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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Diva, I'll definitely take some truffles - I keep forgetting to PM you...I'll check with turbomann tonight, and give you the final tally, and send some cashola your way - thanks for the reminder - we don't want that deliciousness going to waste!!

We had a really nice weekend - SO busy on Saturday, what with the hosting of back-to-back partays at our house, but both were awesome, AND I have oodles of turkey leftovers. Turkey & wild rice soup is currently simmering on the stove. Yum. The bustie gathering was awesome...I love that the Chitown crew feels like family now, spouses/SOs included...I always look forward to seeing everyone. And everyone brought LOTS of food. I think I was in a sugar coma afterward, though - stargazer made some amazing pecan pie truffles, and avaadore was so sweet to bring GF cookie dough and baked up choco-chip cookies for me!!! And then there was the baked goat cheese, and smoked salmon rolls, and shrimp cucumber rolls, baked beans, tabouleh, pitas, wine, and Wassail!! Ooof, I'm full just thinking about it! Seriously, though - if you're looking for a festive holiday drinkipoo - make some Wassail - its tasty, and just a wee bit deadly. smile.gif

Sunday, we just chilled out, didn't even leave the house except to walk the dog. Slept in, cooked a bit, cleaned a bit, napped a LOT....perfect day.
doodle, good luck with the job!

Hey grrrl!

anna, congrats on the new place! I can't look for a place until my job goes full time but I spent an hour tonight looking at available condo's and small homes on a real estate site. I can dream!

Diva, sam sounds like such a cool kid.

Turbo, that sounds like delicious and fantastic partying.

Thanks for all the recovery vibes! I always seem to get hit the hardest. When my brother had his teeth out he was barely swollen. I'll post some pics when I get home of what my face looked like on Saturday (it was even bigger on Friday). I'm still fairly swollen today and most of the right side of my face looks bruised, but the pain is mostly gone, but I'll be taking another pain pill when I get home. I hope I don't have to get the top teeth out later.

It was actually really really nice to just be able to lay in bed and not have to do anything. I taped my blinds shut all weekend for maximum darkness and just slept and slept, watched bad TV and ate soup in between, and then slept some more. Between Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night I slept for 50 hours. I still feel kind of out of it though. I wouldn't let the boy come over because 1) I was totally fucked up and out of it, and 2) I was really embarrassed about how swollen I was...and my mom would keep coming into my room saying, "I'm sorry Erin but I can't believe how huge your face is!" Thanks mom. Then my older bro wouldn't stop laughing at me. Anyhow, I finally let R (the boy) come over last night but I ended up pretty much falling asleep in his arms because I had to take 2 t3's before he arrived. It was a blissfull drug induced state.
Doods. Drive-by. Sorry. It's kind of like a cyclone hit. I've had barely a moment to myself since the day before my birthday. Working six days a week, had the women over Thursday night, worked Friday night also, band practice last Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (tonight) nights, plus tomorrow. Tomorrow's will be our last rehearsal before the gig on Thursday. It's been hard work, and the anarchist is meticulous about getting it right!!! So. Phew! Basically I had Sunday during the day to myself - soulman wanted me to go to the secret jam at the coffee house, hippiegirl wanted to jam, but I had to say no....mainly because I had to book myself some writing time, but also because my voice was fried.

Oh yeah, on top of that, I almost lost my voice to a barking cold! But it's coming back, it was almost perfect tonight. It'll be fine by Thursday, especially if I have Wednesday night to rest it.

We are doing THREE original songs by ME!!! Holy crap!! I'm so fucking stoked!

The cats are a bit pissed off though.

Holy shit, I have to go to bed.
Good Morning!

Diva, horray on almost completed xmas shopping. I haven't started yet. Fer reals. I only have to buy for three people, so I think next pay day it'll be done!

turbo, the food and the company sounds wonderful!

Erin, how is your face now? When I got my wisdom teeth pulled, I also didn't leave the house. My face swelled up like a cherub. No bruising though.

Doodle, that's fantastic news that you are doing three originals by Doodle-icious! Woohoo!

I have nothing. It's Tuesday and it's still cold. Hmmph. Oh well, I'm mostly pleasant!
Good Morning!!

ErinJane, I'm glad you are starting to feel better. Wisdom tooth extraction is the pits!

Doodle, sounds like you've been a busy bee! Good for you for taking some time to yourself. Can't wait to hear about the gig! That's super cool that you guys are doing three original Doodle songs!

Hey CH! Yeah, I have considered doing something crafty. I would like to take up knitting again. I think part of my problem is just that winter is coming and its f-ing dark all the time. I hate that.

Hey diva!! I'm glad things will be slowing down for you. Oh, I wanted to tell you, I reallllly enjoyed your truffles last year and the only reason I'm not ordering this year is due to moolah issues. Since I had to get that car work done, the Xmas shopping budget was cut down some & I have to replenish. I didn't want you to think we did not love your truffles, b/c we did!

