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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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yay, turbo's feeling better! good maude woman, sounded like you were dyin' there for a while. glad it's mostly over!

doodle, i still wanna be you when i grow up. sounds like the store thing is a fun job, what with cross dressers and little old ladies asking about cootch maintenance. tongue.gif

speaking of cootch maintenance, ouch, ch! i cringe when i get the nail scissors down there to trim. i've been wanting to try waxing sometime, but i'm a total pussy (pun fully intended), hood bar notwithstanding. but the sugaring doesn't mess with your ph and bring on the wicked yeasties? i mean granted, it's not going fully inside, but i've got delicate ladybits and would likely paranoi myself into an infection.

doesn't "sugar cootch" or "my delicate hoo ha" sound like some redneck endearment? i'd totally love some hot boy in a john deer trucker hat and wifebeater to say that to me sometime.
/total non sequiter

minxie, artman sounds awesome, and i'm happy for ya. not sure if i'd like the drink, but i'd serve it at a party just to see people faint over the tampon ice cube. happy.gif

erin, i'm late, but it sounds like you had a fun trip! sick traveling buddy notwithstanding. glad to hear she's doing better. and camping! man, i haven't been camping forever! i've been wanting to take c-monkey, but without grandma taking the trailer up for a few weeks and random family dropping by for a few days or the weekend, it just wouldn't feel the same. and yay for taking the time due you and not rushing back to work!

lore, you always have the best posts! bubbles and boats and buddies and barbecue and brandishing swords (see, i knew i could keep the alliteration going!) sound like the makings of an awesome weekend. and yay on otterling for not letting mean boys push her around! bustie in the making indeed.

so, my weekend was pretty boring in comparison. it was cloudy and sprinkly all day saturday and sunday. no work for me this weekend, so i got the whole three days off, which was nice. the sun came out monday, and we halfheartedly lounged by the pool and around the house. didn't go anywhere or do anything special, just vegged around the homestead, which was nice. i dropped the momster's bike off with my bike guy matt saturday morning, but we were out running around too late to pick it up. we did finally get c-monkey's room moved over to my place (except for her bed, which we don't know how to take apart until my aunt that gave it to us comes and helps out with it this weekend), and she was happy about that. she got out of her bath that night, and was freaking cause she forgot clean chonies when she packed her clothes. then i remembered "c-monkey, isn't your whole dresser upstairs now?" and she got really excited and said "oh yeah, i forgot!" and dashed back up. i think with the arrival of her clothes and toys and bookshelf and desk and nightlight, she's finally starting to feel like she lives here, and that's all to the good.

i picked up the momster's bike tuesday after work, and it was a pain in the ass to ride home cause i'm not a cruiser person. but my mom was real happy when matt told her there was no charge for working it over over the weekend. that bike has been sitting all lonesome in the backyard since i got it for her last year, because she couldn't ride it and we just never found time to take it in, so i know it was a mess. and it's just a cheap basic schwinn from target, so matt totally didn't have to clean it up for free. it really impressed the momster, and me, but i was just like, "there, you see why i don't take my bike anywhere else? when you finally get a good bike, i'ma kick your ass if you don't come get it from matt!" and she said she would of course. she finally got on it today and was cruising around the complex and the parking lot, and i wish i'd had my camera. she just looked as happy as i've seen her in a while. it was liking watching a little kid who just met santa clause. biggrin.gif

the momster and i had a good day off today. we went to the child support office after dropping c-monkey at school, and it wasn't nearly as long and painful as either one of us expected. everything's set for them to stop taking the $340 out of my paycheck each month. i'm hoping hr will be on the ball and my next check next friday will be a full amount, minus the $85 i'm still paying toward back support. but i'm not counting on it, considering it took them three months to forward me the paperwork for the original court order in the first place. but since i know what's coming this time, i'm planning on hounding them til they take care of business.

after that we went furniture browsing for about an hour, and hung out in barnes and noble for a couple more. we stopped at the bread store for stuff, and i found a really good 13-bean soup that i'm going to put in the crockpot the next night c-monkey's over. which should have been tonight, but my boss called, and with a co-irker out sick, i have to be in at 5:30 tomorrow morning instead of my usual 8:30, and same thing friday. so the bean soup will have to wait until this weekend. after the bread store, we had the picnic lunch we packed in the park and just hung out enjoying the day for a while. then it was back home to get c-monkey signed up for her off-track program, and pick her up from school.

oh, and we stopped by the phone store so i could bitch at a manager. the phone i bought last week came with a discount if i added unlimited mobile data to my account, but i was told by the sales guy that the phone didn't have the mobile video function i would have used that service for, so i didn't add it and didn't get my discount. well, i was poking around my menu looking for useless apps to delete to make more room for music, and what should i find? the mobile video feature! so i went back to the store and pretty firmly but not bitchily explained the issue to the guy and his manager. the manager was very condescending and smarmy and said the mobile video and cingular video were two different features, and that's why the guy told me the phone didn't have it. i was just like "look dickhead, i used to work for the call center, so i know better than anybody that your salesboy here should be familiar enough with the equipment and available services to know what the customer is asking for even if they don't call it by the correct technical term, especially since you guys are a company-owned and -run store and not an independant dealer. besides which i asked about the phone's video features, not a particular service, at which point salesboy here should have explained the video feature the phone does have instead of saying 'none at all' and encouraged the upgrading of the account to a more lucrative outcome for your company instead of taking the lazy way out. now add the unlimited data, credit my account the additional discount i should have gotten last week, or i can go right back out to my car and get the box and the rest of the accessories, return this phone, cancel my contract, and go with a company that doesn't condescend and weasel to their customers." i hate being on the receiving end of a bitchy customer, but when i know i'm right, lo my wrath is terrible to behold. i got my service, got my credit,and got the hell out of dodge before they remembered they have my credit info and could really fuck me over like whoa.

which is how i've come to post this lovely missive. not only can i get interwebs on my phone now, which is annoying and slow and yegads, the teeny tiny keypad! i can also hook it up to my laptop anytime anywhere i've got signal and use it as a modem. still annoying and slow (i think my connection is 512kbps or something), but full-size keyboard, all my programs and shit, and no more hunting around for a neighbor's unsecured signal. happy.gif i still plan and re-hooking up my dsl when i can afford it again, but until then, this'll do. at least for checking in here and doing my email and stuff. anyway, this is a quite long enough post and i've got an early morning. later skaters!
Okay, so. The guy who hosts the jam has this big old warehouse space that he lives in, and he's built a living loft and has this jam space/runs a business out of the lower half. He has ALL these instruments and sound equipment. And I am so TOTALLY organizing the next jam with BEB and hippiegirl there. I've already cleared it with the jam host - he was the one to say, don't wait for a jam night to come and jam! So I jumped in and said we'd take him up on it and organize the next jam there. And he has recording equipment, too!

Also, I'm not sure, but I think jamhost was flirting. Which is interesting.

