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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning!

Anna, I agree w/ tree- make sure you do something nice for yourself. No matter how small. hot mama! More portions!

Mr K talked to his friend, the friend does not recall eating my sandwich. He feels really bad about it. He said he has been known to sleep walk, I really think he is sleep eating. My younger sister does the same thing..gets up in the middle of the night, eats a bunch of stuff & wakes up w/ no memory of it. I think that would be terrible! The good news is that nothing was out of place this AM. He is helping MR K do a lot of work in our house, and he's a nice person when not asleep, so I'm not too upset over the eating thing. I mean, if he were like destroying my house or something-different story. But, yes it was weird to discover this!

Jenn, good for you on saying no to the house guests. A week with 2 people + 2 cats is a lot. Esp if one of the people is whiny & needy.

Minx, how you doing?

Things are quiet here today. Several people work from home on Thursday, and then a couple of people that are usually in the office on these days are out. I think there are about 6 of us here. It's a rainy day. How about a Good Things?

Good Things Thursday
1. My friend who was looking for a job found a sweet position.
2. It's payday
3. Mr K and his friend are going to start sanding down the kitchen walls today
4. Tomorrow is Friday
Good Morning!

It was busy yesterday, it always is around these parts. Hence my noticable abscence.

hey Kari! Weird about the sammich, but at least he's not being a wank and feels bad about it.

Doodle portions!!!! Heh. and your jamming tonight, right? Cool.

Turbo, I'd also say no to the friend. I'm going to check out for more local stuff here.

Anna, yay on refunds! I'm with Tree on the good idea!

Hey Tree, that is a good idea about flowers!

So, things are coming along here, working out, taking the dog out, I was armed with the digi camera at the park yesterday, but nothing went down.

Kari, I was also going to do a good things Thursday!
1. Long Weekend this weekend.
2. Seeing a friend from out of town for her wedding social and shower.
3. Seeing a friend on Sunday evening for drinks or something.
4. It's gorgeous outside.
5. Getting sugaring done at lunch today.
6. Only one more day until the week is done!

I should get to it! Later!
Heya heya!

I had part of a post written out yesterday, but I had to give the comp up for Goaty to work on, and somehow I lost the post. Oh well, a bunch of it was outrage over Minx's situation and Kari's sandwich. You DON'T just eat someone's lunch that they made to bring to work! What couch-racoon!

Anyway, I've done some catching up in reading, but it's 6AM, and I've got to go to work soon... Yep! I got called yesterday afternoon for a job starting 7AM today. I don't know so much about the job, but I'll find out. It feels sorta good to get back to work, though I'm presently just feeling nervous and disoriented.

Much fondness to all! smile.gif

ETA X-post with Kari & Culture. Hiiiiii! biggrin.gif Wow! sleep-eating? Maybe you could tether him to the couch before bedtime with not enough slack to reach the fridge, or perhaps booby-trap a sandwich with a layer of wasabi.
Damn it, I had an entire post written, and I thought it posted, but where'd it go????

So, will try to repeat, in the 5 mins left on my lunch break:

Good things:
1) Got a fuck buddy, finally!
2) Got a temp job, even though it's kind of sucky.
3) Jamming last night was AWESOME!!!
4) Some drummer took me aside at jamming to tell me I was way above the people I was jamming with - he said I was "a rose in a field of chrysanthemums."
5) This day is half over.
6) It's a BEAUTIFUL day and I just took a walk in the sunshine....glorious.
7) There are lots and lots of cute service-type guys driving around in this area, and it was kind of hot that they were all checking me out on my lunchtime walk.
anna k
Re: 4): Awwwwwwww.
Ooh, I like the wasabi idea. That'll learn him tongue.gif

Minx, hope you don't mind me crashing in, but I was sorry to hear your news. Like someone else said, good, committed teachers are few and far between. I hope you get something else, something better, soon.

I've said it before: I'm not a fan of houseguests. I also don't like crashing at someone's house if I can remotely afford to stay somewhere cheap nearby. I feel friendships and family relations are not aided by morning arguments over who gets the shower first.

It does depend on the guest. One of my friends is a joy to have stay. She's mellow and will say if she needs anything, thus eliminating the passive-aggressive 'you sure you're okay' dance.

Now I sound like an antisocial hermit. Truth in advertising...

Good things thursday:
It's sunny here.
I flew through work today.
It's almost Friday.

ETA: &*%!£€&^!! IPS error!!
Yay Lore! I'm glad you have some work today! Hope you had a good one.

Doodle, I will echo Anna re: #4 on your list. How sweet! What's your new temp assignment? I think I missed that....

Hey Sybarite!

It is almost time to go....thank goodness....this has been one long day.
Heya all!

Work was great! The guys I worked with were pretty jolly and competent, and they thought I did really well, too. They're scaffolders, and we were taking down scaffolding around a 5 or 6-story business complex. Since it's scaffolding, I don't need much toolage, and I got to impress them with my total lack of fear of heights. I don't have work with them tomorrow, but I'll be working for them next week.

Heya Kari! Heya Sybarite! Heya heya Anna Anna! smile.gif

Doodle, glad to hear you're having a good sex life and blowing peeps away with your music, beauty, and charm smile.gif

Culture, I think it's kickass that you've got a vendetta brewin'! Having a little cause for kickass really pumps life into your life, don't it? ('cause you'se a superhero like me! wink.gif )
sorry haven't had time to read. sad.gif
i wanted to say, congrats on the writing thing for the village voice (?) anna! that's awesome!!

today was a good day! because of some scheduling conficts i get till next monday before i have to resume 'lectrolysis, so i get a brief girl vacation! whoooo! i get to get all purtied up for a little bit. it's nice. i got a wiggle in my hips nice. actually, my 'lectrolysist has adjusted things so there is less blistering, and it's not nearly as noticable as it was the first couple of weeks. still. so nice not to have to walk around all day with stubbly face...

and....i got to weld today! yay! after about a month plus of doing other stuff, i'm back to welding. i even got to learn how to vertical weld aluminum today! so happy. next week i am gonna be bored silly of it....

and the loft is supposed to be built on saturday. hopefully.

congrats on the work lore! hi everybustie! forgive me for not saying hi individually or reading, i gotta make dinner then go to bed...
Happy Friday you scum sucking bottom dwellers.

that's seriously all I've got in me today.

Lore!!! Congratulations on the work! That's fantastic. Heh wasabi, what a good idea.

hey Doodle, I'm with anna on number 4!

