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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good evening everyone!

God, I'm bored out of my skull. I've re-read all of Atwood's Edible Woman, and I'm halfway through re-reading Lady Oracle. I wish I'd gotten mr scorpio to pick me up some DVDs or something. (Oh yeah, speaking of mr scorpio, there was SOME gettin' it on recently, despite my condition....deets in Portions for the un-squeamish among know who you are. wink.gif)

CH - I do see BEB at least once a week, mainly when we go out jamming. And he drove me to the hospital of course, and has called to check up on me since. I dunno, I guess since I've forced myself to direct my energies elsewhere, the "sizzle" has fizzled a bit for me. wink.gif But we are still great friends, and I promised to organize a jam here at home soon. Banjoboy came and jammed on Friday evening. His new roomie works in a DIET CENTRE! But they don't see much of each other apparently, and frankly, as someone who works with women's fucked up body images for a living, I don't really have much interest in getting to know a woman who works for the body hatred industrial complex. Hmmph.

You should get a plain-coloured silky sarong to wear with the new shirt - that would work perfectly! Maybe you could get a piece of fabric and have someone sew up the edges, or you could just fringe the ends.

tree! Speedboat! Yeah! I totally laughed (sorry) at the image of you falling off the top bunk with your hangover.

Hiya grrrl!

Well, I have to get up super-duper early tomorrow. Bah. But it's a short day, thank goodness.
Good Morning!!!

It's Monday!

((doodle)) Take it easy, doll. I vote for Spawn of Dorothy! I am glad you are feeling a bit better, even though you're really bored. How much longer do you expect to be laid up?

CONGRATS CATSOUP!!!! I want some deets!!

Diva, that is so annoying about that shmuck getting the giant to give him money. Bah. I continue to be jealous of your bag collection! And now you've rubbed off on the poodle!!

Hey Poodle!! I wanna see the bag! I am so happy to hear your father is doing well & almost in remission. ~~~~~~~~continued health vibes~~~~~~~~

((GT)) I am so sorry to hear about the lay off. It's only for a month? ~~~~~~~freelance vibes!~~~~~~~~

Hey CH! Heh! Yeah, I am not sure flashing the cooch is appropriate for a wedding! tongue.gif

Hey Tree! A speedboat ride? How FUN!!!! Sorry to hear about your toe. Ouch!

I had a good weekend. Friday I ended up going to meet some friends at an early acoustic show. I knew I wouldn't like the show, but it was low key & I wanted to hang with the friends. After that we got some sushi, then went out for a drink. Saturday I did some housework. Went out to dinner for a friend's brithday that evening. Yesterday I deep cleaned the house & did a lot of cooking.

I did find out about my car. It is a part called a catalytic converter, apparently it works to keep emissions in check. The good news is that the federal government mandates that if the part goes out before 80,000 miles or 8 years for cars made after 1995, the manufacturer has to replace it for free. My car has about 77,000 miles, so I am getting in just under the wire. Phew! I am gonna take it to the dealer on Wed. The woman at the car garage told me that the part alone costs $900, so I am feeling verrrry fortunate.

Good Morning.

Tree, how's your toe today?

Hey Grrrl! Shitty about the virus. Grrrrr.

Doodle, a diet centre, huh? hmmph.

I saw The AC last night and got some HBI. Ummm, today I went for a jog, and at lunch am working out. I'm back at the creepy office. But, with that said I get my eyes done Friday! I'm nervous and excited all at once. My safety net will be gone. The AC and I were talking about that yesterday and he asked me to take my glasses off and tell him how I felt, I was self concious and I felt naked. I'm just going to dive right into not wearing them. I don't have much of a choice now do I.

I bought a new pair of sunglasses, thesen are the closest I could find. "cept mine have a little faux daimond in between the eyes. The current pair I have will be made into sunglasses as well 9not to be a snot, but I don't want a pair of perfectly good versace frames to go to waste).

Kari, ugh, catalytic converter.

How is everyone??

Wait a minute, do my eyes decieve me but at the bottom of the page it indicates it's an okayers birthday. Now, I could have sworn this BUSTies birfday was a different day, but perhaps I'm wrong. HAPPY BIRFDAY TURBO!!!
Hi, peeps!

(((((((Tree's toe)))))) Boats are awesome, though, aren't they? I'd like to have one someday maybe.

Cool sunglasses, CH! Are you nervous about your surgery?

Kari, that's great that you're going to get your catalytic converter done for free!

Happy birfday, Jenn!

((((((( healing vibes for Doodle ))))))))

You know what I really hate? Graphic pictures as people's avitars, so you can't block them.

I had a pretty okay weekend. We helped the giant's brother's family move into their new place. Mostly, I kept the 3-year-old busy and out of the way so she didn't get trampled. I'm a little surprised that she didn't try to help. When I moved into my current place, Sam was only 2 years old and was quite helpful, as long as he had little jobs to do, which he took very seriously. The whole time we were there, the giant's mom just sat around watching them work, not helping a lick. Whatever. Then a friend of his brother's came over with his 2 small daughters and didn't help with anything. Who says to their friend on moving day "I'm going to come over and see the place, but I won't bother to help at all, and by the way, I'm bringing more kids over to be looked after." Idiot. Anyway, it's done, and it means the giant's brother will have to help us when we move.

We went to my dad's family reunion yesterday. It was okay, but really short. We got there at 2:00 and were gone by 4:30, and we were one of the last to leave. My grandpa turned 91 and my uncle/cousin were back in the US from Dubai. They're actually in the process of moving to Cairo, so they'll have a new home to come back to. I haven't seen that cousin for 2 years, and damn, did she grow up! The last time I saw her, she was a tween, now she's a really tall, beautiful, young lady. It was good to see some members of that family for a little bit, and I found out my aunt who I thought as a staunch Rethuglican, actually isn't. That was a bit of a thinker for me. After that, we went to my parents' place (they live about 5 miles from where the reunion was and is only about 2 blocks out of our way) for a little bit and hung out and played with Sam.

