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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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alohohoha, wayward hotties!
damnable work this morning. later i'm hanging out with the cougarlion, but i think in the meantime i'll walk to timmy's and get my fix. which definetely does not have nothing to do with the supercute boy with black chipped nailpolish that didn't set of my gaydar at the drivethrough window yesterday. yup, not nothing at all.

take care, everybunny!
thanks turbo!!

doodle -- drive by with bees??
That's a new one!

oh boy moxie. traveling or -- going anywhere! With small children is not fun.

Hi msgoof!! My hairdresser guy still acts like it's weird that anyone would mind a manky margin of color on their forehead. He doesn't know why people get crabby and want him to wipe it off. Perhaps it is time for a new person - why does anyone GO instead of doing it themselves if not to avoid mess? I've just got one color - it's not complicated.

Hi karianne, poodle, tyger and falljackets!

Fj that is the funnest weekend. I really miss my friends -- we went away for the weekend in May, saw the people we only see once a year there, then busted ass moving and all and sundry, now next weekend we are going on vacay.

I must keep in better touch.

I want to hear from diva too!!

Hi tyger!!

~*:~:*~:*~healing goofball vibes ~*~****~*~*~*~*~

exactly my point, whammy...i really don't like my ears being red, black blue, maroon, or green. and my fine as it, this stuff works great for getting the errant 'fly-away' spots off arms and toes...i had bluish-black polka dots on my forearms after and they came off easy peesy.

doodle, bees? huh?
coolness, msgoof.

funny, just when I bitch about being out of touch -- our friend who has parties twice a year just emailed me! So -- this week, 4 days on the cape and next weekend a fun party with food, likker and jammin! Yayy!!

Diva has sold so much she has quit her job and gone off to tahiti without us!!

and where is minxacious?
when i go wacky colours i use punky colours, and luckily i have bangs to hide my spots of smurf showing through for a few exfoliations post-dye, no matter how careful i've been. that reminds me of highschool. all the teachers had blue overhead pens, so their hands would turn bluer and bluer over the course of the day. we decided they were obviously smurfs in disguise. back to hairdye, when i do my mom's hair, i just put some dye on a cotton pad and wipe, and that takes care of it, somehow. any errant bits i get with toner, or spit, or whatever.

whammy hi-ed me twice! it's 'cause i'm so awesometacular, isn't it? :P

boy with chipped nailpolish wasn't working today. i'll just have to frequent that tim horton's for a while.

i've figured out what to get cougarlion for her birthday, but now i have to actually make it. i want to make a t-shirt that says 'i support boys kissing boys' or something like that, and then have a picture of boys kissing boys, but i'd feel weird just using a random picture of people i don't know i got off google or something. hmmmmmm....mayhaps i could enlist Face (which is now the official bust name of my ex-bff now some other sort of friend) to draw a picture, as she rocks at art. my fave present i've ever got (lying, it's second only to my shirt from the queer as folk set sale that says 'plays well with others) is a woman's torso she painted me in shades of blue.

mmmmmm, coffee. that's a good thought.

moxie, that's too bad your trip ended up not happening, but not too too bad in light of mini-moxie not liking long trips so much. hopefully she learns to love and accept them in the near-ish future.

hi everyone else! i'm soooo confused about days of the week. on one level, i know today is monday, because i got to work on the right time, and i know tomorrow is tuesday and i work my other job, but it feels like, i dunno, wednesday? feh on lack of proper weekends

i know it's not tuesday, but i have a good thing that just can't wait: i can't wear nailpolish at the bakery as per health regulations or some such, but since i don't work again until friday, my fingernails are once again black like my soul
Hi everyone! I finally have a chance to chill out. Today was muy loco. Fortunately my boss left around 3:00, so we were able to screw around the rest of the day.

That's too bad about moxette's ride, moxiemom. Traveling is hit or miss with the wee ones. I have to do a 5 hour trip (2 ways) with my new niecoid in a couple weeks, so I figure I should bring along the Poodlepod.

FJ! Your weekend sounds like it was fun despite the poopy weather. I'm jealous of your partying!

Diva was a hardworking saleswoman this past weekend, so I'm sure she stayed home today to relax.

Hi whammy! Hi tyg! Hi msgoof! Hi kari!
Whammy...I'm here. I've just been a sad, sulky, little siren. Being completely blown off by this person I have dated for nearly a year really blows. I "shouldn't" feel badly, but I do. It makes me feel really rejected.

I am quite thankful for my daughter and this impending move. It will be good for me. It's like starting over again freshly. The girl and I went for a movie this afternoon, and then went to Targhetto for necessities...I started looking at plates and glasses and graduated to furniture and got pretty giggly. Minxlette just wants a crapload of Hello Kitty accoutrements. :-)

Between this and my best galpals, I have been keeping afload with more than sporadoc moments of genuine happiness. I don't want this person to feel all of this hurt from me, so I am trying to let it out and be honest and hopefully be able to move on without too much time passing.

