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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Oh Noes! sad.gif

*Mega-fast healing vibes for EJ's schnoz* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Heeeya Turbo & Culture! smile.gif

Tree, you are a camping COMMANDO!!!!! ph34r.gif


Erin, how' your nose doing today?

Hi Lore!

I want to go back to bed.
"Someone's got a case of the Mondays!" I know I do. I'm kind of groggy from the pills. I'm only going to work for an hour to return a few phone calls and then coming home and taking more pills. My eyes are officially turning black and my whole face feels swollen this morning.

Thanks for the bustie vibes! Depending on how silly I look in the next few days I'll post some silly black eye swollen nose pictures.
i wish it were thursday. cause thursday is my friday. sigh...
i wish it was sunday


cuz that's my funday...



hi peeps!
I wish it was Friday, I'm getting sugaring done.

and then there is the whole it's the weekend thing, too.
I had a surprisingly good Monday, actually. My wrist feels a lot better, though it still creaks a little. There was a new guy at work who a co-worker likened to Shrek, and I swear, he has the exact same build! The dude's a biggie, and he's Scottish, I think. His last name is actually McBride. Have you ever heard of such? He was also quite nice and mellow to work with. This place is a good workplace.

HBI has seen improvements as well biggrin.gif (not work-related)

Heeeya Culture! Mmmm! Suuugaring!

FJ, sorry it's another manic one sad.gif

Moxie, WORRRRD! Dem's MY Fridays as well smile.gif

EJ, you DO sound like quite the trooper! smile.gif Don't forget to send your mother a pic. (Depending on whether you're out to give her a heart attack or not, you could always send it without any text.)

*sigh* I guess that's as much evil as I can muster for today...
Oh fucking hell, someone parked in my spot. What's fucked up is that the spot is reserved for the department I work for and is labelled. I'm having their punk ass towed at 8 and they are getting a ticket. Morons.

Lore, excellent about HBI.

I saw the cop yesterday.

Now I must seek my revenge on cockwad who is in my space.
Well, that'll teach a person to park in my spot. The car has been ticketed and towed. They person will have to pay the parking ticket, the towing fee and the impound fee.

That's an expensive mistake and expensive laziness on their part for not reading the bloody sign. I think I'm going to go loiter at lunch to see if they are coming out to check on their car. Same with after work.
Hahaha, culture, your story brightened my day. I hate when people do stupid stuff just because they're lazy. I would totally loiter. You should sit back with a bag of popcorn and watch them.

Actually lore, I live at home, so my mom was the one who took me to the ER. My friend rode my bike home for me and got there first and told her what happened. My friend thought it was really funny how non-reactionary my parents were, kinda like, "Oh, she's hurt again". Later I was explaining the triage to the same friend because she didn't know what it was then she said she's never been to the ER. I had to laugh. I go AT LEAST once a year and with my parents recent gallbladder and heart issues, they should have monthly passes.

I guess it would be a lie to say things LOOK better today. They certainly are feeling somewhat better, but my black eyes are in full swing now. I've had constant migraines the last two days so I'm wondering if I didn't get a concussion. When I got home from work today there were flowers for me, gerbera daisies. The card had a picture of a baseball on it and said "feel better". They were from the friend who hit me, heh, so sweet, but totally unnecessary.
Sure is quiet around here.
Good Morning!

(((Erin Jane nose))) Ouch!! I'm glad it's not out of alignment, and I hope it feels better soon. That sounds sooo painful. Black eyes? Ouch.

Hey FJ!!!! It's good to see you! I am glad little jackaroo is doing better after the vomiting incidents. Poor little guy. I am glad itty bitty's still doing good!!! yay!

Speaking of, how are you feeling also Moxie?

(((Tree))) What did you do to get so sore? I think I missed it.....

Hey Lore! What did you do to your wrist? In any case, I'm glad it's recovering. ((wrist)) Can you send some of those HBI improvement vibes my way???? My household needs 'em bad. It's been a bit stressful around there, which is NOT conducive to HBIs.

Hey Jenn! Turbo's gone on vaca? How cool for him!! I am like you though too, I wouldn't know what to do with myself without my pups. We have a schedule.

Things here are good. Work is still fairly busy. The office is really quiet lately, everyone is on vacation. It's nice in a way, but also lonely. Waaaah! My officemate, who's also a pal, is out for the rest of this week and all of next week.

quick flyby here...Kari, I was sore as a result of that solo backpacking trip. It was YEARS ago,though.

