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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Totally. People can be so ugly on the internets sometimes. I guess I'm used to the lounge where you don't get deleted for disagreeing and, heaven forbid, trying to reason with a person. I didn't even disagree that much!!!!!!!!!! I'm thick-skinned and I can handle someone coming back at me with a good argument, but I refuse to be dismissed as a troll. Here's how Shapely Prose works, people: disagreement=inflammatory=troll. *sigh* I'm so grateful for the lounge. Shapely Prose is a bit too 2nd Wave for my tastes. Oh! I'm sorry...was that inflammatory?! Guess what, I don't give a fuck. Block me.


Congrats on your free evening, turbo!! Anything special you're going to do for yourself on this solo evening?
oh yeah, turbo those dogs are little imps. they should grow a little pair of horns. and no matter how much you train them they are very independant. they are like cats on speed. last winter mr t, tiff (my friend who owns the quirrely girl) and i spent a whole after noon in the woodsy section of a dog park trying to get pictures of our dognamic duo, which was a riot. when one would face the camera, the other would be mooning it. i'll ask the mr if she has those pix anywhere...
Just zooming in to say hello okayers. I've been MIA due to the new job and trazadone withdrawal that has left me like a zombie all week. But happily I am now trazadone-free and my insomnia and bitchy disposition have almost passed. I'll be away until the 26th though because I'm going to work at a diabetic camp all week. So have a goooood week. Hope it's hot where you are cause the weather is shitty here.
Hello okayers, been offline for a couple of weeks.
Technical problems...ungghhh rolleyes.gif

Must get off to work, but I'll read back in the thread tomorrow, so I can catch up.
Hope everyone is fine!
Hihi duders!

Guess what? I got a 'puter!

Right now, Heikki and I are at the Minneapolis airport waiting for our flight to Phoenix to leave. It's really boring.

We just spent an action packed week and a half in International Falls, then to Wisconsin Rapids, then to Chicago. Actually, it was pretty boring. At least Heikki got to go fishing with Grampa a couple of times. He liked that.

YAYAYAYAY! I'm back to OkayLand!
Hi hi!

Hello to all, I feel like ass, I have a really sore throat, the vigil last night was just amazing, I'll give full details after I have yet another nap.
yay for our returning okayers! (you were missed, and i can't wait to hear about your adventures!
but to tide me over i'm going to post some photos of the dognamic duo-- puppymonster and squirrely girl!

these are old pix, however not taken from the birfday party-- which i'll probably post about later. this is just a puppy-filled intermission....

if you would kindly present your booty for sniffins at your earliest convenience....?

a little size comparison, although the puppy monster has gotten bigger since these pix.

a quiet moment between sniffing butts...

this is one of the things i love about seattle, this, my friends is a city park. no hiking required.

trouble. dogtrouble.

a fond farewell from the wetlands!

what beautiful puppy pics!!!

(flyby here...too tired to converse much, but am lurking and vibing galore!!)
Awwwwww puppymonster.

Gaaaa, still feel like ass, my nose is leaking. Blech.

I'm sick of sleeping, but must sleep more. Ugh, I think I'm going to go lie down again.
Just a quick drive-by to post a photo of Minxlette...we went for a walk last night.
Good morning all.....I am in the process of catching up with everyone, but thought I'd post now as BFF said she was calling soon, and I haven't talked with her in awhile....who knows how long that phone call's going to last? wink.gif

So, home Thursday evening, HBI and jamming yesterday, back to work at the store yesterday, and more jamming in the evening. Today I am off and working on a song. All is back to normal! Well, as normal as it gets in my world. tongue.gif As always, I am soooooooo glad to be home.

So I am Toto-free, that is good news! But I wish I'd known before I took that 2 ounces of castor oil laxative. Just thinking about it STILL makes me gag. And doodlemama's b-day was on the 16th, so we went to the beach, had fish and chips, and I got a sunburn (sorry), and then we spent the evening at my brother's. He (former professional cook) made us spareribs (yep, more ribs) and baked potatoes with everything, and chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Not a veggie in sight, unless you count the fresh chives for the potatoes. (Okay, yes, potatoes are a veggie, but ONLY by virtue of growing on a vine!) More good news: bro and I didn't fight even once. wink.gif We watched the Eagles reunion concert in Melbourne, on bro's gigantic TV with ALL the techno-software bells and whistles, and then Ratatouille, which I'd never seen and just LURVED! (But I still don't like rats.)

Strangest thing happened to me on the way home from Vancouver. I got off the Greyhound here in town and decided to take the public transit home (partly b/c it's cheaper than a cab and partly b/c I just plain missed my weird little town). It was about 45 minutes to wait for the bus, so I pulled out my guitar and started playing. A guy came up to me and asked if I was going to play him something that would make him happy. So I played Ramble On. Then he asked me if he was single, and told me he'd just finished writing a rock opera, about meeting the woman of his dreams, who played guitar, and they lived happily ever after. I said it sounded a little short for an entire rock opera. THEN he told me he'd just gotten out of a mental institution, b/c he od'd on methamphetamines or some shit, and then he started talking about a woman bartender in a biker bar. He was waiting for a Greyhound to Edmonton to see her, as he was wondering if she might just be the love of his life. I played him some more stuff - a couple of my own. He asked if "Gonna Die Someday" was my own, and when I confirmed it, he said that must be why he'd never heard it, because that was a hit if he ever heard one. wink.gif

When he left, this old guy ambled up over the graveyard wall across the street and waved from his perch atop it. I waved back. He came across the road and said he'd been sleeping in the graveyard, and this apparently amazing lick I played is what woke him up. Turns out it was "Gonna Die Someday." I said, "Wow, my music has the power to wake the dead." He thought that was pretty funny, and he begged me to do it again. And he sat beside me trying to sing along to my own song, clapping and with a big ol' grin on his face. He was such a sweetheart. He said I had "The Voice." biggrin.gif Then he asked if he could play my guitar, and he sang his own song, a thoroughly awesome blues number about "the whiskey and the 'caine" that got him. And then my bus came.

