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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hells yeah. I totally remember being able to get a cut at Hannahville Hair (which I loved, because you could smoke and he would always ask me to pick up a six-er of beer before I came over) for about $22. Now I pay about $35 for a cut, which I suppose isn't too bad, but DAYUM, add a color and highlights and it is a month's worth of gas.

I just signed the lease on my apartment and got the keys. The apartment looks a little creepy without anything in it, so I am running off to Home Despot to get some paint and have been looking all over for some furniture accents (if I can afford it...fucking YWCA camp costs $204 a week). :-( Ah well, the teachers there rule and I love their philosophy.

I got a really weird, cryptic email from the Weasel last night. I couldn't even respond. It was just so...uh, retardedly BPD. That made me so angry that I couldnt' fall back asleep for almost an hour.

Per usual, commando. Comfy, white, VS Body full coverage brar.

Did I mention that the apartment manager is already trying to pique my interest and hook me up with another tenant that happens to be a single parent and teacher? People are FUNNY!
Hello all...thanks for the vibes and encouragement. I think I'm going to apply for some temp work with one of the unions when I get back from Vancouver (am going next week). Then I will be "in" if the hammer comes down by January. I know I need to leave this place...but I also don't want to see it all come to an end after the 10, 11 years I've sacrificed to keep the organization going, you know? Anyway. *sigh*

I also did a whole big thing with myself last night where I realized how much of my "identity" is tied up in this job...not that this is any new revelation to me, but I started wondering what I will "become" without it...kind of weird. Being here has been like being a parent, in a lot of ways.

Underwhore Thursday: blue-green boyshorts and a white powerlift bra of some design that actually keeps my aging tits in the air a bit.

Saturday is Canada Day, btw.
I hear you on the job/identity/sacrifice thing doodle. But you know what, I'm getting tired of suffering for the cause, of being broke all the time, and I know my skills are worth a lot more than I'm getting paid for. Sometimes, you just gotta become the organization of doodle, and take care of you first. You've said it before - there will always be some younger person to do your job for less, who feels the passion and has energy to do the work. You've put your time in, sister, its time for a step in a new scary as that feels.

Minxy, I'm so glad you're letting the weasel go along his merry BPD do not need more shit in your life to deal with. A new, balanced, supportive partner is on his way to you right now....just know that.
yeah, I'm sure poodle's meddlesome is one of those people that thinks they will be the bosses right hand and get big rewards if they spy and tattle and "help manage" when they have no right or reason to do any of that and usually try to weasel out of doing things the proper way themselves.

I had one job where two bully broad types insisted that they should always leave before everybody else because they got there everyday and started working at 7 am when everybody else could come in between 8 and 10, whatever they wanted.

So, testing my instant suspicion, IIII came in at 7 am. No easy feat. Of course, neither of them were there. 7:10 passed, 7:20, 7:30. At 7:40 or so they came in, screamed gossip back and forth to each other as they made instant oatmeal breakfast in the kitchen, sent a few self important email spank-notes to show the time on them, ordered stuff off the internet and crap and then about 8:25 before people would start walking by they would finally open up a real file. Ha!!

I don't tend to doubt poodle at all, it's just the persistence and specificness of "time" that made me caveat. But I'm not suggesting poodle work long obnoxious hour at. all.

anyway --new pink paisley underwear and a sports bra -- I've been too lazy to rinse out my nice bras -- they have underwires so would need hand-washing -- oh well, some day. Yeah, we're making a nice apartment space.

Yesterday I took care of the orange gerbera daisies and put whammymans art supplies out on a marble table from his mom - perfect for art. I'll get him started by doing something and daring him to top it.

doodle -- jobbitty job vibes
and turbo.

geez doodle, that must be so scary and exciting!!

Crisis/opportunity as the chinese say.
Hello to you all! Is it okay that I don't talk about anything that's happened in my life for the past two years? ......Okay!

Weeee! BUST is exactly what I need....