Hey jenn! Sounds like the Chi bust party was a blast! That is so very cool that you guys get together that way.

How you feeling Lily Anne? I hope a bit better.

I am working at home today. Mr K has gone to school to take his last final. I really hope he does well. If not, I know he's going to be really upset. As for me, I might go out & try to do some Xmas shopping. I need to find something for our one year old nephew. That's harder than it seems. I haven't found anything so far. Hmmm.
hello lovely ladies. I know, I know, where has she been??? I'm still here, I swear.

(((erinjane))) it'll get better. promise. take it easy now. pamper even.
doodle.... your music??? how freakin great!!!!
ch... know what you mean on the shopping. sigh. but we know it'll get done. don't forget the wrap paper. (i did)

it's tuesday. woke up shivering. just could not get warm. I got up and got all dressed in sweats and even a huge hoodie top. mylove woke up just as I was leaving. I told him that I was going to get a blanket and go to the couch to get warm. then son asked for a ride to school. (he flooded his car) so I took him. when I got back, the down comforter was on the couch, the heater was going in the room, and the heating pad was warming the blanket. and I have a cup of hot chocolate waiting. now how wonderful is that???
I'm in for the day. it may be nice out, but I'm cold. woozy now, so I'm off to sleep.

hugs to all.
I plan on making something yummy for my guest to snack on before the big meal is done on Christmas. I dread waiting on the food to be done. So I was thinking of making a Baked Nacho Platter recipe i got from Nachos are mutual and everyone should like them.

(yawn) I just woke up. snugglety and warm. <sigh> and he turned on the christmas tree lights for me. I feel so pampered.
where is everybody?

mcd... your nachos sound yummy. chips and dips are always a fun distraction, and this is both!
yikes. double post. apologies
Hi all,

Turns out one of my meds was stressing out my liver. I feel better now that I am not taking it anymore. I've been sleeping a lot and have graduated to solid food. Things are looking up.

Doodles, you get rested too or your voice will go away. Have an awesome concert!
Hi!!!! VERY quick drive-by posting...I'm posting from the hotel lobby computer.

I am LOVING this training. It's an awesome class and I am learning a TON. Last day is today though. sad.gif I feel like I'm just scratching the surface.

*new digital controls/smart building expert*

Good Morning!

Kari, it's dark when i get to work and it's dark when I leave work. It's super dark when I'm at the park. And spooky...

Oooooh JAMI! How's it going? How divorce going with lamex? how's california?

Mmmm, nachos.

Lily, excellent to hear you are on the mend.

Hey Tree! So glad to hear the training is going so well!

Now, where are Kel and Minx?

It's snowy and crappy here today, oh well. Things go on...


Hey JAMI! It's good to see you! It does sound warm & cozy in your house. And chocolate!

Hey Lily Anne! Glad you figured out what was causing you to feel bad. Feel better!

Welcome Candy!

Enjoy your training Tree! Sounds good so far!

Hi Ch! Stay warm! What's the temp there? It is not bad at all here today. Very mild. Low 40's maybe.

I'm just here at work today, the usual. Working on a project, making some progress. Going out to lunch today, which is a treat. I usually bring.

Yeah, we have not seen Minx in forever! Or kel! Or FJ! Or Poodle!
Greetings this chilly morning
tree - soak in that knowledge! so glad that you're enjoying it all!!!
ch - spooky sounds like it. worries me. be safe, girl.

sun is still coming up. guess all that sleepin made me getup earlier today. drat. the fog has lifted yesterday and today. supposed to rain come sunday for one big storm. just got a patch of lawn dug up and gonna prepare it for planting my grandmother's irises that my dad brought to me. I am so happy about that. the ground was frozen when I moved and I could not dig up what I had.
Lamex is still at it. there was a hearing yesterday and I'm waiting to see what happened. after the divorce, after things are signed, after things are done, he comes up with a motion saying that stuff I have is his, and he wants it. and the judge said ok. this was my hearing, and he didn't even have the right to bring anything up, but the judge let him. nothing said regarding when he broke into my home and took my notebooks and personal items and planted items in the home when we were away at my mother's memorial. (I kid you not - I found needles behind towels in the bathroom!!!) nope - let that go, but give him back books. um... books? and my artwork, which I am fighting for. he stole my mothers furniture, but, hey, it was in his posession. Like I have learned - a good'ol boys state. that's why he brought me there. more for the male at a settlement. and the judges let them get away with it.
so unfortunately, he is still at it. I have to file now for a separate hearing to tell the judge of things that he has of mine that he took. stupid stupid. all he has to say is *I don't have it* and they let him go. it's happened before.

keep warm and snuggledy everyone.

((((((jami)))))) I'm sorry that lamex is still being a double-douchebag. On the otherhand, newlover's snuggly prep yesterday and hot cocoa - that is SO sweet!! Sounds like a good man you've got there!

