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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Thanks, you're all so kind!!! *blushes* smile.gif

I'm very happy and cheerful now, this week is starting great!

Finally- because last week got even worse. blink.gif

Thursday I went off to the venue where I do sound engineering and DJing (the pay is peanuts and I only do that once, or twice a week, so I don't really consider it a job)
During soundcheck, someone tells me an old drinking buddy of mine had died.
I knew, he was sick, and this was about to happen, but I was still in shock, but had to go on working.
Later, one of the musicians threw a fit and shouted abuse at me, something that never happened to me before.
I also saw one of the venue owners being very close and giggly with my crush, who works there, too! Ahhh!
My heart was crumbling, I was sooo fucking upset, about everything.

Friday, I had a DJ gig in that venue, by midnight, I got a little cake and stuff, but I was the most unhappy b-day girl, ever.
So I got very drunk, the other venue owner hugged me, because I couldn't stop crying...
Later, when I finished my set, I went to another bar, where friends all told me to stop being so shy and go after the crush, and not give a shit about all the gossiping.
I also got a nasty hate mail by that musician, who called me a "blonde Nazi sound mixer" among some other insults.
The letter was so ridiulous, it actually made me laugh, and everyone else, too.
I also won't get into trouble for that, because I haven't done anything wrong, the guy was just nuts, and a complete amateur...
Later, in yet another bar, I was kissing and fooling around with a young DJ girl! cool.gif

Needless to say, on Saturday, I woke up with the mother of all hangovers, I was so sick, I couldn't make it to the queer party.
So very late in the night, I just went to the venue, saw the crush, and realized they're not a couple, but she's maybe after him and jealous of me, which explains her oddly reserved behaviour of late.
He was very nice to me, so I decided to really NOT GIVE A FUCK anymore! biggrin.gif

*le sigh* I'm like a fourteen year old... tongue.gif

(because I'm actually catching up here...)
grrrl, that story is outrageous!!!
It's amazing you could react so level headed and just reported that bitch, I would've probably considered violence.
The nerve of some people. rolleyes.gif

CH, that's great news!!!

Good evening everyone!!

Yes, I HAVE been enjoying my 2 days off! I started yesterday with HBI and am finishing tonight with jamming! Alright, we jammin'....jammin'....

CH - wow, they got you in so quick? Is it covered by MSP, or is it considered an elective?

pherber....sounds like a birthday to remember! Or forget.... tongue.gif Welcome to 39, btw - glad for the company.

lore, what's a thumb drive? Can you wear it like a ring? God, that would be handy.

kari, what movie did you watch?

I start working for the Kamloops Indian Band's only one day a week (but it pays wayyy more), so I'm filling up the rest of the time at the store. Yesterday when I phoned in my temp schedule to the store manager, she was happy because she can put me in the store when the District Manager visits....eep! She sounded really happy about me being there when he is. Good thing I just bought a new blazer!

Ooh, I figured out how to get a little extra wear out of my jean jacket, till something I like finally comes into the is SOOOO damned big on me, but you know what? It looks great belted with my new rock star belt!! I just cinch it around the waist and let the whole chain hang down one side. Yeah! I'm a rock star!! tongue.gif It looks quite hot. I never would've tried that before, 'cos I always thought my ass was too big....but mr scorpio, he sure likes my now I'm flaunting it. wink.gif

Oh, and the MRG arrived this morning. *le sigh*
Totally forgot to mention, that I'm just going to have a summer barbecue party on my balcony in a few weeks, so I have time to plan and budget ahead.
Who needs b-days to party. tongue.gif

doodle, I'd actually love your company in the real life.
I sorely miss some of your rock'n roll attitude, in those precious little shits I have to work with. laugh.gif
Gooooood Morning!

Pherber, I'm sorry to hear about the friend and cockwad who wrote the letter, but aside from that, it sounds like you had a really great time! Oooh and a patio BBQ party, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Doodle, the surgery is elective, but work covers some and I can claim the rest on income tax because it needs to be 10% or your earnings, which it will be.

Soooo, we get our years worth of back pay next pay period. Well, this being Tuesday I'll do a good things Tuesday.

1. It's not rainy, rain is coming and that's okay.
2. A years worth of back pay next pay day.
3. Got together with AC last night. smile.gif
4. It's quiet at work.
5. eligible candidate for eye surgery.

Worked out last night, but cut it short so I could hang out with AC.

And that's really it for now.



I iz lonely.

CH, that is so awesome that the Lasik is partially covered! Sweet! Also, that is rad about getting a year's worth of back pay. Woot!

((pherber)) Sorry that your weekend was kinda the shits. Good for you on scheduling a patio BBQ for later though! You're right, who needs a birthday to party! That is good to find out that your crush and the gal are not a couple. I hope this week and weekend are better.

Hey Doodle! Glad you enjoyed your time off, I am sure you needed it. Can't wait to hear how your day of work goes today, it sounds so interesting! Regarding Lore's thumb drive, I believe he means a jump drive.

Things here are good today, b/c I work at home on Tuesdays. I got up early, did some stuff, took an hour off to get a haircut, and am now back at home to do more work. I have to give a presentation to our commissioners tomorrow. huh.gif I will be glad when it's over. I am not too worried about the actual presentation part, I have that all prepared. It's the Q&A session after that I hate. Bah. I hope they do not ask me hard things, I don't wanna look like a dummy!

1. Hair feels so much better after the haircut
2. Seeing the fam tonight
3. Leaving for Seattle on Friday AM! Which means I will get to spend some time with my sis.
4. Presentation will be over by tomorrow after work
Good evening!

CH, that's even better news!
I always thought those laser OPs were like plastic surgery in terms of financing.

