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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Queen Bull
Hey yall!

Girl Trouble: OMG, girl, i cannot imagine. my heart goes out to you and mr.t and peace and hugs for Puppy monster wherever she is. *hugs*

CH, Congrats on the short week

Wow, Turbo, Kudos on the long bike ride!

Doodle, They will let me know sometime in the next week. Im still looking around and stuff though.

Tes, Yep, Im from Ga. I love SC, and have some 'family' there myself.

Hugs and hellos to everyone else!

As for me, I got to hang out with my friend from HS last night, and had a super blast. went out for mexican food, then loitered around our tiny town for a long time. We ended up sitting in the park smoking cigarettes and talking about life until like 3:45 in the morning. I think i may be going to a drag show Friday night, which should be amazing. Apparently the girls are great. and the club has also gotten better. It used to be one thing then it got bought out, and it was a straight club, with like one 'gay night' a week. Now its back to being full out gay bar, and we are gonna have so much fun. Apparently all the hot girls hang out there... woohoo.

His other best gf, is rooming with him, and she has been a bitch lately, and our personalities clash anyway, so ill be sure and let yall know if i get into with this girl. should be interesting. ha. J thinks it woul dbe hilarious... >_> idk how i feel about that. lol. Oh well.

Anyway, i should jet, ill keep you all updated and in my thoughts!

((((((((((GT & Mr T & puppymonster))))))))))
GT, babygirl, I'm so sorry about your Puppy Princesa. I'll be thinking on you and Mr. T tonight.
((gt & mr. t)) Like all the wise busties said before me, bell knew she was loved and you and mr. t did the right thing. I know it sucks now, though. sad.gif
It's Monday.


How is everyone? GT how are you holding up? Tree, how are things on your end?
Oh Mondays. I think I'm just going to work from home today. Everything that needs to be done I can do remotely.

I've just been lurking lately. I wasn't in the mood to post. It's freezing here. It's a good stay in bed day today.
It's lovely here!

Erin, you're lucky you can work from home.
I went for a walk today and I thought it was cool, but then I was all sweaty and gross...

I have a job interview today at 4! Actually, the supervisor said she wanted to hire me and she checked my references, and then called to ask me to come in and see the manager, so *fingers crossed* maybe I'll have a job at the end of the day.

Hope everyone is well... I also wish I could work from home.. what do you do erinjane?
Good luck with the job interview, lananans.

I work as a child counseling program coordinator and a self defense program coordinator. I don't usually work from home but I slept really badly last night and just didn't feel like going all the way downtown for 2 hours of work. All the info, phone numbers, and names I needed for today were on my computer and I was just doing research on the net for the rest of the time. I can check work messages from home too. I'm the only person who works at my office (it's a satellite location) so it's not like anyone is missing me. I'm only working 20 (actually 17.5 because I have 2.5 hours of paid breaks) hours a week right now too and I decide when to do those hours. So I only worked for 3 today and then I'll just do 3 or 4 hours a day for the rest of the week. It's a pretty relaxed set up but I find it a little difficult because my work week is so unstructured. I've been giving myself sort of set hours so I can develop a regular routine. Anywho, that's the story with that.

I'm all finished working now so I'm just going to go grocery shopping and watch tv.

Did anyone see the premier of True Blood last night, the new HBO show? I still haven't decided how I feel about it.
i'm ok, culture, trying not to think about it much. i cried letting out the chickens this morning, she was usually right behind me. daddy seems lost. she's been in a daze.

ej, enjoy working from home, i'm with ch, that's nice work if you can get it.

goodl luck and vibes for the job interview, lan!
I want to go home.
ej -- that sounds pretty cool, but I understand what you mean with the structured hours thing, I would have trouble with that too.

I got the job!!! I have training on Friday. Retail will suit me well until I figure out what I'm going to do with my life tongue.gif

culture -- I hope you are reading this from home sweet home.

Hey y'all! Its been raining for about 12 hours straight at this point. Ugh. And it REALLY sucked to ride home in a cold downpour - thank cod I have a really great wind/waterproof cycling jacket, and a helmet cover...if I'd remembered my waterproof gloves and booties, I would have been all set. I was SO happy to get home and stand in a scalding shower for several minutes.

And then the dreariness inspired me to I roasted a chicken with root veggies underneath. Meanwhile roasting the last 8lbs of tomatoes in another pan under the cheekin, which I just turned into the most delicious cream of tomato soup, which we shall eat with popcorn for dinner tomorrow. YUM. And I made some fresh peach/strawberry popsicles too. (I'm mildly obsessed with my new popsicle molds and making fancy 'sicles). So that's my night.

EJ - call me jealous that you get to work at home! Nice! My next job, I would really love to either have a 4-day work week, or work from home one day...guess I should make that happen sometime, eh?

