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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Dayum babygirl, am I glad that you are okay. Take some ibuprofen, take a shot of something strong, and get lots of sleep.

I'm so glad you are okay.
OMG (((((((GT)))))))) I hope you are okay! Take care of yourself!!!
GT, how are you doing??
(((((GT))))) OMG, how are you doing, sister?

~*~*~*~money vibes for CH~*~*~*~

And a big hello to everyone! I'm just kind of driving by....though I think I'll make a quick post over in Portions. I am frigging exhausted! The last night I had to myself was Sunday, and I fell asleep at 8 PM! wink.gif

mr scorpio accidentally took my keys with him this morning (he had gone to get us breakfast earlier), so he had to bring them into the store. He was all sheepish and apologetic, but I just thought it was cute. I have to admit I'm growing kind of fond of him.

George is engaged in battle with a centipede....

Oh ya, and I have to ask....FJ....cabbage leaves????
I hope you don't have a shock, or something.

Glad you're ok, Tree!

Hi Anna, CH and FJ!
Sorry for jumping over your posts.
Back later. wink.gif

********Safety Vibes***********
sorry. i took a super long hot bath and a nap.

mr. t and i went to go look at the car.
it was crazy. she said impact was about 2 inches from my seat.
the entire back door was fucked up.
the top hinges were separated --sheared--from the door,
and the can opener like gash
went from one side of the back door
to the other. once it gets past the door
it widens to pull back most of the metal
to the back end of the rear wheel well.
the mr says that i'm pretty lucky to be here.

i was in a bit of shock, some of my old injuries are a bit achy, but i seem to be ok. i will know if i am super sore tomorrow.

thanks for all the ()s. it means a lot.

never gave it much thought before, but now, i think it's safe to say
i freaking hate fri 13th....

glad to hear you are ok, tree! <3
(((((((GT))))))))) My dear, I am SO happy that you are safe, and mostly uninjured. Do go and get a check up at the doc ASAP, though, OK? I'm so very very thankful that mr. t is there to take care of you. Take it easy this weekend.

All is well in chicago after the latest storms Thursday night. It was pretty much the messiest bike commute ever yesterday - thank cod it was casual friday, because I was coated in mud head-to-toe by the time I got to work, and at least I was just throwing jeans on. I kept brushing dirt out of my hair all day. yuck. It was also the official "bike to work week" in Chicago, so there was a big rally yesterday morning at Daley Plaza - free breakfast, bike swag, t-shirts and there was a jazz band playing. It was pretty fun, and cool to talk to so many other cyclists.

FJ!!!! I'm so glad to hear that all is going so well for you and the fam! Weaning, new job, and daycare, and all smooth-sailing - you are blessed indeed! And I love the image of the cabbage stuffed boobies. heh.

Hi hi doodle!!
OMG! ((((GT)))) I'm super-glad you're as un-hurt as you sound! (Though, get yourself checked out!)

What was the story? Were the others involved okay? If doctor gives the OK, maybe try some pilates posture stuff to keep yourself alligned while your body processes the stress.

Take care!

Thanks for the Jackaroo and Jackbitty report smile.gif

Heya heya all else! smile.gif

Grrrl, I introduced Goaty to Firefly, and while she was resistant at first, now that she's heard that they stopped after the first season, she's as outraged as we are smile.gif Ahh... It's a bitter-sweet bonding.
*goes through kvetch passage, studiously ignores strangely coated doorknob*

((((GT))))) So glad to hear you're okay. What a shock that must have been. I like lore's idea of enabling/allowing your body to process the stress in the best way possible. A little TLC won't hurt either: I'm glad you're being looked after.

Glad to hear you're okay too Tree: yikes!

Lore, I loved Firefly!

You sound superb FJ, glad to hear all is well.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of posts: I hope you're all having great Saturdays! Mine is going well so far, I'm at home chilling out on my own and somewhat languidly putting together a job application. Deadline isn't for a week, hence the languid-ness. Tonight I plan to do nothing but watch movies and bad TV.

((((gt))))) here are some more ~*~*healing vibes*~*~...I think Lore's got a great idea as well. Be gentle with yourself right sounds like quite the shock, both physically and emotionally.
Drivin' by, getting ready for work.....

More (((((((GT))))))) for girltrouble.....poor thing. I never even THOUGHT about it being Friday the 13th!! EEK!

tree, what is the weird weather doing now?