Hi Anna! How's work n stuff going?

Hey Syb, it's great to see you in here! Also not a fan of house guests, being one or recieving, I don't even like house sitting. I want to do my thing and not feel obligated to do anything else. Speaking of which, I have a friend going on vacation and I know she's going to ask me to watch her house, which I am not doing for five days. It's far from home, I don't sleep well and I have my own stuff to do. Selfish, yes, but I don't care.

Hi Hi GT! that's fantastic that you were went back to welding!

Last night, hmmm, went shopping, found a pair of jeans for cheap that I could cuff and make into capri's, a harder taks than one may think. I also found a deep purple coloured scarf, which I've been on the hunt for a while (and I wasn't even looking for a scarf when I found it). Ummm, got some body sugaring done yesterday, which was lurvethly, now for some HBI. didn't work out, took the day off, my body was far too sore. Back to it tonight, I suppose.

So, what's eeryone else doing this weekend?

Good Morning!!

Lore, I'm glad work went well! I am afraid of heights. I don't even like getting up on ladders.

Hey CH! I am looking for some jeans like that, too. They are hard to find. I have a pair I used to love, but they are too big now.

Hey GT!! I am glad you get to take some time to feel like yourself again. A break will make things much more bearable. That's great that you are not getting as many side effects too.

Things here are good this morning. If it weren't Friday, I don't think I could have dragged myself in here. It's funny, back when I was working at the hospital too, I thought working only the one job would be a snap. Now I'm reacclimated & sometimes working the one job wears me out. Hmpf.

Weekend plans....Not too many. Meeting for drinks tonight with another couple. Tomorrow...nothing. Sunday.....nothing. Which makes me happy.
Good morning all! Back in the temp seat.

The temp job - was it kari who asked? Basically, our phone system is moving to 10-digit dialing across the province, meaning you have to dial the area code for even local calls. This means everyone who has a security system has to have it re-programmed for automated dialing. I get to phone all the customers and book the appointments for the service calls....and tell them it's going to cost them $100 for the privilege. That's the sucky part. I do have the power to give them some freebies if they get pissy, and even to waive it if it comes down to it. It's supposed to be only if they're going to cancel their contract, but I've also waived it for one guy who just got laid off from the sawmill, and a lady who's English was just too bad for me to explain it all. I don't think I was supposed to do that, but I did, so there.

It's easier for me to read than to type stuff, as I'm not really supposed to use the computer, except to access the I AM reading, I swear.......
Hey all! smile.gif

I wish I had so many weekend plans to choose from, Kari! At least those sound like good ones. We gotta find more friends in this town. And, yeah, I'm always impredded about people running two jobs. I think I'd really need some good outside stuffs going on in order to live like that.

Actually, this weekend is full of plans. OtterMan is coming back this morning to help his family with moving, and I'm helping too. Goaty can't help due to her cat allergy. She'll be swimming in a lake with a friend from work instead. Sunday, we're all meeting up to watch Raiders of the Lost Arc to prep us for the new movie. Normally, we have to struggle for weekend plans, though.

Hey, Culture! smile.gif I have a tendancy to eat pizza crusts, even those that aren't mine. I did that once back in college when we ordered a pizza between a project group, and they were looking at me funny, so I said, "Ehh! So I'm a bottom-feeder..." Oh, and cool that you buy clothes to modify them smile.gif

Heeeya GT! Rock on about the welding smile.gif Sounds like you've got the knack. It's cool that you'll be learning more stuff, too. That's part of actually enjoying your work. I'm learning nothing new at all with the scaffolding, but I look at it as just short work before I get the finish carpentry job. Glad you're feeling pretty, too smile.gif

Heya Doodle! X-post! I wish the system worked so that nicer people would get the freebies instead of the pissy ones. "I'm sorry, sir, but we're obligated to charge you a $100 Pissy Tax if you keep acting like that..." Unfortunately, being pushy and rude to people who don't deserve it opens all sorts of doors.
anna k
Hi everybody!

Doodle, I feel so happy for you that you are getting so much accolades for being a great musician and being complimented on your beauty. It's a power combination that leaves me in awe.

Lorewolf, my habit with eating pizza has been to eat the toppings first, then the cheese, then the bread itself. Or I would use a fork and knife to cut it into pieces if it was too hot.

Until I was a teenager, I had a habit of sticking my tongue into a bottle when drinking something, like a Snapple drink or soda. I just liked getting the extra taste and sensation. I stopped when I realized it could look nasty.

I hate that me and my co-worker have things planned on the same weekend day of work, and one of us has to stay behind. I have a family reunion, she has a play performance. It would be logical for her to leave at 2 pm, but the boss might get pissed if someone isn't at the front desk. Fuck it, we got security guards who can direct people around. My family planned this reunion around my grandma's 80th birthday and I don't want to deal with drama and crap if I miss it. It's really fucked.

No weekend plans. I signed up to Netflix because there are a lot of movies I'm interested in, and I don't feel like paying $11 to see them or navigating NYC crowds. I should be receiving All That Jazz in the mail today. Maybe tomorrow I'll see a dance performance, I enjoy watching great dancers and hearing new music.
Pissy Tax...yes, I like that! tongue.gif

Abuse Tax, more like it....for all the abuse I have to put up with, like it's my fault this is happening. "I can waive the service call fee, sir, but you'll now have to deposit $100 in my therapy fund...."
Hihi everybody!

I have been out of work, sick, all week. I have a rotten cold, and my chest hurts like a summabitch.

I went out on a Samaritans patrol on Tuesday, and I started getting a cough and runny nose. Then I woke up Wednesday morning and wanted to die. I still feel like shitballs.

I feel bad missing all this work, but I am nothing but a bag of germs, so they should appreciate my consideration by staying home.

It's so nice to be back in here again. Even if it's just for today. I'm at Banana's house, and doggie, Luna, is my nurse. When I was taking a nap earlier, she licked my feet. Eeeew and sweet at the same time.

I'm in the middle of a book called "JavaTrekker". It's pretty good, although the author seems a bit self-congratulatory at times. It's about a man's travels through Fair Trade coffee regions. I like it a lot.

Doodle - I'm so happy that your jamming has escalated into your "rose among the chrysanthemum" status. You're awesome!

Banana is watching "The Office" right now, and I would ordinarily be into it, but I don't feel that I have the attention span for it right now.

