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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning.

Anna, that's a good suggestion from Turbo.

Hey Erin, How are you feeling?

Kari, I'm doing okay, there is a reason behind me not being able to sleep well. Lots going on in my brainsis.

Turbo, here's to the weekend with your parents. Hope you get through it.

This weekend, hmmm, I'm not too sure honestly.
Good morning, and happy Friday.

Things are looking better today. At 11:30 last night I emailed the person I was supposed to meet and told them I was just too sick. I'm wondering if I got a mild case of food poisoning. I still feel queezy today but I'm actually hungry right now. After I posted last night I drank a ridiculous amount of water, some with apple cider vinegar, some with baking soda (I was desperate and looking up home remedies) and by the time 12:30 in the morning rolled around I didn't feel the UTI at all. I'm going to watch it today and if I feel anything there's a handy walk in by my house that's only open on the weekend. Not many people seem to know about it. So after I realized it didn't kill to pee anymore I was all relieved but couldn't fall asleep, then around 1:30 I started getting these horrible pains in my chest. It was like gas pains without the gas. I actually sat up wimpering to myself for a while and then got up and kind of massaged my stomach. After that the pain disappeared, but what a night. I feel like I was up every half hour peeing. Today I'm just staying my pj's and sleeping off this illness.

(((kari))) I'm particularly prone to sinus infections so I feel your pain.
Hi, peeps!

((((((((((((Anna))))))))))))) Things will eventually get better. Just try to focus on what's good, and the rest will eventually fall into place. At your age, I wasn't doing much better, but most of it worked out (still need to get a new job, though, but this is tolerable in the meantime).

((((((((EJ))))))))) Sorry about the UTI. I've never had one, but they sound awful.

Congrats on the weight loss, TJ! Did Turbomann's jury come to a verdict? I wonder what the case was about.

Hi, CH!

Hey, Kari! The flea market sounds fun. You always seem to have the best weekends, with lots of visitors and fun things to do.

My weekend will be pretty low-key. Probably grocery shopping tomorrow, then I'm going to my parents' place on Sunday to visit Sam, since I haven't seen my special little guy for over 2 months. I really miss him. I'm going up by myself because the giant is going to be playing some fantasy stupidball draft thingy with his brother, since he team needed one more person. Oh, well. I guess I can't really be mad about it since I stayed home every day except one that he went to his mom's to help his brother build her a new deck.

I had the best conversation with Sam yesterday. He'd just gone to the fair with my brother and dad. He said it was "splendid." Yep, the 5-year-old used the word splendid. I wonder where he got it from. Then he asked if I could come over and if he "could interest me in a fresh, warm cookie from Sweet Martha's." He seriously said it just like that. I'm really glad I called yesterday, since my mom thought he was going camping this weekend, but it's actually next weekend, so I can see him on Sunday after all. We're going to have a great time together. He sounded really excited for me to come, and wants to go to the fair with the giant and Poodle and me next week, but I don't think so. I don't know if I can handle a whole day with him in crowds, and I don't want to put it on anyone else to take care of him, either. Either way, he's the best.
Hellooooo all! Just have a minute to pop by before going to work at the store. Thanks everyone for totally affirming every fucking thing in my head about mr asshole. wink.gif I wasn't able to post much at the temp job, as they've realized I'm capable (damn) and have decided to load me up with tasks. But I will get my butt in here tonight when I have more time!
Hello, all! Its T-minus 45 minutes until parental invasion here. It'll be just fine, we've got good stuff planned, and I've told turbomann he can opt out of anything he wants, to have some time to chill out. Dude is stressed.

His trial was a Murder 1, gang shooting. The guy was innocent, and the state's case was pretty pathetic. The upshot of it was, the police work was appalling, the gang member "witnesses" were lying to protect their own, and the only admittable evidence they had at the end of 4 days of testimony was one dead man and a few empty shells. But to have a person's life in your hands, to decide prison or freedom...that's a scary decision to have to make, even if you think all the evidence is pointing to wrongful arrest. And I feel awful for the plaintiff who has spent the last three years in jail, now has a dismissed felony on his record....what kind of compensation does he get to try and restart his life that has been burned to the ground by a pot of liars? Honestly, I don't think there is any good way to prosecute gang shootings - there's no finding the "truth" there.

