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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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poodle, when I took the HBI discussion over to Portions for the first time, I was thinking of you and how glad you'd be not to have to read it here! wink.gif

CH - I didn't go to the deli, but I went to the grocery store after work, and hit the bulk bins for a small bag of Jelly Bellies and a small bag of those thin chocolate squares with the green mint in the middle layer. Yummy!

Oh, and then when I got home, the shoe repair place had left a message that my sandals are ready. They originally told me Thursday or Friday, so I never stopped in, but the shoe repair is right next to the goddamn grocery store!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!!

I think I'm going to take a nap, and then maybe have a shower before jamming tonight....
Good Evening.

Poodle, I'm with you on needing that drink. Hmmm there is some grey goose in my room. mmmm vodka.

Doodle, that's pretty sweet that your shoes are done already but crappy that it was right next to the grocer. Did I just say grocer?

you know this office is worse than high school. take your worst high school memory and multiply it by 1000. there's more. There is a woman there who is being played by the AC and she doesn't know what I know (and he's very smooth anyways, so he can dish it, she seems like the type to not believe) anyways, she's being rude and nasty to me now. And whenever I'm around she goes and prances off to his office. I don't care, you can "have" him, but he's just fucking with you anyways. I hate it there.

With that said, I just came back from the cops. And on my drive back on a busy stretch of road I saw the greatest thing ever. A bunch of geese and geese babies were crossing the road, in single file of course, and all of traffic stopped. It just about made me cry (this is how emotionally exhausted I am from this place) because all of these cars stopped for gooses and baby geeses! It was so darned cute.

I think I'm bailing out on the afternoon tomorrow. I'll go to work in the morning and leave from there. I'm trying not to let it get to me but I'm pissed about being mind fucked and I'm pissed about not being respected and I'm pissed about how no one follows policy there and and and.

Sorry i don't want to get the thread down, I really am feeling better from the fuckery.

Doodle, how is toto treating you??
((((CH)))) at least you won't be there much longer. I hope you're feeling better soon! At least you have your eye thing to look forward to, and vacation!
(((((ch))))) it's pretty freaking bad at work when you'd rather have your eyes worked on then be there dealing with the imaturity. i worked for Bank of New York (BONY) for seven years. we had so much bullshit at work that the management used to call it Bony High.


Hope everyone has a good day. Hopefully I'll be busy today and I won't be able to stop into the lounge. smile.gif I want work!! I feel like a lazy lump here.

Okay all!! I'm out!! PEACE *echos*

Hey tree!

Pugs, wow, that's pretty bad.

I slept great last night, I'm getting some bidy sugaring done today and I'm meeting Erinjane for lunch, then I can get out of this place! I'm trying to make the most of it, and and and I've decided that I'm going to fuck with AC's head. A friend and I were joking around that in a few weeks when I'm no longer here I should get a friend to pose a public health nurse and call him to say that one of his previous partners has herpes. *snorts* Now THAT would be mind fucking and down right nasty.

I also did an abs workout last night and am still feeling pretty happy.

How is everyone else?
Goooood Morning!

It sounds like everyone is well.

Doodle, are you feeling better? Do you think spawn of Dorothy has gone on it's way?

Pugs, what type of internship are you doing? I am sure you've posted about it before, but my memory is failing me. Yeah! For HOT HBIs!!

Jenn, your dinner sounds deeeeelicious!!!! Yum! Happy Belated Birthday!!

CH, do you get your eyes done tomorrow? Screw AC boy. What a dick. Good that you're getting out of that office. That is so rad that you & erinjane are meeting up!!

Hey Poodles!!

Hey Grrrrl!

Hey GT!!

Who have I missed?

Minx! Glad you had such a fabulous weekend with Art Man!! Nice!

Things here are good. I've been getting a lot done at work while the boss is on vacation. Less distractions. I did a good weights class last night, so am feeilng strong today. Trying to decide if I'm going to go to spinning tonight. Hmmm. dry.gif

I'm off tomorrow, MR K and I are going to DC for the weekend. Our nephew is being baptized. Should be a fun trip. We are also spending one night in Philly, to visit with an old college friend of Mr K's.
in honor of ch's woes, and pugs' story about bony high (god i have a dirty mind), i'd like to propose we post our worst bosses/employers stories.

i'll start!

>i once worked for an dental insurance company where the boss would scream at the top of her lungs at atleast one employee a week. killer bit: it was a 4 person office. we called it russian roulette. upside:i found out months later the resignation letter i wrote changed everything. she stopped yelling and actually became a great boss!

