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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good evening.....just checking in again....

I would like a back massage. It's all painful - must have been tense the last couple of days...ya think?

Anyway. I never did get anything writ today, but I changed the key on Mama Says and it is AWESOME! AWESOME! Can't wait to try it with BEB on the banjo. I'm serious, speaking as a musician. I've got some ideas about how it could sound.

Also joined at the behest of a friend. That's been interesting.

Oooh, and, sorry....gotta go chat with a guy....
Ok, I'm unemployed now, so I can confess the sore back was from hot monkey sex! Er, perhaps not, perhaps my bag, maybe letting Mr. Dusty lie on top of my back in the morning, or the way we sleep, and perhaps partly the stress of finishing work. Just all the things I wanted to get done and didn't, and not sure how long it would take me to clear out my stuff.

I filled out my taxes electronically, and then walked over to the midnight post office to send the cheque. I just got back.
sorry for the me me me post. it's late, and i haven't had a chance to read, and i need to go back to bed.

boob muscle is better. but as happy as i am to start up electrolysis, i hate it. i hate having to grow out my facial hair. i'm trying to be in denial that i even HAVE facial hair, and this is fucking it all up! but i forgot how it leaves my face all fucked up bumpy, lumpy, swollen, with little bits that, when i can't help but want to shave tomorrow, will end up being bloody little wounds.


i hate this. i hate walking around with my head down. i hate the double takes that my co-workers give me. i hate that if they didn't know i was born a boy, they absolutely know now. i hate that i know they are talking about it, wondering why i haven't shaved the last few days. i hate feeling that it would be easier if a zombie came along and ripped off my face from the eyes down. i always forget how it just demolishes my self esteem. i hate how it makes me just want to hide in my apartment, not talk to anyone, and just sleep. i hate that this is my life for the next 3-4 months, and while all my friends are enjoying summer skirts and feeling cute, i will have this stupid fucking cloud over me, and it will probably take just as long to rebuild myself if i ever finish. i hate that i hate myself so much during this, and i hate that at night i just want to cry. i hate that i need to get it done and there is no getting around it, but i just hate, hate, hate FUCKING HATE THIS.
Um, we loves you anyway you are GT. Fuck anybody that doesn't & I will take all comers! I may not have tranny-fu, but I got a Louisville slugger & some brass knuckles, yo. I will fuck some people/the angry reds up with a quickness!

ETA, I know that the electrolysis has gotta suck. I figure your facial hair probably grows curly & is a total bitch. It's gonna suck donkey cock, but you'll get through it. And I told ya, I could hop on a plane tomorrow. You need a hand, I'm there. I'd do it, too, this is no idle threat! I'm running low on glow in the dark rubber cockroaches & could use an Archie McPhee visit!
(((girltrouble))) that sucks, I can't imagine how hard that must be for you right now. Would bleaching help? A girlfriend of mine bleaches her mustache between waxing sessions, and she finds that while you can notice it, it's definitely less noticeable.

Aw, darling Girltrouble,

it hurts me to learn of these hateful troubles.

The path you've assumed is just... heroic!
I admire you for it, you brave one.

Wish I could hold your hand... right now!


yr Dolor
Hello on this Thursday!

AHA Dusty, I kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew it!!!!!!!!! Hee. Sorry about your job. ((((dusty))))

Hey Doodle! POF, eh? One ofmy friends goes on there all the time.

((((((((((gt)))))))))) I'm sorry you're not doing so good today. I'm with AP on this, if I could hop on a plane to see you and help you, I absolutely would.

Hi to AP, Startshine, and dolor!

I saw hot cops this morning. They was beyooootiful. Now if only I could gt them in my pants. and another day is upon us, blech. Is it the weekend yet?
(((GT))) Girl, you're more woman than a lot of women I already know. And this process you are going through, trying to match outside with must be a real bitch, and the only reason I can identify with you is the CONSTANT removal of facial hair that I deal with on a daily basis. Fer serious. GT, you're a steet town girl on a Saturday night looking for the fight of her life. wink.gif Please know that all of us are rooting for you and your New Girl Order.

Okay, impending doom of waaaaaay too much to do!! ARRRGHHH!!!!!!
Good Morning!

Is it Thursday already? This week has flown by!

((((GT)))) One day this will all be in the past. I know that doesn't help now, but think how much you will enjoy your smooth face when it's all done. I'm so sorry that this is making you so incredibly miserable. Be good to yourself during this time, give yourself some leeway and extra care. I'm with minx....I have some 'stash hair (like most women) that I despise. As soon as we pay off all our debts, I'm springing for laser. Or some other sort of permanent hair removal. Ugh.

((dusty)) I'm so sorry to hear about the unemployment sitch. Geez. What are your plans? Sorry about your back!

Hi Doodle! I'm glad you have some time off too, just to deal with stuff.