Ok, I can't stay online....just got a call from Greyhound....doodlemama found me some sandals to fit my big ugly feet and I want to go pick 'em up before work!

GT, oh thank goodness you're okay. How did this happen??

Turbo, the bike event sounds cool There was a big strip and ride thing here last night.

Hey Lore!

Sybarite, the evening sounds fantastic!

Hi hi Tree! I see the water is starting to recede. ~*~*~*ongoing stay dry vibes~*~*~*~

hi Doodle! Hope you like the sandals.

Well, I'm off to the bank soon, must eat and finish getting ready. This evening I've tentative plans to get together with PR Boy. We had a reall great conversation last night, I'm so glad that all is well between him and I.

Wish me bank luck!

We're still under flood warning, although today happens to be a sunny and windy day...more storms predicted to come tonight.
FJ-- wots dis 'bout cabbige stufft bewbies?!? that's just weird...

tree, have you seen any flooding near you or is it only warnings so far? oddly enough, i'm jealous that you've got sun. it's been a unusually grey spring here. i want my sun. there's the normal seattle grey, but this the pale. recent circumstances make it feel like there's a cloud over me,'d be nice if it weren't literal.

YAY for new doodle treats! so fun getting packages!!!!

has anyone seen kelkello? i miss her all of the sudden. sad.gif

culture (HHH) don't get into too much trouble this weekend, you tart! no, get into PLENTY of trouble!

i too love the firefly, lore... the movie made me lurve it even more. which is funny since i cannot abide buffy (unless it's the movie. how can you not like that? it's got pee wee as a vampir!) i may get some sort massage...but my money is super tight and i am 2 weeks away from med n dental bennys...god i need to move to canada...

the accident happened cos i was in a rush to work. basically i got tagged by a huge BNSF crane rigg they use on the train tracks near my work. it was totally my fault. it's for the best. i don't really need a car. my work commute is super short. i should just get a bike. i'll do a great impression of a north american mud covered turbo jenn... wink.gif

i'm glad mr. t is looking after me too. in many ways, i'm the artistic/absent minded professor type. i'll forget where i put my socks when they are on my feet. accident shock in a welding shop is not a good scenario. i was sure i was gonna blow the place up when i was using the oxy/fuel torch....

hi poodle,kari,rosey, and everybustie!
oh, yes, there's been flooding near me...monona bay (on the edge of madison) is sandbagging, the town where my old shack is sitting is sandbagging, and this is the most amazing thing that happened:

Lake Delton drains It's kind of a long article, but if you have a little time, it's quite a story.

Here's a You Tube video~it's 5 minutes long: floating house

So far, I personally have been okay, the sump pumps are working well in my underground parking, but the sewage system here is maxed out and they fear widespread backups if the rain continues.

One guy who works with me lives near that Lake Delton area, and he has not been back to work since the flooding started, so vibes for him would be appreciated. He's a very nice guy.

~*~*sunny day vibes*~*~ for take care of yourself, y'hear? And, I'd love to get rid of my car, myself. I'm a little too far out from downtown to be able to do that.

I took my German friend to the farmers market, she has never been there before. She had a wonderful time and I think we're going to make it a ritual.
Gooooooooood Afternoon, again!

GT, you know I'm always getting into trouble. I've got tentative plans to see the top. wink.gif

More stormy weather tree?? Bah.

I should get the loan, I have to put the car up as colateral, but I'm not too concerned, that's what it was like before I went to the bank. The loan will be paid back in 5 years.

This has been a good day so far, worked out hella hard, plans this evening. Plans tomorrow.

That's what I've got going on right now. How has everyone else's weekend so far?

Cripes, all this flooding back home. Dayum. sad.gif Hope y'all don't get covered in doo-doo.

GT, I'm super-glad that you are on the mend. Tell the Mister I'm glad she's taking such good care of you.

CH, didja get to play naughty with the Top? tongue.gif

Hung out with Artman last night. First time he's been over to my place. Things are kind of a busy drag in his life and we hadn't gotten to hang out at all for the last week, and only got to talk over the phone once. He's in the middle of a narsty custody battle (hmmm...sounds familiar with my situation with exasshat about four years ago). He has his CE this coming Friday and his folks have been in town, and now his sister is coming into town tomorrow for another week. *le sigh* But last night he brought over a case full of tapes, some really great food (including this blue cheese from Fairbault, MN and South African sweet peppers!!) and we drank bourbon, talked, made with the sweet, sweet HBI all night long, and FINALLY got some well-needed cuddle time.

