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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Evening all.

Erin, sounds like things are going really great with you, and you and the boy look lovely.

Hey Anna, enjoy your girls night tonight.

I'm off to visit a friend at work whom I haven't seen in ages. Won't be a late one, that's for sure.

Later kats.
Yeah, good way to "meet" they boy's dad tongue.gif Worse than that was the boy was like "My dad doesn't really care about that kind of stuff, so we're fine as long as he doesn't tell my mom" and then his mom got told. They apparently had an awkward conversation, and i've only recently stopped being terrified of his mom.

Diva, i always love hearing your stories about Sam. He sounds like the sweetest little cutie.

Also, does anyone know how to write an academic reference letter for grad school? One of the profs writing me a letter asked me to write a first draft for him to edit, but I don't even know what it's supposed to look like, which is making it even harder to write.
anna k
I had such a good time tonight. I got to know the girls better, and learned so many interesting things about them. Like one of them who has a bubbly cute look to her is a probation officer, and another one is whip-smart with a cute and hilarious boyfriend who reminded me of Andy Samberg. I felt so comfortable and normal hanging out with people who I didn't know and was surprised that I was accepted and liked, and just got along well. There were a few guys there, and I felt included whenever one of them said my name or referenced something I said, and it was great when the girl's boyfriend was talking about a guy who invented a beer launcher at Duke and I said that I knew him in high school. My dance teacher was there, and she was so cute and funny, and it lost that teacher/student relationship there, just being friendly and casual. She would ask me if I had a boyfriend, and was so cute about it, like it should be obvious that I would have a boyfriend. She also pushed back my hair in a playful way, as I usually wear it down and don't wear it up now. We played Cranium and had a good time joking around and drinking and watching a football game. I just liked feeling normal and included and not as weird or alone as I feel sometimes, and that I can fit in and be socially comfortable and cool.

I had a pretty busy day yesterday. I'm redecorating my bedroom around new curtains that will darken my room in the event I get another migraine. (had my first one a couple weeks ago and it was intolerable not being able to darken the room)

Anyway, keeping the jungle-y Bali look, but I have a bunch of six foot long bamboo poles now, that I want to use to make some sort of artsy decorative wall treatment. Any ideas??? Doodle? I know you're a home decorating fiend. I have sixteen of them.

Anna, it sounds like you had a great time!!

Tyger, what a story! I'd have been mortified.

Erin, you two are so cute! I only had one partner who remembered monthly anniversaries. Bear and I don't remember ANY anniversaries...hehe. Our relationship grew so slowly there wasn't really a "day" to identify. I s'pose it could have been the first time we had sex, but I guess we just didn't take note of it. I know it was wintertime, sometime between thanksgiving and new years.

Turbo, I'm starting to get the cooking urge back...I think it's seasonal for me. Your food always sounds so yummy! Did your guests take your pj's hint?

Wow, Divala! You're accomplishing so much! And congrats on doing so well at the craft fair!

Signing off for now.....

ETA:.. I just substituted "tyger" for "kari"....sorry, don't know how I got that mixed up.
Ugh, tree - I'm sorry to hear that you got your first fun. I get them when MRG rolls into town, as well as sometimes if the barometric pressure drops suddenly, and if I accidentally eat some wheat. Darkening the room is a definite must, though even our bedroom blinds are inadequate.

Yeah, our friends did jet the jammies hint, but I also just curled up in the big comfy chair in the second bedroom where they were playing Rock Band, and fell asleep, so either way, they got it.

I'm in a big nesting mode right now, lots of cooking (more than usual) going on in our house. There's just nothing I'd rather do, when the weather is cold. I may finally give in and start a food blog, I'm just not sure I have the time to invest in it properly. Gonna think on that.

Anyway, I made this delicious channa masala recipe last night for some friends, and it was better even than our favorite Indian restaurant's version, and I have a lot of leftovers for yummy lunches this week. Hooray!

I think it'll be a chill day at home for us today, might venture out to the new LL Bean store here - my favorite mittens are threadbare, and I'm pondering the full-length down parka this year for the train commuting and dog walking. I love the LLB down parka I have, but the thought of fully ensconcing my bod in snuggly down is irresistable. smile.gif

EJ - You and the boy are toooooo adorable! And I'm loving his chops too!
Hey All.

Tyger, that's wild about his mom, too.

Anna, it sounds like a really great evening with some good people. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Hey Tree, your room sounds fantastic!! How are you feeling today? I've had the rare migraine, and they are horrible. I don't know how people can live with them.

Turbo, *drool* how yummy.

