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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Thanks for the vibes and the hugs. The hard part isn't so much her's just thinking about the suffering she's been enduring. Her death will be a relief, actually...Alzheimer's is a cruel, cruel disease, and I am glad she is finally going to see some peace. It's been a long seven years.

Minx, we're going to be having a memorial service in Willmar, I'm supposing sometime in the next couple weeks. I don't really know. Mom's going to be cremated in Colorado, my brother is going to bring her to Willmar, memorial service, bury the urn next to Dad.

Wow, I am about to be an orphan. Weird. That part hasn't really sunk in yet. I suspect it won't really sink in until I am at the cemetary.

I would LOVE to have a beer with you one day at the Crystal Corners.

ETA: You know what's really, really weird? I also buried my Dad right before Labor Day. In 1999.

I'm so sorry honey, but I understand the relief, understand that she will no longer in pain and will no longer be suffering.

Minx, I'm SO happy that you are so very happy with where things are in your life right now. It sounds like things are coming along really well for you. You deserve it.

Hey Anna.

And I must go waddle to have a shower now, did a killer legs workout, had a late night with PR boy last night. Deets later.
I've been MIA for a few days just because I was in a bad mood and didn't feel like posting things. Looks like it was busy in here yesterday.

Anna, that's awful about your apartment. Your landlord sounds like an ass. I hate when older folks talk to me like a pre-teen. I feel like I get it worse sometimes because I look around 16-18 years old. I actually ended up switching doctors a couple of years ago because she treated my mom fine but every time she spoke to me she made me feel like an idiot. It got to a point where it stressed me out too much to see my stupid doctor.

I found that "where am I supposed to be question" interesting. I don't think we're really 'supposed' to be anywhere in particular at a certain age. I'll be 23 in a few weeks and I think in comparison to a lot of people I know I'm ahead of the game professionally because I have a job in the field I graduated with, but I know almost no one who ended up in the same situation. The only reason I have a job in my field is good timing and being in the right place at the right time, but I still live at home. Because of that I have no student debt though, so I'm hoping to buy a house in 1-2 years. I like to think that as long as you're happy you're where you should be. I feel like I haven't been this happy...ever, so I think I'm exactly where I should be. Talk to me in a year though and we'll see if I've gone fulltime. If my job doesn't go fulltime in the next 12 months I'm don't know what I'll do.

Minx, you sound like you have the same kind of attitude about your life right now that I do. I feel very happy and content and just...happy. smile.gif

My best friend is 23 and just did a 5 year business degree for accounting at a really prestigious business school. She started work a few months ago and just can't do it. Going to work gives her panic attacks. She absolutely hates it. She's getting ready to 'start over' from scratch and has no idea what she really wants to do. I think it's really brave of her to take the steps to start doing something she loves.

tree, I felt the same way just before my grandma passed away two years ago. Even though I had those feelings of "thank goodness she'll finally be at peace" it didn't soften the blow after she actually passed. I think I was really lucky to be with her when she actually died though. It was really comforting to me and I think it was comforting to her. I held her hand the whole time and watched as I could see her heart in her chest beat slower and slower. Her whole family was with her (very small, her two sons, my uncle and dad, and then my mom, two brothers, SIL, and niece) and we old stayed until her heart stopped beating. I'm not very spiritual but the experience was. (((tree)))

For those who asked about my nose progress, it looks much better now and isn't really too painful. I still can't rub it and things like that of course, but the black eyes are ALMOST gone but not quite. Unfortunately I can now see it's quite crooked. Other people say they don't notice and I debated if it was bad enough to fix but I decided that I'm going to. So I'll probably be seeing a plastic surgeon in the next few weeks. My breathing isn't obstructed so that's good, but I can see that things are not straight as they should be.

Last night was lovely. I went out with two girlfriends to a nice restaurant and then we went back to my friend S.'s parents house because they were out of town and smoked weed in the kitchen and talked for a few hours and ate cake. It was great.

Tomorrow my folks leave for a month. I'm so excited to have them gone for that time!

((treehugger & family))
(((((tree))))) your mum doesn't live in the same city as you, does she? i remember you writing about it, but it's foggy. i think ej is right about watching them go. i did the same with my grandma, and i'm glad i did. at least see the body before cremation, if you can. it's actually kind of beautiful. there is a strange sense of relief and peacefulness. s' weird. you realize how much the body is just a shell, and their spirit has gone elsewhere. it's really quite lovely.

you're in my thoughts as i'm sure you are for all the okayers.
((((tree))) May your mom pass in peace and may the same calmness fill you and your brother with comfort.

