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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I'm glad you took some time off. I didn't really take any time off when my papa died - I still can't believe I went into work! I cried buckets at my desk. Once his mind started to go, I wished for him a peaceful, quick ending, because that's what he told me he wanted, when I was younger. It's painful to watch them linger as a stranger, but then when it happens, you are also mourning the other part of the parent, the one you knew you'd never get back....but you never had time to mourn them because you were coping with the illness. Well, that's my experience, anyway. I dunno. Maybe I'm rambling.

I was thinking of my dad tonight, actually. This bar we jammed in - the only time I've ever been in there in my life was when my dad made me accompany him, on the rounds of the seediest downtown bars, to find and fetch my uncle! Dad knew he'd never get him out of a bar on his own. (Of course, we actually found dear uncle in the strip bar.) Tonight, I had a sudden burning wish that my ("normal") dad was around to see me playing in that bar. With an electric guitar! And I even played one of my own songs! (Gonna Die Someday. Mind the irony.) Sandwiched between a Billie Holiday song and a Sam Cooke song. God, my dad would have pissed himself with delight. smile.gif

I feel pretty thrilled myself. biggrin.gif It was way different than jamming at the coffee house, because now I've been jamming with this group of guys awhile, and even longer with BEB, and they know the was awesome! I could totally get into playing with a regular band, performing with one, you know. It's just different when it all comes together like that. Knowing the band is behind you, and knows the songs....I mean, the band becomes part of the songs, like, mr jamhost has been putting this amazing lead guitar riff in between each line of the chorus on my song, and the song is like this whole bluesy hard rock entity now, from where it started, but we've been playing it that way for awhile, so it feels natural now. I was nervous at first, tuning up the (electric!) guitar, but I knew with these guys, it couldn't get fucked up! I just got totally into "performing," dancing around with my guitar, "acting" the songs with my voice and expressions....anyway, I am totally rambling, but in summary, it was cool. Really fucking cool.

And I have to go because I have to get up at 6:30. Bah.

((tree)) I think Rose said it best. And I think it's 100% natural to feel so many conflicting feelings. I think we so often feel we are prepared for things like this, but there is just no preparing, is there. I am really glad you took some time off work. You need this time to just process things & feel your feelings without having to deal with work issues. ~~~~~~vibes for you and your family~~~~~~~~~

EJ-that stinks about the dude! Man. Timing can be a real bitch sometimes! Maybe he won't date the other chick for long.

Hey Doodle! Your jam sounds like a lot of fun! That must have been so odd to be back in that bar.

((rose & Sheff)) ~~~~~~healing, healthy vibes~~~~~~~ Eek, sorry to hear about your colds! How are you feeling today? Is Sheff worse?

hey GT!

Things here are good today. *yawn* I am tired though, the DNC is making me stay up too late! I think it is going smashingly. Of course the GOP says otherwise, but of course they will do that. I hope Obama gets a monstrous bump from the convention. McCain can suck it. (no offense to any Okayer who might be a McCain fan. Anyone?)

I'm meeting a friend for lunch today, which should be fun. Officemate is out today, so it'll be quiet.
Ahem...going to try this. Couple favorite, recent photos of my girl.

She is just a wonderful, darling person. Except when she decides she's going to be a 2yr old. dry.gif
anna k
Awww! So cute!
Good morning. today. DIdn't sleep well, again last night. I have to follow a great night sleep with a shit night sleep. Hmmph.

What a cutie, mox!

Hey everyone!

I must go hope that a meteor will fly into work.
Queen Bull
aw! moxie, lil mox is adorable!

((CH)) - Good Luck with that meteor..

HI and ((((everyone)))))!

QUOTE(treehugger @ Aug 27 2008, 08:39 PM) *
((((everybody who gave me hugs)))) I SOOOO appreciate them right now. I had been carrying on this whole brave front, thinking I had already come to terms with my mother being gone...guess what, I was WRONG. I really thought I'd coast through this one. This is like the death that has been happening for ten years, and it's still not over, and even though her life sucked and she didn't know anybody it still is a major, major loss to me today. I don't even understand why. I've been praying for this day for years.

