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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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COD DAMMIT i miss this place...

FJ!!!!! *runs up to FJ and gives boobie-squishing hug*

Just jump right in!! How are the men in your life? How are you?!
Poodle, that would be hilarious, I'd buy into those cosmetics!

LL, you totally deserve some Lush products!

FJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How's it going?
heyas! thanks for the hugs! i'm here at work, trying to stay under the radar still. i'm great, jackaroo is so awesomely fantastic. mrfj is doing well, although he has to leave town tonight, be gone all holiday weekend, getting back in town late saturday.

he has our laptop, so i won't be able to update at night, but then i've been sleeping my ass off lately once jackaroo goes to bed every night. the pregnancy is still going well, still getting used to the idea.

i will try to come back tomorrow since it promises to be a very slow day.

byeeeeeeee for now!

FJ! How's it goin', babe? Blow a raspberry on Jackaroo's belly for me, will ya?

GT, what a lot of great news! When will your art be hanging at Babes in Toyland?

Hooray for Poods' pseudo-Friday!

I wish we had a Lush store here. When I lived in Brighton I walked down to the Lush store almost every week for bath bombs. I miss the way I could smell the store about a block before I got to it. But at least I'm saving money since I can't go there now. Those bath bombs really add up!

I don't have much of a weakness for alcohol. Baked goods? Yes. Oooooooh yes. I could never do one of those diets that tell you to give up carbs. And now I've gotten to the point where I enjoy making the baked goods as much as eating them. Sometimes when I'm at the grocery store I see cookies or cakes that look delicious & tempting, but I don't buy them because, well, where's the fun in just buying it? I guess if I had the same love for booze that I have for baked goods, I'd be one of those people who makes my own beer & wine in giant drums in my laundry room.
Hi, peeps!

Thanks for all the hugs and such yesterday. I really do know that I'm not that bad off, but sometimes it feels like it.

((((((Poodle)))))) I love you.

Dude, I thought they already made those cosmetics and they're called "Wet N' Wild." wink.gif Or is that Urban Decay? I used to buy their shit all the time and think I was so cool, but of course I wasn't. That's what shopping at Urban Outfitters when you're from the sticks will do to you.

Hi, Marileen! I'm so sorry to hear about Abe. He was a good dog. I agree with RV, you should get the ashes because they're better with you than on some cold shelf at the vet's. We should get together for lunch soon. I don't think we've been out since before you got married, which is going on almost a year ago! And sure, I'll take you up on the bridal mags. I'm not into looking for dresses or anything like that, but I like seeing the different party favors and such, and some of those tips don't have an expiration date on them.

I'd like to make a LUSH run, but I've just started using the stuff I got last time I went, so I think I've got something like 6 bars of soap to use up and a couple bubble bars. I'm not the kind of person who takes baths more than once every couple of years, though, so most of that stuff gets given away to friends as stocking stuffers. I do indeed love their bar soaps, though. I even got a bar of Honey I Washed The Kids because Jenn raves about it.

Hi, GT, CH, LL, Jenn, and FJ! (holy crap, that's a lot of initials!)

I've been trying to get ahold of my BFF in California to see if she's anywhere near the wildfires. I'm a little worried, since I've called twice and haven't heard back yet.

No beer for me, thanks. I'm a vodka/rum/tequila/scotch girl, mostly. I like my fruity drinks or a nice Dewars and soda. I make a point to order that when I'm out with the giant's brother and/or cousin. I like to drink like more of a man than they do. But otherwise, I'm a Stoli girl. I think it has something to do with Ab Fab.

Can I get some advice on something? The giant and I are really trying to afford a house fairly soon, like in a year and a half. The giant had the idea to cash out his 401K to put toward a down payment. I have a very bad feeling about that, but he seems to think it's a good idea since it'll be invested in a house, not something like a trip or anything. I know I wouldn't dare touch mine, since I know my pension-earning time is limited if I'm going to open my own business in the next 2-3 years. Does anyone know anything about this?

I want this day to end. Then just tomorrow to get through before a 3-day weekend. I think I'm going to finish my book now, although it won't kill much time since I only have 10 pages left.

Diva, darling - do NOT let the Giant cash out his 401K for a house! Seriously....especially in this housing market, where appreciation is not a sure thing - do not do it. But further more, when you have a good lump of money in your 401K, you're earning money on that all the time, and less so if you have to start over from the beginning. Better to wait another year, save your pennies, and get the help from your family for a little extra help. Its only another year. And if you're really in a hurry, pick up an extra job a couple nights a week, and put that money in the house fund.

Its the WEEKEND for me! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

And did someone say LUSH?! Of course ya'll know I am the biggest Lush whore! Like LL, I have one three blocks from my office, and another one 6 blocks away, and another 3 miles away - I'm penned in by smelly goodness! And YEAH, it adds up FAST. I've actually been spending a lot less there lately, and buying from Lilypad Bathworks - all handmade, she has some killer LUSH dupes, and it's a bit less expensive. And she'll make her products in ANY scent from her menu if you just send her an email. Anyway, there I go again, bathwhoring to my friends. wink.gif

Doodle, I was totally thinking of you at lunch today. Every wednesday in the summer, our building has a musician or band play on the plaza from 12-2p, and today it was two rockin' chicks with their guitars, and they were AWESOME. And it just made me smile thinking of you rocking the stage.

(((((marileen)))))) I'm so sorry your sweet boy Abe has passed - take care of yourself, and give that kitty extra skritchies.