I'ma joining in on the Good Things Tuesday: biggrin.gif

My washing machine arrived, got installed and I washed my first load.
Clean laundry without having to leave the house. Fucking awesome!!!
Had a thought, about how normal things a lot of people take for granted are such a luxury.

Kari, thanks, and GOOD LUCK with your presentation! smile.gif

Oops, typo. CH, of course, not CT... zzzz

Kari, good luck with the presentation! How's it coming along?

Hey Pherber! That's great about the washer!

Bah, I want to go home. It's almost home time. One more hour.
Pherber, happy belated birthday, sounds like you had quite a night.

Wow, I've been crazy busy the last few days.

I've been on my bike almost everyday and making sure I'm out of the house. If I'm taking this time off from work, I have to make the most of it. Thursday I saw the ex and realized that things are feeling a wee bit too relationshipy on his end, so my desire to continue that has waned. And the POF guy? Well, here's what happened. So I'm talking to my friend J, who is also on POF and so I'm telling her about the guy, she asks me a couple of questions about him, and then says she saw him this morning. I thought it was really funny, but it was making her uncomfortable, then she starts telling me about how he wasn't very nice to her and so I'm rethinking him myself. I hadn't decided what I was going to do, but J went out dancing the night and the guy showed up and she said he completely snubbed her and ignored her. So any desire I had to sleep with him is gone. Which is kind of unfortunate because we had similar fantasies that we wanted to explore.

But in other news, I'm still sick. I'm congested still and my ear has been plugged for the last two weeks. "There's definitely something going on, but I'm not sure what it is. Let me go get another doctor to have a look." Ah, the words we all want to hear from our GP's. My ear has been giving me problems for the last two months, for the first time in over 10 years.

Anywho, so I rode my bike to the doctors office today and this is what she tells me. So another doctor comes to have a look, a very nice guy, but then says, "I'm just going to take my colleague out into the hall and tell her what I think the problem is." So I sit there...for 10 minutes. I could hear them outside the door for a few minutes. So I had 10 minutes to sit there and ponder the possibility that somehow I've damaged my ear and hearing, or I have an inner ear infection. FINALLY, she comes back in and says she's just gotten off the phone with an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor and he wants to see me ASAP. The problem with my ear, is that there's some sort of white film covering the ear drum, which doctor #2 thinks is puss (lovely). Because of that film, they can't see the ear drum to determine if it's okay or if there's an infection behind it, which would suck...a lot.

So, we were supposed to take off early for Minneapolis tomorrow, but my doctor said she thinks the ENT will see me tomorrow morning. At the very worst, we'll have to leave Thursday morning, drive all day, and go straight to Gogol Bordello. I refuse to accept defeat! Unfortunately though, I'm being instructed to wear an ear plug in my left ear for the show. Oh well, I can't hear properly out of it anyways.

Hi hi hi!

Well, I dodged a bullet with the old shack...the river it's on is flooded. Wisconsin is just a disaster area. That particular house didn't flood (it'd passed a 100 year flood plain analysis), but it's still got to be stressful living next to a flooded river.

EJ, I hope your ear is okay and you can still enjoy your trip!

CH, yay on lasik!!! I'm glad insurance is paying for part of it too....sweet. And, YAY on the back pay.

Pherber, congrats on being able to do laundry at home! It's really nice. The only time I used to look forward to going to the laundromat was when it'd be really terribly hot outside and the laundromat had air conditioning. Sorry 'bout your rough night. At least you got to fool around a little.

Kari, how nice you get to go see your Sis in Seattle! I hope you have a wonderful time. And how nice to be able to work from home one day a week!

Doodlebug, I've seen keychain thumb drives, but not rings. Heh. It's a mini-way to carry around computer files, smaller than a CD. It plugs into the computer. Into the USB. They'll hold a LOT of memory, too, I have one that holds 8 gig. I'm thinking you may even be able to get larger ones....

((((grrl)))) she sounds wack, to me. I'm glad you and c-monkey are okay.

So I can't remember if I posted this or not, but I FINALLY got my a/c back in...and it works beautifully. I put in a pressure switch too, so it'll protect the compressor if it gets dirty.

It is such a PAIN to get it out. Yikes. How am I going to do this when I get older???? Ooooh, it just started...delicious cold air.
Good Evening.

Erin, that guy sounds like a cockwad. ~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~* how are you doing??

tree, hee, cool delicious air, reminds me of Homer simpson and the ultimate is relaxation!

So people are talking me and the AC boy, I'm pissed and some crazy bitch at work is literally going single white female or fatal attraction or whatever the hell the psycho movie is, on a really good friend of mine. She has a huge crush on him and he has told her he's not interested and she's saying things like, oh you don't know what your talking about and you really don't mean that. She hates me because him and I are good friends. Crazy ass bitch.

So I just did a nice hard work out and now I'm going to eat then go to bed. The phone is even turned off. Shocking!
tree! So nice to see you! Your little drum got some play last night! By a newcomer to our jam circle, but an awesome musician. He played everything on offer.

BEB bought an accordian!! Hee! With his cap and his lean frame, he looks like a Frenchman, serenading people on a cafe patio. Which I told him! He's totally down with that. tongue.gif So then we all agreed he needs to grow a little handlebar moustache before we go busking this summer.

Sorry, I just totally jumped in there and didn't even reply to anyone else! I read everything - I only just got home from work, though! And HBI is on it's way this evening, so I haven't much time. I do love coming in here and catching up on what everybody's doing! So all you lurkers.....just get out here and post!