I am crushed, shattered, just as bad as I was with my father. Dammit anyway.

Last night, when my brother called me and gave me the news, I drove into work to tie up some loose ends and left timesheets, I took the rest of the week off work. I was working on buttoning up freezers at 10:00 PM!

I'm on a roller coaster, one minute I'm fine, the next minute I'm weepy...I didn't think I'd be able to deal with the whole routine at work.

The funeral is going to be on Sept 20. I'm going to be heading over there a day or so early, we have to do a big collage and all that stuff, for at the funeral.

Minx, I would LOVE to have a beer with you at the Crystal, if I am around when you'll be passing through! PM me!

I was the same way when my Grandma passed. I expected to be so relieved, I knew it was time, I knew that she wasn't really there anymore, but it was so much harder than I ever imagined it would be. I was a complete wreck for a few weeks and gradually got better. One the 1 year anniversary of her death I went to her grave and stayed and cried and talked for about an hour. This year I went again but I didn't feel the same connection to her burial site. I feel like I've moved on a lot in the last year (it's been 2).

No one ever says this but it's all the little things that really get you. The first Thanksgiving without her was hard because the chair where she usually sat was empty. For at least a year after she died I would have to go past her hospital that she lived in for 5 years and I would always think "I should go visit Grandma". It was really heartbreaking for me. Little reminders of her are the things that set me off.

I hope you find going through the funeral process to be helpful. My grandma only had 2 sons, 2 daughters in law, and 3 grandkids, my brothers and I. It was me and my brothers who set up the whole funeral, picked the casket, did the collage, and my younger brother played "Hallelujah", I talked about her life, and my older brother talked about, in his comedic way, her life as our grandma. It was a really healing experience for us.

I hope you're not stressing yourself out about putting on a brave front, remember to take care of yourself now too.

anna k
I interviewed on Monday for an editorial internship with a breast/gynecolgical cancer magazine.

I've been working more this week, doing some more hours on my days off, and get to work an extra day next week. I'll also be busy this weekend, as my mom is coming up to NY to see me and my siblings. So I'll see her Friday and Saturday night, she'll sleep over both nights.

I updated my profile on OKCupid, and got some responses. One from a 37-year old man in the music business, who seems OK but not someone I'd feel like dating (I'm nearly 25 and he doesn't look attractive/sexy enough to justify the age difference), and a nerdy guy who seems OK, who I'd go out with. I may make a date with someone in the next couple of weeks, last time I dated was in April. I also messaged some bisexual girls, as I have been around women who I've found pretty and magnetic enough to want to kiss, and just wanted to try going out with someone.
((((((tree))))) Take care of yourself this week, and know that we're here for you to hear any thought/feeling that's running through your head...and I know it becomes such a jumble of emotion. Turbomann's momma has been much on my mind this week, remembering the good times, and also that feeling of relief and intense grief when she made her transition. And I'm SO glad you've taken the rest of the week off...I went into work after we got the call early in the morning when she passed, to button things up, and I pretty much just crumpled and closed my door to cry. And then I left.

Well, I'm getting my sweet 4-day weekend started - I'm SO glad to have tomorrow off, just to have a day to myself. WOOT!

And what a cutiepie moxette is getting to be - I love that grin!

Kari, I am with you - the DNC is keeping me up way too late! But I am LOVING every minute! So many good speakers this week, too many great one-liners to remember. I think Bill did an amazing job last night, and it made me a little misty-eyed to see him up there again. Cod, I miss his speeches. And Biden did a terrific job too - I liked the biography piece on him too - really helped to ground him, and introduce him to the mases. And I am really glad that CSPAN is showing the whole convention live, no commentators. I can't stand the pundit chatter.
Damn, moxette is cute!!

I am totally envious of turbo's four-day weekend! I think I might get two days, though, I'm not sure. It would be nice to have Labour Day off, after all my labours! smile.gif What has everyone got planned for their long weekends?

I don't have to work till the evening shift tomorrow - that is part of a day off, anyway! Might jam with hippiegirl in the daytime, if she can make it in from the farm. Have started tidying up a bit, just in case. All that time spent fucking took a toll on my housekeeping! I'm going to catch up on some sleep, too. And then I'm taking Sunday all to myself, and I think I might have Monday off from the store, too, which would be a bonus.

