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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good morning!!!

And Happy Halloween!!

(((Doodle)))) I'm sorry about the stuff with soulman. How do things stand now? Those are some great pics you posted, btw! You are on the right, aren't you? I think that is you. A promotion at the store, eh? Hmmm. Into management? Are you going to accept?

Hey CH! Have fun at the wedding! A Halloween wedding is very cool.

Hey Princess Dander!! ~~~~~~~~~~~anti burn out vibes!~~~~~~~~~ Good luck with the resume! What kinds of jobs are you applying or looking for?

LORE! You are so funny. I love the song!

I am a bit tired today. Met some friends for dinner last night, then met Mr K and his friend for a drink. Stayed up a little too late, then slept badly. Mr K played hookey from school today, I considered doing the same, but went ahead and came in.
anna k
Doodle, you are gorgeous. Soulman is very lucky.

I don't have much planned for tonight, just going to hit some dive bars and rock clubs tonight, listen to rock bands, drink a little, and possibly flirt with guys if I get the chance. I don't have a costume, I haven't dressed up for Halloween in five years.
Just on my way out the door, but a quick good morning and Happy Hallowe'en!

kari, in the top 2 pics, I'm the one on the left, in glasses (mah new ones!).
DOH! *smacks forehead*

Sorry to have mistaken you, Doodle! You are beautiful!
I agree on the pretty Doodle!

Doodle, my stuff is hard to describe I think. I have a song I borrowed from Mary Timony, a song I borrowed from Tom Waits, a bunch of Beat Happening inspired stuff and some stuff I have no idea where it came from. I'm trying, trying, trying so hard to use bar chords as much as possible, which throws my fingerpicking off sometimes, but I like the way my hand can slide down the fretboard with barred chords. it makes me feel like i know what I am doing. I can't find your songs in the archives. Wha! Help me I'm dying to hear you! tell me more about what you have been creating! I'm so excited!

Thanks for the burnt out vibes Kari. I will do just about anything now just to make money while I'm trying to finish up school. I had been applying for waitress jobs as it seems like something I'd like. Fast paced, no paperwork, cash and the end of the night, but they all want someone with experience. I bring a resume and have been laughed at a few times because of my craazy job history. I called an employment agency that my friend used and they seem promising, even if that means I'll be an office girl for a year. Ug Office jobs. I just threw up a little in my mouth. I hate offices.

Oh gawd Lore! Drunk songs. Been there. Writing songs stoned is better IMHO, for me anyways.

I had indian food last night and I swear to you all I have an extra two pounds of water weight with me now. It was that salty. Sweet jeebus almighty!

I'm going to Halloween Critical Mass tonight. I don't think I'll be in costume. Last year I was Olivia from the kids books. That was the best costume ever. I love Olivia.
anna k
I spent Halloween night seeing Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which was entertaining, and noticing that Kevin Smith was sitting in the same row as me, probably gauging people's reactions to the movie. After that I went to a dive bar/club called the Lit Lounge, and there was a decent band playing, but I felt out of place because I was alone and didn't have anyone to talk to, and felt old and nerdy compared to the younger and hipper kids.
anna --- that was raelly cool that kevin smith was sitting in the same row!!!!! my boyfriend went to see it. I will tell him and he will be jealous of you. sometimes i want to go places by myself, but i'm not brave enough. I actually envy the fact that you can go by yourself. I'm too chicken. I admire you.

Hi princess!!!

Hi kari!!!

Hi Doodle!!!

Hi Culture!!

Hi Lore!!!

Hello to everyone else I missed, I apologize, I am drunk. I love you all. TO BITS!!!!

I went to an Irish pub tonight, my bf's best friend is visiting, and I asked around at work and they said Molly Blooms was good, so we went, and it didn't dissapoint! Turned out there was a med-school event there, that my bf didn't even know about, and they were like, are you here for the event? And he was like noooo... Ohhh jeez... I wish he was more in tune sometimes... but I love him. Just like I love you all!!!

