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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning!

Minx, that picture is absolutely gorgeous of you two!

What is the best way to post a pic in here anyhow? I have one or two I can show you, but I don't know how to post 'em.

Hey GT! Well, that sounds somewhat promising with work, right? At least it is something. Not ideal, but better than nothing. How you feeling about it?

Diva, did you find a titsling yesterday?

Doodle, sounds like that was an interesting night indeedy! Good for you for giving SRG the cold shoulder. Hmpf.

Hey CH! Sounds like you have a pretty good weekend lined up. Is the wedding tomorrow?

Things here are good. Glad it's Friday! Yeah!

Kari, do you have a photoshop or flickr account? If so, then open up whatever picture it is that you want to post and copy the url (usually there's a url and an embedding code). Then come to the lounge and paste in your url using this code:

Your picture should appear on the page. On flickr, you have to open the picture and then click on the box that says "show all sizes" to get the url.

AWWWWWWWWWW...that's such a freakin' cute picture, minx!!! Gooseberry Falls, eh? How exciting!! Minxlette is so damn cute. I want to put her in my pocket and carry her around with me.

~*~*~*~more job vibes for girltrouble~*~*~*~ That's great!! I hope it works out, even if you have to take a cut. You've got a great excuse to take a little time off.

So are there gonna be any cops at this wedding, culture? tongue.gif

Hi doodle!! I don't even know how to respond to all that!!

Yesterday afternoon was great, because the security dude got there exactly on time and it only took him a few minutes to do his thing. I got to take a wonderful 2 hour power nap and watch lots of DVR crap. Sleep...GLORIOUS SLEEP!! How I love thee so!!

A super weird, freaky thing happened to poodledude the other night. He was coming home from work late at night and he stopped at a 24-hour Walgreen's. There were 2 drunk women there who appeared to be trying to shoplift. Then they tried to buy diapers and cigarettes using a crumpled up blank check. The cashier wouldn't accept it, so they bitched at her and then tried to leave without paying. When she went to the door to stop them (I don't know why she just didn't let them go), they started beating the shit out of her. So poodledude intervened and one of the girls pulled an exacto-knife on him. He managed to hold her arm back and somehow it ended up in the door. He pulled on the door to trap her arm and her forearm broke!! The other girl punched him in the face and on the chest. Then they grabbed the carton of cigarettes and ran out the door. The good thing is that a guy parked outside got the license plate number and nobody was seriously injured. Poor poodledude has a black eye though!!
Quiet in here today!

Poodle! OMG! That is nuts what happened to poodle dude! So he has a shiner now? GEEZ!

Let me try to post my pic:

Visit My Website

That is me rippin' up the kitchen floor this weekend. I look tough, no?
RAWRRR!! Kari, you look so cute!! So what kinda flooring, etc., do you plan on installing?

Yeah, I haven't seen his shiner yet, but it should be interesting. He said he has smaller bruises all over his chest and arms. I'm gonna make him a Hero Burrito tonight (really just a normal burrito with a new name). smile.gif

Hmmmm...I'm trying to decide which libation I should indulge in this lovely Friday night. I like beer, but I'm in the mood for something different. I don't want tequila, really, because I'll end up getting plastered. Any ideas?

1.5 hours until freedom!!
Hi, peeps!

Wow, Poodle, that's quite the story about Poodledude! He's a Walgreen's hero! That's cool that he stepped in on the cashier's behalf. It's gotta be scary working at a place like that in the middle of the night. I hope the cashier thanked him for intervening and not letting her get beat up anymore. Maybe I'm a bad person, but that's awesome that that lady broke her forearm. That's what you get when you try to steal and pull Xactos on people, so there! I hope they got arrested.

Drunk people with Xactos buying diapers and cigarettes at odd hours of the night. Winners! Glad to know they're caring for children small enough they can't defend themselves!

Hi, Kari! That's a cute picture of you! You look so tall! What are you going to replace the floor with? And have you gotten your counters installed yet?

Have fun at the wedding, CH!

GT, that sounds somewhat promising about the job. At least the guy told you exactly what the situation is, which I doubt he'd do if he weren't going to ask for you to come back. (((((((job vibes)))))))

Hey, Minx! I wish I could rock the do-rag like you. Your picture is very cute.

I did end up finding a titsling yesterday. It's the same as my old one, just a band size bigger. I'm wearing it today, and damn, does it feel good to have my boobs back in order! It looks like this particular style is being discontinued, so I'm going to order up several more so I should be set for a few years as long as I stay the same size. I went to one Dayton's, they didn't have it, so I asked them to call a couple other stores to see if they did. They found it at one place, so I went there and bought it, then made the mistake of going to Ridgedale to see if they had it left, too (they're on clearance, so about half price, which was a godsend! These fuckers are usually around $60 apiece, but completely worth it) and it was awful. They didn't have what I was looking for, so I tried on no less than 20 other ones, none of which worked in the least. I've got a short torso and I'm wide, which bras aren't really made to accomodate. I was at that god-forsaken place for no less than an hour and a half, not a single person asked if they could help me, and they had no fans on or anything in the dressing room, so I was beet red from wrestling with bras in the stifiling heat of the dressing rooms. I hate Ridgedale and everyone in it. There's a reason I never go there, and this is why. They're all a bunch of snobby bitches.

Anywhoodle, I got one bra for half price, a pair of red leather comfy slides for a whopping $13, and a pair of Crocs flip flops. I can't believe I spent less than $90 and actually got shit I needed. The dental appointment was fine, not as painful as it could have been and I have no cavities. I guess that's as good as anyone can ask for, right?

Sam's got a bronchial infection, an ear infection, and some kind of rash on his legs from gnat bites. Poor kid. His other aunt took him camping last weekend and he came home barely able to breathe. Mom took him to the hospital and now he's on an inhaler. Poor little guy. I wanted to see if he could see Wall-E with me this weekend, but I guess not. We think his mom is on meth again. She's been hanging out with all her friends who use it and most likely has skipped her piss tests. Stupid bitch doesn't deserve a kid like Sam. I hope my parents get to keep him for the weekend, although that would mean his mom forgot to pick him up - again. I wish I could go up there and give him a hug.

