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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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thanks doodle, and the rest of the okayers. i thought you guys could help me with that one. it was kind of the answer i knew already, but kinda wanted to ignore. i've dated a few people who worked at npo's and it was never a good sitch. my ex worked at a place that just trained people to used video equiment and edit film and it was super dysfunctional. mr. t works for a npo and is constantly talking about the drama. thanks for reminding me that there is no such thing as a good npo. thank you all.

sooooooo glad i asked. biggrin.gif
Good Morning.

It's Friday and this is all that matters.

Turbo, when do you go again?? How long are you gone for?

~*~*~*~*~*vibes for tree~*~*~*~*~*~* I'd bring you and GT some tasty drinks while you sat on the beach! So long as I got to use the cabana boys!

Doodle, you know, even as I'm trying to get on with the police, I have no desire to smoke right now. I haven't for some time. I'm really enjoying this healthy living business. I'm with you in the NPO stuff.

Hi GT!!!!! I'm with Doodle on the NPO. I'm with the same client base and I'm miserable.

Oh anyone considering a career in social work? I say don't and give your head a good shake.

I soooooo need the weekend. I'm still pretty tired from this cold, I'm going to take some vacation time this afternoon. I think I'll book out at around 2ish.

So, what's everyone doing this weekend? I think PR boy and I may go see hellboy, he's about as happy as I am right now, so we shall see how he's feeling. I am constructing a small care package for him. I have some nerds (which he enjoys), the movie trainspotting (which he's having difficulties finding), a new pipe (which is of an eyeball, it's really cool) and he draws, so I want to swing by an art supply store and get him some fancy shmancy drwaing pencils.

That is my story. The end.

Indeed CH. It IS Friday and it IS all that matters, so...

Happy Friday, you smegma-encrusted titty butters!!

Getting together tonight with Artman. It's been kind of a wild week; he's been getting little sleep due to ex-waif issues, and thusly been passing out at inopportune times and not calling when he says he will. Certainly not an inexcusable offense, but it's been triggering my anxiety all over the place since exminxman used to do that on PURPOSE and ignore me for days, sometimes weeks on end. Wow, that was such a toxic relationship and the poison is still leaching out of my system. He has to leave early on Saturday morning to take one of his daughters to Wisconsin, but will be back on Saturday afternoon!! We will still get most of our weekend together after all! He asked me to please keep eating nectarines because that is (giggle) making me the Tastiest Girl in the World. tongue.gif

My garden is progressing really nicely. Tomato plants are huge and could use some pruning, beans are crawling all over the place, cucumber and hubbard squash blossoms proliferate, and the peppers are all getting nice and bushy. I'm a little miffed that the growing season was cut so short due to the cold April and May we had up here, but hopefully the warm, warm weather will continue into early October so that it's still a bountiful harvest this September. Sounds like Artman and I will also use his commercial kitchen access for a massive canning effort! He said officially that he will be my pastry chef assistant for the wedding cake production. He's just lovely.

Tonight we will have lobster bisque and fresh bread. I will be putting together a nectarine orange chiffon cake with almond/vanilla creme filling and he is bringing home a lovely batch of whipped cream to match it. Have I mentioned how much I love dating a chef?! WHOOT!

Diva, the cakes I made her were as follows:

1. Orange zest chiffon cake with a filling of almond paste vanilla bean custard (folded with whipped cream) and nice chunks of nectarine and covered with a Grand Marinier buttercream frosting. For decoration, I used sliced, non-peeled nectarines, and these shattered pieces of brittle I made with just water and sugar taken to hardboil stage so it caramelizes beautifully. I pour that into a lined pan that has whole toasted almonds so that it looks like amber stained glass shards. Really gorgeous presentation.

2. Almond Poppyseed cake with fresh blackberry filling alternating layers with almond cream cheese filling. The whole cake in real production would have a custard topping set with a pile of berries and mint leaves and cream cheese frosting. I've been toying with some other using rosewater in the custard filling. Do you remember that restaurant Bobino's? My ex-fiance and I went there one year for Valentine's Day and they had a rose creme brulee that was magnificent and I think it would pair nicely with the poppyseed. A friend of mine suggested that I use sugared blueberries and blackberries on top.

I've made three wedding cakes in the past, and two were an Italian genoise with mocha ganache filling and poured ganache top. Totally messy production, but really beautiful and shiny. I decorated with fall seasonal flowers, sugared grapes, and eucalyptus leaves.

I made the almond poppyseed/blackberry one last spring for my brother's wedding, and it was a huge hit. I just love cake making, though. One year I made my other brother a Cuban opera was soaked up with creme de cacao and rum and just delish.
Hey you discarded pantyliner lickers!!! It's fucking friday!!!!!

That's all I have to say for now because my brain hurts.
welllll how-de-dooo all you cheetos bra stuffin' orange fingered, diaper sombrero wearin', pony riders!

a nice little bit of good news! it seems the lovely lady at toys forwarded my artist statement and some jpegs to one of the big free papers in town, and it looks like i'm getting a blurb in the what to do section! whooo hooo!