Now that I think about it, it's the person I thought he was. What I wanted him to be, I guess. Ah well. Another reflective period was warranted.
Um, yes. Covered in bees. Sorry. Eddie Izzard reference. "I like my women like I like my coffee: hot and strong, and covered in bees." I suppose I've now officially watched too much Izzard within the span of a week. But I had a lot of catching up to do. Expect more; it's out of control, now. This is how I process new information: I obsess for a couple of weeks, and then it's integrated and I move on.

So anyway, yeah. Hello everyone! Hi minx, poodleykins, turbo, karianne, whammy, moxie, miz goof, PK, tyger, and everyone else, and also, welcome to Okayland, citrussss!

Where th' heck is diva? I want to know how Pride went!!!
Crushes are the best, aren't they, doodle??? *soars off into the poodle crush of the day: Roger Daltrey*

Okay, back to reality....

MINX!!!!!!!!!!! I am FORCING you to go out and listen to me sing the fucking DIVINYLS, GODDAMMIT!!!!!! Boys are poop stains that need to be bleached the fuck out, yo!!! Seriously, I don't care who the fuck else is involved, but I am takin' your Mt. Whore ass out for some drinks and odes, bitch!!! You think you're gonna get out of it, skankazoid??? NOOOO!!! You're comin' out wit' the AB FAB!!! We're gonna shut this town down, yo!!!

Well, I should probably go to bed now. Grrr....

PS- I'm serious, minx. You ain't gettin' away wit' shit, yo!
Yes, poods, it's definitely a crush that I'm enjoying. Though I'm a bit worried that I'm going to start walking up to people and say, "Cake or death?"

George keeps boxing my Ikea lamps, trying to frighten the moths and other critters into flying out. I know pest control is his job, and that's why we domesticated cats, yada, yada, yada...but does he not understand that Ikea is 350 kms away? It's not like I can just go replace frigging lampshades on a Saturday afternoon.
Hey, hey hosebeasts! Its Tuesday...which means:

Good Things Tuesday:
1.Moxette seems to have recovered fully from both her cold last week and the "trauma" of the cottage trip.
2. Work is going swimmingly this week. I'm super productive-o girl!
3. Its blue skies and rain free this morning, which means a long walk at lunchtime.
4. Smoothies from the local vegan cafe at the above-mentioned lunch. Yum.

Poodle- you bad-ass bitch! You let minxy have it, ROCK.

Turbo- how's the hospital hunt?

Whammy- I loved cleared out spaces...its true that they are calming.

Diva- Wheeeerrrrreeee....aaaarrrreee....yyyooouuu??? (echo chamber effect...)
Hey, hey hosebeasts! Its Tuesday...which means:

Good Things Tuesday:
1.Moxette seems to have recovered fully from both her cold last week and the "trauma" of the cottage trip.
2. Work is going swimmingly this week. I'm super productive-o girl!
3. Its blue skies and rain free this morning, which means a long walk at lunchtime.
4. Smoothies from the local vegan cafe at the above-mentioned lunch. Yum.

Poodle- you bad-ass bitch! You let minxy have it, ROCK.

Turbo- how's the hospital hunt?

Whammy- I loved cleared out spaces...its true that they are calming.

Diva- Wheeeerrrrreeee....aaaarrrreee....yyyooouuu??? (echo chamber effect...)

Poodle, you are the best friend a girl could have in times of woe - I can think of nothing that would lift spirits more than an evening of karaoke with you!

I've got my BC-withdrawl-MRG migraine this morning. lovely. I just want to crawl back into bed. I'm not sure why I'm here today...oh well. 4 more days until 4 days off, that's what I'm counting.

And I'm actually enjoying dogsitting for the other 2 greyhounds this week...they've all been very good together. But turboman was not happy at all yesterday...I took a bath last night and went to bed, as I was not feeling well, and so he had to take all 3 out for the bedtime walk, and he just can't manage all three, and then he gets upset, and that sends the dogs in all different directions 'cause they don't want to be around him either. He doesn't quite get it that if you're calm, they'll be calm. Oh well, guess I'm doomed to do all dog walks this week, and help turboman out with bedtime walkies. They behave beautifully for me on walks...and they're so sweet in the house together. Its like my living room is one big furry rug with lots of ears. ;)

Ok, I gotta get working, yo.
hi hi moxie!

no word from the hospital yet, and they do not take calls for job openings. My friend that works there said that they legally have to post jobs for a certain amount of time, whether they are taking outside apps or not, so who knows...the position may not even be open. So the hunt goes on, and if this one is meant to be, I'll be called. no worries.


Good things Tuesday:
1. 4 day weekend ahead - WOOT!
2. I won a 6 month membership to my old beloved gym at the fundraiser on Sunday - for a super sweet deal - hello sauna and good spin classes!
3. Did I mention the 4 day weekend?!!!

Even if the relationship is not good in some ways, losing sex and fun times is like having one of your favorite toys taken away when your a kid. Even if you weren't hoping to marry the guy or whatever it still stinks. what was the song? Bad girls need love too? I forget who did it. The one who sang in Paradise by the Dashboard Light or something.

