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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hello Hello.

Blarg, it's been so busy at work lately, and I seriously have not had anything that has been straightforward. Too MUCH.

Doodle, congratulations on the kudos from management. *snorts* I sleep when I'm dead. Heh.

hey tree! I like the sound of your hair! (I'm actually getting mine cut on Saturday). WORD on nature coming back. it's happening here. I personally want to see a bunch of angry ass fucking rabid deer. What kind of digi camera did you get??

Hey Mox! Heh, you need to be tossed around, did you get yourself some HBI?

FedEx has the worst.customer.service.EVER. I owed them money, and tried for three hours to get through to pay a ground clearance charge, had to call their customer service twice and then finally someone from FedEx had to call me back. uhhh, how fucked up is that? I'm never using FedEx to ship again.

Didn't really do much last night, I made an appointment for a consultation for my eyes, if I'm a good condidate, it'll cost around 5 grand for both eyes...dayum. But, we shall see where it goes.

Took puppy out and that's it, really.

Yes, yes i did. Just in the manner I had hoped for, as well. A bit sore, a bit flustered. All in all, a good way to start the day!
Yeah, where be the Poodle and the Diva? *le sigh*

I'm really grooving on Artman. So ga-ga...seriously. I sat in bed last night with those lovely trippy headspins. He writes me these emails that make my toes curl and my brains get curlier. We are going to make dinner together weekend after next. I plan on putting sugar atop his nose and licking it off.

And then it's on to the kitchen table!! tongue.gif Could it be that I've actually found a NICE guy??!

Egads, I got no sleep last night. First we talk until midnight and then I was a gorked out on mooshey brain and benedryl. I need to run to the coffee shop.
I've seen Diva lurking about, but not Poodle... where has Tes been lately?

Mox, a fabulous way to start the morning!

Minx, artman sounds pretty great! I'm excited for you.
Oh my god, I was nearly late for work, I had to cab it....I made it in the door 20 seconds after 8....

More updates as I awaken....
Ta-da! I'm back home in Winnipeg. My trip got cut short because my travel partner got a spider bite and a serious infection and had to leave. I spent a week in Paris but ultimately decided I'd rather come back in a year or two with a friend to do the whole trip. I had a great time though and I'm happy to be home. I'm not due to go back to work until the first week of July so I'm going to take a 2-3 week vacation and tell them I'm back after I've de-stressed from the trip.

It's so hard jumping back into the okay-ers thread after being away for so long. Time to go back and do some reading. smile.gif
Hello Again!!

Oooooh, Doodle had a late night!!!!

Erin!!!! It's great to see you in here! How is your travel partner???
I hate this job. I HATE it.

Worst. Temp. Assignment. EVER.
Hi, peeps.

I haven't been in much mood to post lately, but I'm still alive and have skimmed a bit.

Minx, that sucks about your job. Are you still finishing out the year? But Artman sounds pretty nice.

FJ, that's so sweet how your little guy missed you while he was at daycare. Sounds like he's doing well, otherwise. That's great that your new(ish) job is going well!

CH, I'm totally with ya on how FedEx blows massively. I refuse to do business with any company that won't ship via someone else. I've had so many problems with having to pick up packages at their warehouse centers (which are highly inconvenient to get to - their Minneapolis office should not be in an eastern suburb of St. Paul, UPS literally has their pickup site up the street from me) because they refuse to deliver outside of the 9-5 Monday-Friday schedule. Um, some people work for a living and can't sit around waiting for a dumbass package that for some assinine reason needs a signature! If I'm the one having to pay for shipping, I won't deal with them for any reason. Plus, they're non-union on top of it all.

Things have been okay with me. I got my hair chopped last Friday, about 4 inches or so. It was getting to a point where it was EVERYwhere and I had to keep moving it out of my way, and a ponytail was so long and heavy, I got neck pains. Then I blew a whole bunch of money on LUSH soaps, a motorized fingernail buffer, new sunglasses because my old ones are scratched to hell, and a ton of my favorite juice at Whole Foods (they're the only ones who sell Purity Organic Citrus Passion Punch, so I buy them out every time I go there). The giant had his wisdom teeth removed last week, so I had a long weekend to take care of him. He was so freaking high when he got out of the dentist's office. I never imagined he could be like that, and it was even funnier because he wouldn't shut up even though his mouth was all jacked up with gauze and novicane. I guess that's what happens when they put you under for that stuff. His birfday was yesterday, so now he's 36. I got him a huge Star Wars LEGO set, some underwear, and a shirt. We're having a party with his family on Saturday and hopefully taking his brother's new boat out on a lake. His SIL is very pregnant, so we hope she doesn't pop while we're out there.

