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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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It's Election Day today!!!!

The fact that I'm super excited. Down with the conservative swine. smile.gif

K, I have to start getting ready.
Good Morning!

CH, Oh, I wish it was election day here. I'm ready for it. Alas, we have 21 more days to go.....bah!
Good luck with the sugaring! Is it today?

Minx, that picture of you & artman is adorable!! And Minxlette's scarf looks very nice indeed.

GT, I'm glad the peeps on the job are cool. And that's really great that your old friend was so supportive of your transition. I know that gave you a boost.

Doodle! You are so happy lately! I love it!

Jenn, it's warm here too. It's been in the low 80s. A bit warm for October. Towards the end of the week, it's supposed to go to the low 70s. That will be better. I'm ready for some cool air.

Yes, where has Tree been?? Haven't seen her in a while....

Not too much doin' here today. Working at home. Right now I'm waiting for the guy to come with my new DVR box. He is supposed to be here between 8 and 12. Mr K and I are meeting his parents for dinner tonight to celebrate the birthdays of Mr K and his mom. That's about all I got going on.
Good morning everyone! It is INDEED E-Day in Canada! Here I am, actually posting during an election, and not off volunteering somewhere. I am on my way out to vote pretty soon, and will call up soulman later to make sure he voted, and that will be my entire contribution.

Yesterday was....interesting. Well, it was fun, but thank whatever powers-that-be that I have my guitar now and I can just sit in a corner playing when everyone's getting pissed and the alcoholics come out of the woodwork. Anyway, I feasted - again - till I thought my belly would burst, and I kept everyone entertained, and even had a talented musician to play with, whom I am acquainted with through jamming! Hoorah! Unfortunately, this musician is an active alcoholic - soulman already told me about him - AND, according to a couple of the women at the feast yesterday, he seems to have the mad hots for me. I kind of suspected, and I gave a tiny hint about soulman that made him back off, but, oi.

It's funny, being around drunks doesn't bother me anymore - I must have finally reached the "detachment" phase. But I wonder what it is about me that attracts alcoholics? Do they just smell my childhood all over me or something? (I should interrupt with an interlude here to let you know that even soulman is an alcoholic - albeit with 18 years of AA and sobriety, of course, otherwise I would not be letting this thing between us happen.) There is another alcoholic musician I know who has the mad hots for me, and is quite obvious about it - happens to be soulman's drummer. And oh lord, I don't know how that's going to play out when he finds out about us! He's already (jokingly) warned me off soulman, and tries to keep me away from him at the jams. I haven't seen him for a few weeks, though. Maybe soulman told him.

Anyway. Last night I was thinking about alcoholism and soulman's sobriety and some of my own past-life triggers, as well as the burgeoning potential of what's happening between us, and I decided I wanted to find an Al-Anon meeting (that's the one for friends and families of alcoholics), but there aren't any I can get to. I am thinking of heading to an AA meeting tonight, as an Al-Anoner, although I haven't been to any 12-step meeting in years. It's not that I'm feeling bad or weird or upset, but rather, I kind of just feel I need a little help taking myself to the next level of relating. It would certainly be the most unusual election night I've spent in 12 years!

Well, this is ALL the most unusual election I've spent in 12 years. biggrin.gif
Woooo! So, I went to the interview, and I was prepared to give a list of previous employers, yadda yadda, but they didn't need that. They just set me loose on a job that was right it the middle of Downtown Seattle with a couple of their older employees. Today, I was helping them out with whatever I could, and I was really nervous that I wasn't coming across so well, but they actually liked me smile.gif In the short-term, I'm starting my workdays ar 5:00 AM sad.gif, but this is kinda unusual for the company. They'll usually start stuff either at 6AM or 6PM (until 2:30 in the morning). All their jobs are pretty short ones. Anyway, I have hopes of making a good impression, and at least this week, I'm getting off work a little before 2:00.

Soooooo... GT, d'ya think you can have coffee or somesuch? smile.gif It'd be cool to finally meet you!

Hello and fondness to all you BUSTies~! smile.gif
Good Evening.

Kari, enjoy your dinner this evening. and Hapy Birfday to Mr. K.

doodle, that's really supportive and wonderful that you are doing what you are for soulman.

Congratulations Lore! That's really exciting!

Ugh, the conservative mp is in the lead in my riding. Grrrr, he's a usless douchebag. it's still early yet, though. We shall see. Here's hoping it's a minority government.

hey, fly by!

culture i heard your call but i was too tired to get the phone. i was lying in bed, on the verge of sleep. never quite got there...

lore, i'd love to, but i'm still trying to get used to the sleep schedule, and i get off work and back in town at about 4:45. i'd say we should go for an after work skate but i wouldn't be good for my normal run which can go on for an hour or two. gimmie a week or so.
God damn it, my NDP candidate is losing. Fuck. I'm so glad I wound up not volunteering - I couldn't take the devastation.

