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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi doodle! Hi erin!

Oh yeah, I forgot to comment on how rad those lights are, girltrouble!! I want!!
Heya, Peopleronies! (The San Francisco Cannibal Treat!)

Yeah, those pulley lights are kinda steam-punk kickass!

Heya Poodle! smile.gif Good luck with Oscar. Poor kitty sad.gif

ErinJane, it's extra-added-bonus-cool that four generations could get along for so long in the same area.

Congrats on the quiet HBI, Doodle wink.gif

Good luck with the house-hunting, Diva! Rawks that you're in the right position while it's a buyer's market. You're also inspiring me to do some baking. I'm livin' on a tight budget, but ah kin maaake tasties!

Heeeya Culture smile.gif I'm having some ups and downs, actually. Thanks for asking. Joblessness anxiety kinda sucks.

Also, I really love Goaty, but sometimes she can be pretty frustrating. She tends to express any emotion she has, which is cool on the one hand because there's no emotional guessing games being played, but it kinda hurts when I make or do something for her and her first response is a criticism or disappointment. Yesterday, I was making her the coolest sandwich ever, and she suggested before I started that I make an open-faced sandwich because the bread I was using was so awesome that she likes to dip it in olive oil and vinegar. So anyway, I cut the loaf in half and made two open-faced sandwiches with good dipping olive oil, sherry vinegar, red pesto, freshly-chopped sweet onions, a little freshly-diced garlic, a thin layer of pepperoni, a bunch of freshly-shredded basil, tomato slices, chopped kalamata olives, and good quality mozzarella (the type that comes in a ball, instead of a brick). I baked it in the oven for just the right amount to melt the cheese, too. When I served it up, she told me that that wasn't what she was trying to tell me to make, and that she wanted me to make small open-faced sandwiches with half the bread and leave the other half for dipping. So, without even trying the sandwich, she scraped all the toppings off onto the plate and ate the toppings and the bread separately sad.gif I was flabbergasted! I put some work into that sandwich as an expression of love, and she literally un-made the sandwich before even trying it out the way I intended it sad.gif So, yeah, I wasn't too happy about that.

She didn't seem to get it, though. That same night, I made a great oriental chicken noodle dish with Chinese eggplant, bell peppers, onions, green onions, cilantro, and bock choy. I made the sauce out of a mixture of oyster sauce, sweet, thick soy sauce, garlic, toasted sesame oil, five spice, and red chili-pepper flakes. It was awesome! She said she liked it, but then proceeded to drown it in sweet hot chili garlic sauce sad.gif Isn't that just like pouring A1 on fillet mignon?

Garrr! sad.gif
I done killed the Lounge sad.gif

So how is.... nobody sad.gif
Doodle, in college (and Turbo should remember THIS guy...) there was a BEAUTIFUL young stud of a man who lived on our floor. OUr roomate had a little fling with him (much to my chagrin, as he was HOTTT). She said, over and over, that so long as his mouth was occupied with anything other than TALKInG, he was awesome. Sometimes, a person is just chemistry.

You, however, are a deeper person for something that's just chemistry for anything longer than a flingy thingy. You need now to find a penis with a brain.
Good luck on toto!

Yes, Executive Cock-Plus. laugh.gif
Good morning, OkayLand. Anyone care for a piece of blueberry buckle? Tastes marvy with coffee.

Executive Cock Plus? Intriguing ...

Lore, I would be annoyed by that, too. When I cook things for Sheff, I always welcome feedback (and usually if there's a need for criticism, I've already discerned it within the first few bites anyway). But at least he eats it as-is first and makes a point of thanking me for my efforts anyway. But then again, Sheff is fabulously sweet & I hit the jackpot when I found him, so hey.

As an aside, that sounds like a truly amazing sandwich. I would pay good money for that baby.

(((((((((((((Oscar))))))))))))))) Poor kitten!

Divala, that sucks about the 10% rule. I can kinda understand where your parents are coming from, but it still sounds frustrating and annoying. Saving up that much money can take a long time and, meanwhile, house prices keep going up. I hope their contribution is large nough to make the wait worthwhile.

Life is okay 'round here. My laptop seems to have died, which is heartbreaking. But Jesse Helms died, too, so it's not all bad. wink.gif
This is a quickie - waiting for my ride to take me out to the reserve....the Band is on summer hours now, so I have to start at SEVEN! Bleargh. But I'll be done by three. Still. Bleargh.

So, out of curiosity, what exactly is the acceptable time period for a fling thingie to last?
Good Morning!

Diva, it sounds like a lovely relaxing weekend you had. I can't stand either of the Williams sisters, then again I'm not a hige fan of tennis.

hey Poodle!I'm sorry about Oscar ~*~*~*~*~*healing vibes for oscar~*~*~*~*~*~*

Erin, provided I'm still in or close to the exchange, we should go for lunch when you can.

