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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Sweeeeet! smile.gif And congrats!

Good luck there, Doodle! smile.gif *Jobbity-Vibeage for all who needs 'em* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Oh, and speaking of, the new place I'm working for seems to like me, and they're long-term hirers, and I'm liking and quickly learning the tasks I'm supposed to do. The people I've met so far are nice. Good stuff! They aren't okaying a week off for a Christmas break, but that's kinda a good sign in a way that they want to hold on to me. This new place is like night and day compared to my previous jobs in the Union.
Oooh, I love to wander in here to such GOOD jobby news for all!

Congrats lore and GT!! I am thrilled for you both - you are both such amazing people with mad skillz, you deserve to work for people who appreciate you!

((((((get the job vibes for doodle))))) Go for it, my dear!!! ....And do let us know when you get the job, because you know you're going to! smile.gif

This is the first week with no farmer's market. booo. So theoretically I could have slept in, but because of the stoopid time change, nope, woke up at 6:15am. Oh well. Turbodoggie got an extra long walk this morning, and of course I've begun a day of puttering in the kitchen. Apple-cinnamon steel-cut oats cooked in cider is bubbling away in the rice maker, and I'm trying decide what recipe to make first from my new "Heirloom Beans" cookbook.

Happy Saturday to all!
Nummm! happy.gif

Hey Kari!

It's catsoup!!! How are things going?!?!?

Turbo, that's so relaxing when your house guest is just so able to take care of themselves.

~*~*~*jobbity job vibes for doodle~*~*~*~*

GT, that's wonderful news! Woohoo!

Lore, YAY on good job news too!!!

Umm, I have nothing I really want to get into. Just having a blip right now.
Ooof, I ate too much breakfast. I made GF cinnamon spice pancakes, eggs, and cinammon roasted apples for brekkie....sooo goood. I have been having a most marvelous weekend, lots of chill time since turbomann is just playing video games with his BFF, so I've been playing happily in my kitchen. Made a wicked batch of red beans last night to go over rice for dinner this week. Tonight I'm trying my hand at my very first roast beef - I'm not a huge fan of roast beast, but a HUGE roast came in our meat farm share two months ago, and its just been hulking in the freezer glaring at me, so its time to get it out of there to make room in the freezer for the turkey later this month.

Other than that, I've just got more freelance work to do today. I'm looking forward to finishing this project- its been a huge PITA, and I'm doing it pro-bono for one of the orgs I volunteer'll be a beautiful piece, but we're on revision round #12, so mostly, I just want it off my desk. Its much easier to deal with revisions when you're being paid, because you just bill the client for it. get stuck a lot more rounds of re-work sometimes.
Just got done spreading mayonaisse in the seven year old's head. Lice. Rid doesn't work, but mayo does. Go figure.

Hi everyone! Job news is sounding good in general. Does someone want to do my job for me?

I made chocolate chip and pecan yummy.

That's about it.

So I started feeling guilty about my pod coffee maker (so much packaging) and I was spoiled because it makes *good* coffee. So I did some research and read a ton of reviews and bought a moccamaster, made in the Netherlands. It really makes yummy coffee. The price...well, I'm thinking in five years of not buying the coffee pods it will pay for itself. Eeek. But really, really good coffee.

Kel!!!! I am soooo glad to see you again!!! And those cookies sound delish!!!

Wow, good jobby news in here too...congrats to GT and Lorewolf!!! Yay! smile.gif

CH, hope your blip goes smoothly. Or at least with a minimum of upset. I enjoy your posts!

~*~*~jobby vibes for doodle~*~*~

Jenn, I've missed you terribly. I'm making pot roast myself...although it's probably not terribly healthy...I am using lipton beefy onion soup as the base. Heh. It's going in the slow cooker tomorrow AM...Bear's coming for supper and we're going to have comfort food, indeed.

And it's Divala truffle time!!!! ~*~*~*chocolatey goodness vibes for divala*~*~*~

Even though I curled up in a fetal position to wait out the election stress, you all were never far from my mind. I missed you all terribly, and I am glad to be feeling in a place where I can post again.


Kel, Mayo? really? Cool. well, not under lice ridden circumstances.

Turbo, the food sounds way too good. I'm off tomorrow and plan on cooking (at least this is the plan, I think I may work out then be lazy).

Hey Tree! I'm so glad you're back posting. wub.gif

Hmm, went to Dad's today for dinner which was lovely, had a late night last night and got hardly any sleep. I think it'll be an early one tonight! mmm sleep. I heart sleep. Then tomorrow and tuesday off (rememberace day in Canada). Soooo, it'll be a short work week.

CH, yeah, we've been through lice hell...three out of four girls had them. We got rid of them with RID chemicals and then the little one came home with them AGAIN. RID wasn't working and frankly, petrochemicals on my kid's head are scary. Her doctor recommended mayo, and it works. It smothers the live ones and makes the eggs just pop off instead of sticking to the hair. I know, it's gross. It's been soooo fun being introduced to motherhood this way. smile.gif

Hi Tree! It's been ages. I've been hibernating. Finally coming out of my cave for nuts and berries.
Queen Bull

im such an awfully infrequent poster since i became a productive memebr of society again. lol. oh well,

im glad to see everyone. i was jsut browsing around, i think if i caught up on all that has happened since i last posted, it would hardly be relevant anyway. hahaha.

anyway, from wat i saw:

kel: eww mayo, but i have also heard that. i never could stand RID when i was small. my hair is all curly, and that comb is just ick.

Hey CH. congrats on a short week. i know we could all use one of those.

hi tree!

GT: congrats on the job, many many days later. lol. biggrin.gif

lore: same to you. .

Vibes to those who need it. smile.gif

in my news,

jsut started dating a new boy. hes delish. lol, i jsut said delish.

managing the store, is hell.. but awesome at teh same time. i just had to fire someone.. not my faorite thing in the world, BY FAR. sad.gif

i just got my FIRST TATTOO!!!!!!

i love it.

and really and truly, i think that thats it for me.

