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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Holy ballsacks!!!!!! Mox is preggers??!!!!!!!!!! Mox, you slut... wink.gif

(((((((((((((Minx))))))))))))))) Shit. I'm so sorry.

I've missed out on so much. I'm such a bad, bad bustie.
good morning okayers

treehugger - (((positive day at work today vibes to you)) They put me on this faro arm to inspect parts a week ago. i have no idea how to use it. the person who does is too busy to teach me. they tell me to try my best. this is a very, very expensive piece of inspection equipment but hey i'll just try to teach myself to use it. so i do my best and get a bunch of data. i turn the data in and of course the guy who is too busy to teach me says it's all wrong. took me three days to get all the data and now it's crap. sure i got paid to do it and i'll get paid to do it again but still. i wasted a lot of time. pisses me off.

ch - good job on the jogging. i've been walking everyday after work. i really enjoy it. we have a park in the development and it has a walking path. you have to walk past the daycare and all the kids run up the fence and say hi. it's cute. can't wait to go today. i'm on my period and i think the exercise will really help the cramps.

turbojenn - not sure exactly what the story is with your car but i'm glad it's all better. my car is giving me problems at the moment. the exhaust has a hole in it and so it is very loud. mr. pugs went to fix it and another piece broke so he has to fix that as well. that is happening tomorrow. he did replace all four tires and the struts in the rear so now it rides a lot nicer. someday i'll have a nice new car or so i hope.

gt - i'm so out of the loop. you not working?

doodle - are you okay? what happened at the er?

minx - loosing a job sucks so badly. when i lost my job at wachovia over a year ago it was such a hard time. don't fret. if i hadn't lost that job i wouldn't have gone back to school for what i really love and i wouldn't be working this freaking awsome internship making lost of money. all things happen for a reason. (((((good things coming your way vibes)))))

i have no work lined up for today. i got ambitious and signed up for the finite element analysis workshop here at work. it's way over my head. all the other "engineering" interns are totally on it. i hate asking for help. i'm trying to figure it out on my own. they intimidate me so. i'm just a community college student studying CADD. They are all smart mechanical, electrical, aerospace, medical engineering students. sometimes they talk down to me. makes me a little sad. yesterday i was so upset i skipped my walk and came home and drank a bottle of wine then overate at dinner cause i was upset. today i didn't want to come to work. it doesn't help that i'm on my period and feel like a cow.

on a positive note...going on vacation for a week soon. first week long, away from home vacation in years. can't wait to wake up next to mr. pug and not have to rush off to work. love him so much. miss him too.

i'm kinda moody today yall. i'm sorry. don't want to bring down the thread. since i don't have much to do today at work i'll try to pop back in here often. this thread moves so fast i can't keep up most of the time.


POODLE, you BiAtCH! WHat's shakin? Seriously, how's the pop? We all keep thinking about your fam and sending inner bustie VIBES.

Get this, I'm knocked up, yep...and so is FJ! Me on purpose, her on accident. Both due end Jan-beg Feb.

Swampped here early, staying late. Awesome. At least I get Friday off. And, via facebook (it IS good for something!), my bestest friend from jr/.high and high school, whom I haven't spoken to in 10 years (no argument, just different paths) contacted me last week, and we're getting together tomorrow! Seriously, I'm SO excited about this its hard to describe. This woman is as nice as turbo and as fiesty as diva and is just the most loyal person ever. Aparently, we've both felt back-brain regret our whole adult lives for how we fell away from each other. She also has a 2yr old daughter, so we even can bond on that odd-mom level. I'm SOOO excited! Nervous like a first date, too, though. If we were either lesbians or a male-female, we'd be that high-school sweetheart couple who breaks up and gets married 40 years later.
Good Morning!

Tree, I am always in awe of your work skillz! ~*~*~*~*~~work vibes for tree~*~*~*~*~*

POODLE! Holy fuck, I thought you left us. How the hell are things going? How's yer Pops? How's the PoodlePalace treating you?

It's Pugs!!! Holy crap, many busties are resurfacing!!! Where are you going on vacation??

Mox, meeting up with an old friend sound great!

I worked out last night, jogged this morning, and I need to bitch. My bank is dicking me over in terms of a loan, I'm asking for $27,000.00 they are only willing to give me $22,000.00 I'd need a co-signer, and it still fucks me over, because I need to pay off a line of credit, and get my eyes done. Regardless they are shorting me $5000.00. So, I've made an appointment with a credit union, I could use some get a loan in the amount of money I need vibes. Thing about this bank, they tell me I have great credit, if I've got great credit and I work for the fucking gov't and have no other debt. assholes. So now the branh manager is involved because I told them I was going elsewhere. This bank pulls this crap all the time. I think I may pull my savings account and go some place else with that. I'll leave my visa though. Grrrrrr. They did the same thing to both my parents, too, so they pulled their loans and stuff. My parents are in a better place financially than I am and they did this to them, too.


Soooooo, how is everyone?

work vibes for tree and minx,

and culture, go to a credit union, banks take their customers for granted. i jettisoned my bank years ago when i told them to hold a check, and they decided to put the damn thing thru AND charge me 2 overdraft fees. fuck banks.

i think i am going to take a radio dj class up at a community college up here. i have a friend who has a djing gig at their radio station, and he has been telling me i should dj there for years, and he'd talk me up. so hopefully in about 6 mos i'll have a radio slot to play my fucked up music... cross your fingers this'd be a dream job.... but first the class...oh and one of my best friends might take it with me... i love her taste in music (the woman has great taste in everything, really) she was playing me a song by a japanese duo called the 'peanuts'... do you remember the tiny singing twins from the mothra movies? those two girls were 'peanuts'. they did a whole bunch of songs in the 40's and 50's mostly american songs in japanese... so good. she is the two or three people i know whose musical taste is as offbeat bizarre as mine...
Good Morning!

