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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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*slips though secret tunnel*

(((((fj and mr fj and jackeroo and family))))
FJ, darling, thank you for coming back so quickly to check in with us - that is the best news I've heard all day!!! ((((((FJ Fam)))))) You guys have been through so much, I'm continually inspired/awed by the love in your family, and I'm so relieved that the little 'roo is as perfect as you knew he already was. *whew*

I just got home from work, shoved a granola bar down my throat, and flopped on the couch. What a day. I was in a studio editing video with the video magician all day today, and that kind of work just fries your brain after awhile...add to that the fact that I brought my lunch (veggie minestrone), and the dude had no microwave in his office - WTF? So, I didn't eat lunch, and my 3pm, I was starting to get shaky, and then the headache. Before I drove home I finally had to gulp down a few bites of cold jellified soup, just so my brain could handle it. Sadly, I was supposed to meet up with moxieman, who was in town, and I was literally right across the street from his hotel, but damn, I just needed to be home. Good thing the moxies are coming to visit next month, so I don't feel so bad about it.

Congrats, Queen!!!
(((((FJ & Family)))) i'm glad the news turned out good.
Wow!! Grat to hear, FJ! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

Congrats on getting the new job, Queen Bull! (and Heya!)

Well said, Jami smile.gif

Oh, and I didn't get laid off on my birthday! Yaaay!

Hello to everybootaaaay! I'm off to pick up some Indian food and get my birthday into swing.
pssssst! lore-- go to the birthday thread and pick up all your birfday wishes, and then go to the community forum and help us decide on a name for the pac/northwest and brit columbia thread, k? oh and happy birfday, and congrats on not getting laid off that's awesome!
this thread (ok, this whole board) makes me smile. thank you all for being such wonderful peeps. the fact that you are also BUSTies just frosts my cupcake. we seriously need to come up with a way to get us all in the same city for a night. hell, get us all in the same freakin time zones together. i think a BUSTie cruise is in order.

not as though i have money to pay for such a thing. or time off at this point, either.

but i would give anything to meet you bunch of awesomely badass beautiful people.

thank you for making me feel loved. i've felt a lot of darkness over these past few weeks and i should have come back to your light sooner.
I fucking KNEW jam vibes would work!!! Rock ON, li'l Jackaroo!!!!! WOOT!!!

Congrats to QB, and, especially......


And a big sloppy wet hello smooch to everyone else! I'm gonna rush this before my 'puter crashes, and 'cause I have to get up at 6:30....

I totally fucking jammed Sympathy for the Devil last night, on the electric, and it ROCKED. And I only learned it the night before. In fact, I was still trying to memorize the lyrics at work yesterday. Also mr jamhost invited me to come over for coffee and he and I would acoustic jam. I think I am going to take him up on it this weekend, because....

....I actually have Saturday AND Sunday off in a row! This is my prize for giving up my Sunday for the store party, I think. biggrin.gif

I also bought new pants and a new shirt. Okay, well, it's the same shirt as the white one I bought when I started the accountants' office job, but it's two sizes smaller. (Working with clothes, I have to say, I don't honestly think there's that much difference between sizes sometimes.) Mine was looking dingy and baggy. It'll retire to my weekend version of the shirt. wink.gif And I had to have a couple pairs of pants, I promised myself I would do it this payday - my current ones are falling off me, and it's embarrassing. I bought a pair of black dress pants, of course. (On "The List.") And I bought PLAID PANTS!!!

Okay, but they are so cool, they are like '60s rocker pants. My manager at the store - the one who saw every frigging concert in the '60s - picked them out for me about 2 weeks ago when they came in, and she was right - I love them! They are charcoal grey, with a light grey plaid, bootcut, awesome fit, comfortable as all hell. The assistant manager said they were "out there," but that "somehow you make them work." Which was awesome, 'cause she is an amazing stylist. I wore them right away at the store tonight, on my shift. I kept saying I felt like Mick Jagger in them. A customer bought everything I recommended (including the same top as I was wearing, for heaven's sake!), because she said she wanted the look I had. biggrin.gif

I'm so vain. No truly, I LOVE working in fashion. I don't care if it's a crap-paying retail job, I still love it! I'm totally sucked in. Plaid, for heaven's sake!

Also in the vanity column, I finally found my hair stylist today, again. She told me she was going independent, but I lost the number and was spelling the name wrong trying to find it! She is partnering with a friend. The friend and the friend's husband own the salon together. My stylist pays rent, and keeps what she earns doing hair. It's a really nice little salon, and so awesome for her - she's also selling her handmade jewelry, which is gorgeous, through the salon. And man, I'm so glad I found her. It's got to have been four months since I've had a cut. It's so bad, when my assistant manager asked if I could work Saturday and I said I had a haircut booked, she decided she didn't need me that desperately! My bangs have long since grown out....actually, I'm thinking of keeping them grown out. Maybe the world's ready for my forehead.

Thoughts on bangs versus no bangs, anyone? Question of the day! I call it!
Happy Birthday, Lore!!!!

((((continued hugs for FJ))))) I am glad it seems to be coming out positive.