Congrats on the job lana!!

(((((more hugs for GT & mr. t)))))
Cod, my fucking computer keeps crashing!

So.....hello! And goodbye! I will really try to post from work tomorrow....hopefully I'll get a few minutes!
Hey All!

((((GT)))) Sooooo sorry to hear about the Puppy Monster sad.gif You certainly did your best. The pupper's life was a good one, and full of love.

((((FJs)))) You're a good, strong family which will never be short on love.

The rest of youse, I'm sorry for my long absence. After the Expo, Goatie had a friend visiting, and she slept in our computer room. I didn't have a lot of computer time. You're all loved, though.

Wow! the Penny Arcade Expo was AWESOME!!! It surpassed expectations in some ways, yet I wasn't able to actually greet the people who began it in person. We missed their press and fan time. We were carried away having geeky fun elsewhere.

It was three days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday over Labor Day weekend. Friday, OtterMan and I scouted the scene out incognito, and we had a total blast! There were people in costume scattered throughout the crowd, and all were treated well despite any nerdiness. I must say that the TOP thing that blew me away about PAX was the people attending. What an awesome crowd! If anybody there wanted to be total jerks and ruin the fun for everyone, they had a lot of opportunity for mayhem, but they were all respectful, fun-loving, accepting people! I was in geektopia! We saw people in crazy outfits that mimicked game characters, and yet there were also many, many people who just felt like wearing whatever the heck they wanted, whether game-related or not! I'd never seen so many utility kilts! One could roam comfortably throughout PAX wearing a cape! There were free game demonstrations and free gameplay of all sorts everywhere, but those were but diversions, time-fillers, between people watching and interacting. While waiting in lines, we almost ALWAYS had someone to chat with about stuff. I tell you, I still long for those people! They were just an awesome crowd to be amongst.

Saturday, we both suited up in cardboard. I was still making stuff up to the very last, and I showed up to PAX with an incomplete Urban Camo Pack, un-tested, and with some assembly required. We found an area which had a lot of traffic, yet had enough open space for me to transform without smacking people (much). Omega-Tard's Karaoke Pack worked great for broadcasting Beastie Boys, Primus, and Beck songs, and we felt comfortable actually dancing around to it. I quickly assembled, tested, and then fixed the Urban Camo Pack, and then it was Game On! The crowd loved us both! I kept transforming to box mode and back, and we kept dancing and messing with what we were doing. Sometimes O-Tard would sit on the corner of me when I was in box mode, and then when he'd get up, I'd transform out and surprise newcomers. Basically, we were just clowning around and Tarding out, and people had fun with us. Here's a few pictures I grabbed off the Internet from other people who attended PAX:

Then, on Sunday, we took OtterMan's daughter to the last of PAX, and we all had tremendous fun. OtterMan actually won a T-shirt in a racing game contest. It was a game that isn't complete enough to release yet. We also played other weird stuff and made strange things out of coloured pipe cleaners while waiting in line. (They gave the pipe cleaners out whenever there were event lines so that people could entertain themselves and each other while waiting.) It was all just so... friendly!

Maybe I'll write more about PAX later if you're not sick of it.

Anyway, I missed being in touch with you Okaylanders! smile.gif You're great!
Good Morning.

Turbo, it was a soggy mess over here too. It cleared up last night and it is a sunny day today. Mmmm food.

Lananans, I did indeeed read the message from home.

EJ, how are you feeling today?

Lore, LOVE the pics!!!

Hey Doodle.

I so could have stayed in bed today. Mmm sleep.

Last night, didn't do much. The usual.
Good Morning!

Lore, it sounds like you guys had a total blast at PAX!! I love the pictures too! I'm glad you and otterman got to spend the time together, doing something you both love so much. Yay! It's good to see you 'round these parts too.

((GT)) Continued hugs for you & the mister.

((FJs)) You guys too. FJ, how are you feeling, physically?

Jenn, I am drooling over the chicken you made! And the tomato soup! Yum. Has it finally stopped raining? I love rainy days for cooking. Not so much for bike riding though, as you note! Bah.

Hey ErinJane! your job sounds very cool. How long have you been doing that sort of work?

Hey Doodle! Bye Doodle!

How's everyone else this morning? I'm good. I did a tough work out class last night, and am not as sore as I thought I'd be. Last time I went to this woman's class, I couldn't walk without pain for a few days. This time has been better. After that, Mr K and I watched some tv, ate pizza, and drank wine.