I think that second dude was a ghost.

Anyway, that song I was working on, about the Crown Royal billboard ("long live the father whose footsteps you follow in")? Yeah, I think these dudes just helped me finish it. I was working on it again last night. I already had the pre-chorus and chorus, and the bit about the Crown Royal billboard. I jammed it a couple of weeks ago to see how it was going. (It was going well!!! biggrin.gif) So now I think I can fill in my verses. smile.gif

Speaking of music, I learned the Dixie Chicks' "Truth No. 2" and the Eagles "Peaceful, Easy Feeling" while I was in Vancouver, and maybe, just maybe, Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way," and "Proud Mary" a la Tina Turner. So I guess it was a nice little vaycay in the end! (Except for the castor oil.)

Anyway, AWESOME photos everyone, and yay to MIA Okayers re-appearing from the mist and fog!! biggrin.gif And I've been meaning to say for days, Happy Anniversary to the Turbos!!!!! Slightly belated, but there were extenuating circumstances. wink.gif Love you all!
Doodle, I love reading about your music escapades! And I'm glad that Toto is gone. Very cool about strangers walking up to you appreciating your music.

(((CH))) hope you feel better soon!!! ~*~*~get well soon vibes for ch*~*~*~

Minxlette is GORGEOUS. Purty eyes, and very cute lips. What a cutie!!!! She is going to be a heartbreaker. smile.gif

Welcome Back, Pherber and PuppyKitty and ErinJane!!! ((((boobie squishing hugggs all around)))) has been INSANE. They are still assigning ALL refrigeration calls to me, myself, and I. I still don't have a service van (grrr)...

Tomorrow is S and BJ day. It's Bear's very own special holiday, inspired, I think, in response to Valentines day which (admit it, it's true) is a women's holiday...S and BJ day is truly a "man" holiday.

It stands for "steak and a BlowJob". Two new york strip steaks, and one lusciously long lasting BJ. Heh. Bear's dancing around in excitement.

I'm firing up another ultracold tomorrow...chillycold vibes would be appreciated! smile.gif

crappy crappy cold.


I'm at home with my new 'puter. Mr. PK got a new laptop and gave me his old one when Heikki and I were in Chicago. Yayayayay! Thanks, Mr. PK!

Our trip back to Minnesota was really really boring. My parents and sister did nothing but watch TV the whole time. Heikki was really bored, so he found a video game on the internet and spaced out the whole trip. My parents live way out in the boonies, so there was absolutely nothing to do.

After being in International Falls for 6 days, we went to Wisconsin Rapids to visit my dad, brother, and other sister. Two of my three sisters have babies, 5 weeks apart. Heikki was in hell. He is 14 now, and has always been fawned over by my family whenever we would go visit. Now the babies get all the attention. Plus, he had to sit in the back seat during the ridiculously long car rides with his baby cousin and keep him from crying. Heikki admitted to me that his cousins, although cute, are always crying and that annoys him. Poor dude.

We got back to Chicago on Thursday, and hung out with Mr. PK for the day. Went to Dairy Queen, ate our ice cream at the park, and hung out at his place and watched DVDs of The Simpsons. Then Mr. PK and Heikki went to see Get Smart and I went back to my sister's place. My friend, Em, said she was coming over and didn't make it until after midnight. I was so tired that I wasn't good company. She wanted to go to a party, but I was tired, our flight was leaving Midway at 6:37 AM, and I couldn't leave my sister's house because I couldn't lock the door and I didn't have a key. Besides, I couldn't trust Em to get me back home in time to catch my flight.

At any rate, Heikki and I missed our flight the next morning. We overslept by two hours. We ended up getting an alternate flight into Phoenix (rather than our original plans to fly into Tucson) and Morticia came and picked us up.

Now I'm home. Back to work tomorrow. Back to the coal mine. Back to the chain gang.

Doodle - I truly think that second guy was a ghost, too. Wow. What a cool effing story.