Lore, that sammy and food sounds delish, sorry to hear that things are the shits right now. ~*~*~*~*~*feel better and job vibes~*~*~*~*~*~* (((((((((lore))))))))) cuz again, me thinks you need a hug.

Hey mox!

Minx, have you heard about work yet?? ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

RV, Jesse Helmes died? Hmmm so he did.

Doodle, I was wondering what you were doing in here so early!! I'd say a fling should only last a few months at most. Funny cuz the cop and I have been playing for 9 months now. But then again, we don't see each other that often. I think that things have run their course with you and Mr. Scorpio if you're asking. IMHO.

Last night, took the dog out, worked out. Things with Honda have been straightened out, they will send me whatever is owed to me, it's just a matter of when they'll process the cheque.

ETA: X posted with L to the three, hey!

Came into thread. Saw "executive cock plus." *laughs and walks out*

~ LL Lysa
Fling? I'd say no more than a month if you are seeing him as much as you are. Otherwise, I'd say it could go on indefinitely if you aren't seeing him more than once a month, maybe twice, after this. But those are just my rules of engagement with nothin' butta fuck. And if you are FWB, I'd say no more than once every two months. The Dirty Mick and I were basically once every six months after we broke up. Boundaries be good, yo.

Minxlette and I are going camping this afternoon...after I get a couple of new tires and an oil change done on the car which I just dropped off. In my dreams, the car will be done by noon, and we get there by three. Her SEVENTH birthday is on Thursday--isn't that craziness?!

In my UBER-dreams, there are two of me, and the other one gets to go see Artman when he gets home tonight; we make with the sweet-sweet HBI and nuzzle all night, while Mommy-Me tends to my daughter. *sigh* Ah well...I'll probably see him when we get home and she goes to the donor's place. Haven't seen him in nearly two weeks and I'm starting to get a little nutters with the waiting.

ETA: Executive Cock-Plus is a man-machine in the sack with serious mental chops.
I'm really not one from experience, but i'd say until you were bored or someone wanted it to be serious. It sounds like both of those things are here for you, doodle.


Hey L to the three.

Minx, the camping sounds like lots of fun!!!! Artman will be back soon then you can have lots of fun HBI.

Hey Mox!

Mmm almost lunch time! Woohoo!
uh minx, if you don't add Executive Cock-Plus to the urban dictionary, i'm gonna. that's a riot.

sigh. the puppy monster has congested lungs again. we thought she was on her way to being heathy, but she just got an xray today. sad.gif she's had it for more than a year, and everytime it gets worse it could kill her since it inflames a slight heart problem she has...
she was gaining weight too. she was getting over 160 lbs. which is still runtish for english mastiffs under two years old. poor belle. i lurve her so.

here is a puppy pic of her, just to make me happy to look at:


sending get well vibes on behalf of the entire puppy-friendly staff

~ LL Lysa
Hey dudettes!! (and dude)

Awwww....po' puppy. Gawsh that picture is so freakin' cute. I want to give her raspberries!! ~*~*~*~health vibes for pup~*~*~*~

That sucks about goatgirl, lore!! That food sounds exquisite!! Have you talked to her about this? That would hurt my feelings, too. Fortunately, poodledude will eat anything and like it. The downside of that is that he doesn't really get excited about delicious, beautiful meals whether homemade or from a restaurant. I guess I'm just gonna have to rely on diva as my epicurean partner.

D'oh!! 2 weeks without Artman?! At least it'll be extra fun when you see him again. I'm super jealous of your camping, by the way, and I can't believe minxlette is going to be 7!!!!!! Next thing you know, she'll be a naughty, hormonal teenager!! It's fun to watch kids grow up.

Glad to hear the Honda sitch is working out, culture. One less thing to deal with.

I don't know what to say, doodle. Listen to your fellow okayers. They are wise.

Sorry about your laptop, rose. Yeah, I guess the Jesse Helms thing sorta makes up for it. The world is a better place without that asshat.

Hi mox and lounge lady!! Who did I forget? Hi to everyone and all you lurkers!!

Well, Oscar's visit to the U of M was helpful, even if it majorly pissed him off. It was mostly a consultation (an expensive one) and we concluded that the best thing would be for him to continue taking his anti-anxiety medication until it really begins to take effect. She said an ultrasound would be a good idea if he continues to have urinary episodes. That's lots of money though. Anyway, it's all good in Oscar's world, for now.

I'm too tired to be at work today. I just lounge on my couch, drink a sixer of Grain Belt Premium, and watch Singin' in the Rain on DVR.
Okay, okayers, here's my beef o' the day: if they expect women to have to pee into those skinny little specimen bottles, why can't they invent some kind of disposable tool to make it a little less messy for us? HUH? It's not like I've been practicing my sharp shooting. mad.gif

Anyway. Hello. I am home. Chief and Council let out early, so I took myself to the lab to have my pre-procedure stuff done. Three vials of blood, and oh man, did I have to pee when I got there. I had to get up at 6 - I'd been mainlining coffee all day!

