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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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wheeeee! i'm home toooo! yayyyy! finally i am freeeeeee. :-)

everyone have a nice safe weekend!

Wheeeeeeeeeeee! I'm going home in a minute!
Effing hell! I had an entire post written, and I pressed something on my overly-fancy keyboard and it closed my entire browser just as I was about to press Post!!!!!! EFF!

Anyway. I did want to say thanks everyone for your support and your rage. Sometimes this thread is all that gets me through!!

These women are whacked, but so are the Conservatives, and these women are connected to them by way of being friends and even wives. So. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, same as usual. The reality - for me, anyway - is that I was planning to leave within the next three years anyway. I've done my best and given till it hurts, but there's only so much of the organization I can "own"...if the community women want their women's centre, they are going to have to step up to the plate and own it themselves, or be prepared to watch it slip away.

That's what I tell myself in my good moments. :-)

So, I guess most of you are GONE for the long weekend!! We have a long weekend here in Canada, too. Most of us, anyway. Canada Day falls on a Saturday this year, so many people get Monday off, although not everyone.

In my community, we have this huge "festival" type thing at the big riverside park downtown. Since Canada is more The Big Buffet than The Big Melting Pot like you Yanks are, we will have booths with food from all around the world, which is organized by the local multi-cultural society, and community art/multicultural entertainment organized by the community arts council (which I used to be on the board of, till I had no time anymore). Facepainting, games, drumming, dancing, tables where people can do crafts, tons of stuff for families, and fireworks in the evening. Plus, of course, there is the beach, the playground, and the water park (a very shallow wading area with water-spraying accessories) for kids, as per usual, so it's quite a centralized day for everyone.

What about you lot? What happens in your town on America Day, or whatever you call it?
Tyger, I was just skimming through the past posts, and read "i'm a crazy full of energy pervy university girl” which immediately, made me wish I was pervy....because,
I'm just not………..I wish I was... but, YOU KEEP YOUR PERVINESS STRONG FOR THE BOTH OF US!...

Hey doodle, you still have the rights to the name Janejackson? I forgot! You’re so cool…. Yeah, I think I do want it back, although it could be b/c I am drinking. Well…. It’s FRIDAY NIGHT DAMNIT…. Even if I do have to work early tomorrow morning, I will have fun! I don’t want to go socialize, but, damnit, I will…….. and have fun…..
hi ya'll!!

Man, my carefree day at work got really busy there after lunch, and I had no time for my busties! Bummer. But busyness made the day fly by, so that's good.

We just went to my fave 'hood cafe for dinner, and I had beer, and I'm feeling fine, though appparently not as good as jane, 'cause her post has some creative spelling!! heee!

Ok, time for The Soup, my fave friday night tv indulgence!
jane, PM me, and I'll send you the info.

ETA: cross-post! Hi turbo!!!!!!
This is doodlebug, just making sure I still have jane's old handle...yes, apparently so!
jane, i could tutor you in the perv! one of cougarlion's friends actually said 'i wish you could tutor me in the ways of tyger', which was seriously one of the bestest compliments i've ever got.
Hello all! It's a drive by BUSTing! It's very, very, very hot here. But after about 10 PM, I can sit on the balcony, drink red wine, and contemplate my future. I think I'm going to become a motivational speaker. LOL! Just kidding! Maybe.
hello! (echo echo echo echo)

just saying hi to my peeps!

monday's before a holiday BLOW! unless of course you have the day off, in which case you are still SLEEPING!


Hi, peeps!

So, who all here has to work today? I do. I would have taken the day off, but I had over a week off last month from getting ready for Pride, and I told my boss I'd be here today. Feh. It's eerily quiet and I don't even want my keyboard to make noise.

The giant and I had a really nice weekend. On Friday, Poodle and I went to eat Thai food and see "An Inconvenient Truth" and cried when they showed the 2000 election footage. It's definitely worth seeing. And then on both Saturday and Sunday, the giant and I slept WAY in and hung out in bed for much of the day, except we went to his mom's for a family cookout, to the MOA for about a minute, and then grocery shopping. Yesterday we did nothing but laze around the house and see Nacho Libre. It's cute. I'm so glad that things are back to normal and I don't have to spend every waking minute making shit.
hey diva. is it just us??? i think turbo said she was going to be in today, but maybe she's busy.