~*~*~*~*get well vibes for Culture~*~*~*~*~*

~~~brr~~~~cold vibes for Tree~~~brr~~~

moi moi moi, puppy kitty! glad to see you even if it does sound like your trip sucked. yayay! for a new old laptop, though!

minxlette is, as ever, gorgeomous. her skin is incredible.

booo for crappy colds! *blows cold away from culture handy*

((((((treehugger)))))) grrrrrrrrrrrrr for not having a van yet! double grrrrrrrrrrrrr squared for having only you cubed to do all of the refrigeration jobs! BAH.

S&BJ day!!! heee! i love it!

~*~*~*~*~*~chillycold vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*

cutecutecute doggie pix!!!

as soon as i can figure out how to do it, i will post mimi the african attack cat pix. i tried to kill her with roach poisoning last week. it was more than scary. she is fine now, though. i actually LIKED it when she bit my ankle through the covers to wake me up!
what the hell, double post.
Good Morning.

Hey PK, it's great to see you in here again.

Tes!!!! You were MIA for a while, it's also great to see you.

I'm at work, still feeling slightly like shit, I am taking the afternoon off. Sooooo now in the mood to train new staff.
Holy photogenic child! Minx, your girlchild is just are you not bowled over by her eyes every day?!?

I'm tired, getting sick, and not able to take anything. Its a monday.
QUOTE(treehugger @ Jul 20 2008, 07:09 PM) *
Tomorrow is S and BJ day. It's Bear's very own special holiday, inspired, I think, in response to Valentines day which (admit it, it's true) is a women's holiday...S and BJ day is truly a "man" holiday.

It stands for "steak and a BlowJob". Two new york strip steaks, and one lusciously long lasting BJ. Heh. Bear's dancing around in excitement.

Hey!!! We celebrate this as well. We call it Steak and BJ day. I never remember when it is. Usually, Preston & Steve talk about it on their show in the mornings on 93.3 WMMR Rocks Philadelphia.
Hi everyone!!!!!!!!

Awwwwwww....minx, that picture of minxlette is soooo beautiful!! You should have it framed. Gorgeous.

Those doggie pictures are cute, too!! I just want to squish pupper's droopy cheeks together!!

Nice to see you PK!! BOREDOM in Minnesota?!! How can that be? It's the most happenin' place on earth! You guys shoulda gone out on the big waters or something. The weather up there is perfect for hiking and fishing.

Hi tes!! Hi erin!! Hi pugs!! All these MIA'ers are dropping by!!

~*~*~*~service van vibes for tree~*~*~*~ You deserved a jeweled tiara and silky sash that reads "Miss Refrigeration" on it!!

~*~*~*~feel better vibes for mox and culture~*~*~*~ What's wrong exactly? I feel tired, too, but only because I couldn't sleep last night. I was up worrying about stupid stuff.

Nothin' much going on in poodleland. Let's see...I vegged on Friday night, I cooked and cleaned on Saturday, and I weeded and cleaned yesterday. Having a yard is so much work. It's a constant battle between me and the evil, sprawling weeds. They're not the pretty weeds, either. They look like big, angry, green monsters.

Boss-lady is out of town for the next couple days, so it's pretty low-key around here. I haven't seen poodledude for about a week now, because he keeps getting mandatory overtime. Hopefully I'll get to see him for a couple hours tonight or tomorrow night. I miss him so much!!

ETA- Oh yeah, I watched Dirty Dancing yesterday, which was fucking awesome as usual. God that movie rocks. My heart gets fluttery just thinking about the final dance!!
It's S&BJ Day!!!
It's S&BJ Dayyy!!!
This is my song, so suck a dong,
It's S&BJ DaaaaaaaaayyyyyYYYYyyyyYYYYyyyyyYYYYYYYY!
*munch* *munch* *munch* (on steak)

Awesome! I didn't miss it! biggrin.gif

Hey all! Sorry for the absence. My parents visited this last thursday through this morning. Goaty was pretty stressed the whole time, and we were both pretty bummed that they came right before Goaty's birthday on Friday. I totally had a bunch of cool ideas to surprise her with, but I couldn't do them with my parents around. Well, I gave her her tennis raquet, which she knew she was getting anyway because I just happened to catch that she emailed her brother about wanting a tennis raquet, so I had to get her to tell him not to get her one. The same thing happened like two more times with other things that I got for her birthday. She would be just about to buy some Theo's Bread & Chocolate and peanutbutter-filled dark chocolate-dipped pretzils, and I'd have to convince her not to. Spoils the surprise, but shows her that I'm a listenin' when she mentions what her favorites are. YennyVay, my Mom & Dad were actually not a bad visit, except that my dad keeps grossing out Goaty with stuff like hocking loogies into the kitchen sink, belching and picking his nose with a tissue and his pinkey (in a twist-thrust motion) at the table, and demanding ice for his beer. Dude's 74, and he's got some memory problems, but that doesn't mean he can get away with being gross. So, yeah, I'm giving Goaty an IOU birthday this coming weekend, complete with flourless chocolate kack and a new massage shower head.

Rock on about BUSTies and BUSTimals doing so well! smile.gif

*except comfort & health vibes for Culture* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Lore, you crack my shit up!!! That made turbomann and I BOTH laugh! (And then turbomann declared S&BJ Day the Best Idea Ever).

Annnnnd, I really can't compete with that. wink.gif

(((((((mox & culture)))))))))

TES!!!! Come back my dear!! How's Africa treating you? We meeece you!

And PK!! Bored in Minnesota - yuck! Hard to waste vacation time being bored. I'm so glad you're back on the internets with us!

Poodle, your weeds make me so glad that we pay drunk janitor to take care of all of that. Even if he is an asshole.

Tree - how did the ultracold go?

We watched one of our friends bike race yesterday - 25 miles on a 1-mile circuit - that is some crazy shit. I was afraid everytime the pack turned a corner at 40mph. And then he talked me back into doing the 100-mile ride in the fall, that I had all but talked myself out of. hmph. Guess I better start doing some longer rides.
Poodle, you bitch! Seriously, my girfriends and i were JUST talking bout having a girls only night with Patrick, Jennifer and Loverboy. Sigh...

Today is tremendously better than yesterday. The sniffles i had were allergies, not a cold, thank goddess. My kid was an angel this morning, and I got a full night's sleep. Its kind of amazing how that makes or breaks a day.

Ohhh...and my pop is here with my coffee. Today, tuesday, is already full of good things. smile.gif
Good Morning!

Well, I went home at 10 yesterday and took a much deserved break from work. Slept, too.

Minx, what a beautiful picture.

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for Mox~*~*~*~*~*~ good to hear it was allergies and not the start of anything nasty.

