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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Argh. That blows. Troll ought to have been an abortion. Feh on that thing.
Word, minxy! I want that piccie of pie! smile.gif

Doodle, mr. jamhost sounds like an excellent choice for a partner - both musical and otherwise! And I am *so* glad that you were there to properly christen the new stage! heh.

Well, I've been struggling with what to wear to the upcoming nuptials the next two weekends, being that I've lost a good chunk of weight...I ordered this gorgeous dress, and was so excited about it 'cause its purty and purple, and it fits me perfectly...but, because its a swishy, billowing dress on the bottom, it really makes me look MUCH bigger than I now am, which I do not want. So I am returning it. But then, on a whim, I tried on the one dress I own, which I've worn to many weddings (including moxie's)...and it fits perfectly! To be honest, it fits better than it ever has. WoooooT! And, its a size 10. blink.gif Wow. And, I just saved myself $100 on that dress. nice.

Anna, that is *awesome* that you got to see Margaret Cho...she is badass, and cracks me up everytime. Good luck with the internship!

(((((feel better vibes for the whole moxie clan)))))

I'm gonna go take a bath...the migraine halo is descending, as a weather front is moving in, and its too late to take an Excedrin Migraine, because it will keep me up all night. I'm hoping to work it out a bit with a bath.
whooooo! congrats on the old dress? lol. that is fantastic, turbo, and i like the pattern on the dress you returned too. but booo for the migrane. das ist der poopenstein!

anna, it's when you say things like that, that i'm jealous that you live in nyc. mz cho must have been a bawl! fingers crossed for the internship. that'd be just what you need. oh, and link me when your new review is up!
i'm curious if there are any film reviewers you love?

i hope the moxies are feeling betta.

doodle:oooooooooooooo! hee hee! i am so good to hear everything is going so well...

and lore, i want to order your bumper sticker defacer things that's a riot.

hi to everybustie else!

i totally forgot that you can't post photos. i had a pic of balto and one of his owners (one of three) lined up. booooo!

well, here is a link. the guy sitting behind balto is 6' tall when standing. believe it or not, he is right behind him. balto is sitting on his foot.

he's saccharine sweet, but it's hard not to look at him and say, wow. he's huge. my retort when anyone would say that was, "what was your first clue?" until i found myself saying it. a lot.

oh-- and i heard back from the place that does museum display fabrication-- they want to try me out. yay! i so want to figure out some of the stuff the artists do. they are amazing.

ut! i'm gonna try calling you culture. bye!

Hi all,

Well, moxette has a full blown head infection...ears/sinus/eyes. Awesome. So, moxieman is home with her today. I'm going to try a day at work, and see how it goes. I've just got a cold...but, I've also got to remember that I can't push like normal though, we'll see.

Jenn...YIPPEEE on awesome dresses! After no.2 comes, I'm absoluly following your lead and doing the Wii and WW...I think lifestyle upgrade is WAY better than DIET. The fact that my local BFF will be also on leave the same time as me is great...we will hopefully be able to motivate each other.

Ok, i should head out and go earn some dough.
Gooooooood Morning!

Yes, I agree about the photo crappoey.

Turbo, congratulations on the well fitting dress!!! The other dress is absolutely gorgeous, but if the other one fits you and looks good, then why the hell not! How are you feeling today?

GT, congratulations on the fabrication shop trying you out! I'm sure things will go great. I did get your message, I was KO'd. I fell asleep at 5 last night! I got home, took puppy out, then came home and went to bed. I'll give you the update when we chat soon.

Anna, enjoy your vacation!

Kari, that sounds like a good weekend.

Hurray on music and portions Doodle!

~*~*~*~*feel better vibes for Mox and family~*~*~*~*~

hey Lore, how are things going?

Hey Lananans!

Hi to anyone I missed!

well, I slept last night. that is it. I was way too bagged.

4 more days! Woohoo!

Yaaaay GT! biggrin.gif You'se got the welding side AND the rockin' side! They SHOULD take you!

*Moxie-Fam healing vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Glad you're liking what you've got, Turbo smile.gif Bummer about the migrane, though sad.gif Eeeeeeeeeeeee! (not sure if intense vibrations cure migranes huh.gif )

Heeeya Minx, Anna, Kari, & Culture smile.gif

Now I'm off to apprenticeship training.
Hey Jenn, congrats on your weight loss. I think it's marvelous that your hard work has paid off in bolts of beautiful cloth. smile.gif

I am on the opposite end.

I went off of my antidepressants (very successfully, I might add!) AND my birth control pills and gained 12 pounds in six months. VERY frustrating because that's the only variable that changed. Fecking hormones and mind chems. Ah well...I'm on board with the not changing up how I eat, because I eat very healthfully.

BABIES!! So exciting to picture another Moxlette in the omniverse. Sorry the bambina is sickers.

GT, that Mastiff is just de-rishus!! Gorgeous!

Kari--sushi with yer man! Loverly! How did those Bloody Butchers turn out? My tomato crop was poor, to say the very least. May was just too damned cold around here.

Margaret Cho--her last show in the Twin Cities was splendid, and I'll see her everytime she comes. Artman and I were watching clips from her last show on Youtube this weekend whilst he was preparing boxes to be recycled into reclaimed blank books.

Things are going really well with Artman. We've made it five months now, and I really just enjoy his company. The only drama going on with him is the ensuing divorce, which the ex is impeding and it's bleeding him dry financially, though emotionally he's holding up superbly. Wonderful coping skills, including bedding me down when we both need a stress-reliever. wink.gif

I met his girlies briefly the other day. We're still actively keeping them all separate, which is fine by me. There will be time to act as a blended family unit should that day come about. For now, it's me and ma ma-yun.

