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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi again all....gosh, where is the daytime crowd these days?

Hi anna - I don't think you should let your family hold you back if you want to go to London! Seriously, whose life is it? Shit, you could walk under a bus tomorrow. If I had the chance to go anywhere in Europe, I'd jump at it. Just don't tell your family the name of the airline. wink.gif

Well, I went out this afternoon, and haven't encountered any maniacs. And there is no reply to my e-mail, so maybe all will be good. I did just tell banjoboy a little bit about what was going on, and gave him a description - since he looks out on the same view I do, maybe if anyone comes around, banjoboy might spot him....banjoboy can look really fierce when he needs to. smile.gif

Apparently a tenant in our complex has bedbugs. OH NOOOOOOOOES!!! And banjoboy has been spending a lot of time in that guy's place, so now his place might have to be sprayed. Fuck. I guess we'll be jamming over here tonight. Fuck, we'd better not start having a bedbug problem. Luckily, this other tenant is in a separate part of the complex, which is separated from our building. But still....god....maybe they should just bring back DDT.

BEB left a message asking if he could bring anything to contribute to dinner....I left him one back saying if he wants actual meat in his stir fry, he could consider that, as payday is tomorrow and I was just planning veggies, noodles, and nuts at this point! tongue.gif I did scrape together some change to acquire the fixings for an orange ginger sauce, though, which might make up for it, so I also suggested wine. God knows I could use a drink right now. wink.gif

Drive-by to let you know that I am still alive!!!

And good news - I am getting a 'puter soon. Mr. PK is graduating from grad school, getting a new laptop, and giving me his old one that has wireless internet. Hoo-hah!

So, I will join up with youse guys again soon. I'm sneaking on here from work right now. Shhhh!

Working on a big Mother's Day brunch for this weekend. Making various scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and coffeecake. If I have time, I may even make the Viipuri Pretzels (Finnish sweet yeast bread, flavored with cardamom and a teeny bit of nutmeg. Shaped like a pretzel.)

We are also making Pear-Cardamom Upside Down Cake. Yayayayayay!

Been doing ass-loads of volunteer work, too, in order to keep myself busy so I don't get sick.

OK - smell ya later!
Hi everybody! Howdy PK!

~*~*~*job and car vibes to all who need them~*~*~*

Anna K, definitely go to London if you can! I went three and a half years ago with my friend K. and it was awesome. But save your pennies and pack some powerbars because with the weak dollar it gets really expensive to like eat and stuff.

I have a really neat travel story that I just heard this week! My friend R. from my grad group went on a solo trip to Paris in January for a few weeks. She planned some activities in advance so she'd meet people in between her solo sightseeing. We were excited for her beforehand and teased her a little about meeting hot Frenchmen while she was there. She broke up with her boyfriend over a year ago (it was a bad breakup) and we could tell she was a little lonely but she was like, "No, no. This is just something I'm doing for myself, I'm not going there to try to find guys." And we could tell that she meant it too. Well she went to a wine tasting and met an American man there. She wasn't too interested initially but he was pretty interested in her from the start and they started hanging out and by the end of her trip she was head over heels in love! They've been keeping up a long distance romance ever since and fly back and forth to see each other on weekends, have met each other's families, etc. He's an extremely successful doctor in Beverly Hills so she's moving there in July and they are getting married in August! We are really happy for her. If we'd told her last year at this time what she'd be doing she wouldn't have believed us in a million years. So go travel and have adventures because you never know what will happen to you or who you'll meet. Maybe even something romantic can happen!

And for a gross story, speaking of bedbugs...when we stayed in the Regent Palace Hotel in London they did have bedbugs! We'd booked a room there beforehand for the first few days of the trip because it was cheap and my friend knew people who'd stayed there and it was totally central to everything in Piccadilly Circus. The online reviews were mixed but the most recent ones were pretty okay. We knew it would be shabby and were prepared, but a couple of days before we left I read a review claiming they had bedbugs! I was totally creeped out and researched the parasites online before I left so I'd be prepared. I didn't tell my friend about it because I knew she'd WIG if I did. Our room was very spare and looked pretty clean but I didn't trust because I knew that they totally hide, and I kept the lights on as much as possible because it is true that they don't like to come out in the light at all. The last morning we were there before we switched to another hotel in a different part of London I found one on my nightshirt when I woke up in the morning. I was so grossed out, it was the only one I ever saw, and fortunately I didn't get bit. I finally told K. about it after the trip. She was glad she didn't know until it was over! The hotel closed two years ago and I don't know what is going to happen to the building now. It's too bad, because you could tell it must have been very nice in its heyday back in the 1920s.

