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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi, peeps!

Lore, that's a great idea about the x-stitched titsling. I'd totally pay to have that done to mine, if they weren't all lacy and I could find a plain one that fit... Sam's actually really into taking pictures. My parents get him disposable cameras all the time, and he just shoots away. He always suggests having pictures taken, too. I just took one of him standing next to a Lego tower that's taller than him (not actually that tall, because he's a pretty petite child). He loves posing for the camera and taking pictures of everyone at parties and such.

Sorry your work hours are so out of whack this week. At least you can sleep in? That'd be nice.

Anna, that totally blows about your apartment situation. I hope you find something nice, and above ground, very soon. Your landlord is an asshole.

Hi, CH, Moxie, Doodle, EJ, Kari and everyone else!

I wish the weekend weren't over yet. Thanksgiving was really nice at my parents' house with no additional relatives. Just my immediate family, Sam, and the giant. The food was great (as always at their house) and we had fun playing with Sam. He marked up a Toys R Us ad with x's over everything he wanted to "order" and marked some stuff he wanted to "order" for us, and put ? marks over everything that he didn't know what it was. It's pretty cute. Mom and I went shopping on Friday. The crowds were pretty atrocious at a few places, but Mom found Fiesta tableware for insanely cheap, so we bought a bunch of that. I stood in line while she shopped and loaded me up. We tag team our shopping that way. I also got myself a really nice, but plain pair of Born ankle boots in brown. They zip up nice and snug so I won't end up with a shoeful of snow when I have to scrape my windows this winter. I got a couple titslings, too, but I'm returning them because they're absolute shite. Other than that, I got a nice start on my shopping this year. 90% of everything else I have to buy will be ordered online. The rest of the weekend, we just lounged around and didn't do much of anything. We grocery shopped on Saturday night and I spent all day yesterday finishing up truffles and chocolate bars. So now my truffles are Done DONE DONE until next year. I learned how to fix a ganache if it's too loose (as white chocolate tends to be since it contains no cocoa solids). Just melt 6 ounces or so in a double boiler, dump it into the ganache, and stir until it's incorporated. It doesn't even need to be chilled and still tastes just fine.

Sam Quote of the Day: he was asking my brother to finish eating so they could play with Legos and build a tower... "Maybe some concentration will help your digestion, uncle Dave."

Today's pretty boring. I have to stay until 6:00, but this is my last late Monday for this school term since my class ends this Thursday. I'll be forced to surf the internet for the last hour since the systems will be down in 20 minutes. Woe is me. smile.gif
hey DIva- not sure what the spending limit on Sam for christmas is, but we're getting this camera

for moxette for christmas. The fisher price one is more expensive than some other brands, but was rated highest on consumer reports, and we got a good sale, so we did it.

OK, back to reading the rest of your post.

Moxie, if I could find that camera for about half the price, I'd probably get it. Maybe I'll get it for his birthday next month. That'll be lots of fun for Moxette, though! It looks like it can take a beating.
Doodle - you guys TOTALLY look like a rock band!!! I'm so happy for you - and I can't wait to hear how the gig goes!

Mox - that camera looks super fun. I think we'll ask SIL if that's something the kiddos would be interested in. Thanks for the idea!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~super duper apartment finding vibes for Anna~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Diva - Sam remains the cutest kid ever in my book! smile.gif We didn't have any remarkable cute kiddo moments with the niece and nephie - we got them after 2 days with all their other wild-ass cousins, so they were pretty over-tired and exhausted by the time we saw them, which was kind of a bummer.

We had a good thanksgiving, crazy busy with both families, but good. And we had a lovely dinner with the Moxies, so that was most excellent. Had kind of a "honors english nerd reunion" on Saturday too - we went to a book signing for one of my oldest friend's new children's book that she illustrated, and half of our honors Eng. group all walked in at the same time, spouses and babies in was totally weird, but awesome weird, and the whole gang of us went out for lunch afterward which was really fun. Turbomann and I spent 6 years in English class together with all those folks, and we were a pretty tight group, so it was fun to catch up and meet their spouses.

And, I am SO glad to be home. smile.gif
Diva- look on local craig's list- the camera has been "out" a couple of years. Also, the V-tech brand one is cheaper, although aparently the photos are fuzzier. I got moxette's for about $40 onsale on amazon. I'm so excited for her to have it- and to save my own.
Good Morning!

Hey Lore!

Anna, any luck thus far?

Diva, I'm with you on not wanting the weekend to be over, even though it's Tuesday. hmmmmph. Woot on truffles being done!

Hey Mox!

Turbo, that sounds like a really great weekend.


It's Tuesday and the personI'm supposed to be covering for at work is back, so I'm sitting here wondering what in the hell I'm supposed to be doing. Bah. Plus this guy I know is going all fucking freaky on me, calling and texting way too often. I'm irritated by the whole thing. Dude, leave me the fuck alone.
Good Morning!!

Glad to hear everyone's made it back home after the holiday weekend.

Diva, yay for having all your truffles done!! That's an accomplishment. I love the Sam quotes of the day! He's so cute. That camera does look cool. Hmmm. I am still trying to think of something for my niece.

Jenn, glad you had fun in MI! At least you got to hang with the moxies, that's very cool. Funny about your impromptu English group reunion. Nice!

((ANNA)) Pffffft on your landlord! This is the same dude that wouldn't help you when there was some flooding, right? I know it stinks to have to find a place quickly & move, but you must be looking forward to getting away from him at least.

Hey Lore!! So you're working nights this week? Sounds like you & goaty will be passing in the night. At least it's only for a week I guess. I know, isn't it great to have good inlaws? I am very thankful for mine.

Doodle, I love the band pic!!

Hey CH! I hope that dude buggers off. So you think it's going to be a long day there at work?

