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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey laaaaadies!!

I've been a busy bee over the last coupla days. I finally have a chance to chill out.

~*~*~*~healing vibes for diva's uncle~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~anti-ear infection vibes for diva~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~baby-makin' vibes for the FJ's~*~*~*~

Msgoof! Your hair is so frellin' cute!!

FJ, what makes you think that I even want you as a myspace friend? ;) Seriously though, I have been using Myspace a lot lately because I figured out how to format my profile, and I've also been corresponding with many people who I wouldn't normally make a big effort to talk to. That sounds bad, but I don't feel the need to write long ass emails to a highschool friend. I'd rather just leave them little comments and/or read their blog to see what they're up to. It's good for me because I'm awful at correspondence and that's not gonna change.

Diva, before you create an ebay store, do some research on comparable handmade cigar box purses/jewelry sales. Things on ebay tend to sell for significantly less than they would go for in person. People don't want to spend more money on something if it means that they have to also pay for shipping (not so much of an issue with the jewelry). Anyway, that's my amateur ebayer advice.

Cranial sacral wha?? I've always found temporary alcoholism and public humiliation (with a mic) to be much more effective tools in the broken heart recovery process. :-)

I can't remember what else I was gonna say. My boss keeps intercomming me every 3 minutes. It's really interfering with my Busting time!

wow....lots of good things on this hump day...non smoking memberships, butt flushing....wait a sec...

that should be on the 'icky' list. ;)


((((diva's uncle)))

booo on mr. fj's boss pulling out the dinner rug at the last minute.

As for highlight and dye jobs FJ, its perfectly safe...HOWEVER.....certain women have a more sensitive smelling nose during preggo time...thus, the chemicals bother them. Other than that....there is no harm to the bebe. speaking of which, i need to pick up some bleach powder today. and then pick up my parents from LAX....oh how i hate that airport.

hi diva, catsoup, doodle, poodle, minx, turbo, fj, kari, tes(wherever you are), whammy, and moxie!
Tee hee...the hot security guard said hi to me and he knows my name. His body is like chocolate cack and his voice is like Hershey's syrup. I could eat him up. Yummmmm....
hey, poodle, he sounds like my fedex man. dayum. i know i have a package that needs to go out around here somewhere...

wow, whammy, that is a long time, 25years! i guess mrfj and i have been together for 6 years, married for almost four. wow. that is incredible. we just have to make it two more years to beat our first marriage records, hehehe. somehow i don't think that will be a problem.

well, i'm over my little fit about the dinner thing. it was totally out of mrfj's control. his boss assumed he was going to set up the trade show booth and mrfj didn't know. so when the boss asked him this morning, he could only say yes. there is no one else to do it.

so i guess i'll be staying a little late today. might as well get some work done instead of sitting at home. although, i do have a movie that i don't think mrfj is that interested in seeing. i might watch that tonight.

i'm having a good boob day, just so you all know.

now i want chocolate cack. maybe i'll go buy a piece and have it for dinner. would that really be a bad thing? i just had a spinach salad for lunch...
I wish we had some kind of hot guy around here to oogle. All our security guards are old/ugly or the wrong gender and not so pretty. The others are all deputies, since we have heavy door security since 9/11. Even the buidling services guy with the nice backshot turned out to be not-so-hot from the front. There's nothing here worth looking at.

Holy crap, Whammy, 25 years? I know you've probably been asked this a million times, but do you have any wedding plans? Still, that's longer than I've known anyone I'm not related to.

I just remembered something. Can I get some recovery vibes for my dad? He just had surgery on his deviated septum on Monday and I totally forgot about it until a minute ago. Mom's probably at the hospital, which would be why nobody's answering the phone.

I'm eating bagels, cookies, brownies, and doughnuts for lunch. Bad diva! At least I'm going for a really long walk after I finally leave this place in about 5 hours.
FJ- I had a chocholate milkshake for lunch. I did walk to get it, though.

Hm, maybe in honor of Hump Day, and inspired by FJ, we should have a "I'm having a good XX (or XXX) body part day". FJ has good boobs.

