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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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*delurks* I keep coming in here so I thought this time I'd actually post...

GT, I can't improve on what everyone else has said, except to say you're awesome. The end will be worth the means. Btw, I had a loft as a teenager and loved it! Congrats on acquiring the new, improved mixer as well.

And I agree on your advice to doodle: honestly, there are more interesting, smart and thoughtful (and cute) people out there than you think, and you will meet someone who's all that and gets you, if that's what you want.

((turbojenn)) Unless they're my friends, I generally hate having houseguests. I cherish time and space on my own, so I hear you. Hope the weekend's going okay.

FJ, I like that you post about your and Mr FJ's sex life. I would like a relationship like that, but my mister is fairly conservative and wouldn't go for it. Scottish accents in particular are so sexy IMO...

I was a fan of the one night stand in my 20s too. I was generally clear that it wouldn't progress into anything further and thus managed to have a fun and varied sex life for a while. Learned a lot too wink.gif

I am home doing not a lot, which is bliss after a busy few months. Right now I'm spending too much time online and plotting my evening's viewing. The new BSG I think, for starters...
Good Evening,

now that I can log into the lounge.

Anna, so glad that you sister has calmed down a little and you had a good time with the fam.

GT, I'm with doodle, I'd love it if you were here, we could get our conversation about D/s stuff more in depth 'n such. *slurpey kisses and cuddles from Emily* ((((((((gt)))))))) cos I think you could use a big hug. Ooooh, those are mah boobies!

Doodle, I'm the same way, I don't let people get close to me, I do friends with benefits, allows familiarity but nothing else that freaks me out. Maybe this one could be friends with benefits! Ooooh, but since your friend knows him, does she have a crushie on him?

Hey Sybarite, it's great to see you in here!

I've never had a one night stand, with that said, however, I have fucked people I know once (there's a reason for that), but I also have my little fetish for older men, the cop is 37, PR boy is 33, the few boys from last summer were in their 30's. the only one who wasn't was friend boy, who was my age. I like them older, as it allows me to do what I really want to do, plus they are generally waaaaaay better in the sack than men in their mid 20's, it's not all about them getting off. I'll not get into other deets, that can stay in the ltas thread. laugh.gif

Currently downloading some tunes, went for a nice long walk at the park and saw psychoex, but I don't really care. Worked out, met a friend for lunch, bought a cute hat and a scarf. the scarf is red and black faux leopard print. Fun stuff.

Great Hera, what is WRONG with the LOUNGE???? This is getting more frequent....I had finally gotten used to a problem-free Lounge!

Anyway. Hiya everyone, hiya CH and syb!

CH - it's 2 different guys. There's the one I met (Mr Scorpio), and then there's the one my friend likes (Mr Aquarius). Mr Aquarius asks me every time we talk to meet him for coffee. Often, he asks more than once. I get the feeling he really wants to meet. wink.gif I really like his groove and he seems really cool, but I don't want my friend to be hurt by my actions. So I haven't quite figured out what to do there. There's been lots of other interest, but these are the only 2 that have me halfway intrigued so far.

I do think I'm going to sleep with Mr Scorpio on Monday afternoon. It's funny, I don't feel an emotional or intellectual connection, and certainly not a spiritual one. But I DO feel a sexual connection, and I'm kind of surprised by it! I told myself I didn't really want to separate love and sex anymore, but maybe this is exactly what I need right now. I keep debating over the ethics of "using" a guy for sex, when in my heart, I know I'm still looking for someone else, and that I might even be fantasizing about BEB while I'm screwing this guy, and that this is a situation I'm not even likely to bring into my circle of friends. But then I think, fuck it - he sure knows how to turn me on! And I've told him up front that I'm not promising anything more than something physical, if I decide to go in that direction. So I guess that's that. So, yeah, to paraphrase CH, I think I'll do him on Monday afternoon. Plus I could use another good massage. wink.gif

Anyway, jamming was good. BEB and I wound up staying in, and then we wound up jamming at banjoboy's. I played 2 of the songs BEB's never heard before - Heavy Load and I Don't - and it was kind of cathartic I guess. After 1 of them, BEB made up a goofy, sad little song of his own: "spring is bursting through/with a little death too/I didn't want to do it/but I had to".....damn it, the universe is determined to torment me with this tragedy! mad.gif And he's making an effort to reign in the flirting, teasing, and sub/unconscious body language - that otherwordly "shine" between us - but it does seem to be an effort. I can tell I'm not the only one having to work past some strong feelings, but I guess that makes me feel better in a way, since it helps to know I'm not the only one. But in other ways, it doesn't help, because the frustration of it coming down to bad timing really feels so unfair, but I do have to respect him for the way he's wrestling with his own moral dilemna.

