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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning!

It's a rainy, windy one here. Getting into the office was hellish. Am quite content now to just sit at my desk.

Treehugger, that is so sad about your neighbor's son. sad.gif sad.gif

On a good note though, I'm glad your bedroom is shaping up! I can't wait to see pics!

I've been doing more house stuff too. I got the stairwell mostly painted this weekend. Have to roll one more coat on a small portion. I've also been trying to gussy up my downstairs bathroom. I got a new bathmat, new shower curtain, a marble tray for the back of the toilet, and a marble toothbrush holder. It does not sound like a lot, but it's made a huge difference. The only eyesore still is the floor. It's gray vinyl & so ugly. When I get some fundage, I'm going to have it redone.

((diva)) Boo for gallstones!!! At least now you know what it is I guess. And steps can be taken so that you'll feel better. Any word on surgery yet?

Hey Jenn!

Hey Lore! ~~~~neck-feel-better vibes~~~~~

Hey doodle! ((soulman)) Poor guy, his work burned down? Geez. I love your band name!

hey CH! Did you get anything at the mall?

What's up Anna!

Things here are good. Today is the only day I'll be in the office this week. Working from home tomorrow, took off Wednesday and then have off Thursday and Friday for the holiday. I had a good weekend. Went to a show on Friday night. Mr K and I saw this band Ghostland Observatory. It was a fun time. Saturday I cleaned house, painted, then went to my niece's birthday dinner. Sunday I went to a baby shower. It was a busy weekend.

I've got house guests arriving Wednesday night, so mad house cleaning will ensue soon.

Well, there's no way I'm going to catch up on everything in here so I'm just jumping in.

doodle, sucks about soulman's workplace. I can't imagine how shitty a situation that must be. At least it sounds like he's got some resources he can use. I like the band name.

Diva, sucks about the gallstones. My mom had hers out about 6 months ago. She complained about pain for a year and a half before the doctors realized she had 'atypical symptoms' for gallstones. They had to do an emergency procedure a couple of days after they were found but she recovered quickly and feels so much better now. I figure I'll have to get mine out in the next few years because my mom, cousin, aunt, nana, and great aunts have all had theirs out.

Last week felt like 10 years long and 24 hours all at once. On the nights I slept at home I didn't get there until 9pm and then I was up at 7 the next morning and at work all day. My new huge bed arrived on Friday, which was awesome, and me and the boy christened it. tongue.gif The bed has to live with plastic covering it for two weeks until we can be sure the bed bugs are gone. I guess all the stress of the week got to me because on Sunday I woke up with hives all over my back. If it's not one thing, it's another. I spent yesterday doing laundry, but we need to keep all our clothes in garbage bags so any leftover bed bugs can't get in. I hate having my routine disrupted so I've been in a pretty bad mood for the last 7 days.

Today looks brighter though. Work is flying by because I've been non-stop busy and I'll be going out for dinner with the boy. I had a 3 day weekend but yesterday was the only day I had to relax. I need a week off to regroup or something.



Hey Kari! Indeed I did get myself a cute little black blouse, but it's only got two buttons in the chest, and it has an empire waist.

Hey EJ! Woohoo on new beds! ~*~*~*~*ongoing bed bug be gone and stay gone vibes~*~*~*~*~

I only have a little while left in the day AND my stuff from amazon is out for delivery. It's probably at my house as we speak. I ordered on Friday, now that is impressive service. I heart amazon.
Hi, peeps!

My ears are still ringing from last night. What a great fucking show! I've been to A LOT of concerts, but none that have left my ears ringing well into the next day. I guess that's what you get when you sit in the 10TH FUCKING ROW at an AC/DC concert. We were right along the catwalk, too, so we could have reached out and touched Angus, had we been so inclined. There were fireworks and cannons, and all matter of deaf-inducing antics. Man, I love me some rock music!

EJ, that's great on the new bed! That's good that your bedbug problem will be over with in a couple of weeks.

(((((((Treehugger's neighbor's family)))))))

Doodle, that sucks about soulman's work going up in flames. Bah! I hope they can regroup relatively soon. This is a lousy time of year to not have steady employment.

Jenn, thanks for posting your garam masala almond recipe. I've got everything at home except the garam masala, so I'm thinking of making up a batch pretty soon.

Hi, CH! I hope you like the book! I do love Amazon, too. I always get my stuff pretty quickly, even though I pretty much always get the free shipping. I think it's because they're so large and they can't afford to not be quick.

Today's been a nice, quiet one, mostly because I can't hear very well. Brought leftovers for lunch. Got my pre-surgery consultation scheduled for next week, same day as a craft fair, but it works out that I can do my appointment first, then set up my booth on the way back to work. I can't be there to sell, anyway, so it actually works out kind of well. I'm trying to scrimp and save on my vacation and sick time since I know I'll need to burn up all I've got either December or January. I just hope they can do surgery the week after my consultation, or else hold off until after the holidays. I really don't want my Christmas and Intergalactic Divala Day ruined with a dumb old surgery. I'd like to move around and eat as I please, thankyouverymuch.