I'm a margarita girl, all the way....but y'all knew that. wink.gif I should probably go mix myself one, to start the weekend off right!
I actually did cash out a 401K for a was a pretty small one though, and it was a really major, horrid, "ready to be torn down" fixer upper. I did end up working out on it, cause once I fixed up the house I made a $65,000 profit, like three years later. So, it was worth it in THAT CASE. No regrets here...I got lucky. Or unlucky, if you look back at my $1200/month heating bills in the winter for the first couple years. But, yeah, I wouldn't do it more fixer uppers for me, at least not ones that are THAT bad. They make it look pretty easy in "flip this house". It's not so easy when you're living in it every day, borrowing favors from your friends every weekend, smelling mouse pee all the time, bats flying around your bed in the night, smelling a weird mildewed smell, subsequently walking into the basement and finding a wall caved in....yikes!

Poodle, I totally read your "sexy peel" as "sexy pee!" heh....I have to stay away from Lush. I'm glad there isn't one in Madison. I decided to check it out when I was in New Orleans...there is NO WAY I can afford to become a LUSH shopper.
I also love your cosmetics name...and you do have permission to name your scarlet hair color "whory red come spank me hair". It's a bit long though, might not fit on the box.

Rhythm and boobs! hahahaha.....I like it...perfect name for a girl band.

((((marileen)))) more abe's hard, I know...been there too many times.

~*~*back feel better*~*~ vibes for LL

GT, it's wonderful that you're starting to be a Star! An artist AND a transgender education presenter!!! Yay You!!!

FJ!!!! Nice to see ya!!!

So, for me, work's been NUTS. I've turned a corner, I co-workers went and cornered the supervisor (he had been assigning all work to one of us (DS, not me) and was expecting us to share the work....well they went and basically pointed out to him that I've been doing lots and lots of work and none of it was getting credited to my name, so if I pissed any management off, they'd look me up on the computer and see that I was "assigned" to like six jobs for the year?

Soooo, in an effort to catch me up and make things look more equal, they are for a while assigning ALL refrigeration calls to seven a day! Whew! I mean, I was working before but now I'm really running because now I have my own calls, not just filling in on what the other guys can't get to. It's a great learning experience though, and I'm getting more adept at diagnosing stuff and coordinating stuff. It's pretty wild...I get two a/c calls, one comes in for scrap and nothing is wrong with it so I take it to one of the places as a "loaner" while I'm fixing the other one, then a different one turns out to be unfixable so I take theirs and scrap it out and give them the loaner...stuff like that. It's a crazymaking, but never boring juggling act.

Maybe eventually I'll get a service van.....geesh.

There have been some upheavals at work though...there is another woman at the shop, and as much as I hate to say it, she takes advantage of the whole gender thing, and she is also the daughter of a retired guy from our shop...she has been there for three years and has managed to piss off the entire shop. She was given a service vehicle from day one, by the way. Well, she basically did nothing but drive insulators around and sit at loading docks smoking cigarettes. And management didn't do anything about it...they actually started giving other guys her work, cause she was "fifty calls behind". So the shop guys got mad, and the way blue collar people deal with it (I'm not defending it, I'm just saying it's the way they do things) is they drop hints. Like maybe you'll get a dog turd on your car hood.

Anyway, now she is claiming gender harassment. And our bigshot guy is calling guys down for meetings, like "what is the problem at the shop, why the bad attitudes, why is productivity down?"...and the guys are saying, well, we are angry about BV and she makes us all look bad and has no work ethic, and we end up have to cover for her....bigshot is basically supporting BV.

My question is, if he's going to consider it a gender discrimination thing, and that's what she is claiming, why is the bigshot NOT calling ME in for questioning????? I'd have thought I'd be the FIRST one called in...before any of the guys were even aware there was an issue.

But I think I didn't get called in because bigshot is on a witch-hunt, and the guys have all told him they have no problems with ME. Because I do my job.

Isn't that what we are all supposed to do?????
Tree, you kick major refrigeration ass, and you KNOW it!!! That's awesome that you're getting your "credit" caught up. And bishot is a douche for taking BV's side. Such bullshit. Sometimes, I wish we could go drop some dog-turd hints in the cubicle world...I think the directness is refreshing. And I have a lot of dog poo that I would like to distribute in tiny care packages around the office. heh.

Turbomann just brought home our monthly meat CSA and the weekly veggie CSA, and WOW! We got 20lbs of meat this month - and it is a gorgeous assortment of beef, pork, eggs, lamb and I've got to conjure up stuff to do with it! And the veggies are gorgeous as usual - and I've got some kohlrabi, which I've never eaten before, so that's exciting!

I second the YAY!!! for GT! So glad to hear that you're missed at work, and that it sounds like you'll be going back soon!
**sneaks in**

TROLL ALERT! i'm not computer sophisticated to have the link, but i'm sure you will figure it out. thought i would warn all of you.

**sneaks out**
Thank you, Stargazer. I've reactivated my signature and disabled avatars. smile.gif
thanks peeps!

and tree i agree with turbo. you are so hot you're cool in a refer kinda way! and i am so in awe of the work on your house. i don't think i could handle that. my head would essplode.

turbo!!!! those veggies n meats sound so good. where are they from? mr.t has been thinking about getting a giant freezer for such things...

as fer tha drankin' i like vodka gimlets (yum) or mai thais (i live in chinatown, k?)

this week is the little happinesses week.
i live in the heart of seattle's chinatown, and a year ago the building next to me started to get refurbished to condos (boooooo!) first thing they did was take down the sign on the building. i was in love with that sign. was about 4 or 5 stories tall and said "hong kong" and had neon on it, but it had long since fallen into disrepair. but i love anything delapidated. i <3 peeling paint! the hong kong was a resturaunt that had been closed since the 70's. my neighbors and i would sneak in there and steal dishes and old furnature, whatever looked cool. this week, my neighbor who is the manager of the project stopped me and told me they were putting a refurbished sign back on the building. it will be good to have it back. and they have refurbished the neon, and repainted it so it looks good as new...(boo?) i'll take a pic when i can and post it. i'm hoping it will bring neon back to the city. seattle and portland were a sea of neon yummyness when i came up here for the first time some 16+ years ago selling encyclopedias (really, i've had every crazy job in the book). but since then they've slowly taken down seattle's neon....