Yeah, this thing with mr scorpio. I dunno. The HBI is soooo freaking good, and this once a week thing works better for me, if we can keep it at that. He does seems to accept it all now, and is happy to get a good fucking. As am I. But maybe I am kidding myself. The idea of's so hard to think that way, when in my head, I'm just living in the moment.

Okay, I have to go get the coffee out of my white denim jacket so I can wear it to the store tomorrow.
Hey, hey, hey now! There is no such thing as "executive cock plus". Period. The definition of "executive cock" means the whole ball of wax, there is no higher. There is no "plus" to be added, that's a redundancy.

I resent the misappropriation of my term & if I find it on UD in any form other than what it originated as I'm gonna kick some ass, goddamnit. You want to make up your own term & add it to the UD "plus" something, be my guest, but you'll not lay your "plus" fingers upon "executive cock".

That is all.
tongue.gif ich, ap, no one is trying to finger the executive cock. tongue.gif

minx was just making a funny.
Bastardization is no laughing matter to me. I am very succint in my usages & if I thought it needed more to it, I'd have added it. It's perfect on it's own. You do not add to or redefine my term. I cry foul! I cry redundancy! I cry over my dead body!
don't cry AP! it'll be ok.
*gives her a great big ol' wordy hug*

we'll get you your non bastardized executive cock good as new, k?

there won't even be any cat hair on it.

really! i promise!

while we know you are a lovely wordsmith, (and i love, love, love your wordsmithery, and you, as you well know), others when they hear your word brilliance, they may want to embelish it, adding a bit of filigree, for a certain context. it is done in playful jest. do remember, with the english language, people fool with all sorts of words. it is a living language, and do-dads and gee-gaws do get added to words all the time, and really there is nothing to be done. i know you love your creation, but it's kind of in public domain.... unless you copywrite it...but i am more than sure your cock will be just fine and will survive the addition of an inch or two. wink.gif

..i even promise not to do any CBT on it....

*Decides not to hurt the Fett*

Hi GT, Aural, Doodle, Poodle, Culture, Moxy, Minx, L3, and Rosiev! smile.gif


Awesome-cute puppy pic, GT!

Wish I were camping, eating blueberry buckle, having mind-blowing sex, drinking a sixer of Grain Belt Premium, and farting on Jesse Helms' grave (or in it, if he hasn't been buried yet).

Never, never, never, never, never. No jest, not funny. Adding frippery is disrespectful to the word's purity & integrity. What if Moby Dick had started, "Call me Chuck"? Not the same, now is it? And it isn't bloody English, it's APean.
darling aural, you know we mean no harm. don't you get any bruised feelings. tch. we love you!

i know the executive dick means a lot to you, and you want to, uh, stand firm, on this, but we're not trying to (god this is gonna get bad, isn't it), stiff you. busties, after all are a playful lot. you much as anyone here. even though, like me you put up a cranky front.

you know the world isn't a pure place. i'm sure there are parodies of moby dick that parody it worse than "call me chuck." (in this case it would be "call me dick"), but that doesn't make the original any less brilliant. so it is with your executive cock. the plus, er, takes nothing away from your gem. and as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. and you know i think you are the bee's knees, don't you?

hi lore! i am still salavating over that sandwich you made for goatie. if she ever turns one of those again, snatch it from her and mail it to me. i will build a shrine to it's box.... it just sounded dreamy...
awww (((auralpoison))) nobody meant you any disrespect.'s hot as blazes and humid as hell here.'ll never hear me complain about heat, because I reserve the right to complain about our nasty cold-a$$ed winters. I lurve baking in the sun. Truly.

Poodle, do you do condo appraising and stuff? Because I'm seriously considering taking my (smallish) portion of the proceeds of Mom's house, and upgrading my kitchen. I know in a regular house they (kitchen upgrades) pay for themselves, does it work in a condo building where you're competing with a bunch of the same units in the same building? Can I PM you????

~*~*~vibes for Oscar~*~*~

~*~*~puppymonster vibes~*~*~

Doodle, I'ma thinking a "fling" ends when one or the other starts having to "think" about things. A fling should be just plain, good, meaningless sex.

CH, glad things are straightened out with Honda.

Divala, it must be frustrating with the whole 10% thing going on...I hope their contribution is large enough to make it worthwhile. I'm sending you ~*~*find the perfect house you can afford right now and down-pay 10% on right now*~*~ vibes.

I have a really sick fish here. Vibes for "Rocky", my Betta fish, would be greatly appreciated. He's contracted "Ick" and is pretty sickly. I've increased his bowl water temp to 83 degrees and added it's a matter of time. I hope he makes it until the parasite leaves his body.

Good Morning!

~*~*~*~*~*vibes for puppy monster~*~*~*~*~*~ GT, how's things going with you?

Hey L to the three.

Poodle, I love Singin' In The Rain, why I know another bustie who feels the same. Good to hear that Oscar is doing well.