Sam quote of the day: he donked me on the forehead and said "coulda had a V8!" Story of my life.

I think I'm going to play myself some hookey on Wednesday. I need a day off alone, and it's been awhile since I took any time that wasn't planned out ahead for some kind of obligation. I need to make a cake for our quarterly birfday party here at work, so I'm making a layered chocolate mousse cake with ganache icing. I'll probably spend half the day doing that, but I really want to wash all my clothes and do a little bra shopping (one of my good bras broke and the other is on it's last legs), which are all best done alone.

Mornin' ladies!!

I'm so sad about George Carlin!! I loved his stuff on religion and politics. sad.gif

Happy b-day, turbo!!!!!! I'm so jealous of your weekend!!!

((((doodle and doodlemama))))

((((tree's toe)))) is a pretty funny story though!!

((((girltrouble)))) Major suckage.

~*~*~*~((((hugs and vibes for all who need em))))~*~*~*~

*waves to everyone*

Culture, who is The AC??? Sounds intriguing.

Nothin' much to report today. I spent a lot of time in my yard this weekend. I spent Sat. night with poodledude's parents and we went to see Indiana Jones, which was pretty cheesy. I'm sorry, but Harrison Ford is just too old for all that running around and leaping from cars, etc.

Cute cat story: While I was watching the news this morning, Keith was trying to catch the news banner that runs across the bottom of the screen. Every few seconds, he'd pounce at the corner of the screen and then he'd look behind the TV to see where the words went. smile.gif sucks balls.

ETA- (Cross-post w/ diva) Hi diva!! Your Sam stories never get old. I need to see him again. So your aunt isn't a Rethuglican afterall? I think you've told me stories about her, but I might be thinking of a co-worker or something.
hi okayers, hope monday is going smoothly for you all. Just wanted to pass on pherber's post - here's how to block avatars

If anyone doesn't want to see the avatars,
until the troll is banned:

go to
my controls

board settings

there's the
"do you wish to view avatars"

Click: No

save all changes.
Divala - i am totally making that cake while i'm on vacation. i made a cake this weekend that i saw in the paper. it was devil's food (prepared as directed on the box) then add a can of cherry pie filling and a tsp of almond extract. i also put dark chocolate icing on it. took it to a party and it was a huge hit. i didn't even get a piece.

pinkpoodle - mr. pugs and i are going on vacation starting saturday and i am really hoping that he will buy me a coach purse while on vacation. we will be near an outlet and i want one so badly *crosses fingers* I love this Jimmy Choo Saba Bracelet Hobo but it's $2,450. That's insane.

girltrouble - *hug* sorry for you lady. that sucks.

culturehandy - mr. pugs and i have not been getting along lately. i think it's pressure from everyone to get married and have a baby ASAP. we are happy where we are but everyone else's bullshit gets a little overwhelming for both of us. in the end we both know what we want and we agree that we are in a good place. pugs isn't really happy with his career right now and is thinking about going back to school for something totally different once i graduate and get a good job. i just want him to be happy and he hasn't been lately. vacation is next week and i'm sure he'll enjoy the break from work.

doodlebug - congratulations on the award at work but take it easy. hope you are feeling better.

Vacation in T-5 days and counting!!
LMP, that's a beautiful purse! I love red things that jump right out and say "I'm red!" I've got a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps that I take out of the box just to look at, they're so beautiful, but I tried wearing them to a funeral a couple weeks ago, which was a really bad idea. I ended up in flip flops after the ceremony (dressy leather ones, at least).

Sorry Mr. Pugs isn't feeling so great. The giant and I get asked alot when we're having kids and buying a house and all that jazz. We really can't even start to think about that stuff for at least a year, so it's frustrating.

Where are you going on vacation?

Hey, Poodle! I agree that Harrison Ford has grown too old for that role. I think they only did this one with him to set it up for someone else to take the role over. What did you think of the ending of the adventure (not the last 10 minutes of the movie)? I didn't care much for it, but I seem to be in the minority on that.

Keith is too cute!

I guess Sam's taken to memorizing commercials. He quotes the Tom Tom GPS commercial by saying "in a quarter of a mile, turn left at the end of the road" in a prim little voice like those systems have. He quotes the All-State commercial's "making the world a safer place to drive, that's All-State's stand," and now the V8 commercial. He's hilarious, but he's been watching way too much Family Guy lately. He knows who all the characters are and what they say. At least he hasn't started calling Mom a "vile woman" yet, he mostly sticks with "blast!" and "what the deuce?".
Diva I am, it's mostly vaniety, I've been wearing glasses for so long I'll feel naked without them. You totally deserve the time off.

Pugs, I'm sorry that things are shitty right now. Why do people think they should be telling you what to do with your love life. If you and the mister are happy, then people should fuck off.

Hey Beck.

Poodle, they made Harrison Ford seem like such a dork at the beginning, the movie fell flat.

Okay, so i was tipped off that The AC boy has a girlfriend. Who he fucking lives with. I don't know if this is true, but I'm pretty pissed off. I didn't know and I'm pretty bitched about being dicked around. I have to restrain myself from gouging his eyes out.


CH, that is exciting that your surgery is Friday! I know what you mean about glasses. They create a sort of barrier. Sometimes I like them for that reason, other times I don't. I want to get some contacts. That sucks about AC boy. What a shithead!

Hey Diva! Sounds like you had a good weekend, minus the moving. That is really annoying people showed up with children & did not bother to help. Hmpf. Sam is so cute! The v-8 comment is hilarious. Good for you for taking a day off work this week. You've been really busy lately, it seems. I want a piece of that cake you will be baking. YUM!

