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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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allo all!

What's the plan for today? or is everyone is still slumbering? I know I'm to get my first cup of the morning and hope that I can decide on what to do ...

Pherber.... what's the scoop with that evening? do tell!
And you make me miss my platinum hair... although mine ultimately died and turned into a huge cotton ball... going white white blonde just wasn't a good move for me. derr.... It has taken me many many a month to get it back to normal. My hair color is like a weird red brown dirty dishwater now. blargh... I want blonde again. You look HOT!

EJ---you going to hit the beach today? I did yesterday for a few hours.. but the waves literally beat me into submission. I was thinking about going back just to walk for a while.

CH--didya decide on your sweet of choice? Glad to hear your eyes are healing well... and the onion eye has passed. bet that was annoying. What you into today?

It's more of what shall I do 1st? pruning in my monstrous garden (no props to the ex-owners, hopelessly random must have been their "plan"), walk on the beach, power walk the neighborhood?, chores...futher organization of the house.
Afternoon all.

Minx, Pride looks like a lot of fun! Did you enjoy yourself today?? ~*~*~*~*~*~*~jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Hey Moonpie! what did you end up doing today??

I washed and cleaned the car, went to the store, worked out and took the dog out. it's hot out there, so I'm currently relaxing, think I may grab a nap before my second dog walk. Onward with plastic eye shields that make me look like a bug. Which would be great it I was dating mothra.

*whispers* mothramothramothramothra


Hiya gang. Just kicked out mr scorpio....I deigned to let him come over at high noon for some HBI. wink.gif It is MFing hot here, dammit. I have everything closed up with the AC on. Aw, and I accidentally locked poor George out on the balcony for over an hour!! Poor guy. He doesn't seem to stressed about it, though....which means he must be over his kittenhood, I think.

THIS is why I can't have kids. They would DIE of dehydration in the hot, hot sun while I was off somewhere smoking weed and getting my brains HBI'd out.

The last couple of days at the store were brutal. I was so exhausted, and pissed off that I was lacking my usual energy. I used to practically bound back and forth across the it's a huge effort. I'm PISSED. I want my body back. I am even letting mr scorpio yoga-ize me and stuff me full of vitamin C....desperate times call for desperate measures....

Still, I'm grateful not to have onion eyes. tongue.gif
CH, you cracked me up with the Mothra comment!! I'm glad your eyes are healing well, and hope the onion-feeling passes SOON! Are you going to work tomorrow?

((((((healing and toto-excommunication for doodle)))))

Sorry to hear that you're still getting punched by toto - when do you get him blasted? I hope it is soon! BUT, the fact that you are still up for the HBI, as well as having mr scorpio pampering you is a vast improvement over Dorothy - you are INDEED happier, healthier and so much *stronger,* physically!

Minxy - so are you for sure getting a position? I sure hope so - the kids of MN NEED kick-ass teachers like you! And Artman's vaca sounds *amazing!* He sure does sound like an amazing man, and exactly the partner you deserve!

We had turbomann's BFF and fiance stay with us this weekend. They're skipping the whole wedding thing, just getting married with parents and siblings present only - good for them! SO, we planned a bunch of silly wedding stuff. We decorated the spare room with crepe paper, strings of paper wedding bells, and put a "honeymoon suite" sign on the door...and we left a garter on the air mattress. I made a flourless chocolate cake with macerated strawberries, and we made them feed each other. Went to our favorite beer garden and gave toasts, then clinked our glasses, and got everyone else in the garden to clink glasses and make them kiss - it was fucking hilarious, and we all had fun with it! Mostly, we spent the weekend biking around the city, which is a fabulous way to spend a weekend.

And, I have no idea whatelse is going on in here....not really caught up after the weekend, but I hope all is well with everybustie!

man, i wish i had some kick ass busty-type people to smoke bud with. i think fully half the people in my complex smoke, but they're all ghetto-ass, gangsta-blasting, loser potheads who do nothing but smoke all day and play video games, with the occasional break to the stop and rob for more code red mt. dew, while their kids run wild in the complex in their saggy diapers. dammit, where are all the chill pot smokers who spark up after work once or twice a week or when the kids are out of town for the weekend and spend their high time doing artsy things or having those great philosophical discussions about life and love that just seem to happen so naturally when there's a bowl or two to pass around? yeah, i'm a classist fucking bitch when it comes to my drugs. it's the difference between a napa wine-tasting and passing around a 40 of mad dog. and really, i'd be just as happy with a, well, a happy medium. more napa, less mad dog.

anyway, access to bust is still sporadic. i'm trying to keep up with the archives at work, but i'm working on more extra projects and have less free time these days. getting on here (and a surprising number of my other regular websites) from home is a crapshoot. my computer's doing that thing where more and more things are going wrong and not working like they should, and i've got the sinking sense of deja vu that this is what my last laptop was doing before it crapped out on me. i'm hoping it will last until i can afford a new one, which i was planning on saving for as a xmas present to myself, but in the meantime, i'm backing up like crazy.
Yes, onionville stage has passed, it was over on Saturday. It's been coming along swimmingly now, lots of drops.