mrfj was in orlando all weekend. i went out with friends on friday night and had yummy martinis with blue cheese filled olives. they live at the beach, so it was nice outside for walking. we also went to a dive bar and saw a really good cover band doing some skynyrd and willie nelson. i even danced with a guy with a metal leg! hehe. we swapped metal stories. it was fun.

saturday, i got up and got my hair done. it is sort of strawberry blonde with darker red and lighter blonde throughout. i went with full highlights and then next time i'll just do the partial. i really like it though. it isn't too drastic to have to do a double take in the mirror.

i went down to orlando after my hair thing and it took me two hours longer than usual to get there because of the stupid nascar race in daytona. you'd think a bunch of rednecks traveling to see the race would drive FAST, but noooooo. so i got to mrfj's hotel room and crashed for a few hours, after eating the most delectable room service cheeseburger ever in the history of cheeseburgers. after mrfj finally got out of his banquet, he talked me into getting up and going down to the pool area. we were at a nice resort that had a lazy "river" going through the whole place, so we floated around that a few times and then went back to the room. mrfj was super drunk and funny.

but then he woke up yesterday and was practically deaf out of one ear. i think it's because he kept diving under the water and somehow got a blockage, but it was still there last night. he even tried that swimmer's ear stuff from the pharmacy. he's pretty concerned about it. his dad went deaf one day while crossing a bridge and never regained his hearing in that ear. i hope that's not happening to mrfj. i actually thought of you, diva, since you were having ear trouble again last week. is that better now? i told him he should go to the doctor about it.

almost done with work, just waiting for someone to give me my signed payroll sheets so i can get the hell out of here!
The giant's family (the ones from Kansas City) are really into Nascar. It was all I could do to not scream "loser white trash Republicans!" at them. One of them even had the most awful accent - I thought you had to go much further south for that. Anyway, yes, Nascar sucks.

My ear infection scare went away, but thanks for asking. In it's place, I've got this really hard piece inside my earlobe, toward the back and up a little where the ear connects to my head. It's really uncomfortable. I may get it looked at if it doesn't go away. I think it may be from wearing earrings, which I almost never do anymore.

I wish I could be done with work soon, but no. I've got at least 6 hours and 11 minutes left, and that's if I don't do overtime.
hi ya'll - I'm not working, but I'm here!! I had the loveliest up and walked the dogs in a thunderstorm (not real fun), but then I went back to bed and slept for 2 hours, and then had the most hot HBI I've had in awhile. Mmmmmm. I love days off work!

And I'm sitting here watching Paula Dean, so now I want fried chicken and corn muffins, so we're gonna go to our favorite southern place for lunch.

I can't get my head arond the nascar thing at you watch cars drive around an oval. And you stand in the infield and sweat and drink beer and lose your hearing from all the noise.....I just. don't. get. it.

I wanna see fj's hair!!! Sounds sooo pretty. I think I've officially decided to like my short short hair for the summer, its pretty handy for working out at lunch hour, and not needing to dry or style it.

I'm trying to decide between Devil wears Prada, Inconvenient Truth and Prarie Home for movie going tomorrow...I still can't decide. We saw Wordplay yesterday, and it was such a delightful, fun, sweet movie. I heart Will Shorts. I am SUCH an NPR geek.
Hi, Turbo! Your morning sounds just about perfect, except for walking dogs in the rain. How much longer are you dogsitting?

Okay, I can understand the thing about liking fast cars. I like to drive my car fast. But taking left turns all day in a car marked up with the Tide logo wearing a dumb little suit with more logos? It'd be one thing if this were actually an athletic event, but all these people do is drive cars and make left turns all damn day. Bo-ring!

I wish I could handle red hair, but I really don't think I've got it in me. The upkeep would be more than I'm willing to take, too. Same goes for all hair treatments, dyes, highlights, perms, short styles. I'm a wash n' go sort of girl. My hair hasn't seen product in months.

Honestly, Turbo, I wasn't that into A Prairie Home Companion. I know I left slightly disappointed, and I think Poodle did, too. An Inconvenient Truth will just depress you, too. It's definitely worth seeing, but if you want to feel festive when you walk out of the theater, I wouldn't choose that one. But if you see The Devil Wears Prada, we can talk about it on Thursday. It looks like it should be pretty light fun, and you can't go wrong with Meryl Streep as the villain.
Yeah, I think Devil will be my movie choice - thanks for the tip...its just so hard to pass up another NPR movie...its like I'm compelled to support these movies....but I love me some I'm gonna go with it. Thanks!