Treee! Glad you're having an awesome training!

I had an amazing training the last couple days too! I won a scholarship to a Word of Mouth Marketing seminar, and is was beyond awesome!! My brain is chock-full of ideas, and I'm holding onto the conference-high before reality comes crashing down tomorrow, when faced with my old school bosses who won't want to implement any of my ideas, even if they don't cost anything. Still, it was such a great experience, and good to get my brain juiced up again.

Yeah, CH - where are minxy, poodle and Kel???? Those bitches need to check in, pronto!! *paging MIA busties*
Good Morning!

Kari, today it is -21C, with the windchill it feels like -31C, so that would be -5 and -24F respectively. Normally we don't get this until January. This has done a horrifying number on my skin. My skin is dry, red and flakey and I don't know what to do about it. Le Sigh.

Hey Jami, ugh, what a fucking loser lamex is. BUT I firmly believe tha karma is a bitch and he'll spend his next life as a tapeworm, then a cockroach, ooooh no he'll be Chlamydia, then, hmmm a bottom feader. Then he'll be foot fungus.

Hey Turbo! What did your training entail?

I don't have much going on, as usual. My skin hurts and I feel so uncomfortable because of it. I'm washing my hair every other day, and taking a whore's bath most days. No amount of lotion is really helping. Le WHINE!

So, how's everyone else? what's the plans for this weekend?
Good Morning!

Holy shit, CH, I think I would die in those temps. BRRRRRR! I don't do well in extreme cold.

Hey Jami! I am so sorry about lamex! Geez dude, get a life! I will never understand people who make a past time of making others miserable. Are you still dating the dream man, btw?

Jenn, that's great that you won a scholarship to that seminar! And that it was so great!

It's raining here today. Again. I am over it. Other than that, no real news to report. Last night I went to the gym, worked it out, then came home & cooked dinner & watched Top Chef. Is anyone watching this season? I think it's been pretty good so far.

Weekend.....Going to a tacky sweater Christmas party tomorrow night. Saturday Mr K & I are going to get our tree & then put up some lights outside. That evening our neighbor his having a party. Mr K will be working, but I'm gonna pop by. Sunday AM I am meeting my girlfriends for a brunch-in-lieu-of-gifts.
anna k
It's raining here too in NYC, kari.

God, CH, that is freezing. I feel so bad that you're all the way up there in the bitter cold. That's why I made it to Montreal in the autumn, and it was already getting windy and cold. My hands gets cracked too, little splits. I wear gloves and put on lotion at night, and it helps.

Congratulations, turbojenn! You are awesome!

I'm so sorry, jami. Lamex sounds like a childish little boy.

The apartment is getting finalized, and I'll move in Jan. 1st. My parents are driving up from North Carolina to help me move in, and will stay the night, which will feel a little too close for comfort, but they're the reason I'm getting this apartment, so I can deal for a night. I'm looking forward to going down to Raleigh to see them (they're Long Islanders, but moved down there two years ago), it's a nice little city and they have a beautiful house that I feel warm and safe and happy in.
Oh this weather is nothing. It gets much worse in January. you get used to it. It jsut sucks because it was nice, then fucking cold. there was no transition period like there normally is.

Kari, that sounds like a fun weekend!

Anna, what a great way to start your new year!
Hi, peeps!

Damn, CH, that is cold! I don't know what the overnight lows are here in MN, but our highs the past couple days have been under 20 F. It doesn't bother me, except for walking from my parking ramp into work, it feels like a very cold slap in the face.

Congrats on the apartment, Anna!

Count me in on the winter-skinned Busties. I'm starting to get my usual winter scales on my legs and my hands have been cracking a bit.

Kari, I'm jealous of your brunch. If we Mpls Busties could get it together and maybe all be around at the same time, we could do that, too. It's been years since we've gotten together, and brunch rules! Oh, and as for the truffles, don't worry about it. I figured you had your reasons, so no need to explain yourself. Thanks for buying last year!

Hi, Jenn, Tree, Lilly Anne, and everyone!

Nothin' much doin' for me. No weekend plans, either, except maybe stop at a couple places to finish shopping, but that's it. I'm still making a bunch of cash from truffle orders and custom jewelry pieces, now it's just a matter of waiting for the money to roll in. I'm mainly going to use it to give to charity, so I'm kind of itching for it. For the rest of my shopping, I'm doing it all online. It's a bit of a relief, really, that I don't have to brave the malls if I don't want to. My BFF and I aren't shopping for each other this year, which I'm pretty happy about. We're exchanging handmade stuff, which is really the best possible thing, and the guys are exchanging mix CDs. The giant and I are making BFF's husband a really cool mix of cover songs, the weirder the better. We should probably do that this weekend. Other than that, I've got some jewelry to make, but that's it. I'm looking forward to a weekend of snuggling and sleeping in.