Doodle, when's your next appointment regardging Toto?? ~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~

Turbo, that is so sweet what you and turbomann did! People need more friends like you two. I have the say off tomorrow as canada day falls on a tuesady, so I had booked the 30th off as a vacation day a while ago, it's ust an added bonus about the surgery on the 27th. don't have to go back until Wednesday.

Now I must go seduce mothra. My eyes are tired.

ETAL Xposted with Grrrrl, i was the same way when I smoked!

hi tes! *does a backflip then gives her a great big, long hug* glad to see you here... this place ain't the same wif out you!!!!

hi moon! (can i call you moonie?) i'm sure it's too late, but i would have gone for the chores first. afternoons are for naps.

glad your eyes are getting better, ch, but i still think you ought to keep the glasses, just non scrip

have a good vay-kay, mr & lmpugsy!!! (you kids are soooo cute!)

minxy! it was pride week here in seattle too, although i was doing other things... i'm for the birds... wink.gif

pherber... thank you so much. that means a lot to me.

hi ej, kari, mox, turbo, diva poodle n doodle... how strange that normally i liked the sausage, best but this year i seem to be obsessed with bacon...(and baconsalt)

it's been cheekin weekend at casa de la mr. t.

i was rockin the cowboy boots n hat all weekend...
the mr. got some cheekins a few weeks ago, and has been getting more steadily (yikes!) she has 11 full growns, and 6 more chicks... the chicks are pretty cute, i'll admit-- but too many birds. on the upside fresh eggs... yummy! but the coop needed a new door/gangplank so that's what mr.t and i did yesturday. more labor intensive than you'd think. but it's good to know i can figure out how to do construction type stufftoday she moved the chicks out to the coop. we were gonna enlarge the cheekin run, but my hip has been fucking up on me, so that'll be next week. did some yard sales and got lotsa rekids... yeee-haw... the puppy monster is a healthy (and slightly runtish) 165 lbs and growing. she won't be able to go to the dog park till august tho. boooo! last week i finished sandblasting a tattoo design of mine on a mirror for my friend's b-day. it's looking cool. it has a pic of a hello kitty like skunk charecter i call 'lil' stinker.' it's been a rough week. without work i get terribly depressed....

ok, i have time to make a couple more posts then i have to work on a project forgive me if i haven't said
hi, everybustie!

minx, looks like good times from the pictures.

CH, thank goodness they sprayed for mosquitoes last night. I didn't even wanna go outside yesterday. Doing anything special for Canada Day? I think tomorrow and tuesday I'm just going to bike downtown and move around all day checking out the different festivities as Osborne and the Forks. I'm supposed to 'crash' a party tomorrow night too.

moonie, I used to bleach my hair too and it completely destroyed it. I liked the way it looked (at the time) but thankfully I'm now in love with my natural and non-brittle hair.

grrrl, I'm totally a pot snob. I think I'm on a whole other level than other people because I have a degree, a job, and a life.

I did make it to the beach today. I was exhausted when I woke up though and had to get ready because I was up last last night. I ended up chatting with a guy from POF and decided to meet him. Not because I thought he was gonna be awesome or anything, but because I was bored and hardly ever meet up with anyone and he was around. Anyways, I wrote about our meh sex in the portions thread. The problem last night was that I had biked to his house which was about 20km away and at 1AM I was not really feeling like biking home. Luckily POF guy was a sweet heart and drove me home. Too nice for my taste and even though I told him I just wanted to find a fuck buddy he was asking me if I wanted to hang out tonight and he actually asked me if i wanted to go to his friends wedding next weekend. He said it wouldn't be like a real wedding that it was a bonfire, but still, I was just like...umm...I'm busy. Then he called me today. Ugh.

But whatever. I ended up getting up at 10, then I had to run around and get ready because I only had 45 minutes to get ready. I had a great time at the beach though. My hair has gone from dark blond to medium blond with light blond highlights. I love it. The water was a lot warmer this week too. I haven't gotten to hang out with these friends much this year and we honestly talked the entire time, all afternoon. We never shut up once until we were driving home. Anyways, another fabulous day of being me in Erin-ville. tongue.gif
Good evening, Okayers.....let me see if I can get this posted without my computer CRASHING, as it has been doing of late.....GRRRRRRRR!!!! So I guess it will be short.

turbo, that's so sweet and funny about the "honeymoon suite!" Tee hee!! I'll bet they were tickled.

