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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi, peeps.

Count me in on a shitty night of sleep, too. I was all nervous that I wouldn't be able to work from home and fretted about that, then my back started hurting worse than it ever has before and I had to lay on the floor for awhile and stretch it out. This was at 4:00 am. I got less than 4 hours sleep last night.

I'm working from home today, and I've gotta say, I'm not cracked up for this. I've got the TV on for company since the giant's mom's computer (ours crashed last week and is being repaired, so we're borrowing the giant's mom's for the week) isn't synching up with sound, so no radio for me. Oh, well. It's hard to concentrate when there's a whole house of stuff to do around me. I'm watching tennis now, which is pretty easy to ignore. I was watching Desperate Housewives before that, and it sucked me in. How have I not watched that show before?

The weekend was decent, didn't do much of anything besides make a shitload of jewelry: 11 pairs of earrings, 2 stone necklaces, 3 bracelets, and 3 lanyards. I got time to myself on Sunday when the giant went to play fantasy stupidball, then we went to a cookout at his aunt's yesterday. I barely recognized her with her shaved head and baseball cap. From the back, she looks like an old man. The chemo's really doing a number on her, and I guess the lymphoma is also in her bone marrow.

Anyway, back to "work."
Dude!! It's cold!
Hello and good evening, everyone!

It has turned a bit chilly here, too. Bah!

In other news, I got time-and-a-half for working in the store on Labour Day, and my security pass for the accountants' office finally came in, so I can get in with my own key now.

Also, I slept with mr scorpio again. Yeah, I know. But he's moving away. He's decided. So when he asked if we could get together, I said what the hell. The HBI is really good. Seriously, thermonuclear explosion. And I needed a massage. I'm sorry. I'm such a bad girl. I'll probably do it again before he leaves, too.

Also, I went to see mr jamhost's band live, and he asked me if I wanted to play, and I couldn't do it! I mean, he asked me from the mike. I just got bashful, all of a sudden like. I said, "Next time, maybe."


It's also a shade chilly here, but nothing too bad. It was also super rainy. and I went to the grocery store yesterday and everyone plus their dog was there.

Doodle, where's Mr. Scorpio moving to?

It's Wednesday! yay for short work weeks. And I'm getting my hair cut Saturday.

ETA: There is a staff member who is not from around these parts and I'm finding her accent highly irritating. Oh and she talked to me in a very condescending manner, "we have clients come in here without appointments all the time, my dear" umm, I've been doing this job for 5 years, I think I know about walk ins, thankyouverymuch. And this offices walk ins are laughable, I came from an office with sex offenders who do whatever.they.want. I told her that point of fact.
Good Morning.

I wish it were getting chilly here. It's 90 & humid. Ugh. We don't see cooler weather til at least October 1 though, usually. That's the south for ya.

Doodle, where is mr Scorpio moving to? One last time can't hurt. wink.gif

Diva, how is your city these days? Just hearing snips of the RNC on the radio turns my stomach.

Hey CH! Sorry about that irritating lady at work. That's frustrating. "My dear"? Really? Definitely condescending.

I'm doing ok this AM. Got some sinus pain/pressure, but nothing too major. Back in the office after the 3 day weekend & one day working at home.

Hi, peeps!

It got a little chilly here last night, and it was so nice. I love Fall. It'll be good to keep the windows open some more and the a/c on less.

By the way, we're not scared to leave our bedroom window open anymore, because the jackass neighbors next door moved out. Yay! No more banging on their door and yelling for them at 3:00 am and waking my ass up!

Kari, it looks to be pretty crazy around here, but I'm staying home this week, so I only hear about it on the news. The cops are out in riot gear for the marches. I think over 200 people got arrested and a ton of crap got vandalized. I just can't wait until those asshole Rethuglicans leave and let my city get back to normal. They've even got a whole train parked outside my work building to have parties in. Blech.

What do you all think of this Sarah Palin character? My mom thinks McCain named her because he'll need a scapegoat when they lose in November.

CH, you should slap that lady with a giant trout. How dare she be so condescending to a coworker who's been there as long as you have!

OK, back to work. I'm bored as hell right now, but at least I can listen to the radio or TV, unlike at work.
Kari, here's to you feeling better soon.

Diva, woohoo on crappy neighbours moving out.