I cooked today, worked out, and had a good evening visiting with my friend last night. Tonight I think I'm just going to keep it low hey, have a morning at work, then meeting inthe afternoon. Le Sigh.
Anna, of course people accepted and liked you! You are awesome. Just being here proves that.

Hi everyone!

Tree, I'm in the midst of painting the 13 yo's room lime green. It's fabulous. We are going to paint a big faux frame on the wall and fill it with blackboard paint so she has a place to write on her wall. We are very excited about it.

Turbo, everytime you cook, I drool. I made lemon shrimp risotto tonight. It was a delight.

I got a flu shot four days ago and now I have the flu. Yeah, I've read everything that explains why that's impossible, but everytime I get one, I get sick. It's been a few years, and this one was free, so I went ahead and did it. Big mistake. Now I have to miss school. Probably not the worst thing, though. My kids are acting like spawn of satan lately.

Erinjane, you guys are adorable. What a cute pic!

Going to go curl up in a ball and whimper now.
Just thought of a sort of funny story.

Last week we had to go through a "respect in the workplace" workshop...basically talking about sexual harassment and things like that. We had to get into groups and each group got a case scenario. Our particular scenario involved a new male employee, and an experienced female employee. They go out on a couple dates on non-working hours. Male employee decides he "just wants to be friends" and tells female employee this.

Female employee goes away on a long vacation and upon returning, gives male employee a hug. Male employee gets very uncomfortable and says so. Female employee gets angry and defensive.

Soooo...the question was, "as an employee, what would you do??"

And my gut instinct, of course I'm a gut instinct (again, being a smartass) was to tell the group, "I'd smack him on the ass and call him a pussy". But I thought better of saying that. I think I saved, or at least, didn't cost our group about two hours in lecture/discussion time, by not saying that. Heh.
Fuck....I have bed bugs. My bed and box spring have been tossed out into the winter. No fucking way I'm keeping them now. sad.gif
((((((EJ)))))) That is awful - do you have to do anything to the rest of your house to ensure they're not lurking elsewhere?

Tree....that is awesome! At least you could entertain yourself with your ideas of how to respond! tongue.gif I hate those seminars - I had to go to an all-day one last year, and the asshole boss was in the class as well, but he sat in the back with his laptop clicking away all morning, and didn't listen to a thing. He actually NEEDs diversity/sensitivity training. ugh.

So I just made up some Thai coconut red curry butternut squash soup, and it was amazing. And I've finally decided to start a food blog. The hardest part is coming up with a name. Suggestions are welcome!

(((((kel)))) That totally sucks that you have the flu - that is among the worse ways to lose three days. Take care of yourself.
hi potty pee-poles! (cos everybody poops!)

ej, i am so sorry. that does not sound like fun at all... but then you might be able to have a few more nights with the boy... (although that is a weird excuse).

yay anna! i agree with kel, you're pretty awesome.

uh tree, you are so my hero (not for not saying it, but for thinking it). i hope your headaches aren't like mine, tree. they last three days minimum. not much fun. i hope you never get another.

ok, turbo, if you are gonna make me drool, you are gonna have to clean it up, damn it all!

boo for flu! well i know that doesn't help, but it rhymes, ((((((kel)))))). but on the upside-- you're posting again! yay-hoooray!

hi to everybody else too! i emailed you (not pm'd you), culture.

i'm wanting to start an air freshening company with weird smells, like: breakfast bacon, fresh sawdust....

broke up with my gf/daddy on friday. it's a good thing, i need to figure out some internal bullshmackity, and i think we will still be friends.

i had a great sk8 home friday too, until i tried to avoid a couple that wasn't paying attention and in an effort not to hit them smacked into a curb. i superman'd for a few feet and smacked the arm that i shattered a few years ago on the cement HARD. i thought i should go to the hospital, but didn't want to waste my whole weekend so, fyi: best time to go to the emergency room: sunday morning 4am-10am. arm was bruised, not broken. yippie! and i watched 'das boot' with my puter in the waiting room. awesome! great movie.

oh! and at work we are working on a exhibit for a utah museum with a minature ski lift! it skirts an area the size of two SUVs. another guy was working on a spring platform too. i always walk around with a silly grin on my face there. it makes me feel like a kid.
Oh, my deepest (and oh-so-Canadian) apologies for not being around! Now that I am addicted to Crackbook, all know. I guess it is newbie fever, and I hope to get over it soon. wink.gif

Also makin' music!! Just got home from jammin' again, at the night club! WOOT! It was me, the anarchist, soulman, and.....drummer needs a nickname, so I'm gonna call him superman, 'cause he's got that kind of big chiseled face. biggrin.gif So me, the anarchist, soulman, and superman. And the anarchist brought his (wired) acoustic for me to play. SWEET! I'm thinking of getting a wired acoustic, instead of an electric. We did a new-to-everyone Los Lobos song that I probably shouldn't have done, as I just learned it, but it was alright. Then I did my own song, Candice, and then the Billie Holiday one. And we finished with the one soulman sings and I do harmony/backup on - For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield). Awesome! Not many folks there, but I got TONS of compliments on my voice, which was sweet.

