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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning.

Doodle, the outfit sounds hawt!

((((((((((pherber))))))))) I'm sorry you're having a shitty time right now. It's lame, you think they couldn't print your cheque in office or something. I don't get it, here if you want to work and have a disability, they let you. What's the deal there?

Mox!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

Hey Minx!

Hey Kari! Here's hoping bossman isn't being a wank today.

I did upper body last night, jogged this morning, and found a tick on Em, she thought she was being punished and I had to drag her by her hips in the washroom so she wouldn't run away. She ignored me for the rest of the morning, hiding under the bed. I did, however, give her some cheese so she'd forgive me. She took it and actually licked my hand, which she rarely does. Damn woodticks.

Good news on the offleash front. Friends have been successful in getting more signage making people aware of where there will be people off leash, the woods are fair game (they aren't putting up signs, but will turn a blind eye). Our off leash park area is saved! And that mean old bat who was making accusations hasn't been back since I got pictures of her with her offleash, no leashes in hand walking in an undesignated off leash area. And the people complaining, have been doing it to the Mayor's office and it's only been a couple, with that said the park people are "doing something" about it. Asshats, our park assocation fought back and won!!!!!!

*runs around thread WHOOPING, throws confetti, and passes around cupcakes for all*

CONGRATULATIONS, MOXIES!!!!! I get to be an auntie again - HOORAY!!!! Now I see why you wanted me to come to MI this weekend! wink.gif SO excited for all the new bebes around here! Couldn't be prouder of my dear friends!

Nothing so exciting going on here...went to favorite beer garden yesterday for some delicious sangria and a burger. Got a little tipsy. Had excellent tipsy portions when we got home....all in all, a good vacation day. wink.gif

Doodle, you are not only a ROCK STAR, but you are a FASHIONISTA too!! That belt sounds amazing! And the - your musician's soul has just blossomed so much this past year....I am still so inspired and impressed by all you've done.
Sorry, I've been a little dense lately what with it being the end of the year and all. Five more days in the fucking snake pit and then off to Neverneverland.

Okay, the job sitch goes like this. All tenured and UNtenured teachers starting with MY hire date were pink-slipped effective earlier this week. They did this because of declining enrollment in the district as a whole, NOT because of declining enrollment in MY school, if that makes any sense. Anyhoo, two whole highschools were "fresh-started" (a direct result of a shitty schoolboard and NCLB) which ostensibly means that ALL staff members were excessed and had to reinterview for their positions. Now, if they didn't get their job back at their school, they had the option to apply for other positions within the district. A good deal for them, but a shitty prospect for someone like me who got pink-slipped. Now, the deadline for interviewing for my position has closed, but there is the possibility that there is a teacher in the district who did not get placed via the interview and select process. And if that teacher does not yet have a job, they COULD slide into my job. I basically have to wait until mid-June to find out if I still have a job here.

Now, I'm lucky in that my colleagues are really pulling for me. They wrote up my job description so heinously that I seriously doubt that any breathing human would actually want it. That makes me laugh, because what they wrote was NOT fiction. My position IS that complicated and involved, so I'm trying to have a little faith in my abilities and "think pleasant thoughts".

Thank you for asking. smile.gif

Oh yeah, and I noticed that the ex is not only looking in on my account and posts again, but also has begun to post. Interestingly enough, he erased most of them. WTF? Let the hoovers begin!

Ah well.

I am going over to Artman's house tonight. Gotta get our food on, and our drink on, and our...uh corpus inflagrante on. He really gets my blood moving. Gushgushgush. Okay, gotta run and get grading done for my seniors who had their last day yesterday. Made the ole Minxy cry, they did. i'm gonna miss ma other babies. I'll post a photo of them for you all later on.

Have a great day you red hot tater tots. wink.gif
Minx, because of ex dirtbag, I think you need to post something very salacious in portions, somewhere along the lines of adventures in anal land 7, whilst thinking about how you were getting nailed, it was so much better than ex dirtbag. ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes for minx~*~*~*~*~

hey turbo! ooooh, portions for you, too!