Doodle, yay for finding your old hairstylist! I JUST, for the first time, found a GOOD one. It's amazing the difference an "expensive" haircut makes. No opinion regarding bangs, I guess. I used to have them when I was younger, couldn't imagine showing my forehead. Now I can't imagine having bangs, so to each his/her own. If you like having them, by all means, keep them.

OH, and I HATE HATE HATE the way they size women's clothes. I mean, if I were a size 4 or 6 my pants would be the right length. But since I'm a little overweight for my height, and I wear a size ten, any pants I pull off the rack have to be at least 6 inches too long????? Why are we assuming all size ten women are Amazons? Gah.

(I had a terrible time finding trousers for Mom's funeral)

I ended up getting a pair of black jeans out of the MEN'S department, size 32/30. Why can't women's clothes take height into account????


So I'm at my hometown getting ready for the funeral Saturday. I have been told that Mom's sister is taking it pretty hard. It's going to be hard to see her, I hate seeing people who are in pain, my heart just breaks for them. On the upside, I got a GREAT hotel room and the bed is the MOST comfortable hotel bed I have ever slept in.

MY a/c in my car died on the way here. I went into an auto parts store....did you know you can buy refrigerant RIGHT OFF THE SHELF in an aerosol can???? I am flabbergasted. I know it's one of the ones that is considered ozone "safe" but even still, I was expecting to have to show my certification card.
It's Fucking Friday!

FJ, thank goodness everything is okay with 'Roo.

QB, congrats on the employment!

Jami, how are things in Cali?

~*~*~*~*soothing vibes for Turbo~*~*~*~*

Lore, I hope your day was great!

Doodle, it's good to see you in here again! What are you doing with your days off?

Tree, do not get me started on how women's clothes are made. Boo on dead AC's.

Hey to all okayers!

I have nothing. I did a half asses work out last night then went to sleep. Oh and someone was tailgating me so I got out of the car and went and asked him why he was doing it, to which he retorted it was because I was going under the speedlimit. I dropped down because he was on my ass. Moron. It was fun to do.

Congrats QB!

fj - Bustie cruise all the way.

Doodle - BANGS! I just got bangs cut, straight across. I've been wanting to do it for years but I never had the guts, until now. And I love them.

Tree - pants are always too long on me too. It's very annoying.

culture - this summer I turned onto the road near my house and an asshole on a cellphone in an SUV came barreling up the hill behind me, and starting gesturing... so I slowed down. Way down. And then he kept gesturing and yelling when I was also turning left, and made sure I was very slow in my turn. It gave me great satisfaction.

Soo tonight is a party with the BF and his med school buddies... I may have to work tonight until 930 (on call), but that's okay because I can just go afterwards if necessary. Also, yesterday, after I had lost all hope, I got a call from the one job that I really want. I don't want to say too much because I'll jinx it, but here's hoping it works out.
Hello! I've missed you guys! Been too busy to post......Today is slower.

FJ, I am SO relieved to hear that you got good news. smile.gif OMG, I can't imagine how terrified you guys were. I'm very happy for you now though.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LOREWOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did you & goatie girl do to celebrate? I am really happy you didn't lose your job too!