Tree, here's to your S&BJ day! Well, not really yours, but you know.

Hey Pugs! How's it going?

Poodle, did you get to see Poodledude?

Lore, what's funny is that had you not put the on steak bit in there, I was like, hmmmm munch munch on what? tee hee.

hey turbo! That's a long ride.

So, I'm training staff and unimpressed, I've called my supervisor about it already. My job is not to make up for the shortcomings of the department. Grrrrrr.

Mornin' bustiers!!

Glad you girls got some rest. My allergies have been bad, too, mox. I hear ya on the need for sleep, culture. I was soooo tempted to call in sick yesterday or today just so I could sleep, but I did that last week.

Mox, I totally thought of you while watching the movie!! That's a great idea to have a DD movie night. It would be awesome if you could project it on the wall. My old AV-nerd roommate once had a party with a screening of Seven Year Itch on the wall. We were all sloppy on martinis though, so it was hard to pay attention. Fun times.

Mox, one look at you and I can't disguise...I've got hungry eyes.

40 mph on a bike?! Holy Balls!! I'd probably end up breaking my legs.

Nice to see you lore!! That's so gross about your dad!! I agree that old age isn't an excuse to throw mucous around.

I didn't get to see poodledude last night either!! He wouldn't have been able to come over until 9:30 or so and I was already feeling beat. We're on for tonight though. Ack!! I want to see my piece of man meat!!

Blah...I guess today isn't sooo bad. Some good things:
1. Get to see poodledude, finally
2. Downloaded entire Dirty Dancing soundtrack last night smile.gif
3. Boss is still gone
4. Delicious pepper stir-fry and noodles with peanut sauce for dinner tonight.
Where the frell is everyone? I'm bored and my eyes hurt from reading through boring data.
Fock-a-roni! sad.gif The out-of-work list hasn't budged in an entire week. I was at dispatch for both hours this morning, and NOBODY called in to give anybody a job. I am SERIOUSLY looking at other employment possibilities, here.

At least we're not in immediate financial trouble.

So... um... I'm considering looking for a catering company to join. Any suggestions on that front? I'm a naturally attentive and helpful person. I just really suck at and hate the job-search thing. (Doing it anyway, though.) Any help would be sweet.

Heya Poods! smile.gif Cool you're going to hang with PoodleDude soon! Being together is great, but getting together after being away can rawk! Oh, and if you'd REALLY like to watch a movie with someone who isn't in the same location, you can both rent the same DVD and use Skype and a mic./headset to synch watching a movie together. OtterMan and I do that all the time. It also works with any video you can send over the internet or watch off a site, like Instant Watch on NutFlickx (ouch!). We just do a verbal countdown to start the feature at the same time, and also when we want to pause. You can also consult the video's time progression for synchronizing if you're out of synch in the middle somewhere. It's awesome! Just like you're in the same room or theater together.

Heya CUlture! smile.gif I'm picturing you doing a tight-skirt drill-sergent thing to your trainees, complete with a jockey whip and shades that mirror their frightened, incompetent eyes back at them. Good Times! (I hope it all goes well, though, seriously.)

Yaaay for Cold-Free MoxieTM Glad to hear you're feeling better smile.gif Glad to hear your Pop brings you coffee, especially after mine demanding I make it for four mornings straight. I finally gave him some microwaved dregs from the day before for being so pushy.

Hey-o Turb-o! smile.gif I actually felt lazy for not making a longer song up, but I was feeling lack-of-job stress. Also, I have GOT to get a bike again when I'm employed again. I totally miss zoomin' around. 40mph sounds super fun smile.gif

Oh, and I totally loved the Doodle ghost story smile.gif You peeps are my kinda peeps!

Poodle, hope you get to see Poodledude this evening.

((((((((((Lore)))))))))) I'm sorry the job sitch isn't so great right now. On the plus side you are picturing me as a dominatrix!

I have done nothing but take the dog out this evening, went and bought a leg self-tanner and a new face cream. the clarinins is too rich for the summer.

So, where the heck is everyone else??

lore, if you want catering work, i was going to say check at the closest convention center. they always need people and they pay ok. but i don't know if there's anything in b-ham....
Thankey GT! smile.gif

Wooo hooo! 420 pages to Okayland! cool.gif
Quiet around these parts.

Do I need to do some sort of nakey danse?? I be snobby about it, not a dance, but a danse!!! Tee hee.

I have a meeting this afternoon, but I think I'm just going to take the afternoon off before the meeting off. Fuck that noise.
G'morning Okayers...probably won't post much until tomorrow because I'm still hanging with the Minxlette and we're off to the beach as soon as she can finish cleaning her room.

Made my friend's daughter some sample cakes for her wedding. I was under the impression that it was going to be a smaller wedding, like 50ish people, but no. It's going to be about 200. What in the hell was I thinking?!!! Oh well. Maybe I can ask Artman to help me and do a lot of it in the industrial kitchen where he works the night before. I can create a "centerpiece" with a couple of tiers and then a large pan of the same thang...we'll see. It was an awful lot of work just to make the samples, but it's my wedding gift to them, and most largely a present to my friend. It's her only daughter. She (my friend) is part of the group of wild wimmin I hang out with at work. We're really really tight, and her house is where I'm keeping my garden. It's really worth the work, especially when I saw the look on people's faces as they were eating it!!

Things are going really well with Artman, although the issues with his not-soon-enough-to-be ex-wife are heating up as the custody evaluation rolls near. They get the results in a couple of weeks. She's really manipulative with those girls and it's been getting him down a starts to affect me when it infringes upon our time together which is happening this weekend. I'm trying to keep my big girl pants on about the whole deal and just enjoy the time we have together, but it's getting harder as I become more (gulp!) emotionally involved with him. I really look forward to our every-other-weekend, and it pisses me off that her selfishness subtracts time from us.

As I'm sitting here typing (and realizing that I have to go soon), I feel a long rant coming on, and I should probably just vocalize these things to Artman. He's very open to listening without weird emotional responses and/or horrific juvenile outbursts. It's nice to get used to a partner who isn't threatened by the fact that I have thoughts and feelings. It's just going to take some getting used to NOT being punished in some way for being honest. I've got emotional fleas. smile.gif
