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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Gooooooood Evening!

Grrrl, that is suspicious. What did the fuzz say? ~*~*~*palm vibes~*~*~*

Turbo, WOOT on vacation~ ~*~*~*~healing vibes~*~*~*

Minx. Holy.Fuck! That's fantastic!!! What a guy.

Hey tree! ~*~*~*AC removal vibes~*~*~*~ I still have to put the blueberries in the ground, tomorrow once it dries more.

Just returned from the park, again. Emily appears to be KO'd now. She did tons of hard running, thanks to my relentless ball throwing, and her cute looks to get me to throw the ball. hee.

Now I must get some food.

losing big stuff like this wasn't so bad when i was rooming with someone or crashing on the couch and living on quickstop nachos and popcorn at work, but now that i've got grown-up expenses like the whole rent, utilities, and a kid again, it kind of sucks. can't just go out and drop money on expensive toys on a whim because i can't keep them intact and on my person for more than a year at a time. i did get in touch with the guy though, and he seemed pretty sure of the model and condition over the phone and has all the cords and stuff, so i think he's legit. assuming he hasn't sold it by friday when i get paid, and he said so far i'm the only person that seems serious, i'll go pick it up then. it's not mine, but it's something. and it's less than $200 to fix the cracked screen on my last unit, so i think i'll do that within the next couple pay periods too. in fact, my gadget needs are pretty well met right now, what with the pretty new phone, decent camera, and serviceable mp3 player. i know i want to get myself a new laptop for xmas, but until then, i think i'm going to hit up ebay. i'd like to buy up a few extra pda's of various brands and functionality as backups and maybe some parts so i can learn how to fix them, and don't freak out next time i break a screen or lose one.

hey, ch and tree snuck in under me!

american gods was good stuff. in fact, it's one of the last ones i read before the great palm escape. rolleyes.gif good omens was pretty damn funny too, you should check it out if you haven't already.

ch, no need to involve the fuzz, see above. too bad, cause getting mine back would have indeed rocked. actually, i should call them anyway in case someone found it and did turn it into the station. yeesh, do people even do that anymore with found property? worth a shot though.

but right now the momster just called, and wants to know if we want to come over for a swim, dinner, bike ride to mickey d's for ice cream, and to spend the night. free food, a leisurely ride, ice cream, dsl connection so i don't have to run off the phone, and an extra half hour of sleep since we won't have to pedal c-monkey over in the morning? hells to the motherfuckin' yeah! later busties!

p.s. mini-bundts turned out well. but i over filled and had to poke out the top-or rather bottom-hole in the middle with a chopstick, and i didn't get around to whipping in liquor with this batch. but they are deelish and oh so good. actually, now that i know it's not the end of the world if the little hole gets cooked over, i think i'll put that little pocket to use next time with ever-so-slightly pureed berries and whipped cream.
Grrrl, still sucks about the palm. Isn't it fun doing the grown up adult thing?

What a fun evening it sounds like you're going to have!! I'm jealous, I want ice cream, I could have got some today...but I didn't want any until you mentioned it. Hee.

Mmmm ice cream.
Ooooh, tree, I second the American Gods LOVE. Seriously, that is a tie for - tied with the Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. And I love all things Gaiman...his blog is absolutely wonderful. He's very good to his fans! Actually it was American Gods that first inspired us to come to Madison, and then go up and visit the House on the Rock - that place is fucking crazy!

I've given up on trying to read Tolle, though. I've tried several times to get through one of his books, and its just too much "in your head" for me...but yet, its one of those things I keep coming back to. I really like Abraham-Hicks for the intuitive stuff...lemme know if you're interested, tree, and I'll send you some of their stuff.

I think I've resigned myself to taking the antibiotics tomorrow. The infection in my throat is just not going away, and its been 10 days. le sigh. I hate antibiotics. And I don't want to be sick for my *whole* vacation.

And speaking of being a grown up, I'm going to go pop some popcorn for dinner. smile.gif That's the GOOD part of being grown-up. Cereal, popcorn, ice cream, chips, etc, all qualify as "dinner." heh.
Goooooooood evening, Okayyyyyyyyylaaaaaaaaaannnnd!

Most importantly: CONGRATULATIONS, FJs! Wow, you two are like bunnies!! wink.gif

And also, most importantly: ~*~*~*~*~bigtime feel better vibes for turbo~*~*~*~*~ And also, I totally had instant oatmeal for dinner.

So much else going on for everyone to write about! But alas, I cannot, even though I've read every single detail. My brain is mush.

Anyway. I did $2200 in sales yesterday, possibly my highest ever, and really something for a 5.5 hour shift, I think. But part of that was, I totally, accidentally, scooped a sale from the assistant manager, and it was another $500+ sale. But then, she totally scooped customers from me and another girl, so maybe it wasn't so accidental that I scooped it. wink.gif

mr scorpio came over last night, and it was good, but I wasn't as into it....maybe too tired, or the thrill is wearing off, or else he started the boyfriend/girlfriend discussion (I said I didn't like labels), or else I got mr jamhost in my brain for some reason....or a combination of all four.