right now i'm doing some research on an art project proposal. i'm obsessed with old advert paintings on sides of buildings. there is an art grant i want to try to get for the alaskan-yukon-pacific expo centenial. it was a turn of the century verson of a regional worlds fair in 1909 here in seattle. some of the pics are pretty interesting. there are pix of an old rollercoaster, a chinese village, the bug house, eskimos, the tickler (!) and some amusement park stuff. including a (?!?)baby incubator
...N.E.WAYZ, what i'd like to do is team up with this cute old school elderly married couple (they are so freaking cute) who do hand painted murals and signs for some old signs and neon on buildings. dunno if anything will come of it, but i'm loving the idea...

hi star, fj, divala, rosey, ch, jenn, poodle, and the rest of the okayers!
Hiya everyone! I just finished reading, now I gotta post before this stupid 'puter crashes!

Jammed tonight! Yahoo! What fun. It was more awesome than ever, I did almost entirely my own songs - like four of 'em, plus the Billie Holiday one. It was an awesome vibe, and even the regular drummer said there was something totally different in my performance tonight, like I'd been "unleashed." Whatever that means! tongue.gif

Got the call up for the Toto Smashing - July 15! I'm going to have to phone back and ask for a day or two before I confirm....I have to see if I can get the money to travel to Vancouver that quickly. I lost four days pay just being sick, and I'm on half days right now....eep! I already had to ask doodlemama for help with the bills, I don't want to have to ask for travel funds, too. Gah.

In further news, I think I've made up my mind to end it with mr scorpio soon. The HBI is good and he was so sweet when I was sick, but I'm starting to find him annoying in a lot of ways....if only we never had conversations with each other, it would be fine, but he's so, so, so wrong for me, and I just can't keep going on with it much longer, no matter how good the HBI is. So there's that. But I haven't decided when, or how. Maybe if I end up going to Vancouver sooner rather than later, I'll make a clean break before the trip.

Ok, I gotta work tomorrow - 2 shifts (though the temp gig is still only half a day) - so I've got to sign this off and get my ass to bed! I napped 3.5 hours after work today and I was still tired this evening.....bleargh!! I am back to walking downtown to work this week, though, so that's something towards improved energy, I guess.......bleargh!!!

Hey FJ! Glad to hear pregnancy two is coming along well and you're happeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Diva, I'm with Turbo on this one, I don't think it is wise for The Giant to cash in a 401K

Turbo enjoy your long weekend!!!! you totally deserve it. mmmm food.

Tree, that work thing is bullshit. They should have come right to you. I hate nepotism.

Hey Star, thanks for the warning!

GT! those are the neatest pictures! how very cool.

Doodle, that is excellent that Toto is getting taken care of, and if Mr. Scorpio is annoying you cut him loose, that's what I liked going over toa guys house, if he irritated me, I'd just leave! hee.

Hmmm, I'm here today, only two more days. I'm off to the eye doctor for follow up today so that kills some time. Worked out and slept last night, nothing earth shattering.
Heya all! Great to hear that so many of you are doing well smile.gif

Goaty and I had a great vacation in Montana! I love road trips and seeing my favorite aunt and uncle and hanging out in their Flathead Lake house. It was really nice to see Goaty so un-stressed. She worries about so much with work and other stuff. She's a workaholic. I feel pretty bad that I'm back on the out-of-work list again sad.gif I really thought that carpentry would give me more stable employment. I've been trying to write while between jobs, but it's a bit slow-going. I've also been trying to take care of stuff around the house so that Goaty doesn't have to worry about them.

*sigh* I'm really glad I have you BUSTies here. I'll keep in touch more.
Hiya all! Drivin' by in between shifts....came to the Lounge to post a new discovery in the decorating thread.

Hiya CH! Got any tips for the act of dumping boys?

lore! I played "your" song last night with the band! It ROCKED!!!
Awww smile.gif You had the idea first (not to mention did the lyrics and music) You're awsome!

(((((((Lore))))))) your vacation sounds nice.

Doodle, hmmmm, I'd be straight up, I'm sorry I'm not interested in you anymore. Or I'm really busy...

Went out for a nice long walk at the park, I think I'm going to go work out.

Heeya! ((((Culture!)))) How YOU doin'? wink.gif Hopefully, your peepers are keepers. Goaty's thinking of doing laser, too. I bet it'll be a huge benefit for her, especially when it comes to enjoying water sports. What was the deciding factor for you? (Other than you being a Woman Of Action)

Good luck with cuttin' him loose, Doodle! It's a tough thing to do. I've only ever been the breaker-offer once. (No, wait! Twice!) Just about all the rest were people who left the island. (D'oh! make that 3 times. I forgot about that poly-amoury meeting weirdness.)

Love & fireworks to the Rest-O-Okayland smile.gif
Actually, lore, YOU had the idea! You were my muse for that song. wink.gif

CH, I know you are right, I'm just not very good at that kind of confrontation. *sigh* What did the eye doc say?

Anyway. Just got home from work. Talked with doodlemama. She says go for the July 15th date, let her worry about money if need be....she said it's just going to be the same issues if I put it off till next month anyway. I suppose she is right. I just hate having to ask for help. I'm going to lose another week's work b/c of this, on top of the bus fare to Vancouver.....grrrrr. And I don't want to leave doodlemama in a bind, but she just told me to shush up when I said that. Awww.