I'm working at home today. Also my handyman guy is coming back to re-grout the floor. He came a couple weeks ago & put some new jack posts in the basement to further stabilize the floor. He thought floor movement was making my grout crack. In my opinion, this is his last chance to get it right. After that, I may be asking for a refund. mad.gif He has to do a few other things today, things he should have finished on previous visits, so I sure hope he doesn't think I'll be paying him. Send me some power Bustie vibes!

I am getting an eye exam today for contact lenses. I have glasses now & am really tired of wearing 'em.

That's about all I've got goin' today. What about you guys?

kari -- that's awesome about the workout class. it's always nice to find out that you're more in shape than you maybe thought (although that doesnt really happen to me very often tongue.gif) Also getting contacts is exciting! I wish I could wear them, but I find them really uncomfortable because my eye is shaped funny apparently, also I have an astigmatism so i have to get expensive ones and I decided that it's just not worth it...

Jenn- now I want to start cooking, like, immediately. And I hate cooking. It just sounded so delicious!

I have a second job interview this afternoon... as soon as I got home from finding out I got one retail job, another store in the same mall called... two part time jobs would be like one ful time!

Mr. L is off at school, as usual, but our entire apartment is in such a mess. I'm hoping that we can clean it together tonight once we're home.. I can't bring myself to do it alone.

I hope everyone is having a good day!!
Lananans, I forgot to congratulate you on your job! Congratulations!

Kari, enjoy your day from home, and here's hoping that your reno's go well and things are fized correctly.

Hi, peeps!


Congrats on the job/s, Lananans!

******fingers crossed that Kari's floor issues will finally be resolved today!******

Hi, CH, Lore, Jenn, Doodle, Tree, EJ, and everyone else I missed!

Good Things Tuesday: I've only got one thing, but it's a great thing.......... WE DON'T HAVE TO MOVE!!! Landlord and his girlfriend are still going back and forth on whether she should move in, and landlord travels a LOT for his job (he'll be in China for 2 weeks, and who knows how long he's been there already, seems he has to go there every few months), so this might not be a good time for them to shack up together. They're going to give us another 6 month lease, which is great for us, since we'll be ready to buy a house no more than 9 months from when our next lease starts in November. Hooray!

The last week has been so relaxing, it was hard to come into work yesterday, but I can't say I care much for working from home. It's too quiet and easy to get distracted, and I distract very easily. We didn't do much besides watch tennis (my guy Federer won - yay!) and I watched a crapload of movies, since I had the TV all to myself, all the chic flicks and crappy movies the giant wants nothing to do with. I made a shit ton of jewelry, too.

Looks like I'll be meeting the rest of the giant's family tomorrow. His only aunt/uncle/cousin from his dad's side are visiting from Iowa, so we're all going out to dinner tomorrow. I hope it's somewhere good, and I hope they're nice. The giant hasn't seen them in years (his dad died when he was little and he has very little family on that side), so it'll be interesting.

I can't wait to get home from work tonight. I'll have 2 episodes of Desparate Housewives to watch, plus I rented "Rent," which I'll watch in the bedroom where the giant can't hear it. Sounds like a perfect evening to me!
Diva, that's GREAT news!!!!
WooooooT!!!! Hooray for Diva and the Giant! That is GREAT news, and I'm so glad that when you are ready to move, that it will be into your very own home!!

Tonight, I've got two pots of chicken stock simmering on the stove...the chicken carcasses and veggie scraps were stacking up in the freezer, and I need my freezer space!! Of course, half of the stock will go back in the freezer, but in stackable tupperware. tongue.gif Otherwise, it was a fresh summer salad for dinner with lime-jalepeno-pepito-garlic dressing, topped with peaches and bleu cheese. YUM.

Lore, you and Otterman kick ass!! I love the new costumes, and I'm glad you were so well received!! Sounds like it was a really fun crowd, too! What a fun boys' weekend out - nothin' but geek fun. Good stuff.

Congrats on the contacts, Kari! I just got new glasses a couple weeks ago, and am trying out a few different kinds of contacts to see what I like, but I think I'm just going to go with what I always doc just likes me to try the new stuff because he doesn't have many patients with astigmatism as bad as I have. Kinda funny, but hey - works out for me when he sends me home with 4 pairs of contacts to try! tongue.gif

Hi hi CH!! I hope it dried out up by you. It was gorgeous today, though all the bike underpasses that I usually ride through were flooded, so there was some creative maneuvering to be done.
Kari, I hope the handyman guy does a better job. I hate when people slack it.

I've only actually been doing this particular job for 2 months, but I've worked at this Women's Centre for 3 years. It's really a great place to work. In our last staff meeting two staff said they wanted a 4-day work week so they're just going to work extra hours on those 4 days and take the 5th one off. I do that sometimes too, if I'm going away for the weekend. We also do a staff destress day. We get to go to a spa, have lunch and get either pedicures or manicures. It's a once a year thing but really nice and it really does help us relax on the job.

lananans, that's awesome about the jobs, congrats.