My really close friends here just had a baby on Sunday. She still doesn't have a name. I haven't been able to see her yet because I have been so sick. I got my friend some sitz bath, milk flow tea, and some baby oil from the herb store, but I haven't been able to give it to her yet.

OK - I'm going to read some more archives. I read that Minx is having a hard time right now. (((((Minx)))))

And does anyone know some natural remedies for a bad, painful cold? Turbo? I'm so hurty all over.
hey all!

very self-absorbed right now but wanted to check in. found a daycare center (and it's only going to cost us 228 a week, eep) for jackaroo. he starts monday, as that is when i start my new job. i'm really trying to focus ont he good things that this will bring but i can't help feeling sorry for myself and for 'roo. it's gonna be a culture-shock for sure. but i spent a few hours there with him yesterday to try to familiarize him with the place so maybe that will help him next week. or maybe it'll help ME! it's worse because mrfj is going to be in california from sunday through tuesday night so i have to do the first few days of drop-offs and pick-ups myself, plus start the new job. and then the following week, i will have to spend a night away for a training session. i'm not sure which will be worse. at least he'll have mrfj here with him then.

ok, off to do a little bit of yardwork and then we're going to go to the outdoor mall and pick me up some new work clothes. i get to dress like a girl at least this time - since my last post was at a manufacturing site, it was mostly khakis, polos, plain button up shirts, loafers and ballet flats. i'm looking forward to buying a couple of skirts and pretty feminine blouses. oh, and a new pair of shoes. i'm thinking a pair of light brown heeled peep-toed maryjanes... conservatively sexy. hehe. hey, i told you, focusing on the positive! smile.gif

off for now...

hope you're all having a great saturday!
Hey all, very quick post....was exhausted and aching last night from "double shift day," took Tylenol and went to bed. Need to go get ready to go back up to the store this morning.

By the way....what kind of person waits until 7 minutes before closing time to come into a store looking for something to wear to a wedding at 10:30 the next morning????? Okay, she and her hubby had been all over town all evening, but COME ON! Who even leaves that kind of thing till the night before?????? We didn't get rid of her till almost half an hour past closing, and had to stay till 10 just to get everything done. ARGGHHH!!!! Fortunately, she started crying, so I felt sorry for her and found her something nice, and some Spanx, too. Honestly. And her husband had the nerve to say she couldn't shop sooner, as he was out of town and couldn't drive her around. Hello? You are telling this to someone who takes public transit to work????

Anyway. Sorry for the rant. Other than that, my day at the store was really good, and made up for the day at the temp shift. The best fun I had was helping a really big woman find decent clothes in the biggest size the store carries....not crap, but nice things. She spent almost $500. Also, we exchanged e-mails, as she is an artist and has some links for me, and I've still got some of my old clothes that might fit her. ALSO, that woman writer I helped last week came in while I wasn't working, and left me a CD of her readings (on women's history). That's pretty cool! All the girls were envious, as they've never gotten a present from a customer before. wink.gif

Got to run....back later.

Oh yeah, mr scorpio and I are trying our first sleepover tonight....
Afternoon all.

I've been lurking about mostly, work has been busy and the 'friend' from the bar I bailed out on, well turns out he has an issue with me and is pissed at me over something I've done, he can't even bring it up with me, so I called him lame and told him he wasn't worth it, totally done with him. I am bothered by it, because he's been a cuntmonkey and can't tell me what's going on. Wow, this is reminiscent of my ex, the emotionally abusive and controlling ex. So, fuck that noise. Why would I need someone like that around? with that said, the cop is his friend.

anyways, sorry for being self absorbed.

Kari, you totally deserve to do nothing this weekend! enjoy yourself!

Doodle! ~*~*~*work soothing vibes~*~*~* That is really fantastic that customers are bringing you stuff, shows that you really care about them and made an impression. I'd be pissed if someone came in so close to closing, I've been there. Oooooh a sleepover.

Hi Lore! people called you a bottom feeder, fer reals??? I can't modify to the same degree that the lovely Miss doodle can, though.

Anna, how did your weekend work out?

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for PK~*~*~*~*~*

FJ, that's insane for daycare. Is there a subsidy for you at all?

*musical interlude*

Well, tonight I get to see my friend from Toronto at her Wedding social and I get to meet her fiance for the first time. My mom is coming out too. I've been friends with this woman since we were in grade 7 or 8! 13 years or so. I also got her wedding invitation and it's gorgeous. It's going to be a Hindu wedding, I've never been before, and I'm so happy for her. I bought a pair of shoes last week and ordered a second pair from online. These are them. They are so comfortable and I heart them so. I love them so much I ordered the second pair. smile.gif

What else can I say. Ooooh I remember! I had to make a police report yesterday about a mentally ill client who was making threats. the two police officers who came in were sooooooooo hot. I made the report over the phone, they came down and it turned into a flirt fest, made me happy. One was married, but the other, I didn't see a ring on, but it made me happy! Tomorrow I see PR boy, and i'm happy to report that things are good between him and I and there is no crush there at all.

Oooooh and and and that woman who we suspect of making the report to animal services, we saw at the park, walking off leash with her dogs, in an area that wasn't off leash, so I took pictures of her walking her dogs off leash. She saw me too, high tailed it out of the park before I could get her plate number, but I know what kind of car she drives, and there were tons of us at the park who can verify that our dogs were in the off leash area and she was not. Revenge is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Okay, now that I have an essay length post...

I had a sleep-over last night. wink.gif
anna k
Nice, minx!

I may have to work that weekend, unless my boss brings in a temp.

I went to a bar in NYC tonight to hear some live readings of poetry and short stories. One short story was good, but the writer's voice was a little obnoxious. Other people had work that either bored me or the writers' voices were nasal and pretentious.
anna k
Today I got asked out by a young guy at the security desk where I work. He had slipped me his number a week ago with no explanation, and I didn't call back, so today he went, "I never got your number." I don't feel much attraction to him, but I don't mind going out with somebody for kicks. He usually asks me what I'm reading, as I've come in with different books a lot.
Hey Anna!! Here's to spring fever and all ensuing dates!!

I just got an email from Artman. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! He said something about still smelling my perfume on his bedsheets and smiling and I just SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEd!!

So I wanted to let you all SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE know about that.

I'm still laid off. That still sucks major ass, but I really can't do anything about it until June 17th when the dust has settled over at 807 (district office).