I talked to Sam for a little bit, and he asked if he can come and visit me in the hospital. He's such a sweetie. He thought to ask all on his own. They've got a spider at my parents' house. I told Sam to name him Ruttager, like we name all the spiders in my house. It made him giggle.
boo gallstones and buildings burning down
especially boo on overdoses. i hope your neighbour is doing okay, tree

I am officially done all my assignments for this semester. weeee! now I just need to slog through finals and find myself a crappy christmas retail job sad.gif

Nothing really new here. I've been retail therapy-ing a little too much on sephora and now don't have room for all my make up in my inhumanly large train case

I'm dreading christmas light season. el boyfriendo lives on one of those streets with a neighbourhood association that puts lights up and everyone goes way out decoration-wise. starting a week from monday it will take me an extra five or ten minutes to navigate all the damn slow drivers to get to his house, and finding parking is going to be the hugest bitch

I hope everyone is having a good monday! tongue.gif
Whoa, Diva - that is QUITE a concert!!! I hope your ears have re-settled now!

Well, I'm halfway through the work week - WOOT! I made my cranberry applesauce for turkey day tonight, and all I've got let to make for the weekend is a wild rice dish and pumpkin pie...oh, and my apple steel cut oats, I guess. Anyway, I've got Wednesday for that. Thursday we'll be on the road to Michigan for the weekend...I haven't been back there since last Xmas, so it's time to go do it. And, we'll get to see the Moxieclan, so that's always a bonus!

CH - tell your friend to check out - that's bar-none the best GF blog out there, and she's got a ton of resources for beginners...and her writing is amazing, too.
Just an incomplete quickie, so be forewarned!

Yaaay, Tyger for being done with assignments! I remember the feeling of being a student before Christmas. All Honolulu was lit up with lights and cheezy displays, but I didn't get to see any of them until my finals were over. I was studybernating. When it was all done, though, Otterman and I took turns towing each other with one on a skateboard and the other powering us both on a bicycle, and we zoomed around Downtown to see the decore (and mostly just for zooming's sake).

Turbo, I've GOT to check your blog out and try making garam masala! I'm ready to e'splore the Indian cuisine creation. Kewl that you're blogging at all, I must say. I've tried starting one, but wasn't so faithful about it.

Diva, RAWK ON!!!!! biggrin.gif AC/DC must stay alive long enough for me to see them live. 10th row, though, I can only dream of. Do you remember when it was that you and perhaps a little friend of yours started jumping around with no abandon to some song or tape or something, and were just... rockin' as hard as a kid possibly could? Felt awesome, right? And maybe some older sibling of yours or your friend's who normally thought you were just a grub or something caught you guys flailing out to the music and gave 'the Nod' of rock approval. Perhaps this was the only time he/she ever gave you guys the thumbs-up of cooldom in your childhood. Well, AC/DC was the band for that experience for me. "'Cause I'm a problem chiiild! (and my mother hates me!)" Rawk on, Diva! smile.gif

Hope you have a cozy-fun time readin', Culture! smile.gif

EJ, I totally wrote something out for you last week about bed bugs and head lice, but the post got eaten (perhaps by an evil computer bug!?!). Anyway, an ex-girlfriend of mine grew up with a large family, and a sibling once brought home head lice to share. They had the hardest time getting rid of it from the house because no matter how much they dosed themselves, the little buggers lived on in the house. That's when they all took a month-long vacation together, being sure to be treated before and after leaving, and they succeeded in starving their house-dwelling parasites to death in their absence. I mean, it may sound like a drastic treatment, but it's no more drastic than surgery for a health problem, and you all might have a bonding experience. Anyway, good luck!

Kari, your week sounds rockabilly-awesome! You only have to be in the office for one day? Man, I'm just switching from waking up at 4AM to waking up at 3AM for tomorrow and Wednesday sad.gif and then next week, I'll be doing some night shifts from 6PM to 2:30AM. I hope you enjoyed the baby shower, hope dinner is romantically deliscious, and hope you get to regroup somehow.

*flirts with Tree just to keep her on a roll*

Bummer about Soulman's workplace/situation, Vibeage * for gallstones, and general, over-quick, I-owe-ya-one fondness to everybody I've missed!


G'nightie! I have to crash to get up at 3! sad.gif
Gooooooooood Morning!

Diva, the concert sounds fantastic! 10th row tickets, that's fucking awesome!!!!!

Hey tyger! I was texting a friend yesterday about how some people make their houses a shade vomitous with all the decorations. There is no need for ones house to rival the Eiffel Tower with all the lights.

Turbo, I'll for sure pass that on to her. She's actually enjoying the gluten free diet so far.

Hey Hey Lore! Boo urns on getting up so early.

Well, Tuesday, I so didn't want to work out last night, but I did and slept like the dead. I had a killer headache and that seemed to do the trick. I'm doing okaaaaaaay this morning. I'd be happier if I wasn't at work though. wink.gif

Anyhows, hope everyone is great!

Oh wait, good things tuesday!

1. Got my amazon order yesterday.
2. No headache today.
3. it's not freezing cold here yet.
4. things at work have been tolerable.
Holla Bitches!

Diva, I totally forgot you were going to the concert! Sounds like it was a blast! That is super sweet that you guys got those tickets. I hope your surgery is conveniently timed too. Man, the holidays are a rough time for something like that, especially for you with all your truffling and craft fairing. How are you feeling lately?

Lore, oh man. You have to get up at 3AM for work? I feel for you, mister. ~~~Get up and GO vibes!~~~ How's Goaty doing lately?

Tyger, congrats on being done for the semester! Sorry you gotta get a retail job for the season. Where are you thinking of working?

