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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Tes, I hope you are able to find someting in the states. mmm massage.

Erin, let me know when things get a little more stable at work and we can for sure meet for lunch. What a load of pucky that you had to all over the place.

This weekend has been quiet, went out for lunch with dadzilla yesterday, shopping today, downloaded music, went to the cops yeserday. Ummm ankle is getting better should be able to jog tomorrow.Running on concrete is super bad for you...And I still have one more glorious day off.

How has everyone else's weekend been?

*sigh* Heayall BUSTies! smile.gif Sincerely hope you've been having as good a weekend as I. Likeitornot, lickadickornot, it's almost over, though unsure.gif

Heeeya Culture, ErinJane, Tesao, Tree, GT, and Rosiev! smile.gif

Best of luck with the police gig, Culture! I KNOW you can do it! Yer a Wonder-Woman-esque Amazon Warrioress!

ErinJane, I know what you mean on the party thing. I much prefer outdoor parties that I throw in locations that I don't own. That way, it's only a matter of what we all bring and making sure we don't leave trash behind. I hate pre-cleaning the house just to post-clean the party aftermath.

Tessssss! smile.gif It's waesome that you're around so much again smile.gif DO you have a bradn/make of thumper that you particularly recommend?

Tree, the window framing was cool! I don't get to make that kind of decision on projects at all, but I do like how you used the bigger boards for usefull sill realestate smile.gif Looked good, Tree! I bet I could learn a ton form ya :lub:

Heeey-o GT! smile.gif Gold Dust looks awesome! I can picture his opponents getting all coated in his makeup by the end of the fight. It reminds me of a tee shirt I saw with colorful smudges on the front, and the words, " I ran into Tammy Fay Baker today..." Oh, and do you have Marijuana Girl's phone number? I think I knew her and her roommate, Co-Dependency Support Group Girl. They used to bicker a lot.

For our 5th anniversary, Goaty and I had some cornbread pancakes I made for breakfast. Some had chocolate chips tongue.gif I also heated up some mixed frozen berries with the maple syroup. Took Goaty out on Mercer Slough and into Lake Washington in our inflatable ship, The Hannahgator. Had some good HBI. Then, we had some excellent Indian food instead of eating at that seafood place. We want to save her gift certificate for a day when we can really make good on the restaurant's great view. The Indian place was awesome, though. I gave her the gift I got: the book, "Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth". I'm waaay open to more suggestions on the same theme, though smile.gif (plus, I'll be reading the relevent sections of Our Bodies, Our Hells wink.gif). We're still thinking of putting off trying for kids for after her brother's wedding sometime next year. She got me (us) the gift of a new board game. It's "Ticket to Ride: Europe", and it's recommended for sure!*

*for people with I.Q.s of 100+, adjusting for alcohol consumption.

Aaaaanyway, I've got some great chicken, miso, and black bean soup cooking. I just threw everything I felt like throwing in with a skeleton from a CostCo rotisserie chicken.

I am totally making Mama's Dirty Girls my desktop wallpaper. biggrin.gif

Good evening everyone. Hello to CH, lore, tes, erin, GT, rose, kari, tree, minx, turbo (meece you!), and everyone else! I've had a lovely day off. wink.gif Back to work tomorrow. It is a long weekend here, but it's been busy at the store. The big Pow Wow is this weekend (literally a Pow Wow - the local Indian band has huge permanent Pow Wow grounds and people come from all over), and it is timed to happen alongside the national Aboriginal fastball there are lots of extra folks in town, some from communities where you can't even get plus-sized clothing, except out of the Sears catalogue....women are flocking in for new things. And the store is having a ginormous markdown, trying to get rid of the old stuff before fall, which brings in all the locals who usually buy their clothes at places like Wal-Mart and Costco. So we've been furiously busy, which is good, b/c the shifts go faster, and frankly, there are some things on the racks I'd rather burn than have to keep looking at. wink.gif Although the bad side is that the local bargain hunters don't have a lot of respect for the store, compared to other customers. They try on clothes amongst the racks and treat the fitting rooms like a free-for-all, they leave clothes and hangers strewn all over the store and anything folded is in a big heap at the end of the day, and they give you the hairy eyeball when you offer customer service. But apparently they'll go away soon and won't come back till January.