I was away on vacation, I missed you guys! I popped in once or twice to try to catch up, but did not have time to post. Now am back at work.
I had a great trip to Seattle! We had a wonderful time. I got back Tuesday, but took yesterday off to chill.

(((GT))) Girl, I am SO relieved that you did not get seriously inujured in the accident. Car wrecks scare me to death. Take it easy.

(((MINX)) Ugh, I agree with Jenn, it is unbelievable that replacing teachers like you is an acceptable practice. But, I agree with others too-could turn out to be a good thing. ~~~~~~Job vibes!~~~~~~~~~ The job at the Juvenile place sounds like it could be really interesting. And I know you'll be good at anything you do. smile.gif

Hey Pherber!

Hey Jami! That cracks me up that your lawyer called lamex a dick. Ha! How's yo' new man?? I am really happy for you in that realm!

I think it's so cool that we have two expectant mothers in here now!! WOOT! How fun!

Hey Pugs!

Hey POODLES!!! Good to see you. How is your dad?

Hey grrrrl!

Hey Mox!

Hey tree!

Who have I forgotten?? Lore! Have fun on your trip! Erinjane! Hey!

I'm just trying to get back into the swing here at work. It's a quiet day at least....lots of people work from home on Thursdays. So that's nice. I've been calling mechanics, my "check engine" light is on in my car. Drat. I got a quick diagnostic test at Auto Zone, they said it could be the catalytic converter. I just hope it's not outrageously expensive. Taking it in tomorrow.
wait... you were up here?!?
OH SHIT!!! GT! It just hit me like a ton of are in Seattle!!! I cannot believe I forgot that! SHIT!
Mornin' y'all!!

Ugh. I had one too many margaritas last night. I was ridiculously late to work today. Fortunately, the boss isn't in. She's getting ready for her spoiled daughter's graduation party. I almost want to crash it.

Holy crap!! FJ is preggers, too?!!!! Funny. The world needs more busties.

I'm jealous of your vacay, kari. I haven't done anything like that for a while. Really, I would just like a week off to work on my yard.

Culture, what's the loan for? ~*~*~*~financial vibes~*~*~*~

Mox, your plans sound so exciting!! Cool. I hope you guys have just as much fun as you used to back in the day!! So where are you guys going for your "date?"

Sorry you're feeling crappy, lovemypugs. Treat yourself to some good food and/or drink and maybe a cheesy TV show or favorite movie. That's the best way to spend icky period days.

Hi tree!! Hi girltrouble!! Hi erinjane!! Hi all lurkers and anyone I'm missing!!

Alright, here's a quick poodle update:

My dad is doing very well. He's been mostly at home within the past month, but he still goes to the hospital pretty regularly for transfusions and some chemo. He's not technically in remission yet, but he's almost there. He's looking infinitely better these days. Thanks for all your vibes!! They work!!!

Life at poodlepalace is grand, but my yard needs so much work. I removed a bunch of old crappy concrete and brought in some fill. I have to roto-till half of the lawn where the owner's dogs used to hang out (pretty rough). It's all good sweat-equity work though, so I'm cool with it. Poodledude has helped me with some of the more miserable work. Such a sweet boy.

L'il Keith is not so "l'il" anymore!! He's a big noodle. He still acts like a kitten though. He and Oscar are good friends. Unfortunately, he's taken an interest in harassing Gus, just like his older friend. Oscar has had some serious urinary problems in the last month-plus. I had to take him to the emergency vet twice ($$$). They diagnosed him with cystitis (inflammed bladder) and now he has to eat special food and take anti-anxiety meds. Po' baby.

I can't really think of anything else. My relationship with poodledude (nee XRB) is great and work is tolerable. That's about it. Sorry for rambling on about myself!!

I'm starving.

Good Afternoon everyone!

Kari, I was just wondering where you were. Oh yaaaaaah, you went on vacation. ~*~*~*~~*car vibes~*~*~*~~*

GT! The DJ thing sounds cool!

YAHHHH a Poodle update. It sounds like things are coming along.

Hooray! It's almost the end of the week.

anna k
Hi everybody!

I haven't had much Internet access this week, my computer software got damaged.

Go take the class, GT. I love reading your musical and film critiques, you have so much passion and knowledge.

I went on a job interview at a publisher to be an editorial assistant. I felt fine, but don't feel like I nailed it. I really want the job, it would give me health insurance and a better paycheck, but it feels like those jobs always go to someone more qualified or better. I get myself jealous of reading about the editors of Jezebel who seem very elite and in a rarefied world that I just can't crack, or write about themselves doing things I'm not interested in (drinking, casual sex, smoking pot), but I grew up reading young adult novels, being into riot grrrl, watching indie films, and basically having the same indie/punk rock interests that they did at 16-17 that I did at 11-12 (courtesy of an older sister).

I hope you're OK, Doodle.


I've been feeling good when working out. The detox made me feel slimmer, and I have gotten great compliments from my friends, telling me I lost so much weight and have a shapely little figure. It's great to hear, but can also make me think, what I did look like before? I do like that I can feel my arm muscles and ab muscles more, and my legs feel long and slimmer (as long as they can be on a 5'4 figure).