You know, I've had to deal with a lot of stupid shit over the last three years...some quite self-inflicted, but over the last month I've been feeling good about the universe and where it's taking me. Some of TurboJenn must me rubbing off on me. It's all good. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Good Afternoon.

Minx!!!! that is really great! That's great that you are feeling good about everything right now.

Anna, you should give the guy a try.

Saw my friend from Toronto yesterday, and I met her fiance, he's really great, and I'm very happy for the both of them. I can't believe she's getting married! It was a good time. Saw some people I went to high school with, things were fine there. Aside from that, things have been low key. Worked out, took dog out, mowed the lawn, and just had me some steak for lunch. It was delish.

So, how's everyone's weekend been thus far?
YAY for minxy's AND doodle's sleepovers! Squeeeee!

And I'm very glad to hear that you're feeling good about your life, in spite of the layoff. And I just hope that with all of your years in, that they find a place for you for next year, or that something even better comes along!

We've had a busy busy weekend here - had some friends over for dinner on Friday night, with the ulterior motive that our friends would teach us how to change the tubes on our bike tires...only, I think the time for learning mechanical things is not after 2 glasses of wine. blink.gif I would not feel confident in changing my tubes after that lesson!

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous, so turbomann paintballed, while I got out on my bike for most of the day, to start training for the 100 mile ride I'm going to do this fall. Oh - and it was our FIRST farmer's market of the season yesterday, so that was VERY exciting to see all my farmers again, and buy a few things - fresh asparagus and kale - YAY! Then, dinner and cards (and too much wine) with other friends.

Today, its my usual get-things-done Sunday. Up early to grocery shop. Cleaned all the veggies. Then made my breakfast baked omlettes in a muffin pan that I wrap up so we can grab one every morning for a quick breakfast. Made granola bars. Made strawberry-rhubarb sauce - YUM! Made caesar salad dressing, chopped veggies for snacks/lunches, made tuna salad. And then at noon - back to bed for a nap and HBI. Mmmmm. And now, a lovely afternoon just kickin' back and relaxing.

Hihi CH! Hi Anna!
hi hi!

culture, thats cool that you saw some people from your past and that it was cool. i'm always worried that when i ever get around to seeing people from high school and such that it'll be as lame as it was the first time around, hehe. cool that your friend is marrying a good guy too!

minx, you sound so positive! that is really great. i'm glad you are feeling good about the direction your life is taking you. oooh, artman sounds so sweet. smile.gif

i'm trying to be chipper this afternoon. mrfj just left for california. i start my new job tomorrow! EEEEEEK! jman starts daycare tomorrow, double EEEEEK!

but i DID buy three really sweet skirts and three blouses yesterday. and a sweet pair of shoes which are almost exactly like the ones i'd created in my head except not peeptoe. i had a shoegasm when i tried on a sweet pair of black and white spectators and really tried to rationalize my way into buying them (mrfj was totally sweet and told me to get whatever i wanted) but i just didn't NEED them yet and i'd already spent nearly $300. but i got some high quality stuff from ann taylor and express and while it was on sale for the most part, it felt nice not to buy strictly from the clearance rack, which is what i've been doing for so long. i just have this weird issue about spending money on myself but with mrfj's help, i am realizing that i deserve it.

oooh! it's raining here! sweet. we need some rain.

i've been pwriting this for a long time so i guess i should post it...

hoping we hear from doodle about her sleepover soon cool.gif

Good morning....uh....afternoon everyone. *sheepish grin* I'm a sated, dirty mess - and mr scorpio just left for work about an hour ago.

Yeah, it was pretty fucking awesome. Deets are in Portions, for the non-squeamish amongst you.

I've read the posts, but my computer keeps crashing for some reason, so I'm not gonna stay on long. Briefly: yay for new clothes, HBI, dates, food, and revenge!

I'm gonna go shower....phew!

ETA: oh yeah, I fucking got called up for jury duty! I would actually like to do it, but I'm going to have to plead financial hardship....I just can't afford to not be working....
uh, yeah, not even going to try to catch up on old posts or do an "when we last left our intrepid heroine" recap this time; it always gets me just more behind! tongue.gif suffice to say, i is back and paying attention again.

short short recap: out of the momster's and in my own place. it's a cute little townhouse with a harry potter closet under the stairs, and i like it. which makes it kind of a shame that the neighbors are so fucking ghetto. except for one place that saw me out in the parking lot after work one night and invited me over for cards, brew, and a bong. they're all right. but the gangsta rap at all hours and the trashy bitch that tried to start shit in the parking lot cause i left a note on their windshield asking them to please not park in my spot (well where else was i supposed to leave it? it's some random car in my assigned spot), not so much. the fuck is wrong with people like that? i was just like "um, i was raised with more class than you, so when you're ready to come talk about this using your big girl words, you know where i live". i'm mostly working and out on weekends anyway, so thankfully i don't have to deal with the crap 24-7 and haven't had any other run-ins, but my lease is up in six months, and i'm already checking out better areas and choosing my future neighbors much more wisely.

i'm on days now at work, and c-monkey is living with me full-time. it hasn't been such a horrible adjustment as i expected, and she likes being with me at night and riding her bike to school in the mornings. daytime hours means no more "woot, 38 hours of overtime, my check is going to be bank!", so it's a good thing the county finally got off my ass with $400 a month in child support and back support, and i'm down to a much more manageable $85 a month toward the back support. c-monkey tested in the top 99th percentile for the gate (gifted and talented, um, forgot what the "e" stands for) program, so she'll be out of school in a couple of weeks, then back to school starting that on a year-round program after about a month.

other than that, same old same old. working my ass off, spending time with the kidlet, and hanging out with grown-up type people every once in a while.

runs up to Grrlyouwant and gives her a big ol' hug and a thwap on the head for leaving us for so long!

Glad to hear that you are okay and doing well.
Good Morning.

HOLY CRAP! It's Grrrl! *runs up and givrs boobah squishee hug* Things sound like they are coming along really well, don't stay away for so long next time.

Turbo, that's a busy weekend, but it sounds really fun.

FJ! Starting your new job tomorrow! I'm super exited for you. Mmmmm shoes.

Doodle, sweet HBI! ewwwww jury duty. Happy Victoria day.

Hey Tree!

Hmmm last night, got together with PR Boy and that was a good time, smile.gif got my some HBI, since I suspect the cop and I are done, I had a falling out with his friend, sooooooo we'll see. with that said, there are plenty more cops around these parts.