Also, I'm pre-menstrual right now, so I'm feeling a bit emotionally unstable tonight. wink.gif Angsty, I guess. Maybe I'll go to bed early, if I can sleep.
Thanks for the kidlet accolades. We're having toast and eggs right now, and she's singing a song! seriously, this part of MOM, I love. Gonna go make sure lil bean is faring great today, too. Speaking of are you?!? 20 weeks, ya? Find out brother or sister???

anyone see Obama last night? Seriously- the whole "We are America...we are BETTER than this" pretty much nails it for me. We ARE better than the last eight years, and mostly b/c we have the ability to make better happen ourselves. sigh...its why I love america...we can be better than we are. Not to say Canada or the UK don't have the same ability- its home-grown, responsible democracy. the kind that comes from the people and forms a government...not the kind that forces a "democratic" government of the same a-holes on the people, but allows a mockery vote.

*steps off bandwagon*

ok, moxette is about to run away with jelly hands...gotta jet!@
Good Morning!

Mox, I'm on that bandwagon with you. I thought the convention's final night was a HUGE success. I am totally pumped after hearing Obama's speech & can only hope that others feel the same. I thought having the "average" American speakers come was pure genius. And you just can't beat the effect of having a crowd of 70,000. Was 100% happy with Obama's speech, he hit every.single.point.

But yeah, we can get some sleep!!! I will probably torture myself a little bit next week & watch some of the Repubs. But I already know what they are going to say, so what's the point really.

(((tree)))) Continued hugs to you, babe. How are you doing?

Mox, Moxette has grown a ton since you last posted pics! WOW! She is definitely a cutie pie.

Hey Doodle! I hope you do get a chance to get some rest over the weekend. You've been mucho busy lately.

Hey Anna, ErinJane, QueenBull, and CH!

Things here today are pretty good. I am soooo happy it's Friday! We're off on Monday, so it'll be a 3-day weekend. Woo!
So, McCain just picked Alaska Gov Sarah Palin for his VP...and instead of being somewhat pleased to have a woman on the ticket, it just smacks of pandering, that he wanted to have his own "historic" ticket. Bastard.

Mmmmm....eggs & toast sounds so good.

I don't have any major plans for the weekend, which is SO awesome! I'm kicking back today at home - meeting a friend for lunch, and then doing some erranding/biking. BFF & fiance are coming over at some point for BBQ & Wii fun this weekend, but that's about it...I'm ready for an unprogrammed weekend!

I have to admit that I fell asleep during the last 2 minutes of Obama's speech last night - it was WAY past my bedtime! smile.gif

That is all.
Anna, my fingers are crossed for that job. I still feel weird meeting guys off dating websites, but I might be hanging out with one tonight. I feel like I'm in a rut so I figured I might as well do something tonight instead of cleaning the house or being totally lazy.

TGIF. tongue.gif This week felt like such a write off and I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend and a shortened (but packed) work week next week. I didn't have to be at the office until 11:30 today so I turned on my phone at 10AM and found that I had a call from the alarm company for our new office that two of the alarms were triggered at 5:30 in the morning. They sent someone down to have a look and everything was secure. When I got here I was still paranoid though and had my cell phone out and my portable alarm that triggers the main alarm around my neck. Nothing was disturbed and the back door was locked, so I know exactly what happened. I opened the backdoor and there was a pamphlet from MB Housing about Pest Control. The caretaker did this last week too, he opens our door to drop off a fire safety code or something without realizing we have the alarm, trips it, and the runs away and locks the door behind him. Thanks buddy. I know he leaves because he doesn't want to deal with the alarm company but then we're left thinking we have a break in and I'm scared to go to work.
Here's a start to the Tard_Boy and Omega-Tard modifications from last night. The first two is Omega-Tard and the beginnings of his Karaoke Pack. We already added speakers to the front since the pics. The third is me pretty drunk and wearing a simple Beer Cooler Pack.