Horses have a hot, smelly funk to them. I walk past them when I go to work and it hits me. They're majestic, beautiful creatures, but I can't take the smell.
~*~*~*~job vibes for anna~*~*~*~

Anna, during my last weight loss effort, I didn't know how to respond when people would compliment me because I didn't think I looked bad to begin with. I almost found people's compliments to be offensive, because there seemed to be the implication that I was somehow a better person after shedding some pounds. I would constantly tell my mom not to comment on my weight loss, even if her words were positive. I've gained a lot of that weight back now and I don't care. I'm tired of feeling like I have to achieve some size before I can feel content with my life. I'd rather just stay this weight than yo-yo on the scale. As long as I can fit in seats and find decent clothing someplace in the mall, then I'm cool with my size. I like food and I like a lot of it, and if people have a problem with that, then they better get outta my face before I eat them too!! smile.gif
anna k
Right. I would hear it from people in my gym classes, and would be surprised, but since I'm there to work out and lose weight, it's nice. My sister sounded more incredulous, saying how much thinner I was, and since she's had issues with eating and weight, it felt a little uncomfortable to me, like she could be jealous of me for being slimmer than her.

I just stopped eating frozen diet meals, Powerbars and Luna Bars, would make quesadillas at home with avocados, chicken, mushrooms, and grated cheese, and that's become a go-to meal for me. That and making omelets and peanut-butter sandwiches as easy home meals. The rest of the time I eat nuts/raisins at work and eat a sandwich or buy a plate of chicken over rice from a Halal food cart. I just eat the chicken, the rice is fried so I only eat a little of it.

I looked at the Myspace of an old crush, and it made me laugh a little when his friend left a message saying that the guy spent the whole time at his house texting some girl who never showed up. That just made him sound like such a dork, and made me feel better in a schadenfreude way. I know that's petty, but he's now this popular hipster performer with lots of accolades, so that made me smile.

This weekend is a family reunion. I don't mind celebrating my grandma's birthday, but hate feeling stuck with my family in a place that I can't leave. I know my aunt will also tell me how much thinner I am (she's done that whenever I've lost weight, and would also touch me or look me over when saying it, making it creepy. She's also someone who has had food/weight issues), and I know I'm not going to bring up my Lisbon trip idea there, as my dad will flip out and give me all these fear-based ideas of me being a woman alone and that bad things will happen to me. Blech. Whatever, it'll be fine.
has anyone heard anything from Doodle? i'm a little worried about her considering the lack of posts from her after her last one about going to the hospital.
(((((((Doodle))))))) I hope she's okay....her BFF usually PMs me if something goes seriously wrong. ((((((doodle)))))

Pooooooooodle!!!! So good to see you back - we've been missin' you! And GREAT news about your dad! Keep us up to date on that, okay?! And yay for yardwork and poodledude!! Sounds like you've been pretty darned busy!

Kari - Glad you had a good trip to Seattle! Isn't it funny how you miss this place, even when you're doing something fun?! I know I do.

Rock on, Mox, for meeting an old friend. I need to get with the Facebook pronto, esp. since I'm going to start doing it for work. wink.gif I fear it will be a worse addiction than all my other internetting. wink.gif

GT - that is awesome that you're going to take some DJing class - I hope it just adds to your already amazing talents!

Okay, I gotta get to cleaning house a bit, since all the Chitown busties are coming over tomorrow for a BBQ! YAY!
let's hope the lack of pms is a good sign, turbo....((((doodle)))). hope she's ok...

i've got my fingers crossed for the ed asst. position for you all the same, anna. you'd be great!

as for the complement thing, i get the inverse, i get people complementing me when i've gained weight. but i wonder the same thing. did i look like death warmed over before? wtf?!?

and kari it would have been delightful to meet you. there is a dearth of seattle busties right now. i was supposed to hang out with pretty in pink, but she's disappeared since then. sad.gif i think i'm going to make a point of meeting/hanging out with zoya if she's up for it next time i go to portland...i'd love to do the same with, doodle, but i don't get to go up north much...*sigh.*

poodle! yay! it just makes me happy to see you back in here!

my back has been fucked up lately, probably from the accident. i've got a sporatic limp from pain. the funny thing is riding my skateboard hurts less than walking... :/

thanks for the encouragement re:dj class. ( and esp. the kind words, anna. you're all heart.) it's kind of a back track for me. i had an opportunity to be a dj intern at another radio station years ago, i just couldn't afford to work for so little. now every time i hear my (other) friend djing i kick myself. but thing is, that station is an 'alt. rock' college radio station.

my taste is generally pre 1980's obscuria/oddities/covers on lp. the station that has the classes plays everything from lounge, to 20's jazz to early country and blue grass to electronica to reggae, so i'll fit better there. when i dj i don't know how to stay in one genre, so i'm sure i'll be happy as a clam. my favorite songs right now are marlena shaw's california soul, jerry reed's amos moses, and jean jacques-perrey's,E.V.A. and elvis presley's, rubberneckin'!

well i'm supposed to go drankin' with muh best friend in a bit so...cheers every bustie!

Hey all....this is a quick one, as I need to go lie down....basically the kidney infection is back, along with a kidney specialist thinks it might be part of the old one that never got crushed is 5.5 mm. He is going to book me for another round of sonic blasting, but I've got a feeling this one could pass. The pain has moved down near my bladder area, but it's not really bad anymore. Anyway, two nights in hospital was more than I expected, and I really wanted to come home. My fever was gone this morning, and I stopped asking for morphine last night - I floated by on plain Tylenol today - so that's what I mean when I say it's not as bad as the last time. My specialist agreed to releasing me this afternoon. I think last time, they just didn't get to it in time....the first time I went to the ER, they sent me home that night, and I didn't go back for over a week....but this time they had my charts from all of that, so they actually did it right and got me antibiotics and a CT scan right away. My specialist was quite pissed at their ineptness from that last time, so I imagine he noted something in my charts! I am so glad to have him, and also this time, I have my own GP....she was on holidays, but her partner in the doctoring premises (also a woman) came to see me and examine me first thing every morning.