I do want those Nachos before Christmas day, they sound soo yummy smile.gif Jami, are u cooking on Christmas?...
Hey all...just taking a minute before all of the shit hits the fan again. Yeesh. I've missed you all terribly. tongue.gif

It's been one thing after another around these parts. The exasshat is up to his ole exasshattery. He's vying for more visitation, but Minxlette keeps coming home telling me this retarded shit that he says to her--he's REALLY fucking unstable. He got all pissed off at her for whispering to me on the phone the other evening, told her that it was impolite and that if she was lying about what she was whispering about to me that she would be in trouble.

Well, oh welly-well. He can go play hide and go fuck himself. He's trying to bleed me financially by taking advantage of the parenting consultant that was written into our custody agreement, and lying even chance he can about really stupid shit. I think that I have the internal fortitude to deal with him this time around.

Things with Artman are going along swimmingly. We're both looking into Clinical Psychology master's programs. Yep, that would make it my second Master's degree, but I need another career opportunity...and my brain needs more learnin'. He's still trying to get divorced from his crazy ex, but that is looking like it might be done sometime late spring. Not soon enough for him, but we're hoping like hell that this will finally be done. It is holding things up in our relationship--kinda hard to go ultra-public with the extended family since he is still technically married. Send some divorce vibes his way, please, oh esteemed Pink Mafia. I reeeeeeeeeeeally like him, and even told him as much. laugh.gif

I've been lurking around in here once in awhile...has anyone gotten a Mando update?

Hope all is well with everyBUSTie! I have to go play some cards and drink some wine, and tomorrow I am taking the day off to hang with the Minxlette at her school and read them Stieg stories. I love me some second grade!!
CHA-CHINGGGG!!!! *listens for Diva's PayPal account to echo* Thankie, Divala! Your truffles will be the big hit of Goaty's Christmas, I'm sure!

Tree, way to rock the training, you digital controls/smart building orgasmaphilia dominatrix! wink.gif

L.A., what were the offending meds for? I hope you've found a less liver-intensive substitute. Yay you for going in to figure it out, though. YOu wouldn't believe how many of us wouldn't bother to figure out the root of the prob.

Culture, yeah, I actually got creeped/freezed-out last Thursday night when I was going to a park to smoke a cigar I had been given. The park was super dark and spooky at 3AM (when I got off my night shift), and it was ear-bitingly cold. I was walking across a swinging bridge into the pitch-dark park just to spark up, when a gust of even chillier air struck me, and I just said, fuckit! How enjoyable could this cigar be while I'm shivering and my 'Wolf-senses are tingling. If there were someone with me, I'd have gone for it just to make a dare out of it, but alone wasn't worth it.

Zoop! I'd type more, but I gotta go!
Hi everyone! I'm taking a rare break from a term paper that I enjoy writing (even rarer!). Whee!

CH is right; usually I get a transition from fall to winter, but this year's all out of whack. We used to joke that it was due to global warming. But, seriously. Brr! And I bet all those people in Lew-siana are all, "Snow! WTF??"

Minx - Pink Mafia! I love it. I have the feeling, though, that a book called The Godmother just wouldn't cut it, though.

The culprit meds were super-antibiotics. It's good to take a break from them anyhow. If I hadn't been so exausted from class, I think I would have caught the problem sooner. You know how it is: take a vacation and sleep all week, get sick, and get over it. The "sick" part was too intense and the "get over it" wasn't happening soon enough. Lucky for me I had a good charge nurse.

Additional advice for scaly sufferers - what works for me:
Start a bottomless pot of herbal tea. Go for the world record in pee breaks.
Take fish oil or vitamin E. Moisturize from the inside!
Invest in leave-in conditioner for your hair. It even comes in store-brands, so it's not expensive.
Wear a coat and fingerless gloves at home. You'll look ridiculous, but you won't dry out as much.

Happy Friday!!!!!

Yup, Diva it's a hella cold here. We don't get this shit to January. It's craptastic. Enjoy your restful weekend though!

It's MINX! That's wonderful that you and artman are doing so well. Ex needs a neck punching, now where is Kel our resident neck puncher.

Lore, werd. it's totally true how fuckin' scary it gets at the park. it's even worse when it's windy and the trees creek, you're looking around like WTF? I iz skared.

Lily, I do actually take a fish oil. But no transition time here. Erg. Oh well, life goes on.

This weekend I'm hitting up a craft show with a friend I haven't seen in a while, so that will be nice to get together with her. It's been months. and there is a man persuing me fiercly, it tickles me. we shall see. He's kinda older, but I don't know how much older. Hmmmm...whatever.

anna k
I agree Lily Anne, I can't believe there's snow in Louisiana.

I eat avocados and drink water and green tea, and my skin is in good condition, with the occasional breakouts. I feel lucky for that.

