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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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My pants are ready!!! I can pick them up tomorrow!! Hoorah!

Totally driving by, forgive my selfishness - jamming tonight, just decided today that I need to learn Proud Mary before tonight. Still trying to figure out the guitar bits! Stayed late at co-worker's "office warming" - she is getting her own office, finally, so she brought in appies, and more importantly, booze! I'm such a cheap drunk - two glasses of red wine.

So yeah, hate to post and run, but....I am!! Sorry!

P.S. - I can't believe how many people I'm meeting who aren't even going to vote in the Canadian federal election! Especially women....I'll say, "We haven't even had the right to vote for a hundred years yet!" It infuriates me - last election, I was registering people to vote through the women's centre!!!
What's up!

It's Thursday!

CH, are you feeling better today? I hope so. ~~healthy vibes~~

And you too, Erinjane?? ~~healthy vibes~~

Hey Doodle! Did you learn the song?

Hey jenn! Yeah, if the organization would get a car for you, that would be one thing. Otherwise....?

Diva, the bracelet sounds beautiful! What colors is it?

Hey lore!

Hey lananans!

Hey anna!

Things here are decent today. I am coming to the conclusion that I need more extracurricular activities. I'm feeling very unfulfilled lately. Hmmm. I want to do something constructive & useful. Perhaps I will look for some volunteer work. Any ideas?

Hi anna - I hope the job situation works out for you! And I'm sure you look gorgeous dahling...

Hi Doodle! I'm a really cheap drunk too. And I am going to vote in the Canadian Federal election, so there's one!!

Hi Divala!

culture and ej - I hope you feel better today!

kari - I also would probably benefit from some volunteer work.. any suggestions you get I'll listen to as well, haha.

I got an email from the job that I really want and I'm going to meet with them the second week in October. Wooot!
Tomorrow is my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers and I'm thinking I haven't had a very good week... let's hope the scale surprises me.
Today is another day with nothing to do, since I find myself jobless. Perhaps I will bake, and go for a walk.

Hope you're all having a good day!

just BUSTing in to say "what up!" no real time to post but trying to catch up on archives while scarfing a late lunch.

love all around!
I DID learn the song, but then mr jamhost didn't want to jam it with me, 'cause he's played it "way too many times at bar gigs." Which I understood. Gives me more time to learn it properly for when I jam with someone else. I wound up doing Sympathy for the Devil, Magic Man, Fine and Mellow (Billie Holiday), and 3 of my own. Also, one of my co-workers from the accountants' agency came with me! biggrin.gif And reported back this morning, so now everyone thinks I'm a rock star. wink.gif

I gotta go back to work.

Pickin' up my pants at lunch time!! WOOT!
anna k
Yay doodle! Magic Man sounds very sexy and alluring.
hey kats!

My nose hurts. bah.

sorry for so generic, hope all are well. I must work now.
oooh! did someone say marijuana party??

oh wait. it's a political party, not a party party... harumph!
heh. The Green Party, no?

Hey FJ! It is so good to see you!

Hey Doodle! I love the song Magic Man. Heart kicks ass.

Good luck in your WW meeting lananans! Congrats on the interview e-mail!!! That's wonderful!

Lananans, I e-mailed some people this AM about volunteer ops. Will see what happens.

Heyo, thanks all for the healthy vibes. I do feel better today. Last night at our staff/board meeting I just started getting the worst heartburn ever on top of feeling sinusy and ill, so I left early and as soon as I got home I just threw up everything in my stomach. It's the first time I've ever thrown up without feeling queezy so I think it's about time I got my gall bladder checked out.

doodle, they were playing quotes on CBC from people and so many young folks said they weren't going to vote pretty much because they didn't give a damn. It made me angry to be in the same age bracket.

lananans, good luck with the job in October!

hey fj, heehee, your marijuana party joke made me laugh. tongue.gif
Good Morning!!


Erin, that really stinks about the barfing! Maybe you are right & something is going on. Hmmmmm.

I am working from home again today. It's nice.

Other than that, no real news to report here. Had a book club meeting last night, then came home & read for at least an hour. Planning on working today, mixing in some house stuff.

What's everyone got going on this weekend?

*peaks out from under blankets*

Can I come out now, it's way too busy at work, being sick has left behind, as has attending physio. Nooooo, I don't want to go back out there.