Jenn, your food sounds deeeeelicious! Per usual! That's great fun that you will get to see Moxie. Who's family is in Michigan? Yours or TurboManns?

Hey CH! Good work on the work out last night! I know how that is, when you just don't want to go. Sometimes when I have that feeling, I go & it feels good once I get started. Other times I go & hate it the whole time.

My friend and I tried to go to the gym last night for our favorite weights-cardio class, but it was so fucking crowded we couldn't get in. Grrrr. That gym is just too busy sometimes. We did some machines instead and are going to do kickboxing today. Gotta get ready for the Thanksgiving gluttony. Maybe that is why the gym was so packed last night - everyone has that same thought.

Where's GT been lately?

HEY ERINJANE! It's good to see you!! I'm glad you have just about wiped out the bedbugs. What a major pain in the ass!!! Will you have some time to relax over the Thanksgiving holiday? I hope so.

Well, things here are pretty good today. Working from home. Don't have a ton of pressing work though. I have one report I have to edit for someone. But then the guy I'm working with on a new project is out of town for the week, so not sure how much I can do on that. Sent him my new stuff yesterday. He said we'll talk next week. Fine by me. I have about a zillion things to do here in the house today. And errands to run.
Hello again!

Kari, enjoy your day from home! I spoke with GT on Sunday, she's doing good.

I really don't have much going on, it's pretty quiet at work, and there is only so many times you can do on the internet.
Good morning, fair Okaylanders!

I am feeling tired and gravelly-voiced this morning....had band practice again last night. Plus we jammed at the Grotto on Sunday night....we've got another practice scheduled for Wednesday. Also, I wound up at the anarchist's before band practise last night, so we could work out some of our harmonies, so my voice is really shot to hell.

Good news - soulman's employer is determined that they will be back to work on Wednesday, in a new location just down the street from where I'm working. Soulman's a leedle bit disappointed that it's happening so soon though - he was hoping for a wee vacation!

In other good news, the anarchist gets to see his daughter just about every day now, so that's awesome!

Scully and the Mulders are getting an entire 45 minute set at the benefit, which is only 2.2 weeks away! Yikes! Anyway, so far we've got 2 originals by me, 2 originals by soulman, 1 original by the anarchist, and 1 original by superman. Then we'll see what else we want to work in. Some of the stuff we've been playing around with: Dixie Chicks' Taking the Long Way, the Indigo Girls' Closer to Fine, a World Party song called Take it Up, John Lennon's Imagine, the Beatles' We Can Work it Out, Talking Heads' Take Me to the River, and maybe Buffalo Springfield's For What it's Worth (if we're not all sick of that one by then).

The guys wanted to be Scully and the Foxy Mulders, and I nixed it, although in retrospect, it's kinda cute. wink.gif

Ok, I need to go process lottery subs!
Hello All!

Doodle, that is great news about the set! you guys are going to do great! Soulman is already going to be back at work? That didn't take long. How are things going with you two?

On a different note, I'm wondering if any of you all have a book recommendation for canning, preserving, and making jams and jellies. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Now I know i'm getting The Joy of Cooking for xmas and there is stuff in there, but anything else would be appreciated!

Lore, heh, I don't think I could handle a 'family vacation'. All I can think about is getting away from them. tongue.gif I think the bugs are gone but it'll be another couple of weeks before I'll really feel safe.

Kari, you crazy americans. tongue.gif I live in Canada so my Thanksgiving was in October, but I did have some time to finally relax on Sunday. I'm not working Fridays for the next couple of weeks too so that's a plus. Sounds like you're pretty busy yourself. I'm dreading January at the gym because for 4-6 weeks everyone who's made a new years resolution will be crowding up my space and pushing out those of us who go on a regular basis.

Doodle, that's awesome about the band stuff. Sounds like you've already got a pretty solid set down and everything.

Busy busy busy at work again. Last night I went out for dinner with my boys extended family. I love his mom, she's so cute and funny and reminds me of my mom. We haven't had any 'quality' time together since Friday because I've been exhausted but now my energy is coming back. I'm totally slacking off from work right now though. tongue.gif

Hmmm...good things Tuesday! Almost forgot that tradition!

Got three jobs diagnosed today and parts ordered.
The stainless coil is under progress...after six months of searching I finally have one being built! biggrin.gif
Finally got the compressor for the ultracold freezer that has been sitting on my hoist for two weeks. Now I can finally finish rebuilding it! (rebuilding ultracolds is totally my favorite job right now)
MB (cute geeky electrician that I have a minor crush on) caught me when I was slipping on a patch of ice and gave me a big squeeze before letting me go
My aunt's hubby (the guy who was diagnosed with hydrocephalus a couple weeks ago) had a shunt put in and is making an amazing recovery
Heard a hilarious story that keeps running itself in my mind and making me smile
Flirting with our new storekeeper guy
In my third "good things" I can't believe I said "my hoist" although....
Our boss said when the head refrigeration guy retires (2 or 3 years) it is MY refrigeration shop. Me, personally. Ms. Treehugger.
I am flattered even though it is scary.
If it is going to be "my" shop I will be able to pick the music that is played.
Bear HAS been stepping up to bat. wub.gif

EJ, i think you need to shank all the new gym goers in the new year. Hee hee. Glad you and the boy are happy.