Ps... if you're in the states... please vote for Obama!!!!

*delurks with voting update*

Lananans: already done.

*also delurks with voting update*

i voted last monday. for obama. tongue.gif

i got to fax my vote in syb, and the witnesses didn't have to be US citizens. interesting how the process varies so much by state. that is sort of the entire gist of US politics in a nutshell, in a way, isn't it?

*waves to everyone in okay thread*

i miss all of you peeps!



Sure is quiet in here, but it's a TES sighting!!!

Hey lananans, anna, syb, princess_dander, kari, and doodle!

How is everyone?

it's KEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*runs over and pounces on and gives big boobah squishee hug*

How are you doing stranger!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
Hi Culture (and everybody)!

I'm doing really well...sorry for the loooong unexplained hiatus. Many many things have occurred, most of them good. I'll catch you guys up one of these days soon.

In the meantime, big hugs for everyone and punches in the neck for those in your lives who deserve them!
It's great to see you back in here!

Our resident neck puncher is baaaaaaaack! YAY!
Heeey Alllllll!!!!!

Great to see you seldom-posters! smile.gif You'se still family, yaknow! wink.gif

Well, happy belated Halloween! Sorry I've been doing just the short-posts. The wedding in Hawaii was beautiful, but my favorite(?) cousin was being a real dick to his parents sad.gif It was really sad to see. He's not talking to his Mom and my Uncle (who married his Mom and was the main Father figure in his childhood). Basically, back months ago, my Aunt & Uncle (the afore-mentioned couple) let him know that his now-wife wasn't being very social with them and that they had reservations about her. Actually, she was unfriendly to all of us, even Goaty and I. It was just bizarre how blatantly she was trying to shut us out of her bubble of comfort that only included her and my Cousin. It was at a Christmas party at my Aunt & Uncle's house, and my Cousin and I hadn't hung out with each other for years, and when I went over to try to welcome her into the family, she flat-out wasn't willing to have a conversation with either Goaty or I, and she would physically turn herself and my cousin away to cut off contact. Since that time, my Cousin had some credit card bills racked up, and he took the money out of a nest-egg fund his Mother set up for him to pay it off. Some IRA or something. My Aunt's a financial advisor, and she warned him that that wasn't the best solution, but that just came across as over-controlling. He soon just cut off communications with his Mother. He didn't even greet them at the wedding rehearsal or the wedding. She and my Uncle had to sit in the pew behind my Cousin's biological Father and Step-Mother (Who were pretty dillinquent about paying for much of either of my Cousins' upbringing).

Anyway, that part of stuff was pretty intense, and my Aunt cried a bunch, and there was no way our friends could talk sense into him about at least being civil. It was sad.

On the other hand, I had fun cheering up my Aunt and Uncle and hanging out with my other Cousin and his Wife and their baby. I also got to hang out with another good friend who was one of my Favorite (?) Cousin's friends. We went bare-foot hiking, did some quality beer-drinkin', and I got to meet his girlfriend who is from Japan. She's quite cute, and a really nice person. There's considerable pressure for him to decide quickly whether to marry her, though, since she's doing a prolonged stay in Hawaii, and her parents are wondering what's up. It's kinda choice-making time. He's thinking of going to Japan with her soon to meet them. He could certainly do worse, but it's really up to him whether it's the right thing. He says he'd feel like he's losing a great opportunity if he declines to marry her, but that he doesn't have that strong urge to spend the rest of his life with someone that he assumed he'd have when deciding to get married.

Aaaaaaanyway, that's the bulk of the story of my Hawaii visit. I'll have to catch up more later.

Fondness to all youse!!! wink.gif
Good Morning.

Lore, that is too bad about your cousin and said family. What a disaster.

I don't have much going on here, I'm at the good office, but it appears that everyone has their head in the clouds and I don't know what I'm doing. Sitting on my ass doing nothing.

Goooood Morning! It's Monday!