No big plans this weekend. I refuse to see anyone's family until next week at the very earliest. I'm planning on 2 days of sitting around doing nothing but catching up on WWE and reading magazines.
wow kari! you are a tough nugget! niiiiiice! is the floor fanci-fied underneath or do you have to lay more floor down?

that's pretty admirable of the poodledoodle to get invloved. he's a good egg, that one! *whistles* i don't get why the clerk would get in the way either. chances are that company isn't giving her healthcare good enough to cover her injuries, and PD had to step into help her. sooooo not worth the trouble, lady. let 'em go.

congrats on teh boobeh helpahs. and i really get where you are coming from. theres a couple o malls round here that i would love to see fall into the ocean with the employees, making snotty faces as they disappear under the briny deep...

mr.t and i have our version of sam. he's such a good kid, like the puppy monster, he's kind of a runt, but gosh he's beautiful. he's got these brilliant pumpkin orange-brown eyes, and lots of drama baggage from his mom who has had drug problems. she's bi polar, and we're always glad to see her in our lives for a while, but we know it's a cycle for her, and it always ends the same: a huge drama filled blow up with everyone yelling, screaming and hurt feelings. meh. when i see it coming, i tell all parties i love them, go into another room and draw. tsk. poor kids. sigh. they deserve better.

and the puppy monster spent the night in the hospital. she refuses to eat. *sigh* she's just determined to break my heart.

i talked the mr. into taking the pup monster to this super cute hidden forest like park we found 2 weeks ago. seattle has the greatest parks. super dense trees, and lush green. i hope it will lift her spirits. last time she wouldn't eat i went to jack in the box to get her favorite left overs, spending $40 on junk food for the pooch. she ate a burger and 3 tacos, and 3 chicken nuggets. amount of wasted money spent:$36.

so that is on the docket for this weekend, the park with the pup, but the mr and i are going to see the HELLBOY2; i lurves hellboy, and can't get enough of the comeeks. and the mr. is big into mythology/mysticism. so she's like my little decoder ring, telling me stories about some of the symbols used.

tonite i get to do a bit of Dj ing, disco/soul is the theme. earlier, i was talking to the guy who i'm djing with tonite, it seems i might have a real shot of having a "lounge/now sound" happy hour gig at the viceroy(!). very cool. sketches for new paintings are going good too.

have a good weekend, everybustie!!!
(((((puppers)))) That sucks so bad, girltrouble. How old is she anyway? I love big dogs so much, but they don't live long enough. I miss having a doggie. I'd get one, but my house is too small and I don't think Oscar would handle it well.

That's great that you found a decent new brar, diva. And score on the shoes!!

(((Sam))) Thank cod he has you guys around to help him reach his full potential, which he obviously has a lot of. It makes me sad that there are kids like him out there who don't have that type of support.

I talked to poodledude a little while ago and he's feeling sick. We were gonna hang out, but I'd rather he just stay home and get some sleep. He said that they have suspects for the Walgreens event, but they're not in custody yet. I guess they have criminal records, too. I don't feel bad for the woman who broke her arm, either. Fuck her.

ETA- I have the stupid Beverly Hills Cop/Herbie Hancock song stuck in my head from watching Family Guy. Dammit. You guys are lucky that there aren't any lyrics!!
thing is, she's literally still a puppy. she's less than 2yo. sad.gif i'm with you. i love dogs. i just luv em, and well, the puppy monster, i love her most of all. she goes nuts when she sees me(i'm her favorite people!), and she's just goofy. i also call her 'dog newheart' because she's got great comic timing, and a deadpan, helpless sense of humor. she'll sit and listen to you talk then look at you, bob newheart exasperation. she's just sweet as can be...*sigh* i love her so.
Oh god...only 2 years? Did you adopt her or get her from a breeder? Either way, dog breeding is messed up these days, from what I hear. Turbo would probably know more about it. It seems like big dogs are getting sick way too young. My bro's golden retriever died of stomach cancer last year and she was only 8. My sis has a dog from the same parents but different litter, so it will be interesting to see how she does. My bro got another puppy from the same breeder last year. I wish they would adopt, but they want hunting dogs and I guess "used" dogs just "can't do anything."
well the puppy monster is technically mr.t's, and she got bella from a breeder. i tend to go the mutt/pound route, myself. i pushed the pound when the mr. decided that she was ready for a new dog, but she insisted that a dog from a breeder would be healthier. her last dog was in lots of pain over a long slow death, and she didn't want to be constantly worried about her dog's health anymore.

oh the irony.

i was against english mastiffs (too messy, too big, too drooly, too...) against choosing a breeder (too many dogs who need a good home, and all my dogs have been amazing pound puppies), but i sooo got a crush on her the second i met her. she was watching the breeder and mr. t's conversation, and it was like that cliche of a tennis match. she would look puzzled at whoever was talking, her head swiveling back and forth as if she knew the language, but didn't believe they were talking about her. then she got the hiccups on the way home, and snored, sitting in my lap in the car... sigh... she's just supreme. i just love her so...

sorry i'm gushing and derailing the thread.
ETA:just talked to the mr., she says that she went to pick up the puppymonster, and she threw up 7-8 times on the way home, so she took her back to the vet. sad.gif no park this weekend i guess.... poop.
HI there! Poodle...that story about poodledude is amazing! I hope he's feeling better and able to testify soon!

We had a lovely day starting to work on converting our office to a bedtoom for moxette. We want her in by labor day, so that she has months and months before bebem comes by. Anyway, we cleaned a TON of shite out of the ofc. and journeyed to IKEA, where we found this bed for her. Its even cooler than just a loft-bed...we got a bed tent to attach to it, and shelves and a rug for the "under" part. She LOVES the fluffy rug already...and insisted on sleeping on it tonight.

Now, just a snack and off to bed. Moxieman just put Hot Shots, Part deux on...unless i'm wayyyyy drunk, i can't deal with this one. And, I'm sober for 8 more months!'s yours baking?
Happy Friday, you Demented Demonesses of Doucheland. (WTF does that even mean? Is that the best Friday insult I can come up with? rolleyes.gif)

I just got home from work, am exhausted and in the middle of making supper....I will catch up after I've eaten, but I've GOT to eat or I'm a-gonna die! Ok, not literally, but you know. It's how I feel.