Hope you're all having fun Fridays! smile.gif
FUCK!! I've tried to post four times today, and my 'puter has crashed every single fucking time! ARRRRGHHH!!!!

Anyway, this is gonna be so quick, so I can post SOMETHING before I crash again.

OMFG....Tard_Boy and Omega-Boy......AWESOME!!! Speakers, even MORE awesome!!!

erin, wtf with your building's caretaker? Wouldn't he "get" the whole alarm thing the first time he tripped it!???

turbo - I'm with you on the new McCain ticket. It's not only pandering, it's coattail riding on all the media the genuine progressive, Obama, has gotten this week, and it's a desperate ploy to appear more "centrist" than the Republicans actually are. But from the little bit I've read this morning, Palin is a hard right wing politician. If McCain's trying to trip up the discussion about which party is progressive enough to shape the next four to eight years....I mean, does he really think progressives will be fooled? And....I mean, hey, I've always been in favour of getting more women of ANY political stripe involved in the higher levels of politics, because it's only then that the gender of candidates will stop being an "OMFGISSUE," so I think it's a good thing, BUT....I also wonder if the party is setting it up so that if they lose (please god, may they lose), they will be able to blame it all on The Woman. That's kind of a historical trick played by conservatives of all stripes. I remember our first women Prime Minister here in Canada....she was TOTALLY set up by the Conservative party....after Brian Mulroney's corrupt reign, everybody knew they were going to lose, so they threw Kim Campbell to the wolves, and set her up to take the fall for the party. There have been similar incidents here in BC, in terms of provincial politics. Bah!

Hiya also CH, kari, and moxie!

Damn, I'd better finish this quick before I crash again. Anyway, hippiegirl is coming over this afternoon, and I'm trying to get ahold of organicgirl, too, whom I haven't seen in an age b/c I've been so busy (I'm a baaaad friend for not making time!), but I don't know if I'll reach her in time. So what I'm saying is, even were the 'puter not about to crash, I'd better run, 'cause I have to work this evening and this will be my last chance to get the hair and makeup done, I'm sure!
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((((continued hugs for Tree)))))))))))))))))

Good luck, Anna!

That sucks about the alarm, EJ. You'd think the guy would do the responsible thing and hang around to sort out the situation, since he caused it.

Enjoy your weekend, Jenn!

Hi, Kari, CH, RV, Doodle, Lore, and everyone else!

It's been quite the week here. It sounds kind of stupid, but the daddy long legs spider I've been letting live in my bathroom just died. It ventured out of it's little corner into the bathtub and got dripped on. It's name was Ruttager. We had a flushing ceremony for him the other night. I really like daddy long legs spiders and usually let them live when I find them in the house. They're pretty harmless and the webs are cool.

I got to play with Sam on Sunday, and we had a ball, except for when my mom got SO mad at him for peeing all over the bathroom she'd just cleaned. He's 5 years old and knows how to do it without missing, but it was probably my being around that tripped him up. He accidentally punched me in the eye when I asked him if he was coming down for dinner after he threw a tantrum, which was more dramatic than most adult tantrums I've seen - seriously. He wouldn't let me out of his sight. He got all jealous if I wanted to talk to my mom at all or help my dad on the computer, and wasn't afraid to say "did you come here to see me or talk to her?" or "aren't I more important than the computer?" We went through my old closet and he had fun looking at my little-kid clothes and asking about where I got them and why.

I loved Obama's speech last night. He really hit on a lot of points that he's been shady about in the past and really made his case. Yeah, I still wish it were Hillary, but I'm okay with Obama, too. His choice of Joe Biden, I thought was really good. I do have to admit that when I listened to Hillary on Tuesday, I closed my eyes and pretended it was her acceptance speech and got a little teary that it wasn't. I mostly watched the convention on PBS. I tried other channels like MSNBC and CNN, but I couldn't deal with the punditry and impotent speculation, and I really don't care to have which parts I want to see chosen for me, so I watched PBS because they showed EVERYTHING, unless there wasn't anyone speaking, then they went to the pundits. I also didn't care for how MSNBC had that stupid info box constantly on screen telling me what I just heard, as if I were an idiot. Anyway, PBS rules!