I've been talking to the bosses at the store every day....I said I'd go in tomorrow, but I guess I'll have to see if the pain gets really bad, like, if my body actually decides to pass this one. I am unsurprised I wasn't in so long this time, though - for one, they got to it right away, and for another, I am a million times healthier than I was when it happened before. (Not to mention after the last time, I got a lecture from my specialist on not being such a "stoic," and he told me any pain or fever, get to the ER right away - so yeah, I followed his advice and got myself there right away.) I couldn't even stay in the bed today....when a friend showed up for a visit this morning, we went for a walk, and then I never really did get back into bed. I was up and down and all over the hospital, ran errands for my roomie, got a healthy chicken salad and some fruit from the cafeteria (the patient's meals are a disgusting mess of re-heated carbs), showered myself, etc. It's only since I got home that I started to feel the pain again, but like I said, it's not hideous. In fact, I just took a couple of Advil, and that's helped immensely. I really suspect this one will pass. I hope!

So....yeah, send stone-passing vibes, please!!! Painless stone-passing....eep!

Also, I just got home to an e-mail from my stepmom....she's been diagnosed with breast cancer, so if you could send vibes along for her, too, it would be terrific.

Now I'm going back to bed.
((doodle's stepmom))

~*~*~Health vibes to both of you~*~*~ unsure.gif
Stupid double post!

Hi everybody!

(Now you say "Hi Dr. Nick!" tongue.gif )
Thanks polly!

Still not back in bed....guess the Advil is working.

Forgot to was BEB who took me to the hospital, but it was mr scorpio who came and stayed with me in the ER and phoned + came to visit every day. In fact, BEB came back later on Tuesday night to see how I was/if I needed a ride home....I believe they got to meet each other in the waiting room! EEP! mr scorpio did happen to remark on "all the handsome young guys" I had hanging around........ wink.gif (My ER nurse and doctor were also attractive young men.)
M'kay...just wanted to post a photo quickly. This is me and Artman:

*races in to unload a little gif....t*

PS: Lovely pic, minx!
sigh... pherber, you're a gem! ....<3

hey doodle, didn't you name your last 'passing' friend?
'~<::passing doodlebits vibes::>~'
-=:=;doodle stepmama healing vibes;=:=-

minx i love that pic... you look so happy!!! it makes me smile...
Good Morning, thank goodness it's Friday.

(((((Doodle))))) I hope that you feel better soon, how are you feeling today??? ~*~*~*~*~*~*health vibes for Doodle, and Doodle stepmama~*~*~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~*~*Work vibes for anna~*~*~*~*~

Hey Poodle! Some people are so rude about weight loss. I wasn't an Orca before, and even if I was who cares.

Hey Catsoup!!

Turbo, the BBQ sounds like great fun!

GT!!!! I heart the music you pick. I think you need to take a trip up here! smile.gif

Hi Polly!

Pherber, that is the fuckin' coolest way to post!!! That is so awesome. I agree with GT, you are a gem!

MInx, Artman is a very handsome fella, you two look really great and happy in the picture.

Sooooo, I got a call back from my orignal bank. They got me the loan at a lower interest rate and lower biweekly payments! I'm psyched!!!!! Today also is a half day because there is an offsite "staff meeting" hee. it'sfood at someone's house. I don't know if I'll go yet. I'm hoping to do lunch with PR Boy if he's not too busy. May get togheter with AC this evening as well.

We shall see.

And it's payday.

And I got back pay.

So, what's everyone doing this weekend??

GT - DJ'ing? That sounds so perfect for you. I'm excited!! oh, also, glad you liked me poems!! Thinking of writing a few more today.

CH - portions with PR boy during lunch break?? Maybe?? I need portions.

pherber - that is the coolest thing I've seen today!! love it!!

minx - (has a nice smile)

doodle - (((((feel better vibes)))))

polly - hello!!

turbo - i too must clean my house when i get home after work this afternoon. we are having friends over and my kitchen is a MESS!!

I've been on a diet for the last four weeks and I just quit. All the interns at work kept asking me if I was still loosing and commenting on how healthy I was eating and asking me if I'd started walking yet. The pressure to do perform is just to much. I'm not going crazy but I definately fell off the wagon.

I've been so down recently. There are just some new things going on with Mr. Pugs. I'm dealing. I don't really have anyone to talk to about it. So I wrote my aunt this long email and I felt much better. She is a very good person to talk to because she doesn't try to force her opinion on you. It really doesn't help that I'm all PMSie and all. All I've wanted to do for the last three days is sleep. I just don't have any energy.

I'm taking this finite element analysis workshop at work and it's very hard. It's extreamly over my head. I think I'm going to continue to go but just listen and observe. I'm doing other training online as well.

Busy weekend ahead. Friends coming over tonight. Going to a party Saturday night. More friends coming over tonight. Well...I have work to do so I'm off.

Good day to you all!!



Pherber!! You are too sweet! I love it!

(((Doodle)))) Ugh. That stinks that your infection is back! I am glad you are feeling relatively decent though. It seems much, much better than last time. I think it's great that BEB & mr Scorpio met in the lounge. Too funny. ~~~~~vibes for your stepmom~~~~ I'm really sorry to hear about the cancer diagnosis. sad.gif Is the prognosis good?