Hey fly-by again, sorry!

Have been going through a really confusing time with soulman, I've hardly seen him for a couple of weeks. I've been kind of keeping my distance since the conversation we had a couple of weeks ago, about slowing down, and he's been keeping his distance, too. But I just kind of bucked up and went over there this morning, and we spent a good chunk of the day together before I told him I had to come home and work on my resume. Then I went down to the local blues jam with the anarchist, and told soulman we were going. Soulman showed up, and the first thing he told me when he got me alone was that he went to an AA meeting tonight - although he's been sober for 18 years, he hasn't been to a meeting in 10. And we talked about a LOT of things. It sounds like he is ready to work on some of his baggage.

Anyway. I jammed at a real jam! In a real club! Okay, not that soulman's wasn't a real jam, but you know what I mean. On a stage in a club! With the anarchist, and the drummerman, and soulman. And I didn't even have a guitar! I just had to get up there and sing. SHRIEK!

No, it was fun, and awesome, and cool. And people were up dancing, and hootin' and hollerin'....I was going to do just 2 - Mustang Sally and Midnight Hour - but a bunch of people shouted for an encore, so soulman and I pulled out this Billie Holiday one we do as a duet - Comes Love. Awesome great fun! The anarchist thinks we should go every Sunday night.

The anarchist is still going through a really rough time, but he is determined to get on with things. He's moving house to get a fresh space and start - I'll be helping him move his shit, not that there is much left, now that his wife took all the stuff (that he pretty much bought while they were together)....

Anyway, sorry for the drive-by! Things have just been so busy, with being back at 2 jobs, plus talking the anarchist through the break-up every night, plus a couple of friends keep pulling me out into the world to get my mind off the thing with soulman - I've been to everything from country bars to craft fairs! Oh, plus jamming! BEB made hippiegirl and me a gorgeous jamnight supper the other night - roasted chicken and roasted root veggies, and an amazing salad with pears and some kind of citrus dressing. At the anarchist's, though, I get jamming and Domino's pizza - hey, he's a new bachelor! wink.gif

I sure hope this Lotteries job comes through! Or any job at Lotteries, really....
Good Morning.

Kel, that's even better that a doctor recommended that course of treatment instead of chemicals.

Hey QB! it sounds like you are doing great! most excellent.

Doodle, I'm glad you and soulman were able to have a heart to heart.

well, it's my day off and I'm up early. WTF? Figures. at least I can get some things done today.

Gooooood Morning!

Hey Tree! I am glad you are back to posting too. We have missed you. (((((tree))))))

HI Queenbull! It's good to see ya! What is your tattoo? And where did you get it? Do tell!

Hey Kel! ick, sorry to hear about the lice! I remember many days of sitting there with my mom pulling all my hairs out with that little comb that comes with the Rid. Terrible terrible.

Hey Jenn! How did the roast turn out? I like putting it in the slow cooker & letting it go. Very tasty. Sorry the farmer's market is over. sad.gif Winter is coming, isn't it.

Hey GT! Congrats on the job!!

Did I miss a Catsoup sighting?? I will have to go back & look.

Hey Doodle! I'm sorry about the stuff with soulman, but it is definitely positive that he's ready to take on some of his baggage. I hope the anarchist is doing ok too.

Whas up, CH! Enjoy your day off today! That's sweet. Whatcha gonna do?

Hey Lore!

I had a most enjoyable weekend. I was going to hang with a friend on Friday night, but she didn't call me back til 8:30. By then I'd already eaten dinner & was past my going out window. So I stayed in & watched tv. It was relaxing. Saturday Mr K and I attempted to find some tile for our backsplach, then we ate Mexican food, then I went to my mom's for the evening while he studied. Yesterday was a great day. It was cold & grey here, which sometimes I like. I cleaned, did laundry, went to the gym, got groceries, baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, got an HBI & went to bed. Perf.
Hi, peeps!

Polly, I PMed you with my truffle list.

Hi, Kari! Sounds like a lovely weekend, even if you didn't go out with your friend like you were planning.

Kel, sorry about the lice. Sounds like a hoot and a half. Congrats on the engagement, though!

Hi, Jenn! How did the roast turn out? I looooove roast beef. Every once in a while I get a hair up my ass to make one with mashed potatoes and the whole bit. Just having it for cold sandwiches makes it worth it. I puttered around in the kitchen this weekend, too, but it was over 3 double boilers of chocolate and truffle makings.

Congrats on the jobs, Lore and GT! Lore, that's especially great that you kind of found a workplace to call home, and what great timing!

Hi, Catsoup, CH, QB, Doodle, and all!

Anyone who wants my flavor list for truffles, PM me. It's at 30 right now. All the best usuals and a whole bunch of new stuff, like creme brulee, Oreo, and peaches n' cream.

My weekend was spent in the kitchen and nowhere else. I made hundreds of truffles, probably well over 300, wouldn't be surprised if it were more like 400. I'm just past the halfway point, which is good, because we've finally got a little room in the fridge again. Just 18 dozen left to make before my craft fair on Thursday, which should be pretty easy to swing. Maybe I'll try to get samples done tonight so the giant can take pics and I can have the insert ready for the boxes. Then we'll work on putting them on Etsy and opening up a Paypal account for me. The trays are looking beautiful, though. Truly amazing. Better than a regular chocolatier's, I'd say. I've just got to figure out how to pack it all up. When you've got roughly 1500 pieces to pack up, it gets a little tricky.

In other news, I'm going to surprise Sam tomorrow when he gets home from kindergarten. Fortunately, he goes to the morning session. I'm going to park my car in the church lot across the street, so it'll truly be a surprise when he gets off the bus to see me waiting for him. Mom's actually kinda happy I'm going up (it's Veterans Day, so my office is closed) since they've only got one car right now since Dad hit a deer last month, and he's working a 12-hour shift, so Mom is stranded until he gets home.