Minxlette took a header on the pavement when she was with her donor this weekend. She has the most bad-ass scabs, ladies. I've been complimenting them every chance I get--told her that they make her look super-tough. She, of course, was worried that she would be made fun of at school, but luckily that did not occur. The kicker? School pictures are tomorrow and she will have a permanent reminder of that header. I can't wait!!
Just popping in.. haven't been around the last few days because I've been too nervous about my job interview at the paper to focus on anything. Turns out they had to lay people off today and have absolutely nothing for me in terms of jobs, even though they would like to hire me. I am pretty miserable. I'm going to drink some wine now.

I hope all you lovelies are doing well.
fly by!

called the fab shop, it looks like it will only be about a dollar pay cut, but such a better place to work. i'm excited because it means i will be closer to being a welder/fabricator instead of a production welder. which means i will get better pay and more opportunities. (so you know, a pw, is like working at a factory-- you weld 200 hoops etc, a w/f means that you read blue prints, order materials and have more knowledge.) i will work there full time for about 3 weeks, and we will see how things go. fingers are crossed!

on the downside my friend tiff just quit her job near the fab shop and she's working downtown. which sux. i was looking forward to after work drinx. my friend who lives there doesn't get home till about 4 or 5 hours after i get off work. tongue.gif booooo!

tiff and i are going for drinks for the debates tonite. here's hoping they are celebratory drinks!

ttyl, keyboard sluts!
OMG, GT - GORGEOUS!! What a giant love mutt! Enjoy your new guy...Mastiffs are just so sweet.

And, CONGRATS ON THE JOB!! I'm so excited for you to be in a BETTER work environment, and I hope they love you as much as we do - $1/hr pay cut is a fair price to pay for a GOOD environment.

Thanks for all the love y'all. Didn't get much sleep last night, which sucked, since I had to lead the all staff meeting this morning. Ugh. I made it through, though, and come daylight I can at least take Excedrin Migraine and deal with the heart-pounding-twitching side effects, so I was just a little foggy for the meeting, which might have been a good thing. Feeling just fine now - and ravenously hungry, as normally follows migraines. So, its chicken quesadillas and beans for dinner tonight - simple and quick.

(((((healing vibes for moxieclan)))) Yuck - I'm so sorry you're all sick at once - take care of each other! Yeah, I'm pretty much loving the online WW so perfectly fits my wide technonerd streak, love of planning and cooking. And yeah - its simply a lifestyle upgrade. not diet.

Minxy, you are the coolest momma I know - I LOVE that you think its so badass that minxlette will be sportin' her scars for school pics! What a lucky girl you have - every girl should have such a proud, self-esteem boosting mom.

(((((lananans)))) I'm sorry about the job, my dear. ~*~*~*~*~find a fab job vibes~*~*~*~*~

Aw turbo, that's too bad about the dress - it's gorgeous! We had a top with kind of the same fabric at the store, but it wasn't near so cool looking! But awesome about fitting into your other dress!!

Okay, I am totally flying by - I only remembered turbo's dress pic from reading earlier. I did read, I swear! I am at mr jamhost's place right now, taking a break from entertaining the workers. Well, mr jamhost and his daughter. I think mr jamhost needs a new nickname. Ideas? Soulman perhaps. tongue.gif

I can't get my glasses till Friday, but I picked 'em out. They are narrow rectangles, as wide as my face, black metal, with kind of a lime greenish edging (really subtle). I wanted to get a thicker plastic pair - I was torn! They were black, with turquoise bits on the side, and sort of turned up ever so slightly. They made me look like Bono! wink.gif But I decided the thinner frames were more practical/versatile for my life outside rock stardom.

Anyway, then I picked up one of those BBQ chickens from the grocery, and a few other things (synchronicity - I went to the store to get something to bring, and they had a sale coupon for the perfect take out picnic!), and brought dinner over here. Mr jamhost/soulman/[insert nic here] says I cook like he does. smile.gif

I fucking adore him, alright? There, I said it. And he seems to adore me. So. The universe is somehow sliding further into place. There, I said that, too.
Good Morning!

Hey Lore! What kind of training are you doing?

Minx, that is wonderful to hear that you and artman are doing so well! awww, little minxlette, how's she doing?

Woohoo GT!!!! Congratulations! *throws confetti* and Balto has such a sweet face, dog is HUGE!

Hey Turbo, how are you feeling today? How's yer head?

Doodle, the glasses sound lovely! Can you post pics?

Lananans, I'm sorry that things didn't work out at the paper. ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~*

Hmmm, I worked out then went to sleep. Not very exciting is it? Hee hee, yesterday Emily saw a little chipmuk in the open and tearing after it she went. I do encourage her to chase them sometimes, but other times, I grab hold so she doesn't do it. I know it comes naturally, but little squirrely and chimpmunks are just trying to survive, they don't need to be chased down by the black bandit.

3 more days (including today) until vacation. Yes I know I'm counting down, but it needs to be done!
Good morning!

I had a post written, computer ate it. ugh.

(((Mox and fam))) ~~~~~healthy vibes!~~~~~~ I hope you guys get to feeling better soon.

GT! I'll definitely cross my fingers about the job! Balto is one BIG DOG!!! He looks very lovable, I want to pat that huge head.

CH, Yay! Only 3 more days of work!!

Jenn, sorry about the migraine! Is it any better today? The purple dress is really beautiful. Too bad it did not fit quite right. Poo. That's always disappointing. Similar to finding the perfect pair of shoes, only to discover they are really uncomfortable. That happened to me recently. I actually have a wedding to attend on the 25th, I should start thinking about what to wear. Hmmm.

Hey Minx! Sorry to hear about Minxlette's mishap! Poor girl. I am really glad to hear that you and Artman are doing so well! That's great! You know, none of my tomatoes really took this year. I got maybe one Bloody Butcher. The rest grew really big, but always split down the side before they were ripe. I wonder if the poor garden growth this year was left over from last year's drought here. I am thinking it was. Will try again next year.

((((((lananans)))))) Girl, I am so sorry to hear about the layoffs and job stress. Ugh. ~~~vibes~~~~ I hope things improve real soon.