So anyway Doodle, I really hope you don't get bedbugs in your place! Keep the lights on!
fuck a duck it's busy, catch up later.
happy friday, shame-caves!

just checking in. we just crossed the north carolina border a few minutes ago. i'm looking at mountains through the windshield. it's purty!

pk! i am very happy to see you and that you are well.

marileen, too!! wow! smile.gif

you and doodlebug must have had esp with me last night regarding bedbugs. we stayed in a hotel along the road. had booked it online before we left and since it was very cheap, i wasn't expecting much. but the guest ratings were decent, so we went with it. i'd brought our own pillows just in case it was nasty, along with bedding for jackaroo. we were pleasantly surprised though, as it appears to have been recently renovated. but i DID check the bed for bedbugs, all up under the mattress pad, bedding, in the crevices. we didn't see anything so i'm thinking we were safe. i'm just glad i didn't read your accounts until AFTER i got up this morning, hehe.

anyway, not much else going on here, just driving. 'roo has been absolute FUN so far. i was sort of dreading the long car ride but i think we split it up perfectly (4 hours last night, 3 today). last night, he lost his shit for a few minutes so i climbed in the backseat to sit with him. the sun was setting and it was casting shadows and orangey light on my face and he just stared and stared at me like i was the most magnificent thing he'd ever seen. it was wonderful. i shed a tear. hehe

ok, i'm not sure how much longer i'll have service so i'd better add this now.
*sticks head in, hears crickets* Hrmph.

it's been super busy lately. Bah.

hey Kari, how did Mr. K do in school?

Hey FJ! glad to here that 'roo is doing well on the road. You two enjoy yourselves.

Doodle, you totally have the skillz! How is your new assignment going? Have you heard from Mr. Scorpio, is everything okay there now?

Hey Hey Marileen! That's a sweet story about the romance.

PK!!! Long time no see! How the heck are you?

Hi anna and AP!

Don't get me started on bedbugs, there is an infestation in this city and working with low income people, I see it waaaaaaay too often.

Well, I'm off to watch my friends dogs for the night, I plan on doing a heck of a lot of sleeping this evening. I thought I was going to get some HBI, but I'm pretty beat.

Hi, I am just dragging my ass in to report that I am alive, albeit very tired. Long day at the office. You know. wink.gif

The new temp assignment is kind of....don't know how to feel about it. I actually thought about quitting it rather than doing it, when I learned what it was, but then I decided it would be an adventure and a chance to expand my people skills. Heh. And, you know, not get on the temp agency's bad side, either. Basically, the core of the job in BC, they are changing our phone digit system so you always have to include the area code, even when you dial a local call. (Apparently we have too many phone numbers...the phone company did this in the Lower Mainland - Vancouver and area - years ago, but it's caught up to the rest of the province.) So the old security systems that automatically dial the security centre when something happens to your property all have to be re-programmed for the new ten-digit phone numbers. So I get to call all their customers and explain what's happening, why, what the security company has to do, set up appointments........and tell each customer that it's going to cost them $100 for the privilege of having to be home for half a day in the middle of a work week to let a tech guy come into their house for 15 minutes. That's where the people skills come in.

I think the only thing that really kept me from backing out of the gig was the knowledge that the security company is not making any profit on the fees. It's all the extra costs just associated with doing the work - including hiring me - divided equally among the customers. That, and if people are really hard up, I have the free range to offer some extra services and free stuff, or even waive the fee, if it comes down to it. I haven't had to waive fees with anyone, but a few little old ladies are getting a free system inspection and a $35 battery already. wink.gif

I went straight from that job to the next job a half hour later, only to discover as I was clocking into the till a half hour before I was supposed to start! But the manager told me to go ahead and start anyway, so it's not like I won't get paid for it, but damn, I could've gone and bought a few groceries. Anyway, it was crazy busy, and I had one woman try on, like, fifty things and buy nothing. But it was mostly good. There's a huge sale right now, because we have tons of older stuff and increasingly volumnous amounts of new stuff coming in twice a week, so it's getting crazy trying to keep track of everything. And everybody wants to try on everything new, and try on all the bargains too. Phew! I wonder if I'll still want to be working there come Boxing Week? Well, I'm not planning my life that far ahead yet! smile.gif

So yeah, that was my day. Came home and dropped, about to eat dinner and go to bed, and go back to work again tomorrow. Sunday I'm going for coffee with friends, will probably take my guitar again. Then jamming in the evening. And my favourite ex is going through a rough time and wants to do the long talky thing, so I offered up tomorrow night. So that will be my weekend.