Hey Moxie!! Glad to hear the good news from your doc! How did waking up the moxette go on her first day back after vaca? It can be vicious getting up again after sleeping in for several days. Don't I know it.

Things here are good. Working at home today, thank goodness. Not a whole lot doin'. Gonna do some work, meet a friend at the gym later. That's about it! And that's sounding just about right for today!
anna k
My landlord did clean my place when it flooded, but gave me a guilt trip about having things on the floor that got wet and ruined. I made an appointment with a realtor this afternoon.

Good news moxie!

Happy birthday doodle!
Hey again.

Hi Kari! Well, he texted me this morning, how's it going. I'm not replying. Wehn PR boy was over, he was sending me texts constantly. I just turned the crackberry off after. but they still didn't stop. NEXT!

Anna, your LL sounds like a real douchebag, like the world needs another lawyer.
It's DoodleDay?!? Yaaaay! biggrin.gif HAPPY DOODLEDAY! How many spanks?

He's an ass-breather the same, Anna. Good luck on finding roomies that you can groove with. Also, I hope your landlord sleepwalks into his office room and mistakes his computer for a urinal.

Here's that same camera Moxie linked to on holiday sale for $22 cheaper than said link:
It's still from Amazon, but I guess there's that Amazon wackiness of the same item listed redundantly for another price. Still, it looks like a good find at either price.

Culture, I hope you have some fun at work. I know I'd much rather be doing something at work than doing nothing. Maybe you can take anthropologist-esque notes on the least-familiar co-worker... The Mysterious Habits Of ______

Heya Kari, Turbo, Diva, and lurkers! smile.gif

Gotsta split!
Oh thanks for all the birthday wishes and band love!

This is a total drive-by to say....

The most fabu b-day prezzie ever, I got a call up for a job interview at Lotteries! It's going to happen Thursday morning.......


I am going to the anarchist's for my b-day, after work.....
Happy Birthday, Doodle!
Happy Birthday, Doodle! I hope you're celebrating with good music and good friends!! And I think a NEW JOB would be the best birthday present ever!! Go get it!

Lore, thanks for the linky for the camera - I think we're going to pick one up for the niece and nephie.

Not much going on here, today...came home, worked out, heating up some butternut soup for post to come. smile.gif
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOODLE!!! Dec 2, right? My NIECE was born yesterday! WHOOOT! I was at the birthiung center with my brother and SIL most of the labor, although I had to leave b/4 the birth. I'm SO damn proud of them! Going to meet her today. Very excited.

Ok, my kid is being a cranky pants about waking up. My tired-ass isn't really down with that.

Good Morning!

Lore, I should do that, if only there was someone interesting at this office. It's strange here, people are too nice and very very nosy. I'll be glad toget out of here on Friday at noon.

YAY DOODLE!!!!! ~*~*~*~*kick ass job interview vibes~*~*~*~* how was your birfday evening?

Hey Tree, how are things going with you? It's been a while since you posted.

Hey Turbo! Mmm soup. How's your allergies since the most recent attack?

Hey Mox! congrats to the family with new bebe. Speaking of which, how is your pregnancy going? When are you due?

Hmm, I went for lunch with a friend who I haven't seen since she had her baby, who is now 5 months old and rediculously cute. Squirmy little thing, my friend had to finish eating and I held bebe, and she was all over the place. She went into her birth too, there was no time for an epidural! DAMN! *vagina recoils in horror*

Then in the evening I went for a run and made some stir fry with shrimp, and was asleep by, 7:30 I'd say. How sad. But I was up early and worked out a little this morning. Now I'm back at nosy office.