(I forgot that I shortened my name, so it was confusing at first... but, then I remembered... and I felt less crazy.... so that's good. I might have to get the "Jackson" back though... for nostalgia's sake....)

*runs across the thread shrieking, spilling her beer, tripping over Jenn, and hugs you big-time*
Hey laaadies!!!

Hi jane! How's it goin?

My trip to the comprehensive clinic was not so great. The doctor I had was sort of a dick and made my mom and I cry because he treated us like we had no reason to be there. I got to take a nap during my EEG though. That was cool. Now my hair is all nasty from the electrode glue.

I'm sure the meddler was complaining about me being gone today, too. She acts as though my doctor's appointments are trips to Cancun or something. Ah well, I know my boss thinks she's a whiner, because she's said so before.
There's that poodle again, always falling down and stuff. So LAZY!!

Hi, Jane!

Poodle, did you tell that guy what a dick he is? I firmly believe doctors should be told that because bedside manner and people skills are so often overlooked in that profession. Any chance you can get a new doctor? And any chance you can punch the meddler? Any chance I can punch her for you?

Here's a weird question: is drinking water actually supposed to make you parched? I've been trying to do what all those health guru/psychos say and drink 64 ounces of water today. Halfway through my first bottle, I felt more and more parched with each gulp of water, like how your throat gets sore when you run and breathe through your mouth. Is being healthy like this supposed to hurt? I don't understand how this is supposed to be good for me when it makes me feel like crap.

Are we on for Alice Cooper tomorrow, Poodle?

So I finally figured out what's with my parents and why they won't answer the phone, and it's just as I expected - they took a vacation. But apparently my dad's surgery went really well. He has no congestion and hasn't snored at all in the last couple nights. Maybe now my parents can stand to sleep together once in awhile. I found this out from my brother, who's deciding he wants to be a life insurance salesman. I have to give him a ride to pick up his car after work. I'm such a good sister.

Weee! Things are okay. I bought a six pack...


Diva, did your Dad have "sinus surgery"? What was the procedure? They didn't have to go through his skull, did they? I saw a medical program once where they did that. I may still be traumatized by it, but, I'm not sure...
oh god. One of my friends has a boyfriend that snores so loud you can hear him from 30 feet away and she has to have a separate bedroom.

I know about this because we camped with them once. I shoved my boyfriend in the middle of the night (to roll him on his side if he was snoring) and he's like "its not me!"
diva - your body is appreciating the sudden water surge, and wanting more. I drink 120 ounces a day...that'd be a gallon. I'd say 80oz is a bare minimum for total cellular hydration. It takes about 8 weeks of drinking 80oz a day to reach total hydration cell-to-cell and'll find your digestion improve, your mind clear...just keep it up. You'll pee alot for the first few weeks, after that your body settles down and starts really hydrating your tissues. Right now, you're living in dehydration, so the water is going to the most vital places only, since your bod knows it doesn't get enough water for all the tissues, and even when you up the intake, the first few weeks are just washing out toxins to make room for your tissues to accept the water it'll take in later. /end water advocacy.

poodle, I'm sorry your doc is a dick. Our family has a firm policy of addressing such behavior, and if not corrected, moving on to another doc. My mom sees too many docs to fool around with that nonsense, and lets face it - they get paid when she sees them. The least they can do is act in a caring and interested way. Booooo for cocky dicky docs!

Hi hi hi jane!! Welcome home, I do hope you'll be staying awhile!

diva, I'm glad your dad is doing dad's got apnea too, and has had a coupla surgeries on his septum. He's gotta sleep with a machine too. I kick turboman (in only the gentlest way) anytime he snores. That behavior is not tolerated in my bed! heh.
He had surgery for a deviated septum. Apparently it's not that big of a deal if he's able to go on vacation to Duluth 2 days after. And here thought my mom was at the hospital with him, and they're on vacation painting the town red (or as much so as a couple of 50-something Catholic Scandinavianh/Pollacks can).
Izzzzz thizzzz day over yetttttttt............?

turbo, I agree with your philosophy...except if the feds cut the women's program, we won't be around for any young women to work for. Which is kind of where I'm floundering, b/c keeping this place from closing is why I've stayed this long...