Hey Lore! yeah, what is your apprenticeship focusing on?

Things here are good today. It's a very rainy day, which is good b/c we need it. It's been dry dry dry here. Though I will admit, it makes it hard to get up when the alarm goes off. Poor MR K got up at 4:30AM to study for a test he had this morning. I don't know how he does it.
Thanks for the vibes all! We're all back on our feet, mostly. the kid needs a full antibiotic course, and I'm still a bit beat, but more or less, ok. Bustie vibes work!

Minx...I love it when a totally explainable header causes scabs! Its the sign of a kid who knows how to play.

HI to all else! I'm reading and keeping up, I swear.
anna k
Sounds like you and moxette are feeling better. smile.gif

Awww, Balto looks like a sweetheart! I love those big dogs.

Minx, you're such a great mom. And I'm glad that things with you and Artman are going so well.

You too, Doodle. You're a stone-cold fox!

I worked out for three hours last night, taking three classes in a row. A toning/hip-hop dance class, where I got the routine down that night and had fun, then a more intensive class involving weights and strenous activity. The instructor complimented me and a couple of other women, telling us how strong we were, and that the class we were doing was the kind of training mixed martial artists do. That felt really good. The last one was a Pilates/yoga blend. I just liking working out, and got a physical high as well as a great release. Is it weird that I can feel at my sexiest and turned-on while working out?

Later that night I was feeling a little down about feeling lonely, and talked to a friend through IM, who works in theater and martial arts and stunt work. I asked him if performers ever have issues with depression, and he said "all of the time." He told me about the insecurities performers deal with, and they deal with it by creating great work to push through it. I compared it to some of my most favorite pieces that I've written, and looking back and being proud of it, like interviewing a photographer once or writing a profile on a forgotten 70's soul singer. I just needed reassurance that I'm not alone and to feel better.

Next Thursday I'll be on the train to Montreal! I'm so happy that I got some time off and can have a new adventure.
Good morning all! Happy Humpday!! I just did a quick read to catch up, but I have to get ready for work soon.....and I just need to gush for a moment. I apologize in advance.

Seriously, I am falling.

Last night mr jamhost/soulman drove me home; we were talking about how he fucked up his shoulder building the stage, so I said anytime he wanted a massage, let me know. He said, "How about right now?"

And of course, he's never seen my place, ever. And of course, it's the messiest it's ever been, with dirty dishes and piles of stuff and overflowing wastebaskets and smelly cat litter, because I've hardly been home for weeks. I kept groaning and moaning and saying stuff like, "Well, now you'll get to see me at my worst." Lord. He got inside, couldn't stop looking at all the art and books and shit. By the time we got to my bedroom, I was still apologizing for my place, and he just pulled me tight into his arms and murmured, "It's beautiful." *melt*

Anyway, he only just left about 15 minutes ago so he could go to work.

I seriously have never known anything like this....whatever this is....that's happening. I have never in my life known another human being so amazing as mr jamhost/soulman. He's just so totally alive and present, and spiritual and soulful, and gentle and tender, and and and and. We seem to be total kindred spirits. Every time I start to get that little anxiety inside that I am being too forward or too involved in his life or whatever, or somehow not quite up to par for an incredible man like him, he's just there somehow, pulling me into his arms, and all the anxiety flows right out of me, like, whoosh....

Okay, okay, I'm sorry for gushing so early on a Wednesday morning! But I need to gush. I can't help it. I can't believe I've known him for a year and ignored all the clues he was giving me that he was interested in more. He is somehow everything I've been looking for, and even more than I'd dared hope for, and for some reason, he just keeps adoring the hell out of me.

Last Thursday, after I came back from watching Bob Dylan at his place (before we'd done it), I lay in my bed shaking with excited fear - between mr jamhost/soulman and the prospect of putting together a band, I was terrified that everything I've wanted is coming together so effortlessly, like total synchronicity. Terrified that it would happen, and panicking that I wasn't ready for so much. Then Saturday night, mr jamhost/soulman and I were talking about spirituality and synchronicity and stuff - nothing about any of my worries or anything like that - and he says, "I think most people are afraid of their dreams coming true."

Okay, that's enough gush for today. I must go get ready! But I had to share......

ETA: ooh, I forgot to mention (in all my gushing excitement!) that I got offered another temp gig! I'll be back at the Lotteries, starting around the 20th.
anna k
Doodle, you are so beautiful and wonderful and I love reading your words. I am just so happy for you.

I got the internship! This Monday, I will be interning at a literary agency in NYC! I am so glad that this has worked out.
This is a quick drive by post because I'm sickly, but your post makes me so happy doodle! That's fantastic.

And that's really great, anna. You've been posted about a lot of jobs and different opportunites for a while so it's nice to see something has come through.

On Monday night I slept over at new boys house (he needs a new name, because I think he's sticking around...). He lives with his mom, sister, and grandpa still (he's younger than me and finishing his degree this year) and when we got to his place he told me he'd given his mom the heads up that I would be staying the night, and she cleaned his room. Haha, it was so cute and funny. I've only met her briefly twice but she seems really nice. Too funny. It was a fun night and so far I like where things are going. Still hoping I don't screw things up because I really really really like him.

Otherwise, I'm home sick today. I changed my insulin pump for my type 1 diabetes this morning and I guess the canula got bent so for 5 hours I was getting zero insulin after I had eaten a whole lot of carbs. After I went pee 3 times in one hour I realized I was high. I had to take a cab home and almost threw up. Ugh, this sucks because I had some important meetings today and having a high bloodsugar like this with dangerously high ketones puts me out of commission all day. Oh well.