And please, please don't tell me there will be other guys. I know that. I know it. I've already taken steps towards it, for MY sake, so that *I* can hold onto what BEB and I have, which is surely the most amazing friendship and musical partnership I've known to date. But hearing it doesn't make it easier. I know you all mean well, but it doesn't help at all. I think - I'm just being honest, not trying to hurt anyone's feelings or be ungrateful - but I, personally, feel like it diminishes what I'm experiencing, and what he's experiencing...what we're both experiencing together which is, as he sang, a little death. It's not that I'm ungrateful for your thoughts and good wishes, I swear, but this is a complicated situation and there are hearts and spirits involved that have to find their way through the morass first. Anyway, that's said. smile.gif

The new song, Mama Says, went over well, and I got BEB to try to pull some banjo off akin to what I was hearing in my head - I think he got it! It sounds fantastic now, in the new key, and with the banjo. It's funny - when I first wrote it, I wondered if people would think it was gloomy...but whenever I sing it, I feel it's so powerful and positive. Even though the song is from the child's perspective, when I sing it, what I feel is the mother's courage; I feel the warrior she is becoming, and even though it's observed by the child, it's the mother's strength that comes out. It's the way I sing it that makes it not the necessarily appear to be song it looks like on paper.

We will be jamming again tomorrow evening with hippiegirl, who is happy to have an excuse to avoid a boy who is coming into town tomorrow, hoping to re-visit their recent Beltane-related escapades in the country (I'm gathering, from the cryptic phone conversation - she was at work!).

Come to think of it, my first conversation with Mr Scorpio was on Beltane. Surely that means we need to have sex! tongue.gif

Just talked with Mr Aquarius on the phone for over an hour. Am meeting him tomorrow morning for coffee and a walk.


That is all.
Good Morning,

Doodle, maybe you can be friends with Mr. Scorpio and also have the benefit of nailing him, too. But, I hear where you are coming from.

Took puppers out to the park, and now it's snowing, albeit lightly. It has to happen at least once in May. Figures. I think I'm going to make some meatballs shortly.
Hiya CH!

Where is everyone else today? I hope I didn't offend everyone and scare 'em off with what I wrote last night. *sheepish look*

Met with Mr Aquarius, we wound up walking on the beach and sitting against a log in the sand. Interesting conversation. He's got an open mind and is into taking the discussion all over the place, which is definitely appealing. Apparently, he respects that I'm a "lady." LMAO. wink.gif He's definitely a more interesting character than Mr Scorpio (whom I only want for hot, dirty sex - let's be honest). I definitely feel like I can be my honest self, but then, that's something I felt with Mr Scorpio, too. But truthfully, I'm starting to think that ever since I met BEB, I've become unafraid to be totally myself around a guy and let the chips fall where they may. Anyway. I'm not sure what I think, but I'd make a friend out of him. As for Mr Scorpio, I think I've put him into a box in my head, where I already know there's no possibility of something more, so I'm going right for the sex.

It's hard not to compare everyone to BEB. It's like I never had a list of "perfect" before, but then "perfect" appeared and took my breath away, and I really want to find something like that again. So. Anyway.

Jamming tonight.

That is all.
Fucking bastard xAsshat informed me that he will be fighting for more visitation.


Well, shit. It all just blew apart with my friend and Mr Aquarius. I've been talking with both of them, trying to put things to right. I guess they met up for coffee, and she learned he'd met with me. I told them both the truth: that I didn't realize it was the same guy she liked until after we'd started talking, that I was curious but it was only a walk and talk (he SAID he was looking for friends, FFS), and that I would never let a guy come between us. She thought there was something more between them, though he says she knew he was meeting with other women. Anyway, I guess that's that. She's fine with me, not so much him. I feel pretty bad, I guess - I probably shouldn't have met with him. Lesson learned: do not fuck with affairs of the heart.

God damn it. My romantic life is in a real shambles, isn't it?

If Mr Scorpio doesn't ensure I get laid tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to be really pissed off.
Gooooood Morning!!!

When I woke up this morning, it took a while for my brain to realize it was Monday. And when it did, it was none too happy.