(((((anna & EJ))))))

Diva, how can Sam possibly be 5 years old??? That is unbelievable!!! And damn, he is still just the cutest.

Hi Doodle!
Hello, good evening everyone! I am ALL caught up on your posts! Let's hope the 'puter doesn't crash before I post this....I'll go fast!

I saw a guy get arrested on my bus today! Wow, it was so weird, I had just transferred at the transit exchange, and was waiting for the bus to leave, when one big plainclothes cop got on at the front, and the bus driver opened the back door and another big plainclothes cop stepped on there. Had no idea till they walked up to the kid, and then I looked around and there were three undercover cars around the bus! It was obviously coordinated before he even left the bus he transferred from. They cuffed him and talked to him outside the bus, and I heard nothing, except the kid protesting, "Whoa, I'm anti-war. You've got the wrong guy!" He really sounded shocked. So that was WEIRD and I still have no idea what it was all about. The RCMP and the bus driver told us nothing. The bus even left on time.

Work at the store was good. I had the highest stats of anyone when I left today! And last night, it was dead - the other girls and I tried on all the ugly clothes in the store - soooo much fun! We all tried on this horrid mustard yellow satin shirt that made us look like a bowling team in the mirror. We tried on cocktail dresses and grandma blouses and the bizarre things they are making for teenagers these days. Ooh, I also, have to tell you, I found the PERFECT white collared shirt in the store. (Perfect white collared shirt was on my list. Yes, I have a list. I plan my wardrobe further ahead than anything else in my life! wink.gif) It's beautifully body-tailored, has a zipper front, and when I turn up the cuffs, I soooo look like a rock star. wink.gif I mainly wear it zipped open to my middle, over a camisole, and I unzip it at the desk job so it's more like a jacket. It's the most awesomely perfect thing to get me through the rest of summer without sweating to death! And I envision it zipped up and look smart underneath the perfect black blazer (also on my list), which I will find in time for fall.

turbo, that must have been rough on turbomann. Scary shit!! I hope he is doing okay, resting up and enjoying some downtime while the 'rents are with you. ~*~*~*~*~restored sanity vibes for turbomann~*~*~*~*~ and ~*~*~*~*~peaceful parental visit for turbo~*~*~*~*~ Does turbodoggie enjoy the grandparents' visit?

EJ - did the apple cider vinegar and baking soda erupt in your tummy? I'm dying to know.....that's how I clean my sink drains! Sorry to make light - hope you are feeling better.

lore - hmm, I think the problem with mr scorpio is not that he wants his single's that he wanted his dick to be the magic wand that transformed me into his earth mother soulmate fantasy, really. Deep down, he was too brickbrained to see any of my reality checks and resistance to his fantasies - and even my attitude towards sex without attachment - as anything but "feminist stuff," I think....a "phase" that I would get over sooner or later. Maybe it might have even seemed like it WOULD happen that way, since I'd already left the women's rights movement behind to pursue music and fashion and the steno pool. I dunno. I don't give a shit about what he thinks....although I feel mightily like punching him in the neck.

Okay, hi to everyone, I know I don't have time for much else before this thing dies....hiya CH, GT, kari, annak, PK, diva, polly, poodle....and everyone I'm soooo missing.....

And I just wanted to share this fantastic poem with you. My stepmom wrote it about 10 or so years ago. I remembered it when some little blow-up over gossip came up in my life and I asked her to send it to me. It's my favourite poem of all time! Read it aloud like a Poe masterpiece:


It creeps on silken feet and lurks
with ever-hungry eyes
regurgitating truth in forms
that can't be recognized.

With narrow, sticky feelers
it collects the filth and slime
then burrows into empty souls
and feeds their willing minds.

Escaping its invasion is
a status few can boast --
just those who know a parasite
will die without a host.
Wow!!! Awesome poem!

Oh, and I was kinda tipser when I wrote the Baby-Daddy thing. It's kinda misplaced.

Good luck with the parental invasion, Turbo!