Hey Lore! Oof, sorry about all the family drama. That's a tough sitch with your cousin & his parents. How long has your cousin been married to that woman? The rest of your trip sounds like it was good though. Sounds like the friend with the Japanese gf has a really big decision to make. Hmmm.

HEY KELL!!!!!! It is so good to see you!!!!!! Catch us up when you get a sec, it's been a long time!

Hey TESSIE POO! It's wonderful to see you too, lady! How's it going?

Hey Anna!

Hey CH!

Hey Doodle!

Things here are good today. Though it got dark mighty early yesterday, it sure was nice to get up in the daylight this morning. Tit for tat, I suppose. I had a nice weekend. Two friends came over Halloween night, we handed out candy, ate pizza, drank wine, and played cards. Saturday Mr K and I did yard work & I finally bought him his birthday gift. Yesterday I painted the trim in my bedroom. It's almost done. One more coat of paint & it'll be finito.
Okay, stress levels are at an all-time high.

1. I am finishing up grading 200 exams and 70 research papers.
2. Exasshat is bothering the shit out of me again, so I am taking him to the parenting consultant whom I am HOPING has the wherewithal to realize what a foppish, malignant retard he is being.

I'm sorry, but who in the fuck cares if you are a CLERK, or if you understand the definition of CLERICAL? Apparently he doesn't understand one, but is the other.

Okay, sorry to be a pint of poison on such a lovely fall day. I promise I'll be all bettah by tomorrow afternoon.
Drivin' by to say hi!

Danced so hard Friday night, my hips hurt on Saturday at work....
quick drive by peeps!

hi every bustie!

hey culture!!!

yay for kel! miss you, glad you are doing well!

i got asked back for some more work at the museum fabrication place, which is awesome. i was only supposed to work there for 3 weeks, and they want me back for a 4th inspite of my shooting myself repeatedly in the foot. yay! if this keeps up i might let myself get that new fancy skateboard! (fuck it, i'll probably get it anyways).

working way too much, and playing way too little.

oh and thanks for calling, lore, sorry that i'm terrible at getting back, i've just been sleeping vampire hours lately, and when i do get up, everyone else is asleep, and i sleep when everyone else is awake, and do work inbetween...

oh and are such a fox, but more importantly, your eyebrows are dreeeeeeeaamy. which is a high complement for me. i'm eyebrow OBSESSED. really. i change my eyebrow shape roughly every 2-3 weeks, and change color about as frequently.

Hi Kari!

~*~*~*~*calming vibes for Minx~*~*~*

Doodle, DETAILS!

Hey GT! Woohoo on going back for another week! I just sent you an e-mail.

Blarg. I think I'm bailing on work early, not impressed with things currently. In fact, I'm downright pissed.

Le Sigh.

On the bright side I have finally found something I want to get tattood on me. So I'm excited about that. Now it's a matter of funds. Which I'm slightly short on.

Howdy all!

I'll give you the short version catch up on my life.

So, the last you saw of me (just over a year ago...long hiatus) I was deciding what to do about Friendboy. That worked itself out quickly...he ended up huffing canned air and wrecking his car. TWICE. Yeah, no. I can't be involved in that kind of drama.

Around October I met up with Kelman, the love and heartbreak of my life. We messed around and got back together. I was reluctant because he was so difficult when we were together the first time, but he promised it all would change, and damn if it didn't. It was so much better in every way. I moved in with him and his four daughters in February, and ladies (and the occasional boy)...I'M GETTING MARRIED next October. Yep. I can scarcely believe it.

So much more has happened, but I won't drag on and on.

Anyone who feels like giving me the quick run down on your life, I'd be thrilled to hear it. Otherwise, I'm just plopping right back down on the Okayland sofa and sticking my nose into your bidness.

Hi Culture, Kari, Doodle, GT, Minx, and everyone! Good to see so many familiar folks.

Culture, what's the tattoo idea?
Kel, that is so wonderful!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

I want to get Koi fish. Ummm, let me find the two I'm looking at. I don't want traditional koi fish which are tattoo'ed, I want something clean and simple.