CONGRATS CH! I am stoked you got a good deal on the loan. And you have a half day of work today?? Nice!

Minx, you and ArtMan are adorable!! He's a real looker & you too!

Anna, good for you on going on the job interview. I think you sell yourself way too short. You have tons of great things to offer, and it's only a matter of time before an employer realizes that too. Hang tight, gal.

hey Pugs! ((pugs)) I'm really sorry to hear you're in the dumps lately. I am glad you have support through your aunt & I hope everything improves real soon. ~~~vibes~~~

GT! I cannot believe I spaced on the fact that you live in Seattle. mad.gif Ugh. Well, I think my sister is going to stay there for a while, so there is a good chance I'll be back.

Things here are good today. Dropped the car off this Am, will be on pins & needles til they call. I hate waiting for bombs like that to drop. Hmpf. It's always something, isn't it. Other than that, just have a regular work day planned. Working out at lunch. Not sure what I am doing tonight. I'm gunning for a low key weekend. I might go to my mom's this evening. Mr K is working. Tomorrow night am going for an early Mexican dinner for a friend's birthday. Sunday, no plans.
~~sneaking in~~

psst, Anna K, I saw something in last weekend's papers and thought of you - posted in the travel thread

***healthy vibes for doodle***
***multipurpose, healthy, safe, wonderful weekend vibes for everyone else***

~~rushes out again before i get sucked even deeper into my BUST addiction and i become totally unproductive at work sad.gif ~~
Hi, you mealy-mouthed crotch pheasants! (I normally don't do Insult Friday, but I've been wanting to use this one since I watched that episode of Family Guy)

I've skimmed posts a bit, so forgive me if I skip over anything.

(((((((((Doodle and step-mom))))))))))) I hope you both make full recoveries very soon.

((((((GT)))))) Sorry about that car accident. That DJing gig sounds awesome. Now you've gone and put "Rubberneckin'" in my head, but that's okay because it's my favorite Elvis song.

(((((((( job vibes for Minx )))))))) That picture of you and Artman is really cute! You both look so happy!

Catsoup, how was your wedding? I've been looking around to see if you posted anything, but didn't see anything out there. Anyway... congratulations!

(((((((((( job vibes for Anna )))))))))) Sometimes it takes a long time to find your niche. I'm 32 and still looking.

Hi, Jami! It's good to see you around again. Congrats on the great relationship with the new guy. Are you guys engaged? (((((((((( get your stuff back vibes))))))))

Congrats on the loan, CH!

Yay, Poodle's back!!!

Hi, Kari. Tell us about your trip!

Hi, Pherber, LMP, Jenn, Moxie, and everyone else I've missed!

I haven't had much time to come in and lurk, much less post in the last week. We took Sam out on Saturday on the giant's brother's boat, and he had a BLAST! He's the same size as their 3-year-old (Dad says he's only in the 95th percentile or so for height/weight, maybe I've got that wrong, but only 5% of kids Sam's age are his size or smaller, so he's a certifiable runt with a big personality), and they had lots of fun chasing each other around all day. He didn't throw any tantrums when the little girl got posessive of stuff, he was sweet to the new baby, polite at the table, and a joy to be around. Maybe now my mom and brother trust me to take him out again on my own. He arrived home happy, sleepy, and in one piece.

Sam's quote of the day:
"she's bald like an old man, so I thought she was a boy!" said about the baby last weekend, assuming she was a boy because she's bald.

I haven't had much going on lately, except I went to a book signing last night. Jen Lancaster came up to sign her new book and answer questions, and do whatever it is you do at a book signing. We compared expensive handbags. It was hard for me to get over the fact that she's a Rethuglican, but I managed because plenty of other authors I adore seem to enjoy her, so I figured that if she's good enough for them, she's good enough for me. I did a really bad thing, though. In all the fuss of getting my books signed and talking and blah blah blah, I accidentally stole a book and didn't realize it until after I got in my car and the store was closed. Oops! The sensors didn't catch it because I put everything in my big purse, and the bar code must've been burried. I just can't believe that I did that in front of the author and at least 2 store employees.

We're having another family-filled weekend this week. We're helping the giant's brother's family move tomorrow, then going to a family reunion for my dad's side on Sunday. At least I'll probably get to see Sam again. But I swear, if I have to see anyone that I or the giant are related to next weekend, I'm going to rip my hair out. I can only take so much family togetherness in a month.

Double-whoot for crotch pheasants!!! You just can't top that...I just can't see it!

Everyone (with minor exception) just really got served whammies this last set of weeks.


Tonight is date night. Tomorrow is date night. Hell, every day for the next week might be date night because Minxlette is at her gramma and grampa's until next week, and Artman's girlies are gone for the entirety, as well. WHOOP! I met him under stranger circumstances that I don't think I've ever explained:

I have been on a support group website for the last two years for people that have partners with personality disorders. Extremely helpful stuff, and so many people there are just marvelous. Anyhoo, a group of us in MN were going to meet for food in DT St. Paul, but that was the week I found out my student was shot and killed, so I was not in the mood to be meeting new people. The night following, I was dicking around on Ye Olde Intrawebs and we started PMing back and forth. After some serious fanagling (I maxed out on your hourly PM allotment, and couldn't get his digits); he called a mutual friend and convinced him it was truly okay to hand him my phone number. He called me around 1AM and we talked until nearly 5AM...brilliant conversation.