... oh shit... i better get to painting!

later, color co-ordinators!
Popping in to say hallooo to the Lounge! Sorry I've been majorly MIA lately. Baby sis brought home looovely germs to share with the entire family, so I was busy being a blob of self-pity in bed. Then when I finally returned to the BUST office, the other interns and I were busy running around the city and delivering garment bags. I officially hate clothes.

((((major job, health, etc. viiiiiiiibbbeeesss)))) for every BUSTie who needs them. I seem to have missed a lot. (Including Debbie getting some serious changes up, apparently? Crrazzziness.)

Hope everyone has a fabby fab weekend. I am just going to stay in and relax, finish recovering my health and reread some Oscar Wilde.


ETA: I just realized next week is my last week at BUST and also my last week acting as the *official* LL intern. sad.gif
See? I knew doodle would pop in with exactly the right words on the NPO sitch! GT, I'm glad you're feeling okay about the decision you have to make there.

I haven't had quite the soul-life-sucking experience that doodle has had in NPOs, but I'm still not sure I'd recommend the experience, either. Mission-type work is great and all that, but there is a certain whiff of insanity amongst all the NPOs I've worked at and freelanced for. That said, I'm still doing NPO work, alot of the time can't quite figure out why, aside from fear of the for-profit world. Ah, well. For now, its a paycheck.

Minxy, I am DROOLING over those cack descriptions. I vote for the nectarine one - YUM. I just got some gorgeous white nectarines at the farmer's market this morning, and they are sooooo good.

I just took turbodoggie with me to a protest - it was pretty fun. Our 'hood has been fighting for its own community center for 13 years...its now built, and ready to open, and we get notice two weeks ago that our fucktard alderman has all but signed a lock-stock-and-barrel lease to place a Boys & Girls Club chapter in the center - to the exclusion of any other program for adults or seniors, and with no input from the community. WTF??? I have no beef with the Boys & Girls Club, because they do amazing work, but the school that is 100 yards behind the new center has been begging for a B&GC chapter for 10 years!! So yeah, we had a protest in front of the center - about 150 people showed up, everyone brought signs, we got some news coverage, and then we marched 6 blocks to the alderman's office, and posted an open letter to the fucktard on his door, Martin Luther style (on parchment and everything). I have a real problem with giving over public parks to private tax dollars paid for that center, and I want it to be open to the ENTIRE community! </rant>

L3, I am so sad that this is your last week at BUST and the lounge! *passes flutes of champagne around thread* You have been so very good to us in your tenure here - do stick around as a native! And be sure to pass along to you successor how much we love this space, and that it does need tending from time to time. wink.gif

doodle i saw this and thought of you. it's a collapsable guitar. very cool!

I just realized next week is my last week at BUST and also my last week acting as the *official* LL intern.

boooo! me no likey!

but me likey you, plenty lysa! you've been an awesome LL, and if i had my drothers, you'd be LL permenant like. i hope you stick around. cos you're a real swell. what turbo said. *tears up and gets a little snifflely*

*stands up and starts to give lysa the "slow clap" of deep appreciation they have in all those cheezy movies*

I'm doing much metter.

*joins GT in cheesetastic clap* Lysa you will be missed very much, you made as feel wanted and showed that you cared about us here on the boards. Stick around as a member. ~*~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*~*~

Getting ready to go out with PR boy.

I'm just at a coffee shop, loading up on caffeine.

My cell phone broke a couple weeks before I went on vacation. Sucks. I got a new one in Chicago, but I lost all my numbers. Poop. I have this friend that I haven't talked to since my phone broke, and I don't know how to get her number. She's so cool, too, and I wanted to see her.

This friend (we've known each other for about three months) is a sculptor and jewelry-maker. She's extra sweet and fun. Before my phone broke, I went to her house with some of my beaded flowers. She helped me make a choker with one of them. It was so cool.

(((((Culture))))) I didn't know you were on track to become a cop! Wow! Sorry you were sick and that your job blows.

Doodle, dood. You're a rock star. I can't believe I *know* a rock star! (you)

Minx - your cakes sound gorgeous - both in taste and appearance. And I am so happy to hear about Artman. That's awesome. I didn't even know you were a cake maker!

Poodle - I have a hard time sleeping with people as well. Luckily, or rather, unfortunately, I don't have anyone to sleep with. Yay. I mean, shit, that sucks. Whatever.

GT - That NPO sounds like bad news. Take the advice of the experts here, and trust your instincts about the place. I work for an NPO also, and although I don't have to put up with so much bullshit personally, our program manager is going to collapse from anxiety any minute. She gets so much shit from the executive director and the business manager. I don't know how she even survives it.

I do love my job, though. I get to bake and teach and help people every day. It does get boring, though, because sometimes there just isn't enough baking to do to fill up a day. Friday, we baked up some toasted hazelnut shortcakes for the freezer to use next week. I ordered some plums to make a compote. Hopefully that dessert will be yummy and it will sell in the cafe.