Talkatcha later!!!
fly by here too, last night was the opening, it was, meh. i learned a lot, and figured out how to be the entertaining, engaging, funny, charming, smart artist, a hat i rarely wear, and forgot i had in my arsenal. now if i can get over my aversion to self promotion, i think i'll get somewhere. i'm a bit stung by all the people who said they'd show up, but didn't or the people who i thought were real friends who didn't even bother to reply. the friends that did show, however, were the cream of the crop, and i love each one of them dearly. if they ever need anything-- kidney, a lung, a bed time story, and a tuck in, a sponsor for a puppet show, a piggie back right to the bank---whatever-- they got it from me. it was a good night, to see them, and on the upside i somehow managed to end the night with a new nickname:


don't ask. cos frankly i'm not sure how a tranny gets the monkier "meatballs" but it can't be good. ok, i'm probably going to post a few more things then sleep, i've been painting nigh nonstop for the last 3 days, and it's time to recover and catch up on all the goings on in here i've missed!

hope all of y'all are good!

later, you jean nate splashing, cone humping, pickle throwing, motherlovers!

GT - CONGRATS on the opening! Sounds like a fabulous night, and a great experience, even if some peeps didn't show!

I've been working hard all week on some freelance stuff, so haven't been around much...and I think I'm finally caught up.

AND, TURBO's HOME! I was so happy to see my pupper! He, however, is punishing me. Just me, not turbomann. Wants nothing of my skritches, treats and love. Funny dude. I know all will be well tomorrow - its just funny that he gives me the cold shoulder everytime, when by all reports he had a fabulous time with his greyhound buddies up north. smile.gif

((((EJ SCHNOZZ))) Yikes, that's a close call! I'm glad you didn't actually bust it. You could go get some arnica cream from Whole Foods, and that will make the bruising go away double-quick if you apply it a few times a day.

I decided a couple weeks ago that its time for me to start working on dropping a little weight again...the biking helps, but not quite enough. We got the Wii Fit, and so far I'm loving it - who knew a game would motivate me to do sit-ups and strength exercises?! And then, talking with my friend D, who recently dropped 40lbs on Weight Watchers....I decided to finally give that a whirl, doing the online version. So far, so good - I'm down 5lbs in 2 weeks, and I actually love the point tracker and recipe builder online...its a bit like a game, and definitely serves my geek-tech side. So, that's what I'm up to.

Oh snap! Its past my bedtime...I better tuck myself into bed! G'night, all!
Since it's been kinda quiet in OkayLand, I thought I'd pop in for a spell. Pop!

GT, sorry to hear the opening was a bit meh. Call me crazy, but I think that Meatballs could be a very complimentary nickname. This is coming from a person who really likes the occasional meatball, though.