The anarchist's acoustic is black and warm blue - I totally matched my outfit to it on purpose. biggrin.gif I did. I really did.

The four of us are all going to jam at the anarchist's new place on Wednesday, after I get my hairs cut after work. I almost dare not say it, but I think the whole band thing is falling into place.....?? Soulman is having problems with the two guys he has forming his own band, and may be looking to slip away. Superman, who was very hesitant when I first started discussing the band thing, is now totally down with everything I suggest. Hey superman, want to jam on Wednesday? Yup! Hey superman, what do you think about a benefit gig? Yup!

Oh speaking of that, an old friend from my days at the women's centre - a reporter - is putting together a pre-Christmas benefit for the food bank, and asked me last night if I could get a band together. I said: YUP! No, actually, I said let me check with the boys, but it seems like they are down with it. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

The anarchist is doing okay. Still separated, for good, but I think the worst thing has blown over, and he will be fine, and be able to keep his relationship with his kid strong. It's funny - through this whole blow-up in his life, he's become one of the closest friends I've ever had. But even before that, I felt a strong brotherly kinship, and now it feels like he is wholly and completely my brother, in a way my own blood brother is not.

In completely annoying news, soulman's best friend just got busted drinking and driving, and now he is staying AT soulman's, which completely cancels out any alone-time we might have gotten there. I went over last night after work, and we had a great conversation and all, but the friend was there, and the place is all open so I couldn't have stayed over if I wanted I STILL haven't slept with soulman, in 3 weeks. (We hardly ever messed around over here, since soulman is allergic to cats - oh yes. *grumble*) But soulman thinks his friend may have hit bottom and might stay sober this time, with some support, so there he is, on soulman's couch.

*shrugs* I'm just gonna keep letting the universe unfold, I guess, and see where this all takes me.

Ok, anyway, I am back on the 8:30 - 5 shift tomorrow morning, so I really better go get my beauty sleep! I did get this coming weekend off from the store, so that's going to be a nice bit of relief.....
Good Morning!

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for Kel~*~*~*~* The one year I got the flu shot, i got the flu. I'm never getting a flu shot again.

Tree, ugh, respectful workplace. There is a guy at the office I just came from who told many people that he wore women's underwear and he was bi sexual and what his favourite positions were. He was in an accident, but there are some things you just don't say!

Erin, I'm sorry to hear about bed bugs. Wash everything and get thee an exterminator. They won't just be in your room, honestly. Once the little fuckers get in your house, they are everywhere.

Turbo, that soup sounds devine! Holy drooly!

GT, i'd so be down with that kind of air freshener!! Thank goodness your arm isn't broken!

Hey Doodle! Ugh, no alone time not cool at all. Pppptht.

Umm, it's Monday and I'm actually feeling okay today, weird, I slept liek crapooey, PR boy was in a bad mood last night, and I'm working onthe other end of the city. I think it's because I am covering and not training and still feeling good about the run! Tendonitis is getting better. Still not going out hard, I've been out of running for 3 months and mofo I HURT! Wow, my legs and my abs hurt, but let me tell you it felt soooooooooooooo good to get out there. I realized how important jogging is for my health, mental and physical.

Well off to work, wub.gif to you all!
anna k
Thanks GT and kel. That makes me feel good to hear. It just felt nice to meet new people and get out of my head and feel more normal and aceepted for a night.

Doodle, I love reading about your music and soulman and all the goodness in your life. You deserve it all. smile.gif

GT, I'm glad your arm isn't seriously hurt.

Nothing new or exciting today. Read some manuscripts at the internship, going to the gym later.
quiet in here.
Going to go watch Family Guy on Hulu now. I love me Hulu
[sneaks in through KvetchLand/OkayLand secret passage]

Hey, gang! Since it's quiet, I thought I'd stop by & give CH something to read.

Jenn, if you start up a food blog, will you please send me a link? I'd love to read it!

Good for you for jogging, CH. You're an inspiration, truly.