Diva, yay about not movin!

turbo, that sounds like an awesome dinner. I was too tired after work and the gym to make anything with effort so I just had an artichoke. I heart artichokes.

I went to the gym today for the first time in months. It was great, I didn't lose as much running stamina as I thought. I walked there from work and it only took 15 minutes so I really don't have an excuse not to go anymore.
lore, you so totally rock.

That is all.

hi everybustie.

lore, i am so jealous that you got to go to pax. it always sounds so fun. and i love the pix. more please. they make me laugh.

ej, 4 day work week, spa days? sounds like shangri-la. wink.gif

((((fj, mrfj))))

i have to say i'm a bit sad that kari and (possibly)jenn are leaving their glasses behind. first it was culture, and now two more okayers. maybe i'm a dork, but i always get crushes on girls with glasses. i just think they are adorable/cute/foxy. my bf and i always talk about how we wish we wore glasses, and when i started wearing my faux glasses she burned with jealousy.

yay for not having to move, divala, although it seems like a mess.

things are starting to feel a bit more normal, although i get a bit sad. the worst is the quiet space-- that void where belle used to me, that just points up that she's gone. when i open the door to daddy's room it squeaks. then i would always hear the click of belle's nails on the tiles, and now after that squeak, my brain fills in her nails, and my heart beats faster, thinking she's going to be there greeting me, and when she doesn't my heart breaks again. sad.gif daddy talked to the first doctor we went to on saturday. it seemed the animal hospital never called him for his information. daddy told him everything they said to us about belle, and he seemed shocked. he said he had a dog with a hardened esophagus, he said the problem is rare, but it's not something that requires her to be put down. naturally this is eating daddy up. they told us at 1 am that she'd be in pain, and we should let her go. it was a decision she, gordon and i all made the decision based on what they told us, but daddy is just haunted. i'm bugged by it too, but i can't let her see that.

on the upside, daddy and i spent the day working in the garden and tending chickens. we kept talking about belle, but it was good to be out there. picking little cherry and sweetheart tomatoes has become my meditation. the $$$ for unemployment finally came thru after 2 months. thank god, since i was struggling to make rent. now i need to see if i can get approval to go back to school and work on my aluminum welding skills. i'm also debating going back to the union to get union training.

thanks again for the (())'s, pms and support. it really does help.

hi to everybody i missed
GT, darling, you know you and mr. t made the best decision you could, with the information you had...I'm glad you're spending time together processing the loss of your beloved puppymonster, and have cheekins and gardens to help soothe too.

And no worries - I'll never leave my glasses behind - I love them too much! I mostly have contacts for cycling. If I'm not hopping on the bike, I just wear my sexy specs, and usually take contacts out as soon as I get home, since my very dry office dries the lenses out pretty good. smile.gif

Well, I'm off to bed. g'night all!
GT-ditto what Turbo said. I'm not as skilled in framing my words as she is, but she is right, you did what you had to do based on the information you were given. You acted only on Bell's behalf, and that to me is the sign of a good doggie Mama.

Divala, I'm glad you don't have to move right now! And that you are moving closer to buying a house of your own. Nice.

(sigh). So I'm having a lot of ups and downs the past couple days, mostly sprung from a conversation with my brother about Mom's funeral. It's swung me into a weird emotional place, and I'm a wreck. My brother wants to have a somber, sober, everybody-wearing-black kind of funeral, and he's the oldest and did the bulk of dealing with Mom after she went into the nursing home. I HATE those kinds of funerals. I'd rather have some sort of a thing celebrating her life, and her relief from the torment she's had the past few years.

All kinds of old past traumas are popping up too. We were going to donate $9,000 to the parish nurse program that helped Mom so much for the last three years she lived at home. Well, apparently, the church has discontinued the parish nurse program. I'm not one for supporting established, traditional religion per se, but I was willing to donate to this nurse program, because I saw firsthand the benefits my Mom got.

Well, my (xtian) brother is pushing me to just donate my share of the 9,000 to the church that used to have the parish nurse program, just for "general" purpose, to go into the general fund. I don't want to just plain ol' give $3,000 to some church that...that...gah.

What is complicating this in my mind, and neither of my brothers know this, in fact Nobody knows this except me and the woman who was Mom's parish nurse...and she (the nurse herself) may not even remember this, so it might be just me that knows this,

but the woman who used to be parish nurse (I'll call her Carol) is a very, very philanthropic woman. She has been doing community volunteering for YEARS. And, back in 1986, when I was raped and attacked, and admitted it to a friend of the family, I don't remember exactly (I was too traumatized) but somehow I ended up in the hospital so they could collect evidence.