(((MINX))) UGH! Why won't exasshat just go fuck himself? I sure wish he would. Are his intentions good? As in, he wants to spend more time with his daughter? I hope so. If that is the case, I guess that's something.

((Doodle)) your romantic life is not in shambles! No way! I think it's so great that you are meeting lots of new people. ~~~~~~vibeage for dirty sex w/ Mr. Scorpio!~~~~~~

Hi CH! How you doin' today?

What's up Sybarite! It's good to have you! Kick off your shoes & stay a while........Glad you are having some down time after a busy few months. I'm in the same boat, and boy is it nice.

Anna, I am glad things were better with your sister this time.

Hey GT! I am glad you are feeling a little better. That is SO RAD about your friend helping you with the loft! SWEET!

Things with me are good today. This weekend's weather was perfect, which made the weekend very enjoyable. Saturday AM the handy man came over, and we went to get our new hot water heater. He delivered it, installed it, and hauled off the new one all for $170, which I thought was a good deal. The I am just happy to have the damn thing over with. That's one of those things which just isn't fun to purchase. After he left, I did a lot of yard work. Digging some new flower beds, weeding ones from last year. That evening Mr K & I went to a friend's house for a Derby cookout. Yesterday I met friends for lunch and did more yard work. I was hoping to buy a bunch of plants yesterday, but did not really find anything I liked. Hmmm. May have to hit up a few more places.

How are everyone's weeks looking? Busy?
Good Morning.


Doodle, you legitimately didn't know until after, if you are still feeling stressed, talk to your friend and ask her everything is okay, and reiterate that you really didn't mean for this to happen, as you didn't know. Here's to getting fucke by Mr. Scorpio today!

Hey Kari! all is well here, it sounds like you had yourself a great weekend!

Well, I worked out this morning, and now I'm at work. Not so fun. Went to my dad's for dinner yesterday, and stopped by a certain man's house for some HBI. It was short but sweet.
Hey ladies in the place I'm callin' out to ya.

Well, our meeting with Euro-couple was a success. In a nutshell, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!1!!!11!. Euro-girl was ridiculous. The most beautiful person, inside and out, that we have met doing this. Her husband was a prick, but a charming prick. You know what I mean. I definitely would say it was good - almost but not quite great - for reasons I will not impose upon you here but may elaborate on over in the General Sex forum. So, those of you who care to know... follow me there.

I'm sure FJ will be along in a bit to tell you about the vanilla happenings of our weekend.
Mr. FJ, I'm eagerly awaiting the tentalizing details!!!!
Mr Scorpio is coming over at 1 to give me a massage....
Doodle a "massage" eh!!! I want a report, preferably in the portions thread so you can post the dirty deets!

I have no idea how far I'm going to let him go, but I will try to post the deets, if I'm not too redfaced. Heh.

Friend is okay, we've been chatting. She's got a lot of body image stuff going on (what woman doesn't though), and this recent sitch with Mr Aquarius isn't helping, so I've been trying to convince her how sexy she is, and that she deserves better. Why do we women do this to ourselves? Damn it. I guess I should be glad I don't doubt my sexiness anymore....
Doodle, I say BOOBIES! Heh.

I agree what is with these body issues? All women are sexy, stupid media perpetuating the ideology that all women must be very thin and young. It's just as bad for really thin women though, everyone assumes they are anorexic and such.
Boobies! LMAO!

Can't believe I'm doing this. It's so random.

Body image issues are a tough one - we all go there. I was telling my friend about the women in the store, especially the ones with their mens trailing all goo-goo-eyed behind them. Told her the story about the woman and the corset top, and her boyfriend's reaction....that seemed to help. wink.gif

Maybe I need to buy her a corset top on my discount. tongue.gif
Dooooooooodle, did you get fucked???

Blarg, my arms are sore, just finished me a workout.

The corset as a gift would be a really great gift.

Okay, I must go rest now.
*waits for doodle's review of the afternoon activities* smile.gif

HIhi everybustie!!

Well, we made it through the weekend with turbomann's family, and really, it was fine. I think my fuse was a little shorter than usual from a stressful week and sleep deprivation, but I think I managed well enough. We went downtown on Saturday, went to the Bean, MIllenium Park, lunch at my favorite cajun place, and then it started raining, so we skipped further tourista crap, and just headed home, where we spent most of the afternoon and evening playing cards, and I made a good dinner for everyone. Sunday, I made brunch, and then they went home, and I went back to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep. And later in the afternoon, we rode our bikes to our favorite pub/beer garden for a pitcher of sangria and good burger. And then we ran into Pollystyrene, LeBoy and ProphecyGirl!