Turns out his soon-to-xwife is a ravaging BPD. Some of the stories are just heartbreaking. They were together for nearly twenty years and she just eroded the relationship to a dead twig: affairs, emotional abuse, eating disorders, manipulation, and while I know he loved her very much at one time, he just could not continue to be her emotional caretaker and keep those daughters in that environment. It was much like what I felt for Minxlette--I did not want THAT to be the landscape wherein she learned about how you love your partner and friends.

Anyhoo, we hit it off immediately. Carnally, he walked into the coffeeshop and I wanted to rip his clothes off of him. tongue.gif He always shaves before I see him so EVERYTHING is smoooooooth and eversokissable. I dig every callous on his appendages. This up-coming week will be the first time since I've met him that we get uninterrupted adult time. I personally do hereby swear to kiss every inch of his shiny dome. Have I said too much? wink.gif

Okay, I'm finna bathe and get ready. His custody evaluation is at 2PM, so please send him your bestest Bustie vibes.

Talk to you all latah!!
Lots going on in here.

(((doodle, pugs)))

minx, sounds like it's gonna be a good weed. biggrin.gif

I emailed a coworker yesterday to ask about coming back to work next week. I have a feeling she's not in today though and hasn't read the email so I think I'll drop by on Monday and see what's up. I have to admit, I'm excited about starting my new job. I keep gleefully saying to people, "I get my own office!". Although right now the office is part of a meeting room with a divider in it...our Women's Centre is over flowing with staff right now. I'm also excited for another silly reason. I've worked there for almost 3 years and I'm finally core staff, which means I finally get to go to staff meetings and do real work. Given that the centre has repeatedly found ways to keep me around when my contracts were supposed to end, I have a feeling I'll be working there for the long haul.

As for this weekend, it's my last weekend of vacation and I've made it a busy one. Today I'm going bike riding (I've been doing 35Km the last week every day) and then to go see the band Stars with a friend. Tomorrow me and my dad are hitting up the farmers market and I'm making ice cream cone cupcakes for a surprise party for one of my best friends. It's a wedding party party, so only her wedding party is invited so we can all get to know each other better. And then on Sunday I'm going to the beach with some friends. Monday I have a doctors appointment, so I told work I can't go in, but I'm hoping to get a bike ride out of the guy I'm into. tongue.gif

Time to go hit the bike trails. Yesterday I ended up in the middle of the city, semi-disorieted beside some train tracks and I found a tree house that wasn't on anyone's property. And because I'm 6 years old, all day I kept excitedly telling people about the tree house I found. biggrin.gif
"Mealy-mouthed crotch pheasants" never gets old!!! Hahahaha!!

Hi all!!

Cute pic, minx!! Another bald guy, eh? Cute.

~*~*~*~*~health vibes for doodle~*~*~*~*~

Congrats on the loan, CH!!

Nothin' much going on here. Boss is gone. Poodledude's parents are visiting this weekend. That's about it. I plan on drinking margaritas alone and watching Shaun of the Dead this evening.

ETA- Diva, you'd be so proud of me. I bought a nice, black Coach handbag. I looooooove it. It's so well constructed and classy and perfect for my carrying needs. I don't really want to say how much I spent on it other than that I got it for about $125 off the original retail price. Oh god, now I sound like an accessories addict. smile.gif Sam sounds like a cutie as usual, by the way.
I wanna see, Poodle! Haha, my influence has rubbed off on you! I've had my eye on their patchwork bags for quite awhile but can never find an excuse to shell out for one. I'm kinda picky about getting a pretty steep discount on my designer stuff. I've had my eye on this acid yellow leather Marc Jacobs bag that I'm waiting to go on sale. I'm hoping it'll go for less than half price, which would still be $700. But I've still got my federal tax refund and BS economic incentive checks to cash, so maybe.

Hi, Minxy! Artman sounds very nice and grounded, and very grown-up. You deserve a decent guy like him.

Hi, Erin! Those cucakes sound divine. Congrats on all the biking you're doing. I haven't been on a proper bike (stationary bikes don't count) since college, which was well over 10 years ago. And congrats on the new job!

I'm mad at MN NARAL. Some canvasser came to my door last night while I was gone and duped the giant into giving them $20 citing the reason that signing a petition and giving your address on it isn't enough for it to count. I've done plenty of canvassing and fundraising in my day, and I know that is bull-freaking-shit. So they got a nasty-gram from me about their unethical fundraising tactics. We'll see what comes of it. You don't make people feel like they don't have a choice, it's just bad form.

This day is going by too slowly, which probably means I should tuck into some work. At least that vile woman I've complained about before came in to sign papers, which means I'll probably never have to see her again and her child will get taken away because she's a crackhead floozy.

Oh! I forgot to mention about my cousin who I can't stand that was on Millionaire last month! He only won a lousy $1000, which, after taxes, barely even pays for his airfare to get there. Hah! Is it wrong for me to take so much joy in him basically falling flat on his face on national television? He's really kind of punk wannabe jerk.
Diva, I want your daffodil cake recipe!!

The wedding was great - nearly perfect actually. It didn't rain and the sun came up just in time for the ceremony. I had an absolute blast. I didn't know weddings could be that fun. We've received many compliments and people saying that the wedding was very "us" and very genuine and heartfelt, all of which is great to hear.

