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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Dayum GT, you need a glass of champagne and a long, hot bath. I'd give it to you myself if I was anywhere near you.

And I still wear glasses. wink.gif

Just a fly by




I'm sorry that things are rought right now.

Hi to all other okayers!!

Must get back to work, today is my Friday.
hee hee... thanks minxy. that really does make it all better. i love cat glasses. i can distract myself with my new crush on you wink.gif

...ok, i'm distracting myself with political blogs. it's impossible to think about all of those things when you are pissed off.

thanks everybustie.
Good Morning!

It's Friday!

((GT)) How you doin' this morning?

Minx, as always, you are one HOT MAMA!!!

How's everyone else today?

Things here are good, glad the weekend is coming. I've been really restless at work lately. I think the time for a change is a'coming. Probably after the holidays.

What does everyone have going on for the weekend? I am hanging at a friend's house tonight. Tomorrow I have a coffee date with my mom, I am going to try to talk to her about my concerns with her rapidly approaching marriage. blink.gif Saturday night, no plans yet. What ever I do, it's got to be cheap! It's the end of the pay period...
I'm going to visit my uncle this weekend... he just got a baby Pug and named it Clementine. I'm desperate to see this cutie, plus visit my cousin, who is only 3 and pretty much the love of my life.

Hope everyone is having a good day!
anna k
I'm going to be busy working this weekend. Crazy Blind Date had set me up for a double date for Saturday, but I want to see a movie to review for Venus, so I passed on the date. A guy had sent me an email on OKcupid, but his profile was pathetic, all about how much he loves drinking and partying and beer and sex, he mispelled a few words ("memroies" and "weeknesses), and he's 38, which is old for me, but was so oogly-looking I would want to vomit if I touched him.

It sucks to be single and frustrated, but I would feel worse if I let some guy I wasn't into touch me because he liked my boobs while I felt turned off inside.
Well I'm having a good day smile.gif Goatie and I are going camping in Ranier National Park tonight! biggrin.gif

A pug would make it a better day, though. You got me there.

((((GT&EJ)))) Hang in there! EJ, well, perhaps going fast was a blessing for her? Mixed belssing, for sure, but she sounded like a person everyone she knew will have sweet memories of. GT, you just seem to shine no matter what happens.

Minx, that's a BEAUTIFUL picture! smile.gif I love how playful you look at that moment.

Heeey all to everyBUSTie else!

ETA X-post with Anna. Heyooooo! That guy sounds like a winner inside and out wink.gif
Good Morning!

It's a gorgeous day today and I'm on vacation, and it's payday! Woohoo!

Hey Kari, enjoy your weekend! What's your concern with your mom's upcoming wedding?

Hey Lananans! how is work?

Anna I'm with you on bad spelling. I understand that mistakes happen, but poor spelling in general is a turnoff.

Lore enjoy camping!!!

I think I'm going to work out now.

hey, anna... from your description, you vomiting when you touched him sounds like his kinda date blink.gif

have you ever thought of taking one of your blind dates to a film screening? i used to, and while the results were uneven, how a person sees movies gives you a good insight into who they are, and you always have something to talk about afterwards. plus, they might catch something you didn't. it never hurts to have another pair of eyes.... as long as they aren't glued to your boobs all night. dry.gif . it might be shallow of me, but i've excluded people from dating pool because they were filmic knuckle draggers.

although there was one exception, one girl i dated couldn't sit still during a movie, ironically, i met her working on a film-- she was a co-producer, and very good at what she did. she liked making films, just not watching them, which, i couldn't fathom, but we had chemistry people could see across the room. that said, our relationship was nothing short of a natural disaster.

lore...? where are more PAX pix? gimmie gimme! hi lan, hi culture!

kari anne-- ich. be careful, chica. be extremely diplomatic. you strike me as someone who is, but....ooch. i had an aunt who was having a prison relationship, and on his release they made plans to get married. my fam tried to talk to her, but she was very touchy.