I am glad I remembered that I'm a painter, though. Just in the knick of time, you might should spare me a lot of that identity crisis stuff!

whammy...scared and excited about sums it all up!

WOW! Hi jane!! I think I still might have your old user name...I don't remember if we did the password swap??

Hi also poods, and diva, and miz goof, and FJ, and minx, and karianne, and...well, fuck, hello the lot of ya!

I found a cool vintage modern chair today at lunchtime for $10. But I have nowhere to put it. No idea what to do with it.

"Deviated Septum"

Ooooh, that sounds like a speed-metal-thrash band!

jenn, i have actually heard recently that the 8 glasses a day was too much. this was from a new study. also div-be careful, its actually very easy to get water poisoning if you dont keep your electrolytes and salt in check if you are drinking alot of water.
jane! so good to see you! i was hoping it was time for another sighting soon!

i need some vino and i'll be back soon.
You said, "vine" which, you know, is "wine" which reminded me that, although I do not drink wine, I drink Whiskey... which then made me go downstairs and get some... and now I'm sipping back Crown on a Thursday, which also happened to be pay day, so I'm paying bills...

Hi hi hi Minx, pinkpoodle, diva, turbo, doodle and fj!

I missed stopping by here. I did find poodle on myspace, but, then I deleted my profile (which, by the way was LIBERATING) but, Myra Parker still has a profile, b/c she's in a band...
yeah, um, the salt electrolyte water thing, you've gotta drink a ton more water than a gallon *a day* to get poisoning. Its not like I'm drinking a gallon in one sitting, its over 12-16 hours. I've worked with alot of healers on a lot of health/nutrition and emotional balance issues, and read several books, and all say that my water intake is not only safe, but very healthy. For my adrenal issues, I pretty much need to drink that much water to keep moving toxins out of my body, and help my poor defeated liver out.

Jane, I'll join you on the thursday evening cocktails - I've got a tasty 'rita that I'm working on, and with any luck turboman is going to take me out for thai. mmmm.....

I have to create a myspace page for the org I work for, and I am very much dreading it. Like I need one more thing in the online world to babysit....gah. websites, online courses, forums, oh my!
hi jane! i remember seeing you around, but i honestly can't remember if we ever really interacted. just for a heads-up, i'm a crazy full of energy pervy university girl now!

so, i've found that having to look civilian for work leads to quite the change when i go out afterwards. today was red eyeshadow thick under my eyes, bright orange up along the side of my nose up to my eyebrows, and then pale orange wings on the outer corners, with black eyeliner and heavy on the mascary on the bottom. and now i'm eating strawberry and banana marshmallows and listening to desaparecidos.

when i worked doing telephone surveys i'd drink four litres of water on working days. two over the course of the day, and then another two over the four or five hours i worked.

laydeez, would benefit badgal mascara be worth the 25$? the drugstore by my house just got some in, and i could use some new mascara, so if it's worth it i'll bite the bullet and get the good stuff. i also just realized i'll need some hardcore waterproof makeup for warped tour this summer, so maybe i will go on a sephora spree this week. i've become so 'whatever' about money recently. it's like, i'm going to spend so much money this summer/on school, i'm not really going to miss a few hundred spread out over the heres and theres, right?

i quite like how my hair turned out today. it's very 'i'm too emo for my eyeballs'

do i really need 140$ of urban decay makeup? oh, how i really want it, yet i feel like i shouldn't be spending the money
oh, jane. if only i had some whiskey. that would suit me fine tonight. justa little makers. mhmm.

i didn't HAVE any more wine that except for the sparkling stuff in the fridge and a really yummy looking bottle of red in the cabinet that i've also been saving. i feel like pulling a *sideways* and drinking it out of a brown paper bag for the hell of it. alas, i found a hienie lite and i'm gonna go with it. i don't normally enjoy the hienekin, but the lites aren't half bad.

i've been doing some odd cleaning. i have horrible ADD when i clean. i've tried flylady, but it doesn't really help that much. eh. the dishes are done and most of the laundry is completed. maybe i'll daub at the bathroom after i take a bath -
which is calling my name...

oh, tyger, i really wish you would post some pics of your makeupery. it sounds very creative. much more so than i ever make time for anymore.

maybe i should do my eyes up dark tomorrow night. i'm going to dinner with internet peeps from last weekend.