Made it thru the store shift alright - still a bit low on energy, but not as bad as last week, thank goodness. I made the decision to start myself on a course of iron supplements, actually, so hopefully that will start to give me a little boost. I have not been eating enough iron-rich food, and I just can't manage to cook properly for myself lately, with the illness and the heat.

Ooh, Mr. Jamhost was in the paper today, with his band! So awesome! His pic was on the front page, and then there was a huge pic on page 10, with an article. I'm going to keep it and tease him, asking for his autograph. Last night he told me to stop worrying about finding a new career path, and come be a rock star with him and his band. biggrin.gif

Better go now and get myself ready for bed....up at 6:30 again tomorrow morning.....
my two bits:
doodle, you could tell him you need to take a break from things since you have felt like you haven't been able to catch your breath since the hospital. tell him you need to rethink some things in your life.
make it bigger than just him.

hi lore! *pouts* i wanna vacation! i know ezzackly where i'd go...
hey culture!

where is everybody?

i dj at my friend's 4th party. barbarella/groovy space theme.... can't wait...should be fun. hopefully tomorrow i can upload part of the set. i'm also working on a country set. country done my way with lots of twists, and one of my favorites-- the carpenters doing "desperado," -- no really. it's great. it almost makes me cry. not to mention, stevie wonder doing "16 tons," tom jones doing "ring of fire" and the twangy shirley basey version of "light my fire" not to mention some maddox bros. and sister rose, who i adore...and a little surf guitar thrown in...
OMG! Hey GT! biggrin.gif You've got the breakup wording as good as anyone I've ever herd. Blows anything I could come up with out of the water. And ezzackly where would you go?!? smile.gif Inquiring 'Wolves wanna know. Oh, and a Barbarella/groovy space theme sounds kickass!

Doodle, Toto doesn't stand a chance against the the vibeage power of this fully operational BUSTie station!

Uuuuse the rockstar, Doodle!

Oh, and to speak of musehood (I can only dream), I saw a VERY tall girl in a Ross earlier today when shopping for inexpensive picture frames (my parents are dropping by for a cringe-anticipated visit in the near-&-inconvenient future, and I realized in horror that our condo has no pictures of them up, but tons of Goaty's family, even both sets of grandparents. Thus, the Ross trip and seeing the VTG.) and she reminded me of all sorts of Very-Tall Girls I've encountered. I was thinking that a song about very tall girls might be of interest. It's not an over-covered topic for lyrics, and it might stir emotions in all sorts of people. To be exact, I've known a few 6'2"+ girls who were quite lovely, but just un-ignorable. What can be done about That Much Girl? A glance at them, and it's impossible to not glance, could make anybody philosophical (and anatomically inquisitive). Speaking from an open, but short-ish guy perspective, there's some... emotions to tap into there. When you see a Very Tall Girl, you're looking at someone who is very aware that they are causing a reaction in everybody around them, just for what they are naturally and unintentionally. If you can tap into that and make a song that really represents that, it might be an instant hit. It's the sort of thing that could get royalties by default whenever the topic comes up in bigger-budget media. That, and a slice of the human population might feel a bit more understood.... Also, I'm pretty fucking buzzed!

Happy Independance Day! cool.gif Take THAT with your beans and toast, you warm-beer-guzzling knnnnnnighitssss!

After Lore's little ramble there, I just wanna squeeze him. Does anyone else here wanna make him mac 'n cheese and tell him stories, too? wink.gif

Okay, my position at Henry is officially gone...there is a part-time position open that MIGHT turn into something full-time, but I need MONEY. I'm not some recreational worker here. There is another one open at a different school, but it's game time now, ladies. I was officially recalled yesterday, which is a big sigh of relief, but it will be another week, perhaps two, until I know for sure. I'm really going to miss my all-girl-crew at Henry, but there is still our monthly card-club adventures to rely upon.


Artman gave me one of these, and it's adorning my middle finger where I scrapped off a pile of skin yesterday gardening:

He fits like a glove, that Artman. Right now he's in Mexico. I think that snorkling and deep sea fishing is on the menu. He's been gone for almost a week, and I won't see him until NEXT Friday. Yeesh.

Okay, gotta go for now.

Lore, things with me are pretty darned good. Sorry to hear about the inconvenient 'rent business. ~*~*~*~*~*visiting go well vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*

Doodle, awwww Doodlemama is such a great lady. My mom would do the same thing. ~*~*~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*~*~* Eyes are doing excellent, I no longer have to use the steroid or antibiotic drops, just a natural tear. now I can get the eye tests for the police done.

GT, the party sounds super fucking fun! That's great that you get to DJ!

Minx, I'm sending super superest job vibes your way. ~*~*~*~*~*~*Super JOBITY JOB VIBES~*~*~*~*~* I've seen those bandaids before at a local head shop here. hee.

ummm, I have nothing. Not one thing is going with me at the moment. I am at work, it is my last day here and it's going to be super fucking hot this weekend.

Happy July 4th to friends south of ye border.
yay for glasses-less (?) culture!
can't wait for that passed the police eye-test post!
the djing will be fun. it's me and some of my friends record collecting friends. some of the weirdest, or most obscure music you've ever heard. i love my friends parties for that reason. you really never know what you will hear....and tonite, a great view of the fireworks.

lore, thank you for that post on the VTG. i lurved that. sooper fun!

tree, don't work too hard today, k?

minx, i'm right there with you. this is the end of week 2 of the layoff, and i find my anxiety rising, not falling as i get closer to the end of my layoff term. will i find they have to let me go? will they call me back early? ahhhh! can't think about it...i'll play rekids... or better yet

....bacon....mmmmmm...bacon. those band-aids are funny, but they make me REAL hungry!!!