I've got to run, friend is on her way over, we are going to get coffee and check out this job site I applied for....but I already think it's going to be too far from home for me, 5 days a week....two buses, and one of them to the end of it's route. It's too much time to get there and back, regardless of how far the extra walk is. But anyway, I am still sitting around half-naked and sex-disheveled! So I must sign off....
It's me again.

Turbo, how long are you on vacation for? I agree, you don't want to be sick for it's entirety. Not fun.

Doodle, that's GREAT about the sales! *throws more confetti*

I've been having WAY too much fun on photobucket, playing around with the editing tools they have.!!!!!! I'm such a dork. Meh.

Well, I'm off to enjoy enjoy the soon to airing episode of MythBusters. Did anyone see when they made a hot water heater into a rocket? Literally the team was seeing if there was any truth behind hot water heaters exploding. anyhow's you can watch it here.
treehugger's a pic of my work today! Balcony porn. smile.gif

ha ha ha, those lucky mythbusters bastards have got like the coolest job ever!

yay, balcony porn! my back porch looks nowhere near as good. stupid roofer bastards that were up there my first week there tossed all the old shit from the roof into the yard, and it's been sitting against my back fence for weeks waiting for me to get up the motivation to go back there.

hi doodle! good on you for sales. smile.gif
Oooh! You all were so PROLIFIC last night! smile.gif

Artman brought me Spotted Cow from the New Glarus Brewery. For some craptastic reason you cannot buy it over the border. So we drank beers, sat on his front porch and chatted for a couple of hours. Then, ya know. We were going to eat something food-like just afterwards, but he felt like munchin' on something else. wink.gif He, he, he...I love this part of relationships where you just cannot get enough of the other person's physical proximity. Since we have all of these daughters to contend with, we only get to see each other once a week. It's going nice and slow, but the HBIs!!! Dear silly me, the man curls my toes! Reason number 298 that I like him: he touches know, just normal physical affectionate touches here and there.

It's still a smidgen odd that I have to drive near exminxman's house to get to Artman's house. Ah well. Next time I'll take a different route. I hope that he's doing alright, but I think I've finally emotionally detatched from him completely. That's always a weird feeling.

Planted the garden this weekend. Practically had to bring a machete to clear out some of the spaces--very unruly bushes that I was given carte blanche permission to get rid off. I made a berry alley for the strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. They are SO stinkin' happy to be sunk in fertile ground. I have my tomato section with about eight varieties and counting. I still have my San Marzano and Carmello seedlings to let get bigger. Then I sunk my bell peppers, spinach, and variety of baby lettuces. Started the cucumbers and zucchini and butternut squash. My next step will be building a t-shaped thingie to keep the raspberries in line, and a chickenwire dealie for the cukes, and an archway of wire for the string beans. Lastly will be herbs and flowers. I love this.

And now we have Treehugger and HER balcony garden porn! YES!! Shareshareshare!!

Okies Okayers, I've got tremendous amounts of shit to do, and not much time with which to do it. Nine days left. Got my official layoff notification which I will be sending to my student loan corp. Then can SUCK IT! But the chica that applied for my position didn't even bother showing up for the interview, so in all likelihood I will have my job back in the fall. Wish me luck.

Oh yeah, and good morning, you filthy stankwhores of kingdom come. laugh.gif
i'm confused...minxy, you got Laid Off, and they're refilling the position? I bet is "less seniority. less $$", but wouldn't it be a whole lot less hassel to just cut pay?


Me, i'm feeling the cramping from the MRG about to arrive. Just bleed body, and relieve me!

Ok, off to work.

Ps...had another spectacular weekend. Lots of good kidlet time.
*delurks* congrats falljackets!

Good Morning!

It's monday and I'm at the scary office now. It's not so bad though. Anyhows.

Tree, I LOVE the balcony porn!!! It motivates me to do something with the deck. And the backyard.

Grrrl, blowing shit up like the mythbusters do would fucking rock! Kari is in the newest issue of bust.

Minx, they are laying you off due to cutbacks, but hiring for your job? uhhh, CH don't think about this or your brains are going come essssploding out of your head. Artman! hee, he wanted to eat something else out. That's exactly what I was thinking before I read what you wrote.

~*~*~*~*soothing vibes for Mox~*~*~*

Hey Beck!!!

ummm, what can I say today? I went for a JOG this morning! Took the hound out to the park and jogged, I'm feeling pretty good. And I'm becoming a person who I heckle (I do usually heckly joggers).

I should get to work here, the desk is kind of messy and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, I don't know where to start. Filing!

Tree!! Your balcony is GORGEOUS!!! WOW, you are inspiring me, woman! Our balcony has nothing growing on it, yet. I probably should have bought some stuff last weekend, but its really tricky here - if I buy too early, the cold winds off the lake kill everything. Maybe I'll go down to the nursery this week, since I'm off work. Oh and I LOVE the greenman fountain!!!