Wow, Minx! You're sounding like you're taking things well and right, and I'm glad you've found such a great relationship. There are circumstances involved that are inconvenient, but it sounds like you two are good for each other to an enviable degree. You're both allowing each other to be deep-charactered humans with pasts, and you're liking each other for it. Rock on! smile.gif

Heya Culture! smile.gif Yer makin' me miss my nudist friends of yore.
Hi, peeps!

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile. I've been busy with work and crap, and I don't like being online much at home.

(((((((job vibes for Lore)))))))) the catering thing sounds pretty cool, and you'd be good at it. You've got really good attention to detail. Sorry about the parental visit. Old men can be really nasty.

Minx, what kind of cakes did you make for the samples? I hear ya on what a PITA exes are. I want to strangle the giant's ex weekly because it's mainly because of her sucking up all the giant's funds that we can't get married yet or buy a house. At least he doesn't have any kids.

Holy crap, Jenn, 40MPH? Human legs can seriously move that fast? Sorry about the nasty other greyhounds visit, but at least it's over.

Hi, PK! Next time you come up, you should schedule in a day for Busties!

I really did read all the posts, but can't remember all the details, so...

Hi, CH!
Hi, Doodle!
Hi, GT!
Hi, Poodle! Hope you got some good time in with Poodledude. Any update on the Walgreen's situation?
Hi, Moxie!
Hi, Tree!
Hi, Tes!!!!
And a big hello to all those I missed!

Life's been okay lately. My dad almost had to have one of his toes amputated last week because he got a nasty infection in his leg that's been swollen for the last 15 years weith adema. He's on a really aggressive treatment of twice-daily IVs that he has to go to the doctor for. He'll be out of work for 2 weeks by the time this is over with. I swear, that man is held together with paper clips and chewing gum.

Yesterday was the giant's and my 3-year anniversary. Since it's the middle of the week and he can't take any time off (payroll time, and nobody else in the whole damn company knows how to do it besides him, and it's a large company), we just went out for a really great dinner. We went to Fogo de Chao, which is a Brazilian steakhouse. A-freaking-mazing! I just wish it weren't so expensive. We both at at least 10 different cuts of meat. It was really, really expensive, but we'll have basically paid nothing for it since it's all on gift cards. But yeah, we've been together for 3 years. Oy. Who'd ever have thunk that I'd be in a relationship that long with a normal guy?

I've done lots of baking lately. I made coconut brownies, spice brownies (fresh ginger, ground cloves, ginger, and nutmeg), chocolate malt sandwich cookies, and peanut butter cookies for a get-together with the giant's family last weekend.

A really weird thing happened this morning: I talked with a girl who has exactly the same name as me, and I don't have a common name. Well, I don't know what her middle name is, but our first and last names are the same. I've known about her existence for quite awhile, so it was weird. I've gotten calls for her, too, in the past. Pretty interesting start to my day.

quick fly by, lore, if you do go to the convention center, ask if there is a group that sets up tables and booths. it might be GES, i did some work for them years ago. sometimes it was a ball. durring car shows we got to construct huge car signs that were made for such shows. it was a kick in the pants. it was like playing with a gynormous erector set/lego set. i took a specially made carpet from a massive volkswagon booth i worked on, so for years the floor of my apartment was black carpet with a dotted yellow stripe going thru it.... you have to put down carpet which is hard work, but it's steady.

congrats on the aniversary, divala, and good to hear things are solid with the artman, minxy!
hi lady pazuzu!
Hey everybody!!

Nice to see you diva!! Those desserts sound amazing. The spice brownies sound especially tasty. Congrats on the anniversary!! It sounds like you guys had a nice evening despite the middle-of-the-week work suckage. Where is that Brazilian place?

((((diva's dad)))) It's amazing how he keeps on tickin' despite the health problems!! I'm glad he's okay.

That's really weird about the name thing. According to this site, there are 19 other people on the U.S. with my name (excluding middle name).

~*~*~*~work vibes for lore~*~*~*~ job searching is the worst!!

(((minx))) That sucks balls that the ex is getting in the way. Should I leave a flaming bag of poo on her doorstep?

Hi girltrouble!! Hi culture!! Hi anyone I missed!!

Today is okay. I'm tired because I stayed up late with poodledude and I also have trouble sleeping with someone else in my bed. He talks and even yells in his sleep, which is extremely annoying. Poodledude is traveling to Colombia this week, which really worries me. I'll be pissed if he ends up getting shot or held hostage. He knows a guy from work who has family down there. He claims that he's not a cocaine runner, but I'm starting to wonder (what with his flashy lifestyle and all). wink.gif

Tonight I'm meeting up with a friend from Madison who is in town for a work conference. We're going to Brit's Pub for some fish 'n' chips 'n' ale. Yummers. Only 15 minutes to go!
Minxy, the ex-age indeed sucketh...but how *awesome* to be in a relationship where you can BOTH be honest with how you're feeling. Truly, truly a beautiful thing. And as frustrating as the ex is, I know that continually working through all the manipulations with your own ex, that you are more than prepared to deal with this, knowing in your hearts that this is both temporary and chronic, but easier times and GOOD times are ahead.

And holy CACK!! That is a commitment! I like the idea of roping in artman and his pro kitchen and mixers to lighten the load a bit.

Diva - that is awesome that you went to Fogo for your anniversary! And congrats on 3 years!! Turbomann really enjoys Fogo - seems like many of our friends start their bachelor parties there - it is very manly and all, sizzling meat on skewers sliced by hot men in gaucho pants. heh. I've never been, as I can't handle too much meat at once, so the expense isn't worth it for me, but it is a very nice treat!

OMG, I just realized that a week from today, we're leaving for a quickie vacation!! We'll be waving to all the Mpls crew as we fly by on our way up to Tofte, MN, on lake Superior to "camp" with all of our friends. Its not REAL camping, which is why I can handle it - this girl requires flush toilet and shower. wink.gif Our friends have a property up there, and its kind of weird, but they've got a living area/shed kind of thing, and then 6 platform tents with air mattresses for everyone to sleep in. Should be fun!

