I've had that with two people, an amazing emotional bond.

Now I must go help with dinner, having steak! Yummers!
Diva - sounds like you are having a good IGDD celebration, once again! Do tell poodle we all send our love, and give her a good spanking and tell her she's due for a bustie check-in, ASAP!

Doodle, there must have been something cosmic going on, because YEAH....the new year's HBI has been pretty spectacular. A few times. I highly recommend the sexy underwear, too. wink.gif

Turbomann and I are just chilin' at home again today, which is so nice. We've got to run a few errands in a bit - pick up the monthly meat-share, and maybe catch some thai take-out on the way home.

Anna, I'm glad you're all moved in, and settling into your new space - and that you survived the move-in process with the parents.

CH - I'm glad you talked to the dude honestly - you're right - you deserve a man who's more available to you. Good work on that one. Enjoy the steak!
Aw, doodle. That's sweet about the 'love' thing. The boy and I have been having increasingly good HBI too, but I think it has to do more with the fact that he was practically a virgin when we met (four months ago).

Culture, I'm back at work on Monday. We should definitely do a meal when you're up to it. I'm starting to get a bit of cabin fever being locked in my office all day with no one else around and it's too cold to go for much of a walk through the neighbourhood.

Tree, i'm dying for more deets!

anna, glad to hear your move went well and you're out of the basement.

Diva, happy beleated birthday!

I didn't really get up to too much on NYE. I went to a girlfriends place for dinner. Her fiance and her made pizza and salad for 6 of us, and then we smoked weed and played "the game of things" which is a lot more fun than the lame commercial would have you believe.

Around 11 I headed to a get-together (I don't want to say party, it wasn't that big) where my guy looked very sexy in a suit...and I can't help it I have to show him off.;id=769535257 He had the suit made when he went to Thailand. This get-together was at his friends grandma's place which was creepily immaculate. Of course someone knocked over a glass table and damaged some expensive looking soapstone carvings though. We stayed there until about 2:30 and then I decided I wanted to sleep at home so the boy dropped me off and we ended up talking in the car till almost 3:30.

It was a fun NYE though, low key and lots of laughter.
We played The Game of Things at the giant's aunt's on Xmas, and it was actually really fun. We had something like 9 of us, which made it better. It's really good when people start playing defensively, like giving answers that sound like they came from someone else.

I'll say hi to Poodle for y'all. I don't think she has internet at home anymore, so she doesn't get online as much. I'll mention that she should maybe pop in to prove she's not dead when she comes over to my place tonight. We're doing martinis and cabaret, which is pretty much the funnest Friday night thing to do around here, if you're me. The drinks are amazing and the cabaret singer is really good and funny. Throw in a pizza and a trip to B&N, and you've got my ideal Friday night.

Turbo, how is work going for you?

ketto, you're downtown right? I'm just in St B for work for the next three weeks, so it's not too far away.

Diva, please have poodle pop in! enjoy your evening!

I'm going to have myself some neocitran for the throat then get my punk ass to lie down. I've tentative plans with PR boy tomorrow, we shall see how I'm feeling.

Have a good evening all!
hello hello!

It was a REALLY long day today...I couldn't sleep last night, the last time I checked the clock it was about 3:30 AM.

Deets??? Well, it's kind of anticlimactic and boring....the plumber was pretty much written off as "she's a girl who kisses girls when she is drunk" and I was pretty much classified as "she's a girl who doesn't refuse a kiss when she's drunk" kind of thing. Nobody heard a bout the boobeh exploration. Meh. No drama. Which, boring as it is, is probably a good thing because as I posted elsewhere, Bear is totally not cool with girl/girl or boy/boy action, and he, in other ways is the most important person in my life. So I think this worked out as well as it could have. But boring.

I could always go out drinking with her again if I want some drama....... wink.gif
Hi all!! I'm not dead!!! I promise I'll stop by and chat one of these days. I don't have the internet at home anymore and they've been forcing me to do work-related stuff at work, which is not cool. Alright, I'm off to have girly drinks with divala!! Ciao!!
It's Poooooooooooooooooooooooooodle!!!!! Thanks for stopping by girly! Now, we just need an update, come back when you can! Boo on work.

Tree, that is rather anticlimactic, but like you said, for the best because Bear is so important.

Okay, I'm going back to bed now.
Pooodle!!! YAY! Thanks for stopping by! (And thanks to Diva for making poodle pop in!) We shall eagerly await a proper catch up - SOON!

Got up early this morning, took turbodoggie for a long walk on the beach - it was cold and windy, but the sun was out, so it was a beautiful morning. And the lake is all locked up with big chunks of ice, as far as the eye can see, so it was very quiet out there. Walked to the grocery to pick up a few things, and now turbomann and I are drinking mimosas, and omelets are to be cooked up soon. I love vacation.

We've got a post-holiday party this evening with all of our friends - we're doing a potluck and used book exchange - should be very fun. I'm making my favorite quinoa-black bean salad - always a crowd pleaser, and with vegetarians, dairy-freers, and my gluten-free self in the crowd, its something everyone can eat. And its healthy, which we can all use after the holiday glut!

Other than that, just planning some quality HBI with turbomann today. Have I mentioned how much I love vacation? smile.gif
anna k
I am beat today. I didn't get asleep last night because I had stomach troubles, and felt homesick for my old neighborhood, which isn't far away, but feels further because it's cold and gets dark earlier. I had trouble sleeping, and watched parts of Nine Lives, Paris Je T'aime, and My Life Without Me, feeling like hell. I can't wait until Time Warner Cable installs cable/Internet in my place on Tuesday. Tonight I may see a movie, I'm not sure what.

Sounds like you got some good plans, turbojenn.
Good Morning!!!

Hey Poodles!!!! It is good to see you! That stinks you can't pop in like you used to. Boooo. I hope you are well.

Anna, glad to hear you are enjoying your new place!

hey doodle! I am happy for you & soulman. smile.gif

hey CH! ~~~feel better soon vibes~~~

Hey diva! I'm glad you had a nice birthday, even if it was low key. The older I get the bigger fan I am of low key though. I know it's hard to have a birthday over the holidays.

Hey Jenn! Woot for hot HBI!!!

Hey Tree!! Glad your partay was a smash!

Hey Ketto! Your man looks Hawt in that suit!

Who am I forgetting? I think that's everyone. If not, my apologies.

So remember when I was planning on just having a relaxing New Year's Day? It didn't work out that way. Took the dogs out for a walk and a dog jumped it's fence and attacked my dogs. It was a big scrap, a neighbor finally heard me yelling & came out to help, then the dog's owner came out. My dog Yuki had two rather significant gashes- one on her leg & one on her side. I decided to take her to the emergency vet b/c the one on her side was big. She got some staples & antibiotics & is doing better now. The owner of the other dog is coming by today to give me a check for the vet bill. ugh. What a production.

Between that & terrible sinus headaches I've been a bit out of it. I am so happy today though b/c I woke up with no headache. yay! Gonna maybe go to the gym, do some shopping, and get groceries.

Tomorrow it's back to the regular work schedule. Poo. Back to reality!
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