>the sign shop i worked for hired me because they wanted to train me, but fired me cos i didn't have enough experience. (did they not read my resume?! wtf)

>i was working for a online porn king checking his sites. i was fired for posting in the lounge. yes.... this lounge. (objectionable materials?)

hope every bustie has a great day. today is my last 'lectrolysis appt. till i know what is up with my job....*fingers still crossed, breath still held.
someone explain why the
part of culturehandy's post cracked me the fuck up. I seriously just laughed out loud at work. i don't understand myself sometimes. might have something to do with the fact that i'm bored out of my fucking mind.

ch - yes that would definately be down right nasty not niceness. laugh.gif

shoot me please!! i'm so ready to go home and i'm still here until 2:15 p.m.

it's an mechanical engineering intership. there ain't much engineering going on unless you take into account me engineering a way to support my head with pens and pencils so that i continue to look up at the same thing on my computer scream while actually taking a nap.

Hey everybody!!!

(((Culture))) Lame. Ah well, at least you can have some fun of your own in the next couple weeks.

Awwww....goslings. I love fluffy baby birds. I love baby animals, period. They're so much cuter than baby humans. Don't get me wrong--baby humans are cute, too, but they pale in comparison to polar bear or tiger cubs in their cuteness factor. I mean, seriously....


Okay, anyway...WOW!! You've had some odd work experiences, girltrouble!! I've never had a boss that screamed or anything. I did have a boss tell me that he would pay a guy more, though. I wish I woulda done something about it, but I was only 16 and I didn't realize how illegal it was for him to say that. Fuckchop.

Hi kari!!! I'm so jealous of your trip!!! Philly sounds so fun!! It's no Minneapolis, but it still seems like a neat place. wink.gif

I'm rockin' some very 80's colors today. I'm wearing a magenta shirt and plastic bangles in aqua, teal, purple, and magenta. Plus I have hoop earrings and I painted my nails a "slurpee blue" color. Fun times.

Ended up having another three plus hour conversation with Artman last night, and TOTALLY overslept this morning! laugh.gif

Minxlette came home yesterday from her grandparent's place. It was SO good to see her again, but unfortunately she rolls back to the exasshat's place tonight. So I won't be able to spend any time with her until Monday evening.

Okayers, I am here to announce yet another stellar Minxlette moment in the milestone development front: she rode a two-wheeler ALL BY HERSELF without assistance at Mom and Dad's!!! HOLY SHIT! What's next? Her frickin' menstruation and getting a driver's license. OMG!! She's so extraordinary and cool. I loves ma goil.

So and exboyfriend of mine got ahold of me this week. He's in the military and got back from Iraq (shweeew!). I feel pretty badly for him as he's having tremendous problems sleeping and his wife told him IN AN EMAIL that she wants a divorce. What the fucknuggets?! People just sometimes plain suck (and not in the fun way).

Artman leaves for Mexico on Saturday morning. Said he'd like to come over for brekkies. I told him a cherry would be found in my belly button and SOUP'S ON!!! tongue.gif

Okay, where in the fuck is Tesao?!! I'm getting concerned now.

ETA: Crosspost with (((PINKPOODLE))) Bitch, it's good to see you around these parts again. You were sorely missed.
Greetings Okayland! Back here at Boring City. But I think I might have a tiny crush on the new guy, who is from South America, I think, and has a very sexy accent. So that helps. wink.gif

I was 10 minutes late this morning - there was a fire downtown this morning! And my bus wound up going in the wrong direction, up the hill, and back into downtown....well past my usual stop. Grrr. Well, nuthin' you can do about it, I guess.

Jamming was terrific! Even though I was still a bit under the weather. BEB and I went a bit early this time, so it was just me, BEB, Mr Jamhost, and the drummer for a little while. Mr Jamhost let me sing 6 songs, which was actually 7, because I figured out how to string Three Little Birds into my reggae version of Joni Mitchell's Carey, like a mini-medley. Hee hee! And I tried my new song (what I have of it) out with a band. That was AWESOME! I got lots of good feedback, and it helped get it more concrete in my head. I'd like to have it finished by next jamtime. Plus Mr Jamhost and I did Bring it on Home to Me as a duet, which fucking kicked ass, I must say.

Ooh, there goes the mysterious elevator again....creepy. I wonder if it's just that a very small person works in the building and I can't see him/her over the monitor.