Good Morning!!!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DOODLES!!!!!! Hope you did something fun!!
~~~~~~~~Job vibes~~~~~~~

Congrats on having a new niece, moxie!!! Yay! I am glad everyone is happy and healthy.

Hey CH! Sorry to hear about the weird office. At least you're only there through the week. Your shrimp stirfry dinner sounds tasty. Yum.

Hey Anna!! Oh yes, I remember now about your landlord. Chiding you for having stuff on the floor. Wtf. When are you meeting with the new potential roommates?

Hey Tree!!

hey lore!!!

Things here are good today. Work. I need some bustie car vibes. I dropped my car off at the dealer this AM. A few months back, the check engine light came on. Took it to a mechanic, they read the code the computer diagnostic thing spits out. I have a bad catalytic converter. They tell me that this is a part that all auto makers must cover under warranty for 80,000 miles. My car had about 77,000. They tell me to take it to the dealer. Well, the light at that point was off. Dealer looks at the car, tries to get code to come up, they say nothing is tripping it. Tell me to bring it back when it comes back on. Well, it came back on on 81,000 miles. 1,000 over the warranty. I have documentation from the first mechanic saying what the problem was at 77,000. And obviously, documentation that I took it to the dealer at that time. Toyota better fucking honor that warranty. The part alone is $900. *gulp* You see why I need your vibes.

No other real exciting news here today.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*car vibes for kari~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
OMG- my niece is just perfect and amazing and a wonderful little person. And, my SIL is a hero in my book, she just had a textbook natural delivery. And my baby brother is a DAD, which blows my mind. I had a really great day helping them out. And now, with moxieman travelling tonight and tomorrow, I'm determined to have a quiet night with my girl. A movie, box o craft and apples, and maybe some good, old-fashioned finger painting.

My pregnancy is moving along- i'm 30 weeks, so about 2 mos left to go. Given my niece's birthday, there is a very good chance the two girls will be exactly 2 mos apart, since i'm doing the planned c-section. That would be fun.
Hiya, peeps!

Happy belated, Doodle!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( lots o' car vibes for Kari ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
That sucks some major ass. At least you've got documentation that the problem existed before your warranty ran out.

((((apartment vibes for AnnaK))))

Congrats on the auntiness, Moxie!

Hi, CH, Tree, Lore, Jenn, and all!

I had another craft sale today, and it was spectacular. I made almost double what I did at the last one, which was a lot in itself, and the one today lasted less than 2 hours. I love going to that craft fair, because the people who work in that building (Carlson School of Management at the U of M), tend to the wealthier side. It's one of the best schools in the country for teaching how to run a business, so these people have largely already made their fortunes. It sucked that I couldn't be there to sell my own stuff, but whatever. I set up, sat in the cafeteria for 90 minutes, then went back to pack it all up. It was pretty damn great. I earned so much, I can afford to pay for the rest of my class, and have plenty left over.

Saw the surgeon today about my dumbass gall bladder. Surgery will be next month, most likely. I'm actually pretty happy about it since it'll be past all the holiday and birthday festivities, so I won't have to try to recover during all that. It'll also be nice to have 2 weeks off work in the dead of winter and not have to use any vacation time. I'll just take it easy with the good stuff until it happens. I've been able to manage it pretty well on my own for the last few weeks, so I'm not too worried.

OK, time to unload my car and stash my stuff in the office for the craft fair tomorrow!
~*~*~*~*~*~free car repair vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

Diva, that is FANTASTIC about the last two shows!!! And I wish you much success tomorrow, too! WoooT!

Moxie - congrats on your niece!!! So glad you got to be there with them as they welcomed their daughter into the world, and then helping them learn the ropes! Your wee ladies are going to have so much fun together!

My allergies are all clear now, thanks CH! It was a bit rough to have Thanksgiving the day after an attack, and then deal with the allergies from both my 'rents dog and my FIL's (plus his stinky cigars). But returning home to my freshly cleaned and de-molded bedroom, all is well. Whew!

I, for one, am ready for this week to be over...its one of those meeting-ful weeks, and I am getting very cranky about not getting my own work done because of being stuck in meetings. I much prefer getting shit done.

And, I just made some awesome steel cut oats with strawberries and rhubarb from my freezer. YUM!
Oh god, please forgive me yet another breezing thru....I can't tell you how fantastically nutty my life has been since we got offered this benefit gig on the 11th. We are rehearsing almost every damned night, or else I'm home on the phone with the anarchist or the reporter who's organizing the benefit, or somebody or other. Plus now there's the job thing....

Plus soulman and the anarchist have decided to "accelerate" my learning of music theory, and I finally got frustrated and had to put my foot down tonight. I mean, we've got this gig - my first gig in, like, EVER - and there's promo stuff to be organized around that (Facebook has become my only online life....and pretty much for this gig), plus band practice and trying to get the songs down with basically a week left and our drummer's in Disneyland this I'm learning all this new stuff on the job, AND I'm meant to be preparing for a really important interview FOR that job. And the guys are trying to cram all this technical knowledge into my head on top of's not that I don't want to understand or learn, I'm just too frustrated and overwhelmed to take it in. Anyway, they were good about it. It's a good working group, you know?

And.....I actually booked myself some writing time on Saturday, and wrote, like, the best fucking song I've ever written. I wrote it basically for the anarchist, because he was just so down and miserable, going over all the past shit that's led up to the separation, and the bitterness of the separation itself. It's basically an inspirational "let it go" kind of's called "Fly." I played it for him over the phone on Sunday afternoon, and then for all the guys Sunday evening. The basics of the chorus - the first one goes "When you gonna fly free;" the second chorus goes "Are you gonna fly free"....and he made a suggestion Monday night on the phone that there should be a third chorus going, "Now you're gonna fly free." So yeah. I think it worked a little bit on his morale. smile.gif I've jettisoned one of the songs from the set so we can do the song at the benefit. It's so awesome!