We think our next door neighbors are dealing drugs and/or making drugs in their house. The house has 3 rental units in it, and strange looking people keep coming around at weird hours (the giant saw a guy tap at a window and start whistling at 2:15 on Monday morning). It's kind of freaky because that's maybe 10 feet outside our bedroom window. If they're cooking meth in there and the place blew up, the giant and I would probably be dead. I hope they get caught very soon. I'm mad at them because they have a ton of gorgeous tulips in their yard, but they're such bastards that they don't deserve them. A dumb thing to be mad about, yes, but I love tulips and am insanely jealous of their crop of them.

Sam's come around to the house a few times lately. A bunch of turtle eggs hatched in my parents' backyard, and Sam was there to see it all happen (literally, he felt one under his foot as it was digging itself out of the ground). All the neighborhood kids came over and adopted them, leaving Sam with two: Frisky and Feisty. They live in the pond now, but he goes out to look for them every day. I think I'm going to give him a little call now. By the way, his mom went through treatment for her nasty meth habit. I think she's done now, but I'm not holding out much hope, since it usually takes more than 1 therapy go-through for it to have a lasting effect, and it works even less if you go back to the same lifestyle that got you into that whole mess in the first place. Sam knows that his mom was in therapy, but I doubt he knows for what.

Anyone watch American Idol last night? I was so glad to see that little twerp David Archuleta not win. He's so sweet, it makes my teeth hurt. I didn't like the other guy all that much, but at least he could play guitar and isn't really the Teen Beat type of musician. It partially makes up for Chris Dautrey (sp?) not winning during his season.

anna k

Divala, that sounds sketchy about those people. Keep your eyes and ears open, and stay cool.

I don't want to go out with the guy in security. He's getting annoying. After I gave him my number, he sent me a text message of the cartoon cat Sylvester with "Hi, friend" written underneath it. Then I called him on Tuesday, and he told me he had tried to call me the night before. We made tenative plans to hang out next week, but he left a message for me last night asking to hang out on Friday. I'm not into him, and he's pissing me off. So I don't want to date him now.

I am planning to go out with another guy, I met him through OKCupid. He seems OK, artsy with slightly pretentious tastes. He wants to see a 60's Godard movie tomorrow. I had seen some of Godard's old movies as a teen (worked in an artsy movie theater and was a film buff), and will go with it. I just feel like dating, plus I've been hornier lately, as much as I hate that word (horny).

My body feels sore and stretched out for exercise. I went to the gym three days this week, and usually feel all turned out after working out with weights one day and doing a hip-hop/jazz dance routine another day. My body feels great, but I can feel the work in my shoulders, hips and front leg muscles.

My sister wants to see me this weekend, since I have a day off from work (Memorial Day). I can go out to see her, spend the day. I want to see the Indiana Jones movie but I don't think she'd be interested (she'd think it was stupid). We also talked about taking a trip to Montreal in the fall. Though she can be a pain in the ass, I don't have any close friends who I can take with me, and I'd feel lonely looking at people taking pictures of each other and me being alone. I'm trying to research group trips/tours to places like London or Lisbon or Paris that aren't too touristy or cheesy. Though I can imagine my sister being jealous of me going to a foreign city, even though she went to Paris and Miami and Cancun with her friends and I never got those kind of opportunities.
Diva, he's a chef during the day!! *SWOOOON* We're going to get together the weekend after next and cook together. It might sound a little weird to get so excited about something like this, but the only thing the ex and I did together was that garden. He was too competitive to just hang out and do a project together unless I was a worker bee...which a lot of times is just fine with me, but with cooking? Hell, I wanna play WITH!!
Seriously, minxy, if I didn't have the beloved turbomann in my life, I would want a CHEF!! And this one sounds pretty damned fine - keeping you up all night with phone calls - cooking together....this one's got promise! And of course, I want all the deets on the menu!

Diva - you sound like an excellent caregiver - plus LEGOs for his birthday! Best GF ever - for sure! And Sam has turtles - SO cool! I remember watching turtles hatch when I was a kid too...good stuff. As much as I love the city as an adult, I think kids growing up here miss out on so much of nature...I guess kids in the 'burbs too, for that matter.

Oooh, and mid-morning portions for the moxies - NICE!

(((((doodle))))) I hope the crap job gets you think it was worse today on a long day, and sexxin' it up all night?
hi hi hi! quick post since i'm at the momster's mooching off her innernet and have to get home to bed soon. the neighbor i was mooching off at my place, total bust for the last couple days. i haven't been able to pick up anything, and i'm kinda bummed cause it will take the county at least a month if not more to sort out the no more support issue and i can thus afford my own connection again. which is going to be totally locked up tight and secure cause a)i'm a bitch like that, and b ) i'll be damned if i get busted for downloading chingy or 50 cent or some other thug/banger bullshit. but it sucks not having access at home; i can't come bug the momster every day (part of that whole moving out thing) and there are some sites you just can't visit from work.

