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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Heya Dusty!

I'm so bored at home. I have tons to do, but I don't really want to do any of it, but the digs are a mess. I'm importing more music into itunes and putting the CD's in a box so I can get all these CD's out of my way, and find them if I need them again.


where is everyone?
I'm here. cool.gif
Who on earth is Miley Cyrus? *emotes cluelessness*

Hiya everyone...well, it is my last day here - feels weird. I'm a little cheesed off, as I feel I was promised something by the staff, but the big boss had to do his big boss thing and follow the procedures - would have been nice to have a little more notice. But I guess that's temp life, huh? At least there is a job, but I'm not only pissed about the delay, I'm also pissed about having to go through open call. sad.gif

Anyway. who should I wind up reaching out for last night but BEB? Of course. I phoned him, but when I got ahold of him, he was in the clinic seeing to a painful toe he stubbed on his bed on the weekend. Turns out to be fractured! He has to go to the ER after work today for x-rays. So we never got time to talk, but we e-mailed back and forth after he got home, and he asked me if I wanted to meet for lunch to talk about the work stuff I wanted to talk about.

Oh ya, he signed the lunch invite with an "XO" - which I never caught till this morning. Is this a mixed signal? wink.gif

But I guess when we go to the Big Band thing, he won't be doing much dancing on a fractured toe. sad.gif

kari, so sorry to hear about your auntie, but it sounds like her passing was a bit of a blessing for both her and the family....

ETA: GT, BEB stands for BrownEyedBoy.
anna k
Hi everyone!

Kari, I'm sorry about your stepaunt. It is difficult and sad watching somebody slowly die.

doodle, BEB is reminding me of a college crush of mine from several years ago. They were happy memories mixed with some confusion over whether he liked me or not, so I don't like to dwell on it.
Maybe he's not giving you mixed signals anymore, Doodle...

Miley Cyrus is Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter, she is fifteen, has a tv show and is releasing her autobiography. The song is See You Again

I'm sorry about the job. That truly sucks. And BEB's broken toe.
Hello All!

Hey Minx! So, tell us more about the man!

Doodle, are you at the point that you feel comfortable asking him? Not that I`m one to talk, PR boy and I have been friends for many years and I still couldn`t tell him what was up. With that said, I`m going to agree with Dusty, maybe he`s being clear now. Bummer about his toe.

Hi Anna!

and for some reason I can`t get all my punctuation its giving me French stuff. Bah, I need to restart my laptop.

Hi again all, sorry I'm not around too much - am trying to finish up a few things before my assignment is done, and also get my trainer up to speed on everything. No matter how disappointed you are not to stay- or how relieved to be leaving! - always go out like a professional....that's my temping rule!

Talked with BEB this morning to firm up lunch plans. His toe still hurts something awful, and he wishes he could wear thong sandals to work. I agreed they should have Thong Day at city hall.

Yeah, I don't know where I sit on asking him stuff like that outright. I think I'm in favour of letting nature take its course at this point. He seems to have a romantic spirit, so maybe it's better to just let it flow, if that's where it's going. Hopefully that's where it's going! I am definitely feeling the positive shifting of the situation, anyway, and it's hard to deny the message of blown kisses, eye locking, and XOs! wink.gif

Oh god, and I forgot to tell you this one - are you sick of this yet? When BEB and hippiegirl were getting ready to leave the other day, he mentioned the magnet I have on my fridge - it says, "Start your day with a smile, and get it over with." I said doodlemama had given it to me, because I'm a bitch in the morning, or rather, that I don't like to talk to anyone for the first half hour. He enthusiastically agreed he's the same way, and said something like (I don't remember the exact words), "It's good to get those compatibility issues out of the way early on." And he got all goofy and grinned like he couldn't believe he'd said it.

So yeah, I'm kind of thinking the mixed signal parade might be passing. wink.gif
Doodle, with all this going on, I'm just as confused, see, I'm the type of person who needs a thwack in the face when it comes to someone having feelings for me. As for dispensing advice on how to drive a man nuts, I can do that all day!

With what you are telling me, I'd say there is a crushie there.

I just finished making some potato soup, and now I'm just being lazy, I'm feeling kind of winded from this pseudo cold thing. I was texting a friend from work who told me that the entire network was down, so no one could do anything. Looks like I picked a good day to call in sick.

