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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I think the holiday can't come soon enough. I've got three work days left this year, but I wish I could just stay home and get shit done for the next three days. I am pretty much done with everything that needs doing this year, staff are already checking out for the holidays, so there's not a lot more I *can* do...I could really put the time to better use at home. Oh well.

I am really glad that I didn't try and make it to MI for the funeral - the flight I would have been on was cancelled anyhow, and airports are no place to hang out waiting for the weather to clear. We're currently awaiting another 6-12" of snow this evening, followed by sleet - just in time for rush hour tomorrow. Best to just stick close to home. I'll be able to see my friend's family when I'm home, and that will be good.

Kari...I am drooling at the thought of that mac & cheese. YUM. That's one of the few things that I really miss, being gluten-free. The alt-grain pastas just don't hold up well to the mac n' cheese treatment.

I'm making chili-spice rubbed pork chops for dinner this evening, with a big green salad - can't wait. I'm sure I'll post it to the blog later.

sorry i haven't been writing much...this broken finger makes it hard to type. But I'm spending lots of effort here (it's hard to hunt and peck when you are used to really typing) to beg Kari for her mac and cheese recipe. it sounds like the perfect thing for a cold snowy winter day!!!

Believe it or not, Kari, I'm able to work around it at work. Typing is the's on my right hand so i am trying to do double duty with my middle finger so all the letters on the right side seem like they are shifted over one space. It's messing me up!!!


Tree, that's good that your poor broken finger isn't hindering your work. Though I imagine typing is indeed difficult! How long does a finger bone take to heal up?

Jenn, people have started taking off for the holiday around here too. And I think everyone else is mentally checking out. tongue.gif
Your dinner last night sounds good! I'll be checking out your blog fo' sure!

It's strangely warm outside here today. Mid 60's. But still dark, looks like rain, and verrrrry windy.

Book club last night was a lot of fun. Not everyone has finished the book, so we did not talk about it too much. Going to talk about it next meeting. Instead we ate, drank wine, chatted, and had a round of charades. Very good time.

What's everyone got going on this weekend? I'm having a few people over tonight to play Risk. And I'm making a big pot of chili. Tomorrow I fear I must brave the stores to finish up my shopping. *shudder* My sister flies in from Seattle late tomorrow night, I am stoked about that!! Probably will hang with her & the fam on Sunday.
Good Morning! It's Friday!!! Woohoo!!!

Ketto, enjoy your break to the 5th! I'm not taking any time this xmas. Meh.

Hey Kari! I'm finishing my xmas shopping this weekend, seeing PR Boy on Saturday.

Turbo, stay safe in this weather.

Hi Tree!!! ~*~*~*~soothing healing vibes~*~*~*~*

So I ditched the newbie, something wasn't right there, so that's that...

I went for a run last night, and that helped me get over things. He was sweet, but very busy, I called him out on something, and didn't hear back from him. Whatevs.

hi everybustie!

just sayin' hi since i've been awol for some time. my wrists are more or less better, but in talking to one of my co-workers it looks like it might be around for life. she says that she had something similar and there are some ways she can't use her hands in certain ways for very long before they start to really hurt. booo!

things are going good at work, but i have been sick since tues.

ok, enough about me, i need to catch up on y'all!

have a great friday ladies and lore!

ps, thanks for the notes culture-- you are an absolute gem! real emails to follow, love!

hi tree! best thing for mac n cheeze: cumin! soooo good.
It's GT!!!! Hey, I'm so glad you're back.

Oh and I ws right about my suspicions about the newbie, he has a wife. Not just a girl friend, but a fucking WIFE!

Ohmyfucking god! What is it with these assholes? I hauled ass to the doctor today to get checked out. You just don't fucking know.
Oh boo ninny. I'm not getting the job.....because internal peeps have first dibs on all jobs and both positions are going to internal people. I was told that they really like my work and I aced the interview, and they're trying to find a way to keep me, maybe in an "on call" position (which is basically full-time, but not permanent, and they can float you around wherever).