Divinyls!! Coolness poodle!! I hope you guys dig up the earlier Divinyls where Christina Amphlett was being like a female AC?DC person in her school uniform and messy hair. Also, I bet you would like Romeo Void. Large and in charge american Indian woman Deborarh Iyall was singing "I might like you better if we slept together! I might like you better if we slept together! I might like you better if we slept together, but there's something in your eyes that says Maybe, and that's Never! Never say never!"

I like my women hot and strong and with bees.

My living room is like a big furry carpet with ears.

ha ha!!

My, we're amusing. I'm going to puzzle on those phrases for awhile.

Poods! You will appreciate -- or at least commiserate -- I have not one but TWO songs stuck in my brain, chasing each other, taking over for each other and taking my brain down like a tag team in wrestling. They are "Down in a Hole" by Alice in Chains and "Dr. Feelgood" by Motley Crue. Sorry I'm too lazy to go to the formatting page and so have to leave out the umlauts.

There must be some similarity in their structure.


good things Tuesday

Four days on the cape coming up!! We will have no Agenda -- just watch the sun set over the ocean in one of the few places on the east coast US where it does that -- wake up in our airconditioned cable tv sex mad hotel room, go downstairs, have a FEAST for brunch (included) take a dip in the NICE POOL, hike through preserved dune and marsh land that is so vast you lose sight and sound of the highway, see lighthouses birds and sea creatures, finally make it to the nude beach, have our peanut butter samwiches and lemon water with us, have an umbrella and lots of sunscreeen and deep woods bug spray .... if the sunset gets us -- but it wont'

wth NO AGENDA mosey back when we get sick of it, another dip inthe pool, big beautiful tasty cocktails served by cute cabana boys, then mosey into town for decent coffee, we'll get headachey by then because we're addicts, maybe some kind of sticky chocolate brownie that will be entirely justifiable by the huge ridiculous amount of exercise one does down therre by the normmal course of events.

then go back to a/c hotel for "disco nap" then-- dress and go out to dinner with scallops or something else fun - have a beer at the Old Colony Tap with its leaning building, plate glass window front, old wooden carved up tables and dark interior festooned with old ship gear, listen to great 60s jukebox and talk to old lobstermen.. ha ha!!

maybe later disco or maybe later collapse.

one of those days has got to include going to tea dance at the lesbian bar on the pier, with great breezes and candy colored cocktails and people dancing when the sun is still shining. My boy hated to be torn away last time.

ok, that's enough good things tuesday, snort snort says the thread hog.

Also, I am wearing cute blue summer skirts and shoes and all associated. Nicey.
Hi, everyone.

I wasn't around yesterday because I was licking my wounds and sulking over the weekend's lousiness. After all that hard work I put in, I didn't even make enough to cover my entrance fee, which was only $150. And it wasn't even just me, the 2 booths on either side of me that were also selling things had a lousy time of it. Nobody really did well at all. It doesn't help that it rained for half the day on Saturday, but Sunday was absolutely gorgeous, but I still didn't make what I should have. All I got were a bunch of stupid "your stuff is so cute/cool/beautiful/blah blah blah" compliments. They're nice, but they don't pay the bills. Put your effing money where your mouth is, then! If my work is that frelling great, then effing buy some of it!!! At least I was somewhat original - I was one of maybe 2 or 3 booths that had actual made-by-me handmade stuff. But seriously, I'm pretty dejected about all of it and wish I'd never bothered.

This all means I basically have to do the Powderhorn Art Fair in August to try and recoup some expenses. Who's going to come?

This all also means that now I can't afford to visit my BFF next month like we'd planned. I'm really sad about that one.

Okay, so I should find some good things about today.
1) the lousy assy weekend is over with
2) everyone I really wanted to see at Pride came over - including Catsoup! She's real! And she's very, very nice in person.
3) I got to see my gay boyfriend's ex (who was my friend before his ex was - the one I dumped last year because he was an awful friend) looking schleppy as hell. Dude wore his PAJAMAS to Pride on Sunday! Who does that? He couldn't have even bothered to put on pants or shorts? And he gained at least 30 pounds. I really shouldn't feel good about that, but I do.
3) My tent held up the whole weekend.
4) I get to meet the giant's little Star Wars friends tonight. They're going to a bar/restaurant 2 blocks from where I work.

Anyway, I haven't read archives yet and I probably won't get through all of them. (((((((vibes for anyone who needs them)))))))

Speaking of which, can I get some more vibes for my uncle? He had his kidney out a couple weeks ago, and that went fine, but he's starting chemo/radiation soon for the 13 cm spot on his hip that's infected. It's going to be awful and painful for him, and his chance of full recovery is only 30%, and only a 2-5 year window left if he doesn't recover. He needs all the vibes he can get.

~*~*~vibes for uncle~*~*~

that stinks, divalla. Maybe publicize a little in advance that you really make your stuff and its original -- only place to get it, etc., with turbos logo. Because so many craft booth sections at festivals just have the same manufactured pewter necklaces and crap, people probably didn't bring their money. That's why all the compliments but no sales.