Lore, I used to get scared when I'd take a train from NYC to Long Island late at night, and some guy starting chatting me up while I was listening to music on my headphones, just creeping me out. Or standing in front of the train station at 1 am waiting for a taxi, bracing myself for anyone who tried to mess with me. I would feel very lone and scared but keep my strength up.

This weekend I'm working, going to see Milk (I wasn't going to, but keep reading great things about it), and see a local dance show on Saturday night.

(this was in the crush thread, but I moved it over here) I have a small crush on a guy who I've seen in one of my gym classes. He's nice-looking and I find him attractive, but I'm shy to talk to him. I get more nervous talking to guys who I find good-looking, because I feel like a nerd in comparison. Even though I'm far past my teenage insecurities, I still feel shy and reserved with new people.
Hi everyone! Total work-break drive-by....sorry, just no time right now!

The gig was awesome! I was nervous but managed to pull it off anyway, I think. Apparently there were a few folks going around asking seriously where they could buy our CD!! On the downside, the "star" of the show was a complete diva, and told us very firmly we could only have a half we only got to do six songs. And THEN, the little cunt went and took up almost an hour-and-a-half! At the expense of everyone else's sets. I hate her for that. But you know, she wasn't that great. I mean, her voice was good, and she was very showy, but the songs had no real soul. That's what the anarchist told me too: there's show and there's soul. We had soul.

I wound up doing 2 of mine, plus the Chicks' Long Way Around, and a duet with soulman, plus we did 2 of soulman's originals as well. We rocked the house. I had tons of friends and supporters, going back to my old days at the women's centre and from the Vagina Monologues, and they were all up dancing and screaming and getting nice and drunk. wink.gif We also raised $2800 for the food bank (not bad for a $10 cover), plus 600 pounds of food. biggrin.gif

Anyway, Scully and the Mulders are talking very seriously about recording now, and also maybe trying to take over one of the local pubs, trying to make it a regular gig haunt. The anarchist is going to buy some recording equipment next week when we go up to pick out my guitar. biggrin.gif

On the downside, I have a suspicion I'm not going to get this job at Lotteries, as they are talking about squeezing 2 new people into our office....they are only hiring 2 positions as far as I know. It could come down to seniority and internal applications. My temp contract has already been extended to the end of February, though, and who knows what could happen internally in 2.5 months? I'm pretty disappointed that not getting the job may turn out to be the case though. I'm so frickin' tired of being poor.

And....I think I've decided to quit the store job anyway. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO tired. I can't do it anymore. My enthusiasm is gone, and it's too far away to make commuting comfortable in the winter. And I need more time for the band. If we can get a regular gig, that would be a small source of income, plus I'll have 2.5 months to find another regular day job, if not this place. I dunno. I'm scared to quit a paying job with the economy sliding, but the pay really is crap - when I'm temping a Monday to Friday gig, I hardly make anything from the store; it's only during the non-temping periods when I need the income, and that doesn't support my expenses anyway - and I can always find another crap paying job. Or probably even get back on, if I leave in the right way. Or maybe I could take a leave of absence or something. So that's what I'm thinking. I'm gonna talk it over with the anarchist this weekend, get his take.

Also, it's snowing like hell.

That's my story. I've got to run, lunch is almost over!
FUCK is it cold here.

I'm going back to bed now.
Poor Culture! I would recommend a little space heater. I got one that is 12x12x6. It doesn't look like much, but it makes me nice and toasty without heating an entire house.

I've read about power outages across New England: eager for more posts so I know people aren't freezing and in the dark!

Doodle, congratulations! You should totally post in the accomplishments thread so other people can be happy with you, too. Keep us updated!

Anna, I come from a very small, Southern town and am used to chatting it up with folks. But I agree, too much friendliness at unfriendly times of night is creepy. A male friend of mine was surprised at how much of my thoughts/reactions have to do with issues of personal safety: how late I stay out, where I go, etc. Apparently this is predominately a female concern? That said, I try to tone down the chattiness in elevators. I tend to scare people when I say hi because they can't escape!
*passes around a plate of my FAMOUS drunken cherries....enjoy!

So, I Freecycled a bunch of stuff today...made me feel good to get the stuff out of the house. smile.gif And now I'm pressure-cookering a corned beef. It should be done by 7:00 or so, so I can have some for supper.

Had a little scare with the john today...heard some trickling water and saw a big puddle around it! But it was an easy fix (the bolts that hold the tank to the bowl were loose), so all is well. It scared me at first because I happened to be running a load of dishes in the dishwasher, which is right on the other side of the wall...for a while I thought the dishwasher was leaking. That would'a been bad.

Congrats on the gig, Doodle. cool.gif

(hugs to Okayers)
Good Evening!

Hey Anna! How's your weekend been?

Doodle, that is fantastic news about the gig. Things with work will work out, no point in sacrificing your sanity if you aren't into the job anymore.

Lily, I have a space heater, but when it's this cold, nothing but the summer keeps me going. We have three more months of this to look forward to. At least most of the west is experiencing this right now.