I, too, am just where I should be now. when I was a little girl, as "sad" as it sounds, all I ever wanted was a nice little house in a tree-lined neighboorhood (not subdivision), with a family and a job that made me happy. Pretty much, that's just right where I'm at. Never had high ambitions for career or money or travelling or anything like that. My daughter isn't a baby AT ALL any more, my bean is growing and moving about like a chineese gymnast (tiny and active), my husband is the best of the best, and my job is, for the moment, secure and such. I suppose a slightly larger house (or even just a 2nd bathroom) would be nice, but that's no big deal. There are stressors and concerns, of course, but they are fleeting and will be dealt with as needed.
Yeah, GT...our family is all spread out. We are from western Minnesota, originally, and much of the family is still there. One of my brothers moved to Colorado, then my other brother and myself, moved to different places in Wisconsin. Mom and Dad stayed in western MN...and that's where we are having her memorial service. When Dad died and Mom was diagnosed with the Alzheimer's, she stayed at her house as long as she could...we looked into three possibilities for assisted living. Turns out the best deal we could do for Mom was move her to Colorado. Prices there were a lot better and she got a MUCH nicer place for the same bucks as MN or Wisc. Colorado brother is doing most of the coordinating...which is probably best, cause he's the most organized of all of us anyway! Bless him.

I sent out a mass e-mail to the distant relatives today. This is just plain a weird place to be, psychologically. I've always been the "kid"...where other people are calling ME to tell ME that somebody was about to die. I guess the tables are turned now. Huh.

gt is right. i was standing next to my best friend when he died, and i will always be grateful for that. he knew i was there, he called my name right before he left...and yes, it was peaceful, and then he was gone. and so obviously out of the pain he had been in for so long. and so obviously no longer him.

at the same time, i can understand any feelings of ambivalence you might have. my mother doesn't have alzheimer's, but she does have some dementia, and she doesn't always remember who i am. i havent' seen her for a year. although i talk to her as often as i can. she seems happy enough, and she was over the moon with her great grand son. so it still hurts to think of her as gone, and as being an orphan.

you're in our thoughts, querida. big big big hugs.
I agree with GT. We were all present in January (we being my immediate family...10 cousins, 4 siblings and spouses) when my uncle passed. it was an incredibly calm, peaceful moment that we all feel really cemeted our family in a way none of us expected. He was in a coma for a month prior, but we all swear he opened his eyes for a moment as he took his last breath. It was just very life-affirming, in a strange way.
(((((Tree)))))) I know it has been an excrutiating struggle to watch your mom's condition worsen. I know your emotions right now have got to be a mixed bag. We are here for you. Please let me know of anything at all I can do. (((tree and fam)))

Hey EJ! I am glad your nose is getting better. ((nose)) Man, your bff's situation is really difficult. To spend all that time on a degree only to find you don't enjoy it. ~~~~vibes for her~~~~~

Hey Minx!! I'm really glad to hear that you are so happy lately! You deserve it!

Hey Tes!!! It's always so good to see you!

Anna, I'm glad you got to hang with some cool ladies.

hey Jenn! hey mox! Hey sybarite! Hey GT!

Things here are decent today. Monday again!! It is really interesting reading everyone's responses to the expectations question. It's comforting to know that everyone shares similar feelings.

This weekend I decided to drop out of the psyc training I was going to pursue. I e-mailed my mentor, who is organizing it, to see if I can be released from the contract I signed. I signed it about a month and a half ago. I would hope that she would release me from it based on our relationship, but I think I also have a legitimate claim. It iwas supposed to start in September, now it's not starting til November. I told her in an e-mail that I assumed I would need to sign a new contract with the correct dates were I going to do the training. Is that what you guys would think? Dates changing would make a contract null & void? The original contract states that the training will start in Sept.

I've been super stressed about that situation. I've also been stressed about our kitchen floor that we had re-tiled not too long ago. Grout continues to chip out. I have come to the conclusion that the installer missed a very important step in the installation process. He did not adhere the backer board to the subfloor in the proper manner. The instructions for the backer board are posted clearly on the board company's website. I know he did not adhere the board with cement, as it states you must do. He only screwed it down. I think I'm going to get a floor inspector out to make sure that's the problem, then I'll call the installer & attempt to get him to redo the whole thing. Free of charge. I think he would be liable, if it's impropery installed. He won't be happy, but thems the breaks.

So, those are the two big things going on in my life....I'll feel better when they are both resolved.

In other news....I'm about to hit the big double 3's on Wednesday. Doh!

(((Tree))) I'm sorry. I saw my aunt the day before yesterday. She's had Alzheimer's for, well, I guess the first symptoms were about ten years ago now. So sad, what a way to live.
dusty! yay! so good to see you! where have you been chickolina?
(((Tree))) May memories bring you comfort and joy and I hope the coming days pass with peace. (((Tree)))

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I got this new 'puter, but I never think of using it. Weird.