Also -- pricey,but if you can get one of those portable bank card machines -- my friend sells her art and supports herself cause her stuff costs over 100 dollars -- people can't just whip out that in cash usually -- that might not be cost effective, but maybe hand out cards with the logo banner and a web site and they can order stuff from you? Even if you don't have a commercial transaction database etc set up on your website, if they could do mail or by telephone or something -- your booth would be to allow people to see and feel the stuff and make it stick in their minds, publicity.

I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know or already do, but that's what's going through my mind as I read that. We have a temporary lull at work but then POW!!! I saw a big pile of stuff waiting.

Luckily I'm Fasty McNasty.

well not nasty. You know what I mean.

I'm sure those great beads will sell because most people think about making jewelry and never do....*shufflling uncomfortably as I recall I have moved my findings, earring wires, pliers, and really cool buttons and beads to the third home since purchasing them*

Take heart!!
((((white healing light for diva's uncle))))

Diva, I'm so sorry the fair didn't work out to your advantage! Boooooo! Whammy's got some great ideas....also has great deals on full color business cards and the printing is decent - you just let me know if you want my to create something for you.

whammy - your weekend on the cape sounds absolutely divine! I'm hoping the weather here is nice, so I can pretend I'm on the cape too, sit by the lake, and make my sexy cabana boy fetch me drinkie-poos. ;) Mmmmm......
Diva- another suggestion on cheap printing (we used it for postcards) is They do great work, and are cheap. Phooey on the Pride crowd for not supporting their own supporters. Feh.
hola my stinky ho-bags...wait..wrong day...

my outfit today is teacher cute with a bit of rock n' roll...and i took photos of my new hair color...which will be posted on myspace later for you myspace folks.

**~*~*~*~*~*vibeage for diva's uncle cuz he needs it~**~*~**~~*~*

minx, i agree with whammy in that your fav toy, which looked pretty and was fun, now really sucks cuz the plastic broke and cut you deep...time to patch yourself up and find that new toy that can take the bumps and potholes of life...ok maybe i was a bit deep on that...

"My living room is like a big furry carpet with ears. "...turbo, you are funny....

diva, its a bummer that people won't support the local artists...i always try to find some local artist to support...its just good karma.

good things tuesday:
-i found a cricket in my office...which means good luck.
-jake is feeling better
-nice portions last nite..
-48 hours till i have to drive to the airport to pick up mom and dad goof.
-i played with hair bleach yesterday and had a blast.


I got to meet Diva at Pride! Yippee! I actually met a real live Bustie! She's adorable, The Giant seems really nice, and her stuff is gorgeous! I'm broke so I only bought one piece (which I'm wearing today, BTW) otherwise I would have bought oodles more. While I was there, a woman came by wearing a necklace Diva had made that was beautiful. I'm going to have to save up some money for Powderhorn. When is that again?

~~*~~Vibes for Uncle Diva~~*~~

I'm all kinds of sunburnt from Pride. I forgot sunscreen, stupid Catsoup. Other than meeting Diva, Pride was a disappointment for me. Way too many booths of businesses giving away nothing or crap (I don't mind businesses being there, but give away more than candy damnit! I want my free stuff!). I got pissed at the friend I was at Pride with - I had Grandstand tickets for the Parade and because she was so late, we didn't get to use the tix. I don't want to stand in the sun watching the parade. Poop on poopy friends. :-)

Anyway... not much else to report.
garrr! i had a nice long post here and then tech support called about a problem i was having, so i had to log out real quick and erase history before he remoted into my computer and caught me BUSTing!


so now that long post is gone, as is my inspiration. FART!

so now, you all get generic shout-outs and love!

except (((((diva-uncle healing vibes)))))

doodle, i like eddie izzard too, but mrfj doesn't only because when he watched the first time, it was with a pair of *ruiners*. you know the type: they say the punchline before it happens, say the words along with the actor, or tell you, "oh my god, watch this, this part is so funny!". argh. i could tell while they were doing it that mrfj was going to hate it. maybe one day i'll be able to get him to give it another shot, without the ruiners!

today was N(my assistant)'s last day. i thought it was supposed to be tomorrow and had planned to take her to lunch or at least get her a bye bye card. now i feel like a loser. oh well. she is such a good person and i'm glad to have known her. she asked to keep in touch and i hope it happens. she also said that she spoke to a mutual acquaintance (friend of hers, former workmate of mine - who actually introduced us i the first place) and mentioned that i might be looking for something new soon and mutual acquaintance said she was going to call me. she works at home for an HR outsourcing company. it's locally owned and owned by WOMEN, woot! anyway, they're looking to expand and she said i would be perfect for it. hm. so i'll keep yous posted on that!

uh. dum dum dum. i'll move on to good things now:

1. yummy diet cherry limeade from sonic, with a bacon and cheese grilled sammich. yummmmmmmmy. bay-kun!

2. i finally ovulated ON MY OWN with no fertility drugs! wooot! granted, it was late, but it was there! woohoo! maybe this baby thing can actually happen now that i'm in working order. :-)

3. it's almost HUMP DAY and i'm sure to get an HBI tonight because mrfj is leaving tomorrow evening for orlando. it sucks because he'll only be just shy of 2 hours away from home but too far to drive home each night and make it there in the early am. oh, wait, this is good things...