As for Palin, the Globe and Mail has many comments today on her and McCain's judgement on choosing her. Good for you for choosing a woman, I think he did it for the wrong reasons. Doodle was comparing it to when Kim Campbell was named PM here, and she went down in flames because of the Conservative Party of Canada's wrong doings. I suspect the same thing with the Rethuglicans. I do like how eloquent Barack Obama was about saying family should be left out of things.
Palin....ugh. I think it was terrible judgement on McCain's part. The way the Repubs are "rallying" behind her is really pathetic. Only the Repubs could cast a positive light on a 17 year old becoming pregnant. Last time I checked, that wasn't a good thing. ? If it were the Dem VP's daughter, you know they'd have a lot to say about it in the other direction. I think the effect of her being a woman and a mom will wear off & it will come to light how unprepared she is to be VP. Distraction about family matters can only last so long. Personally, I'd love to see the ethics investigation in Alaska come back to bite Palin & McCain in the ass.

*stepping off soapbox*

Diva, I feel so sorry for you and your city! The protestors & the police actions have been really shocking. What a mess. That's wonderful that your crazy neighbors moved out! Sweet.

Hey CH! thanks for the feel better vibes. I took some Advil & it seems it has worked. yay!

And I'm sure that Palin and her husbands first thoughts were that they were "thrilled" that their 17 year old daughter was pregnant and they were so happy at being grandparents.

If I got pregnant at 17 both my parents and my step mother would gave dragged me down to a clinic.

and if I may add, all her children look absolutely thrilled about being at the RNC. Are you fucking joking, it's bad enough being 17 and pregnant and having your classmates know, but now not only do her classmates know, so does the entire fucking planet. I bet her d bag boyfriend is also thrilled to death.
I hate how, if you dare mention it around a Rethuglican, they get all up in arms about not bringing Palin's family into it. Yeah, it sucks that her kid is prego, but her kid isn't the issue, it's Sarah Palin's parenting of that child that would make her go out and get pregnant that's the issue. If that were me, I'd have been disowned. My parents weren't even all that happy when my brother got Sam's mom pregnant, and they were about 23. Sure says a lot for the abstinance education movement they're so supportive of, doesn't it?

I'm just happy that the blessed event wasn't announced on Nickelodeon, like how SOME people have dealt with it.

This woman is an evil Barbie, and I think people will get it. I don't know how a woman like that is supposed to attract Clinton supporters.

This girl has become a political tool and it is disgusting that her mother would allow that. Absolutely vile. Why not just let the rumours swirl instead of humilating your daughter of the father of the kid. If she was my mother, as soon as I turned 18, I'd tell the bitch to fuck off and walk away from that. There is NO reason, other than someone thinking it's for political gain. How selfish can you be that you would put your politcal career ahead of your daughters privacy? what kind of convoluted logic is that?
And I'm soooo sure it was the daughter alone who chose to keep the baby and marry the father and her parents are merely supportive observers. Riiiiight. Poor girl.
She had no choice. She grew up in a house that was strongly anti-choice, and by the time she did tell her parents, thanks for the archaic abortion laws her mother helped put into place, it was too late for her to abort. that and I'll be she was too scared to tell her parents.

The New york times was reporting that Palin may have gotten pregnant out if wedlock, yet another example of rethuglican hypocrites. I don't give a flying fuck if Palin got pregnant before she got married, but I'm not stupid, so stop trying to pull the wool over my eyes.
Maybe they chose Palin because they knew her "issues" would keep the GOP in the media spotlight....some people believe any publicity is good publicity. I have to admit I'm a little pissed off that when a woman candidate gets out there, it allllll becomes about her fucking reproductive organs. Meh.

It's funny, I don't think people really pay much attention to our politicians' private lives here in Canada. I don't even know how many children the Prime Minister has, to be honest! I can't imagine something like this becoming such big news here, whether the politician is male or female. It's not that politicians don't get up to things in their spare time, or have family issues to deal with, or whatever, but it's not usually media fare.

I don't even want to think about Stephen Harper having a sex life.


diva, right on that those neighbours moved out!! YEAH!

CH, what kind of accent?

kari, right on for Advil, huh? wink.gif Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Hiya diva and polly! And everyone!

Mr scorpio is moving to Penticton, which is about 3.5 hours away. He's lived there before, always liked it, and he wants to train for the big Ironman thing that is there. I think it's on his things-to-do-before-I-die list. Hey, what the hell - he's got a dream! A much better dream than one of making babies with me, I feel.