As far as where I "should be" at this point in my life, I feel very fortunate. I have a fulfilling job, a great kid, and lots of good friends.

I always had this idea that I needed to be a college graduate, if for no other reason than to say I was a graduate. I went to college for several years and didn't settle on a major. I have two associate's degrees, but no bachelor's. But I guess I can say that I am pretty well educated, even if it is kind of a lopsided education.

I also feel good about where I am in life in spite of having a serious mental illness. I went all those years through college and through so many jobs believing that it wasn't possible for me to be a productive member of society. I didn't know that there was help out there for my condition, and now I'm doing great. I might be "behind" other people my age professionally and in other areas, but I think I am doing pretty darn well.

I had to call in sick to work today because I have a sore throat and really bad body aches. I'm not sure if I have a fever, but my body hurts like a sonofagun. I called my doc, who put me on standby for an available appointment today.

Heikki is coming for a visit this weekend. Yayayayay! I don't think we are doing anything spectacular - just hanging out for the weekend.

I am moving out of my apartment next month. I am going to live with a friend of mine in a not-as-convenient part of town. But, I can ride my bike to work or take the bus. No biggie. I'm looking forward to the move. Well, not the move itself, just the new situation.

I also got a very part-time job for Saturdays. I'm working in a magazine warehouse, mailing out Latin American preiodicals to libraries all over the country. Boring, but easy and it's a little extra cash.

Anyway, hope everyone is well - how I have meeced everyone!

Another hug for (((((Treehugger)))))
fly by!

Hi! hope everyone is well.

Tree, how are you??

Woohoo! It's Dusty!!

Now, where the heck is Doodle??? She hasn't been in here for some time...I'm worried. Has anyone seen her?
X-post with Culture!!!

How's it going there?
puppy kitty too! oh joy!!!! hi pk!
hmph. 2xpost
Hee, X posted with PK, all is well on this end. Mostly!!

It's good to see you in here.

Hey GT! I replied to you.
Yay, I have internet at my new office now so I won't get so far behind in the okayers thread. I mean, so I won't get so far behind in all the work I have to do.
((((tree & family))))) + wishes for a good journey onward for treemomma.

Yeesh, I am sleepy this week. Work is tiring me out this week, and I have stuff to do every night this week, so I'm getting home later, which doesn't help. But, I saw my eye doc this evening, so I got an exam, and ordered up some new contacts - YAY!

We're also prepping for the parental invasion this weekend...and for once, I'm not too stressed about it. It'll be just fine, and be over by Sunday afternoon. And then next weekend - 4 day weekend - WOOT!

Hihi PK!!! We've meeeeeced you! Everytime you post, I'm just so happy to see you, and hear that you're well. And am so glad that the job is working out so well - and they are lucky to have your mad skillz!

While I'm checking in, where's Doodle??? *tap tap tap* You know how I worry when you don't pop in, my sista!! And how about Poodle???
i hope you feel better p/k. and i'm jealous of the move. i love my chinatown hood, but i am feeling like i need to shake things up in my life a bit more. glad to see you back!

dusty...! come back to us!

oh doodle, where art thou?

still thinking of you tree.

so i finally got approved for unemployment. part of the glitch is that they have been mailing out things to not just my boy name, but my first name (i go by my middle name) and the name i go by... idiots.
but on the upside, i can probably get unemployment and get more job training. here's hoping!

holy shit! i just heard that one of my old friends (who really doesn't talk to me since i transitioned) who's become a big shot comic writer just had the rights to one of his comics (the series sleeper) bought by tom cruise. wow. that's really cool. he and i used to go to noir film festivals and see movie upon movie upon movie. i'm happy for him. he was as movie obsessed as i was, and maybe one day he'll get to direct. i wish him the best. he's a great writer.

and i guess that's all that's going on in my world!
Halloooooo!!! I am here! I'm so sorry for being's sooooo frickin' hard to get online these days, with my 'puter crashing so frequently. I need to earn some more dough so I can get it fixed. I get halfway caught up and it crashes. I even had a whole post written earlier tonight, and it got eaten in the crash! I am typing this fast.

So.....forgive the narcissism, but I'm gonna write a speedy me post just to update. Am in a new temp job, so hopefully when I'm more settled, I can BUST a bit....