it's been hella windy the last few days. i left work the other night, and i'm a good rider and dealt with wind before, but i totally got blown off my bike and dragged for a couple of feet (my foot slipped off the pedal) and almost went over the handlebars. i've got lovely new bruises to show for that, one between my boob and shoulder that didn't make itself known until i went blithely bounding the stairs the next morning. hopefully that shit will die down over the weekend, but it's not looking good.

things have been kind of...annoying at work the past couple of days. see the letters or work sucks thread. but i think i've got it resolved, and there will be a reckoning at the department meeting tomorrow, one way or the other. but all in all, i'm looking forward to the three-day weekend. and the momster and i both took the following wednesday off to go duke it out with the county. not quite an all-day thing, but close enough to justify skipping work, and far enough to justify squeezing in lunch and maybe a movie; either way, a mini-vacation from all the work-related bullshit.

oh, oh, oh! i got a pretty new phone yesterday! it is teh awesome. i'm already scheming ways i can get the fitness thing to monitor my cycling instead of walking. happy.gif

Doodle, sorry that the temp assignment is so shitty, at least it's temp though.

Diva!!! It's great to see you in here! FedEx = Shitty service. Not good about the neighbours, what about an annonymous tip to the police?

Hey Anna, you could just avoud the guy.

Hi turbo! How's puppers doing?

Grrrl, what a cool phone!

I worked out last night and slept. Now I'm at work, Bah. it's payday (yay!) and it's going to be nice this weekend. Don't know what I'm going to do yet, I'll figure it out.

anna k
I got my check yesterday from The Village Voice. It's not a lot, but it's my first paid work.

I'm going on a date tonight. I hope the guy is decent. Tomorrow night I'm going to see Heavy Metal Baghdad after work, it's a documentary about an Iraqi heavy metal band.
Good morning everyone....I am not able to type much in this office (phoning people, not working on the computer, is the main part of my job), but I am reading everything!

turbo, I suspect my lack of sleep may have affected my feelings about the job. But it's still a crappy job. I can't wait till it's over. On the other hand, I think that thinking about the amazing sex I've been having is what keeps me sane at my desk. wink.gif

Speaking of that, I booked a booty call for tonight. tongue.gif I have to work tomorrow, but it's way easier to cram everything in at once and have my Sunday to myself and for jamming. Last Sunday, he hung around my place till 3 in the afternoon - I just want to get busy and then move on!

God, I'm such a badass....

Going to the store last night after being here was such a sweet's such a joy to work there, and I REALLY appreciated it after a day here! THOSE customers LOVE me! biggrin.gif
Hi, peeps!

Anna, that movie sounds pretty awesome. If there were ever a place for a metal band to be formed, it's Iraq. They've got a reason to be angry. Personally, I still think the best metal comes from really hot places (Sepultura) or really cold places (In Flames).

CH, you're right, we should make an anonymous tip to the cops. Next time we see someone come through at 2:15 am and start whistling, I'm doing something about it. Mostly I hate those bastards because they keep taking our parking spots on the street for no reason at all. It's not like we own that 20 feet of space in front of the house, but still, why wouldn't you park in front of your house if you could?

Jenn, I forgot to mention awhile back about Turbomann's accident. Everyone was OK, right? That totally sucks about you having to delay the trip up here, but whenever you guys can make it up will be great.

Minx, you have a chef boyfriend? Awesome! The most the giant will do is broil meat and make pasta/rice/potatoes out of the box - and I had to teach him that stuff!

I wish the day would hurry up and end. My boss is gone and it's almost noon, but I want it to be 5:15 already! The giant's tooth is feeling a little better, so we're planning on going out tonight. No huge weekend plans, just going out for dinner tonight, and maybe a movie if I can talk him into it, otherwise we're renting Beowulf. I've had to read that no less than 4 times in high school and college, but I never got past the first 1/3 of it, so I still need to know how it ends. Oh, and I'm making his birfday cake. It's a homemade chocolate layer cake done "better than sex style." I've made homemade caramel sauce to drizzle into it after I poke holes in the cake, bought a crapload of Skor bars to break up and scatter around, then a layer of fudge frosting (I'll make that tonight) in the middle, and homemade whipped cream (not Kool Whip, dammit!) to frost it with. I'm curious to see how this turns out as a layer cake. I bought 10 Skor bars last night for it, so it better be good!

Maybe I'll see if my brother will bring Sam over for a visit, since I think Mom told me he's going to have him for the weekend. He was with his mom yesterday, just out of treatment. He's taken to saying Stewie-isms like "blast!" and "what the deuce?" It's so funny to hear that come out of a 5-year-old, but it could be worse. At least he hasn't called me a "vile woman" yet.

CH, My travel partner is doing fine now, luckily. I think they were worried that she might get worse from the stress of traveling. We'll have to make plans to get together soon. I'm still de-stressing from the trip but I'll probably be good in a week or two. It's so nice to have alone time again. biggrin.gif I'm so exhausted, I've been going to bed early but I'm still screwed up from the jetlag and waking up about two hours earlier than I want to. And by the time 5pm rolls around I just feel like collapsing.