Have fun with Sam, Diva! smile.gif

*healthy pee-vibes for EJ* (p)Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Good luck with yer brainses, Culture!

Anna, we loves ya! smile.gif

Kari, hope you're sleeping better.

And now to work on my cardboard in preparation for a huge nerd-focused expo next weekend.

Good Afternoon all.

Erin how is the UTI?? I've had one before and it was the worst thing ever.

Diva, that is sweet about Sam.

Turbo, how has your weekend been so far? I hope you are doing well.

Bwaaaahahahahahahaha Doodle, that's to funny about Mr. Scorpio. You have such a way with words. And cool poem!

Hey Lore, what nerdiness are you engaging in?

it's been a low key weekend so far, just chilling out, worked out like mad (to take the perssure off) and whatnot. I also found out I can't apply with the wps until *exactly* six months post eye surgery. So the closing date is dec 12, six months os Dec 27. I have to wait until February to apply. Hmmph. But, with that said, because of how much I've been working out, i can take the break before I do some serious damage.
Don't damage the bod, Culture! Bummer about the delay, though.

I'm tweaking out my Tard_Boy cardboard outfit (and OtterMan's Omega_Tard armor) to head over to the Penny Arcade Expo, which is all about games and nerdy gamer culture. I'm re-making my Urban Camo pack and Crumple Cannon, and I'm going to help OtterMan rig himself with speakers to play sound effects/clips and hopefully tweak his voice.
Lore, I'm in just about constant pain because of pushing. With that said, working on the rowing machine was good cardio and didn't hurt the bod.

the costumes and expo sound very cool!
Okay, I don’t completely understand the purpose of this thread, but it seems to be the catch-all, and I need to vent, so here it goes. Until recently, I went an extremely long time w/o sex, and I got extremely frustrated, and hooked up w/ a guy. I posted about it (briefly) in the frustration thread. Worst sex I ever had. Until tonight, apparently. I don’t want to get into the details right now, but suffice it to say, I’m sitting in front of my computer with a cheesesteak (not even from Pat’s or Jim’s but from the damn Wawa), and a pack of cigarettes. I recently quit smoking for the second time, but after this night I wonder if it’s the only pleasure I might have left in life. If I can’t get a decent lay, I might as well die prematurely of lung cancer. I guess I don’t really mean that, but I’m so frustrated and pissed off!

Thank you for your time, and please excuse my ranting.
Mornin' y'all! Well, the parental siege is over! WOOT! They came over at 8am, I cooked a big breakfast, which we ate out on the patio downtairs by the beach, and they were gone by 10am. The visit was generally pretty good...we just drove to a few different neighborhoods and walked around yesterday, took them out to lunch at one of our favorite taquerias, and then they were pooped by mid-afternoon, so we just chilled at home, watched some Olympics, and I cooked them dinner (lamb & veggie kabobs, sweet corn). It was really too bloody hot here yesterday to do the zoo like they wanted, and that was fine by me.

Now, I've got laundry in, need to run some errands, and do some cooking for the week ahead. Oh, and I got these cool popsicle molds yesterday, so I'm going to make some popsicles from the awesome peaches I have sitting on the counter. YAY!

Lore, I would LOVE to see the updates to your costume! Did you have fun with Otterman?

CH, I'm sorry that you have to delay your app to WPS further, but you are going to be SO in-shape when you do apply, they will have to take you!

Doodle, I love that poem - thanks for sharing it!

Turbomann is recovering from the ordeal, and he got to sleep in a bit this morning, and I'm glad we have today to kick back and chill.
Good Afternoon!

Hey Cecilia! Here in okayland, it's a day to day support kind of place, where almost anything goes. Except details about HBI! How's the quitting smoking going? We do have a thread in our bodies our hells, i can bump it up for you if you'd like. In terms of the lack o' portions, there is also the frustraion thread in ltas. Hope things get better for you soon!! come in anytime you want!

Turbo, thank goodness the seige is over, happy to hear that you both came out unscathed. and the food sounds so tasty!