I am temping at a big accountants' firm. Not terribly exciting, but it's reception, so I get to chat with people, and there are lots of things to learn and do. They are a "paperless" office....meaning every piece of paper that comes in the door has to be scanned, saved on one of several shared drives (tricky to navigate), distributed to the right people, and the original shredded. Except for the stuff that can't be shredded, which nobody's too sure about and nobody seems to know who the final recipient should be, either. It takes me all day to find out! Anyway, it's not bad, and like I say, I'm learning stuff, and it's for six to eight weeks. Luckily, too, the receptionist left a big binder that explains most everything, and nobody has read it but me, apparently, so I come off like a genius at times. wink.gif I actually turned it down the first time it was offered, mainly b/c of scheduling conflicts, but when the temp who took it broke her leg and got a new job in the same week, it was miraculously dropped back in my lap, so I figured it was a sign to grab it....I need the money!

So I'll be back to six working days a week: four days at the accountants' and three shifts a week at the store. The accountants' will go to five days in September. Which is alright, since I'll still have more time to myself than I did before, because....

I ended it with mr scorpio tonight. On Sunday, he tried to pull an ultimatum on me. The wrong ultimatum. Kids. (Like any ultimatum would have been the right one, but boy, was that ever the WRONG one.) I think he basically, secretly, thought if he could tie me to him via the demon spawn of our loins, he'd finally get to possess me in some way. And I also wonder if he thought that if he gave me an ultimatum, I'd be scared of losing him, so I'd cave or at least make a move towards more of a relationship, or some shit. He not only picked the wrong ultimatum to play, he picked the wrong girl to play it on. I've been angry for two days. Seriously fucking pissed to the core of my womanhood. So when we met up today, I just ended it. I said, calmly, "I can't do this more." And then I said, "I can't fucking BELIEVE you gave me an ultimatum!" Seriously, how dare he. I'll probably write more in the Childfree thread (if I can get online more), because I am seriously pissed and seriously thinking about how some men ultimately DO seek to enslave women through motherhood, but that sums it up. I will miss the sex and the massaging, but I won't miss him. What an asshole.

What else....still jammin', yeah! Tomorrow night is jam night. I didn't even miss a week when I had food poisoning!

And I sense a new song is on the wind.....

Anyhoo....I'm going to post this before it disappears into the Blue Screen of Death. Love you all! Hope to be able to get in here more, right bloody soonish!!
ohmy.gif blink.gif ohmy.gif mad.gif

That's f-ed up, doodle. Wow, I'm just speechless.
You know, I cannot even express the stupidity in that man. Have kids or we're done? Okaaaaaaaaaaaay then. Wow. *head, meet desk*

It's good to see you back in here Doodle, getting a little worried.

Is it Friday yet?
Good Morning!!

Doodle, Ugh! What a dumbass! What woman would find that irresistible?? How stupid. It's good to see you! Seems like you are going to be busy with lots of work!

Hey PK!!!! I've missed you! I am glad to hear you are well. Your new pt job sounds really interesting and fun!

Hey Jenn! Who's parents are coming this weekend? Yours or his? ~~~~coping vibes~~~~~~~

hey CH!

Hey GT! Glad to hear your unemployment is finally coming through. SORRY to hear about the name glitch. Oye.

Things here are good today. It's my birthday! Big 33. Mr K and I went out for some delicious sushi last night & tonight my mom & sister & niece are coming over with dinner. Should be fun.

Seriously Doodle? Wasn't he just a fuck-buddy of sorts? I HAVE kids and I find that horrifically offensive. Jebus McNebus.

Anyway, work is smashing every ounce of my being just now. back to it.

In my doodle inspired rage...I forgot to read the rest of the posts. sorry.

Happy Birthday Kari!!!!
yay! happy birfday karianne!

hmph. got my first unmitigated gray hair yesturday. no black, salt and pepper bullshmackity, this was pure white. i don't know how those things hide, but they do. first the white eyelash, now this. i have entered the world of the cougar...*snickers*
anna k
Halloooooo!!! I am here! I'm so sorry for being's sooooo frickin' hard to get online these days, with my 'puter crashing so frequently. I need to earn some more dough so I can get it fixed. I get halfway caught up and it crashes. I even had a whole post written earlier tonight, and it got eaten in the crash! I am typing this fast.

My laptop got wet in a flood, and I want to buy a used one if it can't be fixed. It sucks not to have 24/7 Internet access.

I was interviewed for a receptionist job today. It looked OK with a good salary and health benefits, but I don't know if I'll get it. I'm capable of doing the work, but feel self-doubt that I don't seem right in their eyes, even though I dressed well, was well-spoken and polite, and have good internships in my past. I felt nervous when asked why I would be a good candidate, and mostly said that I am efficient and work well in offices and can complete tasks on time and all this other stuff. It's a decent job, but I am interviewing for the same job as many others are. Blech.

That's so horrible and disgusting of mr. scorpio to do. Things sounded like they were so good in the portions thread. I'm sorry he turned out to be such a selfish asshole.