Anyway, I jammed three numbers and then my fingers gave out - I did the Billie Holiday one, which was cool, and, finally, two of my own with a REAL bunch of musicians....and it was soooo fucking cool. Did Heavy Load and Gonna Die Someday. The drummer sped up Heavy Load, and he said he did it on purpose, and swore it sounded better. I dunno, I'd have to try it again. And then after people left, we were sitting around with our host and a couple of other musicians, and I just unplugged jamhost's acoustic and sat around playing, and got BEB to play keyboards. That was cool! It's such an awesome space to play in.

Hiya grrrl! "Cooch maintenance" - heh. I'm so totally going to use that phrase. tongue.gif

Oh god, back to the security company assignment tomorrow.....
Good Morning!

Erin, Doodle's, right, just fuck them! If you want to try, I can let forward you the woman who does my sugaring, she's on Corydon.

Doodle, it's not that bad, I like sugaring. You do get used to it. But to each their own. YAy back to jamming!

Hey Grrrl, it's much better than waxing. All natural, and it won't make your hooha more yeastie. Waxing has chemicals and sugaring does not. Good for you for giving the asshats at the store a piece of your mind. Fuckwads. What does being rude accomplish? You get a shitty customer service rating is what.

Ahhhh, last night I slept. No work out was too bagged. I'm hoping for some HBI. Cop called yesterday, but I didn't have the time to hook up and see him. I haven't got any in over a week. CH cranky.
Good Morning!!

How's everyone today?

Jenn, I am glad you are feeling better. The air quality here lately is awful, it's made my allergies kick up. Bah!

Doodle, I'm glad to hear you are still having fun with Mr Scorpio Ooh-la-la!! Congrats on the big sale at the store!

Minx, that drink Artman made looks goooooood! Is school out for summer now?

Hey Erinjane! I say milk the vacation time for all it's worth! I don't blame you for taking a little extra, it's nice to have time off in your own city too.

Hey CH! I have heard of sugaring, but don't know specifics of it. I might read up on it.

hey Grrrrl!

Hey Lore!

Things here are pretty good. It's been a busy week here at work. It has now slowed down some. Good! I had a nice holiday weekend, though it was busy. We got a lot done in our kitchen. The sink is in. The counters are almost of them has to be trimmed down some more. The walls are getting smoother (we ripped off wood paneling), gonna paint 'em this weekend.

I am trying to decide if I want to go to cycling class at lunch. Well, let me rephrase that, I KNOW I don't WANT to, but trying to decide if I should or not. Hmmm......
anna k
Doodle, that's great about the jamming! I am in awe of you.

I'm looking for internships with literary agencies and publishing companies so I can gain more work experience to get a better job. The internships that I had just had me look up things online and file documents, I didn't feel like I gained enough expertise. Sometimes I feel like I should get out of the NYC area because of the competition, but I don't have a lot of money and don't know where else to go.

I've gotten a bit bloated from eating Powerbars and Luna bars for the past few weeks (too much crap in them), as well as milk and Lean Cuisine meals, so I'm detoxing myself to feel better. This morning I played two R&B songs that made me calm and happy: Anita Baker's "Giving You the Best That I Got" and Babyface's "Whip Appeal." Those songs make me feel sexy and languid.
GGG, don't you feel so satisfied when you stand up to the smarmy sales guys? I know I do. tongue.gif

Doodle, that's so cool that you get to do all that awesome jamming. I want to start learning some new instruments, but I'm thinking of starting small. I'm hoping to do things that I've been putting off for the last couple of years now that school is over (and I got my marks yesterday just to confirm that everything is a-ok and I will be getting my diploma in 12 days).

CH, I might take you up on that in a few weeks. I just shaved/waxed so I don't have much going on. How much does it cost?

I spent one week being totally indulgent (last wednesday to this wednesday) and now I'm giving myself a kick in the butt. I think I gained 5 pounds. I got out and did stuff but I've been an eating machine and I've been smoking way too much weed, which is disappointing because I lost some weight on the trip and now I've gained it back and then some. But today is the day I'm getting back into cardio. I'm going to take a long bike ride and I'm seeing the ex tonight for some portions that I'm really looking forward to. smile.gif Tomorrow it's time to go back to the gym and re-start my running training. Once I go back to work and have a steady paycheck coming in I'm going to start to do hot yoga a lot more too, hopefully at least once a week.
Oh my god. The guy at the next desk is listening to some motivational telephone seminar on how not to be a loser, or rather, how to not feel like a failure and a victim and do only good things, never bad things....lots of emphasis on the mantras "I like myself" and "every day is getting better and better"....and he's got it on speakerphone. He's taking notes, too. The other woman in the office and I keep rolling our eyes at one another. It's just a hair away from being the Stuart Smiley Hour over here.

Hello....if you are listening to motivational telephone seminars on speakerphone at the office, you are, indeed, a loser.
anna k
I saw the new issue of Rolling Stone, the cover story is the 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time. My guess was about four female guitarists would make the list, with the 60's rock songs being number one. I was right. The only women to make the list were Sleater-Kinney, Kim Deal, Kim Gordon, and Joan Jett.

Though I never noticed the dueling guitars in the beginning of Layla until recently. Obviously I knew the opening, but didn't think about the guitars dueling, a classic blues thing.

On the flip side, Venus magazine recently did the 40 best female guitarists of all time, with a lot of great mentions.

Doodle, that is sad.
What?? No Bonnie Raitt!!??????? *sputters with indignation*

The seminar is over, thank was AWFUL.

Seriously, I should start a self-help program and get it all out in books and CDs and page-a-days and bumper stickers, and make MY fortune. It's ALL the same shit, over and over again, just crammed inside a different set of subject headings. At least mine would be fun and not assume everyone listening is a pathetic schlub....

ETA: I almost forgot, the office admin assistant here passed along a job tip to me today, from a friend who doesn't want to go through the temp would be 9 - 6 Monday to Friday, till December. Think I am going to call, but will see if I can negotiate slightly different hours, maybe for the clothing store days....
Hi hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

I got fucked at lunch, so I'm doing well. Very verrrrrrrrrrrry well.

Erin, the brazillian was no more than $40.00, legs are $45.00 at most, with that said, it lasts a super long time. Let me know and I can pass the information on to you.

Kari, did you go to class?? It's good to see you in here again.

Anna, how the detox going?

Doodle, are you for reals about the guy listening to the tapes??? WTF! Who listens to that openly?

Well, I'm at work, things are coming along, and I found out I'm getting a tour of the top cop shop here!!!! I'm fucking thrilled! Must go back to making case notes.

Seems to be a new trend, the return of the guitar hero, it's so fucking reactionary.
Q Magazine put 12 guitar heros (all male of course) on the cover, and the NME had a guitar issue recently, too.
It's so sad, that only feminist magazine aknowledge female musicians.