Congrats on the job Queen Bull!!

~~~~~job vibes for lananans~~~~

((((tree)))) I know the weekend is going to be a tough one.

Hi Jami!!! It is so good to see you! You seem to be doing very well, which makes me happy.

Hey mox!
Hey Minx!
Hey CH!
Hey Diva!
Hey Doodles!

I've read some of the archives, will catch up later. Just wanted to say HELLO!!!!
Yay, FJ, that's great news. Glad you're feeling better. ((((FJ))))

doodle, those pants sound hot. Bangs vs. no bangs is a hard one. For years I considered getting bangs again but I always thought they would make me look too young. I finally went with side bangs around the New Year and they look killer on me. I don't feel like I look like a high school kid anymore. It's really individual though. I can't pull off the full on front bang though because my hair is too fine and it looks a little strange. The only time it looks good is after I've first woken up.

Tree, I have similar issues with sizing. I'm petite but really curvy so a lot of times if I want to get a nice pair of boots in a size 5 they're too tight around my calf. I'm so used to hemming pants now I don't even think about it. I also have ridiculously small shoulders so I usually need an extra small shirt which is often too tight around my tits. Oh the joy of clothes shopping. Although I have to admit, I lost 10 pounds in the last few months and I notice clothes fitting a little better at the store. (((tree))) I hope everyting goes well on Saturday.

Last night was Take Back the Night here. I always enjoy the march but I ducked out early and didn't hear the speakers after. I was exhausted and sticky and sweaty and just wanted to sleep. I love those events though because all the women who come out are so hawt, and I mentally steal all their clothing and hair idea's to try out for myself. tongue.gif

Yesterday I found out I secured the funding to increase my hours, so starting next week I'm up to 30. Yay! Unfortunately still not FT because the funding for my hours is coming from two different sources and therefore can't be combined to pay me proper full time. But I think there's been some good signs that it could happen in the next 8-10 months. Fingers crossed, I need to move outta my 'rents.
Ahoy, maties! Happy Friday, aaaaaaaand.....Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!! No really, it's true, I heard it on CBC Radio this morning! Get yerself a Pirate Name here:


Calico Jack McGurk

I have to get the black dress pants hemmed, but I'm going to get a new heel tip put on my boots and then wear them for the seamstress, b/c that's most likely what I'll be wearing with them. The plaid fit perfectly! I am wearing them with my black rocker shirt, a dark purple cami, and my rocker belt and boots. I feel so fashionably hip today!

Though I am muito tired.....hard to sleep after working the evening shift, so basically, I had about 4 hours....bleargh.
Arrr! Thisss be true, me hearties! I'm apparently Ale Guzzlin' Ivan (which be kinda true, exceptin' th Ivan part o it). Thankey fer all th birthday wishes! I totally forgot about that birthday thread. Thanks fer pointing it out, GT! You gals are sweeters!

Sympathy for the Devil is my favorite Stones song, Doodle smile.gif Awesome that you rocked it. Wish I were there.

Congrats on the new hours, ErinJane! I hope they can get you to full-time soon smile.gif

Heeya Kari! Always good to hear from ya smile.gif

Best of luck for the job, Lans! (and I hate it when people try to intimidate you with their vehicles. Either pass or be patient, already)


Culture, good for you for getting up in their face! You kick bootay superhero-style!

((((Tree)))) It'll be tough, but if you can give your aunt a good ear, you'll probably help her a whole lot and perhaps do some important healing of your own. I don't know what your aunt is like, but if she's nice, this could be a painful-but-worth-it opportunity. ((((Tree again))))

((((FJs)))) We're glad you're BUSTies smile.gif

*sigh* well, while I didn't get the boot from work, Goatie got some bad news. A whole bunch of would-be foreign students were denied visas at the last minute, so enrollment is suddenly way low, and two teachers in her program have to have their hours cut. By policy, that's the two most recent hire-es, which unfortunately includes her sad.gif She's headed for a meeting at the school about it right now. She's really bummed. It put a damper and a stresser on the birthday celebration last night.

GoatieGirl was super sweet to me! She got me (us) a nice, compact stereo system for our living room so now we can dance around in the living room and I also have something to listen to while cooking, especially when she's using the computer in the computer room. I asked for a simple, cheap CD boom box, but she got a classy, compact set that also has an Ipod dock. We're probably getting each other some Ipods for Christmas, then smile.gif There was also a stacking set of colorful espresso cups & saucers and rack which will be great for both coffee and reasonably-portioned desserts. They make my dish washer look like it's loaded with Skittles. She also bought a coffee cook book that looks fun. Oh, and she got me a great cookies & cream ice cream cack, and we opened a special bottle o vino.

Bummer about her job, though sad.gif Please send BUSTie vibes for jobbage and coping. She's starting to wonder when we'll ever be able to afford to have kids, etc. She's taking it hard.

Love for all! smile.gif
thanks for all the love and hugs!

apparently, i am "the lone drinker"

how true it is...
WHAT!? This thread is on page TWO!!!?? No, dammit!

I just remembered our TBTN is coming up when I read Erin's post. I am working that night, which at least is an excuse! wink.gif It's funny to think about taking back the night, for real, actually. So many of the women I know freak out that I'll happily walk home at night....but I refuse to be afraid, so I'm not. I'm taking back the night all by me-self! biggrin.gif wink.gif

I've always had bangs, just about as long as I can remember living life. I've never really not had them, except when I've overgrown them a few times in my life. This being one of those times. I usually have it cut just a hair below my chin, but I don't even know what I'll do this time. My stylist booked me an hour and a half, so we could sit and catch up and contemplate the latest phase of my hair. smile.gif