((((((((*jobby job vibes for Lore*))))))))

(((((safe travel for poodledude))))) Can you get some earplugs for when he sleeps over? To at least take the edge off the sleep talking. I sleep talk from time to time. I guess last night when turbomann came into bed, I sat up and told him "Well, you're responsible for it." I've no idea WTF that was about. It cracks me up when he tells me the stuff I say when I'm asleep. At least I don't sleepwalk anymore....mox can tell you stories about that one...all the night receptionists in our dorm knew to look out for me, and not let me out of the building, should I wander down in the middle of the night. I'd go looking for turbomann, who was away in the army. wink.gif
HI!!! Drivin' by to say HI!!! JUST got home from the store, am off to a jam shortly. Love you all!!!!!!!!!
Hey-oooo! smile.gif

Just a quick note before heading off to my NEW JOB DOING FINISH CARPENTRY!!!! smile.gif

Love you all, too.

Lore!!!!!! That is so great!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Doodle!

Minx, that is wonderful that you've found such a gooder.

Diva, how's your dad?? Congratulations on the anniversary and delish dinner that went along with it.

Hey Poodle! How long is poodledude gone for?

Turbo, the trip is much deserved!

I am too busy hating work to think about anything else. even my supervisor asked me why I was still with the department.

Mornin' y'all!!

Congrats on the job, lore!! What a relief!!

Turbo, I am soooo jealous of your mini-vacation. Have you been to Tofte or northern MN before? I have to wait until Labor Day to go "up north." I need to get away from this place and take in some nature.

Funny sleep story!! Poodledude also kicks and twitches in his sleep. I think he's dreaming of chasing rabbits. smile.gif

(((culture))) Work sucks balls. I'm envious of people who actually ENJOY their jobs. I can't even imagine.

My friend and I went to El Meson last night and it was soooo delicious. It's a spanish/caribbean place. I had grilled Corvina served over coconut risotto with sautéed spinach and grape tomatoes in a ginger curry sauce. Afterwards, we went to Psycho Suzi's for tiki drinks. Good times.
cong rats lore!

((((((((culture))))))))) it will be over soon, enough, chickie. if you can, look beyond it. this is why you are planning to be a cop, remember? it's your escape hatch!

ok, i need some okayer's advise. mr.t just sent me a job opening for a volunteer co-ordinator at a place i used to volunteer at-- it's a queer youth center. lots of tranny kids come thru the place. it's also an opportunity to get back into helping my community, because it's one of the few places that really supports tranny youth. but there is downside. man is there downside. first, and least importantly, it's part time. now comes the bad part. the director of the place took over just as i was leaving as one of the volunteers. this place, l house, has survived scandal after scandal. dealing with youth, i'm sure you can imagine what sort of scandals there were. the last director also pocketed lots of money, before it caught up to them. this new guy however, has suffered his own scandals. one of the free papers i used to write for did a blistering piece on him, talking about how he's constantly getting his grant proposals and other paperwork in late. this is a non-profit, so the budget gets cut when these things happen. even more worrying, my friends told me about how he would give preference to, what can only be called 'gay eye candy.' that is, if you were young, male, white, cute, you could shit on other people who worked there, other youth, anyone. he was actively, i am told, misogynistic and transphobic, and pretty close to racist. from what i understand, he had a boy entourage who used to hang around with him. ugh. one of my friends, a super sweet heart, who, had worked there for years, quit in protest along with several others. my friend is no shrinking violet either. she'll tell you if you're fucking up, and i'm sure she read him the riot act on her way out. i'm wondering if i should apply for the job? it could just be i won't get the job cos i'm sooo not gay eye candy. on the upside, i could co-ordinate with my 'drag mom' who i adore. which means we could start up doing trans education talks at universities. she and i have done several panels together and where i am the super articulate, theory heavy angry rebel calling out fucked up-edness, she is the super warm nurturing southern bell who sweetens my medicine. which makes me think maybe i can make a difference... but i've known so many people who have worked for non-profits and i know how fucked up they are, how people with great hearts get burnt out, become bitter....i just don't know what to do.
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((CH))))))) Sorry work is sucking for you so much lately. Is it your job in general, or just the office you're in? My dad's doing fine, as far as I know. Thanks for asking. He thinks he'll be back to work next Monday or Tuesday. I'm just glad he's got an insanely flexible schedule, being a float, so he doesn't have to worry about coverages. I do wish he'd take better care of himself, though. I want him to be around to see his grandkids grow up.

Congrats on the job, Lore! Do you mean that you're doing the finishing on cabinetry, or doing Finnish style cabinetry? Either way, cool for you!

Have fun on your trip, Jenn! Maybe camping wouldn't be so awful with running water and such.

Where's Kari been lately?

Poodle, the sleeping together thing is something you'll just have to get used to. It took me months before I could get a good night's sleep with the giant in the bed. Now it's no biggie. Fortunately, he's the most perfect sleeper. Almost never steals covers, only sometimes edges over onto my side of the bed, and never ever snores. He's just as pleasant to be around when he's sleeping as when he's awake, so polite and quiet. tongue.gif

GT, I don't know what to tell you. You'd obviously be great in that job and you'd contribute heaps. But with it being only part-time and the BS you'd have to deal with, and not being able to walk away from it like a volunteer would, maybe it would be more stress than it's worth unless you feel like you could make some real changes there. It shouldn't be so difficult to try to help people, but some people make it that way. The publisher of our local gay rag has been known to be a bit of a pedophile and a generally shady person and there's a ton of politics involved there. I guess my advice would be to not apply for the job unless it's on your career track, which it doesn't sound like. This is something you should feel good about at the end of the day, not something to stress over because of some asshole and his office politics.