I'm having a great hair day!
I'm sure he'll deliver a large package to you one of these days, FJ. Heh...

I saw FJ's nipples!!! I saw FJ's nipples!!! Granted, they were covered by a sheer fabric, but they were still visible!!!

Tomorrow's the day that I go to the comprehensive clinic for people with fucked up brains. I have the entire day off!! Weee!!! I'd certainly rather have electrodes glued to my head and needles stuck in my arm than have to come here and type a report.

Gawd, it fucking stinks in here. The office meddler put something rank in the microwave. It smells like tuna hotdish that has gone bad. Eeeew....

Hey, guess what! Alice Cooper's gonna be at Taste of Minnesota!!! I think it would be fun to see him.
~*~*~*~recovery vibes for diva's dad~*~*~*~

That's a great idea mox! Hmmmm...I'm having a good undergarment day.

That reminds me. I didn't have a chance to list my good things yesterday. Good things Wednesday:
1. I had a really tasty Jimmy John's veggie sandwich with lots o' provolone.
2. I have lots of cold beer in my frige.
3. My dumb spreadsheets are finally done and now all I have to do is the written stuff.
4. I don't have to come into work tomorrow.
Nice game, moxie! I am having a good skin day. I went to the pool yesterday & I am looking golden. If I do say so myself. ;)

I had a turkey reuben for lunch w/ fries. It was good. A milkshake would really be primo right now though.

I missed good things too.
1. After today I won't have to come back to work for 6(!!) days.
2. I got my hair cut & it is much more manageable
3. I am going to a wine tasting tonight.

How did you get to see fj's nips, Poodle? Do tell...