Weekend has been pretty good. PR boy and I got together and I'm seriously crushing on him bad. So, I told him via e-mail and we talked about it yesterday, he's not in a place to dae right now, BUT he does have feelings for me, and he's really concerned about hurting me, he's still having a hard time. So we shall see where things go. He kept on asking me if things were okay with us.

Didn't get home until late last night, today I'm just relaxing, but crinoline posted a recipe for an amazing cack that I may try out.
Good! Everyone! Heh. I got a lovely 10 hours sleep last night, which I think caught me up enough that I mightn't even need a nap today...hurrah!

Welcome, cecilia!

lore, I totally howled with laughter at your drunken Baby Daddy spiel, but I had to say it anyway. wink.gif I totally want to see your costume updates also!! Go Tard Boy!

CH - what lore said! Don't break your body!! That's too bad you have to wait till February, but at least you have a deadline to look forward to, right? I still can't believe one of our own is going to be a cop! It's so exciting. biggrin.gif

turbo, I'm so glad you had a turbulence-free visit with the 'rents, and that turbomann is started to relax a bit. What makes the popsicle molds cool - are they shaped like penises? wink.gif (Penii?) Your meals always sound soooo to die for. I'm so jealous. I wish I could cook properly.

Yesterday at the store, I finally turned one of the other sales associates in to the assistant manager - this associate almost never does any work on the roll bar (i.e.: re-hanging and re-racking clothes after people try them on), and it's always piled up when she's on's a horrific mess and a lot of work for the rest of us. All the staff grumble about it, and try to get her to do it, but no one's ever gone to management. So yesterday, when I asked for her help, she actually said she was told when she started that she wasn't supposed to do roll bar....which was horseshit. (I like her, but she's kind of a princess.) Shortly after that, she left for the day, and I couldn't hold it in anymore. The assistant manager was practically sputtering, she was so astonished. "We all have to do our share! Even *I* have to scrub the toilets!" Which is true, she's the one who does it - we all know it's a crappy-paying job, but it's easily do-able when we all take our share of the work. So I gather that will be taken care of, but it means I may have made an enemy at the store.....anyway! What else was to be done?

So....yeah, I haven't really done ANYTHING today. Woke up, petted the furbabies, had some Rice Krispies (any wonder I'm jealous of turbo's cooking skilz?), came online to BUST. George seems pretty happy today - first Sunday in a long time without a booty call happening in the apartment. He never liked mr scorpio (and I always trust my kitties' people instincts implicitly), so he'll never have to see him again. I wonder if George understands what's happened? I think I might smoke a doobie this afternoon and just chill with the guitar. Lordessa knows I haven't done enough writing lately!
Doodle, I'm so making the brownies!!!

Speaking up was a good thing to do, you can't just not doing it because you don't want to, if she doesn't like that part of working retail, TS. I'm sure the assistant manager will deal with it professionally.

Now, off to cook!

But first I had to post this, made me laugh this morning.

CH, that one totally had me howling when I saw it!

How did the brownies turn out?
I haven't made them yet, I am wondering though, Doodle, do you remember a while ago you posted the non sequitur cartoon that was on how men were created and it was the cat throwing up a hair ball?? Do you still have that by chance?
Happy Sunday! It's a lovely day out.

doodle, the apple cider vinegar actually seemed to help the most out of everything I tried. I haven't had any pain since Friday so I'm leaving it alone for now but keeping a careful eye on it.

I like your story about turning in your co-worker. Hehe, it was satisfying just reading it.

Culture, good luck with PR boy. Timing is everything I guess. I wish I had a good boy to crush on.

Hahaha, I love Get Fuzzy. I don't know why but I think it's my favourite comic currently running. (Calvin and Hobbes being the favourite of all time, of course)

This has been my laziest weekend in ages. I'm still not feeling 100% from whatever was wrong with my stomach and my appetite has been up and down. Mostly down but I'm making myself drink fruit smoothies at least. My brother left Friday night and I've just been enjoying have the house to myself sooo much. I haven't slept so well in ages. Sweet sweet silence. I made myself a nice dinner last night too with some of my veggies from the garden and it was great. The ex came over to watch some episodes of Six Feet Under, but we didn't do anything. My brother ran into him at the bar a couple of weeks ago and when he told me about it the next day he said, "He seems to really really really like you a lot". Sucks to him I guess. I knew he was hoping to get laid yesterday but I don't feel comfortable sleeping with him anymore. Anyway, even if I did want to have sex I wouldn't have because I seem to have a yeast infection now.