(um, but it is better, actually with Artman...he's, uh, inventive and very attentive...he does this nipple-thing that just about made me jump through my skin, and THEN he wrote me an email about it that made my toes curl into my feet and back again).
Dear Diary,

today, artman played with nipples and he didn't treat them like radio dials. Then he stuck it in my a spot, it was so much better than the ex. his penis isn't the size of my pinky. I can't wait to see him again.

Ooooh, dirty e-mails!!!! Nice!

It's totally true. And his penis is incredibly cute, like take-it-home-and-feed-it-applesauce cute. wink.gif

Here is a tiny snippet of what he wrote me:

"There also are new upside down hand prints on the headboard. So mysterious. Like Crop Circles. Stone patterns in the desert. Images of Jesus on tortillas. Thank you, again, and again, for nibbling my ears and sending shivers down to my toes so many times that I'd like to count them in hopes of feeling one or two again..."

Yup. Lock, Stock, and One Smoking Barrel.
Thank you girls!!

I'll get the check tomorrow, yeah, it's so just in time for my b-day... rolleyes.gif
It's all because of our monstrous bureauracy.
I will get a disability card, eventually, but it takes up to ten months, and many doctors' appointments, and then the case will be checked by a government health official... etc. dry.gif
So maybe in a year, or so, they'll help me get a job.

I'm slightly running out of patience, because I'm going to be 39.
There must be some kind of time warp, I swear, I was 25 last week. blink.gif

Congrats Moxie!!! smile.gif
Congrats to the moxies and the falljackets!!

And minx- ggggrrrooowww! Can we get some details about the nipple thing? Step-by-step instructions perhaps? Stupid NCLB- LeBoy's school was supposed to get nailed with it this year- his school has a very diverse population and it was some b.s. like even though all of the individual racial/ethnic groups were far exceeding state averages, the overall average was way under (or maybe vice versa)...LeMom is at one of the top high schools in the state, too and even they are destined to fail under the insane NCLB rules.
Minx, glad to be of service. That is a sexy sounding e-mail! I love sending e-mails after sessions of fuckery. The last time PR boy and I got toghether, the next day my car smelled like sex, my perfume and his cologne. I told him the same. also told him there were footprints on my back window. How true is it though, that so many older men still treat nipples like radio knobs!!! What frequency are you trying to tune into??? NPR?

Pherber, I'm shaking my head. here if someone wants to go to work and they have disability status, we don't stop them. There are so many programmes. That is bizarre. *shakes head*

ETA: X-post with Polly! Hey!!
Yeah, it is bizarre, I got diagnosed 2 years ago, but I don't have a disability status yet, because of our insane bureaucracy.
I don't even know how to fully explain the phenomena that was the nipple extravaganza. It was just some precise tongue action that resulted in...uh...very explosive and miasmic tremens. It was like he was some kind of breast archaeologist and he found the damned Valley of the Queens.

Pherber, sorry that you are having such a fucking holy mother of fuck week. (((pherber)))
Total drive by to say.........

WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO MOXIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A moxette and an FJette at the same time! I can't stand the joy! WOW!

Gotta run - gotta go shower last night's weed smell off me before work. wink.gif
Pherber, that's insane. I know that here, in order to get Federal Disability benefits it takes almost a year, but provincially, with social assistance (i.e. welfare) it takes 2 months max. What a load of douchebaggery.

Minx, I am highly impressed with artman's nipple prowess. Impressive.

Hey Doodle!!!
anna k
I can't stand working part-time. I finally got an I.D. card after working for two months (I should've gotten one right from the start, but didn't), and couldn't open the security door locks with it the way others could. I told my boss, and she said it's because only full-time staff employees get full access. Nevermind I've been working since March and was ignored for a full-time job in favor of a new person. I hate being shafted.

I applied for an internship at a literary agency, and my assignment is to write a review of an 8-page chapter. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm sick of things at my job. I'm glad to get a paycheck, but I hate working on weekends (I'm often tired when I get home and don't want to do anything but stay in, so I make myself do stuff so I don't get lonely), I hate being paid a pittance while the new girl gets more money and health benefits for doing the same job as me, I don't like not being challenged (this is why I'm looking for publishing internships to gain more skills for better work), and feeling like a wage slave/gofer at nearly 25.