TJ, good for you & the WW! My mom joined it recently and as had good success. She also bought a Wii Fit recently & is really enjoying it, so I suppose you and my mother are living parallel lives or something.

~~~~ soothing for EJ's nose & eyes & head & every other part that hurts ~~~~

Congrats on the HBI, Lore. wink.gif

Not much to report here. A little of this, a little of that. Sheff and I couldn't get to sleep last night which kinda sucked ... except for the part where we indulged in a little HBI (That part was fabulous). Despite the fact that we exhausted ourselves, we still couldn't fall asleep until about 5am. That's fucked up.

I'm beginning to think that I need to take up a wacky/unusual hobby. I don't want to do anything crafty, though. I'd rather find an activity that'll get me out of the house. Suggestions?

Hey Kari, how are the reno's going?

Hi Tree!

GT, I'm glad you had some friends you were really tight with there.

Turbo, you amaze me with your constant biking! I couldn't do it. My name is CH and I'm addicted to my car.

RV, any idea what prompted not being able to fall asleep? Did you at least sleep well last night?

I have nothing going on. I'm taking a full week off of running because I don't want to hurt myself seriously. Sooooo, it's been brisk walks and weight routines for me. and thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

rose, if you like older people, i'd recommend lawn bowling. when i lived in oakland there was a lawn down the street from me, and for no good reason i went down there and asked them to tell me about it. it was lots of fun, the people were so sweet, and the bonus is a fun little game where you talk a lot. it's a real social game, like a nuanced game of horseshoes, and most times it will cost you nothing. the people are happy to show you the ropes, and have balls you can borrow, and i bet none of your peers will play. it's a bit on the unusual side, but the stories that you hear are great-- especially if you like elderly people. and as the young'un there you'll be the belle of the ball.

((((((((ej))))))) wow, that sucks about the broken nose, although i always look at any serious injury as an excuse for some loopy story telling. the trick is to have a different story anytime someone asks, each more absurd than the last. oh, and since it's your nose you can always do your impression of that episode of the brady bunch where jan(?) gets her nose broken--sorry, it's just stuck in my head since reading about the assault on your nose-- oh you can also use different euphemisms for your nose! my favorite: "snot box" as in, "kurt was being an ass, so i busted him right in his snot box." no, i think you can make this injury a lot of fun!

hi every bustie else!

i'm still catching up, so forgive me if i didn't mention you,

i have to go to the (ugh!)unemployment office today for 3 hours of bullshit. man am i cranky. i have to be there at 8:30 for them to tell me to dress nicely for an interview at a welding shop, which is just stupidness. grrrr!
anna k
I have felt like absolute shit this week. My apartment got flooded due to a sewage problem on Monday morning, so I woke up to see water and dirt and leaves all over the floor. It was disgusting and horrific, and I just felt in shock, wanting it to be a dream. I tried to mop it up, but it felt like I was pushing water around. I told my family, and in the end, stayed with my sister in Long Island while my landlord cleaned it in the evening, chastising me for leaving things on the floor. My computer and stereo got ruined, and I had to replace my TV remote and my hair dryer, plus I have to buy a new charger for my cell phone. My laptop got water in it, so I have to wait for it to dry in a week to try using it again, and if it doesn't work, I'll buy a used laptop. I spent Monday running around trying to fix my place, talking to my family, going to the realtor (where other people's basement apartments got flooded too, so at least I didn't feel alone), and taking the train to Huntington, where I felt safe and happy in my grandma's house (where my sister is living), with air-conditioning and carpeting and a safe, homey environment. Tuesday I spent relaxing there, and I came back yesterday, happy that it was clean but feeling like I'd had to readjust. Plus, two of the lights went out, and they're these fluorescent bulbs that I can't fix myself, so the landlord has to do that.

I just felt so shitty about my laptop being wrecked and having to be strong and calm throughout all of this, while wanting to scream. I had just gotten a new modem and my computer was working great, and I felt happy and comfortable.

So now my parents want to find a new place for me to live, and I'd like a non-basement studio in Astoria, but I feel so guilty that they're paying my rent, and a non-basement studio would be a couple of hundred dollars more. I just feel pissed that I can't pay my own rent, only my bills, and I can't look for work while I'm at work, and my laptop is out of comission for a week.

Plus, I was going to go to the BUST 15th anniversary party on Tuesday night, but despite that my place was clean, I wanted to chill out at my grandma's house, so I missed it. And I was really looking forward to going. I just spent the day watching TV and working out to exercise videos.

Now I'm at work, and I felt like I only had one day off while feeling shaken up and anxious the other two days. Blech
Good Morning!

(((ANNA K)))) I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding. Poo. Sorry also that some of your stuff got ruined! Is your landlord liable by any chance? I mean, even if it was on the floor, he should be responsbile for damages. Is there anything in your lease about that? Don't get down on yourself about your living situation. You're doing the best that you can. Any chance you could make up the difference in the cost between a basement level & non-basement level apt? I mean, have your parents keep paying the same, and then you just pay the rest? maybe?