But there's also a new job come up, which is entry level, which won't pay as much, but it would mean I'd have an equal shot at it along with the entire world, and I REALLY want to get on here, so I just applied. I think I'll probably get it, since I have so much temp experience here now. And then when I do get in, I can start applying internally like the rest of 'em.

Anyway, this is a total quick drive-by to let you all know.....still needin' those job vibes!

Also, I'm going guitar shopping tonight! With soulman and the anarchist.....

Also? It's fucking COLD!
Doodle, totally sucks. ~*~*~*~jobbity vibes~*~*~*~*~*

Why can't they just make you casual? They do that here pretty frequently. It gets you the experience, but its sucks because there is no benefits or paying into pension or anything, but still experience!
Hi okayers, just a quick note to say I'm home for vacation and it's wonderful.

And tree! You broke your finger and didn't know? You must be invulnerable to pain, yo.
hehe...not invulnerable to pain...just macho and stupid. I always thought if you could move it, it wasn't broken. Lessons to be learned, I guess.

I'm getting more used to typing with this splint on now. It's just hard for me to hit the keys on the lower right half of the keyboard now.

I had a very wild day yesterday, and the wildness started at noon! I got a SafeRide cab home, even. And I made out with a plumber from work. My nipple piercing was discovered. Eeek. smile.gif

I just decided, I am not going to grow up until I am on my deathbed. wink.gif
Woo hooo, Tree! *Pictures him using a stud-finder on the rest of you*

Hey, hey L.A.! So where's "home" at? Assuming you're with your parents there, it's great that you can go back and be happy about it. I care about my parents, but spending the holidays at their place would be a tad uncomfortable. They've become hard to have long chats with. Also, they don't live where I consider "home" anymore anyway, since they left Honolulu and went to Denver.

Culture, what a slimeball! Sorry you had that experience. You should leave a used soup pot on his doorstep with soup and a plush bunny floating in it just to make him shit his pants.

Doodle, I'm with getting into the company and then rising to the top rapidly. It's a tad longer-term, but if you're up-front about why you're taking the lower job, they'll be impressed with your commitment. Also, I hope you find your Soul-Axe cool.gif \m/,

Heeeya GT! smile.gif Bummer about your wrist, but maybe it's not the same thing your co-worker has. Go easy on your wrist, and munch some calcium! *Wrist-Repair Vibes* MMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (Uh oh! That one sounded a bit like a drill motor. Sorry!) Oh, and I just tried Trader Joe's Wisconsin cheddar mac'n cheez last night. It wasn't as good as Annie's. Great spicing tip, though. Thanks! Next time, I'll cumin it wink.gif

Kari, I officially ENVY your weekends! Friends, board games, and chili! My desires are simple, but you tend to cram a good quantity of them into your weekends. Awesome! smile.gif (oh, and un-related... did I ever tell you that every time I see your avatar pic, my mind fills in that there are leg cuffs just out of view. Totally un-called-for, out of left field, but it's true that that was my first impresion when I saw it, and it stuck. It's not my picture of YOU, but my picture of that picture.)

Turbo, I'm sorry about your friend. I've never lost anyone yet. I'm sure everyone who does get there will understand thuroughly and respect that you tried. Is there an online memorial?

Heeeya Ketto/EJ! smile.gif I just YouTubed your namesake, and it's my kind of relaxo-groovin' music smile.gif Also, it turns out a guy I work with does hot yoga as an extension of his physiotherapy (he had a hip replaced). He says it's great. I think I should join Goaty again in her Pilates stretches. Anyway, great that you're in a good relationship smile.gif

Heya Anna! smile.gif I didn't realize that bosses still did dictation! Yikes! Didn't your boss pick up some typing skills sometime during her schooling and/or rise to the top?!? Glad it gets you employment, though. It just sounds like something out of the '70s. Glad your dance class was nice smile.gif

As for me, I've hardly had any time to relax. Really, my best hope lately has been early mornings before work. Goaty's been really agitated since her layoff. Poor critter! This is her first time going on unemploymnet. All the hoops to jump through and the applications to other jobs are a full-time job already. I've just been trying to keep her sane, but I finally got to hang out with Otterman with just the two of us last night. It was great to have some beers in the frozen park and just joke around and philosophize. Too bad there wasn't any green to toke, but that's OK. It's been over half a year for me, anyway.