I should have spent more time writing songs while I was off work. Note to self.
Quiet 'round here.
anna k
I went to the movies with my sister yesterday. The movie was fine, but I was irritated with my sister at the beginning. I had been working at my job, and my sister said she would be driving in at 6:30 to pick me up to go to a 7:10 movie showing. My job ends at 6 pm, and it takes me a half hour to get home, so I left a half hour early, and ended up at my apartment by 6:15 pm. I felt a bit frazzled, shaking off the workday/commuting, and only had ten minutes to relax before my sister rang the bell. So I came out, being nice but still feeling a little edgy, and she immediately goes, "What's wrong?" It's not a bad thing to ask that, but she'll ask that if my voice is low, if I'm tired, if I don't feel like talking, or if I'm just not in a light mood. So I told her nothing, and felt irritated. She continued to ask, I snapped at her, and she went, "Omigod!" and I snapped, "God, you're so sensitive! Chill out!" I was just tired of working and didn't really feel like going out right after work, I wanted to calm down a little bit, and felt rushed. I didn't explain this to her, and wanted to snap at her that if she was picked up right after she came home from work to do something, she would be feeling rushed and irritated too.

Then she didn't want to drive to the theater because she didn't know the Astoria area, and I showed her a map saying it would take long to walk. I've been living there since October, she's only been there twice. But she insisted on walking, and it wasn't bad, but was a long walk there (about 25 minutes). I relaxed more when we watched the movie, but felt like I couldn't talk to her. We used to be really close and got along well, but now I can't find any connection with her. She's had a lot of personal problems in her life (eating disorders, depression, drunk driving incidents), and doesn't ever had a lot of interesting things to discuss, and she can bore me with her talk about yoga, exercise, vegan food, trying to find a job, and constantly saying "like." It's as if her words just fly past me in a haze. She wants to work in the holistic field, which is good for her, but I want to roll my eyes whenever she talks about "good, organic, vegan food" or wanting to go to a yoga resort for her birthday because she needs an escape and to calm down from the stress in her life of moving and finding a job. I like eating good food too and exercising, but I don't like talking about it much. Or her mentioning a vegan cheesecake we ate last week made me think she sounded like a Cathy cartoon.

In other news, I get annoyed at work with my co-worker. She's a nice and inoffensive person, but what annoys me is when she uses her perky customer service skills while we're working at the front desk and I feel overshadowed. Like if I want to assist someone and ringing up their purchase, she'll jump in with talking about the museum's great deals and membership offers, and I'll feel like she's overshadowing me, like making herself look more professional. I'm not as talkative as her. I will be polite and nice, but I don't talk like an Applebee's hostess. So when she starts sucking up to the customers and charming them, it gets on my nerves. It also bothers me because she got the full-time job that I wanted, so it just pisses me off at work.
Happy Momsday to all who apply! smile.gif

I'm off to do crepes for an 80-person brunch! (Made the crepe wrappers yesterday, plus a ton of a lemon zest creme cheese cream to insert with berries.

Sorry for being away so long. I'll have to catch up later.
Hi everyone! I have been having laptop issuezzzz, so haven't been able to get online. Need to run out to the store soon....

Work was crazy-busy again, but it's all good, 'cos it goes fast that way. Got to help this older woman writer make an artistically bohemian outfit to do readings in, out of a skirt she had, in ALL my favourite colours - you know, the turquoises, the purples, the greens and blues. She is going to bring me a CD of her "wise woman" readings, and gave me her card so I can forward her the contact info for the women's centre...they are doing a project to collect stories of the women who built the community, and she wants to get her mom involved.

Got my hairs cut - I always look so damned good when I leave the salon, but I can never get it that way again! All the girls at work said I looked 10 years younger, but I'll be damned if I can straighten my hair like this. My hair is still growing out, so still thin at the ends and chunky-thick closer to the scalp - I got some of the layers back again along the sides, and she thinned out the chunky parts on top. When it's straight like this, it's really cool and edgy looking, but I'll have to figure out what to do after I wash it.

Cancelled jamming rotten cramps.

In other news, mr scorpio and I have been "talking" back and forth on e-mail....initiated by me; he was very respectful about not contacting me, and I guess because of that, I started to realize I was over-reacting. I've talked him down out of the relationship stuff, told him I just can't go there, and he's agreed to something purely physical, and also understands he jumped the gun way too fast. Please don't worry - I really do think I over-reacted to what amounts to an over-eager boy-man's naive/immature yearnings, and I've been pre-menstrual, of course, so that probably exacerbated it. And he's being pretty damned good about respecting where I'm at and agreeing to my "terms," in our discussions. So I've decided I'm gonna fuck him again tomorrow. Hey, I'm pre-menstrual - I'm horny! wink.gif Plus, seriously, the massages are incredible....even my old massage therapist never understood my body so perfectly.
Ooh, is anybody around? I guess you are all out doing stuff with your moms. Which is good.