Tree, thank goodness it was just minor. No one needs that, ever.

well, it's been a day, the newbie called early this morning to say good morning. I need a name for him, but I don't know about it. It's weird. So the newbie he'll stay. i don't see this being serious at all. It's just fun right now.

How's everyone's weekend been?

anna k
Hi CH. My weekend was fine. I worked a lot, saw Milk on Friday night, went to a small dance show on Saturday night, and am relaxing tonight, going to my internship tomorrow. I looked at Muscle and Fitness Hers online and found good weightlifting tips/exercises to use.

I'm glad too it was just minor, tree.

Yeah Lily Anne, it creeped me out. After the guy came over, another man came over to ask if I was OK, and he would watch out for that guy if he bothered me again. That was nice, but I just didn't want anybody noticing me at that moment.

That's so awesome, doodlebug! You are an amazing, fantastic woman.
Good morning!

Stay warm all you northern busties!! Brrrrr!!!

It's warm here today, in the 50s. They say it's going down later, but only to the 30s.

Hey MINX!!!!!! It's so good to see you!!! I'm glad to hear you & artman are doing well! That's great! A MA in clinical psyc would be awesome! I considered that myself. So sorry to hear that asshat is being a dick again. He seriously needs to get a life. I hate that he's being so ugly w/ Minxlette. sad.gif

Hey anna! I can't wait to see Milk. Did you like it? Are you starting to pack up your place for your move?

Hey Tree! Yum! Thanks for the drunken cherry! Dude, I have a leak at my house right now. I have to get a plumber over. I'm scared. Ceiling is wet. Not sure where the leak is coming from. Toilet or shower. Wish me luck. How'd your corn beef turn out?

Hey LilyAnne! How's your paper coming along?

hey Doodle! Sounds like your gig was a hit! Recording would be very cool! I'm so sorry to hear about the job woes. sad.gif It's tough times right now, I know. That is no good about the lotteries place. Boooooo.

Hey Lore!

Things here are good today. It's raining. Again. At least we had a break this weekend. Friday night I went to a tacky Christmas sweater party. Mr K won a prize for his outfit. It was hideous. Saturday we went to get our Christmas tree & that night I went to a party at my neighbor's house. Yesterday I had the most delicious brunch w/ friends, did some shopping, and last night we decorated the tree. Mr K is out of school right now, so I've got a house husband. I love that!

anna k
Hi kari!

I haven't started packing yet, I should probably get boxes together. Milk was decent. Good in parts, cliched in others.

I didn't feel well today (I had an annoying headache while at work), so I took a day off from my internship and took a hot yoga class, which was really good and refreshing. Now I'm going to try to return some shoes and look to see where I can drop off my old computer to be recycled. I just felt stressed after commuting so much for work, working six days a week, and just wanted a break from commuting and feeling relaxed. Tomorrow I'll go to my internship.
Good Afternoon all!

Hey Anna! enjoy your day off.

Hey Kari. I'd be all over a house husband. Hee. I used to tease my dad about that, he'd tease himself about that. It was cute.

Not much going on here today. Still in a deep freeze. All of Western Canada is. It's chilly, but the newbie came over this morning. smile.gif And he's visited me at work. And he's coming by again this afternoon. And we're spending tomorrow afternoon in bed. Triple smile.gif so, i'm totally crushing, but a little hesitant. We'll see.

Hi okayers,

Kari - yay, turned in the paper Friday. I have a couple exams left, and then I go home! Congrats (?) to the Mr. for his ugly award. I knew people went to tacky sweater parties, but I didn't know actual prizes were involved, haha.

Did some shopping and spent way too much on other people. I'll end up returning stuff in a couple of weeks, and it's nice that our society is okay with that.

CH, you really are having lots of fun with Newbie! And of course, we look forward to hearing more and being happy with you. Hasn't it been a while since you've posted in portions?

Speaking of which! Anna, "hot yoga"! Never heard of it. It is now my new term for some luvin, as in
Bob: What's that thumping sound?
Phil: Oh, it's just the upstairs neighbors doing hot yoga.
Lily, the hot yoga dialogue is hilarious! Lovin' it! I might have to do some hot yoga with turbomann tonight. heh. Need something to keep us is very cold today! Its about 10F right now, with -5 wind chill. I finally broke down and ordered myself a full length down parka. Really shouldn't have with xmas taking all my cash this month, but dammit - I need to be warm while I wait for trains! tongue.gif I also subjected turbodoggie to his booties for the first time this year, and it always makes for some good laughs - he acts so pissed in the house when you put them on, and then he's SO excited once he get outside, and realizes that his feet aren't cold or salty.