I keep fantasizing about wanting to take a vacation somewhere foreign, so I can have some new adventures and some new life. I don't have enough money for it. I really want to go to Buenos Aires or Sao Paulo or Lisbon, somewhere that's not familiar but interesting to me, maybe try transition abroad so I can do something interesting without it feeling like a wasteful vacation. I'm a young adult, and sick of feeling guilty because my dad doesn't trust non-English-speaking countries and would freak with irrational fear, or that my sister fucked up her life for the past few years, is just now getting better, but is still depressed about her prospects, so she would feel jealous of me. I've been working jobs and internships for the past five years to gain a decent career, but am still working for $10/hr.

How true is it though, that so many older men still treat nipples like radio knobs!!! What frequency are you trying to tune into??? NPR?

I hate it if they bite it and try to pull it up by the skin. My breasts may be soft, but I don't want them stretched out!

Hi, peeps!

Congrats on the new babies to come, FJ and Moxie!

(((((((Pherber)))))) That sucks that the system is so screwy. My boyfriend's ex-wife has been waiting for disability to come through since before I met him, which will be 3 years in July. It's no better here in the good ol' US of A. I hope things get better for you very soon. Happy early birthday!

AnnaK, I forgot to congratulate you for getting published in the Village Voice. That's a pretty big deal. I hope the work sitch gets better sometime. Good luck with the internships.

Catsoup's getting married already?! Holy crap! Congrats, Catsoup!

Hi, Kari, Minx, Doodle, Jenn, CH, Lore, ErinJane and everyone!

The funeral on Tuesday was pretty nice. There were a ton of non-family that showed up, apparently my aunt was still pretty active up until the end, until she went senile, anyway. I wore my absolutely stunning pair of Jimmy Choo pumps. They're brown suede with a 3" heel with diamond shaped cutouts that have gold underlays. They're what you'd call a pair of "good sitting shoes." The giant finally got to meet my aunt Sue from Chicago and some other family-types that we'll probably never see again (Mom's side isn't as large and close as Dad's). Sam was there with us, and he was so very good in church, just a joy to be around. He told me that he bought me some flower-shaped beads "because you love necklaces and you have a million of them, so now you can have a million and one." He was sad that I couldn't go up to my parents' place to spend time with him, but I might see him this weekend if my brother brings him over like he said he would. I need some cuddles from my little sunshine boy.

I'm a new auntie again today! The giant's SIL just had her second child, a little girl named Hannah this morning via c-section. We'll go down to visit sometime this weekend. I guess the giant's brother just bought a house all of a sudden (he's purchased an SUV, a boat, and now a house since he got back from Iraq last August - consume much?), so they're moving in a few weeks. They haven't told the giant's mom they're moving out yet, but it's going to be a huge shock to her. I guess the giant's SIL just couldn't take it anymore, so now they're going to move with a brand new baby while she's still got a gaping hole in the middle of her body. Awesome.

Not much going on with me. The Cruncher is still the most irritating person on the planet, otherwise work is fine. I saw the new Indiana Jones movie on Tuesday after the funeral. It's good, but Harrison Ford is getting awfully old to be doing this stuff, and I didn't much care for the ending. The SATC movie turned out to be much better than I expected, if a bit long. I was very surprised about that one, but in a good way.

Diva, those shoes sound like the HAWTNESS. smile.gif
Indeed they are, but I can't walk in them for shit. I had to make the giant hold my hand and walk very slowly with me everywhere I went except up to take communion (yes, I still do that because I don't want to rile my family up if it's not absolutely necessary, they don't accept that I'm not Catholic anymore). But as fabulous as they are, they don't compare to my Manolos.
*sneaks in to say...*

Congrats to the FJs and the Moxies!!! So exciting!
*sneaks in*

congratumelations FJs and Moxie! so very cool and exciting!!!
Good Evening!