I have crush on one of my customers at the store. I would dump mr scorpio in 2 seconds for her. biggrin.gif
so the puppymunster is back home and she's started eating again... mr.t's roommate found two strays kittys-- covered with fleas, and one of them looks to be blind-- his eyes were think with a pinkish film and other.....stuff. they are taking them to the kitty hospital...

but other than that, things are golden. how is everybustie?
Yay for puppymonster, home and chowin' down!!!!!!

Hi everyone, just online for a few minutes. Am off to Vancouver tomorrow morning. Tonight is a crazed scene of everyone phoning, banjoboy in tears on my doorstep (his new roomie skipped without paying July's rent, so he's evicted, no 2nd chances this time), doing laundry, communing with the cats, and last minute everything else. Will check back in when I am at doodlemama's.

Doodlemama is making spare ribs and potato salad for dinner tomorrow night. I'm a-dyin'. I'm salivating. Losing time from work due to Toto has meant peanut butter sandwiches for a lot of meals these days!
Minx & Kari, WOW! You (and Minxlette, too) are living images of BUSTieness! Awesome, real, and representin'! smile.gif

GT, good luckage with the job! I hope things turn out well whatever you decide. I like your attitude of taking the off-time to work on other stuff. I'm likely to start working again next week, but I've been finally getting somewhere with my novel, too smile.gif Oh, and "Jizz-Snotters!" Bwah hah! Glad the pupper is eating again.

Doodle, I'm proud that you were able to hold together so well with all those facets of yourself colliding uncontrollably like that. That was awesome, and yet, it's the sort of thing that would be nightmareish for me, personally (unless it turned out really cool, that is). I just have a hard time mixing people I know separately with each other. It probably stems from how in grade school, a lot of my friends hated each other and would pick fights with each other if I got them together (like on my birthday). About you, though, that's way cool that people appreciated you so much. You're impressive, Doodle! And I think it was a good thing that you didn't let SRG take your attention up. 1) He made his choices already, and 2) That night was about the broader group. Please don't feel you're imposing your stories on us. It just ain't true.

Wow, Poodle! Cool that PoodleDude isn't worse off, and awesome that he stepped in. Diva said it best: "Drunk people with Xactos buying diapers and cigarettes at odd hours of the night. Winners! Glad to know they're caring for children small enough they can't defend themselves!"

Culture, I'm really glad your eyes are doing so well smile.gif Is "natural tear" a brand name, or is it literal? And thanks for caring so much. You rock Culture smile.gif

Goaty and I just had fun in our inflatable boat tonight. We went to Rattlesnake Lake (which has no rattlesnakes) and rowed around in luxury, munching on sharp Cabot Cheddar, kalamata olives, hard salami, nice bread with olive oil, Fuji apples, and split a Vietnamese sandwich. Ooh, and a boda of 3-buck chuck Merlot. Goaty got nice and tipsy, and the view was kickass! Also, I was wearing this black cloth wide-brimmed hat that I stuffed the rim piping of with bendy coated wire so I could shape it however I want. While on the water, I went for a nice piratey tri-corner configuration. Arrrrrrr! wink.gif

Doodle, I was listening to NPR yesterday and they had a story about a singer/songwriter from Texas named Carolyn Wonderland. I'd never heard of her before, but her voice and style and her personality totally reminds me of you. Maybe I'm the last person in the world to know about her (wouldn't be the first time!), but I thought I'd pass along the info.

The NPR story

Her website

Have fun with your mama! Mmm, spareribs and potato salad- so yummy!

((hugs to all the okayers!!))
Good Afternoon!

Kari, you is perrrtty.

Poodle, that is so fucked up about Poodledude. Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt.

Diva, yay on boobie support success. I'm so sorry to hear about Sam and his deadbeat mother.

GT, thank goodness puppymonster is doing okay. oooooh DJing!!! I'm in awe of your skillz.

Doodle, I hope everything goes well in Van City. You take care, enjoy doodlemama's birthday and let us know how things go.

Hey Lore! I'm using a tear called Systane. heee, arrrrr matey Cap'n Lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre. No worries, you take care of yourself, too k!?

The wedding yesterday was amazing. I'd never been to a Hindu wedding. it was gorgeous and unlike anything I'd ever experienced. It was a big party, people coming and going and food in the basement of the temple while the bride and groom and family were doing their thing. there was dancing and a procession for the bride and groom. Just amazing. Sooooo unlike the western wedding. It was great.

Okay I must go take the dog out then get ready for the reception.

ETA:X posted with Polly. hey!! That's some cool NPR stuff.
Hi y'all! I'm finally back from the 7th level of comcast hell. UGH. Our internets have been dead since thursday night, and it is mighty hard to get those poor comcast CSRs to understand that NO, I cannot be at home on Monday from 10am-2pm to wait around for some asstard. The problem is not in my unit, the problem is with the box in the alley, just like every other time. This is the third weekend in a row with no internet/phone, and it is amazing how much it really does hamper making plans. Oh well.

Its been a nice quiet weekend, turbomann and I have been doing a lot of biking, and just hanging out on the balcony reading and watching the lake. Oh, and its our SIXTH wedding anniversary today - Crazy!! Of course we celebrate more having been together for 13 years, than just the 6th, but I'm glad that I still love turbomann bunches. We're not really doing anything super special for it - the weather is too perfect to waste time in a restaurant, and besides, we bought the Wii last weekend, so the budget is a bit squeezed for a bit, but that's okay. We rode up to the GF bakery this afternoon for some awesome sandwich rolls, and I'm gonna grill up some lamburgers for dinner. YUM.

((((((job vibes for GT & Lore))))))

I really hate hearing about such talented friends who are out of work...I mean, you guys have real, tangible SKILLZ...I always kind of feel like any old schmo can learn to be a cubicle jockey, but folks who have the talents to MAKE stuff should not only be employed, but well-paid.

Poodle, thanks for reposting those pics - Good times!