i went out to dinner with my bf last night. it was her two cats who passed. she cheered me up. she knows my friend who got paralyzed, and was as weirded out by it. she's been looking for a new job, and she might go to work for two really interesting companies. one of which is second life.

we also talked road trips. she wants to go to a ghost town on the washington coast. i think that would be fun. i miss taking road trips. it's really one of the best things about america. she said she might be up for taking a road trip down to the yay area (sf/oakland) too, which is where she grew up, and where my hs friend (the non paralyzed one), lives. we also talked about going to a casino show. i want to see someone really cheezy. i wish tom jones was on that circuit. i honestly do love his music, and some friends went to see him years ago, armed with a ton of panties that they threw at the stage. i just couldn't resist doing the same.
As you wish, GT smile.gif

Here's some videos, actually.

Here's us grooving to a Rock Band demo stage.

Here's us actually several blocks away from the conventions center at my car, still boogeying out to O-Tard's Karaoke Pack.
anna k
girltrouble, I have gone out on dates to movies with guys, and had different results. One guy took me to see a Godard movie, and when I made a joke during the opening credits, he didn't respond to me, so it felt very empty and boring. He didn't call me back, but it was no big loss.

Another time, I was dating a guy two years ago, and we went to see a midnight showing of Goodfellas, which surprised me by being so funny and ridiculous, and Hostel (great date movie which I picked!), that I thought was trying too hard to be shocking and laughed at. I wanted to take him to see a late showing of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, but he was French and I assumed he would think Pee-Wee was weird and mentally retarded, like "Americans think this guy is funny?"

good videos lorewolf!

I'm glad you had a good time with your friend girltrouble.
Thanks lore, I wish I had gotten to see her again. My mom and I did talk to her for quite a while last month and she had recently mentioned to my younger brother that she liked listening to him play guitar because sometimes he sits in the yard and plays.

CH, it is soooooo beautiful out. I hate driving on days like today but I had to cart boxes around in the car. They were saying gas is almost at 1.50 though so I'm hoping to leave the car at home for the next while.

GT, I miss road trips too. I feel like I don't have enough spontaneous friends to go road tripping with.

This weekend I don't really have any plans. Tonight I'm going for dinner with a friend, tomorrow is the funeral, but I feel like going out and having some fun this weekend. We'll see. I want to meet some new boys.
(((((EJ))))) & (((((GT)))))

I am also still wearing the glasses.

I am very tired. But I don't have to work tomorrow! I do work Sunday - we are having a bit of a "party" at the store, meaning, the company's had a huge ad supplement in a Canadian fashion mag, and we've invited all the locals, we're giving away free shit, and it's going to be beautiful madness.

What else am I doing this weekend....? Um....oh! One of my co-workers at the store is having one of those home sex toy parties tomorrow night, and apparently I'm going to that. I'm not allowed NOT to go. wink.gif I already promised to bring weed - maybe I'll take my guitar, too.

And....oh. Do you all know Canadian federal elections are on? Yeah. So I went down to the NDP (New Democratic Party) campaign headquarters today to donate some money. (It's like tithing - no matter how poor I am, it seems, I feel compelled to give something to my candidate!) And somehow I offered myself up as a volunteer. I know, I know. At first I said only election day, but then I said maybe I could do Monday or Tuesday evenings. Bah. I was totally going to stay out of this one....I don't know what happened.

Although, truthfully, I've been pretty affected by being in that accountants' office with Liberals and Conservatives....maybe it was my personal rebellion against the Boobie Peeper. Who has really, really, really kept his head down around me ever since Thursday morning, when I dropped an incoming bank statement for the BC "Liberals" down on his desk and walked back out of his office without a word. Yeah, he knows who I am.

Actually, I think I might take in an all-candidate's forum and see who turns up. I'll wear my big orange NDP pin.
YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

My brother and his second wife (first was a fucking whackbag) just called to let me know that I am Auntie to the most perfect baby girl in the universe (second only to D7!).