We also got some really awesome news last week. The giant and I wanted to go to the AC/DC concert later this month, but tickets were like $100 apiece, so we couldn't afford it. Turns out his friend from Canada got tickets in the 10th fucking row that he can't use (he drives down from Winnipeg several times a year for stuff like this), so he's giving them to us completely free of charge. How awesome is that!? I guess that makes up for not going to see In Flames on Wednesday. I need the time to work on truffles and pack up my display, anyway. I've got well over 100 pieces of jewelry and such that need price tags.

I'm waiting to see if my gay boyfriend can pick me up for lunch. He's ditched me the last 4 weeks in a row, and he may have to work today. I sure hope he doesn't. I've had a craving for crepes for weeks now.

Treeee! Welcome home - we've meeced you! And you're just in time to cuddle up on the okayland sofa with a big down blankie, and hibernate for the winter, and you know there will be plenty of hot cocoa and buttered rum to go around! wink.gif

The roast beast turned out amazing! Funny thing - this was the first time I've ever made it - I'm not such a fan of massive chunks o' meat. But I decided to do a Cook' Illustrated recipe because they never fail me, and seared, then roasted low and slow, it came out a perfect pinky medium, and I made a melted tomato/garlic parsley compote to go on top (gravy's not my thing), and roasted garlic mashed taters...WOW. And plenty of leftovers for lunches this week - just need to get some gluten-free bread.

Tonight's menu - roasted chicken laced with oodles of garlic and parsley, and pan roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and shallots. YUM. Turbomann even loved the sprouts, and that's saying something for him. Just proves the adage - everything is better with bacon!

Diva, I am VERY impressed - you are a truffle making machine! And total SCORE on those theater tix!!! WOOT!

BTW, if anyone is a Henry Rollins fan, he's got a series of travel/spoken wordperformance documentaries on IFC right now. I do love me some Henry. MMMmmmm.

Doodle, I'm glad you and Soulman are working things out, and that he's game for working on the baggage. You've got such a good thing together.

Tree, you know that I will absolutely back you up on the purchase of truly excellent kitchen gear. smile.gif Do I really need a super fancy rice maker? No, probably not. But, I think it is hands-down my favorite piece of equiptment besides my good blender...and I use it more than anything aside from the stove. And coffee is a very important thing to get right!

Well, I have more freelance stuff that I'm currently avoiding, so I'd best get to it.
i so suk cos i'm doing a fly by again too.

i haven't really felt like calling/emailing any of my friends lately... just feel like lurking and posting only a bit.... i will never think about mayo in the same way... but i have to tell you i am super giddy! there is a rekid store near work... i stopped in after f'ing glad i did.

3 bobbie gentry albums!

bobbie gentry, if you don't know wrote the song "ode to billy joe" but she is one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters, she had that one hit, but it's far from her best song. (there are about 6 in the running, imho).

there's at least one on my dj page, i'll probably up load more later in the week, if y'all wanna listen/download if you want. personally, i'm obsessed.

ok, no more talky-talky, i got some rekids calling me right now...! have a good night all!

*runs off to play rekids*
I'm procrastinating on my homework so I thought I'd pop in and give you a quick Catsoup update since some of you asked.

I can't remember the last time I was in here but... The wedding was in June and was fantastic. We went to Duluth for a few days after for a mini-honeymoon which was great. The rest of the summer was spent taking a couple classes for grad school and working. I'm finishing up my second to last semester of grad school next month and should be done with classes in May and done with my thesis in July. *crosses fingers* In December, TB and I are going on our real honeymoon - a cruise in the Southern Caribbean plus a couple extra days in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Neither of us have ever been on a cruise so we're not really sure what we're getting ourselves into but can't wait to get away. Of course, I have to finish a billion things for school before then so it's hard to think about a fun vacation right now. smile.gif

I'll try to pop in more but usually lurking is all I can manage.

Diva, I'm PM'ed you.
Catsoup! Nice to see you! Expect to eat. A LOT. Lucky you to go to such nice warm climes in the cold of the year. smile.gif

GT...always nice to find a good rekkid. I am a music ignoramus so it's always interesting to see your recommendations.

Turbojenn, your meals always sound soooo good! One of the pitfalls of living alone is really, it's hard to make elaborate meals when it's just you.

Divala, SCORE on those tickets! Wow! And you made that much jewelry and all those truffles??? You have a lot more energy than I do, chica.

Kari, you inspire me...I need to get off my lazy butt and start the wheels in motion so I can do my kitchen this spring.

~*~*more job vibes for doodle*~*~

Hi, Queen Bull! It's nice to see you.

~*~*lice be gone vibes for kel*~*~

LORE! I'm glad you seem to have found a better place to work, and with nice people to boot! Congrats.

I'm going out tonight...our local tradeswomen's organization, which had sort of been defunct for the past eight years or so, is making an effort to regroup. We've been having get-togethers. I've met many nice, young new tradeswomen, and also reconnected with some old friends. RZ has been an electrician for 28 years!!! And it's nice to meet the young ones...many of whom are in their apprenticeships still. It's hard to hear their struggles and to realize that times haven't changed that much. I am very, very fortunate.