Today I have a wedding shower to attend to and I should take the dog out for a walk, it's rainy, so there won't be anyone at the park.

HI all!

Had a LONG weekend full of Bollywood-worthy Indian wedding festivities. My cousin's in from all over the country. It was FUN. Moxette loves her cousin who is from SLC (we're in MI), and they just play GREAT together, and had a blast. We're tired, but it was worthwhile. We also had the fun of finding out that my brother (well, I knew already) and my cousin-brother are BOTH having babies in November! i'll be an auntie twice in 2 weeks! Yipee!

I also had spectacular HBI yesterday. Just enough to take the edge of the weekend off. smile.gif

FJ- It will be good. Will take some transition time, so roll with it. If you ever need to vent, you can PM me...seriously. Us moms (and everybody, reallY) have a constant struggle with the balance in our lives....professional, parenting, personal, relationships. I have found that daycare has been great for my family, and has introduced me to things about moxette that I'm convinced I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Good evening everyone!

*joins in the grrrl boobie-squishing/head-thwaping*

Ooh, mox, I am envious of your Bollywood-worthy wedding festivities!!

Happy Victoria Day, CH! And other canuckistanians!

Hiya also to tree, and also turbo, FJ, minx, anna, PK, lore, kari, and GT!

I got a nice surprise at work today....I won free a free gift card for Tim Horton's, as apparently we were having a competition over the last week for the highest UPT stats! (UPT = units per transaction - basically, the number of items purchased per customer, averaged out over your total number of customers.) YAY! So I got my dinner for free tonight - a turkey club sandwich, an iced cappucino, and a couple of doughnuts for dessert! WOOT! (But I'm still going to pick up some treats for the girls on my next shift - I think our sales are really a team effort, so why not share the wealth?) And when I was walking home from Tim's, a friend flagged me down from another coffee shop, so I actually just got back from there.

I think I might be getting a flu, but I'm in complete denial, so I'm actually NOT getting the flu. I'm just a little wobbly today - well, more my back and throat, not from too much sex! It ain't that kind of sore throat! wink.gif
hi all! wow. once again, i was expecting to read more!

*taps foot* where ARE you all!???

yay, grrrl was here! happy to hear that you and cmonkey are dong well on your owns! and that work is well, with normal hours - even if that means that you aren't getting as much cash in...

culture, nice portions story. you too, doodle. dayumn! ya'll make me miss my man even more. too bad i'm not feeling extra frisky, or i might just have to seek out a single. heh.

hmph, right now, i'm too tired for any of that. long day today!! the job is going to work out well, methinks. lots of positive energy in the office. a little bit of cattiness regarding people elsewhere in the district but no drama within the office so that is a step in the right direction. i felt warmly received and while still a bit of an outsider (the workmates are all very good friends - even attended a non-work-related wedding this weekend together, sounds as though they hang out on a regular basis, etc.) but they tried to keep me in the loop on the inside jokes and stuff. lots of friendly mocking and quoting of silly movies. i made a "your mom" joke that had them all giggling. so, it might even be FUN! ohmy.gif

jackaroo was a good boy. when i left this morning, he cried when he realized what was happening. i called an hour and a half later and he had been crying off and on. he seemed to make an attachment to one of the caregivers but she wasn't able to stay with him the whole time, so he was sensitive. but they said he did as well as could be expected for having never been in daycare. when i went to pick him up, he saw me through the window as i was taking my shoes off to enter the room and started crying and scooting toward the door just as quickly as his little arms and legs could take him. when i finally got inside, he fell into my arms and was just SO happy. we met the ils for dinner afterward and he was his normal cheerful little self. i think he might have been worried at first that i wasn't going to come back to get him but once he realized that i was there, he felt a lot better. while at the restaurant, i got up from the table and he didn't even make a peep. of course, he has also gotten quite attached to my mil lately so, that could have had something to do with it. but the fact that he recovered so quickly from the "trauma" of daycare made me feel a ton better. i swear, on the way to the daycare from work (they let me leave a half hour early) i felt like i had a hole in my chest.

i just hope it gets better over time. i'm sure it will. thanks for the words of encouragement, moxie!! smile.gif i really do appreciate them!

ok, i am beat!! i think i'm going to turn in. i wish mrfj was here. sad.gif

eta: x-post with doodle! hi doodle!!
So, I was wrong, the cop just got back from his place. It's been a nice whorey weekend for me.

Hey Mox! portions and becoming and aunt times 2!

Doodle, that is great about the free grub, and I agree, why not share the wealth? Sure you're sore throat ain't from that!

Hey there FJ! How are you feeling about everything? (((((FJ))))) cuz I think you could use the hug after your day, granted things went well, but still.

ummm, the shower was really nice, it was good to see my friend and catch up with her, took the dog out and did some general lazing around. now I'm going to bed.

Wow!~ Awesome to hear that most of you are doing so great smile.gif Okayland is full if such lovely peeps!

Culture, that's AWESOME red-handed photography! Mission Control is most pleased with your work cool.gif Oh, and I was the one calling me a bottom-feeder. I figured, sure, a friend of mine was eating the rest of this pizza, but who cares? That, and whatever they might have thought of calling me in their minds couldn't have been funnier than "bottom-feeder". I've described myself that way a few times since, too, like whenever I take advantage of the 5-second rule.

Moxie, that's super cool that Moxette has found someone she can hang with. Seriously, doesn't that sound like what you'd hope for in a good friend? Someone who plays GREAT together with you smile.gif *sigh*

Heeeya Treeeeeeeeeee! *hug*

Hey FJ! I can only imagine what it's like to have your baby start being in the hands of an outside group. Goaty and I are still psyching ourselves up to possible parenthood. They gotta go off to school sometime, though, I guess. I hope Jman has some good adventures, and I'm sure your new job will love you. Toady, I started working with a new boss in a new place, and it was all I could do to just psyche myself when I first got up in the morning: "Dude, you'll make a good impression... They'll be glad you were hired." They'll be glad it's YOU FJ! wink.gif

Welcome back, Grrrly! and ROCK about C-monkey's 99%tile! Remember, she's all that and part intrepid heroine like you! She's a ROCKER!

Good luck with your comp, Doodle. *hug* Have you seen Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny yet? I totally thought of you (and OtterMan and I's own, less talented-than-yours jamming) during that movie. I'd suggest you and the rest of the Porcupine Rebels renting it sometime.