Hi Jenn!

Hi CH!

Hi dolor, starshine, & AP! Nice to see youse!

Things here are pretty good this morning. Nobody is here, Ill be all by my lonesome most of the day. Officemates all telecommuting. It's nice & quiet, but gets lonely. I'll have to go bug some other coworker when I get too bored. Mr K is out of school for the month of May...I am reminded of Jenn when Turbomann was in btw jobs...I feel like I have a house husband! Mr K did sooooo much yard work yesterday. It was nice to come home to!

What's everyone got going on this weekend? I am debating going to a wedding tomorrow night. It's a friend of Mr K's. We RSVP'd yes, so I suppose I will go. It should be really fun, I'm just feeling homebody-ish. Saturday I think the handyman is going to start some jobs at our house. Sweet!
anna k
Anna, you should take a trip!! Anywhere specific you want to go?

My dream places would be Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Paris, and an Italian city. I may want to go to London first, to get familiarity with Europe while being comfortable in my own language.

dusty, being unemployed stinks. It's work looking for a job.

I hate my boss. She hired a full-time employee to work alongside me, because I got a part-time position, the only one avaliable at the time. When the other full-timer quit, and I started doing five-day-a-week work, I told my boss I could do full-time and was avaliable. So now this new girl who majored in art history (I work at a museum) is coming in, and I'm peeved. I don't want my hours reduced, and I'd hate to have to split the tips when we coat-check for evening events. I like the quietness of the vistor services desk, and I don't want to share it with someone when I've been managing it all by myself. Goddammit.

CH, I am jealous of your libido. The last time I got hot for anyone was last summer, when I saw a young Ted Nugent lookalike on the bus and a sleazy-looking cab driver drove me home. I was too intimidated by either of them to make a move. I just want to get turned on again.
Hi hi!

GT, when I win the lottery, I'm seindg you some cash so you can get your elctro done! Fer Reals.

Hey there Minx!!!

Kari, a house husband! Excellent!!! You're doing such extensive reno's, I'm excited for you.

Hey Anna! Don't be jealous, Im' such a raging horn dog and I can't fucked as often as I'd like. It can also get me into trouble, sometimes. smile.gif Shitty deal about the work sitch.
Hey all! I've been kinda addicted to Puzzle Pirates lately (won't last long) and still without work, though I bet next week will bring. I'm all caought up with the Lounge, but I can't remember everything. Sucks to have a mind like a sieve. Been cooking some good stuff, though. Just last night, I took a box of shortbread cookie mix and doctored it up with spices: cinnamon, ginger, cocoa nibs, and cyanne pepper to be precise. They're kickass! I also did some of those Thai chicken summer rolls (the clear wrapper ones) for Goaty to bring to a potluck at her work, and they were raved over smile.gif

Heeeya Doodle! I had a friend who used the term 'horn dog' a lot. For her birthday, I found a sign at a hardware store that said "Beware of the Dog" and covered "the" up with lettering so it would say "Beware of HORN Dog". She put it up in her bedroom smile.gif

Heeya Anna! Bummer about the competition sad.gif You deserve full-time! I hate how employers openly work around paying for people's benefits! It's just openly screwing people over sad.gif Goaty (and all teachers, nowadays) has had to put up with that a lot.

Kari, go for the wedding!!! Free cack! Smiley people! smile.gif

Hey Doodle! I just got finished listening to your rendition of Ramble On, and I'm impressed! I can only imagine how awsome it would be to hear it live. Can you believe how few people (especially in the U.S. and Canada) actually have friends that play music casually. It's a real gift to give any of your friends, and an incredible Mother's Day gift for sure! I'm sorry that BEB isn't your lover. He's an excellent muse, though. You just gained two things that will make you a much, much stronger person: You risked and faced rejection very admirably, which can only make it easier for you to be brave, and it takes bravery to live a complete life, and you also started to accept a friendship where you feel sexual attraction. I'm not sure how it is with girls, but it's amazingly rare amongst guys to be able to be 'just friends' with a girl they're attracted to. Most guys don't even understand why any guy would want to. You know why, though. Good, soul-enhancing friendships are worth it if that's how they must be.

Turbo, bummer about the car, but absolutely awesome that nobody was hurt! Phew! I'd crap like your dog if Goaty were in a car-totalling accident! Really glad you're all OK.

Zoops! Hello to everybody else, but I have to split if I'm going to take care fo stuff this morning.
Good morning all....

I think I need to have some indiscriminate sex to get BEB out of my system. What's your thoughts on that? I might hook up with a Scorpio....
*cough cough*

i'm a scorpio...

just sayin' rolleyes.gif

(((((((gt))))))) thinking of you today. you just remember that you are bad-ass and that the next few months are going to make you even stronger and help solidify for everyone else what you've known in your own head and heart for so long. like minx said, you are more woman than so many women ever hope to be. you know what you want and dammit, you're ready to walk through fire for the next several months to get it. take that, naysayers! RAWR!!!

hi lore, hi kari...hi anna, hi culture!! i haven't read everything yet. i'll be back...