~*~*~*~health vibes for divadad~*~*~*~

Turbo - you're going up tp northern MN? *My* northern MN? You're gonna love it. Bring some bug dope, though. The skeeters will eat your tasty hide. When we arrived in International Falls, we got out of the car and - I SHIT YOU NOT - the mosquitos were so thick that they were in our mouths and noses! The thing that sucks the most, though, is when they buzz around in your ear at 4:30 in the morning. So annoying.

OK. I guess I will pack it up and go home for a littloe while. I hate my apartment. It's so hot. But I have a few books to read. I got the new David Sedaris while I was in Chicago.

Tonight, Morticia and I are going to a place called the Surly Wench. Yayayay! I love the Wench.

OK. Smell ya later.

<joins in on the slow cheesy clap>

I sure will miss you, LLL.

I'm tired. Will post more tomorrow. I think my -80 is going to be okay after's at a bit more tweaking is needed, but it's getting there.

I'm still playing with lots of kitchen software! I'm narrowing it down, yessirree.

I see how slow claps would work in the movies, but how does one react in real life? huh.gif Good thing it's "just" the internet. I can react however I want...

*lights fireworks*

Thanks for all the love, everybody. I'm still around til Wednesday and unofficially around after that.

Hmmmm, what would be a god reaction, there are so many.
hey! my slow clap isn't cheezy! (and how weird is it that we are talking so much about the clap?)
Hello ladies! I'm back home from week at diabetes camp in lake of the woods. This was my first time being a counselor in 3 years and it was awesome. There's three counselors to a cabin (medical, nutritional, camp - I was camp, I have type 1 diabetes) and we all got along great and our 10 diabetic girls aged 8-10 were great. I feel like I wasn't even away from home though. The days flew by because you wake up at 7, have to test all 10 girls bloodsugar (1/2 hour or so) get the early bird swimmers in the lake, the medical counselor has to go to meet with senior medical staff to discuss the kids insulin doses, the kids have to get changed and get to the dining hall where they make their meal plan based on how many carbs are in each food item, then they have to figure out their insulin dose, get someone to supervise them giving a needle, get all the insulin off the table, serve the food with measuring cups to make sure they're getting the proper amount of carbs (which was a challenge when the kitchen would run out of food that the girls needed to fill their carbs), and then it's clean up and off to activities until the next meal and the whole routine gets repeated for lunch, dinner, and bedtime snack. There's even 3 staff called the Ramblers who test most of the camp at 2:30AM to see who's low. In between the meals you've got swimming, kayaking, etc, and your campers running up to you going "my bloodsugar feels low", and doling out morning and afternoon snacks of granola bars and fruit to go's. It's crazy but we had a blast. I usually have low bloodsugars once or twice a week but I went low at least 50 times because we were so active. It was nuts, and I weighed myself this morning to see that I even dropped 5 pounds.

I'm trying to keep up with what's going on with everyone in here but I think I'll have to drop back tomorrow to properly catch up. I'm exhausted and ready to crash into bed.
hi everybustie! hope everyone is good--

nice weekend w/ mr T. she had some extra eggs from her chickens so gave her neighbors a dozen each. one of the neighbors was so sweet, she reciprocated with fresh, hot , homemade empenadas! yum!

Oh no, LLL!!! You've been so good to us! sad.gif

*cries and re-lurks*
lysa, please stick around in your "non-LLL" persona! you've been the best intern we have ever had take care of us! (well, in my time on bust! there are loads of others who have been here much longer than i have!)

i have a request of the okayers:

i love all of you! i used to play in here much more often, some of you may remember. now that i'm more of a "drop in once in a while" type, i find that i just can't keep up! would anyone be up for considering throwing out a "topic" once in a while, as well as all of the individual shout outs? i'd pop in way more often if i could respond to "what is your favorite cack?" or "let's talk about female serial killers" or "if you were an animal, which one would it be and why?" or "which kind of office pest annoys you the most?"

if we did that, in addition to sharing about ourselves and responding to everyone, i would feel less embarrassed about just popping in and saying something. nowadays, i tend to lurk. i love knowing what everyone is up to, but i just don't seem to be able to find the time to read all of the archives.....

would love to hear feedback about this idea!

(((((((divalla, doodle, turbo, poodley noodley, minx, the fjs, lore, treehugger, culture handy, girl trouble, puppy kitty, rose violet, mouse, erin jane, everyone else that i'm missing))))))))
It's Monday am still at this horrible office, I've decided I'm just going to make up appointments so I ahve an excuse to get out of here. Wouldn't you know I have an appointment at 1:30 today. Teehee.

Hi to all the okayers!!
Goooood Morning!!!

Sorry I've been absent lately! Work has been really busy. And I took Friday off to meet some girlfriends out of town. We had a great trip! We ate a ton of food & put away a good deal of wine. Perf.

Tes, Hey!!! I think your topic idea is a great one! I know what you mean about not being able to catch up sometimes. It can be challenging. We love to see you anytime, and I will be happy to participate in the topic discussions!