Now here's the athletic part of car racing, that would really test my're sitting in that blazingly hot car for like 4-8 hours, and there's no bathroom breaks!!! That, my friends, would be the end of me. My bladder would burst at 230mph.

The doggies are going home this evening. Part of me is a little sad. I like having multiple dogs, and working on training Badger Bad Ass this week to not want to eat smaller dogs went really well. He's come a long way, and I hope their mommies will being both of them to the dog park to continue to support the work I've done this week.
Hello all! Hello, turbo, diva, FJ, the heck is everyone?

Oh well. Long weekend for us Canuckistanians, too. Except the lawn guy showed up today and started doing his "mrrrrr-mrrrrr-mrrrrr" right under my window this morning. Fucker.

I wanna go see the Devil Wears Prada with my busties!! WAAH!
Let me be the first to wish the US busties a happy independence day, you BITCHES!

And, I am truly sorry I missed Canada Day, Hosers!

There, my international insult fest over...i now promise to catch up. We painted our dining room this weekend, which has eaten all my BUST time!
doodle- on Independence Day, we blow up shit and eat red meat. Seriously. fireworks, bbq, bber. Its the American Way.

Sounds like everyon ehad a great weekend! We painted, and visited daycare (moxette starts tomorrow). the bebe seemed to like the toys. So, that's somethin... to sour for brekkie
Mornin' ya'll on this fine day of independance!

The weather has finally cooled here, and I've got the windows open and fans sucking in deliciously cool air! I was planning on seeing a movie troday, figuring the weather would be as tripey as its been the rest of the weekend, but now, I think I'll ride my bike up to the gym, work out, sauna, hit whole foods, and then sit by the lake with a book. Mmmmm.

Turboman is celebrating the day by playing paintball, so I've got the day to myself, and the guest doggies went home, so its just Turbo and me. YAY!

Oh, and I do need to figure out a game plan for dinner tonight....we're having a couple friends over for dinner, one of whom is very very full of baby, and one week from her due date, so we're going to celebrate their impending parenthood too.

I'll check in later...what's everyone else up to today?

I think we're going to do more of what we've done all weekend - sit around, TB playing video games, me reading or watching bad tv, and talk about how we need to clean the apartment. It's been a nice lazy weekend.

I hurt my foot yesterday (actually, TB hurt it for me - he was leading me backwards (like we were dancing) and did something to my foot near my pinkie toe). It sounds silly and I don't know exactly what happened - maybe he bent it backwards?- but it really hurts. My pinkie toe is all black and blue and I'm hobbling around like a little old lady. So much for my walk today.
Greetings, yankees! Happy America Day! Or whatever it is.

Whenever I hear the phrase "Independence Day" I start thinking about that Martina McBride song...

I am off to Vancouver tomorrow. Leaving VERY early 'cause I have NO A/C in the car, and you really don't want to hit those steep mountain passes in an iffy car when it's eleventy bazillion degrees. Especially when you are carrying two furry, meowing baggages in the back seat.

Effing cat is all over me, like I was gone for DAYS. Jeebus.
So.....why is it now that I'm trying to have a little bit of a holiday, which involves smoking a little bit of weed, all of a sudden my landlords want to come over and do stuff?

*runs around the apartment spraying Febreeze*
Hi, Doodle!
Hi 'soup!! What are you up to?
Hi guys!

Happy 4th! I spent the day sleeping, then ate Twizzlers, then in an hour I'm going to work. It's supposed to be dead at the hotel today.

I don't get NASCAR either. But one of my cousins is a crew chief. I guess that's a pretty big thing in NASCAR, but I haven't seen him in years.

I need to PM someone about a big big problem I have. It has to do with the seizure I had (I think) and I don't want to post it publicly.

So if anyone has some time, let me know.

I'm glad to see you all are having pleasant, relaxing time. I would like to see a movie soon. I don't know what to see, but I will keep your recommendations in mind.