Anyway. Hiya to CH, lore, and GT!

lore, congrats indeed! Good luck with it!

CH, I don't think I went for soulman so much as for myself. I can't really explain it. I realized I still have triggers and trust issues, and I want to fix them so I can have the relationship I want. Now I have to decide if I'll tell him that I went. I imagine I's just a question of sooner or later.

Bwah, I don't want to work tomorrow. These 2 days off have been busy....I need more time!
Sympathy to the Canadians here. sad.gif

I'm around...I'm just sparing everybody from the drama that is my mind lately, so I'm being a hermit. Seriously, even in "real life" I don't really feel up to communicating with people. I just want to hole up in my little den and wait for a couple months until everything dies down. I have no energy to vibe, my house is a wreck and I don't care, I am falling behind on everything and I just. don't. care.

I think I am stressed out over the election.

*waves to Busties*~hope everybody is well.

((((((((tree)))))))) hon, we're here if you want to talk.

Doodle, the MP here is a conservative and pro-life, metis (who voted AGAINST the Kelowna Accord) MP who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. Sigh.

No worries GT, call me when you can or email me.

I must go get ready, I'm taking my car in for maintenance today.

sorry tree, don't mean to be pushy. i just lurve and miss you so much! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif you get tripple wub!

speaking of 3 times wub.gif , i am counting down to a person i absolutely adore's birf day in 3 days... hee hee!

i heard about the canadian 'lections. c'est le poop! from what in understand the conservatives did really well in bc. what is in the water up there, doodle? *sigh* well just know you, ch, and ej have wub.gif down here.

anna-- i saw a poster on the way home for a band called "star anna" i know it's not your real name, but it still made me smile and think of you! some wub.gif for you too.

today on a local radio station the topic was "what clever remark would you use on your opponant if you were in tonight's debate?" there was a stipulation that it not be name calling, and it be somewhat witty.

since we agreed to the topic, i'll ask the okayers. canadians can use canadians or americans.

my submission:

"i don't want to start off attacking and instead i'd like to pay my opponant a complement. i feel bad that i've had to point out mccain's erratic behavior lately, so i'll say this, he's very consistant.

he's consistantly erratic.

if he wasn't balding, i'd bet he'd have gone thru 14 haircuts in the last week. he's about as even as torn up asphault. i'm kidding. actually i was wondering if we could borrow his campaign manager, the human roulette wheel for our casino night on friday. i asked him what the weather was like on the phone last night and got 5 different answers."


i'm gonna make dinner, watch the debates/project runway and go to bed. have a great night all. i'll try to post more tomorrow.

wub.gif to lore, turbo, minxy, qb, puppykitty, jami, moxy, diva, tes, ej, and any other okayers!
anna k
Awww thanks GT.

The internship is decent, it's mostly reading manuscripts and saying what I think of them, what they need to improve on, if it's worth representing or selling to a publisher. Good stuff.

Tomorrow I go to Montreal. I'm nervous and excited, about travelling alone to a foreign city, even if I've been there before. I'm sure I'll be relaxed once I get there, but it's still new and exciting to me.
Good Morning!

((((((Tree))))) Girl, I'm really sorry things are so tough right now. It's good to see you. I hope things start to level out & look up soon. ~~~~comforting vibes~~~~

Lore, that's great about the job!! WOOT!

Hey Anna, doodle, CH, minx, Jenn, and everyone else!

Not much happeing here today. I'm really tired. I must start getting to bed earlier. Hmpf.

Good morning everyone! I am writing from soulman's place, so can't stay on. Soulman's ex is finally signing the divorce papers today (after four years), so we are out of here before too long. Kind of symbollic, don'tcha think? Also, last night, I told him about the 12 step meeting. We had a long, wonderful, strengthening conversation after all the jammers had left. I do adore him.

Oh, guess what???? It sounds like my band has our first GIG! The anarchist (bassman) got asked to put a four-piece band together for a benefit gig at one of the local pubs on November 29. It's for kids in Rwanda, from what the anarchist told me. Anyway, sounds like soulman is down, too, so there ya go! DAMN!! A GIG!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif You are all invited, if you can get to the 'Loops.

I fucking adore the anarchist too. He is so awesome. He hardly ever smokes weed, but when the doobie comes around, he presses it to his forehead - his third eye. I think that is so cool.

Okay, I'm gonna go play some guitar for soulman while he does his puttering about.....
Hi, peeps!