How is everyone this evening? I got off work early as shit today. There was absolutely nothing to do.

I have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off, so I am going to work in the hotel bar those days.

It's not a big deal. The work is super easy in the lounge.

Guys - I don't know how to say this without freaking you all out, but on Monday night, I had a seizure. I have never had one before in my life, and it was effing scary - relaly scary for the people who were around me. I didn't really know what was going on until it was over. It was mega embarrassing, too, because I was at a club.

The bartender called 911, and I got checked out and was fine, I guess. My blood pressure was super low, though.


Tonight I am supposed to do something with a new new friend from work. I used to have the other new friend from work, but she turned out to be an asshole. This new new friend seems really cool. I think I will call her...Dot. She has lots of freckles.

I have been trying to drink a lot of water lately. Turbo - I hope it's true that I will stop peeing so much after a while of hydrating myself. I must keep it consistent. Some days I just down the agua, and other days I forget.

marileen - I also had the problem with the hair color change. It used to be blonde, but now is a dirty dishwater blonde. So I lighten it. I don't mess around with highlights. I just do it myself at home. I know that it's probably not the best thing I could be doing for my hair, but it looks fine, I think.

Office meddler can shove it up her ass. That is, *after* she pulls her head out of there. Let's all give her a "Code Red".

tyger - dude, get the mascara. Actually - is there such a think as Bad Gal waterproof? Because if you require a waterproof mascara, the regular Bad Gal is a little bit messy. But I love it.

There's a lady at work who sells Avon, so I just bought a couple of cream eyeshadows that I'm going to test out tonight. They're each a different shade of shimmery pink.

OK - anybody around now?
Hi FJ!
hi puppy! (((no more seizures, pk!)))
hmm, i could always get the badgal, and then the waterproofer from urban decay. i'll have to go enquire about that in the makeup thread.

apparently they're out of the tshirt i ordered, but just in large. maybe i'll only need a medium? i said just send a medium. damn ladies shirts. they give the actual measurement, not the size it fits, and i know i'm, like 40 around the boobs, but can only guess at what that translates into when it comes to shirts measured across under ze armpits. ah well, i can always return it.

fj, i've found the key to be not to take too much time on the eyemakeupery. wacky eye makeup plus foundation, blush, and lipgloss takes me, like, maybe five minutes. could be less, i don't really time myself or anything. it only really takes time if i decide to go the use-an-angled-brush-to-use-powder-as-liner route
This is what's going on for me and women's groups in Canada right now. Meanwhile, the new Conservative gov't is delaying approving any funding from that program. And our current grant runs out at the end of the calendar year. That's the one that pays my wage.

And I love their little summary at the end. That's the shit that makes me want to crawl into a hole and die.

So, yeah.

I think I need to go watch some of The Izzard now.
puppy!!!! are you ok!?! of course you make us worry, but we need more details. you should be resting right now, now going back out to play! /momma rant

oh, doodle, that is fucked up. how women can see other women as enemies when they're simply fighting FOR the rights of other women is beyond me. i'm sorry dear. i really am. i'm used to our government being fucked up. i thought canada had positive fecal cohesion.

that reminds me. i got a phone call at work today from one of those computerized dudes asking me to save the sanctity of marriage and get my signature on a petition for an amendment in FL. apparently, they only need 100K more sigs to get it on the ballot. considering they were calling me on my extension, which is right smack in the middle of the rst of the extensions at the hellhole i work, i bet they got at least 100 people to do it. that is if they're registered voters.