I started a song last night on the way home from work. Someone had written "Love Jesus" in twelve foot high letters on the beach. This whole verse or chorus or whatever it is just came to me - I was writing it down as I was still crossing the bridge! No idea where it's going. I almost lost it, b/c I got kidnapped by a friend (to help her move a desk) as I was approaching home! She had to suffer through hearing the handful of lines over and over in the car - I was trying so hard not to forget the melody. I think I should get one of those mini voice recorders.
Good Morning!

*yawn* Stayed up too late watching the bullshit Repubs, then debriefing with a friend on the phone.

Doodle, when is mr s moving? Good work on the new song! Can't wait to hear how it's coming along!

Hey Ch!

Hey Diva!

Hey Polly!

What's up?

Nothing new to report here. It's Thursday, lots of people are out of the office. So, that's nice. Gonna try to buckle down & edit some figures in my report. Bah. I put a layer of polycrylic on the inside of my cabinets last night, the final step in my re-do. Can't wait to put all the stuff away tonight, dining room's been a mess, covered in kitchen stuff, since Sunday.
Hey Kats.

Kari, blech RNC, they were showing clips on CBC this moring. Blech.

Doodle, it's a Newfie accent. nuff said. Wow, an ironman, impressive.

Didn't do much last night, worked out, talked to pr boy, went to sleep. Aren't I exciting! hee hee.
anna k
CH, I think you're very exciting and intriguing. smile.gif

Busy couple of nights ahead for work, as we have two events planned, so I work two hours later than usual. I also have a date on Friday night that I'm looking forward to. My arm and upper left side feels sore from doing new weight exercises at the gym, and I feel very sleek and sexy in my new black tank top.

I was talking to my mom about political sex scandals, and said how in South America and France, nobody cares if the president has a mistress or lover or girlfriend in addition to his wife, but it's a huge deal here. My mom said it's our Puritan roots. There was a famous story about a French PM or president who died a few years ago, and both his wife and mistress stood side by side at the funeral, each with his child. It's like a silent acceptance, a seperation of two worlds.
Quiet day in here!

Hey Anna! Hope the events at work go nice & smooth.

I've had my head buried in numbers all day. Going cross eyed! blink.gif

Queen Bull
Afternoon busties! I was feeling a bit bored, so i thought that i would pop on in here and see what was up. smile.gif
Hey Kari! I could never work with numbers all day. Im horribly dyslexic and more than a bit ADD. lol

Anna, GOOD LUCK ON YOUR DATE! *get it girl*

CH, from what i have seen around these parts, you are exciting if you are anything. wink.gif

Doodle, hooray for new songs. ( and damn Scorpios, they are just too yummy. Glad urs is relocating tho, i lurked through the whole ultimatum thing.. *le gag*)

Hi to everyone else!

So, today i didnt do a whole lot, i kinda just chilled around the house and such. I connected with a few friends from high school and we made plans to hang out, and im going saturday to keep her company while she gets some new ink. should be fun. smile.gif In other news, my job interview got moved up to tomorrow, oh yay the throws of retail service.. god willing anyway.

Anyway, thats it for me for now.

Thanks, everyone, for the well wishes and concern.

We went in to the ob/gyn last Friday to check the sex of the baby and as you guys know by now we were told the baby was already dead, had been dead for a couple of weeks which confirmed FJ's worst unspoken concerns she'd been harboring. It was an awful moment but we have this sort of way, as a couple, of instantly processing awful news and dealing with it matter-of-factly together, which is what we did there in the doctor's office with the nurse apologizing to us and helplessly patting FJ's hand while she cried. She was checked into the hospital a couple of hours later to begin the labor process. Weird how it hadn't occured to me that she would still have to deliver the baby. What a strange complex of emotions we dealt with over the next two days. Remorse, sorrow, boredom, fatigue, frustration. But not anger. It really did happen in the best way possible. We were spared from having to make a horrible decision about whether to terminate it later, had it somehow survived in its condition, or see it die after birth. Jesus. And having Jackson around really helped us out. That kid is a fucking lottery win. Anyway, one of the nurses told us we'd have to fill out a birth certificate and a death certificate at the same time. We couldn't come up with any names that seemed appropriate for a half-developed baby. Charles, Jennifer, Wilford, Holly all just didn't sound right. Turns out we didn't have to fill out any of those certificates after all but after it was born, more or less, early Sunday morning we named it Mr. Bojangles just between us so we'd have something to refer to it as in later years instead of "the dead baby". They took pictures of the baby because that's what the state of Florida requires apparently and the nurse on duty reassured us that they'd taken some "really good" pictures of it, that in one of the pictures it looked like it was sleeping with its arms tucked under its head all cute and everything but we thought that was too creepy and refused any of the pictures they'd taken of Mr. Bojangles, especially since, honest to God, it looked more like a piece of uncooked pork chop than a little Jackson. What would we do with a picture of that, posed to appear slumbering peacefully?