He's a really great cuddler. wink.gif

And he brought me flowers from his gardens. He totally remembered that my favorites are purple (non-bearded) irises. Check this out:

Ah lahks him a lot.
Good Morning!

Minx, artman sounds really wonderful, I'm so happy that you are happy. You deserve this.

I did indeed get naughty with PR boy the top. Hee. We did have a really good evening, we always do when we get together.

I'm off to meet ErinJane. I should finish getting ready.

Diva, I want that cake recipe! Please post it when you have a chance.

hey catsoup, how's it going??

Where is everyone?? CH lonely. and very very tired.
hello all. long time no type. smile.gif Son had used so much internet downloading and watching from youtube that my bandwidth was throttled severly. I could not load any of the bust pages. <sigh>

hmmm. last here I was posting lovely things that this fellow I was seeing was saying to me. he left me, as the relationship was getting closer than he thought possible and he was scared. he came back two days later and said that he could not live without me and he got down on one knee and proposed. I said that I do not believe in paperwork any longer. he's proposed three more times since then. we're living together for now. he is sweet and gentle and just wonderful. we met years ago, kinda just saying hi, to becoming friends, to dating and now we are where we are. he's in the process of getting divorced - (one day out of the blue she wanted a divorce , she'd been running around - he kinda had an inkling, but was floored. later on her boyfriend left her).
son is ok with him, too. older sons are yelling - Pre-nup!!!

Court is tomorrow. Contempt of court against lamex. he also refuses to return my possessions that was in our safe (he had the only combination) and my mother's jewelry is suddenly 'missing'. I'm confident. but still, not looking forward to his sneer. to top it all off, I'm still here (held hostage) until court and all. son left weeks ago, and is back home. We will be driving back once this is over with.

so that's it from me.

(((GT))) so thankful that you are ok. your description gave me the shivers.
zowie, tree ~ drying vibes for you.
CH ~ go get 'em girl.

ta for now. jami out.
It's Jami!!!!!!!!!!

It's good to see you back here. I hope court goes well tomorrow for you. Lamex the cockwad must go away. To pluto or something frozen and awful.
*limps into the thread*
hi jami! glad to see you back, i love your story. good that things are going so well for you. that's awesome!

minx, those flowers are so sweet! lucky duck!

ugh what a day. thanks for the sun vibes, tree, the worked like a charm! how is floodwatch 08? here's hoping the trouble is receding.

i was restless, and thought i'd make myself useful at mr t's house, by trimming the bushes in front of her house.
i had an allergic reaction, and was sneezing but that seemed like that was it.

then my eyes started to itch. i rinsed them a couple of times, and my right eye started to swell shut.
the mr and i went out to get some eyedrops, the swelling went down, a bit, but then my hip started aching. it seems the accident has enflamed my old sk8 board injury, bursitis/sciatica, so anything other than laying down results in a pinched nerve/sharp pain...and...


i got a grey eyelash!
Welcome back jami!!! It sounds like that guy is crazy about you.

blink.gif GT, you have been certainly having a rough time of it! I hope things get better, and SOON! I haven't personally seen any grey eyelashes but I have seen grey in my eyebrows. I'm glad Mr. T is taking care of you.

CH, yay on the getting down and dirteh with the top. smile.gif

Minx, I love reading about you and Artman. He sounds like quite a guy.

I think we're out of the woods as far as the flooding...many roads are still impassable, even some of the main ones, but the weather forecast is promising. Hopefully by the time I have to go to Minnesota for the family reunion on Friday, I'll be able to get there.

((((okayers)))) have a good week!
Good Morning! Even though it's Monday. Booooooooooooooooooo.

Oh my dear, GT. ~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~* How are you doing today??

Hey Tree! Things are starting to improve, thank goodness!

Soooooo, where's everyone else been???

Good morning all! Sorry i've been so MIA. BUSY as fuck last week (so busy, in fact, no time to fuck...which SUCKS). Then father's day, etc. We took moxette to her first real movie-theatre movie yesterday with the BFFs, and neither of the 2yr olds flipped out! They both had to run a bit, but since there were only toddlers and their families there, it wasn't a big deal.