Hey Pugs!! That's exciting your vaca is coming up! Where ya goin'? Sorry about the relationship stressors. (((pugs))) Like you said, I am sure the vacation will do wonders for both of you. That Jimmy Choo bag is amazing, but come ON! Wowzas that is a lot of money.

Hey Poodles! What kind of yard work did you do this weekend?

hey Beck!!

Good morning all....

Ooh, CH, do ya need the feminist vigilante posse to round up and duct tape AC boy nekkid to a tree? The little fink. Cool sunglasses, btw - I would totes hang onto my Kenneth Coles as sunglasses if I didn't have to wear a 'scrip anymore!

kari - $900! Eep! Close call! I don't know about being laid up - I am at work today, but it's just half days so it works out. I'm thinking I can squeeze in a couple of afternoon bootie calls this week. wink.gif

Hiya diva - yay for playing hooky and acquiring new bras! I agree that it's totally best done alone....too bad y'all ain't here (or me there): I'm a trained 'n' certified bra fitting expert now! Tee hee!!

That reminds me - I did my first solo bra-fitting a couple of weeks ago. I did all my measurements, made my adjustments, came up with a size, and found a style that I felt would work best. The customer insisted she was so NOT that size, and tried on about 20 other bras in different styles and sizes. Guess what? She wound up buying the very first bra I bought her, in the size I said she was. mad.gif HELLO!? I am an EXPERT!! Wanna see my CERTIFICATE?????

Hiya poodle!! So happy to see you! I am positively grinning at your Keith story! Does he chase the mouse cursor, too?

Hiya also, beck and pugs!

Well, I am here at my new assignment, in a place I've been before but in a different job....with LESS to do. Ironic. Lucky, actually. I was nauseous for the first hour I was here....but then I managed to eat something and I feel better. It kind of worked out well, me getting this assignment of half-days in a quiet office just now. I'm supposed to answer the phone (which almost never rings), handle the incoming mail, greet visitors (none so far), and if I'm bored, there are a couple of organizing tasks I can do. Pretty simple....pretty good timing. It's almost like it was planned out this way.....eerie. Maybe it really IS true that the universe gives you what you need when you need it.....
kari - i know that is like almost three mortgage payments. when i become rich and famous i'll buy myself and all of the busties one.

We are going to Ocean City, Maryland for vacation. We haven't gone away in almost four years. Since we started saving up for our house. Then we bought the house and still didn't have any money. Finally, we have some cash so we are going. We are going down with our friends JR and Kim and their two sons. Also, our friend Chris is coming along as well. The two little boys are one and two years old. They can get a little fussy at night or when they are tired during the day. I'm hoping they aren't too annoying. Their grandparents are staying in the house next door so I'm hoping they will be spending a lot of time with grandmom and grandpop. I'm hoping Mr. Pugs and I will have some alone time in the house so we can get it on. Recently, it's been weekends only for us. We are both too tired during the week. It sucks.

CH - yes people should just fuck off. In my perfect world we would take our parents, his best friend and my best friend to the court house. Sign the papers then go out to dinner. I mean we could do that but my family puts a lot of pressure on us to have a big wedding. That is absolutely why Mr. Pugs and I aren't married yet. It's hard. Family really sucks sometimes.

That's crazy about AC boy. That kinda shit makes me so glad I don't have to date. I would be a total victim with that kinda shit. I'm not that quick to catch on to those things.

Divala - for us buying a house was a must. That was something very, very important to us. We wanted to live on our own and we didn't want to rent. People were actually pressuring us not to buy. They would say we weren't ready. We didn't listen. We did what we wanted and that's what you should do. Just move at your own pace. I've totally decided that is how I'm going to live my life. I remember thinking we would never move out and we did, into a great little apartment. When we moved back home to save money I remember thinking we would never buy a house. We bought a perfect little house three years ago. I remember thinking I'll never like what I'm doing in life and here I am in this fabulous little internship making great money all summer. I mean I just have to be patient. The things I want will come and at least I have my man by my side. He's all I need.

pinkpoodle - my pugs always, always jump at the tv when there is a horse or dog running across the screen. They are total shit talkers (barkers). It cracks Mr. Pugs and me up.

(((((happy monday)))))
Hello! Hope everyone's Monday is going well.

Aw, I had to come into this thread to find out that George Carlin died. sad.gif

I stopped by the office today to let people know I was back and ready to get down to business. But some how I wrangled a few extra days outta the deal. I'm going in Thursday just for a meeting to sign contracts and those kinds of things, and then I'm not sure if I'll actually get in there and do any work this week. Which would mean I won't really be going back to work until Wednesday July 2nd. Bike rides abounds!

The weekend was fantastic. I went to a concert on Friday and Saturday I got up and made deelicious cupcakes; ice cream cupcakes to be exact with chocolate, vanilla, and peppermint buttercream.

By the way, I ate a ridiculous amount of leftover cupcakes this weekend. Then I went to a Surprise Wedding Party Party which consisted only of members of the wedding party (hence the cupcakes).

Yesterday I headed to park near the city to beach it up with friends. It was a really nice relaxing day just hanging out and being low key.
Now I have a couple of more days to kick around and chillax so I suspect I'm going to try and get in some ultra long bike rides and as much sun time as possible.
Mmmmm...cupcakes...this thread always makes me want to eat sweets.

$2,450 for a purse!! Yowzas!! Does it involve diamonds or something? It is a cute bag. I agree that red is great for bags and shoes. Red is great in general. ((((pugs and the mister)))) Hopefully a nice vacation will help relations between you two!!

Sam says "blast?!" How cute!! I say "blast" a lot.