Diva, is your pop sick? I hope not. Whas a' goin' on lady?? Are you starting any new classes soon?

Hey PK! It's so good to have you back in here! How long have you been in your job now? I can't remember the population of bakers you work with? Your description of the mosquitos made me itch all over! Could be b/c I have more than a couple bites right now though.....

Hey Poodle! You got DD on DVD?? That rawks!!!! Oh Johnny.....

Hey GT! New job opp?

Hey Jenn! Hey tree!

Hey LLL! Yes, can you hang with us still?

Hey CH! I'm sorry work is so rough right now. ((((CH)))) Are you looking for something else? Or what are you thinking about other career plans? I know you really want to get out of what you're doing.

Who have I forgotten? Oh! Minx! Hey! Sorry Artman's ex is being problematic. I hope she lays off soon. Glad your garden is doing so well! Nice! I've got several HUGE Bloody Butchers that are still green. I'm waitin' for them to turn. And not so patiently, I might add! My peppers are doing well still & my cukes. Squash is about done as are the lettuces and chard. Sweet basil and Thai basil are still exploding.

Things here are pretty good this morning. Like I said, I was out of town Friday-Sunday. I got back early yesterday though, which was really great. I power vacuumed the whole house (2 canisters worth of gross, right?!), baked some bread, made some pesto pasta, and watched my two Sunday night tv shows: Dexter & Mad Men. It was a verrry nice night.

Can you guys gimme some vibes for Mr K? He has a test today & I think he's gonna need 'em. He's having kind of a hard time with his Chemistry II class. I mean, not like, failing, but the grades need to come up a bit. Poor guy, he is studying so hard. I keep telling him I never would make it in those classes. No sir. Anyhoo, I know your busty vibes are magic & he could use the boost in confidence right about now.

~*~*~*~*~*test vibes for Mr. K~*~*~*~*~*

While I'm trying to get this career with law enforcement, I'm attempting to get the hell away from this department and go some place else.

Hi, all! I'm new to this thread.

My non sequitur of the day is this: Happy birthday to all of the Leos in Bust Lounge land. smile.gif
Hello? Has anyone else found the temporary location?

Welcome, persimmon girl!
hey tes! i love the topic idea, and i know what you mean about trying to keep up. that's why i gave up on the kvechers. my kvech was i couldn't keep up! but you do know you can use the options pull down, which is on the right, right below the "fast reply box" across from the thread name.

pull down the options pulldown,
select "track this topic,"
then a new screen will give you several different options, from no emails but keeping you notified, to immediate emails, to once a week emails. i think there are like 7 different options. and you don't have to wade thru all of the old posts, you get the fresh in your email box!

neat eh?
yay for ej! that is so cool! and it sounds like you had a blast! do you think you'll do it again?
hi persimmon girl!

^+^++zone out/do nothing but no trouble vibes for culture at work ++^+^
(say hi to jj for me)

+**+**+.+**fancy chemically enhanced mr. k vibes**+.+**+**+

i'm trying not to be on here too much... i'm gearing up for my show at toys and i don't know if i posted this here one of the free papers is giving me a write-up in next weeks paper, (it might just be a little blurb with a pic, but that's good enough for me!)

things at the old job have gone to shit. it's time to start looking for a new one..... *sigh* i wanted to be there for a couple of years atleast. but my luck is changing. and i'm pretty happy. still no word on the unemployment... :/

Hello everyone! This is a quick one - I have about 2 minutes before I have to start getting ready for work. But I wanted to pop in, especially since I couldn't get in here last night!

Am at the store a lot these days - no temp jobs are coming up unless I can take one with one or two days' notice. Impossible! I'm really disappointed, as I was told this was peak temp season. I've decided I'm going to have to look for a more permanent day job, hopefully part-time so I can stay on at the store.

Yesterday at the store, we had a woman come in who'd had an "accident" in her clothes and needed new ones right away. I tried to feel sorry for her, but OMFG, the SMELL. It stunk up the whole store, and stayed in our nostrils for ages after she left, even though we sprayed the whole store with Lysol. And then she had the nerve to say she was going to change into the new clothes in our bathroom....and RETURN them if they didn't fit! Um, no. We had to tell her she couldn't return them. Hello? The strange bit is, she had a friend with her - couldn't she have just sent the friend in for new things? I would have!! I would have been too embarrassed.

Oddly enough, later on in the day, I kept smelling smoke everywhere. Not like cigs or a forest fire, more like....incense! It was being blown down by the big ceiling fans. Eventually the others started smelling it, but we couldn't find fire anywhere. So I wondered aloud if the store was doing something to correct the smell issue.....eventually we were running around saying the store was smudging itself!! biggrin.gif

Anyway, I have to you all, will try to get back in here tonight!
Hey kids,

well at least I can acces the lounge now. It's very hard being at work without bust!!!

Hey persimmon_girl!!

Kari, how did Mr. K's exam go?