Good luck with the Febreeze, doodle. That stinks that your landlords are invading during your peaceful weed time.

pk, i have time but i don't know if i can be of any help with seizure related stuff. but i'm really good at listening and i'm around a bunch the next few days, so feel free to fire it my way.

i actually get a day off from both my jobs this week! yay! though i honestly don't know what i'm going to do with myself that day

15 sleeps until vacation! wheeee!

i got a body analysis done when i joined the gym, and discovered that what i always felt was a healthy weight for me was actually what the thinger told me would be perfect. and basically all i have to do to get there is gain a little muscle. i feel so vindicated after all these years of bmi and height/weight ratio sheets they pass out in gym class that confuse me, as i'd be skeletor at a 'healthy' weight for my height according to them. stupid people messing with young girls heads with shit like that.

i hope everyone had a good long weekend! i'm housesquatting for cougarlion, though, so right now i'm going to go down to the basement and watch velvet goldmine and mayhaps take a nap before i go back to work for dinner
tyger, hello!! ...was it you who posted in Pardon Me about going to BSS in Vancouver? One of my younger friends is going to that - it's the woman with the tattoos, whom I just remembered I'm supposed to connect you with. (SORRY!!!) Unless you think it's weird, I will e-mail her and ask if she wants to connect with you at the concert. Don't worry, she is your age, not mine! And also a kickass feminist. If this is ok, PM me with your e-mail address and I will send her an e-mail with your e-addy before I leave for Vancouver tomorrow.

PK, I feel bad to say I don't have time, but I'm getting ready to head to the Coast tomorrow early. I don't know very much about seizures, except what to do (and not to do!) when someone has one.

I'm sure I must have reeked of the stuff when the landlord came in. It's organic weed, right? (Though I had a quick go at the space with the Febreeze before I let him in.) And the other day - FRIDAY NIGHT, long weekend, after 8 - my landlady came over for the rent, and she had her sister from out of town with her...she asked if she could show her sister the work I'd done on my apartment. And I let them in! *smacks forehead* Well, I don't usually bar them from my apartment, so it would be weird if I started now. Both times now, they seemed to hold ordinary conversations with me like they didn't notice, so maybe all the smelly stuff I use on me and around here helps.

Oh, the dividing line between respectable, artistic tenant, and hippie pothead tenant who graffitis on the walls.
Buenos Dias, Poopies!!!

I just finished my shift at the lounge. I made a few bucks. It was all right.

doodles, have a great trip!

It started raining at the hotel this evening, so we got to close early. Most of our seating is out on the patio.

Tomorrow I have a meeting for the Community Service Committee. My group has a presentation on the three options for an event to hold this quarter, which the committee will vote on. I didn't know it would be so hard for us to get a hold of these not-for-profits!!! Especially for me, working in the kitchen during business hours most of the time. We are not really prepared for the meeting tomorrow. Sheesh. I thought I would be totally on top of it, and now I'm going to look like a putz.

So - is everyone back to work today? Have a great day if you are - I know, it's hard. And if you're not back to work, WHEEEEEEE!!!!!! Yeah, right. I spit on your grave. Jerks. Just kidding.

Did I tell you guys that I am going to the World Pastry Competition this weekend in Phoenix? Aw hells yeah! It's going to be so effing intense. I hear the Estonians are very tough competitors, and they will temper chocolate circles around Team USA. They should show this on ESPN2.

OK - I have to get to bed. See ya later.
Mornin' you hung-over hussies!!!

Coming back to work today, feels very rude...I do not wish to be here at all. We had a rather late night last night, having friends over for dinner, and then watching the fireworks from our beach...but then, at 10:30 all the kids in the 'hood started shooting off their fireworks, until about 1am, so every time I drifted off, there was a BOOM to wake me up. Oh well, its only one night, and the kids were having fun.

PK...I'm very concerned for you with this seizure...I do hope you'll see a doctor, take care of yourself, and rest when you can. Working 2 jobs, you've gotta take care of your bod, its the only one you've got. I'd ask poodle for seizure advice, she's done a lot of work to help her own body heal...

World Pastry Competition! Color me jealous! I always watch those on TV, and love seeing the wild creations they come up with. Never looks much like actual pastry, but whatever.

Doodle....your landlord is a strange bird....coming over unannounced on a Friday night...calling ahead seems only the polite thing to do, really.
Goood Morning!

I have missed you Busties!

I am back at work after 6 days away. We were out of town for 4 of them & then did serious house & garden work the other 2, so I still feel like I need a vacation. Which is annoying, I know. I hate when people who have been off come back bitching about being tired. I am taking off next Monday bc/ I have a comp day I need to use. That should get me feeling back to normal.

Jenn, people in our neighborhood were shooting off fireworks too. Poor Yuki got under the bed.