In other home news, I've been struggling with window coverings. Specifically, I am so picky that I can't ever find anything I think is suitable. *read: not foo-foo or fussy or too casual or too formal or too whatever, but still classy, fashionable, Zen, and reflective of my taste..well, you get it. I had a horrid migraine a couple weeks ago and realized pretty quickly that I have to get rid of the miniblinds...I was not able to get my rooms dark enough so I was miserable. Anyway, I set out in earnest to find something, and found some!!!! They match my color scheme PERFECTLY (brick red colored) and have a really nice subtle geometric pattern woven in. I got them at Bed Bath and Beyond...tried to find a picture of them online so I could show you but their website doesn't have one. I can't find a picture ANYWHERE, even Googling the manufacturer. sad.gif Oh, well. And I got an inspiration re: my bed headboard (a necessity if I am putting in curtains, and also a cedar chest I have in the room that doesn't really fit my Bali decor in there...I am going to make a frame to set over the top of it, using those matchstick bamboo blinds, plywood, and some 1 X 2s to frame the bamboo. I think it will look pretty nice when it's done. Same idea with the headboard...plywood, framed by the dimensional lumber, painted a soft glossy black, matchstick bamboo blinds in the middle. I think I will hot-glue the'll be a weekend project for me. smile.gif

Work has been pretty much the same. We are getting a run of ultracolds in the seems all or nothing with them. I really do enjoy working on them. My co-workers say in a few years, that will change. Heh.

Anyway, I bought EVERY panel that BBB had...even the display, and it will be enough to do my bedroom plus my patio door. Spendy weekend.

Can I get some vibes for my aunt and uncle? He's been hospitalized with hydrocephalus, and her car was totaled, too. I feel so sad for them.
Good Morning!!

Tree - your bedroom is going to be sooo lovely when you're done! I can't wait to hear all about it. I have the same problem with not being able to find just the right thing - be it curtains, paint, a comforter. Sometimes I think Mr K thinks I'm nuts. But when you know what you want, it is hard to compromise & get something that's not right. Let me take that back - sometimes I can find the right thing, but it's hard to find the right thing in the right price range.

Diva! SCORE on those tickets!! What luck! You and the giant were in my dream last night. We were at a party. Weird, huh?

Hey GT! I listened to one of the Buck Owens songs, I like it! Who's going to mow your grass? Verra nice. So are you liking work so far?

Hey Jenn! You made me drool with your description of your meal. YUM!

HI CATSOUP!!!!!! It's so good to see you! Congratulations on the marriage!! WooT! That's very exciting that you are nearing the end of your schooling too. Excellent.

Things are good here today. We are off work for Veteran's Day, so I'm still in my PJs. Trying to make a game plan for the day. Hmmmm.
GT, I am totally using your download-ables for my students' creative writing time soundtrack--they are going to freak the funk outta it. Thank you!!!

Diva, I am so needing to purchase a pile of your deliciousness to bring to BFF and Artman--please PM me the list.
QUOTE(minx @ Nov 11 2008, 10:41 AM) *
GT, I am totally using your download-ables for my students' creative writing time soundtrack--they are going to freak the funk outta it. Thank you!!!

Agreed- I had a good time listening last night!
Hey Aaaaaalllllllll!!!!!! smile.gif

3rds Polly & Minx. I saved your DJ page to my Favorites smile.gif (and I'm watching Minx's Snape avitar dance to Lucrecia Macevil. Go, Severous, GO!!!!)

So, yeah, my work with this company, Unimark, has been awesome, and they've been appreciating my efforts. I feel like I'm doing a waaay better job for these guys than I've ever done in carpentry, and these guys deserve my best because hey're genuinely nice! So... yeah! I'm finally tasting a little job satisfactio after getting to think that it may never truly exist in carpentry.

Ooooh, and speaking of tasting, I'm always loving reading what my deliscious BUSTie friends are cookin'! I am CONSTANTLY amazed at Diva's truffle-making skillage. (And I'm in envy of your AC/DC frontage!) Truffles are like magical items. Seriously, what I mean is that they CAN be. Some are snake-oily soulless Karo-crap, but I can bet that yours are the stuff of magic! 'lambas' chocolate gems. And Turbo, exactly HOW would you make your buttered rum? I'm definitely curious. That sounds like something that I ought to learn to make in order to warm souls. I already make hot chocolate from melted dark chocolate, cinnamon, and cyanne, but I think buttered rum needs to be added to my répertoire.

As for my own cooking, I've been experimenting with a 'grilling-as-a-spice' theory. I found that if I grill veggies on my gas grill, I don't need to spice them at all. Why compete with grillisciousness? With that in mind, I made burritos by cutting anneheim peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, and onions into big slices and throwing them onto the grill with the garlic-coated chicken thighs. Then, I sliced them all up after they were cooked and mixed them with some cilantro and kalamata olives. It was super-tasty wrapped in tortillas smile.gif Another idea I've been playing with is messing with 'laulau technology', that is, wrapping food in tasty leaves before baking them. Tonight, I'm baking some salmon wrapped in fresh basil leaves, but I'm going to remove the leaves before we eat. I'll let yo know how it goes.

Wow, Tree! I hope you post some pics of what you're doing! That sounds so unlike the boring norm that I have to see what it's like to really comprehend. I trust your taste, though smile.gif

*Throws belated rice at Catsoup and TB* Congrats!!!!! biggrin.gif And schooling coming to a neat end, too! Keep reporting in, plz! We BUSTies care smile.gif

Zoop! Hello to all esle! I really have stuff to say to you all. I DO! But I have to get dinner on the table and then me to bed. More later, though!

I is back! Also, I'm totally avoiding a paper right now, but some of the stuff I was researching reminded me of here, and then I realized that I really miss you guys!

New stuff with me: The Boything and I broke up last Christmas. It was rough and a while coming, and we didn't have the definitive, useful 'this is why we had to break up' talk until last month, but I'm pretty sure it's all on its merry way to mending for real now.
I have a new boyfriend circa 8 months ago. He needs a bust name! He is a little dorky, super-shy, super-skinny, plays guitar, and is incredibly sweet, and loves me to bits.

I am graduating this year, currently unemployed, and avoiding writing my etymology paper that is due on Thursday, due mostly to the fact that I've decided that all the quotes I was going to use are lame and I hate researching and finding new ones.