Also, GoatyGirl's brother is visiting on Christmas day, and that'll be a blast! I already bought him a bottle of peppermint schnapps for us all to share on the slopes.

Today: braving the Christmas shopping! smile.gif

Drive safe, all! (((BUSTies))))
hey, lore snuck in while i was logging in! hi bubby!

man, just got back, and i'm already behind again. tongue.gif i've been sick since last week, some kind of weird migratory cold that started in my sinuses and made tracks straight to my chest. i've been coughing and hacking for what seems like forever, and the wheezing and rattling going on in my thoracic cavity is indeed a frightening thing to behold, and the over the counter shit just wasn't making any headway. i managed the first few days of the work week (turning away from product and coughing up that lung into my smock) but by the end of the day wednesday i said 'fuck this shit', told my boss i wouldn't be in thursday and set up an appointment with my new primary doc, who is all kinds of awesome and dug my pink hair. no bronchitis or anything hinky like that, just a really bad cold compounded by seasonal allergies and the fact that i basically work in a giant refrigerator with frequent trips through the freezer section. oh, and i had the beginnings of an ear infection, which i kind of suspected since i couldn't "pop" the pressure on that side. so i ended up with like four different prescriptions-super cough suppressant, mucous-clearer, amoxicillin for the ear, and something for the allergies-and told my boss i wasn't coming back for the one day left of the work week, no way, no how. and was promptly punished by being put on the 3 am shift for next week. well no, not punished, but i wasn 't there to argue for someone else to take that shift, so there you go.

anyway, gotta dash. stupid me, i'm going to get all of my christmas shopping done today, maude help me, and thge momster's here with the car. later busties!
*Uber-Medic-Healing-Vibes for Grrrly* EeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEEEEEEEE!!!
*Pictures Grrrly sounding like that last keyboard press on Ferris Beuler's Day Off*
Doodlebug got a new toy.

Mine is the blonde one. I've named it Bazil. After Bazil Donovan. The bass player from Blue Rodeo.

Took soulman and the anarchist with me to pick it out. They both picked the same model (different colours) for me, independently of one another. Weird. Anyway, it was the best of the lot and it cost a pretty penny - some of which I owe to the anarchist, but he insisted I get a better model than my own price range.

I am at soulman's right now. He and his daughter are playing around on the recording equipment. Soulman is using my new guitar. Bazil. Sweet.

Oh yeah, on Wednesday, I was IN a recording studio! Putting back up vocals on soulman's CD, with the anarchist.

It is motherfucking cold.

That is all.
Good morning!

Hey Lily! enjoy your vacation time. I must say I'm jealous of the busties who have time off, I didn't take any time off this xmas. Whatevs.

Tree, what's the point of growing up even then? I'm with you on staying young and having fun.

Lore, that is too funny. Hee. I laughed and totally needed it.

~*~*~*healing vibes for grrrl~*~*~*~* how did your xmas shopping go? I still have to get a gift for the dadster, I may head to the mall today or go to a store close to home. There is something I can pick up I think he'd like.

Doodle, I'm loving the new guitar! Very cool.

it's also cold as fuck here. Hung out with pr boy last night, that's a strange thing. now that I'm over my feelings for him I'm kind of bored with him. we hung out a lot, too. Strange things I tells ya. I heard from him, but I don't even want to deal with it. And I went for two runs yesterday.

That's my deal, yo.

anna k
My feet are freezing and wet and I need new boots. I may leave work an hour early so I can go to Payless and buy new boots. Tomorrow I have my internship, then headed to North Carolina for a week with my family. Hopefully at Payless I can find shoes that aren't too big or too small, because their sizes are fucked.

I went to a dance performance last night, four pieces. It was really good, especially the first one (a guy with a ton of makeup lipsynching to a live KISS concert track, all audience banter like "Are you ready to rock?! I can't heaaaar you!!!!"), the second were a couple with great flexibility and physiciality, and the last was a woman playing with her own twin. It felt good to watch.