Today my brother and niece came over. They made cookies and we just hung out, it was nice and low key. I did a bit of laundry but really I just enjoyed doing nothing.

Tomorrow I need to really get back to a normal routine. But it was soooo nice to relax all weekend, I didn't let myself think of work once.
I so want to see Doodle's cartoon about a cat throwing up a hairball and how men were created.

I go back to work tomorrow.


But I met Artman's parents this weekend!! Holy weirdness, Batwoman! I must be getting too old for this shit, because I'm perfectly willing to start conversations and keep the ball rolling, but I'm just not in the mood to impress anyone anymore. I gotta tell ya though, having really hot sex while his folks were downstairs was WHOOT and DOUBLE-WHOOT. Okay, maybe I'm getting too old for impressing, but I'm definitely NEVER too old for teenage antics in the bedroom. smile.gif

Don't laugh; I got a Nordic Track. It was only 20 bucks on Craigslist. I hate public exercise THAT much. Artman found me a floorloom, as well. It will have to compete for floorspace in my livingroom, but it will be just too much fun figuring out how to use it together.

Minxlette is coming home tomorrow, as well. She's been at the exasshat's house for the last ten days. He's up to his old tricks again. You know, Ye Olde Asshattery.

Hey Tree, I'm going to plan a fall trip to Madison with Artman. Offer's still good for the drinkiepoo at the Crystal.
Goooood Morning!!

Good luck at your first day back, minx! Summer vaca is officially over, I guess? sad.gif

Mr K has his first day of fall classes today, so his summer vaca is over too. He took summer classes though, so he actually only had about 3 weeks off.

((ErinJane)) sorry to hear about the yeast infection. So uncomfortable! Good for you for not sleeping with the ex though.

Jenn! You made it through the parental weekend! Turbomann's jury duty sounds so stressful. Yikes. I would not want to have to deal with a case like that. Poor guy.

((CH)) I'm sorry you're having a lot of stress right now. Anything we can do? That stinks you have to wait til February now. Poo.

welcome Cecilia!

Hey Doodle! Congrats on the store sales!! You are one killer sales lady.

Things here are good today, despite the day being a Monday. It rained a lot this AM, which is really good. It's been dry dry dry here. I had a nice weekend. I left work a little early on Friday to prepare for Mr K's parents coming over for dinner. We made Thai turkey burgers, okra, corn on the cob, potato salad, and I made a really good pound cake. Saturday I had a killer sinus headache all day, so I did not do much. We went to my friend's house for dinner that night, another friend & her husband were in town. We had a good time. Ate a lot, drank wine, and played some cards. Yesterday I met my fam for lunch, then did some shopping, cleaning, dog bathing, and tv watching.

All in all, I'd call the weekend a success!!
Good Morning!

Tree, I'm trying to track down the non sequitur, not an easy task I tells you.

Hey Erin! How's things on your end?

Minx, what happened with artman's parents??

Hey Kari! The food sounds super tasty!

K, I must get to work now! Later all!
K, I think I found the one, after many many cartoons... I found the hairball one, and two others that made me laugh.

So, where's everyone at?
Ugh, I don't know what's up with my body. It's felt all over the place the last week. I'm sick to my stomach again and finally made a doctors appointment for today. I'm going there in an hour to see if they can help with my myriad of health problems that have arisen since Thursday. I really don't want to take any sick time at work because I just started but I might have to this week. I was planning to make up missed time from last week during this week but the way things are going I'm not optimistic. Quite frankly I just want to go home and crawl into bed. Ugh, I weighed myself this morning and I'm down 5 pounds, and not in any kind of good way. Eating is not fun right now though.