Minxy, that is fucking insane that they're refilling your position, but they laid you off....can you interview for your own job, as stooopid as that would be? Can you have parents of your favorite kids campaign to have you back? But your GARDEN - OMG, you are an amazing agrarian!! That's really the only thing I would like about having an actual house - the ability to have a REAL garden...but I don't want to own a house otherwise - too much work, responsibilty, and I like sharing space with other people and taking up less space on this planet.

I think I'm going to ride off to the pharmacy now and get the meds. hmph. Cod, I hate antibiotics. Mostly the yeast infections and gut troubles that follow. I feel like apologizing to all those nice intestinal flora that I've worked so hard to cultivate. poor dears. It also means that I have to be ridiculously scrupulous about avoiding gluten - just the tiniest bit of it could send me reeling for weeks. yuck. Of course, we're meeting our friends who just moved home from Ireland at their favorite pizzeria for dinner tonight - I think I'll eat before I go, as I just can't risk contamination, even if I order a salad.

CH, I'm sorry you're stuck at the scary office. ugh. But YAY for the jog this morning!

*waves to mox*
ha, culture, i read that last line of your post as "fling!" and pictured you tossing shit off at your desk at co-irkers laugh.gif

morning everyone!
Good Morning!!

CONGRATULATIONS FJs!!!!!!! SO EXCITING! smile.gif Lil' jackaroo with have a sibling!

Tree, your balcony is indeed beautiful! Nice!

Minx, yeah, WTF...they are filling your job? I am looking forward to your garden porn!

Hey Grrrl!

Hey Diva! Sorry to hear about your aunt. But, yeah, at 93..not much else can really happen. It's so strange how sometimes people know when it's time to go.

(((jenn))) Hope you get to feeling better. ~~~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~~

(((anna))) Are you feeling any better? Good for you on applying for those jobs! I think you are doing wonderfully. I really liked your Village Voice piece. Not everyone can say they've been published!! Just keep on truckin'. Things can turn around in the blink of an eye.

Hey CH! Good for you on the jog this AM! I need to work out for reals. I gained 2-3 lbs lately, probably b/c I've been eating willy nilly. Oye.

Things here are pretty good this morning. Had a productive weekend. Mr K and I did tons of yardwork on Saturday. The front beds are looking good. I will try to take a pic & post it. That night we went to hear Ira Glass speak, very fun. Yesterday I did errands & cooked a lot. All in all a very nice weekend! This week is looking decent. Mr K just started back to school today, so he'll be busy. It's a one month class, 5 days a week. I am sure he'll be studying when he is not in class, so I'll probably have a lot of solo time. What, oh what will I do with myself? I am sure I can think of something!
Ahhhh.....the antibiotics are kicking in, and my lymph nodes have finally stopped cuddling with my tongue - hooray! And I got some good probiotics at Whole foods, so hopefully that will keep the yeasties away.

Minxy, I meant to mention earlier, but when we visited the sacred site of New Glarus Brewery last year, we talked with the brewer, and he said that they've retracted their distribution to within WI because they made a conscious decision not to expand the business, so that they can maintain some balance in their lives. They're satisfied with their success, and just doing what they love. Pretty cool, even if it does mean runs across the border to get our favorite brews.

Hi hi Kari! Sounds like you guys are doing lots of work outside - now where are our piccies?! wink.gif
Co-irkers! Bwah hah! laugh.gif

Heeey all! wink.gif *does Buddy Jesus pose*

Wooo hooo fer new FJ-ling! Congrats-o! smile.gif

*healing and comfort vibes for Turbo* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yay fer Minxlet's awesome brain!

*Hopes Tree doesn't have to demolish much more of her house*

Hullo and promise to catch up later to everybody! I'm just glad that most of you sound happy lately.

Jeesh! I've been on an odd mood swing lately. I gots no work today, even though I know they're still pugging away at the site I was at Friday. It just seemed like they needed the more experienced workers there for this week, and none of us new guys made the cut. Kinda bummed me, though. Then, Saturday, Goaty started a workathon weekend, so I did a little garage sale piracy. Arrrr! I scored me a second Flowboard so's I can flowboard with a friend, and an old, cheap putter to perhaps revive the Sherwoods Invitational with (used to be an annual event I'd hold in the forest where we played golf with tennis balls, putters, and buried Big Gulp cups... winner got an awesome crystal goblet). I also got a $10 CD boom box system for listening to toonage in the kitchen. I even tried it out in the seller's garage before buying... Basically cuts in and out randomly when it plays CDs mad.gif . I'll never find that guy's house again, either. Then, the thing I was making for a potluck came out bootched! I was doing apple fillo pastry rolls, and they RUPTURED in the oven, plus they needed to be a ton sweeter sad.gif so I brought a couple of coconuts instead, but they were the wrong type sad.gif Later, Goaty and I went to the new Narnia movie, and it was way better than I expected! I finally felt charged up again. *sigh* I kinda need new adventure story to keep me going like it's some kind of vitamin.
Congrats FJ!