Ooh, boss stories! I remember this job I had when I was 19, in a drycleaners. I had previously worked for a really good, conscientious drycleaner. Now I was working for the worst drycleaner ever. He would jack up his prices beyond all hell and then do 50% off coupons to lure people in. Nobody knew the actual prices till they got there, and by the time they did, they didn't want to run around finding a different drycleaner. And he would get soooo busy because of this trick, that he couldn't even keep track of the clothes. They would end up in piles all over the floor and everywhere in the back, with their tickets kind of floating on top of each pile. (They are supposed to staple a numbered ticket to each item of clothing, matching the number on the invoice.) Nobody's orders were ever done on time, and half the time, it would take him an extra two days just to find he would lose people's clothes entirely. AND he NEVER changed his drycleaning fluid. EVER. My old boss changed it EVERY DAY. This guy - he'd clean a shag rug in the machine and then put a suit in, and then it would be just grossly covered in fluff that wouldn't come off. Customers were always complaining - he made ME (19 years old) talk to the Better Business Bureau when they called to follow up a complaint. One day, I had a line of angry customers at the counter, wondering where the fuck their clothes were, because he took in so many he couldn't keep up. The bossman was cowering in the back, telling me to go out there and lie to them. I started yelling at him. Right in front of the customers. I called him a coward and said I was not going to stand there and lie to people for him - he could deal with them himself. As I was yelling this, I was changing my shoes and stuffing my shit into my backpack. I yelled that I quit and walked right out the door, past the line of astonished customers.
Hey it's me!!!!

Kari, the trip sounds fun.

GT, those are some fucked up bosses from hell stories. I am trying to think of one. Oh I know. I used to work at a gym and the old manager left, the new one came in and they got rid of much of the new staff, they accused me of stealing so I resigned. Ummm what's worse is that other managers would *steal* the other sales staffs commission. One girl called in sick for an appointment because her best friend tried to commit suicide so they fired her.

Poodle, awwwww what an adorable picture!! Cuteness! Now I must go to cute overload. the outfit sounds rocking!!!

Minx, that is exciting about minxlette!!!! That is just cruel about your exes soon to be ex. What a bitch.

Pugs, work will be over soon!

Just got back from sugaring. The good thing about upcoming surgery, if I need time off I'm using it as an excuse, awww preop, post op ha! Fuck you work. At least this place. management is nice enough it's all the underlings. Poops on them.

ETA: X posted with Doodle, ooooh spooooooooooooooky elevators. What a crazy boss, but good for you for telling him to fuck right off!! A crush eh?? who is le crush?
Those are some crazy work stories!! Is that guy still in business, doodle?

HOORAY FOR MINXLETTE!!! How exciting!! And she's going camping and fishing soon, too, right? She's such a big girl!!

Mmmm...I'm eating a delicious rice crispie treat care of D. Brian's. It actually tastes homemade.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jun 26 2008, 09:09 AM) *

>the sign shop i worked for hired me because they wanted to train me, but fired me cos i didn't have enough experience. (did they not read my resume?! wtf)

Ha, sounds like the non-profit place I worked at a couple years ago- they hired me as an administrative assistant, without any specific experience (I had lots of general office experience, though.) The woman who had the position got promoted to project manager after that person left. She was supposed to train me, but they hired me 2 months before their HUGE annual convention and it was super busy. The director of the department was blunt to a fault, she'd give the project manager shit, who'd then cry at her desk for awhile and then come yell at me for not knowing how to do my job. Uh, I think you need to learn how to deal with stress better. They fired me a couple weeks after the convention.

I found out by checking their website that they hired the temp who helped us prepare for the convention to fill my spot permanently...until her name was off the website a few months later. I'm not sure if she left or they fired her, but they haven't hired anyone since....I think they just have a hard time working with other people. Seriously, I dream about running into the project manager somewhere and asking her if all the yoga she does has helped her pull the stick out of her ass. Oh, that'd be the day! laugh.gif

I am so fucking bored. But not enough to clean out the supply cupboard. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just plead my kidney infection. It's not mandatory work, after all. It's "if you're bored" work. wink.gif

Le crush is called Pedro. Very cute, very sexxxxy accent. Lovely fellow. I don't really know anything about him yet, but I will be here another week, when the admin is back from surgery (I'll be assisting her), so I can ask her about him, and check him out some more when I'm not trapped here at the front desk, all by my lonesome. biggrin.gif

I have no idea if that drycleaner is still in business - that was back in Calgary. I hope not, but maybe his children took over and made a better go of it.

Mr Jamhost is doing some street performing tonight, but I don't think I have the energy to come back downtown....I'm sure he'll understand, though, as everyone at the jam knew I was sick. I think his band is playing tomorrow, too, for the downtown business association....I'll be at work through most of it, but I might be able to make it for the end. Maybe I'll sneak out a bit early and see if anyone notices. tongue.gif

I had a big long dream about Mr Jamhost last night....I dreamed I fell asleep at his place (because of being sick) and woke up in a spare bed, and he was making me breakfast and being a real sweetheart. Wish I'd thought of that last night.....I was sooooo frickin' tired, and it would have been nice to have someone else make breakfast. wink.gif
I think a lot of places hire inexperienced workers because they're cheap and then expect that worker to pick things up within a couple weeks. Duh. You get what you pay for. My boss is like that with one of our employees. I've said numerous times that she's not inept, she just needs training and she was hired with that in mind.

Work blows.