Hey GT! I am glad your opening went well! Sorry to hear some of your friends did not show. I know that probably hurt your feelings. It would mine. I want to know the meaning behind your new moniker! Meatballs!

Hey Rose! I don't know what sort of hobby to recommend. I am feeling the same way lately, so my ears will be perked for others' suggestions!!

Hey Jenn! That is kinda funny that Turbo is punishing you guys. Heh. Dogs with attitude, I like it! My cattle dog mix is like that. She puts out the 'tude often.

Hey CH! The renos are going good. We are still trying to get the grout in the kitchen tile to take. It's been really frustrating. Our handyman has stabilized the floor every which way, and last week he put two jacks under the floor. Mr K redid the grout last night, I am hoping to God that it sticks.

I am working on this short draft of something for work & it is really starting to frustrate me. I keep reworking it & turning it in & it still isn't what the bosses want. I told them I need some more guidance. Ugh.

Things here are pretty good today. Thursday! I am going to my mom's right after work today. Going to watch my niece for a few hours.

I have been having a lot of financial stress lately, but something just happened that gives me hope the tide will change soon....apparently at the end of Sept. we are all getting a $400 bonus. SUPER SWEET. I feel bad about it b/c the state is also doing layoffs. I don't know how they are giving bonuses when people are getting laid off. I think about 400 of the 30,000 employees statewide will be laid off. About 1,500 people took a voluntary buyout. Like I said, it makes me feel guilty, but I also could really use the money & am not going to refuse it.

anna k
My landlord won't pay anything. He kept saying, "It's not my fault," and would blame me for putting my things on the floor, talking to me like I'm a kid (he's an old Greek man, so I look like a kid next to him), and I doubt he would reimburse me for anything.

That sounds good about making up the difference, about paying a couple hundred a month so I won't feel so guilty about being paid for. My brother moved into an apartment in Harlem with three roommates, and is paying only $400 a month.

I didn't get my stimulus check because my mom had put me down as a dependent, so no $600 for me. It sucked, but I wasn't mad at her.
anna, sorry about the flood. that happened to mr. trouble last year. it sucked. she had some rare books that were ruined, and lost a lot of keepsakes. but now that things are cleaned, you might see if there is a tennant union, since it's nyc, i would bet there is. they would be able to give you the particulars about what leverage, if any you have. since you are thinking about moving out it might be a little money you can use for deposits or background checks. but either way, contact them. they are a good resource, and anyone who rents should have their number in their personal phone book.

as for your parents helping you, chica, thank your lucky stars. i know you are working very hard to be independant, and you're frustrated because you aren't where you thought you'd be in life, but that will come in time. your parents know you hate to ask, they do it because they love you. i'd give my right arm to have help when i need it. trust me, it sucks flying without a safety net. if you have family that supports you, even if it is just for encouragement, you are extremely blessed. sorry for the lecture, i suck, i just wish i had family to share the good and bad of the last half year with.... :/

hi karianne! congrats on the bonus...

and yay for the return of turbo and the exodus of pounds, jenn! whoo!
Anna, sorry to hear about the basement.

Hey GT!!

Erin, how's the nose?

Kari, sweet on extra funds.

Are any of us where we really want to be??

I'm a 25 year old social worker who lives with her mother. and I won't be moving out for a few years.
hi all! I've been reading/lurking, just haven't had much coolness to post. life has been pretty uneventful.

Turbo...I LOVE WW and plan fully to use it after wee one is borned. I like it better than southbeach, cause, well, it doesn't say to NOT eat any given thing...just that there are consequences to what you choose. that suits me much better.

Rose, is there a decent theatre company in the area? nothing like hours of rehersal to get you out of the house!

Anna- so sorry for the apartment great flood! Do you at least have renter's insurance?

Ok, still nothing too cool here. I'm off to pick up the kidlet.
anna k
No, I don't. My parents advised me to get apartment insurance on my next place.
Heeeya Loved-uns! smile.gif

Thank Orgasms It's Thursday! ('cause Thursday is the NEW Friday, likeomygawd!)

((((Kari, Anna, Culture, and any-youse else who feels they ought to be further by now)))) Yeah, me too! I can't believe I'm turning 38 next month, and I don't look or feel that age yet, (whatever that means), but I feel I ought to have gotten more of what I REALLY feel I ought to be doing with myself figured out. I know that I suck at job search, I don't have much practical professional experience, but I'm an inventor and futurist with a focus on fun, yet I'm working as a construction worker. If I hadn't married the wonderful Goaty Girl, who knows what dilapidation I'd be in.

((((GT)))) for having to face an awkward situation, but cool that you're such a great friend to your friends! I'd be happy to meet up sometime soon-ish. I AM kinda in the area smile.gif (And you're keeeewl!)

Heeeya Moxie! Glad you're around smile.gif Sometimes, I don't have a lot to report either.

Rosiev & Turbo, I'm glad to hear that you're trying out the Wii Fit thingie and liking it. I'm totally tempted to get that for Goaty and I some Christmas... except that we don't have a TV or Wii yet. Maybe after we move into a new place in preparation for having kids.
It's Friday.

Anna, things with your digs will clear up.

Hey Mox!!! Good to see you in here.

Lore, I love the wisdom you bring in here.