I've got to say, I do love living in a smaller community.

OOH! Yeah, I went to Value Village today. I was planning to, so I asked one of my co-workers at the accountants' to come. She started two weeks after I did (though she is permanent staff), so we've sort of muddled along together. She is a guitarist who hasn't played for awhile....hmmm! Anyway, I found a nice-fitting black-zip up ribbed cardigan, and a little fitted zip front black collared shirt, kind of a bumpy-textured crepe knit, with 3/4 sleeves. I will most likely wear it as a jacket over my camis and tees. My co-worker bought a cardi, two sweaters, and a gorgeous 3/4-length grey wool coat with a real fur collar. Twenty bucks - a real find!

My weekend is....sleep good tonight, haircut tomorrow at 11, see if mr jamhost wants to jam in the afternoon, then decide if I want to go to the Dave Barrett meet 'n' greet 'n' eat 'n' hear 'em speak thingie. (He is a former NDP Premier of BC and a former federal MP.) The NDP have gotten a free ticket for me, and I will know lots of people, but....hmmm. Anyway. Then Sunday is "my" day. smile.gif
anna k
I didn't get to use the Internet during the day, so here's a drive-by hello:

I'm going to be working more days this week, so that makes it seven days in a row (last Thurs. through next Wednesday). It'll be annoying, but at least I'll have a weekend off.

I got the weekend off in October, so I'll be going to Montreal! I'm looking at decent hotels in the area I had stayed in previously, something not expensive but not a generic Days Inn.

but i would give anything to meet you bunch of awesomely badass beautiful people.

falljackets, I feel the same way. There are people on this board who I really admire and learn a lot from, and cheer up my day when I'm feeling down. It's such a great community.

Happy birthday lorewolf!

Doodle, that sounds so awesome that you played Sympathy for the Devil. I mostly like Memory Motel, Gimme Shelter, Moonlight Mile, and some other song of theirs that I don't know the name of.

CH, your superhero moment reminds me of being at work yesterday, and being curt to two people who, in my opnion, deserved it. At the museum, we have audio guides in the form of MP3 players that are a little tricky, and I explain each one to whomever uses it. A husband and wife each took one, and I explained how to use it, and when the husband turned to his wife, she went, "I wasn't listening." So when he came back and said his wife didn't know how to use it, I said quietly, "Well, she should've been listening." He didn't say anything, and I didn't care about calling her out on her attitude. Then later that day, a guy came in complaining how bad the guide was and how other museums' audio guides were much better, and I held it to show him how to operate it. He tried to grab it from me, and I snapped sharply at him. I forget what I said, but it had the tone of "Watch it." And he shut up and let me continue showing how to use it. I'm very polite with customers, but these two people just let out my inner sharpness.

I went on a date last night, but it was pretty uneventful. It was a blind date courtesy of Crazy Blind Date, and the guy looked like Webster, just too cherubic and baby-faced for me. We had a decent conversation, but I was getting sick of him after a half hour and wanted to leave. He asked me why I was single, and it felt embarassing for me to answer, I just gave some bullshit response of not finding anyone I really wanted to be with, but held back from asking him why he was single. At the end of the date he asked me if I wanted to hang out again, and I said we had a nice conversation, but I didn't feel any chemistry. I said bye and left, and he left a message with CBD that he had a great time and hoped we could be friends. I didn't feel any platonic interest either, so I doubt it. But I have another CBD tonight, so I'll give the deets on that tommorow.
ej - I hope the hours work out for you. I lived with the parents this summer, I can sympathize..

lore -- I was thinking about getting an ipod speaker system for our apartment. We both have ipods, but no way to listen to them together... like at night the bf falls asleep listening to his podcasts...

doodle - I am jealous of the trip to Value Village... I tried to get to the one in my city the other day only to find the bus didn't run to it at that time, and I waited for the bus to get to the other one, and it never came. *sigh*

anna - I used to work in a computer store, and despite my best efforts, I couldn't help but be really sharp with customers every once in a while. Sometimes they just deserve it.

Yesterday was my first real shift at the clothing store... It's refreshing to work in a Plus sized store and see fashionable designer clothes in sizes that real people can wear. I helped a woman pick out an outfit for a wedding, it was great. After work I met up with my boyfriend at a pot luck that his friends from med school were having.. It was fun actually, they're all really down to earth people, despite the fact that they're intense on the inside since they managed to get into med school, haha.

Happy weekend everyone!
Quickly driving by! Got my hairs cut this morning - awesome! My stylist = genius. And my hair is so curly, I can't believe it. I bought this curl control thing she used - I just have to wash it and scrunch it in the morning. Yahoo! (ETA: no bangs. It's kind of a layered thing, parted on one side and the former bangs swept across my forehead.)

And then I went jammin' with mr jamhost and his daughter. I phoned this morning, and they picked me up at the salon, and mr jamhost drove me home. It was fun! I took my electric, just to see what he thought of can be played, and it's good enough to thrash around on at a jam, but it needs some adjusting, and he thinks I'd be better to spend my money on something newer. Which is kind of what I was thinking.