"I'm just the temp...." has become my new mantra.

I'm totally shocked, but I actually think I'm gonna get the thing done....the temp job, I mean....done in time. It's unbelievable, b/c when I started, there was no process or system or action plan in place for this project, and I had to invent one as I went. I guess I'm more organized than I think I am sometimes!

And I STILL find time to dawdle at work. Why, I'm dawdling right now, aren't I? wink.gif Almost quittin' time....
anna k
The date was pretty boring. I thought I'd be more interested in the guy because he was cute in a dorky way and had an interesting profile of eclectic music/movie taste, works in a museum, and wanted to see a French New Wave film, but when I talked to him, he was barely there. I would try to engage him and ask him about himself, make jokes about things, but he was boring. Maybe he wasn't interested in me, but it felt like talking to a piece of driftwood. The movie itself was fine, I had seen it before. I was surprised that for such a knowledge of films (Herzog, Cocteau, Godard, and 1920s silent films), when he saw Fred Astaire's name as a dedication on one of the seats, he didn't know who he was.

I don't know how he felt about me. I would see him again to give him another chance, but for some reason I'm picking some duds lately.
Good morning all! Ohhhh, I am soooo tired this morning, but it's my "Friday," so I can crash tonight and sleep all day tomorrow. I was supposed to organize a Sunday jam, but I think I'll see what my work schedule is and see if we can do it Monday...I need a day!

Anyway. Ran into a friend on my way home yesterday and had coffee, so I never got a nap in before the arrival of mr scorpio. Got to sleep around 3:30 and woke up around 7:30...mind you, we never got out of bed till almost 9! Deets in Portions....and now I must go get ready for reals, y'all....
Hi hi.

Anna, again congrats on the work with The Village Voice, too bad about the date. Happens, you don't know until you give it a go.

Doodle, I'm loving your last line in your deets, I'm the same way. smile.gif

Diva your neighbours sounds like class A dorkwads.

I slept last night, today i went and got my hair cut took puppy out for a walk, which I'll do again soon. Feeling a little light headed and dizzy, not too sure why. I think this is going to force me to take it easy this weekend, given next week is another busy one.
Anna, too bad about the date. I went on a couple of dates with this guy in the fall who sounded really interesting in his online profile, into the same kind of music, traveled a lot, similar interests; but all i could think while we were together was for someone who's had such an interesting life, he was soooooo boring.

I am so freaking exhausted. I thought I was doing okay with the jetlag but I guess I've actually only been home for 3 nights, and I arrived home on a plane at 5pm on wednesday. My friends are trying to guilt me into going out, and i never say no to going out, but I'm waaay too tired to put the effort into having a shower, getting dressed and made up, and trying to the other end of the city where they live. I think I'm going to stay in and watch bad movies instead.

Today was a good day though. I went with my parents and my brother and niece to the Narcisse snake dens. I love going there. I caught a lot of snakes. biggrin.gif
Erin, I totally skipped over your message, I'm sorry! Good to hear the travel partner is okay, how are you doing? Still bagged? We do have to get together sometime!

Did you enjoy your day today? it was so gorgeous, I spent a lot of time outside, and I think I have mild heat stroke tired and dizzy, not fun. Needless to say my plans to go out tonight aren't happening every time I get up, I stumble. Spins are loooooooooooooooads of fun.
Goooood Morning!!

Sorry I have been MIA was really busy this week. Then I called in on Friday b/c I woke up with a wicked sinus headache. Bah.

Hey ErinJane! Glad you made it back safely, sorry to hear about your fellow traveler. I hate spiders!! Hope you are feeling rested up now.

Hey DIVA!! It's good to see you in here! I second everyone else about alerting the cops. Nobody needs drug dealing going on next door. Nope. Glad the giant is feeling better after the wisdom teeth extraction. At least you got some entertainment out of it, while he was still doped up! It's funny to see people like that.

Hey Doodle! Sorry about the temp job. How long does the assignment run?

Anna!! I think I missed that you got published in the Village Voice! That is so rad! Did you link to your piece here? What sort of piece was it? Congratulations!

Hey Jenn!

Hey CH! Are you feeling better?? I am worried about you. Heat stroke? For reals? Take care, lady. That concerns me.

Who am I missing???....Minx! Hey! GRRRL!!!! Hey! It's good to see you! I'm sorry to hear about the work troubles, but your new phone sure is purty!