Recently I had a mental flashback to being at a Halloween party four years ago and this guy was flirting with me, and invited me to go with him and his friends to someone's apartment. I was 21 at the time and tempted, but I didn't know all the subway lines and wanted to be sure about navigating before I went off with some strangers, so I turned him down. I had been chatting with him a lot (I remember he was a blond, athletic-looking guy), and he kept hanging onto me, being impressed by me being an English major, and it got really creepy. I just remembered having gone out or having sex with guys who I had little chemistry with, and it usually made me feel bored or dirty afterwards.

girltrouble, I'm 25 and have gotten white hairs since I was 12/13. I always got white strands of hair, and my sister would pluck them out and show me. I don't mind them, I like seeing a silver strand when standing underneath a light in front of a mirror.

Happy birthday Kari!

So, I have Strep throat. Ugh. I feel awful. But at least it can be taken care of with antibiotics. While I was waiting for my appointment yesterday, I had finally convinced myself that it was meningitis. So strep is a relief.

This sucks because I am missing a lot of work now.

GT - I am 34, and I have lots of silver hairs. Because my hair is light in color, I usually don't notice them, but in just the right light, I will see several glints of silver. I think it's kind of cool. For now.

HAPPY BIRFDAY TO KARI!!! (((((Kari)))))

Doodle - I am so effing offended by that mr. scorpio - holy hell. What a poop-pocket. Seriously - you're right. Ultimatums are wrong, but this one is just the WRONG one to the WRONG woman!!!!

Turbo - Good luck with the parental invasion!

Happy Birfday, kari! It is also the birthday of one of the women here on staff - I brought her a card, and she was all happily surprised 'cos "You don't even know me that well!"

Yeah. Mr scorpio IS a selfish jackass. I always sort of knew it, but as long as he treated me well and I wasn't taking him seriously in my head, I just sort of didn't care. I was totally in control of the situation - that's what made him nuts in the end, I think. He went along with everything, but he was obviously building up this desire for "power over" in his head until it exploded. I can't think what else made him push to THAT freaking level. He must have thought I needed him in some way. Anyway. I'm quite cheerful to be rid of him. I should have done it ages ago, but I was getting everything (physical) out of it that I could.....making up for lost time!

I can't stick around at this moment as there are people coming in and out, but I'll try to get back in this afternoon.

Thanks for your mutual anguish on my behalf!
Thank you for the birthday wishes!

~~~~~~job vibes for anna!~~~~~ I am sure you did great in the interview!

GT, you cougar, you!

I have a lot of grey hairs too. I think I might have to start coloring my hair soon.

~~~~~healthy vibes for PK~~~~~~ I hope your throat starts to feel better real soon. You reminded me of myself when you said you'd convinced yourself it was menengitis. I always convince myself I have something terrible.

This afternoon is just poking along. I went to lunch earlier than usual, which is probably a big factor. Did a tough boot camp class. Yeah!

I'm ready to get outta here. Only 45 mins to go. That's not too bad.

Waiting on the floor/tile guy to call me back. Wish me luck.
Happy birfday, Kari! Good luck with the tile situation. I know I'd be raging pissed if someone screwed that up in my kitchen.

I've only skimmed lately, so:

(((((((((((Tree and mom)))))))))))))) I hope your mom's passing goes smoothly and painlessly and you can find peace.

I've got more grey hairs than I care to admit, and I'm 32. The giant actually plucks them out for me as he sees them, and he's got a ton himself (though it's really sexy on him). I think I've got my mom's hair genetics. She was almost completely grey by the time my youngest brother was in middle school, and he's only 4 years younger than me.

So, do you remember how I used to complain about my asshole boss? Hmmm? Well, next month, I'm getting a new boss! Hooray! The supervisors on my team are switching positions with each other, so he'll still be around, but I won't answer directly to him anymore.

Time to figure out registration for my class. The computer says I need to take a reading class before I can register for my management class. Um, I have a degree in speech com and a minor in English. I think I can read and write just fine. Time to deal with it.

turbojenn already know this, but sheesh what a DOUCHE!!!! Gah....I cannot believe he even pulled that. For as attentive as he'd been in the boudoir, he obviously wasn't paying attention out of it! Good Riddance!

And hooray for the new temp gig!!! (and thanks for checking in)

((((((treefamily)))) ((((((jobbity job vibes for erin))))))

and a HUGE HAPPY BIRFDAY for Kari!!! Enjoy it!!

Well, turbomann's been on jury duty all week, and it is sucking the life out of him. They've been keeping them for 10 hours a day!! Its 8pm, and he JUST left the courthouse, which is an hour away. So far as I'm concerned, this is an abuse of citizen "volunteers."