Anna, any idea when you'll hear about th internship?? ~*~*~*~*internship vibes for anna~*~*~*~*

Diva, the shoes sounds fantabulous!! Awwww Sam.

Hey Syb and Mornington!!!

Where's Dusty been at lately??

Had me a workout, did cardio and abs to top off my jog from this morning. I spent this afternoon flirting with a very attractive man, we shall see if it goes anywhere. Also got me some HBI this evening.

Ahhhhh, good day. Now, I think I'm going to wind down.
Hey ya'll! Today is the first day where I *know* I've shaken the bronchitis, and feel pretty much normal, no cough - hooray! I maintain that it was the magical properties of the sangria yesterday that cured me, as I have not coughed since sangria-time. smile.gif

We've had a quiet day at home....its 90 degrees and HUMID today, so we canned the biking plans in favor of hanging around at home, reading, cooking, cleaning a bit, and its been good. We went and picked up our first meat farm share - yipee! 17lbs of organic meats (+ eggs) to enjoy this month - its definitely getting my creative juices flowing! Next week our veggie/fruit share starts...Mmmmm. And I'm going to start out the enjoyment of these lovely products by making sauteed cabbage with a bit of bacon and lots of pepper for brekkie tomorrow, topped with a beautiful poached egg. I can't wait!

Diva, Sam its the cutest little guy - I do hope that you get to see him this weekend! And those SHOES! You have my admiration for walking in those! I am rather hopeless in heels. And I think I may go see SATC again this weekend...I just can't let go of those girls, and it really was a damned good story - and the fashion - FUN!

Minxy, keep that Artman close...he sounds like a *truly* inspiring lover!! Mmmmmm...

I'm gonna check out with CH and wind down a bit. smile.gif
evening busties! geez, i can't leave you guys alone for a minute. nipple play, good jam, fucked up bureaucracy, hot shoes, good vacation, new little peeps, nclb foolishness...and a police report! okay, the police report's mine.

c-monkey and i were pedaling to grammy's this morning, and i had her riding her bike on the sidewalk per usual cause drivers around here are fucking crazy and have no concept of their legal obligations to share the fucking road and not sideswipe cyclists into parked vehicles and other gutter obstacles, and this lady backed out of her driveway almost right into c-monkey! luckily the kidlet is much more alert to dumbass drivers than they are to her and was able to swerve out of the way, nearly taking me down in the process. so of course i pulled her over first thing to make sure she was all right, and let loose with a (sadly) standard "the fuck are you doing, stupid?! look around for other people before you go tearing off like that! are you freakin' blind?!", and bitch then proceeds to cuss me out. c-monkey and i continued down the road, and bitch is still sitting there in her driveway, when we come to a parked car on the next block. i throw my left arm out well ahead of the obstacle to signal i'm going around it, and see driveway lady coming at a normal pace behind us, but still far enough away that i have room to swing around and back toward the sidewalk. so i make my move, and next thing i know, bitch is gunning her engine, and roars by leaning on her horn the whole time, close enough that if i put my arm out again, it would have gotten knocked off by her car, and then she flips me off out the window! well of course i was pissed, but i took c-monkey the rest of the way to the momster's and told her what happened. then i went back to the stupid cunt's house (she was long gone), and called the cops from there with her address, description, and make and model and partial license plate of the car. the officer who showed up was very cool, and said they couldn't get her for attempted assault for lack of witnesses, and near-missing c-monkey was clearly an accident. but they can probably get her for reckless endangerment for buzzing me, and the fact that she gunned her engine and blared her horn clearly shows it as deliberate, if not premeditated. she'll probably just get a ticket and a fine, but she'll definitely be held accountable, which is what counts. and the officer is a fellow cyclist, so she was totally sympathetic, and told me the woman was probably going to work and wouldn't be back til after five, and even though the officer gets off at five, she'd go back to the house herself to chew the woman's ass but good. it's after six now, so i though about pedaling by to see if i could witness the ass-chewing, but that's probably pushing it, even though i do ride down that stree on a regular basis. the thing that fucking creeped me out is that the driveway is covered in sidewalk chalk, so it's a pretty sure bet that there are kids in that house; you'd think bitch would have been horrified about almost hitting a child, not railing and and raving as if she were the wronged party. dry.gif