When Rolling Stone includes bass players, like Kim Deal, how could they possibly ignore Carol Kaye???
She played on Pet Sounds, for crying out loud!
And the most famous bassline ever: These Boots Are Made For Walking.
Also Sister Rosetta Tharpe, one of the greatest guitar players, ever.
Strange that Maybelle Carter, Charlotte Vinnedge, Poison Ivy and Sylvia Juncosa didn't even get a mention in the Venus Magazine list. huh.gif
Juncosa wrote a song alled "Lick My Pussy Eddie Van Halen"
Fully justified, because she's much better than him.

anna k
Glad to hear you got satisfied, CH. I'm going to go to a writer's meetup tomorrow night. I want to meet fellow writers and hang out, but I also go for the guys. Though the type of guy I seem to run into a lot is the socially awkward nerdy type (and not nerdy in a sexy/cool way).

I've done a detox before, I did it last summer. I mostly felt drained of energy and limp, and peed and farted a lot. But I felt better afterwards, so I just started it yesterday.
I actually feel a little sorry for the guy listening to the tapes. He must have some really low self-esteem and needs some real help.

Rolling Stone is stupid, and didn't we figure this out a long time ago? They only acknowledge female musicians when they're pushed to, then they throw out the same token few females. I wonder if it's just the American music magazines that do that, or if it's the same elsewhere, like in Europe where rock bands are more likely to have female members and not treat them as tokens and sex symbols.

Body sugaring, huh? Sounds interesting. I swear, my razor makes my hair grow in thicker and thicker.

Not much doing with me today. Boss has been gone all week, which is good. Poodle and I are going to see the SATC movie on Sunday at some point. I'm going to inherit a very large, very old cedar chest (the long kind you put at the foot of the bed because it's so long) from my great aunt Stella and possibly also a new dresser/mirror set on Saturday when we help her move into a nursing home. Apparently it's some really good stuff, since she worked at Dayton's her whole life and never had children to ding anything up.
Good evening everyone! I walked happily home in the sunshine - happily, because I know I only have to do that job for 1 more day! And loads of other reasons....gosh, so much going on right now!

Well, apparently the other salesperson in the office also had to hear the telephone motivational seminar, so I think it might have been mandated by the (young) new manager (some internal conflict going on there - I stay right out of that shit on assignments). But my temporary colleague still seemed to enjoy it just a little too much....

I spoke to the woman a bit about the job. They are willing to be a bit flexible about the hours and negotiate the wage with me, but the problem may be GETTING there....I'm going to have a friend run me up there this weekend and see how far from a bus stop this job would be. Also I would have to give up evenings in the store and limit it to Saturdays, which I hate the idea of. But it would pay a bit more than temping, and would be a steady weekday job till December, and if I stay on one day a week at the store, that would lead me up to holiday season and tons of hours into the New Year....if I decide to make plans that far ahead! I don't know. Anyway, it's not like I *have* to take it, since I have options, so I said I'd send my resume and check out the distance, and then we'll talk again. The company is called....get this, I love it....Diamond Lil's Trucking. (Our town is slightly on the goldrush trail.) I want an embroidered jacket that says Diamond Lil's Trucking.

I'm envious of CH's noontime romp.

diva, I want to hear about SATC when you've seen it!
Happy Friday you parasitic sacks of endtrails.

Word Pherber. Heh Lick my pussy Eddy Van Halen.

Anna, the writers meet up sounds cool!

Diva, shaving leaves your skin so dry, but not sugaring. The woman I go to slathes tea tree oil on after. Plus no more purchasing razors and it cuts down on growth. Ooooh, SATC, I don't want to hear anything about it, I'll go see it when the hype dies down. I hate crowds en masse.

Hey Doodle, the job sounds interesting! Let us know. Indeed, romp-tastic.

So, what's everyone doing this weekend? There is a work thing tonight, but I don't know if I'm going to go. I was planning on it, but now I don't know. Tomorrow a friend is competing in provincials for body building, so I'm going to support her (then she has all sorts of free time and she's going to want to hang out all the time, and I don't really want to...I've been in a bit of a mood lately. anyhows). Sunday I'm hanging out with dadster.
Good Morning!

Rolling Stone is indeed stupid. So many of the musicians they feature are absolute shite. Ugh.

hey Diva! Tell the poodles I said hello! The furniture pieces you will be getting sound really cool.

Anna, good luck with the job apps!

ErinJane, ugh, I hear you. I feel like I've put on a few lbs lately too. Not happy about it. Been eating too much, I think.

Hey Doodle!

Hey CH! Nah, I didn't end up going to the cycling class yesterday. I knew I wanted to do boot camp today & was afraid I'd wear my legs out.

This weekend....tonight am meeting up with 2 girlfriends for dinner. Tomorrow Mr K and I are painting the kitchen & are also going to try to get some shrubs in the ground. We bought them like 2 weeks ago & they really need to be planted. Sunday....I think I am going to the pool. That's all I got.
MotherFuckers, its FRIDAY! Holy Shit, I need a weekend in the worst way. No time to post more...working my hott-ass tail off.

((I'll be back one of these days. I promise!!)
Happy Friday, you skanky sluts in satan's service!

Well, I still have to work tomorrow, but then I get TWO days off, and placed a booty call for Saturday night....but I have to show up for jury duty on Monday and try to get out of it, so that takes the wind out of my "weekend" sails. Also, I just sent off my resume for that job....getting a friend going to drive me up there on the weekend to check out the distance from the last bus stop.

What are you all wearing today? I think we should do that on Fridays! I am wearing black dress pants, black city boots (with black heeled sandals in my bag, waiting for change up time), my pink/blue/black/white patterned satin cami, a black sheer shrug....this is for my store job later on today (hence the black heels in my bag), sooooo I am wearing my off-white zip cardigan over the cami and shrug here in the office job. Also, a really thick silver chain around my neck, a turquoise bracelet, and big silver hoop earrings.
Holy fucking shit, it's a Poodle sighting!!!

Hey Kari!

Hi Doodle!

What am I wearing?

black capri pants, black sparkly sandals, black japanese kimono style shirt and a jean jacket. the usual jewlery amber and opal.

Poodle, you wanton whore of the son of Satan's half-cousin. It is really fucking good to see ya, sweet tits.
Poodle!! I missed poodle!! Cross-post! HIYA POODLE!!!

*jumps up and down with excitement*

minx, what are ya wearing today?

CH, I totally need some capris and sandals ASAP. Grrrr.
Uhhh...long soft demin shorts (CK), brown stretchy t-shirt, and a bright yellow VS brar. Oh yeah, a flowered kerchief.

Dat be all, yo.

I get to see Artman on Sunday night. SQUEE!! We talked for a few hours on the phone last night. I hate getting excited after all the shit with the exminxman, but it's kinda hard when there's this cuddly, shiny-bald man kissing on my neck whenever he feels compelled...egads. I'm smitten! biggrin.gif I'm talking smitten like I wanna make him mixed CDs smitten.