Kari, if I was healthier those thai turkey burgers would sound deelish.

minx, I think meeting the 'rents is weird no matter how old you are. Now that I think about it, I've really only met 1 boyfriends parents. They were like the polar opposite of my family and I couldn't understand how my boyfriend was raised in that household. They were really nice people but soooooo quiet. Dinner time was deathly silent. At my house we talk about all sorts of innapropriate stuff in mixed company and we laugh like crazy about it. I could definitely see where that particular boy got his non-communication issues from though.
Hah! You found it CH!! biggrin.gif I couldn't find it anywhere on my HD....ah, I love that comic.

Good evening all. I just got home from work - bah, there is ZERO time to post or even go online at the accountants' agency! So much for that. It took me all day to get the frigging mail scanned and sorted out. Fucking accountants and their paper. Oh, and I saw the bill from the temp agency, and I know how much they get compared to what I get. Holy motherfucking crap! They charge my wage and a half, basically. So for every two dollars I get, they charge the business three and take one.

erin, sorry to read you are feeling so crappy still. Glad you had a sort of relaxing weekend, anyway.

kari, thai turkey burgers sound awesome! How do you make them? And pound did you know that's my favourite? wink.gif

minx, you had sex in his parents' house, the first time you met them?? blink.gif wink.gif

Hiya tree! And I wonder where turbo is this evening?

I confess that I took advantage of the free pop at work today, and had three A&W root beers. THREE. I will sin less tomorrow. But FUCK! I had to keep my energy up!

I ran into an old friend/colleague at lunch today. She trained me as a sexual assault centre volunteer, before I even went to work for the women's centre, and then she went on to become the local poverty law advocate, so I've known her for a long time. She is NOT the type to try to persuade me back into the work, but I did offer up my musical talents for events - and only my musical talents - and she said she was totally holding me to it. Apparently she is organizing a women's conference. I told her I had my own songs now. She was thrilled. I actually hope I do get the chance to perform "Mama Says" for a crowd of feminists!
geesh, drop off the face of the lounge for a couple of months, and they go changing everything on you. i don't know if i like the new decor, but i'm sure that's all been hashed out already. anyway, my connect to bust and all my other fave sites is still tenuous, so i'm off to catch up while i can.

HOLY CRAP it's Grrrrl!!!! How the hell are you doing??

Doodle, I did find it, I had to try googling and going through the non sequitur archive. But I found it. I also found so many others that had me laughing my face off.

Erin, how are you feeling? What did the doc say?
Doodle, that's so awesome about running into your old friend.

Culture, feeling better this evening. Felt like death earlier though. Well, I guess I didn't notice that my infection was getting worse over the weekend because I was home all weekend and able to drink a ton of water. Sadly, I was peeing blood this morning (just a little bit) and I went to work, but about an hour before my appointment I started feeling really sick. I left work and tried to go grocery shopping but it was actually difficult. When I got to the doctors office I just sat there because I couldn't concentrate on reading anything. Stupid me. *As a side note though, I have to say I LOVE my doctors office. She remembered how I lost my hearing a couple of months ago (bad ear infection) and had been going to see Gogol Bordello. She asked me how the concert was and everything. Stuff like that is awesome because I know she's listening to me.* So, bad bladder infection but she prescribed me some lovely pills plus fluconaze. By the time I drove home I felt too sick to stop at the pharmacy and fill the Rx, but my nice younger brother went for me. Normally he might argue but I think he saw I was in genuine pain. Also lucky for me, I had some T3's leftover from my nose accident. I popped 1 and curled up in bed and half hour later I felt well enough to eat something.

Okay, so I think in the last few days I've done enough health bitching to last a while. Let's hope I have something more positive to say tomorrow. tongue.gif
Noooo....silly Doodle. We had sex at HIS house while his parents were visiting! I might add that it was earth-shattering. We have a really great physical relationship to compliment our mental/emotional connection. Makes a minx pretty damned happy.

Either way, I was shocked that he asked me to stay over night. I'm his first girlfriend in nearly 19 years (he was shacked up with his wife for ten before they got married), so he's feeling rather brash about the whole thing.

And yeah, meeting parents is always strange. I guess that I've met quite a few in my day, especially if you count just being in the teaching profession and CONSTANTLY meeting parents and seeing how they communicate. His mother is definitely the dominant one.