Thanks for asking. I don't want to be one of those women who only has one topic (the wedding) for conversation so I usually don't talk about it unless someone else brings it up. But I am so happy with how it turned out that I love talking about it. smile.gif

Gotta run... I'm trying to get back in the swing of Busting but I usually end up just lurking. I'll try to post more.
Daffodil Cake Recipe:

1 white cake in a 9x13 pan, cooked per instructions on box
1 large box instant vanilla Jello pudding
1 8 oz brick of cream cheese, softened
1 large can of crushed pineapple, drained of all excess juice
small tub of Cool Whip
1/2 cup crushed/ground walnuts

When the cake is cooled, make the Jello with about half the milk the box calls for. You'll want it extra-thick and non-runny. Mix the sofened cream cheese into the pudding, preferably with an electric mixer since a whisk never really does it well enough. Spread a very thick layer of that on the cake. Drop crushed pineapple on that in a fairly even layer. Spread Cool-Whip on top of pineapple with an offset spatula. Sprinkle walnuts on top. Enjoy! (leftover pudding mixture is excellent with Nilla Wafers for dipping, just so you know, it's totally worth keeping the extra)

Where did you have your wedding? How many people? That's so wonderful that it went well and you didn't get rained on. I know it's supposed to be good luck, but I can't figure out how it wouldn't suck to get rained on at your wedding.

That sounds sooo good!! Mmmmm.... *drools all over thread* Maybe I should make cack this weekend.

I've been wanting a yellow bag lately, too. I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that is too trendy though. The Coach purse is timeless and versatile, so I'm cool with the pricetag. There are a couple yellow Michael Kors bags (and one lime green) at T.J. Maxx that I'm in love with. Still, I have a hard time justifying the $100+ prices.
tha hits just keep on a-comin'!

i got laid off today for atleast a month. i want to take things at face value, but monday would have been my first day after the 90 day trial period, and my first day with med/dental bennies. and my tooth hurts.

seriously, god/dess, WTF?!

sigh. so i go to file for unemployment. on the upside, there is a good chance i could make up the money in my former freelancing occupation, if you get my meaning. but i have some other possiblilities for making a little scratch. we'll see.

*sigh* here's hoping this is the other shoe dropping...
Good Evening!

Pugs, what's going on with you and the mister?? Is everything okay? ~*~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*~*~*

Kari, have you heard anything about the car?? ~*~*~*ongoing car vibes~*~*~*~*~

Hey Beck! Come by when you can, we always love more people in here!

Diva, hee, Sam's so cute. I totally forgot about your cousin who went on Millionaire. Holy crap that cack sounds wonderful! *drools*

Minx, Artman sounds wonderful. How did things go at his custody evaluation?

Erin where abouts is this cool treehouse??? Sounds so cool!!! That's great about how far you are riding. my hat goes off to you for doing that.

Poodle, great find on the bag!

Catsoup, that is wonderful that your wedding went so well.

Fuck me, $700.00 for a bag? Dayyyyyum. Mind you this coming from a person who feels it perfectly reasonable to spend 60 or 70 on a bra and $100.00 plus on jeans. You are getting quality, too.

I must go and purchse some ingrediants to cook. I'm going to a dog party tomorrow and we're having a potluck as well.

ETA: X posted with GT. I'm sorry hun. ~*~*~*~*~jobbity job vibes and toofy vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

*rocks back and forth on clown shoes*
Hello all, this is a quick one. Happy Solstice, by the way!

Tried to go to work yesterday....boy was THAT foolish! I lasted about 3 hours on the store floor, but it was pretty bad, so I managed to wait it out until there were 4 other staff to handle the floor and I came home. I phoned doodlemama and finally fessed up to the hospital visit - as I predicted in my head, it was better to wait, as she could hear in my voice that I'm fine and she didn't have time to get all worked up about it while I was in there. Hippiegirl decided I shouldn't have to pass a stone without some weed, so now I am thusly blessed. wink.gif Jammed with banjoboy in the evening, and then mr scorpio came over after work to look after me. Awww. I called in sick this morning, and I just woke up now - mr scorpio's gone back out to work.

Oh, apparently I won another prize in the store - most sales $ in an hour's timespan during a one week period, or something like that. I was too sick to claim my prize yesterday, though.

Stepmomma is having a mastectomy some time in the next few weeks.

I am trying to decide whether to name this stone Spawn of Dorothy or Dorothy 2.0.
(((((doodle))))) I'm so glad that you're taking it easy today, and have such good people to help care for you. I vote Spawn of Dorothy. smile.gif

Its a gorgeous day here, we've just been sittin' on the balcony most of the day, watching the Chicago-Mackinaw regatta float by on the lake. Not much wind today for a change, so the sailboats were moving verrrrry slowly. We had a FUN bustie BBQ here last night, lots of good food, conversation and likker. heh. And lemme tell ya - Chicago busties can COOK. I've got neighbors coming over in a bit to enjoy the leftovers from last night - YUM!

*whistles at poodle's fancy new bag* I can't tolerate purses much, I tend to leave them places. I still roll college-style, with a tiny wallet with enough space for an ID, debit card and transit card. Now, fancy bags for my bike - that's what I drool over. smile.gif

I got a flat of strawberries this morning at the market, since our CSA U-pick day was cancelled for tomorrow, due to flooding. So, I cleaned 6qts today, flash froze them on a sheet tray, and bagged them up for smoothies, etc for the winter. YAY!

(((((GT)))))) I hope you find another gig soon - that is SO completely shitty that they laid you off, rather than pay benefits - is there any recourse through the union? First Minxy, and now this - what is WRONG with employers?!
Fuck, I can't believe he's back again. I'm so grateful there's an ignore button.

GT, that's so harsh about the job.

CH, it's in Whittier Park. I got sort of disoriented on the monkey trails and decided to see where this road went. It led up to some train tracks so I followed those for a while and sort of tripped on this place when I couldn't go any further on my bike.