~#*#~+ job vibes for minxy and lore, healthy vibes for culture and doodle +~#*#~

hi to all the awol okayers....

Popping in to wish y'all a happy Fourth!

I'm working today, which entails touting around a laptop while I look for news to blog about. Hope everyone else gets to enjoy fireworks and booze and all that good stuff.

~ LL Lysa
Heya L3! smile.gif

Mac an cheese an squeeze?!?! Yes, please! smile.gif

(((GT & Minx))) May your working situations not suck for long. I sure hope working life gets better for us. If I knew how to make it so that people could be productive, earn a decent wage, and feel fulfillment, I'd work real hard toward that for everybody.

Now don't just sit there... Swill down and BLOW SHIT UP!
*mosey's into okayland*

Hey punks.

Hey GT! ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~*

hey L to the three! Crappy you have to work today, but at least your mobile and not stuck in the office.

Lore!!!! How's your day going?

Now I want to BBQ!!! Mmm turkeydogs. I'm not in the mood for rat anus.
Hiya....quick one, just came by to post some pro-choice stuff in a couple of other threads!

Am tired, but not too badly....made it thru 2 shifts alright, not too much suffering this time! Am taking iron pills and trying to eat more protein and shit like that, to keep my engines revved. There is apparently a Jehovah's Witness convention or something in town, b/c we had a pack of the women in the store tonight, with their very nicely-dressed husbands and children trailing behind them. We had already made our week's goal for store sales by suppertime today (that was pre-JW women), and our week doesn't end till Saturday close....the manager was literally giddy. wink.gif I made my daily goal 2 hours into my shift today....

Confirmed my procedure for July 15. The best bit is doodlemama's birthday happens to be on the 16th, so I just talked to her and suggested we skip away from everyone and spend the day at Jericho Beach in Vancouver - she will take her paints and I will bring my guitar, and we'll bring a nice picnic, too! Which is a great option, since I don't have any money to buy her stuff (which she doesn't want anyway). She's really excited about that - even tho' she lives in Vancouver and loves the water, she never gets to the ocean unless I'm there. Booked off work from both gigs for that week, now I just have to go piss in a cup and get my blood drawn pre-procedure. I am ready to send that rotten little Toto packing!

Speaking of sending things packing, GT, your solution to getting rid of mr scorpio sounds like a good one, and not too far off from the truth anyway. This trip to Vancouver might be the perfect opportunity to make a statement like that....

Hiya also CH, lore, turbo, minx, LL, and everyone else....

....and Happy Independence Day to all my American bustie-cousins!!!
Aaaaand then I stayed up late learning to play Magic Man.

That one's for poodle!
oooooooh! ahhhhhhh! i lurves me some heart, doodle. any chance you could upload you playing it?

ps if you have that album, check out the song "sing child sing" nobody ever knows it, but it's up there with barracuda as far as i'm concerned. they just kill it with that song. i played it last night djing and this girl looked at me like i was crazy.
"is this...heart?"
"steamboat annie, second side."
"god... this is amazing..."
"i know, huh?!"

the beach plan sounds dreamy, and i like the idea of no more dorothys, no more totos, no more nothin' stone wise, for you, doods!

ch? no rat anus? but it's so savory!

the djing went well... eventually. i started off badly, but then got my sea legs. it seems i hit my stride for my fireworks set. they cranked up the music, and lots of people who were parked on the street thought we were blasting some radiostation's music specially synced with the 'works. when they discovered it was my music i got lots of complements. it kind of helped that, unbeknownst to us, they had chosen a space theme too. strangely, anytime one of my songs had the word "planet" or "star" a firework bundle would go off that looked like saturn. i only wish i could have watched the fireworks as i played. barbarella goes very well. i also played "music to watch the girls space go by," a funky 60's guitar version of the star trek theme, and dinah washington's "destination moon."

i got an invite to co-dj with a friend at a small cafe owned by a black women's collective (they are so awesome. really sweet ladies), and i possible guest dj spot in a few weeks. one guy who djs was super impressed with my set. he and a friend of mine have a sunday gig at this club i've been dying to play at, viceroy. it looks like some sort of 70's throwback in a good way, and perfect for the "now sound" music i play... i'm going to try to make an angle to get a happy hour gig there.... my two best friends, and mr. t were there, and everyone had a good time.

Afternoon All!

Doodle, the birfday with doodlemama sounds like it will be a good one. Good luck riding yourself of Mr. Scorpio.

GT, excellent on the evening and success wif DJing when you got back into the swing of things.

Sigh, what have I done today? hmmm, went shopping (got some white linen pants for friends wedding) took the dog out, worked out and now I think I want a nap as I'm going to a house party tonight.

Heeey all! smile.gif

That does sound like an awesome birfday plan! You'se a good daughter, Doodle!

Way to channel the cosmic vibeage, GT! smile.gif Goaty and I were actually spending 4th of July night in Seattle, too! We were at Gasworks Park. I'd never been there before. Great fireworks show.

Have fun at your friend's wedding, Culture! I love going to weddings. I'm lucky I have some coming up, myself. Wish I had a house party tonight, like you do sad.gif I feel like a fuddy-duddy. A poor fuddy duddy at that. I'm out of beer money.

Last week, GoatyGirl's aunt sent out a bunch of envelopes for a project for her daughter's 13th birthday. She wants all her close relatives to write words of advice, stories to remember, and personal anecdotes about teenagehood. She's compiling them into a book for one of Devon's presents. Anyway, since Goaty's super busy with work, and since I kinda enjoy stuff like this more, I got to write the bit to represent us. I think it turned out pretty good too:

So you're considering becoming a teenager? Personally, we would recommend waiting until you are much older before doing that, (like we did), but we can tell you're determined.