Doodle!! Congrats on the kick-ass gig!! I hope this leads to future gigs, AND recording! I know I would buy the Scully and the Mulders debut album! I was thinking about you this weekend, as I started digging into some of the new artists going on the music cruise this year, since most of the artists are Canadian and all...I just kept thinking that all you need is to meet a BNL member, and then invite yourself onto the cruise so you can hang out with us!! And, I was thinking that I would love to hear a Keith Doucet-Doodlebug Duet....I'm really digging his stuff so far.

Tree - you are truly impressive to be able to diagnose and fix household issues. We've got nothin' in the way of useful skillz in our house. I can cook and paint walls, that's about it.

Kari - Enjoy the house husband!! The benefits can be fabulous...although the downside of unemployment was slightly less than fun last time turbomann was out of work. But the laundry, errand running, house cleaning and drop-off/pick-up chauffer service was nice. smile.gif

And, I'm really wishing they could get rid of our bozo governor. NOW. What an asshole. Loved Amy Poehler's sketch about it on SNL this week, though...I'm really going to miss her.

Diva - We got the truffles on friday!! Thanks for the quick shipping, and the complete deliciousness of your treats! I will now confess that one box has somehow disappeared into our stomachs. Now we just have to resist eating any of the rest, as they're for gifts. smile.gif
Soooo...went to the doc today...well I should back up.

I smashed my finger HARD last august. And it still wasn't better so I went to the doc today...yep, it's broken. So they reset it, and now it's in a splint. It's hard to type.

But, I am enduring this typing headache to say, I'd TOTALLY buy a Skully and the Mulders CD tooo!!!


This splint isn't horrible at least...the wrist brace back in '06 was way worse. At least I can move most of my hand.

Thank goddess for the backspace key!

((((okayers again)))))
Yay doodle, sounds like the gig was awesome even with the cut time.

CH, sounds interesting with the newbie. I couldn't think of a good name for my boy either, so I just call him the boy. tongue.gif I'm always extremely hesitant in the beginning. I think I unintentially put guys off because they think I'm not interested when I'm really just still feeling things out.

Kari, that tacky christmas party sounds hilarious. A woman I know did a tacky christmas card with her boyfriend last year and they're doing it again this year. They had horrible early 90's sweaters, with big ugly hair, and her guy grew an awful 'stache for it too. Brilliant.

Anna, I'm jealous of your hot-yoga-ing. I haven't been in at least a year and I miss it, but I feel like I don't have time to fit it in right now. I hate being cooped up in the winter but I need to learn how to better manage my time with a mixture of motivation. I think I'll try and go this Friday would be a nice way to end a stressful week.

I had a nice weekend staying inside and keeping warm. Winter never bothered me before, but I realize after having an above average activity level in the summer how BORED I am now. Especially since I don't even have household errands to keep me busy since I live with my folks. Me and the boy are talking about taking a week long vacation somewhere hot in February though. I hope it happens.

Yesterday was nice though. I did some laundry, relaxed a bit, and then made 115 cookies, and I only ate 3! tongue.gif The boy came over and even though we had fun I was in a weird mood and just felt like being alone in my bed. I was glad he couldn't stay over because I love sleeping in the same bed as him, but I struggle with my hatred for sleeping with anyone else in the room. I always fall asleep after him and his heavy breathing sometimes graduates to snoring. Luckily we both recently realized we sleep better when we migrate away from each other in bed. tongue.gif
anna k
erinjane, I get shy around guys who I find attractive, like I feel insecure and weird. I was thinking about that this afternoon, then remembered when I've gotten the guts to talk confidently to guys I found attractive and thought they were so boyish and cute in a sweet way, that it made me feel better and wonder what the problem was. I currently have a small crush on a guy I see in one of my gym classes, and the most I've said to him is "thank you" when he helped me put away some equipment. Or that he sat down next to me on a mat, but I felt too shy to talk to him and didn't look at him.

I hadn't done hot yoga before, and it was great. I liked sweating and feeling more limber, plus surrounded by attractive people in class didn't hurt. smile.gif It made me feel better and more relaxed, and tonight I worked out in the weightroom of the gym for the first time, lifting heavier weights and being proud that I could do it.

Your relationship sounds so sweet, I love reading about you two.
Heeeya! Quick drive-by to endorse Diva's truffles!

Huuuge hit with the GoatyGirl! biggrin.gif Thaaaaank Yoooou!


Good Morning!

Lilly, your hot yoga dialogue was great! heh.

Hi Hi turbo! The gov has got to go, what a moron, and he's still carrying on. Now that is government at it's finest *rolls eyes*

~*~*~*~soothing vibes for Tree~*~*~*~*

EJ, I'm so with you on sleeping with someone, I don't know how well I'd share my space. I fell asleep on PR boy once (which I'll admit, was really nice) but as for anyone new, we'll see. With the newbie I'm looking for something wrong. As much as i'm over PR boy, he does still mean a lot to me. Newbie is a distraction...we'll see.

Anna, it's totally hard to talk to someone new sometimes. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge, the risk may be well worth it. Easier said than done of course. excellent on increasing your weights, too.