I played doodlemama the new song (Mama Says) on the phone as her mama's day prezzie....she LOVED it! LOVED it! She thought it was awesome and so perfect, and as I predicted, she embraced the theme of it and said it was powerful and strong. biggrin.gif

We had a lot of men in the store the last couple of days I was there, buying mama's day prezzies. I thought that was so cute. I wish more of them would ask for help instead of picking out the inevitable pajamas and nighties, though. Some of them just brought their mamas in and let them pick out whatever they wanted, which was adorable and sweet.
what a weekend... got my car from the tow yard. they told me if i park on the street, they'll tow me again till i pay some old tickets, meh. electrolysis gets priority. i'll not stop this time. great weekend with mr.t. god she gets me so hawt! she mentioned something kinky and i thought it was a fantastic idea, so we tried it, and firecrackers. she's so sweet. called me after i got home to tell me she missed me. so nice. oh, and i got notified that one of my paintings has been selected for a show of transgender art in sf. i'm trying to decide if i want to go down for the opening. i haven't been to the 'yay area' for 5+ years. still waiting for my neighbor to build my loft (dammit!)

god, i meant to listen to your song, doodle. my service is too slow at my house, i usually listen to music/watch videos at mr.t's. good to hear things are straightened out with scorpio. distraction is always

anna k, that's poop about your sister, although the comment about the cathy cartoon is hilarous.

hi lore! hey puppy kitty! long time no see! where are you tree? i miss your posts...sad.gif
lurve to other okayers!

Whas up??

Doodle, be careful with that dude, huh? I definitely understand feeling like you overreacted, but he did come on pretty strong.

Hey GT! Sounds like things were indeed hot with mr t!! Yowza. Sorry to hear about your car being towed. Ugh.

Hey Lore!! Do you also work in catering? That's a whole lotta crepes!

Hey FJ! How did you post from your car?? Hope your trip is/was good!

Hey anna! Sorry about your sis being a pain in the ass.

Things here are decent today, for a Monday, that is. wink.gif I had a nice weekend. Friday night I went shopping with a girlfriend. Hit a good sale at the Banana outlet. Got 2 slacks, 2 t-shirts, & a pair of shoes for right under a hundred bucks. Saturday I got my garden in. yay! Too bad about 5 seedlings I put in already got trampled, either from Paco or the windy storm we had that night. Bah. I have some more seedlings though. Gonna put some more in tonight. Saturday night I had dinner with 2 friends. Yesterday I spent the day cleaning & cooking. Had mom, grandma, my sister, & my niece over for dinner. It was fun!

Mr K woke me up early yesterday. He had to work at 8. I guess he was hanging in the kitchen, got to thinking, took out the measuring tape & realized that we ordered our new f-ing countertops backwards!! UGH! Basically, I need an 8 ft piece cut & a 10 foot piece cut. The counters go in an L shape, meaning each has to be cut on the diagonal on one side. Well, we told them to cut them backwards. The 10 foot piece should actually be cut how the 8 foot one needs to be cut. I called the store, they are calling me back today. Hoping that the company hasn't cut them yet. I wil be so pissed if we have to pay more money.
Good Morning.

It's a rainy monday here, which is fine by me, there will be few people at the park when I go for my dog walk.

Anna, sorry to hear your sister is being a pain in the ass.

Doodle, please be careful, I understand you want to fuck your brains out, but the guy got way to future way too fast.

Hi Hi GT!!! you know how I feel about tows.

Kari, good deal with the clothes! Shitty crappy farty with the counter tops. Here's to you not having to pay more and things getting fixed.

I also went shopping yesterday, although I had to get a wedding gift and then I bought some cute black sandals with rhinestones on them. Also vaccuumed my car, took hound for two walks and worked out. I also had a hunch that there are some cuties who live down the street from me, well that was confirmed yesterday, I was dressed up nice and coming back into the house and hottie mchot hot drove by we were totally eyeballing each other. also saw psychoex and his father at the grovery store, I just laughed, then texted pr boy we had a chuckle then I verbally abused him via text, telling him I hoped he was dead because I wanted to violate his carcass. He laughed.

And I made a fantastic roast yesterday, also made some sangria. YUM!

Happy Monday All! Its happy because:

1. Moxette slept straight through till I woke her up this morning;
2. My new laptop is on its way TODAY! YIPEE!! Mobility AND power savings!

Also, i bought new shoes yesterday. On clearance. It was my cheapskate mother's day present to myself. smile.gif

Good morning, everyone!

Yes, I promise, I will be careful. Honestly, the way mr scorpio and I have been talking about this all so openly - I am THE most self-protective person alive, I swear, and if I didn't feel safe, I wouldn't be seeing him again. We've had a lot of pretty deep and thoughtful discussions about the whole thing, and he has agreed to an exclusively sexual situation with no strings or future planning. He said if he brought up long term again, I could whack him in the head - either one. wink.gif Plus I still haven't taken my peeps off red alert, so it HAS to go down on my terms, or he's toast - banjoboy and the gay ex-priest, who are nary but a scream away, would both have him hogtied and bundled into the back of an RCMP cruiser in minutes.

GT - congrats on the art show selection! Wow! You MUST go, if you can afford the time/cost! It would be awesome!

kari - oh nooooes on the countertops! I hope you can get the order changed in time - that's not a cheap error....ugh!