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey GT!!! ~*~*~*~*work and show vibes~*~*~*~*~

Now here I am, at work, but I've been jogging again, was out yesterday evening in the heat, it was hot but the run felt good.

How is everyone?
Heya All! (why am I in pink?!?) *ETA guess it's just while typing, not in the final post.

Heya Girl Formerly Known As LLL! I really do hope you stick around Okayland smile.gif I also hope Okayland has a nice, safe transfer, archives and all.

ErinJane, it's really cool that you're doing that diabetes camp! Whoever came up with that was brilliant, and it's just way cool that you're working there and soing stuff to educate and make those kids feel better smile.gif

Hiiii Kari! smile.gif Fellow Dexter's Lab fan? Kewwwl!

Welcome in, Persimmon Grrrl! (hope you make the move with us!)

GT, which free paper are you in?!? smile.gif

Ewww about the Accident-Lady! Glad you made stuff clear about the no-returning-clothes-with-poo-on-them policy, Doodle! I bet your co-workers loved you for it.

(((Culture))) just cos.

Heya heya to everybody else! Yer all awesome, but I've got too much of a chocolate buzz to concentrate.

And for the Topics For Tess program... how about: What custom or aspect of another culture do you wish were common to the point of taken for granted in your state or province? I.E. Spain's siesta time where even buisnesses close for an hour or two to let people nap, or maybe Japan's reverence for teachers. For me? I'm tempted to blow it on an Amsterdam-ly casual attitude toward pot. Seriously, a lot of people could be cured of some lame attitudes if they chilled out with a toke on occasion. Goaty like's Japan's drinking in public allowance, (but a strong intolerance for drunken driving).
Wheee! New lounge digs! Thanks ever so much L3 and the other LLs out there making this happen for us!

I like your idea lore! But instead of stealing another culture's custom, I would propose a new one - everyone gets a professional massage once a month - paid for by gov't. Much like a lax attitude toward pot, I think if everyone regularly got their bods worked on, peeps would be more chill and nicer to each other.

Tes!! My darling, you know you can just drop in any 'ol time, catch up with whatever's on the page, and say whatcha want in here!

I made the most yummalicious Quinoa-Black Bean Salad tonight for dinner....SOoooooo good, and I have a metric ton of leftovers for lunches/dinner tomorrow. I topped the salad with cubed avocado and crumbled goat cheese for ultimate perfection. Hmm...I guess we don't have all the linky tools on here yet, but the recipe was from - search for quinoa black bean salad. I think its the only one.

I'm frantically trying to get ready for camping this weekend - too much cooking still needs to be done, so that I'll have healthy, wheat-free foods to eat all weekend. And we still have to figure out what to do with the dog. Take him with, and risk that he won't get along with the other dog, or send him on vaca with the other dogs down the street who are going to Door County. A Quandry.

And now, I've gotta make granola bars and cookies.
Good Morning!

Thanks Lore. smile.gif How is work going?

Turbo, have you decided what you are doing with houndy?

Well, it's Wednesday and the week is half over. Last night I went for a jog, then worked out. Nothing earth shattering.

I'm not too exciting, just chilling to some music right now, not really working.

Lastdaylastdaylastday! Mixed feelings. But mostly I'm looking forward to 2-day weekends again.

Also, hoorah... the LoungeLounge is back.

*sniff* bye L3! long live the new bustie lysa!

so have you figured out a good name? as much as i love having you as the LL, it will be good to get to know you as a bustie. i'm kinda looking forward to it.


Weeeelll... I've been pretty bummed for a bit. The interior finish carpentry job ended pretty quickly. I helped them pour a wheelchair access ramp outside (not normal finish stuff) and then every other task left was just a one-man operation. Monday was my last day. The company had nothing else for me. Also, I just felt frustrated that while I did my best at all the tasks handed me, they were all short tasks that I'd never done before. I was all questions, all the time. We hung two doors, so I was just learning that. If we had hung ten, I'd be a pro by the time we're half through. Same with trim around doors. I trimmed two doors, and in retrospect, I've got a great concept of how they could have been done better. The task was over before I got any good, though. I had no chance to shine.

They were nice to me, though. A little encouraging, too, though I was very nervous about stuff all being new to me. Also, since I only worked three days, I got to keep my place in line on the out-of-work list. I'll have another job again soon. I just wish I had a more stable career going. I'm looking into switching. Thanks fer askin' Culture. I guess I just didn't want to start on the subject yesterday.

Turbo, I think people should massage each other more often, too. More human contact and caring can pretty much only help us all. I massage Goaty almost every night, at least her back. I also rub her feet when we watch DVDs. I am a tactile learner, though. (Like some people are visual learners, and Goaty's an audio learner.)

Happy LastDay, LLL! biggrin.gif

Heeeeya GT!

Hey Lurkerbees! *pokes at the lurkerbee hive and runs*
L to the three, we'll miss you!

Hey GT!!