Doodle, yeah, Keith chases the mouse cursor. It was cute at first, but now it's just plain annoying.

Hi kari!! I did some mowing and weeded like crazy. Home ownership is so much work!!!

Culture, it sounds like this guy needs a swift kick in the balls. Seriously, I think men should get kicked in the balls more often. Then maybe they'd stop being such poopheads. I say this because they seem to respond most strongly to things involving their junk. boss is back.
If I had that kind of money to throw around, I'd totally spend that much on a purse if it were cool enough. The one I really want is the white quilted leather Chanel bag, but those are somewhere around $10K. I find it really funny since I got a pair of Chanel slingbacks for under $200 (granted, they probably originally retailed for around $500-600), but the bags are ungodly expensive.

ErinJane, your cupcakes are adorable! Did the cones come out okay after having batter in them and being baked again?

Yep, Sam says "blast" and it's partly my fault. I suppose it's better than my usual "goddammit" or "for fuck's sake!"

I forgot to mention that we saw a turtle about to lay it's eggs in my parents' yard yesterday (this would be the second or third this year), but when we all went to look, the turtle walked away and back into the pond. Oh, well. It was pretty cool to see it moving around the yard. Apparently, my parents' yard is the choice egg-laying locale for sophisticated turtles everywhere!

CH, what an asshole! He LIVES with his girlfriend and would do something like that? He deserves to have his balls kicked around and punctured. What a fucking asshole.

I heard more about my jackass cousin who flopped on Millionaire. Apparently, he's going to be a baby-daddy. Everyone always thought he was so perfect, now he's waiting tables and knocking chics up. I found out that the question he missed had something to do with classifying sealions and he had all his lifelines left to use. Dumbass! Not like I would have known the answer, but I'd at least have known to exhaust all my resources before I made a guess.

I think I may play hookey tomorrow instead of Wednesday. This day has been so incredibly eternal, I can't stomach the thought of coming back tomorrow, when it's going to be even more silent.

Those white Chanel bags are absolutely gorgeous. 100% class.

That's neato about the turtles! I suppose that's fun for Sam to see. I think part of the reason I love animals so much today is that there were so many of them living around our house and neighborhood. I rescued a lot of turtles back in the day.

Hookey sounds so tempting. I did that a couple weeks ago though, so I have to wait a while.

I've got a serious hankerin' for rice crispie treats. Oooey-gooey goodness.

I sat about 10 feet away from one of those Chanel bags once at a volleyball game my BFF was coaching in Santa Monica at some rich Jewish private school. One of the parents had one and it was under her folding chair. I'll bet I could've swiped it pretty easily.

Hookey might go for 2 days, I don't know. I need to make that cake for Thursday, so Wednesday off would be the best option so I could take my time with it, but I really don't wanna be here tomorrow, dammit. I'm also thinking of trying out my new madeline pan with some lemon madelines, but I don't know if I'll have time.

Damn, now I want Rice Krispie squares. The marketplace at Dayton's makes really good ones, and they wear your jaw out, so you're ruined for anything else for a couple hours.

I'm going to check out the Coach outlet on my hookey day up in Albertville. I haven't been to that outlet mall since I graduated college, which is about 8 years ago now, so I've finally found my reason to revisit it. My tax return ain't going to spend itself!
Hey y'all! Thanks for the birthday wishes, CH!! I did have to go to work today, which was a bummer, but I didn't do much, so I guess its a wash. We're actually celebrating tomorrow night, turbomann is taking me to my favorite restaurant tomorrow night, since it is closed on is well worth the wait.

AND, turbomann bought me my own floor bike pump which I am SO excited about, so I don't have to take an extra 10 minutes every morning to pump the tires with the compressor in the trunk of his car - I can just reinflate when I get home every night - YAY!

Poodle, Lil' Keith is SO adorable! I wanna see a YouTube of him chasing the ticker!!

CH - AC boy is a jackass...I like poodle's idea of the pink mafia doing a number on his balls. heh.

Erin - I am *drooling* over those cupcakes - YUM! Enjoy your last couple days off!

And alls I gotta say is there are some classy chicas in here, with impressive accessorial tastes! Yowza! I wish us all the prosperity we deserve to have the beautiful things we want....purses for some, bikes for others. wink.gif

Doodle....I want a professional doodle-boobie fitting!! *pouts* Why do Chicago and BC have to be so far away?! Seriously, though, I really do need to go get a professional fitting, and I probably should go to a plus-size store...I'm borderline for the clothes, but I have a hard time finding bras in my size (which is probably wrong anyway).
Happy Birfday Turbo!!!!!!! wub.gif
BWAH!!! How the FUCK did I miss turbo's birfday???!!??


I am so cheered by your happiness at receiving a bike pump for your birthday. wink.gif tongue.gif

I am doing laundry. I guess it is fitting that I do something homey in honour of turbo's birthday! ALL the sheets and ALL the towels in the apartment, plus the blanket off my bed. (I couldn't take it anymore.....none of that stuff stays clean quite as long when there's HBI happening in your living space!) Too bad I don't have soup fixins....that would be a perfect turbo way to honour turbo's b-day! I did acquire lots of healthy food at the grocery store this afternoon, though....albeit the kind that doesn't require cooking.

I need all the time I can spare for peeing. mad.gif

I've decided to name Dorothy's little follow-up Toto. It feels more final than a consecutive list of Dorothy's, don't you think? Like, Dorothy and Toto should both leave Oz, and then there's no one left to worry about, right?

I sooooo feel like the stone is in my bladder. That's where all the discomfort is, and I'm six or seven days into antibiotics, so I know it's not a bladder infection on top of everything. If Toto would just leave! Bah. Anyway, the specialist's office called today to book my kidney smashing procedure, so I'll phone them back tomorrow, tell them what's going on, and ask if they want to x-ray it or something......