Where is everyone?? Diva, Pooodle, doodle? Dusy hasn't been on in ages. Hmmmm

All I care is that it is Friday.


Always a good day.

Anna, I think GT's recommendation about a tenant's union is a good idea. It's worth a shot.

And, yeah, CH you're anyone where they think they should be? I ponder that question a lot....I sometimes think I should be in a bigger career, doing something great or I don't know what. I think we are all really hard on ourselves in that respect. I have been thinking a lot about careers & work lately. I am trying to operate from the mindset that whatever is, just is. Rather than trying to measure myself against some self- or society- imposed standard. I think accepting how things are is much more conducive to actually acheiving better things. Ok...will stop rambling now....


Hey Moxie! It's good to see you!

Hey GT!

How about: GOOD THINGS!

1. FINALLY got paid. I feel like this pay period was years long. In reality, it was the regular length, I just had a lot of unexpected expenses come up.

2. I actively did 2 things this morning to save money....parked in the parking lot rather than the garage, even though I have to be somewhere in a hurry after work, and brought a lunch of leftovers, even though I really just want to get a deli sandwich.

3. Babysat my niece last night, which was a lot of fun. Also went by and saw my grandmother.

4. One of the bosses is out today and Monday

5. I started getting a resume together to try to secure PT employment as a therapist. Wish me luck. I feel like the resume is rather weak, but I am a new therapist.

happy friday, fart-blossoms!

to all of you that have today off: LUCKYYYYYYYY!!!

ugh! mrfj had a flat tire this morning. perfect way to start the day! at least we found it in the driveway before he drove off to work. AND we have a date night planned for tonight so i'm looking forward to this day being O-VER!

anna, i'm sorry about all your stuff gettng water-logged. that sucks! i hope your laptop can be salvaged.

karianne, that bonus sounds awesome! i could use a little extra cash right about now! did you get that draft finished up for your boss to his liking? mrfj's boss does that to him a lot... marks up his work and then asks him why he changes it, even. blink.gif

rosev, hope you slept better the past couple of nights. i'm not sure what to suggest re: a new hobby. what about volunteering someplace? like a zoo or a humane society? or even just the library or with a children's theatre?

hi turbojenn! is turbo getting back to his old self now and back in the routine?

hiya moxie! hiya culture! oh, erin, i saw your nose pics on facebook. ouchies!

Queen Bull
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Aug 7 2008, 03:47 PM) *
*singing in her best tammy wynette * i'm the ha-ppi-est gurl, in th' whole wide world!

ETA photo:
why you ask? why? first off because the little write up i got just happened to be in the best of seattle issue, which means it will get more than the normal eyeballs looking at it, the second, well i was expecting the pic in the newspaper to be as small as the one in the one on line. so imagine my suprise when i brought the issue home, perused it, and POW! that pic of my painting takes up half the damn page! i'm not complaining that it's been cropped (it does have lady bits in it), i couldn't complain if i wanted to. *squeeeeeeeee!*

and actually syb, she's never actually seen my work irl-- i did that painting more than a year ago. i couldn't find anyplace that would show it because transexuality doesn't sell like hotcakes. but she liked the pics of it, and decided to get behind my work. we emailed back and forth 2 days, and she seems really lovely. so i hope to meet her @ the opening tues.... i also found out there is a transgendered f2m conference that is going to be at the end of the month, so i might try to angle for a showing there too. oh and my lovely mr. t has told her drag queen co worker to spread the news in the tranny/drag circuit... this is just lovely!

ok, i go paint now!

ETA:oh and i posted pix of the notorious hummingbird dress in the confession thread. byebye!

omigod i LOVE that. way to go GT!
anna k
And, yeah, CH you're anyone where they think they should be? I ponder that question a lot....I sometimes think I should be in a bigger career, doing something great or I don't know what. I think we are all really hard on ourselves in that respect. I have been thinking a lot about careers & work lately. I am trying to operate from the mindset that whatever is, just is. Rather than trying to measure myself against some self- or society- imposed standard. I think accepting how things are is much more conducive to actually acheiving better things. Ok...will stop rambling now....

I think the same thing. I'll be 25 in two months, and I feel like I look younger than my age, and don't feel like I'm 25. I'm a young adult, but I have soft features and feel like I could pass for being 3-4 years younger.

My stereo works even after getting some water on it, so maybe my laptop will work too.
Ooh! I thought I wrote about your situation, Anna! I'm REALLY sorry to hear about your flooding sad.gif That, and the crappy attitude of your landlord. I hope your stuff takes few casualties. I also hope your landlord's cat gets explosive diarrhea in his pants drawer (assuming that the cat is a mean one who abuses other cats and persuades people to vote Republican).
Ha ha ha! Lore, you crack me up! I too wish that fate upon Anna's landlord.

Well, Okayers, I'm out. Will pop in over the weekend to see what everyone is up to. Have a good one!
bwaaaaahahahahahahaha lore. That's too funny.
hello okayers!

happy friday, what?

anyhoo: a mac question. is this the wrong thread? i couldn't find a computer/tech thread.

does anybody - who owns a mac - have and or use antivirus software?

just wonderin',
anna k
Thanks! That makes me feel better. He is a sourpuss.
PG, try asking your question in the General Knowledge Base topic here in Media Whores.