We don't have any hot guys around here either. Our security guy is probably about 55 or 60.

~~~~~~~~diva dad~~~~~~~~~~get well~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi msgoof!

I just saw what might be a dead man on the sidewalk. He was laying down but in a bizarre posture with his mouth open. I work downtown though, and he might just be passed out drunk. That is what I am hoping anyway. Dead will be sad.
I'm having a very good hair day, if I do say so myself. I usually have good hair days, though. It's all long and layered and naturally straight, so it's hard to screw that up. I don't even comb it.

Thanks for the dad vibes. I wish my mom would call me or something! She's so non-communicative. I'm sure she would have called if something went wrong.

Wow, Karianne, I hope that guy isn't dead and that someone reported him to the cops, just so they can get him whatever he needs and nobody does anything mean to him.

Hi, Poodle! I hate when people cook icky smelly food at work and hold everyone captive with it's rankness. I feel the same way whenever the giant opens up a can of tuna in the house. I can't stand that smell. I can get used to his microwave popcorn, but not the tuna.

I'd so totally go to see Alice Cooper. That's one of my middle school rock n' roll dreams left unrealized.

I think if someone handed me a milkshake right now, I'd probably give it back, and I LOVE milkshakes and anything involving ice cream. I got a real lunch at Dayton's because I was craving grapes hardcore. I'm not really even that interested in the bread, cheese, and salami.

Sorry about the dinner plans, FJ. Is the Mr. always going to be traveling this much?
Ms. FJ has posted very provocative photos of herself in her myself profile, including one with serious boobage. Those pics are gorgeous, FJ!

I checked the T of MN website and it says that Alice Cooper is playing on the main stage this Friday at 7pm. Anyone? Anyone?

Mmmm...I would LOVE a chocolate malt with extra malt powder right now.
all this talk about chocolate made me cave and go get some reeses pieces from the vending machine. and a full-strength dr pepper. mmmm. that ought to keep me rattling for a few hours more.

mrfj just called and is leaving now. :-( diva, i think he'll be traveling about this much for a while. i was fretting about it last night and he reminded me that we knew this was how it would be when he took this job. i mean, he does get paid pretty well (at least twice my pretty darned good salary), so i hate complaining about it so much, but i miss having him around. he went from working from home all day every day to being gone at least one week out of the month. his boss really believes in face-to-face meetings with clients. and they work. but i want him home with ME. *pouts*

poodle, thanks about the pics. i will probably change them up a little, but i'm leaving the boob pic. perhaps i'll add another. hehe. i have tons of *glamourpuss* pics from my modeling days. i still look basically the same. in fact, my hair is almost exactly like the boob pic, just now it has more highlights.

speaking of highlights, msgoof, i need some help. i am getting blonded this weekend, but i don't want the same old highlighted hair that every cheerleader on the block has. i am planning to ask for mahogany, auburn and blonde highlights to go with my already brunette hair. when i called, she asked if i wanted partial highlights or full. i said full, but now i'm not sure. what's the difference? is it just that more hair is colored? surely they wouldn't only hghlight the front and leave the back monotone?
in that case, i saw fj's nipples too.....she is gorgeous, if i don't say so myself.

good things, eh? uh....i am eating healthy today so far...but i have a pan of triple chocolate chocolate chip ghiradelli brownies at home....oh yeah....oh and i booked my reservation for my boat trip over to catalina on sunday when i am hungover from the concert the night

hi kari! a deadish looking guy? on the sidewalk? and its mid-week? hmm....dunno....sounds more dead than drunk to me...what kind of apparel was he garbed in? shoes? good shoes could make it a 50/50 thing...
ok....partial highlighting is wherever you deem necessary...full highlights is all over your dang head...i prefer the partial since it damages less hair cuz the under part is never seen by anyone except those you are doing upside down tricks with. right? but with all those may end up doing a full head process to your stylist and work it out BEFORE you do anything.

i like the colors you have selected must post picts when you are done!
No word on the man on the street. There were some people stopped & helping him so I am sure he got the care he needed.

Only 1 more hour between me & my vacation!

I would like to get some highlights.
Saying a quick hello to everybody! I am prepping a speech for tonight and after that I have vacation time! YAY!
My dad will be 78. waah.
but he's a hustler. Dont feel guilty.

Divalla ~*~*~dad healing vibes~*~*~*
(now you can call him a "deviant!") or wait -- he won't be a deviant anymore. Drat.