Diva, I am THRILLED that you are getting a new supervisor!!! WOOT! It's about damn time!!

((((healing vibes for PK))))) I hope you feel better before Heikki comes to visit!
Thanks for the get well wishes, guys.

I still feel cruddy, and I think I will be out of work for the rest of the week. But I am looking forward to Heikki's visit this weekend!

The bad part is, I don't have a driver's license and I don't have anyone who can drive us up to Phoenix and back, so I have to take the shuttle, which gets really expensive going back and forth so much. This time, it'll cost me around $210! Aaargh!

I always wanted to be on a jury, but everyone I have talked to says it sucks. But what if it was a really interesting case? What if William Fung was an expert witness? Anyone remember that guy from the OJ trial? Did I get his name right?

I'm just resting at Banana's house with Luna, the doggie. Banana is watching soccer (or futbol) en espanol. "GOOOOOOL"

OK - Have a good night, everyone!

Happy Birfday, Kari!!! laugh.gif Yaaaaaay!

*Speedy wellness and comfort vibes for PuppyKitty!*

(((((Tree))))) We all know you're a good person and a good daughter. Your Mom knew it, too. (((((Tree)))))

Doodle, WOW! Good that he gave you an easy, final, and hilarious way out of the relationship. What a lame-ass ultimatum! *sigh* It reminds me of how much the term "Baby-Daddy" irks me. Guys who get a girl pregnant, then keep a legal distance, yet stay in their kid's life do NOT deserve cutesy, reverent, semi-worshopping pet names! sad.gif They should either be referred to as "Mr. Asshole Deadbeat" or just not be referred to at all. Seriously, did he even talk about marriage first? (Not that you'd be interested, or anything, but it shows his mindset.) My profession, which I'm really hoping to change at some opportune point, is full of 'Baby-Daddies', if not the Carpenters, then quite a lot of other Constructicons. I mean, plenty people are single parents, but if the father wants his freedom to live the single life, he doesn't deserve "Daddy" status, CERTAINLY not to be called so by the Mother. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif *huff huff huff!* (Sorry! That was only a sorta-relevent mix of Port wine and rage.)

Tess, I'm actually from Honolulu, and I first joined Okayland while still living there. Your memory is fine smile.gif Now, I'm recently moved to Issaquah, WA (near Seattle) after living in Bellingham, WA for a few years earlier, and Japan before that. The pic in my avatar is of me skinnydipping at Deep Emeralds, a seldom-visited tidepool behind Makapu'u. It's distorted because it was taken from above the water by my Cousin who was on an over-cropping rock, shooting downward at me. My sinus cavities were painfully filling with salt water at the time (in order to tilt my head back and smile).

Hello and love to all not mentioned above. smile.gif You're all great peeps!

As for me, I've been fine... working away. Goaty just left on vacation to hang out with her parents and visit her favorite cousin on the East Coast. *Sigh* It's Hump-Day, and I have nobody to hump sad.gif
Hi All!

Doodle, the work stuff sounds busy, but great for you.

Diva, excellent about new boss!!!

~*~*~*feel better vibes for PK~*~*~*~* things sounds like they are going pretty well, aside from being sick.

Turbo, that is soooo rediculous. Jury duty. blech.

GT is a COUG!!!!!!

Hey Lore!

~*~*~*jobbity job vibes for anna~*~*~*~*

I had a shit night sleep last night, so I'm totally bailing out of work early so I can rest when I get home. I am bagged. But, it's almost Friday!! Woohoo!
Good Morning!

CH, something must have been in the air last night, b/c I slept horribly too. I got to bed around 11, but then around 1 the power went out for about 30 mins. That's not too long, but it started getting really hot in there. Then, the dogs woke me up at 5, wanting to go out. Alarm went off at 5:45. Hmpf.

I had a lovely evening before that though! My mom, sister, niece, and mom's boyfriend (uh, I mean fiancee, yikes) came over. They brought birthday pizza and key lime pie. Yum! They also brought me some gifts. I got a Gap gift card & a Starbucks card. Nice! Mr K got me some gardening shoes. All in all, a very nice birthday!

((PK)) I am glad you're starting to feel a little bit better. Once those antibiotics kick in, you will be great. Heikki is coming this weekend? NICE! What do you guys have planned?

(((tree))) How you doin', lady?

Diva, that's wonderful that your boss is changing!!! Good news indeed!

Poor turbomann!! His jury duty sounds terrible! 10 hours a day? Ick. How long do they expect it to go on? You getting ready for this weekend?

Hey Lore! Thank you for the birthday pic!!

Hi, peeps!