It's been awhile, but I haven't been much in the mood to post lately. I guess it's just a phase.

Doodle, that's a hot guy you've got!

Anna, congrats on the internship, and have a great time on your trip!

Kari, how's the Mr. doing with school this term?

Hooray, CH is on vacation!

Lore, that's great that things are looking up a little. It must be hard to be in a non-9-5 job like that.


There's not much going on with me. I've been making a crapload of jewelry lately, 7 necklaces in the last 3 days. My signature necklace is a simple delicate sterling silver chain with 4 1" Swarovski crystal clusters and 2 dangles. I've got a few of those left to make. Craft sale time is coming up, so I've got to blast through a bunch of this stuff. I'm going to try to set up an Etsy account, too.

Apparently, I got a raise a few weeks ago. Hooray! We don't do yearly performance appraisals around here (unless you're brand new, which I'm not), so I didn't even know about it until I happened to look at my hourly wage on my pay stub and noticed there was a difference. I guess it's been 5 years since my last merit increase.

This weekend will be all about truffles. Oy. I figured out with my paydays when I'd be able to afford supplies, and I've gotta do it now or not get everything I need in time to make stuff. There will be 31 flavors this year. Yep, I am insane. Saturday will be a National Angie Day where I go to all kinds of stores that the giant won't go to with me, like Trader Joe's, Byerly's (upscale grocery store), Whole Foods, and Penzey's Spices, the liquor store, not to mention the place where I need to buy 34 pounds of chocolate and more molds. He'd have a heart attack if he saw how much I'm going to spend. Plus, I'm ordering my boxes. They're going to be really pretty clear ones this time that will fit exactly 6 or 12 pieces in them and no more. It'll look much more polished this year instead of the white paper boxes I have to create layers in. I'm also making the giant help me make an insert with pictures of each flavor and descriptions, so people won't be confused when they open their boxes and I won't have to handwrite anything.
Heeya Diva! Rock on that you're in production mode! smile.gif 'Tis a goooood thing. And congrats-o's on that raise!

Doodle, I'm totally thrilled that you're mixinfg in with musical people, and peeps that rawk! Cool that you're able to be honest about stuff, and that you're doing things to really understand Soulman. (...and that you're so smitten!) YOU stay in production mode, too, please! smile.gif

Kari, I'm with you on the needing to get to bed earlier. Well, I'm not with you in that same bed. That would kinda piss off Goaty... Well, I gotsta sleep more. Good luck with the shut-eye.

Anna, have a good adventure! That would make me nervous, too. It would be exciting, though smile.gif We're rooting for ya!

Heeeeeya GT! Yeah, turns out that I need to adjust to the schedule, too. They have me starting work at 5AM now! sad.gif That's just nuts! Still,.. did I mention that I have not just one, but TWO flowboards?!!? It's so I can buddy up biggrin.gif We should break 'em in!

Heeeya Culture! I hope you're having a relaxing time despite the political lameage. That's how we felt when Dubbya got re-elected! (you, too, I bet!)
(((Culture))) (((Canadiand who don't vote for assholes)))

TREEEEE!!!!!!!EEE!!!E!E!E!!! I'm sorry you're feeling the very definition of blah, but I still think you're great.

Well, so I've been kinda non-stop all day up until just now, and the shower and bed are calling me. Work went into overtime, I did some shopping for a wedding gift and for cooking for 80 Octoberfest celebratantes. Then I cooked for Goaty, who was feeling pretty off sad.gif and checked out the Subaru which was also feeling off (engine light on sad.gif ). I need a break, but I also really, really need to impress this company so they'll keep me!

Anyway, I gotta split. G'nightie!
Happy Friday, you freaked out, flat-head, hollow-eyed, bad hallucinations! Yeah. I love Insult Friday. I just wish I were better at it.

It is PAYDAY, hoorah! I am soooo stinkin' broke after buying my glasses that it's not even funny.

Yay for National Angie Day! God, I would kill for one of those truffles right now. wink.gif

Hiya lore! I am totally in production mode - being around soulman totally feeds my creativity, rather than distracting me - it's amazing. biggrin.gif I am still working on my latest song, Candice. Plus I'm learning all kinds of added guitar thingies, and I am looking forward to trying to write with the anarchist, too. We are going to get some rehearsals up before the benefit gig, and I want to start playing around with new ideas then.

I said "gig!" Hee hee! tongue.gif

I must work tonight and tomorrow at the store, and then I have my whole Sunday off (woot), and I start back at BC Lotteries on Monday morning.