That woman, Carol, was the sexual assault survivors advocate who came to the hospital in the middle of the night and held my hand through the whole process. I guess there was a major part of me that was hoping there still was a parish nurse program because I sort of felt like I'd repay Carol a bit for her kindness and her volunteering to be an assault survivors advocate. And for helping ME 22 years ago. But she's gone and the program is gone and now I feel pushed into just kind of tossing $3,000 into a pot for some minister to do whatever with it.

*note: neither of my brothers were ever told that I had been raped. Mom and Dad were the old school, "we sweep those things under the rug and don't talk about them".

So now I'm dealing with this shitstorm in my head. I think I should stay home today, but I never turned in a timesheet for yesterday, so I need to go in so I can get paid for yesterday.

Shit. Maybe this whole blurb should've gone into the survivors thread.
((((Tree)))) That's a whole load of strong emotions and memories knotted together there. I wonder what decision would feel the most just? Perhaps there's another similar program that you could donate to? Or maybe you could talk to the church about your mother's parish nurse, and how you could specify the donation money be used to further causes of hers? I know that at least many churches are open to accepting directions for where donation cheques get allocated, especially if it's a large sum like you're talking about.

Hang in there.

Hello to everybody else again, but I have to head for work.
Good Morning.

((((((gt)))))) and ((((((tree))))))

GT, you did make the best decision for puppymonster with the information you had.

Tree, I'm sorry you're having a rough time right now.

Hey Erin, excellent that the gym went well.

Hi Lore! How are you liking work?

Hey turbo!

Hi Doodle, bye Doodle!

did the usual last night, I'm off to the doctor today to see what's up with my foot, here's hoping it's nothing too serious.

I should get to work now.

Tree, what about simply giving the money to another parish nurse programme, even if the closest one is in another state? I am sure you're exhausted and another decision may seem to be too much right now, but if you're uneasy about donating the $$ simply to the church, why not anonymously ring a hospital and enquire about the nearest parish nurse programme they know of? It sounds like these programmes do great work.

(((Tree))) Keep being good to yourself, and take care.

((((ongoing for GT and Mr t))))
((gt)) and ((tree)) ... that's a good idea about checking to see if there is a parish nurse program in another state, or asking for it to be directed to a specific activity in the church. I completely understand not wanting to just give it to the church for 'whatever'... after putting money into the collection plate for years, and not knowing where it goes, depending on what the church needs... a new roof? etc etc, i get it. Definitely find something that is important to you.

Hope your foot is okay culture!

And, I will be a glasses wearing lady for life, gt, no worries. I used to have those rimless ones in high school, I didn't like my glasses. But now i have embraced them and have big brown and green plastic rims, which I love.

I am sitting on the couch watching Maury, finding out who the daddy is. Then I'm going to try to drag myself off the couch to go for a walk. I start work tomorrow!

Good Morning!

(((tree))) That sounds so difficult and confusing. I agree with what others have said, do what feels right to you. It's up to you who you contribute to, it's not your brother's call. I'm really sorry.

((gt and mr t))

((continued hugs for FJs))

How's everyone else this AM? I'm good for the most part. No complaints.

Hey Diva! That's wonderful that you don't have to move! WOOT!

Hey Lananans! Great news about the two PT jobs! Starting tomorrow? Nice!

Gt, no worries, I will be keeping my glasses too. I will probably wear them at work, and a few other places. I want the contacts for times when I just don't want to wear the glasses. Mainly going out to shows at night and stuff. I got some trial contacts yesterday, wore them for about 6 hours or so, they felt comfortable.

Hey Jenn!

Hey sybarite!

Hey Anna!

Hey Ch!

Hey lore!

Who'd I miss?

I really have no other news. Getting kinda worried about the presidential race... dry.gif
GT, I hope you two don't dwell on the decision you made too much. Like turbo said, it was the best decision with the info you had. ((((gt))))

Sorry to say I am a contact girl too. I have those ones you wear continuously for 30 days and they are awesome. They let in more oxygen so the only time they feel dry is when I wake up in the morning. I splash a little water in my eyes and I'm good to go. It's nice being able to see 24/7. I think I have cute glasses but they're plastic and in the summer they just slide off my face if I get a little sweaty. I think I'm cuter without them anyway. tongue.gif

(((tree))) I like your idea for the funeral better. I think a celebration of someone's life is so much more respectful at a funeral. People remember all the good memories and are more willing to share their own. That's really rough about the program being canceled and your brother pushing you with the money. Unfortunately I don't have any good advice.

I was looking forward to going to the gym, and had my gym bag ready to go and was leaving the house in 10 minutes when a friend called. She's only in town until tomorrow before she goes home about 15 hours away, so instead of gym time we have 3 hours to hang out. I'm glad I'll get to see her but sad it's so short.