And Kari - you do indeed look fierce, ripping up those floors! And was that butcher-block countertop I spied? *drools* I could never be responsible enough to care for real butcher-block counters. I'm a slob. I cook in 3-D, and that includes floors, and usually getting stuff in my hair. smile.gif

Diva - that is awesome that you got some deals on your favorite titslings! I really need to get some new ones myself. Targhetto just isn't cutting it for the girls lately. Time to invest, I think.

((((toto excommunication vibes for doodle))))) Have fun with doodlemama!

Okay, I've got to get back out to the balcony - the afternoon is too gorgeous to waste!

Happy Anniversary Turbo's!!!!!!
Hi hi hi!!! I have to thank you all for the Rocky seems that Bustie vibes do work, in curing the Ick! I (knock on wood) do believe he's fully recovered. He's been perky and swimming around all day! Yay!!! wub.gif

Happy anniversary to the Turbos! <mixes up a bunch of mojitos and passes them around to all Okayers in celebration>

GT, I had no idea how big an English Mastiff was until I Googled it today! Wow, what a big dog! But they still look so wise and gentle, too. ~*~*~puppymonster be well vibes~*~*~...hope you get back to work smoothly too! And, I love your new morphing avatar! I think I'm going to paint my face like that for State Street Freakfest this year! smile.gif What an inspiration!

Oooh, I think I have the hots for Kari! Rawwwr!!!

Lore, Goatie is so lucky to have you! I'd love to have a guy who'd row with me in an inflatable boat with all those yummy treats! Aaarrrr, you pirate!!! Hope you get back to work soon, too!!! Apprentices should never be laid off, IMHO.

Moxie, how fun...getting moxette her very own Big Girl Room! And that bed looks way cool...I would've loved one when I was a kid.

Divala, I'm glad you found some "support"! Yay!

Doodle, have some spareribs for me! Yum. So, is Toto gone, or still there???

So...I'm having lots of fun planning my kitchen reno. It'll probably not happen till next summer, but the planning is fun. I'm playing with the Ikea kitchen planner software. I'm spending WAY too much time doing that...hehe
*sets off the fireworks and hands out the noise makers*

*"'"=-+_+-="'"* happy aniversary turborosas! *"'"=-+_+-="'"*
like my cheesy friend would say in his horrible mackin' voice when his automatic car was shifting gears,
"that's the turbo kickin' in!!!"

the low key weekend sounds pretty nice to me, definitely if it ends with a lamburger!
(and it's nice to know i'm not the only person who gets food in their hair when they cook!) wink.gif

hi tree! god, i am always sooo freaking impressed by all the stuff you do, the kitchen and all the stuff you did on your old house, i get tired just thinking about it all. i'm gonna stick to hen houses, myself. tongue.gif more my scale.

the puppymonster is huge, but you'll never meet a sweeter pooch. a few weeks ago she was loose in the yard and this couple is getting out of this riced out sports car, and bella sees them, and charges. the couple was scared shitless untll she reach them, at which point they busted out giggling. she's just a love thru and thru. she's thrown up a few more times but seems to be getting betta.

and the avi, 2 of the paintings are sylvia ji. she's brilliant.

lore! yay! i'm so glad you are getting some novelage done. i know how hard it is to get started. grrrr! but once you get rolling! yeeeee-haw! non-stop-jizz-snot!

and mox, i am burning with jealousy when it comes to moxette's bed. it's so much fancier than my loft!

CH, that wedding sounds ah-mazing! what was the bride wearing? i bet she looked beautiful, they always look phenominal in those sariis.

i forgot to mention my lovely dress i wore to dj. the theme was soul disco, so i was decked out, huge hoop earings a giant red pendant neclace, a lucite fuchia bracelet, that matched my nail color, and my hair is in a cute little fro, so i was super soul sista # 1 already, but i have this crazy vintage early 60's humming bird dress, let's see if i can do it justice:

completely white with a red caligraphy illustration of a humming bird getting nectar from a flower. it's full length, with side slits, and deep v neckline, now here comes the tricky part: imagine that the dress has dolman sleeves now at the top of the dress, at the shoulder seam back is one long piece of the same material, essentually a cape, full length with the same pattern on it....

aw hail, i'll have to get a picture of it.... it's so simple but 31 flavors of cool n crazy at the same time.

if i forgot anybody, hi! i need to do some drawrins! ttyl!
Good Morning.

Tree, that softwear does sound fun!

GT, the first sari she wore was a mango colour, the second she wore was the traditional red with the most intricate beading I've ever seen.

I am tired today I went to the reception yesterday, and it was good times, she had an open bar (bad news) and wine was flowing, and she looked absoluely gorgeous. She did the white wedding dress thing at the reception. They went all out for this wedding. Like holy.crap.

Now I'm at work. Le Sigh.
Good Morning!!!

It's Monday again! If you didn't already know....

Have a great trip DOODLE! I hope you enjoyed your ribs & potato salad dinner!

Hey Lore! That boat ride sounds absolutely divine. The food...yum. I looooove the Cabot cheeses. The seriously sharp white cheddar is my absolute fav. I think shaping your hat into a pirate hat is awesome.

Jenn, glad your internet connection is back! Yay! Sounds like you and Turbomann had a great, relaxing weekend. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! WOOT!
Oh- the butcher block....I wish! It's fake butcher block laminate. We got rid of it, now we have grey. It's much better, in terms of matching our kitchen.

Hey GT! I'm really glad puppy monster is doing better. Hope she stops the puking real soon. Poor thing. Your DJ outfit sounds super hawt! Damn, woman!

Tree, working with kitchen reno software sounds like fun! Ooh! I'm glad your fish is doing better. ~~continued vibage!~~~~

CH, the wedding & reception sound absolutely incredible! WOW! I've never been to a Hindu wedding either.