I am so happy for them, and it's taking everything that I have to NOT starting screaming for joy at the top of my lungs. biggrin.gif I just keep thinking how perfect this day is for him. His wife is so kind and loving--one of those people that you meet and INSTANTLY know she is 100% on the level; just so present.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you all because whenever there is GOOD stuff I feel this amazing universal equalizer. I've had to come to this site for so many rancid horseapples that it's a relief and immense pleasure to be able to heap on all of this greatness!!

WOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
anna k
Yay!!!! Congratulations!
if it meant i would get to see you throw panties at him, i would SO go to a tom jones show with you GT! doesn't he still do shows in Las Vegas? loved his cameo in Independence Day!

lore, the PAX pix are PERFECT. you are my new hero. i saw an ad on south african television recently that had some guy in a frigo box, doing that sort of stuff.....and then he pulled himself up into it and POOF! like a puff of smoke, he was gone!
i too, have oval black sexy secretary glasses~~~

((((((((minxy)))))))) HUZZAH for the goodness that is perfect new baby girls!

doodley bug, how was the party at the store? volunteer work just makes us open our mouths and say strange things like "Klaatu barata nikto!", doesn't it? if you do volunteer, don't do mondays. mondays will be whacko crazy.

((((((GT and EJ)))))))

girl trouble - it would be pretty darn cool to work for "second life". (although i have to admit that my psycho sister has once again found the "love of her life" as a result of second would be interesting to know what goes into MAKING it.....

best of luck on the meeting of boys that don't make you want to hurl, anna k and erin jane.

how was the funeral, ej?

culture handy, where the FRELL are you, grrrl????

booby squishing hugs for tree and poodle and divalla and kari and turbojenn and the fjs and lanananas and syb and.......
Doodle, how was the sex toy party? Our university womyn's centre had one a year or two ago and it was fun, lots of wine and stuff, but the company we used wasn't exactly queer friendly. The woman presenting just had no idea about LGBT issues and we had a number of queer and trans folks attending the party so that was a little disappointing.

Congratulations Minx! I know when my niece was born (over 5 years ago, oh my cod!) I cried many tears of joy. smile.gif

Tes, the funeral was nice. My brothers and I are all either agnostic or atheist so we found it overly religious, but it was also perfectly fitting for the neighbour. Apparently she picked all the hymns and passages before she died and the granddaughter that she raised stood up and said a few really nice words near the beginning. The priest was really nice and had known her personally so he had lots to say about her and her faith. I know it was a long service for the 3 of us, and we didn't participate in any prayers or sing any hymns, but it was the perfect service for her.

After the funeral my brothers and I saw Burn After Reading and it was hilarious. We loved it so I'm probably going to go see it with a friend on Tuesday. Today I'm planning to be lazy and relax at home. It's a really beautiful day out but I feel like I've been on the run for a week. And new episode of True Blood tonight.
Thanks for the review on Burn After Reading, EJ...maybe turbomann and I will check it out today. It has been raining since Thursday night, non-stop, and it is really getting on my nerves. Our favorite band, Great Big Sea, was headlining Celtic Fest here last night, and we decided not to go, as it would mean standing in the rain for 3 hours. Bummer. So we threw in a concert DVD, played "let's pretend" and had some friends over for dinner (pulled pork sammiches, sweet corn, roasted taters).

I'm chasing the bad-weather blues away this morning by baking a GF Clafouti with blackberries, plums and nectarines...its smelling yummy, and I cannot wait until its done! This afternoon, I'll probably make some summer minestrone with all the stuff hanging out in the fridge. YUM.

TES!!! So good to see you, my dear! How's life in Africa treating you?

Hello all!! Hiya turbo, tes, EJ, minx and anna! And everyone! This has to be SO quick - I have to get ready for work (it's the "party" today - madness, I tell you).