CH, so, you're gonna corrupt the boy next door, huh?

Yay for new shoes, mox - what kind did you get?

Well, I'd better go shower my bod and get this place tidied up before this afternoon's assignation....
Ok, I just posted the deets in portions....mainly for CH's sake, and the FJs' too.... wink.gif
Good Evening!

Hey mox! Good things Monday for you!!

Hi Doodle! I read your post in portions!! YAY on HBI!!!! I'm glad that you two have worked things out, and things will stay physical, I agree on this velvet pussy getting them good. smile.gif

It was insane at work today, had a client that really got to me, she was out of an abusive relationship, it was hard to deal hear. I came home took dog to the park, where it was nice and rainy (I do mean that, I like the rain), came home and worked out. Now I'm playing around on itunes (WOOHOO Lewis Black podcasts!). That's pretty much all that's going on with me.

Where the heck is Diva, Poodle, Turbo, and Minx??? grrrlyouwant hasn't been around lately, tree either. sad.gif
I'm hiding in final four weeks of school hell. This is my student teacher's final week, we have a capstone project with the Illusion Theater, I have to grade 40 essay examinations, and beg my student loan company to get off my back.

If I can do all of this right this week, by Friday I shall be an insanely happy person. I will be seeing Artman again on Friday. Haven't seen him since our coffee date three weeks ago, and this isn't a solo venture. There will be other folks, but I'm looking forward to seeing him nevertheless. We email nearly every day, but I am okay with slowness in my life right now. If anything should happen to brew between us I would consider it worth the wait.

I am, afterall, Velvet Pussy. wink.gif
I'm here, CH! Lurky-mclurkerson here. I just haven't felt "chatty" lately. I get this way sometimes. Life's okay, just so hectic and I don't have the energy to recap it all. It's been a crazy several weeks for me.

(((vibes to all Okayers who need them)))

~of course, the longer I stay in lurky mode, the harder it is to jump back in because it's even MORE for me to recap~...

HI! Writing this on my NEW LAPTOP!!! Its not a mac...but a great dell will do anyday for me! Yippee!!! Now, the hard part...actually working today and not fucking around on the machine all day!
Gooooooood Morning!

Oooooh the lurkers have come out.

minx, that's a lot of work, woohoo date!!!

Hey Tree, hope everything is going okay.

Hi hi Mox!

uhhhhh, it's getting sunny outside, and I'm going out for lunch today. Slept like the fucking dead last night, through the whole night. It was lurvethly.
Wow. I, evidently, am a thread killa.
Good morning all! Jeebus, I slept for 6 hours after I got offline here yesterday. Then I slept a full!

It is cloudy and cool and threatening to rain today. Bleargh.

Got some errands to run this aft, will be back as soon as I can.
Great Hera! Where IS everyone???

TREE!! Don't worry about the fucking re-cap and just jump in! We miss yoooooooouuuuuuu!!!!

Yay for moxie's new lappy!!!

minx, minx, you naughty minx! Being slow to get to the nookie! I can't adjust! wink.gif

Hiya CH - have you seen the boy next door again yet??

My mind is clearly on mainly one thing right now. tongue.gif

So yeah, I put in a booty call for tonight, heh. I couldn't help myself - yesterday was so awesome that I wanted it again! I'm totally corrupted. So yeah, HBI tonight....and jammin' tomorrow night! BEB, hippiegirl, and I are going to the new jam, the one that's taking the place of the old coffee house one. Woot! I'm so totally stoked!

I have been thinking lately that I need to get a totally dorky bicycle with no gears, and paint vines all over the frame and handlebars and get a big pink basket for the front. Then my revised identity as a twenty-something temp/salesgirl/musician will feel complete.
*administers life support to the thread*

wow! it's been quiet in here the past several weeks, but this is crazy!! i thought i'd have much more to read...

so i'm back in florida. we got back last night actually. and *fanfare* i finally got my offer today!! good things tuesday indeed!!

hr lady finally called me to give me the official offer today. i had talked to her yesterday and just really felt deflated and that she was going to low-ball me. but, she called me again this morning and she offered me exactly what i was looking for. YAY!!! so thanks for all the vibes. she truly left me no reason NOT to take the job. smile.gif i really think this is going to be a great thing for us and i'm trying to focus on all the good things that will come from be being back in the real workforce.

aagh! they want me to start on MONDAY! so, i spent much of the day today looking for a good daycare to put jackaroo in while we wait for the one we want to be built. it's supposed to be done in august, so i just need one until then. i think i'm just going to put him in another branch of the same facility, one that's not exactly convenient for me or mrfj... but i really feel comfortable with this place and that accounts for a lot. and it's only for a few months. my mil is giving me a hard time about it, but you know, it's my decision and she just needs to back off.

ok, i'm all over the place. my mind is racing and mrfj is on an airplane (he had to leave this morning at 5am to go to ohio but will be back in a couple of hours), the 'roo is sleeping and i think i'm pmsing. so i'm thinking i will just drink a glass of wine and take a bath.

i'll be back later. SOMEONE better be here! smile.gif

oh, and doodle... bow chucca bow wow...
I got laid off.
wtf? minx, are you ok? what do you mean?
The state is doing massive educator layoffs right now. I just got in the middle of it. Here I am going into year seven of teaching in this fucking state and this is the thanks I get for teaching the state's most at-risk students--a big lead pipe up the ass. I'll find out in later June if there is anything for me. Right now, I will be lucky if I get a job again.