Things here are good. Like I said, I stayed home from work on Friday. My headache lingered most of the day, but it did decrease in severity. So the day wasn't a total loss. That evening Mr K and I went to look at tile for our kitchen backsplash. Then we ate dinner at this really good Caribbean restaurant here. After that we went to Lowe's and bought all the tile for our kitchen floor. Poor Mr K had to load it/unload it/load it/unload it all by himself. The boxes were like 70 lbs each, I couldn't lift them. Yesterday I got up early & went to the gym. Then I ran some errands. We went to a little cookout last night at my hospital supervisor's house. It was a good time. She lives far out in the country, it was a pretty drive. This morning I'm meeting our handyman at the store to pick up our counters. Then he's going to come back and put 'em in. We're going to a poker party tonight. Wish me luck, Okayers! I could do with some extra fundage!!
Good morning all! I slept the sleep of the dead last night - yay!!

anna, I meant to say this in my last post, but congrats on being a Village Voice writer! Did you get a byline, too?

erin - what kind of snakes?

CH - what else are you up to this weekend? How is your room coming along, btw?

kari - what do your new tiles look like? My temp assignment is finished at the end of this week, so basically 2 more days left there.

One of our staffers at the store is going on a big family vacation, and another is leaving to join a new family business venture, so it sounds like I can get a bunch of hours there right after my temp assignment ends....this will be perfect if nothing turns up for temping right away. I'm going to call the agency tomorrow morning and find out what's up, so I can let my manager at the store know.

Speaking of the store - yesterday the manager told me if they can work it out, she wants me to accompany her and the assistant manager to Medicine Hat to open the new Plus One store! (Our store is two different stores rolled into one really huge store, and it's a pilot project of the company, so I guess they want our people to get the next ones going.) I didn't even think to ask when it would happen, but I'm kind of thrilled to be included....I know it's partly because I've got more flexibility than the other staff members my age, but also, even if it doesn't happen, they are thinking of me in terms of the staffer they want to represent the local store to the company, which is pretty darned cool.

Anyway, I'm just hanging around today. Hopefully I can get the apartment tidied up properly, as I've got dishes piled up and overflowing wastebaskets. Ugh. And I NEED to play some guitar - I just installed a brand new bridge and re-strung it with new strings, so it sounds BEAUTIFUL Plus I just turned Joni Mitchell's Carey into a REGGAE song, and I need to work it out a bit more - it's only got 3 chords, so it would be a perfect jamming song, and if reggae-ing up Ramble On blew people away, I can't wait to see how they respond to Carey. But I don't have anything else planned! YAY!!!!
Good Evening!

Kari, I'm feeling much better today. I stayed in bed all night last night. Felt much better this morning. ~*~*~*~*win at poker vibeage~*~*~*~

Doodle, this weekend was pretty low key as I got my hair cut Saturday morning then felt like ass. Today was progressive, though. That is great about the second store!!! *throws confetti*

Last night was a thunderstorm filled night, it was nice to have my window open. Today took pups out, it was cool and windy and wonderful. Perfect. Worked out, took the dog out again. My mom and I went to a nursery and I got three plants. Well, my mom bought one, it's your name on a plant. When the seed grows, your name is on it. I got a fern and some other plant that has beautiful purple leaves.

I went shopping and got a pair of black capris, a black tank and this very colourful whispy tank top. made a roast chicken for dinner. Now I'm KO'd.

How is everyone else?

Good evening....

Hiya CH! Is that the plant where they etch the name on the seed? How does that work?

I spent the afternoon jamming with banjoboy, and smoking stuff, of course! Then I came home and crashed again. Niiiiice.

banjoboy found a roomie! It's a girl! She is 21, and from Australia - she's here on a 6 month visa and has a boyfriend here....sounds like it's all going to work out.
moxiegirl the midst of a damn-near perfect weekend. moxette is waking up, so can't read much or post long now...but will do so at naptime!!

Hope you all are also having a great weekend!

Doodle, it is the one. I have no idea how it works, but I think it's going to be cool! very very cool. Hurray that Banjoboy found a roommate!!

Monx, excellent about the perfect weekend.

It's on the chily side here, I've got an office with a window, which makes me happy. And if any cops come by I've got a good view, they'll walk right past this office. smile.gif

and that's all.
Happy Monday, all!! Hiya mox and CH! Yeah, it's Monday for us non-Yanks....but my Monday gets to be at the clothing store, and I don't even start till noon, so I'm all happy about it! Plus I've placed a Monday night booty call, so doodle's gonna get some massagin' and some HBI after work. wink.gif

CH - let us know about the progress of the name-seedling! It is chilly here today, too, bleargh - and the store is always freezing....maybe I'll wear a cardi today....

Hope you Yanks are all enjoying your long weekend!!
Phenomenal long weekend! Had a sleep-over with one of Minxlette's friends on Saturday night wherein the girls kept running over to the coi pond at the Vietnamese restaurant we were at, and then she slept at her friend's house last night whilst I kept company with Artman who made me this drink:

It's fresh squeezed blood orange and vodka, and yes, that is a frozen blood orange "tampon". I asked him if he would be willing to make drinks for the Pink Mafia sometime, and his response was "Definitely." smile.gif I am a very happy minx, indeed. We were sitting there as he made these various drink and just kind of whipped up a couple of dip (one with chipotle and the other some sort of fabulon cilantro and chive concoction. Oh my darlings, he just spontaneously cooks things. I'm having so much fun--it's rediculous.