Guess what!!!! The yellow Michael Kors bag I've been eyeing for the last month-plus was marked down again!! I caved in and bought it for $130. Here's the best picture I could find:


poodle, that's a great bag, and $130.00 isn't so bad. Mmm rice crispy treat.

Polly. that's a pretty fucked up work story.

Doodle, how's work going? speaking of dreams, I had a dream about a run away cow in the park. which is strange because on the news this morning, there was a story about a run away cow in The Maritimes somewhere. weirdness.

I still have an hour here!! Nooooooo. I think I'm going to leave a little early.

I don't have many bad boss stories. The worst was probably my brief employment at Wal-Mart for 3 months when I was 16. There was a supervisor there named "cookie", this big guy with a white beard who wore science fiction t-shirts. He was really mean to all the female cashiers. He was the kind of asshole who used his position of authority to make you nervous. I remember getting in trouble for treating a low bloodsugar once. He was leery too and just kind of creepy. I heard he got fired for sexual harassment a few months after I quit.

Once again I didn't end up hooking up with anyone last night. But I did chat with a guy who lives nearby and seems like he might be cool. If he's online tonight I might see if he wants to go for coffee or something.

Today's been good. It's boiling outside. I love it, but it feels like it could rain soon. Went downtown to meet CH for lunch. That was good times but we only got to hang out for a quick lunch as we both had to get to work.

I had my meeting about my job. The first half of the meeting consisted of me telling my co-worker all about my trip and the second half was talking about what's going on with the position and little things like that. And because the start date we discussed before I left was july 7th, we're keeping it that way. So another week off! I'm stoked. Cash is definitely getting a little tight BUT we went through my contract and I'm being paid 3.50 more than I thought I was getting, so that's pretty awesome. The downside is it's still not a FT position but the way things are going it looks like that could change in the next year or so.
Hooray for more $ and an extra week, erinjane!! Ugh. You like the hot weather? It's 83F here and I haaaaaate it. It just doesn't work with my hair and I get crabby when I feel even the slightest drop of sweat.

Considering that the original price of the bag was $398, I'd say $130 is a decent price. It's so purdy and the inside feels nice and soft. It looks great with my slurpee blue nailpolish.

WHEN WILL THIS FREAKIN' DAY END???!!! I wish the meddler would leave so I could sneak out early. Boo.

ETA- EJ, I can just picture that Wal-Mart dude. Blech.
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, I love that bag! I've been looking for a yellow one, too. I'm obsessed with yellow things lately.

I love baby bears, but especially polar bears. Bears rule.

Have fun on your vacation, Kari!

Woot! Minxlette is growing up!

(((((((CH eye fixing vibes)))))))

Congrats on the extra week of vacation, and the massive raise, EJ!

Hi, Pugs, Doodle, GT, and everyone else!

I ended up taking 2 days off. I was so bored on Monday I could have killed or died, so I figured it best if I took an extra day, so I did. I went to the outlet mall and got 3 shirts, a new bra (finally found on at the LB outlet that wasn't complete shit, like they usually are), and 2, count 'em, 2 Coach purses. One is light blue leather with brushed silver tooling. It's very demure, structured, and me. The other one is a happy-looking patchwork purse that matches the shoes I got a few months ago, but I didn't buy it for that reason. I really love their patchwork. I got both of them for under $250 total. Then I went shopping at Trader Joe's and came home to be all domesticy. Yesterday, I did nothing but sit on my ass for most of the day watching TV, doing laundry, and baking.

I baked some pretty impressive stuff this time around. One thing was a 4-layer chocolate mousse cake (cake from a boxed mix, but homemade mousse and ganache coating). It was actually pretty damn easy, since it's all stuff I'd made before in some capacity, and it turned out absolutely delicious. Next time, I'm making devil's food cake, though, so you can see the difference in color between the cake and mousse, the layers got muddied on this cake because everything was basically the same color. I also made lemon madelines with lemon glaze that are divine, but a gigantic pain in the ass to make. The recipe got me 5 dozen (and that was loading up the molds, which I had to butter, flour, and re-wash after each batch), most of which I got rid of already. We had a b-day celebration at work today, so I take those kinds of opportunities to practice my baking skills, since I'm not stuck with an entire layer cake or anything at home that would go to waste. The cake I made was gone in 30 minutes flat, all 17 pieces.

Bad work stories, huh? At a temp job I got fired from (I think I was 2 minutes late a couple times, which is certainly not grounds for termination, but a lowly temp has no say in those decisions - sucks, too, because the shop manager was hot), one of the supervisors I worked with actually "took people outside" to get into it with them. I'd heard that she'd been in fist fights out there. The woman's temper was uncontrollable and you couldn't ever disagree with her.