Tree, that is a good day!

Hmmm, I went for a run. Now I'm lazing around trying to figure out what to eat. I have no energy and just want to sleep. It's 7:07 here. How sad.

Well, CH, you *know* I'd have a reco for the canning, right? This is the book I use for reference - I haven't done pressure canning yet, though - just tomatoes, which are super easy, since they are acidic by nature.

I'm glad your friend is enjoying her new lifestyle - it takes some time to adjust to, before knowing all the ins-and-outs of how to cook safely and eat out safely, but now 7 years later - doesn't take much thought or planning - its just life. And the bonus is not being sick all the time!

Tree - that is AWESOME that you will be Chief Refrigerator!!! You totally deserve it!

Doodle, I think that is totally adorkable that it was the BOYS who wanted to be the "Foxy" Mulders....too cute! Sounds like you have a great gig shaping up!

Kari - both turbomann and I are from the same town in MI...we've known each other since 8th grade (speaking of adorkable)...we were good friends all through high school. Makes it both convenient for holidays and crazy busy juggling two families while we're there.

And, I am done working for the week - WOOT! I think I shall take a soak in the tub now to celebrate. smile.gif

Oh and one of my fave down-n-dirty dinners is up on the blog tonight. YUM.
Good Morning!

Turbo, thank you for the recommendation! Now, my next question is, do you have a good book recommendation for jams, jellies, and pickle recipes? I'm so excited about the other one!!! Woohoo! As for my friend, things are going well. See, the problem with her celiac disease was not ummm, debiliating digestive problems, but that food and nutrients weren't being absorbed in the intestine, so she was anemic and tired all the time. Now that she's on the gluten free diet, things are coming along swimmingly.

Well, it's Wednesday, I found almost all my embroidary cotton (woohoo xstitching!!) and my run left me feeling fantabulous, I've been doing all the stretches and excercises for the tendonitis in my ankle and the run has left me pain free. My physiotherapist is going to be very happy! I'm happy!

So, what's everyone else up to?

CH - The canning book also has jam and pickle recipes in it, so start there...the internets are always a good source for recipes for that sort of thing too - once you have the mechanics down for the canning process, what you put in the jars is easy, and allows a wide range of improvisation.

Yep, my nephew had the same issues with celiac...of course, I diagnosed him at 6 months old, but it took three years of constant illness, and him getting a distended stomach because he was starving because he couldn't absorb nutrients, before his parents took him in to be tested. It still kind of pisses me off that they ignored my warnings for so long...when I was sitting there with the same issue, recognizing the symptoms. But, now he's a happy, healthy 6 year-old, and his growth has caught up to the other kids his age.

I'm enjoying a quiet morning here...I'm baking a GF/DF pumpkin custard for tomorrow (recipe to be posted soon), just made my steel-cut oats for the weekend, and all I have left to do is a wild rice dish. And then, I need to tackle a deep clean on the bedroom - I think I'm getting the yearly floor mold in there, and need to attack with tea tree oil.
Good Morning!

Tree, that is verrrrry exciting that your boss gave you his word on the shop becoming yours!! NICE!!! I know what you mean though about it also being scary.

Doodle, your song list looks great so far!! That is wonderful that you guys get 45 minutes! I understand soulman wanting a little vaca, but I'm sure he is also relieved to be able to go back to work.

Hey CH! Woot for painfree ankle!! That's great!

Hey ErinJane! I know, the New Years Resolutioners at the gym really are a drag. The only good thing is that my gym is working on an expansion that should be done by then. Plus they are putting in a back entrance, which they've needed to do for years. That should ease the pain of the New Years onslaught, I hope.

Jenn, I had no idea you and the mister have known each other for that long! Very sweet. I bet you sure are busy when you guys go home though. All those friends and the families too.

I am just eating some Cheerios before heading out to do last minute errands. Mr K had to go to school to turn in a lab report, when he gets back we will undertake Operation Clean House. Ugh. Gotta be done though. dry.gif
Hi, peeps!

Kari, that's good that they're expanding your gym. Extra space always helps when there are a ton of big clunky machines taking up space to try to squeeze around. And I feel ya on Operation Clean House. We desperately need to do that, too, but it's so hard to get into it. We'll get a couple rooms done, then kind of let the rest go. After I'm done truffling and such, we can really get into it. It feels so nice to have a perfectly clean house, but it usually takes the incentive of having company over. Right now, our kitchen and dining room look like a slightly disheveled chocolate shop, with my trays upon trays of truffles taking up every bit ofsurface space.

Woot! for Tree getting the shop in a couple years!

Doodle, that's good that Soulman will be back to work, um, today? Wow. His boss has really got his stuff together. A break is nice, but income is a lot nicer.

CH, my mom does cross stitching, and has ever since I can remember. Maybe not so much lately as her eyes aren't what they used to be, but she made a lot of beautiful stuff back in the day. There are some really gorgeous patterns out there. Congrats on your ankle feeling better!

Hi, EJ and Jenn!