Doodle, I have one word for you & Soulman: hotel. wink.gif Seriously, 3 whole weeks since you've been able to be alone together? What a pain! Here's hoping things settle down & his friend can move out soon. Glad to hear the music is going so well.

GT, sorry to hear about you & Daddy. Reading about your arm made me wince. So glad to hear it isn't broken!

Erin, so sorry to hear about the bedbugs. Hope you can find a new bed for cheap.

Tree, your reaction was hilarious. What is it about the workplace that makes every.single.action. so much more dramatic & meaningful than if someone had done it outside of work?

~~~~~~ soothing for Kel ~~~~~~

(((((((all y'all))))))))

Life continues on around here. Sheff has been extremely busy at work the last few days (he was there for 17 hours yesterday!), but the big horrific deadline is this afternoon so hopefully things will slow down & he'll get to relax. I'm trying to think of something special to make for him for dinner. He deserves a little pampering. Meanwhile, a cold front has hit our area & we may see a few snow flurries today. It seems too soon for snow flurries. I guess I'm in denial about it being mid November.
Hihi, guys!

Yes, it seems to be quiet in here today. Hi RV and CH!

I'm at the coffee shop just playing on Crackbook and MySpace. I made friends with a few bands, just to make myself look cool. Medeski, Martin, and Wood are the only ones who have added me so far, though. Hmmm. What if DJ Logic just doesn't like me?

Anyway, Motorcycle Dude told me he doesn't like me "in that way", and that he appreciates me for who I am. Sheesh. He was so nice about it. I got a lot of hugs and hair stroking, along with his telling me he didn't want me to invest any more into him than I already have.

So...of course, I burst into tears and went to the Surly Wench to meet up with Morticia. And since I was crying, the doorman said I didn't have to pay the cover. Thanks Motorcycle Dude! Yer the best!

I swear, when am I going to find someone I really like THAT LIKES ME BACK??? Plenty of guys like me, including a guy I met the other night that likes to be called Dirthead. Oh, Dirthead, I'm sorry, I don't want to go back to your place to kick it over a few beers.

In other news, I have not been working for over 2 weeks. I got sick, then something horrible happened (don't want to post it here. You can PM me if you want to know), then my boss required a doctor's note to go back to work. My doctor is the most unavailable MF-er ever. I have been begging daily for him to just give me the GD note, but the case manager keeps saying she needs to "staff it with him first". Bullshit.

Anyway, I think I'll try to post a picture of myself on Halloween. Let's see if it works....


Crud. Won't work, will it?
Totally quiet in here. My life has been chaos since finding the little bastards in my bed. I spent all day Sunday, Monday night, and all this morning helping my folks and brother bag up every last bit of washable fabric from closets, drawers, hampers, towel racks, etc and moving all the furniture 6 inches from the wall. I slept on a shitty futon in the guest room last night and now my back is killing me and i got about 4 decent hours of sleep last night. It's 4:30 and I just want to crawl into bed but I'm at work until 8. Bah...avoid bed bugs at all costs.
erinjane - that stinks about the bedbugs!

One time I found a homeless guy crashed out in my apartment - ON MY BED! And after I got rid of him, there were fleas in my place. Not the cute kind from the circus, either. They were mean, bitey ones!

Anyway, sorry you're going through that buggy bullcrud. And I can totally commiserate with the situation of being exhausted at work. You'll get through it! But, where are you going to sleep tonight? On the futon again?

~*~*~*~*energy, strength, and vermin-less bed rest for erinjane~*~*~*~*~*
anna k
Aww, I'm sorry puppy. That sucks when the guy you like isn't into you, and there's nothing you can do about it, just accept it.

Here's your picture posted: Good makeup!

erinjane, I didn't get any sleep last night. The chirping from the air vent kept me up and irritated me, and I ended up watching In Bruges at 6 am just to ignore the chirping.

I've been busy with work, have a repairman coming tomorrow to work on the air vent, want to move out of my basement studio apartment in January because I'm sick of it and want a cool female roommate, worked out hard tonight and skipped the third class because I felt too tired, and have a big hematoma bruise on my hip that formed after a dance class. I'm looking forward to seeing my parents next week for Thanksgiving, and I've been in the mood to watch holiday movies like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.
(((((bug free sleep for EJ))))

(((((job straightening vibes for PK)))))

Okay, well, I started my blog. Eeek! Here it is: The Whole Kitchen. The curried-coconut butternut soup is up there for your enjoyment! Let me know what y'all think...I'll probably do my favorite apple-cinnamon steel-cut oats recipe tomorrow.

RV - do tell us what you decide to cook for the very overworked Sheff!