Now I am going to read a few pages of archives! And I promise for reals I'm back this time!
Hi all!

Tree, I'm picky too when it comes to decorating. It sounds like you are workin' it out. I moved into Kelman's house and lemme tell ya...EGAD. Kelman's ex had some scary taste. The whole place needs a HUGE overhaul, but one room at a time (or so I keep trying to remember...if I could afford it I'd gut the whole thing). My mom is going to make us some curtains with fabric I choose because everything I look at in stores is for shite!

Lice...ick. I'm so tired of picking through kid's heads. My head itches all the time and I have NO LICE. Psychosomatic lice. Good band name.

~*~*~*~*~*~vibes for tree's aunt and uncle~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Hmm...CH hasn't checked in today. Hope all is well with her. it terrible that I want to look like a freaking princess on my wedding day. Big tulle skirt on the dress, veil, tiara, the works? I'm so not that girl usually, but I'm totally feeling princessy. My only concession is that I will wear Chucks under the dress. I can't be without my Chucks.

Lore...yum on the salmon and I'm with you on grilling need to do much to 'em.

Time to sleep. Yawn.
Good Morning!

I was lurking about yesterday, but thanks Kel! wub.gif

Kari, I cooked and cleaned and worked out. Just relaxed and stuff. that does sounds like a great weekend.

Diva, I think I may get truffles from you this year, as Jami sent me some last year and they shipped up okay. Can I get the list from you? That's is super about the ACDC tics, too!!!

Turbo, I heard that Henry Rollins tour is amazing. I had a friend who saw it and loved it.

GT, I heart your DJ page! Woohoo on success with music!

Hey catsoup! it's great to see you in here again! Come back more often.

Tree, how did the decorating go? ~*~*~*vibes for tree uncle and aunt~*~*~*~

Hiya Minx and Polly!

hi hi Lore! mmmm grilled veggies.

Holy CRAP! It's Tyger!!! Congrats on graduating, bummer on the boy and job thing. It's a busties coming back!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

I am so with you on psychosomatic, 'cept not only do we have to deal with lice, but also bed bugs! My scalp is getting itchy just thinking and writing abou it *scratches madly*

I haed a quiet weekend and monday and tuesday. It was nice, bummed about, went out n stuff. Worked out, lots. Aaaaaand that's all.
Good Morning!!!

Can I just say HOW GREAT it is to see old friends again?

TYGER!! HEY! Your new boy sounds for a name, I'll have to think on that one. Congrats on being almost done with school! That is very exciting!

Hey Kel! I don't think that's bad at all that you want to be princessy on your wedding day. I think it can be done very tastefully. Esp if you're wearing your Chucks!

Lore, those burritos/wraps you made sound like tha bomb!! You are such a good cook. Do you have an indoor grill by chance? I've been considering getting one of those & was wondering how well they work. I am really glad you're liking your job. That's great!

Hey CH! Hey Tree! Hey Polly! Hey GT! Hey Minx! Who have I forgotten?

You know who I miss? FJ! out there??

Things here are good. I had a nice day off yesterday. I think I found a paint color for my upstairs alcove/hallway and the stairwell. Gonna go buy it & slap it on this weekend. The house is coming together a bit lately. We were missing 2 air vent covers & finally got them yesterday. They are not standard sized, so we had to order them online. It is embarrassing that it took us 2 years to get ourselves together enough to order them.

I just chilled at home for most of the day yesterday. I cleaned the bathroom throughly, which was sastisfying. Then I met my friend at the gym for kickboxing, went home and made some chili, and watched a movie.

anna k
Today is my day off, but I spent half of it running errands. I bought two new bras, two cheap tank tops that make me feel sleek and sexy, got a new air mattress, took my clothes to the laundromat, and am tired now. I'm not even going to the gym tonight, I'll just work out with some DVDs and chill at home.

Tyger, sounds like you got a good guy. Early congratulations on your graduation!

GT, I downloaded the songs off your DJ page. I haven't listened to them all, but I dug the video game-sounding Teen Spirit, it was inventive and creative.

I got invited to a Saturday night party by some girls in my dance class. We're gonna play board games at a girl's house and drink and have some fun. I feel happy about going, it's been a long time since I've hung out with a bunch of girls and just talked and had fun.
Greetings everyone! I've been trying to read, not much time, plus people can see my screen! But I realize I'm going too fast again....if I want them to keep extending me, then I need to slow down and not catch them up too soon!

Had yesterday off, which was sooooooooo nice. I haven't had a totally random day off in forever. I kept thinking it was Sunday! Spent my afternoon tramping all over the neighbourhood with hippiegirl and former neighbourboy, looking for jamming weed. Finally found it half a block from my house, from musicians I know.... wink.gif Also jammed with both, and hippiegirl's new roomies.

Had dinner at soulman's - lovely, dimly-lit, softly-musical, intimate event. Slowing down, yes indeed. I haven't actually slept with him for 2.5 weeks, and at the end of the night, I did indeed ask for a lift home, before the subject even came up. Really hard, 'cos I want to be with him. But we have to take the time, I think.....

Anyway, we jammed afterwards with the anarchist, drummie, and BEB. Awesome!!!!!!!! Fuck, we sounded awesome! Even drummie (who is usually the most hesitant about getting too involved in music, 'cos he's a newish family man) said we were already ready to take it out and gig it. biggrin.gif The anarchist thinks I should record a demo to get gigs. Soulman started talking about using his recording equipment, and maybe evening making a video. EEK!

Of course, soulman is only sitting in with us, b/c he already has a band....but his bandmates are not up to his talent, and I let him know how much better he was with the boys. Anyway, he seems content to sit in with us and see what unfolds, and seemed to pretty enthusiastic after we'd all played together.

Ok, I gotta take a smoke break and process more lottery subscriptions.....