Yeah, I do feel a LOT better than I did last time this happened, but it's just not happening fast enough for me. I had so much energy, more than I've had in years....I suppose it's good that I'm not, you know, collapsed in a heap....but it's still so frustrating!! I went back to sleep at 5 and didn't wake up till 9......maybe I can blame the heat, too, though. No idea when the Toto-removal happens....have to wait for the hospital in Vancouver to call me for an appointment.

On the up side, I did find enough in me to clean a weeks worth of dishes (it's mainly cereal and tinned soup and sammiches these days anyway) and to do up a load of hand wash laundry. Also, I am about 2/3rds through Jane Eyre. I love Jane Eyre. It's one of my favourite books.

And now that the sun's down, I've got everything opened up - George and Carmella are happily chasing moths through the apartment.

CH! I thought post-eye thingie would be a lot more complicated than how it's turning out! How long before you can lose the bug eye goggles?

erin got some HBI! Sorry it wasn't the HBI of your dreams, but it's all a stepping stone, right? wink.gif

Hiya also grrrl and GT!

I want to post this before the PC crashes again.........
Haha, true doodle. I'm actually chatting with a pretty hot guy now so maybe i'll meet up with him. Who knows, the possibilities are endless! tongue.gif

Glad you're feeling better but here's hoping your full recovery gets speedier.
Happy monday, skankerellas!!

~*~*~*~healing vibes for culture and doodle~*~*~*~

Welcome, moonie!!

Nice to see you, tes!!

I love the garter belt on the air mattress, turbo!!

Congrats on the HBI, erin!!

*waves to everybody*

Sorry to post and run, but I must eat lunch!! Ciao!!
Hello Okayers!!

Ooooookay, okay, what about this:

How many fab news fit in one post? Let's see...

Great weekend:
1.) Nice talk with the crush, about friendships in general.
He's kind of still new in town, and my best friend died in 2004 and there's this hole, I have friends, but noone really close, it's just so difficult with AS to make friends...
He's one of the few people, who's totally cool with that, non-judgemental, never jokes about my difficulties with things, etc.
There's definetely some friendship evolving here.
2.) I fell out of love- a little bit. I got a little annoyed by him, too, realizing he's human with flaws and all. That makes me soo much less nervous and insecure about myself, not seeing him as Mr. Superperfect.
3.) Met an old myspace friend IRL, a superhipster, who also turned out to be a supersweet person. It was so great.
4.) Met a new myspace friend, too, someone new in town, and we instantly liked each other.
Thing is, I approached that girl (online) with the idea to form a band.
So now, after looking for band members for absolute aeons, it looks like we're finally complete!!
A whole band. The best thing: We're ALL GIRLS!
Even crazier: There never was a plan to form an all girl band, realistically finding girls to form a band with is the needle in a haystack thing. It was complete coincience. blink.gif
And what a bunch of cool rock'n roll chicas, they are...
...and because of that, we have:
5.) found a cheap rehearsal room, which is notoriously difficult in this town!
It's in the womens music centre, it's close by, totally deluxe, fully equipped with any instruments/amps you might need, and a coffee corner.
Usually rehearsal rooms are way out in the suburbs; old WW2 bunkers, with smelly rooms, really dirty toilets, really loud metal bands next door, that sort of thing. Haha guys... tongue.gif

And now, for the even better news: (no shit!)
-One of my songlyrics was accepted as "proper poetry", and will be published in an artbook. Art and poetry by people on the autism spectrum. Every writer gets to illustrate their own page in that book.
Since I'm an artist, too, 'tis a piece of cake.
-The woman who organizes the whole thing (a journalist) was so impressed by my talents, she asked me, if I wanted to be in a BBC documentary about extraodinary women with Aspergers!
The BBC!! ohmy.gif Famous for their really excellent documentaries, worldwide airing....

Someone please pinch my arm! blink.gif

turbo, that's so cool! You're living proof of my theory about people, who really love cooking being more imaginative and playful in all aspects of their lifes.

tesao!!!! Hi!!!

CH, amazing how quick everything went!

doodle, that's good to hear, you're on the yellow brick road to recovery.

My last post was drunk, but I still mean every word of it! wink.gif
Good Afternoon all!

Hi hi GT! My dad really likes chickens, I know he'd like to have some at his house, but my step mother would never allow it.