I have a good feeling about this. But please, Doodle, if you're going to be asking him any more Big Questions, don't do it by email. That makes me nervous. Oh, and its all about me, y'know wink.gif

Thong Day at City Hall! Mr. Dusty would be all over that. Heh heh.

And y'know, if he was waiting to end things with his ex before he got together with you, I like him even better.

You better rest up, CH, and get well...
Yeah, I promise - no more Big Questions by e-mail!! tongue.gif

BEB and I stopped in at a deli and took our lunch down to Riverside Park, and just talked and talked. I shared my fruit salad with him and let him eat all the banana bread. It's just so nice to be around him, yanno? He's so laid back and funny and kind. (And HUNGRY. All the time.) And I got most of my work-related damage out. Also, his toe isn't too bad now, because he swallowed a lot of painkillers. wink.gif

Passed by Mr. On Again/Off Again work colleague while walking companionably with BEB towards the deli. The look on my colleague's face said everything.

Don't have to work tomorrow daytime, though I do have to pick up my top from the seamstress, and work in the evening. Anyway, I guess I'll have some time to BUST properly!

ETA: Ooh, I got a $50 restaurant gift cert for "professional assistant's day!" Should I see if BEB wants to feed that hollow belly of his before dancing on his broken toe?
It's me. Again!

I agree with Dusty, no more big questions via e-mail.

Doodle, I tihnk asking BEB out for dinner before hand is a good idea.

I just back from the park and it's chilly out there. Not as cold as winter, but chilly nonetheless. There is a strong wind out there.
Hiya CH!

Almost done....*sigh*....tidying up all the last minute crap - being professional to the end! Well, at least my trainer is coming back to a very clean and organized desk....wonder how long it will take her to mess it up? wink.gif

Mr. On Again/Off Again hasn't looked at me all afternoon.

Well, now I'd better go wipe all the secret crap I've downloaded, and all my cookies and passwords and shit....

Cuz I think you could use one right now. I know that with government, there is a long process to go through, and as much as management would like to hire you, unless they hire you casual, they still have to do a board and post and interview. blah blah blah. It's in case someone thinks they are being discriminated against, they need to have the paper trail.

I'm sorry things didn' work out sooner.
Wait, Dusty - I thought the Doodle-BEB romance was all about ME? strange. smile.gif Seriously, I look forward to coming home to the latest scoop everyday!

Doodle, I am SO sorry to hear that the job is over, but hopefully this is just a temporary income gap, and you'll be back there soon! In the meantime, enjoy your daytime off tomorrow, and take care of yourself! You've got a very romantic weekend ahead, me thinks!

Not much going on here - I am SO glad tomorrow is friday - its been a grueling week at work. BUT, in a odd turn of events the bosses called me into the VP's office this afternoon, and I was dragging my feet because everytime they ask me in there, they dump more work on my desk. This time, though, they were calling me in to give me a "Key Contributor" award, to tell me just how wonderful I am, and how much they appreciate me....and the best part - a $500 bonus! Woot! 'Course, taxes will take a big chunk, but still. Awesome. I don't have to like the job, but I'll take their money and keep smiling.


Well, I'm wiped out, and don't have much else interesting to say....just waiting for my quiet weekend alone. smile.gif
Hiya CH and turbo, and all the lurkerbees!

turbo, YAY on the frickin' bonus!!! Take their money and use it for your job search! Yeah! biggrin.gif

Thanks for the hugs, CH.

I left the lotteries very professionally. Handed off my key card, my flash drive, and my files, told my trainer where I'd hidden everything that I cleaned off her desk, shook everyone's hand, answered their questions honestly about whether I'd be back or not, and walked out without a backward glance. Through the park and over the bridge, around the corner and home, where I changed into a sarong and ate jelly candy fruit slices.

I just sent BEB an Big Questions, but a couple of little ones. I'm sure he's still in the ER even now (Canadian health care = huge wait times), but anyway, I asked him what they said about his fractured toe, if they had any options besides drugging him, and if he wanted me to try kissing it better to see if that helped. ohmy.gif I also mentioned the restaurant gift card, asked him if he wanted to have dinner before the Big Band session, and told him I'd love to share "this blessed bounty" with him. So yeah. A couple of little questions. Too much? wink.gif (I would have asked him for dinner by phone, but I don't know when we'll get a chance to connect before Saturday, with conflicting work schedules and his ER trip.) I didn't sign back with XO though....offering to kiss his toe was a pretty big leap for me. tongue.gif

I'm glad you are all so entertained by this. I'm a walking bundle of nerves, myself.
Happy Friday!