Oof, I am tired tonight...I think I'm gonna take a shower and hit the hay a bit early.
Good Morning.

RV, it's great to see you in here. That's an insane amount of work. I also can't believe that's it is already mid November. Time is flying by and I don't like it one bit.

PK, I'm sorry to hear about Motorcycle Dude, I hope work works out for you and you can get in to see your doctor asap. Creepy, a homeless guy in your bed? Oh, now that's fucked up. The makeup is fantastic!

~*~*~*~*soothing and bed bug be gone vibes for EJ~*~*~*~*~*

Hey anna, thanks for putting the pic in linky link.

Turbo, oh mygoodness, I'm so going to visit your blog regularly!

well, i totally bailed out on work today, i want some mental health time, I want to clean and workout. I have been sleeping like crap and these past two days I've been lazing around the house like a lump. Meh. Hey that's a word now.

Good Morning!

Sorry I haven't been around lately, been busy.

Who's picture is that, Anna? Which Okayer?

((Kel)) Hope you are feeling better!

((erin)) bed bugs! eek! What a pain in the ass!

((PK)) Sorry to hear about motorcycle dude. Don't get disheartened, you will find the right guy. I am also sorry to hear about the other troubles you've been having that have kept you out of work. Are things better now?

Jenn!!! you are starting a food blog? How great! I added it to my favorites, I'll be checking in on you. I love food blogs!

Hey Anna!

Hey CH! I hope your sleep improves. That's really frustrating, I know. And tiring.

Hey RV! I hope Sheff get some rest soon. We are having cold temps here too. brrrr!

Things here are good, but like I said, busy. Mainly busy b/c I'm trying to get my house ready for Thanksgiving guests. Painting & more painting. Almost done with that. Then it's on to smaller things, like replacing the rusty shower rod, etc.

Hi, peeparellas!

(((((PK))))) Sorry about motorcycle guy. He could have been way more of an asshole about it, though. I hope things are going better for you and you can work again.

Sorry about the bedbug infestation, EJ. Will you need to buy a new matress, or can yours be treated/washed/fumigated?

Jenn, I checked out your blog - it's beautiful! I can't wait to see you post more stuff. I'll add you to my list of daily blogs I check out. Can you post your garam masala almonds on it? I'd like to make them, but don't want to dig for the recipe.

Hi, Kari! How many peeps are you having for Thanksgiving?

Hey, CH! I bailed on work yesterday, too. I was sick.

Hi, Anna, RV, and everyone else!

So, I called in sick yesterday. I've been having this really weird problem where I get a really bad tummyache that feels like a brick in my stomach that won't move. Stretching out doesn't help, going to the bathroom doesn't work, it's just awful. I'm not sure what it is, since it's an above-the-waist tummy problem. Anyway, for as bad as that is, what's worse is the back pain that goes with it. For the 3rd time on Monday night, I was up all night with this awful pain in my lower/mid spine that won't go away no matter what. Seriously, vicaden doesn't even make a dent in it. The only thing that works is somehow falling asleep and letting it run it's course. So I was up all night on Monday with this back and stomach problem, so I just called in. I've got a doctor's appointment today (yearly checkup so I can renew my pill prescription), so I'm going to ask my gyno if she can refer me to someone who can help me with this. It's getting really ridiculous.

Not much else going on with me. We stayed home all weekend, except I went shopping alone on Sunday because I was stir crazy and I really needed a good shopping fix since I haven't had one since last summer when we made our deal to put our money in savings for a house. I bought all kinds of lovely crap. I went out with my gay boyfriend for lunch up in his hood, then he took me to Costco and I got some junk.

I'll be getting 3 new tires after my appointment today. I hope they give me a good discount on them. Mine are pretty much bald and I'm sick of being paranoid whenever I get in my car. I'd rather get new tires now rather than end up with a flat on the side of the road, in the winter, in the dark, and then still have to replace them anyway. I'm going to suck it up, skip the drama, and do the proactive thing.

Other than that, today is just a day. We're really looking forward to the AC/DC concert on Sunday. The giant's aunt's lymphoma just took a turn for the worse. She has to get a stem cell injection in her bone marrow since the chemo isn't working. I hope she comes out of it okay, but I've got my doubts.
anna k
Kari, that pic is of PK. She couldn't get the link in, so I just added it there for her.
turbo's blog rocks. I got all inspired to cook again. I have filled the office fridge with pre-chopped stir-fry ingredients, and am taking them (and my wok!) to the anarchist's new house after work, to warm the abode. biggrin.gif

This is so a drive-by, sorry! Got to get back to work!

Kari, I totally forgot that it's almost Thanksgiving. Damn.