Thank cod I took today off work, though - I needed a day to catch up on sleep and stuff around the house. I got all the laundry done, rode about 20 miles on my bike to get various errands done, and did some cooking. Maybe not a relaxing day, but good to just be home and get stuff done.

Hey mr fj! Glad to hear the weekend was a success!! Now send that gorgeous wife of yours in here! wink.gif
Yeah, of course I fucked him. I can't believe I just wrote that. I've changed, changed utterly; a terrible beauty is

Anyway, Mr Scorpio arrived while I was playing guitar. I played him three songs and then said I felt like I needed a massage. So I just took him into the bedroom, peeled off my sweater, and let him go at it. He's a pretty good masseure. wink.gif Sex-wise....yeah, Mr Scorpio is not so great as I expected, but pretty decent - long time of touching and massaging, so that was good. Orgasms, yes. And yes, it was down and dirty! tongue.gif He's one of those guys who's into the woman's pleasure in a big way. But he's kind of intense and wants wayyyy too much. WAY too much. I told him flat out, fun is all I'm up for, I like my independence and my space, etc., but that seems to only make him want more. He'd probably do anything I wanted him to do for me, but I'm not that kind of girl. Anyway, he wanted to get together again tomorrow; I said no, too busy. So he asked about the next day. I said maybe Sunday. I mean, crikey, three fricking hours - when am I supposed to fit THAT into my weekly schedule!? I think he needs to smoke some weed and chill - I'm going to see if I can get some before next time. wink.gif

Anyway, that is my report.

And I still would rather have done it with BEB.
Hi hi!

Turbo, so glad you survived the weekend in tact, and still sane.

DOODLE!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I'm so happy that you fucked Mr. Scorpio. Isn't it fun to use some men like meat? welcome to the demented world of CH.

well, now that the report has been posted, I'm going to bed now.


Fuck a duck, it's quiet in here.
Oh christ, he thinks he's in love with me. Shit. I hope I'm not going to end up with a stalking problem on my hands. Shit, shit, shit. This is what I get for following my libido....

Well, anyway, hi everyone - I am writing from the desk of my new temp assignment, at this glass company - seems like they do industrial and architectural glass - they have the contract for Planet Hollywood, which I guess is a big deal. I wish I would have found out more, but when I got here, I had this huge honking headache because my HBI thinks he's in love with me, and might possibly making plans to abduct me and make me his indentured bride. Fuck.

I think I should end it, huh? Even if he's just a naive idiot who believes good sex equals love, I don't want to see anyone get hurt. And it's probably better to end it just in case he IS crazy.

anna k
Good afternoon everyone!

Body issues suck. I have soft muscle tone and big breasts, and even if I get fitter and stronger, I'll always be a little soft.

I have a job interview tomorrow with a publishing company, for an editorial assistant position. It offers dental and health insurance, and I'd get paid more.

That portions story sounded good, doodle.

Yay FJ!
hi everybustie!

just popping in for a second, don't want you guys to think i was abducted by the englishman... i saw that mrfj was here yesterday and told you all that it was a success. then he said he was going to post in the portions thread but felt a little wonky doing it. he wasn't sure how much or how few deets to share and didn't want to come off as "that guy". i told him that makes him even cuter, but then i reminded him that that's what the portions thread is for. but i guess he thinks this is my sandbox. so, i'll report as soon as i can! for now, just know that we met them at 4pm and were down and dirty by 7:30! hehehe. it was the first time we'd already ended round 1 before the sun set. but i'll give more info later.

and doodle, i'm glad you got laid. i hope this guy isn't really crazy!! guess you can't blame him for thinking you're the bomb, but i don't know what advice to give you in this situation. maybe ending it would be best... or just reminding him that if he is going to see you again, hearts are off limits!

ok, in-laws are here so i should be working...

Good Afternoon!!!

I'm horned up, there was a group ot 15 or 20 firefighers at a pub, sitting outside at lunch, and I walked past them and just about came in my pants. Then when I came back to work there were cops here. Fuck I was in heaven.


Doodle, this could go both ways, you could tell him he isn't in love but lust, tell him you are flattered but you don't know him intrinsically for you to love him. Blah blah.

Hey Anna! ~*~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~

FJ, post details!!! I'm just a deviant, though!