Things here are good today. The weather is great, a nice break in the heat & humidity. I think it's only getting to mid 80's today. Nice! I had a relaxing weekend. The first one in a while. Friday night I went to a birthday party & then to a friend's house. She split with her husband this week & needed some gal time. We drank wine & ate food. Saturday I did errands, worked out, took a nap, then went to a friend's house for snacks & a movie. Yesterday MR K & I went to his dad's first church service at his new church. They also had a luncheon. After that I pretty much just chilled at home the rest of the day. It was niiiiiiice.
Six years, really?!? Happy anniversary msturbo! Your wedding was probably the best ceremony i've ever had the honor of attending. Even taking into account our own faux-hindi wedding! Indian weddings are FUN, especially when its your own family, and you're involved in stuff for a week ahead of time. I just HATE the LONG ceremonies (my cousin's was 4 joke), but many second generation couples (us included) are insisting on 1 hour or less...invoke a god or goddess or two, do a vow, get on with the party!

We had a lovely family weekend. Just bummed around town, hung out together, did a few parks, etc. Really, just very low-key and relaxing after our busy day on Friday. I'm mostly thrilled that the baby-induced nausea seems to have abated, so I'm back to eating most of what I'd like. Including veggies! Yeah! Granted, that also included a bologna and cheese sandwhich yesterday...but man, that processed meat was GOOD.

Sounds like everytone is in good spirits this day. WONDERFUL!
*floats back in from the land of Eternal HBI*

Good morning, BUSTies!! tongue.gif


(((non-emesis-inducing vibes for Moxie and FJ)))

(((bonus BUStie vibes to whomever needs them)))

Lots of movement going on over here. I got hired back...not quite full-time officially, but there is some funding fanaggling that they are doing that will make me OFFICIALLY fulltime in August. And I will be back at Henry!!! YEAH!!! I'll probably even be able to go to Vancouver for the IB training in theater which I was originally slated to do. Life's good like that.

'Cept those honky sploogestains over at the unemployment center ceased giving me my unemployment payments after two weeks citing that I wasn't eligible. 'Scuse me? I was officially terminated from my position in the district, and not because I suck. So now I have to do this whole retarded appeals process otherwise they will make me pay the two weeks back.

Thanks Minneapolis. Thanks for making a teacher feel even more fucking appreciated than you already have.


Anyhoo, I spent the last four days with Artman doing gardening, having lots of HBI, talking for hours, drinking coffee, making googlie-eyes, meeting friends, etc. He even came along with me to the northside to a graduation party for one of my students. It was the greatest every-kinda-trash party ever! Mom was already sopping drunk, students were mostly stoned and burning things with lighters, water balloon fights, hip-hop, and saggin'.

So, I guess I'm walking into the Okayland a little funny today. wink.gif I really like sleeping with him. He's a snuggler!

Oh yeah, I quit smoking. Wish me luck.

I'm still battling that stupid fucking psoriasis that I got last November. It's looking like I'm going to have to start a round of Methotrexate, an immune suppressant. Won't be able to drink for a couple of months, or I'll trash my liver. My homeopathic friend thinks the problem IS my liver, actually, so I'm a little cornfused as to what I should do.
minxy...HI! consult the Turbo for liver issues...she has done a spectacular job of cleansing...and you might even invest in the flush...

SOOO glad the job is back! Educators should be revered, not shat upon.
Congrats-o, Turb-os! smile.gif

Maybe I can convince my cousin to invoke Bacchus at his October wedding. There could be an open wine bar on the grass with ladies carrying bath-pitchers full of Merlot and grape clusters on vines draped around their necks to cover their bare breasts with ripe fruit. Some dudes with horns on their heads would play Pan flutes. Wine would be served in over-sized wine glasses with stems, but without feet... only spikes to stab your winegalsses into the lawn to hold your drinks upright. Togas for all, of course. There would be a cluster of nekkid hippies around a big hookah playing mandolyns and hand drums. Children would be kept in a large cage with a Wii and a swimming pool, far from witnessing their parents getting embarrasingly drunk. Food would consist of an infinite variety of tappas, and the world's largest pan of paella.

At midnight, a virgin bedecked with a wreath would be tossed from a stone platform onto the wedding cake.

Oh, and Rock On and Congrats, Minx! That's awesome! smile.gif I hope your unemployment thing goes as smoothly as mine did. They kinda give up and give you a lump-sum check after a while if your previous company doesn't have a beef with you. (Also, what's saggin'?)
Good Evening!

Hey Kari!

Hi Hi Mox!

Minx!!! ~*~*~*soothing vibes~*~*~*~* Congratulations on work!!!! WOOHOO!! I hope the employment insurance gets worked out soon.

Lore, I want to attend that wedding!!

Okay, here are some pictures of my friends gown. I'm cuttng her head off of one of them for her privacy.

Close up of sari

The shawl (or whatever the hell it's called)

Kinda blurry close up.

And the head wear

That is a gorgeous sari! Mine wasn't quite so traditional, in terms of heavy beading, but was similar in colors. The "shawl" part is called the dupatta, FYI. Its like the difference between sleeve and skirt, i suppose. I wish I had some online photos from our wedding. gots any? Maybe I'll scan some tonight...ours was like bollywood meets urban upscale America.

I have too much to do to think of good things today...maybe once i get through 4 or 5 things on my to do list...

Good Morning!

Yes, they would do no less than full scale traditional. It was amazing.

Mox, I'd love to see wedding photos!!

Soooooo, I don't really have anything relevant to add here today. I slept last night. And got me some HBI yesterday at lunch. Made for a much better afternoon.
hi everybustie!

i'd love to see those photos too, moxypox! sounds muy cool.

lore.. *giggles... that's so funny. that bacchanal (if you can do it), would be dickinferickilous!

cong ratz, minx on the hbi, the great job news the artmans, and heath vibes to make your life nuthin' splendor!

where is my tree? goddammit, dontcha work too hard, k?

where is the doodle? oh that's right still at doodlemama's right? health vibes for you too chica. i hope toto is on his way and giving you no trouble.

cong ratz on the hbi, culture, you dirty whore! tongue.gif lol. *pokes her in the ribs*

well today is my day of responsible reckoning... ugh. the unemployment people flooded me with paperwork. 17+ pages of forms to be exact. no stank you!

actung! das ist der poopenstein, ya!

but.....they need to get done if i'm to get unemployment.


i'd so rather be working on new work for my show at toys. i got an epiphany last night, and i'm practically bouncing off the walls wanting to work on these new ideas. if they work out like they do in my head (which is rare) or even close, i will be very, very happy. i'm so freaking inspired right now, everything else (like say, eating, unemployment claims, etc.) seems like another hurdle keeping me from working on it. i want to spill the beans but i don't want to jinx it, and it might not work out. first i have to do a prototype, to see if the idea is workable, then if i can do a few of them in the next 30 days, in time for the show. if they work out, i can submit them to a national arts magazine and an erotic art show.... so i gots to hustle. god, keep your fingersis crossed for me. this could be reeeeeeal good...

good things tues:
>sweet emails
>inspiration at 3am
>too many good new ideas
>amazing future prospects
>saying prayers at my shrine
>los lounge y tu!