Not much going on with me today. I watched some PR last night and sat around. I anticipate more of the same tonight, but with different shows. Life's pretty boring right now, just the way I like it. We're going to be out and about this weekend, though. The giant's neice and brother had their birthdays recently, so we're having a little party for them. I also wanted to go to Stillwater to wander around for an afternoon, so I need to talk the giant into it. I think their big festival got done last weekend, so it'll be way less busy and more relaxing this weekend.
Save me from this hell that is work.

I was in tears this morning because I had to come in. I just cannot do it anymore.
(((culture))) Sucks, dudette.

Girltrouble, it sounds like you could contribute to the community without working at this scandalous place. If you coordinated with your drag mom, I'm sure you would be able to reach some tranny youth and make a difference. I would avoid the drama if I were you. Sounds like trouble.

Hi minx!! Hi diva!! I also have a nice, boring weekend ahead of me with poodledude out of town. I have my dad's birthday party on Saturday, but that's no biggie. Otherwise, it's yardwork for me. I might check out the newer YWCA by my house to see if I like it enough to join.

ETA- I just received the 20th Anniversary DVD of Dirty Dancing, so now I can watch it over and over again!!
Thanks for the hugs all.

I'm feeling slightly better for two reasons. 1) it's friday tomorrow. and 2) I had a fabulous run in my way back to the office.

I suppose I can make it a good things Thursday. I'll do that.

1) Tomorrow is Friday
2) Getting a raise at work and now actively seeking other employment.
3) went for my follow up for my eyes and things are excellent.
4) I can start the physical training component for getting on with the police.
5) The following story which made up for the miserable day.

I was driving back to work from purchasing jeans and my eye dr appt, and I see a firetruck. I'm like I wanna see if they're hot. So they pull up beside me and I'm looking, but wearing sunglasses, one of them catches me staring at him. So he stares at me.I look away, then I look back over at them, the one is. he takes his glasses off and I'm looking down smiling, I was a little embarrased that he caught me. well then he fucking waves, so I roll my window down and this hottie firefighter starts talking to me!!! He's asking how I'm doing and whatnot. I asked them which firehall they were at, they asked me where I worked. then they had to drive away because the light turned green. Regardless, it made me feel better.

Enough abut my bitching.

Poodle, I have no suggestions on the sleeping.

Diva, I hope your dad gets better. ~*~*~*~*healing vibes for Divadad~*~*~*~*~*

GT, it is hard work. I'm not doing non profit, but same client base and it is exhausting.

Okay, I'm going to try and squeeze in even a small workout, i did this morning, but maybe getting the blood flowing will make me feel better.

Again, thank you for support. ((((((((((okayers))))))))))

GT, darling, don't do it. I'm sure doodle can add much to this conversation, but just what you've discussed here...there's too many BUTs, drama, and reasons for the job being stressful. Besides it being have SO much to give to an org like this, but you have to be very careful who you give your energy too....sounds like this place would be an energy sucker. Heed the warning of dorothy and toto! wink.gif I'm a career non-profit whore, so I know to tantalizing allure of being drawn into a mission, but be careful.

PLUS, what about all your welding skillz and union cred that you've been working so hard for?! That's a part of who you are too, and I'd hate to see you drop that, even though that's been a rocky road too, between layoffs and dealing with co-workers. Hang in there, and listen to your intuition.

Poodle, I've never been up to northern MN - just the Mpls area, and I am SOoooooooo looking forward to it. I may have to do some freelance stuff while I'm up there, but whatever. Its still vacation, and water, and hiking and awesome.

CH, I think hot fireman can greatly improve ANY day. wink.gif The loop firehouse is right across from my tower, so I often see the tasty firemen as I go to of them is my friend's husband though, so its always cool when I see him, and have to try not to drool too openly. heh.
ooooh, Lore! Congrats! How'd your first day go????

Divala, finish carpentry is the finesse part of carpentry...Lore should be proud to get that position, because he will be doing all the stuff that "shows". Doorframes, mouldings, anything that has to look pretty, good, level, and probably stained.

As opposed to the other stuff which is basically framing and forming concrete...which is a rougher trade.

GT...sorry, but I can't input on that's not one I've ever been in. It does sound like a LOT of drama for a LITTLE reward. Is there some other way you can benefit the community????

And, any chica who can weld aluminum has got to be valuable. At least she'd be valued here. I hope you don't have to stop welding! Because I was planning on us ending up in Costa Rica welding various arty sculpture thingies, with lots of cabana boys and girls fanning us with palm branches and bringing us tropical drinks in coconut shells with umbrellas. smile.gif

But, in all seriousness, you gotta do what you gotta do to feed your face. If it's getting to be a homelessness thing, then I'd take it.

oooh, Turbo, I love Northern MN. I spent a summer up there when I was sixteen working with the deaf conservation corps...we worked in state parks up there, building trails and shelters, camping out the entire summer....I used to just love building stuff...log stairways were the best! My favorite park up there was Crosby park, mostly because it was so rustic and remote. It is a backpacking park, and the campsites are a mile apart, each. It's hike in, motor vehicles would be able to make it. I built lots of stuff up there...a shelter, several trails, and a stairway.

wonder why I took a male dominated career now???? Heh...

(((ch))) work vibes...I hope you find something better soon! Hottie firefighters, too! Yay!

I love dirty dancing. Unfortunately it's the DVD that is stuck in my DVD player. So, I may be doomed to only be able to watch THAT movie, forever. I do love the movie, but I thing the five millionth time I watch it, might get old. I can't get it to eject, a padlock icon comes up on my television screen. Bah.

(((divala's dad))) health vibes (I'm typing in the dark so I can't find the star and the wavy line symbol to properly do the vibe)..but it's the thinking that counts, right??? I hope he gets better soon. Fogo sounds cool...there's a place here in Madison like that...Bear wants to go but I'm not sure I can handle THAT much protein in one meal. But it does sound cool.