I slept horribly last night, too, and have all week. The neighbors have people banging on their door and yelling for them at 2:30-3:00 am for the second night in a row. Then some firetruck stopped on our corner and turned on it's flood light for about half a minute and filled the house with light. Grrr.

Hi, Kari! That sounds like a nice evening you had. Key lime pie = YUMMMMMMM!

((((((((((job vibes and get-some-money-back-for-flooded-apartment vibes for Anna))))))))

((((((((nose-fixing vibes for EJ))))))))))

((((((((get better, PK)))))))))

I'd love to serve on a jury, but 10 hours a day? Oh hell no! I doubt I'll ever be picked, though, since my degree is in speech com, which teaches you a lot about rhetoric, so I'd probably be able to see through a lot of their tricks. That, and you can't exactly call me unbiased about anything.

There was a lady on one of my cases that had a really good name for her baby-daddy: "Donor." He donated his sperm, then left. To me, the term baby-daddy already implies that he's not around and/or deadbeat. If he weren't, then he'd be called "Dad" or "Father" or some such. I do see that a lot of these guys work construction-type jobs, mostly because it's easy to get paid in cash, so there's no record for people like me to chase, especially when your employer is sympathetic. It sucks for the kid and all, but it's not like the dad's living the good life, either, so there's that. It's gotta suck not having a legitimate employer; you're never going to really have that much on your own and you've got no rights.

There are no bosses on my team at work today, and I don't have a damn thing to do, so I'll be screwing around on the interwebs pretty much all day, I think. I actually do have a little work that's undone, but I'm saving it for the days in a couple weeks that I'll be working from home during the RNC, since I don't want to drag a bunch of files with me. I'm not going to be in St. Paul for that brouhaha. My boss is letting me work from home 2 days, then take the other days off. About 2/3 of the office will be gone during that week, since nobody wants to deal with trying to get here, the increased security measures, and the gigantic pain in the ass this all is. I'm staying away simply because I hate Rethuglicans and can't stand to be around so many at once. We just want them all to go away and stay away and give us our city back.

Doodle, that is fucking insane. I think I would have said a lot worse to him than you did. I would have freaked out if someone did that to me.

kari, happy belated birthday, hope you had lots of fun!

anna, my fingers are crossed for that job. Sucks about your laptop. I actually got a decent Sony Vaio at Best Buy in the winter that was around $700 after tax. I love it, it does just what I need it to and I didn't find the price bad, considering I paid $750 3 years ago for a used laptop.

puppy, hope you feel better. I've only had strep once as an adult and it's so miserable.

diva, yay about the new boss. Hopefully they won't suck too.

turbo, that sucks about jury duty. I've never been called to jury duty but I live in fear of it. I think I would find it extremely stressful to be in the position to decide someone's fate no matter how small or large the crime.

Woo, all caught up I think. I didn't have time to check in yesterday because as I wrote in the portions thread, I slept at my FWB place on Tuesday night. I was supposed to be home by 1 but he ended up ditching work so we could be lazy in bed all morning and then go out for a late lunch, and then back to his place of course. I didn't get home until 6 and I was totally bagged.

Today I feel like crap. I don't know why, but my stomach is really queezy. I would love to go home now and crawl back into bed but I have 2 more appointments at work that I can't get out of. Luckily I get to leave around 1:30 or 2 so it's not so bad. I also get to pick up my Cone from the post office after work! I don't think I feel well enough to try it out today though. I also have to go see a movie tonight with a friend. I want to go but I feel so out of it right now, but I can't ditch because I already ditched on Monday and my friend needs a friend right now. At least a movie is pretty low key.

Thanks for all the nose fixing vibes. It's still kind of sore but a lot better, I can't rub my nose because it kills when I do that or push the tip upwards (which i've accidentally done while trying to wipe it). But I can wiggle it now!

My 'rents have departed for a lovely month in England and I'm loving have them away for a while.

I work in a not-so-good part of the city in an apartment converted into an office, and right now some guy is outside yelling about how a neighbour won't give back his dog that's been missing for 2 days because she doesn't believe its his, and now he's going to call the cops (but he doesn't like them he says). It's making me laugh but I feel kind of bad because I think the dog actually does belong to him.
ETA: She gave back the dog but told him not to abuse it. Haha, this is more entertaining than it should be. (the dog didn't look abused to me.)
anna k
Thanks erinjane. I may take my laptop to Best Buy this weekend to see if the Geek Squad can help me. If not, then I'll look for a used one from a refutable place.

My stomach feels funny too, mostly crappy and bloated. I've been taking digestive enzymes to help it, and it works OK.