Doodle, it's easiest just to hold it right up to you and don't bother aiming. Have you made a decision about Mr. Scorpio yet? What about just taking a break?

Awww AP, we waz just having fun! How's things on your end?

~*~*~*~*~*Rocky healing vibes~*~*~*~*~*~* I also have a betta and every morning I'm surprised he's still kicking about, he's over a year old now.

did the usual last night, how is everyone else? Where's Kari and Dusty been at lately?

Happy Hump Day busties!!

I like "executive cock" and I can see how "executive cock plus" would be a little redundant. Is it supposed to be "executive dick?" I'm confused.

~*~*~*~health vibes for Rocky~*~*~*~ Once I had a goldfish that lived for, like, 4 years. He became huge and his scales even got whiter as he aged. Eventually, I went off to college and my mom ended up taking care of him. After he died, my mom flushed him and I was furious because he had been a member of our family for so long and he deserved a proper burial.

"sharp shooting" Ha!! ~*~*~*~more urinary health vibes for doodle~*~*~*~

Tree, I've valued condo buildings and condo land before, but never an individual condo unit. It's essentially the same process as valuing a single-family home though. When it comes to redoing kitchens (for equity purposes), you just want to make sure that it meets buyer expectations for that home price bracket. For example, you don't want a huge pimped out, state-of-the-art kitchen in a middle-bracket home, where a buyer would expect an average to good quality kitchen. You don't want it to be "too good." Vice versa for upper bracket homes. In an upper bracket home, you want a top of the line kitchen. This is all just general advice and I can't guarantee that it would work. It's hard to earn sweat equity on condos and that's one of the reasons I didn't buy one. I hope that helps!!

Blah. I finally got a decent night's sleep last night, but I still want to go back to bed.
Poodle you are the swami of real estate knowledge.

I had to eat my yoghurt with a fork. No spoon wif me.
drive by! hi slutty deck swabbers! arrrrr!

i'm starting to worry. monday was the half way point in my layoff so i dropped my boss an email. i know it's only been two days, but when you are freaked about a job, well it's been a long two three days. i'm so glad i haven't even cashed the last paycheck i got....

and i've been having stomach problems, which is so not like me. i usually have a cast iron stomach so....?

on the upside, i'm feeling inspired. i have my show at toys coming up and i am hoping i can bang out a couple of new pieces in the month or so i have.

the puppy monster's problems aren't as serious as was first thought, but the poor thing's got to get back on antibiotics, and it will probably be the end of summer before she'll see her friends at the dog park. sad.gif

*+*+*~ health, healthy pet and job vibes for everybody~*+*+*

A realtor would know more about kitchen remodels and home equity than I would. I do mostly commercial appraisal (land, in particular). If you want to know anything about commercial properties, just ask me!!

Somebody get me a cookie.

ETA- (Cross-post) Hi girltrouble!! ~*~*~*~tummy and jobby job vibes~*~*~*~
For the curious, there is no entry on Urban Dictionary for "executive cock". This must be rectified.

Glad to hear the puppers is better than previously thought, GT. Here's hoping the anti-biotics help.

Poor little Oscar. And Rocky the fish, too.
(((((((((( all the OkayPets)))))))))))))

When it comes to updating kitchens, it's so hard to figure out what is considered too much & what isn't enough. Not that I can afford a full kitchen remodel anyway. I'll be lucky if I can ever settle on a damn paint color.

Poods, I have no cookies to offer you, but I made Quiche Lorraine for dinner last night, so you're welcome to a slice of that.
Honestly, I would prefer it if executive cock remained a Bust thing. I doubt anybody in the outside world would use/understand it.

How is everyone? I've not been here in a while.

((GT)) I understand your being freaked out about the layoff! I hope you hear something soon. I am really glad the puppy monster's condition is not as serious as once thought. That's very good. ((your stomach)) Hope your belly gets to feeling better soon. Those pendant lights you posted are bad asssss!

((Lore)) Sorry Goatie girl poo poo's your cooking sometimes. I know how that feels, b/c I'm the cook in my house. Mr K is mostly appreciative, but sometimes if I'm in a mood & he says something, it ticks me off.

Diva, that is SO RAD that your parents will help you out some with the down payment on a house. SWEET!

Hey Minx! No Art man for 2 weeks? sad.gif He's on vaca, you say? I can't believe Minxlette is turning 7!!!!! Have fun camping!

Hey Tree! (((((ROCKY))))) I hope he is ok. It's hot as hell here too. Hot n' steamy. Ugh. It's making my nose get stuffy, it's so gross.

hey CH!! How are your peepers? Can you see perfectly now??

Hey Poodley Noodley! It's good to see you in here so much, lady!

Hi Rose v!

Hi AP!

Nice to see you, kari!!! How you doin'?

Hmmm...I love quiche, rose, but doesn't quiche lorraine have ham or something meaty in it? I'm one of those insane vegheads! wink.gif I have lettuce for brains!!