So working for the KIB is fascinating. Basically I get to sit right in on every minute of their Chief and Council meetings for a little while. They record everything, but I am to take minutes and record the decisions and actions and things. It really is an important form of government - they are amazing, with all the things they have going on! Tomorrow is the BIG EVENT, the Prime Minister is apologizing for Residential Schools.....the buildings where the Band operates now IS the old local residential was an awful place, run by the Anglicans, and for those who don't know the history in Canada, basically the government and the christian churches conspired to separate Aboriginal people from their families and their whole culture, and "assimilate" them into white society. Children were taken away from their families, their culture, their religion, their language....and put in these horrible, abusive, assimilationist schools. Our town has a horrible legacy of the residential school (it operated from 1893 - 1977), and the Band is operating out of the old school buildings (the one I'm in has a gigantic bricklaid cross on the side), and I am working right in the middle of it when the PM's apology is happening.

I walked around through the old schoolyard at lunch today, and it felt haunted, but with this positive vibe happening all around the old buildings - new buildings, daycares, cultural centres, pow wow grounds, parks, businesses, university's so amazing to be right in the core of this, in my community, when the PM's apology is about to happen. I wish I were going to be there more days! But this is enough....I get to hear everything at Chief and Council's weekly meetings, even the in camera stuff....our Chief could only stay for half the meeting, because he was flying off to Vancouver to be with the other Chiefs! (We address him as Chief. Chief Shane.) Seriously, they were bringing in satellite feeds, and they're bringing in counsellors where the people are going to be gathering. It's a huge deal. I'm feeling quite emotional about it myself, and I've only sat in on one meeting.

Ok....I should run....oh, but we had a new jammer last night! I'll call him hippieboy, because he totally has it in for hippiegirl. wink.gif I jammed with him once at mr jamhost's, and he's really good - he played guitar, bass, treehugger's little drum (apparently he has a collection of bigger drums), and even BEB's banjo. banjoboy jammed with us, too, and it was a lot of fun. And I had to kick them all out at 11, sadly, because, boy, did I NOT want to screw up this temp assignment by being late! (I was not quite finished dressing when my ride arrived!)

Shit, if I don't make some dinner and my lunch for tomorrow, and figure out what the fuck I'm going to wear to the fashion job tomorrow, I sure won't get it done when mr scorpio gets here....I'd better run, Okayers! *MWAH*
Hi hi everyone!!

Doodle, your temp assignment sounds AMAZING - and right up your alley, and what an *honor* to be there for the PM's apology. You are witnessing history, my dear! Plus HBI and Jamming - you are one busy woman!!

(((((Wisconsin))))) I feel so bad for everyone in WI, IN, and our western burbs - there is SO much still underwater, and I feel especially bad for the farmers. I got our CSA weekly newsletter this morning, and they said many of the farms are still submerged under 10 inches of water.

YAY for Tree's kick-ass A/C! And Pherber's washer! And CH's lasik - and the back pay!!!

((((erinjane swift healing))))

Kari - that's awesome that you're headed to Seattle this weekend...I still think of moving back to the Pacific Northwest from time to time, but the catch for me - I honestly think I would really miss the COLD winters here....crazy, eh?

I had my last mentoring night tonight until the fall...its always a bit bittersweet. I miss the kids, but I like having that extra night to chill at home, but then I feel bad for the guy who runs the computer clubhouse, who has no volunteer help all summer as their hours are during the day. And, he invited me to his wedding later this month, which is SO sweet, and I would love to go, but its a 10-hour drive to Marquette, MI where they're having a camping wedding weekend, and I don't have any vacay time to use at the moment. Oh well. You can't do everything.
hey busties! i'm chillin' here at the momster's after a deelish dinner of orange glazed chicken and brown rice, contemplating a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in a sugar cone. the cone's sounding pretty good, so i'll go get that in a minute. the chicken i think would have been better with about half the glaze; it was too sweet even for me, like chicken with an orange sucker melted over it. c-monkey's staying the night, so i get to sleep in an extra hour tomorrow, yay! i don't have to be at work til 9 this week, but c-monkey has to be delivered to the momster's by 730 so she can get dropped off in time for the momster to get to work at 8. anyway, there's nothing at all going on with me, so let's get on to the rest of y'all. smile.gif

erin, that is suckass about your ear! i hope it turns out to be nothing serious and you can still enjoy your concert.

kari, how'd the presentation go? or wait, is that tomorrow?

ch, yay for lasik! the momster got it last year, and an aunt of mine got it done a while back, and they both love it. me, i'm just hoping to make it back to contacts over the summer. lasik would be cool, but despite the many good outcomes, i'm paranoid about being the one in 2050 or whatever the number is that ends up blinded for life. plus i wouldn't want to take that much time off work or be unable to read for any amount of time, i'd drive myself nuts. tongue.gif

pherber, sorry about the bad birthday night, but yay on the washing machine, and barbecue! i never realized how good i had it living with the momster and her machine ('specially since she usually did my laundry, hee!) until i took my first load to the laundromat. ten dollars in quarters later, and i still had two fully wet loads and four half-dry ones, and the stupid dollar refused to give me change. luckily the momster took pity on me and told me to bring the whole mess back to her place, but now i wish i'd listened to her when she told me to get a place with washer/dryer hook-ups. it still would have been awhile before i could afford the machines, but at least i wouldn't have random strangers leering at my "i'ma get laid" panties. rolleyes.gif

looooore, my favorite buster! sorry you had such a shitty week. here's hoping this one's better!

tree, yay for getting your ac in! i've finally given up the fight and have started leaving my ac on. i turn it up to 85 during the day, which is still cooler when i come in from riding in mid-90's heat which is only going to get worse as the summer goes on, but when i'm home, it's a nice cool 78. and your new hair is still cute and rockin! i can't do anything with mine lately, and i think i'm going to give up the growing and go in this weekend and chop it all off. i'm thinking mini-fauxhawk, if i can get these curls short enough to cooperate, and i need to decide what color to dye it afterward. the hot pink looked good i think. or maybe i'll use up the rest of the dark blue.

doodle, how exciting! first week on the new job, and you're already in the thick of things. and yay for jamming, and accordions. sounds like you had a good time. enjoy the hbi! biggrin.gif

where's minxie, and moxie, and gt and tes, and dev and poodle, and everyone else? but mostly where's minx? i've got a gardening situation that could use her expertise.

eta: x-post with turbo! so what are you going to do with your extra night of chillin'?
You rang, Grrrl? smile.gif
Doodle, that temp job sounds awesome. That's so cool that you get to be there for the apology.
Good Morning!