*pulls blankets over head again*
anna k
I made reservations at a bed and breakfast in Montreal for a weekend trip in mid-October. I'm just looking forward to a weekend of relaxing and exploring a new city (even though I went to Montreal four years ago). I want to ride on an Amtrak train up north and feel so free and independent and happy, and celebrate being 25 and having enough money to fund a weekend trip.

I have a date tonight, tomorrow I'm going to an exercise class, lounge around, go out on another date, then Sunday see The Duchess to review for a website. I'm glad to have a weekend off from work.

Hi, peeps!

Jenn, I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about those shoes, although they do sound nice. The only Cole-Haan item I have is a purse and I don't think I've ever tried their shoes on.


Anna K, that trip sounds really fun. I hear Montreal is a beautiful city.

(((((((((EJ)))))))))) I hope it's nothing serious.

Hi, Kari! The bracelet is more like a cuff, but it's continuous, instead of with an opening. There's no clasp on it, since I made it out of clear stretchy stuff. Half of the crystals are a mix of clear/pink/blue/green rounds with flat backs, the others are clear bicones. It's done in a ladder pattern, but the "rungs" are so close together, it just looks solid, which is what I had intended. The matching earrings are 1" drops of the clear/pink/blue/green pieces, pretty plain and simple. My only gripe about the bracelet is because I used bicones for half of it, it's a little scratchy going on, but it's fine once it's over your hand and sitting where it's supposed to.

Who's watching the debate tonight? I know I sure as hell am!

No real weekend plans here. I might go out with Poodle for some drinks on a patio since it's supposed to get cold next week. I want to go to my parents' house to see Sam and pick up the ruler I need to make my boxes. Besides that, maybe some grocery shopping, too. I'm trying to avoid going out for happy hour after work today. I'm hoping the person I was supposed to go with forgot about it. I'm not in the mood to be social right now, I just want to go home.

Hi everyone, job prospects are looking good, but I'm busy watching Twin Peaks with my bf, we got all of season one, and we are ADDICTED... must get back to it...

if you watch th debate tonight, drink everytime Obama says change and McCain says freedom...

I'll catch up with you lovely ladies tomorrow/later!
greetings ladies.
I ~loved~ the marijuana party posts. yes, it would stimulate the economy. heh.
((ch)) go back under the blankets. its safe there.
diva - wish you could post a pic. sounds all shiney and purdy.

I feel human now. I have had trouble sleeping. like 3-4 hrs a night trouble. finally broke down and got meds from the doctor. first night they worked, not the second. after a three hour nap, I feel human. <sigh> don't know what the problem is. yes, stress, that will never end. but why the extreme not being able to sleep??


Jami, you DO know that sleeplessness is the leading cause of Fight Clubs, right? ohmy.gif Best of luck with the snoozage.

Lans, I'd be drunk just off McCain saying that Obama "doesn't understand..." sad.gif Good debate, but Obama sounded more mature than his super-senior opponent.

Diva & Poods, please have some great patio time! smile.gif Get yourselves some tasty hors d'oeuvres!

Anna K, rock on about celebrating independence! Have fun in Montreal and on your two dates smile.gif

*shoves a bowl of chicken Pho' and a bowl of Green Party 'literature' under Culture's blankets* (((Culture)))

Kari, whatcha readin'? Book clubs sound cool, if I could find the right one.

*Green Party comfort support vibes for EJ's stomach* I sure hope t's nothing too bad.

*joins FJ's Marijuana Party conga line*
(((((jami))))) I've had lots of times of stress/little sleep, I know how hard it can be. I think the inability to sleep when we're stressed comes partly from not being able to shut our brains off (we DREAM about the stressful situations, or we wake up thinking about them), and partly because our nervous systems are on heightened alert for more incoming danger (stressful situations push you into a kind of survival mode - fight or flight). At least in my own experience. I don't really have times like that anymore, so all I can tell you gets better? Big hugs.

(((((CH))))) Feel better....

TWIN PEAKS! OMG, I remember that, when it was first on. I was addicted. I can still hear that weird theme music....

diva, your jewelry sounds so cool! What are bicones? Banjoboy...I don't know what rentals he's even looked at so far (and it's a really hard time to rent here, with the student influx - but his beloved cat is staying with banjomama, and I know he wants the cat back - plus it is getting chilly at night. I hope he finds something soon.

anna, I want to read all about your trip! I soooooo desire to spend some time in Montreal....

Hi kari, what are you reading in your book club?

Hello and love also to turbo, FJ, GT, erin, and lore!!