Love you all bigtime!
Hi hi all!
OK - hihi! A real post.

Yes, hello, I'm PuppyKitty, or PK, if you will. Do you remember me?

I have been living in a friend's house with no internet access. I finally remembered to bring my laptop downtown to take advantage of free wi-fi at my favorite coffee shop. Yayayayay!

I just got off the phone with Heikki. We talked for almost two hours! Most of it was spent being on Google Images together, looking for pictures of wiener dogs. I lost my former avatar picture, which was a proud wiener dog posing in front of the stars and stripes. I could never find it again, but I did find one of a wiener wearing camoflauge and a sidearm, in front of Old Glory. But, alas, it wouldn't work for an avatar for some reason. I hate the one I have now. You can barely see the dachshund head, and can't really make out the words "God Bless America". Why do I love the patriotic wiener dog so much? I think they are hilarious. I tried to find an image of a patriotic chinchilla, but none were to be found.

Enough about cute, long doggies.

I have a crush on a guy. He is called Motorcycle Dude. He is, as you may have guessed, a motorcycle dude. He also works as a mechanic at the Harley dealership. Anyway, he's totally smart, gentle, sweet, and fun to chat with. He might even be cute, if it weren't for that beard and mustache. But he keeps the facial hair neatly groomed. I like him. I already told Mr. PK about Motorcycle Dude. I told him how Motorcycle Dude had a seizure a couple weeks ago, and he can't drive his motorcycle until he and the docs figure out what happened. Mr. PK said, "Well, then, I guess now he's just 'dude'". I thought that was funny.

I am not sure how Motorcycle Dude feels about me. I tell him all the time, "I like you!" and he says, "Aww, I like you, too". But I don't think he gets what I mean. The other night, we were parting ways and hugged each other. I asked, "Can I give you a kiss?" He said I could, but all I got was a peck on the lips. So he walked away to his bike (bicycle) and I went to leave, but changed my mind. I followed him to his bike, and I said, "Well, I was wondering if I could get a real kiss."

Then I kissed him for about a minute, I guess. It was nice. It wasn't exactly making out, there was no tongue involved, but it was sweet and nice. Then, after the kissing, he said, "See ya later, PK." And I didn't see him again. I guess it has only been a couple days, but I fear that I freaked him out a little. Could I have? I don't have his number, but we usually see each other at the neighborhood dive bar where my roommate insists on playing pool every night.

I hate that scuzzy place, but I have grown accustomed to it. It's comforting. I usually meet up with my roommate there after I get off work. He goes every day (almost) by 6:00, plays a few games of pool, then we leave. Anyway, the same people are there every time I go, and I finally talked to Motorcycle Dude a few weeks ago, and now I like him. Hmmmm....why must I develop a crush on any man who is nice to me? I mean, any good-looking man, my age-ish, who pays me any sort of positive attention? I must be fed up with assholes.

Anyway - that's all I got for news. Nothing exciting to report, really.

But I have missed all of you terribly, and I promise to get back into the swing of things in this thread by carrying my 'puter with me whenever I go downtown. Deal?


Hey Kari. Woohoo on painting!

anna, your girls night sounds fun.

Doodle, how are things now that you two slowed things down?

It's PK!!! How ya doing?

I made some outmeal raisin cookies, now I think I want to go to bed. Even though it's way early. I don't care, I'm KO'd and kind of blah. I'm meeting with my supervisor on Friday about how work is making me so tired. We shall see what she can do.

Aw, PK, I'm sure you didn't scare motorcycle boy off. Or, at least if you did clearly you're too much lady for him to handle tongue.gif

I finished my paper that's due in four hours about, oh, seven hours ago, and still didn't manage to get to sleep. Every time I glance over it it looks fine, but as soon as I lie down my brain goes "No! Re-write everything! You will fail!"

Also, Diva, I have to say that all this talk about delicious truffles is evil for me, since they sound so delicious but milk and I are mortal enemies. Sigh.

Oh, I have a funny story from forever ago! About two weeks after the current boy and I started dating I was over late one night and he asked if I wanted to stay over. He lives at home, but I figured it must mean his parents were fine with that kind of thing, right? Next morning I wake up to the sound of someone trying to open his bedroom door (luckily it was locked)! It was his dad needing to flip a breaker, which are in the boy's room. So when I first 'met' his father I was nekkid and hiding under a pile of blankets. Because I am a classy lady.
Good Morning!

Tyger- that story about meeting the dad that way makes me cringe! I get embarrassed easily though.

PK!!!!! HEY LADY!!!! It is so good to see you!!! I'm with tyger re: motorcycle dude. If you scared him off with the kissing request, that's probably for the best. If he can't handle that, he might be a little too timid for you. How's Heikki? You going to see him for the holidays? How is work?

Anna, your Saturday night sounds fun! Girls nights are the best, IMO.

Hey Doodles! Sounds like you and soulman are at a nice, steady pace now. I know it's hard, but like you say, it'll be better in the long run. Slow is hard though. Seems that you are having a blast at the jams. yeah!

Hey CH! Oatmeal raisin cookies....yummmmmm! I hope your meeting with your supervisor goes well and that she can assist. What do you think would help?

It's a dark, rainy, foggy day here. And my hair is paying the price. Frizz. Ugh. Other than that, it's a good day. I met up with two friends last night for some wine & food. Hadn't seen one of the friends in a long time, so it was great to catch up. Then I got to see her baby, who is almost a year old now. You might recall my friend had a very premature baby last year? This is the friend & the baby. Baby's still on the small side, but is doing great. smile.gif I am looking forward to the weekend. I think having Tuesday off for Veteran's Day made this week feel longer somehow. Hmmm. I don't have any plans for tomorrow night, maybe I will see a movie or something. Saturday I am gonna paint & that evening Mr k and I are meeting some people for drinks.
anna k
Good story tyger. smile.gif

PK, that's awesome that you kissed him and it was sweet, and it's good having a crush. You sound enchanting.

kari, my hair was really frizzy last week, and now it feels flat. It even felt weird that after feeling frizzy and fuller, a bunch of strands came out in the shower, and it's more softer but not as much body.

doodlebug, you are my heroine. You're just awesome personified.