I think my ears have finally recovered from the concert. They were still weird into Tuesday, but I think they're okay now. Not much going on with me. We're going up to my parents' house tomorrow for Thanksgiving. It'll be just my immediate family, including Sam, and the giant. We were going to get together with my grandpa/aunt/cousin, but nobody wanted to drive, so we're not. Fine by me. I enjoy seeing my aunt, and my cousin is pretty cool, not that I really know him all that well because we're not as close to my mom's family since they mostly live in Chicago, although my aunt is going to move up here once her townhouse finally sells. I guess we'll see them for Xmas instead. It's always more fun when it's just my family, anyway. I may go out to the stores on Friday to start some of my shopping, although the only one I'd really be shopping for is the giant (sweater and CK boxer briefs - more a gift to me than him). I've got pretty much everything else planned out, and it doesn't involve Black Friday sales at all. I'll probably just end up staying home and working on the last bit of truffles (only 1 1/2 flavors left to assemble, then I'm done for the year!) and catching up on TV. Maybe I'll start on the deep clean of the house. Apparently, vigorous housecleaning burns 200 calories/hr. That's what Kim and Aggie say, anyway.

Tree, sounds like it was a very good 'good things tuesday'. tongue.gif

Turbo, I already love your blog and plan to make some of your goodies in the next few weeks.

Nothing much going on here. There's this thing called the Maestro Project that was started about 8 years ago in Winnipeg for young adult diabetics. There's a really great program for youth who have diabetes but there was no similar resource for adults. The program totally exploded and it's a great way to meet other diabetics, and they put on free dinner's twice a year. Tonight the guy (who's name I forget!) who was the first diabetic to climb mount everest is the guest speaker and the dinner's are usually decent so that should be fun.
We're the turbo's family break time when in MI. I met turbo (for those who don't know already) our very first day at college, and turboman 1 year later when he returned from Army life. Been great friends ever since. What, 13 years now, right? Did I do the math right? 2008-1995...yep, 13.

I'm making the steel cut oats as soon as i get my butt to costco to get some cheap tupperware. I don't want to do long term freezer storage with the good stuff, as we use and rotate that pretty often. I'm hoping it isn't too busy tonight after dinner. Cause, i want to spend my whole morning tomorrow cooking- even if we're going to the MIL's for teh bird meal. I'm bringing desert, so I know I have 2 pies (apple-pecan and requisite pumpkin) to do, but I'm hoping to do the steel cut oats and the roasted applesauce ftom turbo's blog while I"m at it.

For all our American Busties...on our national day of stuffing ourselves too much, what are we grateful for? I'll start:

1. A healthy daughter, and another healthy one on the way.
2. Very soon to emerge niece/nephew, and the opportunity to be a new parent with my baby brother.
3. Barak Hussien Obama
4. Sugar free chocholate icecream bars (hey, i've got the GD again...gotta be happy about somefin!)
5. Oddly, being temporarily laid off... i'm enjoying the time off b/c holiday madness and baby fever.

Love to all1!
anna k
erinjane, I agree. I hate it when the group fitness classes get crowded and it takes forever for people to get their equipment and I feel crowded and tense amongst being stuck between a lot of people in the studio.

What a great day, treehugger!

Diva, sounds like it was an awesome show.

Yesterday I had a lot of fun at my jazz/hip-hop dance class. There was a sub, and she picked D'Angelo's cover of Prince's "She's Always in My Hair" (I like the cover better, the original is too 80's for me), and it felt awesome. We did a jazz dance, and it felt so much easier for me to do than hip-hop, which can feel complicated. I got to slide across the floor, spin around, do some seductive moves, and felt very slinky and sexy. I stayed for two more gym classes, a boot camp one with weights and a yoga/Pilates one. After reading Jezebel's post about weightlifting, I may want to work on amping up my weightlifting, as the heaviest for a handweight that I lift is 10 lbs and for a bodybar, 15 lbs. I have soft muscle tone, but want to feel stronger and fitter. I did feel like that earlier this year, but now my body has settled back into being voluptuous rather than hard and thinner. I get a free session with a trainer, so I want to see what they can reccomend for me to try at my novice level.
*crawls into thread and flops on couch under down comforter*

Eh, I'm feeling a bit puny this afternoon, though it really couldn't be helped. Woke up this morning with allergy madness for the third day in a row, and remembered what usually happens this time of year - a bit of moisture seeping up from the concrete slab under our parquet floors in the bedroom...which turns to mold - right on my side of the bed, next to the wall. Moved everything away - yep...mold. So I scrubbed the floors with water/tea tree oil (natural fungicide) this morning, vacuumed everything, and got myself a full on allergy attack, with the cycle of sweating/chills and everything. Ugh. I think I probably have lost a pound today, just in snot. I just got up from a 2 hour nap in there, and my body is more settled, and my allergies have calmed a bit, so I think I got all the mold.

Yep, the moxieclan are definitely are refuge when we go home - its wonderful to always check out and get a break from the fam with them. smile.gif, you have been a truffle-making machine!! WooT for almost being done!!

I still need to make my wild rice for tomorrow, but otherwise, I think I'm done cooking for the weekend, and have enough stuff to keep me happy and fed all weekend.
Good morning all! We got an entirely too early start this morning, but its cool. I made turbo's creamy apple-oatmeal this morning, and let me tell you, no.2 LOVES it...she is doing a wee embroyinic happy dance. I'm pretty sure this kid is going to be much more swing-moody than her big sister.
Hello hello and a Happy Thanksgiving to our American Okayers.

Turbo, how are you feeling? ~*~*~*soothing vibes~*~*~*~* enjoy your thanksgiving and visit with the moxieclan!

Hey Kari! Hope your cleaning got done and you enjoy your day today!