Minx, wow, lots of cake!!! I'm also glad you are finding happiness with Artman. Especially because you can TALK to each other. How rare is that, really???? Pretty rare. I hope his ex wife issues clear up soon. ultra cold (-80) isn't doing well. Fighting with got down to temperature after some tinkering around, but we always like to let them warm back up once and see if they can pull back down to temperature all the way from go.

Well, my low stage compressor's pressures are all wrong. I am thinking I may have a defective compressor. I couldn't have blown the valves out of a compressor like this one, could I???

I really hope not. Vibes???? They weigh 85# and cost like $700.00!!

You know, I had a realization today. I was looking at a -30 (basically we refer to our refrigeration jobs by their temperature rating in celsius...and a minus 30 is not much more than a household freezer) and the compressor wasn't checking out correctly, electrically. It had an internal short. So I told these people that it needed a new compressor. (about $300.00) They are going to scrap the freezer. On my recommendation! I feel so, powerful, I guess. I mean, I would never steer somebody wrong, but just that they trusted me on face value, and trusted that I KNEW what was wrong with their freezer, was a very, very cool feeling. A sort of rare feeling. I felt good...even though they decided their freezer wasn't worth fixing, they came to that conclusion based on MY diagnosis. I feel like a doctor or something. It was pretty cool.
Fuck, I had an entire post written and my computer crashed!!!! mad.gif

Anyway, the most important bit was: GT, don't do it! No seriously, heed turbo. There are good NPOs with the usual tricky internal dynamics, and there are NPOs with seriously fucked up, toxic power and control dynamics, and you do not want to be part of the latter. Especially, you do not want to be part of a human rights organization that teeters precariously on the line of violating human rights via tolerating internal discrimination. Run far, far away. Your own project sounds worthy, and I read someone mention taking it out into the community without the benefit of the NPO. Maybe there is some pocket of funding you could secure, via a legal education fund or something? Or charging for workshops even? Some NPOs and educational programs (i.e.: social work, women's studies) have funding to pay for speakers and anti-oppression education/information, maybe you could start getting it out there by that route? AND, I also think it's important if you have a workshop or educational package that you have developed: don't give it up for an NPO to own. They didn't pay you to develop it. You put your own time and energy in. But if you give it up to an NPO as part of your job, they will legally own it, take control of it, mash it into bits, and turn it over to an entirely inappropriate set of people after you leave. There is an atmosphere of manipulative entitlement when it comes to NPOs exploiting the labour of staff and volunteers. And actually getting your message out there might be far, far easier without the politics of an NPO surrounding it.

My experience of non-profit advocacy work is.....I'll never go back to any non-profit, ever. Seriously. I will NEVER go back. I don't regret it at all, because what I gained personally was so much more than I ever gave, and I gave till I almost died. And I'm grateful to the universe that I got to help build an organization that has integrity and guts, and no matter what, I can hold my head up high and still be proud of it. But seriously? Bitter isn't even the word for it. It's like I have PTSD. It's been a year-and-a-half, and I'm still totally dissociative. I don't even contemplate going back....I feel about it the same way I do about having children: just, no. And I'm also not without a lot of resentment for the living I didn't do, while I was doing that. In the years before I actually did leave, I kept talking to a friend about how in the hell I was going to get out of that place. I felt soooo trapped, by the absolute NEED that the organization had for everything I could give it, by the need to earn an income, by the responsibilities I had and the obligations I felt and the fighting I always, always, always had to do. I was so frustrated, depressed, anxious, and overburdened, that I had the energy for nothing else: friends, art, music, books, relationships. I don't even know what else I did with some of those years, except stuff related to The Cause. I told my friend it was like an abusive marriage. She said it WAS an abusive marriage. That was something like two years before I actually got out. And I was there for eleven.

Anyway. Basically what I'm saying is: RUN! RUN AWAY!! But if, despite the warnings, you decide to go for it, then my personal advice is to treat it like a mission, like you are going overseas to do good somewhere, for a limited period of time. Set a time limit, dive into the work with your whole heart, and then leave when the buzzer goes off. Be prepared to leave knowing you haven't finished anything close to what you set out to accomplish, and that everything you've put in place may, in fact, disappear off the face of the planet after you go. I'm not saying this out of bitter cynicism, just hoping to be honest about the reality I got to see, not only in my own organization, but also in lots and lots of others. I still believe one person can make a difference in this world, and yes, you can accomplish some of it through an NPO....but NPOs are not the sanest or most stable of bases from which to operate, and you have to be prepared to go even if it looks like your leaving will take down everything you've done. I'm not saying it WILL be this way, that it will all have been for nothing, or will all become nothing without you....but it might SEEM that way (and yeah, it might even turn out that way), and that's what hooks you in too long.

Okay. I'm done now. wink.gif I'm sorry for being so rambly, but I got into a tangent.....

((((((((((CH)))))))))) 'Dis job be over soon. Soon you'll be a cop, and we'll never get to smoke weed together. tongue.gif

lore!!! CONGRATS!!!

I put in two nine hour days in a row at the store, with late jamming last night in the middle. I don't even know why I'm still awake! So I'm gonna sum up the rest of my lost post by just sayin' HI to everyone....turbo, poodle, diva, tree, lore, CH, minx, GT, and the rest of you, wherever you are! And yeah, jamming was AWESOME. I jammed the new song I'm working on - everyone really got into it, not just the ones jamming on it, and the lead guitarist was trying to sing along....I haven't even finished the lyrics yet! Dayum!

Anyway, on that note, I must sleep......
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