I'm going to go think dirty thoughts now.
anna k
I hooked up with the guy who I dated a few weeks ago. It wasn't too exciting. I'll write more in the portions thread.

I'm getting paid for some writing in The Village Voice. I wrote an album review. It's my first paid work, so I'm pretty proud of it. They mispelled my last name, though. Fucking typo.
Tried to get back into the Lounge at work, but for some reason, I couldn't - maybe it's a network block...the word "bust" and all. Heaven forbid. wink.gif

Yeah, it's more than this guy thinking he's in love. From the e-mail he sent (in response to a just plain dirty one I sent to him - I was starting to suspect he might have secret "sub" needs, so I playfully suggested tying him up, so I could see how he'd respond)......he says he would say he wants to marry me someday, but he knows I think it's too soon....EEEEEEK!!! It sounds like he's planning this life "together" even though I've been real clear I'm in it for fun, I wasn't offering anything more than something physical, I'm not into future planning, and I prefer my space and independence. Actually, I've already said marriage doesn't appeal to me, either. So that's what I find disturbing, I guess. Way too intense, way too fast, and he seems to mean it. I think maybe he's got this elaborate fantasy of "us" going on, no matter what I've told that's what makes me feel more and more sure that I need to end it, straight up. I just need to figure out how - I'm kind of worried that I've set myself up for a potentially stalkerish situation....damn it all to hell. I just wanted to get laid.

I've had a migraine-like headache all day.

I think I need to sleep.

Also, BEB wants us to go out to a jam tomorrow night, but I turned him down and said maybe next week. We are already jamming Thursday, and I'm just too overwhelmed with new situations, nevermind throwing in a new jam....I can't. Not to mention I'm broke as all hell till payday on Friday.

Got offered another assignment, too, but it's only 2 days a week till the end of the month. I'm going to talk about it with my temp supe tomorrow - I just don't think I can live on that, if there aren't going to be some other p/t assignments at the same time, so....

The current assignment is pretty easy, now that I've mastered the switchboard. But not too exciting. Probably just what I need right now! I took catnaps at my desk this afternoon, in between the lines ringing. I was pretending to read an industry magazine. wink.gif

I'm definitely going for that nap....

Anna, Congratulations on the publication! that's fantastic!

Doodle, I think because he's getting so intense, you need to tell him this is waaaaaaaaaay too fast. Who plans a wedding abnd marriage or even SAYS that?? Then never call him again.

FJ, thank you for the details! smile.gif

worked out took puppy out and now I'm at work. At least I was able to get into the lounge this morning.
Good Morning!

Doodle..EEK! I hope this dude lays off, and soon. How did you meet him? I can't remember. I hope your new work does not block the lounge!!

Hey FJ!! Your night with the couple sounds hot! I want dirty deets!

Hey Jenn! I'm glad you survived the weekend with the in-laws. That was smart to take a day off to rest!

Hey Anna! Good luck in the interview!! ~~~vibes~~~~~

Hey CH!

Not much up here today. I am tired. I couldn't sleep for anything last night. I had a coffee around 4PM. Usually that does not affect me, but that must have been it. Every time I'd drift off, I'd jerk awake. So annoying. So, I'm beat today.
hi culture! hi kari!

kari, sorry you didn't sleep well last night. i had a similar night on sunday. those are the worst.

anna, wow! you should be so proud of yourself! that is huge to be published in the voice!! wooohoo! sorry about the typo, but still... THAT is awesome.

what is up with the damn lounge! i had trouble ALL day yesterday! argh!

so i have to ask you guys to send me some job offer vibes... the manager got in touch with me yesterday and told me (off the record) that the hr dept will be calling me today for a final interview and to be prepared to accept or deny an offer!!! the woman that will be calling me is the same one that i had my final interview with four years ago when i started working there the first time, so i'm not worried about the interview part itself but i am worried that they're not going to offer me enough money. so, big money, no whammy vibes would be da bomb!

mrfj and i are taking 'roo to north carolina this weekend to see my parents. they're at a nat'l park near asheville. it's a seven hour drive so we're going to have to split it up into two parts. i really hope the drive won't be too bad. we've done the whole thing in one shot when it was just us, but we can't expect jackaroo to sit in his car seat the whole time. he's far too busy now. he's pulling himself up on the furniture now (which just scares the shit outta me with our hardwood floors). and he has started saying, "hiiiiii!, when he waves but he does it in this cute little southern accent (hmmm, where could he get that from?). he also says kkkkkkhh every time he sees abigail the cat.

ok, gonna prepare for this call. i almost wish the mgr hadn't told me to expect it. i've been on pins and needles since 3pm yesterday. argh!
This is soooo quick, as I'm on my way out the door to catch a bus, but I HAVE to give FJ her vibe-age in case I can't get into the Lounge at work!


on the floors... he'll figure out how to fall so as to not get hurt! We have all HW also, and moxette has only gotten 1 shiner from a floor-related incident...and that was like just 2 months ago. Mostly, the fall to a sitting or tent (think downward dog) then get right back up.