mrfj just called. he is hammered. with his boss and a couple of workmates, at a party for *industry insiders* in his industry. my beer man was drinking red and white wine at dinner and is now sipping wild turkey and coke. he is so going to hurt tomorrow. and he has an early appointment. let's just hope that client was invited to the party. :-)

tyger, i can get my full makeup done in about five minutes too, but that's with basic nuetral colors and a contour brushed eyeliner. i guess i just need to get some new colors and experiment. i mean, i'm nearly 30, so i probably won't be going too flashrageous but that sounds fun. when i was your age they didn't even sell good red eyeshadow.

omicod. i just used the "when i was your age" line. fuck.

fj, i say 'when i was your age', too. but my fave thing to say is 'i've been wearing red eyeshadow before you wore a bra.' damn tweenyboppers trying to tell me i'm copying my chemical romance. i was doing this first, yo!
you could always try greens/purples for eyeshadows. like a moss green or amethyst purple. fun, but not rainbow vomit bright. i always go for rainbow vomit when i'm not working :P
doodle, i read the first paragraph of the first letter, and felt like I was gonna puke. I wholeheartedly second FJ's thoughts. Feh on dumb chicks. Feh, I say.

I bet the moss green eyeshadow would look spectacular on FJ...with her pretty skin and red/brown hair! Send pics, lovie! I go with purples and browns myself.
Hey bitches, Its Fucking Friday!!!! And a long weekend ahead!! WoOOT!

((((((doodle)))) That is.....ugh...*shudders*. Sometimes, I really wonder how people can think these things, and not come to some reasonable conclusion about the reality of the world.

((((PK))))) Take care of yourself, sweetie - do you think your bod is telling you to take a breather? Working and playing as hard as you do, be sure to take some time just to let yourself rest.

Maybe yesterday was crazy phone call day....I got 4 phone calls yesterday from stupid people telling me various parts of our websites weren't working. They were really just clueless, but damn, they were really worked up about it...I can't really imagine getting worked up into a lather about a website's functionality.

I'm hoping today is quiet, and passes by quickly.

Oh, and my body is very very sore this morning from spin and doing some weights yesterday. It is good.
Hi, peeps.

((((((Doodle)))))) that sucks. How, exactly, can you be for the equality of women but be anti-feminist at the same time? It makes no sense.

Tyger, get the mascara. I wish there were a waterproof version (I've looked), but there isn't. You'll be happy you bought this one, though. What I don't understand are creme eyeshadows. I bought a 4-pack of purpleish ones from Dior, but they always crease and look awful several hours after I put them on. It's only powder for me from now on. I mainly stick with purples since that's supposed to be the best color for green eyes.

I have to go to Dayton's when they open because the shirt I decided to wear today is a) entirely too low-cut in the neck and it shows the front of my bra; and b) too small and I can't sit here all day like this. I really need to lose a massive amount of weight. I bought this shirt just a little bit ago, and it's always fit this way, but it's really getting on my nerves today. Fortunately, there are no bosses around to catch me out on a shopping break. I just want a comfy polo shirt or t-shirt.

On the "when I was your age" thing, get this: Sam actually used the phrase "I haven't done that in years!" The kid is only 3 years old. So cute!

FJ, did the survey/petition thing let you record a comment at all? I really hope they don't get all those petitions, and that if they do, I hope our friends in Key West organize. I don't want to see another state fall victim to that amendment.

Just 15 more minutes before I can get a new shirt...


Tyg, I like the mascara, but it always makes a mess under my eyes. If you come up with a magic fix for that, let me know.

Doodle, that stuff makes me so angry I start seeing red.

So today is payday and the naughty part of me wants to go out shopping immediately. I hate depriving myself because I'm broke. It's just like being on a diet. I force myself to follow the rules and then I explode and overindulge.

Any big weekend plans?
Wow, its quiet in here this morning. Can I go home now? I really don't feel like being here today. hmph.