Man, I'm feeling much better but I'm still stuffed up and coughing. After spending all weekend in my pj's, I made myself get dressed today and took care of my veggie garden, clearing out all the weeds so I can plant tomorrow. I felt pretty wiped after, but then I came up here to my room and turned on Gogol Bordello super loud and started dancing like crazy. I was pretty sweaty by the end of it.

I'm supposed to meeting up with a plentyoffish guy tonight. I'm not expecting anything, but I was bored tonight, and he seemed nice. We'll see if anything (casual or otherwise) comes out of it.
Balcony porn! Balcony porn! WOOOOT!!!

Hullo everybody - I just got back from.....JURY SELECTION! But I got de-selected. I dunno why. The jury foreperson was down, Crown was down, but defense challenged me. It was a rape trial, though, so maybe he recognized me from my past life as an anti-violence advocate? And anyway, even if I hadn't been planning to plead financial hardship, I would have had to admit bias. Honestly, how could I be UN-biased in a rape trial, after all those years providing support to victims? scorpio just sent me an e-mail asking why I was so out of sorts when we got together on the weekend, and encouraging me to discuss things with him. I guess he is not so dumb as I thought! But I don't know what to tell him. Maybe it is just the thrill wearing off, but maybe it's more that I know in my heart amazing sex is not enough, and he just doesn't have what it takes to meet the rest of my needs....and he thinks he does. He thinks I'm uncomplicated, but that's a big mistake right there, 'cos I'm as complicated as they come. It's just that I keep him as a separate part of my life, so he has no idea what else is going on for me. And I don't WANT him to know, because I don't want him that involved in my life! I think I'm going to need to end this soon, before he gets

I feel like I've been in that position before, doodle. If it was me, I'd probably be ending it. I know that once thoughts like those start circling my mind, eventually I won't even be comfortable being intimate with them. I would just tell him everything you wrote, right down to the fact that you don't want him to get hurt.

I live in terror of being selected for Jury Duty. I don't think I could handle the pressure.
Yeah, you might be right, erin. I think I'm going to try having a serious discussion with him, anyway, and see where that goes.

I'd love to do Jury Duty, seems interesting to me, and I know I could do a good job. But not on a trial that involved violence against a woman or a child. I would be soooo fucking biased. And this one was for sexual assault AND unlawful confinement....ugh.

I forgot to mention, I got offered a p/t temp gig with the local Indian Band, as recording secretary for a series of Chief and Council meetings. Sounds interesting, anyway. My liaison at the temp agency wants me there so badly she's offered to drive me to the gig (it's on the reserve - no bus), b/c she says there are very few temps she'd trust with it.

Also, we checked out that other job location last night, and I think I could easily manage the walk from the last bus stop - it's about 4 - 5 km on a quiet, mostly flat country highway, with lots of horses to pet along the way - but it still seems like I'll be commuting forever, so I'm thinking no....unless they are willing to cut back on the hours....say if I could go 9 - 3 instead of 9 - 6.

Maybe I should get a horse. I wonder if they'd let me keep one in the backyard?

I need to naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.....
hey hey hey!

well, mrfj already came in and spilled the beans, i see. hehe, i guess he spilled more than that. sorry, couldn't resist the dirty joke. laugh.gif

yep. knocked up. again. i was completely in shock saturday evening and sunday morning but i'm just over the moon now. both of us are. i guess i got this job at just the right time! and the job is working out very well. i love it. i love the people i work with, and i love my manager. i told them all today because i didn't want them to think that i'd been hiding it from them and wanted them to see that i was still trying to get over the surprise myself. they took it very well and we just excited for me. i was a teensy bit afraid that i'd be viewed as a liability but i didn't get that feeling from them in the least. so that made me feel better.

the only concern is a financial one, but we're doing much better now that we're working on two incomes and really, this baby will be far less expensive, particularly for the big ticket stuff. and if we have a boy, we'll be golden. although i must confess that i am sensing femininity this time. i knew jman was a boy from the getgo, so i'm going to go with my gut for now. shit, i don't even know how far along i am because i've been so irregular since jackaroo was born. i have my first appointment tomorrow and i'm hoping they'll do a sonogram since i'm so clueless about it.

in other news, jman is finally getting used to his daycare. until today, every time i have gone to pick him up, he has been sitting in a swing or with the caregiver and would burst into tears when i'd walk in the room. but today, i peeked in the room and he was standing at a cubby in the center of the room, playing with a toy. i was so happy, i cried. ok, so maybe i'm a little emotional. tongue.gif

ok, i should be able to come back more often. i'm starting to get used to the routine. funny, i have been exhausted every day after work and i was thinking it was just the new schedule. i guess i was fatigued from being preggo.

but for now, i'm going to sleep!

love to you all. thank you for the hugs and well-wishes. i'm so happy right now. just incredibly content and well, FULL. i like that feeling. smile.gif
Holy crap! Congrats, FallJacket family!!! How exciting!!! And here are some more exclamation points because I'm so damn excited for you!!!
*enters through the okay-kvetch secret passage*

CONGRATULATIONS to the expanding falljackets family!

waves at the okayers.