(((anna))) I am SO sorry to hear about your flood!! I hope your laptop fares well. As well as everything else. And I echo Lore's wish for the repuglican cat. Heh.

GT, I am SOOOO, so proud of you!!!! You rock, chica!

FJ, I hope you have a fun date night. Sucks about the tire...was he able to get it repaired or does he need a new one?

CH, good topic! I know it (the topic) wasn't intentional (maybe I'm wrong and it was) 25 I sure wasn't anywhere near being a social worker. Try "grocery store stocker".

Anyway, me personally...just turned forty this past winter, and I still don't always know if I am "where I want to be". I mean, I earn the kind of money I want to, but I don't know if I like earning it by working so HARD. And sometimes I feel sort of inept when it comes to some of this stuff. It seems like I still need to get bailed out every now and then, and that part makes me feel like maybe I am not smart enough to pick this stuff up.

It's fleeting though. I actually, most of the time, do feel like I'm starting to get it. I guess, 80% of the time I feel like I've "arrived", I guess, is the word. Still moments of insecurity, though.
PG - I use McAfee Antivirus, and it works marvelously. I had a nasty virus a year ago, and it cleaned everything up, nice and tidy, and I haven't had a problem since.

Anna, your landlord is a douche. I'm so sorry that you've had to deal with all his hassle on top of all the stress of having a sewage flood in your home!

So, I emailed this guy from Craigslist who had a Macbook for sale that I was interested in, since my old one seems fairly crippled when I ask it to do design work, and it seemed like a REALLY good deal. I just got an email back - the guy is in the UK (so he says), but the whole message reeks of Nigerian princess. A little scammy, if you know what I mean. Oh well. It is time for a new laptop, though....I've limped along for a year, but I can't handle the frustration of my freelance work on this machine. Just not looking forward to paying for it.

So far so good with the WW - thanks for all the love y'all. I mean, I had a margarita this evening - how cool is that, on a diet?!

I think turbodoggie *just* forgave me this afternoon - this was the first walk where he was happy to be with me. He's a grudge-matcher, that dog. wink.gif

((((cash flow vibes for all who need it))))
ich, turbo, don't do it. craigslist is a strictly local affair. that's screams of a scam.

tree, i've worked for hvac companies, and one of the supervisors was talking about how he was always learning and confering. that's what he loved about the job is he never knew it all, if i asked him i have a feeling he'd say 80% is pretty f'in good.

falljackets, you wanna hear something funny? i love changing tires. LOVE it. to me it's like playing with legos. it's fun. i must be demented. lol. but it is a sucky way to start your day.

lore, you kill me. and yeah it would be fun to meet up i wish the busties were as thick up here as they are in chicagoland.

anna, glad your stereo works! are you going to stay in astoria/queens or are you thinking of another part of nyc? and if you could choose a 'hood to live in which one would you choose?

hi culture! how long till the popat?

mr.t has been freaking out about the chickens. last week a possum snuck into the coop, and killed one of her chicks so as soon as sundown she drops whatever she's doing rushes home to shut up the chickens.
today we went tubing with the puppy monster, who is deathly afraid of running water, unless it's coming from a hose. we had to push her into the water, and she learned she could swim, but i think like me, water isn't her favorite.

as for knowing what you should be doing in life, i'm somewhere between 38-40 (i honestly don't know how old i am, long story), and i've never known what i should be doing. for me it's been more a matter of doing things i was curious about or passionate about, and occasionally things that paid the bills. and it sucks sometimes when i know people who have known since they were in junior high, but i think those people are abnormal, contrary to what we are told. but i look at all the things i never thought i'd do, working on films, working for film festivals, djing, reviewing movies and music, an artist, welder and more, and it makes me happy. i've tried more things than most, but i get bored easily, and i'm curious about everything, so i look at it as just an opportuinty to explore the way the world works. cos even my friends who knew what they wanted to be find themselves doing other things. this is life, with all it's diversions, and surprizes, and that's what makes it interesting.

ETA:we've also discovered the puppy monster has a really sharp herding instinct. when the chickens get loose (every 3 weeks, or when the mr. lets them free range), she chases them around the yard and right into their pen. the only danger is when she sees us pick one up, then she acts like it's her favorite pull toy, jumping and snapping at it, having forgotten all about the other chickens running around.
hee. i love changing tires, too. i get a kick out of it. my dad said that if his daughters were going to drive we were going to know the basics of how a motor worked, how to check and replace the oil, how to check our tires air pressure and how to change a tire.

there are a lot of busties in chicago and in the twin cities. i may be the only bustie in africa. well, except for meerkat, but he appears to have disappeared. *sigh*

rose, have you called Raleigh Little Theater? they are a pretty good group, and they are always looking for people to help out. you might not get the acting roles you want right away, but at least you'd be around theater people.....

girl trouble, i think that's really cute about mr. t and the chicks. rolleyes.gif

lore, aren't you in hawai'i? i'm not sure where i got that but it seems to ring true. or maybe it's just your avatar of tarzan.