The sex toy party was fun, but honestly, a good chunk of the stuff was not very good quality (that jelly stuff and so on), and I didn't buy anything anyway, as payday for me isn't till this Wednesday. I WAS thinking of buying one of those mold kits where you can make your own rubber copy of a man's penis. I might still - send it to Penticton and get mr scorpio's man bits to have around, now that he's gone. That might boost his ego too much though. wink.gif (But his really IS a fantastic one! I kept complaining all night that almost none of the toys were big enough. tongue.gif)

The woman who sells the stuff was interesting, though - she was nearer my age than most of the attendees, so I got talking to her outside. She is a sheriff by day! She is from Vancouver, and is a sheriff on the Downtown Eastside. I gather this is what she does for real fun (besides lots and lots of wild sex.)

Okay, I really have to RUN! Will be back later....


Tes, I'm here, just having been posting that much.

Erin, it's been really gorgeous around here!

turbo, that sounds so delicious!!

Minx, congratulations on being an aunt! How are things with you and artman?

Hi Anna!

Doodle, bah elections. Two at the same time...grrrr...

Lore, it looks like you two had so much fun!

GT, how are you doing?

So, Friday I went on yet another historical haunted tour which was a lot of fun. Last night PR boy and I hung out again, and we went and took pictures of some of the older buildings, including the legislature. that is cool because there is a big secret history involving the Free masons, I'm thinking of picking up a book about it.

Today i'm headed off to my dads for dinner.
I killed it!
Doodle -- I thought about volunteering, but then I realized I would end up spending a lot more time there than I probably could afford. I think the election is in October? Maybe? I have to make sure I change my address info etc so I can vote.. I just moved.

Ej, Turbo - I also want to see burn after reading. I was going to go see it this weekend, but then my boyfriend and I ended up going to visit my cousin instead.

Hi tes - yay for sexy secretary glasses. Mine are rectangular, but still...

I start work today! At 4pm at the Laura Plus store in the mall. I'm excited to finally have a job. I also filled out an online survey through monster for The Bay - ft position, they were all "you passed the first evaluation, fill out this survey!" And if I got the job at Gymboree they will call today, but Im pretty sure the manager didn't take a liking to me. I can't explain why I think that, I just do.

Anyways, I hope everyone's day is going very well!!!!
Good Morning!

Lananans, good luck on your first day of work!!

Doodle, that is so f-ing rad the party lady is also a sheriff! I know what you mean, the stuff they sell at those parties is always kinda lame. I never want to buy anything. I don't understand why all the lotions and potions have that fake fruity smell. Ick.

Hey TES!



Hey Minx! Congrats to you, your bro and your family!!

hey erinjane!

hey GT!

Hey CH!

Things here this Am are ok. At work, eating some oatmeal for breakfast. Had a good weekend. Hung with some ladies on Friday night, we got some food and watched some episodes of the British office. Saturday I spent most of the day reading. I also cleaned the house some. Yesterday I met up with my mom for lunch, then went to a friend's house. She was having people over to watch a football game. I don't care about football, I just go for the food & company.

So I talked with my mom this weekend about her was eh. I don't know if she'll take into account anything I said, though she clearly agreed with me on a few points. Seems like she & fiance are just charging on ahead.....sigh.......

Hey Anna K!

Greetings Busties. I know, it's been awhile. I've been chided.
(((busties)) 'cuz we deserve it.

<sigh> I got a large chunk of work done, and wanted to spread at least a bit of good news. lamex had decided (unknown to me) that in the good 'ol boy country, he didn't need to file taxes. (used to sign fo rme, too) At the divorce, I found out, and he claimed that it was *me* that did not file. um, yeah. so the judge told me to do the taxes. I did 04 earlier this year, and finnished 05+06 and took them to the accountant today. *woot* 07 needs a bit more work, should be along in a day or two.
oh, and he has a website. he's now a landlord, bought an apartment complex. one tennant made a website with lamex's name, as lamex will not fix the apartment, wants tennant out so he can charge higher rent to the next tennant. showed the site to older son, who said - HA!! dad's a slulmlord!!!