Me and whammy man saw Alice Cooper play with new band in old theater on Halloween a couple years ago. Definitely high school dream come true because I lived too far out in the sticksys to see shows. He's still got it!!

---If me and mr mcgee got MARRIED we'd probably be DIVORCED by now!!


Hi karianne and msgoof!!

Will. not. go. to LJ or Myspace. I can barely keep up with THIS, calling RL friends, job, and house, and *please* let me get back to gym and also cleverly get insurance to pay for bodywork oh ye gods!!

the new place is almost done but needs one more weekend - which ain't gonna be this one. then -- party time

I got rained on and my curly hair is doing all kinds of cute tendril things. I give credit to Biolage conditioning balm. Heart it.
thanks for your expert advice, msgoof. i definitely want more blonde than anything, but i might get blonde and strawberry. i want it to rock. i get what you mean about all over vs. partial. i would like to go more towards partial than all over hair color. my color now is very close to natural and i'd like to be able to grow the highlights out with minimal root show.

plus the difference between full and partial is $20!! :-)
hi kitten! good luck on your speech!

i'm jealous of your vacation, karianne! i need a long break from work. baaaad.
Hi kitten! Hi whammy!

Dudes, get this--Paris Hilton has entered the recording studio. God help us. :-(
Hi everybody!

I'm not totally caught up on archives, but I'm posting anyway.

~*~*~vibes for Diva's dad~*~*~*~

Diva, I'm really glad I got to see you on Sunday. I'm so sorry you didn't sell more stuff. I'm wearing the necklace I bought from you today - my coworker who loves jewelry that I told you about really likes it, too! So email me pictures of your jewelry whenever you get them so I can show her more of what your stuff looks like.


FJ - those highlights sound like they'll be really pretty!

Poodle, I just might be up for a little Alice Cooper on Friday!

That cranial-sacral therapy sounds like something I need.

All this talk of cack...there is a goodbye party for someone at work that is starting soon and there will be refreshments and now I'm totally hoping there will be some cack!

Hi to Whammy and Karianne and MsGoof and Doodle and Moxie and Jenn and Catsoup and KittenBand anybody else lurking!
X-post - Poodle, I heard that song by her - Paris Hilton singing breaks all the laws of the universe, it is so wrong!
FJ--nope. We have not had it out yet. THAT is driving me nutters.

Good Things
1. I have my daughter for one more day.
2. She is doing well in her new school.
3. I really like teaching summer school.
4. I get my keys to my new place tomorrow.
5. I got paid LIKE WOW amounts of money this last paycheck.
Hi marileen!!! Nice to see you!!!

I hope Paris Hilton ends up losing her legs in a car accident. I wouldn't normally say that, but I think it would teach her a big lesson. She needs to get her ass kicked, physically, monetarily, mentally...

FJ, I just saw Mr. FJ's MySpace profile. I woulda never guessed that he'd pick something like "rusty trumpet" for his name.

Hi minxoid!!
poodle, where have you been? they've been playing the paris-crap on the radios out here...for a couple of weeks now. she's done some breathy-faux marilyn-tracks that suck big time. its so sad that marilyn is the only thing we have to compare to and yet odd in that marilyn was all curves...and a stick wrapped in 5K worth of clothes. bleh...

((((diva's dad healing vibes)))

fj, theres only a $20 difference!?!? whats the full going for?
Sweet! We're back to talking about rusty trumpets. heh heh.

Hi kitten! Good luck on your speech!

Hi marileen! Nice to see you!

I have a myspace acct, but it is fake. I mean, it's real but I only registered & with a different name. I only use it to check up on peeps.

I cannot wait for Paris's album! It's gonna rock.
I've been connected to my ipod, msgoof! Thank gawd!
hehehe, karianne makes me laugh.

msgoof, it's $70 for partial and $90 for full, then tack on $45 for the haircut. i thought about going to the aveda salon for the color, but to the hiar cuttery for the cut, hehe. cause i basically just need a trim and slight shaping...

oh, and i need an eyebrow waxing, pronto.
Okay, I'm back from the goodbye thingy and they had cupcacks! I ate two. Now I am happy.

*passes out virtual cupcacks in the thread*

I want to get a myspace account to check up on others like Karianne but haven't gotten around to doing that yet.

Minx, I think that lots of positivity is going to come with your move for you and Minxette. New place, fresh start. I've had lots of really horrible nightmares lately, too, so I know how awful they can be, but try to think of them as just your mind's way of clearing out all of that bad clutter before you move so you don't have to take it with you.

I wish highlights weren't so freaking expensive. I get foils to make my hair blond and they cost so much. But I would fry my hair if I tried to do stuff myself so I go ahead and pay and get them done as rarely as possible and alternate full foils with partials to save money and damage my hair less.

Marileen, you aren't a real blonde? I could have sworn that was your real hair color. It looks so good!