Doodle, the temp job sounds really great! That's good stuff. The apology stuff is all that's been on CBC this morning, I don't know what else is going on in the world of news.

Hey Turbo! an extra night to yourself, that's too bad you can't go to the camping wedding.

Grrrl, it's actually really neat what they do now with lasik, it's a blueprint of your eye that they feed into the machine and it's only your cornea's that they do anything with, they'd need to go right into your retina in order to make a person blind, and they are only dealing with the upper most portion of your eyes. I'll miss wearing glasses, they are a part of me, I've had them for so long, it's going to be really weird not having them. *snorts* I'ma get laid panties. Hee.

Hey Minx and Erin!

where has Tes been as of late??

I have nothing going on this morning. I have raelly hated my job lately though. Yup, for sure time for a career change.


Doodle, your temp assignment sounds so cool! How long will you be there? Do you know?

hey ErinJane! That really stinks about your ear. ~~~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~~ I hope it is ok. Good for you on making the most of your vacation!

Hey tree. I have been following the flood news, eesh. What a mess. I feel horrible for all the people whose homes and farms are underwater. Terrible. sad.gif

CH, sorry to hear about the single white female lady! Why are there so many nutz in the world??

Hey Grrrl! That orange chicken sounds goooood. I want some. Right now. Enjoy sleeping your extra hour today!

Things here are pretty good. Mr K and I went to my grandmothers last night and hung with her for about an hour. Then we went to my mom's place for dinner. It was fun. And tasty. Got home, had HBI, then went promptly to sleep.

This AM I am still preparing for the presentation, which is this afternoon. I am ready for it to be over. Then I can kick back & start thinking of my trip!
yes i did minx! smile.gif my would-be garden is full of rocks! well, small pebbles anyway. when i decided to dig up the ground and put some plants in, i got a trowel. the trowel, she was optimistic. that ground out there is baked and hard. i don't think it's ever seen plant life. i couldn't even make a dent in it until i soaked the ground and took to it with a hoe/claw. so i've been soaking and hacking for the past few days, and it's getting good and deep, and once i get it dug down deep enough, i've got some soil i'm going to mix in with it. but i've got these little pebbles right at the surface. they're just in this one area by the porch, but there's too many to go through and pick out by hand. so there's got be some kind of dirt sifter i can use to shovel the dirt and weed the rocks out, so to speak. i can go down to the hardware store and get some wood and wire screening and make one myself, but i figured if anyone would know if they had pre-made frames like that, it'd be you. biggrin.gif

morning kari! good luck with your presentation this afternoon. don't you hate it when things like that aren't done first thing in the morning? i'd rather get it done and over with and go on about my day. tongue.gif

i know culture, but i'm one of those worst case scenario paranoid messes. and it's expensive here and a total vanity thing. and also, not reading, even for a few hours. and i'd probably forget and rub my eyes. tongue.gif

anyway, gotta hop in the shower, and get my fish grilled for my lunch today. c-monkey and i had seared mahi mahi with dill sauce and sundried tomatos the other night for dinner, and i thought i done good. she however prefers tilapia with peach mango salsa, and she said it's the fish itself, not the dill and tomatos, so i get the last couple mahi mahi fillets. it's slow going, but i'm determined to eventually break of her of the momster's "fish is yucky, blech!" indoctrination. the momster's allergic to everything but tuna, so she's got an excuse, but c-monkey just picked up on the no fish thing while she was living there. now that she's living with me again, it's time to bring her back around to a right and proper love of anything with fins or a shell. biggrin.gif
Hello again!

~*~*~*~*presentation vibes for kari~*~*~*~ You'll do awesome!!

Grrrl, I won't be able to wear make up for two whole weeks. Ugh. mmmmm the food sounds TAST-EEE~

so, I just got back from getting my work cell phone fixed, i thought it was something serious, the battery was on the craps. That's all. But hey, at least I got out of the office for a while.
Darn, I've got to check the internet about the flood.
Every foreign disaster that doesn't kill many people is just too minor to be mentioned between important celebrity stuff on the radio news...

CH, what is it with some people?? As someone who's got a massive crush, too, I can absolutely NOT relate... I mean, if the crush specifically states, he's not interested, it's time to move on. blink.gif

Erin, I had a lot of ear troubles myself in the last years, I think if it were some serious infection it would be very painful and messy. (I'm not going into details, in case someone's eating...)
****sends healing vibes****

Yeah laundromats suck! I live in the fourth floor, so I usually washed laundry by hand leaving me with huge water bills.
I'm into the fifth load now, washing EVERYTHING, including the neglected stuff like blankets, pillows, oven mitts, floppy hats, cuddly toys, anything washable.
I can't believe how fresh my whole appartment smells, and I'm not even done with everything, yet.

...also tonights gig is by someone really cool, yay!

Hey Pherber! Yay on having an appartment that doesn't smell like ass and sleep.