OH! Dunno if anyone remembers when I wrote about the day I kept smelling smoke in the store....the next day, a woman came in, with her developmentally disabled adult daughter. Their entire house had burnt to the ground the day before, the same time I smelled the smoke. There is NO WAY I could have smelled real smoke, as their place was out in the country. Maybe it's total coincidence, but who really knows? Anyway, they had lost everything, and came in looking for clothes. I told them not to spend a cent until the next day, when everything but the new fall stuff was going on final markdown. But they still needed jackets to get through the night, so I found them a couple of nice ones on the discount racks. God, I can't even imagine the horror of losing everything but the clothes on your back....I was pretty fucking choked up when they left. I wished I could have given them the damned jackets for free.

tes, I am with you on the deep tissue massage thing. I sometimes feel bruised afterwards, when it's done right! I was so seriously in pain this morning, when the week of working on my feet AND helping a friend move and clean up finally hit me, but that got fixed when mr scorpio came over. I mean, seriously, I feel no pain, and I was in bigtime pain....but it has to be a really good, brutal massage. Everyone I give massages to says I have strong hands, but I think I just make the massage hard because I can't imagine wanting it any other way!
Good Morning! It's Monday! Again!

Doodle, that is very odd about the smoke smell! Your story about the lady who had the "accident"....I encountered a situation like that in the grocery store restroom a few months back. I felt horrible for the woman & thought I should help, but really, I just couldn't deal with the smell. Poor woman. I think she was elderly.


Hey Tes! 23 vaca days? That is so awesome!!! More time to spend with Mr Hotbuns! How was the UNICEF dinner? I am very curious!

Hey Lore! You & the mrs. are thinking of a bebe next year? Exciting!!! When do you start the new job, btw? Did you watch Dexter last night?

Hey CH! Take it easy on the training, lady! You don't want to get an injury. Those pics you posted are hilarious.

Hey ErinJane! That happened to a post of mine last week. I posted it, but it never appeared. Hmmm. Is your workweek going to be busy again this week?

Things here are good today. I had a nice weekend. Got a lot done around the house & also had time to chill. This work week is going to be busy, as has been happening lately. Busy is good with me, as long as it's also productive.
Good Afternoon.

I'm enjoyng my fourth day off, ahhh long weekends. I heart them so much.

Lore, that sounds like a lovely anniversary.

Doodle, I hate clearance sales and people doing things like that. The pow wow sounds really cool, though.

Hey Kari!

Hmmm, let's see, I worked out, backed up my hard drive as something funky is going on and if it can't be fixed PR boy is going to have to wipe it clean. Le Sniff. my audio isn't working and I can't seem to figure out why.

Went jogging again today, still sore, deep tissue sore. I could use the deep tissue massage.

Favorite '80s wrestlers, huh? My top pick would have to be Ultimate Warrior, but that's strictly for the '80s. My all-time favorite wrassler is The Undertaker. Yum, yum.... yum.

It's kind of a shame what they did to Gold Dust. He's not on so much anymore unless they're doing a really odd and akward fetish scene, since they've painted him as more of a fetish than a wrestler, which is really sad. I don't think I've seen him in over a year. His brother, Cody Rhodes, is on quite a bit, though.

Hi, Tes! When is your contract up in Africa? I hope you can find something in the US quickly so your life can get back to normal and you can see your husband on a regular basis again.

CH, are you in a training program for the cops?

Hi, Kari!

Hellos all around to everyone else!

Life's just been life around here. Poodle and I went to the Uptown Art Fair on Saturday then out for tiki drinks. I bought nothing at that fair, but got about half my Xmas shopping done at the one I went to before I met up with Poodle. I'll have to make sure to always go to the one at Powderhorn first. The stuff is just as good, and it's actually affordable, and the vibe is a lot less snooty.

We've been spending a lot of time with the giant's family, which I'm pretty burned out on. I actually had to argue with the giant's brother, the Iraq war vet who I normally consider an intelligent person, that Barack Obama is not a Muslim. Duh! And that John Kerry did actually serve in Vietnam! I swear, he gets all his news from FOX and Sean Hannity. He's a great guy, but politically, he's a moron. At least the giant and his mom balance it out. I sure got the better brother in that family!