((PK)) I am so sorry to hear about a seizure. I am sure happy to listen & provide support, you can PM me. Jenn is right though, for advice, Poodle's probably your gal. I can't believe you are going to the pastry competition! FUN!

I've read this page, but no archives. Sounds like everyone has had a good weekend & holiday. Nice. We had a cookout at our house on Monday, it was fun. Grilled out, drank beer, played cards later. Good stuff.

Morning lassies!

Gah, I am SO glad I'm not the only one kept up by fireworks. We were mui annoyed with them at 1AM, though. Poor moxieman had to get up at 4 AM to drive 4 hours to a meeting, too. Drunk asses. At least they didn't wake the baby.

Speaking of whom, miss moxette started daycare today. I am trying VERY hard to remember that she's a good tempered lass, and the teachers are really sweet, and I have work to accomplish. I could use bustie hugs.

Sounds like everyone had a good weekend. I smile thinking about all the independence. Oh! I know what else I wanted to share. Thinking through both Canadian and American independence days this weekend. It seriously bespeaks national character that our Canadian friends to the north "asked" for independence from Britan, and we "declared" it. Think on that, if you will.

Ok, me and my history-policy-geekyness will go off and write reports now.
Kari - I totally know how that feels, with needing a vacation after taking time off. If you're busy the whole time, you don't get to have the rest that you need to come back to work refreshed. I'm already dreading FIL & BIL coming into stay with us this weekend. gah. I am *actually* looking forward to going to a baby shower Saturday afternoon so I can skip out on family fun time at the zoo. I hate zoos, and I hate baby showers, but if it gives me some time away on my own...and I might be able to squeeze in a workout at the gym while I'm at it...tis a blessing to attend a baby shower this week, and I don't mind breaking my "no baby shower" rule for this one. heh. I like my FIL and BIL too, I think I'm just getting visitor burn out already this summer.
Hi, peeps!

PK, sorry, I've got no advice on seizures to give you, but I hope you don't have any more. And I watch the World Pastry Challenge every year, too!

Welcome back, Karianne! I always feel the same way, too, when I don't get at least one day to relax. I usually end up stealing a day later that week to just hang out.

(((((((vibes for Moxette liking daycare and not causing a fuss for Mommy)))))))

Turbo, your day yesterday sounds just about perfect.

Hi, Catsoup! Sorry about your foot.

Hi, Tyger and Doodle!

It does feel very rude to be at work today, even though I was here on Monday and even worked an hour of overtime. We slept in really late yesterday and took a nap, so I couldn't sleep at all last night and my body's all out of whack. We stayed home all day, just hanging out, watching TV, I made cookies, we looked up bad songs from the '80s, and I did my laundry. No big whoop. We didn't even leave the house at all. We heard lots of noisy things outside, though, because our landlords had a little cookout thingy on Monday night. The giant said there's a little parachute still hanging from our front awning. Those guys upstairs sure like to party. We saw them out yesterday with a hookah. Yes, a hookah. They're funny. One of them is even a member of the Bacon of the Month Club.

I think I'm going to go to the doctor this week. I've got a really weird lump on the back of my right earlobe that hurts when you touch it. It's not discolored or anything. It may be from wearing earrings, since my ears have gotten more sensitive in recent years, but I want to know for sure. This thing is really bugging me.
good morning. i'm really trying to put a positive spin on the day. i know i only have two more days to get up and get in here this week, but this sucks! it feels like monday again. i am really hoping to get some rest in this weekend!! too much play has made me a very tired girl.

making matters worse, me and mrfj sort of got in a riff yesterday and it's left me feeling down. we usually are right there on the same even plane until the day before my period gets here. worse part is that he KNOWS that and when we get in an argument, he'll ask me if i'm about to start. which makes me feel like he's invalidating me, which makes the argument escalate. it really ruined our evening last night, even though we really tried to get past it and make everything ok. *sigh* and now today i think i am getting my period, so that makes me even more depressed.

what i'd like to do right now is go home and crawl back in bed and sulk and cry a little bit, honestly.

and this fucker sitting in front of me filling otu an application is really making me insane. he's been working on it for an hour and a half, asking questions every two minutes. argh!
(((((FJ))))) I know those "just wanna cry" days are the worst. The sunshine and short week will make it better.

Thanks for the vibes. I called daycare, and moxette is doing smashingly. Of course. Always the mama who needs the adjustment.