*retreats back to kvetchlandia*
I had to delurk to say...

CONGRATULATIONS to the FJ FAMILY!! That's very exciting news!

I've been lurking somewhat. I'm up way too early today because the wedding is this Saturday and after I wake up to pee, I usually can't fall back asleep because my brain is racing with wedding thoughts. We're ready for it and I'm finally starting to get happy-excited about it rather than just anxious/annoyed-excited. Please send some Bustie vibes for good weather on Saturday because the ceremony is happening outside (as are all the pictures).
i get distracted for a second, and *pop* there is a new jacket on the way!

yay! congrats mr&ms jacket!
Youse' a funnay, Rosiev! biggrin.gif

Heya heya, FJ! Glad you're feeling happy and confident. Congrats again!

Doodle, congrats on the Indian gig and the awesome clothing sales! YOu kick ass in so many ways it's not fair to the rest of us!

*healin' vibes for ErinJane* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Heeya BunnyB! *puts Vasoline on the door knob on this side of the okay-kvetch secret passage so it's harder to escape next time*

Heeeya GT! smile.gif I hope the laser is treating you well and you're havin' some fun.

Heya Catsoup! *Beautiful Weddin' Weather vibes for Catsoup and fiance'* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......
*ahem* Yeah, I planned an outdoor wedding, myself, and basically had to trust that it would be perfect weather. I basically had to convince certain Type-A people that I had enough of a contingency plan to suffice in case of rain, but really I didn't. I just KNEW it wasn't going to rain.

Good Morning!