4. ummmmmmm. it's already 2pm and that means i can leave in 3 hours.

5. i have therapy tonight and i'm getting better and better at it as time passes. i think i'm already strengthening my abs and i can feel the stretches working on my boot-ay too!

ok, fresh out of goodies for today. at least for now.
ok photos of said hair-do have been posted...
msgoof, you are teh cute and a half, you are.
i'm going back towards emo boy hair again (it was really the reason i buzzed my hair: i know emo boy haircuts are really just buzz cuts that grew out for eons) i'm not sure how i'm going to dye it come september, though. it will be an adventure with a bottle of dye (and since i found dye that is, like, the exact colour of my hair, i'm not longer worried about ever having to get it professionally colour corrected! wheee!)

hugs and love to everyone! diva, do you have a website and/or pictures of stuff? i want to get my christmas shopping done this summer while i still have oodles of money in the bank, and if your stuff is my mom's or my stepmom's style, i will totally buy something from you. and if it's not then it's probably my style, and i'll buy me something instead of spending far too much money at

should we form the 'i want to quit my job' club? though at least i don't have crying fits before i have to go to this job (thank you, telephone surveying, for making my life hell for three months) i just don't like having a job. i think it's because i don't feel i need money, which means i'm working because i want money, but i don't want to want money i don't need, if that makes any sense?

cougarlion might be coming to warped tour with me and the boy! wheee! we'll know sometime this week if the father is giving her money to go for her birthday. we're planning on finding emo boys and asking them to make out with each other so we can take pictures. i wonder how that'll go?

i'm listening to now it's overhead now. it's quite mellow/melancholy/beautiful. so, if anyone's in the mood for such music, i suggest the song 'dark cycle' to start.

okay, time for socks and shoes quest 2006. i never can put shit down in logical places, can i? noooo, it's like 'of course, my socks are next to my makeup bag and my shoes are on the bathroom floor! obviously!'
the new hair is totally rockin'!! ....Makes me want my purple streaks back!

hi fj! Yay for your little egg-poos!! (((((get preggo fj!)))

Bummer about your assistant, fj, but that is super cool that she might bring some opportunities your way...I think you should follow up with N, if you don't hear from her friend in a couple weeks, and contact them yourself - nothing wrong with a little self-promotion!

Its a perfectly gorgeous day here. I do not want to work. boo.
thanks! its even wilder when i part it on the other side...yay!

(((((get preggo fj vibeage)))

the weather is so odd here...completely non summery...well, its hot but its overcast, humid and now the wind is blowing pretty hard. me and the girls in my office are thinking 'hmm...apocalypse? maybe...let's break open the bottle of champagne in the fridge.' can i say i love my job???? plus, with all the earthquake rumors floating around....we're a little on edge here.

goof, i heard about that earthquake stuff! that's sort of scary. moreso than the apocalypse in my opinion... i am so happy that YOU at least like your job. i just wish more of us did!

there is a girl that comes to therapy at the same time as me. she's got brunette-ish hair with a smurf blue stripe in the very back, along the underside so you can see it when she has it up in a pony. KEEE-YUTE! and i'm jealous. i KNEW i should have dyed my hair funky before getting a corporate job! argh!

Turbo, we saw bunches of greyhounds at Pride. I never knew they were such beautiful dogs, all sleek with small heads. If the giant and I were to get a dog, we'd strongly consider getting a greyhound, and a little "hilarious" dog, as he calls them. He loves funny little dogs. I did get several compliments on the sign from peeps, and not even people who know you did the sign for me.

Unfortunately, the only sales I do of my stuff is person-to-person at shows like Pride. A couple of stores have shown some interest in selling them at their stores, but I don't want to do it that way because I don't get what I think I deserve for my work, I have to sell it for less so someone else can mark it way up and make a profit. I'd rather just keep it to myself and cut out the middleman/woman. The giant is looking into helping me set up an ebay store, though, which I'd be really into since all the money goes to me. I'd like to have a whole website of my own, but that's a pipe dream. I know not a thing about setting up and maintaining websites, and I don't know if it's worth it to pay someone else to do it for me. So I guess it's probably going to be just ebay and the occasional festival/art fair. I'm just so glad I'm not depending on this for my livlihood.

Another Good Thing for Tuesday: my cousin now works in my building, so I sat outside with her for a little bit and caught up. I haven't really talked to her in years.

FJ, that sucks about your assistant leaving today, but cool that you might get a new job with her help. (((((((((new job and fertility vibes))))))))

MsGoof, what cute hair you have! I like the color streak in it.

Count me in as loving Eddie Izzard and I'd also totally marry him just for the last name, although you can change your name to whatever you want after you turn 18. I love that he wears makeup, although in Dressed To Kill, he looked way to overdone/'80s for my taste. Was Dressed To Kill made in the '80s? I also love his Australian accent. Such a gorgeous accent to have.