Moxieman and I are going out of town this weekend, to Stratford Festival in Ontario. I CAN NOT wait! Two our favorite plays (we're theatre geeks) are on the slate for this season, and we're seing both! I just hope the weather cooperates. Its so gorgeous here today, that I really, really, really don't want to be at my desk. Its lunchtime soon, though...

How's everyone's day going?
(((((FJ)))) I hope you and mr fj can let your spat go, and just know that your baby is on its way to you right now, and will arrive in perfect time. Its just hard to wait. And why don't we have something ridiculous to blame male stupidity on...its easy to toss MRG at us, valid or not...but what've we got??!

And of *course* moxette is a super-star at daycare!! YAY!

So are you taking moxette to the theatre with you this weekend, or leaving her with very capable grandparents?

Yes, lunchtime soon....and I'm going to spin class, so I'm taking a leisurely time about it, as I've no boss in the office today, which is making today much more pleasant....
thanks, we're over it already. it just ruined our night last night. i felt bad because we had a friend over and i'm sure it made him feel a little uncomfortable to see us like that, but we aren't the kind to hide it if we're unhappy with each other. not that we're at each other's throats or anything in front of people - we just don't try to "keep up appearances". if we're mad, doggonit, we're mad.

but i do still feel like crawling into my cocoon at home tonight. but i won't. i have physial therapy at 4:30 and then i'm going to go home and paint a wall. that's always a good way to get me in a good mood. we're painting the wall by our front door that leads up the stairs. it's a horrible peachy biegish color now and we're painting it burnt orange. yay.

we're having a family night on friday after the art walk. it'll be a celebration for mrfj's mom's birthday. it should be fun, but it means cleaning tonight and tomorrow in preparation.
(((((((fj)))))) After work i suggest you have your cry. That helps me, at least. If i don't get my cry out it sticks around for weeks.
~*~(((moxie)))~*~ get all adjusteded to moxette being a daycare gal. also, remember, it's St. Ratford, not stratford :P. one of my fairy uncles (being my uncle's gay friends) started that with me, 'cause there are so many St. something or others around there. People in BC don't get it, though, and they'll be like 'i've never heard of the Saint Ratford Festival'. i've never been, i always just miss it, which makes me sad.

doodle, i hope you got my pm, and that i spelled my email properly.
pk, i send you another email, you foxy lady.

i think i might have to quit my bakery job sooner than i had planned. all the repetitive tasks are making my tendinitis act up, and it can be physically incapacitating (like, curl up and cry 'cause my arms hurt from fingertips to shoulders). it hasn't been bad like that in years, but i don't want to risk it.

it's sooooo warm. really i'm just whiny, though. i don't like dealing with heat unless i have to, and i'm fine in southern ontario heat, all hot and sticky, but northern BC should NOT be in the mid to high twenties, dammit, and therefore i whine and whinge about it.

i really have a day off tomorrow! wheeeee! but also tonight i have to go back to living at home (instead of chez cougarlion). which means i have to go to sleeping on the second floor instead of in the basement. feh. but now i'm gonna stop typing 'cause my wristy hurts
FJ, I know what you mean, when fights just ruin a night or day or weekend or whatever. You just wish it didn't happen & you could have gone on with your day as planned. Glad you've made up though.

Diva, sorry to hear about your ear. I hope the dr can tell you what's up & fix it.

Hi Moxie! Glad the bebe is doing well in daycare so far. Your upcoming weekend sounds like a lot of fun.

Tyg, yeah, if the job is giving you pain, I say quit. That's no good. It is hot as hell here as well. Though it did rain a ton last night and is supposed to cool down slightly. Don't know though, when I came to work this AM, the air could be cut with a knife it was so humid & thick. Lovely.

Where is the Poodle today?
hi y' by..cuz i have a staff mtg. to go to....i've read half the archives....crazy ass weekend....lots to share....bbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
oooooh, i have to tell you guys about mrfj's ear!! oh wait, perhaps this is for the gross out thread...
I think Poodle went up to her family's cabin over the weekend, but I don't know if she's back yet. She's probably really busy if she is.

I'm glad you guys got over your fight, FJ. Painting a wall sounds like a lot of fun. The color you've got on there already sounds gross, but burnt orange is surprisingly nice. My parents have it in parts of their house. Anything but beige for them. :-)

I guess I'm going to have to wait unti this weekend to see The Devil Wears Prada because my gay boyfriend has a date. Feh. He's MY boyfriend! I just wish he worked normal hours like everyone else.