And I am off to the NDP fundraiser dinner thingie tonight. Not sure how much of this stuff I want to revisit, but as mr jamhost advises, I'll just go as an observer!

I am wearing the plaid pants again today, but I'll de-rockerize them a little for the dinner....less leather 'n' chain belt, more little black jacket. (I had to wear the rocker look for my hair genius - so she could channel the look I wanted! tongue.gif) I love these pants. They are so comfy, I'm going to wear the hell out of them.
YAY for doodle's rockin' hair and genius stylist!! Woot!

Well, I'm off to a bike race this morning....62 miles, though I'm not "racing" - I'm just riding. The racers started an hour ago. smile.gif Wish me luck!
turbo, good morning! 62 miles!! WOW! That's like....*goes to look it up*....a hundred kilometres!!! HOLY CRAP!!

It was so funny at the NDP bash last night....I wound up running into the woman who was the coordinator at the women's centre when I got there! And then we went looking for a table, and the one we found with enough seats had....the new coordinator of the women's centre! (Or whatever they are calling it now.) And also organicgirl, which was AWESOME! We took it over as the women's centre table. biggrin.gif Although I think me and the old coordinator probably bummed out the new woman with all our talk about burn out and never going back, but then, last winter I warned the new one not to stay more than 2 she knows it to be true. wink.gif Anyway....I hardly paid attention to the politics at all. But I got a free dinner out of it.

The strange bit is how few people recognized me until I told them who I was, and then they were all astounded and kept saying how "different" I looked. I mean, I suppose I have changed a bit - my hair is curly and I've stopped dying it; I actually CAN wear makeup again without feeling like the one "out of place" - but I know most of the "wow" factor is about the weight loss, and it bothers me. I know it's a difference, I'm buying the small sizes in the store....but come on, is weight really the first thing people notice about you? And was I really so hideously awful before? I still see the same person in the mirror - I don't mean body dysmorphia, but it's always been my body, and I've always lived with it and tried to love it. One of them chased me down twice to ask me how much weight I'd loss (I lied and said I didn't know) and to try to find out how I "did it" - I muttered the cause as illness and then medication, and she said, "Well, at least some good came out of it." Like, the assumption that weight loss is always a good thing, no matter how you get there....bah! What if I'd had cancer? Would it be a good thing to have cancer if it made me skinny? BAH, I say! mad.gif /rant

Anyway, then a few of us wound up at the new coordinator's place for a short while afterwards. Organicgirl toked us up and I jammed a few songs with the coordinator's boy....awesome fun! The first song I played was my own, and organicgirl said, "You are SO playing your own material at the Vagina Monologues next time!" Persuaded them all to come out to mr jamhost's Wednesday nights, too. biggrin.gif

I have to go grocery shopping today - I am making pasta for breakfast, 'cause there's nuthin' else 'cept nectarines!
Hey all!

Just a fly by, I hope everyone is okay! I'm going to enjoy the lovely weather.

Hi hi! I made it through the Century Ride in fine style - no pain, I enjoyed the whole thing! My wrists were a bit sore on the last 5-10 miles from the vibration of riding on shitty, potholed roads. But it was a gorgeous day, and there was great camaraderie amongst all the riders (1,600 total), so all in all, it was a great day. I then celebrated by dragging a friend to our favorite beer garden for an enormous bleu cheese burger, fries and sangria. YUM!

Doodle, I'm glad you went to the NDP shindig last night, and managed to have a good time, in spite of the awkward awe at your glam, gorgeous awesomeness. I'm just SO glad that you're NOT at the centre, and living your life for the stuff you love, instead of still living in the land of burnout. smile.gif

Now, I must go in search of dinner.
Drive-by post!!!

Here are the wedding cakes that Artman and I did this weekend for my friend's daughter:
Congrats on the bike ride turbo! How do you train for that??

Doodlebug -- everyone is just jealous of how smokin' you look, by the sounds of things. I lost 20 pounds last summer and I had the same thing, everyone was like wow you look amazing, and then i was just like well I must have looked terrible before... its hard, but good for you! And it's always a great feeling to get a good haircut..

Minx- that picture makes my mouth water! How was the wedding?!

I am about to start getting ready for work... retail can be mentally exhausting, because there are all these silly rules to follow, and it just all feels so unneccessary. At least I get to be around nice clothes.

Its the BF's birthday today, so last night we went out for dinner and a movie, it was great. And I bought him a set of Battlestar Galactica posters from Quantum Mechanix online, and he was thrilled. So I'm happy.

Now I have to go 'put my face on'. If i'm not dressed/make-up/accessories then I will inevitably be criticized by my manager.

Have a great day ladies!
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, it's Monday and I'm borderline sick.

To take a word fromt he wise GT, this is poopenstein.
I got through the funeral.

Sigh. MY brother gave me a pretty convincing argument why to donate to the church, and allowed me to allocate the FULL $10,000 (our combined donation) to a specific program to benefit needy and elderly people.

(the argument being that NONE of us would've received ANY money from Mom's house if the parish nurse wouldn't have made it possible for Mom to stay in her home long enough that we could transfer in our names and still meet the nursing home length of time requirement.)

I guess the only thing standing in their way in re-starting the parish nurse program is finding a person who has the right "touch" and kindness. So I felt much better about donating to them. It (the money) was a windfall anyway.