so that's my big news for the day. work was quiet, c-monkey's at the momster's for the night, and tomorrow's payday, so i get to go grocery shopping this weekend. i am in desperate need of fresh fruits and veggies, and i need to find room in my freezer for meat and other non-perishables. the momster picked up an order at the logo shop yesterday, which is our employee store that sells all our product at a discount. which is sweet, but it all comes by the case, so even when you take the individually packed units out, it's a lot of stuff. so my freezer is now stocked with italian meatballs, whole wheat breaded chicken patties, and breakfast pancake wraps, which are like corndogs, except they use sausage for the dog, and pancake batter instead of corn. those are going to come in handy for c-monkey's breakfasts on the go, and i'm going to layer the patties with mozarella and spaghetti sauce for ghetto chicken parmesan. but i keep telling the momster, she can't shop at the logo shop like we still have a chest freezer out in the garage. rolleyes.gif

oh, and i bought the used palm off craigslist, and it works super. i'm so glad i can load up my books and stop carrying paper ones again. i've been reading hardbacks all week, which are easily stuffed down the back of my jeans while i'm on the floor at work (i'm one of those people who can't even go pee without something to read while i'm waiting), but the one i just finished was 600+ pages. the host, by stephenie meyer, great author, awesome book. /plug
Happy Friday you Wanton Pussy-Pass Hander-Outers!!! tongue.gif

Okay, dinner was: lobster bisque with fresh fiddlehead ferns (SQUEEE!!), bread with homemade orange marmalade and brie, and a bottle of cuvee. We spent a lot of time in his screened-in porch watching the lightening storm, and subsequently a lot of time rollin' around doin' the HBI and talking. Oh, TJenn, I am totally keeping this one around! I made him a mixed CD and we just dorked around the kitchen singing and being silly. I finally told him that I grooved all over his meaty I started a series of embroidered napkins for him. The first one is a frying pan on fire. Told him if he was a good boy I'd finish the series for him.

He's a VERY, VERY good boy. wink.gif

*le sigh*

Alrighty then, off to finish my LAST Friday at school, and then a loverly weekend with the Minxlette. Gardening, Science Museum, et cetera et cetera. I'll post something a little less MOI later today when I get bored with grading.

BTW, has anybody here seen our Dearly Beloved Tesao?
QUOTE(lorewolf @ Jun 3 2008, 03:13 PM) *
Heeya BunnyB! *puts Vasoline on the door knob on this side of the okay-kvetch secret passage so it's harder to escape next time*

okay (okayers), I was going to quip that I was slipping back in this time easier than the last time thanks to lore lubricating the knob... but it sounded so wrong!

Congrats to the moxies!

Happy Friday!!!!

I have no insults, it's raining like a motherfucker out there.

Hey Turbo, thank goodness you are on the mend, how's the vacy been? It sounds really lovely so far, less the illness.

Grrrl, what a fucking psycho twat bag. I'm glad you went to the fuzz about that bitch. How is c-Monkey?? is she okay after all of this?

Minx, damn.

Hey Bunny!!!!

I also wonder when Tes has been lately.

Not much going down here, like I said rianing like a sumbitch. It's payday yay!!!!
What up! It's Friday, Bitches! Yes!!

Jenn, I am glad you are feeling better! Color me jealous of your farm share! That sounds so awesome. Can't wait to hear what wondeful dishes you whip up.

Hey Grrrl!

Hey bunnyb! It's good to see you!

Minx! That dinner sounds so f-ing good! I have never eaten fiddleheads, what sort of flavor do they have? Glad you got some good HBI action! Have a great last day of school!

Ch! You naughty dawg, you got some HBI too! Who with?

Diva, your shoes do indeed sound BADASSSSSS! Glad the service was nice. Congrats to the Giant's SIL & the new bebe! Hannah is a cute name.