Lore, I'm with you on the massaging. My thing is tracing random shapes on a person's skin, or light scratches on skin. Light touching does wonders to relax a person. Sorry to hear about work. I should send you some cookies!!!!

Almost done work, it's been a slow afternoon, hell it's been a slow day. I just want to get home and take hound to the park and workout.
You want it.
You know you can't live without it.


Mmmmm..... Cookies and veggie-porn! smile.gif Thanksh, guys! (Oh, wouldn't you want to know what I'd like ta do with those tomatoes!?!*)

Yay! I got a call from a crew that is working on building a gym at GoatyGirl's school, and I'm starting work there on Monday! YAAAAAAY!!! And the boss there sounds nice.

Also, I've just opened a JB Hopfest beer smile.gif and brought home three bottles 3-Buck Chuck! Yarrr!

*they'd be nice all oiled up with eeexxxtra-virgin olive oil on mozerella and basil with a sprinkling of salt, pepper, and sherry vinegar.
Hmmm...a topic is making me more likely to reply. Not that I don't want to talk to Okayers (((I wub.gif ya all!))) But it gets overwhelming sometimes when I don't have much energy left and have lots people to vibe. Not that I don't want to vibe people...well, I think you get what I'm trying to say. It's just overwhelming!!

The thing I love about other cultures (I'm mainly thinking of Europe) is the vacation time. I read recently, I think it was France, people get an average 31 days off, paid vacation per year. If I'm wrong about that, correct me...but I would lurve that. I don't get enough "not working" time. Sheeyatt, that's almost three days EVERY MONTH. A lot better than my measly ten days per year.

I was out of vacation time after last May!!! Bah.

Oh, GAH, doodle....I am glad you told her she wouldn't be able to return poopy clothes. Is your store a stand-alone building or is it in a mall?

Cool, Lore, you get to sort of work with Goatie!!! I figured out a pretty cool way to trim windows when I had the shack...I'd install a nail-fin me a nice deep windowsill on the inside (have to have a place for the cat to sun himself, or a place for little potted plants)...then I'd do the windowsill flat in, butted up to the frame. I shimmed it as necessary. Going out on each side 5 inches. I'd stand vertical 1x4s on each side on top of the windowsill and they'd go flush with the top of the windowframe. Then a horizontal 1x4 on top of them. Looks more solid and less flimsy than mitering them.

Then, the inside of that frame got cove moulding and the outside got quarter round. It ended up looking pretty nice. Kind of old fashioned, in a cottage-y way. I actually used #2 pine and clear-coated was nice looking, actually. I should scan and post a picture. Oh...wait....

The right side of it looks weird because it's butted up to a wall...which was the case with many of my windows in my *strangely remodeled/fixer upper* house. (I didn't put the wall there...but I did leave it there)

My balcony porn plants are not happy. I think I need to stick with succulents out there....if I buy something that'd survive Arizona, I think it'd be okay. I think it's going to be aloe plants and hens and chicks and cactus next year...hehe. But my plumeria is still happy so that's something!

LLLysa, I will really miss you. I hope you join us as a regular Bustie! wub.gif

Yay, GT is going to be a celebrity!!!! (((GT)))

~*~*~chemistry test vibes for Kari's MR~*~*~

Turbo, I live in envy of your salads. I wish I lived near you so I could just *coincidentally* show up at your house and beg salad off you. Heh.

I've been a little bummed lately too...PMS isn't helping much. I'm a bit bummed about Mom...I feel like I'm just sort of waiting for her to die, which doesn't feel good to me. And I'm running way behind at work and our good supervisor is gone on vacation so we have the crappy one who basically doesn't want to do ANYTHING...and our good stores guy who is good at doing special orders hurt his back so the only one left is the insanely dumb one (sorry, but it's true) and I have SIX -80 freezers in the shop and one that I just fixed a month ago isn't working so IT is coming back TOOO.........yikes!!!
Hello back, Kari!

Hullo, girltrouble!

Thanks for the welcome, culturehandy!

What's going on, lorewolf?

And hello to everybody else!

I looove the garden pictures...plants are so beautiful.

Another non sequitur: why am I craving sunflower seed butter and brown rice all the time? It's so yummy...


ps: i missed the lounge while it was MIA, but now it's back. I love the ever-changing background "wallpaper".
*drools over minxy's garden porn*

Hey y'all!! Just checking in to say I am officially ON VACATION!! ....And, I've been cooking since 5pm, and am now done with that - lots of healthy, safe yummy things for me to eat all weekend. And now, I have to pack. Hmph.

See y'all next week!

Yay! Garden porn!

YAY for turbo's vaycay starting!!!!! WHOOP!!! I'll meece you darling....even if I don't get to post much, I always lurve reading your posts and catching up on your goings-on!

lore - bummer about the job....that's kind of how I feel about some temp assignments: if I had more time to prove how fast I learn to do the things they want done, I'd be a shoo-in. *grumble*

tree, your window framing is awesome! The store is actually part of a very big strip mall, so it has it's own entrance. It's too big to fit into a mall! It would need almost half a floor of a department store. I was mentioning yesterday to the boss that I thought we should all work on rollerskates....