So I ended up donating a large sum. This was AFTER I had already made the donation to my charities. Little old me donated over $6,000 to poor and needy people this weekend. I have never felt so philanthropic. I think I may have to reduce the amount of $$ I spend on my kitchen, but there are people who need the money worse than I do.

It WAS a pretty darned expensive weekend, that's for sure.

Sorry for the me/me/me, again.
(((tree))) I'm really glad to hear you made it through the funeral. I know that is a relief. Good for you for donating so much money, I think that is really wonderful. ~~~~~continued comfort vibes~~~~~~

Hey minx! Those cakes are gorgeous!! Nice work!

(((CH)))) You're sick? Oh no! ~~~~~~~healing vibes~~~~~~~~~

Jenn, congrats on the bike ride!!

Doodle, your hair sounds really pretty.

Hey lananans!

Hey ErinJane!

Hey anna!

Diva! I did watch It's Always Sunny!! I am so glad it's back on!

Nothing doing here today. This week should be less busy than last week, thankfully. I like being busy at work, but not frantic. I had a nice weekend for the most part. Friday I hung with a friend and drank wine. Saturday mr K and I did some errands, then he studied. I met up with my mom, sister, and niece for dinner. I bought some really killer boots on Saturday, but have concluded I need to return them. They just are not comfortable enough to justify the cost. Poo. Yesteray was an ok day, I felt kind of low key all day, not sure why. I did get a work out in and that helped somewhat.

Hello everyone!

doodle, I have to admit I always like reading your posts because you sound like you're really happy right now and some of the changes you talk about remind me of changes I've made in the last year. smile.gif My best friend lost of lot of weight over the summer because she had an outdoor job up north, and she feels really uncomfortable with all the comments she's getting too. Commenting on someone's weight loss is kind of strange I find, because it can be tied to so many other issues.

turbo, that's crazy, good job. 62 miles! Wow!

minx, those cakes and cupcakes look amazing.

culture, hope you're feeling better. It sucks to start off the week like that.

I had a good weekend that involved two dates with the same boy. I met this guy on POF too but I had a crush on him 4 years ago when we took a class together. I realllllly like him right now but I have a horrible history of really being into someone and then changing my mind after a week or two. I don't care if he breaks things off but I will be so mad at myself if I screw this up. He reminds me of myself in so many ways (which is a good thing) and I like him lots!!! Fingers crossed. I also went to the zoo and tonight I have a potluck. The only bad thing about the weekend is I feel like I haven't had a whole day or whole evening totally to myself for over a week and it's making me go a little crazy.

Hi ladies,

tree- that's amazing about the donations. Really truly amazing.

this is a quick one -- I'm trying to call my store to quit my job... I was scolded today for not being 'fashion forward enough' and told I would be fired if I wasn't so good at selling clothes ... so I"m quitting. For the last hour or so of my shift I put things in the wrong places on the racks on purpose. To spite them. I just got through on the phone and I quit.

Hi, peeps!

Lananans, good on you for quitting! You're there to work, not be a fashion plate.

Hi, EJ! Good luck with the boy!

((((((health vibes for CH))))))))

Hi, Kari! Don't you hate how the most kick-ass shoes/boots hurt so damn much they don't kick anyone's ass but yours? They're what I call "good sitting shoes."

Minx, your cakes are beautiful! What kind are they?

Hi, Tree, Jenn, and Doodle!

That is pretty out of line for people to comment on your body. It's one thing if they know you're trying to lose weight and you're open about it, but really quite rude otherwise. It's like "great, thanks for scrutinizing my body, glad to see I'm more than an object."

Not much going on around here. I'm working for another 2 hours, which sucks because it's so quiet here today. I did nothing over the weekend. We went out for pizza on Friday, stayed home all day Saturday and yesterday, and cleaned the house a little, but not nearly as much as I wanted. I didn't even get to watch the Emmys because the giant had to watch his Cowboys play stupidball. It was a pretty dumb weekend, all in all.

Yeah, lananans, I'm glad you quit. They sound really catty and don't deserve an employee like you. ((((lananans))))

Divala, hopefully next weekend will be better.

EJ, good luck with the POF guy!

Kari, boo on the ill-fitting boots. It sounds like it was a nice get-together with your friend though.

~*~*~get well vibes for CH~*~*~

Jenn, I am so proud of you being able to bike so far! My butt hurts thinking about it...ouch.

Minx, those cakes look beautiful. Yum. *wipes drool off chin*

Doodle, I'm glad things are going so well for you. I hear you on the weight loss "compliments". When I lost 30 pounds I was getting that all the time. Yuck.

Gotta a short sec b/4 moxette's bedtime. Had my 20 week scan today, and we're having another bustie! I'm a bit conflicted about posting here, hoping I don't upset my dearest FJ too much.

gonna go catch up now.


Much happening here today! Dates and donations and job quittin' and boots and CACK!

I want to grab one of those li'l cakes and take a big smooshy bite out of it.

And hello to everyone!! Big smooshy icing kisses!

Well, in poopy news, it's going to take till next Wednesday to get my new black pants hemmed, 'cause there's some big ball coming up this weekend that my seamstress (and probably every seamstress) is booked up with. Poop. I really wanna wear them. They fit real, real, real nice.

Also, it was raining and windy this morning, and my umbrella turned inside out and broke! Luckily, I only paid a dollar for it....I guess that's why it broke, huh? tongue.gif

Doodlemama told me yesterday (when I was telling her about the diagnosis of my electric guitar) that she is going to send me $100 towards a new electric for my birthday in December! Woot! So I'm going to start putting $20 aside here and there, and plan to get myself something....either mr jamhost's Telecaster, or something else...I dunno yet! Mr jamhost would probably help me choose one; he says, "Yannow, you can get a whole lot of guitar for 200 bucks these days." biggrin.gif