Fj! I am so happy for you guys! I am glad your job is going so well & the people there are so supportive. That is really wonderful. A feminine vibe eh? Interesting! I can't wait to see what you guys will have! Glad little jackaroo is adjusting to day care, I know that makes you feel very good.

~~~~~catsoup vibes~!~~~~~~~ woot! This Saturday!! Congratulations!

Doodle, I'm with erinjane...I think most relationships can only stay in that casual phase for so long, then someone starts to want more. We know Mr Scorpio definitely does. And if the thrill is starting to fade for you, it might be movin' on. Hmm. The Indian reservation job sounds really cool! How long of a position would it be?

(((erinjane)))) I am glad you are starting to feel a little bit better.

(((Jenn))) You too!

Things here are good today. Working at home. Slept in. I do have some work that must be done today, so gonna have to buckle down. It's one of those tasks that is just annoying. I worked on it all day yesterday, but felt like I was just spinning my wheels. Other than that, I need to weed our vegetable garden sometime this afternoon, and also go get some more mulch for the beds we planted this weekend. We did one layer, but it needs just a little bit more. I also need to workout at some point.

ETA: Cross post with Lore! Hey Lore!! Sorry to hear about the job, that would be really frustrating. You always handle things like such a pro. Goatie girl is one lucky lady.
Aww! Thanks, Kari! I've been pretty bummed about that. I wasn't feeling like such a pro over the weekend.

Good luck with the working-at-home motivation! If you know anybody with a bunny or guineapig, maybe you can think of the weeding as feeding a bunny? smile.gif
I'm here, busy filing, will catch up later.

Hugs to all!
Lore, I wish I did know someone with a rabbit! That would make weeding a whole lot easier! Of course, they would have to be trained to not eat the actual plants. Hmmmm.....

I'm sorry you are having a rough time lately. The job sitch would be damaging to my ego too. sad.gif You always are so positive though, and I believe that things work out for positive peeps. You are open to opportunity. So goatie girl's been working a lot? What type of work does she do?

Thanks for the work at home vibes. I find it hard to get motivated here. Too any distractions!
Okay, if I look at anymore filing I'm going to loose it. With that said, I've caught up a ton of stuff.

Turbo, how are you feeling today? how's the vacay so far?

Grrrl, I'd love to fling the filing of the desk.

Kari, yay on working from home! I also did loads around the yard on the weekend, the garden is in and and and got some blueberry bushes! The tomatoes are doing fantabulous!

Lore, those are some pretty good scores at the garage sale, I'm sorry to hear about work.

Erin, how did POF date go?? ~*~*~*ongoing healing vibes~*~*~*~*

Doodle, I'd probably keep on using him like cheap meat, but not that often. I'd take a step back and call him only occassionally for a booty call. With that said, maybe it's just run it's course and it is time to end things. What are you doing about the temp job? That's really cool that your supervisor only trusts you to do it. Funny when you said Indian, I thought you meant east or west Indian, not First Nations.

awww FJ! Again, I'm so happy for you, and glad to hear that all is well.

Hey RV and Bunny!

Catsoup!!! Long time no see! I'm sure your wedding will be amazing.

Hey GT!!

Well, I got my punk ass out to the park again today for a jog, it wasn't as intense as yesterday as my body is just so sore, but I feel great!!!! Tomorrow it's supposed to be rainy, but the workout needs to be done. Ummm, that's really all I have going on right now. Must get back to it.


Jebuss. Here comes the flood. I didn't really get one the last two months, so I guess that this is my comeuppance. Hope the flood subsides by Thursday. Wouldn't want to get Artman's sheets all mussed up. But then again, maybe that would be a good time to get him over to my house. I have a feeling that Aunt Flo wouldn't freak the guy out, but you know. Just some first month courtesy from the Minx.

Cripes. Kill me now.
minx, two words... shower sex.

yumm! smile.gif

it's slow here at work during the last half hour so i thought i'd sneak in and say hi!

tree, i meant to tell you last night that i love the pic of your patio. it's so inviting!! wow!

minx, your gardening skillz do indeed rocketh! damn! i only got my herbs and some flowers planted this year, no veggies. i just didn't have it in me with starting work and all. i might still do a late crop of tomatoes though. i do so love a good fresh 'mater and mozzerella salad! and that would help me get extra veggies and calcium! rolleyes.gif

turbo, i hope you are enjoying your vacation and that it's doing some good on the health front. we thought jackaroo had a dairy allergy for a while but it turned out it was just a sensitivity. he's already getting better with it - his face gets a little red sometimes when he eats cheese but not nearly like it used to. the doc said to try it every month or so and the past couple of times i've offered it to him, he went nuts for it and didn't get splotchy, so i think he's ok!

lore, i hope you're having a better day. i love your optimism though... you always bring such cheer to the boards. if you didn't tell us, we'd never know that you weren't having the best day ever!

catsoup!!! congrats in advance on the wedding! that is so fantastic! i can't believe it's already here! woooo!!
((((((non-rainy vibes))))))) -- although i must tell you that it's considered good luck, if you beleive in that sort of thing... but yeah, pics of a rainsoaked wedding party aren't exactly what you hope for.

kari, we need to do some mulching in our backyard too. i like lore's bunny idea. or maybe a goat. smile.gif

hi culture! when did you start jogging? that is so cool! you are such a workout inspiration. i have decided to try to work out more during this pregnancy, even if it's just walking more. and i'm going to attempt to not eat a gallon of ice cream a week. blink.gif
Mmmmm, shower sex, indeed - I think FJ's got it right on that front, minxy! wink.gif

I am quite enjoying my vaca at home. After today, turbomann is off the rest of the week, so that should be nice. He may have to go to MI this weekend, though, if we get our car back from the body shop (YAY!), as we don't want to leave FIL's car parked on the streets here for any length of time.