FJ..."oh, pherber, i'm only 7weeks along. we had an ultrasound on monday and saw itty-bitty's heart beating. i have to confess that i don't have the same bond that i did with 'roo." YES...I can't help but feel the same way. I presume it comes from knowing what pregnancy is like, and my subconcious gearing up for a long-haul. Plus, we also have our "eldests" at home to use up our gushy reserves. that being said, very much starting to "feel" clothes are fitting differently, my belly is chubby looking but firm to the touch, and we even had a talk about names last week.

Hmmmm....what else? I've been oddly glued to the Tim Russert memorial stuff on MSNBC. He was YOUNG and last week, looked giddy like a schoolboy. I feel for his son and his wife, who were in Italy when he passed. So sudden.

Ok, got not much else. Gotta get some monday morning monday work done.
Hello everyone! Catch up time.

Minneapolis was alright. That city is weird though. We drove through downtown at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon and it was like it was deserted. I don't like it when cities have a deserted downtown, even though Winnipeg mostly does too. The show, however, was totally awesome. My parents had a great time too. I was in the very front of the mosh pit, a nice fellow who was about 6'1 and in front of me said it wasn't fair that I had to stand behind him so he offered me his spot, which I enthusiastically took. Gogol Bordello puts on a super entertaining show, I think that was the most fun I've had at a concert in my life. Plus, I got to touch Eugene Hutz so I can die happy now.
My ear appointment got moved to next Monday, which is pretty useless as far as I'm concerned. But amazingly, I woke up this morning and I could hear out of my left ear! I've been almost totally deaf on that side of my head since Tuesday. Nice to finally feel like I'm getting healthy again.

As CH said, we met up yesterday. She's as awesome in real life as she is on the board. biggrin.gif

GT, glad to hear you're okay after the accident. Sucks about the old injuries though.

*healin' vibeage for GT* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Great to read that you all sound so happy in the relationships department smile.gif

Goaty and I are heading out very soon to Flathead Lake in Honeymoontana! We're driving down 'til Saturday for something of a 2nd honeymoon biggrin.gif We had our original honeymoon there in the same vacation cabin that my Aunt and Uncle own. We'll be hanging out with them the first day, then doing whatever on our own (or with their super-nice neighbors) the rest of the time. Thinking of renting horses one of the days. Anyway, reeeally excited!
quick drive-by!

good fucking maude gt! so glad you came out of that okay! take it easy and take care of yourself.

tree, yay, no flooding! glad you're okay too.

hi minx, mox, culture, erin, turbo, lore, diva, syb, doodle, jami, anyone else i missed.

this weekend was pretty low-key. saturday i went and chopped all my hair off again. i've been going back and forth for a while, but friday clinched it. i took my bike around the corner to my favorite tac truck by the stop and rob, and when i got back , my hair was just dripping with sweat. i've never liked having it around my neck and ears, and since it was still too short to put up and showing no signs of a growth spurt, i said fuck it and took the scissors to it. or rather, the stylist did. i wanted to rock a fauxhawk, but my thick nappy hair refuses to cooperate, so i had to settle for plain ol' short and butchy. but it's nice to feel the wind against my head again, and much cooler.

saturday i also downloaded a virus, which oughta teach me not to steal shit on the interwebs, but circuit city had norton antivirus on sale for ten bucks starting sunday, so it's all good, and my limewire and bitlord's still going strong. tongue.gif

called the sperm donor for dad's day yesterday, and i completely forgot he had knee surgery a couple weeks ago. but he's doing okay, and was very proud of c-monkey's report card.

nothing else much doing. i'm hanging at the momster's right now after going in to work at 9. head boss was on the floor showing us a new procedure and mentioned one of the b shift people called in sick, and i volunteered to go home and come back this afternoon to cover for her. and now i kinda feel bad about that, because i didn't even ask my other co-irkers if they minded moving their schedules around, and immediate boss is back from vacay, and i haven't even seen him, let alone asked if it was okay that i leave and come back. but i figured head boss was there and seemed relieved with the plan, so he can make the excuses to immediate boss. or i can get reamed for it when i go back at 2, either way. tongue.gif