My birthday was awesome - got the call for the job interview that day, then went to the anarchist's - I turned down other offers to spend my 40th with my band! - where the three of us had Greek food and I was browbeaten with music theory. I still need to get together with the others I turned down! Hippiegirl and organicgirl will be over tomorrow night - yippee, I haven't seen organicgirl in an age! But I have to clean up my apartment right after work tomorrow....eep!

And....what else. I'm feeling conflicted over soulman. I'm just not feeling it the same way anymore. I mean, I do on one level, and I do love him in a sense. But the more time I spend with the anarchist, the more I realize that what I'm looking for is more of what I'm finding with the anarchist, and not with soulman. And I'm not saying I'm going to try to jump the anarchist, for god's sake! Especially not the anarchist, going through his ugly separation, oi. But what I mean is....I realized that the man - the person in this world - that I end up wanting to talk to every day is the anarchist, not soulman, and that means there's some really important level of friendship and connection missing there with soulman. Maybe it's generational after all, or maybe we're just not on the same vibration. I don't know. And I don't know what this is going to be like with the whole band thing now. Oh god. I don't know what to do. I'm just riding it all out at this point. Not moving in one direction or the other. After all, I still have the anarchist to talk to, and soulman to kiss at the end of the night.

And I have too many other fucking things to think about than stir up that pot right now! I have a job interview in less than twelve hours! Fuck, I need to go to bed. Please send vibes around 11:30 Pacific.....
Good Morning!

Doodle, I will definitely be sending you some vibes today! I hear what you're saying about soulman. I think you are getting a good notion about the relationship. Not necessarily a bad thing, eh?

Hey Diva! WOOT for making money at the craft fair! So you didn't sell your own stuff? How did you make the dough then?

Mox, I am really happy for your bro & SIL. smile.gif And I can't believe you only have 2 months left yourself!! WOW! I'm excited for you guys!

Hey CH! What up, lady?

Thank you for all your bustie car vibes! I think they worked! It was the same problem with the car. They cut me a deal. They paid for the part, I paid for the labor. So I only had to pay around $200, they paid around $1100. Works for me. The best part perhaps was that I didn't get any lip from them. When the guy called to tell me the situation, he already had it all worked out. At least now it is fixed.

Things here are good. It's rainy, but the office is quiet. And it's Thursday! Approaching the end of the week. I met up last night w/ two people from my old internship at the hospital. We had a couple of drinks & caught up. Very nice.

Good Morning!

Diva that is fantastic news about the craft fair and that cash you made! Congratulations!!!

Mox, excellent to hear that things are coming along well.

Hey Turbo! I'm with on this work week needing to be OVER!

~*~*~*~*~*~jobbity job vibes for doodle~*~*~*~*~*~*

Hey Kari, fantastic that the car vibes worked! $200.00 is certainly better than $1300.00!

I don't have much going on here, came into work late, but alas, I don't care. I'm working on the other end of the fucking city and it's almost done. It's almost done. Phew.

And that's really all, I should get to it!
anna k
I saw some new apartments this week, and liked one that was nearby my current place, so I wouldn't have to figure out a new neighborhood and train line. My parents want my aunt to come see it, as they trust just my opinion (they live in NC, I'm in NY). I wish I had a higher-paying job to pay rent, but I don't, just enough for bills and savings.

Doodle, I'm so proud of you. You're such an awesome and amazing person.

Congratulations Diva on your craft fair success!!!

That's great that you got a good deal on your car, kari.

Lately, I've been trying to challenge myself more. I feel like I'm getting dumber, or sinking into an Idiocracy-like world, and push myself to not feel lame or average. I wrote a new review of a film I had seen to keep up my creative writing sklls, using heavier weights at the gym to push myself physically, listening to stories on NPR at night to hear new stories, especially historical ones, and trying to keep my mind stimulated with interesting information. I just don't want to feel mindless or dumb or only paying attention to mainstream things and being willfully ignorant.
Jest a queeeek one to say, RAWK ON, Anna! smile.gif I wish I were pushing myself more outside of work. Goaty and I just kinda recouperate from work outside of work, lately. I keep wondering what about bettering ourselves? Heck, even what about socializing? Instead, we're just kinda beat and deflated lately.

OtterMan is coming back in a week for the rest of the year. He'll probably have his pilot's license by then! Yaaay! And GoatyGirl enjoys hanging out with OtterMan's wife, GuineaGirl. I'm sure there's bound to be great times coming up.

Unfortunately, though, Goaty got some bad news. She and all the other newer-hires in her teaching department are being laid off at the end of the semester (like, really soon), and her last hope for staying on was a new position she was interviewing for for the last half-year or more. It's been a BRUITAL application process, involving all sorts of essays and interviews, competing against some of her colleagues and even a freind. Well, she just recently had her last interview after which they were supposed to have reached a decision from among the final four. The interview included rapid-fire questioning from a panel of co-worker judges, an in-interview essay which she was SUPPOSED to have been allowed use of a computer for, but they botched it and just gave her pen and paper, and a mock-lesson to teach to the panel while some of them acted as infuriating students (she TOTALLY shut that one down good biggrin.gif). Anyway, then they let all the applicants wait until after the Thanksgiving break to know the results, which were...


The position was cancelled due to budget cuts by the government. Sorry! No pie for any of you! Enjoy your pink slip (which may or may not be bubble-gum flavoured, so you'll have to taste it to see).

Yeah, fuck you, too, guys! They owe all the applicants a new MacBook or something, at least. They owe them at least 3 months of weekends spent working on the application process. Instead, they're throwing a small party for them. GoatyGirl's boss better jump out of that cake wearin' NOTHIN'!
Aw Lore, I'm so sorry about goaty's job! sad.gif That application process for the one remaining position sounds ridiculous. How frustrating that they did all that work & then it got cut! UGH. What is she thinking of doing now? ~~~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~ What a stressful time.