Ok, off to conference.
Hey, I made it back in!

Now maybe I can actually catch up on everyone.....lordessa knows there's nuthin' much to do here.....just gotta keep a screen open with the Globe and Mail, and everyone thinks I'm too smart to interrupt, heh....

Maybe I'll work on my dear john letter to mr scorpio, too....hmm....
Oh christ he's got a business idea that we should start a matchmaking service, and he's come up with a cutsey name using his and my names.

I'm gonna die. Seriously. I have to write him back something tonight. AAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Afternoon!

Kari, how are you feeling?

~*~*~*~*~*mega jobbity job vibes for Fj~*~*~*~*~

Heya Mox.

Doodle, you could tell him the truth, that he is moving way too fast and he shouldn't be planing your future. Or tell him you hooked up with an ex. a big scary, biker ex.


~~~~~~~~~~~FJ JOB VIBES!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Have they called yet?

Doodle, OMG! What is wrong with this dude?? GAG!

Hey CH! I'm feelin' alright. Better than expected, actually. I'm ditching the gym tonight though. Friend that I usually go with is coming over for a walk instead. No energy tonight for power sculpting. Will have to do some weights tomorrow.

Where's Diva been lately? I haven't seen that lady in forever. And poodle! I miss you guys! Come back!!
anna k
Good luck FJ!

I had my job interview today. It sounded challenging (working for a children's publisher) and new, but I'm tired of being bored in my work and not gaining more skills. I'll send a thank you letter tomorrow to the interviewer.

Thanks for the congrats about my published piece. It feels good to see it there, and my first paid work. I hope I can write more for The Voice.
((((((No whammy BIG money vibes for FJ))))))

(((((((jobbity job vibes for anna)))))

Doodle! OMG this guy sounds scary nutters. Definitely cut this one off now - I mean marriage and a business idea??? EeeeeeK!!! A fuck off email is normally a little lame, but I think this guy needs to see it in print, and hear it from you...yikes. (((((peaceful, soothing vibes)))))

Well, its not looking good for fixing our car. It FINALLY got to a body shop yesterday - apparently the fine folks at State Farm neglected to actually FILE the order to have the car assessed. sheesh. But the shop called today and said it didn't look good, but they'll have a final verdict for us tomorrow. fuckity fuck.

Diva, Poodle, Catsoup, Minxy and all Mpls busties....its looking like our trip to visit ya'll in June is off. The car and dog are pretty much sucking up all of our vacation money, but if our car is well and truly totaled, the loaner we have won't get us to Mpls. BUT, this is only a postponement - we shall hopefully reschedule for the fall!

oh man! doodle! yeah, go ahead and break it off with this dude. he's chomping at the commitment bit for sure!! marriage AND a business proposal? good lord! ha! and women are the stereotypical relationship-seekers. sheesh. well, at least you got a great massage and a decent lay out of it, right?

turbo, i'm so sorry about your car not looking fixable. *says prayer for the jetta* but i have to be honest, i am quietly considering a trip to minneapolis sometime by the end of the year, so maybe this is fate stepping in to let us plan it together! *fingers crossed*

so, i never heard from hr lady today. wtf? so by about 3:30, i emailed would-be manager. we'd had a chain going yesterday in which she'd asked me how soon i could start hypothetically, and i told her the 26th at the latest, to which she'd responded that the week prior would work better for her (!!) but that she understood if childcare was the holdup and to just get in touch with her after hearing from hr lady. so this afternoon i emailed and said that i hadn't heard and that i was concerned because my family is going out of town tomorrow (true) morning (not true - we're leaving tomorrow evening but damn! this is urgent, people!!) and that i wasn't sure that i'd have good reception on my phone up in the mountains. she wrote back that she wanted this tied up before the weekend too and she called hr lady again. about a half hour later, would-be manager called me back and told me that it's apparently just an internal holdup. i am applying through a different segment of the company than i worked for in the past and they're waiting to get my "resignation code" and to get a final salary account from my previous segment. so, i'm not worried at all.