If it's in my bladder, maybe HBI would help. I wonder if I am up to it yet? wink.gif

ETA: Oh yeah, hey! I forgot to mention! (The HORROR! Not reporting on my MUSIC!) I'm working on a new song. It started out based on this bizarre billboard I saw one day, a few weeks ago. It was a pre-Father's Day ad. It said, in giant lettering, "Long live the father whose footsteps you follow in." And then right next to the text was this giant bottle of Crown Royal. It just seemed so.....did they even get the possible meaning of this? But I just started working out chords a week or so ago....I worked them into a new rhythm on Friday, whilst convalescing, and came up with a few lines this afternoon. I just played it for banjoboy - he heard it from outside my door and knocked so he could hear it! Well, what I have so far. He liked it! Yay!
Good Morning!

Kari, you are right, they are a barrier. Now I'm starting to get nervous about the surgery. *deep sigh*

Doodle, I would LOVE a vigilante feminist posse to take care of him!!! Bwaaahahahahahaha, that made me laugh. what is with people? you are a professional! ~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~

Pugs, the vacation sounds really lovely. You two deserve to get away and fuck each others brains out and not have to listen to family go one obsessively.

Erin, those cup cakes are fucking awesome!!! How cool, and oh so tasty looking.

Poodle, you are right, he needs a swift kick in the balls. Mofo is not getting the honey pot again. he can go back to whatever, no more great HBI from me.

Diva, did you take the day off today?? I *heard* he lives with his girlfriend, which would explain some of his behaviour. I'd like to find out who she is and show her the texts he's been sending me. I've kept them.

I'm going to get in on this Chanel conversation, there are gorgeous. I can't justify spenind a lot of money on bags, though. I could buy clothes. Or part of my loan.

Turbo!!! how was your birfday dinner?? that's a very thoughtful gift the mister gave you.

hey Tree!

So there is more to the drama. Sort of. There is someone else in this office who has a woman and wants to fuck me. he has a long distance g/f. He's not tried anything. I'm thinking of letting him get close then calling him on the girlfriend deal. Then last night I had another one, with a girlfriend call me and tell me how much he wants to get with me. What the hell is going on??? The only one who's been really great through this day has been PR Boy who let me bitch and then cracked jokes.

Now I'm back here. Bah.
Mornin' babes!!

It's so icky and humid outside today. I feel all sweaty and crusty. It doesn't help that I didn't have time to take a shower and I had to give myself a whore's bath instead. Blech!!!

I like the idea of a pink mafia. We'd be like a revolutionary vanguard army, 'cept without bombs. Or maybe we'd hurl fizzy bath bombs instead, so that ill-behaving boys would smell all girly and get made fun of by their buddies.

Oooh...culture's a hot commodity!!

Doodle, I'm sorry, but reading "HBI" and "soup fixin's" in the same paragraph made my stomach turn a little!! Ha!! smile.gif

Turbo, that's the perfect gift for you!! How nice of the mister. That restaurant looks like it has a great atmosphere. Have a good time tonight!! (PS- I was gonna say "have fun tonight," but then a certain song that will remain unmentioned comes to mind and gives me a headache. Ah shit, now I'm imagining the music video. Ugh. Too late.)

Diva, if you're gonna make a trip to the Albertville outlet, be sure to let me know. My sister loves that place. Heh, I'm reminded of the Will & Grace episode where Karen is having money problems and Grace takes her to an outlet mall. Funny.

Good things Tuesday:
1. Office meddler wasn't here to see me come in late
2. Boss has a hearing all day
3. No pressing work
Everybody get DOWN tonight! yeah!
Everybody WANG CHUNG tonight!!!

*yawns, stretches*

Good morning Okayland! Here I am, back in the boring gig. There is literally nothing to do. Well, I could organize the supply cupboard. I think I will start that tomorrow.

Well, I passed SOMETHING last night before bed, but I couldn't find any stone in the toilet. I don't think it was. But the pain is gone. I think maybe I had a bunch of infected matter in there. (Sorry, trying not to be TOO graphic.) I seem to remember this all happening last time. It was much quicker than last time, though! It is my body's determination this time, I think. I am much, much stronger and healthier than I was last time. I feel okay today. I would have liked more sleep, but that is fairly usual for me on these morning gigs. wink.gif

I must be feeling better. I woke up with Pink's "Trouble" blasting inside my head. biggrin.gif

Bwahahaha poodle! HBI Soup! That's what the Pink Mafia's gonna do with CH's two-timin' boy!

My new sandals? Broke a strap! Man, am I pissed off! $120 sandals! But doodlemama and I decided it would be cheaper for me to take 'em to a repair shop than pay the shipping to get 'em back to Vancouver, and a new pair back to me. So. I'm going to go there after work.

And then I booked mr scorpio for an afternoon booty call! Tee hee! I can't manage any overnights on a "school night" while I'm still recuperating, but he doesn't have to work tonight, so I can get me some and then boot him out. Yeah, I think my body is ready for some HBI. That's probably why it's fighting so hard to get well and strong again! wink.gif

1) Easy temp gig during my time of recovery.
2) No more bladder pain or having to pee every ten minutes!
3) HBI this afternoon!
4) Slept soooo peacefully and pain-free on sweetly smelling clean sheets.
5) Actually had time for a healthy breakfast.
6) Got a new song of me own in the works!
And now I'll be singing that song all day. Thanks Okay Thread!
doodlebug desk is right in front of the glass door/windows into the building hallway, facing the elevators. And every once in awhile, the elevator door just randomly opens. No one gets in or out. And then it closes. It's very eerie and mysterious. I wonder if the building has a ghost?
Our elevators are haunted too. When I wanted to go upstairs to the office this morning, the elevator kept opening and closing while I tried to get inside. unsure.gif

~ LL Lysa
Divala, the cones actually turned out just fine. You'd never know they'd been baked. And the cupcake inside the cone was superb. The cone kept it from drying out. I had them sitting out on the counter all day before the party and hours later they were still moist and perfect when we ate them. I was really surprised how well they turned out. On a separate note, I didn't realize you lived in Minneapolis. I was just there. As soon as you said Albertville outlet mall I realized. I drive past it every time we go to Minneapolis.