I got an M&M cookie from Caribou and it turned out to be exactly what I wanted. Yummers.

I cannot believe how sloooooooow this day is going. It must be because I've been screwing around so much.

Hey, peeps!

Hi, Minx! Happy early birfday to the Minxlette! Wow, I remember going to her 3rd birfday party. Oy, we're getting old. How's the job sitch looking?

CH, that's good that things got figured out with your car.

Doodle, I believe they do make something to make it easier to get your pee in a test tube. It's called a funnel. You'd think a hospital would have one laying around (hopefully clean/sterilized) and would offer it to those of us who don't have penises.

Hi, Poodley! I can attest to Poodle's cooking prowess. Best. Homemade. Pizza. Ever. We haven't cooked dinner in a really long time, have we? I think I've only been over to your place for dinner once since you moved. We should rectify that toot sweet.

(((((((Lore)))))) Sorry things are the craps for you lately. Your sandwich sounds amazing, and I'd totally eat it as-is.

Good to see you in here again, Kari! Did you just get back from your trip, or was that a few weeks ago?

Hi, RV and everyone else!

So, the thing with the down payment is that what my parents are going to give us will most likely be about half of what we need. I did a bunch of looking around online at houses, and there were honestly only a few I'd even consider, and they weren't at the top of our range, either. I wish we could move straight out of our place now and into our own house (that's what we'd planned to do eventually until that bomb got dropped on us in April about the landlord's GF). Since we'll likely have to be out in less than 4 months, there's no way we can come up with $10K or more in cash, so we'll have to spend probably a year in some other rental while we save up. We're not looking forward to that. But we've been watching a ton of "House Hunters" on HGTV, and I tell ya, you can get a whole lot more for your money in the Des Moines suburbs than you can in the Mpls suburbs (especially since we're only looking at 1st ring suburbs, I'm dead set against going any further out and I'm only agreeing to suburbs at all because of the giant).

I've decided to quit my gym. I've been there a year now and have lost no weight and have hated every single minute of it, and I absolutely hate to sweat. It's just been a waste of money for no effect, and then there's the guilt I feel for not having gone. I'd rather just do away with it outright and save my money. The people there never wipe their machines and are really annoying, anyway. If I do go to a gym, I'd probably join back at my old one. And when I start school again in the fall, I'm not really going to have time for it, anyway, since I'll hopefully be taking 2 night classes. Speaking of which, I should probably register for those soon.

On top of all that gloom and doom, I broke my favorite bra yesterday. It was old as hell, but so comfortable, and I'm astonished it held up as long as it did. Guess I'll have to make a trip out to the stores again this weekend, which I'm not looking forward to.

Good Things Wednesday:

1) it seems to be pretty nice outside
2) I slept like the dead last night and had a really funny dream about a coworker trashing my cubicle then the giant and I going to Alabama to beat up my ex-boyfriend
3) 1 week until the new season of Project Runway!
4) the day's halfway over
5) fresh homemade banana bread waiting at home

*** donks Okay thread on the head collectively and says "coulda had a V8!" *** laugh.gif

((((diva and her boobahs)))) Sorry about your favorite titsling. It's good to update brars at least once a year though. The girls need support!!

If you're not going to the gym and you hate it, then I'd say it's a wise decision to drop it and save the money. I sorta miss my gym and the guys there. I'm lazy though and I don't have as much money to throw around with my new mortgage. Plus, I bought that HDTV and a good cable package, and I want to get my money's worth out of them. Exercise would cut into valuable viewing time. wink.gif I just need to do some more walking, that's all.

I'll do Good Things Wednesday too!!
1. Boss is busy and hasn't bugged me...yet
2. Delicious cookie
3. iPod is charged and I have a great playlist lined up
4. Burrito fixin's for dinner
5. Got to work on time, so I don't have to stay past 5:00
7. Oscar is getting better
8. Keith now responds to the name "Boobie"
9. Gus gets to walk around more freely now that Oscar is on anti-anxiety meds

ETA- Heh...I was searching through old photo files and I came across some of my old crappy photoshop work. Remember this, diva?

I think my favorite piece involved minx, lurv, and marileen during their Journey days:

I tell ya what, some of you girls were lucky that I couldn't find your images to work with!!
sad.gif I'm da thread killah!! sad.gif
Hmmm...good things Wednesday is it???

My good thing is that I got to stay at the shop and rebuild a -80. I sort of like that, not so much running and I do well when I can focus on one long task...and still see results. My piping is so pretty. I should post a picture one of these days, I do sort of a corkscrew spiral where the tubing comes into the compressor. /end refrigeration geek

It makes my feet sore, though.

CH! Yes, how are your eyes??? I can't believe I spaced it out when I posted this morning!

Poodle, how cute you've trained your kitty to respond to "boobie"....hehe. Thanx for the kitchen valuing information.