Erin, they've not got to the end of town yet, I hope they don't do the park, really. there are tons of dragon flies and other bugs, the mosquitos are getting taken care of by nature. I don't think they can actually spray the park. as for Canada Day, I'm not too sure yet. I'd drive to Osborn, but I don't know where to park and bus service on sundays and holidays bites the big one. Sorry about the lackluster fuckery.

Doodle, I also thought it would be worse than this, all it is is a hella lot of drops, and even that I'm getting used to. how are you feeling today? Glad to here kitty is okay.

Hi Poodle. Bye Poodle!

Pherber, that is so amazing!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! *throws confetti and cracks open some wine*

i've been lurking about mostly, it's hot out here today, worked out, i'm not doing anything hardcore, as much as they say you can do what you did post surgery, I'm still not throwing myself back into things.

and I have to say I've seen psychoex far too many times lately. meh. Makes me chuckle.

that's all for now.

CH,Was that laser thing done with local anaesthetic, or full blown narcosis?
I guess they've got to make sure you don't see anything, like the laser.

Sorry, if I missed info on that in a previous post..

It's good, you're taking it easy, that must be an overwhelming experience, to see everything in such details.
They just numb your eyes with drops, you don't feel a thing. You have to focus on a flashing orange light, you don't see anything either. It's painless and was a really positive experience.

the staff was fantastic and sure the cost was a little eexpensive, but totally worth it, it's your eyes, I don't think I want to hear anyhting like fast or cheap when it comes to your eyes.

The surgeon and staff answered all questions and concerns and everyhing, right from the very first phone call.
Oh, cool! No wonder you were able to get up so quickly!

After my op last year, I was so stoned for days! wacko.gif

yeah, and eyes- *winces* definetely worth spending more...

GT, you are SO inspiring - fixing cheekin coops (love the spelling, btw), and sandblasting art - DAMN, you are talented! And I'm jealous of Mr. T's chickens...I wish I had a spot for a garden and some chickens. I helped care for our neighbor's coop and goats in exchange for eggs, growing up. We'd have to help butcher too - gives you a healthy respect for your food.

Pherber - Congrats on your publishing!! That is SO awesome!

(((((Doodle))))) Wish I could call Vancouver and tell them to get you in there NOW!

Glad to hear the onion eyes have passed, CH. Sounds like all is going well with your eyes!

I've got a three-day work week because of the holidays, PLUS asshole boss is out of the office, so its like an in-office vacation already! I got so much done today without him meddling in every little thing.

Well, time to go turn the laundry over. I think I'm going to make turbomann take me out for tacos tonight - it sounds really good.
Hahaha, CH. I liked the "lackluster fuckery". That's the perfect way to describe it. Sometimes it's hit and miss at the osborne festival, but I'm gonna check it out tomorrow. There's not much else to do so we'll see.

Good Evening.

I agree Pherber, it is my eyes. Spare no expense.

Turbo, it sounds like a good time at work, thank goodness asshole boss is away.

Erin, I was thinking of checking out Osbone tomorrow. Maybe. I never know what's going on.

I am covered in bug bites. Ugh. and I'm kind of hungry but I don't know what to make. Hmmph. I'm in one of those indecisive moods. Le Sigh.
Hi everyone!!

Where is everybody today???

~*~*~*~rubs salve on culture's bug bites~*~*~*~

I have a three-day, meddlesome-free work week, too, turbo!! Well, my boss is here, but the office meddler is out, which means I can come and go as I please without getting snarky looks. The office meddler is obsessed with fairness and she thinks everyone is lying or cheating while she's getting screwed. So annoying.

Good things Tuesday:
1. No meddler
2. Short work week
3. Heels finally feel broken in
4. Get to see poodledude tomorrow night and sleep in the next morning
5. Delicious burritos and beer on tonight's menu

I'm a stress kitten today, so I think I need to hang out in Okaylandia for a spell.

Good Things Tuesday
1. The roof over my head
2. Adorable cat by my side (AKA my Lump of Love)
3. CH's eyes! How cool is that?!?!! I really really wish I could have laser surgery on my eyes, but there's a bad history of glaucoma in my family & apparently that means I'm not eligible. Poop.
4. Today is my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. It's hard to imagine being married to anyone for that long, but am I ever glad they stuck it out!
5. Roman Holiday is starting on Turner Classic Movies! Wee!
Good Afternoon!

Poodle, it sounds like the officer meddler needs a hat. Of the tinfoil variety.