Crap...I'm getting too tired to even finish this post. I'll write more tomorrow. Night BUSTies!
For Fuck's sake, Grrrl!... Please hang out more!

Livin' up to yer name, Minx! wink.gif

ErinJane, peeing blood suuucks! I've actually been there in Junior High sad.gif *Urinary Healing and Comfort-Vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I liked the strip, Culture biggrin.gif Good stuff!

Zoop! Gotta go to bed, but fondness to all, and pics of Tardness when the improvements become visible. At the moment, I must have clocked at least 5 hours time in just sewing Velcro to reinforced cardboard (looping the stitches around aluminum wire for strength). OtterMan (O-Tard) is going to be sporting a Karaoke Pack on his back, and I'll have my Urban Camo Pack and perhaps an alternate Styrofoam Cooler Pack, all attaching to our backs with Velcro. A Pony Keg Pack is very tempting, but I'm sure it'd be turned back at the convention door if it still had beer in it.

Erin, eeep, blood in your pee, not a good thing, but at least things are getting beter.

Minx, Artman sounds like such a sweet man.

Heya Lore! I do so enjoy cartoons, I'm still loving the get fuzzy. Whacks ON!

Worked out and slept last night. Nothing earth shattering.
Minxy, happy first day of school! smile.gif Has Artman met minxlette? He just sounds like a gem.

On our end, this is a nice, quiet week before next week's HUGE kerfluffles and the week after that's huge kerfluffles. both moxieman and i are killer swampped at work...really going to have to force carving out family time. The bigger I get, the more critical that seems. The wee bean is moving like a hot pepper, which is definitly weird, again. It was weird the first time, but this seems even more weird.

Watched the MSNBC coverage of the convention last night. I was expecting great speeches, but all we got were Pelosi (zzzzzz.....), Kennedy (awesome), Obama/Robinson (super awesome) and 3 hours of Keith Olberman and chris Matthews. Now, I dig Keith as much as anybody, but seriously, I do not want to be in pundit/newsville for 3 hours! Tonight, PbS and/or C-span. Seriously, the Dem convention is to me like the Olympics are to somebody who loves sports.
anna k
Sounds good, Minx!

My stomach feels much better after ridding myself of wheat and gluten since Friday, and following a detox diet. I've peed a lot, and have had slight headaches, but my body feels much better. I just felt good last night lying on front of the TV in a tank top and undies and feeling sensual and content.

I also get to work two extra days this week, so that gives me a little more income on my next paycheck. Yay!
It is over. It is finally over.

Mom died an hour ago.

Thank god.

((((((Tree & Fam))))))

Hang in there, and know that we're happy to be your friends. Whatever emotions you've got, lay it on us. No need to feel ashamed. We all care, here.

Heya Anna, Moxie, and Culture!
((((((((peaceful transition and journey forth for treemomma))))))

Take care of yourself, Tree. Know we're thinking of you and your family.

Watching Hillary speak now...still makes me a little sad that she's not the nominee or on the ticket. I love me some Hill. smile.gif
((((((((((treehugger and treefamily))))))))))

Not much help, but I remember when my papa passed (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), I felt such sweet relief, and I also howled tears like a child lost in a forest at sunset. There's no shame in feeling relief and grief at the same time, and everything else that goes along with it. So do whatever you need to, and say whatever you need to....we're all here.

Everyone else - hello! Why is it August and I'm sitting here in a cardigan?

Okay, let me share some cheery news: BEB got asked to sub for mr jamhost's band's bass player at some gigs this last weekend! I tried so hard to get there to cheer him on (he was so excited)....I had planned to go Saturday night (the only gig I could actually make), but all of a sudden when I got home from work, I totally crashed and burned. Out like a light. It must have been from the first week back at job-juggling (plus that stupid mr scorpio business on top of it). I feel bad, but I saw his car on the way home from work yesterday and left a big sloppy note calling him a rock star, which may have helped a bit. biggrin.gif They were too tired to take down the equipment Saturday night, so the jam tomorrow will be at the bar where they gigged, which I vaguely remember as a place for drunk 70-year olds to hang out.


Hey Anna, how's the stomach treating you today?