I'm feeling really good this week. I'm smoking less weed and starting to get a normal work routine and I'm going out more and stuff. Feelin' good.

What about donating the $ to RAINN or some other group like that? Maybe suggest splitting the money between the siblings so each of you (don't know if there's more than you and this one brother) can donate however you choose to honor your mom?
(((((GT))))) & (((((tree)))))

tree, can you just donate the money to some other health care program, maybe hospice or something? Or you could buy specific things and donate them to a health care program within the mom bought a bunch of stuff for the hospice unit after my grandfather died there, things like a big stereo and plants, and a new coffee maker for the nurses, and so on.

I can't be in here very long, but I did come in to report that one of the accountant agency's partners looked down my top this morning!!! I was sort of bent over unloading the dishwasher from the night before, chatting with one of the woman accountants who was getting coffee, and this guy walks in, grabs his cup, and cuts a look at my tits as he walks by. Five minutes later, he walks by me in the front office and gives this fake, "Good morning, Doodle!" - he totally knew I'd seen him look at my tits, but was trying to act all casual like it had never happened. And normally, I'd be a little creeped out, but not totally.....but this guy is the accountant who gets all the financial stuff for the provincial gov't party - the BC "Liberals" (I WILL name them, the bastards) - that cut women's centres funding. I don't know what his involvement is, but he's got to be either their Treasurer or accountant.

I don't know if he knows who I am....surely he wouldn't have dared cut the look at my tits if he knew? And he's young enough to know better anyway. But if he's been involved in the party for any length of time, he would know my damned name like a curse rattling around in his head, b/c all I did was lambaste them in the media.

The worst bit is, now I'm totally self-conscious about whether my top is too low cut!! I keep pulling it up....isn't that ridiculous? Bigtime former career feminist like me blaming herself for some creep ogling her tits....

Hey Kari!

Erin, glad to hear you are feeling better after cutting down on the green.

Doodle, niiiiiiiiiice that he looked at your boobies. That's a good idea for the hospice.

Polly, that's also a good idea.

I have to rant. All my office mates are talking about is wedding stuff, two of them are married, the third is getting married very shortly (oh, and they are all younger than me) and I am gagging. Please NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO more wedding talk. This stuff is way too girly girly for me. I feel like I need to go rub myself on some juiced body builders to get over this overload.

Wow, weddings and that sort of things are totally my thing...ha!

Hi, peeps!

EJ, that's great that your friend is in town. Sucks about not going to the gym, but seeing friends is way better. My BFF was in town last year for less than a day (layover gone bad from CA to MD), so I moved my schedule around to hang out with her, and we had a great time. I only get to see her maybe once a year, so I take what I can get.

Doodle, he scoped your boobs? Eesh. You should introduce yourself to him.

(((((((Tree))))))) Is there any way you could find that lady and ask her where she'd like to see the money donated? She sounds like a wonderful person. But I'm with you, probably wouldn't give it to the church for them to do whatever with. I don't trust churches with large sums of money, personally. Besides that, was there any cause your mom used to be really into?

CH, sorry about the coworkers. The youngest one will eventually get married and it will all pass.

Glasses are cool. I wish I wore them, but my vision is good, at least for now. I'll probably need them when I get older, judging from my mom.

Hi, Kari! How did the floor turn out?

Hi, Jenn! Is biking season over already? It seems it's just starting to get cool enough to make it comfortable.

Hi, everyone else!

The not-moving thing for me actually isn't messy at all. It's messy for the landlord, but as long as I've got a signed piece of paper that says I've got a home for 6-9 months, it's all pretty cut and dried. We should be getting that done in a couple weeks when he comes back from China.

Not much going on with me today. I watched Rent yesterday, and wasn't as impressed as I'd thought I'd be. Very few movies really impress me anymore. We're going with the giant's family (mom, bro, SIL, and 3 nieces) to meet his aunt and uncle and cousin somewhere for dinner at the MOA. I hope it doesn't suck. There'll be 11 of us, including the baby. Fingers crossed that the restaurants aren't that busy and we can find a place to fit us all.

anna k
CH, I can't imagine being married. It seems so unreal to me, being thought of as someone's wife or having a husband. Maybe someday it'll feel natural and good to me, but I've never had a serious relationship with anyone, so the idea of marriage seems like a faraway concept.

Today is my day off, and I got a pedicure and a manicure. I hadn't had one in a year, and my feet felt rough and tough, and it felt so nice to have the cuticles clipped, the exfoliating lotions rubbed on my legs, having shiny dark purple polish on my nails, and feeling pampered and stroked. It was an inexpensive pedi/mani, but it felt so nice.

doodle, sometimes I like it when men look at my tits. Even if it's some guy ogling me. I've grown to love having voluptuous D-cups, and like feeling good in fitted shirts that make my tits look good and my waist looking smaller. It makes me feel sensual and feminine.