I actually did hand out a bunch of business cards over the weekend. Right now, they're just homemade things printed on regular heavyweight paper. Thicker cardstock would definitely be a good idea, but I like what I've got. I only gave them to people who requested them, though. I don't want to go to the effort for people who aren't serious. I'm not optimistic about getting any contacts from them, but I figure I should have them anyway to make myself look more legitimate. Actually, one girl was really interested in a bag, but she wants me to totally redo the inside in a way that'll be a huge pain in the ass, so I'm probably going to tell her to stick it (in a much nicer way, though). I'm not going to grovel for a lousy $30. I've got my pride, yo. Who the hell doesn't like fake fur anyway? It's called kitsch, dammit!

Whammy, that portable bank card idea is really good. I've always thought I should do something like that, but for as seldom as I do these shows, I don't know if it would be worth it, especially since internet sales can go through channels like paypal.

Tyger, I'll email you some pictures of my stuff just as soon as the giant takes some for me.
diva, i hate to harp on this, but i really think you should reconsider the website thing.

believe me, if i can set one up, anyone can! you can get a domain for as little as $5, and hosting doesn't cost much at all if you just want a few pics and text without fancy shmancy stuff. actually, mrfj and i have a site with directnicdotcom (our site is currently back under construction right now) and it cost us something like $15 per year, including the domain! adding a shopping cart would make it a little more expensive, but you probably wouldn't even need that if you're using paypal. we used frontpage to create ours, which is VERY user-friendly and you can get a 2003 copy of that online for less than $100.

plus, there are tons of sites out there that offer free templates just for using their company (your domain would include their name in it, then yours).

if you sold about as much as you did at pride, you'd have the whole thing taken care of in no time!

but maybe ebay would be a good test for that kind of thing. can't you create your own "shop" through them and use their software templates to create the page?

oh, and maybe you can tell the girl that wants the handbag redux that you'll do it for an extra $10-15 for labor and materials. get a few extra $$s outta her!

wow, i hope that doesn't come across as bossy. i just don't want you to overlook a potentially lucrative revenue stream!
I'm with fj, diva! And we could maybe work something out on the in trade, or something. I don't do a lot of webby freelance work right now, as it is time consuming, but for you, I'd do it. ;) There's a woman who's really active on the bpal and LUSH boards who sells jewelry online, and I can tell you, she really moves her wares...I think she sells alot to the forum members and through word of mouth, but its a good way to get going. here's her site wearable sculpture...I think the way she has the galleries set up is lovely. It would take some time for you to keep it updated, but it might be worth it if you want to move more product. AND, we want to see your gorgeous work!!!
Acutally, I already told that girl I'd charge an extra $10, bringing the cost from $20 to $30, but I've decided it's really not worth it for one of my smallest items. On one of the big ones, sure, I'd do it, but I'm not going to put myself out for such little payoff. Maybe it's bad business, but I'm my own boss and if I don't wanna, I don't haveta.

Maybe I will eventually get a website, I just can't see myself doing enough with it that it would be worth it. I'm really not a technophile at all and don't much aspire to be.
Wow, Turbo, that girl's work is incredible! I've never seen wire wrapping done to that degree. It's definitely something to aspire to. I'm still working on putting beads on a single strand and some basic latticework. Hers is all about technique, as well it should be when you're that skilled!
Hello all...sorry I haven't read. I read a bit this morning (sorry your sales didn't go so well diva), but didn't have time to post. Will catch up now.

Fuck, it's hot as hell outside, but there's a wind's like having a big fuckoff hair dryer pointed at your face. I was peeling off clothes as I walked in the door, and I just walked right into the shower. Ugh!

~*~*~*~*~*~ vibes for divauncle ~*~*~*~*~*~
hi doodle and diva!

*sends cool breezes doodle's way*

I just made a yummy homeade pizza for dinner..with lots of fresh basil, and sausage. YUM. And, turboman brought me my favorite chocolate to feed the MRG monster.
Hello, turbo! I'll take some of those cool breezes! And a marguerita, if you have one...

diva! Eddie Izzard is not Australian. That is not an Aussie accent! Tsk. English, basically, but calls himself a citizen of Europe. I think Dress to Kill was made in...erm...'99?

Well. I bought some new thingies to wear today. So I'm going to go try them on with some of my older thingies. And pretend I'm a rock star in the mirror, of course.
*hands doodle a freshly blended 'rita with local strawberries*

Wherever the Izzard is from, he is 100% hott!

Ugh, that lovely chocolate turboman brought me....uh, I ate the whole bar, and now my tummy is very unhappy. Oh well, next week....its butt flush/cleanse week!!
hahhahahahaha! i love that, turbo! no worries about the choco bar! just butt flush it! hehehehe. i need to remember that one. i ate far too many cookies last weekend. SIL had that funky green stuff and i figured i was safe enough to partake this month since next month we're back in full on babymakin' mode. so she asked me to bring these yummy grocery store bakery cookies: sugar, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter. oh, cod. i ate so many that i was still full on sunday morning.

doodle, i hope you're coolin' off by now. i just got out of the tub and am heading to bed soon.

just wanted to say HI!

oh, and poodle, i added you on myspace... yes, i've succumbed to the evil that is crackspace.
Please, Poodle, let's make a date for the weekend. I need, very badly to fill up time and not sit around in this madhouse amongst piles of clothing and boxes and sad thoughts.