I found him a weird children's book at an estate sale and made him a peach/strawberry/triple cream brie tart for his birthday. We didn't quite make it to the tart...

Minxlette and I are probably going to see Indiana Jones or the newer Chronicles of Narnia movie after she wakes up from her nap. Just blissed out. Hope you ladies are enjoying yourselves equally as much. If not, I have plenty of silly smiles to share. biggrin.gif
Wow, minx - that is an awesome drink!!

Good evening everyone....where is everybody????

I got home about an hour ago, and spent the whole time since on the phone, with doodlemama and also organizing jamming stuff. Am currently shoveling dinner into my face. The HBI provider will be arriving before long.

I called the temp agency this morning and there's nothing firm coming up next week, after my current assignment is up, but hopefully the week after. So the clothing store got to book me in for a whole WHACK of shifts. I am there tomorrow, and then Friday evening/Saturday day, and then I work Tues - Sat next week. Which will be a bit rough on my feet, but the happiness of the actual job makes it worthwhile. Anyway, I have my own personal massage therapist/HBI-ologist to get me through it. wink.gif

One of our girls got fired today. Last Thursday, she called in sick, said she had an emergency with her son....guess who showed up later in the day, looking for his mama? Oops. And the assistant manager had to come in on her day off and everything. I guess it is the 3rd time she's called in on short notice, and she was still on probation. I think I would have done the same thing, if I were management. They've has been pretty damned reasonable with my own scheduling needs (the manager even checks in with me to make sure the schedule is working for me), so I know it's not that the job sitch is hellish or inflexible or anything. Why fuck yourself with lies and games?

I am also proud to report that I made it through 2.5 hours on the floor in my 3 inch wedge heels today! I tried them out last Saturday, but only lasted an hour...this is definitely progress! On Saturday, the assistant manager was trying to teach me how to walk in them - she (55 years old) shouted across the store: "Don't walk - STRUT!" biggrin.gif

Also, I had my first cross-dresser customer today - a big tall man buying pantyhose in a really big size - who on earth is buying pantyhose right now? I sort of suspected, but wasn't sure till I said, "She can always exchange them....or you can exchange them....or whomever they're for. I don't care." And then he perked right up and was my new best friend! tongue.gif I think the cross-dressing thing weirds some of the younger women out, so no one was serving him - so I jumped right in....for heaven's sake, what's to be weirded out about? He's a customer, serve him. The young women alerted me later to his cross-dressing, like I hadn't already figured it out.
Goooood Morning!

Doodle, I'm actually taking pictures of the progress of the seedling, doing it day by day. Wow, nice on the coworkers part, but at least management is all over your shceduling needs! Excellent. Cross dressers are cool.

Minx, coolest.drink.ever! That is sooooo neat!!!! Which movie did you end up seeing?

I worked out last night, but had a restless sleep. Shitty crappy farty.

Good Things Tuesday.

1. Got eye fucked by a cop yesterday. I went into the office of the investigator and I caught him eye balling me, from head to toe. He was pretty cute.
2. It's nice out today.
3. Only a few more days and I'm out of this office.
Hey allll! smile.gif

Good to read so many of you are happy! Sounds like it wasn't just a good weekend for me smile.gif

What name does that drink have? That's hilarious!

This weekend had a lot of OtterMan's wife and daughter in it. Goaty and Guinea-Girl (OtterMan's wife) seem to have a lot to chat about. I'm really glad that they get along. Guinea-Girl was a friend of mine before OtterMan even met her. Anyway, we all went to a park with a big lake on Saturday, and I barbecued some pork, zucchini, and corn, and gave the Otterling her birthday present (turned 10), which was a couple of foam swords that squirt water from their tips and a bubble machine which produces bubbles inside of bigger bubbles. Otterling and I then defended the world from invading bubbles with her swords.

Some boy that she thought was creepy and annoying came along and tried to get in on trying the swords, but Otterling denied him. It's good that she knows not to lend stuff to people she has a bad feeling about. But soon after, a younger boy came around and was kinda smitten with Otterling, but he was nice about it and didn't intrude. Otterling kinda encouraged him a little, and soon they were playing together and she let him use a sword, and it was really sweet! He was a pudgy younger kid (5) that I bet a lot of other kids wouldn't include in stuff at Otterling's age, but he was nice, and I was really impressed that Otterling was friendly with him.

Later, we took my inflatable raft onto the lake, and Otterling was captain. Basically, I had her point where the boat should go, and then I'd steer the boat to go wherever she pointed. Since I was rowing row-boat style, this kept me from always craning my neck around 180 degrees to steer, and it made her captainship legitimate. It really worked out well. We went to a raft and some bouys and stuff. It was really fun! Anyway, good weekend here smile.gif
Lore, what a great weekend!