Yah, she's really nuts. Who does stuff like this?? There's more to the saga, she texted another friend of his and asked her to make sure he didn't talk to any other women. She's psychotic. Wow, that is creepy controlling. She also asks him why don't you like me, what can I do to make you like me.
LOL at ass'n sleep!

Btw, how old is she?
That kinda behaviour is SO fucking immature.

And no make-up at all?
Not even blusher, or lipstick? huh.gif
Hi, peeps!

((((((Lore))))) Sorry about your crappy week. You're too sweet of a guy to have crappy stuff happen.

Grrl, I'm glad c-monkey is okay. I wonder what happened to that assclown who had the nerve to flip you off after all that?

Kari, enjoy your trip and good luck with the presentation!

Erin, I had an inner ear infection a few years ago. It wasn't actually painful at all, it manifested itself in this windy-blowing noise whenever any sound went into that ear. It was solved pretty easily with a prescription that you have to take for a week. I think it was some kind of steroid antibiotic. I hope yours is easily fixed.

Pherber, sorry your birfday sucked, but hooray for a washer/dryer in your apartment! It sucks plugging quarters into machines for crappy dry jobs when it's so easy to just push a button in your own home. I'm pretty lucky now because the duplex I live in has a setup in the basement that the landlords don't charge for - they've wrecked me for any laundromat ever again.

CH, that's awesome that your work will pay for part of your lasik. That woman at work sounds really psycho. The worst thing you can to do a crush who rejected you is to keep bothering them about it. Needy much?

Hi, Jenn, Minxy, Doodle, and Tree!

Good Things Wednesday

1) I offically get to take Sam, chaperone-free, to the giant's mom's house to go boating with his family, fishing, and to play with their dogs and little kids. He even cancelled a camping trip with his other grandparents because he wants to spend that time with me. I'm so freaking excited! He's so freaking excited! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
2) lovely daffodil cake leftovers at home from what I brought to work yesterday
3) the giant has a beautiful little new neice named Hannah who is doing very well, now that she's off oxygen (I think her mom smoked while pregnant)
4) only 15 minutes until I can go home and relax with the giant, eat some steak, and have daffodil cake smile.gif
5) finished reading a book yesterday

Work was kind of odd today. We had one of our monthly meetings and there's this person who we all think has issues that she needs professional help to deal with. She and some other people nearly got in a row over updating addresses, the most mundane thing possible. This person gets really emotional about this stuff for no reason at all. It's all any of us talked about for the rest of the day. She pulls this crap every month and it's really akward for everyone. And then, every time I've picked up the phone today I've gotten yelled at by someone who either wants their baby daddy who's in prison for 5 years for molesting little kids to pay full child support (will never ever happen) or thinks a guy on welfare can pay child support (will never happen, either). These people need to just let this stuff go. You can't squeeze blood from a rock, y'know?


Pherber, she's 22. No eye makeup, thank goodness I don't have to give up the clarins tinted moisturizer. I think it's because of rubbing the eyes. I'll talk to the opthamologist tomorrow.

Hey Diva!! that is great about Sam! That is strange about the coworker, she gets like that only once a month, do you think it's an act?? that woman, could you imagine dating her??

I worked out, took the dog out and tomorrow I'm calling in sick. I also paid of part of a loan, which felt good.

Now here I am, not too sure what I want. I'm feeling indecisive, thank you MRG. I get like this every month. Blah.

Hey y'all!!

Diva, that is SO GREAT that you get to take Sam out fishing without parental appendages!! WOOT! We took our nephie out for his first fishing a couple years ago, and it was SO much fun - I know you'll have a blast with Sam! We shall expect a full report, including all cutie-cute-cute Sam quotes!

I think every office probably has one or two people like your co-worker who just need to *get over it* already. I definitely have one on my team, and I think she was really what was making me hate my job for awhile - she completely obsesses over every perceived misdeed of our bosses (many are, in fact, real), but they do it completely ignorantly and its not malicious, but good cod, she whines and works herself up, and I'll hear her crying over the cube wall, and now I'm just ignoring it, and when she whines to me, I tell her to buck up, and LET IT GO. It is making my work experience a good deal better.

((((jobby job vibes for Lore)))))

I made another fantastic dinner tonight - oh how I love summer. Grilled burgers with bleu cheese, sauteed mushrooms and avocado (sans buns) and sauteed asparagus with lots of pepper and parmesan. YUMMY! And my first veggie farm share arrived today! I've got so much beautiful stuff to play with this weekend - red leaf lettuce, baby lettuce, green leaf lettuce, chives, mint, green garlic, asparagus, rhubarb, radishes, eggs and pear preserves! This is the BEST kind of turbojenn fun!!

CH, I hear you on the MRG indecision - that's the week where I can never figure out what I want to eat, watch, or do. hmph.

Okay, time to kick back a bit, and watch the Top Chef Finale - Eeeeeee!!!
dammit turbo, i was all set to enjoy the bike ride down to carl's jr. for dinner, and you had to come all up in here with your burger porn. tongue.gif
Grrrl, I was totally coming in her to bitch about how much I hate my job and I read your post. It made me feel better.

Turbo, crap that sounds GOOD! *drools*
glad i could help culture! and from what i remember from the momster's surgery, there's no make-up cause of the rubbing thing, and also cause it can get into your eye. i know i've poked myself with the mascara wand and the shadow brush enough times to be a danger to myself. tongue.gif also, you have about 30 bajillion different eye drops you have to use afterwards. that alone was pain in the ass enough to discourage me. hell, i barely take out my contacts to clean 'em. rolleyes.gif

and just so you know turbo, i couldn't even face the burger menu, not even the six dollar guacamole burger. i ended up having to go with the grilled chicken. tongue.gif
Okay, I swear to god, I had an entire post almost ready to go in between work and jamming tonight, but BEB arrived to take me to the jam before I finished! It's been a rather full day....'s really tricky to balance the paying-the-bills lifestyle with the rock-n-roll-sex-goddess lifestyle*. wink.gif But more seriously, my busting is suffering! Oh, woe is me! sad.gif

* deets in portions and getting to the bottom of it all

I am at the KIB gig till the mid-July, but it's only once a week. I just got offered another gig inside that schedule, back at the eco-research org I was with before, so that will get me a bit more money rolling....I love the store - I mean, of all the different jobs I've been doing, I still love the store best - but the pay is not so great.