in fact, while i was on the phone with would-be manager she said several things that made me feel like a) i will be getting very close if not exactly the money i requested and 2) this job just might not suck. rolleyes.gif i told her of a minor snafu regarding childcare...the facility that i want to use (about two miles away from home and five away from work!)won't actually open for another 3 months and the current facility that we toured is over a half hour away from the office. there's no way i could reliably get there on time every day and it's expensive enough without having to pay the $!0/5 minutes late. so she said, oh! fall don't worry about it. as long as it's a temporary thing, i would totally let you leave a half hour early every day!! i was like, whaaaa? i would NEVER have made such a request. i was just sort of making small talk and letting her know that i'd be interviewing more places next week. i think i still will anyway to save time and gas but still! i thought that was really nice of her and made it seem like she'll be understanding if things come up.

anyway, the hr lady should be calling me tomorrow before noon and i should at least have an offer in my hand. zoinks!
WOooooooT!!!!! YAY for the jobbity job for FJ! AND, for the prospect of a) the job NOT sucking, and cool.gif understanding managers!! Now we just need ((((((supa fly daycare vibes))))) I am SO excited for you! Hooray for a financially stable future for the FJfamily!

I just made the most awesome risotto for dinner. AND, I even got turbomann to eat chard (he claims to dislike hearty greens). Anyway, it was onion, garlic, white wine, thyme, chard and mushroom risotto, with lots of parm tossed in at the end. YUM! Seriously, I chocked a whole pound of sliced chard in there, and it just melts right into the mix. And I have leftovers for tomorrow.

Got a freelance gig for the weekend, which is good - more $$ for the car. Pennies from heaven, I tell ya. Speaking of which, I need to get to a bit of work here tonight, yet.
Evening *tips hat*

Kari, a brisk walk is just as good!

Anna, glad to hear the interview went well! ~*~*~*ongoing jobbity vibes~*~*~*

Turbo, I'm sorry you aren't able to make it out to Mlps. The risotto sounds fantastic!

YAY FJ!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! That's great! WOOOT *throws glitter*

took hound for two walks and did an upper body workout, now I must get food then go to bed.

Hi everyone! God, I promise this'll be the last self-obsessed e-mail, but I'm going to update you and then move on with my life.

When I got home, I went straight to the gay ex-priest, told him everything, and that I was going to end it with Mr. Scorpio tonight. The gay ex-priest is also the assistant manager, so I wanted him to know what was going on, and to keep his ever-watchful eye out. Then I phoned hippiegirl and BEB and told them when they come to jam tomorrow, they need to phone me when they get to the door so that I know it's them (because sometimes my intercom doesn't work and I can't tell, so I've gotten into this habit of just buzzing people in). I had to tell them why, but I only told BEB the very basic thing - that I had a guy becoming obsessive and I didn't know what was going to happen, but that I need to know who's at my door. Anyway. I just replied to Mr. Scorpio's last e-mail and told him in no uncertain terms that I consider his behaviour obsessive and his thinking delusional (I didn't use the word delusional, but I illustrated it - and I DID use the word obsessive), and that I'm sorry if it hurts him, but I don't want him to contact me anymore. I read it to the gay ex-priest before I sent it, and also forwarded it to him. Now I let the chips fall where they may.

I have no idea where this is going to go. It could turn into nothing. But I'd rather let everyone know what's going on and have it be nothing, than to not tell anyone and end up dead in my apartment. And yeah, I'm not afraid - well I am, but I'm not afraid to take whatever steps I need to take, to protect myself and the people I care about. I'm telling everyone. I'll be sleeping with the balcony door locked tonight - honestly, that balcony door hardly ever gets closed these days, nevermind locked, but there it is. Think I'll take the phone to bed, too. I'm prepared to go to the RCMP if I need to, and tell them everything.

Yeah, I guess I am kind of freaked. Probably seen way too much crap at the women's centre that's made me paranoid, but on the other hand, I've seen women suffer a lot of stress and damage because they DIDN'T take things seriously enough in the early stages - and I've got the background to recognize the possibilities, so I'd have no excuses. So there it is.

Give a man a taste of velvet pussy and he goes completely out of his mind. wink.gif

I, however, have not had this issue for a long time. It did make me think evil thoughts when I heard Falljacket mention that she might come up here this year. He he he...
Wow, everyone's been pretty busy around here!

Look out for yourself, (((Doodle))).

Hope something works out for you (((Anna))).

Yay for FJ! I can't believe you're on the internet talking about your swinging date while your in-laws are in the house, hee.