So, I got off work today, came home after getting altogether too much at Trader Joe's, including some Port wine, and stripped down to shower. Then I realized I had some stuff to put away in the fridge first, did then, and then decided that the remains of a Cost Co rotisserie chicken were too tempting and started eating part of a wing cold over the sink, nekkid. OtterMan called while I was doing that, and asked, "What are you up to?" I said, "Just dick-dangling and chicken-mangling here" and I told him what I was doing. biggrin.gif He thought it was funny.

Ermmmm... I keep not being able to finish my posts, but I'll write more later.
culture: heh. home depot. you're soooo my idol.

hi tree!
congrats on the prize/perk, doodle. i think it's cool that you'd share. you're good peeps.

yay for the job FJ! you deserve a job that works for you!

so glad you feel like things are going good for you minxy. it makes it so much easier to ignore the little bumps in life.

moxie! hooray for lil one play dates! so nice.

turbo, i admire you for the 100 mile bike ride. that's kick ass!

yay grrl! so glad you are back. i was wondering where you went. congrats on the new digs and having the c-monkey full time, i know the neighbors are poop. but like you said, lease is up soon.

omg lore, the pic of destiny was a riot!!!! the opening with dio made me pee myself.

soooo glad the weekend is over. the loft got built. super nice, but ran me $85, which is great. the hallway in front of my appt. was full of sawdust. now i get to clean up my place n do some rearranging. i taught both of mr. t's daughters (both in their 20's) how to skateboard last year. the older of the two met some blacktop while bombing a hill. she got some nasty scrapes and wanted to show them off to me. and i was impressed. they went from her right shoulder blade to her mid forearm. i was a proud mama! *sigh*

that said, i'm bummed. had electolysys today. i've divided my face in to 2 parts, above the jaw line, and below. i've been having the above the jaw area worked on 2 hours a week-- which is a lot--i asked my electrolysist how long it would take to finish just that area, and she said sometime next year. i was really hoping to get my whole face finished before the end of the year. this is costing me almost 600 bux a month, which is more than my rent AND all my bills, excluding the hormones n docs. that's 7200 a year, and that will only get me half done on my face. i still have other places that need taken care of and i've put atleast 3 years in laser and electrolysis already. fuck i just want it done. i always feel like i've got "meal ticket" stamped on my forehead everytime i go for a treatment. i'm just sick of fucking being in limbo. i'm sick of all my money going to this horseshit. i transitioned more than 7 years ago, and i feel like i still haven't started my life. i don't know anyone who's transition has taken so long. grr. i feel like i just fucked up.

Lore, I totally misunderstood the post you did originally sad.gif many apologies. I wasn't even fucked up when I read it, there was no excuse. HA! The five second rule, I think mythbusters did something on that once, or someone did a study on it. I am a fan of it's only dirty if it falls twice. But, that's only at home! Glad you like the read.

GT, yup, we only have one Home Depot in the city left to hit up now. (((((((gt))))))) I'm sorry about the E. YAY on the loft! I'll reply as soon as I'm done here.

Okay, Good Things Tuesday.

1. Short work week.
2. Portions this past weekend.
3. It's nice outside.
4. Pay week
5. I'm going to get a paddle!

And that's all for now!

Oh wait, I went to read the news today and there was a bear found in the neighbourhood, sort of close to where I live, but closer to the park where I always go. Here's a picture.

Hi, all!

A couple diff unis did five second rule experiments. One found that women were more likely to eat from the floor than men & that we'd pick up a stray Cheeto before a piece of cauliflower. Another found that some food took anywhere from five minutes to a half hour before they were considered bacteria ridden. In my world, nothing hits the floor. The dog/cats snatch it mid-air.
Good Morning! Or afternoon, depending on your location.

Work has been busy busy. No time to post! Until now!

FJ, I'm glad you are getting a good feeling about the job. yay! And glad that little jackaroo did well at his first day of day care. smile.gif

Minx, I'm glad you are keeping a positive outlook about things. That's the way to be, sister! Things will indeed work out.

Doodle, read about your portions....HOT!

Hey mox! That's so exicting that you are getting two new nieces and/or nephews! WOOT!

Lore, you always make me laugh! Dick dangling and chicken mangling! ha! Really funny, I am sure otterman got a kick out of it too.

CH! You got some HBI! From PR boy! I can't believe the story about that bear in the tree!

((GT)) I am sorry things are so rough. I know you hate the electrolysis and sometimes it's hard to look to the future when you have to go through so much to get there. Hang in there, gal. On a positive note, that is awesome that you got your loft built! Was that the total cost? That's cheap!

Things here are good. It's usually my work at home day, but we had too much work to do. It is easier to just work in the office when we are really busy. Good news is that I am leaving at 12 and working from home the rest of the day. And I'm getting my bangs trimmed later, thank goodness. They're driving me nuts, all in my eyes! Other than that, things here are good. Had a nice weekend. Reallly looking forward to the holiday on Monday!
Hee hee! Bear season is here! CH, I wish I had a pic of that yearling that was in my yard a few years ago....some people from the pub next door scared him up a tree....I scared the people away, and the bear came down, ambled right over to the spot underneath my balcony, took a dump, and walked away. That was the thanks I got! wink.gif

Hi everyone! Good afternoon! Almost! This day has flown (payday, had errands to run), and I still have more stuff to do! Am meeting a friend for dinner, and then mr scorpio is coming over later. Heh.

(((((GT))))) Holy fuck, I had no idea the electrolysis would take so's not much consolation, but think how awesome you will feel when it's all done.

~*~*~*~easy daycare energy vibes for FJ and li'l jackaroo~*~*~*~ I don't have any experience, but I can imagine it must be hard.

lore, I haven't seen that movie yet, but I'll try to make sure we get it. Not sure who exactly the Porcupine Rebels are these days...haven't seen guitarboy in an age! He and banjoboy still aren't speaking....

*time jump*

Sorry, I forgot everything else I was going to write! banjoboy came home and I went over to visit with him for a little bit....I had promised him a pack of smokes, 'cause he gave me cat food one night when I discovered I'd ran out, so I wanted to run over and give them to him. He is still trying to find a roommate. Not easy to find a stranger who is compatible. basically, I'll make it short and say HI also to CH, kari, turbo, AP, mox, tree, and, ohhhh, everyone!