So now it's been a few days and FJ is at home, recovering. They gave her some meds that make her cramp up and hurt and they gave her more meds to deal with the pain. She's pretty stoic about it all but still sad and depressed. She'll be okay though. I make her laugh every now and then. We'll probably get hammered this weekend now that she can.

Anyway, just wanted to check in.
anna k
Thank you for your update, Mr. FJ. It's a terrible loss, but I'm glad that you and FJ are doing okay. Well wishes for you two this weekend.
Damn, I'm really glad that you are her biggest, sexiest cheerleader, Mr. FJ. Having such a supportive partner is such an incredibly rare thing. Please send the Mizzuz my biggest, boobiest-squishing hugs and a shot of something wonderful.

Hell, you have a few on me, too. wub.gif
Word, Minxy. We are SO glad that our beautiful FJ has such an amazing partner to share this challenging time with. Thanks for dropping by and giving us an update. Take care of yourselves...we're thinking of you guys, and so glad the little 'roo is there to make you smile and laugh too.

Its been raining heavily here for over 24 hours. Sigh. It truly feels like the beginning of the end of summer, and with season. I had to take the train for the first time in 4 months today, and it was very depressing. I was in a bit of a funk all day.

But, we have dear friends coming by for dinner - old friends from the commune, both ladies are pastors - one Lutheran, one Methodist, and both are truly cool peeps. I was going to make burgers, but since its cold and rainy - its chili. Woot!
((((((FJs)))))) Thanks for coming by and letting us know, Mr FJ. I'm so incredibly sad for you all. I am so glad you and FJ and li'l Jackaroo all have each other right now. I think the name Mr. Bojangles is perfect. Much love to you and the missus. And I totally second (third? fourth?) what anna, minx, and turbo said.

So. Erm. I slept with mr scorpio again tonight. Like, er, four times between after work and now. What can I say? I'll do it again too. Actually, we've been having some very lovely, friendly conversations, celebrating what we've had and talking about our independent futures. It's quite nice - in a way, being with him is actually more fun now without all the commitment stuff creeping into the conversations.....although I get the feeling he is still secretly hoping my biological alarm will go off at some point and I'll move to Penticton and have his babies. rolleyes.gif

On that note, I'm exhausted and must sleep. Friday is a double-shift day.
(((FJs))) You guys have been in my thoughts. Mr FJ, please give your family hugs from me. And here is one for you too: (((Mr FJ)) Take care of that lady. I

doodles! You are so naughty! Mr scorpio! wink.gif

Hey QueenBull! Welcome! Good luck in your interview today!!

Hey Anna!

Hey minx!

It's raining here today too. We could use it, so it's not a bad thing.

I am happy it is Friday, even though it's been a short week, due to the Monday holiday.
(((((((FJ's)))))))) thank you for the update Mr. FJ. I am also very happy that FJ has you around.

Hey Anna, that is really sweet of you. *blushes* awww gorsh.

hey Kari! It's also raining here. again.

hey QB, do you mind if I call you that?? ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~*

Turbo, how was your evening? Mmm Chilli.

Hi Minx! How's the job going?

Doodle, excellent on HBI! When does Mr. Scorpio move?

Last night, worked out, chilled out, got an unexpected (but lovely) call from PR boy. Not much is going on here, getting my hair cut tomorrow, and aside from that I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend. What is everyone else up to?