There is this one here and this one. I like the smoth clean lines, and I don't need to get them large. Start there. This is at least what I am leaning towards. I don't like the finely detailed, gilled koi you see in tattoo's. but there are so many people who get koi's tattoo'd, so we'll see.
oo, I like both of those, CH. If I ever get a tattoo, I'm going to get a monkey in a style similar to those fish.
Polly, that would be really cool to see. Do you have any pics?

I really like Japanese art, but I don't want anything that is wall flash.
anna k
Hi, kel! Nice to meet you! Congratulations!

Voted for Obama this morning, read some manuscripts at work (one good, a few duds), and am going to the gym tonight for my three-hour workout (three classes, one after the other). I love getting all that work in, though PMS is setting in, so my bloated belly and fuller breasts are returning. Blech.
Kel!!! Congratulations, my dear!! I'm so happy that you're HAPPY! And getting married - wheeee! And wow - living with the four daughters - you are one BRAVE woman! Now stick around for awhile - we've meeced you!

I'm so giddy awaiting the election results, I can hardly stand it. I know that I am a bad Chicagoan for not going to the rally downtown, when I have friends with tickets, but standing in a park with a gazillion people for hours on end, just isn't my cup of tea, even for Obama and Biden. I'll happily spend the evening dozing on the couch as the results roll in. The thought of President Obama....GAH, it gives me goosebumps. smile.gif

Not too much going on here this is pretty intense right now, I'm looking forward to a less-socially-obligated weekend ahead.
Culture, I'm really digging that first's not obviously has a very peaceful feel to it.

Hi Anna K...

I'm sick to my stomach and just want this election to be OVER. I want a new start. And I want to skip past the bullshit and have it NOW. *stamps foot impatiently*

Hi Turbo! Cross posted with you. I'll stick around...I need some support! I'm awash in a teenaged estrogen pool!
KEL!!!! Good to see you posting in the Lounge again! smile.gif Please stay because your presence has been missed.
Yes, we DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, there was a commentator talking head type last night who said "I can't quite get my head around the reality that this is." Yes. We cried and held each other and finally breathed a sigh.
I think Canada just sighed a collective sigh of relief.

This is GREAT!!!
WOOP WOOP!! I can't believe it!!