I'll be back to catch up when I'm not so queezy.
doodle- remember, this isn't a new person- its a new connectivity with a known person- you KNOW he's a good man, so take it all in and savor. WONDERFUL!!
Wow! Some great congratulations around! smile.gif

Err, but I think Goaty and I need some Figure Life Out A Little BUSTie vibes, please! sad.gif Goaty's still bummed about her hours being cut, and some of the students she has now are being difficult. On top of that, the 'core' position she has been applying for may not pan out. Some of the teachers with more seniority are more likely to receive the position since they have more connections and longer track records. *sigh* and the application process is a whole lot of effort, too. Goaty's considering quitting teaching and maybe trying to find something else.

On top of THAT, and after Goaty had a really stressed and bummed drive home from school (where she overheard about one her competitors for th position receiving gushing support form some co-workers) she opened the mail to learn that I'd been laid off from my job while I was at training! The panzy-ass mutherfucker laid me off through the mail!! The letter says that it was because of diminishing work to be done that requires helpers for journeymen, but that sounds like total bullshit! This came right after my first paycheck when he learned that I'd made 5th Period, and thus went up in pay scale. There is plenty more work to do there. The way he worded it, though, it's not like I can fight it or anything. sad.gif

Well, it may not be all that bad timing, though. I have a wedding to go to, myuself, on the 25th. Kari, the one you're attending wouldn't happen to be in Honolulu, would it? smile.gif Well, anyway, now that both Goaty and I have diminished earnings, we've also got some big expenses and a crappy-ass economy to look forward to. Our investments are going waay down in value sad.gif We're really worrying about being able to stay where we are, not to mention ever feeling stable enough to start a family.

We'd both be happy with finding something else that we're REALLY called to do.
god, lore i am so sorry. i know what you are going thru. i started welding cos i thought it'd be more secure, well i've beaten all of my records for going thru jobs this year, in years past i wouldn't have meant no nevermind to me, but now it really sux, cos i really want a bit of stability. i have to give it to goaty too. teaching... i admire anyone who can do that job for even a week. she must be pretty amazing. (((((((wolfgoaty)))) with plenty of "i think this is my calling" job vibes for both of you!

yay for ej's new boy, but boo for non working machine.

doodle i soooo love when you gush. it's adorable. i'm glad that jamhost is so..... jammin'

hooray for moxie family recovery. that sounds so much better than sick. sick is poop. or poop is sick. either or...

hi kari!

i had fun with tiff watching the debate. afterwords a friend of hers came over an talked to us. he was in the first wave of guys who invaded iraq, and another table was trying to talk him into voting for obama. i would have liked to, but i was more interested in his take on iraq, after all he said he's heading back in march too. what struck me was the sense of obligation he had towards the iraqis. he was torn about leaving because in large measure, he felt responsible for what we did. it was sad and sweet. i don't mind people who are torn about the election if they come by it honestly, not by just not paying attention or something dumb like that.

i was dying to go for a skate today. i even went to the skateboard shop to buy a new board-- i was thinking either the chinook, or thethe urban assault. but when i got to the shop they didn't have either. i figured i'd run my errands and have a great skate back-- from my final destination to home is about a mile down hill, and most of it has great pavement to carve on. so i can take up both lanes drifting back and forth. of course when i'm ready to head home it's been raining so all i can do is skate slooooooowly and not carve at all. ist der poopenstein! ya! oh well. tomorrow i get my hair did so if i'm not too out of it after the 8+ hours it will take, then maybe i'll skate it tomorrow....

balto has been trying to climb in bed with daddy's housemate-- the guy in the picture. hee hee.

((lore & goaty)) I've been through the "oh crap, now what?!?!" situation a couple of times and it sucks. But you get through it, though usually not ending where you thought you would.

hi okayers! I'd post more, but I gotta leave for work. I have a 1/2 day today because my boss/cousin is going to Yom Kippur services. Hooray for me!
Good Morning!

Hey Kari! How's your work situation going. I remember you saying something about the number of hours you need has increased.

Hey Mox! Very wise words.

Hey anna, how was your class? Congratulations on the internship!

Doodle, I am so very happy for you.

Lore and Goaty, I'm sorry that things aren't the best right now ~*~*~*~*~improvement and financial vibes~*~*~*~*

Erin, how are you feeling today?

Hey GT!

Polly, enjoy your half day!

I have a rather unpleasant headache today. And I have to go back to the crappy office the week after my vacation. Poop.

((((((LORE & Goaty))))) I am so sorry things are all seeming to go downhill for you right now. sad.gif How utterly lame of your boss to lay you off with a letter. That really really stinks. And I'm really sorry the position Goaty wants is not looking so good. I don't know what to tell you, other than I believe everything goes in cycles. The only place now to go is up. ~~~~~~VIBES~~~~~~~~~~ We are here for you!

Doodle!!! WoW!! Sounds like things are most definitely getting interesting with mr jamhost!!!!!

ErinJane, you too! You gots a new man! Yeah, he needs a name. I hope you get to feeling better from the insulin deficiency. ~~feel good vibes!~~

Hey GT! I vote for the Urban Assault! Is the shop gonna get more?

Mox, glad to hear you & your fam are on the mend.

((CH)) sorry about the headache! Oof. My work is going pretty well. The hours change.....yeah, the state licensure requirements for therapists went way up. After much deliberation, I decided to bag that field at least for the immediate future. I currently work in legislative research and plan to ride out the cruddy economic times here. The employment is stable, the pay ain't bad. If the job market ever picks up, I will take that opportunity to look for a new positon, since I've been here for about 5 years now. I like it, but I'm kinda at the height of my acheivement here, if you know what I mean. Nowhere to move up to. I might try to use the experience gained through my counseling degree + my research stuff to parlay into something more employee or client relations geared. That was probably a longer answer than you were looking for.

Things here are good today. I only have to stay til 12, b/c I have a dental appt at 1. It's only a cleaning & I'll be done by 1:30 probably, but I'm not coming back to the office. I work downtown & it's too much trouble to leave & come back. So, I'll be chilling at home after that. I might hit up the gym later, but that's all I have going on.
So.....yeah, I just got home at 11:30, and I have to run out and catch a bus to work in 5 minutes! So this is a fly-by....I did a skim to catch up on everyone!