I am taking the linen blazer back, because a way better summer jacket came in. It's white denim, silver hardware, constructed like a jean jacket but with sleeves that end just below the elbow. The assistant manager said I could wear it to work, and I don't need (and can't really afford) two light-coloured jackets, so I'm just going to take the other one back...I have to sew the shoulder pads back in first, though! I feel more comfortable in the white denim one - it feels more "me." It looks AWESOME belted with my new rock and roll belt!! biggrin.gif I wore it jammin'.

Ok! That is that!

Ooh yeah....fellow Canuckistanians....what did you think of the PM's apology? I just realized that Australia's PM did the same thing a few days ago. I wonder if they planned to do it at the same time....two little colonialists holding hands and jumping in together....

ETA: oh yeah, mr jamhost made quite the comment when he was getting me to check the mike tonight....I can't remember the exact words, but he told me to get right on it like it was my lover trying to get at my throat. *blushes hard*
heloooo lovelies! just checking in. work is good. baby is good. itty-bitty baby is good.

no time even to read the archs right now but i wanted to drop in and show some love!

peace out for now!

I finally saw something on the news about the flooding. ~*~*~*~*stay dry busties~*~*~*~*

Grrrl, I know, the eye drops! If I could get on with the police with my sight as I, I would. But I can't, and my sight is only mildly bad. There are people who come in with a -17. I didn't even know it could go that high. You may as well be using sonar to walk around.

Doodle, I saw snippets of the apologies, and Stephen Harper's was so stale and bleak, not that is should be happy, but it didn't seem like there was any emotion, unlike the other party members. I was watching The National last night, and the documentary they had was heart breaking. That also added to be ho hum mood last night. The Jacket sounds fantastic!!

So, here I am, at home, dadzilla is going to come and pick me up so I can go for more eye testing. I went shopping yesterday and picked up a shirt from this company. The store that sells this stuff here has all sorts of great stuff. The one I got is made of soy, organic cotton and something else, spandex I believe.

Okay, must go get ready.
What up!

I am feeling sooo much better today b/c that presentation is over with. It went well, thanks for your vibes!

Hey FJ! I am so glad itty bitty is doing well! smile.gif

Doodle, that's definitely a balancing act...paying the bills & having some fun. I struggle with that. Good for you for gettin' some more portions! yeah!

hey DIVA!!!!! It's good to see you! What, oh what, is daffodil cake?? Inquiring minds want to know. That is very awesome that you get to take Sam on that outing! How fun!! That woman at your work definitely sounds like she's got some stuff going on. Hmmm.

Jenn, Color me jealous of that bounty you got! Especially the pear preserves. I am like you, getting a box like that would be a huge treat.

hey CH!

Hey Grrl!

Not too much happening here today. Office is quiet b/c everyone is over at the meeting. I plan on kinda coasting today.

Does anyone here watch Top Chef? Jenn? I was thrilled with the outcome last night, were you?
hi kari!

i do watch top chef but i didn't see the outcome. i was way too tired last night and went to bed at around 8:30!!

mmm, i remember diva talking about daffodil cake. that sounds yummy right about now.

ok, out again. i don't wanna get caught! tongue.gif
culture wants to be a cop? yeah, i could see that, some scruffy yet strangely hot bad guy on the ground with culture's knee in the back as she slaps on the cuffs....

i'll be in my bunk tongue.gif
Hi, peeps!

I was really pleased at the Top Chef results last night. And may I also say... IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!

Jenn, I'm jealous of your cooking prowess. I'm into baking, but can't be bothered most of the time with really amazing meals like the ones you make. Maybe if we had a dishwasher and didn't have to worry about dirtying up a ton of dishes, but alas, we don't. Your asparagus is making my mouth water! I'm going to have to pick some of that up this week. There's nothing like grilled asparagus with slightly crispy tips.

Yeah, this lady at work needs to pick her battles. We all get pissed off at stupid stuff like this, but we don't throw a tantrum about it, we just fix the problems as they come and then move on. I really do think she's in the wrong line of work, she'd make an amazing paralegal or lawyer, if she wasn't so akward.

Kari, daffodil cake is that cake I make with vanilla pudding with cream cheese, crushed pineapple, and Kool-Whip. That reminds me, I have to pick up Nilla Wafers to eat the rest of the leftover filling with. That's great that your presentation went well. Were there a lot of questions afterward? I wish my whole office would go to a meeting, but that's not going to happen. I'd love to have some peace and quiet and be able to put my iPod on without disturbing anyone.

Hi, Grrl, CH, Doodle, and everyone!

Nothing much going on today, just trying to bang out a lot of work so the time will pass quicker. No angry phone calls yet, so that's a good sign. Boss will be gone for a couple hours. I just want the time to pass quickly so it can hurry up and be Saturday and I can see my little friend Sam. He's going to "Walk With The Dinosaurs" today with his dad. He's really excited - I think all little boys are obsessed with dinosaurs. They'll be about 4 blocks away from me, but I'm not going to bother them to come visit, since I'll see them soon enough.