On the guy yelling about his dog, it reminds me about being entertained by listening to two guys in a dorm room yell threats at each other in Long Island accents about how they're gonna beat each other's asses and they're each the craziest motherfucker that they'll ever meet. It sounded so ridiculous and overblown, but I liked listening to them.
Diva, I am SO sorry that the Rethuglican invasion is moving into your city - that sounds like pretty much the worst thing ever. My brother (in Denver) is trying to get tix to the Obama speech at the stadium, but as you can imagine, they're rather hard to come by.

Turbomann called me at 3pm today, and they were heading into Deliberations - which means that no one goes home until they come to a verdict. Its looking to be a long night, but at least it will be over. He didn't get home last night until 8:30pm. Ugh. I feel bad for him...I'm hoping maybe he'll sleep in a bit tomorrow and go into work a bit late.

I really need to tidy up the house a bit for the 'rents, but I'm really not feeling it, right now. I think the prep is going to be minimal, at best.

Oh, and I've lost 10lbs so far on WW! WOOT!

EJ, that is hilarious about the guy and his dog....and sounds very much like something that would happen in my 'hood. I think the best entertainment is right outside my window in the summer. smile.gif
anna k
Congratulations, turbojenn!

Kari, mmmm pie.

Diva, my sympathies go out to you having to contend with rethuglicans.

Erin, how are you feeling?? ~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*~*

Anna, how is your stomach?? ~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*

Turbo, congratulations on the weight loss!

I bailed on work today and napped in the afternoon. I'm spent. thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

anna k
It's still bloated/crappy. I work out 2-3 times a week and don't eat junk food, so I don't know why I feel like this. It just happens, but chachaheels reccomended to try tissue salt pills.

I felt bad all day today, feeling unhappy about being single and never being in love and feeling down and out. I wrote all about it in the frustrated singles thread. As well as being frustrated at work, working as a receptionist and hating the security guard hovering around near me and watching me interact with customers. It makes me want to snap at him to back away from me or watching what I'm doing or telling me when some customer is coming in when I can see them.

Has chacha suggested trying to go gluten-free for a bit? Wheat intolerance can definitely cause the bloating and irritibility you mention....hell, my brain on wheat is one damned moody ride, and no fun for anyone. When I was detoxing off the wheat I took cell salts for a long time...I'm not quite sure what they did, but I trusted my healer to recommend the right products, and today I have a trouble free tummy (and brain).

9pm, and still no turbomann. Must be a tough case if they've been deliberating for 7 hours. I can't wait to learn what this was all about.

Well, its off to walk the dog and bed for me. I've made the house sparkle for the 'rents, so I can just come home tomorrow, chill for an hour, and then be the happy hostess. smile.gif

Bah, I feel like I'm being punished for having too much fun yesterday. I still feel kind of queezy but somewhat better. But I definitely have a raging UTI. I've never had one before but this feels like the way they've been described to me and it's awful. I was looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and taking it easy but it looks like I'll be waking up early and heading to the walk in and then I HAVE to go into work for a bit. I'd rather spend all day sleeping and being miserable at home. sad.gif (alright, I'm finished my little pity party)
Good Morning!

((erinjane)) Ugh, UTIs are the worst! Have you been to the doc yet? The sooner you get the meds, the sooner you'll feel better. ~~~~~vibes~~~~~~

((Anna)) I'm really sorry you're feeling so down. sad.gif Anything we can do to help?

Jenn, congrats on losing 10 pounds! Nice! What time did turbomann finally get home? Do the parents come today?

CH, how you doin' today? I hope good. Good for you for taking some time for yourself yesterday.

Hey Diva! ugh, that is a fate worse than death! To have all those jackasses in your city! Barf.

Things here are ok today, woke up with some nasty sinus pain & pressure. And just the general spaceyness it brings with it. Inhaled some allergy spray though, so hopefully that'll help. I had a nice evening last night. Came home from work, had a nap. Got up, made mac & cheese with chipotles, roasted some beets for a salad. Watched the rerun of Project Runway. Ate some keylime pie.

What's everyone up to this weekend? Mr K's parents are coming over for dinner tonight. I'm going to leave work a couple hours early so Mr K & I can go to the store & get the stuff prepared. They're coming over kinda early...6:00. Tomorrow I plan to go to the flea market. Then a friend is in town, we are hanging at another friend's house with her. Sunday is open so far.
anna k
Has chacha suggested trying to go gluten-free for a bit? Wheat intolerance can definitely cause the bloating and irritibility you mention....hell, my brain on wheat is one damned moody ride, and no fun for anyone. When I was detoxing off the wheat I took cell salts for a long time...I'm not quite sure what they did, but I trusted my healer to recommend the right products, and today I have a trouble free tummy (and brain).

I can try that. Thanks.

My sister really liked Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and reccomended it to me, so I may see that tomorrow.
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