Jamming was awesome, on the stage, and I wound up spending the night, of course. This morning we sat around trying to learn some new Mary Chapin Carpenter songs (we both LOVE her - it's so strange, I never met a man who loves and knows her songs like I do). My new bass player and his wife have invited me and mr jamhost/soulman over on the weekend for Thanksgiving festivities. Mr jamhost/soulman can't go to the Saturday night get-together, but I am, and bringing my guitar, and he wants to go to the Sunday dinner, but I can't remember if they said it was in the afternoon or evening....I work during the afternoon. So anyway, I have to find out.

We are also planning for the four of us - drummer, bass player, mr jamhost/soulman, and me - to jam at the jamspace really soon, as soon as we can work out a mutual time. Oh god, it's all happening! I can hardly believe it!

On that note, I have to go catch a damn bus! Will try to pop in later, won't be home till around you all!
Doodle, I am SO happy for you and Soulman...and that all that you have worked for and created in your life is coming together! And keep the deets coming...we're all lapping up every word! smile.gif

I am SO ready for the weekend...even though the whole weekend will be taken over by bridezilla's wedding, plus houseguests staying with us for the wedding. It'll be good, and a lot of fun, but not the chill weekend I'm really wanting. I finished all the program/menu/placecards design crap for my BFF who is getting married next weekend, so I'm glad that's done. Its just feeling like a wedding marathon around here.

(((((((lore & goaty))))) I'm so sorry to hear that your lives are being shaken to the foundations...its no fun for it to be happening at the same time. Boooo. And your ex-boss is a jackass for the way he dismissed you and the reason. Take care of each other, and I know you have all the skills and love you need to find what's next in your lives.

Kari - thanks for the career update - I was wondering about that too. Glad you've got a plan forward, and the combination of your current job skillz and counseling chops that you will be a powerful force! smile.gif
Okay, I wasn't gonna do this yet, but.....'s a quick peek.

ETA: I forgot to mention, I started a new song on Tuesday night. Right at mr jamhost/soulman's place! It was totally inspired. Still working on it....
anna k
Oooh nice.
Happy Friday ass lickers!

Kari, makes sense to me. It's still rediculous about the hours.

Doodle, he's a very nice looking man.

Turbo, I hope the weekend goes well, the soon sooooooooooooooooon it will be over.

Hey Anna!

Ummm, last night PR boy came over for a while, and this moring worked out a bit.

Now, Good Things Friday!

1. It's Friday.
2. as of 3:30 today, I'm on vacation!!
3. It's Payday
4. I'm finally over this horrible horrible cold.
5. Vacaation next week!


So, what's everyone doing this weekend?
Doodle- he is a HANDSOME gentleman! I DO love a goatee on just about anybody. smile.gif Now, we need a pic of you two together. hehe.

Turbo- you will be fine this weekend...have an extra glass of the juice for me...and think, we can hang out in like 2 weeks! Are you sure you're still up for a visit?

I am FRUSTRATed. My bank's website is acting funky, and i need to pay some bills. Feh.

Culture, and all our Canadian sisters- ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!

This weekend, since the weather is supposed to be darn near perfect- I'm leaning towards the zoo and loads of playground time. No daytime movies, for sure. Moxette doesn't think she is sick anymore "momma, I feel OK, I not sick", but is thoroughly enjoying her medicines- mostly b/c we're indulging (bribing?) her with sugary treats if she takes them easily. Never say disney movies don't teach you anything...I thank Mary Poppins for this one!

I really, really, really don't want to be at work.
Mmm turkey and mashed potatoes. YUMMY!
Hellooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick post - got 4 minutes before the bus to work! Not sure if my glasses are going to be ready - they are not sure if their shipment will come in before I go to work, but I'm going to pop in and check. Oh, I hope so!

Yeah, I do find soulman (I'm just gonna go with that nic now) rather handsome me-self. biggrin.gif He's got that quintessential "artist" look. wink.gif

Looks like Sunday evening at my bass player's house is on, too....woot! I called and talked to his wife this morning - they are just really cool people. I'm so stoked about putting a band together with him! Gosh, you should have seen the funky thing we did to that Bonnie Raitt (John Hiatt, really) song Thing Called Love at the was really different!! And it was all built around his bass rhythm. I'm excited!

Okay, I gotta run!
What! Where'd everybody go? And why is this thread on page 2??

Anyway. I already gushed in the letters thread, so I won't gush here today. wink.gif

This is my news of the day: I got my glasses! They are awesome! Now that I can see them properly (i.e.: without sunglasses on), they are kind of a dark green, like a subtle black-green metallic, with a cool lime green plastic coating part of the arms. They really make the green of my eyes pop....a few people told me so today! So that's exciting! I look way different.
anna k
Yay doodle!

I went out on a blind date last night, but got stood up. It felt like such a waste of time, and I missed my kickboxing class, where I wanted to be but thought I'd give some guy a chance. I try to be open to dating, but I keep meeting socially awkward nerds who are dull and boring, and it feels like a waste of my time.

I'll be working more, but I get my vacation next week, and I'm psyched for something new and exciting.
Bummer about the stand-up, AnnaK... Could have been worse, though. He might have shown up. (He's obviously not worth your time.) I'm sure you'll run into somebody worth running into. I mean, YOU're worth running into smile.gif Maybe your internship will lead to some intrigue.

Doodle, Soulman looks like someone comfortable to hang out with smile.gif

Good to hear the Moxies are getting better for the good weather smile.gif

Turbo, I wish I had more weddings around me, but I understand how too much could irritate you. I just love the whole idea of weddings smile.gif They're this great celebratory collision of family, friends, sex, food, beauty, spirituality, and well-wishes. They're also a milestone event that makes things seem a tad more 'real'. Wedding time memories are more specific than, say, Christmas memories.

Heya Polly smile.gif I hope things aren't being too hectic over there.