It's Friday, it's payday and I just want to be sleeping.

Turbo, yay on the bonus!

Doodle, I'm liking the kissing the toe better comment! Very good!

I have nothing. I just want to go home, I'm kinda cranky and lethargic.
Good Morning!

Doodle! I am excited to see BEB's response. I am positive it's an offer he cant' refuse! That is awesome that you got a $50 gift card. Very nice!

And Jenn! Very nice! $500 bonus! Woo woo!

Hey CH! Sorry you're sleepy. I'm with ya though, I did NOT want to get up this morning.

Hey moxie! It's good to have you back!

Hey Dusty!

Not much up here today. Work per usual. Hoping it won't be as crazed as yesterday. After work I have a meeting with psyc peeps. bah. Fridays from 4-6 is possibly the most bummer meeting time ever. Tonight I think my friend & I are going to stop by this tap room here. A guy she had a date with this week invited her to stop in & see his jazz band play. Should be low key. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, I think. Which is too bad, b/c I want to go buy plants & plant them. We also still need to seed our lawn. Hmmm.
Hey all!

Ooh, that Doodle's such a flirt!

Yay for Turbo!

Trying to figure out how to get some down time this weekend. Bah. This climate change stuff just doesn't go away.

Yesterday I went wild (WILD, I tells ya) and bought six t-shirts because all of mine seem to be black, grey and/or not fitting and for once, black seemed out of season. The price was right and I bought one hot pink, two red, two turquoise and a cobalt blue. They are formfitting and some of them have a scoop neck. I am wearing a scoop neck red tshirt with black buttonless soft blazer, black jeans, red birks, and my garden necklace.
Hey dusty!

Your t-shirts sound like a good buy. Mr K and I discussed each of us taking a small portion of our tax refund to get stuff like that. You have to replace those kind of things every so often. I need t-shirts & tank tops. And some work pants.

You have more climate change stuff this weekend? I hope you can squeeze in some dusty down time.

My outfit today is super boring. Jeans, brown tennis shoes, and a thin navy knit shirt. It has capped sleeves & a collar like a polo shirt. Silver hoop earrings.

I forgot it was What are you wearing friday.

Black undies, dark wash silver jeans, black knee high boots with killer heel, pink and blue striped knee high socks, a black turtle neck with a magenta knit vest-y type thing over top, a black fleece because it's bloody freezing in here.

Dusty, woohoo on new clothes!

Kari, want to come and do my lawn? Hee.

And because it's Friday and I think we could use the laugh, I give you an activity book.
black tee, red shorts.

It's Domestic Diva Friday around these parts.
Hmmm? I'm busy with my activity book...
Well this work day is almost done. Shweet!

Welcome eilleen!

CH, you'd be hot in that outfit here today. I think it's 80 degrees.

I am supposed to go to that meeting from 4-6 today but I'm bailing. Bad Kari. I just wanna go straight home from work. And I'm gonna!

Did I hear something on the news about CH getting snow...was it today or yesterday?
happy friday!!! Thank cod this week is OVER!

And, I was delighted to come home to a package containing my long awaited beautiful, fluttery italian rice pasta and I am going to make this for dinner! How funny that a delivery of pasta is so exciting, but truly it is - and after GFgirl blogged about it, the secret was out, and I've been waiting a month for the latest shipment.

Doodle, I love that you asked if BEB wanted you to kiss his toe and make it better! The caring and playfulness in your friendship is so awesome.

Dusty, I am having similar t-shirt and shirt-in-general issues. I'm hoping to remedy the situation a bit tomorrow if the weather is decent enough to ride my bike out to a couple of shops I like. Even though I work on Michigan Ave, the retail hub of the city - there's nothing down there I really want to buy - more to the point, nothing I can really afford to buy. So, an excursion is in order.

Turbomann is off to Michigan for the weekend, so I am all on my own, and it feels wonderful. I really need this space for self-care this week, and I love that I can be honest with turbomann about that....and he is more than happy to go play with his BFF anyhow.

Dusty, you had fun with that! The mighty snow storm of doooooooooom that really wasn't. We got freezing rain and a bit of snow yesterday, snow has melted for the most part.

Hey Kari! It was a cold windy one here today, thank you colorado low or whatever the hell it was.

Turbo, fuck a duck that looks amazing!!! I actually thought of you when I purchased two new cookbooks today.