Lore the cookies sounds delish!!!! Mmmm cookies.

Doodle, may I also recommend a Libra or an Aries. Libra's are whorey. smile.gif For fun times abound!

Hi Hi FJ!

Well the afternoon is coming along, I just want to go home and work out, take puppy out for a walk, then rest! It's Friday tomorrow!!! WOOT!

Hello all!

Hey! Wait a minute! How come nobody ever told me Libras were whore-y?! I coulda saved a lot of time!
AP, Libra's are totally whore-y. I am a libra and this makes me laugh, tremendously.

one of my friends sent me this little snippet

LIBRA- Sept. 23 to Oct. 22: You like to dress up in costume while having sex. You also enjoy having sex in public places and in unusual and challenging positions. If you are a man, you more than likely are queer. Most Libras, male and female alike, are good prostitutes. All Libras die of venereal disease. If a person, not a Libra, suffers from a venereal disease, most likely he caught it from a Libra.

On a different note, I'm thinking on enrolling my punk ass in Jiu Jitsu, I think it will help me in my future career of law enforcement, not that I'd get knocked around all the time, either that or Judo!
Ah jesus, I just arranged to meet a strange man! In a public place, of course. Mama didn't raise no fool. wink.gif

I wonder if everything I've heard about Scorpios is true. I do think I need to get laid. I've heard that works, when you're trying to get over someone. NOT that I'm going to sleep with this dude the first time I meet him! And I told him up front I'm not into commitments. God, that would be the last thing I need right now, especially now that I've clarified so strongly what it is I want, and this guy isn't it. But he sounds like he might be a really good lay....

I can't believe I'm doing this.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME????? I'm going to become all slutty or something.

I will def. keep my eyes out for Libras and Aries, too, though. wink.gif
anna k
Libra's are whorey. For fun times abound!

I'm a Libra too! Also on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio. I'm sure there are interesting things to say about that.

I looked up flight tickets from New York to London or Paris or Lisbon. It's $1500 for a round trip! My job is $10/hr, and I can't afford to blow that much on a plane ticket. The most affordable was Montreal, for $500. I've been there already, but really liked the city.

CH, I am so awed by your physical dedication to becoming a police officer. Martial arts would be a great benefit. At my job, a man came in with a resume to work as a security guard, and his resume stated he had been a NYPD cop for many years and knew fighting skills (I don't remember what martial arts style).

I'll be working four days a week now. I prefer five, but this is what I can get.
Two of the best/worst relationships I ever had were with a Scorpio & a Taurus. They were both dark & broody most of the time, but the sex was mindblowing.

But I'm loving my Leo more & more everyday!

And I'm a Sag, so I'm a whore & I'm flakey.
Ok, so I am meeting a strange guy tomorrow morning in the downtown park (same one I had the convo with BEB, but it'll be a good way to move past it, I feel), with the potential of a future hook up in my mind (and for sure in his mind). His ardent, intense attraction may be what I need right now.

And I am meeting BEB on Saturday to go to a different park for jamming in the sunshine. We decided jamming would be more fun than the peace walk, but we still want to be outside. smile.gif

Strange days indeed. Most peculiar, mama.

I am a Sag, too, btw, but I'm not really whorey. Maybe I am moving in that direction, though! tongue.gif

And now I must go get ready for work.

ETA: P.S. - can anyone (*cough*CH/AP*cough) give me some hook-up etiquette tips? Been a while since I've done anything crazy!
*flops down on okayland sofa and hides under the duvet*

*feel free to skip the whiney rant below - you've been warned*

Cod, I am fucking exhausted, no reserves left. Work has been completely frantic and shitty, then there's the car thing, and the dog is still sick, so I'm home early waiting for turbomann to get home with a borrowed car so we can take turbodoggie to the vet. again. We're already up to $400 in vet bills this month. Ugh. I am SO not ready/interested in turbomann's family visit this weekend. I have no energy left to be the happy homemaker for guests, and having them take up every square inch of our space. My introvert self just needs a weekend to hunker down and chill after this week, and it pisses me off that I'm not going to get it. Oh well. And I still have to buy food and clean the house tonight. Boo.

*whining over*

(((((GT)))))) I'm sorry this time is so hard for you, but like everyone else, sincerely admire your strength and commitment to the process of your beautiful transformation, and we are here to support you, all the way! I'm glad that you have mr. t and puppymonster to bring some light and love to your life right now.