GT! OMG! Dem's some KICKASS toys you're contemplating! Wooooo! I'm leaning toward the Urban Assault, too. I just don't see how the forward lean on the other one would help other than aesthetically. For me, skateboarding is 99% about how it feels. (I'm tactile like that. Even my Bingshot invention is all about the feel and motions.) I'm kinda tentatively looking for a longboard, too, but I just can't justify so big a purchase as that at this time. I cruise garage sales for them, though. Sometimes I check Craigslist.

Glad you're having fun with NewBoy, EJ smile.gif Keep-a-rockin' the NRE (New Relationship Energy).

A HUGE thanks for all the BUSTie vibes, folks! smile.gif They DO have some power to them! Someone I met a while ago at the training center who works for an interior finish carpentry company got in touch with me again, saying that his boss is interested in meeting me... MONDAY!!!! I think I'm in!!! biggrin.gif
Also, Goaty's chances don't seem so horribly bad. They're making the applicants for the core position do 3 more essays, then do an in-meeting essay as well as a class plan.... Yeah, buttloads of hurdles like that mean that they're really deliberating, and they're hoping that an applicant will just bow out. And, well, Goaty's a stubborn Goaty Girl, and she kicks tail at the essays. I mean, she still might not get the position, but she's not one to be brushed off or ignored, either. She's been substitute teaching more days than not, too, which pays well. I sure hope next semester will give her a full load again. Anyway, again, thanks for the vibes!

Today, we're going to check out a small hike and then use a big gift certificate Goaty's brother gave her for her birthday. It's for Salty's, a rather high-end seafood restaurant on the water smile.gif We should have a nice sunset and she'll finally get to have some lobster. Yep! Things are looking better.

Fondness to the lurkers!

Tree? Where are you?!?!

Doodle, I'm here, been lurking in here.

Anna, I agree with Lore, he's not worth your time.

Lore, that's great news!! woohoo!

I'm pretty tired, I think I'm just going to sleep tonight, I guess I need my vacation more than I thought.

Le Sigh.
Heeya Culture! smile.gif

Heeeya Lurkerbees!

GT, check out THIS used beastie! smile.gif

Freebords are trippy and innovative as asphalt-going snowboard emulators, but like my Flowboard, they're not much good for cruising, and they're considerably heavier. Anyway, hope you're having fun smile.gif
Queen Bull

ok, so ive been totally MIA for for EVER. lol.

and as a result, i am not caught up on everything with everyone.
sad.gif so, alas and what not.

but anyway,

hi and good vibes to everyone.

on my end, ive been working like a crazy person, but am rapidly moving up the ranks and made manager, when its been like 3 weeks, which is cool.

but now, i am *le tired* and going to lurk around and catch up on things here.

Congrats on the promotion, QB!!!

LORE, That is good news on your interview, and the possibility of Goaty staying where she is! WOOT! Do let us know how the interview goes tomorrow!

Well, I survived the first wedding weekend. The rehearsal dinner of Friday was super-fun - we got to meet their families (and extract funny/embarassing stories), catch up with friends we don't see as often, and I spent some time with their cool friends from Ireland. They did a couple of fun "pub quiz" games, like what was played in their "local" over there, which was a really good, silly time. Friday was the heart of who they are as a couple, and we all really enjoyed it, as well as the chance to spend time with the people they love in a casual setting. The wedding...was another story. I LOVE weddings that really FIT the couple, that are personal and heartfelt and convey something about who they are together. OTOH, I'm getting a little crabby about going to more and more weddings that are cookie cutter, where all the words are the same, followed by the hotel reception that is formal, impersonal and that lacks connection/engagement with the people celebrating with them. I'm happy for our friends, and even more happy that we were able to be a part of the Friday night celebration, which for us was the highlight of the weekend.

And we had a good time with our friends who stayed with us and shared the festivities this weekend....and I am even more happy to have the house back to ourselves. smile.gif Now, to rest up and get ready to do it all over again next weekend, for my BFF!

lore that ad was gone by the time i got it, but some weekend you have to come to the city to skate. especially if you love carving. seattle is a great city to skate, and from my hood i've got it worked out like a ski slope, free busses to the heart of downtown and great mile or two course of sidewalk and black top down to my place again. you will LOVE IT! the freeboard got too expensive. i've seen flowboards and lust after one but, never got one. but come to the city, i've got the city mapped downtown south for skating. it's lovely.

hey qb--- you have to post more. i miss you (same to you tree, damn it!)

omg, i don't know how you manage all of those people visting turbo. i get territorial when my plant grows outside it's pot. but it does sound like fun.

anna that's poop, cos kick boxing is much better! are there any interesting guys at class?

doodle, is it me or does mr jamhost look like he should be in a movie?

hi culture, kari, moxie, divala, ej, polly and minx...

my friend tiff and i went to to coast to look at some beach front properties she was looking to buy. the land was cheap and the beaches were so beautiful, surfable and very few people. one little beach house was called "clam-a-lot." but it needed a lot of work. she was leaning towards raw land, where she could build a couple of little tiny houses with a common mess hall, all with an unobstructed view of the sea, about a block from the tide.

tomorrow is the first day at the new job, too. a friend of a friend who works at a museum said she visited my work and loved it. she said it looks like a great, fun place to work. i'm soooo nervous.
anna k
girltrouble, one guy in the class said goodbye to me when I passed him after class outside of the ring. I didn't think he had noticed me, so it was a nice surprise. I won't be able to do this Friday's class because of my trip, but I'd like to go more often so I can interact with guys and girls in practicing combat.

Tomorrow's my first day at the new internship, too. Good luck!
Good Morning!

Good Luck on your first day Anna!! I agree with Lore about your no show date. What a dud. Fuck 'em.

GT! Good luck to you!

How exciting, you both are starting new endeavors today!

HEY QueenBull!! Good to see you! Congrats on the promotion!