jami out.
turbo, i must have been living in seattle too long because when you talked about it raining for a couple of days straight i got jealous and wistful. blink.gif no really, i miss the rain something awful. summer's finally kicked in, and i hate it.

so culture, ej and i have decided that the three of us need to start doing parkour, and maybe some free runnin'... so as soon as you are healed up... its a new kinda training for ya!

kari, i kinda agree with you about the parties, but then, kinky as i am, i'm deathly afraid of them. that's one kink that really freaks me out.

i saw burn after reading, my comments are in the movie thread, i liked it, but it's not your normal coen bros. film.

tes, and all the other beatific bespectacled busties. thank you for restoring my faith in the classes with glasses.

and minx, congrats on the little bouncing' baby beamer. it's awesome that you are so full of love.

hi lore! i still want you to post more pix. i love the ones you did. and the movies were fun.

anna-- i loved your reviews. thanks for sharing, keep me on your mailing list, k?

how was work lan? i'm dying to hear!

jami---that slum lord thing kills me.

and hey.... WHERE IS MY TREEHUGGER? where is my poodle, my puppykitty? my divala?

and i don't even feel it anymore. no, i'm really numb: seems the same time i was dealing with bella, one of my other bf's cat (the awesome monster cat named moosaby), had to be put down too. AND... because that alone would certainly not be enough, her grandfather died a few days later. i was freaked out before, but now i don't feel a thing, i'm over it. cos at this point, it's just out of control, batshit crazy. life goes on. nothing to be done. and it all seemed to happen at the same time for everybody, so i figured that was the marker. everything is going to move towards golden from here on out. it's just got to.

ammend my tally to show total pet deaths in the last 3 weeks to 5.

so this weekend, i'm hanging out my girls, hopefully none of us will talk about our respective pet losses, to drink and celebrate the opening of another friend's new art gallery in the heart of seattle's art scene, and djing at a trendy bar on monday! yay!

tomorrow i get a tooth pulled. i hope to be high as a muvvafucker, asleep with a one-tooth-less smile.
I've been too exhausted to keep up with posts...sorry.

I've decided where to donate half of my share of the $10,000.

Half of it is going here, earmarked for the day camp for handicapped kids.

I benefited greatly from this program as a child. I had almost forgotten it was there.

The other half is going to a sexual assault/domestic violence shelter in the town.
tree -- that's great that you found somewhere to send the money that is important and has been important in your life. I hope you get some rest soon!!!

gt - Have fun this weekend! I once had a tooth pulled and I dreamed I was Sonic the Hedgehog..

jami - sucks about the taxes, good luck with finishing them! Almost there!

Work was ... alright. Apparently there is now a blazer promotion on, and they thought they had made it clear to me that I needed to be wearing a blazer (they didn't), and I got some nice stern passive aggressive comments about my lack of blazer. Also my outfit of grey dresspants, heels and a high quality liz claiborne black tshirt was not good enough... I need to be in colours... I have to be able to physically go up to a wall in the store and blend in. I was not blending...

Also, there are no guaranteed hours. *sigh* BUt it's okay. I'm sitting on the couch in my pj's now deciding what to do with my day.

Hey lananans, sucks about the outfits, you think they wouldn't have told you that. Morons.

Hey Kari!

EJ and GT, once foot and ankle are better I'm so in.

(((((GT))))) Sorry that things are not the best right now.

Tree, those are great places to donate money to.

Jami, lamex is such a cockwad, I hope he breaks out it oozy anal pustules.

It's tuesday. blech.

Hi all!

((((everyone who needs them))))

Minx, my brother and SIL are expecting their first in November- I can't wait! I have nieces and nephews from my cousins, but somehow my baby brother being a daddy just sends happy chills.

So, I have one great thing Tuesday...
1. I'm working at our surburban location (normally NOT a great thing) today, but as I have shopping to do for our trip next week, this is GREAT. 2 min from the mall and chez target. WHOOT. Lunch at my fav mall court (ok, so maybe that's not woot), and shopping.