Honest to god, the Marijuana Party....every election, the women's centre would organize an all-candidates' forum; every election we'd invite the local Marijauna Party candidate; every election we'd get a dazed 'n' confused sounding reply and they'd never show up.

I think I am going to grab some voter registrations and register the young 'uns at the store. Some of them are registered, but some of them are talking about not even voting! I have to at least get them to do that. I don't hold out much hope for getting them out to the upcoming municipal elections, but they've got to vote federally! Maybe it's just the environment I grew up in, but it's hard to imagine myself not making the effort to vote. God, I'll never forget how excited I was to vote the first time - I was only eighteen; doodlemama took me to the polling station, and I blurted to out everyone: "It's my first election!"

/dork mode

Today was a double shift day - my co-worker at the accountants' (the one who went to the jam) drove me to the store, so that made it a little simpler today! (I told her about the Boobie Peeper. I had to name it to somebody.) I treated myself to a pendant superduper cheap on my discount, one I've been eyeing for awhile, stashing the last one in the back of the rack so no one would buy it. wink.gif It's a big aqua-turquoise glass piece set into a swirly silver setting (almost like a backwards 6 - it looks like a 6 in the mirror!), on a double strand of silver wire instead of a chain.

Tomorrow I work, and then BEB has a gig! He got asked to audition for this jazzfunkreggae three-piece, and this will be his first gig with them! So I will definitely go to lend my moral support...and 'cause I've never heard them. Sunday....I haven't decided. Stay home and clean my terribly messy apartment, or see if mr jamhost wants to jam.....
Drive by! Hi, everybody!

Angelo Badalamenti. He's composed a lot of soundtracks for Lynch.

Weirdly, I remember the night Twin Peaks premiered. There was no 'net back then, but I'd heard about it. My folks had company, but I commandeered the tv & fell in love. After that, my favorite snack was coffee & pie.
ej - I hope you feel better! My boyfriend is very disillusioned, and doesn't really want to vote, but I think he's going to vote Green because he knows Elizabeth May and she's a nice person... as long as he participates I'm fine with that...

Whatcha reading kari?? I'm currently reading some truly godawful Penny Vincenzi novel that my granny recommended - pure escapism...



Hi Divala!

anna - have fun in Montreal! I was there last September to write my LSAT's and i LOVED it. Something about the atmosphere..

doodle - that necklace sounds gorgeous! have a good weekend!

Soo.. I'm pretty much addicted to Twin Peaks now... vintage Lara Flynn Boyle before she looked all weird, and the fashions that they wear, it's worth it just to see that, and their curly bobbed hairstyles... I was only 4 when it premiered, so I missed it the first time around, and I'm glad I discovered it!

It looks like it's going to rain here today, so I'm thinking it's a good day to hibernate. I did laundry yesterday, but only progressed to the point of folding it and putting it in piles around the couch while I watched the Rachel Zoe Project online.. I should probably put it away at some point. I think the BF is hitting up the library, so it'll be a fun day alone, as usual.. sometimes it really sucks being in a new city and not knowing anyone.
I've never seen an episode of Twin Peaks, but I've had a peanutbutter malt shake in the town it was filmed in. I drove by the cherry pie place, but I'll have to taste some while I live less than an hour away from the place.

People seem nice there. They've kept the small-town picturesqueness of it because they know it's an asset, but there's a semi-toity outlet mall just off the freeway exit there, too.
*drops down on Okayland sofa*

My feets hurt! *whine, snivel* wink.gif Actually, I had a great day at work - the perfect team of women working together. Our manager (the rocker) has tix to Bob Dylan - he is actually coming to Kamloops!

Also, we are doing a breast cancer research fundraiser throughout the month of October - $5 from every bra sold will be donated. (To research, not to "awareness" - I asked and asked till I got an answer!) It's a huge promotion, and rather timely for me personally, since my stepmom just had a mastectomy. And also, I discovered (through her sister*), one of the women at the accountants' office has breast cancer. Anyway, we will be having a sale on bras to get women buying them. and a big PR event - a whole section of the fitting rooms designated for bra-fittings, bra-giveaways, putting women's names up on walls and windows, and all kinds of stuff, over the whole month of October.

(*Whom I know through the NDP and the women's centre, and who also plays the banjo and just invited me to a jam - such a small community! I'm still adjusting to it after all these years.)

Anyway, I need to bugger off and get ready to go out and cheer BEB on. Hippiegirl turned up at the store today, I think she will come with me! biggrin.gif
Morning all.

So how is everyone? I'm on the mend, but still very very tired. Happy sunday indeed.