Happy Birthday Turbo! I forgot to say it yesterday. Sorry!

CH, that's crazy about work dude. What a jerk. Exciting about your eyes this weekend! Are you checking out any of the Canada festivities? I sent you a message on facebook too, but if you're free want to grab lunch tomorrow?

Doodle, glad you're feeling better.

Ugh, I'm so frustrated with this guy who I've been having the worlds longest flirtation with. I've been writing on and off about him for ages on here. He seems into me, asks me if I want to do something, and then never follows through. So over the winter I pretty much got over and figured he didn't have the balls to just go out and have some fun with me, but then he started asking me to do stuff again a couple of months ago and made me like him all over again! Anyways, it's really annoying and it's making me hold back from fooling around with other guys. I wish I could just forget about him already but he's the only guy I've been interested in for a long time so that's what makes me keep waiting around. Silly. Anyways, I may meet someone off POF tonight if I'm bored. We'll see.
Hee hee! Maybe it's a hazing ritual for noobs, LL! You are an intern, I am a temp....maybe this kind of thing is done all over North America! biggrin.gif

ETA: cross-post with erin! Hiya!! Why are you holding off with the foolin' around? You can fool around with one dude and still flirt with another! wink.gif
Hah, that's what I've been telling myself all week. If I don't hang out with a girlfriend tonight I might see try and score a drink from one of the many POF fishies.
Hey Hey!

Poodle, I wish I was a hot commodity for those who didn't have a partner! Poodle, a whore's bath?!?!?! Bwaaahahahahaha. I've done those.

hey Mox and Minx! Minx, how's artman?? Mox, how are you doing? Still busy??

Doodle, at least something is happening. ~*~*~*toto begone vibes~*~*~*~*~

Hey Catsoup!!

LL, I agree with Doodle, maybe haunted elevators as initiation!

erin, where did you want to go?? We could hit up some place in The District. I'm pretty excited about my eyes. Three more days! Sorry about the man situation. But, I agree with Doodle!

So I talked to the AC boy, and what a load of bullshit, he's very smooth. I'm done with that.

Only a few more hours at this horrible place.

CH, I'm good to go anywhere. I don't know about you but I'll eat almost anything. You work around there so do you know anywhere good?
I'm doing alright, thank you!! I was busy up until this morning. wink.gif Talk about a great fucking weekend, man-oh-man. I got to see his artwork, lots of backrubs, spend copious amounts of time in bed and copious amounts of time just talking, a little adventure to a bar/restaurant his friend owns, spent time in each of our respective gardens, he met a bunch of my friends and they LOVE him. wub.gif More than anything, it was just delicious getting to know more about him and having the opportunity to spend so much time together. He's kind and tender.

I think you get the picture. smile.gif

Should find out about the job sitch in less than a week.

Taking the Minxlette on a camping adventure by Duluth next week for her birfday. Can't wait. I'm getting her a fishing pole.


AC is a fuckchop. Glad you got him gone.

Poodle, how's stuff with the boyfriend? Is he being a good yakman? wink.gif

I just ate a pile of carnitas that Artman left here with craploads of fresh salsa and sourcream and cheese. I am a truly happy Minx topping it off with an ice-cold Coke. Mmm...Coke!!
*does a spit take, soda all over her puter*

fuckchop? lol... minx, you slay me! i would have just called him a fuckstain. but fuckchop is soooo much more funny... your weekend sounds like it was dreamy n steamy!!!! i'm glad.

culture, i was going to say something about ac boy, but i got distracted in the email. remind me if you want, chickie, k?

ej, i loved the pic of those cupcakes. the cone thing is brilliant. so very cool.

L3 (lounge lady lysa), can i say it makes me super happy to see you participating in the lounge. i cannot tell you how absolutely overjoyed that you are the new LL. you are fan-freaking-tastic. and i want to make sure you know it!

doodle i hope that was toto (bad dog!!!) that passed. i like the idea of a healthy

hi poodle, keri and everybustie!!!

it's day 2 of Life in Layoff Land (hey! another L3!), and i am kind of in zombie land. still haven't gotten all the paperwork for unemployment done. but otherwise, things are good. took apart most of my murphy bed, working on a sketch for a new painting, and i should be starting on it by the end of the week, hopefully. mattress is up on the loft, and i think i'll be working on a project in the shop tomorrow too.
ugh. headache.


Erin, I'm at our scary office in the core area. Not fun. Did you do anything this evening?

Minx, I'm so happy for you! I'm glad that things are going well with you and artman. Hee fuckchop.

GT, I'd love to hear what you have to say! I replied to you.

I'm also with GT on this, it' great to have you in the discussions LL v.3.

I'm bagged, I was supposed to go see the cop but he got held up at work. This experience with the AC has made me deeply suspicious now. He's so smooth I could almost believe him. I do have to work with him for 5 more days, so I'll put on a happy polite face so as not to disturb what is already a horrible office dynamic.

I also think there is something in the water around these parts. Some boys that I'm close to seem off and it worries me. PR boy was a little down and off, another good friend of mine is really down. wonder what's up.