Some helpful tips here: Your body is out to dominate your mind and personality. We like your mind and personality, Devon. They're what made the rose petals appear on our wedding cake and what makes you decide to play with us when we desperately need to play. They're what usually make you patient with us when we're being boring doofuses.

Well, we just wanted to warn you that you should be aware of your body's desire to make your patience crumble and to make you doubt the worth of your ideas. Don't listen to it when it's like that! (Well, listen to it when it says to eat and sleep and wipe off the milk mustache, but not when it's telling you that people don't like you or that you should eat a baker's-half-dozen donuts.) Your new body will do this by taking the hormones you already have flowing through you, like adrenaline and endorphins, and supplementing them with stuff like testosterone, nerdogen, estrogen, and dorkomorphin.

These can all be countered with severe medication, bi-weekly total blood transfusions, or just being aware of the sources of your mood swings and asking yourself, "Is this what Devon would really do?" We suggest this last option. We trust Devon. We love Devon! We're sure others will like her, too. Keep your blood in you, even if it is awash with distressterone and hulksmashtrogen now and then. Just try to brush it aside and know that we all know you're in there somewhere.
Lore, you can attend said house party in spirit!!

That is really sweet and so wonderful what you wrote for Devon.

(((((lore))))) just cuz I think you could use the hug, mah friend.
hi culture! have fun at the party. oooooh. and say hi to MLE for me!

i lurves the puppers!

man! we were a hop skip and a jump away, lore. had i known you were in town i would have loved to have met you, and you could have hung out for a bit before going to gasworks.

i don't bite. really. don't believe the rumors...

as for the note you wrote, so freaking cool and adorable. funny and true, and very good. and the book? that is just the most beautiful idea evah. ok. i end now cos otherwise i'd get all weepy n sentimental... tongue.gif
Yeah, I wanna give a whoot-whoot up for Lore's letter, as well. You're a bitchin' unka. Fer serious. biggrin.gif

Just thought that I'd pop in and offer up a late night cup of coffee to anyone who'd like to join me!

count me another WOOT for such gems as "dorkomorphin", and the rose petal analogy is just too beautiful. you ROCK, lore man!

gotta say how much i love all of the artie okayers - doodle and her music, lore and his writing, girltrouble for her art and her skill at dj-ing, divalla for her crafty talent (and those famous truffles i vow to taste one day!), minxie for her gardening skills (i wants me a mater sammich!!), culture handy for her fab verbiage (rat anus!!! bwahahahahah!!) each and every one of you are amazing in your own way.

many many many <3 <3 <3 to all!

minxie, m'dear? what was the prize in the bacon strips?????
Dear lordessa, I sure could use that coffee right now. Ummmmm. Yesterday hippiegirl showed up at the store - she was only in town for one night, so we got together (with banjoboy also) and stayed up REALLY late jamming and smoking weed and eating, like, half a pan of brownies (the regular kind!), and then she stayed over on my sofa bed. I am sooooooooooooooo tired, and I already scheduled in mr scorpio for high noon today, again.

Can it be that I'm too tired for HBI?





Actually, it's him I'm tired of. sad.gif

lore!!! Your letter was GENIUSY, and I too howled at "dorkomorphin." biggrin.gif I keep wishing I'd known cool peeps like you and goatie girl when I was turning 13....

TESAO!!!!!!! Me SOOOOO happy to see you! *bounces happily over to the Okayland sofa and tackles tesao, covering her with smooches*

GT, doesn't Ann Wilson have the most incredible fucking voice? I'm actually quite stunned I can even SING a Heart song...except there's a couple of high notes I'm still working on, erm...... wink.gif

CH, how was the house party?

Work at the store was not too bad yesterday - I made it through with a minimal energy loss....I think I'm almost back to normal! Maybe it is the iron pills. Or my determination. Also, hippiegirl showed up at the store WITH a big bowl of organic strawberries fresh picked from the farm where she is working/staying, and they were very sustaining! And YUMMY!

Also we had a lady sort of explode in one of the bathrooms at the store, and I got to hear all the bathroom disaster stories from the managers. tongue.gif It was that kind of day. And they didn't spare any words, either. biggrin.gif BTW, our manager is SOOOOO freaking cool, she saw EVERY bloody band in the ' the Stones, Zeppelin, Bowie, Van Morrison, and Heart....and get this: she says Heart was the BEST live show EVER.

Jeez, I do have company coming. I need to go!
I've been busy lurking all week but I've barely had time to keep up again.

Relatives from out of a town have been staying over for dinner every night/day since Wednesday. They have three little girls, and my niece is over too, so it's been crazy here but lots of fun. The down side is I chose now to try and get off Trazadone and I'm exhausted from lack of sleep. I'm feeling fragile today and my ego was taking a bruising from an idiot online who said I was chubby. Normally I wouldn't be insulted because a) it's some idiot online who I don't care about and cool.gif I am kind of chubby and curvy but it's never bothered me before.

tes, I was wondering what the bacon prize was too.
hHappy Sunday!Hi

Hi GT and Minx!

It's Tes!!! How the heck are things going?

Doodle, I have kept people around before even though I was bored of them. I used to think that some fuckery was better than no fuckery. But then the sex goes down the tubes. Ewwww bathroom story. But, glad to hear that you are starting to feel better.

Erin, that's a lot of kids. Did you say you were working closer to the exhange now?? we should try and do lunch now that I'm away from north main, I'm working right in the exchange.