Sure is quiet 'round these parts.
*crawls into thread and flops on okayland sickbed*

I've been absent for awhile, I've been down with the worst fucking cold I have ever had, that seems to be roaming my body freely and infecting whatever it wants. Started with a sore throat & ears a week ago, moved into my chest by Saturday, Sunday my eyes began oozing sticky snot which continued until last night, and now, its back to throat ears and chest. Fuuuuuuuck. I broke down and made a doc appt tomorrow, and I'm gonna have to go to work, even if I don't feel up to it, as I am burning through vacation time rapidly - thank cod for the holiday off yesterday.

Minxy, the new man sounds positively *amazing,* and that drink looks awesome. Might have to make some of those for my birthday. heh.

Lore, that sounds like a mighty-fine weekend you had, and much fun with Otterling!!

Doodle, I hope the other staff are learning from your magical sales prowess at the store - it sounds like you are having a very good experience there, and I love all your stories about the folks that you're dressing in beautiful clothes!

Okay, to take a bath, and then bedtime for me. blerg.
~*~*~*~*~*~healing vibes for turbo~*~*~*~*

I was just thinking about you this morning. Take care of yourself.

*curses turbo's job for no sick time*

Ummm, I have nothing. Took the dog out, worked out, went to bed. Now i'm at work again. Lunch entails me getting body sugaring done.
That does sound aweful! I hope the doctor's visit turns out really productive. *healing vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!

Heya everybody! Morning drive-by.
CH, we ended up seeing The Chronicles of Narnia. I actually did like it very much, but found it a bit violent for the Minxlette. Although that's all relative because she's seen the entire LOTR trilogy with me.\

Say, how do you like getting your bod sugared? Never had it done before, but I've been very curious.

JENN!!!!! My poor sick friend. Honey, the pollen count has been UNMAUDELY high these last five or six days. I sleep through my phone alarm, and it takes at least five minutes to get conscious with my regular alarm immediately following. Bad stuff...I'm so sorry. Get lots of rest and stick a filter on your head.


Lore, good to see you around these parts again. smile.gif

More buckets of sugary goodness from the Minxy/Artman camp. We spent our last half hour together listening to Suicidal Tendencies and drinking stiff coffee. *le sigh* He sent me home with a bag of soup--some Turkey/Spinach Florentine thing. It was so savory that I ended up smacking my lips for a half hour after devouring it yesterday. I told him that I wanted to see him in a frilly apron, he said that it might devolve into a nurse's outfit and that he'd have to assist me on top of the 1950's kitchen table he has. Oooh, that boy. wink.gif
Hi Lore!

Minx, can you believe that I haven't even seen the first Narnia? I bought it for my mother for xmas, but my attention span is limited, so I find I can't watch movies anymore (less Indiana Jones which I plan on seeing in the next two weeks with my pappy).

as for sugaring, I love it. It works great, your hair grows back much more sparse and thin. It's been 5 weeks since I had my legs done, I could go for another week at least without getting it done. Had my cooch done, too, and that I could go 5 weeks in between doing as well. It's better for you than waxing because sugaring is all natural. I highly recommend it.

Yay on artman!
I'm sorry, Artman is just so fucking sexy. He shaves his head glossy-bald, so it's entirely too much fun to lick and rub and whatnot. His soon-to-be-ex-wife must have been a crack-smoker to pass this by. I don't know, maybe he does his taxes in the nude whist farting Kumbaya, but I haven't seen anything particularly offensive to date.

You really ought to see the first one, but I'd even recommend seeing "The Golden Compass" before that. BRILLIANT!

I'll have to try that sugaring. I love anything unique and depilatory.
Minx, he sounds fantastic! Very happy for you!

You'll like the sugaring, I guarentee, works so well!

JENN!!!!! [edit] Get lots of rest and stick a filter on your head.

Okay. This TOTALLY made me picture turbo out riding her bike to work with a WWII gas mask over her face.

(((((turbo))))) I am SOOOOO sorry you're so sick, hon. That's crappy, especially in the spring! I would like to feed you lots of homemade chicken soup right now, and play you my guitar while you doze on the sofa. Tons and tons of ~*~*~*~feel better vibes~*~*~*~

Good...uh....afternoon everyone. I just rolled out of bed. Kicked out mr scorpio. Yeah, I did him again. And again. And again. Yeah, two nights in a row. What can I say? It's so damned good - we have a very powerful physical symbiosis. I feel like Samantha Jones these days. I'll post some deets in one of the sex threads in a bit. But seriously, I am so damned relaxed right now. Started my day with a wake 'n' bake, too. Haven't done that since last summer, but it's my day off, and there was a yoga-toned morning person in my bed when I woke up, so why not? wink.gif

CH, is sugaring done like waxing? Does it hurt? Does it hurt to have your cooch done? I have older women in the store asking me about this kind of stuff when they're buying swimsuits ("What do you girls DO?"), but I pretty much let my bush do its thing, so I'm kind of clueless....

lore, I am envious of your weekend! And your bbq'ed pork and corn! YUMMM! Otterling sounds like a Bustie in the making, if you ask me. biggrin.gif We need more of those.

minx, artman sounds awesome! Please be sure to post your nurse/kitchen table role play games in the Portions thread!!!! tongue.gif

Well, I've got an afternoon to myself, and BEB and I are going to the jam tonight....going to try to convince banjoboy to come with us. I have him almost there, but he's a little intimidated. Maybe now he's got his roommate issues sorted, he can relax a bit.