Is massage the topic du jour, as per tesao's suggestion? smile.gif I can't say enough about massages. I would lobby to up turbo's Bill of Massage Rights to once per week, though. We all know that's 50% of the reason I am still keeping mr scorpio around. Even he knows it at this point. wink.gif Luckily he's still down with it.

Hello also to CH!!! I wish you were here relaxing in the hot BC weather on my riverbank. Not smoking that doob, of course.

Speaking of doobs, it is jam night so I must get offline. BEB is coming to pick me up. I have 2 verses to my new song now, along with the chorus and bridge. I'm not calling it done, but I'm going to jam it and see what I think. biggrin.gif It's a busy day. Answered a last minute plea for help his morning - friend is supposed to be moving at the end of the month and got suddenly wiped out by a staph infection. Then home in time for a little HBI. And now out the door to sing my guts out and listen to great music and smoke a little weed. I'd hoped for sleeping in before placing a booty call today, but serendipitously, the boss moved my shift up so I don't start till 1PM tomorrow, so I can sleep it all off before work. I won her over easily with the twin arguments that the store needs me in the Thursday close shift due to staff shortages, and that Wednesday night is jam night. I love my boss.

I love my life. I just wish I had more money. Like all of us in Okayland. tongue.gif

Sorry, I was going to say hello to everyone else, but BEB is at the door!
Goooood Morning!

I've decided to make this my Friday, so I have a 5 day weekend!!!!

Minx, woohoo garden porn!!! Speaking of which my raspberries and blueberries are flowering!!!!

Lore the tomatoes sound delish! Mmmmm.

Tree, I love what you did with the window, looks great. I'm sorry that you're feeling down, how are you doing today?

Hey PG! How's it going?

Turbo, enjoy your vacation!! You totally deserve the time off.

Doodle, I'd love to be hanging out with you! I do have some vacation time, I should time it for the long weekend...

well, hmmmm, I mowed the lawn last night, took hound out and worked out, legs are sore today, but a good pain. Thank goodness for supplements, I'd be in way worse shape. Ummmm, tomorrow is payday!

So, what's everyone doing this weekend?

Good Morning!!!

It's Thurdsay! This week is flying by.

((Tree)) I'm really sorry you've been bummed. You are dealing with some serious stuff regarding your mom. I don't really have any advice, but wanted you to know I was thinking about you. That window frame looks awesome!! Color me impressed! You got such skilz.

Minx, your garden sure is looking purty! Keep those pics comin'!

Jenn, have a great time on your vaca! Have you been off all week?

Hey CH! My legs are sore today too. But also in the good way. Did a power sculpting class last night. Lots of squats & lunges. Ouch!

Lore, congrats on the job!!! yay! Seems like perfect timing, since the other one just ended. So you are a Dexter fan as well? I love that show.

hey Doodle! Hope the doobs were enjoyable!

Things here are good. I am a bit tired today, b/c we were up late. Here in Nashville (and I think in lots of cities) they do a 48 hour film project every year...people make short films in the span of 48 hours. A friend of mine was on a team this year, and the screening was last night. They show them in groups, and hers was second to last. So we did not get to bed til about midnight. *yawwwwwn*. It was fun though. Today, I'm just working away on this report. It's quiet in here, several peeps work at home on Thursdays.

*drags ass into thread*

Training for the police is EVIL pure EVIL. I don't mean fun evil, like me, nooooooooooooooooooo I mean evangelical evil.

I'm so sore, bah.

I must go rest now.
Happy Friday everybody. At least, it's Friday in my corner of the globe. I've been trying to come up with a clever way to call you all "Satan's dingleberries" but I couldn't find a sentence with the right flow. Don't you hate it when that happens?

I am in deepest envy and awe over the garden pron. I get so little sunlight on my property it's ridiculous. Somehow I managed to kill mint this summer. Mint! At least the basil is doing well.


Congrats on the job, Lore!

Kari, that film thing reminds me of the 24-hour Play Festival that we have in my home town. It was hectic but fun. The authors would start writing short plays at 8pm on a Friday night. At midnight, various directors would arrive & they'd pair up with the writers to finish up the script & start plotting stage directions. At 8am on Saturday the actors would arrive & get cast in the various plays. The rest of the morning and afternoon was set aside for rehearsals (& giving the actors time to memorize their lines). Then at 8pm Saturday night - exactly 12 hours after the writers got together - we'd perform the plays before an audience. It's one of the scariest things I've ever done, but that's part of what made it so great!