Can I get some health vibes please? The gian't aunt was just diagnosed with non-Hodgekins lymphoma. She'll be starting chemo any day now.

As for me, it's the same old same old. I've got a nasty burn on my right forearm from rotating cookie sheets a couple weeks ago. It's over 3" long! It doesn't hurt much anymore, but looks pretty nasty. I'm kind of proud, though, because it's my first baking-related injury. wink.gif

Good Morning!

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for Giant's Aunt~*~*~*~*~* Diva, how far has it progressed? How is everyone doing? Daaaaaaaaaaamn, that burn sounds a wee painful.

Hmmm, it's Tuesday, yesterday I finally splurged and bought myself a new pair of running shoes, and they immediately made my ankle and knees feel better. So, that's much btter.

Lets see, Good Things Tuesday

1. Short work week!
2. It's not Monday, see above.
3. New shoes helped with jogging related pain.
4. No longer training new staff.
It's been pretty quiet in here lately it seems.

Good afternoon, ladies! I'm just finishing up work and then taking off for home. I always forget we get paid for holidays so there's 3.5 less hours I need to work this week. Not that I really needed the time off. I rode my bike and strolled in at 11:30 and now I'm leaving before 2:30. But it's hard to make a measly 20 hours stretch a week (i should be getting more hours in September).

Culture, yay on the short work week!

*crawls into the thread*

What are the symptoms of food poisoning?
Oh dear Doodle.

there will be liquids coming out of every orfice in your body. You can't even drink water because it'll come up.
Queasiness, abdominal pains, diarrhea, & possibly (likely) vomiting.

For me it starts with a burning tummy ache & progresses to cramps. Then the liquid bonanza begins. If you get mild botulism, eat some bread. It helps soak up the funk.
Oh, and while this is rather gross, you make you sure have a bucket when you are sitting on the toilet. I learned that the hard way.
((((((doodle)))) I always have a stash of immodium AD, Gas X, and gatorade type stuff in the house for just those occasions, as I am highly prone to food poisoning/gut attacks.

Hihihi y'all!!! I'm just back from Tofte, MN, and WOW, did we have a fabulous time! Lots of time to just chill with our friends, beautiful property in the woods, lots of swimming in the Temperance River, jumping from cliffs into deep river water, hiking, and campfires. Could there be a better vacation? I'm pretty wiped out from 11 hours in the car today, so I'm just going to hop off now, and get organized for work tomorrow.
yay! my little blurb is up! i can't wait to see this in if i can only get all my paintings done...

yay for the return of turbo.
Way Coolness, GT! smile.gif
Sounds like awesome fun, TJ! Your sense of a fun time greatly overlaps mine smile.gif
Cool about the shoes, Culture! smile.gif
Heeeya Aural! smile.gif
HOLY CRAP, Doodle!!! *Immediate betterness vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hey-o ErinJane! smile.gif
Thanks for straightening out the Befuddled Right, Divala! smile.gif
Hope the work week is treating you well, Kari! smile.gif

Work for me has been rather physical. I'll be in shape in no time after all that digging, carrying, and smacking. The 10-hour day starting at 6 is a tad much, but it helps to have 3-day weekends. At least, it BETTER help! I'm exhausted! At least my co-workers are some nice people smile.gif

must... sleep... now.......

~*~*~*~*ongoing healing vibes for Doodle~*~*~*~*

GT, that is a waycool write up!!!

Turbo, I'm so glad you hd a great time camping.

Lore, thank goodness your coworkers aren't scummy. Are you enjoying work?

Hmmm, I don't have much going on, did the usual last night. i attempted to go for a jog, but my ankle was having none of that so I did a lower body and abs workout, and ankle is good today. I may attempt jogging or leave it another day.

And it's wednesday...sooooooo the week is half done.
Good Morning!

GT, that is so great!! The blurb sounds really positive. Nice work, lady!