Going with BFF tonight to see The Breeders, and tomorrow is SATC with my two other greatest galpals. Geez...with planting my garden tomorrow, can this weekend get any fucking better?

Yep. The sun just peeped out. Everything's officially stellar.
What am I wearing today? Care bear pj's. Ugh, I'm sick again. I was just sick two weeks ago while I was still in the UK and this feels exactly the same. My throat, mouth, and nose have never felt so dry.

On the plus side, last night while I was still feeling mostly healthy, I got some fantastic portions three times over with the ex. I love how wild I can drive him. I played it up too with a sexy little low cut dress and a few new moves. I feel like the two of us have the potential to get very dirty. Even though I'm sick all I can think about today is sex sex sex. And I'm considering dropping a line to my 40 year old friend. He has this ultra sexy voice and has a way of saying things in my ear that drives me crazy, and he always says my name when he does that..."Do you like that, Erin?" Hawt.

I was supposed to go backcountry camping tomorrow but now this weekend looks like a total bust (no pun intended). I have to go to the doctors tomorrow but if I'm feeling better by Sunday I'll probably call up the ex.

I've decided on Tuesday I'll tell work that I'm back and then I'll probably go back next monday...but I'm enjoying this vacation so much...I might have to push it back a few more days...
anna k
The writer's meetup was OK, but I felt overwhelmed by the crowded bar, and felt like I couldn't make too much conversation with anyone. I stayed for an hour, went around the room chatting with people, but just hated the noise and crowds. The plus side is that I got checked out by two guys, but neither interested me. Both seemed pretentious and slightly creepy.

erinjane, I often think about sex too. I go out on dates, interested in sex first, but having emotionless sex with guys I'm not really into makes it boring. I've gone out with guys from Craigslist and OKcupid, but haven't had that feeling of wanting someone nownownow, it's just tepid.
QUOTE(Divala @ May 29 2008, 07:59 PM) *
Rolling Stone is stupid, and didn't we figure this out a long time ago? They only acknowledge female musicians when they're pushed to, then they throw out the same token few females. I wonder if it's just the American music magazines that do that, or if it's the same elsewhere, like in Europe where rock bands are more likely to have female members and not treat them as tokens and sex symbols.

It's not really better in Europe.
Only in Britain the music mags are more feminist, which why it annoys me so, that they're jumping on that rockist bandwagon.
Actually German Rolling Stone (yes, there's one!) is even worse. They're so male, middle aged and dull. Ugh.
Once a year, they put a woman on the cover. Usually it's a pretty young actress.
It's because Kate Bush doesn't record an album every year.

...sorry for only replying to this, I can't keep up with the superpost speed, yet.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend! smile.gif
Good evening all! Hope my computer doesn't crash before I get this posted....stupid thing is being weird tonight! Anyway, hiya minx, erin, anna, and pherber, and hiya to the rest o' the gang, too!

I just got DONE that stupid security company job! Yay! It felt blissful to spend the last day organizing the project files and handing off the final result of my work in one neat package. I mean, even if the assignment sucked, I managed to do it and to keep it well-documented as well. wink.gif That's the best thing about temping - knowing that if you're doing something that totally rips ass, there's an end in sight.

And then I worked in the store - we had this AWFUL (skinny) mom who spent the entire time (over an hour) berating her (not-skinny) seventh grade daughter about her weight. It was really awful. Everyone in the store was tripping, including some of the customers who overheard. She was just obnoxious and mean. Everyone on staff wanted to hit her in the face - we all had to take turns helping them, b/c we couldn't stand it. But anyway, when the daughter came out of the room in one of the outfits, I told her she looked gorgeous, and I got a shy little smile when they were leaving. But honestly, that was 5 hours ago, and I'm still not over it. I kept hoping for a chance to get the daughter alone so I could say some more positive things, but the opportunity never materialized.....

And then I rode home lying in the flat bed of a pick up truck! Hey, it was a ride....and there were already 3 in the cab, so even though they wanted to squish me in, I just jumped in the back. It was fun! Like a ride at Playland....
happy friday you cum gurgling gutter whores! little late to the game today, but i couldn't go to bed before checking in. and this post was started at 11:30 my time, so there! tongue.gif really really good day today, all around.

c-monkey's officially out of school, and to celebrate, she gorged on cookies and cupcakes at after-school program, hung out with friends for pizza and a movie, and nearly set the neighbor's place on fire. not her fault totally. neighbor lady went to the bathroom for five minutes, c-monkey got impatient for pizza, and the pizza box lid met the untrimmed wick of the tea candle on the table. which explains the shrieks and relieved laughter i heard across the hallway. luckily neighbor boy thought fast and tossed some water on it, and the only thing burned was the pizza box lid. tonight was just a test run tough. neighbor lady's, not pushing exactly, but really wants c-monkey to sleep over sometime, but i don't know. c-monkey's over there constantly as it is, and maude bless the neighbor lady, she has the patience of job. but she's a smoker, which means she steps out of the house pretty often, and i dread to think what new chaos c-monkey and neighbor boy and girl could wreak in her absence. though I've noticed she doesn't smoke mch til the kids are in bed. still, this will bear more thinking on.

Another reason to celebrate: c-monkey brought home straight A's and A+'s this trimester. biggrin.gif i knew she could do it, because she's my kid, and i like to think her smart cookie-ness is entirely hereditary, but i'm still so ridiculously proud. and on top of that, she got her state testing thing back about a week ago, and she's in the 99th percentile again with reading and science skills making a jump from a fifth-grade level at her last test to seventh and social studies and math holding steady at seventh grade. this calls for a special treat, maybe a trip to build-a-bear. and i think chuck-e-cheese still does that thing where they give you tokens for good grades. i can't wait to see how she does in the gate program next year, since it's a more concentrated educational environment with smaller classes and more individualized attention.

work went really surprisingly well today. there's a certain individual in my department that i've been having trouble with for months now. i don't know what her original problem was, but we've had this kind of cold war thing going on where we don't even say hi to each other when we come in and don't actively do anything to hinder each other's workloads, but don't go out of our way to lighten them by helping out or asking each other for favors either. well, it all came to a head a couple weeks ago when i was subbing for someone else, and she did some things that i thought were actively hindering me and trying to trip me up, and emails were sent and forwarded to the bossman, and we ended up in his office for a clearing the air session. i came out of it still kind of grumpy and not believing her mealy-mouthed platitudes of letting things go and starting from that day, but something bossman said must have gotten through to her. we still kind of avoided each other over the rest of the week, but the last couple days she's been really nice. she brought in donuts for the early crew and made a point of telling me to grab a couple before the vultures descended, we made small talk about work and other people whenever i had to go the lab, and by the end of the day we were joking around with another of the morning people about bossman's inability to put the weekend and next week's schedules out before we all left on fridays and playing off each other's lines like we laugh and joke around like that all the time. it ended the day on a really good note, and i rode home feeling like a huge cloud had lifted. i was always kind of wary and tense if we had to be in the same place for any length of time, and i don't know if whatever good mood she was in today will last, but it was kind of nice not having to avoid her or refrain from joining in conversations because she was already taking part.