I don't really like massages. Crazy I know, but true. I much prefer back scratches. Deep, hard back scratches that leave dark red lines in your skin for a good hour or longer. Aw yeah. Good stuff.
ooooooooooooooooooooooo, loreling! muito thank you for the topic!

i'm with those of you who mentioned siesta:

think of it, it makes total sense. it is totally unhealthy to eat your heaviest meal of the day at night. a lot of the "newer, trendier" diets are recommending that you eat your heavy meal at noon. no meat or cheese for dinner. gives the body more time to digest properly.

and the vacation? yesh! i actually have 23 days plus 2 personal days plus the week off between christmas and new year's, so i can't complain as much as others. my problem is that i can never manage to get away for more than two weeks at a time. i literally can't imagine how good it would be for everyone if we got more time off. i get crabby when i need a vacation!

i'm crabby right now because i have 4 major tasks that need to get done today that aren't going to get done (by the looks of it, anyway) - because i'm waiting on someone else. and i will be hugely surprised if that someone else gets "around" to working with me. she's the director's best friend, so she gets away with whatever she wants. this work isn't going to get done, and *i'm* the one that will be blamed, not the one who really deserves it.

on the plus side, today is friday and it is almost 2 pm!!!

i have a fancy dinner to go to tonight with the executive director of UNICEF (worldwide). i'm tired, but i'm interested in what will happen, and why i was invited - i think that the invitation list was limited to 25 people.....

i wonder where i could find quinoa around here? it's a south american thing.....

Doodle, that story about the 'accident' lady is horrible. But when I worked at a grocery store that happened like 3 times a year. It was so awful and I always felt bad for the customers, but that lady sounds a little 'off'.

Good garden porn, minx. I should post some. We've been having fresh salads almost every night all month. I can't wait for our buttercup (NOT butternut) squash to come up. I never see it in the stores and it's the best squash ever.

I haven't been around much this week because the new job has been crazy. United Way gave us volunteers on Tuesday and they were awesome. They painted the new counseling space, put up all the selves, blinds, etc. All the little jobs that needed to get done. I'm going in there to clean on Sunday or Tuesday and then I can really start moving in there. Today sucked. I had to go to three different work locations and they're all on the other ends of the city, and I don't live near any of them either. My car also has no air conditioning, and while usually I love super hot days like today, sitting in a car with all the windows open and your hair up and fanning yourself with a book is nothing like air conditioning.

Anyways, no big weekend plans for me. Relaxing. I feel like a teenager. My parents are going to England in a couple of weeks and I'm counting the days down till they're out of the house and I can have some alone time.

Heey all! General love to yas! smile.gif

It's Goaty and I's 5th anniversary!

I got her "Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth" as early prep reading for our attempt next year. We're likely to be doing some fiiine seafood dining with a great oceanside view tonight, but not before some good hiking! smile.gif

I'll have to catch up with you all later smile.gif
quick fly by...

can i propose the next topic be favorite 80's wrestlers? i've just reignited my love affair with
gold dust!

a cross between ziggy stardust, kiss and tiny tim.... *i lurve gold dust*

cong ratz on the 5th with the lady de la goat, lore!

don't work too hard ej, and i have to ask, are you going to throw a party when the folks are gone?

i am all about afternoon naps, so siesta? si! si!

and i adore massages, but really just rub your fingers on me lightly and i am yours forever. little pressure required.

painting is going slow, but good stumbled upon a new technique, that looks stellar! laters!
Teehee, speaking of pictures a friend sent me a whole bunch, and while most weren't so appropriate, there are these two.

A Tes sighting!!!

GT, I'm loving the pics.

Hey Erin!

Happy Anniversary Lore!

Ugh, I think I'm training a little too hard. I feel like the original Little Mermaid. every step is painful. Lovely.

GREAT stuff, culture and trouble!!!

i don't know anything about professional wrassling except for hulk hogan. divalla is the queen of wrassling info. i'll go by whoever she picks!

massages, now! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. never too much or too many. i prefer deep tissue work. sometimes i ask for such deep work that i wind up with bruises (i bruise easily, lest you take that the wrong way- although there may be some truth to that, too). i don't really have a preference between whether it is done by a man or a woman, as long as they can get in there and rid me of tension. mr. hotbuns bought us a "thumper" for that purpose as well. OMG. we should all have thumpers!!!

happy 5th, lore and goatie!!! hope that some awesome seafoodage was consumed!!

i'm looking for jobs back in the states. near enough to mr. hotbuns so that we can live together again. i don't want to leave africa, but i think that it's time. he's miserable....and i miss him and elle and her bebe (my pseudo grandson). sometimes you have to know when to bring your relationships to the fore and let your career take a step behind. i'm not leaving mozambique until i find a job, though.
Hmm...I had a whole post last night but it looks like it got eaten.

GT, those pictures made me laugh. My most recent ex was an entertainment wrestler. I never quite got it personally.

I doubt I'll be doing any party throwing while my folks are gone. It's not really my thing, but if my younger brother decides to have one than I'll invite people too. I hate having the responsibility of a party though. Lately I'm ready to pass out super early so I'm not the best host.

Hey CH, like those pics. Especially the bottom one. tongue.gif We should go for lunch or something again soon. I still never know where I'm working though because the new office isn't totally ready yet. On Friday I actually had to go to all three of our locations, which stretch from pembina and the perimeter to near the Salter street bridge. It was stupid and I was not happy.
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