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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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yay for October. maybe it was setpember that was blaaa. (shivers)
anyhoo, got some sleep. took one pill at 11pm, was up at 1am for half an hour or more, went out again. so at 4, when we were both up and talking and all, we take another. it's 11am and I have slept. ok, so I got up once, fed the dog and fish and furned on the fan and took dishes to the sink, but I figured I could use another hour. and yay, I did. so I'll see what one does tonight. and if it doesn't work, 1.5 tomorrow. weird thing is, these used to work at half a pill a night. it's a different generic form now, and it's just not right for me right now.
sleep. ahhhhh.

CH - vaca coming up!! ((confetti)) always a reason to cellebrate.
Moxie - superduperhuzzah congrats
lore - you are always fab
gt ~emp vibes~ and yay for fun town

hugs to all ~jami out~
anna k
Thanks for your good vibes everyone. It helps to feel a lot better.

Sounds like a good day, girltrouble!

Hi to everyone else!

Culture, thanks again for the Birthday wishes. I didn't realize yours is so close to mine. I think I work with about 9 people on a regular basis, and 6 of us have birthdays in September and October. Hope you enjoy your vacation. I'm really looking forward to the long weekend even though it's a week and half away. My mom always does thanksgiving on Saturday so she can have the rest of the weekend off and I like that idea.

When I woke up this morning all my dad said to me was "I'm taking the car in tomorrow so don't plan on driving." He completely forgot and felt really bad after. It was funny. Last year my birthday plans turned out disasterous so I really didn't want to do anything this year but friends kept bugging me. Tonight is just dinner with my family because I have to be up early tomorrow, but Friday I'm going out for dessert with a few close friends and then to a pub. Hopefully it'll go off without a hitch.

Kari, I love fall too. We have these vines on some trees in our yard and as soon as autumn hits they turn this really intense red colour. They always look so amazing. I'm also a sucker for crunching leaves under my feet. I'm easy to please.

Happy Birfday, EJ!

Such a quick post.....

....the guy is one of the clients, not an accountant, so I dunno if I'll see him again....on this job. I did stalk him on Crackbook last night.... wink.gif Apparently he runs a boxing gym! I've only just started telling everyone that I want to learn to BOX. Now I have an incentive to get there....heh!
This is another fly-by....sorry! Please forgive me! (God, I am sooooo fucking Canadian.)

In bad news, I think I lost my glasses tonight. I checked hippiegirl's car, and we even went back to mr jamhost's place. I can't think where else they could be - I went from my place to her car to his place and back the same way. I'm going to have another look in the morning, but I think they might be gone, which means I'm fucked. And which also means I have to wear my 'scrip sunglasses to work until I can get a new pair. FUCK. I'll have to ask doodlemama for help if that's the case - my 'scrip is NOT cheap AT ALL. mad.gif

BUT......the glasses issue is being overshadowed a wee bit by the real reason I cannot sleep. Tonight I was talking with a bass player and a drummer about starting up a band. And they seemed really interested! They are terrific musicians. The drummer is just fucking awesome - I was dancing outside while he was playing, and I had to go investigate who it was - I've played with him before, a couple of weeks ago - wow. And the bass player....I feel a total connection. NO, nothing like that - he's married with young 'uns. But a total musical connection. Like last week, he put this new bass line to my song, Gonna Die Someday, right at the entrance to each line of the chorus - and it threw me off at first, but you know, it was really fantastic and clever, like a counter-harmony to my vocals, and it made the song just so much better. I did a bunch of songs with him tonight, and I really dove deep into the whole thing. And he really likes my own songs, he asked me upfront to play some for jamming. (That and Dirty Laundry.) He totally got down to the nitty gritty when I asked about forming a band, took it quite seriously, and asked me what I saw coming out of it - I said I wanted to do something with my songs and start writing with other people, that I didn't care if I was playing in a garage somewhere, I just wanted to play in a band and make music. He digs that, and it encouraged him to go off and investigate mr jamhost's recording equipment! Anyway, we exchanged numbers, and I sure hope to talk about it some more, because these two guys are really fantastic and have a wonderful energy....all we'd need is a lead guitarist! God knows, that shouldn't be too hard - lead guitarists are practically falling out of the sky. wink.gif

Anyway, I should try to to face another day in the accountants' wearin' my shades.....
Good morning!

6 business days until my vacation! woohoo!

Kari, and EJ, I'm so with you on fall giving me a panty splash. I love fall so much, the dog loves it (and there are many squirrels for her to terrorize) so all's well.