~*~*~*~*~feel better vibes for Diva~*~*~*~* Did you get the new tires at a deal?

Hey Anna!

Doodle, enjoy your evening!

I don't have much going on at the moment. It's cold here and I need to take puppy to the park.
So I think I know what's going on with this stomach/back pain. I asked my gyno today (I know, she's not a generalist, but I figured she'd still have an idea) and she sounded pretty definite when she said it's my gall bladder. I guess the symptom is the tummyache that reverberates to the spine. I've got another appointment tomorrow afternoon with a generalist, who should get me an ultrasound of my gall bladder. For the time being, I'm going to cool it with the rich foods. Fatty foods seem to exacerbate it, and when Poodle had hers removed a couple years ago, she couldn't eat anything fatty or else she'd experience a lot of pain. I'm going to ask her about it tomorrow, since she's been through it and all.

CH, nope, I paid full price for the tires. Set me back over $300 and that's with a $20 off coupon. Pretty ridiculous, huh? My car's got less than 50,000 miles on it - the tires shouldn't be nearly bald yet. I guess it was driven pretty far before I got it.

I saw that "meh" is a word now. Yay.

I should probably study now or something, since I've got 2 chapters due for school tomorrow and I'm not quite done with the first one yet.
((((Divatummy)))) I'm glad you've got an appointment to get this checked out - I've had two friends that had to have theirs out, and their symptoms were very much like yours. Not fun, but fixable. Take it easy in the meantime.

Thanks for all the blog love! I just posted the roast cheeckin and veg I made tonight, as well as my staple brekkie - steel-cut oats with apples and cinnamon. Diva, I shall definitely post the garam masala almonds very soon. Thanks for the idea! So far I'm really having fun with it, but it may take me awhile to get the storytelling up to par with my other favorite blogs.

CH - is there anything new with your plans for joining the police force? I can't remember what stage you're in on that process...

And, I cannot believe that next week is Thanksgiving - Eeeeeeeee! I'm gonna have to do some planning and cooking this weekend so that I have enough food to take to MI, where the families have a harder time with my gluten-freeness.

Good evening! I am just home from jammin' at the anarchist's! WHEEE! I trucked my guitar and wok and fixins to Lotteries (had to spread everything through 2 lunch-packed fridges wink.gif), then trucked it all ten blocks to get my hairs cut, then to the anarchist's for jammin....luckily, he is only five doors down from my hair genius!

Oh, my hairs look sexay, but I actually only got a trim this time. I've been pretty satisfied with my hair lately! I'm so glad I went no-bangs....I feel way more grown up, yet in a sexy way. wink.gif And dinner was a hit - the anarchist gobbled up 2 platefuls and still has enough leftovers to cool his relationship with the pizza guy for awhile. smile.gif His new house is awesome cute, old and small, with huge wood trim everywhere and a fireplace, and a second room for his daughter when she is there.

So we started planning out songs for the food bank benefit tonight. This is gonna be awesome! And yeah, it seems we are putting together a band. Soulman's old drummer's kit is out of the rehearsal space, superman's kit is coming in. We are getting together Friday night for the next round.

This is, like, a huge deal. There are going to be some big names in the local music scene there. EEEEEEEK!!!!!!! I feel like big things could happen. It's all coming together! I just have to believe it and stop doubting it.

And I just frigging LOVE playing with these guys. And I especially love playing with the anarchist, because we're the same generation and we know all these songs....and harmonies!!! You should've heard us rock Closer to Fine tonight!

OHHHH, guess what else? Yesterday the head of the player services department came into the lottery subscription office to tell us they are posting two permanent positions for subscriptions. And she looked straight at me when she said it. And yes, I'm going to apply. This is the place I want to get on at - I don't even really care what I do there as long as I can get my foot in the door. It's got such a good vibe - they are actually in the province's top ten employers for 2008.

PLUS I actually have the whole freakin' weekend off!!!! WOOT! biggrin.gif

Anyway...dear god, 7 AM comes early....I'd better go! Love you all!!

Diva, a friend of mine had her gall bladder removed, and that was the end of crud food for her. If she eats anything crappay, she feels rather awful. ~*~*~*~*healing vibes for Diva~*~*~*~*~*

Turbo, I've not been able to train too much because I have tendonitis, I went for my first run in three months on Saturday, but I don't want to push it. I also have to wait exactly 6 months post eye surgery to apply. I'll be looking at doing this in February, depending on how my ankle is.

Doodle, that is great about a band!!! ~*~*~*~*work vibes~*~*~*~* I hope you get it!!