Also, I have a cold. Bleargh. Finally I get a flu shot for the first time in my life, and the first thing I'm stricken with is a COLD.
Hey! Where'd everybody go? I've been to work and back!

Well. I'll just babble for a bit. Have I mentioned one of the extra perks of working in a clothing store is that the managers have lots and lots and lots of clothes to purge from their personal closets? And that, because they have too many clothes to wear (staff discount + well-paid husbands wink.gif) and know how to take care of things (b/c you have to look perfect when you're managing a clothing store!), their "cast-offs" are all in perfect condition?

Anyway! I've rejected about half of what just got passed onto me, but thanks to the bosses, I now own long black coat, two black skirts (one trumpet, one knee length), a tannish-beige blazer, a nice black and white striped dress shirt, a lovely silver evening top with spaghetti straps (might be a bit too big, though), a TURQUOISE denim jacket, a pale turquoise hoodie, a couple of pairs of capris, and the perfect casual white shirt that's too big but is perfect for 'round the house over a cami or tee. biggrin.gif I am also waffling on a denim skirt that is too long but may be worth having taken up. I actually rejected a bunch more things, including another skirt and jacket, but I'm gonna see if soulman's daughter wants them, as she is currently job-hunting.

The black coat is gorgeous - knee-length, classic styling, with a proper collar - but sadly, it's a bit too big, and I don't want to invest in tailoring right now. It is not a winter weight coat, and I won't be able to wear it much more than a couple more months before the weather is too mean.....the way this medication keeps shrinking me, I will not be able to wear it (or ANY clothing from the store) by spring. Anyway, I did really NEED a coat, so I bought a belt for it (black leather belt was on my list!), and it will carry me along for a bit.


PLUS, the long black coat is the PERFECT thing I needed for my Hallowe'en costume.....did I mention soulman is hosting a party/show/jam? The theme is "come as a dead musician," so I was going to go as Hildegard von Bingham (11th century abbess/composer), but I couldn't get the robes together (plus it IS a little obscure), so I'm going as Johnny Cash! One of soulman's friends said she'd come as June Carter if I did it. And everyone keeps suggesting Johnny Cash to me, I might as well run with it! All I need to do is find some kind of wig. I'm thinking maybe I could find an Elvis wig really cheap and just re-style it....

My posts are starting to feel like a kid's letters....I am wayyyy too excited and voluble these days. wink.gif

ETA (P.S.?): I can't believe it, but I have to wear a PINK LEI at work tomorrow, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is part of the fundraiser; we are having a special bra-fitting day event (with pink balloons!), to get women to buy the bras that donate the $5 to research. We have to wear pink. And the staff will be wearing pink leis. For fuck's sake. We already have been wearing gigantic pink hangtags, with pink ribbons, off our nameplates all month long. I feel like a barbie doll in all that pink, pimping my femme out for the cure. rolleyes.gif

did I mention that I have not just one, but TWO flowboards?!!? It's so I can buddy up We should break 'em in!

*prepares for scraped hands, knees and broken limbs*


yes, prease!
Kewl! smile.gif I honestly think that longboards might be more fun, but I don't own one at the moment. Also, the novelty of the flowboard is pretty funky. It works your legs and ankles with all that carving. We'll probably have to meet up after I'm back from Hawaii in a couple of weeks for my cousin's wedding.

Doodle, I was kinda concerned about the lack of activity yesterday, too. How many kids/how old for Soulman? Oh, and I dare ya to draw areolas on some of the pink balloons or maybe attach baby bottle nipples to 'em wink.gif
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CULTURE!!! I hope you had a great celebration!

WOW, That is a lot of pink, doodle!! I mean, I have to work on the Breast Cancer walks for the Society all day, everyday right now, and I honestly can't take any more pink right now. tongue.gif The big Chicago walk is tomorrow, should have about 16K walkers, but sadly, I have to skip - my BFF is getting married this afternoon!! And we'll be staying out by the wedding tonight. I'm so very excited for her and her new hubby - they are truly meant for each other, and a bunch of my old work cronies will be at the wedding too, so it should be fun.

In other news, I think I have come to the conclusion that I really cannot drink wine at all. Used to be red wine was off limits, and white was okay, but now - not so much. I'm in the midst of a full-on allergy attack that started about an hour after I had a glass of rose last night. Phooey. I'm doing everything I can to clear this up before wedding time, but right now, I'm not looking my best. Puffy, snotty, and with a fever that comes and goes. Yuck. Time to rest a bit before the big event.

Good Afternoon!!!

Awww, thanks for the birfday wishes turbo and GT.

GT, how's your weekend going?

Anna, I hope you have super fantabulous time in Montreal!!!

Heya Kari!