going in to work tonight means c-money's at the momster's and i wont be able to go pick up her prescription with the after work. kaiser and their stupid pharmacy are pissing me off. her meds only get refilled once every three months, but they're a controlled substance, so they can't be refilled automatically, and they can't be refilled before a certain number of days before she's out. problem is, because it's a controlled substance, they don't keep her full prescription amount on hand, so we have to wait for them to order it, and in the meantime, if she runs out of meds, well, we're just sol. but we can't call ahead of time and say "we're bringing in a prescription for this medication for this amount, please order it now so she doesn't run out", then when we complain that they don't have the full amount on hand and she needs them, and no, we don't want to waste the gas driving back up there, getting another 'scrip and another co-pay from her doc and picking up the remainder next week, they bitch at us for "cutting it so close"! and anyway, their automated system says they don't have it in yet, but it's been over a week since we took the 'scrip in and they ordered it. man, i really wish i was going up with the momster to bitch at a manager tonight. i mean she does things all reasonable and ends up apologizing to them afterwards. not me, i bitch and throw tantrums and let them know in no uncertain terms that they had best get their shit worked out. meh, now i got myself all worked up just in time to go back to work in a bad mood. rolleyes.gif

Hey Mox! My goodness, to time for fuckery, daaaaaamn, that is busy. Not fun.

Awwww Erin. *blushes* shucks that's nice of you. you were exactly as I imagined. Hee, you got to touch Eugene Hutz, I can die happy now. that's great!

Lore, enjoy your second honeymoon!!!

Grrrl, that is really stooooooopid about the RX, wtf???

It was a quiet day at work today, training someone new, and he's a nce guy and all, I just get tired of making small talk. Bah. Came home took the dog out and worked out.

Hey y'all!

(((((GT)))))) I hope that sicatica/bursitis calms down! Ouchie! And then allergies too - yeesh - I hope this week is entirely lacking in drama!

We had a good weekend - busy, but good. Picked up the car from the body shop friday night, and BARELY made it home - that car is fucked up. You have to put your whole weight behind it to get the gears in, 3rd pops out in the middle of driving which is *really* dangerous, and 5th is mush. Ugh. So the car went back to the shady shop today.

After the car drama on friday, we took our neighbors out to dinner to thank them for loaning us their car constantly so turbomann could get to work...funny thing, they drive the same car we have, also a manual! Saturday, I biked and farmers marketed, and worked around the house, before going to our friend's 30th b-day at the beer garden...after which, I was very very sick on Sunday - I don't think I drank too much, but my tummy did not appreciate burger + sangria when my body is still a little screwed up after the antibiotics a couple weeks ago.

Eeeeeee! Mox is 7 weeks along already! And feeling preggo!! So exciting!

Lore - have fun for all of us in HoneymoonMontanaland!!!

*waves to CH & Grrrl*
hello my lovlies.
what a day. not a nice one, I'm thinking... not too sure.
Lamex was a 'dick' to quote my lawyer. he was argumentative, acted superior, sneered. his girlfriend wore jeans and flop-flops. he was completely grey - I didn't recognize him at first. and she must have gained 40 pounds or more. quite the pair.
Judge gave him artwork that was given to me, re-opened the settlement. way stupid, but that's what happened.
I did make my point on a lot of matters. I was calm and respectful. Lamex was... lamex.
Judge made no ruling, it'll come in a week or two.
ps... new love says 'hi'. he is truly greatful for the support that you have given me.
hugs to you all.
way tired, too much stress.
jami out.
Halloooooooo everyone! Sorry I have not posted in the last couple of days - but I HAVE read everything!

Let me scorpio stayed over Saturday night and then came back Sunday night. Lots of wild, wild HBI all over the house....deets in Portions. wink.gif Then today I helped a friend clean up her suite and take a bunch of crap to the dump, and then we went out to her dad's to see the new colts!! Of course, I was wearing my fancy new girlie sandals (I didn't think it through well enough), and when we arrived at the country digs, my friend's stepmom just laughed at me and found me some horrible old boots to clomp around in. We explored the many acres and communed with the horses, got eaten by skeeters, and played fetch with the big old country dogs....of course, 3/4 of the way into our explorations, I realized that it wasn't just mud that the fetch stick was covered in....but by then it was all over my jeans and stuff too.

I smell like horse poop.

So I'm going to go wash my clothes and take a long, hot bath.....

Tomorrow I am back with the Indian Band, and then Wednesday the Big Cheese will be visiting the store....eep!
Hello awesome ladies of the Okayland!