Anna, I think you do a great job of challenging yourself! You're always getting out there doing new stuff. ~~~~~new apartment vibes!~~~~~~ So your 'rents want your aunt to check it out first?

I wound up making a massage appt for this afternoon. Neck and shoulders killing me. Hope it helps. Ouch!
*enters through the heavily-tinselled kvetch-okay secret passage*

Hi okayers. I thought I'd let you know that there's a Mandolyn update (and a message to facebook users). Please keep her in your thoughts and hearts over the coming weeks.


*exit, pursued by a [polar] bear*
Hi, peeps!

Congrats on the car thing working out, Kari! That's great that you don't have to shell out over 1K right before the holidays.

((((((((((((((((Goatie vibes))))))))))))))))))) That's pretty rough. All that work for bubkus. I hope she can find something good soon, or at least something to tide her over for a bit. It's gotta be hard to search for teaching jobs in the middle of the school year.

CH, hooray for being almost through with the crap office! Are you still working on your cross stitching?

Good luck with the apartment search, Anna.

Hi, Jenn and everyone else!

My last craft fair is finally over, and I did far better than expectations. Granted, my expectations are pretty low ($150/show), but it still feels good to exceed them. I can now proudly say that my regular craft business is officially profitable, and that my truffles turned a profit today, too, so I lost no money on them. I didn't think I'd done so well, since there weren't as many people as at the other shows, but it was a slow trickle all day and lots of people bought full dozens. I was pretty shocked when I counted it all up. Now I can pay the gas bill and buy Star Wars Lego sets for the giant!
Doodle, happy belated birthday. Sounds like it was a good one. Too bad about the stuff with Soulman but good that you realize you know (or at least have an idea) of what you want. My problem has always been never knowing what I want.

Anna, I know what you mean about needing to feel challenged more. I had such a great summer but as soon as winter hits here, I tend to hibernate completely. It's hard to get motivated when it's so cold out.

Lore, that sucks about Goaty. (((lore and goaty)))

Diva, awesome on the craft sale!

I'm taking it easy today. I had my bottom wisdom teeth out a few hours ago. My mouth is still frozen so not much pain yet, but it's a bloody mess. My dentist let me listen to my MP3 player really loudly but it still didn't muffle the sound of him cracking my teeth. *shudder*

Anna, I hope you are able to find a new place soon.

Lore, I'm sorry to hear about what happened with goaty, what an ordeal. ((((goaty)))) but yay on Otterman coming for a visit!

Kari, how was your massage? I'm jealous.

Diva, I am cross stitching, haven't done much as of late, been getting back into running, but I think this weekend I'll plug away some more. congratulations on the success!

~*~*~*~*soothing vibes for Erin~*~*~*~*~* Ugh, I remember when I got my wisdome teeth out. top was nothing, done in the dentists office. the bottom. *shudder* they were so badly impacted, after they got pulled I ddn't leave the house that weekend. My face swelled up so much I looked like a cherub. It was shitty.

I was supposed to go to a Harley Davidson event this evening, but my dads not feeling so great, so I'm at home. Went for a run, that's all. Also discovered the fun of crackberry messaging. Was chatting with my good friend from T.O.

That's all.

and I evidently am a thread Killa!

But it's Friday!!! WOOHOO!
Good Morning!!

((Erinjane mouth)) How you feeling today?

Hey CH!

Diva, good work on all the craft fairs! And YAY for turning a profit!!!! That's super sweet.

Bunny, thanks for the update. I will pop on into Kvetch.

I am very happy it's Friday! Woot!

My massage yesterday helped, I think. My shouler seems to be feeling better today. Thank goodness. My chiropractor has worked wonders with my neck & back, it's 100x better than it use to be, but I still have the odd flare up. Not sure what brings them on.

Who's got big weekend plans? Did we already talk about this? I can't recall. I don't have big plans, and that's fine with me! I think tonight I might try to go do some Xmas shopping. My niece & nephew who live in DC both have birthdays right before Christmas. I am going to attempt to find their birthday gifts and Christmas gifts so I can pack 'em all up & send them on. Other than that, I might do some cooking & baking. Mr K is off tomorrow, but I am sure he'll be studying for his finals next week. So I might be solo for most of the weekend.
Thanks for the vibes. smile.gif Unfortunately I've totally been knocked on my ass and feel like crap. I woke up all night in pain and slept in till 11:45. I threw up right after I got up and have just felt horrible and nauseous and my face is in the shape of a square because it's so swollen and the right side has a massive dark blue bruise on it. But I'm doing okay drinking my smoothies and laying in bed. I'm enjoying being able to stay in bed while watching it snow outside, even if I do feel shitty. It's nice having an excuse to be lazy, so I don't feel guilty about taking it easy all weekend.

No weekend plans for me (obviously). If I was feeling well enough I was going to go to a Christmas party and then birthday dinner for a friend tomorrow, but I already cancelled. I can't believe how huge my face is. tongue.gif
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Dec 5 2008, 08:17 AM) *

But it's Friday!!! WOOHOO!

And it's the last day of univ classes! Extra WOOHOO!ness!
Happy weekending, y'all.

Dear EJ,
I had my wisdom teeth out when I was 18...I know how it is. Feel better!
Hey Lily! Welcome to Okayland smile.gif What's your broken-free plan for celebrating the end of finals zombiehood for the semester?

Bummer that you're missing parties, EJ, and REAL bummer about why. I guess that's my social starvation for thinking about the missed parties before the bruised face, pain, and vomiting. Did the doctor perscribe any funky pain meds? I'm not familiar with the buzz off of pain meds, but maybe there's a little art project you can do, like sketching or writing, while you're hopped up on goofballs wacko.gif

Heya Kari! smile.gif Glad your massage treatment worked so well. That reminds me that I ought to dedicate some time tonight to massaging Goaty. I used to give her massages all the time, and for years, I'd at least rub her back before sleep. As for weekend plans, I'm starting my weekend early. I've got today off, but I'm using it to cook breakfast for 120 people tomorrow. The recipe: Lore's Hawaiian Breakfast Fried Rice. It's Jasmine rice with soy sauce, Chinese 5-spice, white pepper, toasted sesame oil, fresh chopped ginger, green onion, cilantro, yellow onion, garlic, green & red bell peppers, anaheim peppers, chopped pineapple, and LinguiƧa (Portugese sausage). It's my modified version of the Hawaiian way of getting rid of leftover rice for breakfast. After that? Probably massage Goaty real good.