Doodle! I love that you're on the prowl and looking for a little physical lovin'! Go for it! Still haven't listened to your new songs yet - sorry...I'm having a hard time finding the energy to deal with the internets this week. smile.gif
anna k
turbojenn, I can relate. My sister is coming over tomorrow to go out to a resturant and see a concert, and I don't feel like being amongst crowds and noise. But it's for her, since she just moved back to NY and was bored living in Raleigh for a year. As I noted before, she can be a self-centered ass.

doodle, I'm going to listen to your songs later.

Doodle, nothing speeds up the process of getting over a slight broken heart than getting fucked. I recall the first time I almost fell for PR boy, I went out to the bar with the group of people I used to hang out with and the cop was there. He hit on me (I'd known him a while) and I fucked him that night. It helped, I was also so happy that I had *finally* bagged a cop. anyhows! Hmmm, hook up tips eh? Heh. wer are talking about fucking hookin up right? Well, be flirty, but not obviously, I want to nail you flirty. Ummm, play slightly hard to get. Just be natural and see how things go.

Anna, what about Ottawa? That's also close. Or Quebec City? My dedication to this runs very deep.

AP, some of the best sex I had was with an Aries. the Libra/aries mix is a good sexual one, but everything else is disasterous.

(((((((turbo))))))) I'm sorry things are crappy right now.

BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love your philosophies, CH!

I'm sitting at home alone eating oreos and watching epis of ER.

Hi Okayers, sorry to barge in.

Just wanted to say, to girltrouble:


*I'm positive* you are beautiful no matter what! Keep ya head up.

hey, thanks everybustie. all the (())s and the pms really mean a lot. y'all are all so sweet to me.
it's what i need to do and i'm way over due. the day was not too fun, i wore a face mask all day and probably looked like a freak, my face is so lumpy bumpy n fucked up. i'm just hoping tomorrow i'll be able to shave so i'll have one day of feeling normal before being stubbly again. ugh. twice a week. i'm gonna have stubble for the next 3 mos. my friend wants me to come a party this weekend, and i really don't want to. but i think even though she knows about the 'lectrolysis, she will be hurt if i don't show. s' just bad timing. i try to maintain my friendships, but i hit these patches where i have to deal with this bs, and i don't want to go for drinks, i don't want to go to parties or dance, or anything. it's kinda awkward getting all dolled up when you've got 4 days beard growth.

turbo-- i am right there with you on the vet bill thingy-- the puppy monster has racked up almost 3000 in vet bills, and i said i'd help cover the costs. god i love her tho....

ch-- uh, god you crack me up. thanks everso for the emails. you're a peach! i told you my ex is into muy thai, didn't i? she's freaking badass. she's gonna have her first fight on the circuit this year. the jitsu sounds interesting. i was listening to an interview with david mamet. his new movie 'red belt' is all about jitsu philosophy...

hi tree! thanks for the pm. (<3 flashdance sistas!<3)

thanks nelly. dolor, minx, kari, and fj, thank you so much for the sentiment. i can't tell you what it means to me. i know it's temporary, but it just wears me down so quickly and takes me so long to recover from...hopefully this stint will be the last time i have to do it...*fingers crossed*

starshine, no, bleaching wouldn't help. i would that it were just a mustache. i'd bleach it and never complain. i've got a beard, more or less. and my hair is very thick, coarse and curly.

still reading so, sorry for still posting about me. thanks for all the support.

ap, once i'm all bald in the face, you're gonna have to come for a visit, so save the plane $$$ k? thanks for the pm...

doodle... ooooo i wanna be all slutty....
Happy Friday, you, uhhhhh, hmmmm, cum stained panty lickers!

Hey Minx! Mmmmm oreos.

GT< if you don't want to go out, then your friends, I imagine, will understand. (((((gt))))) You did tell me about the ex! I still think it's the coolest thing EVAH! sweeeeeet. And you can be slutty if you want! Errr, sexually empowered!!!! Slutty sounds so mean, sometimes. wink.gif you know what I mean.

Hmmm, so what's everyone got planned this weekend? I'm supposed to be going to a house warming party, but I don't know if I'm going to. I like to wind down on Friday evenings. Last night I did the usual dog walk, work out fun funs. No HBI though. mad.gif Maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe this weekend!
wot's up fart-knockers!