I've never used mascara...thankfully, I have brown eyelashes, but I'm no good with putting stuff on my eyes.

I don't even know Sam, and even I think he's the cutest toddler around!!

I hear you on the money thing, catsoup...though I'm in the end of the month brokeness right now. boo.

Miraculously, we have no plans whatsoever for the long weekend. Part of me is a teensy bit bummed, since all our peeps are out of town, but most of me is really glad for a long quiet weekend with turboman...and it'll be easier on my bank account because of it. Next weekend, we wind back up into having guests, so I'll take the quiet time. I'm imagining lots of grilling, sitting on the patio and reading, a 'rita or three, working out followed by long is it 5pm yet???
Catsoup, you are so right about being broke is like being on a diet. I usually just call it what it is, a "money diet."

No real big plans for the weekend. Either going to see Alice Cooper with Poodle, or going to the giant's cousin's for dinner. Tomorrow we're grilling at the giant's mom's, and on Sunday we're going to see Nacho Libre. No plans yet for Tuesday, but we're both working Monday and Wednesday, so nothing out of town.

I got a comfortable shirt, now. It was $10 more than I thought it would be, but I was already wearing it when I got to the register and had pulled the tag off, so I didn't have much choice other than to make an ass of myself. At least now I can breathe and my bra isn't showing.

I'm not broke right now, but what extra I have should really be used for either paying off the gas bill or saved for a trip this fall, so I'm trying not to indulge more than I need to. I am kind of in the mood to wander around the MOA, though, even though I don't need a thing.
hi all. i'm being a busy beaver this morning trying to get my projects done so i'm not here until forever tonight. gah! i hate procrastination! hate hate hate it! and yet, it's a part of my makeup. but i don't hate myself. odd. hehe

i usually put a light dusting of some neutral color on my eyes and then use the countour brush for liner with a dark brown and lately a dark purpley amethyst color. and, i sometimes use a mossy green. wow, tyg, you hit it on the head! you rockstar you!

on the mascara tip, i bought some with a comb applicator and HATE it. my lashes are naturally long and sort of dark, but i always wear mascara since my makeup otherwise is generally understated.

i'm listening to moby's redux of bittersweet symphony right now. the verve version might very well be one of my favorite songs eh-ver. at least this is keeping me going.

i think i have cramps. either that or my tummy is upset. i can't really tell. it's a little early for mrg yet.

i am going to dinner tonight with the people we met last week. they're a very sweet couple (and super cute too). my favorite thing is that they smile and laugh A LOT. i had considered not going out because i sort of wanted some me time, but they im'd me some pics from the weekend and reminded me of the fun we had, so i am going out for a little while tonight. at least for dinner. i have an early hair appointment at the aveda salon and i can't miss that!! i can't wait!!!! then off to orlando for another pool party/bbq/fireworks show and finally to see mrfj at his hotel on saturday night. i can't wait for that either!!!!
msgoofball said 'beaver'....

i have lemon drops waiting for me when i arrive at my friends house later, apple martinis in the trunk with some downhome punch...and several gallons of gatorade...which mixes well with rum...sorry, my alcoholic hobby has gotten a bit carried away.

HI Jane!

i hope i am not forgetting anything for this trip..cuz that would suck big time. need to take better care of yourself....and get that checked out if you can...

either i've lost weight or this sunless tan stuff is 'very' slimming. dunno.

hi minx, fj, turbo, jane, doodle, poodle, tyger, catsoup, pk, diva, and moxie!!!
hey ladeez!!

soon I will go off to the cape. I am trying to get work wrapped up as much as possible, so figures a file i'm just doing a little correction on has to act up.


I have green and brown eyes --like brown with a ring of bright yellow green -- so I like to play that up with complementary colors like amethyst and red brown and rose beige and pinks

back in the punk rock days -- When YOU were in KINDERGARTEN tyger!! Naaah!! ; P

We used to get bright pink and purple and heliotrope eyeshadows from stores catering to black and spanish women. No 20 dollar "trendy decay" black lipstick? Be a REAL punk and spend 2 dollars for a maybelline black eyebrow pencil.