I hope you feel better, grrrl.

I know, lore, it did feel old-fashioned that she was dictating a letter to me when she could type it herself, but I guess she wanted to give me something different to do. It was fine.

Tree, you lucky lucky girl with the plumber. I envy you. smile.gif
oooohhhhh shoes!

The performance sounds really cool anna!
Good morning everyone! How lovely it is to sit and read your posts, wrapped up in my snuggly new bathrobe, after morning HBI and then eggs on toast cooked by the very HBInjector himself. wink.gif It is fricking cold to live in an old warehouse! Damn the man. I got a gift card for the store from the managers for X-mas, so I used it with my discount and got a robe to keep here. I can't take it otherwise.

I do love him, you know, despite my hesitations. And he seems to love me. Don't know where any of this is going now, but I'm just going day-by-day at this point.

My new guitar hasn't even been home yet. I brought it straight from the store to a big jam on Friday night, and then here for band jamming. Me and Bazil spent the night, and then I went to work, and came here afterwards. Bazil had been played all day long, apparently.

Gotta go....

ETA: OH! And Happy Solstice!!!
I'm hesitant whether I should post this already or not....

but I am seeking vibes.

I have been passed over so many times already that I don't even really want to hold my breath....

but yet I catch myself gasping and realize that I HAVE been holding it.

One of our old senior guys is retiring this week. I am told Tuesday is going to be his last day.

Our/my boss told me he wants to get me into that service truck.

Of course, this is only happening now that I have a personal chauffeur...

and after I decided that it was way easier and more fun to have a personal chauffeur...because he does all the oil changing, snow scraping, van warming up, etc.

and the man (chauffeur guy) worships me. At least he's got me believing that he worships me. Which is so very very flattering, probably unhealthily so.

And anyway, the truck thing is not up to my boss. It is up to HIS boss. And his boss has some strange thought processes sometimes.

But...yes. I may be getting my very own service van soon......

it would be deliciously ironic if I did get that guy's truck, because that guy is very old fashioned and quite opposed to women working in our line of business.

(don't know whether to squee or not)......

It was quite a week last week...and I wonder what it's going to be like going back to work tomorrow. It is really going to be interesting when I see the plumber.... wink.gif
*Vrooom-A-Zooom Vibes, for Tree!!!*


(Beep! Beep!)
Good Morning!

Tree, I really hope this goes well for you, you absolutely deserve it!

Heya Doodle, glad to hear that Bazil is being used well!

Hey Lore.