Not a whole lot going on here today. Did a difficult workout last night, my hammies are pretty sore today. Work is quiet today, lots of people out either on vaca or sick. Boss not here, so maybe I can finally get some work done! He kept me running yesterday.
lubricating the knob *snicker* /jr. high

morning kari, morning culture!

c-monkey is fine, luckily her view was blocked by the parked van in question. but that's one of my greatest paranoid fantasies, that some asshat driver will mow me down right in front of her when we're out riding, which is why we stick to quieter residential streets unless we absolutely have to use one of the busier roadways. she loves riding her bike around town with me, and i don't ever want her to be afraid of it.

well, time to get going to work. i'm so annoyed with my internal alarm clock. i've been getting up earlier and earlier every morning this week, and it sucks, a full hour this morning! and i can't just roll over and go back to sleep, cause i can't tell you how many times i've done that and then woke up well after alarm time and been late to work. once i'm up, i gotta stay up. at least i got paid yesterday and can go by the stop and rob for a couple rockstars before heading in today. later busties!
Mornin', Bitches! *curiously eyes the lubed up knob*

Grrl - that is CRAZY about that bitch running you down!! But I am DAMNED proud of you for calling the cops and making sure she gets what she deserves!! (((((grrrl & c-monkey)))

Can I just say it is too farking HOT here this week??? The first week of June is not supposed to be 90 degrees and humid!! Last week, its 50 degrees and rainy, and this week its JULY! I'd like my spring back now, please. smile.gif

Minxy, I am JEALOUS of that soup - YUMMY! I *adore* fiddleheads, and we used to be able to pick them wild when I was growing up, but I have not seen them here at farmers' markets. Maybe I'll get some in my veggie box next week, but its getting to the end of fiddlehead season.

WOooT! for Minxy's last day at school!! (and they'd better re-hire you for next year!)

Hi hi Kari! Enjoy your quiet day at work!

Hey Kari! How is your day going?

Grrrl, so glad you and C-Monkey are both okay. that bitch is crazy. Are the police going to do a follow up regarding this?

Turbo, holy crap that is hot. It's below seasonal here, it'srainy and shitty here. But I hate the extreme heat anyways.

I'm flirting with cute boy via e-mail right now. smile.gif I think I'll have to kick it up just a notch.

I've a half a mind to go out tonight.

((((okayers)))) how the hell are ya?

I feel pretty proud of myself today, just 'cause I impressed a guy. (sad, huh?)

Anyway, I asked BS (omg he's a hottie, I secretly LUST after him) but I asked him to "help me out" with this full length of schedule 80 1 1/2" diameter extra heavy steel pipe. I had to move it from our storage rack over to our threading machine to cut to length and thread it. It weighed about 76 pounds, and is 21 feet long, which makes it hard to balance.

So I get up to the rack, about in the middle (meaning I was taking about 90% of the weight) and lifted up the length and just sort of let BS balance it and guide it...he said in disbelief, "you know you've got most of the weight here?"...I said, "yes, I just needed balancing help! I can't expect YOU to lift the weight for MY job." (I can lift the weight but once I have it, I have trouble getting one end to go into the pipe machine...I wobble a bit.)

I think I impressed him. Blue collar life is a little different, we can be more blunt. One day a couple years ago, I just came out and told him (in front of the whole shop)...I said "Hey, boy, you've got a nice a$$"....just messing with him. He turned several different shades of red. Of course, it was fodder for the shop messing with him for a LONG time...which was my intention.

I like flirting with him. Actually, I want to lick his nipples. Mm...washboard stomach, ripply arm muscles...cute face, ice blue eyes...tight butt....drool....(heh).

I've cut off the duct that was in the way of my a/c, and will take it into the shop and clean it (the a/c) all up and, I think I am going to put a pressure switch on it. It'll protect it if things get dirty.

I want to go to Club 5 tonight, but I may crash before then. We'll see. I'm wearing my uber hottie bustier tonight. Just love that thing.

(snork at the lubricated knob)

Grrl, that bitch is batshit crazy, I'm echoing turbojenn here. I'm glad you guys are okay.