Can't say I've ever seen twin peeks. Heard good things.


Doodle, that's great about the store donating money. Most places it's twelve cents the company donates.

EJ, how are you doing?

hey lananans, lore, diva, fj, AP and anna (how did your date go?)

I must head to the grocery store, so I'm going to finish getting ready instead of lounging around here in a towel.
anna k
Hey CH. My date on Friday sucked because the guy kept texting his friend and seemed really boring and dull. Saturday was decent, but the guy just sent me an email saying "Best of luck to you!", which means he's not interested. So whatever. I'm doing another date next Friday.

I saw Righteous Kill today. Formulaic thriller starring DeNiro and Pacino, but I didn't care, it entertained me. Lots of cliched dialogue about respecting the gun and living for the job, lots of f-words thrown around, and CH, Carla Gugino's cop character reminded me of you, a tough sexy cop who gets her kinks out with cops, firefighters, and ex-cons.

Doodle, that's great that $5 from every bra will be sold. I usually think it's cheap and insulting when the charity proceeds are about 1 cent from each purchase.

I did a project on Twin Peaks in college, saying how it influenced pop culture (The X-Files) and analyzing it. I liked some of the episodes, but couldn't get really into it.
Wow, anna, he texted the whole time?? What a whole level of rude. I hope his trips and smashes his face whilst texting.

annak - what a jerk!!!
now, I've been texted to on a date. it was from my date. he said I was beautiful wink.gif still have him, too.

stress is still here, I do what I can. bf has a difficult time sleeping too, troubles from where we moved from.

cool/strange thing... I dreamed that I was trying to call a girlfriend. I could not hit the right keys on the cell phone. I tried 5/6 times till I finally got thru to her ans machine. when I told bf, his eyes got wide. he, too dreamed that he was calling someone and kept hitting the wrong keys 5/6 times.
and when we pay cards, we end up with the same cards in our hands
and I 'see' what he's trying to tell me
and he 'feels' when I'm upset, even if we're in diff rooms.
it's so great.

thanks for all the vibes and love.

doodle - I love that it's to the actual research that the $ is going to. my half-sister had a lump, as I did at her age - same place, same size. mine was benign. hers wasn't. they thought they got it, but at her second surgery, she was septic, and they gave her three weeks. that's all it took too. I get mamograms every year.

love ya all!
Jami, it's great to see you in here. I hope you are doing well.
Greetings, spacelings! Hiya CH, jami, and anna! And everyone else, of course.

I just got home - spent most of the day with hippiegirl. We went to Canadian Tire to get a new battery for her car. She was installing it in their parking lot, and I was playing her guitar - these folks (total strangers) who came back to their truck helped with the battery changing, and then invited us to come over to their place, hang out in their backyard, smoke one, and play. So we did!

They had a boycat who looked JUST like George! It was CREEPY! Same build (exactly, I swear), same eyes, same coat, same was all the same, even down to the way they walk and the way the stray white hairs peep out through the black (just in slightly different spots). And then they told us they thought he was 3 or 4 years old....George is 4! They could be BROTHERS! These folks live only about 8 blocks from me, it could TOTALLY be George's brother, for reals. If so, George has a brother named Chaos.

Then we went to see mr jamhost. He made us pancakes for dinner! Huge stacks of pancakes served with raspberry jam, and fried eggs, with green tea. We phoned up BEB and he came over after supper to jam with us. Tomorrow we are going over to help mr jamhost dismantle and move a stage that an artist is passing on to him. I am bringing the drill.

Oh also, BEB's new band is AWESOME! Really different, lots of unusual rhythms and things. They opened for a Vancouver band called Spygirl, also really great.
Good Morning!

Doodle, that's really cool about the people inthe parking lot. Creepy about their cat.

It's Monday and I'd rather be in bed.

It's Monday!

hey Jami! You and your man sound like you are very happy. smile.gif Good! You deserve it!

Diva, the cuff bracelet sounds so rad! I love cuffs. The colors sound really rich and wonderful.

Hey Doodle!

Hey Jenn!

Hey Anna! Eek, the date sounds like a nightmare! I can't believe anyone thinks it's appropriate to text while on a date! Geez. Let us know how the Dutchess is!

lananans, I love Twin Peaks! I used to watch it every Saturday. We have the DVD box set, but now it's been so long since we watched, we would have to go back to the beginning. Might be something perfect for the winter months.

Hey LORE!!