Hey Lore! 10 hour days! Oye. I am sure the 3 day weekends will help. You need one whole day to completely recover, I would guess. Then you can use the other 2 for pure enjoyment. smile.gif

(((doodle)))) Oh man, I hope you don't have food poisoning. I think I've had it once. I had something that was either stomach flu or food poisoning. It was pretty terrible.

Jenn, that vacation sounds wonderful! How adventurous & relaxing. I'm glad you had a good time.

Hey CH! Take care of that ankle.

I think I'm gonna go to boot camp class today at lunch.

hey erin jane!

Things here are eh. This week's been stressful, both at work & at home. At least it's Wednesday, I suppose.

hey bloody butcher tomatoes are FINALLY starting to turn red! Do yours get really big? I have some on the vine at are f-ing monstrous. Can't wait to eat 'em!

Spaeking of tomatoes, my plants are ginormous. They are almost 6 feet tall. They are bloody huge. And the sheer number of tomatoes on them is rediculous.
Hi all, this is a quick check in to let you know I'm okay. Not terrific, but okay. I'm pretty sure it was food poisoning....I spent Monday night - well, Tuesday morning - throwing up and sitting on the toilet....and YES, AP, to the need for the bucket!!! Bleargh. But my lower back and hips were REALLY achy all day Tuesday, which makes me wonder if it was a short term flu or something....I dunno. Some day off....although fortunately, mr scorpio came over and worked his massage magic on the worst of it. He never even got any HBI for it, poor dude.

Anyway, I sooo can't stay online, as today is the day the district manager is at the store and I need to make myself look really good AND not be late! Plus jammin' tonight.

GT, I will read your blurb when I get home later! And welcome back turbo!!

Anyway, HELLO to everyone else....and thanks to everyone for the input and wellness vibes....
The Doodle lives!! Yay! Doodle, I hope you're feeling better today.

CH, what kind of tomatoes did you plant?

Things here are good......I am glad it's Thursday! The office is super quiet. I am going to try to get a lot of work done today. I really want to get this report off my desk.

Good Morning.

I am irate, the phelps gang of fuckers is going to be in this city to protest at the funeral of the greyhound incident. Motherfuckers. This city will rally against them, and the police have already been notified. his death was horrific enough, can't these people just die already.


Doodle, I'm glad that you're feeling much better.

Kari, honestly, I can't recall what type of tomatoes I planted, but there are tomatoes everywhere! And tons of flowers. It's wild.

Ummm, worked out last night jogged and it hurt, so I hobbled home, lovely. And that's it. talked to PR boy about my job misery, fun times!
GT, that's a great write-up, and the journo seems to know something about art as well. You must be pleased.

Glad you're feeling better Doodle; food poisoning is the worst. I once called in sick with it... to the restaurant who gave it to me in the first place. They were like, 'well everyone else who contracted it has come in.' So wrong on so many different levels, including health and safety.

Turbo, that sounds like a fab holiday *jealous*

I am thinking of growing tomatoes in time for next spring, as we have a yard for the first time and I absolutely adore tomatoes. Any tips?

Nothing else to add, except I'm happy it's Thursday already. And I'm getting my hair cut with a new stylist. Yikes, but yay too.
doodle, that sounds awful. My brother got some bad sushi on Friday and spent all weekend sick in bed (and in the bathroom) with food poisoning. Luckily I have yet to experience it.

CH, we decided not to plant tomatoes this year because my mom found them too labour intensive, but about 6 weeks ago we noticed 3 random tomato plants coming up in different spots in a veggie garden. It was really weird because we weren't even handling tomato seeds. The next day we realized we were growing tomatoes from our compost...we don't take the time to take out the tomato seeds. Oops! So now we have 3 plants going by accident. tongue.gif

Also, I read about the Phelps thing just a few minutes ago and my mom and I were both seething. The church isn't super far from me so I'm almost tempted to ride my bike past to see what happens on Saturday, but I don't think I will. That funeral should be a private family matter, not some sort of disgusting and twisted soap box for assholes.

Today is my friday because I'm out of hours for the week. I'm looking forward to going backcountry camping for the first time tomorrow (or saturday). biggrin.gif
I hope that the police maintain a barrier.