Hi y'all!!

This is just a drive-by. I'm too sleepy to talk. I think I have hypersomnia or somnolence from my seizure meds. Anyway....I hope all is well!! Those wedding pictures are awesome!! I love Indian style. The Indian items were always my favorite during my days at the import store. Especially the textiles.

Okay, I'm gonna try to focus on some work stuff now if I can get my eyes to open!! Ciao bellas!!
Haha - moxie's asking ME for photos?! Silly woman, I am the *worst* documentor of life events...I think I have maybe 2 or three photos from your wedding, but we were too busy having FUN!

Minxy, I'd probably agree that the psoriasis is part of your liver issues. Quitting the ciggies will definitely help take some of the stress burden off your nervous and lymph system, but no smokes and no coffee (while insanely hard to quit at once), will go a long way toward your healing. And a good cleanse (guided by a homeopath/colonic therapist, not one of those shitty, dangerous boxed cleanses you get at the store) and a few colonics will not only help your widdle liver, but also stop those cravings flat. If you wanna know more, just say the word. You know I'm always up for talk of butt flushes and cleanses! wink.gif

And - CONGRATULATIONS ON THE JOB!!!! WoooooooT! And I'm even more thrilled that you'll be back at your school!

And BOoooooooo for the fucktards at unemployment. We had to do the same thing when Turbomann got fired. It sucked there for awhile, but we straightened it out.

Yesterday, I came home to diarrhea all over the floors from one of the doggies. Today, I come home, and they have eaten an ENTIRE loaf of my special GF bread (which weighed at least 2 lbs).....bastards. That stuff is $11 a loaf, too! I am ready for these doggies to go HOME!

Hi hi to everybustie else - I've got to take diarrhea dog outside, and then, turbomann is taking me out for our anniversary!! WOOT!
Goooooooood Morning!

GT!!! Faking jerks at Employment Insurance, errr Unemployment, EI is Canadian. Silly rabbit, CH.

~*~*~*~*feel better vibes for Poodle~*~*~*~* How are you doing today?

Turbo, are you taking care of the Pugs from hell?? How was your dinner??

I don't have much going on today. I worked out, and erm went shopping yesterday. I got a new pair of jeans that were on sale, but still kinda pricey, but they are an amazing pair of jeans, wouldn't you know I was wearing them yesterday when I got home and some firefighters drove by. 3 or 4 times. Bitches have paid for themselves already. And the jeans weren't made in China by some little child slave labourer. Also worked out and took puppy out!

Is it too soon to ask about the weekend?

I wonnder how Doodle is doing? Tree, how is Rocky?

Whaaaaaa? Can it be true? No posts since 8am? Weirdness. Where'd everybustie go today?

CH, we're sitting for the other two greyhounds. It was a rough night last night - I kept having to run out with the two sick puppers, and there was still messes on the floor when I got up at 5am. Poor babies. The happyhappy boy, Badger, had to be coaxed out of bed. Oh, and he barfed up a *whole* unchewed asparagus spear that he snatched from the sink on *saturday,* and I just had to laugh at that one this morning. Totally unchewed. Amazing. But, the anal oozing seems to have stopped this evening, and they seem to be feeling better, so that's good.

And tonight, I did laundry, made BIG salads with dinner topped with fresh black berries, goat bleu cheese and bacon with a shallot vinaigrette....YUM. And now, I'm just chillin' with So You Think You Can Dance, and then Project Runway - Eeeeeeeeee!

((((((doodle healing vibes))))))))
ewwwwwww anal oozing! What a mental picture. Blech.

But yah on the tasty food you've prepared.
HIhiHIhiHI! This is such a quick one, just briefly online at doodlemama's, home tomorrow.

GUESS WHAT!!???? I got to the hospital and learned that I had ALREADY PASSED TOTO!!!!! Nobody knows when, but I somehow think it was linked symbollically to the re-appearance of the turquoise bracelet, which I lost the day before I went to the ER. !!!!!!! A fucking week lost from work plus the bus fare, only to need for the procedure!!! I am only grateful that I live in Canada where health care is free. And also today is doodlemama's birthday, so I've gotten to spend it with her.

Anyway, home tomorrow, more details then!! Miss you all!!

Oh, the doc said maybe all the bouncing on the bus on the way down made me pass the stone....but since nobody knows when it happened, I'm kinda thinking all the wild HBI and massaging had something to do with it....
Wow, it was quiet in here yesterday.

CH, Rocky looks to have made a full recovery, as far as I can tell...he is quite literally bright eyed and bushy-tailed. I swear, he wags his tail like a dog when I walk up to the aquarium. Bustie vibes DO work!!!

Those wedding pictures are GORGEOUS, too.

Doodle, congrats on the no TOTO! I'm gonna say it's from the HBI...lots of power in that little union. Heh.

~*~*greyhounds get better*~*~ vibes for Turbo

YAY!!! Minxy has a job!!!!!

GAH....I hate filling out forms. Farking government bureaucracy paperwork bullshit. GT, here are some ~*~*inspiration and art success vibes*~*~ for you....I'm always rooting for you, hon.

Lore, if I EVER get married again (not seeming very likely..I'm way too independent and wouldn't want to have to check with anybody else before I tore the house apart, went out and partied, slept until noon, dyed my hair blue, etc)...but if it should ever happen and I do find somebody worthy of my commitment, I want YOU to be my wedding planner. smile.gif

So I've finalized my new kitchen's going to have SO much more storage, and I'm not moving plumbing (very far)..I've still got to check on some electrical codes and building codes, though. I'm so very excited! It's going to be an awful lot of work, but (knock on wood) it will be nowhere near as bad as The Shack was. I am planning to do ALL the work myself, except the countertop.