i guess i would say that i'm where i ought to be. whatever that means. OTOH, i'm clearly NOT where i should be. i'm 52. in terms of my job, what i'm doing, my position, all of that is great. i love my work, i love the country, i love the people who live here. i like being management. i make a good salary. i have a kick-ass partner, have a nice house, a pretty yard and a great network of close friend. unfortunately, the job is in one hemisphere and mr. hotbuns, the house, the yard and the friends are all in another one. literally, i think that we are about as far away from each other as we could get. it's a really difficult situation - and yet i don't think that i can complain. i'm a very lucky person.
anna k
girltrouble, I want to stay in Astoria, preferably in my area. The gym I go to is close by and I like my neighborhood.

I hung out with some women from the blog Jezebel last night, all commenters. It felt good to meet fellow people who comment on the same blog and have such interesting opinions. We met in a bar, and I hate how loud they are. I can't stand yelling to talk to someone, and I also don't drink much, I just don't really like alcohol. I drank ginger ale instead.
I love Jezebel Anna; the commenters sound like a lot of fun. Cool you got to meet some of them.

Turbo, margaritas are probably good for you, with fresh fruit and lime juice... except maybe for the tequila tongue.gif

RV, I too think you should check out local theatre, maybe get back into it again? I seem to remember you enjoyed it a lot.

It's interesting reading everyone's responses to the Am I where I 'should' be? question. I'm generally happy with where I am work-wise, although I can get anxious. Doing a Ph.D in your mid 30s is arguably less than ideal, but my CV is looking good thanks to picking up lecturing experience along the way. Sometimes I feel I should be earning more money or be more established in a career by now, but I jumped around work-wise in my late 20s/early 30s so I'm just (re-) entering academia now. Like you GT, I get bored easily, which for me has translated into working at different things but not sticking to a single career. I'm happy as I have almost always enjoyed my work, but I worry that my parents still worry that I'm not financially secure enough. I just tell them I have a 'portfolio' career. smile.gif
Exactly, syb - I see you are a woman after my own heart. wink.gif I make my own 'rita mix, and there's not much sugar in there (I use agave nectar to sweeten instead of sugar) really, it isn't that bad for you.

It is the most gorgeous day here in Chicago, as aside from going to the farmer's market, walking the dog and putzing in the kitchen a bit, we've just been sitting on the balcony, enjoying the day. Perfect.

Hmmmm....I guess I'm trying to let go of the idea of "where I'm supposed to be at X point in my life." I don't find it particularly helpful to think that I'm not doing something "right." I'm generally pretty happy with my life - I share my life and home with the fabulous turbomann, I love the city we call home, good friends, and I have a good job. I generally like the work I'm doing (even if the bosses leave a lot to be desired), and I've got access to people around the national organization that I can learn from. The bottom line is - this is the path I've chosen, and it works for me.

Okay, I need to go get scrubbed up, and then we're riding our bikes downtown to meet up with my cousins.
Anna, that's cool that you got to meet some of the commenters on Jezebel. I used to post over there occasionally, but it's gotten too busy in recent months to keep up with all the comments.

I'm still astounded that your landlord chewed you out for putting things on the floor. Everybody puts things on the floor. It's called gravity. Sheesh.

Glad to hear TurboDoggy has finally forgiven you, Jenn. Silly pup! You'd think he'd be happy to see you after his vacay.

GT, it's so cute to imagine the puppy monster herding those chickens!

FJ, what did you two do on your date?

Kari, good luck on the PT job hunt!

Thanks for the hobby suggestions. I've occasionally thought about getting back into theatre. I'm even on the e-mail list for Raleigh Little Theater, Tes, & I get multiple e-mails from them a week. But ... well, the truth is that theatre can be really stressful. I look back on the last few plays I did before I moved & I can remember some fun & good times, but I also remember stress & frustration & anger. I frequently brought all of those ugly feelings home & unleashed them on Sheff, which is not fair at all. In regards to theatre, I feel burned out, which is one of reasons why I haven't pursued it since moving here. I don't feel drawn to it right now. I just don't want to deal with the drama, you know? And how do you remove the "drama" from theatre? Also, I'd like a hobby that doesn't suck up 15- 30 hours of my life every week. I'd prefer something more casual.

I've picked up on a couple of leads, though. For example ... well, this is cheesy as all hell, but hopefully in a good way: English country dancing. If you've seen a film adaptation of a Jane Austen novel, you've seen what I'm talking about. I found out that there's a group that gets together once a week in my town & they love having new people & teaching them to dance. You don't have to bring a partner or anything. It's not as invigorating at a ceilidh (I went to one in England and LOVED it!) but it sounds like a good substitute. I told you it's a cheesy idea, but hopefully cheesy in a good way.

As for the question of the day - where one should be at X stage in life - it's funny that you all mention this because I had a long conversation with Mr. Hotbuns about that at Thanksgiving. At this point, I've chosen not to think about it too much. Maybe that's irresponsible of me, but it feels better to just be me than to compare myself against what someone else things I should be.