I think the Paris Hilton album is the first sign of the apocalypse, along with Hulk Hogan's daughter getting a music video just because she turned 18.

Poodle, unless the giant's family has something going on for Friday night, which isn't likely, I'll definitely join you for Alice Cooper. The giant will probably want to come, too.

I want to get a professional eyebrow waxing sometime, just to see what a pro could do with them. They're not bad or anything, just pretty nondescript.

Still no word from Mom. She really needs to learn to communicate with her kids better. My brother did get in a car accident over the weekend, though. He slid on some water and hit a guardrail. He's okay, though. He wore his seat belt... for once.
yeah, I'm with them, minx.
the new place is good.

I'm very happy.. so much comes into and out of your environment. It is a lot of pressure and work and money but it will pay you back and then some.

I have now polished all the antique furniture I could barely even reach to use before - no more dust on the furniture of my mother and her mother before her. And if the Japanese are correct, then the furniture has a spirit that knows its own history. So, I feel it is happier now that it is dusted and displayed well. :-)

Imagine how happy it will be when the tiny injuries are repaired.

Also, we have white rooms freshly painted that we are carefully putting very few things on. We have two paintings over the bed and the bedspread I got in Provincetown wraps everything together. New air conditioner, and new mattress, and whammy man is good about putting his clothes away -- closet is only our two matching clothes baskets -- new!! The shoes hanging on the back, a few clothes we really use on the hangers and some boots and a hat on the shelf.

A real bedroomy bedroom. Before, we had the tv and stereo in the bedroom and the floor ankle deep in his clothes. No more!! I wash all the bedding on Saturday ( a horrendous bitchy chore!!) because he does all the vacuuming --- all the floors and closet floor and furniture.

So, kind of lengthy maybe with boring detail but can I tell you how very good its been for our physical and mental health and our spiritual peace and creative and emotional satisfaction to have a quiet, simple, beautiful, very balanced and clean and minimal bedroom? very much.

No dust, no clutter, no leavings, no pilot lights for remotes.

His moms nice tavle and my two funky bar chairs to watch his Dad's TV with. and eat whammy man's cooking. Then I do the dishes.

Both of us value peace and beauty and intellect and cooperation, the same kinda books and music, history and technology, the kind of peace one can have is a sane grounding for progress.

well, probably I'm not making much sense, but it works for us.
I'm wondering if I should get mine done before the bars of ptown cause they're a bit shaggy. I've only gotten em done like, twice in my life.

Non-descript is good! You don't want people going "My god! Look at those eyebrows!!"
i suck, this is a driveby. the first hour of my shift was a sprint, the second a fast jog, and the last half-hour was spent doing dishes. my lunch was two nanaimo bars and a fivebucks iced chai. hugs and love to all! i will now watch trashy tv, play frozen bubble, and/or sleep
Hi tyg!

I need to get my eyebrows waxed, but I should let them grow out a bit beforehand so they're easier to shape.

I told the office meddler to mind her own business a little bit ago. She was getting on my about my timesheet and how I currently work the bare minimum hours and that's not fair. She doesn't know shit though. My boss understands my medical/mental issues and is trying to work with me. What the fuck is up with the meddler? Why is she so concerned with everything being perfectly fair? I have a totally different job than she does. The republican works a shitload, but he also gets paid a shitload more. I don't care what they do. Geesh...
Hello all...this is kind of a late-night drive-by, sorry. Been on the phone all evening with a colleague who is being treated like shit by her board. All this funding crisis stuff is driving us all to the brink. Plus with the new federal gov't delaying approval of grants to women's groups, I fear I will be out of a job come January, or near to it. *sigh*
mornin' ya'll!!

And a lovely one it is here....its been a weird week of alternately beautiful weather, and torrential thunderstorms. Its got the dogs all riled up, unsettled, and driving me a little nuts. oh well.

I woke up this morning and thought it was Friday, and that made me happy, and then I realized my error. boo.

Hi doodle! wow - I hope your gov't shows a change of heart and comes through with the funding - you do important work that deserves support. On the other hand, could this be the universe creating an opportunity for you to take a new position somewhere else?

poodle - good for you for standing up to the office meddler - I'll never understand people who sit around all day computing the time spent and effort applied of people around them. How much energy is office meddler wasting on other people?? Silly silly.