speaking of riding, the momster got her bike out again today. she went out on her own and came back all proud of herself cause she made it around the whole block. she said she could go another round, so i got my bike and joined her for a lap around the street. poor thing was actually surprised that cars would try to run her off the road or into parked vehicles rather than slow down for a whole thirty seconds or yielding the right of way. rolleyes.gif i was just like "you see why i make c-monkey ride on the sidewalk when it's available? and when she has to ride in the street i tell her 'watch out for the cars, cause they're sure as hell not watching out for you'." we had a good ride though, and she's going to try working up to riding her bike to work like i do. i told her we should start doing regular family bike rides after work, meet up after dinner when it's cooler and before it gets too dark out. she really wants to ride to work, and is enjoying her bike now that it's working properly, but i'm kind of hoping the summer heat will do her in. not that i want her to give up riding or get heat sick like she's prone to, but someone's got to drop c-monkey off at off-track program in the mornings, and that requires the car since it's way out. and i like riding my bike to and from work. dry.gif maybe we can switch days, or whoever drops c-monkey off in the morning gets to ride the bike home.

and before i forget: i'm wearing jeans, no shoes and socks, an olive drab and green t-shirt from the men's section at target, and my lacy black "celebratory period's done with and the Y cafe is open for business" panties.
blast! saturday morning, and instead of lounging with a good book, i'm working. at least i'm in jammies. Poor moxette has a bit of explosive butt...which sucks, b/c she's JUST at the point in potty training where she's more prone to remember potty before an accident, and now we need to do diapers for a couple days. At any rate, we went to a new restaurant in town for dinner last night...they have FRESH cut sweet potato fries drizzeled with honey and cinnamon and the best.goddam.burgers. Its a new venture for a local mega-chair place (like their other concept is ALL OVER the D, but this is the first of the new concept), and I hope all the best for them! Moxette loved it b/c they have a train running around the ceiling level, and they have chocolate milk. Not the wussy stuff I make for her, but CHOCOLATE milk.

Fuck me, back to work.

Yesterday, I was wearing an indian-style blouse (a kurta for ladies) and jeans. And cute new shoes. Now, I'm in jammies.
I had a whole post partially written yesterday morning and went to take a shower~was going to finish it after the shower, got back to the computer and it had downloaded and installed an update!!! Grrr....lost the whole post. Then I said, screw it.

I'm going to try again today.

I got back from my road trip on Wednesday and I had a pretty good time. It was a bit of a culture shock in louisiana, though.

I don't care what I was wearing to work (same day, same o'l jeans and tee shirt), but when I got home I changed into one of these

to go run errands. I got it during the road trip.

Pherber, I am having a really hard time keeping up too. I'm going to try again later.
I've got another five-ish minutes before I have to take a DOUCHE...just a shower. No need for alarm. wink.gif

I saw The Breeders last night and THEY ROCKED!!! We had The Valley of the Bitches at First Avenue last night; nothing but old skool fans and NO TALL MEN or noobs. My throat hurts from screaming and singing! Score!

Today I garden. Gotta go while the sky's still blue!!

Tree, you're top is slutalicious.

Moxie, you and FJ are still the hottest moms on the block. Make sure you all wash your car wearing bikinis this weekend, m'kay? biggrin.gif
Good Morning all!

Doodle, aldo has great sandals right now! Wow, that mom is a cow, talking about adding to daughters self esteem problems. I'm glad you were there to help the daughter out, though. smile.gif

Hi Minx! The Breeders, that fucking rocks! Sweeeeeet.

Erin, ooooh yay on portions!!! How are you feeling?

Hi Anna!

Pherber, it's great to have you in here! It does go pretty fast sometimes.

Bwaaaaahahahahaha Grrrl, your panty name rocks! Excellent on C-monkeys great grades!!!!

tree, I can totally see you in the corset! *wolf whistles*

Poor moxette, how's she feeling? Sorry you have to be at work today Mox.

Okay, I must go finishing cleaning then work out.

anna k
I was just listening to The Breeders' Iris last night. Fantastic rock song.

Yay for c-monkey!

I hate being at work. I wanted to take a gym class this morning, watch Dead Ringers, and maybe see Iron Man. By the end of the day, I just might watch DR, do some yoga/pilates, and go to sleep. I hate working on the weekends.

I'm wearing a blue low-cut shirt, red tank top, long pin-striped gray pants, and black heels. I also have on two silver bracelets and a Celtic cross.
Doodle, that pisses me off so much. I hate having to be around or overhear people who talk to their kids like that. I'm so glad I'm really involved in my niece's life because I can instill all my wisdom on her. tongue.gif

CH, I feel like I've been hit by a truck, but I tend to just get sick for a few days and then recover. I think I may go to the doctor though because I've only been sick for a day and I'm already full of green phlegm...gross. Plus, I had a really bad ear infection right before I left for my trip and now my ear is totally plugged, AND my illness from the trip two weeks ago. Portions however, were fantastic. I'm totally hoping that I feel better tomorrow so I might be able to get some more.

Tree and pherber, I have trouble keeping up to. smile.gif

Anna, are you done work yet?

~*~*~*healing vibes for erin`~*~*~*~*~ it's really nice out there, the sky was dark for a while, I'm a little sad that it didn't storm.

Ahhhh, what can I say, really not much, made some potato soup, worked out, took puppy out. Just relaxing, as this evening I'm seeing a friend compete in provincials for body building. I plan on watching a little then leaving, I just want to lay low this weekend and enjoy the nice weather.


I want some potato soup, but I don't have the ingredients to make it and I don't want to go out to the store.

Soooo, li'l miss HVAC girl here decided to pull her a/c component out of her FURNACE this spring before she started it to make sure it was in good working order, coils were clean, fan motors oiled, etc.

I bought this place three years ago and figured it was time.

I found out a couple hours into the job, it isn't possible to pull this a/c unit out, as it is. I had to cut part of the DOORFRAME of my closet out and it still isn't going. Now I have to remove a whole ventilation duct! Fie on people who make things impossible to service! Anyway, now that everything is all disconnected I CAN'T use it until I get it all the way pulled out.

I bought a new section of flexible duct today, I will have to take a reciprocating saw and chop off the duct, and then put a section of flexible duct in, at least next time if the a/c craps out or something I will at. least. be. able. to. move. it.

I went to take my new digital camera to take photos of the wiring of the a/c unit before I disconnected them so I'd have some sort of reference for when I hook it back crapped out on me. I hope it was just a dead battery.

THEN...after I cut out the doorframe and realized I still wasn't going to be able to get it out without cutting the ductwork out, I decided to wait for Bear to come over and we'd wrestle with it (it weighs over 100 pounds)

So, I's been a while since I started the moped! (my arm was too bad last year to use it so it's been sitting for two years) I thought I'd try and get it started. No such luck. After about 56 kicks I flooded it and gave up.