I didn't get an email back from the guy I went out with last week. Even though I wasn't that into him, I'm a little disappointed, like he just didn't like me. Oh well.

GT, my dog died from an infection several years ago, and the night before he died, he came up to me while I was watching TV, licked my hand and nudged his head against me, then walked to the foyer and lied down. I still miss him, he was such a loyal and cute dog. And when I had him, I never saw Pembroke Welsh Corgis around, and now it's a popular breed to buy.

I've been wearing glasses since I was 10, and have gone through purple frames as a kid, frames that were too big for my eyes, black cat-eye glasses that I ditched after a couple of years because I thought they looked too hipster, and now narrow wire rims. I'm uncomfortable with using contacts, and am so used to my glasses that I think I look weird without them, like they're a part of my face. I have been told that I'm pretty without them, and have also gotten attention from guys because of the "sexy librarian" fantasy (so that's an advantage).
Ok, I just caught him peering 'round the corner of the kitchen at me. Accountants aren't very surreptitious.

The thing is, I wouldn't be creeped out if it weren't for his political leanings, but he's always been assessing me, since I got here, and I don't know if it's my T&A or my own political leanings. Especially now there is a Canadian federal election on. Plus municipals coming up.

Almost time to go! Thank goddess!
Tree, I think you should do what YOU want with the money - definitely pass on the church donation - that one seems to be giving you a BIG red flag, and that's fair. I think you can reasonably explain that you would donate to the nurse's program, but not a church general fund...and then I say give half to something your mom would've liked, and half to a women's center of some sort - local to your mom or you, doesn't matter. Your mom's funeral has brought up another painful time from your past, a time when you were helped by others, and I'm sure your mom would be happy for you to give the money to a crisis center, AND you'll be helping other women who've been assaulted, and that's important. I don't think you need to explain everything to your sibs, just give as vague details as you can on the second donation. ((((((tree))))))

WOW, doodle....hmph...not sure what to do about that. I probably would've called the douche on his peeping, even if playing it off hand. Tough sitch, though. Or maybe drop a hint about your past to scare the bastard off?? I stuff like this is delicate. Asshole boss pitched a fit yesterday in our office because my coworker called him out on verbally attacking her, which was true, and his tantrum was totally uncalled for. He's lucky he spoke unkindly to my meek, terrified would not have gone down as well with me. I don't take shit from that asshole, and he knows it.

Hey Diva - biking season isn't over - just time to dress carefully! Fall riding is pretty much my favorite - chilly in the morning, but *gorgeous* sunrises over the lake while I ride, and warmish in the afternoon. It just means carrying two full biking sets of clothes, plus work clothes. I actually just ordered some better cold weather gloves, goretex helmet cover, and neoprene shoe covers to keep the cold wind out a bit better! I'm not giving up until I have to this year! smile.gif And, I have a 62-mile ride with the local bike club next weekend.

Kari, I'm with you on my concern about the presidential race. We CANNOT let the Repubes continue to spew lies and not hit back. I need to make another donation to Obama, since he's not raising as much moolah as he expected, and he's gonna need it.

What fun would life be without it?

I played mr jamhost's Fender Telecaster tonight. He might sell it to me!

I have to get up in 6.5 hours.

there's too much weirdness in my life.
Good morning!

What's up GT?

Jenn, sigh.....I know, I don't understand what the Dems are doing right now. It's starting to look like '04 all over again. sad.gif It's not time to play nice, it's time to get serious & aggressive. Then I saw that Biden said yesterday that Hillary is a better candidate for VP than he is. W.T.F. That's just wrapping it up all nice an pretty for the Repubs. I'm getting pretty frustrated.


Doodle, that's totally gross that the guy scoped out your chest that way. Ick.

Anna, how's work going?

Hey CH! Sorry about all the wedding talk at work! That's annoying. When is the chick's wedding? I hope it's sooner rather than later.

Hey Diva! The dude is coming back today to grout the remaining spots. After that I'll just be holding my breath. It always looks great at first, but we have been having issues with the grout chipping out over time.

Did you guys go to dinner with the Giant's fam last night? How was it? How is the giant doing these days?

Hey Erin! Did you get to hang with your friend?

Things here this morning are pretty good. It's quiet here today.