So, the dumbass RNC is coming to town, and other than the 2 days I work from home tomorrow, I'm off until a week from Monday. I have a 3-day weekend, work 2 from home, then a 4-day weekend. Woo-hoo!! I may come into St. Paul once because they're going to have the Declaration of Independence at the courthouse, which I'd like to see, but otherwise, I'm staying far far away.

We went to the state fair yesterday with Poodle. It was pretty fun. I finally tried a deep fried Snickers bar. We each took one bite, then threw the rest away. Too much batter and not so good. I was really looking forward to it, but once we got there, we only lasted a few hours before we wanted to leave. I had to get home early-ish anyway, because I started my new class. It's okay, I guess.

No big plans for the weekend, except a cook-out at the giant's aunt's house on Monday. I'm going to be spending most of my time making jewelry and watching a slew of bad movies I intend to rent. It's going to be soooo great sleeping in as late as I want for 7 of the next 9 days. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh....
Lore, that's ridiculous, in a good way. : P

Diva, that's funny about the spider, but I don't think I would have been able to leave it. And what's the deal with spiders in the drain lately? I found 3 this week alone, 2 in my bathtub and one in the kitchen sink. Gives me the willies. *shudder* Actually it makes me think of that stupid movie, Aracnaphobia.

I had a decent meet up with a plentyoffish guy tonight. He was nice and fairly attractive. He came and picked me up on his motorcycle and then we went for a drink. It was my first time riding a motorcycle, I thought it was pretty fun. He drove me home and then came in for a beer and we talked for 2 hours or so. Sometimes I feel like I ramble and talk too much when I get nervous with new people so I hope I didn't do that too much. It's funny, I used to be so shy when I met new people that I barely said a word and then they'd think I was some sort of super shy boring girl. I'm glad that phase passed. I don't know if there's a romantic connection though, I feel like we were too busy just enjoying the conversation to think about it. There was rarely a silent moment though, which is unusual when I meet guys. I would see him again.

I'm still kind of bitter about the roommate thing though.
Jami!!!!! ((((hugs))))

((((okayers)))) thank you SO much for all the hugs and well-wishes. I think I've turned a corner. I didn't cry today...(yet)...but I think I'm over the worst. I went to see a woman who used to live in the building, who is in hospice and I was able to hold it all together. I'm sure funeral day will be tough...but for now I'm surviving.

Mccain and the alaska vp (her name still hasn't stuck itself into my memory), seems like pandering to me, for sure!

Divala, I always wanted to see what a deep fried Snickers would taste like. I can sort of imagine it now, though, after your description, and I probably would've thrown it away too.

(((doodle))) love ya, chica!

Lore, omegatard and tardboy???? Yay! Fun... smile.gif

EJ, WTF? Dumba$$ caretaker types.

I missed Obama's speech because Bear was over, having dinner with me and complaining that I was "snippy" because he was saying things like, "well, your mother had alzheimer's, but it could've been MUCH WORSE, she could've been in REAL pain" which I responded, "please don't minimize my pain by giving me examples of worse possibilities".

(plus, who's to say which kind of pain is worse?)

Ugh. So, he has the right to be pouty with me because I am being "snippy"???? Um...I'd think that this week I should have a free, unlimited "get out of jail free" card. I just hate it when men get all bitchy on me.

Moxie, Moxette is beautiful, and grown so much!!!!

I'm going to be marching in the milwaukee labour day march.

So, I decided I am going to Not fight my hair anymore and I have started a whole regimen for curly hair, and went to a salon that specializes in curly hair today.

< after that appointment, I had my first ever experience of a total stranger telling me my hair was gorgeous> wub.gif

Makes that $$ expensive $$ haircut seem worth it! Yay!

ETA: XPost with Ej *waves*
yowzah. too much going on. please excuse me in advance for missing anyone.


you get a pass for much longer than a week. has Bear lost a parent yet? i'm betting not.

divalla, how on EARTH did sam get to be SO OLD??? yikes!

lore, you are 2 cool 4 school. those costumes are awesome.

moxette should be the poster girl for CUTE OVERLOAD! she is adorable, moxie!

a grrl you want sighting!!! yay!

the "blasphemous spawn of a hair ball" was HYSTERICAL!!! my thanks to doodle and culture handy!