At this rate I'm afraid to get out the vibrator......
Thanks for the healing vibes. I'm actually starting to feel better already. My sore throat has disappeared but I'm still crazy stuffed up. I can barely breathe through my nose, so irritating. Apparently I passed it on to my ex because he woke up with the same symptoms. Oops; anyways, he said it was worth it.

Does anyone else periodically put up profile's on plentyoffish to get an ego boost? Bad, I know, but this realllllly hot guy sent me a message. I don't know if he's my type but he sure looks like he'd be fun in bed.
Hi, peeps!

Minx, I totally hear you on how tall guys at club shows wreck it. I feel like such a traitor to the short people by being with a guy who's 6'5", and we pretty much never go to club shows for specifically that reason. There should be a special standing section for short people right up front where nobody over 5'6" is allowed. The Breeders are still together? Awesome!

Damn, Tree, that's a whole lot of crap to go through just to check out your A/C. That's a fabulous bustier, though!

When I was little and lived in the sticks, we had a F150 from my grandpa (I inherited it for a couple years in college, don't ask me how many friends made me help them move!) that we used to sit in the back of for short trips. It was fun having my 2 cousins from the rich Chicago suburbs come up and bang around in the back of it, because apparently they don't have trucks in place like snobby Lake Forest.

Today was the big furniture grab day from my aunt Stella's. What was supposed to be moving stuff from one wing to another ended up being a clear-the-apartment job because she died last night. She was 93, and I guess that's what you do when you get to be that old. I kind of wonder if she thought "everyone's coming to take my stuff and I don't want to live in a nursing home, so I'm just going to die now." RIP, Aunt Stella. The cedar chest isn't as big as I had anticipated, but still pretty generous. I also got 2 end tables, 2 folding tables (now I don't have to rent them for my craft shows at $10 a pop), and a very large shoe rack (fits 27 pairs and hides nicely behind the bedroom closet door - of course it's already overflowing smile.gif).

I spent my evening fighting with dresses and supportive undergarments at Dayton's for a dress for the funeral. I'm making the giant come with me so he can meet my mom's side of the family (I met half his family at a funeral we had to travel close to 7 hours for, so this is the least he can do for me). I ended up with a really cute brown cotton dress with a square neck, short sleeves, and really cute detail on the collar/cuffs/skirt and I got special underwear that goes up to my boobs to make it look good. There'll be people there I haven't seen in over 10 years, so I want to look as good as I can (and show off the giant because he's hottt!). The awesome thing was that I got a dress, undergarment, and 4 pairs of underwear for under $75. Not bad, huh?


tree, after all that, I say whack away!

Erin, glad to hear that you're starting to feel better.

Diva, good deal on the dress and under things.

Saw my friend compete this evening, she placed third in both her classes, her man did well, but he's off to nationals this year anyway. He won the competition last year. So now here I am. Just chilling at home, deciding if I'm going to head out with some other friends.

And that's really it right now. There are still screaming playing little ratbags outside. I want quiet.
anna k
Yay for CH's friend!

Erinjane, I put up a profile of myself on Craigslist for an ego boost. I got nice compliments, but wasn't interested in anybody. I'll try Plenty of Fish.

I'm feeling low tonight. I haven't had luck with dating or sex, I don't have anyone to confide in right now, I don't like my job, and I hate feeling like every day I have to make something worthwhile or good to keep from feeling lonely or frustrated. I feel like I've always been a drifter, never in a group, and don't have a solid career while I try to interview for the jobs I want. I look at emails and notes my friends have sent me saying encouraging or lovely things to make me feel better when I'm feeling low or jealous of my old peers for having a great combination of good friends and career while I have assorted friends but nobody solid, and a so-so job. I feel like I've had to work for everything I've gotten, so when I still feel doubt or depression at nearly 25, it makes me feel old in a way. I've always been more solitary, and worked to become less shy and develop friendships with people, and have been happiest when I felt like a "normal" twentysomething, like going out to bars or clubs and being social. It doesn't happen very often, so I sometimes go to or go out with people I meet.
evening all! just thought i'd get a quick post in before i tackle the huge task of getting my place clean enough by tomorrow morning that we can bring over my dining room table and bench and c-monkey's bed, and then thank maude, i will be completely moved in and not have to worry about keeping up appearances for the moving crew, ie my mom and aunts. it's going, erm, not well. i am the hugest slob and packrat, i freely admit. toss the newspaper next to my chair when i'm done with it, set aside a plate to take to the kitchen later, toss my clothes next to the bed and tell myself i'll pick them up on the way the shower in the morning, and really, it's my place, i'll take that reese's wrapper to the trash next time i get up to go to the kitchen. and next thing i know i'm weaving my bike through the piles in the morning and telling myself i'll pick up the place when i get home from work, and wondering how in the hell it got to be such a huge mess. i've been trying to take it one area and one task at a time like i do under the momster's direction, but without someone to keep me going and on task, i'm pitiful. the kitchen's clean, the laundry hamper is in my room with the whole month's laundry i just got around to last week ready to be put away, but that's about it. i made a big pot of coffee, chugged a rockstar, and will be trying to get back to it in a bit. but i knew i should have left the laptop and my latest read at the momster's when we left this afternoon.

anyway, working my ass off for half the night seems fitting punishment for having lazed around the momster's all day. c-monkey and i played monopoly this afternoon, and she totally kicked my ass. hotels all over the board, she had both utilities for a while there, and kept getting all the good chance and community chest cards. my ass kept landing in jail and income tax and getting fined for insider trading (we were playing the newest america: here and now or something or other version). but she had fun. after that we rode home, and we ran into one of the mechanics from work and his son out for a bike ride and stopped to chat a bit, and for once she wasn't shy and trying to hide behind my legs the whole time. we had chicken nuggets for dinner (woot, microwave!), and she helped me pick up the living room quite a bit before going outside to play, and finally came in when one of her new mommy's house friends knocked on my door to tell me she'd tripped at the end of the drive and was bleeding and absolutely certain she'd never walk again. rolleyes.gif so we got her into the tub and cleaned up, slapped on a neosporin band-aid, and had a glass of peach iced tea and a cuddle and a talk before she headed up to bed.

she's a bit worried about her cousin and the bitch-in-law coming out to visit next month. they finally sold their house and are going to move to base housing when my bro gets back from his current deployment, and in the meantime they're going to be out here. c-monkey had a good time playing with my niece the last time they saw each other, really got into the "big cousin" role, but she's a bit a jealous of all the attention baby niece gets from mommy and grammy when they're out here. so we talked about it, and i explained that since we don't see baby niece but once a year if we're lucky, we have to give her attention for the whole year while they're here, and c-monkey should feel lucky because she gets to see mommy and grammy every day, and baby niece is probably jealous of her sometimes, but it doesn't mean we love c-monkey any less and she should tell us when she's feeling neglected so we can take the baby blinders off and pay her some much-needed attention. she seemed to get that and decided she needed to give baby cuz more attention when they're here so baby cuz won't feel lonely without mommy and grammy's and her attention when she goes home, which i thought was sweet.