No, I'm not okay. I'm very fucking angry right now (obviously not at you, FJ, for you rock and/or roll). Better yet: I got told in the gawddamned hallway of my school while I am running around trying to get a theatre production underway and a newspaper laid out.

I actually talked to a friend of mine about enrolling in a fast-track nursing program. The state is desperate for nursing teachers. There's an 18-month program that a lot of hospitals will actually foot the bill for. It's not what I want to do, but maybe the next best thing for now.

Just fucking kill me now...exAsshat is buried in my colon and now this. FUUUUUCK!!!
WTF, double post.

Minx?? How can a teacher get laid off? What's going on?

FJ, congrats on the offer!

Doodle, portions! Excellent!!

Things have been chaos at worke my noticable absence during the day. It's been crazy busy. I also got me some portions today. smile.gif worked out, took hound out, now I'm here. I think I'm going to hit the sheets soon, I'm pretty tired.

ETA: Oh. Minx, I see. I'm so sorry. when is this effective? i think the nursing sounds like a good idea. It would work in the interim. ((((((((((minx))))))))))
WTF??? MINX??? That is sooooo fucking crappy! I can't believe it! Personally, I think nursing sounds like a bad idea, after everything you've been through to become a teacher, but that's just me....I don't think I could pay for the privilege of having to get another degree after already killing myself to earn my degree in something else. (((((minx)))))

Wish we could all get together and have a big piss up/smoke up.

FJ, congrats on the offer! WOOT! Good luck with the childcare ish.

CH, congrats on the HBI! wink.gif
((((((minxy))))) I am SO sorry to hear you got laid off. Honestly, I just don't understand laying teachers off at ANY TIME. The number of kids needing educating isn't going're all doing the hardest job in this country, and not being paid well to do it, and most teachers do it because they love it/seeing kids learn and grow.....FUCK. And after seven years of teaching...what shitheads. (((((layoff reversal vibes for minxy)))))

Dooooodle!! What a vixen you are! I'm lovin' the HOT booty calls! WOWZA! Enjoy, my dear!

Nothing too exciting going on here, haven't been around much because I've been doing a lot of freelancing stuff to make a little money for our car deductible, and also to finish paying for our fruit/veggie/egg/cheese Community Agriculture Share. And I am *ready* to have my weekly box of organic fruits, veggies and goodies. I love the local farmers I get to support. Now, I'd just like to find a meat CSA....I've been reading alot of sustainable food books in the last year, and am really trying to buy local/organic as much as I can...but I do love leaning about the food chain - the good and the bad.

WOOOOT for the FJs!!! Congratulations, my dear! And good luck with starting the daycare, and learning new routines - I hope that it will be as good for your family as it has been for the moxies...just be patient with yourself as you settle into the new rhythms.

Hi hi tree!! Glad to know you're still around - you know we worry when we don't see the "regulars" about. smile.gif

And with that, its time for my bath, and then bedtime.
((minx)) that f-ing blows.

I'm pissed off for you, too. mad.gif
anna k
That's horrible, minx. That is such shit to deal with.

I was called to work four hours in the evening tomorrow. I'm a little annoyed, because I like my days off, and since they hired a FT person, I would think she would do it, but I was told she had something else to do. I just hate taking a half hour to get there just to coat check and work behind the front desk. I don't mind working during the day, but in the evening I have workout classes I like and like to relax at night. Plus I'll be working 10 hours on Thursday and working through Sunday, so an evening work with little sleep pisses me off.
Before I get completely and utterly absorbed in wallowing, there is one silver lining to this whole retarded fiasco--I FINALLY HAVE A COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE EXCUSE TO NOT PAY ON MY STUDENT LOANS!!! biggrin.gif Other than that, it totally blows.
ugh! minx, i'm so sorry. that is so fucking awful. i'm with jenn, i just can't understand why on earth teachers can be laid off, particularly teachers like you that LOVE what you do! what the fuck are they going to do? increase class size even MORE? girl, i'm sorry. i wish i could come over and get drunk and light all your cigarettes for you.


hi everyone else. my battery is about to die. and i've got cookies calling my name... yup. pms, anyone?
(((((((((minx)))))))) can you get unemployment?
Yup, I sure can, although it's a's still better than nothing. Thanks for all of the well-wishing, friends. This would suck and blow with absolutely NO benefit were it not for the excellence of friends. I am really very grateful.