(hehe, that's sil's favorite, i think)

just chillin' here this morning. 'roo is taking a nap and i'm taking the day off from working. i've been working so much lately and i know i should prolly get a few phone calls in because of our current financial sitch, but i'm fucking TIRED. i think i might take a bath actually.

well, speaking of slutty...we've got a date this weekend. meeting a new couple that we've been chatting with online. he's a brit, she's scottish. he's considerably older (50s!!) and she is just a couple years older than me. they seem very chill and she's sexy as hell. his pics can go either way so i'm hoping he's charming as fuck in person. he's funny and seems to be "in touch" with pop culture and all that, so i feel like we'll hit it off well. so that was the strange-portions-with-an-accent i was referring to earlier this week. now i just have to figure out what to wear. we're meeting them at a huge outdoor mall we have here in town. it'll be late afternoon for drinks and then dinner. they are in town for a conference, so they conveniently have a hotel room nearby if it goes that way. we haven't done this in a very long time - last time we met new people was before i got pregnant. so i have those little butterflies and stuff. and i'm paying attention to the hookup tips myself, hehe.

ok, i'm going to take that bath i think before jackaroo wakes up.
Ooooh FJ the weekend sounds fun!

This is all I have to say about today; head meet desk.
Ooof. Mornings suck.

(((((GT))))) Hun, I'm sorry I've been so selfishly self-interested the last few days and didn't show my support, 'cause I meant to. I can only imagine how hard it must be. I've got the PCOS, and have to take care of a big patch of hair on the underside of my jaw every couple of days. It's not as bad as a beard, and it's not the same thing at all, nor can I personally say I experience the whole gender fuck you do because of it, but I hate, hate, hate it, and if I don't deal with it, I feel soooo fucking ugly, so I can at least go there with you.

God damn it, I am meeting that guy later this morning. WHAT in god's name am I DOING? Dunno at all. Guess I feel I have to do SOMETHING before I see BEB tomorrow. Yeah, that's it. I'm doing this for the sake of our friendship. wink.gif

Work last night was CRAZY busy - we stayed a whole hour past closing just to get the basic stuff done, and for some reason, our tills said we were supposed to have a deposit of FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!!! We didn't stick around to figure it out. Oh, and at fifteen minutes before closing time, some lady wanted us to undress the mannequin in the window so she could try on the clothes - the mannequins are dressed in the smallest sizes, btw (of which there were none left on the rack - cos we only get 1 or 2 of the smallest sizes in stock), so this lady could've bought her size in pretty much any other store. The mannequin would have had to be re-dressed before we left, so we didn't do it, and she was pretty miffed. But fuck, come ON people. Anyway, the best bit was a customer in her 50s, who hadn't bought new clothes in 5 years (because she hated shopping and trying to fit her body), becoming giddy like a girl when I found her a bunch of stuff she loved and fit perfectly. She was literally giddy and thought I was the greatest person ever. biggrin.gif She even bought a bunch of jewelry when she got to the counter, just because I said I was thinking of buying this one and that one myself (she bought the same ones). But honestly - it's pretty much like shopping for other people, what could be a better job to have? wink.gif

I gotta go get ready....damn! What am I doing???
Doodle, it'll be fun!!! keep us updated!

kudos on the success at the store!
Do it for YOU, Doodle. And if you don't want to, don't.

I'm sorry, (((GT))). Arg. I hate the time that my facial hair sucks up, I hate the ingrown hair, the red bits and bumps on my face, I fantasize that I would have a nervous breakdown if I had to go camping for a week and couldn't deal with it. I have thought a lot about how much I would hate it if I had to grow it out to get rid of it. In the grand scheme of things, there is not much of it, but it feels like a lot to me. I feel for you going through all of that, exponentially, on an ongoing basis. I'm sorry that it means that you have to wear your changes for everyone to see. I have checked my music collection, and while it appears that someone broke in and left the collected works of Tom Jones with my cds (has he covered EVERY song ever known?), I don't appear to have Ring of Fire. Poo. Where did all those cds come from?

Hope pooch and car and everything gets better soon, Turbo. I send in-laws be-gone soon vibes.

Are they cutting back your hours, Anna?

Good luck, FJ.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts, everyone. After yesterday, I'm wondering how I ever found time to go to work. In the morning, I went to the legislature with a group of union activists, because there was a bill being read (on May 1) relating to unions. Hee. It felt like a school field day, except that most or all of us, knew most or all of the politicians in the party who proposed the bill, so they would smile and wave occasionally. Then I had a lunch meeting with some union friends over another issue and a couple of them gave me a book as a getting laid off gift *sniff*. After that I had an errand to run and then there was a retirement party at work. I figured if I showed up, they might be confused and give me a pension, hee. In the evening, I met members of my climate change group for drinks because one of them is leaving the country. Then I remembered at 11 pm that I had promised an article about my work sitch to someone for a newspaper but I knew I was too tired to write it and besides I wanted to sketch it out with Mr. Dusty first.
Heeya ebby bootay! laugh.gif

(((GT))) Bummer about the Quarter Of Purgatory sad.gif Is there any way you can use the time to work on a hermit-ish project, like teaching yourself guitar or an intensive fitness program? I mean, you have a built-in time limit to work with. Maybe it's a tool? I dunno. it's my nature to 1) try to find a silver lining, and 2) give mysel stupid time limits. I even hold my breath as a timer when I'm frustrated about myself being slow or forgetful when I can't find something. Yeah, I'm neurotic, but I can hold my breath for well over a minute now (See 1)).