This is so pathetic. I keep waking up from these nightmares that I catch him fucking someone else. The first one is his ex-wife, the second was just some random Betty he met on the web (four weeks ago) and they STAGED it so that I would be humiliated.

The weird thing is that during the day I am not losing my shit. At all.

Memememememe...sorry ladies.
mornin' ladies!

((((((BIG hugs for minxy)))))

I have to get hip to this myspace bizness. I have to create a page for work...stupid, but gotta stay ahead of the curve. And then, maybe I'll see about a little navel-gazing page of my own.

Oh, and I just ordered my medical food supplement for the cleanse next week - yahoo! I ordered one that actually tastes ok this time, so the cleanse should be even easier! Now, I just gotta schedule the butt flush. Its a little strange how much I enjoy this process, but I think of it as a week just for me, free from cooking, cleaning and other sundry tasks that are not enjoyable. ;)

AND, I am so so so excited about going back to my old gym today for a good workout...I've missed my fancy-pants gym with the good towels, amazing classes, and HOT sauna. Mmmm....

Minxy, have you ever tried doing cranial sacral therapy?? Its a little like massage, a little like guided meditation, and a little like acupressure, but when you need to expel someone from your deep consciousness or shift an issue in your life...there is nothing better that I've found. It can be really intense, the the reflief is immediate, and for me, its better than talk therapy cause it gets deep down into primal stuff that I may not even realize is there. It is important to find someone who's good, preferably trained by the Upledger Institute...lots of people *say* they do CS, but the training is important. As is trusting the person.
Goooooood Morning!

((minx)) I am sorry you are feeling so crappy. I hope the poodle can cheer you up this weekend.

Diva, that sucks that Pride sucked! How frustrating. Cool that you got to meet Catsoup though!

How's everyone else? Seems like no catastrophes. Good.

I am pretty good today. I worked at home yesterday. I use the term "worked" veeerrrrrry loosley. As in it involved me going to work out & hang at the pool for a few hours. I needed a break though. I am working today, then not coming back til next Wednesday or Thursday. We're heading to Virginia tomorrow AM.

Jenn, that is awesome that you won 6 months free at the gym! What a great prize.

msgoof, your hair looks sexy!
Oh, I didn't win the membership for free - I won it in the silent auction at our fundraiser, but I ended up paying 1/3 of what it would cost in membership fees, and I'll avoid the joining fee again. And the best thing is that what I paid for it, goes to help our organization. So its all good. But I'm totally back on for lunch hour spin class - with good instructors! WOOT!

Kari - sounds like working at home yesterday was a very good thing - and the family reunion is this weekend, right? I hope its fun fun fun, and all sunny skies and cool breezes for you!
Is that Healthworks by any chance Turbo? Thru my job I could join for 29 a month (cheap compared to what it usually is) get a little locker, fancy towels and product, a lot of classes -- and go with the women here. But I'd have to suspend the Y and that is too much change for right now.

I may as well confess I made a myspace account, was gonna add lotsa cool stuff to my profile and never went back ... don't remember my name either (my myspace name, dolt!)

Minx -- well as long as you're keeping it together somewhat, no worries. ~**~good guy vibes~*~~

~*~*~*~jobbity job vibes for turbo!!~*~*~

I always thought a good hospital would be a great place to worrk -- I don't know what they do in Boston though -- the hipper nurses that want a sit-down job out of the crisis zone when they start getting burned out are the ones that do the communications and marketing, I get the feeling. Nurses in Boston go to expensive graduate training programs. Like my aunt that went to BU and is a head nurse. Now nursing is too declasse for BU, but she had a good program. It was fun to look at her crazy textbooks with the clear acetate pages so you could pop veins and arteries on and off people in living color -- ha!!

**Today is my dad's birthday and I haven't seen him for about 15 years and don't know whether he's alive or dead or in what condition *sigh* He's be 68 years old.

But, you know, you can choose to make your own money and your own love and not be a doormat. Me and my guy have to have a big party to celebrate, however belatedly:

--my graduation (BFA, 2002)
--our 25th anniversary! (November this year!)

Hi, peeps!

A good cleanse and butt flush sounds really good right about now, but I'm poor at the moment. But I swear I'm a-gonna do it someday. And congrats on the gym membership, Turbo!

Hi, Karianne! Have fun at your reunion. My dad's side should have one coming up really soon, too. I'm gonna make the giant meet all 37 of those people (and probably drive him away from me scared). That's just my grandparents and all of their kids and their families. Big family on that side.

Doodle, I'm so sorry, I'm now just remembering the phrase where he says "I'm British!" But I still stand firm on that he needs to update his make-up look.

I have a MySpace account, but I never ever access it. There's a girl out there that I owe an email to, but I've mostly found it to be pretty useless and full of skeevy types who only want to get in girls' pants. Unless you're in a tight group, it's like being at a meat market club, only in the comfort of your own home or work.