CH, the room I was working in all week was 32 celsius (94 or so for you fahrenheit folkies)...and, NICE on the HBI! smile.gif

(((rehire vibes))) for minxy...and enjoy your summer!!!! I am drooling for more stories about your new guy. smile.gif

OMG we're getting a minimoxie AND a minifalljackets ALL AT THE SAME TIME/???? ((((moxie))) CONGRATS!!!!

((((AND another congrats for FJ, just cause))))

(((pherber))) it sounds like a hell week...I Hope the next one is better.
I think I've got the other half of your mind, wanting to go out, tree. wink.gif

Well, I'm no man, but I sure am IMPRESSED about your pipe moving mastery!!! And I think that's damned healthy that you can rib each other at work....I don't find any of that honesty in office life, and would love to have it.

I don't think I am going out tonight, though - maybe tomorrow. Turbomann drove to MI this afternoon with FIL's car, even though we don't have our car back yet...we're tired of constant delays from the body shop, but since turbomann was off work this week too, it makes sense to get the trip out of the way now, since it requires 12 hours on the road. He'll Amtrak it home on Sunday.

I might just make some popcorn, and get an OnDemand movie tonight - something frothy and girly. heh.
Good Evening.

Tree, I love how you are at work. The HBI was nice, it was the first time things happened, uhhh, together.

Turbo enjoy your evening! Sounds uber relaxing.

Well, success with the officeboy, shall we call him, hmmmm AC. Well, he gave me his number, and we chatted for a long time, multiple times today at work. and we've been texting fairly consistently.

And I'm KO'd this evening, i was going to watch an Indiana Jones movie, but I think I'm just going to crash, I'm so tired.
HAPPY BIRFDAY PHERBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn, culture beat me to it! stupid snuggling in bed with the kidlet tongue.gif
um tree... that's why you are sooo my role model, you are (cue guitar riff, and sang like axel rose) kiiiiiicck ass!

hey gt! *pounce* it's been bothering me for a month now wondering where i've seen your icon before, but i was unpacking another box today, and i found them! i've got the cutest sparkly-waisted red briefs from torrid that have that exact same logo on the hip in silver. happy.gif
Hi all!!! Oh, I SOOOO need to catch up! But I have tomorrow AND Monday off - first time I've had 2 days in a row in....weeks! So I will be able to get caught up soon! Anyway, HIhiHIhiHI to everyone! Hi turbo, CH, FJs, treehugger, kari, diva, poodle (wherever you are), moxie, minx, grrrl, GT, lore, anna, and everyone else! And HAPPY BIRFDAY PHERBER!!!

Have been at the store 5 days in a row - I'm surprised, but my feet don't hurt as much as I thought they would. They do hurt a bit, but not horribly. I do have a lot of respect for the full-timers, though. Got LOTS of love from management this week, too! They think I'm awesome and they wish I would come work for them full time....if only I could afford it! But I think the monotony would get to me, too....

I just bought an awesome linen blazer for $30 CAD (with mah 50% discount)! Well, it's a linen/rayon blend (good for upkeep), and it's a warm sand colour, with white stitching. It's perfect, because it will extend the life of my basic trouser/camisole-under-a-jacket work wardrobe through the summer. I freaking LOVE working in a clothing store. wink.gif

And I'm seeing mr scorpio again tonight. Yeah. What can I say? The HBI is really freaking amazing. He stayed over Thursday night, and I was almost late for work Friday - and I didn't start till 5 in the afternoon!! tongue.gif
Good Morning!

Hey Grrrl and GT!

Doodle, thank goodness you have two days off, are you still working that shitty temp assignment??

Today I'm heading off to see Indiana Jones with dadzilla. Yesterday I don't know where the day went, got some sugaring done, cleaned, went grocery shopping. It's humid here, rain is a coming. I texted AC yesterday for most of the day, and into the wee hours of the morning. Maybe I'll get together with him soon. Maybe. Being a teaser is fun.