Heeey Culture! I hope your dad feels better soon. Any fun plans now? Maybe you can go about sneaking up on un-suspecting Salvation Army bell ringers with an air horn to beat 'em at their own game? smile.gif (It's only mean if you actually DO my horrible suggestions.) Anyway, I hope your weekend is fun.

Divala Divala DiiiVaaaaLaaaaaaah! biggrin.gif So you're saying that a percentage of the proceeds of my ordering truffles will go toward the purchasing of Star Wars LEGO for the Giant?!? I'm on it right after this post! Congrats on bein' profitable, too! You're an inspiration, actually. I've mentioned you to several people as someone who I'm impressed by that I've met online. I mean, telling a 3rd party about knowing an up-and-coming rockstar doesn't have such an impact without context, and I do get tempted to tell people, "Well, I've never actually MET Culture before, but I'm pretty sure she could mop the floor with the whole lot of you." But, your ability to make a well-deserved profit off of a hobby of producing magical-infused chocolate confections and other crafts does carry some weight in a conversation.

***General Proudness for BUSTies***

Thanks, BunnyB! ***Vibeage for Mandolyn*** Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
...and is that a polar bear? I just assumed it was a thousand-pound albino chinchilla. Polar bear might explain some of the eaten posts, though.

...and speaking of extreme cold, ***Shakes the Okayland tree to see if any 'Huggers fall out***

GT! Didja get a new board?!?

Okay, back to cookin'.
Lore, hells yeah, your purchase will go to the Star Wars LEGO fund! There are actually a number of sets for 25% off on Amazon, which I snatched right up. Now onto the books, ornaments, DVDs... You're cooking for the masses again already? Your dish sounds really yummy. I love spicy rice dishes, and anything involving pineapple has to be delicious.

(((((EJ)))) Sorry about the head pains. The giant went through them something awful, too, when he had his removed last spring. I hope you got some really good prescriptions for them, though.

Hey, Kari! The craft fair the other day was actually all my stuff being sold, I just couldn't be there to represent myself because of the stupid rules for that one, since I'm not an employee or student there. I set my booth up like normal, then had the giant's mom and her assistant run it for me while I sat in the cafeteria bored out of my mind. But it was pretty cool to come back and see that I'd made a LOT of money.

Hi, CH! Sorry about plans falling through for last night. You seem to have the most relaxing evenings, other than the running and stuff. I'm envious.

No big weekend plans here. It's all still kind of up in the air. My brother might bring Sam over tomorrow, so we may take him to the Holidazzle parade. He'd love it. It's pretty short, so no huge attention span is required, and it runs nightly until Xmas. It's fairy tale based, so he'll know what everything is, and everything is lit up, since it happens after dark. It's pretty damn cool, and I'd love to see what he thinks of it. I talked to him for a few minutes today. We're also supposed to go to the giant's brother's house so the giant can help him with something on his computer, and we might decorate their tree. I'm hoping to do that on Sunday so I have time to make all my commissioned jewelry requests for the giant's mom's coworkers who ordered from me. Once I get all the beads together, it shouldn't take too awfully long, I just hope I can find the stones I'm looking for. I got them on clearance for another necklace I made, which got swiped up really quick, and another customer wanted one of. At worst, I should be able to find them individually. Then I just need a few crystals and a strand of pearls, then I should be good to go.

I went to another craft fair today to do some shopping. I got this really cool lawn ornament for my parents made of stained glass. It's this 3D bright red flower and it has a huge gem crystal on it that shoots out a ton of prisms. I got a bunch of other stuff for myself, mostly fused dichronic glass pieces, since I'm obsessed and I can't make them myself, some handmade soaps, and these shortbread cookies with cayenne pepper in them.

I can't wait to get out of here and start the weekend, which I know is going to be far too short. I still need to pack up my car from the sale yesterday, which will be no fun, but shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. Then I can put a close to all of this and have things back to normal. I crave boringness.

Hi everyone, quick fly by - this might be the only chance I get till Sunday morning!

I think I did well on the interview, won't know for a week or two, but I was pretty confident and didn't have much trouble with the questions. I keep telling myself I'm going to get that job. The anarchist keeps saying it too. The power of positive thinking. The pay scale is out of this world, considering the job would be about 3 days a week. Like, basically as much as I was making at the women's centre, but for 3 days work. Wow! I'll be able to pay off my debts!

Had the feminist crew over last night, they brought wine and Indian food and baklava, and organicgirl rolled a doobie that reminded me of Castro's cigar. Two of the women are directing the next Vagina Monologues, so I got my own private reading - what a great birthday prezzie!

Am back at both jobs today - on my way to the store in less than an hour. I am really excited about the prospect of being able to quit. wink.gif Tomorrow I work the store again, and then am off to the anarchist's for yet more music practice....and I believe the man will feed me as well. biggrin.gif Sunday night we have full band practice again, as superman will be back from Disneyland....yay!

Got to run, more to do!
Heh heh... She said diChronic glass pieces!

Heeey! I actually did shortbread cookies with cyanne pepper earlier this year on a couple different occasions smile.gif GuineaGirl and I scooped up some bulk boxes of Ghirardelli shortbread cookie mix on sale once, but when Guinea tried it, she wasn't so impressed. Too boring. I figured I'd try doctoring a batch up, so I added cinnamon, ginger, a little cloves, cocoa nibs, and cyanne. Those things were dangerous! They were rather yummy, but all those cocoa nibs and the spice got your heart racing. It was like eating a Red Bull cookie (only a LOT tastier).

Oh, heya Doodle! ***Get The Job Vibes*** Vrrrwrrrwrrrrwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! We'sa proud of you! smile.gif

Divala, check your messages, plz. wink.gif
*falls out of tree....shakes head...huh???

Hi Lore!!!!!

Yay, It's friday, you smegma encrusted twats!

It's been one of "those" weeks. I went out for a couple drinks with our new storekeeper and had a couple too many. I tell too many personal details about myself when I drink. I have to stop doing that. He's got a fair bit of blackmail material on me already. Heh. But, I figure if I keep him intrigued, I will be able to get all the tools I want by batting my eyes. smile.gif