Erin, that's a wild story about your compost tomatoes!!! I love it!

Hey Syb! I just plant the tomatoes from small plants and water them when they are dry. And the tomatoes went nuts. I'm going to have to take a picture and post them.
Good morning all....I have a couple of minutes to pop in by virtue of missing my bus. Bleargh! It was too hot to wait outside for another one.

Anyway, I had to post....CH, I hadn't seen that story till I read you post about it! UGH! But wasn't Phelps turned away at the border or something, last time he tried to come to Canada to "protest" something? Isn't that part of the reason god hates Canada? I would think, anyway, in their own puny minds. I once read a biographical essay by one of the sons, who'd escaped the Phelps compound....that man keeps that family "in line" through paternal and pastoral terrorism - seriously.

Speaking of terrorism, did you hear PETA is making a campaign likening what happened on the Greyhound to what happens to animals? They are seriously sick. Seriously fucked up. It wasn't enough that they exploited the missing women of the Downtown Eastside and the whole fucking "pig farm" thing. I hate PETA more than I hate Phelps, actually, because Phelps is just a crazy, abusive motherfucker and I can't think of anyone that supports him, truly....PETA is a whole organization of, you'd want to believe, thinking, feeling, breathing, caring human beings, and thinking, feeling, breathing, caring people support them.

Shit, I'm going to miss another bus if I don't go now!
*singing in her best tammy wynette * i'm the ha-ppi-est gurl, in th' whole wide world!

ETA photo:
why you ask? why? first off because the little write up i got just happened to be in the best of seattle issue, which means it will get more than the normal eyeballs looking at it, the second, well i was expecting the pic in the newspaper to be as small as the one in the one on line. so imagine my suprise when i brought the issue home, perused it, and POW! that pic of my painting takes up half the damn page! i'm not complaining that it's been cropped (it does have lady bits in it), i couldn't complain if i wanted to. *squeeeeeeeee!*

and actually syb, she's never actually seen my work irl-- i did that painting more than a year ago. i couldn't find anyplace that would show it because transexuality doesn't sell like hotcakes. but she liked the pics of it, and decided to get behind my work. we emailed back and forth 2 days, and she seems really lovely. so i hope to meet her @ the opening tues.... i also found out there is a transgendered f2m conference that is going to be at the end of the month, so i might try to angle for a showing there too. oh and my lovely mr. t has told her drag queen co worker to spread the news in the tranny/drag circuit... this is just lovely!

ok, i go paint now!

ETA:oh and i posted pix of the notorious hummingbird dress in the confession thread. byebye!
Heeey allllllll! smile.gif

Just letting you know that you're all beautiful peeps! smile.gif

Also, work went well, though exhausting, and I kinda have a repettative-stress injury on my right wrist from using a pick and shovel for 3 days. (It's swollen like an Armor hotdog!) Everyone there is nice, there's lots of work, and they're likely to keep me employed for several months.
Happy Friday!

Doodle, the Phleps gang was detained yesterday at the border, and they say there is another group who will cross elsewhere. With that said, there are two crackbook groups who are planning to march around the group who comes to the church so the funeral can go along peacefully. The police are also aware of the group coming here.

GT, that is so wonderful about the half page picture!!! Woot!!!!!!!!

Heya Lore! ~*~*~*~*arm healing vibes~*~*~*~* I'm happy that you are enjoying work.

It's Friday. That's all that matters at this point.
what's up crusty crackwhore crumb-bunnies? happy friday!

gt, that is the coolest thing EV-AR! i'm so proud of you! sweet sweet sweet! you should be so proud!

i'm not even sure how i'm on here right now. the last few times i tried to check the forums, i was blocked. that made me sad. but i'm here now so that's all that matters, yo!

everything is still good here. i'm still liking the jobby-job as much as i can like a sales job i guess. i mean, if i had my druthers, i'd be working from home or something else, but this is what pays the bills, so this is what i'll do for a while. still like all the peeps i work with, at least.

little jroo is doing well. he is cheerful and active in his daycare every day. we moved him to a new one closer to home about two weeks ago and i really like the new place. they do art work (finger and toe painting, hehe) and they have a real curriculum to help him learn. he's got a few words (dada, ball, boat, and kitty - although ball and boat are basically the same sound).