Heeeya! Another quick drive-by to let you know that I'm soooo proud of soooo many of you! smile.gif

Biking, baking, philanthopy, telling a nasty boss to fuck off, New Relationship Energy generating (couldn't you power a cuty with it?), healthy scanning, impressive music... You all ROCK! smile.gif

Hope you're feeling more super soon, CH! ((((CH))))
Hi kari and culture! I missed saying hello before...

Divala/Tree -- thanks for agreeing with me... I spent the first twenty minutes of my shift in the bathroom crying, because i had tried so hard to fit in and i was still being scolded. And then I came to the conclusion that I did not want to help them sell things anymore. At all. The worst part is that I have to go in to bring a letter of resignation personally... the bitch won't let me email it because i have to get the lock off of my locker. At this point I wouldn't care if she just cut it off, I really don't care... sigh..

I have an interview at a call centre today, so we'll see how that goes. It pays more than retail, and Im pretty sure being fashion forward won't be an issue.

Congrats moxie!

Doodle -- i lived in a very windy city and ruined sooo many umbrellas that turned inside out. Good luck with saving for the guitar. I know they're not cheap - one of my brothers (I have three) is in university for classical guitar... very expensive.

Hi lore!!

Ps - I love you ladies.
Good Morning kids,

It's a rainy Tuesday here, it rained through the night and there was some mighty loud thunder claps.

Lananans, you made a good decision.

Hey Kari!

Doodle, crappy about the pants.

How did your date go last night EJ?

Congrats Mox!

Hi Lore, Tree, and Diva!

Good Morning!

Lananans, good for you. Fuck 'em. That sounds utterly miserable and you're better than that. I'm sorry though, I know you were happy to get the job when you did. You will find something better!

Diva, I know, what is it with uncomfortable shoes? I see so many beautiful shoes in the stores, but about 3/4 of them are painful to wear. Why is so hard to find stylish, comfortable shoes? Hmpf.

Hey Ch! You feeling better today? *hands over some sunshine* We've got sunny skies here, plenty to share.

Congrats Mox!! A lil' bustie!

Doodle, that's really exciting that you'll be getting a new guitar in the future! yay!

hey Lore!

I'm working at home today. I will also be working at home on Friday. I don't know if this is the case in other parts of the country, but we're having a gas shortage here. Since about Friday, no stations have gas. A few will get a shipment in, but then the line is realllllllly long to get gas (like sit there for an hour) and they run out again. My boss is super cool & is letting everyone work 2 days from home this week to help us out.
I have to run a bunch of errands later, so I hope I can find a station with some gas.

Anyhooo.......No real news here. Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Work + the gym. No complaints about it though. After that I read for quite a while, I'm reading a book right now that I am totally addicted to.

Hi, peeps!

I've got no bosses today, so I'm going to have fun!

Lananans, are they seriously making you go in to quit in person? Honestly, I'd just put a letter in the mail and say "fuck it" about the lock. I'm sure some maintenence person has a bolt cutter that could solve that issue for them. What are they going to do, keep scheduling you for shifts when they know you won't show up? You're not the first person to ever quit a retail job, and I'm sure everyone else doesn't have to write a letter.

Kari, that's cool that they're letting everyone work from home more often. We don't have any gas shortages up here, but I can't imagine if we did. Actually, I can. I'd just take the bus, as much of a pain as it is. Hey, BTW, I've decided I'm going to start watching Mad Men. I hear a lot about it and want to see what all the fuss is about.

Hi, CH, Tree, Doodle, Moxie, Lore, and everyone else!

I'm about to fall asleep at my desk right this minute. I've been getting the lousiest sleep lately. The only time I can get decent sleep is between 5:00-7:30 am. The giant says I fell asleep before midnight, but I kept waking up. At least it wasn't as bad as the night before last. I'm really thinking it's time for a hookey day soon.

I didn't do much last night, just watched the Emmys that I saved to the DVR, and started making a really cool Swarovski bracelet. It's going to have something like 150 crystals on it when I'm finished. It's got kind of a vintage look to it, since it's pretty thick across (more than an inch) and it's done in a ladder pattern on clear elastic, so it's really dense with crystal.

OK, time to find something to wake my ass up!

(((tree))) I feel like an ass because I missed your post about the funeral and money donation. Glad everything went well.

Congrats Moxie!

Lananans, that's crazy. I can't believe they're making you go down there. Good luck finding a better job.

kari, yay for working at home! I love being able to work in my pj's occasionally.

diva, I've been having some bad times sleeping too. On the weekend I actually tried taking a T3 leftover from the broken nose incident but I must have developed an allergic reaction because I spent all night being super itchy all over.

Culture, last night I was actually at a potluck but tonight I should be seeing new boy again. I'm so incredibily horny and you know why? He's only slept with one person and it wasn't very many times and it was 2 years ago so I don't want to pressure him into anything. I'm used to having sex right away in a relationship so now I'm feeling all this crazy anticipation. He's also a year younger than me. I've never dated or been attracted to anyone younger than me before (it's really less than a year younger but still). When he kissed me I said that people like to bite my vertical labret piercing and he said he wouldn't get that kinky yet, and I almost laughed out loud. He's in for a real surprise if he thinks that's kinky. tongue.gif I don't think he knows I spent last Monday night with whips, flogs, restraints, and nipple clamps.