~*~*~*~*ongoing jobbity vibes for GT~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*find glasses vibes for doodle*~*~*~*~* I hope you can find them and here's to a music connection!

Umm, I slept last night I was so tired and here I am today. Thank goodness it's Thursday. My clients are driving me fucking batty.

Good Morning. * yawn* I am tired today.

EJ, was it your birthday yesterday? Happy Belated Birthday!!

Doodle, I hope you find your glasses! Ugh. On a happier note, that would be so wonderful if you guys formed a band!!

GT, how was your day hanging with your friend? Sounds like fun!

Hey anna!

Hey Jami!

I am currently trying to keep my eyes open. I had people over for dinner last night & it was a lot of work. They left around 10:00, we cleaned up and I got to bed around 11.

Who's watching the debate tonight? I am going over to a friend's place to watch it.
what time is the debate? gotta figure out if we need to DVR it b/c of bedtime...
Sarah Palin is going to get eaten alive.
anna k
Doodle, I am so happy for you! That sounds so amazing and fantastic, I'm in awe of you. And I hope you find your glasses or a decent replacement.
what up you crazed hanging chad picking, electoral college goin', debate watchin' bitches?!

i had so much fun with my friend. we were talking about country music, because right now i'm obsessed with 70's trucker songs and current feminist revenge songs like carrie underwood's before he cheats, and my new favorite, a song by miranda lambert, with this badass line: i'm gonna show him what little girls are made of: gunpowder and lead.

she was telling me that a friend of hers hates the phrase "alt-country" and coined his own stellar alternative: "y'all-ternative."

wubbie told me she won an award for her apartment, (links were in my last post) she does have a spectacular place. it's one of those places that, if you house sat for her, you'd never miss the tv, cos she has lots of eyecandy to look at in her house. lots of visual puns, amazing art books, records and cds, not to mention art.

the park was terrific, like lots of parks it was thick as a forest and we saw a clan of 4 baby raccoons crossing the street. sooper cute! we made plans to go back there after i get a new skateboard to skate the place, and she and i would hang out and have a picnic, drink and read after. we also decided if we had a kid they had to be named shuggie otis, after an obscure soul singer of the 70's. the leaves were turning, so it was beautiful. i too, love teh fall.

it was a really great day. i love my wubbie. she's my oldest friend in seattle.

EJAY! happy birthday! i meant to wish you a happy happy! i hope your day was full of things to look forward to in the next year, and plenty of personal growth!

doodle! omg that sounds fan-freaking-tastic! yay! that is so outstanding. i'm excited for you, and the fellahs sound incredible. although, i think i am in mourning for your glasses. you know how i feel about smarties with glasses. *sigh*

kari, you didn't say how the dinner went! was it good? i'm totally gonna watch the debates. i can't resist what i'm hoping will be a train wreck. it will make me even happier if it's a disaster on the scale of the titanic. that would probably fix my insomnia. i'd sleep reeeeeeeeal well. wink.gif

(((((((sleep vibes for jami and all the insomniac busties))))))

hi anna! fj, moxie, minxy, lore and divala. where is my puppy kitty and my pink poodle? *miss miss*
I think the debate airs at 9 Eastern.

Rose, I hope you are right! I think Biden just needs to play it cool. Palin will hang herself if given enough rope.
Good morning, tarts!

Ooh, sorry, it's not Insult Friday yet. wink.gif

Yep, I'm wearing my shades at work again. With my morning e-mail to all staff, I sent round a note that anyone caught laughing at me will be the target of a wedgie. I'll bet I'll be the most memorable temp they've ever had. On the other hand, I am very much in need of an updated 'scrip and updated frames, so if I can just figure out the money part.....

YEAH, I'm TOTALLY stoked on the band thing! Gosh, I hope it works out. It feels like it might. I've got a vibe about it.......

I can't believe how stupid the timing on this is, but the Canadian English-language leadership debate is ALSO tonight. Bah!
Hey everyone, the back is feeling better! Thanks for the healing vibes...

Hi lore!! That video is hilarious, Sarah Palin scares me, and at the same time makes me proud to be Canadian..

Doodle I hope you find your glasses soon!

Hi ej, anna and jami!

culture, what are you doing for your vacation??

gt -- I love the song gunpowder and lead!!! I'm a big country fan, even though my boyfriend despises it and mocks me mercilessly. I went to see Rascal Flatts in concert in February and it was AMAZING!

Hey moxie and kari!

I can't wait until the debate tonight. The Canadian debates are taking place too, but absolutely nobody will watch them, really I don't think. Even our news was asking people on the street what they thought and most people just don't care.. The US election is just so much more interesting. Plus, I already know who I'm going to vote for.