RV, what's stressing you? yes, the glaucoma would pose a problem.

ahhhh, enjoying my day off presently. Went and spent some money on make up, as I can't wear anything on my eyes. So I have the rest of my face to work with. Took the hound out, worked out and now I'm relaxing.

Happy Canada Day to fellow Canadian Okayers!

Hi rose!! Congrats to your parents!! My parents just had their 40th a couple weeks ago. I'm amazed that people can stand being so close to each other for so long!

"Lump of Love" Awww...I like that.

Hi culture!! You guys have a day off in the middle of the week? Here, we almost always arrange holidays so that there's an extended weekend!!
I've had a Very verrrrrrrrrrrry long weekend, been off since Friday.

damn, 40 plus years, that's amazing!
Yeah, 40 years...shit. I get sick of sharing my bed or couch with poodledude after 2-3 days!! I just can't sleep in the same bed with someone without feeling encumbered. I need to be able to lay diagonally with my legs stretched out. If I get married, I would like my own "suite" within our house.

Wah!!! I have cramps!!!
Poodle, I agree, I soooooooo need my own space. I tend to freak out if someone is around me too much in a touchy respect.
Heh, mental floss posted a link to despair, inc., where you can create your own "demotivational" posters. Here's mine:

Hi, peeps!

((((((healing vibes for CH's eyes)))))) I'm surprised you got in so quickly afterward to post. Your description of the worms in the park squicked me out! I'm jealous of your long week off. About my speeding ticket, no, I'm not going to fight it. I was speeding and didn't realize it, and the cop was polite, so I don't see what there really is to challenge. I'll just mark that one up to Idiot Tax.

Hi, RV! Congrats on your parents' anniversary! Mine have been togther something like 33 years or so this coming September. The giant and I will have been together 3 years in exactly 3 weeks.

Happy Canada Day to all you Canuckians! My boss is from Canuckia and mentioned it today.

I'm jealous of all you who get more than 3 days off this weekend. Bah! I've only got Friday off, and I'm sure I'll have to cover for a bunch of people here at work since everyone's taking a longer weekend for the 4th.

Hi, Poodle!!! Your parents have seriously been together 40 years? Oy. It doesn't seem like they'd be old enough to be, but I forget that your siblings are all older than you, even older than me.

I agree, I want my own suite with my own big bed to lay on and roll around on without having to do the lift-and-reposition thing you have to do when you only get half of a queen sized bed. I've really been lonely for my living alone days lately. I love the giant and all, but living alone was the best.

Hello to anyone I missed!

I hate Prada! I have an orange nylon purse with a broken zipper that I sent in to be fixed, and they're charging me fucking $75 to replace it. Grrrr!!! And I can't very well say no because 1) I know I'd never fix it myself, meaning I'd never be able to use that bag again; and 2) I'm not going to throw out a bag I spent $200 on and I guess this is just part of protecting my investment. But I am PISSED! Never again will I buy a Prada bag if they're going to charge like that to fix their own shoddy product. I thought those things came with a fucking warranty! AAARRRUUUUGGGHHHHH!!!

Anywho, the giant and I have made our budgets and are going to start saving up for a house right away. We probably won't be able to buy anything for a year and a half, which is depressing, but a 10% down payment isn't going to just land in our laps (my parents will only give us the money promised to my brothers and me if it's put toward at least a 10% down payment on a house, no exceptions), so we've got to get to saving now. That means no more frivilous purchases for me and no more eating out on weekends. Blech. I'm not looking forward to this.

I had an okay weekend. The giant went to his mom's on Saturday to help her move furniture, so I went out on a mission to the MOA to find a new bra and buy a pair of really cute yellow leather sandals with a silver o-ring on the vamp at DSW that I've been salivating over for the last month. Of course they don't have them anymore. Phooey! I tried on a crapload of bras, too, and all I can say is that they were all HATEFUL TO BREASTS. I learned once again to never, ever stray from my standard brand/style ever again. No good ever comes of it. The whole trip ended up being a massive exercise in futility. At least I paid off the balances on both my store credit cards, so there's that. I told the giant to consider that an act of goodwill to the whole saving for a house/improving our credit thing we're trying to do now.

I was going to start the Bob Greene "Best Life" program today, but I cried about it last night. I don't think I'm ready to give up flour products yet. The very thought stresses me out to no end. Not to mention I had a lousy session at the gym last night. I think I need to give it a little more time and get into a better mindset, or it will only end in tears.

I woke up this morning wanting to beat Emile Hirsh's face to a bloody pulp and stomp on a hipster I saw walking on the sidewalk on the way home from my gym last night. I hate hipsters.

Good Things Tuesday:

who am I kidding, I've got nothing

Happy Canada Day!!! WOOT!!