Where are ya goin' next week, Mox? YAY for trips!

Tree, I'm glad you've decided to do your own thang to honor your mom...seems like a very fitting tribute.


Not much is new here...been a rough day. Woke up with an MRG migraine, then found that my bike pump broke, so I got turbomann up to see if he could fix it, and then somehow...I went batshit crazy. Full on anger burst, stomping...crazy. Don't know where it came from but MRG + migraine + full moon, did not add up to a good start to the day. And poor turbomann was standing there dumbfounded. Good thing I had an hour on bike ahead of me to get that out of my system. Yeesh. Its getting harder for me to put up with some of the BS at work, and I just need to settle down about it. Can't change it, its either put up with it, or get out.

It was a gorgeous day here, though, so I came home and took turbodoggie for a 3 mile walk. Good stuff. And now, I'm just chillin'.

Lananans, that's crap that they weren't clear on dress the same time, I wouldn't take it too seriously - you dressed appropriately, and if they don't tell you the nuances - that's their problem.
Heeey aaaallll!!!! And much fondage! smile.gif

GT, EJ, parkour?!?! OMG! That's totally kickass! That's what my childhood was all about! My brother was always training me and our friends to be superheroes, and we'd train to climb, balance, jump, and run... basically to get places where we're not supposed to be. Unfortunately, now that I'm well into go-to-jail age, and now that there are security cameras everywhere, I haven't been in much practice. I used to be able to do back-handsprings! I used to climb huge sreet lights and sit on top of them. I used to jump down eight feet onto pavement, and then keep running. I once jumped off my friend's 2nd story balcony onto their lawn for the sake of a squirt gun fight. I SOOOO appreciate your pursuit of parkour! GO for it! biggrin.gif

*foot & ankle healage for CH* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*A tipsy hello to all else of you!* I've recently bought some el-cheap-o Trader Joe's Marsala wine and tried my own version of Marsala chicken with Indian spices, and of course I had to sample the wine. Cheeeeeap, but potent! Anyway, I've been reading, but I've also been tipsying too much for decent responses. I.O.U.
thanks for the hugs busties, but i'm fine. things are good. got my tooth taken out today so, i'm not supposed to talk. so for all intents and purposes i've been reduced to a mime. hmph. worse, a mime with a swollen face....

are you still in bellinghammy? you know like one of the main american dudes doing parkour is in seattle. i guess he and some of his friends teach classes. i love the idea of you climbing street lamps. that's suuuupa cool.
i talked to culture, ej, she says she is sooooo down with the parkour thing, once she's healed up.

hi turbo, please tell me you sent your rainclouds this way... i miss my rainydays. sorry your work is poop.

hi moxy, tree, culture! so tired... i go take nap now....

Good Morning!

Hey Mox!

Turbo, how are you feeling today? ~*~*~*~*soothing vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*

Lore, I heart your tipsy posts!

Hello GT!!!!

Well, I have nothing going on except some pain in said tendonitis iniflicted foot. at least it's not a stress fracture.

TJ- As moxette would say "take a big bref" It helps. I promise. Next week, my favorite cousin (really, he's more like my twin brother...exactly same age and raised in same neighboorhood) is getting married in upstate NY (where my new SIL is from), so we're caravaning with 20 Ravanis to the wedding! HA! seriously, I'm crazy looking forward to it, even if I am the sober one...I have 2 other preggo SILs, so we'll be the sober gang. Both moxette and I are in the wedding (i'm doing the hindu "sister of the groom" parts of the ceremony, and moxette is a flower girl), and I'm just really excited. Still, I realized I only have 1 pair of maternity jeans, so I went on the hunt for another pair. No luck, though. Phoey. Upstate NY in late September has to be a highlight of the year for me. Its just perfect weather and perfect colors.

Ok, i'm rushing around now to get work done. RUSH, RUSH, RUSH. Sigh.
OMG, Mox - that vacation sounds like a total BLAST!!! Enjoy! And I fully expect piccies to be posted upon your return, with all the beautiful Moxieclan gathered in one locale!