Well, it's Monday, I'm at work, and blah. I'm going out for lunch today and tomorrow then Wednedsay, well it's onlya half day. I'm jealous of le Busties on holidays!
Good Morning!

~~~~~~~~~~TONS of vibes for you Tree!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am crossing my fingers for you, girl.

((Grrrl)) Sounds like you feel horrible! I hope you get better soon.

Hey Anna! Did you get some boots?

doodle, that is so cool that you got a new guitar! It's purty! Sorry to hear that you didn't get the position. But! I think applying for the entry level one is a great idea. Get in there however you can! I feel confident for you!

Hey Lore! I'm flattered that you envy my weekends! Poor Goatie. I hate the layoff for her. sad.gif I'm glad you got some Otterman time.

Hey Lily Anne!

hey CH! Man, what a prick! I can't believe that dude is married. Ugh. Good call on getting checked out at the dr. Better safe than sorry.
So what are you thinking about PR boy? Gonna ride it out & see what happens?

This is my only day in the office this week. yes! I work from home tomorrow, but that's no big deal. Had a good weekend. We did indeed play Risk on Friday night. It was fun but exhausting. That game always takes forever. Saturday I hit the mall. It was crazytown there, but I don't think I'll have to go back. I have a few more things to get, but not from the mall. Saturday night we went over to our friend's house to play poker. Mr K and I both picked up some cash. Last night we took ourselves out for sushi with our winnings. We were going to go see a movie, but didn't. Instead we picked up a few grocery items & went home to watch an episode of the Tudors on DVD. My sister was supposed to fly in last night, but apparently there is bad weather in Seattle or somewhere else. Lore, is it bad there?

Hey Kari! I'm jealous of your time off! Enjoy!

Well, PR boy and I talked about, and we're just settling into where things are with us. He's still one of my best, and that's not going to change, these past two weeks have been a bit of a party. I totally fell off the abstinence wagon I was on. I don't mean mildly either...

As for the other one, he called me on Saturday, he's still saying it is his ex, but all evidence prooves the contrary, so that's the end of that.
Hey all!

SNOW DAYYYY!!!! biggrin.gif

Yeah, I was on my way when I got the call from my boss. Weather's too bad for people in the Seattle area, and the wall footing form I was working on filled up with snow. No working on that one!

Drive safely, all!
*passes mugs of steaming hot chocolate laced with Baileys around lounge*

(((((get that service van vibes for Tree))))))

MMmmmmm, Doodle! New guitar, HBI, Post-HBI brekkie...sounds like a very fine time, indeed. Enjoy Bazil!!

Turbomann and I had a spectacular weekend...we actually went on a DATE friday night - I made him stay home from work because of the ludicrous weather we've been having, so he came downtown to my office, met my peeps, and then we went to the Christkindlemarket in the plaza - its a big German craft/food fair. Had some delicious mulled wine as we wandered around. Then we did a bit of shopping downtown before heading north a bit to one of our favorite tapas places for dinner. So yummy. Saturday, we met friends at our favorite pub for lunch, then I cooked all afternoon. And yesterday...well, it was so blisteringly cold outside, that we decided to stay in, and dedicate the whole day to HBI. Mmmmmm. Haven't spent a whole day like that in quite awhile. So good.

Kari - enjoy the rest of the week off!! I have to go in tomorrow, but its not going to be a very serious day, and then I've got a haircut scheduled for the evening, which I desperately need.

We'll be driving to MI on wednesday, but we're also keeping an eye on the weather, as another snow storm is rolling in here tomorrow.

CH, I'm glad you talked with PR boy, and got things straightened out.
Good Morning!

Lore, I hope you enjoyed your snow day!

Turbo, that sounds like a perfect weekend!

I have nothing. Just a little irked, I come to work for the second day in a row, and there is snow in my spot. I complained about it yesterday and they said it would get cleaned. What kind of fucking bozo puts snow in a spot? Lazy douche bag.


Hee, aside from that I'm super happy fun!
Good afternoon Okayers! It is too cold to go out at lunch break, so I'm here reading all your posts, eating gorgeous split pea and ham soup with dill (MMMMMM) from the deli next door.

So....what's new with me? I am loving my new guitar! Bazil is such a sweet-sounding instrument, I am soooo happy. Last night hippiegirl came over and I let her play it, and played my old one. Funny I never named the old one! Anyway, that was cool.

And I am spending Christmas Eve with soulman, and the anarchist has invited me to Christmas Day dinner at his best friend's house. I asked him to invite soulman, too (mainly because of my conflicted feelings, and also all this male territorialism over me that needs to end), so that's in the works. Funny, I've deliberately not done anything for Christmas these last few years, and now I have not one, but two dates for the holidays!