Party was good, quiet. I drove my friend there and she got high and kinda drunk so i drove her home around midnight-ish. She's moving to a different office. sad.gif I got home around one. It was a nice evening, but the bugs were bad. Spent most of the evening talking to a Brazillian engineer, he felt some people didn't take him seriously because of his accent and he felt like an outsider. We talked a lot about that.

Off to dadzilla's soon for dinner.

hi peeps!

hi ej!
hi ch!

mmmmm minx... coffee press coffee is the bestist! yummy!

hi tes! <3 i love seeing you in here. i lurk in kvech every now and again, but it's a bit overwhelming for me cos there are so many kvechers. so when you pop in here, i'm all silly big ol' grins!

doodle, f'in' yeah. i adore ann's voice. it just makes me shudder. as for heart being the best live, i can only imagine. years ago, a friend got me a foot-in-the-door gig for a live show they were filming in seattle (i told you i've had crazy jobs). if you knew my boy name you could find me in the credits, i was a tape runner...while they were rather non-aerobic, who needs jumping around with ann's voice? just standing there, she still blasted everyone out. like the song says, sing, child, sing. damn.

today i'm trying to teach myself how to do a bit of pinstriping for the sandblasted boxes. i got a bunch of brushes n stuff from the art store, so it's play time. usually i just play around and figure brushes out, it's like figuring out how to rollerblade when you've been rollerskating-- it's a matter of technique. but pinstriping is a different mindset.

mr. t and i went to this really cool antique store yesterday. i wanted to post a link, but the site isn't up yet. i love it because the stuff they have i classify as "seattle rustic." they had these reproductions of some turn of the century pulley lighting, like so:

but with bigger pulleys, and wire shades. beautiful stuff.
it's nothing so frilly as shabby chic, it's more about the love of industrial equipment, peeling paint, industrial equipment made into furnature, signage, rust.... here is how i describe it to people. i had a friend who, after pulling out the engine of a dodge dart, got too lazy to rebuild it, so he cleaned it-- not to the point that it was gleaming, mind you, but so that i wouldn't drip toxins in his house, put a glass top on it, and called it his coffee table.
YAY for the internets!! Our 'nets have been up and down most of the weekend, and its been mucho annoying...fucking comcast. And then you make a service appt, and then the 'nets are back, and so you cancel it, only to wake up and have no 'nets. Argh. But for now - glorious surfing!

((((((jobbity job vibes for lore, GT, minxy))))))

GT, sounds like you had some good djing - and I LOVE that it led to some more possibilities for you - awesome!

YAY for CH's sparkling new eyesight!

Lore, that letter to Devon made me tear up just a little. You are a talented and gifted uncle! And I REALLY wish someone had written me that letter, and stuck it on my wall in BIG, purple letters when I was 13, to remind me not to get too wrapped up in drama! LOVE IT!

Its been a good weekend here - I've hosted 3 BBQs, with three different sets of friends, and basically had a fun-filled weekend. Lots of biking. Turbomann brought home Rockband on Wednesday, so we've been working on that. And then BFF and fiance brought over there Wii on Friday night. Oh my....I fell in love. So much fun - and I am NOT a video game enthusiast of any variety, and pretty much haven't played a game seriously since Super Mario Brothers. And then BFF fiance went and called around to see who's getting Wiis when....Soooooo....we got a Wii this morning. And that's what we've been doing all day (plus some good HBI). heh. Fun fun fun.

Anyway, I've got three greyhounds staring at me, as if they are starving, so I'd best get to that.

Doodle, I am SO glad you are feeling better - AND that the totoblasting has been scheduled!
Thaaaanks, all! smile.gif

Thankey, CH! Yeah, I could use a hug.

GT, Rawk that you're making stuff! (and rawking other stuff!) Yeah, I will have to meet up with you sometime smile.gif

Thankey Minxter! French press is my preferred brewing method as well smile.gif We've been enjoying our Green Mountain coffee that way over here.

Thanks, Tess! I totally agree about the coolness of how talented the Okayers are. How the heck did we all find each other?!? Oh, and by the way, I'd hate to shatter your opinion of my analogy production potential, but the rose petal thing was from something she really did at our wedding. Devon was our flower girl, and she took her job very seriously. Instead of the usual bridesmaid gowns and tuxedoes, we just had all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and everybody else buy good aloha attire so that Goaty and I were the only ones dressed in bridal gown and tux. It also gave people license to express themselves through what they felt like wearing. Devon picked up on the creative license and asked if she could decorate our otherwise bridal-white wedding cake with some fresh rose petals from her basket. It was an awesome idea! It looked really cool once she was done with it. It was exactly in the spirit of the wedding, too. Devon's creative, confident, smart, and polite (enough to ask permission first).

Heeya Doodle! Good to hear that you're feeling well and that you're keeping up with your health. I hope stuff works itself out with the boy.

Erinjane, sounds like a great (but understandably hectic) weekend! I hope someone was taking some pictures with all the kids and family around. And don't listen to dickwads online. Boy, you can tell THAT guy's a Casanova. He's probably never seen breasts in real life since he was weaned. Curvy rawks, too!

Thaankey Turbo! Yeah. Comcast is lame. Wiis rule! Awesome that you got to do so much barbecuing this weekend and have so many friends! (lucky friends, at that!) smile.gif
Good Morning!

GT, those pulley things look really neat! COOL!

Turbo, that sounds like a great weekend! Mmmmm BBQ-tastic.

Lore, how are you feeling today?

all's well here, it's Monday, I'm at work and it's rainy out, I've no issues with that at all. The rainy bit, the other two I'm having some issues with. BUT, oh well.

Now I must go talk to Honda Canada, my bank paid off my car, but Honda is taking money out of my bank account still as they haven't got the bank draft yet. Grrrrrrr. I know I'll get the payments back, but it's just a hassle right now. poop.