Drivin' by......o happy day off work.....stayed up super-duper late last night finishing Jane Eyre, and slept the entire morning away. Hee hee! I love Canada Day. (I suppose I should have read something Canadian....but I DID finish 2 Margaret Atwood novels while I was sick, surely that's enuf.... wink.gif)
Poodle, I saw this morning on the website!!! Despair Inc has hilarious detmotivational posters. Makes me laugh.

(((((Diva))))) I'm sorry that you're having a hard time. think of how great it's going to be to have your own house!!! As for flour, what about slow releasing carbs? Like whole wheat pasta and stuff??

I'm almost out of my antibiotic eye drops, thank goodness I have an appointment tomorrow. I'll have to get more tomorrow.

ETA: X posted with Doodle! Hi! Bye!
Whole wheat pasta and bread are fine and all, but I wouldn't touch a cake or any type of pastry made with whole wheat flour. It just seems really wrong in my head. I don't want to imagine a life without stuff like donuts.

I'm going to make a calendar from Despair, Inc. one of these days, and I'm going to display it proudly in my cubicle in my office full of government workers. Suck on that!

I forgot to mention that this was my first time in at least 10 years that I didn't attend and wasn't involved with Pride. It was kind of different, driving past Loring Park and seeing all the hoopla, but saying "no thanks" to it all. I finally truly sincerely feel that that ship has sailed. Maud bless 'em!
I understand, as one who's not much of a baker, and I just use whole wheat stuff.

I have to say, I've never been bid into doughnuts. They give me wicked indigestion. Most processed stuff does. I pay for it soooooo badly. Now I want something sweet! Like cheesecake!
Diva, life without flour really is okay, I swear. smile.gif hehe. Of *course* I had to chime in on that one. Witness the *fabulous* flourless chocolate cack I made this weekend (okay, maybe the pound of Valrhona dark chocolate isn't so healthy, but there's no added sugar in the cack either!). But I hear you on the diet distress....I keep trying to talk myself back into the South Beach program, but given that the carbs that I eat are brown and wild rice, quinoa, and my homeade granola bars....I don't wanna give that up again. That, and its 'rita season. Ever watch "You are What you Eat" on the BBC - I LOVE that show (10am M-Sat, CST)...its both informative, and I don't feel so bad about what I eat.

POodle - I love the demoto poster!! And isn't it great to breathe the unmeddled air at work?! I am having a GREAT week all by myself, and getting SO much done! I'm hoping to make it a short day tomorrow too. YAY for long weekends!

Congrats to the RV 'Rents!! I think I can imagine being married that long...I still like turbomann a whole bunch, and we've been together for 13 years. My 'rents are hitting 44 years this summer - dayum!

Well, I've got some jerk marinated chicken on the grill that must be tended to...catch y'all later!
(((Diva))) I read that Best Life book and considered it until I read the part about giving up alcohol for a couple months. Fuck that!!! The good thing about the Best Life Diet is that it's truly healthy eating and not some fad thing like Atkins. I like how he emphasizes that it's futile to weigh yourself during the first couple months of trying to lose weight.

All that said, diva, I truly think that you're gorgeous and you always look nice. Your boobs are delicious and you're cute and petite, and I'm so so jealous of your foot size. It's funny, because just the other day at DSW, I was thinking that shoe designers must HATE MY HUGE FEET and I was wishing I had your feet!!! You have great posture and you look great walking around. Your hair is so nice and silky and your eyes are stunning. You look better than most of the people I see downtown or wherever, because you clearly take care of yourself. You dress to fit your size, which is the most important thing. Stacey and Clinton say that all the time!!! Plus, you have everyone beat when it comes to accessories. I completely empathize with you and I understand the desire to lose weight. I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds so that my shoulders didn't hurt so much from holding up my huge jugs. Instead of trying to lose a bunch of weight, maybe focus on maintaining your weight or losing just a few pounds if you feel uncomfortable. When you lost weight before, you looked great not because you were smaller, but because you seemed more comfortable in your skin. I think you can look that way as you are if you choose to accept yourself. You look great, dammit. I don't know what else to say.

I've been reading a couple fat acceptance blogs lately and I've really come to terms with my size. I'm FAT and I like to eat!! Hell, I was raised by a friggin' chef!! Of course I'm fat!! It's not like I'm eating McDonald's or hauling my ass around on a Rascal scooter. Big Fat Deal and Big Fat Blog are great reads. I highly recommend viewing the "Fat Rant" video on YouTube.