Hiya alls,
just checked the news, too!
I had no idea it were that serious.
10 people died. blink.gif
Hope everyone's safe.

Hi fj!
Which week are you in?
Hope that's not too personal a question.
Maybe I should check the pregnancy thread, but I'd feel like a bit of a creepy stalker.

CH, I had a roommate once, who had minus 23!
She wasn't even completely blind, her glasses were 1 inch thick. She obviously wore contacts, and the glasses only when she had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Just a thought: Dunno if the chemicals are compatible/too risky with the laserOP, but maybe you can have lashes/eyebrows dyed? unsure.gif

That clothing company has awesome styles! All the organic clothing companies in my area only cater for middle aged matrons.

doodle, I'm always tempted to say something rude like that, when people don't hold the mike close enough.
To a soundtech it really looks like a lot of singers seem to have a mild repulsion/bacteria phobia when it comes to mirophones, and what the jamhost said was so spot on.
I wish there was a polite euphemism to explain this. laugh.gif

I have absolutely nothing to report, except, that I've (finally!) lost another kilo of weight. Damn that was tough, but my clothes fit much better, now, and I'm very close to last years weight.
(I had put on some kilos, after last years thyroid OP, the first few dropped off pretty quickly, without dieting much, but the last three seem to cling to me... oh MY!)
Oh, and the fresh smelling appartment motivates me to do more cleaning.. I've been so slack lately. rolleyes.gif

Hellos to everyone I forgot to reply, I was reading all the mouthwatering bits and should try the grilled asparagus... daffodil cake seems incompatible with my diet atm!

anna k
Hi everyone!

I don't have much to say. I finished The Book Thief, which was sad but excellent.

Yay pherber! Last night in my exercise class I got told by a woman how much weight I had lost, then another woman complimented me for being good in the dance class the night before. My sister also said that I looked like I lost a lot of weight. I don't think I was big before, but I guess cutting out the soy/Luna Bars/Powerbars/Lean Cuisine meals with my regular exercising helped a lot.

I'm looking forward to payday tomorrow, and I'm still waiting for my tax break. I bought a travel guide to Lisbon, and hope that I'll get a break from work to go there. I brought it up to my sister last week, and she was very supportive, but wanted to come with me. I said yes, but wasn't too interested in having her with me. I know it would ease my dad's worries about me in a foreign country, but I've been working in jobs and internships for several years, having no close friends to travel with while my brother and sister went on vacations with their buddies, and have often felt like my life has been about work and making myself into a mature and independent adult. So dammit, I want a vacation! And to a foreign country, not one of my family U.S. vacations where I've been driven around listening to my parents argue about directions or go hiking or shack up in a generic Days Inn. Those trips made me feel claustrophobic and pissed off, and I was well into my twenties on those trips. Too old.

I've been trying to cook more, but I'm pretty simple. Mostly it's been omelets, chicken cutlets, and quesadillas (using whole-wheat tortillas, goat cheese, avocado, chicken, and mushrooms). Both are easy meals to make, and I like making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with bananas and strawberries in them.

am posting this quickly and then will get offline. We are getting hit AGAIN. Tornado heading our way. Rain is starting, winds kicking up, and I am getting offline now.

Anti-flood vibes, if you please.

((((vibes for all who need them))))

Be safe! Be safe!!!


*Safety-Vibes for Tree* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hey all! I caught up, but I'm runnin' out of posting time, so I'm just sayin' hello, you're lourved, and good luck! smile.gif

No job yet, but OtterMan is back in town, GoatyGirl and I are probably going to take a short road trip next week to Montana to hang out in my Aunt & Uncle's vacation home with them on Flathead Lake (Where we had out honeymoon!), and I'm generally happier. You guys sure help, though smile.gif I'm sure I'll be working again soon enough anyway, and I'm trying to figure out my novel in the meantime. (It's a Sci-Fi called Scale, and it's about some of the human population being made small, like the size of LEGO figures, in order to preserve the population because we've got to vacate Earth.)
Hey Diva - I know, you can move to Chicago and make the delicious treats, and I'll make the healthy, organic dinners! I'm not much for desserts, but I do love to spend time in the kitchen. Its kind of how I unwind when I get home from work, and its creative work, so I love it. Tonight: salad with cherry vinaigrette, topped with whole grain mustard grilled chicken, sliced strawberries, pine nuts, grilled asparagus and bleu cheese. YUM!

Grrrl....good for you for going for the chicken sammy. tongue.gif

Doodle, I can definitely see that work would get in the way of the rock star lifestyle!! Esp. with that hot lovin' on the side!!

Kari & Diva, Yep, I was *thrilled* to see Stephanie win Top Chef last night! Its good to see Steph win the season on her home turf! I know her restaurant, Scylla, was very beloved, and we always meant to go there, but it was way on the West side, and not the easiest to get to, so we never made it. But now with her fat stacks, she's shopping for space downtown, so once all the hubub dials down, we'll probably try to go. I'm very happy for her. I will say that I was a bit miffed that all three celebrity sous chefs for the final challenge were NYC chefs....coastal bias won out again. hmph.

FJ!! Good to see you in here, and I'm so glad to hear that you're all doing well!

And THANK COD tomorrow is Friday. WoooT!

ETA: ((((((safety vibes for Tree & WI))))) Storms are headed here next. None of us need more rain and storms, that's for sure.

*waves to Lore* Have a great time in Montana - sounds like a wonderful break!
Quick update...will get back offline soon (don't want lightning to hit the 'puter/modem)...but I think the worst storm (the tornado one) is behind us now....the sky's still sort of unsettled now, but the biggie is past me, for now.

Thanx for the vibes, Okayers. smile.gif


Okay, back offline now.
glad you are ok tree!!!!
Good Morning! It's Friday and this is all that matters.