(I tend to plan things WAY into the future, BTW...I'm not going to start demolition until next April or so)...
Good Morning!

Doodle, that is great about your health!! Glad to hear that all is well and Toto is gone.

Tree, excellent that Rocky is back up to par. Eugene is doing rather well these days.

I've decided I'm going to change my name to Pazuzu, just to shake things up a bit. Either that or RiffRaff Sam, the Riffiest Riff to ever Riff a Raff. Yes, I have some time on my hands. Teehee.

So, what's every one up to this weekend? Tomorrow night I'm off on a haunted tour and then there is a vigal after. Saturday, not too sure. Last night, the usual.
Goooood Morning!

Sounds like everyone's got some good news!

Rocky is recovered! Yay! Tree, I am soooo impressed with you! Designing your new kithcen AND planning to do most of the work yourself. You are amazing.

Hey GT! I am muy curiouso about this prototype you've got going on! It makes me really happy to hear you so excited and energized.

Doodle!!!! You passed Toto already??? WOOT!!! rolleyes.gif I am so glad! What a relief.

((poodle)) I hope you got some rest last night & are feeling more chipper today.

Hey Jenn! That salad *drool* Yum. Sorry to hear about the doggie diarrhea. ick. I know how that feels.

CH, those pics are beautiful! Wow! I'm jealous of your new jeans, I am needing some. Maybe towards the fall.

Minx! CONGRATS for quitting smoking! That is really, really wonderful. ~~~~~~keep it up vibes~~~~~~~

Things here are good today. Yesterday was miserable. I woke up with a terrible, pounding sinus headache that hung with me all day. I used my allergy nasal spray last night though, and am feeling loads better today. Also, my bitchy, PMS mood seems to have lifted. So that's pleasant. I am hoping MRG holds off for a few more days, I have my annual at the gyno tomorrow, plus an ultrasound to check on some pain I was having some time back. I think it's fine now, haven't been feeling it. But, I those appts are so hard to get at the dr., I'm gonna be pissed if I have to move it & then wait several more months. Hold off MRG!

Weekend plans....none yet! I am going to dinner with two gals tonight, that will be fun. Mr K and I were planning on going to see The Dark Knight with some friends on Saturday, but they are going to the IMAX theatre. I did not realize those tix were $13 a piece. I texted Mr K to see how badly he wants to go. That's a bit too steep for me. No plans for Saturday night or Sunday. Nice!
well hello you, lady pazuzu! you keep this up you'll have a kazillion names...

hi kari, i sooo see you as a tough after that pic. i'm glad you are done with that headache and are feeling better. i hope all goes swimmingly with your appt. as well. i've got a bit of a headache too. tongue.gif boo!

oh and a little secret-- if you have any amc theatres in your area, they've cut their price structure so if you go to their first movie on the weekend it's often $5 or less. which is great, cos no matter how good the movie, if it costs $10, i'm not gonna like it.

uh tree, i thought all those things, tearing apart the house, blue hair, sleeping till noon, and partying, was a regular weekend at i guess it doesn't matter, i'll always think you're the shiznit anyways. *does simulated cheerleader moves* goooooooooo rocky!

i'm flipping the bird to toto, f' you! so long sucka!!!!!! glad you don't have any toto trouble, doodle. i vote no more of those damn things. evah!

hope you are feeling better and getting proper rest, and that your meds are working properly, poodle.

and uh jenn, i always forget you are the butt flush queen until you talk poo. then it *scrunches her nose* it all comes rushing back to me... *^-cheeze/constipation vibes for the poopy poochies-^* my grandma used to say in such circomstances, that (whoever) needs a "stopper.... to stop 'em up!" i wish you could hear her say it. we would all fall into giggle fits...

the first prototype didn't work, but that's ok, i'm working on a second one today. i might have to get some art supplies saturday, but i am optimistic. i just hope that it ends up being as cool as i think, i can't wait till i can do more advanced stuff, but right now is playtime. i went out for drinks with my friend tiff... so fun. she had an idea she wanted to run by me, it was a light she had in mind. i suggested it would be better as a sconce, and whoooo if it didn't catch fire, so we are prototyping next week, and if it goes well, she's got connects in a few magazines, so we are going to go for a write up, and try to go into production for xmas. wow. i'm going to email my boss about keeping my pay rate, but working less hours, and keeping my bennies, that way i can work on my side projects and still have some $$$ coming in... wish me luck!

Hey everybody!!

What's this about changing your name, culture?

Congrats on getting rid of Toto, doodle!!

((((puppers)))) Maybe a doggie butt flush is in order!! wink.gif

I stayed home yesterday and slept, slept, slept, and read. I'm still tired though. I could just sleep my days away, no problem. *yawn* Anyway...I miss feeling truly awake like I did several years ago before my seizures started again. Ugh. I'm gonna have to start exercising again and avoiding sugar and alcohol if I want to have more energy. Grrrr...healthy living blows. *kicks rock across thread*
((poodle)) I'm sorry you are so tired. That is definitely a drag. I know, healthy living is boring, ain't it?

Hey GT! Heh! I wish I were tough! Good for you on trying the prototype again. You'll get it soon enough!

It's been a super quiet day in here, no?

I'm leaving work in about 10 mins. Going home to walk the puppers, then the mister & I have to go to Home Depot to get wood for moldings. After that I'm going out to dinner. Hope to get to bed early too.
Hi kari! You'll have to take some more pictures of the molding for us!

All this home improvement work is making me antsy!! I need to get on my yard.