(((mRFJ))) you know, my in laws lost a child within hours of birth, c. 1980. To this day, they don't talk about her much, if ever, but every year on her birthday, the family heads to the cemetery, and its the one time my MIL and FIL let themselves outright remember her. Little signs that she is part of our family are around...a poem the FIL wrote after her death, a tatoo that shows 4 kids (3 survive), MIL refers to 4 pregnancies from time to time. The point is, you had a child and that child died- it is a horrible, horrible thing, but not something that breaks a family. Its something that works towards cementing it. Naming the child, like you guys did, seemed to help the in-laws tremendously. They did also go on to have 2 more healthy, happy babies after she passed.

Give each other and jackaroo big hugs, lots of kisses, and please have a BIG shot of something.

Here, i'm tired and generally antsy for the weekend.
Queen Bull
Hey Everyone!


Hey Kari, ty for the luck....

CH, go for it, dont mind a bit, ty for the vibes.


Ill update on this end in a bit. <3's
Hello all! I'm FINALLY done with work for the week - WOoHooo! Today just dragged by, and I just wanted to crawl back into bed and snooze on this dreary day. I was up way past my bedtime last night hanging out with our friends, and it caught up with me.

The chili was AWESOME, perhaps my best ever, and I just love eating it with brown rice - mmmmm, comfort food. And, I think we'll have it for dinner again tonight! We'll probably have another friend and her 2y/o daughter over for dinner too, since her hubby has been out of town for work for over a week, and she needs a BREAK!

Oooooh, it seems we have a very naughty doodle!! Wheeeeee! Enjoy the portions for as long as they last!

Well, I gotta run, it seems our friend is at the end of her rope, so she and her tot are headed over now - I think a glass of wine or two will be in order!
anna k
I went out on a date tonight. It was fun for the time being. We mostly talked about sci-fi movies, his travels in Thailand and New Zealand, and our backgrounds (me being Italian-Irish in Long Island, him being Chinese-American in Atlantic City). He seemed like a guy who I'd have conversations with, and I had a very casual, comfortable feeling. I'll wait a few days to see if he writes an email back, and if not, I'll write back to say that I had a good time and would see him again.

Work this weekend, and I'm going to see The Duchess, a Keira Knightley period movie, to review it for a website. I'm not really interested, but I answered an email update of new things to review and write about, and I was given this assignment.

I'm happy for you doodle, and that mr. scorpio has better plans than making you his baby-making machine.
Queen Bull
hello all.

Anna, Glad you had a good time on your date. smile.gif

turbo jenn, glad ur chilli and get together went well.

So, i went to my interveiw today, and i think i did good. It seemed to go well, and teh conversation flowed well. I Do feel kinda bad tho, bc it was a group interveiw, and i kinda feel liek i took over the show, but tuff stuff... the other applicants should have been more forward. wink.gif we loud girls just cant help ourselves. now i must play the waiting game to see if they call me back in. fngrs X'd.

Ive been getting bad headaches lately. Im not diggin'em at all... aspirin and chamomile tea seemed to help a good bit.

Anyway, must dash off, i think im gonna make breakfast in teh morning.. im feelin some biscuits'n'gravy.

Gnight to all, and hope you have a super weekend! smile.gif

I'm so tired that I'm trying to decide between going to bed and eating dinner. And I'm on the opening shift tomorrow, which means up at 7. But that's okay, 'cause I'll be home early. I'll need to catch up on my sleep before Sunday, as that may be the only chance I get for one more real HBI session before mr scorpio leaves next Thursday. Though I'm thinking maybe we could get up to some foolin' around on one or two of my lunch hours next week....somewhere....where, exactly? Hmmm....

Anyway. Good night, y'all.
((((((((((the fjs))))))))))))

diva, glad to hear the the obnoxious neighbors have moved!

anna, keep enjoying those dates!

sarah palin - she's successfully managed to keep obama out of the news since she is getting SO much face time. and apparently there are enough ann coulter lovers out there in repugnicanlandia that she WILL be a draw. as astoundingly stoopid as that sounds.

best tactic for the dems is to focus on mccain and leave palin out of it. no one really votes for a vice president anyway, right?

it has been weird hearing about all of these things from an outside perspective, living in africa. i successfully managed to avoid having to hear/see any of the convention.

jenn, that chili sounds yummerific!

as do your biscuits and gravy, queen bull! are you in the southeastern us? loooooooooooooove biscuits! i have family in south carolina. we all make biscuits from scratch without a recipe. YUM.

work has been horrible. nuff said.

won't see mr. hotbuns until novemeber. nuff said.

my sister is coming to visit in october. more lions and cheetah and zebra and leopards, oh MY! then we are going to madagascar. i can't wait, i need some time away from the crazed workplace.

doodle, i say go for the HBI! it's even better when it is sort of "bad" for you, somehow. and anyway, it isn't really, because he is moving. ENJOY.
Hiya tes! How long will you be in Madagascar? What will you do there?