((((((((kari, jenn, jami, poodle, erinjane, minxy, puppykitty and everyone else i am missing)))))))
Treehugger, this is for you.

Somebody seriously needs to talk to Bear and set him straight. There are different types of pain & yours is just as valid as anyone else's. Personally, I think your mother and your family have suffered from some of the worst kinds of torture possible & you deserve oodles of sympathy and love.

Lore, your talent with cardboard is astounding!

Divala, I also watched the coverage on PBS for the same reasons. It was especially nice to know that the beginning of the speeches would not get cut off by ads like they did on other stations.

The more time passes, the angrier I get about Palin. I keep reading more and more scary stories about her.
Not to be too contentious, but I think that sometimes when a loved one is grieving they sometimes tend to do "comparisons" too attempt to make their lover feel better. It ends up sounding jackass-y. Watching someone go through an experience like you are, Tree, can make others really uncomfortable because they just don't know what to do and end up not wanting to say NOTHING and look like an asshole.

That being said, I'd gladly have my brothers go to Madison and set him straight with some rough looks and some pretty rifles. wink.gif

Minxlette has a UTI. She came home from exasshat's with one wart having babies, psoriasis coming back and a UTI. Would someone PLEASE tell him to stop stressing my kid out?!!!

Artman is bringing me a loom tomorrow. I'm excited to see him, as it has been a whole week and we've been spoiled with my summer schedule. Reality is closing in and I'm pissed at reality currently.

The custody thing is not going so well. CE did not factor in nor mention his ex's multiple diagnoses and suggested 50/50 custody. He does not have the 30-50K to fight this, so it looks like he will have to settle for now. We are trying to figure out a game plan to get rich over the next year and take her back to court.

Being back at school has been such a relief and pain in the ass. The schedule is all fucked up right now, but I missed my friends!! Students stopped in yesterday to say hey which was pretty awesome.

Okay, gotta get motivated for a barbecue.

Hi Tes!! Hi Rosie!!
Good Afternoon.

Erin, the caretaker sounds like a wee moron. But excellent on the POF success.

Lore, I love tard and Omega boys! awesome!

Doodle, I'm with you and turbo on the McCain ticket. I remember the Kim Campbell fiasco. That was so horrifying that the party did that. and there is another election looming. I just can't contend with a Canadian and American campaign at the same time.

Diva, my hat goes off to you for no going postal. I could not deal with an RNC. Blech. Deep friend snickers? that doesn't sound too appealing.

Hey Jami! How are things going???

(((((tree))))) I'm with Minx on this. you do deserve a haircut, and spa time.

Tes, wasn't that great! Hee hee. I love it.

Hey RV!

Minx, I'm sorry that exdouchebag is living up to his name.

I don't have much going on at the moment. Just lazing around, Emily was sick last night so I didn't sleep too well, she needed to go out every hour or so. So I went out for a walk with her, then came bcak home and went back to sleep. Tonight going out with PR boy, tomorrow hitting up a patio with friends who I haven't seen in a while, then Monday will be recovery time.

Yeah, Minx, I wasn't so much having an issue with the fact that he was making the comparison (I can TOTALLY see wanting to say something to comfort and maybe picking the wrong thing) issue was with the fact that after I asked him (rationally and politely, I thought) NOT to do that, he went all bitchy on me and basically told me I was being "snippy".

Well, Lah, Dee Dah. I didn't know I had to worry about being snippy right now...hmmph.

(((rosev))) thank you for the Monopoly card. smile.gif

Our troll's back, already. Yay.

Tesao, bear has actually lost one parent, his father. He is just a very, I suppose pragmatic? person??? He doesn't "feel" his emotions...he stuffs them down. Like most men in America are trained to do. So, he is not familiar with just "allowing" emotion to wash over yourself, like I do. Mars/Venus thing, I suppose.

I went to a wedding celebration for one of my long-time friends. He married a woman who breeds the cutest papillon is a pic of one (not at the party, I got this off the net..this is a representative picture)

They were so cute!!!! If I were retired and home all the time I would have SO wanted one of these. But not at $1,000 a, nosirree.