I regret missing Pride. I like to go just to add to the attendance number and show the homophobes that they've got a huge population to deal with.
Hello again everyone!!

poodle, have you read Shapely Prose? That's one of my fave FA blogs....

Hiya also to turbo, CH, diva, and any lurkerbees!!!!!

I had to come by quickly and post this weirdness before my PC crashes AGAIN (grrrrrr....that's why I'm not here much right now, btw). The gay ex-priest is de-cluttering his apartment, and he passed this bizarre thing on to's a bit like this, except mine is blue and the bowl has wavy edges. It's so weird!! It lights up and the lights change colours, and this weird mist flows over the edges of the bowl! It looks like a spaceship about to take flight.....alternatively, it makes my apartment feel truly like fairyland now, or something out of the Mists of Avalon.....hee hee! If I can't deal with it in the long term, I'm going to take it apart - the stand would be lovely for a plant, and the huge glass bowl would make a nice decoration.....

Hello, hello to everybody.

Hi Poodle. Ditto to all the nice things you said about Diva. All true! And you are a gorgeous woman as well.

Diva, would you like a free stack of wedding magazines? I have a bunch and you have first dibs if you are interested. I'm also not quite so broke these days so would you like to maybe do lunch soon? (It can be healthy salads or something like that - I'm working on getting back on the healthy eating wagon too.)

Turbo, your flourless chocolate cack sounds really good.

I've been away from Bust for a while and have not caught up on all the archives because I've had a lot going on. My dog Abe died three weeks ago so I've been doing a lot of grieving lately. I think the day we took him to the vet was probably the hardest day of my life. We'd had him for 9 years and he was nearly 16 years old and his health was getting worse and worse so we knew it was coming but it was still very difficult. He was really special. I still cry at some point every day but we've been doing okay. Having our cat Sweetie still around really has helped.
X post - hi Doodle. That thing looks fantastically cheesy so you should enjoy it for awhile before doing any dismantling for sure.

I'm going to agree with all the wise ladies. Diva you are an amazing, beuatiful talented woman.

Turbo, that show is great! They show it on w network here. It's rather horrifying, it used to be back to back with How Clean is Your House. Mmm Jerk chicken.

Hey Poodle!

Doodle, the lamp dehumidifyer thing sounds pretty cool.

((((((((marileen))))))))) I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I had to put my dog of 16 years down, it's not easy, you'll get through it. are you getting pups cremated? we did that with ours and we have the ashes. That was hard, getting the ashes back. I cried a lot, too.

Not much going on here, it's cooled down a lot, hazy and windy. The wind is blowing in smoke from forest fires from Saskatchewan. the park was nice.

hehe...i have one of those mist-maker thingies in my balcony porn glows purply when I turn it on.

So I am going to be working on Friday...had previously scheduled this project for a weekend, but it'll be a double plus for me if i work it on friday...not only will i get time and a half, but I will also get 8 hours of floating holiday credit. Yay!

I'ma join in the Divala loving...divala, you're an AMAZING, gorgeous, talented woman. smile.gif

((((marileen)))) RIP Abe....

I couldn't do that Best Life thing. I lost 35 pounds on the South Beach Diet, but I was not able to stay away from my most seductive lover, beer. I gained it ALL back. Oh, well. Beer loves me back, I hope. A YouTube video of Madison's "rhythm and booms" grand finale
Hi CH. Yes, we had him cremated and now need to go to the vet to pick up the ashes. They have been ready since the end of last week and I am not looking forward to that because I know it is going to be hard to do that too and I am going to cry buckets.
Tree, I totally thought that said, "Rhythm & Boobs".

I'm so sorry to hear about Abe. My heart goes out to you, Marileen. I know it'll be difficult for you, but you should make a point to go to the vet's office this week to pick up his ashes. It's better to know that you have him with you than for him to just sit on some random shelf at the vet's office.

I'm intrigued by these diets. Sheff and I have both put on a good amount of weight in the last few years. We could both stand to lose 20 pounds, but I don't even know where to start.

My mom called me this evening to tell me that Dad got her a Wii for their anniversary! She is extremely excited. I think this is one of her favorite anniversary gifts ever. Isn't that cute? So tonight they're going to celebrate their 41 years together by playing Wii Sports. The celebration will continue tomorrow when they see Phantom of the Opera. Aaaw!

Since you asked, CH, the reason why I'm stressed is simply the stress of homeownership. I've been thinking about the different updates we need to do to the house over the next 2 years and it's terribly overwhelming. I'm also trying to figure out what on earth I'm going to do with my kitchen. It desperately needs to be painted, but I'm not sure what color. We've been living here for over a year and I still can't decide! Bah!