Yeah, healthy living is no fun, but I know it will make me feel better. Fortunately, I don't care about losing weight, so that's a lot less pressure. I've never exercised before without weight-loss as the primary motivation (except for biking/walking during college). I really just want to do 3 days a week of strength-training and walking, plus some leisurely swim/spa time so that I have more energy. I don't intend to go on a diet, but I might try to cut down on sugar because I heard that helps with energy. I need to come up with the funds to join the YWCA again. I miss the steam room and pool. and Nile.
Poodle, believe me, I hear you on the frustration about living healthy, but I think I really have *finally* absolutely committed to the gluten-freeness for good. All the nibbles of this and that - are ever more dangerous as I get older, and its just no good. But, re-framing it to the perspective of giving my body exactly what it wants, more than gets me through. Hang in there, poodle! And yeah, dropping the sugar intake definitely body freaks out if I have a lot of sugar now, and I feel really tired the next day. Be good to yourself, my dear! And the Y made you so happy - not just to work out, but to meet cool people like Nile - I know you'll find a way to get back there. smile.gif

Can I hear a WOOT! for tomorrow being Friday?!! It has been a most trying week at work - I've spent 18 hours so far this week in meetings and on conference calls, and that makes for misery. Ugh. No meetings tomorrow makes me beyond happy!

No major weekend plans of our favorite bands, Carbon Leaf, are playing a neighborhood fest this weekend, so we'll probably go to that - can't beat $6 to see a band you love!

The puppers are all back to normal, thank cod! And this time tomorrow, we'll be back to just one dog. Whew! It has been a long two weeks!
Good morning!

WOOT for Friday is right, Jenn! 18 hours of meetings & conference calls??? I think I might die. That's brutal.

Poodle, I think staying healthy is the best reason to work out. For sure.

Not a lot new here today. Went out to dinner last nigtt and ate waaaaay too much. Oye. I need to try to not eat out for the next week or so. I just overeat. And spend moolah.

I don't have many weekend plans either. Tonight, planning on chilling at home. Really hoping Netflix makes a delivery today, then I can stay in & watch some Mad Men episodes. Tomorrow, I think Mr K and I are going to a matinee of The Dark Knight. So far, that's all I got goin' on. And that's the way I like it! smile.gif
It's friday you smega licking muff munchers!!!!

Kari, are you feeling better than yesterday??

Poodle, how are you feeling?

Turbo, that is way too long on meetings. Blech.

Ummm, tonight is the haunted tour, tomorrow not too sure yet. Out entire network was down this moring, ugh. What a pain in the ass, I couldn't do anything! But, it's all fixed now. Last night, did a killer workout, and I'm sore today.

Healthy living is hard, but I am one of those freaks who enjoys it.

Must get back to work now!

wait, are you talking to me you, nutella-huffing nozzle licking twix whores?

oh god turbo, one of the reasons i decided to leave the office type work was extended meetings. (fat lot of good that brought me).

damn culture, oops, lady pazuzu, you are hardcore (but you knew that already, didn't you? wink.gif ), why do i have a feeling you are going to beat that popat test into submission, keep kickin ayis, jj!

really? i'm caught up? where is everybody? oh yeah. it's summer.

today is one of my best friend's birfdays, she's throwing a party at some obscure hidden beach (so of course it's cloudy) and has invited people to bring their pooches, which i love, since this will serve as the reunion of the puppymonster and the squirrely girl, two puppies that i sort of served as birth mother to (i.e. i held them in my lap on the lengthy ride from their prospective breeders). squirrely is actually named vixen and she's my friend's shibu inu, that japanese breed that looks like a tiny fox. they make the funniest duo, since squirrely thinks she is a big dog, and the puppymonster thinks she is a little dog-- she loves diving between people's legs, and is frightened by most things-- mr.t was telling me she was being chased around the yard by a chicken.

you know that cartoon with the big dog named spike and the little dog jumping frantically around spike asking him, why don't we do that spike huh? why not spike? the puppymonster and squirrely are the female version of that.

a babyshower (ugh) and more djing on saturday, early showing of teh batmans, and i'm jockeying to go to the viceroy on sunday where my friend is djing to see if i can talk the boss into that happy hour lounge gig i've been dreaming about. i don't usually like this much socializing, especially when i should be working on the prototypes-- which are coming along nicely, thank you for asking!

no word from the boss, and it's got me worried.
It's fucking friday, you frosty boxes!!!!!! (yet another insult borrowed from Family Guy)

I'm feeling a little PISSED right now because of the way someone replied to me in Shapely Prose, implying that I'm a troll because I'm not as infuriated with an issue as everyone else is. It's like the fucking feminist version of the Salem witch trials in there. Jesus fucking christ. And if that person is reading this, I don't give a damn, because this is my territory and I can be pissed here if I want to. Dammit.


Sounds like you've got a great weekend ahead of you, turbo!! You work too damn hard, girl. Conference calls...BLECH!!

I love your insult, culture!! And yeah, I love that post-workout sore feeling.

Where'd you guys eat, kari? I can't wait to hear your review of The Dark Knight. I'm really excited to see that.

Wow, girltrouble's got a great insult, too!! I love insult friday. Well, aside from the baby shower, it sounds like you've got a great weekend ahead of you, GT. I can totally envision puppymonster and squirrely!!!!

Let's see....tonight I plan on eating gazpacho and hopefully hanging out with poodledude. That's about it.

ETA- Okay, I'm done with Shapely Prose. I'm really disappointed that I'm being treated like a troll for not agreeing with everyone 100%. It really makes me sad, because it was helping me feel better about myself. Oh well. I'll stick to the lounge, I guess. Mealy-mouthed crotch pheasants.
Poodle, that sucks that the other board is full of pissers. Just proves that the Bust lounge is a safe haven here on the interwebz. We have our own pissing matches from time to time, but we are all able to either accept other points of view, or stick to our "home" threads. I hate it when people hide behind the "anonymity" of the internet as an excuse to be really ugly to others. Fucktards.

Well, its the weekend for me - EEeeeeeeeee! And as a reward for my evil week of meetings, I packed up two hours early, since there were no bosses to be found. Wheeeee!

GT, I would *love* to see the matchup between puppymonster and squirrley girl!! My big bro has a shiba - that dog is a little terror! (mostly because they haven't done a good job training)...but they are definitely smart, tough, and playful!

I am not doing *anything* tonight. Friends invited us out to dinner, but its WAY west, and since turbomann works out there, he's going to go, but it would be stupid for him to drive 20 miles east to pick me up and go right back. And, that gives me the evening to myself - YAY!
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