Last night I watched a Sesame Street Christmas special from 1978, to revel in childhood memories. It felt so genuine and sweet and nice to watch it, and I loved that the kids were barely acting and giving real responses to the puppets, the simple storytelling, and even an adult joke thrown in (Oscar going on a long obscene tirade to Big Bird which is drowned out by a passing subway train). It felt good to watch it, as I'm in my mid-twenties now, my parents live far away, and our family Christmas traditions were changed when my grandpa died three years ago and we no longer had annual Christmas Eves at his house. So as an adult with two jobs, working on my career, and getting older, it felt good to just revert back to childhood for a little bit.
So I went to this party with my partner and we got into a discussion with one of the people there, basically on meritocracy. So that is what i have been thinking of allot recently.

I'm pretty much come to the conclusion that the conventional concept of merit is a complete and utter invention of the mind and that we need to conceptualize merit around reality of how merit is established.

So basically the argument goes like this. Meritocracy is the idea that individuals get compensated for the value of the worth of their individual contributions. generally speaking most argument for unequal distribution of services tend to fall back on a meritocratic argument.

However, the underlying assumption is that merit is an individual attribute rather than a social attribute.

And here is were I challenge, not the idea of meritocracy itself, but the idea of merit as an individual attribute and therefor as a defense for renumeration based on individual performance.

Merit I assert is not an individual attribute, rather it is an attribute constructed threw a social exchange.

We don't get paid what we deserve, we get paid what someone else or a group of others decide we deserve, and even then it is based on or contributions in a complex set of social interactions. That is we get paid relative to those around us.

That is true even when we are not formally working together. My income's buying power is socially determined threw complex sets of social interactions which determine other people incomes. as others make more, my buying power decreases. As other make less, mine increases.

Btu even if money is not involved, what office I get, what title, what degree,a and the prestige of my degree, all are socially constructed. It's not what I do which determines whether I am meritorious of an outcome, it's how what I do is valued by society.

A trash collector is certainly more impotent to the every day functioning and health of society than a doctor, yet a trash collector is valued less. That is true for a complex set of reasons, but it is not true that his value is directly linked to the objective merit of the work she does. Rather the merit is determined, among other things by the value, a value which my exist simply because doctors are scarcer commodity, not because they ad more value to society in absolute terms.

Anycase that is what I have been doing recently.

By the way the pizza I made yesterday was delicious.

I think tonight I'll eat leftovers.

Hey Tyger, that is an amusing story. hee. What a way to meet a parent. smile.gif

Kari, it's also a misrable day here, but alas.

Hey Anna! How is the internship going?

Hmm, so I have a meeting with my supervisor tomorrow about me leaving my current position for something a little more stable and ongoing. We shall see how it goes.

Now off to work out.

Yo bitches! Friend me! I finally joined Crackbook, so PM me and be my fwend!

This is a quick MeMeMe post - I'm soooo sorry for these! It's just that I'm running out the door in 10 minutes!

In good news, I found out they are planning to keep me temping at Lotteries till past Christmas! They are soooo behind, and all these hints about keeping me on, but I need to know, right? It's Christmas retail season, and I have to let the store know what my schedule will be. So I manned up and said I needed to know by the 21st if I'd be staying longer, and they said it was already a done deal. biggrin.gif

I'm soooo glad. I was starting to dread full-time at the store in December. Nine hours a day of Christmas music, and insane shoppers, and possibly themed outfit days, which I am totally NOT fucking down with. I'm told it won't happen, but there was the pink Breast Cancer day thing, and then the orange and black Hallowe'en thing. And I NOT wearing candy cane earrings or snowflake sweaters or whatever demented scheme that crazy assistant manager dreams up. And I look like shit in red, too.

CH, the thing with soulman is going okay, not quite where I want to be at with things, but slowing down and getting to know each other better is good, I think. He's been to hell and back - his ex-wife was really abusive to him, and they rushed into marriage (via pregnancy) - so I can force a little patience on myself. I think he's worth it. smile.gif I guess in my anxious states, I worry that in getting to know me, he will discover I'm not "all that" after all....but you know, the only thing he's ever complained about is that I get too down on myself, and that I sometimes step on his feet. wink.gif

The anarchist is going through hell now that he's separated from his wife and his kids, and I can't even explain how hellish this particular situation is, but you'll have to believe me it's the worst kind of hell. I've been talking him down on the phone almost every night. He is doing very well, considering the circumstances. He seems to be keeping his centre okay, and I don't know if I could under similar circumstances.

Anyway, I have to RUN! Will try to get back here this evening! Love you all!
Happy Fucking Friday you smegma encrusted cock lickers.

Doodle, I think it's a good thing that you and soulman are slowing down, it sounds like things are coming along. I really hope things with anarchist improve soon, too.

I was supposed to go into work for 3 hours this morning, then go to physio then a meeting with my supervisor. But I decided fuck it, I have stuff to do around here. But I am finishing off my day with my boss. I hope things improve.

What's everyone doing this weekend?
oh man, have you guys heard about the latest Yes Men action. I love the ad for dimonds. That is brilliant Ad Busting.
Yay for doodlebug being on crackbook! i sent some busties your way! smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

Hey, PK! Long time, no post!

Hellos around to everyone else!

I'll send out a mass email/pm to all who are interested in truffles later on today. They're ready to ship out whenever you want them.