And to continue my theme for the day, I just noticed that "The Women is about to start on TCM, so I'm running away again.
thanks for reminding me about the women, rosey. i lurrrrrves that movie! it's got the goofiest lighting. the lead actresses were all playing primadonna, and insisted on their own lighting/cinematographers. so any time there are two leads in one scene you cn see the change.... and the dialog is brilliant!

sorry about abe, marileen. i'm a dog person, so i know where you are coming from. i love that he was named abe. i love dogs with people names. it's fun to talk about them like they were people. mr. t's dog had t be put down two years ago, and even tho we have the puppymonster, we still talk about the dog before, johann. dogs are just wonnerful, and it sounds like yours was super sweet.

good things tues:
-- i think my luck is turning.

--got asked to do a trans education presentation with with my 'drag mom' a transgendered woman who has had a huge impact on my life.

--got an invitation to have an art show next month (yay!) at my favorite place to show-- toys in babeland. they are one of the few places that don't mind explicit paintings of transgendered bodies.

--went to work to sandblast the boxes and one of my co-workers said she was glad i got laid off, not let go, since she missed me. isn't that sweet? i almost cried. it's nice to be missed. she said things are picking up, so soon there will be too much work, so i might be back on the job again in two weeks.

finally good news
Good Morning.

Marileen, it was hard to get the ashes, but it was very peaceful, too. I remember how sick our dog was, and I jsut felt that it was cruel to keep him alive because it was too hard for me to put him down. I wouldn't want to be kept alive because someone couldn't deal with the pain. (((((((marileen))))))))

hey Tree!!! WOOT on extra fundage! hee youtube.

RV, I hear you about house stuff. That's really sweet about your parents.

Hey GT!!! That's excellent news about the educational thing!!

Things are good here, I'll probably leave work early, eye strain from working on a computer and all. Things are coming along well though. I just don't want to over do it.

"Rhythm & Boobs" Hahahahaha!! That would be a clever name for a girlie show or band or whatever.

Nice to see you, marileen!! (((marileen))) We put our family dog to sleep many, many years ago and I still tear up when I hold her plaster-cast paw print. Pets are family members and it's painful to lose them. I was crying when Oscar went to the emergency vet for the first time because I was imagining losing him and it felt horrible. He's my baby.

That's great that you were asked to give a presentation, girltrouble!! How flattering!!

Beer is my weakness, too, tree. I refuse to alter my beer drinking habits. I'd seriously rather be dead than sober. Ugh. Just saying the "S" word sends chills down my spine. The horror!!!

I hear ya on the homeownership stress, rose. Soooo many things to do, so little time, so little money. It's crazy.

Hi doodle!! That mist thinger sounds cool!!

Today is effectively my friday. I'm excited because I get to spend time with poodledude tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning, and then hopefully do yard work.
Mmm liquor, I'm more of a fan of Vodka myself. Only Grey Goose for me.

I used to be big on beer, but I noticed the hang overs...ugh...and I didn't like what it was doing to my insides, so I switched to vodky.
pinkpoodle goose....

I like plain Crown Royal on the rocks. It'll kick yer ass, but it's so nice tasting. Quite smooth for whiskey.

Last weekend I made a trip to Sephora (and LUSH *smacks forehead*) and picked me up some Smashbox "photo finish" lipstick and I'm totally lovin' it. It's so moisturizing and it smells like chocolate. I want to eat it. Yeah, and then there's LUSH. I bought some "Sexy Peel" soap that smells like marmalade and, again, it makes me hungry. laugh.gif

This day is neverending!!!!! I wish I was really into working today so that the time would pass more quickly.
Poodle, now I want to buy MORE makeup!! I think I'll get some lip crud. I need to play up my lips now that I can't wear eye make up for a while and I don't have glasses, so no more whore eye make up for me.
Bah, Double taco.
*drool* LUSH makes my life happier. There is a store less than a block from the office. Perhaps I should drop by after work. Given my totally spazoid back issues recently, I deserve some pampering. >:[

~ LL Lysa
It's contagious!!

"whore eye make up" Hahaha!! I love that. It would go well with tree's "whory red come spank me hair." I want to start my own line of products so I can give them crude names... "Truckstop Hooker Blue" "Charm School Dropout Red" "Fat Bitch Pink" "Gutter Slut Grey"

ETA- Yay!! My boss left for an inspection and she won't be back, which means I get to start my vacation early!! I'm gonna wait until 3:00 and then I'm outta this hellhole and off to the likky store for beer. Ooh!! I think I'm gonna drink my beer whilst taking a relaxing bath with my LUSH goodies. Yay!!
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