BEB and I are going back to the jam tomorrow night, maybe hippiegirl and banjoboy too. I just sent banjoboy off to find some combustibles. I just re-strung my guitar last night, so I won't bring it, as it will take a week or two to keep tuned, but I can use the jam organizer's acoustic without any problem....that's actually what I used last time.

(ETA: I forgot to mention - after I sang it to her on the phone, I e-mailed doodlemama the lyrics to Mama Says....she wrote back and said the song was the BEST MOTHER'S DAY PRESENT EVER! YAY!)

Ooh, also, I went thrift store-ing today. Found a couple of tees (purple and hot pink) for super-cheap, as it's getting warm and all this walking I'm doing is getting sweaty! Also a nice SOFT creamy-beige cotton top, with a wrap bodice and a suede tie underneath the boobs. There were a couple of other things I almost bought, but I worked out that I could have gotten something similar for almost as cheap with my discount at the store, so why bother? And, lord, I can't believe I found shoes that fit my big ugly feet, but I found this pair of HIGH (3 inch) wedge-heeled black strappy sandals....we'll see how comfy they turn out to be, but I figured they'd be good enough for dates and shit like that. Now maybe I can actually buy a real dress or a skirt or something.
Gawd, Lore, you cracked my shit up with that "dick-dangling & chicken-mangling!" I'm actually a little jealous, because that sounds like a very cool entertainment, and I don't have the requisite equiptment. wink.gif I especially love that you told Otterman your state of nekkidness...though I *know* turbomann would've definitely gloried in his nekkidness if his BFF called.

((((((GT)))))) I have nothing but respect and admiration for you, my dear. You are COMMITTED to being exactly who you are, no compromises, and I really don't know many people who are as clear on their intentions as you are. AND you taught mr. t's daughters to skatboard, which totally ROCKS!

Doodle - have fun with mr. scorpio tonight! I hope a little play scares away that flu! And congrats on the GC - you totally deserve it! I really need to do some spring wardrobe shopping, myself...maybe I'll hit a couple of the thrift stores on Friday since we get Friday and Monday off. YAY!

CH - thanks for the piccie of the bear! I kind of miss my morning "chats" with the bears when I lived in the commune in WA. I was the garbologist in charge of composting and breaking down all community waste into 21 recycling categories with the help of volunteers each morning. Most mornings, I would walk up to the composting area, and even though we had it enclosed with an electric fence, there would likely be a bear snuggled up and snoozing after a tasty composty breakfast. I'd introduce myself, and they would amble off....slowly.

Hihi Kari! I'm still envious of your work at home one day a week sitch - that is SO good - for your work, and for getting stuff done in your life!

FJ!!!! Congrats on the first two days at work! Sounds like all-around a very good opportunity for both you and j-man!
Good Evening!

Kari, indeed with PR Boy, we also had great conversation, I know that due to our differing ideologies, we'll never date! But with that said, he's a rocking good friend.

Doodle, that's sweet about doodlemama, and score on the clothes!

Turbo, the job sounds really cool! I'd get a little worried if I saw a bear.

Funny thing about the bear, is who knows where it came from! At least previously, in the north end of the city there are parks nearby, but in the southend, where this bear was found, it's lots of city and river on the other side, not to mention highway. It's rather bizarre. Conservation officials tranq'd the bear, then took it out of the city. There were cops and all sorts of things. That would have been something to see.

Hmmm, worked out, took Emily out to the park, took her to the vet, and she was not impressed, but she's good and healthy. Now, here I am. I need a nap. I think I'm going to go down to the police recruiting office tomorrow and see what they have to say. I'm also seeing my doctor about getting a referral to an opthamologist.
Turbo, the Bear-Whisperer. wink.gif
yay HHH! good luck with the cops! got my fingers crossed for you. i meant to thank you for the bear pic too! bears are funny! they just are...

hi aural! i miss your pms...sad.gif (hint, hint)

god i'm jealous that you can work from home too, kari... that sounds dreamy.

thanks for the kind words turbo. you're all heart.

work is ok, i love my boss, but ugh. the other tig welder is getting promoted in a year, (yeah, i know) and is getting a big head. you remember the guy on newhart who used to say "i'm larry, that's my brother daryl, and that's my other brother daryl" he's like that crossed with a slow forrest gump. ugh. he keeps coming over and giving me tips on things i know how to do already.... can you say, "lame boner!" he pisses me off. first week we talked about how we hate supervisors who 'babysit' or micromanage you. so what does he do? yeah.

silly things tues:mr t. and i went to the spa on sunday, and she got her feets done (she has very pretty feets, and when people ask my otherwise butch darlin' why she loves getting a petticure and brightly colored toes, she replies, "that's not me being femme, that's just takin' care of business!") and i got got a full set on a whim. i have been thinking of one of my fav 30's movies, the women, it's tons of catty goodness. it's a cheer me up movie, and in it, norma shearer, brandeshes her nails and says:"I've had two years to grow claws mother. Jungle red." they are sharpened to points like they did in the 30's, so i got mine like that, sharp points, but not in red, but black.

that long story just to say, it is fun as fuck to weld with fake nails.... typing, not so much.
that is all.
okay, real quick post since i'm at home and mooching off the neighbor's unsecured yet really shaky wireless connection, since i am as yet to po' to get my own going again. setting up a new place is expensive, yo, what with utilities and pretty, matching dishes and much-needed new kitchen appliances. anyway...

lore, you crack my shit up!

doodle is getting portions! and not just portions, whoo dayum! portions.

yay, boobeh squishins from ch! and wild animals show up in the weirdest places. i live a good two-hour drive from anything resembling a beach (yay, valley!), but we had a sea lion show up on the hood of a highway patrol car out in the middle of farmland.

tree! i meeced you and your whory red come spank me hair too babe. happy.gif

turbo, you're doin' 100-mile rides? that is awesome sauce. i'm ridiculously proud of myself that i'm riding fast enough now to yell at cars to hurry up and get up to speed and cut about ten minutes off my commute from last year.

fj, glad to hear the new job is going well, and that daycare's going all right for jackaroo. both of you will adjust just fine, but i remember how hard those first few days are. hang in there!

gt, i am so jealous of you and your loft. i've always wanted one of those. and you got it it built cheap! i'm thinking my next place needs to have high ceilings with room for a loft.

and hi kari and moxie and minx and aural!