I'm feeling a little sick still, so it was only a dog walk for me. I'm getting back into the intense workouts tomorrow.

Now what am I going to make for dinner? Hmmmm. I have no idea.
hi peoples!

i'm wearing the usual work outfit. blech.

sounds like you got the usual funky weather we've been getting up here culture.

ok, turbo *drool* now i'm starving.

sigh. i got a demotion at work. i knew it would happen when i called in sick. they hired a guy who has 18 years of welding experience, so when i stayed home, he moved in. i was bummed, but when they hired him i thought they would give me the heave-ho. they didn't. instead they have me spot welding. something a monkey could do. i started to get upset, but then i remembered the whole point was that i save up money for finishing my electrolysis and bit of surgery. so for the time being i am a happy working monkey that is getting paid very well, thank you. *shrugs* its for the best tho. after my last job i became the world's most neurotic welder and i was giving myself an ulcer worrying about my welding.

my neighbor (who is a construction foreman), is gonna hep me build my loft! whoo-hoo!

tomorrow i am going to hang out with mr. trouble! yay... she's so funny she says the dirtiest things to me but in a way that just makes them sound silly. i can't wait to just put my head on her shoulder. *chills*
(((((gt))))) I'm sorry about the demotion, but at least you are staying positive about things.

Woot on the loft!

*hands culture a huge jug of vodka*
aww, thanks culture. it's actually a very good thing. i need to get the electrolysis/surgery, that was the goal. after that i can always join a union and apprentice or something else. this way i have an easy job, less stress and get paid enough to get them done way sooner than when i was dispatching.
Mmmm vodkytastic. Thanks GT!

How are things progressing in terms of the electrolysis and surgery. I remember a while ago you where having issues with the endocrinologist, or a specialist of some sort.

the electryolysis should be going good. i always hate the humiliation of having to grow my stubble out for a couple of days and going to work (my personal version of hell) but, i'm determined to get it done asap. so i'll be doing 2 hours a week. hopefully in 2-3 months of hell, i'll never have to shave again...(i pray i never have to shave again).

as for the endo, i'm trying to keep that to a minimum. i got a regular doctor and she is supposed to consult out on any endo matters. she says that i should see an endo anyways, but i've been on the 'mones so long, i'm on maintenance 'mones anyways. so they shouldn't change for the rest of my life....

and i think i'm going to get surgery done out of the country, but i don't know where. mr. trouble (lol... can i call her mr. t? is going to do research for me...

thanks for asking. wink.gif have some tequila...
Is electrolysis the only way to go, or is the best way to go? I suppose, I mean in comparison to laser hair removal? I really hope that things work out sooner than later for you, GT. You really deserve to be happy and worry free.

I'm trying to avoid tequila, the last time I had it, I threw up on myself. At a staff christmas party. Thank goodness no one saw that. then when I got home, i was crawling on the floor, I was that drunk.


uh.... gross.

thanks culture. i'll get there. i just want to be able to spend my $$$ on things other than electrolysis. it's such a money drain (as is laser) and my facial hair is made of teflon. it will not be destroyed. i feel like i can't really live because all my money goes towards that. and shaving everyday really destroys my self esteem. but yeah i've done the laser too, but my skin+hair color make it the most difficult. they have to crank the machine to get it to actually work, and at that point it tans my skin pretty severely. to the point that it looks and lasts much like a birthmark. i had to use hydrogen peroxide to bleach it out to the point that it disappeared. it took 4-6 months to erase the laser tan. no thanks. i still have to do the hydrogen thing anyways (it evens skin tone), but 'lectrolysis has no real side effects, ie no laser tan.
See, this is why I've not had tequila since then. In fact, i haven't been shit faced since then either. Hmmm, funny how that works. well, not really.

that's what I tought about the laser surgery. I heart you no matter what!
GT, have a fantabulous evening! I've really enjoyed chatting with you. I need some cold meds so I can sleep and be fresh faced for the world tomorrow.

have a good one. I also sent you a extra special PM!

Good evening! Sorry I was not around all day, but I was sulking b/c BEB hasn't e-mailed or called me back yet. Which is stupid, 'cos he was in the ER last night and at work today. I always go into this (paranoid, high anxiety) mode whenever I do something even remotely risque, that I am pushing too hard and it makes him avoid me. Yeah, even after the whole kiss-blowing/eye-locking/XO thing. Why would I possibly think that after that, me asking him for dinner/if he wanted his toe kissed better would be too much? I know he's not a player - he's just not that kind of guy. I dunno. I'm probably just insane. I have trust issuezzzzzzzz.