Lore, I'm really happy to hear things are looking up some for you & Goatie! I will be crossing my fingers for both of you! Did you eat some lobster? Mr K and I also took a hike yesterday. It was really refreshing.

jenn, the wedding on Saturday sounds like it was not as fun as it could have been. Ugh.

Doodle, your new specs sound really nice! You gotta post a pic for us.

CH! You're on vacation!! WOOT!

Things here are good. I had a nice weekend. Went for sushi w/ two friend on Friday night. Saturday I kicked around the house & MR K and I went to an engagement party that evening. Yesterday we took a hike, did yard work, got groceries, and relaxed. Mr K is on fall break from school, so we finally have some time to spend together.
anna k
Thanks, Kari. The office was closed today, as it is Columbus Day. I had remembered that, but my boss seemed not to, so I had assumed she had the office open. Whatever, I get a free day to do my laundry, write a review of Blindness for, and just chill out. I may also upload an old Halloween childhood picture of me and my sister for Jezebel, they have a post asking for submission of childhood Halloween pictures to display. It's me and my sister wearing jack o' lantern plastic sunglasses, with my sister grinning madly while I'm staring at a corner of the ceiling.

Hey Lore. QB congratulations on your promotion at work, that's wonderful.

Turbo, I agree with you on weddings that fit the couple and aren't the traditional blah blah blah.

GT, I know you'll be awesome at work! let us know how it goes.

Anna, you'll do great at the internship tomorrow!

Kari, it sounds like you had a divine weekend.

Now where is our dear Tree?

Well, I think I'm finally on the mend. I discovered that my feelings for someone go very deep, which totally sucks because they aren't reciprocated, and I was struggling with that. I do think I'm getting over the heartbreak, and can move on. It's still going to be a struggle, and I'm still not feeling up to par. But as time goes on. Bah, feelings suck.

Good morning Okayers, and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I am actually off today AND tomorrow! Hoorah! Apologies in advance for the Me post - I have been reading, but I have to catch up in these vomitous blurps!

I spent Saturday night at soulman's, and then went straight to work yesterday, and then soulman picked me up at work and took me straight to my new bass player's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Bassie needs a nickname, so I'm gonna call him the anarchist, 'cos he has issues with rules. wink.gif I fucking adore him. He is so wonderful and lovely, and his wife is equally fantastic. And he is so talented! He actually played guitar all night, not bass. I feel SUCH a musical connection with this guy, it is so awesome. He knows everything I love from Dixie Chicks to Crowded House, and even some Blue Rodeo. I feel like I finally sang Taking the Long Way properly for the first time last night, playing it with him - he actually taught ME about the song! Oh, and we did this SWEET version of the Eurythmics' Here Comes the Rain Again, with just me on vocals and him on guitar. I can't wait to try writing with him!

Anyway, it was a veritable FEAST! Huge meal of ham AND turkey, mashed potatoes, mashed yams, roast squash, stuffing, salads, carrots, brussel sprouts, TWO kinds of pie, other things I'm forgetting, and the lovely company of the anarchist's family and friends. We stuffed our faces, and we played music alllll night long - I think I got home some time way past 1 AM. biggrin.gif

Soulman is off helping his son build a competition skateboard ramp today - did I mention the 16-year old is a skateboard prodigy? Quite a champion, I gather. And I am on my way out to another friend's for Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon - this is the girl I helped move awhile back. I dunno why she doesn't have a nic - I should call her scatteredgirl. She really is quite scattered. wink.gif

I have started a new song. A few nights ago, one of soulman's friends was relating a story about his mom and dad fighting, and he just said, "She got in her Mustang and she went to town." It had such a rhythm to it when he said it that I wrote it down right away, and later that night I started mucking around on the guitar. (Soulman's house really does inspire creativity, I tell ya.) I've now written almost a whole song about it! Except it's about someone else - I promised one of the girls at the store a song, and now she's getting one. It's about the jerk who persuaded her to give up her virginity, knowing how special it was to her, but then proceeded to treat her like an afterthought. But the song is all couched in terms of dancing, not screwing, which works well, since this girl loves going out to the country bar. The song is called Candice. I've been working on it in little bits, trying it out on soulman at his house, in his van, wherever. (Sooooo amazing to be with someone like that!!!!! And someone who takes me pretty fucking seriously about it. I am actually just trying to figure out how to incorporate his latest suggestion, which would actually finish the song. Seriously. This is amazing. ETA: I'm gonna see if he'll learn it and sing it, instead of me. biggrin.gif) Saturday night a couple of his friends were visiting him too, and when I was playing what I had of the song, I kept hearing him tell them, proudly, "She WROTE this, listen to this!" So I think it must be good, if a guy as talented as soulman is shushing people. tongue.gif

I am also starting to experiment with harmony vocals, which is really fun - I miss it from my school vocal jazz days. I've been trying it out a little with soulman, but I really got into it last night when I discovered the anarchist knew all those Crowded House songs. I am quite a bit rusty on harmonies, but I think it will come back to me!

Everything musical is advancing rapidly for me. I feel like a much better musician these days - I know I'm still no great shakes on the guitar, but I've been learning so much from hanging out with soulman and his daughter, and now the anarchist too. I feel like my playing has improved rapidly, and I'm picking up so many new things. Saturday night, soulman turned on the juice on stage and we just got to muck around up there, get comfortable and stuff. That was awesome! And just generally, I feel a lot more comfortable playing with other musicians; I'm picking up the songs a lot faster. I feel like a sponge, soaking up all the musicianship around me.