Hehe, doodle, when I went to the country a few weeks ago, I remembered just how intense horses smell.
I thought the horsesmell was mind-boggling, but beautiful. Mind, I didn't get close enough to smell like horse poop, though. happy.gif

...I'm afraid, I'm far too sexually frustrated, to even lurk in any sex thread. blink.gif

FJ, that sounds so funny, with the cabbage leaves!
Hope you're not feeling guilty, it's probably a good thing, and just means you're more relaxed with the second one, knowing what to expect. (oops, no pun intended... )
And wow, that's early!

Anna, I'll definetely relurk in the "getting healthy" thread. I'm so in need of some support.

Minx'n Jami, that's soooo freaking romantic! wub.gif

Something similar happened to my sister recently, she was actually on her way to see the doctor for her fucked up knee, when her brand new car totalled. Oh double ouch!
Hope you're already feeling better by now!

Sorry for not replying to everyone.
Being new to this thread's still a bit weird, cos a lot of stories are like puzzle pieces, but I'm slowly beginning to see the pictures. smile.gif

...Boy, am I tired...
I've started another myspace for the local subculture, just for fun, and now it's turning out to be real work, I get such an onslaught of requests, I made almost 400 friends in the first two weeks! blink.gif
I'm not showing off, the profile isn't about me, just about the local scene... had no idea, that there was such a demand for something like that. huh.gif

My strict budgeting really pays off, btw. Writing everything down, really helps spending my measly money more thoughtfully.
Seems like I'm getting through the month not only in dignity, but I even have a 'lil bit left every week for small treats!

Um, I forgot who posted this...(Kari?) I tried the grilled asparagus, sooo YUMMY!

Have a great day y'alls! biggrin.gif
Good Morning.

Turbo, car garbage, I know what you're going through, have you got it back yet?? ~*~*~*~car vibes~*~*~* how's your stomach??? Mmmm farmers marketing.

Hey Jami, lamex is a cockwad. Doesn't sounds like he's doing so well. Darn.

Heya Doodle! The coutry exploration sounds fun, I enjoy getting away, but I couldn't live in the middle of no where. Not my cup of tea.

Hey Pherber! The new profile and mass amount of people is realyl cool stuff, it shows that you have a following in the scene, that's great!

It's going to be hot here today. I can't tolerate this kind of weather. Not for me at all. I like it cooler, not hot! Blech.
Lol No!
The funny thing is, noone knows, that I'm doing the profile!
It's been talked of everywhere... who are the mystery people behind that lovely profile.
Odd, but flattering.
Yeh, I only started it to hone my mad html and layout skills.
So nerdy... laugh.gif
That's not nerdy, it's neat. My computer skills with stuff like that are minimal.
'Morning to everyone.

Unlike CH, I'm super excited about the hot weather. tongue.gif On Thursday I'm going to the beach with 3 good friends I don't spend enough time with. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do for the next two days. I'm starting to get back into working mode. I'm going to spend today doing the last of my errands so the rest of my time off is totally stress free. I hate having things looming over my head.

Ugh, multiple boys keep bugging me to go see them and I'm just not in the mood this week so I have to keep making up excuses. The ex is being too clingy. I feel like I'm attached to him all the freaking time because he never stops texting me.

grrrl, must be nice to have short hair in the summer. But I'll confess, now that my hair actually has some length back and I can see how good it looks long, I doubt I'll be so much as trimming it for a good long while.

CH, I was thinking you were exactly like I imagined too. I've met 3 message board people IRL in the last 3 months and everyone was exactly how I imagined actually.

(((jami))) New guy sounds great. smile.gif
I lost my job at Henry. Some fuck from one of the freshstart schools took it this morning.

Is there a shoulder that I can cry on?
Erin, you rock! Still too hot for me.

Oh minxy, I'm so sorry honey. ((((((((((minx)))))))))) what a bunch of assholes, you're not good enough to do the job you're already doing?? WTF is that about. They did the same thing to me at the job I'm currently at. It was so rediculous.
Hi all, quick having pains in my right side....hoping to god/dess it's not my kidney again, but please send lots of vibes either way. BEB is on his way to pick me up to take me to the ER. I don't know if that's what it is, but I'm not taking any chances this time.
oh minx, i'm so sorry...

if you've got their adress i can arrange to have a mangled white SAAB dropped on their house...

i'm not that good at sending vibes, but here goes:

~*~doodle health vibes~*~

and for all my stinky luck lately, i do have a knack for finding better jobs, so i have a feeling this one will work like gangbusters:

>-~-minxy betta job vibes-~-<
(((((((minxy))))))) I am SO sorry, my dear. I just don't think it should be legal to do this to teachers, unless you are firing them for performance issues....just SO. WRONG. I will send out ((((((perfect new job))))))) vibes for you, and do keep us posted.