Doodle, congratulations on the gig!! Woohoo!!! that's fantastic about the clothes, and that's a lot of pinl

Diva, your truffles are trufflicious. They are so darned good! It's good to see you in here! How's Poodle doing?

Hey lore! How's goaty feeling? Any word on the job?

~*~*~*~*soothing vibes for Turbo~*~*~*~*~*~*

So, I'm not too sure what's going on yet. I've been MIA for a few days, enjoying my vacation.

I applied for another job, to be a probation officer infact. Can I get some amazing bustie vibes???

Now I am resting.

Later, I heart you all!
So. Exhuasted. Happy Birthday, culture! I'll be back later when I'm coherent. tongue.gif
Just stoppin' by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CH!!!! Hope it's a good'un!
Thanks RV and EJ!



I do wub ya. smile.gif

I've tried to post that six times since I got home from work, but the 'puter is on a mission to be pissy tonight.

Yes, Happy Birthday, and bring me that paddle and tell me how many spankies it is. I hear cops like it rough. wink.gif

~*~*~*~*~jobbity-job vibes for CH~*~*~*~*~

lore, do you mean how many kids in Rwanda the benefit is for, or how many kids does soulman have? Kids in Rwanda: no idea. Kids soulman has: two - boy, 16, and girl, 22. Both live with him by choice, though legal custody is with the ex. His son is a pretty independent skateboard kid, his daughter is a nice, cool girl who plays and sings wonderfully but is generally shy, and is about to be gently evicted by soulman.

turbo, the pink, the PINK!!!! We staff looked like a bunch of Barbies, I mean it. I put up a fuss about the pink lei, though, and didn't have to wear it past noon. Honestly. They did the WHOLE entrance to the "bra clinic" area of the fitting rooms in pink balloons, like a party arch, FULL of pink balloons. And then they didn't have enough balloons left to tag the walls with clumps of three balloons, so they hung up groups of TWO balloons - PINK balloons, with little darker pink areolae on the ends, of course - along the walls. No seriously. They so looked like breasts, just hanging there from the walls in between the fitting room doors.

Hi also to EJ, RV, and GT! (Tee hee!) And tree! So nice to see you, my dear! Your drum got some play at my house on Thanksgiving Monday, I forgot to tell you! biggrin.gif

My complaint of the day is the customer who asked if we had a steamer, and then wanted me to STEAM the wrinkles off two shell tops that had been jammed into the sale rack for $8 a piece....and THEN sent, not one, but TWO other sales associates in succession to find out what was taking me so long. One arrived at the steamer site just as the other one was about to go back and explain what I said. Which was.....HELLO. It's STEAM. It comes from a wand that I wave over the garment. You could have ironed these little shell tops at home in 30 seconds a piece, BUT, it's STEAM. mad.gif /vent

Anyway, sorry to disappear quickly, but I am off to soulman's shortly for jammin' and talkin' and general foolin' around! wink.gif Oh, a bit of bad news, due to lease issues, soulman is going to have to call off the Wednesday night jams at his place. Boo! But he is already thinking about where to find a new home for it, and says the stage will be great for rehearsals. biggrin.gif

Seriously. If life begins at forty, bring forty motherfuckin' on.
Gaaah! I meant to say this earlier, really: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CH! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
You'se a superheroine! a stuntaliscious dominatronator! ((((((Culture))))))

Job is going well now. I'm with a company that I've been hoping to work for for a long time. It's kinda lame to be getting up at 3:30 AM to get to work, but that's only for a little while with these guys. They're likely to put me onto another project that has more reasonable hours soon. At least I HOPE they keep me. I'm trying to make a good impression, but I get some serious anxiety, and that makes me do and say stupid things.

Well, I just got back from Octoberfest. I apparently made some good Bohemian Pork Roast for 70, heated Bratwurst for 70, and used all the drippings to make saurkraut for 70,000. Yikes! I was concerned that I wasn't making enough saurkraut, but bou was I wrong! People loved it all, though, and we were given a fat bottle of wine and some kudos for my trouble smile.gif

Doodle, wasn't it 'lice' that starts at 40? wink.gif

Heyooo to all others, but I've got to give up the comp for now.

i have the same problem, lore. lots of anxiety. the things i did last week i didn't think i was capable of. i feel like i'm so in over my head since i'm still new. the first day someone asked me about the place, and i said "some of the stuff you guys do is pretty amazing!" and the guy, without missing a beat, said, "just some of it, huh?" i tried to correct what i said but only dug the hole deeper. luckily they had a good sense of humor about it.
Thank you for the birfday wishes Tree, Doodle, and Lore!

Tree, how are you feeling hun?