we did have a worrisome projectile vomitting thing going on last week, which was awful. he is still underweight for his age (although tall) and his docs were worried about him. so we took him in for a renal ultrasound because apparently vomitting can often be caused by kidney failure in babies. his kidneys are fine, thankfully. but the doc still wants to send him to a gi doc so we can test him for allergies and such. it's likely that it's just reflux, but they want to make sure that the reflux isn't caused by something more serious. they went ahead and gave him a prescription for prevacid though and he hasn't puked since, which is awesome. it was so uncool watching him go all linda blair on me every night. little bugger was even starting to associate eating with puking and wasn't eating well, which sucked worse since the doc's already have me all stressed out over his low weight. but no throwing up for almost a week and he's been eating much, much better. send some weight-gaining, no vomitting vibes his way please? smile.gif

just had another doc appt yesterday for itty-bitty. still a good heartbeat. we get to go in three weeks to have the full ultrasound and find out more about this little munchkin. i am sure i'll cave again and find out the sex because i'm just too impatient to wait. everything is going well so far, so good. smile.gif

i'm gonna be hanging out here a little today so i hope i don't get kicked out again. better get some work done.
Good to hear from you again, FJ smile.gif I hope the new B-Board treats your comp well. *no problems vives for Jackaroo* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Heya Culture! (and your plentiful juicy tomato bounty wink.gif)

Lovin' EJ's accidental tomato story, too!

That's some REALLY COOL art, GT! You've got quite a daring style. Any examples of recent works? Have you fiddled with metal art? I could see you using a similar style, but with mixed metal plates and scortching/other effects. Keep-a-jammin! smile.gif

Jest icein' me wrist, so typing is slow using my left hand only. (Hmmmm, you'd think I'd be better at that wink.gif)
Happy Friday, you buttery finger-snatch sammiches!!

WHOOT!! for Lore for having steady employment!!

WHOOT!! for a FallJackets sighting!!

(((Big bad butterball vibes for Jackeroo)))

I just got done spraying harmful chemicals on the lawn and in the bushes of the garden I am working. Fucking Japanese beetle infestation. Bastards are chewing up my tomatillos, pole beans, and starting to ruin my peppers. NO ONE RUINS MY PEPPERS BUT ME!!! I fertilized it today because I'm just not seeing the flower production that I should be on my tomatoes, but the plants are all progressing nicely.

Kari, yeah. Some of those Bloody Butchers get down-right SCARY big. They're soooo tasty. wink.gif

I should have just brought the bottle and sprayed father-fucking Phelps and his merry band of misanthropes. Bastard. If there is a hell, I hope that he has to do all of the paperwork.

Minxlette is doing well...a bit naughty, but that seems to be passing. I think that she just had too much unstructured time. She's such a spit-fire! It was kinda funny, because she met Artman by "accident" the other day. He had spent the night and we were outside having a smoke and a cup of coffee around 8AM when all of a sudden she came tearing out of the apartment door. She says:

Is that *Dirty Mick* (they both have shaved heads and is still a good family friend)? Oh wait! He's the NEEEEEW one." [insert wicked smile]

So that's done. We've been seeing each other now for about three months, so it's not precisely out-of-line, just not quite the way I'd have preferred. They haven't seen each other since then, and it will probably be a while still before they actually spend any amount of time together, but at least that part's done. smile.gif

*sigh* Two weeks before we go back to work at school. I'm very happy to report that I am officially back at my high school teaching Literature! It was a little stressful there for awhile. I helped train a group of seniors and juniors to be mentors to frosh--it's called Link Crew. Good fun. Freshmen are stupid, so I hope they can help.

Okay, I'd better blast back into cleaning mode. Artman and I are having a movie night at my place tomorrow and I'd like it to NOT look like an atomic bomb went off and left shit everywhere. Ciaocito banditos!!

Holy crap, an FJ sighting. I hope Jroo is okay!

Lore, hee, I could make a crude joke about only being able to use one hand. smile.gif

Hey Minx! That's great that you are going back to the high school you were at before, shitty about going back to work. Enjoy your evening with Artman!