I've actually had a lot of sucky bosses, but few that were particularly heinous. I worked at a phone bank once where one of the supervisors believed strongly in public corporal punishment. You weren't even allowed to get up to go to the bathroom unless you were on a break, and they were very strict about when they allowed people out. I worked at a gas station I got fired from because I opened it up late after being made to stay until almost midnight the day before - that boss was a real bitch in general. She as a glamourpuss wannabe, but a little old for it, and she always did her hair up in some weird swirly updo. I actually had to go through the Secretary of State's office to get my paycheck, since this woman didn't believe I was owed any compensation for the 2 weeks I worked there since it was "training," but I went to her boss and her boss' boss and got my money, and hopefully got her in a crapload of trouble. Then there was the time I worked for Medica. My job was great and I basically made my own schedule until someone else took the project over and somehow fired me for no reason. I sent in my week's schedule and was told that I am no longer allowed in the building. What had happened was that they made all kinds of new requirements that my previous supervisor was more flexible with, I told them what I could and could not do, never heard anything back, and then when I went to email my schedule, I was told that I'd been terminated. I went to her boss about it and got myself reinstated so I could quit. Screw them. Their product was stupid, anyway, and my friend there quit on the same day. It was a gigantic misunderstanding because the new supervisor was a moron. My current boss can be a real dick, although he hasn't been so bad lately. He's made a ton of people cry. He's been humbled lately, though, by poor reviews and such. I think he's scared to give us our now mandatory annual reviews - all the other teams had theirs done months and months ago. I get hauled in periodically about my internet usage, and I don't really agree with some of his supervisory tactics, but I've learned to handle him. And I'm union, yo, so you can't just fire me. Unions rule.
The funny thing about gross wal-mart dude is that I saw him every where after I left. The last time being at my best friends birthday in December. She knew him and invited him. He seemed mellower, and to be far, I don't know if that rumour about him getting fired was true. Man, that was a job I was glad to get rid of though. I've been pretty lucky with my jobs since then.

I guess I partly like the weather because usually I'm not too concerned if I'm getting sweaty because I'll be out for a bike ride or doing yard work and don't really have to worry about looking presentable. I just like going to sit outside in the hot hot sun and take it in.

Hey CH, turns out the location I'll be working from isn't too far from where we were today. I thought it was going to be far away in the North End but its' within walking distance of Portage and Main.
Hi diva!! Sounds like you had an awesome couple days off!! I'm jealous. You've got me drooling all over the keyboard with your dessert talk. All I have in my kitchen are a couple Weight Watchers icecream bars. They're not bad, but they're no chocolate mousse cake.

She won't leave!!
I once got fired from a regular DJ job, by mobile phone text message!
A girl, who wanted my job started some hate campaign, spreading lies about me, her friends acted as complaining customers, etc, so they fired me, and I had no chance of explaining the situation.
Shame, because that was one of the best paid jobs, I ever had.

...that bitch better not cross my path by accident, I still get mad, just thinking about it.

My current job is badly paid, but much better, tomorrow, I'm working with the crush.
Heeeeeehhhh, I'm excited already! wub.gif

Pugs, sounds like things are getting better with the Mr! cool.gif

Poodle, that handbag coulor is awesome!

Turbo, that's nice to hear, you had a great b-day! That dinner sounds so yummy, I got really hungry from reading about it...

Almost forgot: Tree, what happened to your balcony porn?
Did it get damaged at all?

PS: Thanks gals, I'm glad you liked the gif...t!
Woo, I'm such a slow poster...

hiya gals, *waves* ohhh, more foodporn!

I must eat something now!

Hey all!

Erin, that's awesome that you're going to be close! Your former boss at walmart sounds like a fucking creepazoid.

Poodle, that is a good deal on the bag!

Diva, excellent on the finds and the baking sounds most delish. Wow, that's fucked up about the bosses.

Pherber, what a twat that person is, but working with crush tomorrow!

Sooooo i'm fucking nervous about tomorrow. I could use some eye surgery go well and heal vibes. Please! 2 pm central time. Anything now. I'm so nervouc I could throw up.

I'm sorry, that's all I can think about at the moment.

Aaaahh! ohmy.gif Tomorrow already!?

++~~+~~CH nerve calming vibes~~+~~++


I so totally know what that's like, before my op I was a W.R.E.C.K. total bundle of nerves.

Btw, my mum send me such a cute pic, of her and me- arm in arm, but she's going to strangle me, if I post a pic of her on the web, so I had to cut her out...

~*~*eye healing vibes*~*~ for CH

Pherber, yes...balcony porn survived, I am up on the top floor of the building. Plus the sump pumps kept up okay. Phew!

So I was going to post more this morning but I overslept!! Gotta go get ready for work! Work has been CRAZY lately. Yikes. I'm so exhausted at the end of the day.