Ummm, not much is going on here. As usual. PR boy is being moody, good thing is that I'm getting over him. I'm pretty psyched about that. I'm not waiting around for him to feel better and make up his mind. Ppppptttttthhhhhhhhht on that.

How is everyone else?
anna k
Morning. Didn't do anything exciting yesterday on my day off, just chilled out and relaxed. I tried to do some free writing like I did a couple of weeks ago, but didn't have anything in my head that I felt like writing (or hadn't already written before). I worked out at the gym, but just did a half-hour abs class, my legs felt too heavy and lazy to do the hips/butt/thighs class, so afterwards I worked out with an abs DVD, and it helped.

The technician who checked out my air vent said he believed the beeping/chirping sound came from the heat valve opening up, like a release, and it happens more in the winter months. I told my landlord, who immediately went, "He's full of shit," saying that the heat wasn't on last week and it made that sound. He's going to come over on Saturday with some of his technician buddies to check it out, and also continuely asked me the same questions, if I checked cabinets for smoke alarms (nevermind that the sound comes from the ceiling and vents, not the cupboards). I'm just sick of living in a basement apartment, I'm going to be looking this month to share an apartment in the area, I feel lonely and don't like living in the basement area.

Doodle, you are awesome, as usual.
*skips through thread*

tra la la la la la.

hey Anna!

I must go work out now. Soooooo unmotivated, though. I want to shop on amazon for cookbooks, including a martha stewart cookie cook book. Drool worthy, i tells ya.
**comes into portal through kvetch thread**

i hope some of you can check out the kvetch thread since one of our own busties, mando, shared some important news with us today. she could definitely use our support right now.


**goes back into kvetch thread**

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday.

Star, thank you for popping in here *scurries off to kvetch thread*

Good Morning!!

It is indeed Friday. Thank goodness!!

Diva, gallbladder! Eek! I'm glad you already had an appt with your doc so that you can get started resolving the issue. I hope you feel better soon. I have heard that is really painful.

Jenn, I've been checking in on your blog, love it!! Tasty stuff!

Hey PK, CH, Anna, Stargazer, & Doodles!

I hope everyone is well today. Things here are good. You know what we haven't done in a while? GOOD THINGS!

1. I have on new jeans
2. That I got on massive sale last weekend
3. I have purchased my first Christmas gift
4. Bought a really pretty shower curtain at Target last night. Can't wait to put it up.
5. Mr K and I going to a show tonight

What's everyone got?
Woohoo! I'm done for the day! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

I must go eat then go shopping.
Hi, peeps!

I had an ultrasound done this morning, and it's definitely gallstones. 2 of 'em. Big ones. The doctor I saw yesterday seemed pretty gung-ho about having my gall bladder removed, so I'm going to assume that's what's going to happen. I'm waiting for them to call me and let me know what's going to happen. I just hope it can be on December 5th or after, since I don't want to miss my craft fairs. That's $400 cash, yo.

I haven't had any huge pain lately, so that's good. I figure if I watch my diet until the surgery, I should be good. My tummy feels a little unsettled, so that may have something to do with it, but it's not painful or anything, just a little uncomfortable.

CH, you should definitely get the Martha Stewart Cookies cookbook. I've got it and have made several of the recipes. One is a chocolate sandwich cookie with chocolate frosting filling, which is heavenly when they're chilled. I also made the coconut brownies (twice - they were really popular) and the spice brownies. I just wish the book came in hard cover, or better yet, spiral bound. All cookbooks should be spiral bound. You obviously need the book to lay open, and regular binding isn't going to make that happen.

Hi, Kari! What are you and the Mr going to see tonight?

Good Things Friday:
1) gall bladder issue is being dealt with
2) yummies for late breakfast/lunch
3) only here for a half-day since the appointment lasted awhile
4) talked to Sam for a little bit on the phone. He told me about his day in kindergarten. They made paper helicoptors

I can't wait for the weekend to start. We're visiting the giant's family tomorrow probably. I hope we go to his brother's so we can play the Wii. Then on Sunday is the AC/DC concert. Woo! 10th row, baby! I can't wait!


Diva, I so ordered the book after reading your review! I browsed through it by chance at a bookstore, but decided against getting it, looked on amazon at it was 30% off. I ordered that and a cross stich book. How are you feeling today?

Speaking of cross stitch, I've decided to take it up. I need something to do, so I'm trying that.

Today I'm off to get my haircut, then I have to go out to my dads for the afternoon. but nothing too earth shattering.
*rocks back and forth on clown shoes*