And I'm almost out of here. I'll be glad it's the weekend. Going on a ghost tour tomorrow night for a friends birthday, PR boy agreed to come out, which is shocking. Then he's going to fix up my laptop and hopefully after some fun funs. Like gin! HA! You all are dirty birds, thought I'd say something dirty.

Bye bye!

quick fly by cos i got more good news. i emailed the writer of that blurb to thank her, and it looks like i've got a patron saint. she said next time she'll see if they can do a feature on me for my next show.

how freaking cool is that?

ok, back to the art mines!
GT, that's great!!!!! WOOT!
GT, that is FREEEEEAKIG COOL! biggrin.gif

Culture, but that WAS a crude joke wink.gif

Rawk on about teaching, Minxter! smile.gif (and that was kinda mean of Minxlette. I hope she's playing nicer now.)
GT, that is soooooooooooooooooooo great!!! let's hear it for patroness saints!!!

minx, i want to eat your tomatoes!

<3<3<3<3 no more exorcist projectile vomiting woes for jackaroo! <3<3<3<3

lore, better left unsaid what i thought when i was skimming the archives and saw "It's swollen like an Armor hotdog!"

culture handy, it would help if we didn't already know that you *are* a "dirYt" girl...... rolleyes.gif

so. if you were a vegetable, which one would it be, and why?

I'd be Christopher Reeve a carrot, 'cause I'm Freudian, sweet, and good fer yer eyes! wink.gif

Meh, that was the best I could think of.

Hey Tes, I am a dirty thing! Tee hee.

Hey Lore! that's a good vegetable.

Hmmmm, what vegetable would I be? that's a tought question. hmmm. I'll have to think about that and post my answer.

It's hot as hell here today. belch.
hee...I'd be an artichoke, cause I'm just a bit prickly. smile.gif
Oh my, I am exhaussted beyond exhaustion. I just got back from my first backcountry camping experience, 6.8km in, 7.1 out (a slightly different route back). It was fantastic and last night was so clear we saw tons of shooting stars (and a few bats). I'm am dead tired and so sore now though. Someone please fix me a drink? tongue.gif

GT, congrats on the awesome ads for you show. They look great, the print one is HUGE.

*starts crushing mint for a mojito for EJ and simultaneously gets out the BioFreeze for the sore muscles* ouchie, I've been there, chica!
Don't forget your delicious heart, Tree! wink.gif and yer a flower that is great for parties! (especially all dipped in butter and with that repetitive biting/pulling motion....)

Culture, you might be spinach, in that young boys want to munch on you in the hopes of growing into big, strong men biggrin.gif

Yep! IIIIII'm drinkin! wink.gif

ErinJane, I tooootally envy your camping! That sort of thing is the stuff I live for! How did you like making a fire and/or cooking in the wild? Did any of you bring musical instruments? While looking at all those stars, did any of you bring up aspects of astronomy? Didja drink anything interesting? I miss camping.

Erin, how are you feeling today? the camping sounds like a lot of fun!

Hey Tree! Hee, artichoke.

Lore, I like the way you think! Spinach. smile.gif

Oh my, last night was fabulous, i went on a haunted tour, which was fun. Found out nothing serious is up with my laptop, and then some HBI. I'll save the details, but it's posted in portions.
Thank you very much, tree. *Sips mojito* Deelicous.

Lore, we were't expecting much of a site, but the one we ended up going to (we wanted a trail that wasn't anymore than 8KM because it was my first time) actually had a cross country ski cabin that was stocked with wood and an outhouse, so it was a little easier than it should have been. tongue.gif No musical instruments this time. I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want the extra weight for my first time but my brother didn't bring his either, so no pics. sad.gif I brought a bit of astronomy but I was the only one who knew anything really, heh.

Culture, I'm incredibly sore today. Muscles that have never hurt before are in pain. My lower back and upper ass especially. Totally worth it.

I'm curious about this haunted tour, it sounds silly and fun. Where was it at?
Erin, there are all sorts put on by muddywaters tours.
Hey everybustie!