Doodle, remember the 3'S's of getting a guy to have sexxin' with you: Shove, Smooch, Sexxin!
It's a mosh pit-o-lovin'! wink.gif

FJ, Wooo! Hope it's all good fun smile.gif

Culture, Minx... Now I need Oreos! (I still have some of the spiced-up shortbread cookies I made, but I'm saving them for dinner guests tomorrow night)

Good luck with everything, Turbo! (((Turbo)))

Heya to everybody else! I'm having to split too soon, and I write too slow sad.gif But you'se all great, and I'm cheerin' for ya!

ETA X-posted with Dusty & Culture. Dusty, do ya never go camping? (not that I camp often enough)
No, Lore, I grew up with a cottage, so never really got into camping, and the one time I did, there was a bear roaming around the campsite all night. Besides, I don't know if I could be away from my Tom Jones cds that long...
seriously...why isn't it 4pm yet? these last 24 minutes of my week are killing me...softly.

Lore, I love your outlook on life. It's amazing.

Dusty, I'm very jealous of your growing up at the cottage!!!! And someone left you the gift of Tom Jones, interesting.

Hey Mox, i'm with you, I have 40 minutes left in the day and it's going by too slow.
I am champing at the bit to hear about people's new hookups. The FJ's & their Euros, Doodle & her strange man.

I don't think I have any hookup tips. I'm just myself. So it's either strong, warm, & in command or mad, bad, & dangerous to know. HAH! I just like boys. And once you find out what they like, you're gold.

I'd do it, GT. I do not issue idle threats. I could be on a plane in two hours. I'd get us Thai food & I'd hold bags of frozen peas to your poor abused face. I'd get ya all schnockered on champagne & we'd dance in our underpants!

I do want to say that I'm only whore-y for one person. He just brings out the wanton slut in me. And he's gonna be here tonight! I say, on the sixth night commence with the knocking of the boots! YES!

AP this is true, it's all about what they want. Make them BEG I say!!!! Bwaaaahahahahahaha.

And I choose my partners fairly carefully (no one night stands, and I need to know you a while), with that said, I usually have more than one going on at a time, and I'm pretty whore-y with a few.

11 more minutes until my weekend begins!!!! WOOT!
Okay, I didn't get abducted. wink.gif

Yeah, it was okay. Not really what I'm looking for in a guy, but perhaps what I am looking for in a temporary sexual partner. tongue.gif We met at the park, walked around town for a long time (I wanted to walk till I got to know him better, just in case he turned out to be grabby or weird)....I made him walk with me to the temp agency to pick up my paycheque, and then to deposit it in the credit union. Then back to the park, where we had ice cream in the park, and I got the best massage I've had in a long, long time. I feel very relaxed. wink.gif I think I could definitely take it to a sexual place, but I don't think much more than that is in my head, thought I suspect it might be in his. It's nice to be adored and thought of as hot - he thinks I'm smart, gorgeous, etc. - so that's helpful right now. smile.gif I let him put his arm around me on the park bench, and I let him hold my hand part of the way home - he walked me home - and I gave him a hug, but that was all I was prepared to give, though he's pretty respectful of my boundaries. I'll give him credit for one thing - he didn't know who the hell I was till today, or where I worked before, but when I mentioned the women's centre, he knew what it was and that it had lost its funding. But I'm not feeling any particular connection, beyond a potential sexual one. Now that I really know what the perfect guy would be like (thanks, BEB, for ruining me! mad.gif tongue.gif), I can't settle for less.

Anyway, he is going to Vancouver tomorrow to run a marathon on Sunday, so I told him he could call me Monday morning (I'm off) and maybe we could arrange another massage. At my place. ohmy.gif But maybe it's time the doodlebug had someone on booty call status.

That is all.
doodle, i'm glad you didn't get abducted. smile.gif sounds like a nice date. at the least, you got a good massage!! that sounds pretty awesome that he knew about the centre. that's a good sign at least that he will be worthy of the doodle-diddling.

i will keep you all appraised of the euro-sitch. actually, i talked to her on the phone tonight for the first time and she was very sweet and sort of demure. genteel, even. for once, i seemed like the boisterous one. (it usually takes a few cocktails for that, hehe). but i'm feeling positive that we'll at least have a really nice time.

i have never had a one night stand either. i mean, i have certainly had sex on the first date, but we always feel people out for quite some time before even meeting them. i know you can miss a lot when you're getting to know someone online... can be very one-dimensional. but mrfj and i are pretty good judges of character and we usually form some type of relationships with people and then meet them in a very public place for drinks, dinner, whatever. we sometimes make it on a sunday afternoon so there is no chance for any hanky-panky.