With that said, i think I'm going to head off to bed soon. I iz tired.
Finally - the lounge blesses me to post! wink.gif

L3 - I second the joy at having you swoop in to help out, AND stay to chat! I seem to have bad elevator karma...I seem to get stuck in them alot. At my job, I've had to ring the emergency bell 3 times to get rescued from the elevator - not how you want to start your day at 6:45am. Last job had a truly creepy 60 year-old elevator outside my office and that one *always* got stuck. I mostly walked the 4 flights of stairs. And I've been stuck in our condo building's elevator a few times, but I probably deserve that for being lazy and not walking up the single flight of stairs....but sometimes, you're tired, ya know?!

Minxy - I am SO happy for you and artman - you deserve every bit of joy! AND vacation with minxlette next week - WOOT!

I just had the *best* birfday dinner...I love going there, because its one of those places where they really know how to take care of you, and the food is homey and delicious. We had: mussels with tomato, saffron, fennel and pernod. I had perfectly crisp roasted chicken with creamy polenta and wild mushroom ragu. Turbomann had delectable roast duck with mashed potatoes and a stewed plum-mustardy sauce...*amazing.* And for dessert - flourless chocolate cake with coconut gelato. MMmmmmm. Turbomann is so very good to me.

Doodle - that billboard is fucked up. Who wrote that??? Sheesh. My bosses are nearly as lame, re-writing the national tagline for our cancer patient programs from: "Having cancer is hard. Finding help shouldn't be." TO: "Having cancer is hard. Finding help ISN'T." I find it totally insulting and condescending. I've cared for 3 cancer patients, and finding help is fucking hard - and we HAD insurance. It makes me pretty livid to have to work on that campaign. Grrrr.

CH, I'm with you, I think fuckchop is my all-time favorite minxy-ism. Its funny and effective. Fuckstain just grosses me out. heh.

Okay, I gotta slice up the granola bars I made earlier, and hit the hay!

*mwah* to all my beloved busties!
Shhhh. There's a boy sleeping in the next room. tongue.gif I'm gonna have to wake him up soon and send him to take care of my health needs, like sleep! Especially if I'm going jamming tomorrow night. Which, of course, I am.

Everything down there works just fine, thank you. wink.gif Will try to post deets in Portions a little later.

Who said cupcakes? Aw dammit, now I want a cupcake.

GT, I wish it was Toto, too. I don't think it was, though. My sonic lithotripsy info is apparently in the mail. I talked with the specialist's office today to answer their pre-procedure questionnaire. Bleargh.

CH, I've got a roll of duct tape right here on the desk. If I had the plane fare, I'd be right there with you, duct taping that stupid boy nekkid to a tree on a meridian. Is he very hairy? I hope so.

And now I have to go figure out how to hustle this man out for the night....

ETA: cross-posted with turbo!! HIhiHIhiHI!!! I'm glad your birfday dinner was fabulous!! Yeah, I dunno about the ad....SOMEONE must've noticed before it went to press, you'd think! But maybe not the people who had the power to say anything. Ditto the cancer help ad....yeesh! That's like the same kind of privileged thinking at work. The Crown Royal guys are thinking of a certain "class of men," the cancer help bosses are thinking it's easy for everyone b/c it's easy for them - they've got all the resources they need to get help.
*peeks out from her hiding place behind the okayland couch* is it over? is monday done with?

good freaking maude, no doubt yesterday was a monday. it started before i even got to work yesterday morning. i was taking off from an intersection at just past the halfway point, when my left pedal snapped down and i jerked to a halt. i quickly pulled over the side of the road out of traffic, thinking my chain had jumped the gear, but the chain was fine. so i pick up the back tire and hand-pedal it from the right side of the bike, no problems. then i look at my left pedal, and there it is just hanging down, not moving. i gave it a kick, and you know those old-time cartoons where a character breaks their arm, and they hold it out with their hand hanging down from the elbow and hit their wrist, and it just goes spinning round and round? yeah, that's what the left pedal was doing. somehow i hit the angle wrong on take-off, and snapped it from the crankshaft. so the bike's in the shop.

i ended up walking it the rest of the way to work, and wasn't too late, but the fun just continued from there. the bitchy production supervisor i've been having issues with suggested i do my check from somewhere other than the tank, namely at the dangerously fast end of the conveyer, which is always crowded by tanks shoved right up to it anyway, so how would i even get to it? so i put the kibosh on that idea, and was feeling pretty damned good at talking my way around the bitch without resorting to shoving my tank thermometer somewhere very uncomfortable, and i get a call from bagging.

the usda was putting product on hold and giving us a non-compliance because we'd let it get hot and production shouldn't have been using it. that resulted in a couple of hours of frenzied calls and emails to various personnel and bosses, the filling out of a quarter-inch of forms, all by hand mind you, and sample collecting and product tracking. the end result of which, everyone filled out the wrong stack of forms, but no one noticed until they were all done and filed of course, and we had to do the whole thing all over again.

and did i mention that aunt flo is in town, and has invited her grandsons' pee-wee hockey team along for the trip so they could use my uterus as a practice rink? all in all a trying day, and i'm glad it's over. oh, and my bust connecton is still sporadic, so i haven't even had a chance to catch up on archives. so hi to everyone, and i'll get this figured out and catch up eventually.

good things tuesday: it's not fucking monday anymore.

Turbo, your dinner sounds absolutely delicious! It sounds like an enjoyable time.

Hey Doodle! How are you feeling?? he isn't hairy, but a dose of himiliation would do him right.

Grrrl, what a lovely day that sounds like. booooooooooo on shitty days.