Perhaps it's something I learned from watching my parents. They are great because they've never stopped learning. If they acquire a new interest, they go for it. My mom is in her early 60s, about to retire from her nursing job in a few years, yet she just earned a degree in Spanish & she's starting up a new business making custom-made kaleidoscopes. These are the things she wants to do, so she's doing them. My dad is similar. In recent years he joined a group that restores WWII airplanes. Now he spends his weekends in the the autumn months traveling around the country to air shows, educating people about the planes and even doing a bit of air marshaling. And he's also in his 60s. They've had lots of other interests during their lives, too, which is inspiring. It's nice to see that their lives have never been static. It's encouraging.

Blah blah blah, me me me. Sorry to ramble at you all so much today.
Good Afternoon.

Oooooh, lots going on in here!

Yes, there certainly is no set path, but I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up. Put me down for someone who gets bored easily. Perhaps this police thing will aid in that. I'm also one of thos people who really doesn't have a hobbie, either.

What's everyone up to this weekend?

I am trying to migrate my email file folders from my old computer into my new-esque one from Thunderbird and am becoming frustrated. I only really need them for archival purposes: for legal crap concerning exasshat, and for old emails from a certain ex with which I am creating a writing project! I don't take a great amount of please in the fact that I will have to re-read these damned things, but I am taking even less pleasure in trying to back up the old files and import them into the new computer. If anyone has technoliterati chops, or knows someone that does, PLEASE let me know what I am doing incorrectly before I beef the whole thing up.

Where am I at in my life? Am I happy with it?

Uh, I am ECSTATIC about where I am in my life currently. I am finally writing again after a ten-year hiatus, my daughter is seven-years-old, I have a cute apartment in a cute neighborhood, I have one week of summer vacation left, and I am returning to my position at Henry!

I think that I used to place a lot more merit on where I SHOULD be before I became happy with where I was at. Always pictured myself married and traveling. Needed to get over that in a hurry because there just aren't the funds with which to do it. There is so much fun to be had where I AM.

It's kind of interesting to answer this question currently, because a year ago I had been unceremoniously dumped by exminxman right after his parents came into town and I spent tons of time entertaining them with him. I pictured myself living with him (we were supposed to move in with each other last winter) and re-starting the garden with he and Minxlette. I loved him so very much.

The devastation I felt moving my things out of his house last July was shattering. I couldn't fathom going through it again and again and again. Nearly three years of a repeated pattern was too much already.

Exminxman tried to contact me yesterday. Sent me a text message which sent my pulse racing a million miles a minute. I couldn't believe how sudden and strong the anxiety played out. It was like...the fear of being left by him and the constant uncertainty of whether or not he loved me shot through me and I was literally shaking.

I couldn't respond to it. I put down the phone and my hands wouldn't stop trembling.

Apparently, his neighbor had seen me driving in my car and told him about it. I don't hold any ill-will toward exminxman anymore. The last time I saw him was in April and it read like a dream sequence. I was just shocked to have such a strong visceral response to his communication. If he called me, I'd probably fall over.

So to recap, me so happy. My garden is producing lots of veggies. My mind is producing stories. My baby girl is amazing and wicked smart. Life is pretty damned good. smile.gif
My brother called me today....the hospice people contacted him to let him know that the end is near with Mom. Apparently her body temperature is dropping, and she has some sort of "look" that they associate with impending death.

I asked him about a time-frame. (have to give my supervisors a heads-up)...he said, probably within a week.

It's been a LONG road...I am glad that she is about to get to go Home.
anna k
I like Jezebel, but it has gotten really crowded with commenters, and some of the moderators can have these smarter-than-thou elitist attitude that bugs. I still think it has great content and I've learned a lot through it.

I did have fun last night, despite the noise; we mostly talked about the Olympics and the blog and stuff in our personal lives.

Rose, that's so fantastic to read about your parents. They sound like such creative, interesting people. My mom sings in the local church choir and my dad is a wine aficionaido. My hobbies are usually going to dance class and making mix CDs and keeping scrapbooks of articles and pictures that I like.

Yes, my landlord gives me shit about putting things on the floor. I can't have everything hanging or on a shelf. I snapped at him, telling me he's told me this during two phone calls, and I don't need to hear it again. He just went, "Ah, yeah, well, I'm just telling you, you know." Yes, I know, you old fuck. I'm 25, not an immature teenager with a messy bedroom. Keep things running smoothly and don't haraunge me.

Is it weird that when I read the Myspace blogs of guys I liked in college that I feel like I'm cooler than them? They sound like such immature dudes, one posturing as being cool with hipster friends, and I just think that Im way cooler and more interesting and less full of shit.

Darlin', if you need anything, please let us know. I know peeps down in your neck of the woods that can get you the hook 'em ups. It has been a long road for you and your family, and I would be honored if when I next get down to Madtown I could guy you a beer at the Crystal or something.

(((vibes for the Hugger family)))
(((Treehugger))) I hope this week goes by peacefully for your mom, and all of your family.
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