and yeah, i realize that i'm speaking of MY sex life as OUR sex lives. but that's because i've never really been single and been out on a date with anyone. i know it sounds crazy, but i dated the ex-asshat for my entire high-school years and then married him in college, then met mrfj while i was married. so, this is like my dating time. that's why i said i was reading these hookup tips. i have a free pass - a permission slip if you will - to go out with whomever i want. even if i wanted to go to a bar and pick up some single dude, i could. i'm just not sure HOW to do that. it's part of my nature, ingrained in my psyche to ward off the approaches of men when i'm on my own. i'm trying to get over that and i appreciate that mrfj is so willing to give me those freedoms (he has the same leeway). i just need to figure out what to do with them.

um, wow. this boxed wine sure is making me goofy. unsure.gif i appreciate you fine women letting me talk about this. i know it makes some uncomfortable and i hope i'm not alienating anyone. but i truly consider you some of my best friends.
Doodle, it sounds like it went really well. and he knew about Women's Centre funding cuts, that's certainly a bonus. I say you should fuck him.

I took hound for a walk, got my refund from mpi, saw my dad at the bank, which was funny because I saw a car that looked like his then I saw him at the teller. We chatted for a while, I picked up some things at the grocery store (and saw some hot fire fighters while I was at it). I worked out, and I currently have some taco soup in the slow cooker.

ETA: x posted with FJ! Hey!!!! You've been drinking. Good woman! I say you two should fuck the couple. This is my currently philosophy, just get fucked! I'm going to change my status to that!!! hee.
hi ch!!! i like your philosophy. smile.gif we had tacos tonight. taco soup sounds yummy too!

doodle, i just had mrfj listen to your mama says song. we're both impressed. he is playing his guitar and i am singing along right now - bridge over troubled water, which always makes me cry. he says my crying while singing makes it more sincere and genuine. i say it makes it suck because i can't hit the notes right. (i am downloading ramble on now too.)
Now if only I could get fucked. Hmmmmph.
Good Evening!!

I lurked some today, but was so busy at work, I had no time to post.

Hey CH!

Hey FJ!

Hey Doodle!

Hey AP!

Hey Lore!

Hey GT!

Is that everyone? Nope! Hey Moxie, Jenn, Minx and Anna!

Whew! That's a lot of peeps to keep up with.

Doodle, I am glad your get together went well. It sounds like you guys had a really lovely time. Ice cream in the park sounds good! And I definitely think it's positive that he knew about the women's centre. That's a plus in my book!

FJ, the couple sounds muy interesante! (Did I spell that right? No idea.)

Ch, Hmm, I understand your plight. Got any prospects?

I had a pretty good day, the work part of it went by quickly. I decided not to go to that wedding tonight, I just wasn't feeling it. Plus, I have to be up early tomorrow. I met my mom, sister, and niece for burgers. Then I went to purchase a rug for my living room. I've been wanting it for about 4 months now, waiting and waiting for it to go on sale. I finally said fuck it, and decided I was just going to get it today. Guess what happened though?? I went to the store, told them I wanted to buy it, and they informed me that just this evening they'd gotten back a floor sample that had been used to stage a loft. And I got it for 50% off! Woot! That made my day. Since I had a little extra jingle in my pocket, I then hit the wine shop. So now I am sitting on the couch, enjoying my new rug & a glass of red vino. And watching The Girls Next Door.

You and me both, CH. tongue.gif

Prom's tomorrow. Here's to hoping my zipper doesn't blow out like two years ago!!

And here's to the FJs!!. Egads, I loves you to pieces!

Hey Kari! Sweet deal in the area rug!! As for prospects, I usually have someone around.

Ooooh Minx, Prom!

Well, it's cooler outside, but took puppy to the park which was nice, just finished eating breakfast, so whilst waiting for that to digest so I cna work out, i'm going to hang my blankets outside to smell fresh air nicey.
anna k
I spent yesterday with my brother and sister. It was really good. I had dinner with my sister at vegan resturaunt, it was delicious and so filling and yummy. Then we went to Hunter College to see a Talib Kweli concert, though I liked the opening acts better (three DJs, a fantastic breakdancing crew who were great at spins and flips and balancing their own body weight, and the DJ/beatboxer Taylor McFerrin and the rapper TK Wonder, who reminded me of Santi White and Peaches). The emcee was a Jewish-looking kid who couldn't rap but who was endearing, he reminded me of a Beastie Boy, like Ad-Rock. It was a good day, and I was glad that my sister was in a better mood, it made me feel more calm and comfortable.