Anyway. That is my news - lots of it! It's very still and quiet and lovely here, the birds are singing, and there's almost no traffic. I've been away from home so much, I almost forgot how peaceful it is. smile.gif

ETA: Oh yeah, Tuesday is election day in Canada, and NDP keep calling my house about volunteering (because I signed up, *sigh*). I haven't responded to any of the calls. I just realized last Tuesday at soulman's house know what? I don't want to do it. Any of it. I'm done. I just want to vote and be done with it. At the time, I told soulman that this was the best election I've ever spent. biggrin.gif But you know? It's true. Just being able to talk to friends and family and co-workers about the election like a NORMAL person has been a real treat for me. And, too, on Saturday, soulman told me that not only was he going to vote after all (he used to tell me he didn't think it would change anything), he was going to vote NDP. Plus a lot of the young women at the store who weren't going to vote ARE, and most of them are going NDP. So I guess I've contributed something to the campaign!
Dammit Doodle...I'm totally turkey-festing tonight, and it's all your fault. Actually, it made total sense because it's one of those meats that you can cascade into a million mini-meals: I can make broth out of the carcass and make turkey/mixed rice cream soup, sammiches....ya know. Hmmm...I'm hungry.

Oh yeah, and I have to make more pumpkin muffins--found this B&B recipe and it's really stupid good. I want to add coconut and pecans to it--maybe carrots or even zucchini. It's to die for.

So, I'm the retard that thought it would stay a lovely 70F today and didn't dress appropriately. I am such a weather porn junky, too. It's sad, I tell you. I'm just glad I sent my Minxlette out with a light jacket, or she'd be a tad bit cold (she runs totally hot, it's hilarious). Yep. Here I am in shorts and a lightweight button-down, with sandals.

I need a cappuccino. Now.

Finished Minxlette's fall scarf the other night. And here is one cutey shot of Artman and me in the kitchen making my friend's kid's wedding cake.

Can you tell I'm wasting the last ten minutes of class? Is it obvious??
what up bustie bee-otches?

*hands minx a perfectly made capp, with that pretty tree pour pattern i used to make when i was a barrista* and that pic of you and artman is a-dorable!

yes, i know you pm'd me tree, but i'm protesting till you post here. yes, i'm an ass but i miss you something awful!

culture-- u no who is der poopenstein kopf! i'm still hoping to come up there, and so some extra-extrodinary rendition, and smuggle/kidnap you so you can go to stunt woman school down here in seattle *crosses her fingers* ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

anna, normally i'd say that i am a big fan of looking around you for people to date, but well i'm not looking so i will tell myself in your stead, to shut up. to which i will agree with your proxy, i.e., me, and promptly shut my pie hole.

doodle? can i tell you how unbelievably happy i am for you? i had a chance to date someone who inspire/motivate/cultivate/nourish my creativity, but i was too scared. i kick my self to this day. i am super-duper jealous. you don't know how jealous. you've got some very lucky lucky stars. wink.gif

how did the meeting go lore? my filangies are crossed for you!

yay for time spent with your love, kari, sounds like you had a great weekend.

i was so nervous about today i woke up 2 hours early. 4am to be exact. dry.gif
the first day was lovely. i hope this job goes the distance, i'm not looking forward to waking up at 5/5:30 every morning, but oh do i love the job. the people are super nice, and i won them over with my mash up of lyrics born's "callin' out" with a remix of ac/dc's "back in black." it's awesome because there are 2 or more people above me who don't mind telling me exactly what to do instead of expecting me to know, and it's not stuff that i can't handle it's all stuff (so far) easy for me to learn. plus-- i've forgot that any day i get to weld, is a f'ing good day. *sigh* and learning drill presses plus? f'ing phenomenal. did i mention that my direct super is a riot? she calls oil/grease/drill lube "sauce," and when comparing containers that hold said 'sauce,' she says she prefers the oil can, "cos it squirts! yay!!!" she's terrific. i'm hoping this works.

after work i got a email from one of my best friends that i've known since highschool. he said he's been emailing a mutual friend of ours from back then, and filled her in on everything with my transition, and her reaction? "that's great. tell her i said, "hi bitch!" hee hee! sometimes life is good... and for today, i am happy as a clam.

Awwwww....GT, I am SO happy for you with the new gig! And I am *thrilled* that you had such an awesome first day! Keep kickin' ass, and we'll keep sending our (((((keep the kickass job vibes))))). Really, you made my evening with your happy news!

Good luck on your first day tomorrow, Anna!!

Doodle, it sounds like you are having much fun celebrating Thanksgiving! YAY! It truly is my favorite holiday, but that makes total sense since it revolves around food and good company. Add good musical partners to that, and you've got a magic mix!

Things are good here today...we're having a taste of Indian summer - it was 80 today, and its still about 70 out there now...weird, but absolutely divine! We grilled chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner, and it was delish!

Okay, I'm off to bed now...I totally understand your feelings about the 5am wakeup, GT....I'm on the same schedule. Of course, I actually do like it, but I'm weird like that. I love walking turbodoggie when the city is asleep, and then riding into work when its still quiet and serene. The lakefront is gorgeous at sunrise, and I ride over the river just as the sun hits the water, and I love the moment when the light glances off all the glass skyscrapers. Good stuff.

Hey Doodle, the dinner sounds fantabulous and the company wonderful.

Heya Minx!

GT, your work place sounds so positive and wonderful, and that's really exciting about the friend, too. I'm glad the reaction was such a good one. Once my foot is better, I'd LOVE to be a stunt worker, it would be so much fucking fun! I'd get to travel and do esssplosions and things. Hee. I emailed you back, too.

Turbo, I am so envious of your warm weather. it's been crappy and rainy here. Like Vancouver. Or London. Or some other rainy, cool place. Not that I mind it, but it's been like this for a few days. I'd like some sunshine please!

Well, here I am, vacation time, and I'm in relazo mode. Tomorrow is a fun filled morning of body sugaring. Sweet merciful pain. I'm off ot watch some simpsons now.

Later all.

anna k
I got the documentary Double Dare from Netflix, about two badass stuntwomen, Jeannie Eppel and Zoe Bell. I'm really looking forward to it, and living in my fantasies of being a movie stuntwoman, like jumping off of high places and driving fast cars and doing fight scenes, all that good, exilitatering stuff.
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