I'm pretty psyched because I've been approved to go to an uber (well, I think it's uber) expensive digital controls training ($1300.00 for three days) so I'm staying in Milwaukee Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It will be a nice break, plus I will be able to keep my clothes clean. (I hope.) Three of us are going and it should be good. The only "Yikes" factor is the fact that I have to be at the shop on Monday morning at 5:00 AM!!!!! Eeeek!

It's been a little slow lately. I'm about done with my latest ultracold and don't have another one to work on. I have a few coldwaves and an ice machine though. I like ultracolds pretty much, but centrifuges are my favorite. The more expensive the equipment, the more I like working on it. A $300.00 refrigerator has pretty much the same refrigeration system as a $25,000.00 centrifuge...and if you want to replace a compressor, it's easier to justify it with an expensive piece of equipment. With the cheap stuff you end up bandaiding it together and not doing a good job because you can't spend more than an hour or two, otherwise they might as well get a new one. But on a $25,000.00 centrifuge, it's okay to spend the time to do the job correctly. Which I vastly prefer to do. Do it correctly. /geekiness

This maybe should go in feminist transgressions, but I splurged and bought myself a brazilian bikini laser, snap, and no more waxing. I prefer being smooth, anyway. I had my first appointment on Wednesday and it was weird. I could smell burning hair. Yikes!

~*~*job vibes for doodle*~*~

~*~*healing vibes for EJ*~*~

Love ya, Okayers!!!
Wooo-hooo! Its the weekend!! I could not be more pleased - this week dragged by. And, when I got to the train station tonight, my favorite busker was singing and playing guitar, and it just made me smile...I am more than happy to pay a little bit to listen to his beautiful voice.

((((((goaty-girl job vibes))))) I am SO sorry to hear about Goaty's job, and double-pissed about the manner of the interview process for the maybe-job. That totally sucks. I hope she's able to find something in your area.

Congrats on finishing out all the craft shows, Diva!! And with a profit for the LEGOs too! I think it has to be true love when you buy legos for someone. smile.gif

We've got a nice weekend planned - cocktail tasting at our 'hood's wine shop and dinner across the street for Indian food tonight. Tomorrow - Bustie holiday gathering at my place! WOOT! I am so excited to see the ladies...and of course its a pot-lucky, and lemme tell ya - the Chitown Busties can COOK! Should be fun. Directly on the heels of that, I'll finally be cooking my own turkey and having some friends over to share it with. And then there will be leftovers! And soup!

(((((healing for EJ))))) Sorry about the sore mouth - that's not a fun way to spend a weekend, but it is indeed a good reason to huddle indoors and not do a thing.

ETA: Xpost with tree! That is awesome that you get to go to a conference next week! I get to go to one too...I actually won a scholarship to a pretty fancy social media training, and I'm WAY excited about it! I am totally intrigued by the Brazilian Laser is that permanent?! Does it hurt?
hola oy busties! damn, it's been so long. too much going on to catch up right now, but i thought i'd pop in and let you know i'm alive and well. and with a brand spanking new laptop! my old one totally took a dump on me. first the keyboard and mouse went out, and the thing didn't have the right connections for all the old keyboards and mice i had in my box o' computer junk. then my screen went black. the hard drive's running (i think), but i can't move anything or see anything if i could. i'm still hoping to take it in and see what if anything can be retrieved from the hard drive. i backed up a lot of it, but there are still pics i want, and old im conversations i saved, and random bookmarks. but in the meantime i'm rockin' a new hp with 17 inch screen and lotsa goodies. bluetooth, webcam and mic, lightscribe, tv tuner, and built-in voice recognition. i hate windows vista with a bloody passion, but my new machine still gives me geekgasm every time i fire it up. i'm finally starting to get my old programs on it and rebuild my bookmarks and such, but it's slow-going.

not much new going on. still working the same job, still have the same awesome and fun boss (which is kind of weird because the positition tends to turn over fast), the bro and fam were out in september, and we managed to get some quality time in. c-monkey just went back to school last week after her first month off-track in the year-round school year, and just when we're getting used to it and thinking "hey, this will be handy for vacation planning!" the school district has decided they're going to put all the schools back on a traditional schedule starting next year. oh well, it was fun while it lasted. i'm still riding my bike to work, and it's been oh my cod foggy and cold in the mornings, but nothing i can't handle.

anyway, i'm going to go catch up on archives, here in the okay thread and elsewhere on the board. but man, it's good to be back online! happy.gif
anna k
Welcome back, grrlyouwant!

Aww, turbojenn, I liked that busker mention. And sounds like you're going to a good party!

I hope you feel better, erinjane.

((((good job vibes for doodle))))

I found an apartment this week! It's in my neighborhood, it's carpeted, and is roomy and nice. It's on the third floor of an apartment building, and different from the small house I was living in, but it's nice. I'm glad to have secured it, and will move into it Jan. 1st, with my parents' help.

No weekend plans here. I have work, and nothing else to do. It's freezing in NYC, and I don't feel like paying $10$-12 to see a movie or run around the city. I got An Unmarried Woman from Netflix, and have had it for a week, I should watch it.

Hey hey Kari! Enjoy your weekend.

~*~*~*~*soothing vibes for EJ~*~*~*~* Feel better soon!

Hey Lily Anne! welcome to okay land!

Hi Lore. That's funny, I big ol' blow horn. Hee hee.

Diva, the gift for your 'rents sounds very cool.

doodle, crap that's a big j! Daaaahaaaaaaaaamn.

tree, that's great news about the training! congratulations!

Turbo, enjoy your evening with all the chi town busties. I'm envious of your get together.

GRRRRRL! *pounces on and gives big boobah squishee hugs* It's great to see you in here, and glad to hear that all is well.

Anna, congratulations on finding the appartment! Woot!

Umm, not much going on here. I had a really long sleep, worked out, ran, that whole thing. Tore someone a new ass yesterday because mofo is pissing me off royally. Situation still hasn't been rectified but whatevs. It's a sade chilly here, so I think I may lay low. Perhaps try and get some xmas shopping done.

Hey kids, it's me again. I'm here asking for some amazing bustie vibeage. One of my bestest friends is buying a house tomorrow, jsut wondering if some vibes can be directed to him so he gets it!

bustie vibes work some magic. you all ROCK!
*~*~*house vibes*~*~*

and big boobah squishee hugs right back atcha ch! and everyone else too! biggrin.gif
Wow. there is nothing going on in here.

Good Morning!