And yeah, I'm sooooo conflicted over the whole soulman/anarchist thing. We were in the recording studio last week, and there was a lot of weird territorial posturing going on between them, with me as the football - each one made a show of "possessing" me physically in front of the other. The anarchist knows all about, well, everything with me and soulman. Soulman knows nothing of my internal crap over the anarchist, but I'm about 85% sure he senses the mutual attraction between us - I think that's why he finally decided to "step up" the romance between us, because he knew he might lose me. Anyway, after I started sleeping with soulman again (only very recently! - and by the way, the anarchist knew IMMEDIATELY...when I finally told him, he said, "I wondered when you were going to tell me."), he lost a lot of the shine in his eyes, and last Sunday when we went to the jam - just me and him - he said his heart wasn't in it - I kept asking him why and he couldn't tell me - kept giving me this strained look, and then sat me down and told me it's going to take him a long time to get over his marriage. Okay, well, what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Wait for him to catch up? I was already embroiled in this thing with soulman when the anarchist's marriage blew apart, and yes, I do love soulman and care very much about him, and never, ever want to hurt him. But last night on the phone (yeah, we talk pretty much every day, for hours at a time), I told the anarchist that, as much as I care about soulman, I didn't see it going the distance, that I was just lonely, and that I thought maybe I was a bridge for soulman, between his old bad marriage and the rest of his life. The anarchist (happily) agreed that might be the case. I said I was worried that when the relationship with soulman finally comes to a close, it's going to explode the band - he told me to ride the wave and then blow it up reeeel good.

Anyway. That's where that's at.

I think I've decided to give my notice at the store on the 27th. I actually wanted to do it last weekend, but I didn't want to up and quit right before Christmas. But I need to quit. I am soooo tired of slogging up the hill in the cold for a couple of shifts a week. I could make a similar amount of money with regular gigging. Plus I am still on assignment at Lotteries till the end of February, probably longer, and I have two potential opportunities facing me: either to be hired "on call" at the end of my assignment, here in player services (which is full-time but not permanent staff), or the permanent admin position in corporate services. Three opportunities, really, because there is so much fucking backlog that even if neither of those jobs pan out, they are probably still going to keep extending my temp contract past the end of February.

So quitting the store job would be committing an act of faith, I think, that I am going to get on here.

Okay, my lunch is nearly over and I must grab a ciggie first!
Good Evening Doodle!

It sounds like you have started to get clarity with soulman and the anarchist. I really hope the work situation works itself out.

I heard from the doctor, test results came back negative, so I'm all good to go. Phew. Speaking of crapheads, I have another guy, this one from my past, who has been dating his woman for over a year now, trying to get with me again. WTF? You know what, I'm done with men. This is horse puckey.

Went for a run and now I'm bagged, hope everyone has had themselves a good day!

Well, I am DONE with work for the year. WOOT! And not a moment too soon. There were 7 of us in the office today, out of 70, it was just silly - not as if we could get anything done, and unfortunately, it was MY supervisor who was there to make sure the skeleton crew stayed put all day. grrrr.

And, we're in the middle of a giant snowstorm here. again. We may or may not be driving to MI tomorrow - we're going to have to wait and see what the weather's doing, but we don't want to sit in traffic for hours on end, when the trip is long enough without weather.

Dooooodle...I'm glad you clarified the HBI sitch, as I was definitely wondering who was the HBI provider....sounds like a tough situation, to be torn between two men who are each good people in their own right. And then...the fact that you're in the band together on top of it....WOW. You are braver than I to navigate those waters!

Drunk janitor is currently swearing loudly outside my door while he shopvacs at the end of the seems we have a leaky water pipe, and the two neighbors whose condos may have water damage aren't home. Oy. Makes me a little nervous to be leaving town tomorrow, in case there's more damage. We'll have to leave the phone numbers of folks who have our keys.