I figured out this version of Billie Holiday's Fine and's kind of an interpretation; I figured it out on 3 chords. It's less jazz, more blues, kind of oddball, I guess, with the 3 (wrong, no doubt) chords, but sooo fun to sing. I totally want to try it tonight!

Ooh, yesterday, I made a single sale worth $568....apparently any sale over $500 is such good news that they phone it in to the district manager....yay me! And I did it in 3-inch heels! (Seriously, I am, like, 5 foot 10 in those scorpio calls me his "big strong beautiful Amazon.")
Minxy, you are FULL of quotables today - my favorite:

"I love anything unique and depilatory." BWAHAHAHA!!! So great!

And the chef!! Oh my, you have a GOOD one there! Sending you home with soup - and frilly aprons bent over a table....MMmmmmm!

Can you tell that I am feeling MUCH better? I'd guess I'm at about 80% right now, which feels damned fine compared to the last few days. I suppose pollen count might be a contributing factor, but honestly, I have been saintly about my diet lately, and I haven't had so much as a runny nose - and even with this fucking cold - no runny nose there either - plenty clogged, but no runniness. I think its just the full-body breakdown after 2 months of full-court press at the job. Seems to always happen that way.

BUT, the consolation prize is that I'm on vacation ALL week next week, and even though we're not coming out to visit all the gorgeous Mpls busties, its still a week OFF.

Doodle - congrats on the most excellent sale! And all of that sizzlin sexin', of course!

And while I may not be minxy's chef, I am making a risotto for din-din tonight with green garlic, Italian chard and asparagus all from the farmer's market - who wants to come over for dinner? smile.gif
Hey Doodle! congratulations on the sales!!

as for sugaring, it's better than waxing, it's all natural. They take sugar and put it on whichever area you want sugared, then she uses a water sugar lemon juice mix, spreads it over and rips out the hair. It takes some getting used to, but with that said, the hair grows back thinner and more sparse. I am sold on it. I only got my legs done today, go back for brazillian mid June. it lasts soooo long, I already have snails pace hair growth, so this rocks!

It stings to get done, but it's over quickly.

I really like getting the brazilliam because, in my opinion, it makes sex so much more enjoyable and makes everything so smooth and slippery. Hee. Ummm, I'll stop there.

I'm off to the park with houndish now.

Hey Turbo! Glad you are feeling better.
Hmmm...this sugaring this sounds intriguing.

Hope you're fast on the way to recovery, Turbo. My body seems to work the same way.

I'm having such a great vacation, putting off telling work that I'm back. Yesterday I went with my brother, my niece, and a friend to camping just outside of the city. It was so relaxing and the weather was great and we had a great time. This weekend my brother, another friend, and I are doing our first back country overnight hike. I look like a walking mountain equipment co-op ad.

I feel like I'm surrounded by all these guys that want to date me right now but all I want to do is have sex with them until the 'real thing' comes along. Oh what's a girl to do. tongue.gif
Sugaring still sounds painful....I think I'll just let my bush be a bush! tongue.gif

TURBO! Sooooo glad to hear you are feeling better.....though I'd consider the gas mask/bicycle combo anyway, seriously. wink.gif *I* want to come over for dinner! I do, I do!! *jumps up and down*

erin, I feel the same.....I just want the sex till I meet the right one! Just go with it....or as CH would quip, "I say fuck them."

I am making a dinner of cut up sausage bits, rice, and veggies, all stir fried and mixed together. I STILL haven't showered or anything, and I'm going out la la......wouldn't want to meet up with BEB reeking of sex or anything, now would I? wink.gif (Maybe I should, though....)
I know it would taste aweful, but the thought of girls putting sugar on their legs just has a spice-and-everything-nice sound to it.

Turbo! Great to hear that you're feeling somewhat better. I actually made a risooto-ish dish last night with jasmine spiced rice, garlic, black lentil, yellow peppers, zucchini, chicken, onion, cilantro, olives, tomato, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and some various spices. It was yummers!
**tip toes into okayers thread**

(((turbo))) i hope you feel better for you vacay! sad.gif

*~*~*healing vibes for turbojenn*~*~*


**tip toes out of thread**
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