~~~~~house vibes!~~~~~~~~

Hey Grrrl! It's so good to see you! Glad to hear you are doing well. That's too bad about the schools going back to the traditional schedule. Bah.

Anna, congrats on securing a new apartment! It sounds nice! So you move in Jan 1? Exciting!!

Ch, it's pretty cold there? Brrrrrr! We have had some chilly weather here too. Probably nothing compared to what you get though. Stay warm! Is the person who you tore into the same douchebag who's been bothering you lately? What's going on?

Hey Tree!!! Good to see you! I want to get some lasering done soon. Maybe after the start of the new year when the holiday expenses have passed. That's very cool that you've been approved for that training! NICE!

Jenn, that is so fun that you had a bustie get together at your place this weekend!! I wish I could have been there! How was all the food? Delicious I am sure!

Diva, Oh, Ok, I understand about the craft fair now. I was cornfused about how you made money w/o selling your stuff. yay for all the sales you made!!

Lore, *sigh* I think you are every woman's dream man. You cook AND you give massages?? Come on over this a'way! wink.gif How did the breakfast go? That rice dish sounds tasty. I like all of those flavors.

Hey Doodle! I am sure you totally rocked the interview! When do you think you'll find out?

I had a nice weekend, though a little dull. Stayed in Friday night & watched tv. Saturday I went to the gym, did some grocery shopping & bought some Christmas gifts. Yesterday I cleaned the house, saw a movie, did some more shopping, & went to hang with my sister for the evening.

I'm having an issue lately....just feeling bored & unfulfilled. Not sure what to do about it. I feel like I have way too much free time and that I should be making use of it somehow. I have thought about getting a PT job, but don't know where. I'd like to do something at least half way mindful. Maybe I should pick up more hobbies. I'm going to start volunteering, doing adult literacy tutoring, but it's taking a long time to get started. Tomorrow I think I will finally meet the person I'll be tutoring. I'm going to try to think of some other time fillers. Any ideas?
QUOTE(lorewolf @ Dec 5 2008, 03:49 PM) *
Hey Lily! Welcome to Okayland smile.gif What's your broken-free plan for celebrating the end of finals zombiehood for the semester?

Hi lorewolf, Hi culture,

I promptly got sick! But I suppose now is the best time if there ever was one: after classes and before finals. I went to a party this weekend and started feeling terrible that night. Didn't even drink! I went to the school clinic today and had some tests run. In the meantime, lots of herbal tea while looking outside at the snow.

Before I got sick, I went to a lovely Advent service and got high on God. It was nice.

Stay warm, people!
Hey it's me again.

Kari, I think you should do something crafty! I tok up needlepoint and I love it!!! There's tons of stuff. Not that volunteering wouldn't be fulfiling... I'm doing better, just minor crap that was going on.

~*~*~*healing vibes for lily~*~*~*~* feel better soon!

Ummm, not much going on here, I am back to working out in the morning and I'm just keeping it low. It's a shade chilly here, sooooo I'm dealing with that. Bah, my skin is not happy.

Hi, peeps!

Lore, your truffles are ready to send, I just need an address to send them to.

Kari, you may call your weekend boring, but I call it perfect. I'd love to have time to go out on my own and do things like that. Instead, none of that happened. That's great that you're going to start volunteering. Any idea when you're going to start tutoring?

(((((((((((((house vibes for CH's friend))))))))))))))

Hi, Anna, GYW, Jenn, Doodle ((((((job vibes)))))), Lilly Anne, and everyone else!

I had mostly a blah weekend. We went out for pizza on Friday, and got plenty of yummy lefovers. On Saturday, I went to the bead store (the good one in Uptown) and got what I needed for way cheap because they were having their annual trunk show, which I hadn't even known about. Then my brother brought Sam over and we all went to see the Holidazzle parade that goes downtown 5 nights a week. It's all storybook based, and all the floats are lit up. It's pretty cool. We got a spot in the skyway to watch it go past, so I sat myself down and Sam sat on my lap. It was pretty sweet. He calls it the "hozzle dozzle" parade. He also kept saying "Jimmy's a weirdo!" to the giant, and I taught him about the Wicked Witch of the West, so he went around going "I'm going to get you my pretty, and your little dog, too!" He was fun to be with, and we didn't even lose him in the crowds. He's good at holding hands. Then yesterday, we went to the giant's mom's to help deck out her tree (small fake thing, which is surprising because she normally gets real ones) and eat dinner. I got to spend some time with the giant's baby neice, too. I got to feed her and play with her, and she didn't cry once. But her sister, on the other hand, is a hellian. She is the most badly behaved child I think I've ever met. She's loud, rough with the baby, constantly throwing things on the floor and making messes, picking up food and not eating it, breaking things, and messing everyone's shit up, then throws tantrums just for attention. I'm beginning to really not like that girl very much, and she's not even 4 yet. I've never seen a child her age act so badly. At least her parents are finally onto her shit and are punishing her.

Anywhoo, it's back to normal for me this week. My class is over with, and I think I got a B, so no more staying late and leaving early every week. No doctor's appointments this week, either. I'm looking forward to a whole lot of boring coming up. My surgery isn't until very late in January, so I've got another 7 weeks or so. I'm going to try to drop 10 pounds before then so the doctors can see that I'm trying. I'm still working on my Xmas shopping. I don't think I'm going to need to make a big trip to the MOA this year, since I'm ordering pretty much everything online. There are a few stores I need to go to, but I don't actually have to enter a mall for any of them. It's usually a tradition for the giant and I to go to the MOA on our shopping mission and divide it up so we never run into each other, but there won't be any need this year. Oh, well. At least I'm saving money and will be able to give a lot more to charity this year. I was looking forward to that.

Oh, and truffles are ready to send out to anyone who wants them. I've got some of everything left, so get 'em while they're still available! I'm not going to do Etsy with them this year, but I am getting PayPal set up whenever the giant sits down to do it, so nobody will have to write checks if they don't want to.
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