Prom, yay! I went to two proms at my artsy magnet school, and enjoyed them both immensely. Have fun!
hi peeps!

feeling a bit better today. maybe because i don't have work, or have to deal w/anyone who doesn't know all about me. i figure i just have to push past this motherf-ing g-ddamn bullsh-t stuff, and all my time will pay off. but god am i such a sensitive basket case right now...

for all intents and purposes, i am temporarily a boy. it's weird being a boy again...

on the upside, i've been talking to a friend of mine about helping me with my loft and-- holy shit! he said he'd build the whole thing for me. he's a foreman on a construction site next door, and he says he has enough spare lumber to build it too. i won't have to pay for anything more than a 6 pack of miller! yay! *does the charley brown dance*. equally awesome-- one of my other neighbors is moving out and she threw out her mixer-- which is better than the battlemixer i have... yay! upgrade! i think this new mixer will actually be a huge step forward. i'm gonna try to get a mix done this week, and upload it on my site... we will see... once the electrolysis is over i can start looking for dj gigs... i so miss djing...*sigh* now, i've lived in apartments where i've had 8 turntables, right now i'm at 3. one more and a battle coffin and i am good to go!

doodle, there's better out there than BEB, as crazy as that sounds. i've been so fortunate to date some phenomenal women, and each time i thought i was ruined, cos who could be better? then i found someone who were not just every-bit-of-badass-and-more as my last, but who dug on improved different facets of who i was. just stay open. who knows

yay on the rug, kari! that's awesome!

culture, do me a favor-- give the puppers some pets for me.

and fj, you do know i'm waiting with baited breath for the euro-update, don't you? lol.. and as kinky as ch and i are, i don't think you have to worry about alienating us.

aural, i'd love to meet you, and i know you'd jump on a plane, but it's never much fun meeting people when i'm at my worst. how bout a raincheck for when i've got my head on straight and i'm not 'lectrolysis neurotic?

sorry about the lay off dusty. that blows... when i get fired/laid off/quit i always give myself a treat day-- i go out for pancakes then sneak into a movie theatre and watch movies all day with a bottle of wine n some smuggled in food...

minx, you are so brave. i have a mortal fear of prom. have a ball!

good luck turbo. i'm sending vibes, but if i did it with all the fancy dingbats on the 'puter it always looks like cursing. i'm not very good at it...

that's some good advise, lore, and i think i'm going to take it with some painting, djing practice and learning audacity....

anna-- glad you had a good time with your sister this time. too bad about talib not being as good as the opening act. i miss hip hop shows and he is one i would have been inclined to see.

hi moxy, jenn, and dolor, if you're out there-- post more in here... *lurves her some dolor*
Why the eff is it whenever the Lounge is being difficult, I can still access it in Firefox, but not IE? Grrrr.

Good morning everyone. Hiya to CH, FJ(s), GT, kari, minx, anna, AP, moxie, dusty, lore....where's turbo? Hmm!

CH - I pretty much intend to fuck him at this point! Heh. I almost made a booty call last night, but I was tired and I figure it'll be better if I make him wait till Monday. wink.gif

FJ, that's sweet you guys like my song! I just changed the key, it's higher now, and better - I should re-record it and re-post. I love that you do the weepy thing when you cry - I can't sing very well when I cry, although to be honest....I don't think I've cried at all in the last year....hmm, I have to think about that!!

GT, I sure hope you feel some peace about the whole thing pretty soon. I wish you were here instead, you could hide out in my happy little garden and I'd play for you....

One night stands - yeah, I had quite a few in my early 20s. And brief affairs. I was kind of a partier back then! I don't think I necessarily wanted so many short-term things, but I was drunk a lot wink.gif and I didn't really trust anyone to let them closer. This is one of the things where I mean I'm re-living my early 20s, doing the things I wanted....temping, working in fashion, making music, dating properly....sort of properly! LOL. After I left that wild party scene, I started settling into relationships, but with women, so this is all new. There's another guy on POF I've been chatting with pretty regularly, and he's pretty cool and seems kind of more towards what I'm looking for, and he seems pretty into me....BUT the friend IRL who got me onto POF really likes him (I "met" him through her), so I'm trying to keep him at arm's length, I guess. Might be hard, as he only lives a few blocks from me! And from what I can tell, he's not into her in that way, but I'd rather not be the one to ruin it for my friend! ETA: I are chatting wif him right now. God, it is totally true - the more space you put between yourself and a guy, the more they seem to want you!

Work was a lot quieter last night - ironic, 'cos we had 4 people on, where when we were crazy-busy Thursday, there were only 2 of us. I blew out my knee tripping on the step down from the cash desk, so I wound up taking the bus home instead of walking....would have been home a half hour sooner if I'd walked! Oh the irony.

Well, BEB and I are jamming at 1 so I need to go get ready. Not sure we are going to end up jamming in the park, as it looks like rain, so I guess I better tidy up the apartment, too!

ETA: it finally posted, but not till this afternoon! So just ignore the good morning part.
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