CH, what did you have done to your hairs?

turbo, I'd definitely think some wine would be needed to cope with a toddler! wink.gif How does turbodoggie respond to the kidlets?

QB, did they say when they'd let you know about the job?

anna, who are you writing the review for?

Dang, I was so tired last night. I managed to get up and leave the house on time, but I didn't account for Saturday morning bus schedule changes, so I was fifteen minutes late to work. Bah! I'm never late for any job. Anyway, it was very busy, but not crazy like it's been with the sales; it's the fall stuff now. Now I'm home, and I've had two peanut butter sandwiches for dinner, and I think I will get a bit of a nap in. You know, before bedtime. wink.gif

I came up with another verse to my new song, walking home from work. No, I didn't come up with it - it's just happening! First the "Love Jesus" message written in the sand on Tuesday....then today, I saw a wedding on the beach. (Weirdly enough, I previously helped a few customers figure out what to wear to this wedding!) With the "Love Jesus," I had written the line, "That's love, but not the kind for me." Now the woman in white on the same beach, and the same line at the's so weird! This whole song is just happening. I can't even play it properly on the guitar yet! I'm still trying to learn my own song.....
hi everybody.

mr t and i spent most of our day shuttling between a dog doc and an emergency vet with the puppy monster.

for the last week and a half, she's been getting progressively sicker. she's not been able to keep anything down, and has been throwing up everything with this thick cocoon of mucus-- it's the kind of stuff you see in horror movies, foamy, with the consistency of rubber cement. bell, the puppy monster, is the only dog i've ever met with a serious sense of shame about throwing up. she hates doing it out in the open, and we'd keep the door open and when she felt sick she'd walk outside, do what she needed, and come back in, all on her own. mastiffs drool, a lot normally, but this recent thing has taken all of us by surprise. we keep 5 towels around to wipe her mouth after she drinks water, usually i wash them once a week. the last week it was nightly....

we got her on the scale and she's lost 20 she threw up 7 times, and this is all from drinking water.

the low ball bill to have her diagnosed, and stay in the hospital is 1700, the high end 2500. we came home and i was so stressed out i took a nap (my usual stress reliever). while i was out the x-ray test came back and they said it was an emergency and they needed to operate, then they changed that and said they wanted to get more info, and they are going to wait till monday. what they think is she has a whole in her diaphragm, and her liver and her stomach have managed to lodge themselves partially in that hole. even if she wanted to eat, and she hasn't she couldn't digest it or keep it down. they were saying the cost to operate could be as much as 6-7000. luckily a family friend says she'll pick up the tab, because she loves the puppy monster as much as we do. but we are all kind of a wreck.

it's kind of weird, but for some reason i feel like it's my fault. the problem was probably congenital but i just kind of feel like everything in my life is going to hell... i just kinda feel like she's sick from being in my proximity.

sorry i haven't read what's going on. i can't really keep my mind on anything for too long. i'll catch up later.
Aww, gt, you didn't make your dog sick. You and mr. t are doing all you can, more than a lot of people would do, and for a friend to help you just because she loves your dog says a lot about what a good job you've done at raising her. Do they think this might have caused or been related to the problems before? ((hugs for the puppy monster))

I've heard of that problem before- once on a human, a baby, on that Mystery Diagnosis show on the Discovery Channel- fortunately they caught it before it was too late, but the kid was sooo sick before that.

just got a call from the animal hospital. she's been throwing up even more. and i know it's cos she's scared, poor thing. she was so nervous this morning. mastiffs are funny dogs, they really live for their people. mr.t says there are cases of mastiffs who get a minor illness, and if their people aren't there for them, the just lose heart and die. and bell, well. i've never loved a dog more. i've always been a dog lover, and even for me she was so much more...sweet, smart, thoughtful than any dog i've known. i just love her. she's my favorite dog ever.

they're taking her to get operated on right now. they are going to have to open her chest and abdomen. they said she'd probably not going to be the same dog that we knew. she may never be able to eat solid food, her esophagus may be all fuckered up.