My book club hasn't chosen the next book yet. We were all going to research & e-mail about it. Nobody had any burning ideas at the meeting. As for what I'm reading now, I'm reading this series called Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, it's very good. I'm on the second book of six in the series and am 100% hooked.

CH, I'd rather be in bed too! I did not want to get up this morning. Sigh.....

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday night I went to my mom's house. We ate sub sandwiches & watched the debate. After that Mr K and I met some friends out. Saturday I hung around the house, hit the flea market, and we went to dinner and drinks with another couple. Yesterday we met up with Mr K's parents for lunch. Then I saw a movie with a friend, and watched my Sunday night tv shows. All in all a good weekend.
Hi lore!

Doodle - Dylan is coming to London too, shocking I know. I'm going to see if me and the bf can get tickets.

Hi CH!

anna - that guy sounds like a loser. ... now that I'm watching Twin Peaks I pick up on all of these other pop culture references that I never knew where they came from it's pretty cool.

Sounds like you had a great weekend kari!

I had a good weekend too - my parents drove up the rest of the furniture that was stored in their garage - we have a kitchen table now! Also, they took me grocery shopping, which is totally awesome, my cupboards are stacked.
Tonight me and the boy are going to his distant cousins' house for Roshashana (forgive my spelling if its wrong) dinner.. I'm looking forward to it. I don't have my interview until next week so it'll give me something to do tonight!!

I...............forgot my glasses this morning. Sooooo.....I am sitting at the front desk of the accountants' in my shades, because they are 'scrip.

Me = dumbass. I knew I shouldn't have smoked that much weed yesterday. wink.gif
Hi, peeps!

Doodle, bicones are diamond shaped, but round. They're cheaper than rondelles and make for good accents, but for something that's going to fit close, go with the rondelles, since they won't scratch.

Hi, Jami! Your new guy sounds wonderful.

Anna, I don't know why you didn't just leave the date right when he started texting. That is so incredibly rude. You've certainly got more patience than I do.

I think I've seen about half of the Twin Peaks series. A friend from the gay pride board hosted a once-a-week TP night where we watched the episodes and ate pastries and drank coffee. It was pretty fun. Creepy show, though. I think the last thing I saw was the midget dancing around. But it was so weird to see the actors on it, like Lara Flynn Boyle (she was so pretty and normal!) and Kyle McLaughlan. I should try to finish the series sometime.

Hi, CH, and Kari!

I had a non-dumb weekend, which was very welcome. We went grocery shopping and I went to see Sam yesterday. I never got together with Poodle, but we're going out for brunch this weekend. The trip to see Sam last night was fun, but I got kinda beaten up. He doesn't really pay attention to knocking into people. I got bonked in the nose twice, he accidentally bit my finger really hard, and a few other bumps and knocks. It's hard to get mad at him though, he has such a sweet little face. Sam, his dad, and I went to the grocery store together and Sam tore around with the cart, so I had to keep him from bumping into people. It was pretty cute, though. Then I let him play in my car with the back seat folded down and the trunk open. He loves crawling around in there.

New Sam Quote: he was walking down the stairs with a pole and using it as a cane. I said to him "Sam, you're 5 years old, and you don't need a cane." He said "what, you're voting for John McCain?" That little boy is SHARP. I love him.

I'm so proud of the giant. He spent an entire hour on the phone talking politics with his brother, the Iraq war vet. We talked him out of voting for the Rethuglican House rep guy, since the other guy is also and Iraq war vet and even served in his unit (doesn't know if he knows him, though, since the unit is gigantor). He's going to tell all his friends to vote for the Democrat, too. But still, it was truly awesome to see the giant hold his own in a political discussion. I really, really love him. He's wonderful. I was so impressed by him that he got extra HBI.

Not much going on with me today. I've finished what little work I had left to do, so now I have to look busy for 5 hours and 15 minutes.

hi everybustie! just doing a bit of a fly by.

i did a job interview last week. i've got my fingers crossed. it's this place that does museum displays. i think it went pretty well, but of course in retrospect i realized some things i did wrong during the weld test. ugh.

weld tests always suck because somehow the place you're doing it has a welding machine that you've never seen, and a set up that is utterly alien to to you. i've worked on all sorts of tig and mig rigs since i started last year, and still, i get there and the put me on the old fuck'd unit. *sigh*.

but here's hoping that they atleast give me a shot. there was a girl there who was super cool. she told me, yeah usually [a female co worker] is here. we've got girl power here. i already wanted to work at the place, but that made me want to work there now.