Hey Minx, mox, turbo, and doodle!

I don't have much going on today. it's wednesday and that's what matters.

((((tree)))) peace and love for your brothers and you. You deserve it.
(((tree and family))) I know you are experiencing a mix of feelings right now. We are here for you. ~~~~peace and comfort vibes~~~~~

((erin jane)) Oof, sorry about the UTI. I'm glad you got some medicine though & will start to feel better really soon.

Lore! It sounds like you and Otterman are constructing some really cool shit! You must post pictures!!

HEY GRRRRLLLL!!!!! It's so good to see you! I hope your net connection sticks. How's c monkey? How are YOU?

Hey Doodle! The Thai burgers.....Mr K handled them, but I recall that they included ginger, garlic, lemongrass, green onions, fish sauce. I can get you the recipe if you'd like. The pound cake was delicious! And not very healthy....2 sticks of butter, 8 oz of cream cheese, 6 eggs, etc. And I served it with real whipped cream. yum.

Hey moxie!! How are you feeling lately?

Hey Anna! Hey CH!

I watched the DNC last night, Hillary KILLED IT! I thought her speech was perfect. I just hope these ridiculous Hillary supporters heard it & get in line. Ugh.

I had a good day working at home yesterday. Got some work done. Also some relaxing. Handyman came back and did some stuff to the floor. We'll see what happens. *fingers crossed*
anna k
CH, it's much better. The absence of wheat and gluten has seemed to really help it, and I feel really good.


I miss my grandpa. He died three years ago of lung cancer, and he was such a great guy. Strong, funny, tough, loved playing with my little dog whenever my family went on vacation, took me and my brother to see PG-rated movies when we were kids, called me "babe," and was just awesome.

It's so quiet in here during the week lately.

I'm a little annoyed today. Last night I found out that my best friends roommate liked me and was apparently not very happy when I hooked up with a friend of is in January. The kicker is that I liked him! Usually I have like a 6th sense for telling when people are into me, and if I get the cues from them I'll make a move, but I had no idea at all he was interested. Although it's not like he didn't have the time to make a move, we'd known each other for months by then. My reaction when bff told me was, "Hmm...that would have made a lot more sense than (the ex)." We're totally compatible. Oh well, he's got a girlfriend now. And if bff had known she probably would have made sure we got together.

nice detective work btw!
(((((((((((Tree)))))))))))))) It's been a long long journey. May you find some peace now that it has reached an end.

Sorry I've been MIA. I have s summer cold and unfortunately it appears I have spread it to Sheff. We're currently eyeing one another, trying to figure out which is in better shape to cook dinner. Unfortunately, he seems to be getting worse by the hour. Bah.
((((everybody who gave me hugs)))) I SOOOO appreciate them right now. I had been carrying on this whole brave front, thinking I had already come to terms with my mother being gone...guess what, I was WRONG. I really thought I'd coast through this one. This is like the death that has been happening for ten years, and it's still not over, and even though her life sucked and she didn't know anybody it still is a major, major loss to me today. I don't even understand why. I've been praying for this day for years.

I am crushed, shattered, just as bad as I was with my father. Dammit anyway.

Last night, when my brother called me and gave me the news, I drove into work to tie up some loose ends and left timesheets, I took the rest of the week off work. I was working on buttoning up freezers at 10:00 PM!

I'm on a roller coaster, one minute I'm fine, the next minute I'm weepy...I didn't think I'd be able to deal with the whole routine at work.

The funeral is going to be on Sept 20. I'm going to be heading over there a day or so early, we have to do a big collage and all that stuff, for at the funeral.

Minx, I would LOVE to have a beer with you at the Crystal, if I am around when you'll be passing through! PM me!
((((((Tree))))))) It seems that when your mother passed, a great weight was lifted from your heart ... only to be replaced with a different, heavy weight. I'm so sorry. I wish there was something I could do or say to make it easier.

I don't believe one should make a habit of drowning one's sorrows but, dammit, if anyone around here needs a beer it's you. Wish I were close enough to bring over a 6 pack of your favorite.
I'm just catching up with this thread. More hugs, Treehugger. Do you get any grievance leave from work?
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