Today, I have a growth chamber at Horticulture/Moore Hall that is leaking antifreeze, a window unit at Radio Hall not cooling that "sounded funny for a couple days", a refrigerator at Soils Hall not cooling, another window unit at Soils Hall not cooling, a chemical storage freezer at Chemistry Hall that I repaired a refrigerant leak on the day before yesterday that needs to be pressure tested and evacuated, AND a freezer in the medical school with a bad circuit board that I have to remember to stop by three times during the day to manually defrost it.

All with no service van!!! ohmy.gif

((((okayers)))) will SO try to get caught up with you all this weekend.
pherber - yes mr. pugs and i are much, much better. 1) we stopped worrying about what everyone else thinks. we are doing things at our own pace. eventually everything we want will happen for us. until then we are just enjoying our lives. 2) we had some much need portions the other night which relieved a lot of the stress at least on my part 3) vacation starts tomorrow and we will finally be getting away for a bit. thanks for asking smile.gif

ch - you are totally on my mind girl. i'm thinking of you. i'll be away for a week and i won't have internet access but i'll be thinking of you and hoping you are healing quickly. good luck!! (((((((((culturehandy)))))))))

Things To Do Today
Don't Procrastinate
1) Finish cleaning kitchen (dishes, stove, counter top)
2) Mop kitchen floor
3) Vacuum house
4) Last load of laundry, fold and put away all the clean stuff
5) Start packing
believe me I've been working all week and this list could have been much worse

Mr. Pug's Things To Do Tonight
It's not a honey do list if I have a list as well right?
1) Cut the grass, water flowers
2) Take out trash
3) Cut Doggies Nails (I'll help)
It's fucking friday you pillow humping turd smokers!!!!!!!!

Cute pic, pherber!!

Okay, I'm gonna eat my deeelicious grilled portobello/avocado panini now.
Afternoon you discarded blood incrusted tampons!

Thanky for the vibeage, I'm feeling at peace (not like I'm dying or something) But I know everything will be fine.

Pherber, I like the pic!

~*~*~*~*work vibes for tree~*~*~*~*~

Pugs, enjoy your vacation!!

hey Poodle!

Only a little over an hour and a half, I'll check in as soon as I can after I can see. I'll probably just crash when I get home.


Good morning, you garbage pails full of used condoms!

Sorry, I was following up CH's Friday insult. biggrin.gif And poodle, your insult is fantastic!

~*~*~*~*~eye surgery/healing/calming vibes for CH~*~*~*~*~

I got the supply cupboard cleaned out and organized. PHEW. That killed a whole....2.5 hours of my entire work week. *yawn* That included testing every single one of the 100+ markers in there. (Confession: I'm stealing a fabulously-tinted purple one I found in the very back corner. Shhhh.) I brought Jane Eyre with me today, to kill the rest of the boring time I'm here.

It's supposed to be a hot one here today, but I'm not feeling it yet.

I go back to the store tonight for a 4 hour shift....haven't been since I bailed last Friday, after getting out of the hospital! I lost 4 days pay to that kidney infection, too....I had to ask doodlemama for a bit of $$ help. *sigh*

Oh, that freaky haunted elevator? I went downstairs for a quick break, and when I got back in the elevator, it just kept opening and closing, opening and closing, ad nauseum. WTF?
I just wanted to let you know that I smell like BACON!!! tongue.gif

(you sausage-swallowing crotch sirens)
Just popping in to send some vibes to CH. 15 minutes before she gets lazered.

Haha doodle, your creepy elevator makes me think of a creepy elevator in an apartment building in Winnipeg. There's this really old building that's like a maze and is horrible to try and navigate through. The hallways are all dark and narrow and there's stairs that go no where at the top, and balconies that face into stone walls, outdoor hallways, just really bizarre. The elevator in that place has the old gate and the old style elevator buttons and stuff. The gate that automatically shuts slams shut when you get in too. I guess it was really the whole building that was creepy and not just the elevator. I always felt like I was in the Resident Evil video game when I was in there. tongue.gif (The apartments there are GORGEOUS though)
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((( vibes for CH ))))))))))

We used to have a posessed elevator here at work, but it got replaced a year or two ago, so it's normal again. It used to always stop on the 6th floor when there was nobody who was waiting to get on or off. But I half expect that it's a bunch of jackasses meeting with their probation officers pulling pranks.

Pherber, you're pretty! Is your hair still shiny bright blonde like that?

Not much going on today, just a regular old day at work. The giant has the day off, which I'm supremely jealous of, but he was jealous of me playing hookey for 2 days, so he took today off. No big plans for the weekend, either. He's going to his mom's house to help her rearrange stuff now that she has the whole house to herself, so I'm going to the MOA to do some bra and shoe shopping on my big day out by myself. At some point, my brother wants to come over so he can set himself up on, which I think is a long time coming. He's a pretty good guy and deserves to find a nice girl to shack up with.

I forgot to mention that I got a speeding ticket the other day. Blast! At least the cop wasn't an asshole about it, so it could've been worse, but now I have nothing to complain about. Double blast!