of course, if the visit goes anything like easter, she won't have anything to trip about. bitch-in-law hung out with her fam the whole time, didn't return any of the momster's numerous calls, and frankly, i'm pretty pissed at her. she's got both the momster's and i's cellphone numbers and emails, she knows where the momster lives, hell she knows where we fucking work, and she couldn't be bothered to get in touch at all? the momster finally broke down and went out to the compound easter sunday to take baby niece her easter stuff (and took me with her, cause maude knows i would have been pissed to be left behind), and it was just awful. they were having their family thing, and bitch-in-law's sister led us around to the fucking empty garage, nobody invited us in or even came out to say hi, and bitch-in-law brought baby niece out for maybe ten minutes to paw through her basket, make awkward small talk, and didn't (and still hasn't) bother(ed) to explained why she'd been ignoring the momster when they normally get along so well and talk all the time. me, i know she hates, cause she pulled this whole "i'll just ignore my in-laws til they go away" bullshit when baby niece was first born, and i called her on her shit and got her in some major trouble with the bro when he heard about it, so i don't even bother to contact her. i thought things were getting better when they were all out here for memorial day a couple years ago and we all got along okay, so i don't know what the issue was on this last visit. i'm just pissed that the momster, who she should be falling down on her knees every night thanking maude for for being the best mil ever, is so terrified of bitch-in-law never letting us see baby niece again that she literally can't confront the stupid cunt on this asshattery, and takes whatever time she can get thinking it's better than nothing. me, i'm more practical, and since i can't see us getting any treated any more like the embarrassing "poor relations" by bitch-in-law and her fam than we are now, fully intend to have a long talk with the bro when he gets back.

yeesh, didn't mean to get all ranty and mememe. i was just going to say hi, catch up on everybody, and post pics of the totally cute austen ringlets i did with my hair today. stupid bitch-in-law's even infiltrating my feel-good bustie time. *le sigh* anyway, it's getting late and i need to get back to work. we'll try this again tomorrow.
pssst, everyone. fj is pregnant again. that is all.

(haha, fj... beat you to it!)
Good Morning!

FJ's!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!

Anna, sorry you are feeling shitty. How are you doing this morning?

Grrrl, you are such a rockin' mom! I love hearing about all the fun stuff you do with c-monkey. Ugh family crap.

Just got back from the nursery, got some pansies and petunias. going to see Indiana Jones with dadzilla this afternoon.

and my room smells like dog, thank goodness it's a nice day out and I can air it out.

Oooooh I found 20 dollars in the dredges of one of my bags in my bag. I was wondering where that went, I thought I spent it!

anna k
Hi CH. I'm still a little down, though I applied for a lot of NY publishing internships, including NY offices that had work in Paris and London. I want to have a solid great job where I could take business trips to places and be an important staff member instead of a lowly gofer.

I work four days in a row, including weekends, so I'm at work. It's really boring today, so I'm reading The Book Thief, about a German girl in the 1940s who steals books and whose foster family is hiding a Jewish man. It's very dark and sad and interesting.

Yay FJ! Congratulations!

Grrrl, I played Monopoly with my then-teenage brother about five years ago, and he kept cleaning me out. He was also playing James Brown's "The Payback" on the radio, which sounded apt for his money-making skills.
you'll have to let me know how the book thief turns out, anna. i've been seeing it on the shelf and going back and forth about whether to get it for a while now, and i'm always up for a good read.
i lost my palm last week, and i'm so freakin' annoyed with myself for not noticing til hours later. all of my books, which is mainly what i used it for, are backed up on the laptop (somewhere), and i found a pretty cheap replacement on craigslist that i need to call about; but i move files around, make and destroy reading lists at whim, and had everything set up the way i like it on my unit. not to mention any kind of personal information or pictures that were stored on the three expansion cards that were in the case is lost and being used to who knows what purpose. so anyway, it's back to paper books for a while, which kind of limits my reading choices. i read a lot of smut, and romance novels, and feminist things and political things, and any number of books that i would be embarrassed for people to see the covers of in public. plus, they're bulky and a pain in the ass to carry around, and if i finish one and don't have a back-up, the boredom drives me nuts. luckily, i've got a stack of new paper books i've been putting off for a while now, and i just got a few of my many boxes of books out of storage unpacked last night and found quite a few i'm eager to read again. my bookshelf is overflowing, and i've still got more boxes in storage, so i'll be okay until i can afford to replace the unit or fix the broken screen on my old one. but there were some i downloaded on the old one that i'd really been looking forward to. *sigh* oh well, such is life.

so, i did manage to get some work done last night. all the books that were here are unpacked and on my bookshelf either downstairs here or up in my bedroom on my, ahem, personal bookshelf. the dining room got completely cleared, and we got the table, bench, and chairs in this morning. i've still got quite a few boxes of random shit lined up against the living room wall that i condensed as best as i could as i went along last night, that i have to sort through later this afternoon. then i'm going to tackle my room, which shouldn't be too difficult, as it's mostly clean laundry to put away and boxes of other clothes from storage to sort through. we didn't get c-monkey's bed in today, but it's good that she's got her room picked up and ready for it, and hopefully it will stay that way. nothing much else on the menu for today. i'm getting ready to throw together some turkey and spinach wraps for lunch and toss the roast in the crockpot for dinner tonight, and waiting to see how my new mini-bundt cake shells for my silicone cupcake pan turn out. i've got cream cheese frosting to glaze them with, and that will be c-monkey's dessert for lunches this week. and i kind of wanted to experiment with thinning the frosting down with a splash of rum or jack-for myself only!-but i'm not sure how to do it. i'm pretty sure the alcohol content would be negligible, and i don't want to try cooking it out for the small amount of liquor i'd actually use; then again, having bossman wonder about any more-than-usual giddiness and the faint whiff of booze coming from my locker would be a bad thing. rolleyes.gif

anyway, i've been pretty self-absorbed my last few posts, so time to play catch-up:

yay, more mini-fj's! (((((hugs fjs))))) congrats you guys, that is so fucking awesome!!!

anna, sorry to hear work's sucking and you're in a funk. that's pretty cool though about getting a story in the voice.

tree, for the love of maude, step back from the vibe before it ends up the cause of a housefire or something! least you've got bear as back-up, no need to put innocent toys in the way. tongue.gif and i love love love that bustier. and did i hear something about you got your hair cut, or has that not happened yet?

moxie, those sweet potato fries sound deelish. we've got a place here that does them really well, but they don't do the whole honey and cinnamon thing, just salt em and serve em like regular fries. they're really good, but i'll have to see if they'll do the sweet version for me sometime.