FJ, I would LOVE it if you'd light my squares for me. SQUEE!!!

Did somebody say cookies? ohmy.gif
Awww no, MINX! That's awful! sad.gif I totally feel for you. I sure hope something good pops up for you soon. Fuck sad.gif

I'm still laid off, myself. I've been expecting a call about a job for the past 3 weeks already, but nothing... I think I've been posting hree less just out of depression. It's hard to be motivated. I really NEENED to make those crepes for Mother's Day just to remind me that I can actually be appreciated for something I do. (Well, Goaty appreciates me, too.) They were pretty blown away by what I made, and really, that's the sort of thing that makes a Lorewolf happy. It's a huge part of who I am. I picture myself as the guy who can make magical stuff. I really appreciate others who do it, too. I just sure wish I could find a job as a magic-maker.

Umm... bed calls, but I promise not to be a stranger.

You guys rock, BTW cool.gif
mad.gif I can't believe they'd have the gall to lay off teachers. ((((minx)))...hope everything works out. Farking MN...I always thought they were pretty dedicated to education.

LORE!!! It's nice to see you here~ sorry you've been in a funk. Sounds like you had a good time with the crepes, though. Yum.. Is it the economy that's messing you up? Housing market?

Y'know, Madison is undergoing a HUGE building boom right now...tower cranes all over! ~wink~

Anna, I'd take that overtime money and treat yourself, sort of a reward for going in extra...

Jenn, I've always wanted to get involved in CSA, but I'm afraid that the food would go to waste, being single and I don't eat a whole lot of meals at home.

Doodle, I'd be up for a big piss up/smoke up. Heh. Congrats on the Portions!

((((childcare vibes for fj)))))

So, for me...well, it's season change. Mostly over though, so it's settling down. Finals week for the students this week and then they're GONE for the summer. It'll be easier to drive around campus.

I no longer have the service van~its owner came back to work this week. Meh. At least the weather's better for walking around now.

My brother in Colorado came to WI for a week or so, so we three siblings had a meeting about Mom. We signed all the cremation consents and stuff, and it looks like her funeral stuff will be a lot more affordable than Dad's was, because we're armed with knowledge this time. We were taken advantage of by the funeral home, for Dad's funeral. They're expecting her to live another 2-3 months. We went to State Street for supper and Ben and Jerry's for dessert. There was a big sign on the men's room about how the door sticks and a very detailed explanation how to get it open by doing an elaborate combination of turning the lever and kicking the door in a certain spot. My brother just lifted the lever the other direction (up instead of down) and it opened every time without sticking so we told the attendant. She was amazed nobody had figured that out before. I'm sure they'll be changing the sign.

I'm going on a road trip over Memorial Day weekend. To Memphis and then New Orleans. Flying back, because I don't want to take THAT much time off work. I got a bunch of really pretty yarn because I found a good traveling knitting pattern...a patchwork sweater! Just knitting 4 X 3 inch squares and piecing them together. Easy, simple, compact traveling project, that's for sure.
Goor Morning.

Minx, do you get any sort of severance pay?

Doodle, you got yerself some portions!?!?

Hey Polly!

Hi Hi Turbo! I'm with you on good local food. There are places here that sell organic local meat that is humanely killed that the local Humane Society endorses.

Anna, sucks about work. But I'm with tree on the OT bit.

Hey GT! How's the loft coming along?

~*~*~*day care vibes for FJ's~*~*~*~

Lore, we heart you here!

Tree, the trip sounds great, and I'm sorry to hear about treemama ((((tree)))

So, some people are making a stink about the dogs at the off leash park, and how on the paths, people (including myself) are leaving our dogs off leash, even though we yield to people all the time. One of my friends had animal control come to her house and talk to her. people always use the offleash park for their own leisure and give us dirty looks. People are only mkaking complaints about large dogs, even though small dogs are much more vicious. Once again, someone makes a complaint and it's always the animals who loose. With that said, though, animal control has openly acknowledged that the signage is not nearly substantial enough, so from today onward I am going to the off leash park armed with my digital camera. I'm taking pictures of the teeny tiny offleash signs and going to take pictures of the ginaganto leave your dog on leash signs. Animal control is actively coming into the park, now. I saw them yesterday. As an act of definace in the mornings, I'm still letting Emily off leash and in winter it's 1 fucking 40, I'm NOT taking a leisurely stroll in that cold! I have a working dog, through and through, she needs her excercise. big dogs need the open space, and a backyard just doesn't suffice.


Good morning!

(((((Minx)))))) GAH! I am so sorry and upset for you. What a way to tell you too! In the hallway!? I'm really sorry. So, are you thinking about applying for positions at other schools? I know you worked your ass off for your students and you sure don't deserve to be treated this way. How did they go about doing the layoffs anyhow? I'd think a teacher with 7 years of seniority would not be laid off.