Also, we could go to fashion outlets where they would have things like mustard yellow nail polist and red or green -- i mean bright green -- eyeshadow.

black nail polish - stock up on halloweeen.


I'm now inspired to bring my shiseido purple and lavender sparkly shimmery eyeshadow to the cape

see ya wednesday!!

work calling
we're painting our dining room this weekend. Its going from Batman-blue to tan and blue. Its going to open the space up alot! And, we're disassembling our china cabinet and packing the good stuff away...moxette proofing begins!

Its only 4 more hours till 4 days off!
Hi everybody!

FJ - your weekend sounds like it will be fun! I'm a terrible procrastinator too.

Whammy has pretty eyes.

I've never tried the mascara comb thingys - I bought some that has it but I haven't opened the package yet. I don't usually wear eye makeup to work because the air is so dry here - just when I go out with friends and stuff, although I'm not the best at putting it on. I like cream eyeshadows because they're so easy to put on but I usually use pale browns so it really doesn't show if they do crease after a while.

Diva, I'm with you on the bad shirts thing. Nothing's worse than uncomfortable clothes - it just wrecks your day. $10 is a small price to pay to be able to sit comfortably and not feel like you're hanging out.

I think I'm going to skip the Alice Cooper show tonight - it is already hot out and I'm too tired to fight crowds, much as I'd like to see Alice sing "Schools out for summer". We don't have plans yet for the weekend and I'm glad. Next weekend is going to be crazy busy with plans so I'm looking forward to a peaceful few days. And I'm going to try to spend as little money as possible, too. I'm pretty broke right now, even after just getting paid today since bills eat it all.

Tyger - I had to laugh at myself for what I thought after reading what you said about "damn tweenyboppers trying to tell me i'm copying my chemical romance." My first thought was, "Who DOESN'T My Chemical Romance copy from? It's not like they're original anyway." That shows what an old lady I am, thinking something like that! But you are a true original, Tyger, no doubt about that.

Doodle that link was creepy - it is like bizarro world to see how crazy conservative people view things. I really hope things pull together so your Centre can stay open after its current funding is done.

(((PK))) Take good care of yourself!

Happy Friday to Moxie and Catsoup and Poodle and Turbo and MsGoof and Jane and anybody else I didn't mention!
Hi Friday girls! I left work early, which would normally be super fun, but, I have to take the dogs to the vet... which isn't too much of a party.

I'm terrible at mascara, so I refrain... unless I feel like torturing myself. I'm one of those fruits who obsess on things such as, "I know I can't rub my eyes b/c I put on mascara, BUT MY EYES REALLY ITCH!!! OH MY GOD.... my eyes itch... MY EYES! If I don't rub them now, I'LL DIE!!!!!!!

I'm so glad this thread is still kicking. And still kicking ass, I might add....
hahaha. i just want to say how much i love it when janejacksON graces us. you're just too cute. i can totally see you doing that, and i don't even know you.

i'm almost done with my project. wow. imagine that. stay away from BUST for a couple hours and get work done.


looking forward to going out but i'm in a clothes rut and even though my friends haven't seen all my standard goto outfits, *i* want something new. but knownign that i have to spend uncodly amounts of cash on my hair tomorrow, well, i guess i'll have to refrain.

eta: i just had the most unbelievably painful yearning for a springroll with hot mustard sauce.
2 hours and 20 go......weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as i slide down the slide to damnation and fun. watch me! here i go! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

sorry, i am still tripping off what my mom said last nite.

mascara...why do they say smudge resistant? is that for people who smudge their eyes? cuz i don't smudge...i am more of a smear-er or rubbing...which causes undereye circles...all this talk about mascara is making my eyes itch and water.

this weekend is changing as we speak (plans) so thus, people are freaking and adjustments are being made...fortunately, i will be drinking tonite so it will be all good..(goes back to drinking my sugarfree apple pear bubble water)
msgoof...your mama needs to settle down and be happy with her family as it is...and that YOU are happy with your life the way it is right now. sheesh.