Hi, Minxy, EJ, Poodle, Doodle, and all else!

The annoying lady who I hate is gone today, so I've been enjoying not hearing her all day long. I wish every day could be like that.
~*~*~*~((((culture))))~*~*~*~ Whenever I hear "laser" these days, I think of Dr. Evil. They are going to use "lasers" on our fellow bustie. "Lasers."

Bwah!! Great insults, people!! The word "crotch" is so funny for some reason.

What's everyone doing tonight? I'm gonna veg at home for a while and then hang out with poodledude after he's done with work. He's gotta be to work by 5:00 am tomorrow, so we're just gonna relax and go to bed early. I plan on drinking beer as part of this evening's festivities.

Ah crap, I can feel MRG cramps coming on. Sunnuvahbeeyatch muthafuckaz.

It's fucking friday you bacon-flavored anal warts!!!!!!!

ETA- Hi diva!!

ETAA- Heh, Wham! just came on my ipod
Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
but the very next day
you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special!


I'm fine,

well update tomorrow, going to bed.
(((culture))) I'm glad it went well!
okay, next time I'm at Science Hall I'm totally making a movie of the elevator workings. Just to show you how those creepy elevators work.

CH!!! I'm glad your surgery went okay...pop back in as soon as you can, 'k? ~*~*eye healing vibes for CH*~*~

Oh, gawd, Poodle, I hate MRG cramps. ~*~*anticramp vibes*~*~

Pugs, I'm sure you're gone by now or maybe you're not...but anyway, it sounds like you are going on here's some ~*~*vacation fun vibes*~*~

So, I was uber efficient this morning. Freezer was defrosted, antifreeze leak resolved, one a/c and one refrigerator diagnosed, by 9:00 AM. Went to get the second a/c and that slowed me down...the carpenters had done a WONDERFUL job of getting it secured into the window (it's ground level, actually kind of a basement-ish room) it was quite a project getting it out. Unfortunately, it's going to be beyond repair...they could buy a new one for $150.00 and it'd cost that for me to repair the old one. Too bad, too, it's kind of a cute little thing. Anyway, got the first a/c repaired before noon (easy fix).
Waiting to find out if they want to fix the refrigerator (I quoted them about $300.00 to fix it) they're going to look into comparing new vs/ old.

Anyway, I was efficient enough this morning so I could slack off this afternoon. I always try to do that on Fridays.

Hey hey hey! its my first time in this thread you cheetos smelling foot gunks! derrrr.... rolleyes.gif

((PinkPoodle)) your evening sounds like it's going to go down like mine... although, Mr. Luv will be playing Conan, and I'll either read some trashy literature and drink beer, and/or maybe at least clean my bathtub, plop my butt in it and use my lemon honey bubble bath. Hey!! do you think a bubble bath could help? i lurv bubble baths. wub.gif

((Treehugger)) hope you're having a relaxingly slack evening! I wish I could get my butt up early enough to feel warranted about taking a slack night.... sheesh.. i hope the job will remedy that. i'm a lazy bum bubble.

((Divala)) find some treasures today? and Luv vibes for your brother.

((CH)) hope everything went well...

((Minx)) I love the smell of bacon!! I had a veg. friend who actually loved that smell, though of course, would never eat it.

So ..I didn't accomplish anything productive around the house today, but pay a bill with the very very very little money that I have left. and mess about the lounge. I planned on working in the yard... but alas, after going to see Wall-E... the sky is about to open up with one of our almost daily sub-tropic storms.

I would have also hit the beach for some "me" time, but procrastinated by smoking too many cancer sticks and well, messing about on the lounge. and then... ate a bucket of popcorn with a bunch of kids and Mr. Luv.

Wall-E was totally adorable. quite the much needed statement as well in my opinion.

Well, beach tomorrow with a gal pal... and holy crapazoid! it's already almost 8pm!!! damn.
Moon...welcome! FYI...bacon is a long held, odd-ass sex everything, even sex, is better with bacon! hehe.

BUWAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! I flubbed that one didn't I? ohhh that makes my stomach muscles hurt.

Well, then... I do like the smell of bacon, preferably on ME! Makin Bacon sounds mighty nice right now. Gahh... the friend who would never eat it.... hahahhahahha!

Not in the was actually BOTH kinds of bacon. I like to throw in a little double entendre when able. wink.gif
Good morning you cum gargling monstrosities!!!

...I had such a great night!!!! laugh.gif


...details tomorrow, I just wanted a quick pop in to say

CH!!!! AAArggghhhhiyaaaa!!!