Tyger, that sucks about your arms. But don't you have medical insurance with this job? You should go check yourself out before you quit.

So, do you go to a general practicioner or a ENT doctor for lumps in your earlobe?
oh must tell...!

hello, my drunken ho-bags!! Tis I, Queen of the Frozen Chocolate Monkeys.....well, thats the new nickname from this past has to do with a boozelicious drink that i make.

Boo on MRG for causing emotional ruckus!
yay for moxette going to daycare and LOVING it!
Boo for today feeling like a MOnday
Yay that this is a 3 day week!

this weekend was chaos filled fun! between trying to get one of the boats to work, the bitchin concert of Rob Thomas and Jewel(who by the way, is an excellent stand up comic), and lots of boating and dramamine....its was a very good weekend. we did our fireworks 'watchin' on monday nite cuz in catalina..that's when they do it. dunno why..thats just what they do...course, its not the same...we used to set up the fireworks on the San Clemente Pier in San Diego..boy were those fun to see! and to feel! the whole friggin pier would vibrate from the big 10" shells going off. nothing like it...

HI fj, pk, tyger, moxie, minx, kari, catsoup, turbo, diva, doodle, poodle and anyone i may have missed....
Holy crap. I'm listening to my XM radio station for "our classic rock" (read late 70s-80s rock), which specializes in smaltzy hair rock and journey (rock!), and "Heaven" by frillin WARRANT is on! Jani Lane, baby! WHooo...i am suddenly 13 and enamored again. :-)

the weekend is sans kiddo, which we sorely need. We're both half dreading it, and have our work buddies reinforcing the need to go. The grandparents are really, really looking forward to the overnights, too. The grandpa's in particular! They're cuties.
the gps will take fine care of moxette - you guys deserve a weekend away to yourselves. Hell, our parents dumped us off with grandparents and family friends one weekend a month from the time we were tots, and we LOVED those weekends!

I read msgoof's message "yay for moxette going to GAYcare and loving it!" ....wouldn't GAYcare just be the BEST?! One of my gay daddy friends says that every little girl should have a gay daddy. I totally agree!
Every little girl SHOULD have a gay daddy! I wish I could claim one of my uncles as gay, but he has a LDR with some lady we've barely ever met. My other uncles are a widower and the other one's just kind of socially akward. The only gay I know of in my family is my uncle's second wife's nephew.

Oh, Moxie, with the crush on Jani Lane! Too bad he's fat and bloated and kind of skeevy now. But you've put me in the mood to listen to really bad Deep Purple songs. Maybe I will.

The giant and I saw Jewel as a guest judge on Iron Chef America. I still don't know what to think of her. My opinion is tainted by an ex-roommate of mine, who's taste I always clashed with, and she loved Jewel. Rob Thomas is kinda cute, though.

I want to go to Catalina! I wish my friends would move back to the LA area so we could go on little day trips there.
heheeh 'gaycare'....'its fabulous, i tell you....they learn about how to walk, mix cosmos, and proper table settings for a party while being environmentally friendly.'....someone should really do this...heheh

i want my alien lovechild to go to gaycare...
I'm sometimes tempted to implant gay tendencies in Sam, but I know both my brother and his mom would hate me forever. He does love wearing jewelry, though, and he thinks lip gloss and powder are fun. Maybe I could raise my own kid to be gay, if I ever had one.

I think we could all do with some gay finishing school.

I try to make sure that Minxlette has excellent GAYCARE. I have her hang around my gay and lesbian students, talk about families that have one mom, one dad, a mom and dad, two mommas, two daddies...and that she can love whomever she chooses. That's probably the ONE thing me and the Ex-Asshat agree upon. He actually WANTS her to be a lesbian.

She got to meet a bunch of the gay at Pride (duh). I even introduced her to a bunch of people I know from the Leather community. He, he, he... She loved that one of my gayer-than-gay students wore her feather boa. That one Diva gave her, I might add. :-)


By the way, we are having Minxlette's fifth birthday party at Hidden Beach on Sunday around noon if any of you are interested in coming.

I am so damned tired. Between teaching summer school, painting the new apartment, and moving, I am quite convinced that I need a Rent-A-Husband. But hey! My legs are looking phenomenal!
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