janejanejane! I'm so very happy you've returned to us! You add such sparkle and wit to our little thread, and its just so much fun when veteran busties return!

oh my cod...would this day end already!!!
my goodness, i think i missed something. Msgoof, what's up with mama? Whatever it is, she certainly should be happy with you. Hmmm...
msgoof posted in childfree about her mama issue...
oh moxie...see the piece in the 'childfree thread'...i think i will add more to the 'letters' thread that i think about it...

i think someone at work stole my yogurt....hmmm, well i hope it tasted ok...
I love how Diva still calls it "Daytons". Makes me all nostaligic and shit.

I am so tired today. I couldn't sleep again last night. I went over to Lurv's and she made a tremendous stirfry and I brought over baklava and lemon bars and watched The Gilmore Girls. I started getting all sleepy and took off around ten...couldn't fall asleep until two. Woke up at 7:30. Feh. The stress is killing me.

I went to the zoo today and joined Minxlette and her summercamp group--now THAT was fun!! It was so much fun to spend extra time with her even though she is at her donor's this weekend. We watched the seal show and had a picnic lunch. She gave me loads of hugs and kisses, and we cuddled a ton. She's a great kid. She used the word "metamorphosis" the other day in proper context. I nearly crapped myself.

I was watching The Aristocrats earlier and it bored the hell out of Jesus Is Magic is fucking HILARIOUS!! I love irreverant comedy.

I am going to go and start painting my new place tomorrow after a grill-out with one of my oldest buddies in the TC's. Painting and moving...I am the luckiest girl alive.

I am.
Hey babes!

I've been occupied by my boss all morning. It's all good though. She and the office meddler had a chat yesterday. The office meddler and I are getting along, for now.

I asked the doctor for all my brain films back and told him that I wasn't really interested in coming back to their clinic. I'd rather just stick with my other doctors and tell them that things aren't working for me.

You had a seizure, PK? Did you go to the emergency room? Do you have any idea what induced it?

Other than waiting for the bus this morning, I haven't spent any time outdoors. Is it super hot? If that's the case, then I don't think I want to go to Alice Cooper. What do you think, diva? I would still like to see him though.

It's time for me to go to the bank.
I think I took a little nap in a make-up training I had to go to. Bo-ring! I don't know why they make us underlings go.

Poodle, it is getting hotter, and I heard from my friend at work that there may be tornado warnings later on. We can play it by ear if you want and see what it's actually like out around 6:30, since the weather up here changes so much. I know I'd much rather hang out with you (Alice or no) than go to the giant's relatives' house 2 days in a row, since I'm already locked in for tomorrow. They're nice people, but I see them more than I see my own family.

Did you tell that doctor he's a dick, too?

It shall be Dayton's forever (except for the Macy's at the MOA, which was always Macy's anyway). It's what I know and love, and I think I speak for more than just myself when I say it.

A trip to the zoo would be so fun. I wanna take Sam to the fun zoo in Apple Valley. It's so fun to watch him see/do things for the first time.

Hi, Jane, FJ (I had a dream about your Mr. last night for some reason - he was a reporter for Newsweek), Marileen, MsGoof, Moxie, Minx (too many M's!), Tyger, and Whammy!
Sounds good. I'm leaving here at 4:30 or maybe a wee bit earlier, so just call me at home. The show starts at 7:00, so we probably wouldn't have a lot of time beforehand.

I was really close to telling the doctor that he was a dick, but I think I effectively made my point by telling him I wanted my MRI stuff back.

I love watching kids when they see different types of animals for the first time. Jacob was thrilled when he first saw my kitties. He chased them around screaming with joy. Adam, on the other hand, found them totally freaky and started to cry.

Mmmm...baklava...I haven't had that for a long time! I'm gonna have to go to Joe's Market now. I'm afraid of the Loon's baklava.

Weeee!!! I'm at home now! Call me diva!
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