Its been a busy weekend here around casa Turbo...and a bit odd since turbodoggie is still on vacation with his other hound pals. My days feel strange without the structure of dog walks. wink.gif

GT - that article is AWESOME - and the HUGE print, too! I hope the show went really well!

Hmmm....what kind of veggie would I be...this time of year my mind wanders to the delicious midwestern sweet corn, truly a regional delicacy, with a sweet, earthy flavor, and demurely clothed in spring green with beautiful silks. wink.gif Okay, maybe I'm just obsessed with the awesomeness of local sweetcorn, and eating it as often as possible. heh.

We rode our bikes downtown last night to see the Dark Knight on Navy Pier at the Imax with a bunch of friends. I had forgotten what a tourist hellhole that place was - not really my style. The movie was excellent, if a bit too violent for my tastes - I think I probably would have liked it better on a normal sized screen - it was a lot to take in on the Imax. And then we rode our bikes the 12 miles home at 11pm, and it was awesome - not a soul out there on the bike path, and there was a lot of wind, which made for a tough ride, but very cool, as all the waves were crashing up onto the bike path. I love my city.

Today, I've just been cleaning and puttering in the kitchen, and now I really should be working on my freelance stuff, as we're heading to the beer garden with friends this evening.
EJ, you are reminding me of one time, prolly fifteen years ago (yikes, am i really that old), when I decided to go on a vision quest...took a solo backpacking trip way up in northern MN.

I woke up the next morning and I heard this really strange whimpering...I thought there was some weird animal sniffing around the site...then I realized it was ME. Whimpering in pain. Yes, I'm a pussy.

I almost fell into an underground cave, same trip!!! I was hiking along at dusk, still with the backpack on, and all of a sudden I was dangling by my pack. My feet had fallen into a hole and didn't touch bottom. I'm sure that I'm pretty lucky I was wearing the pack. I strung a lanyard across the trail at that point and attached a warning note. Even when I went back there the next day in sunlight I couldn't see the hole. It was weird.

I should go back. I'm due for another vision quest, I think.
Turbo, I love night riding, even though it makes me sort of nervous (although I have lots of flashy lights on my bike).

Tree, I was thinking how great it would be to do a solo trip but I don't think I'd ever do it. I'm just too worried about something happening or having trouble with my diabetes or something. Your story about falling into a cave doesn't help! tongue.gif I do want to take my best friend there though. I think the two of us could have a really good 'back to nature and spirituality' experience together.

So, I went to a lovely picnic at the park with some friends today and managed to break my nose. There were only 7 of us, and towards the end I took out my baseball and a couple of gloves. I consider myself pretty sporty and I've played a lot of baseball/catch in my day. My friend Bryan and I were passing back and forth for less than 5 minutes, and I had just moved back farther because I like to throw far when somehow, with the glove up in front of my face, I missed the ball and it hit my directly in the center of my face. I flipped to the ground and was gushing blood, but I was still sort of joking about it. A few minutes later I went into a bit of shock and a friend rode my bike home while another friend gave me a ride. The doctor at the ER said it's not out of alignment so they probably won't have to do anything but fuck, does it hurt. They gave me some T3's which are starting to kick in but I still can't believe I missed that fucking ball. My poor friend feels like an asshole too, but it wasn't his fault at all. Besides, I pulled through...with a very swollen face. tongue.gif
Good Evening.

Turbo, enjoy your evening!

Tree, holy crap. You almost fell in a cave??

Erin, ohmygoodness, are you okay??? ~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~* I read your crackbook status update and thought you meant it towards your friend, not you who actually broke your nose. Oh.dear.

Well, I went to dadsters for dinner, and I'm going to go for a jog, I need to clear my mind. Body is feeling good, so I think the jog will be good. Now that it's not so hot out.

I'm alright. I'm kind of out of it and wonder if I didn't get a concussion. I'm also out of it because of the lovely t3's which have actually helped with the pain quite a lot. And I have 20 more to get me through the next few days. A lot of people I've spoken to said they were out of commission for a few days when they had similar experiences. I guess we'll really see tomorrow. There's already some bruising so I'm sure I'll have black eyes.
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