Kel, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!! Sounds like life is good for you these days! I'm very happy for you.

~~~~~~anti stress vibes for Minx!~~~~~~~~

Hey Anna, CH, Jenn, and Doodle!

*lets out a HUGE sigh of relief*

Wha'd I miss????

Heya All! Awww! I love this place!

Congratulations, Kel! I hope you're ready for the instant family smile.gif

(((Tree))) glad you're alive.

CH, I vote the first one, but really small. Actually, where are you thinking of getting them placed?

Yaaaaaaay! We're super excited over here to have been part of electing O.G.'Bama as president! I was telling Goaty before we got the results, "Well, either way, Dubya has been your crappy president for an entire quarter of your life so far, and that's soon about to change." It's infinitely better that the next will be Obama, though! smile.gif I was getting cynical and thinking that it would be JUST like this country to vote in another lame Republicon, or to be duped again by a fucked-up and rigged election system. I even told OtterMan, "Well, if McCain gets elected, and there's a riot in the streets in multiple cities with looting and fire... I think I'll wear my pirate bandanna biggrin.gif" ....but I didn't have to.

Well, anyway, I'd say hello to and address you all personally, but I just gotta say that the sheer number of you all involved lately, great characters all around, just makes me really happy smile.gif
I just wanted to join the voices in saying, "Welcome back Kelkello! I will always love your icon."
I view this as the United States finally apologizing to the world for Bush. We finally got it right!

Lore, I'm thinking on my upper back, and small, I don't want large koi fish. I'll start small and see where it goes.

Hi to Kari, Tree, Kitten, and Divala.

I really don't have much going on.
Buenos dias!

I am in considerably better shape than yesterday. I stayed up too late with the election & was struggling yesterday. I went to bed around 9:45 last night, so I am much better now.

Hey Tree!!! Good to see you! How are things?

Hey Lore! I know, I seriously worried about riots. I think there would have been some.

Hey CH! Getting a tat are ya? Cool!

Hey Diva! Truffle season is gearing up, isn't it?

It should be a quiet day here at work. There is some talk going on b/c though the rest of the country is trending Dem, TN is a Repub stronghold & the Repubs took control of the TN House in the election. I work for a government agency & some think this shift might be bad for us. Boss doesn't seem concerned though, so I'm just gonna assume it's all good, til I hear otherwise.

On a positive note, I'm going out for Indian tonight! There is a really good vegetarian Indian restaurant here in town. Can't wait!
Yo, Obamaramadingdong! wink.gif

I still find myself getting shivers at the mere thought of an African-American getting elected for the highest office. I was talking with my mom (die-hard pro-lifer that went the way of McCain on a single issue), and stated that regardless of creed and values this event is one of the singular amazing moments of my life--to have seen something happen of such historical significance that it reduces me to tears.

How gorgeous...and my students are finally feeling hope. Something we don't see very often up on the North side of Minneapolis.

Okay, one more stressful thing to do this week and then all is well for quite possible weeks. How weird is that?!!

Anyhoo, take care all of you...wonderful to see Tessie and Kel! So many things to be happy about today...
Hi, peeps!

Hi, Kari! I was up pretty late watching the election returns, too. But I planned for it and took Tuesday and Wednesday off. I really needed the time to catch up on some TV and get a leg up on truffles. I hope nothing bad happens with your job. Rethuglicans tend to fuck that kind of stuff up.

Yep, I'm deep into truffle season again. I think there will be 27 flavors or so this time, depending on if I find any time to make fudge or homemade marshmallows to dip. My first craft fair is one week from today. Ridiculous, huh? You'd think they'd at least wait until after Thanksgiving. If anyone wants the list and descriptions of each flavor, let me know, and I'll email it to you. I've got less shows this year, so sales may be down a little bit, so if anyone wants to buy, I'd be much ingratiated. I may even try to put them up on Etsy, since I see a lot of other people are selling edibles that way, too.

CH, I vote for the first picture of the fish, although they remind me a bit of sperm, because they're so streamlined. I like how the fins are done as shadows.

Hi, Minxy! It must be amazing at your school. You're right, the north side needs this.

Now, if Al Franken can just pull through the recount, all will be good in the MN.

Hi everyone!

Divala, I want truffles now! I had some I bought from a woman at a wine festival who makes them in wedding cake flavor. OMG. So good.

Minx, my students are feeling the same way. The dour-faced bitties I work with really thought the world would collapse if Obama got elected...they don't know what to do now that he's in and there hasn't been an instantaneous resurgence of the Black Panthers in our hallways.

Kari, mmmm...Indian food. I need some paneer pecoras.