man, it's getting hot out there! barely may and we've already hit record temps of 106. wacko.gif i finally broke down this weekend and closed the windows and turned on the ac, but it still feels too early in the season, fear of skyrocketing utility bills notwithstanding. oh, and bossman says i can't wear capris to work anymore. i never went so far as wearing actual shorts, though i have ridden to work in them and changed into something a bit longer when i get in. but i've been doing capris the last two summers i've worked there, and nobody has ever said anything about about them, unless it's "jenny, you no cold?" "nooo, have you been outside today?" but apparently he has concerns about chemical spills, or getting hit with dry ice, either of which would burn, which is understandable and something i (and apparently everyone else) never thought about. so they're changing the dress code for the entire plant. go me, ruining it for everybody! in the meantime, i'll just keep heading straight for the freezer first thing when i come in from outside.

i'm trying to get the momster to take us and our bikes up to monterey for the holiday weekend. the momster originally suggested disneyland. she and c-monkey went last year when i had to work, and i haven't been since we took c-monkey down for three days when she was three, so i would like to go with the kidlet again now that she's old enough to really appreciate it. but with the heat and the holiday traffic and only getting to spend one full day at the park, eh, not so much. but monterey has some nice bike paths, and a rental shop if we don't want to take our own bikes, and we've got season passes to the aquarium, which c-monkey loves, and bubba gump's is right down the street, which i love. momster says it depends on how much work we get done at my place saturday. i've been here for a month already, and i've still got boxes and clothes and books and stuff scattered around trying to figure out where to put everything.
Good Morning!

Hey Minx! I love the lion whisperer. Heh.

Hey GT!!!! Bah, on crappy bosses who micromanage. Dorks. the nails sound sexy as hell!

Hey Grrrl, a sea lion on a car, now that's bizarre. Was it alive when they found it? How strange.

It's Wednesday and that's all I have.


Very quick post - I just kicked mr scorpio out and if I don't hustle my ass, I'm going to be late for work. Summary is in Portions, deets to follow....

Have a GREAT Wednesday, everyone. I know I will!
Okay, I've gotta post...I've things in my brain to say, I think. My talking brain just sort of goes dormant sometimes, which is why I haven't really been posting.

I'm still psyched to see Grrl! Yay!

Doodle, I am living vicariously though you, girl. I'd lurve a Scorpio for a while, especially one I could kick out when he was done...

Gawd, I've got to find a bike that doesn't make my back hurt, I'm sure I'd ride more then. A sea lion??? OMG.....

GT, my heart goes out to you, both on the micromanager and on the electrolysis. I bought an at home electrolysis kit, but I am told they are not that good, plus I can't see well enough, or control my hands enough to slip that teeny needle down into the hair follicle. So it sits in my closet unused. If I'm wrong and they are better than I think they are you are welcome to it, if it'd help...PM me, if you want it. I can't use it, even if it's good. Old eyes and hands, I guess. I fight with facial hair, Czechoslovakian descent here. So far, waxing has worked for me, but I am thinking I am going to have to go for laser pretty soon. My Mom has a full-fledged beard by now, darned near, and I'm thinking I take after her.

And, I TOTALLY get the "he's getting promoted" thing. I get the same thing, but related to getting a service vehicle...I keep getting overlooked, even though there's guys there who've been there much LESS time than I have, who really don't need one and THEY have them. (they are on remodel projects so they stay at one job all day), when I run around ON FOOT doing service calls all over campus. And it's a big campus, too, one of the "big ten". It irks me. But, you know, ya pick your battles...

At least the silver lining, is my legs get lots of exercise!

We've been getting animals in the middle of the city here too. There was a deer running around in one of our downtown parking ramps one day, sort of lost, it had found its way up but couldn't get back down. I think a bunch of people kind of herded it back down. I personally think we as humans are encroaching so much on their natural habitat that it's only going to become more common to see them in the city. I smell skunks, sometimes, in downtown, too. We also have raccoons in the sewers, they come out on trash day and dig through the garbage cans.

Hehe, I've never tried welding with fake nails...I guess I thought the gloves'd get caught on em....

<snork> chicken mangling and dick dangling...hehe. Lore, I'm glad you are working. It sounds like fun work. Kinda easy but that gives you a chance to talk smart with the boys. smile.gif

FJ, I'm glad Jackaroo seems to be adapting well to the daycare! And that the job seems to be going well and there's positive energy there, that is SO important. Glad to hear it. smile.gif

Turbo, I'm so amazed you were able to "bear whisper"! So very cool, and I'm thinking you're back into biking to work, the weather has finally turned up here in the midwest.

So I'm heading out on my road trip tomorrow, got a new digital camera, cause the old one let me down at mardi gras. My mood on going on the road trip is somewhat soured due to a nasty fight Bear and I had today though.....and he is TOTALLY in the wrong. He is too stubborn to admit it though. It was over a totally stubborn, silly thing, too. See my haiku for deets... wink.gif


ETA: Oh, chit! I almost forgot to mention, I chopped all my hair off! It's kinda short now, I cut about six inches off it! I've gotta get a pic. I dunno if I did the right thing or not, but I'm getting tons of compliments. Hmmm.....
Seriously? Okayland is on page TWO of today's active topics? Since when did that happen? Where are ya, Okayers?

Just got back from jamming, which happened after work at the clothing store, which happened right after I booted mr scorpio out. I seriously haven't had a day to myself in too long. Oh well, the HBI is keeping me relaxed. wink.gif

tree, I totally want to see a pic of your new 'do!!

I walked by a dead marmot the other day, on my way home from the store. The poor thing got wounded by a car, I think, and crawled behind the road barrier to die. They are everywhere right now! I always see them when I'm walking. Live ones, though.

I got management praise from the clothing store today, which is nice. Not just for my sales, but for the way I've mentored the younger women. The manager said I'd helped them develop an air of professionalism, too. That was pretty cool. Seriously, I thought I was leading them all astray, with my gossip contributions about jamming in warehouses and placing booty calls on worknights...and that time I showed up for the staff meeting with a hangover...late, having waited in line for coffee. wink.gif

That is it for me kiddies....I'm trying to think of something entertaining for you soap opera addicts wink.gif but I'm soooo tired; I got, like, 4 hours sleep last night....this "I'll sleep when I'm dead" philosophy is an interesting one to live by....
morning all! Been swampped at work, sigh... at least a long weekend is coming up.

Now, waiting at home for moxieman to return from dropping moxette at school...toes a tappin....seriously, i need to be tossed about a bit.
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