poodle -- the only thing i can think of is that if less work for you meanss more work for her, or she's doing unpleasant tasks that are actaully part of your job description, then she is within rights to speak up. If it actually does not affect her in any way, though, she's not.

When I worked in a store, a woman was trying to get out of working any night shifts, and the manager accomodated her by giving me two or three nights a week instead of the one that we were each required to do. I screamed bloody murder. And, yes, I would look at her schedule, compare it to mine, and talk about it. It BECAME my business when people thought I would passively be hosed over to please someone else. yes, she agreed to do one night shift a week when she was interviewed and hired, as we all did. So, We each get one night, not afterthefactshecangetnoneandIcangettwohahahabecausethesqueakywheelgetsthegrease.

Her right to swing her foot ended where my butt began.

so-- as long as it ISN"T really affecting her -- if it IS affecting her, she's NOT being a bad person.

I'm on your side, I'm just saying there is a caveat.

Happy Thursday. It is all moogly oogly hot but rainy so the humidity is like 150 percent, if that were possible without us walking around underwater. hah!! my guy is doing my laundry!! that's fiar cause i'm gonna drive us all the way to the cape. Also i got a roll of laundry quarters and handed em over. also, I bought food, hauled it home, and made him a nice diinner last night.

I don't care if it rains down the cape, thanks to JFK there are preserved dunes, one of the few remaining white cedar swamps in the world, etc, and a rainy drizzly day is the perfect day to hike without getting too hot. Also, the bars in ptown are a perfect place to sit around getting drunk with the authentic old salty dogs while the disco queens blast music.

No worrries.
oh, it's been made clear that mspoodle's meddler is NOT within her rights to question mspoodle's time. she's just a turd. a big fat jealous one.

all the talk of vacations make me mad. i have to be here on monday, if even for a few hours, to make sure my peeps get paid on time. boooo.

underwhore thursday (oh, please tell me it's thursday!): i'm wearing white cotton lace thong with a HOLE in the lace. i didn't realize it until they were already on my butt and at that point, it was too late.

i was running so behind today! i even forgot my lunch and i have $9 in my checking account until tomorrow, so i'll be scrounging up change and hitting the vending machine again today. it's terrible, i have tons of healthy food at home but it's at HOME and i am HERE!

((((doodle)))) i think jenn is right. the universe is telling you to RUN, RUN AWAY! let's start a commune. for reals.

so who will still be working tomorrow?
hi hi fj and whammy!

I'll be here tomorrow - boooo. Hopefully it will be quiet though, and maybe I can sneak out early. But, I have spin class today and tomorrow at lunch, so that makes me happy happy happy!

underwhore thursday - virginal white demi bra, and no undies!
Yeah, i'll be here too. Feh. I'm itching to start my 4th project, and i really want to not get dressed up, too.

thursday...i honestly don't know. some colored undies and a blue bra. i got dressed in the dark!
Hi, peeps!

I'll be here tomorrow, too, as well as on Monday. I really want to call in tomorrow, though, since the giant is going to take a sick day. I made him sick. :-( But I think my cold is gone and I may not have an ear infection after all since I'm not hearing that windy noise yet today.

Underwhore Thursday: white grandma panties and white bra. I'm wearing really light pants, so I didn't have much choice.

Poodle, I wish it were socially acceptable to cuff people upside the head when they do things like the meddler. Hasn't she learned yet?

I went for a walk with my gay boyfriend last night and may have set a new record for getting around the lake. We did it in just a couple minutes over an hour. Then we went to this coffee/dessert place because we hadn't been there since they reopened under new management. It's basically the same old place, though. We had coffee drinks, chocolate lava cake with ice cream, and goat cheese spread on grilled foccacia. It was really rich, which may be why I slept like crap last night. It made my tummy a little oogy.

Okay, off to find some nourishment. I'm also going to try to drink a crapload of water, even though it's so unnatural for me.
Happy Thursday!

Underwear report: plain beige bra and grey undies – very boring today.

Diva, my hair *used to be* a nice shade of blond until I was about 19 or 20 and then I had one last growth spurt and grew about another inch and my hair totally changed – darkened to a bad dark dirty blond color and got much wavier. So I get highlights to make it look more like it used to. My stylist Bianca is really good – she tries to do them so the grow-out is not too drastic so it holds up between my appointments every 3 months. I’m kind of scared because someone else at the salon I go to is going to do my hair the next time I go in August because she’ll be out on maternity leave – I know he isn’t nearly as good, so I’m going to have to be very specific about what I want.