I know I took Monday off, but I can't believe today is only Wednesday. Feh. But we're having birfday breakfast at work, so that'll kill a little time, and I have to train a girl in some more this afternoon, which will break it up a little. And my boss is gone until the middle of next week. The giant and I had fun with his little Star Wars friends last night. One of them came down from Canada for a Pearl Jam/Tom Petty concert, and he was really nice. The rest were about what you'd expect. I've got the cutest one of the bunch. :-) Then we went out to a new restaurant, brought a slice of purely orgasmic German chocolate cake home, and just hung out watching ECW. Wrasslin' is always the perfect way to end a night. :-)


I can't believe it's only Wednesday. This week is creeping by. I might take Friday off just to get the week over with quicker.

My family never does reunions. My extended family isn't very close but my immediate family is really close. I don't think I could handle a family reunion.

I took a shower last night before going to bed and slept on my wet hair. So today it looks all weird. I have to go see if there is anything I can do to fix it without re-showering.
Good morning lassies!

Gah, its just gorgeous here in the D today! It SUCKED to come into work, except there is a ballgame at 1pm, so there are tons of families with little kiddos running around downtown. That part is awesome to see. Kids get so wide-eyed with the tall buildings and urban parks and such.

(((minxy))) It sounds like you're grieveing for the lost relationship in a pretty normal way- nightmares are there to help us recognize and deal with things we wouldn't normally. Keep going, and you'll turn our even awesome-er than before!

Turbo-another butt flush, eh? sounds like fun. well, fun for you! I've just added fried and overtly processed foods to my "nono" list, joining sweets. Changing the diet helps my energy and ego SO much. Good for you for taking care of yourself!

I can't wait till lunchtime and a long walk around the town. lesigh.
forgot to say:
divalla and fj -- awesome weekends!!

morning moxie!!

glad to see catsoup more often!!

and thanks to turbo for more info about cranio-sacral. Upledge eh? I REALLY NEED that I think.

Turbo rules!!

I must go do my daily search for Antics of Axl
Hi, Whammy, Catsoup, and Moxie!

I forgot to mention, and you guys will be so proud: I successfully turned down a cigarette yesterday. Yay, me! It's probably been 6 months or so since I last had one (I haven't really been keeping track, but I think it was last winter when I had one), and when my cousin offered me one, I said no. The giant would have been really pissed off if I'd had one, and then the smell/taste would be on me. Yuck.

On the bad side, and I hope I'm not jinxing it, I think I got my ear infection back, only in my right ear this time. I'm getting the same "windy" noise I did before. I just hope I don't have to take those nasty pills again. I've had a cold for a few days, and I hope this goes away along with it.

i'm all mad this morning because mrfj and i were supposed to meet for dinner tonight on his way to orlando, but his boss just dropped the bomb that he wants him at the show tonight to help set up by 7pm. so dinner is OUT. *sniffle sniffle* it's bad enough that i won't see him until late saturday night (i'm going to go down to see him). i'm glad i got a kiss this morning and an HBI last night!!!

msgoof, so tell me again: highlights don't really have an affect on pregnancy, right??? i've heard conflicting stories. i just don't want to do anything stupid. not that i'm pregnant or anything that i know of.

i succumbed to myspace about three weeks ago. i did it because mrfj did it and had reconnected with some old peeps. i've actually reconnected with people from college, from high school and even a guy from sixth grade!!! i have gotten a couple of emails from skeevy guys, but i either release the hounds of rage upon them, or delete the message. we've actually recruited my SIL and her wifey onto it too. it's like crack, i tell you.

(((((minx)))) sorry about the nightmares, but good that you're getting on with it during the day. have you guys officially had it out yet? it could certainly haunt you until that happens. maybe you should just be the one to break it off clean and tell him to never ever contact you again. if he does, ignore it. i know that's easy for me to say.

catsoup, i washed my hair last night too and now it looks all funky today. i bought this stuff called surf hair though (i think it's garnier) that you spray in dry hair and it sort of makes it look like you've been at the beach. so that's what i look like now. beach head. hehe

wow, i have to go to COF real fast to report a workmate.
Well, Jenn, a deal is a deal, even if you didn't get the membership for free, eh. Cool! Enjoy your 6 months!

Whammy-you & your man have been together for 25 years? Wowzers. Mr K and I just reached 5.

Diva, congrats on not smoking! Good for you. I will reach my one year anniversary this weekend. I can't believe it. Sorry to hear about your ear though. :-(

Booooo on mr FJ's boss! Wrecking your dinner plans, that is no good.

It is butt flush time?

This day is creeeeeping by.

Yeah, I'm pretty excited about the gym feels good. I'm sure I'll go back to being a full member in six months, and try to forget about the other $40 a month I'm giving to sucky Ballys.

Turboman and I just hit 11 years together...time flies, or something like that...

Kari, it is *always* butt flush time! I think its kind of like Miller Time, right?

I sure hope they pay mr fj well for what he does...'cause he sure spends an awful lot of time on the road.
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