diva-- yay for the giant + sam! the idea of kids talking politics always kills me. i always think of all the things i misunderstood when i was a kid. god, was i an idiot.

hay- lan! so glad you left that last job. those people S-U-C-K!
******good job good luck vibes to all the job hunting busties******

anna that dood sux too. i don't even like it when long time friends talk on the phone when we're hanging out, let alone some new schmuck. that is not cool. although it would be acceptable if it was what jami's date did. that's adorable. i just don't know where these guys get their ideas about dating. that's just dumb.

hi ch, lore, doodle, kari, jen, ej and fj...
Hey, does anyone want to know what's closer to Moscow than Sarah Palin? Check this out:
helloooooooooo busties.

diva - love that Sam is such a quick one. love what he said and all.
gt ~~vibes~~ for the job.
doodle - using the sunglasses. love it!!
ya know, I never have seen the twinpeaks show. dunno why.
greetings to all of y'all

today was a good day. all's good with bf and I. he's into Magic (card game) (is there a forum for this?) and I was looking thru his cards (b-day present), and I said that the artwork on this one card was beautiful. he says, yeah, the crimson hellkit was always his fav. um, I didn't say what I was looking at, and there were over 100 cards there. whoa, we're doing it again.
portions all over the place, too. ~drool~

jami out
Hello, hello, hello, my beautiful Amazonian Okaylanders! First time back online all day, phew! It was a mad rush of things, including running an in-office flu shot clinic! Of course, the first thing I do, as always, is check in to Okayland! I can't be on long, though, as I'm off to mr jamhost's tonight to help dismantle a stage. Or bring the drill, anyways.

I'm getting rather fond of mr jamhost. I mean....pancakes for dinner? So much awesomeness. I wonder what he serves for breakfast? wink.gif

So yeah, I got a free flu shot at work today - the partners paid for any staff that wanted one. I took them up on it, though I hadn't decided until this morning.....I've never had one before.
Doodle, now I totally want pancakes....Mmmmmm. Gonna have to whip some up this weekend.

Jami - you and the bf really have it goin' on...turbomann and I were like that too when we first got together. His mom said we'd been partners in many previous lives. Cool. Now, we just joke that we're like the borg, and we share one mind. smile.gif

Mmmm....pancakes. I am so jonesing for starchy goodness right now.

Diva - I *heart* Sam! What a cutie! I love that you always have awesome stories to share with us. Also, you said "rondelles." smile.gif ...Which makes me think of a do-wop girl group sitting around beading in satiny pink dresses.

Turbomann and I had a way too busy weekend. Dinner with friends on Friday. Saturday bachelor/ette madness for both of us. I am SO over the bigfuckingdeal bachelorette shindigs...esp. since this one was for bridezilla, and nothing could possibly be right. Glad its, just have to make it through the wedding. The good thing is my BFF gets married the next weekend, and I am SO excited for her wedding.

((((((get the job vibes for GT)))))) Sounds like an *awesome* place to work, I hope you get it!!

Kari, thanks for the good review on the OUtlander books - those have been on my queue for awhile, but haven't started them. If you're looking for a guilty pleasure sort of book for your club, turbomann and I are both tearing through the Twilight books - they are YA, but OMG, are they addicting. So fun to read about the idea of vampires living among us, esp. given they are a humantarian group, and don't dig on humans.
Ha, diva, your Sam story reminded me of prophecy_grrl's nephew. A few years ago, when he was 3 or 4, right about that age where they start understanding stuff around them and can make jokes, he used to go up to his dad, who is a vehement anti-Bush guy and would say, "Dad, I looooooooove George Bush!" just to annoy him. laugh.gif Ah, they do say the darnedest things!

Good luck on the job interview, gt!

((hugs to all the okayers!))
Morning all! We're back from the wedding vacation, which was spectacular. My whole family was there, and everyone just had fun. Very little drama, very much joy. Moxette in particular was a riot act the whole week, but in the precocious, cute way. I'll be able to post the pictures sometime today, as moxieman is uploading them at work.

While we were at the hotel one morning having brekkie, a split screen shot of Mccain and Obama came on the tv. Moxette shouts out (about McCain)..."Mama, its the BAD GUY". Had the whole place cracking up. smile.gif LIttle democrats, unite!

Anyway, I think I have a LOT of catching up to do. Gonna go read and try to develop a work ethic.
Good Morning!

Kari, I remember when I worked at a bookstore, the outlander series was really popular.