I jogged this morning, was supposed to see the cop last night, but I just ignored his calls, he called a few times, but I was so bagged last night that I just could not deal with anyone.

now I'm at this horrible place. Only 5 more days. Two until vacation, getting my eyes done. All will be well. Soon. It could be worse CH, it could be worse, at least this is what I'm trying to tell myself.

laugh.gif so funny!! I'm using that from now on IRL!!

aunt flo is in town, and has invited her grandsons' pee-wee hockey team along for the trip so they could use my uterus as a practice rink?

that's some funny shit as well!!

well, there is some big drama going on with a friend of mine. i'm working with her man to try to help them deal with it. not sure it's really my place but he called and asked for my help so i'm going to try.

seriously, i had the greatest sex of my life last night. mr. pugs put it down. it was the greatest sexual experience of all time. i came harder then i ever have in my whole life. i poped the blood vessels around my eyes again. thank goddess for makeup. also, my legs and thighs are so sore. i hope he's not in the mood tonight cause i need a night off. we need to save some for vacation right? RIGHT!!

this morning when i got to work a poem just came to me. i started writing. i haven't written a poem in a long time. i think it's pretty good. when it's done perhaps i'll post it. it's sexual in nature of course. probably has something to do with last night.

i dreamed that i had this huge bruise on my shin last night. i felt it so clearly. this morning i woke up and no bruise. it was strange.

so since getting this intership i'm obsessed with deer. the grounds that this company is located on is surrounded by woods and there are white tail deer everywhere. also the drive to work there is a veteran's cemetary with a big open area that has, i'd swear, a hundred deer every morning. i leave for work at 5:30 a.m. so they are still up and about munching on some gr gr gr grass. i just think they are so pretty. so this morning i was nerding out on wikipedia reading about them and looking at pictures. i'm a dork i know. Mr. Pug lived near the valley growing up so he saw them all the time. I lived closer to the city and never saw them. I think they are fascinating.

this internship is so boring. there is eight of us and there is no work. i go looking and asking for work and i get nothing. oh least it pays well even if i'm not learning much.

have a good morning all,


Good morning all....hiya CH, grrrl, and pugs!

I was almost late this morning - I heard my bus go by just as I was locking the apartment deadbolt behind me. BAH! So I dug into my laundry coinage and paid a taxi all in loonies to get me here in the nick of time. Dammit.

I did sleep very well. HBI is good for inducing that kind of thing. wink.gif I feel fine this morning, well-rested and ready to rumble. Got nuthin' to do after work except picking up a couple of things at the store, and then out jamming tonight.

Still nothing to do at work. Torn between tackling the supply closet and working on my new a few more lyrics yesterday. Still no idea where it's going! But it's going....
Happy humpday everybody!!

Oooh...fancy dinner, turbo!! Sounds expensivo!!

Blah. I'm too hungry to conversate right now.

Pugs, the scenery sounds amazing where you are interning. Congrats on the earth shattering HBI.

Doodle, shitty about the bus, but also congrats on the HBI.

Hey poodle!

I got loads of mosquito bites yesterday, not so fun, and I am still at this horrible office working horrible hours. I fucking hate it here. *pouts* I wanna go home right now, but I think the new mental floss is out, so I'm going to get the hell out of this office at lunch and run away screaming.

Hope you are all better and less miserable than I am.

Hiya poodle! I was hungry too....I just ate my sammich at my desk! ('Course, I had, like, six strawberries for breakfast, like an idiot.) Cucumber and extra old cheddar, with cucumber dressing. Yum. I wish I had another!

CH, I think you should call in sick for the rest of the week. wink.gif

Still haven't tackled that supply far since I've gotten here, I've checked the messages (nothing but three hang ups), answered one phone call and took a message, had a long conversation with one of the staffers about his new puppy, eaten a sandwich, put on my eyeliner and mascara (it was a timecrunch issue this morning - eye makeup application or sandwich-making), and posted on BUST. tongue.gif

I wish I had some chocolate....if I slipped downstairs and around the corner to the deli, I wonder if anyone would notice?
minx, sounds like a great weekend.


Yay doodle, on feeling some what better.

CH, the mosquito population exploded in the last two days. So sad, it was really nice last week being out and only seeing the occasional little bastard.

I meant to actually do stuff yesterday but I felt so lazy. I did take a 20K bike ride but the ride home was brutal. I just wanted to get off my bike and sit down. I guess my body needed a break. I didn't end up hooking up with any boys last night. Instead I went for ice cream with a friend and then got a phone call from my bestest friend who is working up north for the summer. I haven't talked to her on the phone in about 2 and a half months so I was really happy to hear her voice. Unfortunately the call was a short one. I feel blah today and kind of pissed off because the ex sold me some weed (not usually who i go to) and it's such shit I can't even believe it. I'd rather have some good stuff today since I go to work tomorrow.

Now I do want to see if one of those POF guys wants to get together tonight but i honestly haven't decided who to try and contact. On Friday I'm supposed to see the 40-year old from a a few months ago but I'm thinking of trying to see if he's available tonight. However, he has no air conditioning and that is a down side. Oh the dilemma!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good Wednesday.
erin's got her mojo workin'.....hee!! I hate it when I get shitty weed. It doesn't happen too often, but it's SUCH a let down when it does.

Ok, I finally posted the HBI deets in Portions, for you brave ones. biggrin.gif
erin, what's even more disgusting is the canker worms. There is so much poop on the paths at the park that it crunches under your feet. It's disgusting. you can hear the poop falling on the leaves when you walk. Blech. Shitty deal about the weed.

doodle, i'm have a rockin' good salad with cucumber dressing. Mmmm. Did you get andthing from the deli?

Only four more hours. Deep breaths. I should call in sick tomorrow. that would give me almost an entire week off!
I agree that you should take tomorrow off, culture!! Gah.

No HBI deets for me, thankyouverymuch!! smile.gif

I need a drink. I could really use a mojito right now.

PS-Minx, times are good with "yakman." He does not disappoint! I'm so happy for you and Artman. He sounds like a real catch and he looks nice in those pictures. The two of you look great together!
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