ANYWAY. I'm over it now, mostly. With a potential song, I'm sure.

Just got home from work - it was crazy-busy....a whole bunch of women who are going to weddings and christenings and the like tomorrow came in TONIGHT for clothes. Who leaves these things till the last minute?? We had women still trying on clothes after closing time. Grrrrr. But I also got to outfit a woman for a horitcultural job interview (tricky) and another for a trip to Cuba to fulfill a lifetime dream of swimming with the dolphins, so that made up for it! Oh yeah, and before I started work, some guy was "pssst"-ing me from his car - so creepy! So I told the girls when I came in, and we went around going "psssst" all night. tongue.gif

What else did I do today? Let me see. I picked up my top from the seamstress this afternoon and it fits much more awesomely now! Yay! But I decided I had to postpone my hair appointment for tomorrow, 'cause I realized my phone bill was overdue and I had to deal with it, so now I'm a little too poor for a $40 hair cut (plus tip). Also I called the temp agency, and they are waiting for the assignment to be firmed up, but it sounds like I might have a new office gig next week. Not sure where. And I turned down temping for a conference, b/c it was a weekend. And I did a bit of laundry - I washed up some sheets. Hey, you never know when you are going to need clean sheets. wink.gif And I wrote a few lyrics to a new song I started Wednesday night...not sure where it's going yet. It will be my twelfth song, and my seventh solo effort.

Ok, I'm going to find some dinner and catch up!

ETA: erm, sorry, but I didn't read....I got an urge to closet! I weeded out all the clothes that are too big for me. Then I put them with the clothes I weeded out last fall that were too big for me then, which are now VASTLY too big for me. The blazer I used to wear to the women's centre makes me look like David Byrne. I don't know why I keep hanging onto them; I guess I am paranoid about putting the weight back on and not having anything to wear. But I now have a big black garbage back pretty much overflowing with too big clothes. I guess I should give in - wash them up and give them away.....*sigh* beautiful (and frickin' expensive) clothes.....
anna k
Girltrouble, that stinks about work, but it's great that you have a positive attitude about it.

I'm working today at my museum job. It's quiet but breezy. i'm reading parts of Bette Davis' biography. I was a big fan of her as a teenager, and want to disappear into her life for awhile. I also want to check out some 1970s YA books written about on Jezebel that are about broken families or teenage sex or discovering psychic/magic powers. As a kid I read Judy Blume, Roald Dahl, Madeleine L'Engle, Francesca Lia Block, and stuff I saw on Reading Rainbow, but there's a mess of YA books I never read that it seems like tons of other posters dug as adolescents. It's funny to read posts from young women who were big readers at age 12, and makes me think "Where the hell were you when I was that age?!" smile.gif

My mom went to see a performance of Angels in America in Raleigh and loved it. I had read the play (she got it for me for Christmas) and thought it was great, and she really liked the dialogue, the characters, and the special effects when the angel appears onstage (I knew that part was a huge production on Broadway, I didn't know how well it could be replicated on a smaller scale). I'm glad she went. I told her that when I read it, it felt like a period piece, and that (of course) she would remember the Reagan 80's/AIDS scare much better than I could. I heard of AIDS when I was about 10, but I didn't think of it as just a "gay disease," since I knew Magic Johnson had it.

My life seems pretty quiet now, having a steady job and trying to make time for recreation, be it going to a movie, seeing a friend, dating, or taking a dance class. Tomorrow my dad and sister are visiting, I hope they don't cricitize my apartment too much, they can both be picky. I'd like to write more, but I don't have any original ideas in my head, or things that I like people have written better about.
Good Afternoon!

Doodle have you heard from BEB?? I get the same way.

Hey Anna! Your father and sister shouldn't be so picky, I mean you live in your appartment. Sheesh, what is it with people. It's not like you live in a how clean is your house, house.

I took puppers to the park and did a really great upper body workout, I imagine I'll be hurting tomorrow. The digs are a mess, I'm off to clean up!
anna k
Last time my dad was over, he didn't like that my windows weren't shut and locked, he was washing my dishes that I had already washed, and picking up after me. My mom was over and kept trying to organize my rooms. I know where things are, and I don't mind putting things in a pile on the ground and putting it away later. But they help me pay the rent (my job's decent, but doesn't pay enough), so it's like their apartment too. I can't complain too much.