Hey Lore!! How's it going?

well, nothing going on here really. My afternoon of bliss is coming up, so I'll be happy with the HBI. mmm.

That is all.

Scully and the Mulders, live at the Blue Grotto
Awesome pic, doodle!! Next time, I want video! On YouTube! Your fans are demanding, eh? smile.gif

Well, we're in the middle of a terrific snow storm here. Turbomann has been on the road for 3.5 hours, and still isn't home. Poor guy. Its days like today that make me so glad I'm a train commuter in the winter...I was delayed by 10 minutes because of the weather, and I was reading a book, so hardly noticed. Maybe turbomann will decide to take tomorrow off, rather than go back out in it.

The crappy part of the weather is that a close childhood friend of mine passed away yesterday, and his funeral is Thursday. I had a flight booked to go to Detroit tomorrow night, but that's not happening. Booo. Moxie was even going to pick me up at the airport, and kindly drive me out to my 'rents' house...oh well. I'm going to miss being there with his family and my family, but hopefully I can catch up with them next week when we're home for Christmas. ((((((RIP, Chris)))))

Well, since turbomann isn't home yet, I guess I had better go walk the dog before heading off to bed.
anna k
Fantastic picture doodle! You guys look great!

CH, I hope you guys had a good afternoon. wink.gif

I felt so good today. I worked at the internship, and did some transcribing for the agent as she dictated rejection letters for me to send by email. I got to read a lot, and felt really happy and comfortable. At my dance class, I gave the dance instructor a thank you card that was very sweet, saying she combined balletic jazz dance with the bravado of hip-hop, and she gave me a big hug. She also gave me a holiday card, saying "Great to have you in class. You've come a long way!" In the second class, I spoke a little to the guy I liked, only saying hi and asking his name, but it was fine. I just feel good right now, and felt really beautiful today.
Good Morning!

Doodle, LOVE it!

Turbo, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and you not being able to make it to the funeral. Snow be damned.

Hi anna! Excellent about the small chat with the guy!

I had a good afternoon and evening. The chapped skin is on the road to recovery, although I still have a dr's appointment on Friday to make sure all is well. It's dry in this office.

That's all I've got.
Erinjane here! I've been thinking about doing this for months, due to the sensitive nature of my job, but I finally just started a new profile. I already have my facebook account invisible, and I'm worried someone I know from work or one of my clients might see my posts. Bad idea to use my first and middle name as my username. tongue.gif I hate having to start a new profile since the other one was 3 years old, but oh well.

Aw, thanks Anna. I really like him and it's nice to be in a relationship with someone I feel comfortable with after not feeling that connection for years - and really with only one other person. I used to be the worst when it came to talking to guys. I'm really bad for getting a red face when I feel the slightest bit of shyness - and then I become hyper-aware of my red face and it turns even redder and I start sweating. I think in the last year as I was finished university my confidence really grew and that helped me a lot. Doesn't hot yoga feel amazing though? I always felt such a release of tension and stress after those classes, like floating.

Hey lore!

Doodle, awesome pic. Anymore of the performance?

CH, in the first month I found sleeping right against each other really nice, but since December has been especially busy at work I feel like I need a good nights sleep. Hehe, 'afternoon of bliss'. Sounds like you had fun.

(((turbo))) I'm so sorry about your friend. Hope the snow storm lets up soon. The weather seems nuts everywhere.

Good Morning!

Hey Ketto, it took me a few reads to see that it was you. i was like, huh? Ohhhh. Hee. I hear you on keeping things on the downlow...

It was super busy yesterday but it kept me out of trouble. And today we are having an xmas luncheon, so free yummy food!!

Quiet around these parts.
Good Morning!!!

EJ, I like your new handle!

Doodle, love the band pic! The band in action!

((tree)) ouch, I'm so sorry to hear about your poor finger. Does it impact your work?

Jenn, I am really sorry to hear of your friend's passing. sad.gif

Hey Anna! Good for you for talking to the dude, even if it was only a little bit. Sometimes that's all it takes!

Hey lore!

It's is still cold & rainy here. I am really ready for some sunshine. The weather has been so nasty. Other than that, things are good here. We have an office Christmas luncheon today, then tonight I have bookclub. We are doing potluck. I'm bringing this macaroni & cheese with chipotles dish. It is so delicious. I can't believe it's already Thursday! And that Christmas is next week. It's come really fast this year. I only have to be in the office on Monday next week. Work at home on Tuesday then off Wed-Fri. Woot!

Hehe, I hope I don't confuse too many folks. I'm going to be mistaken for noob!

Thanks Kari, I stole the name from a song by the band Bonobo that I really like.

I'm just trying to get through my work day today. Tomorrow I have to run around and buy things and then I'm just going to work from home. Then I have a few hours of work on Monday and Tuesday and after that I'm free from work until January 5th. So looking forward to the break.
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