I just went thrift shopping, and came home with a bunch of really goo stuff! I got a grey business like high waisted skirt by a brand that normally would cost like $150 for $5.29. I would say today is a successful day!

Hi, peeps!

I'm going to be watching the debate tonight, too. The giant will have to DVR it unless my professor let my class go early tonight to watch, which I doubt. I want to see Joe Biden hand Sarah Palin's ass right to her. But I mostly want to see if that woman is capable of actually answering the question that is asked of her and not giving a rambling speech that touches on the topic, but comes nowhere near answering the question.

And another thing: I'm getting really pissed off at the talking heads saying "she's a woman, so you have to treat her differently or you'll rub the voters the wrong way." That's a paraphrase, but my Maud, if she can't play with the boys at the only debate she has to take part in, then what the hell will she do as vice president? Why does it matter what she's got between her legs? It's about how capable she is, and if Joe Biden needs to be agressive to show she has no clue, then so be it. Nobody should hold anything against him for it.

Happy birfday, EJ!

I hope you find your glasses soon, Doodle!

Great score on the skirt, Lananans!

Hi, Kari! What did you make for your dinner last night?

Just one day left, CH! I envy your week off. I don't think I've had one since the week I moved into our duplex, which will be 3 years ago at the end of the month.

By the way, we're getting another lease, for real and sure. It's all written up, it's just a matter of the 4 of us being in a room at the same time, which is difficult to maneuver.

Hi, everyone else!

Not much going on with me. I played hookey on Tuesday and watched a bunch of TV I DVRed and washed the bathtub and gave myself a facial. Beyond that, same old crap, different day. I've got my class tonight, and I really hope this dumb girl who always ends up sitting next to me finds somewhere else to sit. My Maud, she's so dumb! She's constantly trying to make little bits of conversation and thinks she's got her facts right, but she pretty much never does. And she pronounces "politics" as "polITics" like she's saying "political" but with an s on the end instead of al. And besides that, she always tries to borrow people's books because she hasn't bought hers yet. It's not everyone else's responsibility to make sure she's seen the material. It's the 5th damn week, fer chrissakes!

In better news, it's fall. I know this because I'm not wearing sandals today. I'm going to go out in the lovely fall weather and get some Chipotle now.
Doodle, that's awesome. I hope you're able to get something started with those folks. My younger brother has been in a few bands for about 4 years (he's only 19) and I have to admit I've always been a teeny bit jealous. Hope you find your glasses.

Kari, yesterday was my 23rd. smile.gif It was nice and low key. Tomorrow I'm going out. Yesterday the new boy picked me up from work and then we went to his place for a bit. He got me two cupcakes from this place called The Cupcakery (I love it) and a deck of Drag King Trading Cards (an art project that mostly took place in Winnipeg), an awesome vintage-y calender, and some lip balm because he knows I'm addicted. I like this boy. My older brother and niece got me a Westley action figure from the Princess Bride, ala, Man in black, and an awesome National Film Board DVD that brought back some crazy memories.

GT, thanks for the birthday wishes. Sounds like you had a pretty awesome day yourself.

I can't believe they booked the english debates tonight too. My household is fairly politically active so my dad watched the French one last night and is taping the english one tonight so we can all watch Palin hang herself on the US one.

Thanks diva!

Erinjane, it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Cupcakes, calendars, and lip balm! Whatcha doing tomorrow night?

Doodles, no sign of the glasses, eh?

Lananans, congratulations on the seriously good buy on the skirt! WOW! I am digging the high waisted clothes this season. Very classy.

Diva, for dinner last night I made a Jamie Oliver pasta w/ egglplant recipe, roasted beet salad, and an apple pear crisp for dessert. It was tasty!
Good for you for playing hooky from work!

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I went to the optometric clinic/optician....I can't get a pair of glasses for a MONTH from them!!! TWO WEEKS just to get an eye exam, and then they send the lenses away for grinding!!!! PPPPPLLLLBBBTTT!!! mad.gif PLUS it would cost a small fortune from them. PLUS they can't tell me whether the eye exam will cost $87.50 or $107.25, because I'm on the border of 40. Apparently it's automatically $107.50 if you're over 40, but b/c I'm so close, it's dodgy, medically speaking.

I went to my old optician (does his own lens-grinding), and he can do a vision test (not an exam) and have the glasses in A DAY. But then I got back to the accountants' after lunch, and the women all said, "Call one of our clients." So I got into an optometrist on Tuesday, and I can take my 'scrip to my old optician and get them done the same day. THANK GOD. Plus my old optician can do pretty much the same glasses for $200 less. I might even decide to forgo the eye exam in favour of the vision test.