My sister is someone who would nudge me if she saw a homeless person, someone acting crazy, gay couples, an interracial couple (especially if the girl is less attractive than the guy), and make a weird face at me. I don't have the patience for that crap, and don't like how small-minded she can be, despite growing up in a racially mixed and economically mixed New York suburb. She's 27 and has finally grown up more in the past few years, but if she acts like an ass I either call her on it or grin and bear it.

The harder upper body workouts I've done have been in a body sculpt class, where we lift a body bar behind us with our arms upside down holding it. I graduated from the 12 lb bar to the 15 lb, and it hurts when I switch arms, but makes me feel all strong and steely. I often have fantasies of living in an action movie where I could jump out of a car before it goes over a cliff, ride the top of a car, kill zombies and vampires, wield big shotguns and cock them with one arm a la Sarah Conner, elbow someone in the face or throat, protect a little kid by having them on my back as I climb something or jump out of an exploding building, and save the day. I'm a nerd, but Metallica's "Fuel" has been my mental soundtrack for these fantasies.
Anna, still sucks that they complain.

where is everyone?

I'm making some cheesecake bars, and for dinner some salmon with dill garlic yoghurt sauce. The hour and a half workout has left me highly energenic, but I have nothing to do, it's too early to take hound to the park. hmmm. cleaning is done, blah.

Well, i took em for a long walk, had me some fantabulous salmon for dinner, marinated with dill and olive oil, topped with lemon. Then sauce was the yoghurt dill garlic deal, and it was sooooooooo yummy.

I currently have some cheesecake bars (made with yoghurt and light cream cheese) already cooling, but solidifying, I suppose that's a good word.

My phone is actually turned off so I can just avoid people right now.

Now I want to know what's going on with Doodle!!!!!!! BEB updated!

GT, are you still getting together with your daddy this evening?

so. tired.

I just got done working a 14 hour shift. That's the bad thing about working in HVAC...every time a season change comes, it gets crazy. For us in northern climates the spring startup is the WORST. (or the best, if you want overtime money). We have to start up chilled water coils, for a/c in the buildings. They've been dormant over winter, and they are located in the fresh air intakes in the buildings. If there ever was a steam issue in a building over the winter, and the steam died, even for ten or so minutes, the coils freeze up and burst...spring entails filling these up with water, then the ensuing flood, and then trying to repair the burst pipes.

Lotsa money though. Yay. >360 buildings.....yikes.

need. sleep. now. May be working long freaking hours for the next couple weeks...perhaps will be in lurky mode for sure.
Hello hello I am here today!

Hi Tree, that is a looong day. I hope you sleep good so you can recover from it.

CH those cheesecake bars sound good! I have no treats in the house right now and I'm really jonesing for some sugar.

Anna K, I sometimes think when parents do that kind of stuff it is just a weird way of showing love. I used to feel like my parents were just being critical when they did stuff like that until they had to live with me in my apartment for a month between the sale of their old house and moving into a new one and I realized they're just trying to be nice and help in their own way.

Today was totally Comcastic (bad) literally. We went to the Comcast office near us to exchange our receiver remote because it wasn't working and we had to wait in line for almost an hour. There was only one woman working and she was so dumb - she kept screwing up the order for the lady in front of us while the line behind us just grew and grew. It was a room full of angry people standing quietly while an episode of Soul Train from the 70s played on the tv in the background. I thought it was kind of funny but Jeffrito got really frustrated. I told him he could leave and go do something else while I waited but he said no, he'd wait with me. Our new remote works though so at least it wasn't a wasted trip.
anna k
Oooh, 14 hours. That's rough. Have a long and peaceful sleep, Tree.

I had a great night tonight with a girl I met at the gym. We went out for drinks and Greek appetizers at a stylish lounge in Astoria, and really got along. We bonded over being late bloomers romantically, being Catholic schoolgirls, worries over global warming and world changes, and feeling lost in the NYC social scene. She was so cute calling me "bad" for being a beer drinker (she took me for a wine girl), kissing someone on the first date because I hadn't kissed anyone yet, and drawing dirty pictures of me and a schoolboy crush when I was 10. She encouraged me to flirt with guys in the place (none interested me), and she had a hot husband with a tough-guy New Yorker accent. I just felt good talking to her, and felt good that she at 31 is such a cool person, and that I'm just 24 and can get better as an individual. I felt light and attractive and out of my skin, not so much a go-to-work-and-go-back-home shut-in, dressed in heels and makeup and a nice outfit.
A-Heyall! smile.gif

Just a minimally tipsy post. General fondness to Okaylanders, all! (WhatAboutThissians?)