I think I'm going to do it. Right now my condo is one of 100 (well, actually one of 8 if you count the floor plan) but, one of 100,000 if you just look at the trim and the finishing materials. It's confusing to me, though. It's sort of upper-midrange for condos in this city in general, but in this particular building, it is the most expensive/largest/best floorplan. So I'm thinking, if I should have to sell it, I'd like to set it apart from the crowd. This building was built as apartments so the cabinetry is pretty basic and 80's oak, the countertop is formica, the only light is a basic fluorescent that collects bugs...I'd like to get some Ikea cabinets, granite tile countertop, maybe do some nicer recessed lighting, and stainless appliances.

~*~*bra shopping vibes for divala*~*~...I just hate bra shopping. I feel for you.

GT, hope you get good news about going back to work! I am glad to see that your puppy's problem is less serious than initially thought. And I have to agree, I forgot when I posted before, those pulley lamps are way cool!

Lore, it'd drive me nuts if Bear did that regarding my cooking. And that sandwich DOES sound like it was divine!

So, Rocky's still a bit sickly looking, and he looks like more of the Ick broke out on him, he is looking pretty "sandy" now. (Ick looks like grains of white sand on the fish). I really hope he makes it. I mean, he cost like $4.50, but I kind of got attached to him. He's occasionally swimming around though, so that is an improvement. I put the heater in, day before it's supposed to change the life cycle of the parasite to three days...once it leaves his body and goes into the water the salt (1 tsp of sea salt per gallon) will kill it. 48 hours down...24 to go. Hopefully that information is correct. Although since it seems like he's even more sandy looking today, maybe it will be three days from today??? I dunno. I do know the poor guy's suffering though. sad.gif


Oh lordessa, worlds colliding at the jam tonight....

I don't even have words to describe it. Anyway. I started at the jam and ended in an impromptu party at an artist's warehouse studio, and I just made it home about twenty minutes ago. hippiegirl is staying on my sofabed, so I can't be online long. I don't work tomorrow till 1, so I'll try to get on in the morning and catch up then!
hey everybusty. i want to respond to everybody but my brain is full of static right now...

sigh. i guess today is the day. i figured i should go in and talk to my boss since my monday email asking how things are going has remained unanswered. i asked mr. t to do a card reading about it. i am usually skeptical about such things, but she has a proven track record, and i never really think about getting a reading unless i am super freaked out.

she said:
someone is backstabbing me at work, and that's where the interference is coming from. the way to change it is to talk to my boss directly. and it's up to me to do this, since it seems to be at a make or break point.

that would explain why i am up at 2 am again. there's no real welding work, unless i want a crazy commute via bus now that my car is kaput. well....unless you count the place that didn't give me a weld test-- which, when you are standing there with your welding helmet is like saying. we don't think you're worth the time.


(((((GT))))) ~*~*~go back to work vibes~*~*~
Good Morning!

~*~*~*~*~jobbity job vibes for GT~*~*~*~*~* I'm sorry about work hun. Thank goodness puppymonster is doing well. That face is so darned cute! MWAH!

Hee hee RV, I went into Urban Dictionary and checked it out, too.

Kari and Tree, Indeed my sight is almost completely up to par. I still ahve some haloing, but I'm noticing improvements on that every day. Things are good.

Poodle, the cookie sounds yummtastic! Hee photoshop pictures.

Diva, I totally understand where you are coming from on the gym, here's to finding a great bra this weekend.

Tree, Rocky has droopsie??? How's he doing today?

Hey Lore! How's it going??

Doodle, my my we need details!!!!

Ummm, nothing going on here, took dog out, worked out last night. As usual. Now I am at work.

Mornin'. *slurps coffee*

How's everyone today?

Tree, I hope Rocky is ok. That is worrisome. What are you doing to your condo??

Doodle! Will be anxiously awaiting deets from the jam.

Ch, that is so great that your vision is good now! How exciting!!

((GT)) ~~~~~work woe vibes~~~~~~ I think talking to the boss directly is a very good idea. Any idea who could be backstabbing you?

Poodle! Those pictures make me laugh every time!

Diva, it really stinks that your landlord's situation veered your plans off track. You guys sound like you will be in a really good position when you are ready to buy though. Timing is so important, I think.

Things here are good today. Yesterday when I got home from work, I took a nap, then took the dogs on a good run. Came home, grilled steak & vegetables, ate, and went to bed. It was a relaxing night.

The weather here is truly gross right now. It rained a lot yesterday, which is really good. But, now it is sooooo muggy. Like, walk outside & my glasses fog up. Nasty.
Hey everybody!!!

((((girltrouble)))) Job troubles are the worst. sad.gif

~*~*~*~more healthy fish vibes~*~*~*~ poor guy.

I love your refrigeration geekiness, tree!!

That's great that your eyes are working, culture!! Does it feel weird not to have your glasses on? I've never had vision problems, but I remember wanting glasses back in my tween years. I wanted a reason to wear cat-eye glasses.

Mmmm...grilled veggies sounds good, kari. I could eat a plate full of grilled veggies alone. My dad often sets aside a special batch of marinated veggies for me during cookouts.