I'm soooo fucking proud of you! You done it!!! Yaaaaayyyy!!!! laugh.gif

...sorry kids I'm drunk...

pugs, yay, I'm so happy for you and the Mr. hope you have a great holiday! biggrin.gif

Moon, good to see you here! smile.gif

Thankies for the compliments, I have such stupid insecurities.. I blame the crush...
Divala, thanks, um... I dunno, I think it was the good light, but then again, it's my insecurities again... urrrgh. laugh.gif

Minx, I forgot to say it in the last post... yay for minxlette, you're such a cool mum, no surprise, the kid's so cool.

OK, must go to bed now, enough drunken ramblings....


yay for CH again!!!!

...special loving to GT for having such great passion for this place!!!! wub.gif

Busties: You're too freaking awesome!!! wub.gif



the elevators in my building are stoned half of the time. the other day i got in one on my way home and it went all the up to the top floor and then all the way down to the bottom floor and then all the way up, all the way down, all the way up, all the way down, around 7 times each way. inexplicably, it then stopped on the ground floor (we have a parking deck under the building, so there are four "negative" floors). i got stuck in one of the other ones (we have three) for 45 minutes between floors. good think i'm not claustrophobic.

that spooky building with the elevator cage and the stairs that lead to no-where sounds really COOL. i think i'd love to have an apartment there. wonder if the staircases MOVE when no one is looking??? blink.gif


See ya all in a week!!



Good Morning.

Doodle, how was work at the store last night??

Minx, that is a great insult!!

Erin, how's your weekend been so far? Which building is this??

Diva, can you appeal the ticket?

Poodle, when I read your post, I read exactly like Dr. Evil would have said it. Hee.

Hey Tree! Sounds like a good work day.

Hey MoonPie! it's great to see you in here! enjoy your beach day!

Hey Mox!

Pherber, how ya feeling this morning??

It's TES!!!!!! Where the heck were you! *boobah squishie hig*

Pugs, enjoy your much deserved vacation!

Thanks for all te vibes, I went to the dr this morning for follow up, and my eyes are healing magnificently. I slept a lot yesterday, he said it was going to be like a sea of onions. the stinging and such. And when I was up yesterday, I was in onionville. Still have some light sensitivity, and white has a biy of a glow, it'll go away. Lots of drops and some ye crusties, but my eyes are producing tears so that's a god thing. not wearing glasses is weird. I kind of miss them.

What's everyone up to this weekend?

Pherber, why was the night so great? tongue.gif

Have a good vacation pugs!

tes, I heard the guy who built the place was eccentric, but I think that might just be silly rumours. I think the building is really just very old.
Pherber, why was the night so great? tongue.gif

Have a good vacation pugs!

tes, I heard the guy who built the place was eccentric, but I think that might just be silly rumours. I think the building is really just very old.

CH, the building is the Roslyn on Osborne, that big red apartment building. The Winnipeg Heritage site said this: "In 1996 this structure was recognized by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada as one of the country’s finest apartment buildings in the Queen Anne Revival style of architecture."

For the weekend, I don't really have any plans. I was going to go for a bike ride today but the wind looks deadly right now, so I'm going to wait and see how it looks later in the day. I might go to the beach tomorrow and I should go check out what's going on around the city for Canada Day. I'm bored today though, I spent too much time sitting around this week.

CH, glad your eyes are healing well. Sounds like it's going to be a fun day or two with your eyes. smile.gif
So many drops!

I want something sweet. Like real ice cream. I was going to make a pie, but not today.

mmmm cookies. I don't know what the hell I want.

erin, I know exactly which appartments you're talking about! Yes, onionville is passed, went to the park and there are so many worms on the ground it was moving. EWWWWWW!
Hey Okayers!!

I just got done chatting with our loverly Tesao! Chicklette, it is so damned good to hear from you again. I MEECED you. wink.gif

Today is Pride in Minneapolis, and I am taking to the streets. Probably toward the end of the parade route by the Expresso Royale. Can't wait to see the Knights of Leather and Saloon float!! Very exciting! Here's a couple of memorable moments from last year:

Anyhoo...hey CH!! Glad that you are now over the onion stage. I had sympathetic burning for you. That will be super-cool to exeunt the glasses.

Pherber drunk post!!!

Hey Kari! Hey Diva! Hey EJ! Hey Tree! Hey LMP! Hey everybody else I missed!!!

Artman left yesterday for Illinois, and is off tomorrow for Mexico. Lots of siesta and drawing for him...I'm a tad jealous, but more than anything I'm just really fucking glad that he can finally get some rest and time away from dealing with Le Divorce. I do miss him already, but I've gotten lots of stuff done just in the last 24 hours including filling out my unemployment papers, cleaning the bathroom (got this great eucalyptus and mint enviro-friendly stuff from Targhetto), and about six hours worth of embroidery last night. I'm finishing a tea towel with his girlies' names on it. smile.gif Next project will be something for the Minxlette since her birthday is coming up in two weeks.

Should find out about where I'm working on Monday. Wish me luck!!
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