Now I just have to find the money. It's still going to cost me around $550, not including having the new 'scrip put in my sunglasses. Going to have to ask doodlemama....

I just phoned mr jamhost, and he still hasn't found them, but apparently I am going over there tonight to help dismantle the equipment for the stage placement, and also to watch a Bob Dylan movie. biggrin.gif

Sorry for the's being that kind of week.
moxette quote of the day:

sitting down at dinner, eating a very healthy meal of Pb&J with carrots and milk. Moxette is asking what various animals eat...hyenas, tigers, etc. As we know, she has a fascination with bad Guys from movies.

Moxette: "Daddy, what do Bad Guys eat?"
Daddy: "High Fructose Corn Syrup."
Moxette: "They do not eat people food."

my burgeoning foodie. smile.gif
I dunno, doodle. If not for the routine eye exam I had seven months ago, they wouldn't have found my detached retina until it was too late, and I had no idea I had a problem when they found it. I'll never miss another exam again (not that I really have a choice anymore!) Do they have Costco in Canada? That's where I had my exam done and the exam was $45 (US dollars) and to get my lenses replaced will be about $100 (plus $20 if I use my old frames, since I got them somewhere else and they'll have to custom-shape the lenses.

Hee, hee, that's funny mox!!

I printed out the "Palin/Biden Bingo" from the Suffragettes thread. Weee!
OMG, moxie, that is hi-larious! I agree, I think bad guys DO eat HFCS! Seriously, if I eat anything with that shit in it, I feel hungover the next day. My bod is just not used to crap food anymore.

GT, wubb's apartment is AWESOME! I wish I had more interest in decor and making our home more interesting. That pad is RAD!

Doodle, I am SO sorry that you broke your glasses! Waaaaaa! I hope you can work out the finances to get some specs, soon!

I am ready for the debate - gonna make some popcorn and everything!

I got myself a tune-up on my moppy head o' hair this evening, and am feeling ever more fabulous with properly tended hairs. And I heart my magician stylist, even when I cringe everytime I hand over my plastic to pay for it. smile.gif

AND, turbomann and I have the day off tomorrow, so WOOT! We're gonna go to this most excellent breakfast spot for brunch, and I'm gonna make him ride his bike, 'cause it'll be good for him, and then we don't have to feel so guilty about what we eat. It's all about strategy.

Kari, I am very much impressed that you did a midweek dinner party! I hope you get some time to unwind and chill this weekend!
uh... i got bored with the debate. i see what that guy meant about her being the master of the "sparkling generality." i lose patience with that. plus her folksy act just works my nerves. it's as put on as george bush's aww shucks act, and it bothers me that people buy that.

so i just put on some heart and rocked out. yay for my new receiver!

turbo, the cool thing about wubbie's apartment is she just decorates it with stuff she loves-- and she has the funniest sense of humor too. it's almost like being inside of her head. that's the tip i took from her, it's like buying clothes, you do better when you get stuff you are passionately in love with, or that makes you happy.

i'm jealous of you and your happy hair. i am in hate with my hair now. i'm thinking about growing dreads again. i miss the carefree-ness of it.

polly, did you win?

mox that is a riot!

ok, no more politic-ing more rawkin'!
Good Morning.

GT, I saw some of the debate on the news this moring. *YAWN* it was sooooo boring. Your friends appartment is really cool!

Doodle, any luck with finding your glasses? The costco idea is a good one.

Lananans, that is a rediculous deal on the skirt!

Hey Diva, Anna, Polly and Jami!

EJ, that sounds like a nice birfday!

Kari, your dinner sounds excellent!

Mox, that is sooo freakin' cute.

Turbo, enjoy your day tomorrow.

It's Friiiiiiiiiiday, and I'm bagged, I need this week to be over. 5 days, that's all, just 5 days. Last night I didn't do much, worked out, took houndy for a long walk, and that was all.
ch - your vacation will be here before you know it!!!

gt - I can't believe that people buy Palin's act either. I was watching the debate last night and I could hardly understand what she was saying, and she doesn't seem to know the meaning of a punctuation mark, or actually answering a question.

turbo I hope you're enjoying your day off!!

Hi polly!

Moxie - moxette sounds adorable.

Doodle - Can you go to Hakim Optical, or Lenscrafters or something?? They will give you glasses on the same day, in my experience... I got my lenses replaced in mine in an hour while I was walking around the mall (guided by my father as I couldn't see a damn thing) this summer..

ej - happy belated! it sounds like you had a great birthday!