And now, I need to start getting stuff organized for the trip to MI. Merry Christmas to all, if I don't check in tomorrow!!

am I the only busties who is at work today? Oh well. I'll be dog fucking for the half day I'm here.

Turbo, stay safe in this weather! And that is royally shitty about yesterday, but your day is done!

I have nothing.

I am here but they are springing us at 7 minutes! Off to meet soulman.......

c-monkey's chomping at the bit to get the present-opening portion of the morning, but i just wanted to stop by and wish everyone merry christmas!

and how, how in the hell, no matter how early i get up and think "gotta check the okay thread!", does culture always beat me to it?! tongue.gif
Hee hee Grrrl, I'm a glutton for punishment!

i went for an early morning run!
Merry christmas, Okayers!!!
Meeeeery Christmas! biggrin.gif
my ass hurts!

Damn stupid crappy run.

Oh, and I've been drinking. You know, I think I spent last xmas doing exactly the same thing. Dirnking and on the internet. Or maybe I was high. I don't remember.

Anyways, hope okayers are doing well!
*tilts back some Holiday Cheer with Culture* Glurg!

Wish I were lighting a tannen-bong!

Oh, and your ass hurts?!? GOOD! That's GAIN yer feelin' wink.gif
Oh Lore, I totally dipped into that shiznit tonight too! Merry XMAS!

Oooh, I think I'm going to watch futurama.

I've been makin playlists tonight. I love itunes. Yup, I made three new ones, including one called; If I were a stripper, I'd shake my titties to this. Hee.
Highlights of list, Plz! smile.gif
Mornin' ya'll! Wish I were dipping into the holiday cheer with CH and Lore! That's going to have to wait until we get home to Chicago, though. No fun drinkin' with either of our families. Tmann's doesn't drink (but is otherwise fun), and mine's just no fun! tongue.gif

We're having a good holiday here in MI...had SO much fun with all the little tots xmas-eve and yesterday - but also pretty tired from all the fun, and playing with kiddie toys. I don't know where kids get all the energy to keep up all with all the playtime, though I suspect some high-octane sugar-fuel is at the heart of it. smile.gif

I just ventured out and had a lovely brekkie with Moxie, just the two of nice. And now, I've got to figure out the rest of the day. I need to stop by and see the family of my friend that passed away last week - not a fun trip, but needed...and I need to get some local apples and cider at the orchard...but I think all of that will have to wait until the roads improve a bit - ice is coming down out there now, and I saw WAY too many accidents coming home from breakfast.

Hope everyone is safe and having a nice end to a holiday week! We're heading back to Chicago tomorrow, so long as the weather cooperates, and then the REAL vacation begins!
Good Morning!

Turbo, sounds like your christmas went well, minus the booze of course, BUT that will be soon to come!

Lore, I made a few new playlists last night, I have a rather eclectic music taste, but the ones from yesterday include;

If I were a dancer, I'd shake my titties to this;

1. Burn the Witch by Queens of the Stoneage.
2. Hold me, thrill me, Kiss me, kill me by U2
3. Boys Better by The Dandy Warhols
4. Five Days by Tricky
5. After Dark by Tito And Tarantula (from the From Dusk til Dawn soundtrack)
6. Go with the flow by Queens of the Stoneage
7. Sunspots by Nine Inch Nails
8. Sweet emotion by Aerosmith (now, I may remove this one and put it on another playlist)
9. Eva by Jean Jacques Perrey (thank you to the ever lovely GT for introducing me to this song!)
10. Army of My by Bjork

I also made one called, Well, that's a good song to run to

1. 555 by Angello and Ingrosso
2. I Retro (Dero's Rave Mix) by Dero
3. Keep it Down (radio Slave dub) by Greenskeepers
4. Can't Get you out of my head by Kylie Minogue
5. Milkshake by Kelis
6. Blue Monday (club 69 mix) by Orgy
7. Let it Go by Choopie and Roni
8. No Matter What by Nu electric
9. Music Sounds Better with you by Stardust
10. Keep on By Champion
11. Keep on (Champion's Alternate take) by Champion
12. High Roller by The Crystal Method
13. (Can't you) Trip like I do by The Crystal method

I have 30 GB worth of music on my Ipod, half of which I don't even know. I love to put my ipod on shuffle then go to town! I'm always happy to make a custom playlist, too.
Happy belated Christmas.

Ours was a little nuts. Around 3pm I went into the kitchen and the stove had turned off. We have one of those stoves with the sensored keybads covered by a plate of glass. On the 24th my mom dropped a bottle on it and the whole thing cracked everywhere. It worked fine until 3pm yesterday, but then the oven kept giving an error message and wouldn't stay on. We finally figured out that if you stood with one hand covering a certain part of the keypad it would stay on. We were supposed to eat at 6 and it was almost 8 when we finally did.
And I also found a single bed bug on me yesterday. I store my room apart, steamed everything, and re-washed all my bedding but I didn't see any sign of another one. Hopefully it was just a leftover that had been living in a bag of clothes somewhere.