Did I tell you guys that my mom is now engaged? To a guy she's only been dating for about 4 months? They are planning on marrying on NYE. I'm really struggling with it. I think I am gonna have a chat with her this weekend. If for nothing else, to get my concerns out into the open and off my chest. The guy is my stepaunt's husband. The stepaunt that just passed away this spring. So, I've known the guy for several years, he's ok, I just don't understand why my mom is in a rush to marry. Again.

anna k
Work's going OK. Our new exhibit starts next month, I'm looking forward to seeing Chagall's work.

This morning on the radio, they held a moment of silence at 8:46, then played Bruce Springsteen's "The Rising." It took me back to 2002, when I started college, and how young and shy and awkward I was, and how long ago that was. It felt like a mindtrip.

I signed up for Crazy Blind Date, wanting to try something new. I've been wanting to get laid, but not settle for just any schmuck, to have some excitement and desire for somebody would be great.
Hanging out with the friend was great. We hung out, grabbed a bite to eat, just walked around taking pictures with disposable camera's and then her and her fiance drove me home. It was really nice and I'm sad it'll probably be a year before we see each other again.

I'm in a bad mood today for a few reasons.

After I got home I found out my neighbour passed away yesterday morning. She was 83 and had cancer but it was a bit of a surprise apparently. They didn't think she was going to go so fast. She lived right across the street and raised her granddaughter, a childhood friend. I'm pretty sad about it. She's really always been a fixture in my life and was such a nice woman. I remember going to birthday parties for the friend and her grandma would always put loonies wrapped in saran warp inside cupcakes for us. She was old school.

Before I went to bed I got this message from a guy I went to school with last year trying to hook me up with another guy who had been in our class. I already knew his friend liked me but he's so far from my type I can't even consider dating him. He belongs to the steven harper fan page on facebook, like, a real fan page. *shudder*.

Then this morning there was a message from my ex boyfriend who I broke up with 3 years ago. I haven't heard from him in months and he sent me a message that was basically, "I didn't want you to think I was waiting for you"...blah blah blah. He's been dating another woman for something like a year and a half. I almost laughed when I opened it but then I just got angry. What did he think I was doing? Sitting in my room pining for him? Ugh. I was just insulted by the whole thing. I told him I'm sorry he got the impression that I was wanting to get back together, and that it was true it crossed my mind more than once in the first year after we broke up but it was 3 years ago! And I broke up with HIM. I just feel like it's a good testament to how far we've grown from each other that he would send me something like that and expect me not to be insulted. It also shows how far his respect for me goes.

Now I just feel so shitty today. I hardly ever cry but just with the death and the ridiculousness of those messages I feel really down. I don't feel like playing today and I have to go get a cavity filled. I truly rule.

Sorry for not reading through this morning, I'm too self pitying but I'll do it when I get home. wink.gif
(((( Erin jane)))) I'm sorry yesterday was such a bad day. That is really sad about your neighbor. sad.gif
Yeah, I can't believe your ex thinks you are still thinking about him! Whatever, dude.

Hey Anna! I know, I can't believe it's been 7 years since sept 11th.
((((((EJ)))))) i am sooooo sorry. that lady sounds so terrific. you are so blessed for having someone like her in your life all this time.

*sigh* i talked to one of my best friends-- he and another friend of mine, the three of us were the best of friends in high school. they are the only two people from then who were cool with my transition. me, r, and j were thick as thieves for years, they are among my closest friends. we were-- are-- obsessed with films and would debate movies and politics for hours, my best friend, r, called me last night to tell me that j fell off the roof of his apartment, he landed terribly wrong. he damaged vertibrae 2 thru 7.

he's paralyzed from the neck down.

thing about j, is he's so loopy, he lives to get into trouble. he would dump bottles of dishwashing soap into the fountains in downtown denver just before lunch to entertain all of the people in the offices leaving to grab something to eat. i don't know anyone who loves surrealism as much as he does... and i know he's probably wise cracking his little heart out in that hospital. joking about how horrible the sponge baths are.

r suggested that we get a special netflix acct for him, and we load it up with movies for him. i know how much he'll love it. god i'm crying. i think i'm going to put 'godzilla destroy all monsters' first, and the host after. two monster movies. maybe send him a little godzilla toy from my hood. i'm hoping in a week or two we can make a three way call and debate movies the way we used to....

6 month tally: 1 friend passed, 1 friend paralized, 1 co-worker paralized, 1 car accident, 1pet passing, 3 friends pets passing, 1 firing, and 1 layoff. i feel like i'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it's never the last one, there's always one more.
there's always something else.

the world just doesn't seem safe anymore.

i can't think about this stuff anymore.

I'm so sorry. What is it they say about bad things happening in 3's? He sounds like a strong individual at least.
anna k

I am so so sorry about what happened to J. You're right, the world just doesn't seem safe or fair.
((GT)) lady, you have had a rough time of it lately. I feel terrible for your friend and his family. sad.gif I'm really sorry.
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