Divala - that girl sounds just insufferable, I hope she didn't sit next to you.

I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with myself this weekend. My best friend was supposed to come visit, but at the last minute was guilted into helping her mom with a family event, and my boyfriend is going to be in the library all weekend because he has an exam coming up and absolutely needs to study. Maybe I'll go see a movie by myself, or do some more thrift shopping or something.. Thank goodness I have an interview on Tuesday and hopefully an impending job! Otherwise I think I would lose it.
Moxie, that story made my morning smile.gif Both people involved were hilarious!

Happy much-belated B-Day, EJ! smile.gif Cuuuupcakes!!! Mmmmm! (and I'd be impressed with anybody who'd give me a Princess Bride Westley figure.)

As for CostCo, I'm really glad Goaty and I are members. I'm getting a set of tires there today, and they have the best gas prices and good medicine and eye stuff prices, but you have to be a member, no? I don't think they'd give an eye exam for a guest.

GT, I'm BUST- you some contact info so's maybe we can meet up for coffee or somesuch. Goaty's been under the weather this week, so maybe not going out drinking this time, but it'll be as cool as a TreeHugger project to meet you smile.gif

Where is Tree, BTW? I hope she's doing well.

Fondness to all!
anna k
Yeah, I got bored with the debate too. I watched the first hour of it, but just got tired of listening to it.

I cancelled a blind date tonight. I just didn't feel like going into Manhattan to meet with some guy. Tonight I'm taking a kickboxing class so I can interact with guys and girls in fighting and have some fun. I'm also going to watch Casual Sex?. Today's my day off, and I spending it lounging and watching Married With Children reruns and reading Tomorrow night my sister and I will see Margaret Cho perform live, it should be good.

My boss sucks. She cancelled direct deposit so I'd have to pick up my check at work next time I've there. Boo her.

Hi everyone!
Good morning, you crusty cunts!! Hello to CH, turbo, GT, kari, polly, diva, lore, moxie, lananans, anna, minx, EJ, and everyone else who has a citizenship card to Okayland! wink.gif

I am just kind of chilling this morning - it's my last day. I'm making notes for the regular receptionist and tidying up my messes. Everyone signed a card for me - awwww - and I got a Starfuck's gift card. smile.gif

My glasses never turned up - they have disappeared into a black hole! So. I have to suck it up and get new ones. I'm kind of stoked, despite the cost, actually (doodlemama's going to help with some of it), b/c I'm way overdue, and I want to get some funkier frames than my old "quiet" metal ones. I talked with the store last night, and they are totally fine with me wearing my sunglasses till I get the proper ones replaced. biggrin.gif I'm going to my old optician for the new ones - he grinds them himself, so I can get them the same day.

I was soooooo tired this morning, I slept in a wee bit. Mr jamhost convinced me to stay up past my bedtime watching a Bob Dylan (his hero) DVD - which I never finished watching. I almost fell asleep beside him on the sofa, and he drove me home around 11:30. I was SUPPOSED to be going over to help dismantle the sound equipment, but they got it finished early....and yet, mr jamhost still called me eagerly at suppertime (I was just settling down for the Canadian debate) and said he was coming to pick me up. So I hung with the family for awhile, eating DQ burgers, playing guitar, getting him to teach me some new tricks, watching Bob Dylan, and just generally hanging around.

His daughter kind of disappeared to bed early (hmmm), and I'm pretty sure he was gonna make a move, but I kept talking about my mom all night (I guess b/c I'd phoned her about the glasses), which is kind of a buzzkill for that sort of thing. *smacks forehead* But I still haven't really decided about mr jamhost anyway. I am growing inordinately fond of him, but he's 56....I've always believed age doesn't matter, but I keep thinking, "When I'm 50...." OTOH, the man IS building a frickin' STAGE in his living room. tongue.gif

Mr jamhost - Artist's Way Music, really - is having a Halloween Party, to which I am going, of course...actually, I'm kind of volunteering, I think. It will be "Kamloops' ONLY Live Music and Open Jam Halloween Event!" That's the promo line I came up with last night. wink.gif We're trying to get a theme going of coming as a dead musician. My landlord is an ex-monk, and I remember him saying he had some old monk's robes, so I think I'm gonna try and go as Hildegard von Bingham! biggrin.gif

I had to make a choice - BEB's band also has a Halloween gig the same night.....
Thanks to all for the continued birthday wishes!

Doodle, I lost a pair of glasses in a black hole once. I went to visit family in Banff, we went for a walk around the Banff Springs Hotel and the next morning they had vanished. When I went to get a new more stylish pair I accidently picked my old design in a different colour. They're cute but I can't even remember the last time I wore them.