Low-key smaller Christmas here, but it was nice. My brothers got me the best gift. On iphoto you can make and order albums like this: . Mine looks prettier though. It's an album of the trip we took to England and Scotland together in April and they called it "Sibling Awesomeness". My older brother is really witty so the little commentary throughout was pretty hilarious.

Did anyone here try and venture our for boxing day sales? I really really need new sheets, pillows, and duvet but I just can't be bothered to leave the house today.
Hey Ketto! there is no way I'm venturing out there, I went to shoppers drug mart and my grandmother gave my her optimum points, I got me some good stuff. The iphoto thing is pretty cool.

~*~*~*~*bed bug STAY gone vibes~*~*~*~*~

I find the best time to purchase anything in January, even better deals than Boxing day.
oooof. tough day today. got an emergency call, ALL the coldrooms at biochemistry are warm. So that means a problem with the main chiller up on the top floor (only accessible by stairs, no elevator). The thing was out of refrigerant. I had to lug 500 pounds of refrigerant, not including the actual weight of the cylinders themselves, up a flight of stairs. 10 fifty pound cylinders of refrigerant I carried up those godforsaken stairs. I had a workout. I think with the weight of the metal cylinders themselves I actually carried about 700 pounds.

I suspect I may wake up tomorrow morning whimpering.......

But the REALLY frightning thing about today was its expense to the guy who owned the chiller....the refrigerant plus my labor is going to run the guy $12,000.00. for just one day. Yikes!

*in my defense, the refrigerant is really expensive....he should've not ignored / disabled his refrigerant leak alarm.......
DAMN tree, how are you feeling today?

Actually, shockingly enough not bad. My shins ache a little when I stretch them, and my forearms feel a little tight, but what I was really worried about was my back, and that seems fine.

Merry Christmas, everyone, slightly belatedly. At soulman's, am on my way to work soon, so not much time. Am giving my notice at the store today, very nervous! But it's time. It's been almost a year, and it's just too much. I need time for the band, time for soulman. Yeah, soulman. That's where I'm at, that's where things are at, and I'm content to live in today and not tomorrow.

Will also be slightly reeking of morning HBI at work today. wink.gif

Gotta go!
I am back home in Chicago - WOOT! It was a great trip to MI, just the right length, and I am so happy to be back in my own space, chillin', and my body will be thrilled to be back to eating normally. SIL was way too good to me in baking delicious gluten-free sweets and breadstuffs for me and the GF nephie, and even though the stuff was GF, my bod is reeling a bit from all the sugar. And best of all, I am REALLY looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight - YEAH!

Doodle, there is nothing wrong with living in today, not tomorrow. Love where you've got it, right? smile.gif

CH - those are some kick-ass playlists - I think I'm going to download a few of those tracks.

Tree, as ever, I am totally impressed with your skillz! I think I might have cried, faced with carrying all that refridgerant up those stairs. You kick ass!
tee, lore! neighbor and i were totally tannen-bonging it wrapping presents wednesday night. biggrin.gif

damn, tree, woman of steel there. i was whimpering the day after neighbor kid's birthday party at the bowling alley. just a note: wii bowling, not preparatory in any way for the real thing. tongue.gif

hee, doodle's gettin' hbi!

christmas was a wacky whirlwind of family and friends and food. dinner at my cousin's house wednesday night, breakfast and the big family gift exchange thursday morning, then a quick nap, a couple more presents, and dinner at my other aunt's house. it was a lot of fun, and c-monkey made out like a bandit. i had to go back to work yesterday, but seeing as they tried to push everything out as quick as possible before the two-day holiday, yesterday was kind of kickback. and the bossman called after i left tuesday and told me to come in at 9:30 friday morning instead of 5:00 due to a last-minute sick day from one of the reps at the other plant, so i got to relax and enjoy my christmas without having to worry about being up at oh-dear-maude-thirty in the morning.

nothing doing this weekend. the momster and c-monkey and i went to see marley and me this morning, and now i'm just waiting for the momster to get back from a few errands and haul me and c-monkey and our loot home, where we will veg through tomorrow. oh, and i'm making cookies. i got a mixer, cookie sheets, a silicone baking sheet, and cooling racks from the momster. so, you know, i can take a hint. wink.gif
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