Kari, congrats on the presentation!

Hey FJ! So glad that you are doing well and all is well. When do we get a more detailed update?

Grrrl, I'm trying to get on with the police force here. Your post made me chuckle.

Diva, that cake sounds fantabulous! I would have loved to see Walking with the Dinosaurs when I was Sam's age. I'd still like to, sounds neato!

Heya Pherber! You're sounding much happier these days! I can't wear make up for a week, and it's mainly mascara that he's concerned about, so I could so a little shadow, I'll only be at work for a couple of days that week, so not a big deal.

Tree, thank goodness you're okay! ~*~*~*~*ongoing anti-flood vibes~*~*~*~* the news here is finally showing stuff on the flooding, started showing yesterday. And that boyscout camp situaion, horrible.

Hey Lore! Enjoy your road trip and the plot line sounds really cool!

Hey Turbo! Are you all okay after the weather???

GT!!! Hi hi! Your quite made me chuckle, as I remember that conversation!!!

My pupils are still dialated, not as much, but it's still a bit of a hassle. Bah.

Could I get some vibes, I have to go to the bank tomorrow to consolodate my car, and line of credit and ask for some extra for my eyes. It's still relatively small amount, but I could use some low interest, low bi weekly payment get the loan vibes!

What's everyone doing this weekend??

We need 10 CC's of Bustie replies, STAT!

Anna, I'm sorry I totally read over your post. A trip to Lisbon sounds like fun!
good afternoon, you smegma-covered salad-tossers!


ok, a better update, for inquiring minds...

work is sooo slow today. it's just me and my gay co-worker this afternoon. our manager took off early and our other co-worker was off today. i am still really enjoying myself here. i finally got my sales database set up early this week and started making calls. i was nervous at first but after several calls felt more comfortable. i figure after what i was doing before, this is a breeze. it made it all better when i got my first callback and she placed an order for a receptionist! yes! so i'm finally on the books! yay! i met with the client today and she was so nice. i just have to imagine all of my clients as being like her when i call and it'll make my job that much easier.

in home news, we're all good. jackaroo is seemingly loving daycare! they checked the "cheerful" box on his take-home report for the first time yesterday, which is just wonderful to see. moxie, you were SO right. i snuck up on his room yesterday and peeked in to see him sitting in front of a shelf happily pulling books and toys off the shelf. his caregiver thinks he is the greatest and he obviously likes her a lot too. it makes things so much easier on me and mrfj. we're still planning to pull him from that daycare and move him to the closer one when it opens, but that isn't until the end of july. it'll save us $35 a week, plus it will be on the way to and from work from home, so we will save on gas too. besides, since it's so much closer, he'll spend at least an hour less time there each day.

i can't believe we'll be celebrating his birthday in three weeks. oh. my. cod!

oh, and he is completely weaned!! it happened gradually over the past month but he stopped going for the boob completely on tuesday. i was getting worried about him when he started daycare because he was refusing bottles/sippy cups of breastmilk and of formula, so he was only drinking "from the tap" in the mornings and evenings when i'd pick him up. so i asked his doc if he could go on whole milk a month early but she said since he's still such a skinnybutt that she would prefer that he go on pediasure instead. well, he took to that shit like gangbusters and i think that's what made the transition so easy. we still have a lot of cuddle time right before bed but he goes right to sleep. and *knocks on wood* he slept from 7:30p to 6am this morning without a wake-up even. YAY! anyway, this is all good because MY doc suggested that he be weaned for itty-bitty's sake. he said it was ok right now but that it would be difficult for me to get all the nutrition i needed while breastfeeding - that it certainly wasn't mandatory but that he recommended it. and i was ok with that. i think nursing for 11 months was great for 'roo. and for me, really. anyway, i've had cabbage leaves in my bra for the past couple fo days to stop the milk production and to stop the engorgement. it was rough for the first couple days - couldn't lift my arms over my head wednesday. today, i have lop-sided boobies though because i'm still producing on one side. niiice and sexay!

weekend plans are simple. hanging out with friends from tampa tonight. going to dinner at other friends' house tomorrow night. i'm hoping ot get some beach time in at some point. fathers day lunch or something on sunday.

oh, pherber, i'm only 7weeks along. we had an ultrasound on monday and saw itty-bitty's heart beating. i have to confess that i don't have the same bond that i did with 'roo. i guess because we had been trying for so long when we finally learned i was pregnant. i'm still very happy, don't get me wrong. it just feels different this time.

tree, i hope you're all ok there!

i'm sorry for not saying hello to everyone individually. i have been keeping up with you all and sending appropriate vibeage. smile.gif
Smega?? Ewwwwwwwwwwww. Such a funny word, but so disgusting.

Anyhows. I can't stop thinking about smegma! See what you've done to me FJ! Blech.

Glad to hear that 'roo is doing so wonderfully! That is really great. I'm thining cabbage near your boobies? Clearly not ever been a breast feeding mama. then I got it.

There is a tornado watch in effect for the city. It's all people at work are talking about. I'll have to be careful when I go to the park. One day we were all laughing about the thunder and lightning overhead, and about 30 minutes later, a funnel clous was spotted near the university. Which is near the park I go to every day. wild stuff I tells ya.


home early cos i got in an accident this morning.
hit so hard it spun the car 180 degrees.
knocked the door handle completely off the rear door
shattered the window behind me,
opened the rear door on the driver side
like a tuna can.
two tires on the opposite side were flat.
car is totaled.
i think i'm ok, but very fuzzy headed.
i think i came about a foot from being severely injured.
i still can't believe it happened.
anna k

That is so terrifying and horrible. I hope you're truly OK.
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