Lore, the instant family thing has been interesting. Luckily I've not any screaming fights with kids. It's been a year almost since I moved in, so they are pretty used to me. They knew me for two years before all this went down. It is stressful sometimes, and I miss miss miss my free time being ALL MINE. It's one of the biggest reasons I haven't been on here...the adjustment to this new life. I finally feel able to carve out nuggets of time for myself.

Anyhoo, just had a disgustingly wonderful dinner of fish sticks, mashed potatoes, and corn. We rarely eat anything processed like fish sticks, but I was dead tired tonight and wanted quick and easy. And since we are pescatarians, fish sticks seemed quick and easy. What happened to the days of eating olives and cheese for dinner?

*raises a paw* Oooo! Ooooo! Goaty and I sometimes eat bread with olive oil, cheese, hard salami/proscuitto (sp?), kalamata olives (or a mix), and apples for dinner smile.gif Washed down liberally with Merlot.

P.S. "Pescatarians"! biggrin.gif I like it!

Yaaaay for Obamahope! smile.gif

It's like the nation has finally decided to move the butt-plug out from in front of the air-conditioner.
Happy Friday!

Kari, I am sure you'll be fine. How was the Indian food? mmm samosa.

Hey Minx! How are you and artman?

Diva, I was shocked at how close the vote was. I was looking online and it was only a few hundred votes. It was astounding how close it was.

Kel, it sounds like things are really wonderful, I hear you on the you time.

Hee hee, Lore, I also saw was butt plug, and was like WTF! hee hee.

Well, it snowed here. It was 16 degrees on Monday and crappy today. Alas, winter is here.

So, what's everyone up to this weekend?

Good Morning!!!

What's up.

The Indian food was really delicious. I ate a lot.

Hey Minx! I know you are looking forward to some non-stressful times! I hope work slows down soon.

Diva, I think putting your truffles on Etsy is a great idea! I love Esty.

Hey Kel!

Hey Lore! Your bread, cheese, olive, and salami dinner reminds me of one of our at home dinners. Yum!

Thing here are good today. Glad it's Friday! I've been feeling kinda cruddy the latter part of the week. Just sick to the stomach & puny. I would worry about being with child, but I just had ladytime last week. I think it would be unlikely. Maybe it's a virus of some sort. Hmmm. dry.gif

What is everyone doing this weekend?
I must have truffle spidey-sense. I haven't Busted in ages but came in today to see Diva was going to be selling them again this year. They were SOOOO good last year! Please email me a list, Diva. I'd love to buy some!
Diva, you KNOW I need you to email me that flavor list! Last year, the two pounds of truffles I gave my FIL & BIL disappeared in one evening of playing cards. They were *amazing.* We definitely need more.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing the words "President Elect Obama." Its like the sweetest music I've heard in a very long time. The euphoria has yet to subside in Chicago, and all over downtown they're flying new "Chicago Celebrates President Elect Obama" banners from the light poles, and everyone is smiling, and chatting on the street. Its very cool. And now, with our boy Rahm covering Obama's back as Chief of Staff....well, we're just SO proud. Chicago represent!

Kari, I think I have to have Indian food now, tonight, and it is all your doing! (Not that I am at all unhappy about that). Channa Masala would be warm and comforting on a cold dreary night....unless I decide to make it myself sometime soon. I just got a new cookbook "Heirloom Beans" written by the folks to produce my favorite beans, and I am so excited to curl up on the couch and read it all weekend. I also got the cookbook as well, since I've cooked many, many things from her blog. Its going to be a very kitcheny weekend around here, with good things bubbling away on the stove. The cold weather is so good for spending time in the kitchen. smile.gif

Hi hi Catsoup!! What's goin' on chica? We've meeced you, too! Makes me so happy to see busties checking in.

They're saying its going to snow here tomorrow. hmph. blink.gif

Turbomann's BFF is staying with us this weekend - should be fun, he's a good guest, as I don't care that my house isn't perfectly clean, I don't have to cook or entertain him...he just is. And I can feel free to ditch the boys and do whatever I want on my own. Seeing the Secret Life of Bees might be in the plans. I loved the book.
They made a movie of it?!? ohmy.gif

ETA: Oops! I was thinking of The Bee Keeper's Apprentice. tongue.gif
Hey all, apologies for the total drive-by....have been smokin' busy! But had to let you know I'm still alive. I'm just home from double shift day and must work again tomorrow, so I have to sleep....

The job for the voluntary self-exclusion program has come up at the lotteries corp. That's the temp assignment I was doing last spring. It's such a great environment to work in, and I liked doing the work....I'm going to apply.....
i fly by too.

i guess i got a job? i was told i was an overhire when i went to work at the museum fabrication place, i was talking to my direct supervisor (who is a riot-- she sounds like victoria jackson, btw.) she said she was an overhire for her 6 mos. that's just the way they do it there. i talked to the shop manager, he said the same, and that i was doing a great job (!) yay!

lore-- i will pro'lly get a new skate in the next month or so, so if you can think of a non-rainy saturday or sunday, call me a few days ahead and we will go for our city skate!
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