Hi doodle!! Hi lore!!

I'm tired. I need 9 or 10 hours of sleep to feel well-rested and this whole work thing really cuts into that time. Fortunately, I'm working a half-day today so some schmucks can uninstall the security equipment in my house. It's a long boring story that I won't go into. Anyway, I'm hoping to squeeze a nap in this afternoon.
Hiya, peeps!

(((((((((GT)))))))) I hope your meeting with your boss went well.

Tree, your condo sounds really cool and it will be even more so after you renovate the kitchen. I hope Rocky comes out of this okay. I had a tank of fish die of the ick about 5 years ago. I didn't really care about any of them, though, except Hades, my algae eater. He was pretty big and the coolest fish ever. I burried him in the backyard rather than flush him.

How's your mom doing?

Ah, Poodle, making me remember the days when I was a rock star 10-20 years ago! Hey, I have the afternoon off, too, but unfortunately I have sucky plans.

FYI for all you others who haven't met me IRL, my hair isn't that icky orangey color anymore. It's back to my natural color and has been for several years.

Hellos to Kari, Lore, CH, and everyone else!

I'm leaving for the day in an hour or so to go to the dentist. Just my 6-month checkup, but I'll bet there'll be some cavities, which I actually don't mind since that'll be more time I can take off work to get them filled. After that, I'm going titsling shopping. I've got 3 different Dayton's lined up, so hopefully one of them will have my specific style/size in stock. It's never been that much of a problem before, so I don't anticipate it will be today. Famous last words, huh?

Bra shopping sucks, indeed, but I spend a lot of the time laughing at how contorted my boobs look in some bras. Once I tried an underwire pushup bra for big girls and my boobs were up to my chin. I was laughing out loud in the dressing room.

Ah yes, Cheap Trick. I noticed that they'll be playing here soon, but they're with some other band and the tickets are too expensive. I just want Cheap Trick. Hearing Surrender live was freakin' awesome.

I think it's finally gonna rain today. My yard needs it sooo bad. I've had to use the sprinkler a few times, which I hate because of the water bill.
Oh my god....partying in the middle of the week....*headdesk* I hurt.

Ok, well, my story from last night is.....erm, probably boring in retrospect. tongue.gif Anyway, went to the jam with BEB, hippiegirl, and banjoboy - it was banjoboy's first time at this jam! Nice to have the whole posse. wink.gif Mr Jamhost broke a string on his acoustic, so I took it outside to re-string while he was jamming. Next thing I know, I'm done, the jam is breaking, and EVERYONE is outside and starts sitting around me in a circle while I'm playing. I strike up Magic Man. Mr Jamhost says, Is that the whole song?? ('Cause it's only 4 chords.) I say, yeah, and he says, let's get you plugged in! Just as some old comrades from the women's centre board show up. (1st world colliding.) So next thing I know, I'm up with the band, teaching them Magic Man. And we played it. Which, by the way, was fucking cool.

So while I'm up jamming - and may I say, it was awesome, 'cos I've been playing with these guys for a while now - guess who walks in the door? Sexy Rhythm Guitarist. (2nd world colliding.) Just as I'm starting up one of my own songs, too. I pretty much ignored him, actually....for the time being. I did 5 songs, including a duet with Mr. Jamhost.

After jamming, I was sitting with my old women's centre comrades, and one of the guys who hangs out there, a sculptor, knows one of them quite well. We were all talking, and he turns to me and says, "Oh my god, you're DOODLEBUG doodlebug???" He never even recognized me - I guess I have changed a lot. We used to sit on the Arts Council board together, about 10 or more years ago. (3rd world colliding.) And he's great friends with SRG, who wound up having to wend his way over to join OUR circle, plus SRG also knows one of the women from the women's centre. (Multiple worlds colliding.) Sculptor excitedly invites me over to his studio to see his current works - it's in the same group of warehouses as Mr. Jamhost's place. As we're walking over there, I turn around and see the whole fucking team following along - my 2 from the women's centre, and SRG, along with a couple of other musicians.

Anyway, other people started making their way to the studio, and there was loud music and dancing and hula-hooping and talking and lots of weird lights and weed going back and forth every 5 seconds. I kept ignoring SRG, but he kept managing to be in my circle, which was truly weird. He followed me and Sculptor around on the tour of the studio and everything, even though he's obviously been to Sculptor's place many times. I didn't really pay him any attention. (Hell, I didn't even pay much attention to him when he was up jamming, because Sculptor had us in stitches with jokes - and weirdly enough, it was right after that when he came and plopped his ass in the middle of the circle of people I was talking to - facing me. And yeah, I'm so DONE with him.) Anyway, BEB and hippiegirl eventually figured out where I'd went, and brought banjoboy with them to increase the numbers of dancers. And that's why I didn't make it home till 1 in the morning.