And, I am starting to feel a bit better, now that I'm taking the antibiotics, thank cod. AND, I just got back from seeing SATC with our friend who just moved home from Ireland - she's my chick flick buddy, and I am very glad to have my movie partner back. And it was a fun reunion movie for us both, although I will admit to weeping at many points through the movie - I'm such a weeper!

FJ, I am *thrilled* that the job is working out SO well, and that they're supportive of you post-preggo announcement. And I'm sure its nice for you to be starting a new job that you already know how to do!

CH - you really do ROCK the workouts! I will ride a bike anywhere, or hop on the elliptical, but jogging is just not my thing, even though I know its so good for you, and my brother is an avid runner and just finished his fourth marathon last weekend....I didn't get that gene.

Oh, FJ, just keep an eye on jman's dairy reactions - I don't have a true allergy either, just a sensitivity, and as I kid I never knew to complain about it, but I never knew until I was 25 that it wasn't normal to have a feeling of heaviness and light stomach ache after a meal. I know jman can't give you that kind of information yet, but just something to keep in mind.

Oooh shower sex! ~*~*~*soothing vibes for minx~*~*~*~*

Hey FJ! You make me blush.

Turbo, excellent that you are on the mend and you have a movie partner! Wow, fourth marathon, I'm not even close to that! Just got back into it.

So bagged today. I just want to go to bed, and I think I'm going to do just that.

Yeah, CH, I think marathon runners are a particular brand of sadist, and I think its just fine that most folks are just looking for some healthy cardio...of course I suppose I'm that same brand of sadist on two wheels as I train for a 100 mile ride...but hey, I'm gonna stop and rest, grab a burger and beer along the way - its no race! rolleyes.gif
Thanks for supports, Y'all! smile.gif

Have a good bedtime, CH! Any stuffed animals?

Glad you're feeling better, Turbo! Yaaay, antibiotics!

Yeah, the whole marathon thing isn't my style either. I'm all about goin places to goof off and have fun along the way. My brother would try to push himself to bike far and fast, like he's keeping score that way, but I'd always be looking for curbs to jump the whole way or dodge/hop over manholes.

Bummer about crampage, Minx! *body feel comfy vibes* Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

*dairy-friendly vibes for Minxlet* Nommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

Kari, I was actually meaning that you could present your harvested weeds as a salad for someone's bunny (sumbunny?) after pulling them, but boy! If only we could train bunnies to seek out specific weeds and leave the good plants alone! That would be cool smile.gif
*stumbles into Okayland and drops onto the couch*

So. Tired. 8.5 hours on my feet, huge clearance sale at the store. So. Tired.

Will try to check back in a little later, but please understand if I don' you all.
Turbo...Come with him. Please? I meeeeeece you.

For everyone else...FJ...Why, in all my years, have I never equated shower sex goodness with MRG coolness? Damn. Feel like a light-bulb just went off. Cripes. Also, my BIL and SIL are 18 months apaprt...exactly the same sit as you. My MIL didn't know she was pregnant for 4.5 months...nursing, running after a toddler, never had regular periods...then, BABY MOVING!!! Ha! They fight like cats and dogs, yet, are each other's deepest compatriot. Which is, of course, why they fight like cats and dogs.

So, started a new exercise class last night "butts and guts" and I loved it. It was HARD, and I'm SORE, but so many of the movements were very familar from the pilates and kickboxing days, that i think after a couple weeks, we'll be back on the wagon full force.

Good Morning,

Now that I'm almost caught up on things, I can come in here and post to my hearts content.

Turbo I agree, marathon runners are a whole different breed.

Lore, I have many stuffed animals, but I don't sleep with them, I have the furry rodent to keep me warm at night.

Doodle, how are you feeling today?

Mox, fantastic about the working out!

Ahhh, went for a brisk walk this morning to give my poor legs a break, back to it tomorrow morning, and the walk was still fantastic. I was supposed to do lunch with a friend, but I'm totally bailing out, I don't want to. I want to stay in my office hidey hole.

Geez, miss a day coming in here and all of a sudden you're way behind. tongue.gif

CH, the 'date' went well. He's an interesting guy, I honestly think he might have ADD or something though. I wasn't going out with him because I thought he'd be good to date though. We pretty much instantly established a FWB deal. All night he kept saying how I was so much hotter than he thought I would be and how he liked how petite I was. Then he started asking if he could just stare at me...and things kind of evolved from there. It was a pretty hot night that I'll probably get to writing about in the portions thread. But then yesterday I woke up at 11am, and got a phone call a few minutes later. He said he was coming to pick me up in 10 minutes so I'd better be ready and we had hot lunch break portions.

Today I'm hoping to get some gardening finished before the rain comes. I need to get my veggies planted. The weather has been so wonky that I was afraid to put them in before now.

And next week, I'm so super excited I can't even believe it, because...I'm taking my dad to go see Gogol Bordello in Minneapolis for next Thursday night. They're my absolute favourite band right now and I cannot wait to start jumping around like an idiot in front of them. It's so funny though, my dad and I rocking out. biggrin.gif
Heya MoxieGirl! Cool that' you're getting psyched about the exercise regimen. I keep wanting to start up Kung Fu, but I need a more stable job sitch first.

CH, but do you stuff your furry rodent with Furry-Rodent Treats TM ?

ErinJane, I'm jealous! I'd never be able to groove at a concert with my father. My mom might sit to the side awkwardly at best, but my father hasn't enjoyed any music produced since My Fair Lady. Furthermore, if we'd pass someone grooving to earphones, he'd make a comment about how they look stupid and they're a waste of space and air. My brother once tried to make up with him a little by playing Cat's in the Cradle (weird story, yes...) and he just complained that it was "noise". If he'd ever seen me grooving at a live concert, his head would catch fire. So, yeah... you'se a lucky one! smile.gif ,\m/
Erin, it sounds promising! and that's so fun about rockin' out with your dad.

Lore, your comment about your dad and my fair lady just about made me spit pistachois at my computer screen.