Hi Hi Diva! Mmm truffles. I'd also stay away from the malls, it's like people here and boxing day. They go insane thinking it's the best deals. Erm, wait until January, then you'll get even better deals!

Hey Erin! How was the dinner last night?

Hi Anna! a free session with a trainer, that's pretty sweet.

Hmm, went for another run last night and it went great. I also bought a new pair of boots and I LOVE them. I needed something that didn't have towering heels, not so good for the feet nor the ankle. Sigh. But these are a cute pair. It's Thursday and only one more day until the weekend! What's everyone doing?

I also started the needlepoint and I think it s super great! I'm so excited about it!!!

It's so true anna. Luckily the Y I go to is pretty big so I can usually find a free machine if I time it right.

Turbo, that sucks about the mold. We've got a bad mold problem in our bathroom. My mom wants to do a huge reno but it's getting pretty gross in there. Once again, I can't wait for my own place. tongue.gif

CH, the dinner last night was really great. I hadn't been to one of these free events in about a year because they always used to fall on nights when I had class. In the past the topics have typically been about health (Diabetes and eye care, pregnancy, natural health, exercise, insulin pumps, etc) but last night the speaker was Sebastian Sasseville was the speaker last night. He's the first Canadian type 1 diabetic to climb mount everest. He was really inspirational without being cocky or annoying. He thinks about his disease the same kind of way I do and he talked a lot about accepting yourself and situations. He also talked about how everyone has a big dream, but people don't want to realize their dreams when they realize the difference between what they want to do and what they need to do. He had some great photo's of his experience too. He only did it in May so it was less than a year ago. My boy really enjoyed it too. He's been feeling kind of stagnet in school and freaking out about lack of direction but I think this really inspired him and made him feel pretty positive. This is him: Easy on the eyes too, he also has a nice french accent. tongue.gif
[color=#ff0066]happy tofurkey day, all of you turkey stuffers!

just doing a skate by, i'll be catching up reading oker posts today.

my skateboard, vic, (named after the pj harvey song, victory, btw) got run over last night. so i had to retire her. she was the best longboard anyone could ever ask for. i'm gonna miss her. i bought a new one, but i think i'm going to return it in favor of this one because it has these ingenious trucks. (normal trucks look like this, (scroll down), so you know why those ones are so supacool.)

things have been kind of nutty. after i broke up with daddy/mr t, she ended up in the hospital with meningitis. i've tried to be there for her, but she seems bent on guilt tripping me, which is one of the reasons i broke up with her. i've kind of being a hermit because of that.

job is ok. and i am concepting/prototyping a new direction for my art, which is more playful. i'm hoping to have something ready to submit for the erotic arts festival. everyone who has heard th

Erin, the dinner sounds really good, and I'm always a fan of people who are inspirational and have accomplished a lot wihtout being a cocky douche bag.

Hey GT! How's the arm? That's sad that Vic was run over, but YAY on new boards!!! Woohoo!

I need food, it's lunch tyme.
happy tofurkey day, all of you turkey stuffers!

just doing a skate by, i'll be catching up reading oker posts today.

my skateboard, vic, (named after the pj harvey song, victory, btw) got run over last night. so i had to retire her. she was the best longboard anyone could ever ask for. i'm gonna miss her. i bought a new one, but i think i'm going to return it in favor of this one because it has these ingenious trucks that cut your turn radius almost in half. (normal trucks look like this, (scroll down), so you know why those ones are so supacool.) the longboard itself is called "off the wall" but it really is dreamy. tricked out in the coolest ways. i won't bore you with the details, you can check the link for that, but the blurb says, "if you were a skateboard, this is the skateboard you'd want to be."

ain't it the truth.

things have been kind of nutty. after i broke up with daddy/mr t, she ended up in the hospital with meningitis. i've tried to be there for her, but she seems bent on guilt tripping me, which is one of the reasons i broke up with her. i've kind of being a hermit because of that.

job is ok. and i am concepting/prototyping a new direction for my art, which is more playful. i'm hoping to have something ready to submit for the erotic arts festival. everyone who has heard the idea has lit up, which is always a good sign.

i'm an orphan for the holidays, and i kinda like it. smile.gif

i'll catch up reading all day and post later. happy turkey day, everybustie!
Good morning, crusty turkey-twats! I woke far too early out here in MI - I curse the rock hard guest bed at my parent's house!! Sooooo, I'm enjoying the quiet time and catching up on some internets before the 'rents awaken, and I have to be the dutiful daughter again.

Made it through turkey and all the fixins momma sets a fine Thanksgiving table - WAY too much food, especially when I brought stuff to share, too. Oh well....twas a good day, and I had loads of fun playing with my 4yr old second-cousin, who apparently has boundless energy. smile.gif Mom could not stop talking about my blog - she just thinks its the most amazing thing in the world (she doesn't get out on the internets much), it was pretty cute.

I'm feeling better post-mold attack, though I was in an exhausted fog all day yesterday. Our bedroom should be fine now that I've cleaned it - moisture just gathers in one corner of the bedroom if you put stuff on the floor, and over the summer I put our massage table there, and forgot all about the winter moisture issue. Now that nothing's over it, the bit of moisture that comes up should be able to evaporate without causing further mold issues. I'll still wipe it down with tea tree oil whenever I think of it, though.