I am MUCH better today, thanks for all your love. I took a long bath last night before bed, slept like a ROCK, overslept the alarm by a half hour (its a sunrise alarm, so it doesn't actually make noise), and I didn't even care! My bod just needed to reset after the migraine yesterday.

And it its gorgeous day here today. AND, I HAVE OFFICIALLY LOST 20LBS!!! WoooooT! That was my goal, so I'm totally happy where I'm at, if I lose a bit more, that's cool, but I'm not sure I want to drop another size, as that would mean buying all new clothes, and I really can't afford that right now.

So, after losing 20lbs, I should go out to my favorite GF bakery and get a slice of GF/Vegan Choco-PB Cack tonight, right? I mean, its only fitting.....
so i must begin by saying that i'm half disappointed that i didn't have more archives to read. but i'm mostly glad because i wouldn't have had the time to post then.

hi okayers.

love love love love love for you all.

i've not felt much like posting lately. still don't really. honestly, i'm in here requesting vibeage...

so, my mrfj was kind enough to come in and catch you all up on our loss. it's been difficult and i vacillate between feeling like i should get over it to feeling like i need more time to grieve and i am trying to allow myself to try to do both. i have pretty good days and i have horrible ones too. i went back to work last monday and only once so far have i completely broken down and openly cried in front of my co-workers.

until yesterday. and this is where the vibe request comes in...

i think i've told you all that jackaroo is pretty small for his age (can you believe he's 14mo, walking, practically a little BOY now??). he's actually below 2% where his weight is concerned and 25% for height. that didn't concern me very much, just thought he was small (and who makes these charts anyway??) but his doc wanted to run some tests on him just to make sure all was well and that he was simply small for his age. we did extensive bloodwork about a month ago and i thought all of the results had come in as negative and normal. well, apparently it hadn't.

the pediatrician called me at my office yesterday to tell me that one of the dna tests came back with an abnormal chromosome 17. (i've tried not to do too much internet research (at the behest of the pediatrician) but in the quick search that i did for this particular chromosome, there is a broad spectrum of disorders from leukemia and other cancers to slight developmental issues that can be caused, it basically just depends on the type of mutation of the chromosome.) when she initially prescribed the bloodwork, the pedi told me to schedule an appt. with a gastro doc as well as a geneticist, which i did. his appt. with the geneticist was scheduled for october 30. well, yesterday she said i should call another doc and that she would try to help me get in to see them sooner, like within the next two weeks. i couldn't believe what she was saying and explained that i JUST lost a baby to a chromosomal abnormality and could not bear the thought of there being something seriously wrong with my beautiful little guy. i was practically begging her to reassure me, which she really couldn't do but did offer to make a call and try to get his appt moved up. so when i called them this morning, they've rescheduled it for tomorrow. part of me hopes that they've rushed the appointment because they simply want to help set my mind at ease. but of course, i'm also concerned that they've moved it because THEY are concerned that it might be something serious.

i can't even tell you how much this hurts and how helpless i feel. it doesn't help that mrfj had to go out of town on business again this week (he was gone three days last week too). i've got my mil staying with me tonight and going with me to the appt tomorrow. i can't bear the thought of something else happening. i just keep bracing myself for another blow. i've not completed the grieving period for mr bojangles and now i've got to keep my fucking shit straight for this. i'm nearly at my breaking point.

thank goddess for xanax right now or i'd be an even bigger heap of tears.

i'll keep you all posted but please send all the positivity you can my way? i promise i'll come back and hang around more often and you'll all get it back tenfold as soon as i'm feeling more like fj again.
~*~*~*~*~*~all the positivity vibes in the universe for the FJs and li'l Jackaroo~*~*~*~*~*~

I'll even send jam vibes your way in about a half hour.....
*-+**-*-***-*=+-. healthy lil' jackaroo vibes .-+=*-***-*-**+-*
(((((((((((calming, good news vibes for fj)))))))))))

fj, one of mr. t's grandson's has something similar, i think, and he is just the most beautiful boy ever. we worried about him being underweight-- he's seriously like 2 or 3 grades too small, but he's just started to grow a little bit. i think the same will be true for the jackaroo. i think he's a tough little nugget, and he'll be fine.

my thoughts and hopes are with you, fj.