Our state is doing layoffs too. We have a big budget shortfall & they said one of the things they have to do to fill in the gap is to lay off state workers. Of which I am one. Send me some vibes, will you? They are trying to get enough people to take early retirement buy outs, so they have to lay off less people. It's very scary.

((Tree)) I'm sorry to hear about your mom, though I know it's also kind of a good thing. That's good that you and your sibs talked about things & are getting prepared. Hopefully that will make the time less stressful. Sorry you had to give back your service van too. Bah.

CONGRATS FJ!! WOOT! I am so so happy they offered you the job! And at a good salary!! *throws confetti* I know this will take a lot of financial stress off of you & Mr FJ.

Hey CH! Sorry to hear about the park stink. What are people complaining about if it's a designated off leash park?

((lore)) I hope you find a job soon. You have so much to offer & are such a great guy.

hey Jenn! Don't work yourself too hard!

Things here are good today. It's a rainy day, which kind of stinks, but it's good for the grass and plants. Oh! Good news on the countertop error I told you about...they had not cut them yet! yay! So we did not have to reorder or repay. Sweet! Mr K and his friend tore pretty much all the paneling off the kitchen walls, so that's good. When the counters come in the handy man guy will come put them in, along with the sink and faucet, then get to work on the walls.

I can't remember if I told you that a friend of Mr K's is staying with us right now. Nice guy, I like him a lot. One issue that has become apparent though: He drinks. A LOT. And stays up really late. And raids my fridge. At first I thought he was just getting into the food while drunk. But now I think he may actually be sleep walking/sleep eating. This morning, I got up, went downstairs to make coffee & a sandwich for lunch today. By the time I came back downstairs, like 25 mins later....the dude had apparently gotten up, gone into the kitchen, chowed down half of my sandwich, and gone back to bed. Very weird. I told MR K to talk to him. I mean, if he is sleep walking, that is harder to deal with. But, I can't help but think he wouldn't be sleep walking so much if he did not drink so much. blink.gif

Hello o o o o o o o o?

*watches tumble weed go by while chewing on piece of hay*
Hi everyone!

Yes to HBI, posted the deets in Portions. wink.gif

God, these layoffs sound so scary and awful. I'm so sorry to everyone who is going through it - even when nothing happens, the fear is awful, it's like a game they play to keep everyone in line, and they just blame the economy. mad.gif Remember I told you they closed our sawmill and laid everyone off - workers of dozens of years? They are closing them all over the place but every morning when I listen to the CBC news, I hear that their fucking stock keeps going up and up and up. Huh? HUH? WTF? (It's Weyerhauser, btw, if anyone wants to boycott them or something - they are an American company.)

Anyway. Pardon my ranting.

~*~*~*~*~happy good positive big bucks jobby-job vibes for everyone~*~*~*~*~

lore, you should come up to BC and work - there is tons of building going on for the 2010 Olympics.

CH, you should make your own gigantic off-leash signs and pound them into the ground! Seriously. Have you complained formally to the municipality?

Hiya also to turbo, FJ, tree, kari, anna, minx, polly, and GT!
((((Minxy)))) I've been thinking about you all day...I hope the parents of your students storm the school and insist on your reinstatement!

Hihi Tree! Actually, the CSA I subscribe to is one from Madison! I've tried a couple different ones through the years, but the ones from Illinois farmers just don't have convenient pick-up locations/times for me. I belonged to this CSA a couple of years ago, and because its a co-op of 20 farms, the variety and quality is really good. Yes, it is hard to eat all the veggies every week - even for two of us, but its a really good way to force me to eat a LOT of veggies, and to be more creative in my cooking. But, then again, if I had that *amazing* farmers market that you have up there, I wouldn't do a CSA at all...that place is like Disneyworld for me! smile.gif

Kari - that is really WEIRD about Mr. K's friend. You are a kind/generous/brave woman for enduring this. I can tell you that dude would be out on his ass in my house...I will admit that I am very particular about houseguests, and especially how long they stay.

Our friends who live in Ireland are moving home in 2 weeks, and she emailed me today to ask if she could stay with us for a week before her apartment is ready, and I had to turn her down. She is a slob, needy, whiny, and expects to be served. No thanks. I feel selfish, but I just don't have time to take care of other people and their mess. And she has 2 cats, so that's a valid reason to turn them down too.

WOOoooT for Doodle's *amazing* portions!
anna k
Yay Doodle!

Work was OK, not so bad. I don't think I got much overtime money, as I don't get paid a lot.

However I get paid this week and get my tax refund, so I'll looking forward to that.
Anna, what I did to treat myself when I didn't earn much money was buy myself flowers! Daisies or something like that are pretty affordable (2-3 bucks or so), and put them next to your bed or in the bathroom where you'll see them and they'll brighten your day. smile.gif
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