ETA: Yes, their ears are really that big.....

tree, that dog is too cute! I'm not normally that into small dogs, but fuck, what a cutie!!! How are you doing today?

Had a late night last night, PR boy didn't leave until after 3, but we had a good evening. This evening I'm headed out to a patio with some friends.

What's everyone else up to? and where is everyone else?
anna k
I spent the weekend working during the day and seeing my mom in the evening. I felt busy, like my mind was overstimulated by work and being busy with her. I just want to sleep and lounge on my days off this week, but I'm looking for a new apartment and my mom will take me shopping tomorrow for some new items. She also bought me a new laptop, which I feel grateful for. Now I can download more songs and watch videos, as I can't watch videos while I'm at work.

I saw David Byrne today at the museum. His speaking voice sounds so much like his singing voice.

I like researching my astrological sign and numerology, it makes me feel special and good about myself.

I'm going out on a date next weekend, with a guy I met on OkCupid. He's OK-looking, kind of a nerdy gamer, but I haven't dated in a few months and decided to give him a chance.
hi all. i don't feel much like posting right now, but i have some news that i need to share.

we lost itty-bitty fj this weekend. went in for an 18week ultrasound on friday and there was no heartbeat. baby had trisomy 18, which basically means it had three 18 chromosomes and was not compatible with life. if it had survived to full term, it likely would have passed within hours. i had been feeling a little worried about not feeling movement and the us confirmed the worst. i had to deliver it, which took well over 24 hours. my body wasn't ready to let it go, i guess. apparently, the baby had passed about two weeks ago. mrfj and i both looked at the baby and said a goodbye. i thought if i didn't, i'd have regretted it for the rest of my life. it wasn't nearly as horrific as i'd thought it would have been - it didn't even quite look human and was too premature to even tell the sex.

i will be writing more in letters soon, but i just don't feel like i'm up to it yet. i'm still a little numb.

i hate just coming in and spewing this. i haven't read any of the archives.

i hope you're all well.

(((((((((((((((FJ & Mr. FJ)))))))))))))))

I am so sorry sweetie.
i am so sorry, FJ... so sorry.

((((((((((fj and family)))))))))))
((((fj and family)))) So sorry for your loss.
(((((((fj and family)))))))
Oh, FJ- I am heartbroken for you. Take care of yourself, and let Mr.FJ take care of the rest. Your family is strong, and we are all here for you.

Oh ((((((FJ)))))) I am so sorry for your loss. Take good good care of each other, you and Mr FJ.
(((((FJ family))))) Thanks for letting us know, my dear. Be gentle with each other, and give the little 'roo some extra squeezes from all of us. Much love to you. Let us know if you need anything. We'll all be here.
anna k
I am so sorry, FJ.
Queen Bull
((((((((((((((((((((((FJ and Family)))))))))))))))))))))))

Don't fear the spew.
(((((((((FJ and family)))))))))
(((((((FJ and family))))))) I am so sorry for your loss.

*Emotional Healing Vibes* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
((Fj, Mr Fj and jackaroo))

I am so, so sorry.
Good Morning, Ch. What's up?

Good weekend? We were off yesterday for Labor Day, so today is the first business day of the week. I'm working at home today.

My weekend was good, went too quickly. Per usual! I've been refinishing/painting the inside of my kitchen cabinets and it's definitely kept me busy.

Yet another shit night sleep. Weekend was good, though.
Oh man, sorry to hear about the bad sleep, CH. I had a restless night myself. I was fine until 2AM when both dogs decided to get up. They have been doing that a lot lately, just waking up in the middle of the night all pumped and wanting out. Ugh. I don't know how to make them stop.

What did you do this weekend?
Friday I stayed in, was pretty bagged. Saturday PR Boy and I got together, we went out for dinner and enjoyed the patio, went back to my place and had some hbi, chatted until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday I got together with some friends I used to work with, we enjoyed a patio. yesterday i did nothing. It poured. a lot. Even the dog didn't want to get out of the car and scooted over to the other side of the back seat. It was rather cute.

How's your day going?
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