*Positivity Vibes, Positivity Vibes, Positivity Vibes for the FJs* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee++++++

Boy, and I thought I was stressed out thinking that I may get laid off on my birthday tomorrow. (I might.)

FJ, love, love, and love for you and yours, too! I am seriously putting my mind and spirit toward your family right now. I know we're all rooting for you guys.
FJ- my goodness, you are through the wringer. Here I was feeling overwhelmed with moxieman gone more and me tired more and moxette tantruming more. Well, for what its worth, my BIL has the same issue as j-man, and the only "problem" he has is that he is short (5'6) and skinny (maybe 135?). He is smart as a whip, but not so much in terms of "schoolin", but rather street smarts, etc. The disorder affected his thyroid, thereby being short and having a shorter attention span. ((((jackaroo)))) Thank goodness your MIL is there with you. I'd call your momma and tell her to RV it to your side as well.

(((((((Jackeroo be healthy, wealthy, and wise vibes)))))))
((((((FJ Momma peace vibes))))))
((((((FJ Poppa come home safely and quickly vibes)))))))

((((((((((World stop kickin' my beautiful BUSTie friend's asses vibes))))))))))))

Turbo, congratulations on the weight loss!!

And Happy birfday to Lore!!


Turbo - Congratulations, I just started weight watchers myself, so hopefully I will lose some weight soon too!

Happy birthday Lore! I hope you didn't get laid off....

I may be working today... keyword MAY. Apparently for retail they're allowed to schedule 'on call' shifts - so I call at around 3, if its busy I'll go in from 6-930. I hate the job market right now. I really do.
((FJ and family))
((((((((((FJ and family))))))))))
((((((((((FJ family))))))))))))
*big sigh of relief*

don't have a lot of time but wanted to come and thank you all for your thoughts and vibes. as usual, you all rock!

we are 95% sure that jackaroo simply has a "normal variation" in his chromosome. basically, the abnormality isn't necessarily anything to be worried over. the geneticist did an evaluation on him and confirmed what i have always known - thathe is developmentally on target if not slightly advanced, but simply a very "slender" boy. we still have to get the official report from the lab to rule out the disorder but the doc said she would be incredibly suprised if it came back positive. she relly made me feel better about it and i felt well enough to even come to work this afternoon.

not that i've done any work or anything... rolleyes.gif

she did tell me that because of my mid-trimester loss and the fact that i've had a cervical cone biopsy in the past, i'm in a high risk category for another loss in the future and recommended that i see a reproductive geneticist before concieving again. but that's ok. i can handle being a one-child family - as long as my jackaroo is ok, that's all that matters.

i will update again as soon as i know. thank you all again for your thoughts and well-wishing.


and yeah, can the universe change course and start throwing us BUSTies some goodness??
Queen Bull
Hey all!

Ive been so absent... im all behind on everything.
so, a big catch all *positive vibes to all who need it! *

Anyway, my news:

I GOT THE JOB!!! smile.gif

mmk, bai for now.
((((( FJ and Family )))))
so glad that you are now reassured by the doctors. and yourself. you even sound more calm.
my first was a stillborn at full term. two days before due-date. baby boy was way small. did the genetic testing. was told to see a high-risk ob. this doctor rocked, had the highest of confidence in him. son one was 6.3, and still is slender. son two was 7.5 and still is a bigger guy. son three was 11 pounds even, and is slender and athletic. all are charmers and will melt you with a smile.
believe. believe in good. surround yourself with positive.
and know that the busties are here for you. anytime.
sorry, double post
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