It's pretty quiet here. I'm dont the workers filing. Now I'm lurking on the intrawebs.
*tiptoes in*

Sorry gang, I was out really late. It was mr jamhost's birthday. I painted him a card, for which he hugged me. He had a really good time. I had a really good time! I did Ramble On, the full rocked-out Zep version, with a real kick ass band! Plus my own, Gonna Die Someday (that song fucking kicks ass) and Three Dog Night's Shambala, and also when I first got up, they were making up some funky shit, and I just started making up vocals. I've never done that at a mike! I've hardly even done that in regular jamming. I really dig mr jamhost's space. I feel so comfortable there. He wants us to come during the week, and also earlier before jamtime next week. He said that even after I burned his jam stage carpet with the fallen off end of a doobie. tongue.gif

And now I must go, as I have to work in the morning, and get laid in the scorpio and I have been talking, and basically, I told him he can think and say whatever he wants about "us," but I'm not there, and while I don't want to change what we have already, I also don't want him to have expectations I can't meet, and then get hurt. He still wants to be around me. I dunno. *shrugs* I said a lot more than that, too, and there's no way I'm leading him on. If he still wants to give me sex, then I'll take it. I'm bad, I know. But it's wayyyy too fucking good. I've said everything I need to say - now I'm just going to assume the universe has decreed this.

Oh! I bought a new belt at the store. It is big hoops wrapped in fake leather, attached to each other with a wider strip of fake leather and a silver stud in between the hoops, and a thick silver chain and hook holding it together, with more chain dangling down, and a little silver droplet at the end of the chain. It is so freaking cool. I call it my rock 'n' roll belt. I wear it around my HIPS. wink.gif I wore it to work today, and then to jamming, with all black (pants for work, jeans for jamming), black boots, a thick silver chain around my neck, silver hoop earrings, and my turquoise bracelet. I told everyone it was my Sheryl-Crow-meets-Johnny-Cash look. tongue.gif One of the customers said they should put what I was wearing on one of the mannequins. biggrin.gif

This is way longer than I meant it to be.

*tiptoes out*
Congrats FJ family!!!

That's gret news! biggrin.gif

Treehugger, your balcony is gorgeous!

I haven't been here the last days, because I had the shittiest week.
My monthly social security check wasn't in the post, so I was literally going hungry over the weekend.
I called a friend, who didn't wanna lend me a little money, so I went out for a long walk, to check all the cigarrette machines, if anyone forgot any cash in it.
After an hour, I found one Euro, which was enough for a packet of pasta.
I was so hungry!
I also had to wash my hair with soap, because I ran out of shampoo, which made my hair so gunky and unpleasant feeling.
Monday I called the unemployment center, to ask about my check, and they said, I'll get it on friday (tomorrow)
They expect people to go without food for a whole week?
They told me to go to a soup kitchen, until then. mad.gif

So I went to the poverty center, and the nun who runs it, gave me a big bag of food, little trial size bottles of shampoo and toilet paper, so I could survive the week with a little dignity.
She also hugged me, because I've been crying for hours. She was sooo sweet!
I mean I'm used to being poor, but that's just inhuman!
Those asswipes in the unemployment center refuse to give me a job, because of my disabilty (Asperger Syndrome) and also don't put me in their disabled people support programme, because I can live on my own. huh.gif

To make it worse, it's my birthday on saturday, and I had plans to have a very small low budget party, with maybe 5-10 people, beer and potatoe salad, so I've been scrubbing my appartment all week, just to discover the goddamned European soccer championship starts on my b-day of all days.
Most of my friends work in bars, that open in the afternoon to show the games, so they'll have to work and won't be able to party with me.
I'm also depressed about my age, because I have a crush on a hot guy, who's almost ten years younger, which makes me feel fat and ugly, despite knowing I'm neither. sad.gif

Sorry for the long rant...

I'm trying to see the few positive things that happened, too:
A shop, that was opened by friends will sell my art, so hopefully I can make a little money like that.
I'll get a washing mashine from my mum as a b-day gift, tomorrow!
On my b-day, I'll go out dancing in a queer club.
Screw the macho soccer patriotism. tongue.gif

I try to learn from the experiene, and keep a household budgeting notebook, and try to put a small sum on the side, for situations like this.

Next week I'll be older, but hopefully a bit wiser! wink.gif


PS: doodle, I'm so jealous! cool.gif
me too. we aren't supposed to tell anyone yet...but I can't not tell you guys! Its very very new...only like 4 weeks...but, in Feb, I just might have a moxetteV2.0! smile.gif


OK, going to read everyone else's post from yesteray now.



Holy crap on a christian cracker, I'm so excited for you all.

*does the Snoopy dance on her way out of the Okayer thread*
Good Morning!

(((pherber))) I am so sorry you are having a rough time. sad.gif When do you expect to get your check? Good for you for looking to the positive though. Sometimes that is all you can do. Happy early birthday! How old will you be? (if you don't mind my asking, of course. if you do-disregard question).
It's good to see you in here again.

CONGRATS MOXIE FAM!!!!!!! That is so cool that you & the FJs will be expecting your 2nd bebes around the same time! Wa hoo!

Erin, woot for FWB!

Hey Doodle!

Hey CH! Are you as busy at work today?

hey Lore!

Hey minx! Any word on the job?

Things here are good. I worked out last night so am feeling less cowish. Going again tonight. After the workout last night I came home & made a pork & tofu stirfry, then Mr K and I watched Top Chef. It is quiet in the office today. Boss was driving me nutz yesterday, hope today is better.
Thanks! Yeah, Minxy...can you please explain the stupid-hatt ness of your job stuff? I'm still baffleled by it.

And, thought, thrilled that my man, Obama, is the nominee. Seriuousyly, 4 years ago, I KNEW he would be president someday...well, now exactly. And everyone I talked to said "No way, not gonna happen...too young, too inexperienced...blah, blah, blah". Bite me motherfuckers! He WILL be president, and I'm very much looking forward to it.
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