Time is just flying by, I'm busy, and I am going to have to make a concerted effort to get the things done that I want to.
Good Morning!

Doodle, I'm glad you've been notifying people of this situation, and I am also happy that you want to go to the RCMP should you have to. Have you heard from him at all?

Hey Minx! How's things going with the man?

Dusty! It's great to see you in here!

It's Thursday and I'm here at work, I think that's enough. I went shopping yesterday at lunch and saw a very cute boy at a store, I think I'll have to go back and feel him out some more, I did stay and flirt me a little. I also saw the same group of firefighter rescue boys, I think they are here training.

Thursday...week almost over!

Doodle, I really hope this dude buzzes off.

Hey Dusty! I know, FJ is naughty!! wink.gif

FJ! That sounds very promising about the job!!! ~~~~~~VIBES~~~~~~~~ This could work out just perfectly!!

Minx, you crack my shit up..."velvet pussy"....I'm going to have to use that one!

Things here are quiet. Which is positive. I like Thursdays, nobody is here. I have some work to get done, but it shouldn't be too bad today. I am meeting some friends tonight for Mexican & margaritas, so there's that to look forward to!
good morning!!

thanks for the continued vibeage. still haven't heard from hr lady but at least i'm aware of the hold up now so it isn't as much of a worry, just sort of a formality. i'd still like to go ahead and hear from them though. i'm trying to get packed for our trip and i need to take a shower and stuff but i'm afraid she'll call just as i'm getting my hair lathered up. wink.gif hmm, maybe i should do that. sort of like wearing white pants when you're waiting for your period to come...

ok, not a ton of time.

but i wanna go here!
Good morning all!!

FJ, damn you - I've wasted the last half hour surfing that theme park's website!! I sooooo wanna go there....

~*~*~*~*~hurry up with the damned phone call vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*~

kari! Have a marguerita for me tonight, please! Lordessa knows I could use one.

CH - ooh, you are such a damned flirt...I wish I had your skilz! wink.gif

Hiya also, dusty and minx! Velvet pussy.....*snort*

Yeah, haven't heard from the guy yet. Maybe I won't, since I told him not to contact me. I keep vacillating between "I was too harsh and mean and I feel guilty about hurting a big dumb naive boy" and "fuck, I wonder if he's going to be waiting outside when I go out this afternoon; he's strong and fit, maybe I should get a can of bear spray." ANYway. Done is done.

Jamming tonight - I said I'd make dinner, and I don't know why, since I'm so fucking broke! But I'll figure something out. Got lots of veggies....will try to fake it!

I took the part-time temping assignment, too. My supe said she'd do her best to get me any other p/t assignments that will work around it, presuming any come in. She says June will really pick up, as that's when people start going on their vaycays. So that's all good, I guess. I'm going to be at a private security company, but I'm not sure what I'll be doing yet....something to do with a new project they are putting together.

So yeah, I have today off, and then I start up with the new assignment tomorrow! It was supposed to start today, but I told everyone I had a previous commitment today - which is true; I had a previous commitment to catch my breath after the last week or so of emotional rollercoastering!!!
anna k
Good on taking the PT temp assignment. It's cash for bills and your pocket.

I flipped through a Cosmo today where Carmen Electra was on the cover giving her how-to-be-sexy tips. The tips all boiled down to "Look good and be confident." No shit, Cosmo. I can be very sexy and cute when I want to be.

Not to be self-obsessed, but I donated some pocket change to a couple of organizations, a microfinance one and one that helps female war survivors. I've been making good money at my job and felt I could afford it. Since I don't want to give my dad a heart attack by flying to faraway countries (he's an Archie Bunker type), I feel better donating a little money as a contribution. I read shitty things about the world all the time, I just wanted to do some good, like if my contribution adds to a pile of money being given to some woman struggling with hard shit in her life.

My friend told me about good deals to London via Kuwait Airways, and I'd love to go, but despite that I'm 24, I don't want my family freaking out over hearing the name "Kuwait" and thinking I'm going to be kidnapped or bombed. I just don't like people worrying about me or trying to hold me back.

I need to get some new bras. I hate being a triple-D and having to find specialty bras that cost $50 each. But they do hold them up nicely in a 1950s bullet bra style.
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