Tonight I get to go out for birthday celebrations. I think it's going to be a small gathering but it'll be fun. I'm meeting new boy for Ethiopian food and then we're meeting the rest of my friends for dessert, and after that we'll hit up the pub. I love working downtown! I'm a 10 minute walk from half of my favourite restaurants and a 30 minute walk from some pretty funky area's.

anna, have you done kickboxing before? A place opened up just at the end of my street so I'm considering starting there a couple of times a week. I hear it's pretty intense.

TGIF!!!!! I have to plan an open house for my new office and the child counselling program I run and I'm going insane. I've never had to do anything like this before and I enjoy it but it's exhausting. And I can't get any of the Minister's to get back to me about MCing the event! My co-worker wants me to send out more invitations even though I've already sent at least 600! I still have so much to do and only 2 weeks until the event. Yay for weekends!
anna k
I've done kickboxing workout videos and attended this class before, but didn't want to spend $30 on boxing handwraps. I just want to go again because I liked the adrenaline and want to be in a mixed-gender class instead of the all-female classes I usually do.
YAY for the new glasses plan, doodle! I definitely love picking out new frames...its a little bit like getting a makeover, trying on new personalities with different frames...and I definitely think you need something a lot more ROCKER for your new vibe! smile.gif

Turbomann and I have had a lovely day. Went out to brunch, though even though I told the server about my allergy, I still got some contamination, though I only ate eggs. I'm feeling low-energy, and my hand blistered up again. I fucking hate the eczema...grrrrr. But then we went to see "Religulous" - SO hilarious, and the perfect antidote to the Palindrone last night! I <3 Bill Maher.

And now, we're just chillin' at home for the rest of the day. Gonna whip up giant salads for dinner, with chipotle lime dressing, and a little leftover filet from the other night. Yum. Might hop on the elliptical again, too - try and sweat the gluten contamination out of my bod.

Lore & GT - I am *definitely* jealous of your meet-up!

I definitely felt the sense of humor and personality in wubb's apartment - it felt very personal and quirky and fun! I think the big fish sculpture full of big pencils might have been my favorite piece - don't know why. Good stuff.
yay! i talked to culture AND lore today! i already knew culture was cool (and a handfull too!) but lore, you are awesome! whenever you want to dim some, drop me a note!
I was just going to report that! smile.gif (well, the me talking to GT part of it)

You're great fun, GT! smile.gif 'Course I guess I've known that for what? 7 years or more? But I'm glad we can go hang out sometime soon! You rock!
Well, its a typical weekend morning, here at chez turbo...long dog walk, farmers market, grocery store, and now I've got chicken stock bubbling away on the stove, made a giant stockpile of pesto which I'm freezing in an ice cube tray for winter, made a big breakfast of sauteed cabbage, onion, bit o' bacon, and topped with over-easy eggs. YUM! I love fall!

I hope everybustie else is kicking off a fine Saturday!
anna k
Kickboxing was good. I sparred with another girl, and we often faltered or forgot who was supposed to punch next, but I liked it a lot.

So cool that CH and GT and lore hung out with each other. I'd love to be a part of that sandwich.
Actually, I didn't get to hang out with GT yet. I was kid-sitting the Otterling today. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to coordinate about a church Oktoberfest dinner, then help out someone with our local "Salmon Days" craft and stuff festival. I'm looking forward to meeting her, though smile.gif

As for CH, we're at least half a day south of her, unfortunately. I'd love to meet her, eventually smile.gif

I've had a few weirdo ideas lately for products and/or services that I thought you'd get a kick out of hearing about:

One is just a bumper magnet or removable sticker that reads "and his Alaskan Bimbo!" to affix right under all the "Vote for John McCain" etc. bumper stickers and yard signs when their owners aren't looking. (Be extra careful if you're on the domestic property of a McCain supporter, though, lest they haul out a shotgun and go Dick Cheney on your ass!)

Another is to start a dress-designer company which specializes in a line of bridesmaid dresses that can be altered into nice evening-wear or business-wear. Goaty is going to be a bridesmaid soon, and she has to buy her dress. She was looking at designs that might be wearable on occasions after the wedding. I saw some of the designs on the website she was told to check out, and I came up with this idea. You design all the dresses to have two modes so that in the catalog, there are paired pictures of the dresses in bridesmaid mode (what it will look like at the wedding) and out-on-the-town mode (how it will look after the wedding once it's altered into something one might wear to a business function). The company would include in the sales price the dress, the initial fitting, and the post-wedding cleaning and alterations. This business model could really sell, especially if labeled "bridesmaid-cruelty-free!"