Oy, what a week this has been. I went to play with Sam on Tuesday, since we were off work for Veterans Day. I met him at his bus stop, and he ran screaming "Aunt Angie! Aunt Angie!" off the bus and jumped in my arms so I could carry him home. I taught him the "Peanut butter jelly time" song from that episode of Family Guy, and he wouldn't quit singing it. I also brought him some plain milk chocolate truffles, called "Sam's plain, very boring, nothing to them, milk chocolate truffles." He re-named them "Angie and Sam's plain, not boring, not lame, milk chocolate truffles." He beat me at checkers and Memory. We had a great time hanging out together, as always. He never wants me to leave, which is a good feeling.

I had my first craft fair yesterday, and it went very, very well. I made $80 over my goal and sold 2 of my most expensive items, my favorite cigar box purse and a 4-piece set of polymer clay coated wine glasses, for $50 each. I unloaded a bunch of truffles, too, and even had time during the show to mark individual prices on all my jewelry so it's ready for the next show in a few weeks, since I can't be there and the giant's mom has to take care of it for me (new stupid rule where she works, that since I'm not an employee, family, or a student, I can't represent my own booth, but I can have my stuff out for someone else who is an employee or student to sell for me). Anyway, the extra cash will either go into savings for our down payment next fall on a house, or new tires for my car. Winter's coming, and 3 of my tires are almost bald. That's not a good thing.

It should be a lovely, boring, relaxing weekend. There's not a thing I have to get done except watch a bunch of TV I taped. Maybe I'll make Sunday National Angie Day and do a little shopping since the giant will be watching stupidball all day long.

Sure is quiet around here.

Hey Star, how are you doing these days?

Diva, that is great about your sales, but really lame about not being able to represent yourself at the next one. hmmph.

my meeting with my supervisor was postponed until Monday, which is okay, I guess, It gives me some time to think about things a bit more. Not that much will change over the weekend.
anna k
I just got home after hanging with some friends at a bar. It felt good to do some girlie bonding for a couple of hours. I'm gonna eat some Chinese food and watch TV, just vegging out after a long day at work. Tomorrow is more work, then chilling with friends and playing board games.
anna that sounds like fun. I was checking out upcoming exhibits at the gallery here, and the one coming up made me think of you, because it's Durer! I'm pretty psyched. Now if only they could bring Dali here! Now that would be totally exciting.
Hey y'all! I'm up WAY past my bedtime here, but our dinner guests are fully enthralled in Rock Band with Turbomann, and don't seem interested in leaving, and I have a migraine aura, so here I am.

I made a lovely lamb tagine for dinner tonight, and our friends brought dessert from the GF bakery, and I ate WAY too much. But eating cookies that don't hurt me makes me happy...and the pastries from this bakery are just soooo good. It was worth every bite, even if it means extra time on the elliptical tomorrow!

Tyg - it makes me so happy to see you back here! That is hi-larious how you met the boy's dad! I think I would have been mortified! Good story to tell, though!

Diva - congrats on the great sale! Woot! And even better that you got a little work in that will make it easier for the giant's mom to run the show for you.

We've got a quiet weekend ahead here, and I'm pretty glad about that. Turbomann is going to play paintball tomorrow, so I'm gonna stay home and make stock, work on some lingering freelance work, and maybe even take a nap...sounds perfect to me!

Oh, cod....there's some very enthusiastic Mettalica singing coming from the other room. Pretty funny.

Okay, I think I'm going to throw a subtle hint, and get my jammies on. smile.gif

Sweet dreams, everybustie!
Heya Turbo! Howd your jammers like your jammies?

(WTF!! How come when Im typing in the Lounge, Im suddenly on some sort of Spanish keyboard setting? I cant find my ormal keys! Please let me know if this is happening universally.)

Good luck with your meeting, Culture smile.gif

Great to hear youre having a fun time with the girls, Anna smile.gif

Diva, Im certainly interested in ordering truffles, and its awesome that youre kicking booty at Auntying wink.gif

Heya Star, Kari, Doodle, Puppy, & Tyger (and anybody else Im missing), but its kinda aoying to have to type on this Spanish keyboard setting. I cant find me symbols! dry.gif Ill have to check in later.

***Vibeage to all!*** (Yes, I had to hunt blindly for all those punctuation keys.)
Hey Lore, do you have a laptop? I know that if I press a button on mine, some of my keys go to French and I always forget how to switch it back.

Turbo, how are you feeling today?

Ga, I'm dizzy and feeling a little miserable. I think I'm still going to try and workout though. Hmmph.
Hello. I've been lacking regular posting energy in this thread lately. Busy busy busy.

Just dropping in to say Hello and hope everyone's having a good weekend.

It's 12:30 and I've already gotten up, gone to work for 1/2 hour, and been to the gym. I miss summer already. sad.gif

The last two weeks have been good. Getting to the gym more, doing lots at work, having a great time with my boy, seeing friends a lot, AND I started learning french using an audio language program I downloaded. I'm only on lesson 5, but since I have a bit of a background from grade 8 french (which is the last time I took a french class) so it's been coming pretty fast. I'm excited because I thought it would be a lot harder. I also decided that I don't have enough time for myself with my current schedule (work, gym, friends, boyfriend, alone time!) so I'm going to work only four days a week for the next while. I think that will really help relieve some of my pressures.

Yesterday the boy stayed up all night working on a paper but picked me up at noon for lunch. He showed up with flowers, an unshaven face, blood shot eyes, and the clothes he was wearing yesterday. I asked what the flowers were for and the card said, "2 months, baby! There's more where that came from!". Too cute. I don't remember 'monthly' anniversaries because I don't really care about them but it was pretty damn sweet. I'll be honest, I noticed he wrote "ERIN 2 MONTHS" on his calender last week and I snapped a picture with my camera phone when he was out of the room. biggrin.gif

Here we are being relationship-y.

I'll be back to catch up later today!
anna k
Tres cute, erinjane. smile.gif You look like a doll and he's got sweet sideburns.
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