Boo on the office meddler! Why do people care so much about what other people are doing? I have worked with people like that before and it’s so hateful.

FJ – I do that with my lunch all the time too! Yesterday I didn’t eat lunch because I’d left mine at home. I know I need to be more organized in the morning but its so hard to do.

~*~*~vibes for Doodle’s funding~*~*~*~

Whammy, your new place sounds so calm and zen! It must make you feel so much better!

Hi Turbo and Moxie and Tyger!

I'd like to get highlights too but they're so damn expensive. When I got my hair cut last, my stylist was talking about all these cute ideas she had for highlights with my new cut. I was so sad that I couldn't afford them.

I had to put gas in my car today. It's the day before payday and I'm super broke (I think I had $42 at the beginning of the day) so I only put in a few gallons. Of course that added up to just under $15. Grrr...gas... I wish there was a bus I could take to work. And now all I can think about is ice cream. The suburb I work in is a little town on Lake Minnetonka and in the summer, all the cute little shops and ice cream places open and call to me daily. Last summer I put on almost 5 pounds from all the ice cream I ate. I haven't had much yet this summer, mostly because I'm broke, but it's so hard to resist temptation! Plus it's hard to work here in the summer because there's a ton of people coming to the town, walking around, enjoying summer on the lake. And I'm stuck inside. Oh woe is me. :-)

Poodle, I don't know how you handle that meddler. I don't think I could do it. I had a fake review the other day (fake because it wasn't official) and was told I need to stop eye-rolling and being negative at staff meetings. Ugh.
underwhore report: pink sacrificial panties (as soon as my period is light enough that it won't soak through to my pants, i ditch pads. i can't wait until i figure out how to get my damn divacup in) and, lemme bra

i only have to work lunch today, which is a big, fat happy, though i wish i didn't have to work at all. i'd also love to call in, but there literally isn't anyone to cover shifts, so i'd feel horrible if i did that.

i'm cringing at paying for gas when i go to calgary, as it's spendy. but cougarlion might be coming, which will make the gas cheaper per person, as we'll be splitting it three ways instead of two.
((((doodle)))) i'm sorry our government sucks the donkey balls

i spent 100$ on CDs and stuff yesterday after my nap. but i got 5 albums, 1 double cd, a shirt, two buttons, and international shipping for that, so i think i did pretty good. i can't wait for it to get here.
happy whoresday...! wait...dagnabit....

underwear report....chocolate brown bra with tiny pink polka dots...and pink bikini briefs with cute bows on the sides with eyelet. yeah they are hot!!!

i love all this hair color talk...!

i used self tanner on myself this morning...after a test run on my lower calves...the sally hansen 'airbrush' crap made me orange..but this l'oreal sublime stuff is exactly that...sublime....awesome. especially the 360 spray...any direction works..!!!

ok enough about that....i got 15 bucks for picking up the folks from the airport...and some handcrafted glass earrings!! i thought of you diva...;)

i'll be working tomorrow..:-( but then i am off for a weekend jammed with fun and friends. yay!
hi msgoof, does $70 for partial/$90 for full sound about right or is it pricier in your neck of da woods?

i just scarfed a hotpocket pizza. it was real yum. but i'm still hungry. i really wish i would have remembered my yogurt at least. but i do have $.70 left and there is a snickers in the vending machine that looks pretty mctasty.

i have two major projects that i must complete before leaving tomorrow. they're sort of busywork type things, documentation type stuff, so i don't actually have to *do* very much, just sit here and punch keys. i hate that part of my job. i wish i'd flippin' learn my lesson and do it as i go. it wouldn't take so much time that way. garrrrr! procrastination!
that sounds normal...for a regular salon. but some places out here charge like 400 bucks for that...ritzy and stuff...scary, no?

i fixed my mom's hair last nite, well i tried. my sister 'whacked' i made some adjustments. she's much happier with it now.
fj - that's about what I pay for highlights here too...and $60 for its pretty hard on the pocketbook...and why I'm doing the henna thing for now...a girl's gotta pay for butt flushes somehow!! heh.

I just went to spin nice to get that out of the way in the middle of the day, and just eat my baggie of veg with hummus at my desk while I work. YAY!
I remember the days of the $6 haircut at Cost Cutters, and a perm for maybe an extra $30. Those were the days... of bad hair my mom made me do. I'm up to $50 now, including tip.

I still can't believe it's not Friday yet. There's something wrong with the universe.

My Chipotle is giving me the hiccups. It seems like I always have the damn hiccups.
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