Another was off the formula of 'First-To-Become-Internet-Popular = $$$ from buyout'. This could take some talent and startup capitol, but the advertising revenue and eventual buyout could really pay off. It's a site specifically designed to catalog dance moves. It's a dance move dictionary! You'd perhaps need to research genres, places of origin, times of introduction and popularity, what the move makes reference to/suggests, and more, plus very short video clips of the dance move. Say you look up the Bossa Nova Hand Dance, and you'd get all the information about it, and then there would be links to other dance moves categorized by genre, artist, year/period, area of origin, and so-on. Perhaps to show real motivation, you could start an application that could mimic the dance steps with computer graphics. Not only could one see pre-selected computer models virtually performing the dance moves, one could specify or modify the models, string together moves to synchronize with music, and even place the recorded movements into programs like games and such. The site could also have a section or brother-site that does the same for martial arts and fighting moves.

One last idea ('cause my beer's about done) is a combination of kiosks, just-in-time mail order distributing, and an online service (or perhaps just a kiosk addition to The kiosks would be set up in certain malls and at live entertainment events. These kiosks would have specialized printers hooked up to accessible computer interfaces and to the Internet. They would be specialized to print out temporary tattoos, stickers, and iron-ons. Customers could select graphic designs at the kiosks from various pre-designed sets, or they could chose to have their own designs printed off the Internet. Say, before a concert, someone could log on to the company's website and start their own account that would help them upload and/or create various designs, such as slogans or graphics that are optimized to be used as temporary tattoos, iron-ons, or stickers. Then, at the concert they could go to the kiosk, sign in to their account, and then select their own graphics to print. That way, they could decorate themselves in personalized ways. Also, the kiosks would promote graphics relevant to the concert, and the bands or brands could get royalties off of trademarked designs.

Okay... idea dump complete! Sorry it's so looong.

I hope all you BUSTies are having a fun weekend smile.gif
Uh oh! My ideas kill treads, apparently sad.gif

I've been lurking about as of late, I like the dress idea. And I think it owuld be super cool if I could meet you!

Good afternoon everyone! I from mr jamhost's house. Where I spent the night. biggrin.gif

Yeah, so....yeah. It just feels right, ya know? What can I say?
laugh.gif WOOT! Nice one, Doodle! WOW, music and portions...could it be any better?

We've had an awesome weekend here...beautiful fall weather, and I've spent a ton o' time in the kitchen...made chicken stock, granola bars, salad dressing, tortilla soup, greek lamb-and-rice-stew, and finally - lamb kabobs & roasted sweet potatoes for dinner tonight...there's no place I'd rather be than in my kitchen. smile.gif And I went to see Nights in Rondante with bridezilla was okay, but kinda sad.

Lore, I love the b-maid "cruelty free" idea!! Personally, I've just chosen to NOT b-maid, no matter who its for...its expensive, and I don't like wearing dresses of my own choosing, let alone someone else's taste. I specialize in readings. wink.gif I shall be performing my reading skillz at two weddings in the next two weeks, and I really should be designing programs right now instead of dorking around the internets...the brides are getting restless. heh.

Doodle, rawk on! (I'm jealous of any of you gettin' some... Goaty's got a cold sad.gif )

Turbo, did I ever tell you that you totally inspire me with your cooking talk? I would soooo love to be your apprentice cook.

Culture, yeah, smile.gif we'd hang out and talk some superhero business.

The Salmon Days festival was surprisingly huge for the size of our town. My friend (former neighbor) from Bellingham didn't so much need help as conversation and moral support. Her knitted hat booth got attention, but few actually bought due to pricing. She was selling hats for $45, and they were from hand-spun wool and other sorts of funky yarn that she'd do herself, but it's just waaay too much over the price of something comparable-looking from Wal Mart or wherever. She wasn't making back her expenses sad.gif It made her understandably grumpy. She's a really sweet senior citizen who was strongly influenced by the Hippie movement. A free spirit for sure. I liked talking with her back in Bellingham in the hallway, but it was kinda embarrassing for her to complain about unequal education of different races while in a crowd who could easily take her meaning wrong. Still, it was nice to see that she's continuing to be the feisty gal I knew when we lived up North.

Fondness and good luck to all you BUSTies! smile.gif
Hi everyone! I am only just home.....the cats are pissed. sad.gif

So....yeah. I got home from work yesterday to two messages on my voicemail: one from a municipal candidate asking me to volunteer to do some phoning this weekend, the other from mr jamhost asking if he could pick me up and show me the progress of the stage. What a deliciously ironic list of choices.