Hi, peeps!

GT, that DJing gig sounds like it was incredible. Good luck on the job front. I am so in awe of those pulley lamps - definitely getting at least one when the giant and I finally buy a house (hopefully next year).

Lore, your letter to your cousin is so sweet. Everyone should have an uncle to do that for them. Good luck with the job front, too.

EJ, that must've been a blast to have all those kids around! They do the funniest little things. Sorry about that asshole online. Of course we know how incredibly perfect HE is. Some people just don't seem to get it that "Are You Hot?" was a TV show, and it doesn't give them license to give an opinion about anyone. Fuck him.

Hi, Jenn! # BBQ's, huh? My maud, you've been busy!

Hi, Doodle, CH, and everyone else!

We didn't do a damn thing for the 4th, which is just fine by me. We had a lovely day off full of doing absolutely nothing, just the way I like it. We slept until noon, I got a lot of reading done, and just hung out. We saw "Get Smart" on Saturday. I thought it was funnier than than the giant did, well worth going out to see it. We both love Steve Carrell. Then we went grocery shopping and watched the Venus/Serena match at Wimbledon. I'm glad Venus won because Serena is a whiny little crybaby. I made my yummy oatmeal/choco chip/coconut/walnut cookies to bring to the giant's brother's house yesterday. They were okay, but didn't turn out nearly as well as they usually do. I can usually get them to spread out a lot so they're chewy/crispy, but these were more substantial through the middle. Still tasted right, though, and that's what matters. Went to the giant's brother's yesterday for pizza and to hang out, then watched the men's final at Wimbledon. My man Federer lost, but that's okay. It was a hell of a match.

I'm looking forward to a pretty easy week. My boss is gone today and tomorrow and I really don't have any pressing work that needs to be done today besides stuffing a few envelopes. I've got a dental check-up on Thursday, so I'll get to take a half-day off and get home nice and early. I'll only have my boss around for 2.5 days this week, which will be absolutely lovely. Now if I could just get rid of The Cruncher, all would be perfect.

Good morn my fellow bustiers!!

Not much to report today. I spent most of Thurs-Sun with poodledude doing all sorts of family/friend social stuff. I'm tired and I need some downtime.

Diva, you do not need a 10% downpayment to buy a house!! That's pretty uncommon these days. For first time buyers like yourselves, 3% or 5% is totally fine, mostly because interest rates are so low.

I need some grub. Smell ya later!!

ETA- What's the maximum amount that you would want to spend on a house? $180,000-$190,000 would get you a very small, simple 1940's-50's house in St. Louis Park. You would get slightly more house for your money in Golden Valley, Hopkins, or Richfield. The giant doesn't want to live in the city, right?
Hi, Poodle!

Actually, the thing with the 10% number is that's how much our down payment has to be if we're going to get a pretty significant amount of money from my parents to put toward it. If the set amount they put in plus what we put in doesn't equal 10%, then there's no deal. They made the same deal with my brother when he bought his house, so it's the standard for my brothers and I. I think we're looking more in the $200-225K range. We're pretty firm about wanting 3 bedrooms and 2 baths (he cares more about the extra bathroom than I do, but whatever) and we're absolutely not looking for a townhouse or condo. We're going to be looking in St. Louis Park/Edina/Richfield area, but may branch out into Bloomington or Golden Valley. I'd prefer SLP or Edina, though, because they seem more like extensions of Minneapolis and they've got a decent school district.
That makes sense. Still, do your parents know that the 10% downpayment is not standard these days? It's not at all a sub-prime thing. I think it's more important that you buy a house soon while the market still sucks rather than waiting to save up a larger downpayment. Anyway...if you're able to spend $200,000 to $225,000, then you can get a cute 2-bedroom in SLP, no problem (assuming that the market remains depressed).

I'm taking Oscar to the U of MN tomorrow to see a vet specializing in urology. A little over a month ago, my po' baby had to go to the emergency vet and he was diagnosed with "feline lower urinary tract disorder" (FLUTD) and cystitis (inflammed bladder). He's been having "attacks" every couple weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting better even though he's on a prescription diet. The U of MN vet med center has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, so hopefully we'll get some answers and develop a treatment plan for the little guy. I feel so bad for him and I'm going crazy worrying about him. I wish he could talk!! "Hey mom, my bladder feels like it could rupture at any moment. Can we go to the vet now?" sad.gif *sigh...*
Drrrrrrrrrrivin' say hi! Will be back a little later.

HBI yesterday was the best yet. How can that be? Of course, we didn't talk very much. wink.gif

ETA: cross-posted with poodle..... ~*~*~*~*~love and health vibes for poor li'l Oscar~*~*~*~*~
GT, love the lights.

Turbo, 3 BBQ's would burn me out. Way to have fun with them! We got some great pics at ours, four generations all together.

Now I feel totally silly for letting that guy get to me. I had actually forgotten about it until I saw what I wrote yesterday. tongue.gif

CH, I will be working closer to the exchange, within easy walking distance, but right now our new location has nothing in it. The next 2-3 weeks we'll be painting, moving in furniture, getting the security system, phones, computer, internet, etc, so I'm only in there occasionally right now. After July 28th everything should be good to go and my more permanent office should be at that location. I'll keep you posted. Oh hey, did you see that one of the guys who owns a nicer house in Point Douglas put it on the market for $750 000? I thought that was great.

Going back to work today was great. I was only there for an hour and half because the person training me was sick sick sick, but I took home all the paperwork and files and started reading and writing some things up. It feels good to be doing something useful again.

The relatives left this morning (after 4 and 6 year old cousin and my 5 year old niece had a sleepover). It was great to see them but I'm so happy to have peace and quiet again.
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