I'm getting really tired of not having work, but Goaty's super-duper supportive. *sigh* Hopefully next week.

I've been finishing up the trillogy of books that starts with The Golden Compass (recently a film). Yikes! This guy can WRITE! He's inspiring me to keep going with my 'Scale' idea, but I have to develop the antagonists more. Anna, I gotta say that I totally am there with you (and more than likely with Culture, too) on grooving on the action hero fantasy. I was brought up being trined by my brother to be a superhero, and I'm a tactile learner, so all the motions, tumbles, and impacts are imbedded in my psyche. I can totally picture what it would be like to be in a chase scene in zero gravity. I'm really the least violent person ever, but sometimes I'd just love to be swordfighting! Reading cool books, seeing cool movies, and raucus music like Weezer's Hash Pipe just make me want to be in a full-tilt battle against the forces of dickwadhood.

Alrightie, it's a mid-level tipsy post wink.gif

Still, you all rock!

Wishin' you all fun and adventure
what up okayers?!

hi tree! get rest lay-dee! i used to dispatch for a hvac company, so i know what you mean.... *shudders*

anna! i am so jealous! i lived in astoria for a summer (a very hot summer, but aren't they all in nyc?) i adore astoria!

mari, that sounds annoying...except the soultrain episode....i am such a music nerd...the old 70's n 80's episodes are my faves!

any BEB news doodle?

and culture, thanks for the emails... you're a kick in the pants...

lore, i'm jealous i want to read books again...

<3i'm here with my daddy/mr. trouble/mr. T<3
i got all fancified for her. i feel supa cute.
so nice to be with my chosen family. the puppy monster has almost fully recovered. she's so cute! the worlds biggest puppy. mr.t's kinda daughter is over, and sick, but it's nice. no tying up just yet :/

Tree, how are you feeling? 14 hours is a long time to work.

It's Marileen!!!! That does sound comcastic, what is it with these places that understaff when it's busy? Most people have weekends off, ergo they are go to come and then it will be busier. There has to be some acne faced kid who needs a job!

Anna, that sounds like a fantastic evening!!

Hi Lore!!!! Have you made anything cool lately?

Hi Hi GT! I'm also enjoying the email correspondance, and I'm glad to hear that puppymonster is going well, and you are enjoying yourself!

I slept last night, took the dog out for a nice long walk, now I think I'll go and do some cardio, I want to make some turkey meatballs today, then do a lower body workout.

YAY for the puppymonster! GT, it makes me so happy to hear that the pupper is doing better, and that you're enjoying a great weekend with your beloved!

Anna, Parents are hard. I struggled ALOT in my mid-20s with all their criticisms of my home, my life, my "scary" neighborhood, and most of all their judgments about everything and everyone. Their closed-mindedness drove me crazy. I can't tell you what precisely changed, other than my attitude, but I'm much less angry about it these days. I've given up trying to open their consciousness to experiences outside their own, and stick to "safe" conversation topics on the phone and when they visit. Its lame, but it takes up much less emotional space in my life, and that's a good thing. I can't change them, and the struggle to do so is energy wasted.

I'm having a *perfect* weekend here, all on my own. Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day, if very gusty. I got out on my bike and rode about 15 miles, went to the GF bakery, and stopped by a friend's house for tea and to meet her brand new cocker-mix puppy - too adorable. Did a whirlwind clean of the house in the afternoon, and then out to the italian bistro down the street with a dozen friends for dinner...a leisurely relaxing dinner, amazing food, and my favorite server took care of us, so it was such a pleasure. And they screwed up a couple of the entrees, so all 12 of us got dessert free - score! And I talked a couple of friends from the group into joining me for the big Century Ride this fall - 100 mile ride in one day...we'll see if they follow through, but that's my training goal for the season.

And this morning I got up at dawn, took turbo for a looooong walk, then off to the grocery on bike at 7am, unloaded, back out to Whole Foods at 8am, put the groceries away, and here I am! Gonna do some cooking today, a bit more cleaning, and hopefully some napping.

*awaits doodle-BEB big band recap* smile.gif
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