I actually added up all the rides I did all week (i have a bike computer) and I ended up doing about 185KM. So awesome. My legs are so tired today though. I did a 20K ride but I'm taking tomorrow off.



Turbo, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Erin, I know that park! that's so freakin' neat about the treehouse. What do you think of the new stadium plan? I, for one, am outraged. Do people really think it's acceptable to put the stadium there simply because the majority of people who live there are low income?? It's okay to just act like a bull in a chine shop because these people are just going to take it?? how about putting the house along wellington and displacing all the well to doers there. oh wait, it won't happen because these people pay more tax and they're "upstanding" citizens. *vomits*


Soooo, yah. I went to the potluck and it was fantastic. Lots of food, the weather was almost shitty, but every time it moved around us. Right when we wrapped up, it started up again.


*****TROLL ALERT*****

our usual shmuck troll is back. with 3 profiles. instead of putting up with his bs, click on the link below to block his posts and doctored photos. on the next pages, click on the update ignored users button at the bottom of the page.*

BLOCK TROLL: filibuster
BLOCK TROLL: dustbuster
BLOCK TROLL: misslips

*it is also a good idea to add these names to your block pm list if needed and to set your acct to require approval for comments.
(Posting more subtly here)

Actually, it's posting under 3 names- I got oodles of comments from "MissLips", so block that one, too!

Crap, not sure how you formatted that GT, to go directly to my ignore list, so here's a link to the profile!

Remember to IGNORE POSTS and BLOCK PM'S!!

BLOCK TROLL: filibuster
BLOCK TROLL: dustbuster
to Quoth the GT:

*****TROLL ALERT*****
our usual shmuck troll is back. with 2 profiles. instead of putting up with his bs, click on the link below to block his posts and doctored photos. on the next pages, click on the block button at the bottom of the page. you must click both.

BLOCK TROLL: filibuster
BLOCK TROLL: dustbuster

IN the meantime, enjoy this informative video on the complicated issue of choice
Yeppers, I lurve our take-charge busties who charge in to warn and protect the community from the idiot trolls who have nothing better to do once school lets out. I never even had to look at the posts, I just went and ignored, ignored, ignored. Yeah! Thanks, busties!

Phew! I think I am feeling okay today. Not wonderful in terms of wanting to do cartwheels on the lawn or anything, but I think I slept about 12 hours last night. The only frustrating thing is feeling like I have to pee all the time - I swear that stone is in my bladder.

Ooh, funny thing! Yesterday late afternoon, I woke up from a nap to find hippiegirl standing in the doorway of my bedroom, talking to me! I guess she was phoning all day and buzzing the door and shouting up at my windows, and finally the gay ex-priest let her in because they were both so worried about me not answering! Once I got over my shock, I acquiesced to letting hippiegirl hang out for a bit, and also the friend she had with her (whom we did the Vagina Monologues with). (The gay ex-priest, I will repay later.) They smoked me up on the balcony while we talked and stared at the river and the trees. Also, they washed all my dishes, bagged up all my empty bottles under the sink, and swept my kitchen floor!! Awwwwwwwww. They were going out to the country to a farm dance later.

Hippiegirl is actually camping at a different farm about 45 minutes out of town for the summer - with her cat! The cat sleeps in the tent with hippiegirl, no shit, and is scared of the llamas, but seems to otherwise be enjoying country life. hippiegirl is working out there for the summer, mainly at the farm's produce stand, but also a little bit in the fields. It's an organic co-op farm - she's promised to bring me fresh strawberries next time she comes into town. Yummmmm!!!

Anyway. I am back at a new temp gig tomorrow (back at the eco-research place), but it's only 4 hours a day in a sit down job, and I'm not back at the store till Friday evening, so it'll be a more relaxing change of pace.

hippiegirl has suggested the name Toto for the latest version of the kidney stone, and now I'm really torn about what to call it.....
Good Evening!

Props to GT!

Hi to Polly and catlady, too bad it's not under better circumstances.

Doodle, that is really sweet that Hippie Girl and Gay ex preist came around to check on you. What's going on with you and BEB? you haven't talked about him much. Same with neighbours. i don't remember if it's Banjoboy and new roomie.

Today i went back to the mall and found a very pretty shoirt to wear to friends wedding, now I just need pants or a longer skirt. It's a West Indian Wedding and I don't want to be flashing my cooch, mind you when is that appropriate at a wedding? hee.

Worked out, took dog out. The usual. Now I'm off to meet The AC.

I just got to ride on the most. amazing. speedboat. ever. I want it. So badly.

I have a video, if anybody's interested in seeing it, IM me...there is a child in a portion of the picture so I hesitate to make it really broadcast...but it was the ride of my life.

I just got back from a family reunion~I'm lucky in that our family is a lot of fun and really, truly enjoys getting together. And I get to see my life flash before my eyes riding in boats. Heh.

I did break my toe, though. Word to the wise: 40 year olds should not be allowed to sleep in the top bunk of a bunk bed, after a long night of drinking. I missed the lower bunk when I was trying to climb out in the morning. Ouch. Heh.

Just call me "ms. purple toe"....

Tree I wanna see!!!! Boats are fun. Glad you had fun at the family reunion.

I just got back from my visit with The AC. smile.gif hee. I am an evil woman, but I heart me.

So how was everyone's weekend?

damn, i get laid low by a virus (of the computer kind) for a week, can't get to bust (and a whole host of other regular sites) for a while, finally think to clear my cache and do a few other 'puter trickies, and come back to find a full-scale troll invasion. i'ma go catch up on the archives.
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