erin, how are you feeling today? i can't believe you were up for portions with that nasty bug! not that sick portions are a necessarily bad thing mind you; just when i'm sick, i'm sick, and i don't want anyone touching me. tried it once and the three weeks of passing that same damned bug back and forth, and arguing over whose turn it was to flush the bedpan, ew, not fun.

doodle, good for you for giving the kid what encouragement you could. man, i hate parents that get down on their kids like that. c-monkey frustrates me quite often with behavior issues, but i don't stand there in public (or at home for that matter) continually berating her. what a bitch!

minx, how goes the garden? we got a couple of tomato plants this year, and some sunflower, morning glory, and moonflower seeds to plant, and i need to get them in the ground soon. my little backyard gets a lot of sun in the mornings though, and obviously no one else who's lived here has bothered to plant; that ground is hard and baked. i'ma have the momster loan me her shovel (silly me, i only bought a trowel) so i can work on turning the dirt this week, and i've got a few huge bags of soil to work in. the seeds we're going to start out in little pots, so the ground should be ready in plenty of time on those, but the tomatos are about ready to burst their take-home trays. hopefully turning it out a bit with the shovel and hoe will do the trick, but i'm wondering if i should get one of those claw things just in case. might come in handy anyway.

diva, sorry to hear about aunt stella, but it sounds like she lived a pretty full life. and yay on cedar chests, tables and shoe-trees! and finding a good clothes deal. smile.gif
Good Afternoon!

Hi Anna. I'm also interested in the book. I haven't been reading that much lately. I did, however, get Lewis Black's new book Me of Little Faith delivered to me.

Grrrl, that totally blows about the lost palm. Any idea where it may have taken a vacation to?

Dadzilla and I didn't make it to the movies, it was nice outside so we took puppies to the park. his dog and mine haven't met, they sniffed each other and that was it. Funny my dad isn't an ogre, I just like the sounds of dadzilla. hee. Ummm, just finished my punk ass a long work out.

Soon, I'll be off to the park, for the third time, so Miss Emilypants sleeps like the dead tonight.

that is all.
He picked up my favorite beer from Wisconsin that you can't buy in MN. SQUEEE!!


yeah, i think so too, ch. those things are a good $300 a pop, and this is the third one i've put out of commission in the last three or four years. dry.gif i swear i'm not that irresponsible though. this is the first one i've lost, and of the other two, only the breakage of the first one was my fault. i just can't believe i lost it though! i've had to go back for it a couple times, like three seconds after walking off without it, but i'm pretty fanatical about patting my back pockets (wallet and palm) whenever i leave anywhere and at random times and any time i think my palm may be slipping out. so i just can't figure out how it went missing in the first place, and why i didn't notice at the time. i was driving the momster's car that day, and usually when i drive i toss it in the passenger seat automatically, cause that's how i broke the first one, sat on it and cracked the screen. so the only thing i can think of is that i was distracted getting into the car somewhere, slid my ass against the doorframe getting in whereupon the palm fell out, and i didn't register it because obviously if i didn't feel myself sitting on it, it must be in the passenger seat and out of harm's way.

i'm actually wondering if this person i'm trying to get in touch with on craigslist is someone who found my unit and is now trying to sell it. the city's right, his ad went up the day after i lost mine, the photo and description he's got up are stock from the palm website, and he seems pretty evasive and clueless about whether it comes with the charger cords and software and what kind of working condition it's in. it's a different model, where the graphic writing area doesn't minimize into the lower half of the screen, but if it's just some dumb kid or non-tech savvy person who found it on the street, he might have just picked the model that looks similar. i'm not quite sure what to do. he emailed me back and left his number, but hasn't returned my call yet. i'm wondering if i should call the cops and tell them my suspicion and give them a description of my unit; there are some pretty identifiable nicks and scratches that would out it as mine. that way if i meet up with the guy and it turns out this is my unit, i can get it back without a hassle. i'm not interested in getting the guy arrested or anything, cause it's not like it was lifted out of my pocket or the car, but if it's mine, i shouldn't have to pay the guy $50 for it just cause he got lucky and spotted it and decided to make a quick buck. and if it's not mine, then i still get a good model for about a quarter of the price i'd pay for that same model new, which is $100 less than i'd pay to replace my model from the manufacturer. so either way, i come out good. yeah, i think i'm going to give the local precinct a ring, just to cover my ass.
HOORAY for more FJs!!!!! Congratulations, you guys - that is SO exciting!!!

Grrl - that is a total bummer about the palm!! I'm pretty rough on the electronics too, and its an expensive habit for me. wink.gif

I'm still working on getting rid of the bronchitis. My ears and throat just won't stop hurting. Otherwise, I'm on the mend, and on VACATION! Woot! No work this week at all, and no plans, so that's a VERY good thing.

Minxy - Artman is truly a keeper - bringing you the beer of your homeland - WOW. Turbomann makes frequent runs to WI for his favorite brews, since he plays paintball at a place outside Kenosha fairly frequently.

Congrats FJ's!!!!

grrl, that sucks about the palm. It'd be sort of cool if you did get your old one back, though. I'm the same way about cleaning, I just don't pick up after myself like I should and then I wonder how the place gets so trashed.

healing vibes for ((((turbojenn))))

Minx, what kind of beer is that? Just for curiosity... So very cool artman brought you some back!

I'm reading "american gods" neighbor gave it to me a couple weeks ago for a belated b/day gift. So far it's good. I'm also reading the new eckhart tolle one, can't remember the title of it. And, am also reading a book called "my stroke of insight" which is really interesting, written by a neuroanatomy PHD who had a stroke, and since she was trained in brain structures and functions, she was able to write in depth each step of the stroke, what was affected...she had a massive stroke her whole left brain (the logic side) was pretty well doa, and seven years later, full recovery. It's pretty amazing, when you think about it.

I've never been able to handle sweet potato fries but I never tried them with sweet stuff on them. That might be do-able.

((((anna)))) hope you feel better soon

~*~*healing vibes*~*~ for erinjane

CH, I'm doing nursery stuff too, got a bunch of plants for the balcony...I tried last year to do perennials but none of them came back that I can tell. Maybe one did, the ornamental onion has a teeny leaf in the middle of the pot that might not be a weed. I fixed my fountain and it's looking pretty!

I used to put my profile up on dating sites for ego boosts, too, but it got too complicated, cause I'm pretty well locked into Bear.

So I spent the day putting off cutting off that duct and fighting with the A/C, by buying lots of plants and pretty garden stuff and decorating my balcony for the summer. My fountain is bubbling, all shiny and clean, I fixed the leaks it sprung over the winter, and I made a pretty hangy thing out of some copper capillary tubing, a cheapo gazing ball and some beads. I should take a pic. Scared to try the camera though, LOL

I did end up cutting off the duct, so now Bear and I are going to *hopefully* get that a/c out tomorrow after work.

I could use some a/c removal vibes, y'all. smile.gif

And I'm heading back out onto the balcony to listen to the fountain and gaze at my sparkly hangy thing and admire my new plants. And eat some salad.

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