Doodle, how was your evening? Sucks that wednesday night jam night is off. How come?

Lore, I'm glad things with the job are going well, but yikes, 3:30! eeeep.

Hey GT! Hows you doing?

Well, my evening was lovely, we went out for dinner, with good conversation, followed by a fair bit of HBI, and pilllow talk and such in between. It was a good birfday. What he wrote in the card made me cry, but in a good way. Hee. Now I must go on the prowl for a song I can't seem find to download. I have it on hard copy, I just have to find it now. BAH.
Good morning, happy Sunday!! Ahhhhh....a whole day off. biggrin.gif Last night was lovely - kids were away at friend's/boyfriend's, so we had the whole place to ourselves. We did more talking than playing music, and then we watched a DVD (Devil's Advocate) in bed, and doodlebug got some sweet, sweet HBI before sleep.

Okay, I'm-a need coffee.....

anyone out there?
hello back at ya CH.
just wanna say hi.
Good evening! Hiya CH! And jami! I would have checked in sooner, but I just got home from soulman's a short time ago.

It was such a lovely Sunday. No kids around! Soulman's son was still out of town at the skateboard event; his daughter popped in briefly to gather up clothes on her way to Vancouver for a couple of days, and a couple of soulman's friends stopped by, but mostly we had the place/day to ourselves. Ahhh. We talked and talked about lots of things, and got up to lots of fun touch-feelie things. wink.gif Soulman made me breakfast and we played a bit of music, then he took me out for coffee and a lovely brownie. We checked some DVDs out of the library, then headed back to his place, where we crawled back into his bed to watch our spoils, and I just crawled back out of it less than an hour ago.

The jams at soulman's are definitely off, as the landlord told him he was in breach of his lease. *sigh* Anyway, he is going to look into having it at that pub where he had it once....we went in briefly to scope things out today. He is feeling quite positive about it - he certainly doesn't dwell on the negative! He's looking forward to reclaiming his space for rehearsals and building his recording studio, and also to getting the jam out into a community space. I, however, am totally bummed, as I have no jam this week, unless the location change pans out that quickly......

....might be just as well, though, as I am all stuffed up with a dang cold....
Goood Morning!!

Happy Belated Birthday CH! I think I forgot to wish you a happy birthday on Friday. It sounds like you had a nice one.

Doodle, love your Halloween costume! Sounds like you and the soulman had a very nice weekend indeed!

Hey JAMI! How's it going, lady?

((jenn)) I hope you're feeling better today.

Hey Tree!

Hey Lore! Yikes! You gotta get up at 3:30? You have my sympathy, brother. At least that's not permanent though, I suppose. Are you saying you made enough kraut for 70,000 people?? Or am I reading that wrong.

Hey Anna!

Hey DIVA! Sounds like you are making lots and lots of jewelry these days. Nice! Your signature necklace sounds really beautiful. Do you have some shows lined up for selling? Mr K is doing well in school this term. Better than last term, I think he's found his groove. I think he's got a shot at getting all A's this term, we'll see how it shakes out.

Hey GT!! It's so hard to be new at a job, you always feel behind. I have 100% confidence in you & your abilities!

Let's see...who have I forgotten? Surely someone...

hey, where the heck has the poodles been lately? We haven't seen her in forever. Diva, tell that lady to stop in and say hello!

My weekend was really nice. Friday evening I went to my mom's, hung with sister & niece. I also stopped at this discounty shoe place near her house & got a pair of boots & a pair of flats at a nice bargain. Saturday I attended a workshop. I'm going to start volunteering with the adult literacy council here in town, tutoring someone. The training was good, I think I'm going to really enjoy the work. Yesterday I went on a jog with a friend, cleaned the house some, read, grocery shopped, that sort of thing. Got in bed fairly early too. The weather right now here is perfect. Cool, crisp, and sunny. Ahhhhh.....
Happy Monday...

Hey Jami! How are you?? Give us an update!

Doodle, that sounds like a really lovely weekend.

Kari, it also sounds like you had a good weekend, and the volunteering sounds really rewarding.

I'm at the crud office. I have nothing to add to that.
Doodle, sucks about the jam space but at least it sounds like you've got an alternative space all ready to go. smile.gif

Kari, that sounds like a good way to spend Sunday. I love those type of weekend days.

CH, hope the office isn't wearing you down too much.

I've been MIA in here recently because I was going insane the last two weeks. I had to throw an Open House for the Children's Counselling Program that I run and it was on Friday. I spent last week freaking out about it and we only thought 15-20 people would show but we crammed 50 folks into our tiny little 3 bedroom apartment where I run the program. One of the provinical Manitoba Ministers was our MC and I gave a speech and had to walk around networking and meeting people for 3 hours. It all went way better than I expected and I'm so happy it's over and I really feel like I impressed a couple of my co-workers. Now that it's out of the way I can get back to my real work.