Hey lananans, how was your dinner last night? horray for food and a new kitchen table!

Hee hee doodle. It wasn't the weed, you were merely running late for work. Pancakes for dinner is always a good idea.

Diva, that is sweet of Sam. and awesome about the giant! That link is awesome! Of course I can't check it out again at work. Crappy work filters. I guess people were looking at that online at work.

~*~*~*~*~*Jobbity job vibes for GT~*~*~*~*~* how you doing?

Jami, that is wild about the card!!! COOL! I'm glad you are happy.

Hey Turbo! Bridezilla's, ick. I've heard good things about the twilight series.

hey Polly! It's great to see you in here!

Hey there mox! That's too cute about moxette! All the little okayers and their wise political musings. Excellent.

as for what I'm reading, I'm really into Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child right now. Makes for some good reading, although I do have a fluff series that has another book out, I've been meaning to pick it up, but physio is a little more important than books at the moment.

I have 9 business days until my vacation. I'm counting down the days. And I'm feeling better, still a little tired, but I did manage to workout this morning for a bit. I haven't worked out hard in over a week, damn this cold.

Soooooo, how is everyone?

Good Morning!

Diva, it sounds like Sam is doing well. Sorry about the rough play time! Good for the giant for convincing his brother!!! Is he there in MN?

Speaking of politics....Mr K and I have an Obama yard sign. I came home last night to find that some fucker bent one of the legs of it, trying to tear it down. They half way succeeded. I put it back up. GRRRRR. My neighbor's Bush-Palin sign was standing nice & tall, guess that sign did not offend the vandals. I will be keeping a sharp eye out. We live on a fairly busy street, I am imagining it was someone walking by.

Love the "what else is closer to Russia" pic!

Jenn, I would say definitely get into Outlander. They are thick books, but they read quickly.

Hey Jami! You and your man are psychic. I'm glad you are so happy.

Hey Doodle! Did you have to wear your sunglasses all day at work?

CH I didn't know you had a vaca coming up! FUN! How long you taking off? Are you going anywhere, or just relaxing at home? Either way....NICE!