How is everyone else and where is everyone??

hi hi hi, hope everyone's having a good weekend! must all be out doing fun stuff since no one's posting here. wink.gif

the momster came over for dinner last night, and it was good. i made the chicken patties layered with mozarella and sauce on top with more cheese, and bitchin' french bread toast with artichoke dip and melted cheese on top, and everyone had milk to drink, chocolate for me, strawberry for c-monkey, and plain for the momster; it was a lactose-y kinda night. biggrin.gif and we had a ceasar salad with sun-dried tomato and bacon, and mini devil's food bundts with blackberries and whipped cream for dessert. momster was impressed with the spread, and said she should have brought her camera, my first dinner party. yeah, to record the carnage this little get-together wreaked in my kitchen. rolleyes.gif afterwards c-monkey and i walked the momster home and took our bikes to ride back, and we hung out there for a bit so c-monkey could visit with friends.

today we're going to town to check out a new grocery store, see kung fu panda, swing by the bookstore, and hit up chuck-e-cheese with c-monkey's report card. ho, and i need to see about getting a memory card for my phone so i can start putting music on there. the fm radio's been okay for riding back and forth to work, but there's something to be said for having your own playlists and podcasts.
Such a total drive-by....I'm a badass, I know.

But I just got rid of mr scorpio (a few drive-by deets in Portions), and I have no food in the house and I need to hightail it to the grocery store. And I'm still sitting around in my underthings. wink.gif
I want some ice cream!
Ha ha! You just reminded me I had some chocolate gelato in the freezer....I'm eating that from the container before I go! wink.gif
Good Morning!

Grrrl, the food sounds yummy! And it sounds like you and c-monkey had a great day!

Hi Doodle! How have your days off been?

All is well here, it's another shitty riany day, which is fine by me. AC and myself texted again all evening, we shall see. I'm into nailing him.

Aside from that, I'm back to my regular hours, sooooo I'm at work.

How is everyone else??

Good Morning! It's Monday again.... blink.gif How did that happen so quickly??

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PHERBER!! I hope you were able to have the party.

Hi Tree, CH, Jenn, Tree, GT, Grrrrl, doodles and anyone I have forgotten!!

Not too much to report here. Had a nice weekend. Watched a movie at home on Friday night, went to the pool & did some yard work on Saturday, went to a show Saturday night, & pretty much just chilled yesterday.

Soooooo, I had my consult to see if I'm in eligible candidate for eye surgery...
Hey CH!

What did you find out??
after many tests and more to follow on Thursday, I have very healthy eyes, my eyes are good shaped, I have enough corneal tissue and blah blah blah.

I have the surgery tentaively booked for June 27!!!!! I'm a suitable candidate!!!!!!!
Congrats on ye eyeballs, CH! smile.gif Goaty's thinking about laser, too, but is kinda nervous. I know some people who are really happy with their outcome.

Happy Belated B-day, Pherber! Just figure it's going to get better than this.

Congrats to the Moxies!!! Yaaay! a new Moxter to Mox us! smile.gif (just when we thought we were all Moxed out, it got even Moxier!)

Heya heya, allayouse! It's good to hear so many of you seemed to have good weekends smile.gif

I had a super-lame week last week, so I'm happy enough it's over. My work had some work cancelled, so they don't have work for me and aren't necessarily my work no more, after only two weeks with them. They like me over there, but they're giving what hours they have to those who've been there longer. Also, I had to take the Subaru in for its checkup. I brought a book to read and stuff, but the checkup was only an hour. They found that the brakes needed replacing, so I told them to do it whthat day, and I waited some more... like a lot more... and when I finally inquired about a time estimation, the dude at the desk said, "Is that your car out in the pickup zone?" They never told me it was ready, even though I had never left their waiting room, and I had my cellphone on me. mad.gif Then Goaty's thumb drive crashed, and she had a ton of her work and personal stuff on it. Also, we tried out a new dentist, and they were crooked bastards! They were trying to pressure Goaty into letting them drill her on the spot, when she's never had a cavity in her life and they had just said earlier that day that no cavities showed up on her X-rays. Meh.. other woes, too, but at least that week is over.

He he! Greased my knob!
Lore, after the information and video's n' stuff, I'm not worried at all, nothing sharp comes near one's eye balls at all.

Sorry that things were the craps.

Where is everyone??
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