where is everyone? Le Sniff.
I'm here! I got some sad news neighbor's son died from an overdose on Thursday. sad.gif

So I'm baking some pumpkin cranberry bread to take over there with a card. I can't even imagine how hard that would be.

In other news, I'm still working on my is REALLY shaping up nicely. If I do say so myself. I'm in awe whenever I walk in there. I still have to make my bamboo wall hanging. I think that's going to be for next weekend.

I saw my BFF on Wednesday and had a lovely time with her. She moved across the country last summer and was sent back here for a training. There's some juicy details in the confessions thread if anybody's interested. She's already scheming how to come back here to visit! wub.gif
anna k
I'm sorry, treehugger. That's a horrible thing to happen. My sister's ex-boyfriend killed himself three years ago at 27, and I can't imagine what his parents must feel like.
Tree, that is sad about your neighbour's son. I did read your confession. smile.gif

Hey Anna!

Well, I have to go grocery shopping today, then I think I'm going to head over to the mall to look at cookbooks. Or clothes. Something. Ummm, I went for a lovely morning run and I feel pretty darned good.

Now to get food! mmm, food.

(((((tree's neighbor-family)))))

I can't wait to see pics of the finished boudoir, tree! Maybe you'll inspire me to actually do something with ours...I've been thinking about decor again - I think its just the cold-weather nesting sinking in. I might paint the living room and halls over Christmas, since I have 2 weeks off.

As you might guess...I've been cooking alot. smile.gif I made a kick-ass lamb-leek stew last night for friends with roasted garlic mashed taters, chipotle bean vegetable soup this morning, applesauce, pumpkin pie filling...all will be posted on the blog this week - I just have to write them up. Applesauce is posted now, though.

Turbomann and I just went out for brunch, and picked up a couple last things I needed for the stuff I need to take MI for the weekend, and now, I'm thinking a nap is next on the agenda. I do love lazy Sundays. Later on we have to pick up our organic-heritage turkey from the farm share folks. Cod only knows how I'll find freezer space for that one, since we're not cooking it this week.
oh, my gosh.

What is up lately? Is it the water around here? First our new storekeeper guy thinks he's on a date with me, then my BFF and I have a moment of intensity....and now my crush of crushes, DD, has emailed me....sounding mighty flirty.

Bear'd better step up to bat. Heh.

Enjoying all this attention of late........ tongue.gif
Hello everyone! I woke up at the crack of 2:30 PM today....

diva, so sorry to hear you have gallstones, but I guess it's nice to know for sure? I have a couple of friends who've had the procedure and they are just fine and dandy now. ~*~*~*~*~health and pain-free vibes for diva~*~*~*~*~

tree, so sorry to hear about your neighbour's kid - that's really sad.

Hi also to CH, turbo (I freaking love your blog, it's gorgeous!), anna, PK, kari, stargazer, RV, erin, girltrouble, kel, tyger, lore, and everyone else!

I'm sorry I've not been around much, been really busy between band practice (tee hee) and work and my new addiction to crackbook.

Speaking of crackbook.....I just read that soulman's workplace burnt down yesterday! Holy crap, guess I should have been in touch, but I haven't seen him since Friday night. I tried calling him just now, but he's out....*gulp*....hope he's okay. I hope it's not a permanent loss of employer....god, that's just awful in itself, nevermind facing 56 with no job. sad.gif

In other news that somehow seems less relevant by light of day, I went out dancing last night at a private gig, in a restaurant that had been taken over for the night - saw a fairly new band, and they were awesome, although I'm sure I've seen the various members elsewhere before. I pulled a hip muscle dancing, I can't believe it. It makes 40 feel pretty real.

Hey, what do you think about the name "Scully and the Mulders" for the band?

ETA: talked with soulman - he is doing okay: optimistic. He thinks he's probably unemployed, but believes he can pick up some upholstering work on his own. He did used to run his own business, and his work is well-known. Anyway, he's still planning to jam at the Grotto with me, the anarchist, and superman tonight, so that's a great sign! Hey, I think I'm falling for the name Scully and the Mulders....I Googled it, and no one has it.....
And the band's verdict is:

Scully and the Mulders.

We are.
Heeey! A new band is formed! biggrin.gif

Sorry for not being in much again. Had another post gobbled last week dry.gif Been busy, and had a sore neck. I'll try to keep up, though!

Much fondness! smile.gif

Turbo, a friend of mine has been recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, and I referred her to your blog. She really likes it.

Tree, you heart breaker. smile.gif

Doodle, I'm digging the band name! any news on Soulman's work deal?

Hey Lore!

It's Monday. Hmmph.
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