GT, sorry to hear about the skateboard, but YAY for the new one!! I can't wait to see where you go with your artwork next!

Well, I think I'm gonna go make a cuppa tea, and warm up a bit, since this house is always cold.
It's fucking Friday Turkey Snatch Lickers!

Turbo, excellent on the fabulous dinner! That's sweet that your mom loves your blog, too. It's a good blog!

I finished my first ever needle point, and it looks like a chimp did it. BUT, there is some good stitches and some not so good stitches...but for my first ever, it's not too bad. Have to crawl before you can walk!

It's Friday and that's all I care about. So, what's everyone got planned for the weekend?
anna k
Hi. I had a nice time with my family, and felt good to be sleeping in such a warm, big, comfortable bed, out of my basement studio for a night. I avoided eating stuffing and potatoes, and stuck to turkey and veggies mostly, with some pie for dessert. I also drank some green tea throughout the day to feel good.

I don't have anything planned this weekend, just working at the museum, nothing else.

Congratulations on the needlepoint, CH!
Good Morning!!!

Sounds like everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I did too, but it's been busy busy. BIL and SIL arrived Wednesday evening. Thursday was a whirlwind. Mr K and I went to my mom's for lunch, my grandmother's for a visit, and Mr K's parents for dinner. Yesterday Mr K's other bro, his wife and their two kids came to our place. We ate leftovers and took the kids to the children's science museum. Last night they left the kids with the grandparents & we went out with both of mr K's brothers and their wives. We had a great time. One BIL & SIL just left & now we are just chilling. Might meet the inlaws for a movie later.

ErinJane, that dinner sounds very cool. Inspirational.

Hey Anna!

Hey Jenn! When you going back to Chicago? Today or tomorrow?

Hey Moxie!

Hey Diva!

Hey GT! Is Mr T ok now? Meningitis is scary. I'm sorry you've been feeling hermit like. I know you are really into movies...have you heard of a new vampire movie called Let the Right One In? I just watched the trailer & it looks really good but soooooo scary. Want to see it.

Who am I forgetting here? Hmm....

Hey Anna! How's your weekend been?

Hey Kari, that sounds like a lovely thanks giving and weekend so far.

Well, I'm off to the dadsters. Later!
Good afternoon everyone.

GT, sucks about the skateboard. I've been a hermit lately myself. I just need some me time.

CH, that's awesome about the needlepoint. I always feel like my mom's awesome crafty genes skipped me somehow. She sews, crochets, knits, and does pretty much any kind of handy work you can name. I keep trying to take up knitting but failing and my sewing skills are pretty rusty.

Good weekend so far. The bed bug situation brought up some really uncomfortable feelings of anxiety that were reminiscent of where I was 2 years ago. Driving home from work on Thursday I pretty much gave myself a pep talk (outloud) and I've felt way better since then. I think the boy was worried because I was kinda bitchy, exhausted, and not as affectionate but we had a good talk about it last night and things feel zen again. Last night we did a double date with my good friend and her fiance at our favourite sushi place and then saw "Synecdoche, New York". I really liked it, but a couple of folks walked out. I need to see it again and I still can't quite wrap my head around it. Excellent portions last night too, but that's for another thread. tongue.gif

((erinjane)) I'm sorry to hear about the anxiety. Good for you for giving yourself that pep talk. I'm really glad it helped. I know that it is a real accomplishment to be able to self soothe with anxiety. I want to see that movie. People walked out? Hmmm.

Hey CH! How was your pop's?

I finally have some quiet time. Ahhhh. It's been a super fun weekend, but I get a little off with no alone time. Mr K and his bro have gone to the movies, and poor SIL is in bed with a migraine. I think I might go to the grocery to get stuff to make Thai coconut soup. Yum.

Kari, if you've seen other charlie kauffman movies and liked them then you'll probably like this one. The more I think about it, the more I realize I really liked it. I have to see it again soon so I can pay attention to everything that's going on in the background in it.
Good evening!

Hey Erin, you feeling better today? Not anxious?

Hi Kari! Dad's was good, they weren't home, they were attending my step mothers fathers funeral, so I was house and puppy sitting.

today was a good day, went grocery shopping worked out, made some peppermint bark, which is currently cooling. PR boy is coming over this evening, if he stays late then I'll be taking tomorrow off.

How has everyone else's weekend been?

Drive by Hallowe'en Johnny Cash sighting.

Band pic coming soon: group shot, tasteful, Scully on a tall chair surrounded by the Mulders. If the scattered artist lady who took it remembers to e-mail them to me.
So, back from the thanksgiving weekend abyss. I've been lurking, but haven't had much to say. Basically, we did turkey, turbos, terse MIL time and relaxing at home. We did get to see the Bond movie, and although there wasn't enough nudie Daniel Craig for my liking, I think it did a very good job of furthing the plot of the "reinvented" bond.

I've also been testing my blood sugars for the past week b/c of the GD, but even on desert laden, carb-centric thanksgiving day, nothing out of whack. Maybe my doc will think i DON'T have GD...he did say we'd take it week by week...bustie vibes, pls?

Ok, gotta go wake little miss M for a monday morning...after 5 days off... NOT looking forward to this.
Good Morning.

Doodle, I'm excited to see the new pic you and the band!

Mox, good luck with waking the wee one!