I've also been spending a lot of time with new boy who is totally not so new anymore, but who I'm totally falling for like crazy. A couple of weeks ago I was standing in the shower thinking about how much I like him and how scared I was that it was just infatuation but saying to myself, "no, this feels different". And then I thought, if this is what fake falling for someone feels like, the real thing must be unbearable. I really have never felt this way about anyone before so I'm grinning obnoxiously like an idiot everyday. We're really starting to feel more permanent already but we've barely been together for 5 weeks.
Hey EJ! That's super exciting about your new man. That's one of the best feelings in the world, isn't it? It's the perfect season to experience it too! Fall....ah......

I'm glad you got over the big hump at work. Good job! Sounds like the event was a smash hit.

Hey CH!
anna k
Aww, Erinjane, that's fantastic to feel in love and so close to somebody. ((((((hearts)))))

I hope you feel better soon, Doodle.

Sounds like a good time you had, CH.

I got home at 6 pm, after an 8-hour bus-to-train ride from Montreal. It was a great getaway, to be in a different place, seperate from my regular life, hearing French everywhere, and keeping myself busy. I took plenty of pictures, including ones of myself, I hope I look good in them. Tomorrow will be my internship, then the rest of the week is work. I hope to see my brother, as my birthday is on Wednesday, and also to get together with a cute and smart guy I've been talking to, who wanted to hang out and possibly fool around just for kicks (he likes me, but he just broke up with his ex and wanted to have some friends-with-benefits action, and I'm cool with that).
yeayeayea for ErinJane. love hearing about the way you're feeling.
((CH)) hang in there girl. we're here for ya.

I bought a house for my dad to live in, three blocks from me, and it's smaller than the one he was in. I'm getting together with a contractor tonight to get the house fixed up and ready for dad. shower instead of a tub, new kitchen sink and faucet to get it out of the oldandbattered look.
myguy and I are still together. remember the posts on the dating and texting during the date? he sent me a text the yesterday. (we were one room apart) "Will you marry me?" that was official proposal #11. he first asked me back in March. he's a sweetie. he's created fountains for me, a terrarium for our nile monitor, 50gal fish tanks with our eel and sharks. there is life all over the place. I'm liking this. he makes me smile and laugh.
~jami out~

Hey Kari!

EJ, the boy sounds really wonderful, I'm very hapy for you. That's a load of people, damn.

Anna, how was your trip in general? It sounds like you had a good time.

Jami!!!! It's great to see you in here!! Your house sounds really beautiful. all the aquariums and such all over. How are your boys? That's really wonderful that you bought a house for your dad, too.

Ummm, not much else is going on here. Worked out, made it through the day. Now I'm relaxing. The cop is a-calling but I don't want to talk to him. See me being hung up bonkers about someone.

Hope everyone is well.
Good evening everyone!

anna, my jammin' sister hippiegirl has been in Montreal the past week and a half...I wonder if you crossed paths and never knew it! Hee!

kari, your weekend sounds like a lot of loveliness, too!

And EJ! I know whereof you speak! I can hardly stop smiling.

CH, how are things at work? Are you still floating around offices?

jami, that's awesome you bought a house for your dad!

Well, the first day at Lotteries was okay - nothing spectacular. It will prolly get dull quickly. Basically, people subscribe to the lotteries, and I'm doing shit with logging their subscriptions, which has to be done VERY meticulously. *yawn* But I have a corner window all to myself, and a fantastically OUT young co-worker who just started working there the same day I did. (He wore a beautiful fitted purple shirt to his first day of work, and carried a man purse. How could I not love him?)

(Speaking of clothes, another temp started at Lotteries today, like me. She wore, I swear, a black sweatshirt and black rugby pants. To the first day of an office job. In the front office. I was embarrassed on behalf of the temp agency.)

Anyway! I am just taking a break from running around cleaning the apartment. Soulman is on his way over, eep! I have literally three weeks worth of dirty dishes yet to finish.....

Doodle, I am still floating around, but we shall see...

Hmm, not much since last night. I'm back at work...Le Sigh. Maybe shopping therapy will help. smile.gif
It's so dead in here lately. Hello everyone.

anna, sounds like you had a nice trip. I personally love taking vacations by myself. When I stayed in Toronto and Vancouver I just made a list of all the places I wanted to visit and had really nice long leisurely days with no one else to worry about. Hope things turn out well with the potential FWB.