The stage is AWESOME! It's 10x12x2 feet high - mr jamhost and my future bass player apparently put it together while I was at work yesterday (and also built a drum riser), and mr jamhost and I got it covered with carpet today, and got the stairs cut down to fit their new home. Fab!

So anyway, there was nothing to be done when I got there yesterday. The kids were out. No one was home. Hmmm. We christened the stage with weed and song, and I also became the first one to spill a drink on it (just tea). We must have sat on the edge of the stage playing a hundred songs into the night, long after his daughter got home and went to bed. And then we christened the stage with cuddling and smooching, and then we took the canoodling upstairs to the loft. *ahem* I wound up spending the whole of today with mr jamhost, talking, messin' around, playing music, building stuff - I think we went out for lunch and smokes at one point. He even drew us a candlelit bath to get the dirt and sawdust off. Such a lovely Sunday.

I will probably end up going back over tomorrow night to help. For the most part, "helping" seems to mean that I entertain him with songs while he works, which is dandy with me. wink.gif If I say I should be helping, he'll just say, "You ARE helping!" smile.gif

I would like to tell you a lot more about him, but I don't want to be all gushy. I don't FEEL all gushy, I just feel....well, all I'll say is he's wonderful and amazing and fascinating, and I can tell him anything and he's opening up quite a lot himself.....and he's so frickin' cool and I'm so frickin' comfortable with him, that I can't believe I even contemplated letting age be a barrier. I mean, for fuck's sake: the man just built a stage in his living room. He's a keeper!

Sorry for the MeMeMe, but.......well, dammit!! Me 'n' mr jamhost! Holy crap! wink.gif
quick fly by....
i just met balto, who is daddy's new mastiff, from the same breader she got bella from. he's a super sweetie. bella was 170, balto is 220lbs. like bella he's scared of everything. it's so funny, it's like you're looking at him too close because dogs aren't supposed to be that damn big. his head is bigger than mine.

i was trying to figure out what size animal it's like having in your house. cos mastiff's are a lot like lions in charecter, and they walk like them too, but they aren't that big. i finally decided it's like having a pony in the house. he's 3' tall sitting. which is just weird. his nick so far is balt-o-meal.

she is dog sitting her daughter's dog, chloe too. (clo-weeny, in case you were wondering) who is a boxer. she's a good girl but doesn't get on with other animals.

this is going to be interesting...

hope everybody hand a good weekend!
DOODLE!!! Portions and Music for sure! My grandma always said (when referring to moxieman and me) that "Its good you found someone who you share hobbies with...cause the sex fades after a time and you need to do something togehter!" Yes, I'm serious. that's a direct Jean quote. Here's hoping the sex doesn't fade till your 80s, though. smile.gif

So, moxette and I are both home sick, although I think she's quite a bit more sick than me. Just biding time with Disney movies until the doc opens at 9. Maybe, since she doesn't really want cuddles this morning, i'll get some work done.

Or busting. I could do that, too.
5 days until my vacation.

Hope everyone is doing well.

GT, 220 lbs is a whole lotta dog! Balto is a great name.

CH, 5 days! Woot!

(((mox))) I hope you both feel better.

Doodle....oh-la-la!! Sounds like things are heating up with mr jam host!

Hey Anna!

Hey Lore!! I love the invention ideas!

jenn, sounds like you made some super tasty food this weekend! Per usual!

Things here are good. Had a nice weekend, though it was kinda busy. Hung with family Friday night & Saturday during the day. Saturday night Mr K took me out for some delicious sushi. Yesterday I did yard work, house cleaning, grocery shopping, and a good bit of reading. It was a nice day. This week is less busy than last week, and I'm glad.
anna k
Congratulations Doodle! I must repeat, I am in awe of you.

Aww, the name Balto is so cute, like the animated hero-dog.

moxiegirl, you look so beautiful and adorable in your user pic. and moxette looks like a wild little dame.

I saw Margaret Cho perform Saturday night, she was fantastic. Today I went for an internship interview at a literary agency, it seems like a good possibility that I may get it. Tonight is the Chagall opening at the museum, and I may go on some dates this weekend. Plus my review of The Duchess will be getting published soon, so some good stuff.

CH, my Montreal vacation begins next week, I'm psyched. I bought a travel guide, but I've already seen the sights, I just wanted the map and some good reccomendations and travel tips.
Anyone care for a slice of PIE?!! tongue.gif

You can't post pictures directly because of trolly mctrollerson. So no pics so there are no fake abortion pics.
ohmy.gif but... but then the trolls win! sad.gif
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