Moxie! Glad you had fun at the wedding! That is so great that you've got a little Dem!
I had a sort of similar experience the other day while watching the debate...split screen, niece comes in and says "you're cheering for the brown guy." Uh, not quite the most tactful statement, but she's got the right idea.

~~~~~job vibes GT~~~~ That's tough, how can you possibly know how to work each and every machine out there. I will be crossing my fingers for you!!

Hey Polly!

I'm working from home today. Got up around 7:30, Mr K already gone to school. I didn't even hear him leave. I woke up from a terrible dream, I dreamed I'd cheated on Mr K and was feeling sooooooo awful and guilty. Ugh. Those dreams are even worse than the ones where you get cheated on. Was relieved to wake up. Today, I'm just going to do some work, maybe hit the gym, not sure what else.

anna k
That's great that you have a vacation coming up, CH! I know you've told me how stressful your work is, so this will be great.

I'm glad to hear the wedding vacation was fun, Moxie. It's good when the whole family gets along.

(((((vibes for girltrouble's job interview))))))

I'm feeling bad about my dates being unsuccessful, and an IM male buddy of mine telling me that I need to get laid, preferably with him. I'm considering it just to break the dry spell, but he doesn't interest me physically, and I feel bad for not having recent luck with guys. This sucks.
OMFG, I SOOOOOOOOO have a crush on one of the accountants' new clients. HOT. In that shaved-head, blue-eyed, buff-body - and really nice happy-to-be-alive vibe - kind of way. I can FEEL the heat, baby. He's so new I've only seen him twice, but if he came back in right now, I'd totally do him in the boardroom. Or the supply cupboard. I don't really care.

I've told 2 of the admin staff already....if he asks about me when I'm gone (stupid me, I never told him I'm the temp!), GIVE HIM MY PHONE NUMBER! biggrin.gif
Dinner was great last night, very delicious. Today after a quick trip to the post office I ended up spending the entire day in bed/on the couch, hardly able to move because of back pain. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Hello to everyone else, I'll catch up tomorrow!!
Oh noooo Lans! *back comfort & healing vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

He he, Doodle! That reminds me of once, in days of yore, shutting my then girlfriend and I into a classroom during school and makin' the sweet looove because both of us had been sent on errands out on campus and got them over with waaay too early, and, well, we were horny. Only time we ever had sex on company time wink.gif
Good luck! Any nics sound good for him?

AnnaK, sorry to hear about the frustration. I'm not sure if IM friend is a good idea, though. I'm no expert, but... just don't want you to feel worse.

Heeya Kari! That was a tad like a recent and super-vivid dream I had last week where Goaty and I were living in a nice house with a pool and a nice kitchen, plus a pair of pugs, which is the type of dog goaty is crazy about. Unfortunately, I had left the oven on for too long, smoke billowed out, and for some reason that made sense in the dream, oven smoke makes pugs go blind!!! ohmy.gif It was just this awful guilty feeling of letting Goaty down in a big way, hurting her badly, terribly hurting our pets, and not knowing how I would tell her, all because I was creless sad.gif I guess I've been feeling like I'm not competent enough for my age or something. Perhaps it's a mix of work stress and concern for keeping Goaty a happy critter. Anyhoo, bummer about your dream.

Heeya Culture! smile.gif Yaaaaaay about feeling healthier! Yaaaaaay for vacations! So what's our superhero going to do on her vacation?

Haya Mooooxie! smile.gif Funnay stuff about the kids picking up on politics! Glad you both had a wonderful welling vacation

Hey-o Polly! Nice Medeusa av smile.gif

Hey Turbs! It's great to hear that you and the Mr. are so close like that smile.gif

Cool with the 'Magic' between you guys, too! wink.gif I wouldn't mind picking that game up again if I ever get to be around friends who'd also dig that. *opening a beer to toast to couples that can geek together*

Divalalala! Funny pic smile.gif I wish I had friends around who were into making stuff like you do.

GT, fingers crossed for your job app. A museum?!? Awesome! smile.gif Also, I think I mentioned that we moved to Issaquah, which has GOT to be near you! I gotsta meet you sometime! (friday?)
Hey all!

Not as funny as the Palin map, but YIKES!
Good Morning.

Hey Kari! Excellent on working from home! Did you work out last night?

((((anna)))) you're IM buddy needs to back off.

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for lananans~*~*~*~* how's your back today?

Hey Lore! How are things on your end?

I plan on doing whopping loads of nothing for my vacation, and enjoying every second of it. I took the four days after thanksgiving off, uhhh, Canadian Thanksgiving, then the Saturday is my birfday so I'll have a week and a half off with weekend, and turkey day n such.

Again this morning I got up and did cardio, because I was sick, I wasn't able to work out for a week. Bah.

ETA: Lore. Holy. Wow...oh dear. This is also the woman who wants to go to war with Russia. Eeek.


Good Morning!!

Hey Ch! I did not go to the gym last night. I found out I am having several dinner guests tonight, so took last night to menu plan & grocery shop. I'm gonna go to the gym at lunch today. Your home vaca sounds like a very relaxing time. A week and a half off is awesome!!

Lore, eep! on your pug dream! You are most definitely competent enough for your age! Goatie girl is one lucky duck.

((lananans)) Sorry you have back pain! Did you injure it?

((anna)) DO NOT sleep with that dude. It's clear you don't want to, and it's skeevy of him to try to persuade you. Ick. You're better than that!!

Doodle, the acct sounds hot. I hope he asks one of the peeps about you & they give him your digits.

Things here are good. We have our first morning of really cool fall weather. That makes me happy. Fall is the best! Office mate is out today, so it'll be quiet. I am gonna take off about an hour early for dinner party prep.
yay! today is officially a fun day. i get to hang out with a friend of mine who i IDOLIZE. we are going to tacoma (i <3 tacoma) to go thrifting, then an art show. it should be a blast, and the woman is a cool object magnet. just check out her super cool/loopy apartment: wubbtacular!!!
we both got laid off, so this is a fuck-gainful-employment holiday, although, you can't find it on a calendar, i can assure you it's already etched in my heart.

i haven't heard back from that fab shop. i hope to on fri or next monday.

lore!!!! we totally have to meet! that'd be awesome! are you a dranker? oooooh! we could do dim sum in my hood!

doodle i love hearing you talk about boys. you are soo funny.

anna, i know that guy is your friend, but that's kinda sleazy. or that's how it comes across here.

yay for a "cultural" holiday! you deserve a break from the mad houses you've had to work in.

good luck with the dinner tonight kari. i admire anyone who can host a dinner, i'm a terrible host, and a disaster in the kitchen... :/

moxie, that's hilarious, she's a little smarty pants!

hi turbo, polly, jami, diva!

ok, gotta get ready to go!

later bustie bitches!

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