thanks everyone for the support! - I may just put the letter in the mail and tell her to just keep the lock and give her the combination to get it off.

Culture -- rain sucks when you don't want it, although on days when you don't have to go anywhere it can be fun to just stay inside and relax..

kari - hearing about the gas problems makes me glad I don't have a car. I hope that you do get more of it though!

Divala - that bracelet sounds gorgeous! We'll have to see pictures when it's done!

ej -- sounds like that boy IS in for a big surprise. Have fun!!

I had an interview with a temp agency today... it went well. Just standard stuff. Now I'm in bed again watching Days of Our Lives. Guilty pleasure, that and Coronation Street. I can't be bothered to get out of bed. It's too comfortable here.
anna k
Yeah, EJ, sounds like that boy is in for a good time.

I feel like such shit today. My body feels bloated from my period, my hair feels limp and needs to be cut, and I got a performance review from my boss, where she pointed out things that I had known I was doing wrong, but felt worse about, feeling guilty about my faux pas at work. I work as a receptionist at a museum and greet people, and sometimes I'm not friendly/polite enough (not rude, but not smiley like a hostess), or I forget to tell my boss things that don't come to my attention. She also mentioned me being in the bathroom for longer than usual (five minutes is the limit) and not telling my co-worker, and I felt guilty, because I have stomach/digestion troubles but didn't want to tell her that.

I went on a job interview for a temp-to-perm position at a magazine publisher (work is slow right now, and my boss let me go on an interview for a temp job since I work part-time), and it pays great and is actually full-time with health insurance. I felt OK in the interview, but never know how I measure up to others. I did the MS Excel/Word test, and fucked up some questions on the Excel test that I couldn't remember the right answers too. I just really want a great job that motivates me and teaches me new things instead of being part-time at a job that pays me little.

I have two dates this weekend. I hope they go well, I need something new. Jan in the Frustrated Singles thread mentioning going through Myspace and Friendster to find hotter, more interesting guys, but I don't know anyone there. I can peruse the friends' list one of my close friends, but I feel weird about it.

Doodle, I also got compliments on my body at the gym and from my sister, telling me I lost so much weight. I liked hearing it, as I felt better, but I get mad at myself when my stomach bloats due to PMS or something, and it feels like my body is betraying me. I cut out wheat and gluten and don't eat dairy much, and have a pretty healthy diet, plus I work out 2-3 days a week, so I really hate it when it feels like my body hates me. Or that the great figure that I had was temporary and disappeared despite following the same diet/exercise regime.
Good afternoon all! It's become a quiet day here - my supervisor has gone home sick.

anna - I totally fucked up my Excel part of the testing when I applied to be a temp, but it never stopped them from salivating to get me on their roster. wink.gif

I am feeling sad in my old black pants today. I've got it all worked out, though - I can wear the new plaid ones three times this week if I separate the days with black pants. wink.gif Plus I'll wear 'em Saturday at the store, too, 'cause, well, then I'll SELL some!

I can't wait to see a pic of diva's new sparkling bracelet!

I ran into banjoboy on my break today; I see him around from time to time, usually once a week. He is still tenting, but it's getting chilly enough he wants to find a place. I told him I had some of his mail, so he has to come to the jam tomorrow....I snapped up his voter card for him lickity-split! I don't care if people vote for the Marijuana Party, honestly, or spoil their ballots in long as they participate in the process.
Hi, again!

Doodle, I hope Banjoboy finds a place soon. It'll be getting cold in a month or so. Does he have any options?

I finished off my bracelet, and it's looking pretty awesome. It's got 176 Swarovskis on it, so I'll probably charge $50 for it with a pair of matching earrings. No pics, though. I don't know how to post them and don't want to bother with taking a picture right now, not that I even have my own camera to do it. I've never posted a picture of anything I've made, it's just not my thing.

((((((Job vibes for Anna K)))))) I hope you can find a full time job that you like and doesn't suck the life out of you. They're hard to come across.
*votes for the Marijuana Party*

This'll stimulate the economy in the snack-provider, video game, music, outdoor sport, craft supply, and visine sectors.
crud, I'm at home sick and of course, I can't sleep. I should have gone into work and infected everyone else around me.

hee hee.
I'm at work and sick. I had a 5 hour 'staff discuss day' which is essentially a long staff meeting and at 6 I have a 3 hour board meeting. All I want is sleep.
Hi y'all! Happy Hump Day! Gah, this week is feeling LONG. I just want it to be over. BUT, I got out of going to this shitty staff conference on friday - it's 1.5 hours away, and hello - I don't have access to a car! The conference was for fundraising staff, which I am not...sure, it would be *nice* to support my clients on the fundraising side, but since the org won't rent a car for me...fuck 'em. I have to many projects bubbling right now, anyway. So woot! Quiet day in the office on Friday!

EJ, I have no doubt that you will quickly get the new boy up to speed on boudoir activities. heh.

Diva, I've been meaning to ask you a shoe question...I've been wanting a really nice pair of heels for a couple years, and the Cole Haans with the Nike air soles in them are what I've been looking you have any of those, and are they really confortable/worth the expense? I would love to have a nice pair of heels that are actually fairly comfortable.

((((feel better, CH))))
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