Umm, I'm at home today, PR Boy came over and stayed until late, so I was totally not going to go into work on three hours of sleep. Except of course now I'm really not feeling that well. Figures. He and I did have a good time last night, I hadn't seen him quite a while.
My doc seemed to agree with me- he wants me to not follow the prescribed diet, eat as i normally would, and test a couple times a day, at different intervals each day for the next 2 weeks. Ok. Cool.

OK, off to work.
*Healthy Vibes for Moxie* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hopefully, it was all just a bad chicken or something smile.gif

Heeya Culture! How was puppy-sitting? I hope you're healing up well for a higher fun-readiness score and for the up-coming cop test smile.gif Oh, and have you ever heard of anybody cross-stitching on bras/undies to kinda make them into either outer-wear or perhaps to just kinda deluxueify them? A cross-stitched bustiere might lend some irony/punk.

Doodle,.. Yer a Cutele.
O.K., that just came to me smile.gif Keep pumping out inspired songs!

Heeeeya EJ! smile.gif Unfortunately, I've been out of the movie loop, so I've never heard of that movie or director. As for being artsey, what kind of art do you most wish you could take classes in? I remember the YWCA in Honolulu offering some amazing classes, like stop-motion animation and FIMO sculpting. Gee, maybe I should take my own advice here. Just tryin' to inspire smile.gif Anyway, I hope you find yourself enjoying your family.

Kari, it's good that you get along with your inlaws so well. Mine just left, and I always say that I won the inlaw lottery or something. They're all awesome. I'm NOT glad that they're gone. I wish they could all live next door. Alone-time is good, too, though. I hope you get to enjoy some.

AnnaK, cool that you're feeling like graduating up to bigger weights. You sound like you're going to need a superhero costume soon (or super-villainesse! wink.gif) I've kinda been patiently shopping for a surfer's rash-guard that doesn't have a logo, but where the heck would I wear it? (Oh yeah, out fightin' crime!)

Good luck mold-bustin' Turbo, and it's cute, yet well-deserved that your Mom is proud of your blog smile.gif

R.I.P. Vic sad.gif Bummer, GT! I hate that sad, long walk home after. Are you able to salvage anything? Trucks? Bearings? (Wheels are often toast.) Those doubled-up trucks look cool, but can you get speed on 'em? I'd hate for them to be too wobbly for your routine. My flowboards are so specific in their use that they aren't good for ANYTHING but carving downhill. Happy hunting, though, and I hope your paw is better.

Hiya Diva! I hope you had good family time. I was thinking, I bet a good Christmas gift for Sam might be a My First Digital Camera of some sort. (I don't know it it exists as a brand name, but some sort of inexpensive, easy-to-use camera.) You'd be surprised at how young kids are able to understand picture-taking, and everybody would get a kick out of seeing stuff through Sam's eyes smile.gif

Tree, awesome about you being so valued in your company that they're ready to give you the SHOP on a couple years! ohmy.gif I can imagine that feeling like a trapping pressure, though. That's like your friend proposing marriage to you or something. I hope it's all working out well for you, anyway.

Me? I'm starting a 5PM to 1:30AM shift today, which means I won't even SEE Goaty all day, maybe not even tomorrow, unless it's briefly, in the morning. These hours won't last long, though. I'll probably be back to mornings next week. I'll just leave notes for her this week, plus some chores done, and, of course, some food. (Gotta feed my Goaty!) The vacation was really nice, with her family staying over. We checked out the Seattle Art Museum, I got to impress them with my new super-easy shrimp recipe, and my BIL taught us a super-fun game called Liar's Dice (which is what they were playing in Pirates of the Carribean onboard the Flying Dutchman, gambling years of service). Wow! It's easy to teach/learn, very portable, and very, very devious once you're good at it. I'm apparently a natural at it. I also like how it has a long tradition as a game.
Sorry, this pic is a little blurry, but we did the best we could with a cam phone.

Left to right: Soulman, Me, Superman, and the Anarchist.

Scully and the Mulders

Mox, that's excellent news with the doctor.

Hey Lore! One could embroider anything, you just need the right sized needle (and a hella lot of patience with some things). I hope you get to see Goaty soon, that's hard hours to be working and not being able to see you lova. I hope you get to see her soon.

Doodle, you's all a smokin hot bunch with loads of talent! That's great!

I went for a nice long jog, worked out, now I'm attempting to clean up a few things and it's not coming along so well, mainly because I'm lazy.
anna k
I hate my landlord. I got the beeping sound fixed (turned out it was a faulty carbon monoxide detector), but now he's kicking me out of my place in a month because his son is attending law school and needs my apartment. Fuuuuuck. I was already looking for new places, but now I feel more desperate.

Nice pic doodle!

I'm so sorry to hear. is there nothing you can do to fight the eviction? Did you sign a lease or something that is legally binding so he can't? ~*~*~*~*apartment finding vibes for anna~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Yeah, Anna... that sounds kinda legally iffy of your landlord, there. Really sorry to hear that he's such a butt-breather sad.gif
anna k
My parents pay my rent (for which I'm grateful), but I entered the apartment in October of 2007, and they make monthly payments. I don't know if a lease was up, as it would've been up two months ago if it was a year-long lease. I'm already going to meet with two potential roommates this week, and see a studio offered by my realtor this week. Thanks to Craigslist, I'm moving fast to secure a place before the end of the month.

I want to smack him and his son.
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