we're all kind of in shock. they say it will take her 5-7 days in the hospital. and who knows how well she'll come out of it. they've kind of made it clear that it's either surgery or she's put down. so many people i've known lately have lost pets lately. mr. t's daughter's dog died yesterday, and last week my best friend lost two of her cats. i don't have much family anymore, so this really scares the shit out of me. she's like a 1/3rd of my family i just don't know if i can take losing more family
so a little while ago mr. t had to give the ok for bell to be put to sleep.

the thing that makes it so difficult is she wasn't even two yet. she would have turned two on the 15th.

they took x rays and discovered she had a hole in her diaphragm, but when they tried to use a scope to see why there was blockage, they couldn't. they opened her up and discovered she had an enlarged liver, and her esophagus had telescoped inside itself and hardened 10 times bigger than normal. even if she did eat, she couldn't properly digest anything. she never let on, but she was in a lot of pain, all the same i played with her outside of the hospital, i found a hose and she chased the water from the hose. one of her favorite things to do. she was a puppy at heart to the very end.

i'm gonna miss her. mastiffs aren't herding dogs, but she herded our chickens instinctively. i know it wasn't a breed thing, i think she just wanted to help us cos she loved us so much. i keep thinking about the first time she got loose. we were driving around looking for her, but she never left the block. that was our bell, she wanted to be near us. we started to realise that and we could leave the door open and she'd do what she had to and come hang out with us when she was done. she rarely left the yard. and the thing i will always remember was one time when i slipped and before i could sit up, she came up behind me, and under my arm and practically helped me up. she was the sweetest dog i've ever known.

i guess the memory i'll always have of her won't be of the 160+ pound sweethearted puppymonster she grew into, but the wrinkly little puppy that fit into my hands. she had these soulful little eyes and as we drove her home, she got the hiccups, and snored at the same time. i fell in love with that puppy soon as i laid eyes on her, and the puppy that passed today.


resounding isabelle french

(((((gt))))) My heart goes out to you. sad.gif
Oh no, GT. I am so very sorry. ((((GT and mr t)))) I feel terrible for both of you. You treated that puppy like a queen, I know she felt a lot of gratitude towards you.
((((GT and mr T)))) I am so sorry for your loss. That puppy knew how much she was loved.
oh, Girl Trouble, my darling, i am so so so sorry.

my heart goes out to you and mr trouble and to puppy monster.

you know that your puppy monster truly loved you.

i don't have words, only very tight hugs.
anna k
Oh god girltrouble. I am so sorry. I agree with Sybarite, that puppy knew that she was loved dearly.
((((girltrouble)))) - I recently had to face the possibility of my dog being put down as well, luckily he is okay, but it could have gone either way.. I just wish you the best and know that she had a good life, and she was very loved. (())
(((((((gt and mr. t))))))))

((((((gt and family)))))) I'm so sorry. I hope you take time for yourself. Too many people try to brush of the death of pets as no big deal but puppymonster was your family member and an important one. Healing vibes are headed your way.
i've avoided this thread for a while, been trying not to cry, but well, it seems to be contagious in this house anyways. thanks for the vibes. i didn't mean to hog the thread, but thank you for letting me share. it means the world to me.
GT, sweetie, that's what we are here for. If you want to laugh, yell, scream, cry or anything in between, we're here for you.
((((((GT & mr. t))))) Know that no one could have given puppymonster more care, love and joy in her life than you provided her. She was a very lucky pupper to have such caring, AWESOME human companions. ((((((peace for puppymonster)))))) Take care of yourselves, and remember your furry friend well. We all will here.

I rode 55 miles on bike today! And...I am very tired, and a little sore - I dumped off the bike once today, not paying attention, so I have a nice scraped knee and bruised bum. Otherwise, feelin' fine. smile.gif

I got up and did 40 early this morning with a friend, and then I made turbomann do 15 on our way to/from a BBQ - it was the perfect day for riding, and even though I was already tired, this weather BEGS to be enjoyed. And now, I must go walk Turbo. And then figure out dinner. Popcorn is sounding like the plan.
Turbo, that sounds like a great ride!

wow, I'm bagged today. All hours with PR boy, I'll save the details and I worked out, took the dog out, and made some potato soup.

And I have a short work week this week! woohoo!
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