I did ride my bike back out to the body shop today to pick up the car, and all seems to be well - Thank Cod. However, the shop will NOT be getting a good review from me, and I'll probably post a negative review on Yelp too.

Pherber - rock on with your myspace profile!!! I have to do a presentation to the bosses tomorrow to try and persuade them to get with the social networking world. I'd like to start a MySpace group, Facebook cause, and a blog...I think its the way to go, to drive traffic back to our core website and get our peeps more engaged. My bosses however, are WAY behind the times, and still don't get the web or emarketing, so we'll see. If they roundly turn me down, I need to get serious about networking for a new gig.

Doodle, I'm loving the image of you on the farm with fancy shoes, and playing with the puppers amidst all the manure. Good stuff! smile.gif Sounds like an afternoon well spent, though!

(((((minx)))) ~*~* better job vibes*~*~

~*~*health vibes for Doodle*~*~
Good Morning!

Doodle are you okay???? ~*~*~*~*health vibes for Doodle~*~*~*~*~

Minx, how are you doing this morning?

Turbo, I hate sketchy mechanics. Spreading the word is a good idea.

Hey GT! How are you feeling??

Hi Tree, how's the flodding, I saw that things aren't so good in Mississippi or Missouri, are you okay??

I jogged this morning. That's all I have going on.
I'm okay. Thanks, CH. There are only two high school positions left in the district and I am vying for them, but need to wait and find out if there are still other teachers in the district laid off that have more tenure than me. The one that's really ringing my bell is at the juvenile detention center. That has the advantage of being closer to my house by five miles, closer to Minxlette's afterschool program, and will probably house former students of mine. smile.gif Wish me luck. I'm on phone patrol today and taking Minxlette to my friend's house so that we can all get together and be coffee girls once again.

I love my friends.
((Minx)) That really sucks about your job. But, as you know, you are awesome and will find something great. I have some friends who teach in the Mpls schools and the shit you all have to deal with is remarkable. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for ya.

I hope Doodle is okay. **~**Health Vibes**~~**
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~SUPER jobity job vibes for Minx~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Hey Catsoup! How are things going on your end??
Hi Okayers.

I've had sort of a frustrating day...I am working on the FRICKING -80 Celsius Kelvinator and I just can't get the freaking thing going. I rebuilt one of its' compressors (the -80s have two and the department only wanted to replace the broken one) and now it's just giving me a royal PITA. I've had this thing in the shop since April Fools Day (yeah, pretty apt, isn't it?)...and I feel bad for the department who needs it. It's sort of old, and I think they should have replaced both compressors, but they didn't want to.

*Listen, folks, BOTH the compressors are the SAME AGE.*

I can't seem to get this thing below -40 and I've charged so much time to it already I can't work on it full time anymore (the bill would run so high they could've bought a new one)...

Actually I took this job over, and when I asked DS what I needed to do to it (he had brought it to the shop but didn't have time to do the repair)..he said I needed to change out the high stage.

Then a week later when I was able to get to it (we are SWAMPED) I said, okay, I'm rebuilding the high stage, right??? and then he said, "no, the low stage". And his partner agreed with him, said it was the low stage needed changing out.

So I changed out the low stage compressor.

So I am hoping they didn't just plain forget. Maybe I should have changed out the high stage one instead.

Okayer vibes would be MUCH appreciated. My bill is already approaching $3000. I CAN'T charge anymore.

*mumbles various obscenities aimed at DS for dumping it on her*

(((minx))) I cannot believe they'd do that. I seriously am flabbergasted. I have lost all faith in the public school system. ~*~*g'luck*~*~ vibes for Minx

CH, flooding seems to be past the really severe stages, but we still have a bunch of highways and roads closed/impassable. This is the worst I have ever seen it...but I think things are improving for most people...the weather looks to be dry through the week, so that should help. I think many farmers' crops are lost, though.

Turbo, you have my sympathies on the sketchy mechanics. You should be able to drive a car when you get it back. I only got a car back undriveable ONCE...and that was when a "friend of a friend" "fixed" it for pretty much nothing but parts, so I couldn't complain too much..
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