Culture, sucks that you're hung up on someone. I hate that feeling and there's not much you can do to alleviate it except to remember to be good to yourself. Pick up something cute during shopping therapy. tongue.gif

doodle, it's awesome. It's been years since I met someone who really got me excited, and no one before has made me feel the way he does. I just can't help being happy. smile.gif
Quickly driving by - found a moment here at the Lotteries to say hello! Hiya CH and EJ!

Yeah, still falling for soulman. God damn. smile.gif He wrote a song about me, and his growing feelings for me...written before anything really happened between us. He's played it before, but I didn't know it was about me - or even one of his own songs - till last night.

I have been working on a new song of me own.....
Awwwww, there's some good stuff goin' on in here!

Hooray for EJ and the new man, and Doodle and Soulman!! And Anna's fantabulous getaway adventure! And Jami's new digs for dad and her own hot man!!

Not too much exciting going on here....still feel like I'm recovering from the allergy attack - just feeling all foggy and pluurby. I went to bed at 7:30 last night, slept all the way to 5:30, and felt much better this morning. I even hopped on the elliptical for a half hour tonight in between laundry loads. And clean laundry is a total bonus.

Work is insane this week - big conference for the board and volunteer leaders Fri-Sat so there's way too much stuff going on there. Boo. And, I think bike season is over. Double boo.

Where is everyone?
I've been away for a couple weeks, and I just tried to catch up, so I'll just jump right in!

Doodle and ej - you both sound so happy with your men, congratulations! ej- I remember that feeling when I started dating my boyfriend, like 'is this for real?' .. three years later...

turbo - hope the allergies clear up soon!

ch - shopping therapy always helps me, lol.

jami - that is really awesome that you bought a house for your dad. One day I would like to buy a house for my granny if I could.

So I have been away job-hunting etc... and I have gotten two retail jobs. They're at the same mall, one selling childrens clothes and the other selling books... I like the books a lot better. I just have to work out the scheduling of the two. I have a feeling that the children's clothes place is going to be unreasonable about the scheduling because they're very strict about following rules and regulations. But if they're only giving me two shifts a week, they can't really expect me to not look elsewhere. I went to talk to them last night, but the manager wasn't in, so I have to call her on Thursday.

My best friend is coming to visit from Thursday - Sunday, and I am very excited. I think we'll go out one night, but just for the sake of going out. There's an Irish pub I think we'll check out. For the most part though, we're just happy to sit on the couch and watch tv and movies together.

The boyfriend is doing well with medical school, actually getting involved in groups like trivia etc, which he didn't during undergrad because he was too stressed (about getting into med school) so i'm really happy for him.

Hope all you busties are having a great day!
Good Morning!

Hey lananans! That's great that your best friend is coming to town! I'm sure you guys will have a wonderful time. It's also good to hear you found 2 jobs. Nice! I hope the children's store works with you on the scheduling.

Hey Doodle! smile.gif ~~~~~~lovey dovey vibes~~~~~~~~~ Glad to hear you & soulman are on the same page. The page o' love!

Hey Jenn!

Hey CH!

Hey ErinJane!

Not much up here today. I was late to work by 15 mins. oops. I've got to start getting up earlier. There is just not enough time to get up, dressed, pack lunch, and walk the dogs. Hmpf. In other news, it's my 3rd wedding anniversary today. Woo! I can't believe it's already been 3 years. Mr K and I are going out for a romantic dinner this evening. It's a new Italian place here, really looking forward to it.

Morning, now that I can post better.

EJ, I don't mind this, there is a story behind it, but it's one of those things that had to happen.

Doodle, that is really sweet about the song soulman wrote you! I'm so very happy for you two.

Turbo, that's a long sleep. You absolutely needed the rest, after the allergies, not fun.

Lananans, yay you're back! congrats on securing employment. I once worked in a bookstore, and enjoyed it (until the end, but that's because I was in a miserable relationship and hated everything).

Happy anniversary Kari! Enjoy your evening!

Work,. nooooooooooooooo! I need to win the lottery.
Greetings, spacelings!

Another quick one - everyone here can see my screen, so I have to be subversive.....I've read,'s difficult to respond!

So soulman is going to go ahead and have an acoustic jam tonight....yay!

Last night I fell asleep at 6:30 in the evening, didn't wake till almost midnight. Managed to get back to sleep 'round 5 in the morning....

Today I am wearing my fabu "new" blazer (ecru, I think you'd call the colour) that my boss at the store passed on. It fits so perfectly and is such great quality! I feel like management. wink.gif

Almost lunch time!

Ooh, I just farted at my desk. Very management-esque. tongue.gif
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