Oh, the weirdest thing. I thought I lost my favourite turquoise bracelet (one I made) on my way to the hospital a few weeks ago - I've been quite upset about it, it's real turquoise and I truly love it best of all my jewelry. It magically re-appeared at the jam. Apparently, I'd left it out at the horse ranch the night before the hospital trip, when I'd gone to see the new colts, and it came back with one of the women's centre people. It was, like, symbolic or something, but I'm not sure exactly how yet. wink.gif

Anyway, that's my story of last night. Sorry it's so all had me stunned last night, with all these different facets of my past arriving at once - all the splits in my identity meeting up at last (and the curiously symbolic turquoise bracelet) - but it's probably boring in retrospect. tongue.gif

Sculptor invited us to a warehouse party at his studio on the 26th - apparently my posse and I are all going - heh. Also when I get back from Vancouver, I am absolutely to come over to his studio and view the progress of the sculptures - it's a series of huge totems he'll be carving out of giant logs, commissioned by a nearby smaller town.

It is a yucky, dark, windy, rainy day here. I have to go get ready for work. Damn, I was going to try to catch up on everyone else's posts - but I will this evening, I promise!
Dayum, I'm gone for two whole days and didn't even know that I'd fuggered with a fellow BUSTie.

Mark my words, AP, it was a redundancy on purpose. No intended fuckery.

Although I did laugh when GT said something about "fingering...executive cock". BWA-HAHAHAHAHA!!

Okay, enough with supposed interloping of a fluid lexicon (hey GT, I once wrote a paper on how drag queens positively influence and create a more gender-neutral English)...Minxlette is SEVEN. Diva--isn't that crazy?!! She still takes out the feather boa on occasion and prances around. This is us at Gooseberry Falls:

Okay Okayers, I am just about to jump out of my skin and attack some Executive Cock (+). Two and a half hours and counting...WOO-HOO!!!

ETA: Poodle, dayum, I love that you just re-posted those pictures. JOURNEY FOREVER!!!
wow... great pix, minx! posting after you i feel like i'm hanging with the beautiful peoples!
i'd love to read that paper, chickie... it always amazes me how many busties write papers on gender queer related issues.
sigh. busties are a swell lot! i hesitate to say it (but feel i must), y'all are executive busties plus!

i also wanted to add, poodle, i loved the bad 'shopped photos. they are just inherently funny. laugh.gif

how is work treating you tree? sounds like you are having fun. ick freaks me out. i had a friend whose fish got ick, and while i never saw the fish with it, her description turned my cast-iron stomach into jelly. wacko.gif

and doodle that isn't a boring story at all. i thought it really interesting. we need some 'doodle has a posse' stickers and posters... tongue.gif

divala, that sounds like a boooo afternoon. bra shopping and dentistry... i need a stress nap just thinking about it...
or do i just want a stress nap? hmmmmmmm...

hi kari.... mmmmmm steak... now i'm hungry...

and speaking of hungry, my mouth is STILL watering for lore's sammich! goddamn that sounds so freaking YUMS!

culture, you still haven't told us how your eyes are doing? are you liking being sans goggle?

thanks for all the good vibes everybustie. (EB+!!!)
so here is what the story is with work.
so it turns out that the lead welder, the one that came with the place had a stroke last weekend and is paralyzed. because of the agreement he had with the previous owner, he has to still pay him as if he was full time. but there isn't anyone who can do his work there, so he might have to hire someone else. he says he might be able to hire me back but i'd have to take a $2 pay cut, and it would be another 2 weeks --atleast-- before he could see how things were shaking out... we agreed i could think about it and i think i am going to see if i can whittle that down to $1. but in the mean time i get to work on my paintings, dj and sandblast boxes and practice pinstriping on them. i kinda get summer off. so it ends up being kind of a good far. unsure.gif least that's how i'm insisting on looking at it.

i'm going to go cuddle up with a cheap knock off of lore's heavenly sammich with some steak bits thrown on it, and take a stress nap.

laters you jizz snotters!
Happy Friday you cum guzzling cock teases.

Hey Kari, good to see you, how are things going with you? mmmm steak and veggies.

Poodle, awesome on a half day, 'cept doesn't sound like it's for the most fun of reasons.

Diva, how did the dentist go?

Doodle, that sounds like a really fun evening!

Minx, enjoy your reunion with artman! What a lovely pic!

GT, I really hope that work works out. ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~ I'll reply shortly.

Eyes are doing great, I'm surprised at how quickly I adapted to not wearing glasses, there has been two instances where I tried to take my glasses off, but all is working out well now. Work outs are picking up again (30 minutes of rowing = cardio and muscular pain. But ohsogood), my eyes aren't overly dry, still using the natural tear. I really like how things are going.

Well, not much else is going on, I have a wedding this weekend (I can't believe my friend is getting married!) and the reception. Ooooh hellboy is opening up today, I'm going to wait a while before seeing that, PR Boy and I have tentative plans to see that.

What's everyone else up to this weekend?
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